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Angie Eckman Someone You Should Know

Showcasing others, bringing different parts of the community together and helping people make their dreams come true.

for Pet Owners



4906 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy • Bldg M Suite 1 • Lafayette • 337.456.6532

June and July is the time of the year to make plans for the summer body you’ve always wanted! We’re especially busy at La Belle Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Many of our patients are considering surgeries right now in order to prepare for their summer vacations! This is the perfect time to consider the procedure you’ve always dreamed of. This time of the year offers you the leisure time to come in for a consultation, receive the information you need, and plan your surgery to prepare for summer! Come see us for a complimentary consultation, and let us help you to achieve that beach-ready body! Quality of service is the focus of our passion here at La Belle Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

Our state- of-the-art facility and one-on-one consultations with our surgeon, Dr. Jay, are designed to make our patients’ experience thorough, informative, and second-to-none. Our knowledgeable staff is friendly, approachable, and capable of making our patients feel right at home with their knowledge of all the cosmetic surgery procedures we offer. We strive to make every patient who comes through our doors feel like family.

Schedule your complimentary consultation today at 337.456.6532.

Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm — Friday 9am-3pm •

Our HEART is in the RigHT place. Joseph Kowalski, MD, FACC

Specialized cardiac care


Exceptional patient outcomes

Over a decade ago, a group of trailblazing physicians came together to create a cardiac specialty hospital unlike any other. Their dedication is reflected in the integrated approach to quality care and positive outcomes experienced by our patients every day. Progressive cardiac medicine combined with innovative practices create an environment where patients truly feel our commitment to healing and wellness. The Heart Hospital of Lafayette is specially designed and staffed solely for providing your heart the absolute, best treatment possible — before, during and after a cardiac event.

Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospital by Thomson Reuters 2012

Ask for Heart Hospital because we live and breathe your heart.

1105 Kaliste Saloom Road


Visit for a list of physician investors in this facility.

ON THE COVER 36 ANGIE ECKMAN Angie’s passion is showcasing others, bringing different parts of the community together and helping people make their dreams come true.

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a community wide event to benefit

the ultimate mixer walk-on’s


Tuesday Tour June 23 - August 11

bonefish grill


and cast your vote for Lafayette’s

café vermilionville


ABSOLUT Best Martini.

mellow mushroom


ruffino’s on the river




charley g’s











Call 337 234 0443 for tickets.

JUNE/JULY 2015 Vol. 7 | No. 12 PUBLISHER/EDITOR Flint Zerangue, Sr. ASSOCIATE EDITOR Flint Zerangue, Jr. ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT 337-456-5537

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I know it’s not normal to revel in the choking heat and humidity of a Lafayette summer…but I do. I love it. I love the clammy feeling of leaving my air-conditioned house to walk out into a sticky summer morning. I love sweating in the thick twilight air at an outdoor party. I love that the cement is still warm under my feet at midnight in July. I know all of this makes me sound more than slightly insane, but I can’t help it. I am absolutely head-over-heels about Lafayette in the summertime. It’s as if our city comes alive during the summer. There are so many events, concerts, family gatherings, and backyard parties that allow me to spend the utmost quality time with my family and honestly, that’s what I’m most addicted to — spending time with my family. I hope you’re utilizing all that Lafayette has to offer during the summer months and are doing the same. That being said, it’s appropriate for me to ask anyone who may be interested in sharing their Lafayette stories with the public to please step forward! Here at FACE, we feel that sharing all that is good in this world is just as important as sharing the news. We want to be an outlet for those who feel the same way. For the love of…Lafayette…people need to hear about family traditions, people being generous to others, and things that are unique to the Acadiana area! If this opportunity seems interesting to you, feel free to write to us at ! Until next time —






Would she make a great

would like to submit to

FACE cover story? Email me and tell me her story.

Do you have an event you

SHOW YOUR FACE? Send your photos to

I’d love to hear it.

Subject Line: Show Your Face Email must include: Event Name, Date and Location. | FACE 7

ACADIANA LIFE Eight local restaurants will compete against each other to determine who owns the title of Martinis 2015 – Lafayette’s ABSOLUT® Best Martini.

Healing House; Hope for Grieving Children annually hosts this event at the Hilton, now DoubleTree, to raise money for local families that have mourned

by tipping dollars as they sample artistic creations from Lafayette’s the Tini Tuesday Tour will receive a complimentary signature martini with the purchase of an entrée at each Tuesday tour spot. Martini

the death of a parent or sibling. The

vouchers can be printed at www.

money is raised through the purchase Voting is your

of tickets and a silent auction while

way of donating to Healing House.

partygoers sample the martinis, have

Vote often and as many times as you

tasty hors d’oeuvres, and listen to the

want, either at or

great sounds of the Krossfyre Band.

at each restaurant. The participating

This year, the main event will take place

restaurants of this year’s competition

on August 15 at 7:00 pm.

included: Bonefish Grill, Charley G’s,

Every Tuesday for 8

Café Vermilionville, Ruffino’s on the

weeks during June,

Walk On’s, and Zea’s.

July and August, the

When it comes time to pick the

public will participate in the ABSOLUT® Tini Tuesday Tour. The excitement of this event is not contained to simply one night. Every Tuesday for 8 weeks during June, July and August, the public will participate


premium bartenders. Patrons of

June 23

Walk-Ons Bistreaux & Bar

June 30

Bonefish Grill                                                                           

July 7

Café Vermilionville                                                                                   

July 14

Mellow Mushroom                                                     

July 21

Ruffino’s on the River                                                                 

July 28


August 4

Charley G’s                                                                       

River, Social, Mellow Mushroom,

winners, the People’s Choice Award will be determined by adding up the tipped votes during the tour and the dollars donated during the final event. The Judges’ Choice Award is established by a panel of judges who will sample the restaurants’ creation as well as interviewing them on the mindset behind their concoctions.

in the ABSOLUT® Tini Tuesday Tour.

Healing House; Hope for Grieving

This tour will stop at each of the local

Children is a non-profit organization

restaurants involved in the competition

that provides grief support groups for

where supporters can cast their votes

children in a comfortable atmosphere

August 11 Zea (2014 Judge’s Choice

Award winner)

Another great day without the

pain of a sinus infection. If you suffer from chronic or recurrent sinus infection, you already know that antibiotics, decongestants, and steroids only offer temporary relief. Searching for a more effective, long-lasting remedy, the doctors of Acadian Ear, Nose and Throat Center were among the first in Acadiana to offer the innovative and highly successful balloon sinuplasty dilation. Now, the team at Acadian ENT is offering the latest minimally invasive technology to treat the ethmoid sinuses and more complex conditions with reduced patient down time and practically no pain. Best of all, the procedure can be done quickly, in the convenience of our offices, under local anesthesia ~ and the relief is immediate. The specialists at Acadian ENT are experts in providing convenient, comfortable, effective relief for the entire family. To schedule an evaluation, call 337-237-0650 or visit for more information.

Bradley. J. Chastant, MD, FACS • Jeffrey J. Joseph, MD, FACS • Jennifer Daigle Hanby, MD • Jason J. Durel, MD 1000 W. Pinhook Rd., Suite 201 • Lafayette • 337-237-0650 • | FACE 9

ACADIANA LIFE where children can feel free to share any thoughts or feelings they may be dealing with in regard to the loss of a loved one. These children learn to express themselves through artistic devices, interactive play, and group discussions with other kids going through similar situations. Though the mission of Healing House is to help grieving children, many parents often find themselves benefitting from the services offered by Healing House as well.

The Artist Behind The Glass

* Caroline Daigle

Caroline Daigle is full of talent. As an artist

she has been featured in magazines, had her work appear in books, and won many prizes and awards, including Best Local

For more information about Martinis 2015; Lafayette’s ABSOLUT Best Martini Contest & Gala, please see

Artist in the recent Best of Acadiana

the Healing House website:

Ruffino’s on the River. She is well spoken, intelligent, or

delightful, caring and she’ll turn 14 this July. Caroline

contact Kim Thackston at 234-0443

is also a cheerleader and a BETA club member who


just wrapped up her 8th grade year at L. J. Alleman.

awards from the Times of Acadiana. Caroline’s work can be found in various places all over the state including the Governors Mansion and

Shucks Happens

Shuck a rita ville Shuck a fied 337-898-3311

Shuck a fella Shuck a licious!

