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Ready, Set, Grill! PURC H A S I N G POW E R O F WOM E N Ruining Your Personal Brand

Summer Boredom Busters

Happy Father's Day! Raising a Woman A Father’s Guide

State Representative

Nancy Landry




Ensuring that Acadiana children get the quality education they deserve.







MAUREEN KROMIS Total Knee Replacement Surgery, 2006 With 17 marathons under her belt, Maureen had miles of experience. Her run group was her support group, but after millions of steps, the pain became unbearable. That is until Our Lady of Lourdes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine put an entire network of compassion and healing to work for her. Now, she’s well on the road to recovery. Home to the only certified joint replacement program in Acadiana, and as the only hospital in the region to offer both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, Lourdes offers more options for orthopedic patients at all stages of care.

Your body. Our minds. It’s a joint effort.

For more information, visit or call us at (337) 470-BONE.

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Working to provide parents more options for educating their children.

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Prevent the Learning Backslide Summer Boredom Busters Pink, Pretty, Powerful & Proud


Summer Herbs


How to Ruin Your Personal Brand


16 A Father's Guide to

Raising a Woman






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How did this happen? We were just talking about snow days and hard freezes and now it's swimming pools and summer plans. June marks the beginning of summer. Technically, the first day of summer is in about three weeks, but the REAL beginning of summer, AKA End of School, is here. The dead giveaway-- eight 13-year-olds upstairs in the middle of the afternoon laughing and cutting up. All are worry free and finished with the finals, early mornings, homework, and uniforms. I'm also now ready for the inevitable ‘I’m bored’ comments that are surely around the corner. To lend a helping hand, FACE has created a list of a few boredom busters that will surely keep the kiddos entertained in the hot summer months, as well as a few options to keep them on track for academic success. June is also a time that we celebrate the dads in our lives, shower them with love, and make sure they know just how special they are. This month we’ve added a few tips just for Dad—parenting, skincare and style tips. And for those dads who are ‘Masters of the Grill’, we have concocted a few grilling recipes to take his backyard cookout game to the next level. Acadiana is abundant with amazing women and many are outstanding business owners and professional women in our community. Check out a few of them in our new Acadiana Women in Business section.

Enjoy your summer!


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What is Lupus? Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease. It can damage any part of the body (skin, joints, and/or organs inside the body). Chronic means that the signs and symptoms tend to last longer than six weeks and often for many years. In lupus, something goes wrong with your immune system, which is the part of the body that fights off viruses, bacteria, and other germs ("foreign invaders," like the flu). Normally your immune system produces proteins called antibodies that protect the body from these invaders. Autoimmune means your immune system cannot tell the difference between these invaders and your body's healthy tissues. In lupus, your immune system creates autoantibodies, which sometimes attack and destroy healthy tissue. These autoantibodies contribute to inflammation, pain, and damage in various parts of the body. When people talk about "lupus,"

fever, skin rashes, and kidney

they usually mean systemic lupus

problems. In general the diagnosis

erythematosus, or SLE. This is the

of lupus is based on a combination

most common type of lupus. It is hard

of physical symptoms and laboratory

to guess how many people in the U.S.


have lupus, because the symptoms are so different for every person.

• Cutaneous lupus

Sometimes is not diagnosed.

erythematosus can be limited to the skin or seen in those with

Although lupus can affect almost any

SLE. “Cutaneous” means “skin.”

organ system, the disease, for most

Symptoms may include rashes/

people, affects only a few parts of

lesions, hair loss, vasculitis

the body and can be very different

(swelling of the blood vessels),

from person to person. Normally,

ulcers, and photosensitivity.

lupus develops slowly, with symptoms that come and go. Women who get lupus most often have

Drug-induced lupus is a form of lupus caused by certain

symptoms and are diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 45.

medicines. The symptoms of drug-induced lupus are like

But the disease also can happen in childhood or later in life.

those of systemic lupus, but only rarely affect major organs. Symptoms can include joint pain, muscle pain, and fever, and

For some people, lupus is a mild disease. But for others, it may

are mild for most people. Most of the time, the disease goes

cause severe problems. Even if your lupus symptoms are mild,

away when the medicine is stopped. However, not everyone

it is a serious disease that needs constant monitoring and

who takes these drugs will get drug-induced lupus. The drugs

treatment. It can harm your organs and put your life at risk

most commonly connected with drug-induced lupus are used

if untreated.

to treat other chronic conditions, such as seizures, high blood pressure or rheumatoid arthritis.

Although the term “lupus” commonly refers to SLE, there are several kinds of lupus: •

Systemic lupus erythematosus, or SLE, makes up about 70 percent of all cases of lupus. SLE can be mild or severe and can affect various parts of the body. Common symptoms include fatigue, hair loss, sensitivity to the sun (photosensitivity), painful and swollen joints, unexplained

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Neonatal lupus is a rare condition in infants that is caused by certain antibodies from the mother. These antibodies can be found in mothers who have lupus. But it is also possible for an infant to have neonatal lupus even though the mother is healthy. Source:, Office on Women’s Health, Department of Health and Human Services

Who Gets Lupus?



Cindy Cobb, DNP

Anyone can get lupus. About 9 out of 10 adults with lupus are women ages 15 to 45. African-American women are three times more likely to get lupus than white women. Lupus is also more common in Latina, Asian, and Native American women. Men are at a higher risk before puberty and after age 50. Despite an increase in lupus in men

CHERISHING DAD Lift His Spirits with our Father’s Day Specials

in these age groups, two-thirds of the people who have lupus before puberty and after age 50 are women. reg. $68

Lupus affects young women most. More than 90 percent of people with lupus are women between the ages of 15 and 45. Why is Lupus a Concern for Women? Lupus is most common in women, especially women in their childbearing years. Having lupus increases your risk of other health problems that are common in women. It can also cause these

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diseases to occur earlier in life: • Heart disease. When you have lupus you are at bigger risk of the main type of heart disease, called coronary artery disease (CAD). This is partly because people with lupus have more CAD risk

1721 W. Pinhook Rd. • Lafayette • 337. 412 . 6334 Walkins Welcome •

factors, which may include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. The inflammation that accompanies lupus also increases the risk of developing CAD. • Osteoporosis. Women with lupus have more bone loss and broken bones than other women. • Kidney disease. Many symptoms of lupus come from the swelling of organs in the body. Almost half of all people with lupus develop kidney problems, called lupus nephritis. Kidney problems often begin within the first five years after lupus

Women’s & Children’s Hospital welcomes

Dr. Erin Hemsell, OB-GYN

with Acadiana Women’s Health Group Call 337-984-1050 today to schedule an appointment. Visit for more information.

symptoms start to appear. This is one of the more serious complications of lupus, but there are treatments if problems are caught early.

Is Lupus Fatal? Many men and women live long, productive lives with lupus.

4640 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. Lafayette, LA 70508

However, it can be fatal for some people. It depends on the severity of illness, how the body responds to treatments, and other factors. Infections are the leading cause of death in people with lupus. Studies show that people with lupus are living longer lives compared to decades past. | FACE 9



the old way to get fit is new again (BPT) - With so many fitness trends, you might not think of walking as good exercise. If you're not thrusting a kettlebell over your head, pushing a tractor trailer tire or shaking your hips to a Top 40 dance beat in a scheduled group class, you're not cutting it, right? Well, not so fast. Walking is actually a great way to get in shape. In fact, if you walk often enough and fast enough, the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other can satisfy your body's daily requirement for aerobic activity. Walking may just seem like an old method of exercise; it certainly is tried and true. But quite the opposite of outdated, it seems to be making a resurgence in the health, fitness and medical worlds as a low-cost solution to the nation's ongoing health care crisis. Renowned medical expert Dr. Andrew Weil is an advocate of walking as a crucial method of preventative care. He advocates walking as a low-risk means to optimum health.

"With a consistent, brisk walking routine, you can boost your immune system, help manage weight, improve your mood and help ease depression, as well as improve cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and prevent osteoporosis," says Weil. "The additional benefits may be endless." Regarded as a leader in the world of integrative medicine, Weil is part of a panel of experts with Vionic Innovation Lab, an innovative footwear company leading the way for proper foot health and active lifestyle solutions. With new products such as the Zen walking shoe, Vionic offers podiatrist-designed technology in contemporary styles, providing an innovative support for anyone in need of a supportive shoe or sandal to start or improve her walking routine. 10 FACE | JUNE 2014 10 FACE | JUNE 2014

Need more convincing reasons to walk onto the bandwagon? Here's why walking for exercise is so ideal: • Walking is what your body is designed to do. • Among all forms of aerobic exercise, walking carries the least risk of injury. • You can walk almost anywhere, any time. • Nearly everyone can walk, and it's something you can do throughout your life. • It's free. • There's no special skill, training, or equipment needed; all you need is the right footwear.

The buzz about walking has even reached the stars. Fitness trainer to celebrities such as Kate Walsh, Pink and Stacey Kiebler, Juliet Kaska has been known to start many of her high-profile clientele with a consistent walking routine. Also contributing to the Vionic Innovation lab as a lifestyle expert, Kaska recommends walking as a great baseline for any fitness program, but reminds her followers to "invest in a good pair of walking shoes. They will do wonders for your posture and joints, minimizing the impact of each step. Look for lightweight flexible shoes and be sure to replace them often, especially if you're walking every day. "As you develop your walking program, set your own pace. As a general rule, taking 10,000 steps a day is a great goal for improving your overall physical, emotional and mental fitness. But the journey, as they say, begins with a single step. There's no better time than now to begin.

Enhancing your face requires the skill of a surgeon and the eye of an artist. Making skin smooth and tight again is only a part of facial plastic surgery. Also, consider the balance and proportions of your face – the relationship of your chin, nose, eyes and ears to your total appearance. Adjusting this balance creates a face that is more youthful, more delicately shaped, more gently perfected. You want to look better, not different.

The hands of a surgeon. The eye of an artist.

1000 W. Pinhook Rd. • Lafayette 237-0650 •

Jeffrey J. Joseph, md, facs

Board certified facial plastic surgeons Bradley J. Chastant, MD FACS & Jeffrey J. Joseph, MD FACS | FACE 11


Prevent the Learning Backslide This Summer As the school year winds to an end, many

Practice Math Skills

parents and students look forward to a break

Planning to travel this summer? Ask your child to help with planning the trip. He or she

from the rigorous school routine during the

can calculate the miles you will travel, gas required, and number of state lines you will

summer months. However, students have

cross. You may also ask your child to plan the most efficient route. Packing for the trip

been shown to lose nearly two months of

is also a math exercise. Ask your child to figure out how many shirts, shorts, etc. he

academic knowledge in reading and math

or she will need based on the days you will be away. For times at home, cooking may

during the summer break. As a consequence,

offer lessons in math. Your child can assist with measuring ingredients and making

school teachers often begin the first six to

conversions. Practice math skills and spend time outside by planting a vegetable or

eight weeks of the new school year reviewing

flower garden. Count out the appropriate number of seeds, measure the depth of

material from the previous year. Opportunities

planting, and spacing of seeds according to the seed packet recommendations. You may

to socialize with peers may also decrease

also set out a rain gauge to measure and graph accumulated rainfall during our summer

while sedentary activities such as watching

rain showers.

television and playing video games increase. There are endless opportunities to continue

Fun Writing Activities

to practice academic skills, socialize, and

Elementary students often enjoy creating their own stories. This helps your child to

remain active during the summer months. It

maintain their handwriting skills and also engage in the important tasks of planning,

just takes a little creativity and attention to the teachable moments that occur throughout the day. Continue Reading There are ample opportunities to engage in reading, many of which also include joining other children which allows for an added social bonus. Check out bookstores or the local library for story hour for young children. The local library may also have a reading program to encourage your child to set a summer reading goal. Further developing leisure reading during summer is also a great idea. Your child may wish to select a “choose your own adventure book� or series related to an area of personal interest. Magazines are another fun option. During daily activities, enlist your child’s help with reading recipes, instructions for board games or toys.