10 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015

701 West Port Street Abbeville, LA

health, wellness, aesthetics, Now Accepting Patients

Dr. Luke has a unique focus on women’s health while also caring for your entire family. Her quest is to provide a full circle health clinic which addresses all of your medical needs.



Checkups Minor surgical procedures Skin checks Gynecological exams Aesthetics Weight loss products



John “Jay”Luke, III, MD,RPVI

Vascular Surgery . Carotid Artery Disease . . Peripheral Vascular Disease . . Aortic Aneurysms . . Varicose Veins .

Now Accepting New Patients, Call������������� Accredited Vascular Lab In O!ce


Fellowship Trained Vascular Surgeons

LaGraize, MD, RVT !!! Racheed J. Ghanami, MD, RPVI “Jay” Luke, | MD, RPVI!!! FACE 11


DIY Tips and Tricks for


A Healthy Home Spa Whether you use these DIY tips exclusively or between visits to your favorite Spa, here are simple recipes for whipping up your own beauty products at home. “Skin care does not have to be costly to be effective,” says Janet Little, director of nutrition at Sprouts Farmers Market. “By preparing your own body care products, you can have beautiful-looking skin, slow down premature skin aging and save money.”

Summertime is the perfect time to relax and refresh with at-home spa treatments that are easy, natural, luxurious and, best of all, affordable.

As a matter of fact, you probably already have fresh and natural ingredients in your refrigerator and cupboards, or you can easily purchase them from a grocery store, says Little. These simple ingredients can eliminate dry skin, reduce wrinkles, banish dark under-eye circles and relax sore muscles. The advantages of homemade skin care products include:

Significant Savings Most of the products that you’ll use are already in your home, and are less expensive than department store-bought skin care products or spa treatments.

Avoiding Harsh Chemicals Artificial ingredients found in typical drug store beauty products may contain cancer-causing compounds, which can penetrate the skin and potentially cause harmful effects.

Always Natural and Fresh Skin care products purchased in a store contain preservatives to avoid bacteria contamination and growth. On the other hand, when you prepare your skin care items yourself you get a fresh and natural batch every time.

6 Home Spa Recipes That Will Leave You Glowing Avocado Honey Facial Mask


Gentle Exfoliant


Avocados are rich in omega-3 fatty

Brown sugar is a natural and affordable

acids, perfect for hydrating and great for

exfoliant with many health benefits,

moisturizing skin. Honey acts as a natural

while grapeseed oil gently and deeply

humectant, boosting skin’s hydration and

moisturizes skin without clogging pores.

is also a wonderful skin lightening agent.



1/2 cup grapeseed oil

1/2 avocado

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup honey

Mix together with

First, place a cloth in warm

your fingers. Apply

water and apply to your face

to face and body

to open the pores. Mash

by rotating in a

avocado until creamy,

circular motion.

combine with honey and

Rinse off with

apply to face for 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse

warm water.

off with warm water, then use cold water to close the pores. Use once a week.

(Continued on page 16 } | FACE 13

METAIRIE CENTRE 1700 Chemin Metairie Pkwy Youngsville, Louisiana Visit the Metarie Centre shopping center today!

Running | Walking | Crossfit Inov-8, Mizuno, Pearl Izumi, Altra, NB

We help with: Plantar fasciitis, Skin splints, etc.

Gary J. Granger, OD • Comprehensive Eye Exams • Contact Lens Specialist • Primary and Medical Eye Care 107 Centre Sarcelle Blvd. Ste. 707 Youngsville, LA 70592 337.857.5822 14 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015

107 Centre Sarcelle Blvd., Suite 704, Youngsville, LA 70592 337.451.4511 |

◆ Conditioning Treatments ◆ Hair cuts ◆ Highlights ◆ Color ◆ Waxes 103 Centre Sarcelle Blvd. #505 337.451.6860

24 HOUR ACCESS To over 2100 locations nationwide


including cardio, strength, free weights, Fitness on Request group training classes, and Personal Training

FREE 7 DAY TRIAL PASS 337.857.5060

NOW OPEN! 5 AM to Noon | 7 Days a Week Come Inside or Drive Through 107 Centre Sarcelle Blvd. Ste. 710 (Across from Rouses) 337.451.6357

Locally Owned Gourmet Hot Dawg Restaurant

Pick from a long list of Signature Hot Dawgs or Create Your Own Dawg! House cut fries & potato chips. Hand Spun Milkshakes.

Hours MON-SAT 10:30 - 8:00 Now Open SUN 10:30 - 2:00 107 Centre Sarcelle Blvd. Ste 709 337.857.6311

Dental Care For Your Entire Family Accepting New Patients Most Insurances Accepted

107 Centre Sarcelle Blvd., Ste. 705 Youngsville, LA 337.451.4636 | | FACE 15

6 Home Spa Recipes


That Will Leave You Glowing

(Continued from page 13 }

Under-Eye Circle Treatment

Firming Facial Mask

Grated potatoes can lighten under-eye circles. Potatoes

Egg white is great for tightening and toning skin and

contain an enzyme called catecholase, which is used in

helps shrink pores. Yogurt is packed with vitamins and

cosmetics as a skin lightener.

proteins which promotes strong wrinkle-free skin.



1 potato Cheese cloth

3 4 1 tablespoon yogurt 1 egg white

1/2 tablespoon vitamin E oil

Run one spud through your

food processor and stuff the

Whisk together.

raw mash into a piece of

Massage onto face

cheesecloth. Apply to the area

and neck. Leave

directly beneath your eye –

on for at least 20

don’t let the potato juice come in contact with the eye

minutes. Rinse off

itself — and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Wipe away the

with warm water.

starchy residue.


Kills Staph, Flu, HIV, & Parvo Virus

• • • • • •

Protecting People and the Environment Worldwide

Bathrooms Sports Equipment HVAC systems Automobiles Schools Mold Remediation

• • • • •

Plumbing Odors Mildew Odors Pet Odors Smoke Odors Complete Deodorizer 337.849.8455 16 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015

Wrinkle Reducer

5 6

Banana is wonderful as an anti-wrinkle treatment.


1 over-ripe banana

Mash 1/4 banana until very creamy. Spread all over face and leave for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water followed by a dash of cold. Gently pat dry.

Tired and Aching Muscle Relaxer

Epsom salts and essential oils are known for their


powerful ability to sooth sore muscles and relieve aches and muscle pain.


Cindy Cobb

Nurse Practitioner

1/2 cup Epsom Salt

5 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops chamomile essential oil

Place Epsom salts in a mixing bowl and add drops of essential oil. Mix ingredients together and add to a hot bath.