12 FACE | JUNE 2014


sequencing, and organizing a story. Your child may wish to make their story come to life as a puppet show, commercial, or song. For older children, ask them to document your vacation adventures. There are many fun options for creating photo storybooks online. Give your child the task of organizing vacation pictures and writing captions to describe the events. Socialize with Friends Create opportunities for your child to continue to socialize with peers. This may be a simple task for those who have same-aged neighbors. If this is not the case for your family, take a look at the numerous camps offered by schools, gyms, performing arts centers, art studios, local libraries, and others. Summer can be a time to develop a new hobby while meeting new friends. Keep Moving. Sleep and Eat Well. Students unfortunately tend to experience unnecessary weight gain during the summer due to sedentary activities and increased consumption of junk food. While it is very hot during much of the day, children may enjoy cooler activities such as swimming, playing in water sprinklers, and early evening bike rides. There are also options for indoor physical activities at various centers. Be sure to monitor your child’s time in front of the television and gaming devices. Make an effort to maintain a sleeping and eating routine similar to that of the school year. Your child should continue to get the same number of hours of sleep during the summer as he or she does during the school year. Make an effort to provide nutritious food and plenty of activity to prevent eating

The summer months should be a time for fun and relaxation. By looking for the teachable moments that occur naturally throughout our daily lives, you may help your child to maintain the academic skills he or she has achieved thus far. It will benefit your child tremendously as he or she prepares to begin the next school year.

About the author: Dr. Joslyn M. McCoy is a Licensed Clinical (Child & Adolescent) Psychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst specializing in the evaluation and treatment of a variety of learning, mood, behavioral, and developmental concerns. Dr. McCoy currently practices at Family Behavioral Health Center in Lafayette. Dr. McCoy also volunteers as a member of the Autism Society Acadiana Advisory Board.

Š 2014 EWC Prices may vary by region

due to boredom.

LAFAYETTE / 337 446 2330 europeanwax

201 Settlers Trace Blvd., Suite #2022 Lafayette, LA 70508 | FACE 13


Summer Boredom Busters By Audrey Coots When school lets out for the summer, students of all ages are suddenly handed vast amounts of free time that the homework, late night study sessions, and upcoming tests of the school year don’t allow. This may be a novelty for the first few days of summer, but how is a parent to combat the age-old phrase that eventually passes through every child’s lips? “Mommmm, I’m bored.” The key to a boredom-free, fun-filled summer lies in active, rewarding activities, many of which can arise from household objects and take place right in your driveway! Elementary and middle school-aged children will enjoy the Spray Bottle Water Tag game, created by, you guessed it, filling clean spray bottles with water and putting a fun new twist on the classic 14 FACE | JUNE 2014

game. This same age group may also enjoy a water balloon bash, which requires only a plastic bat or a stick, a string, and a few balloons filled with water. Simply tie a water balloon to the string and hang it from a tree branch, blindfold the chosen child and hand them the stick, and let them go after the balloon in the same way they’d go after a piñata. Want even more splash? Stretch the string or rope between two trees and tie multiple water balloons each time. Another fun outdoor activity that uses water is Water Bottle Bowling. Collect your two liter bottles until you have enough to play an age appropriate game (three-year-olds will have a harder time knocking over the traditional 10 pins, so 3 or 5 pins might be more fun) and fill them with water, then use a regular ball of your choosing and let the backyard fun begin!

If you want to stay away from water-related activities, a fun game of Twister can be a good group activity. Don’t have the game? No worries! By using a large round cutout as a template and skin-safe paint, you can recreate this game anywhere, but the best place would probably be in the grass to prevent skinned knees. To add yet another twist to this fun classic, add wet paint to the “board” so that each time a person makes a move, they get a little messier and a little bit more giggly! Older children may enjoy athletic pursuits, such as a good bike trail, which can be found at both Moore Park and Acadiana Park on Alexander Street, or Disc Golf, a sport growing in popularity that includes aspects of both frisbee and golf. Pa Davis Park, Acadiana Park and Girard Park all have disc golf courses, and Girard Park also has a nice basketball court. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette offers a wide variety of classes for all ages. There are arts and crafts classes,

reading, dance and sewing classes offered, as well as math, music and science classes. Those interested in a summer job mowing yards or babysitting might benefit from the Money Management Camp for ages 10-13 offered from July 16-18 with a fee of $65, and a sixth, seventh or eighth grader interested in crime may want to check out the Law Camp held July 7-11. This class, costing $160 per student, will allow the students to meet with law enforcement officers and

f! l e s r t You a e Tr

possibly even witness a real trial. A list of these classes and the fees accompanying them can be found on the UL website, Many of the local recreation centers offer summer programs such as table tennis, music and ceramic classes, gymnastics,

Luxurious Bamboo Fabric Shorts, Pants & Shirts Softer Than Silk • Breathes and Wicks Better Than Cotton Renewable Resource • Super Cozy

foosball and more. A list of these recreational centers can be found on the Lafayette Parks & Recreation website, parksandrecreation.

902 Coolidge Blvd. * Oil Center * 337-232-8827 | FACE 15


Pretty, Pink, Powerful & Proud A father’s guide to raising a woman. By Shanna Perkins

As a dad, it's time to rethink what "girly" means.

Sugar and spice and everything nice are

cayenne. No two children are made from

When it comes to women, the way

what little girls are made of, and snakes

the same mold; so don't expect her to be a

you speak to them, the way you look at

and snails and puppy-dog tails make up

certain way. As a dad, it's time to rethink

them— this is where she'll learn what you

little boys. So, what happens when these

what "girly" means.

truly believe women deserve. Treat them

mischievous little boys grow up to become

the way you expect others to treat her.

fathers to little girls in their mothers'

Rid yourself of these primitive perceptions,

Remember: She’s watching everything that

pearls? Growth.

because whether she begs to sleep in

you do.

her pink crown or in her football helmet,

Every father has the potential to

it doesn’t make her any more or less of a

Read her the fairy tales in which the

contribute to society in a way

girl. Let her get dirty, if that's what she's

princess rescues herself from the castle.

that diminishes the concept

into, and don't be afraid to roughhouse.

Show your petite progeny she can be her

of "a man's world” — raising a

Don’t treat her like she'll break, and she'll

own hero, and find heroines who reign

daughter requires a rewiring for

become unbreakable.

outside the kingdoms of “once upon a

most men.

time” and “happily ever after.” Teach her

For some, this will happen naturally the day

She's watching everything that you do.

about women throughout history, in the

she is born; for others, it might take some

Even if you don't realize it, you're showing

public eye and in her family, but don’t

work. Both are fine.

her how to treat others. Handle every

say these individuals should be her role

relationship in your life with honesty and

models. Tell her about their admirable

The aforementioned recipe is clearly

respect. Even when they're negative,

characteristics and then watch her decide

missing a long line of ingredients, like

navigate them with integrity.

for herself.

16 FACE | JUNE 2014

5 Things Dad Taught Us • How to bait a hook • How to throw a punch • How to change a flat • How to drink beer like a lady • How we deserve to be treated

5 Things We Taught Dad • How to drink imaginary tea • How to do a braid, ponytail and bun • How he looks in pink • How tough little girls are • How to cry like a man

You're going to think that she's the most beautiful girl in the world. Tell her that; every girl should be told she's pretty. Don’t forget to compliment her other assets equally, though. Remind her every day that she's smart, powerful, and capable of anything. It’s only a matter of time until you’re no longer the only one who realizes how extraordinary she is, and you’ll hate it. Before this day comes, teach her about men. Be honest without fear mongering. You raised her with respect; she'll expect nothing less. The bond between a father and daughter is unique— unique in its strengths, challenges and rewards. While you're teaching your daughter how to be a strong, confident and respectable woman, you'll be learning how to be a stronger, more confident and respectable man.

When your little girl becomes a mother, she'll be able to raise children who are secure and loving individuals — just like the man who raised her. | FACE 17


A Place to Just Be… By Alyson Schexnayder, MPCS Wellness Director Shauna Escott is a Lafayette resident and cancer survivor who just completed chemotherapy treatment. She has an incredible, infectious smile and a big booming laugh. “Find the happy” is her personal motto and she certainly lives her life in example of those words, even in the midst of cancer. Shauna first visited Miles Perret Cancer Services (MPCS) with a friend soon after her diagnosis late last year. It was on that first visit that she was introduced to the Wellness Center. She’s been exercising, laughing and inspiring others ever since. Along with so many others like Shauna, the MPCS Wellness Center has become a haven of support and a safe place for cancer survivors to go for exercise, education, encouragement

In addition to individualized exercise and strength training programs, the MPCS Wellness Center offers the following group exercise classes:

and inspiration. • Toning and Pilates – 60-minute class recommended for clients who have completed The MPCS Wellness Center is open to

treatment. The first half is geared toward strength training using weighted bars,

Acadiana residents fighting any type of

dumbbells and resistance bands. The last half of the class focuses on core stability,

cancer diagnosis. Some Wellness clients

range of motion and breath.

are actively in treatment while many have completed their treatment months, sometimes years ago. All survivors, at any stage, are welcome. And, thanks to the generous sponsors and donors in the community, there is no charge for clients to utilize the Wellness Center or any of the services MPCS provides. For the first visit to the Wellness Center, a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist guides clients through an initial assessment. An individualized exercise prescription is created to increase strength and flexibility, improve posture, balance and build bone density. 18 FACE | JUNE 2014

• Gentle Yoga - 60-minute restorative practice of gentle physical postures, breathing and mindfulness that is recommended for everyone, especially those in the midst of or recovering from treatment. • Core Stability – 30-minute class focusing on strengthening core muscles and improving balance and range of motion using balls, bolsters and bands. • Circuit Toning & Stretch – 60-minute class that moves through stations in which strength and toning exercises are performed in one minute intervals for the first half of the class. The second half is guided stretch and relaxation. In all group classes, as with individual exercise programs, clients are gently guided and encouraged to practice listening to their own bodies. Group exercise classes and open exercise hours are offered mornings, afternoons and evenings as well as some Saturday mornings.

Physical exercise is not the only essential when it comes to overall health. The Wellness Center offers several survivorship programs to provide encouragement and support: • Massage and Reiki Therapy - Volunteer therapists provide monthly sessions by

• Quarterly Nutrition Classes - Good

appointment on scheduled therapy days.

nutrition plays a vital role in health and healing. Classes are led by a Registered

• MilesStrong - Focuses on education, exercise and support. Each MilesStrong group

Dietitian and a Certified Health Coach.

meets twice a week for 1.5 hour sessions over a 10-week period to gain and share

Clients, along with their friends and

support, learn about healthy nutrition and lifestyle and exercise together in a safe and

family, are invited to learn about whole

supportive environment.

food nutrition, taste delicious creations and take home easy-to-prepare recipes.

• Nutrition 365: Whole Food Education for Cancer Prevention - An ongoing blog that can be accessed at Each month, the blog presents a topic such as

MPCS clients, like Shauna, who have utilized

healthy fats, food additives, plant protein and more. By following the blog, clients and

the Wellness Center both during and after

their families are able to take small, conscious steps each month toward healthier living.

their cancer treatment all say how important it is to have a place to practice gentle movement and “just be” without having to explain. The combination of exercise and friendship has made a powerful impact on their lives. At any stage of survivorship, the connection with other survivors is often the best medicine. The MPCS Wellness Center is a great facilitator of these connections It is a place for clients to share setbacks and successes, to rebuild and re-energize or maybe just “be.” For more information please contact the MPCS Wellness Center by calling 337-984-1920.


Serving Acadiana for 40 Years

Bringing a Modern Approach to Traditional Techniques

Dr. Darrell L. Henderson & Dr. Jeffrey S. Williams Welcome Dr. Joseph P. Lupo This Summer! Specializing in: • Breast Procedures • Body Contouring • Full Body Reconstruction • Face Lifts • Rhinoplasty

• Arm & Thigh Lifts • Cleft Lip & Palate Repair • Facial Rejuvenation with Fillers and Injectables • Hand, Wrist & Elbow Surgery

For a Limited Time, Call now to book your COMPLEMENTARY consultation with Dr. Lupo

Dr. Joseph P. Lupo

Darrell L. Henderson, M.D. & Jeffrey S. Williams, D.O.