This July —

PUNCH UP YOUR TAN JULY PUNCH CARDS $125 / 10 SPRAY TANS (Only $12.50 each) A Single Spray Tan is regularly $25.00

When using natural ingredients, there are endless possibilities. If you don’t have the time to create your own in-home beauty products, Sprouts offers an assortment of high quality body

No Expiration Date on Punch Cards

care products made with sustainable and ethically sourced

Share Your Punch Card With Others

ingredients at great values. For more information about them, visit their Website —

500 Juliette Place | Lafayette | 337.412.6334 | Walkins Welcome | FACE 17



HIGH TECH KITCHENS in high demand


he digital craze has affected virtually every aspect of life, but perhaps nowhere is it more useful than in the home. From keeping your property

secure to saving water and energy, digital upgrades can give your house a modern edge that adds convenience, cuts costs and improves resale value. Within the home, the kitchen showcases the digital trend more than any other room. Smart appliances simplify tasks for homeowners while adding sleek design to spaces. Homeowners can now control stoves via smartphone and microwaves have the ability to sense when food is warmed just right. Can’t remember if you’re out

For a manageable first step to transform your current kitchen into a high tech powerhouse, the faucet is the perfect starting point.

of milk? A smart refrigerator will tell you via text if

some digital faucets from have a 3-inch infrared

you need to make a stop on the way home.

sensor for motion-activated functionality –

Even seemingly basic aspects of the kitchen are getting

perfect when your hands are full or dirty. Just

futuristic makeovers. No place is this more evident than with

imagine not having to touch the faucet to wash

faucets. Evolving tremendously over the last decade, faucets

your hands after handling raw meat or dirty

today embrace a blend of style and function with high tech

dishes. Eliminating touch means eliminating the

features that impress guests and potential

spread of germs.

buyers while making your life easier on a daily basis. In fact, if you’re looking for a manageable first step to transform your current kitchen into a high tech powerhouse, the faucet is the perfect starting point. Here are some things to consider as you shop for a digital faucet: 1.DOES THE FAUCET HELP KEEP THE KITCHEN HEALTHIER (OR

Evolving tremendously over the last decade, faucets today embrace a blend of style and function with high tech features that impress guests and potential buyers while making your life easier on a daily basis.



A sensor makes it easy to access water, but what if you forget to turn it off? Especially important for the busy home cook or household with kids, a faucet that shuts off automatically if movement is not sensed is an important feature. While some digital faucets stay on two or more minutes, 60 seconds

is the time to fill an average pot, so watch for More than just access to water, look for digital faucets with

a faucet that runs more than is necessary.

features to help keep the kitchen more hygienic. For example,

That way you won’t waste water when you or


Buying or Selling, I’m just a phone call away… “Your phone a friend in Real Estate”

Maria Pitre 337.247.1172

On the Boulevard * 113 Arnould Boulevard * 337-984-3263 Mon - Sat 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Shop online at

RE/MAX Acadiana 114 Curran Lane • Lafayette, LA 70506 337-984-8470 (office) • 337-984-0007 (fax) • Each office independently owned and operated. Licensed in Louisiana.

VOTED TIMES BEST OF 2014 #1 Children’s Store * #1 Gift Shop | FACE 19

HOME someone else is in a hurry or simply forgets, which not only helps the environment but also helps save money on utilities 3. DO THE HIGH TECH FEATURES MAKE LIFE EASIER

Much like jewelry accentuates an outfit, a faucet is a key focal point.

A good digital faucet will help make kitchen activity easier so you can maximize your time and minimize stress. Some unique features of digital faucets include LED task lighting at the tip of the spray head that provides spot lighting for easy sight no matter what you’re doing, and SnapBack


Much like jewelry accentuates an outfit, a faucet is a key focal point of the kitchen. Look for a stylish faucet with advanced features that marries fashion and function. Gooseneck designs in chrome or stainless steel are classic options that match a variety of kitchen aesthetics, so you can have timeless style alongside helpful benefits.

Technology that ensures the head will

High tech kitchens are here to stay in American homes. This growing trend adds value

comfortably snap into place after every

while making the heart of the home more useful. Start with a digital faucet and explore

use for a tidy kitchen with less effort.

all the opportunities to upgrade your kitchen. (BPT)








Gateway to a noble future

The Class of 2015 of the Academy of the Sacred Heart and the Class of 2015 of Berchmans Academy were accepted to the following universities: University of Alabama University of Arkansas American Musical and Dramatic Academy Auburn University Brooklyn College of CUNY California Polytechnic State University Centenary College of Louisiana Clemson University Colorado School of Mines University of Connecticut Denison University University of Denver Goucher College Howard University The University of Iowa Le Moyne College Lehman College of CUNY University of Louisiana Lafayette University of Louisiana Monroe Louisiana State University Louisiana State University Shreveport

Louisiana Tech University Loyola University - New Orleans McNeese State University Millsaps College Mississippi State University University of New Orleans Northwestern State University Ohio State University Pennsylvania State University South Louisiana Community College Southeastern Louisiana University Spring Hill College St. Edward’s University Stephen F. Austin State University Stonehill College Syracuse University Texas Christian University Tulane University University of Waterloo University of Wisconsin Xavier University of Louisiana

The 37 members of the Academy of the Sacred Heart Class of 2015 and the 13 members of the Berchmans Academy Class of 2015 earned a total of over $4 million in merit based scholarships. The average ACT score for Schools of the Sacred Heart graduates for the past three years is 26.

Two SchoolS

one campuS

Girls, PreK3 - 12

Boys, PreK3 - 12


Sacred Heart accepts qualified students regardless of | FACE 21 race, religion or ethnic origin.



DID YOU KNOW A HOME BREAK-IN OCCURS EVERY 15 SECONDS? Considering summertime is peak season for home burglaries, there’s no better time than the present to take a few steps to protect your home and your family.

“Securing your home doesn’t necessarily require a costly alarm system,” says Brian Sweet, operations manger at D&D Technologies, an award-winning lock and safety company. “Taking a close look at your outdoor spaces and making simple safety updates will dramatically reduce the chances of your home becoming a criminal target.”

These 4 simple steps can be completed in one weekend to help keep your property safe and give you peace of mind

1. TRIM LANDSCAPING Well-manicured landscaping not only beatifies your yard, it also helps deter thieves. Why?

2. VERIFY LIGHTING Take a walk around your home in the evening and check for areas of poor lighting. Fronts of homes often have good lighting, but sides and back yards have excessive dark space. One of

locations. Instead, leave a set of keys with a trusted neighbor or, at the very least, select a well-hidden location that would be difficult for a stranger to find.


the easiest ways to increase evening security is by adding motion lights. When these lights

During the summer, the garage door is open,

sense movement, they activate and illuminate

the toys are out, and you spend more time

a space — this is great if you’re fumbling for

in your yard. While enjoying the outdoors is

your keys in the dark and bad for thieves who

great, beware of showing off too many of

want to stay hidden.

your valuable possessions. An open garage door makes a new car or box of expensive


tools visible to anyone. Leaving expensive

shrubs make it easy to stay

It’s common for families to hide a spare key

driveway signals clearly that you have money.

concealed day or night. Pay

at their home, but too often it’s in an obvious

Have fun but be careful. You never know who

special attention to proper

location like under the doormat, above the

is watching. You may be unknowingly signaling

trimming around windows, doors and other

door frame or by a landscape rock. It takes just

to all who walk or drive past your house that

points of entry into your home or garage.

seconds for a thief to check these common

the garage is packed with goodies.

Overgrown trees and

22 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015

recreational toys, from bikes to boats, in your

337-886-2227 1235 Beau Bassin Rd. Carencro


Noon – 3pm Pay Weekday Prices

$55 plus tax (reg. $65) Lessons available – All skill levels from an LPGA Member Class A

entertain in

Style Annie Glass

Reed & Barton

Michael Aram

Beatriz Ball

5 4 2 5 Johnston St. • Lafayette, LA 902 Coolidge Blvd. • Oil Center • 337-232-8827

337.993.2242 • | FACE 23


The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Acadiana

ASHLEY FEERICK As a stylist at Studio One 2 One, Ashley loves the ever changing pace and creativity that her career thrives on. She loves the relationships that she is able to make and the human connections that are so intriguing to her. Growing up in the hair industry has allowed her to have a wide open view of how beauty compliments a person. She has felt most accomplished when she has changed someone’s view of themselves in a positive way. Of course she loves her career and how can she not? When you have a two hour time slot allotted to spend with someone, you learn a lot about that person. Not to mention, you learn patience. She feels that, personally, she has learned so many things in her life from her clients, as well as from working, relationships, house duties, etc. Visit Studio One 2 One for expert salon services and a friendly comfortable atmosphere. 233 Doucet Road Ste. A3A | Lafayette | 337-264-1444 |

MICHELLE TATMAN MILLER Michelle Tatman Miller, NMLS #671694, is a Senior Mortgage Consultant at GMFS, LLC. She joined GMFS, LLC last year, shortly after the Acadiana Branch for the Baton Rouge based Mortgage Lender opened. She has over 9 years of experience working in both mortgage and banking industries in the Acadiana area. Michelle obtained her Bachelor’s degree from University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she studied Management and Marketing; she received an Associate’s Degree from Louisiana State University at Eunice in Business Administration. Michelle is an active member of WOAMTEC (Women on a Mission to Earn a Commission), and enjoys networking with women in business in and around Acadiana. She has an in-depth knowledge of FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional and New Construction loans. Always available to answer questions and to help make your homeownership dreams come true, Michelle believes providing excellent service to all clients is the best road to success. GMFS, LLC is dedicated to providing personal and professional service to all clients. Lafayette | 337-456-6298 | |



Maria Lopez Pitre is a real estate agent with RE/MAX Acadiana in Lafayette. She contributes her success in the real estate industry to always keeping her clients best interest at heart. Maria’s love of meeting people, listening to their life stories, and attention to above and beyond customer service are qualities that help meet the goals of buyers and sellers real estate needs. Born, raised and living in Lafayette, Maria is the youngest of eight children. She graduated from Lafayette High School and attended USL. She is a graduate of Dale Carnegie as a student and graduate assistant and is a member of Vermilion Chapter of Business Networking International (BNI). Maria worked her way through the banking industry for 20 years, which she left to support her husband of 29 years in his construction business. She has three sons ages 25, 22, 14, and a 2 1/2 year old grandson. Maria is passionate about sharing her love for Acadiana with all of its rich culture and true Cajun hospitality. Her family is a proud supporter of UL athletics both personally and in business. Whatever your real estate needs are, Maria is just a phone call away. She is truly “Your phone a friend in real estate”. 114 Curran Lane | Lafayette, LA 70506 | 337-247-1172 (c) | 337-984-8470 (o) | 337-984-0007 (f) |

24 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015

The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Acadiana

CLARE WYATT ALLEN A Lafayette native, Clare Allen previously worked for Bradley & Moreau while pursuing her undergraduate degree at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette after graduating from St. Thomas More. “My interest in studying law actually began while working as an employee of Bradley & Moreau,” says Allen. Allen received her law degree at Southern University and practiced with another local firm in the areas of family law, personal injury and estate planning before returning to Bradley & Moreau. At Bradley and Moreau, Clare gained insight into the complexities of real estate closings and she is fortunate to have had the opportunity to return to her roots. Currently, Mrs. Allen specializes in the areas of Title examinations, Business formations, Successions, and Residential Real Estate Transactions. She is also a member of Junior League, volunteers for Counselor on Call with the Lafayette Bar Association (a program where attorneys sit and give pro-bono legal advice), member of the Realtor Association of Acadiana, Acadiana Mortgage Lenders Association, and Realtor Commercial Alliance. 1318 Camellia Blvd. | Lafayette | (337) 235-4660

SARAH SPELL “I’ve watched Sarah’s career unfold and recognized her versatility as a writer. She brings experience in public relations and marketing to our team, as well as a creative spark”, says Cheryl Taylor Bowie (owner/president of Right Angle) about Sarah Spell’s new position at Right Angle as the agency’s copywriter. Before accepting her current position at Right Angle, Sarah served as the publications manager at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and as assistant editor of La Louisiane, the university’s magazine. She’s a former television news producer and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from UL Lafayette. To say that Sarah is a versatile individual is a vast understatement. Her persistence at striving to be the best has earned her quite a bit of respect within her industry and she’s all set to continue that path at Right Angle. Lafayette | | 337-235-2416

MARY BOUDREAUX/CRYSTAL WILLIAMS Mary Boudreaux and Crystal Williams, a mother/daughter duo, are the owners and operators of Crystal Weddings, a specialty wedding cake design shop. Mary started her first bakery in 1989 where she offered donuts, birthday and wedding cakes for clients in Scott, LA. In 1995, her daughter Crystal joined her and they moved the business to Lafayette. Crystal has since taken classes in New York and has studied under Colette Peters, a renowned cake decorator. Mary grew up in Rayne with 8 brothers and sisters. She later married and moved to Lafayette where she settled and started a family. Her 3 children, Lisa, Ricky and Crystal have all worked in the bakery but Crystal has made it her career for the last 15 years. “We take great pride in our cakes and make sure the taste is to perfection. We also enjoy fulfilling special/custom requests to make lavish cakes for grand affairs. It’s our passion to make people happy and for a bride to choose us to be a part of her wedding means the world to us.” 110 Mimosa Place | Lafayette | 337-989-1700 | | FACE 25


B A S I C S fo r To d ay ’s



survey recently conducted by and the National Association of Women Business

Owners (NAWBO) gathered insights from women-owned businesses across the nation. Among its many discoveries, survey respondents expressed an increased optimism for business performance – over the previous year’s survey findings. The study also found that, of the factors weighing the most influence on the decision to start a business, 92 percent of women feel the ability to do something you are passionate about carries more weight than the ability to increase work/life balance. While the question topics ranged from social media practices to the state of the economy, one overarching theme is evident – the


entrepreneurial spirit of the female small business owner is thriving in America.

Timely Advice For Today To help women at every stage of business operations, and NAWBO offer these points for improving your business bottom line and help lay the groundwork for long term success.

(337) 269-8885


26 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015

In today’s technology

ENSURE CUSTOMERS CAN FIND YOUR BUSINESS With more than one billion websites

driven age, the

now in existence, having a website has not only become essential, but effectively promoting its existence and value has become critical to your ability to gain new customers. If you don’t have a

and engaging directly with the customer. Let

business owner is

your business.

experience), you need to either build one yourself

with a passion for

or have one built for you by working with one of the

their product.

many website hosting or development companies

specific products, promotions and services

successful small a savvy individual

website (particularly one optimized for the mobile

fan base on Facebook through promoting

the social media channels drive customers to

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF NEW RESOURCES If you’re overwhelmed with the everyday demands that starting and running a business requires or don’t feel you have the know-how

available today. Next, learn and apply search engine

to build, optimize and promote your business

optimization (SEO), email marketing, online advertising

online, find an expert to guide you through the

and other online marketing services that will lead new

process or even manage all these details on your behalf. Whether

customers to discover your business online.

you seek assistance from a business organization or online services

CONNECT AND ENGAGE WITH CUSTOMERS ON THEIR TERMS The personal touch and excellent customer service that encourage people to patronize small businesses can

provider who can do it all – from design, building and hosting your website to promoting it via SEO, email marketing and social media management, consider the arrangement as a partnership that’s critical to your ability to meet or exceed your business goals.

extend to social media platforms, where small business owners can connect and engage directly with both potential

Whether they own a body shop or a beauty shop, female small

new and existing customers. Set up a LinkedIn page for your

business owners are spreading their passions and profits in

business to serve as a networking channel; build a customer

communities everywhere.

Megan Morris, CEO • 318.372.3773


Shoot for the Stars Sporting Clay Shoot Fundraiser

Benefiting Down Syndrome Association of Acadiana

Saturday, June 27, 2015 8:00 A.M. On-Site Registration 8:30 A.M. Mandatory Safety Briefing GOL Shooting Range 11919 Hwy 697, Maurice 4-Person Team/$400 ď‚&#x; Individual/$100 (Youth are welcome to participate with an adult on their team or a chaperon)

17 stations/100 Targets, Lunch, Door Prizes, Silent Auction, Shotgun Raffle & More!