Appointments starting July 14th


1101 South College Road, Suite 400 Lafayette, LA 70503 | | FACE 19


Girl Scouts Powered Up at Junior League of Lafayette’s STEM Day Junior League of Lafayette’s Provisional Class held a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Day for nearly 100 area Girl Scout members on Saturday, April 5. The event was filled with experiments, discovery and fun in order to encourage young girls to pursue careers in these typically male-dominated fields. Girls in grades K-7 joined together in the auditorium at South Louisiana Community College for a hands-on approach to STEM learning. The event consisted of various booths including: health and fitness, engineering, circuits, weather, math and counting, states of matter, chemistry, zoology and velocity. They learned how to monitor their own heart pulse, make batteries out of potatoes, build bridges, create a tornado in a bottle, view heartworms under a microscope, make their own ice cream, and more. “We are aiming to close the gender gap in STEM fields,” stated Sue Sewall, CEO of Girl Scouts of Louisiana – Pines to the Gulf. “According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, girls are interested in the process of learning, asking questions, and problem solving, but 57% of all girls say that girls their age do not typically consider a career in STEM. The same percentage says that if they went into a STEM career, they’d have to work harder than a man just to be taken seriously.”

About Junior League of Lafayette The Junior League of Lafayette is a nonprofit organization of more than 500 women who are committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. Last year, Junior League contributed more than 27,000 volunteer hours valued at more than $580,000 to community agencies and programs that are committed to the general well-being of women and the healthy development of children. For more information about Junior League of Lafayette and its community service programs, please call 337-988-2739 or visit

20 FACE | JUNE 2014

Each year, Junior League of Lafayette’s Provisional Class coordinates and implements two complete projects in the community. When the need for an event of this kind was identified, the class chose the Girl Scouts as the beneficiary of their spring project. “The Mission of Junior League of Lafayette embodies our members promoting voluntarism and bettering the lives of women and children in the community,” stated JLL Provisional

About Girl Scouts of Louisiana – Pines to the Gulf

Chair, Maggie Simar. “Through educational efforts like this STEM

Girl Scouts of Louisiana – Pines to the Gulf serves nearly 8,000 girl

day, we are able to really reach young girls and take part in the

members and 3,000 adult volunteers in 42 parishes in Louisiana, with

development of their future selves. It’s tremendous to see how

offices in Lafayette, Shreveport, Lake Charles, Alexandria and Monroe.

much fun everyone has!”

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who

make the world a better place. Girl Scouts accepts all girls grades K-12

The ladies in the provisional class have been preparing for the

who accept the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law. Membership

STEM fair since January. Junior League of Lafayette is able to

is $12 annually, but no girl will be denied membership because of

provide these programs with funds raised through their annual

inability to pay. For more information on how to join, volunteer or donate

fundraiser, Tinsel & Treasures Holiday Market, as well as

please visit or call 1-800-960-2093.

proceeds from the sale of their four cookbooks. | FACE 21


SUMMER HERBS Planting the right herbs now can provide an entire summer of gardening joy. Growing and using home-grown herbs will certainly raise the level of your culinary expertise. However, even gardeners who don't enjoy kitchen duty will derive great pleasure from the textures and aromas of fresh herbs in the garden. Herbs are among the easiest plants to grow – as long as you understand which varieties will succeed in your location. Herbs have been thriving without human help for thousands of years, which means they are self-sufficient. If you prefer gardening without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, herbs are your kind of plants.

MEDITERRANEAN HERBS Mediterranean herbs need special, albeit minimal, treatment. Most Mediterranean herbs are dry and woody. They can't tolerate “wet feet,” so good drainage is a must. They enjoy cool ocean breezes from atop high rocky cliffs, so Lafayette isn't exactly their dream-locale. The best we can offer is good drainage and plenty of air circulation. Space them far apart so

Rosemary Rosemary is one of the oldest herbs of record. Its name translates to, “spray of the sea.” In the language of flowers, it means, “you revive me.” Students of Socrates and Aristotle were encouraged to braid it through their hair to enhance memory. They were clearly onto something. Recent double blind studies have proven Rosemary to increase both test scores and testing speed for students who breathe and hold it while studying and taking tests. Rosemary is therefore an essential herb in any student's garden.

When shopping for Rosemary , feel free to choose any var iety you like. The taste doesn't vary, but you may prefer the look, tex ture, color or form of one variety over another. Read the tag to kno w how it will grow. Most hav e an upright form, but “Prost rate” Rosemary will stay quite low . It's best suited to hang over a border or planter. Using a large cem ent planter will allow the roots to take up a bit of lime, which rais es the pH. Your Rosemary will las t for years, so make sure to place it where you want it.

that they don't touch, even after they reach full size. They also enjoy more alkaline soil than what naturally occurs in Lafayette. Luckily, that's easy to adjust. If you have access to limestone or

of the plant. Second, it concentrates the oils, which provide the flavor and

oyster shells, simply throw a handful into the bed at planting

aroma you love. Third, it prevents flowering. Unless you plan to eat your herb

time and again twice a year. Mediterranean herbs are also

flowers, or leave them for the bees and butterflies, they should be prevented.

relatively drought-tolerant, so planting them in the same raised

If you see flower buds, it's time to cut back. This will help ensure consistency

bed makes it easier to care for them.

in flavor when you use the leaves in your recipes. When woody perennial herbs like Marjoram come out of dormancy in spring, give them a serious

Frequent herb harvesting of fast-growing herbs is important

pruning to encourage a new flush of lush green growth from the base of the

for three reasons. First, it maintains the shape, form and size

plant. Otherwise, your herbs may look leggy and woody and be of little use.

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ywhere but in These herbs are used interchangeably ever Most chefs use the United States. There are 250 varieties. and woody, and Greek sweet marjoram, which is more upright n ground cover. oregano, which spreads like a lush evergree ano offer the Variegated and ornamental varieties of Oreg y well locally. It has a same basic flavor. Jim's Best grows fairl ad nearly as much lovely golden variegation, and doesn't spre as its green counterpart.

SUMMER FASHION 913 harding st | oil center | 337.234.7171 | Shop online at our newly designed buying website.

THYME Thyme is another Mediterranean herb which doesn't enjoy our climate. After years of trial and error, I find it best to stick with the true original French Thyme, not only for culinary precision, but also for the health of the plant. Specialty varieties like Variegated, Lemon, and Wooly Thyme are less successful here. Most herbs should be purchased in inexpensive 4 inch pots. However, if you use a lot of Thyme in your recipes, it may be worthwhile to buy a larger plant with a sizable root ball to help it become established quickly.

3229 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. | Lafayette, LA 337-981-7946 |

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leaves with your fingers to When lavender shopping, brush the ce the difference among release and collect the oils, and noti the varieties. ch makes the finest Angustifolia is English lavender, whi as spike lavender. Its essential oil. Latifolia is also known d mainly in soaps. Lanata, camphor-like oil is plentiful, and use woolly leaves, with a or Wooly lavender, has dense white e's climate. The only balsamic scent. It struggles in Lafayett es is a cross between lavender cultivated in the United Stat Creek. It can be grown Lanata and Dentata called Goodwin successfully here.

Chocolate Sunshine for Summertime 3209 Johnston Street Mon 12 p.m. - 5 p.m. Tues - Fri 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sat 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 337-456-5582 24 FACE | JUNE 2014

SWEET BASIL Sweet Basil is one of the herbs most easily grow n from seed. They are summer annuals and love our Lafayette heat and humidity. The typical culinary basil is sweet or genovese basil. It's a primary ingredient in pesto and caprese salad. Purple, spicy globe, and variegated basil all taste very similar to swee t basil but add special charm to the garden. Basil also comes in other popular flavors like cinna mon and lemon. Thai and Holy basils can flower all summer witho ut any harm to the plant. Holy basil is a wonderful aromatic. It has been used in ayuvedic medicine in India for thousands of years . It is considered sacred in the Hindu religion.

MINT Mint has 65 cultivars, varieties and flavors, all of which are known to spread by stolons underground. It's best to grow them in containers to prevent them from invading your garden. Taxonomically, all mints are related to either spearmint or peppermint. Peppermint is known as a digestive aid. This perennial seems to peak in May (handy if you make mint juleps for the Kentucky Derby). Harvest mint often to keep the plant compact and to keep the oil strong.

The plant will decline in high and low temperatures, so try to harvest and freeze mint in ice cubes to enjoy later in teas, mojitos, jellies, salads and hot chocolate. You can also add mint to rice for Greek, Moroccan & Indian dishes. Continue reading

STYLE to the MAXi

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en rice or anise taste. It can be eat This herb is known for its lico The and seeds are rich in flavor. cooked or raw. Both the leaves a for Florence fennel, which is plant can last for years, except fall. The large base of Florence bulbed annual, best planted in used ry ingredient. All Fennels are fennel is a noted French culina eggs teas, and are often added to in Middle Eastern dishes and in Italian sausage. and fish. It's a primary flavor which makes it an interesting Bronze fennel has a dark cast eze delicate form sways in the bre contrast plant. Fennel's long, garden. and adds a magical look to any

Another garden benefit is its attractiveness to Eastern black swallowtail butterflies. Along with dill and parsley, fennel is a host plant for that species. Female black swallowtail butterflies lay eggs on the leaves. Once emerged from the eggs, caterpillars eat the leaves. Male butterflies stay nearby to look for females. If you don't like sharing your plant with caterpillars, I suggest you buy two and move the caterpillars to one so you can enjoy the other exclusively.

4414 JoHNSToN STrEET 337-484-3040

Book Your Relaxation Today! HEAlTH ANd SAFETy iS #1 HErE AT UGo. WE HAvE A FriENdly STAFF WHo iS rEAdy To SErviCE yoU.

Herbal Mani / Pedis Gel Nails Waxing / Threading Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos Cupping Therapy Ear Candling Eyelash Services Facials Acne / Moles / Skin Tags And More! 26 FACE | JUNE 2014

NON-MEDITERRANEAN HERBS Sweet basil, mint and fennel can handle more water, higher humidity and lower pH. They are highly successful summertime herbs in Lafayette. You may want to plant these separately from your Mediterranean herbs, especially if you use an automatic irrigation system. Like all herbs, they don't need sprays, pesticides or fertilizers. Many of these herb plants can be seen in the Master Gardener Demonstration Herb Garden at the Ira Nelson Center. The Garden is open every day during daylight hours. Feel free to compare and contrast the varieties and enjoy the various aromas. You may even sample a leaf or two. Just tell them Stacy sent you! About the author: Stacy Lee is a Lafayette Parish Master Gardener, PlantFest Chair, and Lafayette Garden Club member. She's also on the Advisory Boards of the Lafayette Farmers and Artisans Market at the Horse Farm and the Acadiana Master Naturalists. She's a retired attorney, a mom, a pet lover, and a garden and nature-enthusiast.

Chris Fontenot, MD, FACS Urology / Male Infertility • Male


• Vasectomy


• Microsurgery •

Male Hormone Replacement

Male fertility expertise available in Acadiana and surrounding areas. Dr. Chris Fontenot has received special training in male infertility and microsurgery. He is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medice, the American Urological Association, the Louisiana State Medical Society, the U.S. Autism and Asperger Association and the LA State Urological Society; the later of which he has served as Secretary and Historian. Dr. Fontenot is conveniently located at 200 Beaullieu Dr., Bldg 7 in Lafayette, between Kaliste Saloom and Settler’s Trace Blvd. You can contact Dr. Fontenot’s office at 337-232-4555 with questions or to schedule an appointment. | FACE 27


Mouth Watering Marinades This summer, step up your grilling game with more than just your basic meat marinades. From the sweet and savory, to the smoky and spicy, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite marinades so that you can be the envy of the next neighborhood cookout.