Register at For More Information


28 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015

Grumpy Grandma

Nettie Mae Avec Domino

BONJOUR MY CAJUN FRIENDS! It’s me again — opinionated columnist and general know it all,

Well, enough was enough, so the next morning I called the law. I

Mrs. Nettie Mae Avec Domino.

tried to reach that handsome Mr. Lt. Clay Higgins, but they said, “…he was out looking for fugitives.” I said, “Well don’t bother dat man he got enough to do.” So I got transferred to da man in planning


and zoning and you not gonna believe what he said… “Well yea,


Nettie Mae, they got a permit for dat sign and there ain’t nothing I can do to turn it off.” Hmmm, well I ain’t happy about it, but like I

The other night I was lying in my bed (all snug as a bug), den

always say, “You gotta be nice to get nice” so Nettie Mae’s gonna

all of a sudden I seen it! The bright lights! I thought it was the

stay on the down-low for a while to see if dat store’s gonna turn

second coming or something. Excited, I rosed up thinking I was

off dat sign at night like I asked. If not, I’m pretty sure I got some

about to meet my maker! SWEET JESUS I cried!!! But as soon as

buckshot that will reach dat sign from my window…I’m just sayin.

it appeared, it was gone. Then, in a flash it was back. Then it was gone. Then it was back…my water hit the floor…ole Nettie Mae

Anyway, I got a lot more to tell y’all but da people at FACE said they

didn’t know what to do or where to go. So I grabbed my shotgun

only got room for this much. So if you wanna read more about what

(just in case) and tiptoed to the window. Mon dieu! It wasn’t my

I got to say, get yourself on da inter web to

sweet Jesus, it was a new sign dey put up at the grocery store

OR, if you got something to tell or need advice? Send your stuff to

across the street. “Son of a biscuit!” I cried! I went from the and I’m gonna read it.

second coming to a marketing billboard in da blink of an eye… Dat sign lit up the sky like it was the 4th of July in downtown

Au revoir y’all,

Port Barre! “Shop at Boot’s” – “Beer 2 for 1” – “Congratulations Bruce & Caitlyn” – “We sell Medical Marijuana” or something like dat. All I know is dat every night since, ole Nettie Mae gotta cover her eyes with a extra pillow jus’ to get some sleep. Now you know dat ain’t right.

Mrs. Nettie Mae Avec Domino | FACE 29


Be better for your loved ones by


RELIEVING STRESS It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the

Far from being selfish, making time for yourself

needs of your loved ones that you

will actually make you a better spouse and parent.

lose sight of the things you need. No matter how much you love your family, it is important to take time for yourself.

30 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015

You cannot be an effective parent if you feel stressed out all the time, and you and your spouse will not be happy if you aren’t at your best.




You don’t have to neglect the needs of your

If you work a full-time job, the last thing you

Why not take a relaxing bubble bath or

family to make time for yourself. Making a

want to do is cook a big meal when you get

invigorating shower while you wait for your

few simple changes can have a profound

home in the evening. You can avoid that problem

delicious meal? There is nothing like warm

impact on your life, your stress level and the

by cooking a double batch on the weekends

water to make you feel refreshed and help you

happiness of the entire family.

and creating ready-to-eat meals. Just open the

unwind. By the time you are done, you will be

freezer, turn on the oven and wait for dinner to

relaxed enough to enjoy a healthy meal and a

be served.

happy evening with your family.

Starting June 15th


All 2015 swimwear and coverups

Like us on Facebook & Follow us on Instagram to see the latest sales and new arrivals. 3229 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. | Lafayette, LA 337-981-7946 | Mon-Thurs:10 am-7 pm | Fri-Sat:10 am-6 pm | Sun:1pm-5pm | FACE 31


Making a Soul Connection Reconnecting with one’s essence does not mean throwing out that cell phone or laptop. There are less drastic ways to reestablish a bond. GO OUTSIDE. Look to the west on a clear day as the In today’s hectic 21st -century environment,

sun approaches the horizon. The vibrant hues cannot

there appears to be little time for taking a

help but amaze and give a sense of wonder. Even

step back and tuning in to one’s inner self.

on the coldest days of winter, there’s a sure

The same technologies that save lives, allow family members to be in contact around the globe, and make accurate weather forecasts available at the touch of a screen come with a downside. Endless streams of information, working hours spent in front of an impersonal computer monitor, and constant communication with others can make individuals lose touch with the most vital parts of themselves — their souls.

sign that spring is on its way. Leaf buds have been present on trees since autumn; as the chilly season nears its end, they enlarge and begin to unfurl. Even before the world turns green, blossoms make their grand entrance. Take a look down; tiny plants, including those long awaited perennials, push through the ground as early as Groundhog Day. They may not bloom for weeks, but the new arrivals are nothing short of

LIZ WISEMAN President, The Wiseman Group, Best-selling Author

“Encourage people in something that they don’t see in themselves.”


OBSERVE THE BIRDS AND THE BEES. Birdsong (there is a tradition that these sounds are the creatures’ ways of thanking the Creator for His goodness) provides uplifting

This two-day world-class leadership event is experienced by more than 200,000 leaders around the world.

background music to a new day. Watch bees and butterflies as they flit from flower to flower. The former have the ability to not only


remember the routes to the best blossoms but inform hive-mates of their location. What’s even more awe inspiring: monarch butterflies take flight in the autumn for warmer climes thousands of miles away — and return in the spring to lay their eggs on milkweed plants, the only ones that can nourish caterpillars. A trip to the zoo or aquarium is at once an opportunity to spend precious time with loved ones and meet extraordinary creatures who evoke a feeling of wonder.

32 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015



and interrelating with babies and toddlers is awe inspiring. Reading to a youngster is an eye-opening experience: his or her powers of perception and ability to imitate and respond are uplifting. Seeing tiny tots’ delight in natural phenomena like snow and neighborhood wildlife and interactions with the people in their world is definitely food for the soul.

READ A GOOD BOOK. An uplifting work is definite soul nourishment. Walden by Henry David Thoreau gives the reader an appreciation for the natural world and humankind’s relationship with it. Helen Keller’s The Story of My Life is an inspiring account of the author’s journey from deaf and blind child to activist and author. The Missing Piece and The Missing Piece Meets the Big O by Shel Silverstein simply yet eloquently present truths about self worth and interpersonal relationships. The Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series by Richard and Kristine Carlson are classics that help readers stay in touch with the best parts of themselves.

CATCH A FLICK. The Proud Rebel starring the incomparable Alan Ladd and Olivia de Havilland is a beautiful tale of family, love, and new beginnings. Mr. Holland’s Opus tells the story of a wannabe symphony composer who finds himself a reluctant high school music teacher. This extraordinary movie will move viewers to tears of sadness and joy. And then there’s To Kill a Mockingbird, a stirring adaptation of Harper Lee’s unforgettable novel. Even the most jaded individual cannot help but be moved by this one.

BE THANKFUL. Stop and think about everything that is going well: a train arrives at the station at the right moment; that injured ankle is only strained – not fractured; a warm spell melts the ice which is making walking difficult; air fares to a favorite vacation spot have suddenly become affordable. A moment spent expressing gratitude for life’s blessings big and small is the best soul nourishment there is.


TATTOOS ARE EXTREMELY POPULAR in today’s society. They create a permanent reminder of important people or events in one’s life. However, as time passes, and you change your mind, it might be just as important to erase that reminder.

TAT T O O REMOVAL Almost 20 percent of Americans who have

tattoos wish they didn’t. Treatment by a laser to remove a tattoo feels like being snapped with a hot rubber band multiple times. The most sensitive areas are The tattoo was created by injecting tiny

those that are closer to the bone, such as

amounts of ink into the deep layer of the skin

fingers, toes and the face. The good news is

(the dermis). In order to remove it, a laser

that lasers have improved tremendously and

will be needed to send light waves deep

now work within seconds to treat an area of

through the pigment to literally burst it open.

several inches. Topical numbing creams can

The body’s own lymphatic system then can

be used, but 95% of patients choose to simply


carry away these very small particles of ink

follow the usual protocol of applying ice just

MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE. Tattoo “reduction” is

and dispose of them.

before and after the laser treatment.

leaving a very light tinge of color or a whitish

The closer a tattoo is to the heart, the easier

Individuals who are prone to “healing

shadow. The colors that respond the best

it will be to remove. Tattoos on the chest,

problems”, such as poorly controlled

to the laser treatments are black, brown

neck, upper arms, shoulders and upper back

Diabetics, should be very cautious about

and dark blue. Purple and red are harder to

or abdomen respond faster than those on the

having tattoo removal and should notify the

remove, with blue, green and yellow being

legs, ankles, or hands.

therapist so that the strength of the laser can

GUIDELINES the best that can be done for some tattoos,

the most resistant to the laser removal.

Most individuals need from nine to fourteen

be reduced to avoid problems.

Tattoos done by amateurs are easier to

treatments to reach a point where they

Aftercare instructions should be followed

remove than professional tattoos because the

are satisfied with the removal or lightening

carefully to avoid scarring. Avoid “heating”

ink is not placed as deep. Professional tattoo

of their tattoo. The treatments should be

the body for two days after the treatment. This

artists also frequently mix multiple colors to

spaced eight weeks apart, to allow for the

means: avoid hot showers, baths, aggressive

make their pigments and these may be more

body’s lymphatic system to do its job of

exercise, etc. which will cause the treated

difficult to remove.

disposing of the dye particles.

area to experience a “burning” type of pain.

The Tattoo Removal Process— In Progress Death Before Dishonor

Hi Times. Lo Times

Each tattoo will require several treatments to remove and the entire process may take several months. 34 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015


In Progress


In Progress

GENERAL DENTISTRY Dr. Curtis H. Roy & Associates

Curtis H. Roy, D.D.S. David B. Chambers, D.D.S. Luan A. Nguyen, D.D.S. Established 1970

Complete Dentistry For Individuals, Families & Businesses!

337-981-9811 The closer a tattoo is to the heart, the easier it will be to remove. Apply the prescribed “cooling cream” four times a day for several days. Completely avoid sun exposure to the area for an entire year while the treatments are being conducted, by covering the area with clothing, a bandage, etc. The risk of scarring is small, but sun exposure can cause “hypo-pigmentation” which is a whitish scar or “halo” around the treated area. Dark-skinned individuals can undergo tattoo removal, but must be treated less aggressively to avoid the hypo-pigmented scarring


3703 Johnston St. • Lafayette Our Office: • • • • • • •

Has 4 Full-Time Dental Hygienists Find Offers A Dental Credit Card Us Electronically Files For You On Accepts Workman’s Comp Insurance Sees Emergency Patients The Same Day They Call Speaks English, Spanish, & Vietnamese Makes Our Own Crowns, Bridges & Dentures

7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday-Friday • Saturday Appointments Available Dr. Curtis H. Roy & Associates offers a 12-Month-Interest-Free DENTAL CREDIT CARD Apply online! 337.981.9811 for details!

described above. Pin-point bleeding occurs occasionally, which is not alarming, and is frequently an expected part of the process. Blistering seems to only occur when colors that are difficult to remove are treated. If blisters occur, notify your therapist for advice — especially if there is swelling, redness or pus around the treated area. Finally, the cost of tattoo removal will depend on the size of the tattoo and the colors used in the tattoo. If your tattoo is smaller

Math Help

Math Enrichment

Test Prep

Homework Help

We make math make sense. Score big with Mathnasium this summer!

than a business card, each session will cost approximately $99. Prices increase as the size of the tattoo increases. Each tattoo will require several treatments to remove and the entire process may take several months.

About the author: Cynthia A. Glass, M.D., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, began her private practice, Coccolare, in 1988. Dr. Glass completed a Bachelor of Science Degree from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, followed by pre-med at the University of New Orleans. She received her Medical Degree from Louisiana State University Medical School in New Orleans, LA in 1980. Dr. Glass is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a Clinical Associate Professor in Plastic Surgery at LSU Medical Center in New Orleans, LA. She has received the distinguished America Top Surgeons Award, Women of Excellence Business and Industry Professional Award and has been honored in the Times of Acadiana as The Best Plastic Surgeon of Acadiana in 2007 and 2008.

Now g Enrofollr in r e m Sum

FREE TRIAL Exp. 7/31/2015

Mathnasium of Lafayette

337-984-MATH (6284) 206 Rue Promenade (River Ranch) Lafayette, LA 70508 Lafayette, LA | FACE 35

Angie Eckman Someone You Should Know By Nicole LaCour

Photography by Penny Moore of Moore Photography FACE MAGAZINE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Not often in the spotlight, Angie’s passion is showcasing others, bringing different parts of the community together and helping people make their dreams come true.Â


N EVERY COMMUNITY there are people

neighborhood restaurant and schools and small businesses.

working behind the scenes, on the

She’s the cheerleader for her clients, community organizations

sidelines and in the trenches making

and culture. She’s the person everyone can count on. She’s

their world go around. Angie Eckman is

the wise consultant for advice, the friend you turn to, the

one of those people. She’s the chamber

member of the committee who goes above and beyond what

member revamping a website and writing a mission.

is asked of her. Not often in the spotlight, Angie’s passion is

She’s the dedicated professional hitting the streets

showcasing others, bringing different parts of the community

with coupons and fliers. She’s the liaison between a

together and helping people make their dreams come true.

First She Saw the Soup Cans

with a minor in psychology. During her college years,

Not many people are blessed with knowing exactly

hyper-observant sponge, she gleaned a supplementary

Angie waited tables to help with expenses. Ever the

what they want to do from

education in marketing from those

the time they are children. An

years of food service. “You would

exceptionally bright child, Angie

never realize how much you can

had a precocious curiosity that led

learn by waiting tables,” Angie

directly to her profession. When

said. “A good waitress knows the

her mother, Beverly Viator strolled

importance of being attentive. You

her down the aisles of the grocery

have to read people’s personalities

store, she was not barraged with

when you don’t know them.”

requests for sugary cereals or

Enticing customers into national

candy. Instead, Beverly faced a

brand restaurants would come to

different inquisition. “Why is the Campbell’s soup label red?” Angie asked. “Why does it have that little gold seal? Why are the letters different from others? Do people in other countries eat Campbell’s

occupy much of Angie’s career.

“Why is the Campbell’s soup label red?” Angie asked. “Why does it have that little gold seal? Why are the letters different from others? Do people in other countries eat Campbell’s soup?”

soup? Who is Tony the Tiger? He

The Atlanta version of Friends. Angie worked her way through a

isn’t a scary tiger. What is his job?” At the time, Beverly

few post-college marketing jobs in Lafayette when a group

was not surprised by these questions. After all, Angie

of friends suggested they all move to a bigger market

was speaking at 8 months and singing the alphabet at 10

together. “We felt like we had so much to offer. We wanted

months. It was her father who translated the nature of

to expand and learn more.” One of the group had moved

her curiosity to a prediction when he overheard Angie

to Atlanta for a job and when the rest of the entourage

ask, “Do people buy cereal for the taste or the games

visited, they fell in love with the city. So, like an Atlanta

on the box? Do different people prefer the ones with the

version of Friends, complete with Jason Eckman, the Ross

crossroad puzzle more than the tic tack toe game?” He

to Angie’s Rachel, they made the leap and pursued life in

told Beverly, “She’s going to go into marketing.”

the city.

When it was time for college, Angie remembered her

Through positions with Domino’s and IHOP Angie

father’s premonition. She remained curious about

immersed herself in the behind the scenes efforts that go

the nature of branding and consumer behavior. She

into marketing pizzas and pancakes. She experienced the

earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communications

difference between corporate marketing and franchise

efforts. She learned the importance of backing up a

fun,” she said. “We had a great team. We spent a lot of

marketing message with a good product, delivered

time together. There were many nights and weekends.

well. Traveling to stores in her regions, Angie

The people I worked with were my friends.” But

handed out fliers and coupons and connected local

Angie found herself continuing to read marketing and

restaurants to businesses and civic organizations.

advertising trade magazines. Her passion for that field

She bussed tables and poured drinks when

remained so she returned to restaurant marketing with

her campaign brought in more business than

positions at Dominos, Whataburger and a family-owned

anticipated. She hustled tirelessly and proved

chain of restaurants in Destin, Florida.

herself time and again to be a dependable, energetic force and asset to the companies she worked for.