Greek Marinade This marinade will leave your family and friends begging for more. This recipe is most often associated with lamb and chicken, but take our word for it, it suits any meat perfectly! • • • • • •

1/4 cup olive oil 1 tsp finely shredded lemon peel 1/4 cup lemon juice 1 tbsp snipped fresh oregano or 1 tsp dried oregano, crushed 2 tsp minced garlic 1/2 tsp coarsely ground black pepper

Directions: Mix all ingredients in a bowl and add the meat in. Cover bowl and place in refrigerator for 2-4 hours. Once chilled, the meat is then ready to grill.

Tequila Mockingbird Marinade Shock your friends with your culinary skills when you use this recipe. Originally from the famed restaurant by the same name, this marinade is a staple of any worthy griller. It’s perfect for any chicken or seafood that needs a little kick! • • • • • • • • •

1/4 cup vegetable oil 3 tbsp fresh lime juice 3 tbsp tequila 2 tbsp triple sec 1 large jalapeño chili, seeded, minced 1 1/2 tsp grated lime peel 1 tsp chili powder 1 tsp sugar 1/2 tsp coarse salt

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl and let stand for 15 minutes. Place meat of choice into covered bowl or zip seal bag. Pour marinade over the meat and place into the refrigerator (1-3 hours for poultry, 30 minutes for seafood). Drain the meat while leaving a coat of the marinade and get to grilling. For added flavor, place the remaining marinade into a skillet and bring to a boil for one minute. Use this thickened sauce to top the cooked meat.

28 FACE | JUNE 2014

Beer and Sriracha Marinated Steak Sriracha seems to be everyone’s best friend these days, so naturally it would make an appearance on our list. This spicy creation is a perfect way to kick up the old beer marinade to a whole new level. • • • • • •

3 cloves garlic, minced ½ cup dark beer or stout ¼ cup freshly squeezed lime juice 2 tbsp sriracha or hot sauce 2 tbsp dark brown sugar 1 tbsp olive oil

• • • •

2 tsp ground cumin 2 tsp chipotle chile powder 2 tsp paprika 2 tsp salt

Intended for 2 lbs of meat, adjust recipe to suit

Whisk together all ingredients in a bowl. Place meat into zip seal bags and pour the marinade in. Swish the bag so that meat is evenly covered before placing in the refrigerator over night. Remove meat from bags and discard remaining marinade. Grill the meat as desired, and enjoy a delectable meal.

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INDOOR STEAKS Don’t let those rainy days, or the heat and humidity, ruin a perfectly good cookout. Bring the party inside and enjoy a delicious oven-baked steak. Just because it’s raining outside, doesn’t mean you have to let it rain on your parade! • • • •

2 tbsp vegetable oil 2 tbsp salt 2 tbsp coarsely ground black pepper 4 tbsp unsalted butter

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Heat a cast iron skillet over a high heat for five to seven minutes. Brush your steaks lightly with vegetable oil. Sprinkle salt and pepper on all sides of the steaks. Check that the skillet is very hot. When the skillet is ready, cook both sides of the steaks, and the edges, for approximately two minutes. Place a tablespoon of unsalted butter on each of the steaks and place the skillet directly in the oven. Turn the heat down to 125 degrees. Cook the steaks in the oven for eight to 12 minutes. Cut into one of the steaks to see if it's cooked to your taste. Remove the steaks from the oven and allow them to rest for 10-15 minutes to allow the juices to redistribute throughout the steak.


REAL ARCADE STYLE BOOTHS Let’s keep it classy, elegant & totally fun for your next event! Whether you’re having your wedding reception, a corporate event, or a private party, SmiLe Moore Photo-Booth is the best way to get the party started.

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Things They Don't Teach You in School About How to Secure Your Financial Future (BPT) - Anyone over a certain age has heard about the "the three Rs" of education - reading, writing and arithmetic. The thinking is that if you graduate from school knowing how to read, write and solve basic math problems, you'll have the fundamentals for a successful life. But these days much more is required, especially when it comes to making sure you have the financial resources to take care of yourself and your family. Here are five things they generally don't teach you in school but that everyone should learn.

Paying Off Debt Recent statistics from the Federal Reserve show the average American household owes between $7,123 and $15,270 in credit card debt, and $32,258 in student loan debt. The Federal Trade Commission reports that many people face a financial crisis at some point in their life, whether due to illness, loss of a job or overspending. Regardless of what got you into trouble, getting out of debt is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a solid financial future. The FTC says an important first step is to create a household budget, making sure the amount you take in each month is greater than your expenses. Once expenses are under control, use extra cash to pay down credit card debt as quickly as possible, starting with those cards that have the highest interest rates. You may also want to consider credit counseling or debt management services, but be sure to do your homework to avoid scams.

Negotiating a Salary Increase Companies have moderate salary increases of 2.9 percent for their salaried non-management employees in 2014, according to a survey of 910 U.S. companies by global professional services company Towers Watson. Employees shouldn't sit back and expect a pay increase, however - especially if their performance has been outstanding and their responsibilities have increased - they should ask for it. When asking for a raise, experts recommend arming yourself with facts about your company's financial performance and the salaries of others in comparable positions. And when you do request a pay increase, don't say it's because you need the money; instead focus on the value you bring to the company, such as increased profits or the acquisition of new clients.

Buying a House With debts under control and a decent salary, many people start thinking about buying a home. Mortgage rates remain near all-time

lows, so it's still a good time to buy a house, but home ownership may not be for everyone. One of the first things you should consider is how long you plan to stay in the house. Because of the up-front costs of purchasing a home, including closing costs and real estate agent fees, you may lose money if your home value doesn't increase enough to cover those costs by the time you sell. Many experts advise planning to stay in your house for at least three to five years, but a mortgage calculator can help you run the numbers. You should also consider other expenses like insurance, taxes, association fees and maintenance. And if you do decide to buy, remember mortgages vary greatly, so shop around to get the best deal.

Saving for the Future Whether it's for a house, a car, child's college education, or your own retirement, saving for the future can seem daunting if not impossible, but experts say it's easier than you might think. It starts with creating a household budget so you can see where your money goes and eliminate unnecessary expenditures. Next is to adopt a mindset of "paying yourself first" - commit to setting aside a certain amount in savings each month and treat that as you would any other household bill that must be paid. Finally, start saving as early as possible to take advantage of compound interest.

Protecting Your Assets Even if you're debt-free, earn a good income and are diligent about saving for the future, few people could absorb the cost of a catastrophic event like a major illness or accident. That's where insurance comes in. Insurance allows you to drive a car knowing that the cost of repairs or medical care will be covered in the event of a crash; own a home knowing that it can be repaired or replaced if it's damaged or destroyed; and even get peace of mind knowing that your family will be taken care if something happens to you. Insurance is a critical part of any financial plan because without it, you could lose everything you've worked so hard for with just one catastrophic incident. While car insurance and homeowners insurance are often mandatory, consumers should also consider personal umbrella insurance and life insurance. A personal umbrella policy gives you an added layer of protection beyond your auto and homeowners insurance in the event that you are sued due to an accident. And life insurance is essential if your family depends on you financially - whether you're the primary breadwinner or the person who takes care of things at home. | FACE 31


Ways to Make the Home-Buying Process Seamless While buying a home is usually an exciting time in peoples’ lives, it can also be a daunting task if you are not equipped with the knowledge to make it a seamless process. There are many things you can do to make the process smoother. One of those things is to work with a licensed Realtor®. As closing attorneys, we handle transactions that involve real estate agents and transactions that don’t involve real estate agents. The transactions that involve real estate agents typically go more smoothly and in a more time-efficient manner.

Real estate agents are essential to the home-buying process. Agents act as negotiators and facilitators on behalf of their clients.

From your first home to your forever home...

L to R: Christopher S. Afeman, Margo H. Dugas, H.L. “Rye” Tuten, III

The team at Tuten Title provides the time, experience and commitment to the accurate and friendly service you deserve. Choose our team for all your real estate closing needs and you’ll feel right at home.

It’s Your Choice. Choose Tuten Title. 326 Settlers Trace, Suite 101A Lafayette 70508 / Phone: 524-1703 / Fax: 524-1707 /

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They are intimately familiar with Acadiana’s unique real estate market and are well-equipped to assist even the most particular of clients. According to Louisiana’s agency laws, an agent representing a client shall perform the terms of the brokerage agreement between a broker and the client. The agent shall also promote the client’s best interests by seeking a transaction at the price and terms stated in the brokerage agreement, or at a price and upon terms otherwise acceptable to the client. A real estate agent also has the duty to present the client with all offers in a timely manner and account for all money and property received in which the client has an interest. Additionally, the agent should exercise reasonable skill and care in the performance of his or her services. In most real estate transactions, the buyer and the seller are represented by different agents. However, in some transactions, one agent acts as agent for both parties. This is known as dual agency. An agent may only act as a dual agent with the written consent of the buyers and sellers. A dual agent shall not disclose confidential information he or she knows about a buyer or a seller without permission from the other side. Further, the agent shall not disclose the price the buyer is willing to pay or the seller is willing to accept, other than the list price, without permission from either side. Another way to ensure your home-buying process goes smoothly is to know what responsibilities you will have as the buyer. Nearly all residential home contracts are executed on the form, “Louisiana Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell” promulgated by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement to Buy or Sell”). Contained within the Agreement to Buy or Sell are many obligations burdening both buyer and seller. One of the obligations burdening the buyer of a residential home is the requirement to meet with a lender and obtain financing for the home within a timely manner. This buyer obligation is located in lines 73 to 88 of the Agreement to Buy or Sell. If the buyer does not comply with the deadlines listed in lines 73 to 88 of the "Agreement to Buy or Sell", the buyer faces the reality of contract cancellation by the seller and possibly losing out on the home of their dreams. | FACE 33

FACE | FEATURE In order to help buyers comply with the deadlines listed in lines 73 to 88 of the Agreement to Buy or Sell, below is a list of items most lenders will need to process a loan application. Of course, the documentation required for a residential home loan application will vary from lender to lender; but generally, this

list gives buyers a good idea of what they will need to bring to their initial lender meeting: 1. Two years proof of residence history 2. Two years of employment history 3. Last year’s W-2 Forms 4. Current Pay Stubs 5. Driver’s license 6. Social Security Number and card 7. 3 most recent months’ statements for all bank accounts 8. Monthly debt information 9. Credit card numbers 10. Child Support/Child care information 11. Divorce decree, if applicable 12. Lease/Rental Agreement 13. Current mortgages and account numbers 14. Potential deposit for appraisal (approximately $450.00) 15. If the client is current or former military, he or she should provide a VA Certificate of Eligibility DO214 If the buyer is self-employed, he or she should be prepared to bring the following in addition to the above: • Two years of tax returns • Two years profit and loss statements Working with a Realtor® and making sure you are prepared for the initial meeting with your lender will help make the home-buying process enjoyable for you and your family. Here’s to finding your dream home! Abour the author: Margo H. Dugas is an attorney at Tuten Title & Escrow, a full-service Real Estate Closing Company in Lafayette. She is a 2009 graduate of the University of Louisiana and earned her law degree from the Southern University Law Center in 2012.

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Are You You on on the the Job Job Search Search Are Ferris Wheel? Wheel? Ferris The ultimate guide to taking control of your job search and stop the round and round. If you are in the middle of your job search, you may feel as if you have completely lost control. With a ticket to the “Job Search Ferris Wheel,” you keep going around and around and can’t seem to get very far. You are actually not alone. Many professionals have found themselves here at some point in their career. Use the check list below to evaluate six aspects of your job search and identify the areas you need to address in order to make your job search a success. Your Resume Your resume is the first impression any employer has of you during the job search; therefore it is responsible for much of the momentum of your job search. To ensure your resume demands attention, focus on your accomplishments instead of just listing your responsibilities. Any information on how you went beyond your job responsibilities, improved the bottom line, and any results of your efforts are important. Make your accomplishments shine even brighter by including specific data and results. These prove why you would be an asset to the organization. In addition, any figures also stand out and catch the reader’s eye when scanning your resume. Your Attention to Detail Every little detail is crucial in the job search. This includes ensuring that not only your resume, but cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and other professional documentation is in a professional and clean format without any errors. You also want to make sure you have personalized your resume and cover

letter to the specific job and company you are applying. This is a direct representation to hiring managers of how you will pay attention to details in your work. Your Networking Efforts In order to secure job leads and opportunities, you must start networking. Referrals are the number one source in hiring volume according to Staffing. org. Attend industry-specific events and update your LinkedIn profile to communicate your job search and connect with employers and recruiters. In addition, be super clear in communication of your desired goals to your network so they can serve as an advocate for you during the job search. Networking is proven to be the quickest and most effective way to land a job! Your Interview Skills Interviews require a great deal of preparation and practice. To keep your skills sharp, practice your answers to typical interview questions and even employ a friend to help you practice your presentation. In addition, you

should always enter an interview with thorough knowledge of the organization and job you are interviewing for. It is practically impossible to interview well without any preparation or practice. Your Focus Job searching is not just about finding any job, but rather about finding the right job for you. Before you start your job search, determine what things are important to you in a job and employer as well as what fits your skills and interests. This will help you direct your efforts in the right direction and therefore you will demonstrate effective critical thinking skills to the hiring manager. Your Attitude Even if your job search has left you feeling discouraged, it is crucial that you maintain a positive attitude. Hiring managers tune into your attitude to determine your level of dedication in your career and the job opening. Always show your enthusiasm and true interest in the job.