In Destin Angie stretched her marketing muscles, free of the constraints of corporate policies. “Any ideas I

For Angie, the most rewarding part of her job

had, I could run with,” she said. She immersed herself in

came about unexpectedly. When she attended

social media, posting pictures of the beach and gaining

a district meeting after an

such a following that she became

intense marketing campaign,

a sort of Gulf Coast concierge. She

she watched from the back of

increased her ability to target to

the room as area managers

a variety of markets in the tourist

received sales awards. After the




walked up to her asking, “Are you Angie?” He threw his arms around her and thanked her saying, “You have no idea how grateful I am. You’ve helped my career. I thought I was going to

“I never realized how much

region. “You had your snow birds,

I could impact the lives of

tourists and slow, down times,” she

others. I never thought it would be that way.”

the spring break crowds, summer said. But commuting from Destin to Lafayette began to take its toll and Angie decided it was time to come home — again.

lose my job. My sales were poor.

“I always wanted to own my

I got a bonus check for the first


time. I was afraid I was going

business but I wasn’t sure when

to lose my home. Your direct




and how,” she said. Back in

mail campaign saved my marriage,” he confessed.

Lafayette Angie knew it was time to make it real and

It was a truly gratifying moment in her career.

ADWORX was born. She built a website, got business

“I never realized how much I could impact

cards, developed a business plan and recruited

the lives of others. I never thought it would be

some of her past employers for a healthy, beginning list

that way.”

of clients.

When it was time for Ross and Rachel to come home,

It’s the impact she has on people’s lives that continues to

now married, Angie found a place in a very different

be the best part of her work. When Angie sits down with

market. She was hired by UL’s Alumni Association

a new client, they are often in crisis mode. “People don’t

after impressing them with her experience and

usually hire a marketing person when their business is

portfolio. She remembered the moment she

doing well. When they come to me, they’re wondering

accepted the job. The Alumni President, Robert

if they did the right thing, if their dream of a successful

Trahan, gave her a hug and said, “Welcome home.”

business will come true.” That’s where Angie’s

Angie loved her work with the Association. “It was

optimism and experience comes in. “I listen to what

“I think that if you want to see change, you have to be the

they’ve tried, what’s worked and not

Angie’s constant smile and optimism help her

worked, what their hopes are. I ask

to champion not only the organizations she’s

questions and take notes and bring

involved in but also the needs and goals of her

you want something done and

them new ideas and remind them

clients. “You have to be like a cheerleader for

of markets they haven’t tapped

them. You have to give them encouragement

you’re willing to do the work,

into.” By the end of the meeting

and motivation.”

change,” Angie said. “If you say

you gain respect and it makes all the difference.” the

Angie sees spirits lifted and hope restored.


Angie brings the unique combination of

about the passion that brought



professionalism and pleasant disposition

them to their

to her extensive community



involvement. She’s a member

irst place. And when

of the Youngsville and

their sales start to return, they


begin to see that their dream is

Youngsville Chamber of Commerce

Being driven and curious

Broussard Chamber of Commerce

since she was a small child,

Better Business Bureau of Acadiana

and work ethic to her parents. “The foundation I was given as a child is what made me what I am today,” she said. “My mom was always my best friend. She spoke to me like an adult. I



Commerce and on the board

still possible.

Angie credits her optimism


of directors of the Better Business Bureau, creating a 7 year strategic plan called Vision 2020 for the

UL Lafayette Alumni Association

Youngsville Chamber.

Louisiana Restaurant Association

“She goes above and

Louisiana Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (LACCE)

beyond the call of duty,”

One Acadiana

idolized her.” Angie remembers

Jeremy Hildago, a fellow Chamber member said, “You can count on her for advice. If you need something, it will

her father telling her, “You can’t force your ideas on

be done and it will done right.” She doesn’t make

others, but you can motivate them and inspire them.”

false promises.

Angie kept those words of wisdom with her, from the man who saw a marketing professional in her when

“I think that if you want to see change, you

she was just five years old. Her mother remembers

have to be the change,” Angie said. “If you say

an exceptionally bright child with an insatiable

you want something done and you’re willing to

curiosity. Her success is no surprise to Beverly, who

do the work, you gain respect and it makes all

also called her daughter, her “best friend forever.”

the difference.” “When you’re in her presence you feel like

A Pleasure to do Business With

you’re being taken care of,” Sharene Gott of the

“A joy to work with. Very professional. Enthusiastic.

of by an expert who knows what she’s talking

Energetic. A good friend and colleague.” These are

about and is excited and happy to be working for

the words spoken about Angie by her clients and

you. She has a huge, joyful presence that comes

peers including Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter and

with knowledge and experience. It’s like a gift

fellow Youngsville Chamber member J.D. Morein.

that she gives you.”

Better Business Bureau said, “and taken care


Cheap Backyard Fun

YOU DON’T HAVE TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY to keep the kids entertained all summer long. Most of these ideas cost only a few dollars, and many of them are completely FREE. CRAFTS


ENROLL IN A CRAFT CLASS Craft stores offer a number of arts and crafts classes, and your kids can take the


end result home to display.



Exploring the beauty of nature is a great way to get the kids


out of the house and away

You can make a rainstick with

from the computer.

nothing more than an old paper towel tube, rice and some crumpled paper. Other homemade instruments are just as easy and inexpensive. The kids can put together their own band and even


host concerts in the backyard.

Buy each of your kids some kite-making materials, then fly the end results the next time the wind picks up. You can find some great instructions for


homemade kites on the Internet and at your local craft store.

your kids are probably already suffering from boredom. After the excitement and freedom of the end of school wears off, kids quickly get bored from the lack of routine and structure. If your own kids are spending more time playing video games than exploring the great outdoors, it ‘s time to take action.

TRAVEL READ ABOUT EXOTIC PLACES AND OTHER CULTURES AT THE LIBRARY You may not be able to afford a fancy vacation, but the kids can still visit in their minds.

44 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015

DANCE PARTY LET YOUR KIDS THROW THEIR OWN DANCE PARTY Ask the kids to download their favorite tunes and create a playlist, then get them to invite their friends



over for a night of fun. They can dance the night


away under the stars or turn the living room into an impromptu ballroom.



OBSTACLE COURSE Use items from around the home

and garage to create a totally fun

(337) 269-5800

obstacle course in the backyard. Challenge the kids to a race and give fun prizes to the winner.




Bookkeeping Serving All of Acadiana

If a new building is going up in your neighborhood, take the kids to watch the action. Little boys (and girls) are fascinated by construction equipment, and watching from a safe distance is a great way to spend a lazy summer afternoon.

affordable bookkeeping, general accounting, and tax services for the


home or business

HOST A TEA PARTY Grab your silver tray and fancy china and let the kids serve high tea. They can make

Beth Guilliot, E.A. 337-988-3260

their own tea party treats or help you in the kitchen. | FACE 45


5 GREAT APPS for Pet Owners




puts all the functionality of the Petfinder website in the palm of your hand. You can use the Petfinder app to search for pets by breed, type and location. You can even search for pets with special needs or look at local shelters. The Petfinder app even lets you read and share success stories, so you can tell the world about your great new pet.

know where the pet-friendly places are located. That is where the BringFido app comes in. This app gives you information on everything from pet-friendly hotels and resorts to local dog parks and parks where you can walk your dog. The BringFido app also makes it easy to find pet-friendly businesses when you travel, from local pet stores to restaurants where Fluffy or Fido can enjoy a great meal at a sidewalk table.

your new cat or dog will eat something it shouldn’t have, sustain an injury or succumb to sudden illness. It can be hard for new pet parents to tell which problems are minor and which ones require immediate veterinary attention. The Pet First Aid app is designed to make the decision a bit easier. It contains invaluable information

Pet First Aid 46 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015

on everything from animal CPR and bandaging to the best way to get your dog to take a pill.

Available for both Android and Apple.