The job search can be incredibly frustrating. And if you’re not careful, that frustration can start to fester, taking control of your life and getting in the way of the effectiveness of your efforts. However, by using the check list above to evaluate your job search efforts and implementing some improvements you are sure to quickly get off the “Job Search Ferris Wheel” and behind the desk of your dream job. Abour the author: As the owner of the local résumé writing, outplacement, and career-consulting firm, DMD & Associates, Danielle guides her clients through every step of career development. Contact Danielle at, 337-254-0734 or For more career advice and tips, like DMD Career Consulting on Facebook or LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter @CareerCoachGuru. | FACE 35

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A Voice for ACADIANA's Families & Children State Representative

Nancy Landry

By Tim Borland PhotoS by Penny Moore with Moore Photography | FACE 37

To Republican State Representative Nancy Landry, Acadiana is not just where she lives, but also a part of who she is. She speaks fondly of memories of her family’s annual reunion that occurred in Acadiana every year the Sunday before Labor Day. Nancy compares the Landry family tradition to a miniature festival, with relatives gathering to enjoy great food and music. “My Cajun heritage was always very important to me growing up,” Nancy reveals. Although she was born in Japan and remembers living in California, Florida, and New Jersey due to her father’s Navy career, Nancy has always considered Lafayette her home. With a father, Antime “Teemie” Landry from Baton Rouge, a mother, Claudia Landry from New Orleans, and extended relatives residing in Delcambre of Vermilion Parish, the Landry’s Louisiana roots run deep. Upon arriving in Acadiana at the formative age of five, Nancy grew up in a small neighborhood behind Our Lady of Fatima. She has memories of riding bikes around Lafayette with her friends, often exploring other areas of town by riding through the maze

However, Nancy did feel a call to public service. “I always knew I wanted to do something to help people,” Nancy expresses. When Nancy scored well on the LSAT, she decided LSU Law School was meant to be her future. After graduate school, she was also able to step into a job with West Publishing Company working for its subsidiary, Westlaw, which was one of the first online legal research services. While her career pursuits would lead her from the south to Fort Worth, Texas, and Seattle, Wash., Nancy’s heart belonged to Acadiana. A dedicated mother, she took a career hiatus and dedicated six years of her life to being a stay at home mother after giving birth to two boys.

of giant drainage ditches know as coulees that run storm water to the Vermilion River.

“I wanted someone who loved them to take care of them, and I couldn’t find anybody at a daycare who loved them like I did,”

“There was always somebody to play with, always something exciting going on; it was just a really fun neighborhood to be in,” Nancy reminisces.

Nancy insists. Once her youngest began preschool, Nancy resumed her career. She aided a digital signature company during the

After attending Our Lady of Fatima elementary school, Nancy

dot-com boom. The company had developed a secure online

transferred to the area public school system for the third grade.

signature platform they believed would appeal to the legal

She graduated with honors from Lafayette High, and often

community. After the business was sold to a mortgage

touches base with old high school friends. When she originally

company, Nancy moved back to Acadiana in 2002.

attended LSU for psychology undergrad, she did not anticipate

“I wanted to come back and be around my family. I wanted my

that her future career would include both law and politics.

sons to grow up with cousins and grandparents,” Nancy shares. Continue reading

38 FACE | JUNE 2014

“I want to do everything I can to preserve our culture and make sure our children grow up learning to appreciate the heritage that we have.� | FACE 39

“It is an exciting time right now in education; there are a lot of positive changes happening not just in Louisiana, but nationwide. Our kids are worth it.� 40 FACE | JUNE JUNE 2014 2014

Once back in Lafayette, she held the position of judicial law

Nancy utilizes her political position to shed light on matters

clerk for Family Court Judge Phyllis Keaty. While employed

important to the local community. Her personal background

in family law, Nancy noticed a need for a different kind of

informs her platforms on issues facing Louisiana families and

law service. Several families could simply not afford a lawyer.

children. Nancy is a leading proponent of student-centric

In 2005, Nancy began Unbundled Legal

education reform, striving to ensure

Services of Louisiana, which is designed

every child has an opportunity to

to give people enough legal advice to

receive a quality education.

successfully represent themselves in family court.

As a low cost alternative to legal advice for families, the business was a success. Nancy won a Women of Excellence Award from the Lafayette Commission on the Needs of Women in 2006. Upon the momentum of these accolades, Nancy ran for office the same year. Although she lost her first election by 33 votes, she was successful as a Republican candidate during her second

“I am a product of the public school system in Lafayette, and my children are also public school educated, so I have been dealing with public schools for 20 years … Part of what got me interested in running for office was my desire to improve things with the public school system here.”

“I am a product of the public school system in Lafayette, and my children are also public school educated, so I have been dealing with public schools for 20 years … Part of what got me interested in running for office was my desire to improve things with the public school system here,” Nancy explains.

Louisiana public schools have

run for state representative of District 31

traditionally been ranked very low

in 2008. The special election occurred

compared to other school systems of

when the former elected official made a surprise resignation

the United States. Nancy believes area schools can improve

announcement less than 10 months after taking office. For

if educators turn the focus back onto academic achievement.

Nancy, the appeal of public office was heightened by the

She wants Acadiana children to receive the education they

newly-passed term limit laws, which had just begun to take

deserve while being able to compete nationally for good


employment opportunities.

“I knew we would have a whole new legislature and governor.

“It is an exciting time right now in education; there are a

I thought it would be an exciting time to serve in the

lot of positive changes happening not just in Louisiana, but

legislature and to do what I could to make a difference for my

nationwide. Our kids are worth it,” Nancy informs.

state,” Nancy says. Continue reading | FACE 41

Nancy has endeavored to turn the education system

Louisiana every 10 years. Care must be taken not to reduce

towards a more child-centered approach. She has also

the number of minority districts in a particular area. After

worked to provide parents with more options for where

a population shift that followed in the wake of hurricane

they may educate their children. Advances were made by

Katrina, minority districts from New Orleans began to

introducing charter schools and scholarship programs that

reach into Acadiana. During the redistricting effort, there

provide parents with the opportunity to select different

were concerns that the Cajun cultural minority population

schools to meet the unique educational needs of their

could end up being divided into different districts, leaving


these peoples with no voice in Congress. The effect of such an action could also damage the Cajun population as a

“We have come a long way, I am proud of the work we

culturally cohesive group.

have done towards better education,” Nancy asserts. Another important aspect of the Acadiana public school systems is the preservation of local culture. Unlike many other areas of the United States, Acadiana has preserved its own unique language, cuisine, musical genres, and

“We are over a million strong now in Louisiana. If Cajuns are going to continue to have a voice in congress, we need to be recognized as a cohesive group whose district needs to be protected,” Nancy insists.

traditions. In order to keep future generations aware of

While not rallying on political platforms for changes

their heritage, Nancy wishes to strengthen the French

important to Acadian citizens, Nancy volunteers with

immersion programs present in area public schools and

the Breast Center of Acadiana Foundation. Through the

extend the programs into high schools.

organization she is able to help raise money for breast cancer treatment and prevention specifically for the local

A major supporter of the cause is the Acadiana delegation,

women of Acadiana. Nancy’s other employment involves

a grouping in the legislature of 22 parishes formed in 1971

research and title curative work for petroleum companies.

with a mission to preserve the legacy of French culture

She also participates seasonally in fundraising for other

and heritage.

political candidates.

Occasionally, political leaders must oppose resolutions

Nancy finds community interaction alongside the majority

that would make Louisiana an English-only state.

of her relatives who currently attend The Bayou Church.

Representatives from the Acadiana region must remind

During quiet moments at home, Nancy clears her mind by

legislators from northern Louisiana that a large number of

gardening or reading. Focused on both career and family,

the indigenous population speaks French as well.

much of her spare time is occupied by parenting. That may soon change as her youngest nears graduation, allowing

“I want to do everything I can to preserve our culture and

for more social time. Nonetheless, Nancy never regrets any

make sure our children grow up learning to appreciate the

difficult decisions she has made for the betterment of

heritage that we have,” Nancy pledges.

her family.

Other matters that influence Acadiana residents involve

“I am most proud of my children and the job I have done as

the reapportioning of congressional districts that occur in

a mother so far. That is the most important thing to me.

42 FACE | JUNE 2014

“I am most proud of my children and the job I have done as a mother so far. That is the most important thing to me. My family comes first.� | | FACE FACE 43 43


Acadiana's Women in Business There are more than 8 billion women-owned businesses currently operating in the United States which account for more than 1.3 trillion dollars in revenue each year and Louisiana is one of the fastest growing states within this category. With the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in Acadiana, this month we feature a few of the local women in business and professional women in our community. If you would like to be featured in this section in an upcoming month, contact FACE Magazine via email at

Charlotte Busch Cryer

Since opening the doors of Caroline & Company in 1997, Charlotte Busch Cryer has tirelessly strived to provide the community with a one-stop shopping experience. Both customer service and unique gifts are top priority. The store has remained in its original location on Arnould Blvd since the beginning, though it has just completed its fourth expansion to now occupy 9,000 sq. ft. of children’s clothes, baby gifts, jewelry, home décor, candles, personalized items and much more. They also offer registries for every occasion and are always adding new items in-store and online. Their website boasts many distinctive products and caters to shoppers locally and across the United States. When she isn’t working, Charlotte enjoys playing tennis, traveling and spending time with loved ones. Charlotte is married to Russell Cryer and is mother to Caroline, William and Anna Catherine. 113 Arnould Blvd | 337-984-3263 |

Diane L. Webre As a graduate of the Cosmetology Training Center, Diane L. Webre opened Diane’s Merle Norman to the women of Acadiana on July 7, 1994. Diane has made a career-long effort in accommodating the working woman. Additionally, Diane’s reputation for customer service and exceptional work has allowed her to remain in business all these years. Representing the old name Merle Norman, Diane proudly offers the broadest line of Made-in-the-USA foundations with the most colors available in lip and eye color. When products are purchased and they don’t work for you, the policy is that you have two weeks to return them. In the upcoming weeks, Diane plans to facilitate several “Night at Diane’s” events in which she will offer makeovers and skin assessments. Diane is very thankful for the support she’s been given over the years and says, “It has been my wonderful employees that I've had through the years and the loyal customers that have kept my door open.” Diane’s Merle Norman | 2831 Johnston St | 337-236-3162 44 FACE | JUNE 2014

Brandi McKnight Brandi has always wanted to be a Realtor. Seven years ago, that dream become a reality! At the time, the market had taken a bit of a plunge and many questioned her decision. However, she was fearless in her quest to become successful while living out her childhood dream. In her opinion, Acadiana is the best place in the world to live. “This area is so full of friendly people and the sense of community is overwhelming.” She has had the opportunity to meet people from many areas, all with the common goal of calling Acadiana their home. “If you are in the market to buy or sell, please consider allowing me to assist you. I am a hometown Realtor who was born and raised right here in South Louisiana. If you have a bon appetite and you are looking for joie de vivre then Acadiana is the place to be!” RE/MAX ACADIANA | 114 Curran Lane | 337-984-8470 Brandi McKnight | 337-316-1320 |

Dianna Rae High With over 25 years of jewelry experience, Dianna Rae High has assembled a team from all over the world to launch the newest fresh and innovative jewelry destination in Southern Louisiana - Dianna Rae Jewelry. “Unlike traditional stores or large chain stores, we are solely focused on distinctive and original fine jewelry, expert services, and custom made designs crafted right here in Lafayette.” Dianna, a graduate of The Gemological Institute of America, thrives on working closely with her clients to help them realize their jewelry dreams. She loves to serve God and others, resides in Lafayette with her supportive husband, and is the proud mother of their two daughters, Rio and Ronni. 500 Settlers Trace Blvd | 337-706-7316 |

Dr. Michelle M. Carr An Acadiana native and graduate of UL, Dr. Michelle Carr, owner of Carr Chiropractic Clinic, is passionate about the education and treatment of neuromuscular skeletal conditions. After obtaining her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Dr. Carr completed her training at the Houston Medical Center. Treatments at Carr Chiropractic combine medical technology with a variety of therapies to provide holistic treatment of conditions including (but not limited to) neck pain, extremity issues, back pain and migraines. Dr. Carr uses massage and manual adjustments along with traction therapy to design custom treatment plans for her patients. No referral is necessary and her office accepts most major medical insurances. Dr. Carr offers complementary consultations for new patients. To schedule an appointment, call 337-993-2277 or visit to learn more! 105 Westmark Blvd | 337-993-2277 | | FACE 45


Aisha Ismail Parzivand Aisha’s Styling Salon Aisha, owner of the Aisha Styling Salon, arrived in New Iberia, LA in 1984. Being so far away from home, she was afraid and knew little English. Yet, four years later, Aisha was a licensed cosmetologist and owned a new salon called Classic Cuts. Aisha’s Styling Salon opened 12 years ago. Aisha manages the salon with a team of up to 4 selected cosmetologists. The salon motto is to provide the most professional services in a friendly atmosphere. Aisha, with 27 years of experience, loves to correct complicated “color disasters" and does wonders with coloring, highlights, and low lights. She's also passionate about fusion hair extensions; Aisha’s efficiency allows her to complete a full extension in 2½ hours. For convenience, all extension hair is kept in-stock. Aisha also accommodates her customers by working around their schedules. She and her husband Dr. Ali Parzivand live in Lafayette with their son Hessam, who practices law at the Parzivand Law Firm in Houston. 2100 Verot School Rd. | 337-216-0930 |

Pallavi Dutta Baruah Simon

Pallavi is a native of Assam, India. She received a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce from Delhi University. A former Singapore Airline flight attendant, she met her husband Steven Simon, a Cajun and ex-Marine Security Guard, in Singapore. She is a proud mother of two beautiful children. One of the things that Pallavi is also proud of is receiving a bronze medal representing India in the Asian Games as a competitive swimmer. After marrying Steven, she moved to Louisiana in 2001. Pallavi opened Edible Arrangements in 2011 in Lafayette. She has been working ever since to make life a little sweeter for the local community with the freshest fruit gifts. Edible Arrangements is the creator of and the leaders in fresh fruit bouquets. They make any occasion special with an array of irresistible products including gourmet chocolate-dipped fruit to order for pick-up or delivery. Edible Arrangements is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce. 2800 W Pinhook Rd. | 337-266-9989 |

Christine Mhire

Christine Mhire dreamed of operating her own restaurant since she was a little girl. Her mom taught her the meaning of true hospitality and she developed an immense passion for food. Christine graduated with a double Bachelor’s Degree from UL in Hospitality Management and Business. Ten years of her life were spent working every position imaginable in the restaurant industry. She finally made her dream a reality and is now owner and operator of La Pizzeria, which is known for its vast menu and unique entrees served in a laid back atmosphere. Christine is thankful for the support from her husband of six years, Kory Mhire. Her recent challenge has been to balance running a restaurant and a household with her nine-month-old daughter Allie and three-year-old son Riley. Christine knows that her restaurant would be nothing without the continued support of the Lafayette community. Stop by La Pizzeria every Wednesday form 2 – 9pm for DOLLAR wine. 3809 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. | 337-989-4121 | 46 FACE | JUNE 2014

Dr. Cynthia Glass Coccolare Spa is designed to make you feel rejuvenated, healthy and attractive. Owned and operated by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Cynthia Glass, Coccolare Spa is a spa like no other. They’ve taken the concept of a “medical spa” and brought it to life to help you achieve your long-term skincare goals. Coccolare Spa is dedicated, first and foremost, to the restoration of healthy skin with an emphasis on non-surgical treatment options. By combining the skills of a physician with the talents of licensed aestheticians, massage therapists, nail technicians and more, they will develop a skincare program in which you will have total confidence. They offer the latest in non-surgical and surgical skincare technologies and products to provide a wide range of skin rejuvenation treatments and spa services. Pamper yourself, your friends and your loved ones with a relaxing day at Coccolare. 331 Doucet Rd | 337-769-7546 |

Terry Wofford Terry Wofford’s State Farm Insurance Agency sits proudly near Lafayette’s Cajundome welcoming customers in. Terry has been a successful agent for over 21 years. Her father, Walter Romero, was a 40-year agent. Terry worked with him since her college days opening her own agency in 1993. Terry and her team of 11 love helping people in a personalized and caring way. Terry’s husband Sam and son Beau are part of her fabulous team. “Our mission is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, and realize their dreams." Terry’s greatest joy afterhours is chasing after her triplet grandchildren. Their mom, Alexis, frequently brings them to visit at the office and pick up treats in between t-ball games and the crazy world of 4 year olds. As a lifelong resident of Lafayette, Terry continues to enjoy staying in touch with her Fatima and USL friends. Terry says, “Living in Lafayette as a mother and a professional is truly a dream come true.” 2200 W Congress St | 337-232-4451 |

Vasavi Veerina

Vasavi Veerina graduated from ULL School of Interior Design in 2010. She finds her design sensibilities were shaped during her travels abroad. "My interior design philosophy is, "Living with design,”where design does not overpower living.” Vasavi boasts many award-winning commercial and residential design projects such as the Bronze Award in the 2014 indDesign Awards for Top-It Yogurt, Silver Award in the 2012 IndDesign Awards and the People's Choice and Market Viability Awards for the BeauSoleil Solar Home. Vasavi is part owner of two local businesses: Blow Bar, Lafayette’s first blow dry bar, and Evolve−An Artisan Juicery. You can find the juices from Evolve in the cooler at BiBi’s Patisserie, Extend Barre, by delivery, and every Saturday at the Horse Farm Farmer’s Market. Additionally, Vasavi is the owner of Atelier V., an interior design company that participated in the design and decoration of two rooms in the St. Jude Dream Home. Vasavi says, “I feel that accomplishing all these goals requires organization, hard work, discipline and commitment in conjunction with balance.” Blow Bar | 1921 Kaliste Saloom Rd., Suite 103B | 337-534-4839 Evolve | 1321 W. Pinhook Rd | 225-229-9554 Atelier V. | 1100 Arabella Blvd | 337-356-1599 | FACE 47


Cindy Cobb As a Nurse Practitioner, Cindy Cobb loves what she does and is passionate about the services she and her team at Allure Enhancement provide. She has been providing aesthetic services to the community since 2002 and has come to view most as friends and not as patients. Cindy envisioned making aesthetic services, such as Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, chemical peels, sclerotherapy, and microdermabrasion available at more affordable prices. In 2009 she was able to see her dream come to fruition when she opened the doors of her medical spa. Since that time, she has enjoyed its growth in size, team members and services. Allure Enhancement is open until 6PM four days a week and 7PM on Wednesday evenings. These late hours and lower prices makes these high quality services more accessible to the working woman. Cindy was overjoyed when Allure Enhancement was voted the #1 Skin Care Center last year. What more could you ask for? It's high quality, accessible and more affordable − all in one package. 1721 W. Pinhook | 337-412-6334 |

Wendy McCombie

Wendy is a full-time Top Residential Agent for Coldwell Banker Pelican. Her career was a lifelong dream but she understood the time and effort it would take to be a successful agent. At the time, her main goal was being a great mom and wife along with being available for her family at all times. Once her children were grown, with the support of her family, she focused on her dream career! In Wendy's first year in real estate she was named Rookie of the Year! She has been a Realtor for 10 years and has received numerous prestigious awards and achievements in all aspects of her career! She is also a member of both the Acadiana Realtor Association and the Acadiana Home Builders Association. Wendy loves assisting first time home buyers to empty nesters in getting the home of their dreams! The majority of her clientele comes from referrals, which is a humbling privilege and blessing always. According to Wendy, working hard, being personal and professional, and putting client needs first is key to her success. Wendy McCombie, REALTOR, ABR, SRES, SFR | Coldwell Banker Pelican Real Estate 806 E St Mary Blvd | 337-277-0590 |

Jada Singleton

Alisha Leday

In February 2014, Alisha Leday and Jada Singleton opened Live Love Learn which specializes in helping increase student achievement in math and reading. They believe all kids can learn when they receive instruction in a positive and engaging environment with effective instructors. Their mission is to make sure that every student leaves with greater understanding and more confidence. Alisha and Jada are long-time friends. Both of their teaching careers begin at the same school in 2002. Then, they enrolled in graduate school at Southern University for their Master’s Degrees in Education. This gave them a profound look at education and the ability to use many of the strategies they learned to increase their own students’ achievement. Both Alisha and Jada returned to school again and earned a Specialists Degree in Educational Leadership from Northwestern State University. Their drive to find the most effective ways for students to succeed will never fade away. They feel that today’s kids will be our future leaders, so they deserve an excellent foundation to build on. 3215 E. Milton Ave., Suite 1, Youngsville, LA | 337-451-6277 | 48 FACE | JUNE 2014

tHaNK YoU, acaDiaNa! Face MaGaZiNe is celebratiNG 7 Years! tHaNK YoU to all oF tHe iNcreDible woMeN wHo Have sHareD tHeir iNspiriNG stories, tHe local aDvertisers wHo MaKe it possible aND oUr loYal reaDers.

For access to cUrreNt aND past issUes oF Face MaGaZiNe, visit



Controlling the Purse Strings Women’s Growing Power in the Marketplace By Erin Holden My father, though a capable man in almost all aspects of his life, is virtually incapable of buying his own pants. Here’s how it goes: My mother goes to the store, buys pants for my father, takes them home, and he tries them on. If they work out, her job is done. If they don’t, she brings the rejected pants back to the store and buys him a different pair. She is also the primary buyer of all household goods, which include items ranging from groceries to car parts.

Women make more than 80 percent of all consumer purchases and, though men are shopping more than they have in the past, women still outspend men by $14.31 per trip in supercenters and by $10.32 per trip in grocery stores. Those numbers add up. Also, women are not only the primary buyers of regular household items, but a direct influence on major purchases like cars (92 percent, according to To see how these abstract statistics can be applied to real women in my life, I consulted women I know from various backgrounds and occupations. Jessica Hadwin, a marriage and family therapist in Monroe, La. and mother of one, finds it easier to be the primary decision-maker in terms of finances, so when her husband needed a new truck, she assessed the situation before a decision was made. “I gave him the price range and he found one he wanted in that range,” she says. “When I got my car, I decided what we could afford and bought one.” Though both Jessica and her husband have full-time jobs, she still makes both major and minor financial decisions. Even when women are not directly involved in large purchases, it is clear that their influence on those decisions is a huge part of the process. For instance, even if a woman does not purchase a car, she is often the one making the decision because she is more aware of the daily needs of her family. This influence, whether directly or indirectly, affects the marketplace. Stay-at-home moms make up an incredible online presence. 77% of them will only write about products they approve of and 14% will write 50 FACE | JUNE 2014

about those they are boycotting. This is important for businesses to consider because women seek guidance from each other when they are considering making a purchase, whether it is big or small. 64% percent of stay-at-home moms ask other mothers for advice before buying new products.

Summer Essentials!

Stay-at-home moms are definitely a driving force in our economy – they make up a $2.4 trillion market. As Alethea Hutchinson points out in her article “The Influential Buying Power of a Stay-at-Home-Mom,” customers in grocery stores during nine-to-five working hours are largely absent, except for stay-at-home moms. If it weren’t for the steady influx of these customers, companies would be paying for labor and energy costs without making much money. These consumers keep the money flowing. When we first got married, we shopped together,” says Kayla Lemmons, a stay-at-home mom from Ball, La. “but now that I have more time at home than he does, I tend to do it all. For the everyday expenses, I feel like I have control. I do most of the shopping and, for the most part, he has no idea what I buy. For the big stuff, I feel that we both share control.” A study by the Pew Research Center found that 46 percent of couples living together and/or married make financial decisions equally; but, in households where one person makes the financial decisions, women make up 30 percent of financial decision-making and men make up only 19 percent. In other words, if someone is going to be the sole financial decision maker, it is now more likely to be the lady of the house. Overall, it seems that women are overwhelmingly involved in how their household money is spent, whether it is as a joint decision-maker or sole decision-maker. “Depending on the situation, most of the things that come up in the household…I will come up with a solution,” says Keshia Norris from Alexandria. She works as a call center consultant. “Then I discuss it with him, and usually my decision is what we go with.” It’s also important to recognize the rising amount of female entrepreneurs as a factor in buying power.

Forbes Magazine recently said that the number of $10-million-plus women-owned firms has increased by 57 percent and that the U.S. is rated number one in the country for fostering an environment in which they can succeed. With women becoming more and more active in how money is spent in both their homes and businesses, it is clear that they are an undeniably powerful force in our economy.

On the Boulevard * 113 Arnould Boulevard * 337-984-3263 Mon - Sat 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Shop online at | FACE 51


Graceful Behavior College Grad’s Interview Success If you recently graduated from college, warmest wishes and

of applying. Read your document out loud to check for errors and, when

congratulations! June is the time of year where job applicants are

possible, have a trusted source review your docs before you submit the

on the hunt for those elusive “perfect� positions, and you want to

application and resume. No matter how composed and perfect you are

make sure that you separate yourself from the crowd. Top grades

in person, this first impression is critical to getting in the door.

and great references will open doors for you. However your style and demeanor can make or break your chances for landing that coveted

Dress appropriately for the job interview. Do your

position. Please allow these Grace Notes to guide your behavior in

homework on the work culture before your show up for your interview.

job interviews.

If you are applying at an ad agency, the customary work attire is certainly different from the more buttoned up attire found at a law

Avoid sloppiness! Pay attention to details in your resume and

firm or group of accountants. Call ahead and inquire if you are unsure.

application and double-check for errors before sending off to your

Better to be prepared than to embarrass yourself, or worse, stick

potential employer. Spelling or grammatical errors, or overlooking the

out like the proverbial sore thumb. Select clothing that is clean and

required skills set forth in the job posting, are the kiss of death. Run

pressed, and double check that details such as buttons, hemline and

spell-check on your resume and job application before you even think

seams are all stitched up and presentable.


Bookkeeping Serving All of Acadiana

affordable bookkeeping, general accounting, and tax services for the home or business

Beth Guilliot, E.A. 337-988-3260

52 FACE | JUNE 2014

Leave your ratty shoes, tight clothes and gaudy jewelry at home. Employers in most industries are not looking for their new employee to sport outlandish hairdos, outrageously high heels or low cut blouses tucked in a super short skirt or tight pants.

Remember that your personal hygiene

speaks volumes about you. Clean hair and nails, understated makeup and lightly scented perfume declare that you are professional and ready to go to work. If you show up for your interview reeking of Marc Jacobs’ latest scent to cover up other issues, what is your employer left to think about how you will present yourself once you are really comfortable in your setting? Use discretion, and when in doubt, less is definitely more!

Your Facebook page and cell phone greeting will be scrutinized by potential employers.

What do yours say about you? We have returned phone calls to potential employees and been blasted with silly voice message greetings and rap songs that are inappropriate! And yes, your next boss may be scouting you out on Facebook. Keep private things private, and monitor not only your posts but photos that others “tag” you in. You will never get a second chance to explain an outrageous or suggestive pose, hand gesture, or substance being imbibed once it is posted online.

Be on time. There is absolutely no reason to be late for a job interview. Check out the route beforehand, and if there is any chance of being delayed by traffic, trains, or a meteor falling in your path, leave early!

Post interview, send a letter or email

thanking the interviewer for the opportunity to meet and be considered for employment. You will stand out from the crowd by taking the time to show your gratitude and interest. Best wishes on your job hunt. These Grace Notes not only provide you with desirable social skills employers are looking for in their new hires, but will also imbue you with confidence to score that coveted job you have dreamed of!

Once you enter the interview, wait to be

seated. As you walk in the room, stand straight, pay attention to your body language, and wait to be offered a seat. Let the interviewer take the lead in guiding you as to where to sit and when to talk. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer. And by all means, no cell phone during the interview. If you have one in your purse, turn off the ringer and let it be!

About the author: Lynley Jones and Jan Swift are partners in Grace Notes, LLC, an etiquette endeavor to help further society’s niceties. You can contact them at | FACE 53


Tech Talk: Understanding 'The Cloud' and What it Can Do for You (BPT) - News headlines, commercials and chatter between colleagues - there has been a lot of hype around "the cloud," but the term can be complex and confusing. What exactly is the cloud, and furthermore, what does it mean for you and the way you use technology? Although the concept feels relatively new, it's simpler than you may think. You've probably heard a lot about storing and sharing information on the cloud, but did you know there's a good chance you're already utilizing the cloud regularly without even knowing it? Every time you check or send an e-mail online, you're sending information through the cloud, in other words, through a network of servers, software and services in a remote location. Much like connecting your television to a cable connection, you connect your tech device to the Internet to access content stored in the cloud. When you use cloud storage, what you can do with your technology devices - from desktop to tablet to smartphone - expands greatly. The cloud isn't just for tech elites - it can make life easier no matter how tech-savvy you are. Whether you're heading a global conglomerate or are simply the head of your kid's soccer team, the cloud can help streamline what you need to do online. Beyond checking email, the cloud lets you work with other people online with documents that can be edited simultaneously, store large files so you don't have to keep them on hand, and easily access and share important photos and

54 FACE | JUNE 2014

personal documents, like travel plans. There are two simple ways you can start seeing the many benefits of the cloud immediately. First, personal cloud email services make staying in touch with friends, family, and professional contacts easy. Is it time you upgraded your email experience? is a free, personal email service from Microsoft that has tools to keep your email streamlined. With you can access easy-touse, automated tools to help you get through your inbox quickly. Set up your preferences that mirror how you live your life: bills can automatically go in one folder, important documents archived in another. You can even "sweep" out all of your old daily deals or newsletters with just a few clicks.

The cloud isn't just for tech elites it can make life easier no matter how tech-savvy you are. Spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter or other social media websites? works with your favorite social media sites. You can add contacts from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks, so that changes like address updates in those accounts are automatically updated. You can save time and energy by chatting, updating, and even posting comments or accepting friend requests in a few clicks all from your inbox. The second way you can experience instant benefits from the cloud is through a personal

cloud storage service. Microsoft's SkyDrive provides 7 GB of free storage which is more than what most competitors offer, and additional storage is available at rates that are also lower than most competitors. and SkyDrive work together, and SkyDrive works with your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac, so you have access to your photos, documents, and other important files anytime, anywhere, automatically. Do you ever have a ton of photos you want to email to a friend, but you can't because the files are too large to send all in one email? Or sometimes you just want to share those photos with specific people instead of to everyone on Facebook. Just upload the photos to SkyDrive and email the link to the people you choose! You can share photos beautifully only with the people you choose, without taking up space in their inboxes. Another invaluable benefit to personal cloud storage services is the ability to work with others on projects from anywhere at any time. With SkyDrive, you get free Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote in your browser, so multiple people in different places can work on the same document, at the same time. Plus, you get to choose who can view and edit these documents. No matter how simple or complex your computing needs, the cloud can help keep you more organized, -save time, save space in your inbox or on your desktop, and sometimes it just plain saves you from losing an important document or email. Learn more about how the cloud can change the way you use technology by visiting and

Ascension Episcopal School

Katharine Drexel Elementary

St. Edmund Catholic School

Broadmoor Elementary

Lafayette High School

St. Genevieve Catholic School

Carencro Catholic

Milton Elementary

St. Ignatius School

Covenant Methodist

Mount Carmel Elementary

Sts. Leo-Seton

Duson Elementary

Our Lady of Fatima School

St. Mary’s Early Learning Center

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Our Mother of Peace

St. Peter Catholic School

J. Wallace James Elementary

St. Bernard Catholic School

Vermilion Catholic High School | FACE 55


Warning! Four out of 10 drivers don't know this dashboard warning could save their lives. (BPT) - When it comes to tire pressure safety, many drivers fall flat in connecting this all-important safety concern with the dashboard icon that could alert them to a problem, a new national survey shows. With an estimated 245 million cars and light trucks on U.S. roadways, driver safety concerns are top-of-mind among consumers. In fact, 95 percent of drivers consider vehicle safety features an important issue when shopping for a car. Unfortunately, when it comes to recognition of lifesaving vehicle dashboard icons, many drivers are unaware, uninformed and unprepared.

Four out of 10 drivers are unable to identify the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) warning symbol located on vehicles' dashboards and don't know what the icon is when they see it, according to a new consumer survey conducted on behalf of Schrader International. However, nearly 90 percent of drivers think properly inflated tires and paying attention to an automatic warning system could save their lives. This demonstrates a drastic disconnect between what drivers consider crucial to their safety and their actual ability to recognize the tire pressure warning symbol. The need for additional education is clear.

Fortunately, there are already more than 104 million vehicles in the U.S. now equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, and 91 percent of the entire U.S. vehicle population is expected to be TPMS-equipped by 2023.

back in acadiana!

Serving Blizzards and Burgers, Cakes , Orange Julius & More!

5732 JOhnStOn St. 56 FACE | JUNE 2014


So, what does the TPMS alert mean for drivers? The TPMS vehicle dashboard icon is a crucial safety warning symbol that indicates one or more of a vehicle's tires are significantly underinflated by more than 25 percent. Underinflated tires can impair a car's ability to maneuver and brake properly. This means a driver whose TPMS light appears is three times more likely to be involved in a crash related to tire problems than a vehicle with proper inflation, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). NHTSA also reports underinflated tires are estimated to cause: 200,000 accidents, 660 highway fatalities and 33,000 injuries annually, as well as 3.5 million gallons of gasoline wasted daily. To help raise awareness about TPMS and the importance of proper tire pressure,

Schrader, the leading global manufacturer of sensing and valve solutions and pioneer of TPMS, along with OEM car manufacturers, aftermarket retailers, and state and federal governments, are dedicating resources toward consumer education. Schrader has provided the online resource for complete insight into TPMS and the benefits of maintaining proper tire pressure. If the TPMS icon appears, your tires are sending you a very important message: one or more of your tires are significantly underinflated and you or an auto service technician needs to take a closer look as soon as possible.

When this occurs, exercise caution and do the following: • Find a safe place to pull off the road to check your tire pressure. Keep a

tire gauge with your set of emergency items in your vehicle. • If the light comes on while driving at highway speed, immediately grab hold of the steering wheel with both hands in case you are experiencing a blowout (rapid deflation) scenario. Slowly decelerate to a safe speed and find a safe place to pull off the road to check your tire pressure. • Once checked, if the tires all appear normal, proceed carefully to the nearest gas station or tire service center to add air to your tire(s). • If needed, have the problem tire or tires and the TPMS system serviced at your nearest tire service center. • The TPMS icon should turn off within several minutes after inflating the tires to their recommended pressure. | FACE 57


How to ruin your personal brand Whether we like it or not, our online activities give the world a glimpse of our personal lives. There’s no question that people watch and they make assumptions, however true or untrue. Everything you publish and whatever is published about you can haunt your reputation and career forever. Just ask Anthony Weiner. While it’s hardly healthy to obsess over what people think, it is important to realize that branding is no longer just the domain of the Peggy Olsens of the world. Thanks to the internet, each and every one of us has a personal brand that’s more visible and influences our futures more than ever. A strong personal brand can hasten your success but a damaged brand can cause tremendous harm. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to build a personal brand and it doesn’t take much to ruin it. If you need help building networking and building your personal brand, there are lots of great books you can pick up. But when I went in search of ways to ruin a brand, I used the

The best way to build a strong personal brand isn’t to brag about your accomplishments but to promote other people, which creates goodwill and projects the image of a strong leader.

58 FACE FACE || JUNE JUNE 2014 2014 58

rather effective (albeit unscientific) crowdsourcing method of asking the people who are most likely to judge me, my own Facebook friends. Here’s what we came up with. Forget That We Write Online in Indelible Ink Whether or not you are consciously using the internet as part of a branding strategy, you should always take a second to think about what you are about to say before you click ‘post’. Even if you delete or edit, it only takes a few seconds for someone to snag a screenshot of your emotional outburst or dangling participle. Too Much Self-Promotion The best way to build a strong personal brand isn’t to brag about your accomplishments but to promote other people, which creates goodwill and projects the image of a strong leader who celebrates and encourages the success of others. If most of your online face time is spent promoting others, people will be much more receptive to the

entirely. People will start to worry about you and question both your character and judgment. Your relationship with alcohol should never define your personal brand! Bash Others If you want to get people’s attention, post a few emotional outbursts or vague statuses about others. Bashing someone else even if you don’t use their name (as if no one can figure it out) will always do more harm to your own reputation than it will to theirs. Social media is not the place to work out your problems! occasionally self-promoting message. Bonus: other people will begin to promote you. Someone else’s endorsement is always more valuable than your own! If you’re still not convinced that promoting and helping others can do more for your success than self-promotion, pick up Adam Grant’s book Give and Take. It’s a game changer!

Playing Morality or Grammar Police No one is perfect and your friends are no exception. It’s inevitable that they will post questionable content, unflattering photos and split the occasional infinitive. If something is particularly offensive to you, contact them privately or remove them from your feed. Calling them out publicly only reflects poorly on your own judgment.

Brag About Your Drinking Habits It’s one thing to post about a fancy wine tasting or your Friday night hang out. We do live in the age of the humble brag after all. But bragging about how much you can and do imbibe is something else

About the author: Caroline Barry works with small businesses and organizations on marketing, social media and business development. She can be reached at or at

life strategies

for smart women established 2003

Servivces Include: • Residential Organizing • Residential Design Services • Business Strategy and Coaching • Event Planning & Management • Personal Productivity Coaching • Business Organizing Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity. −Albert Einstein

as seen on:

call today!

337-385-7815 | FACE 59


Skin Deep Albert Camus stated, "Alas, after a certain age, every man is responsible for his face." Americans spend 1.5 billion dollars each year on anti-aging skincare products! Yet, of men ages 18 years and up, 75% do not use skincare products. Many believe skincare is a woman's game--one that they are not to be engaged in unless battling major skin challenges. The differences between men and women are vast and they do go skin deep. A man's skin is 20-30% thicker than a woman's. Their skin boasts a higher collagen density and concentration of elastin fibers, which keep the skin firm and wrinkle free. In fact, when considering intrinsic aging, a man's skin is fifteen years younger than the skin of a woman the same age! Even still, men have a rougher skin texture and after puberty sebum (oil) production is greater, making them more prone to blackheads and longer lasting acne.

20% of all people will develop skin cancer at some point in their lives and of the one million cases reported each year nearly 8,000 are fatal.

Men also sweat twice as much as women;

So, how can we protect the men in our lives and bridge the gap in skincare? By providing a

however, due to the higher lactic acid content

simple, effective, three step regimen he can commit to.

in their perspiration, their pH is lower aiding in skin hydration. Men do have to deal with


coarse facial hair and while daily shaving may

Men typically prefer bar soap, which tends to be more drying than a liquid. When

be time consuming, it provides consistent

purchasing a bar cleanser, look for ingredients like glycerin, vitamin E, olive oil, or

exfoliation which reveals newer, healthier

jojoba. These emollients will prevent excess drying. If your man suffers from acneic

skin. Despite their genetic advantage, men

skin, choose a cleanser that contains salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzyl peroxide.

take less precaution in skincare and are at a

These exfoliating agents allow for deeper cleaning and have antibacterial properties

higher risk for skin cancer.

that help prevent future breakouts.

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In the past, your man may have avoided using a moisturizer for fear of oiliness or future breakouts. However, these products keep moisture in the outermost

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layer of the skin, keeping the skin supple and plump. It's important to choose a moisturizer based on his skin type. For dry skin choose a creme moisturizer, a thicker, more viscous formulation which will deliver the maximum amount of hydration. Normal skin requires a lotion, a thinner and lighter formula that is less oily and more easily absorbed. Oily skin may require a toner or 337-988-6044

gel moisturizer. Gel moisturizers have a much higher water content, which won't convert to an oily sheen

Voted Best in Blinds & Window Treatments!

after application. For those who suffer from acne, a lightweight moisturizer that contains glycolic or salicylic acid will provide much needed moisture while treating and preventing future breakouts.

Protect According to a recent study by the Annals of Internal Medicine, using an SPF of some kind every day can slow the aging process by 24 percent. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends protecting the skin daily with a broad spectrum SPF 30. Many moisturizers offer SPF protection. Look for an SPF containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. These physical sunblock ingredients are highly effective and rarely irritate the skin.

Mark Twain once said, "Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been." Helping your man to care for and protect his skin will not only give him confidence, it may also ensure a long and healthy life filled with endless opportunities to smile. About the author: Keri Domingue is a licensed Cosmetologist and Cosmetology Educator. She entered the beauty industry in 2004 and is currently the Educational Coach at the Aveda Institute of Lafayette, a cutting edge, eco-friendly Cosmetology and Spa Institution dedicated to changing lives and shaping the future of beauty. Contact Keri at or 337-233-0511.

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IF Your Shoes Could Talk It was a weekly ritual growing up, my

clockwork every weekend − Why it was

effort and care a solider expends on their

dad would gather all the leather shoes

important that everyone’s shoes were spic-

boots. A solider is not completely dressed

in the house, lay out newspaper, tiny tin

and-span clean. He explained that it was

unless his boots have a “spit shine."

cans of shoe polish, a horsehair brush, old

something his father had instilled in him on

cotton cloth; and he would sit on the patio

the importance of well-maintained shoes. He

No longer in the military, my dad continued

(listening to his favorite radio station with

then got a second dose of this lesson when

the task of maintaining his and the family’s

an ice cold beer), polishing and repairing

he served in the Army. Getting his boots

shoes. For him, it was a sense of personal

everyone’s shoes.

inspected weekly by his Army sergeant gave

satisfaction, pride, and accomplishment he

him a new appreciation for the phrase

felt in doing it. But, he also recognized that

“spit shine.”

this weekly ritual was important to help

As a kid this intrigued me, so one day I

extend the life of the shoes given the fact

sat with him to observe the process as he started this weekly chore. I wanted

Spit shine? Yep, the level of shine used by

that our family couldn’t afford the luxury of

to understand why he did this task like

the military to measure how much time,

owning several pairs of shoes.

62 FACE | JUNE 2014

The truth is that shoes make the man. So, what do your shoes say about you?

Hattington Collection

Shoes available -

Modern Oxford

Shoes available -

Times have changed of course, and most guys own several pairs of shoes. But the message has not changed; you can tell

Monk Strap

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the measure of a man by his shoes. Of all the items in a man’s wardrobe, shoes are the single most important element of style because it is a key accessory in completing his outfit. They are always noticed, but often never spoken of and could mean the difference between landing a job, getting a second date, or missing out on a great opportunity. No surprise, women are the

Gommino Driving Shoe

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most observant, typically checking a guy’s shoes out first before scanning the rest of his attire. How important cleanliness, loyalty, or style is to a man can be deduced from a man's choice of shoes. A little elbow grease, know-how, and TLC can make all the difference in the world in extending the life of your shoes and sending the right message. Here are a few tips that will help you step up your footwear game.

Leather Sandals

Shoes available -

Continue reading | FACE 63


SPIT-SHOE POLISH A good shoe polish keeps leather shoes shining like a new dime. Polishing your shoes regularly does two things: 1) it covers and repairs the damage of daily wear and tear 2) it nourishes and moisturizes the leather, keeping it flexible and healthy. SAVE YOUR SOLES A house is only as solid as the foundation on which it’s built. Take steps to save your shoe soles by adding taps to the front and rear heels. Taps act as buffers between the heel and the ground to absorb the shock and damage of constant pounding. SHOE TREES Shoe trees are crucial in helping your shoes last that extra mile. The purpose is helping the leather maintain its form which prevents the leather from shrinking and creasing. REPLACE YOUR SOLES The soles on your shoes are like the tires on your car. They eventually wear out and need to be replaced. The upper part of a quality leather shoe can last as long as 20 years, but the lower part of the shoe, on average, only lasts around five. So, when the sole becomes uncomfortable to wear and gets ragged in appearance, the best option — rather than replacing the entire shoe — is replacing the sole.

64 FACE | JUNE 2014


repellent to the leather to seal the leather

for more than two consecutive days. Giving

When shopping for shoes always try on

because it allows it to breathe and the

your favorite pair of shoes a day off will

both shoes. You may be surprised by fit and

moisture inside it to escape. Moisture

extend its life.

comfort from one foot over the other. The

impacts leather’s elasticity. SHOE INSERTS

best time to measure your feet and try on shoes is at the end of the day when your


Consider shoe inserts for added comfort

feet are largest.

A shoe horn can help saves the heel collar

and support to your feet. If you wear your

and counter from unnecessary wear.

shoes for long periods of time, your feet


will appreciate you for showing them a

Before taking your new shoes out on their


first walk, be sure to apply a coat of water

Rule of thumb is never wear a pair of shoes

little TLC!

About the author: Tracee Dundas is a freelance stylist, blogger, fashion editor for New Orleans Magazine and fashion event producer. She is the Founder and Creative Director of Fashion Week New Orleans and the “go-to-gal” for all things fashionable in the Gulf Coast. Tracee hosts a weekly fashion style segment “Fashion Friday” on WVUE Fox 8 sharing the latest trends, styling tips and DIY ideas. She works with nationally known clients such as Lucky Magazine, Essence Magazine, Payless Shoes and The W Hotel and frequently works as a stylist for films, commercials and music videos. Tracee is a graduate of USL and a native of St. Martinville, LA. | FACE 65


Woodvale Elementary - PTC "Eagle Fun Run 2014"

ViPink May 17, 2014 | Cypress Bayou Casino To benefit Komen Acadiana

66 FACE | JUNE 2014


May 9 & 10, 2014 Organized in conjunction with BBR Creative to benefit Habitat For Humanity | FACE 67


COLOR RUN 5k May 17, 2014 | Cajun Field To benefit Hearts of Hope

68 FACE | JUNE 2014


May 17, 2014 Lafayette | Horse Farm To benefit Lafayette Horse Farm | Photo credit: Sara Virginia Youngue | FACE 69


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This beautiful and spacious home, located in Austin Village South, is just minutes from Lourdes and Women’s & Children’s Hospital. From triple crown moldings, hardwood, slate and travertine floors to granite tile counters to the brick archways and All Season Room, this property is one to see.

Very well maintained unit in a great location facing the pool. Split floor plan with 2 bedrooms and the laundry room on the lower level and 2 bedrooms upstairs with a balcony. Great investment or starter home. Conveniently located in quiet development. Open floor-plan with stainless steel appliances.





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100 Teal Ln #56 Condo | 4 BR/2 BA | $105,000 Great floor plan with open living/dining/kitchen area. Stainless steel appliances. Very large front porch facing the pool and a very short walk to the fishing pond. Close to shopping and easy access to I-10 or I-49.

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