Having a pet is great, but it is not without its drama. Eventually

Available for the Apple iPhone

Traveling with your pet in tow can be a fun adventure, but only if you

Available for both Android and Apple.

Find a new best friend with the Petfinder app. This free app

but it can be hard to know which ones to avoid. The PupTox app for the Apple iPhone includes a database of more than 250 items that could be harmful to your pet. The database also includes a list of symptoms to watch out for and possible effects, making it easier to diagnose accidental poisoning and get the necessary help. If you have a pet, you need the PupTox app.

Available for the Apple iPhone.

Common household plants and foods can be toxic to your pet,

Pets bring joy to your life, but they also need care. The Pet and well fed. You can set reminders for feeding time, exercise time and even veterinary appointments. Great for children to master the responsibility involved in caring

Pet Minder Pro

for a dog or cat, it’s a must have for a pet parent.

Available for Android.

Minder Pro app makes it easy to keep your pet happy, healthy


Phone: 337.837.1855 | FACE 47


FREE LOVE LOVE DON’T COST A THING! Finding time to enjoy a date with your partner or spouse can be tricky, but finding a way to enjoy a date that isn’t expensive can be downright difficult.


t might seem like any “fun” date idea costs an incredible amount of money. The truth is, however, that it’s possible to find cheap and free ways

to spend time with your lover. Whether you’re on a tight budget or you simply want to reduce your personal expenses, a bit of creative thinking and proper planning is all you need to enjoy a fantastic date with your partner.

SPEND TIME OUTDOORS TOGETHER If you enjoy hiking, the two of you could explore a new trail together or even go on an overnight camping trip. You could go fishing at a nearby creek or even go swimming at a local beach. For couples who just can’t seem to get away from the house, you could pitch a tent in your back yard for a fun night of camping out under the stars without having to wander far away.





Summertime is an especially good time to find

This is a fantastic way to spend time

You could start by helping to clean up your

free events, but many places also offer wintertime

with your partner if you have kids and

community park or volunteering to paint a

fun. Your local library may offer free screenings of

can’t afford a date night babysitter.

building in your neighborhood. You could

popular movies or a nearby park might set up an

Simply pull out one of your favorite

even work together at your local library’s

outdoor movie showing once a month. Maybe your

classic movies, spread a blanket on the

teen night, help out at a nearby church,

pool offers free admission one day or your skating

living room floor, and pop some popcorn.

or offer to babysit for a family in your

rink has specials for military members. If you aren’t

Curl up together with a pile of pillows

neighborhood. While volunteering might

sure where to look in your area for free events,

and a positive attitude and see where

not be at the top of your “romantic date”

check your local library’s bulletin board or stop by

the night takes you.

list, it’s a valuable way to spend time

your community center to ask about free activities

getting to know one another while giving

that you and your partner can enjoy together.

back to your community.

J. Kevin Duplechain, MD, FACS Facial Cosmetic Surger y & Skincare

G E T A F L AT T E R T U M M Y W I T H O U T F L AT- O U T T O R T U R E Instead of sit-ups, it’s sit back, relax, and drop up to 2 sizes* in 3 painless treatments with FDA-cleared UltraShape ultrasound. I N I T I A L R E S U LT S A S E A R LY A S 2 W E E K S N O S I G N S O F T R E AT M E N T • N O D O W N T I M E

S C H E D U L E A C O N S U LTAT I O N W I T H D R . D U P L E C H A I N T O D AY ! 3 3 7. 4 5 6 . 3 2 8 2 . G E T 1 0 % O F F Y O U R F I R S T U LT R A S H A P E T R E AT M E N T W I T H T H I S A D . *Individual results may vary. Consult your treatment provider.

1103 Kaliste Saloom Road #300 • Lafayette, LA 70508 • 337.456.3282 • | FACE 49

LOVE Why You Shouldn’t Bring Up


During a Fight Have you ever been in the middle of a heated argument with your partner and brought up something from the past? Has it ever actually helped the situation in any way at all? Chances are that your answer to the second question is going to be a big, resounding, “no.” If your goal is to stop fighting and to make up, then there are many good reasons why you might want to avoid dredging up past fights and past mistakes. It Doesn’t Do Anything to Lower Tensions Few people resemble the calm, logical, thinking human beings they are when in the middle of a fight. Emotions are running high and the tendency to overreact and take things the wrong way is even higher. Even in the unlikely event that you have a very good reason for bringing up your partner’s past mistakes, doing so in the middle of an unrelated fight is not a good idea. Your partner will only get upset that you’re bringing up what they thought was a settled issue.

You’re Probably Only Doing It Out of Spite Chances are that you don’t actually have a good reason to bring up the past in the first place, and that you are only doing it to hurt your partner and make them feel extra guilty for what they’d done this time. Don’t sink to that level. It’s hard to be the bigger person, but, if no one is willing to do it, then how will you ever stop fighting? Show some restraint and your partner will be more likely to do the same for you.

Are You Ready to Have YOUR Past Mistakes Brought Up? If you absolutely must bring up the past, then be prepared deal with what is likely going to be a list of your own failures. Two can play at the blame game, and your partner will have no shortage of material to fire back your way if you’re the first to cross that line. If you think it’s unfair to hear about a mistake you made two years ago because of something that you did today, then you need to remember that it’s unfair to do it to your partner as well. 50 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015


It Won’t Resolve the Current Problem Finally, the number one reason for why you don’t want to bring up the past while fighting with your partner is that doing so will do nothing to resolve your current fight. Get your head out of the past and focus on the here and now. If your partner did something to upset you, then you have every right to focus on the issue at hand and demand an apology. If you’re to blame, then it’s your responsibility to apologize instead of rationalizing your actions by thinking about “that bad thing they did that one time.”

Is There Ever a Good Time to Bring Up The Past? Not bringing up the past during a fight doesn’t mean that you should let your partner make the same mistakes over and over. Sure, if your partner forgot to run a very important errand, then you shouldn’t bring up the time last month when they came home late without calling. But, if they are always hurting you and refusing to change, then you need to stand up for yourself and demand to be treated better. Don’t let them get away with disregarding your feelings just because you don’t want to be seen as too high maintenance. Leave one-time mistakes in the past where they belong, but make sure you address recurring issues before they get too far out of hand. | FACE 51


HELPING through a



Being in a marriage means you will share bad times as well as good times with your partner.


In some cases, the

A family crisis can bring up a number of issues that may have been buried for

spouse’s side of the family will

critical times. Your position on the periphery of the immediate family can

have serious illnesses, deaths or

get through the difficult period. The most important measure is to be there to

other crises that will deeply affect

the atmosphere that is conducive to talking. If you have experienced similar

their emotions and well-being. It is

and emotions of that time.

likely your spouse will feel these


emotions much more deeply than you do, and this reality can allow you to provide comfort and help in significant ways.

years. Old fears, conflicts, resentments and regrets can resurface at these allow you to provide needed perspective and comfort to help your spouse listen. If your partner tends to keep feelings bottled up, you may have to provide situations with your own family, you are in a position to share your experiences

One of the ways you can most help your spouse during difficult family times is to provide practical support to other family members. This help can be in the form of visits to the hospital, helping with childcare, running errands, bringing in food or simply being there to chat with family members. Your contribution, no matter how simple, can make a big difference in how well the family gets through their difficult time.

BE A DIVERSION A family crisis can be an overwhelming experience that takes over every thought and emotion. Reminding your spouse that other parts of life are still ongoing can help to provide moments of humor and warmth that are necessary to relieve stress and maintain emotional stability in difficult situations. Going out to dinner or seeing a movie can help to disconnect your spouse from the situation for a short time and give relief from negative thoughts.

52 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015

LAY ON THE TLC Family crises can add even more stress and profoundly impact the health of your spouse. Managing the crisis can cause irregular eating and sleep schedules that can increase stress. Make sure your partner is eating a healthy diet, suggest going for a walk or encourage exercise. See that your spouse has some time for undisturbed sleep so that he or she is able to handle whatever the situation requires. Discourage overuse of alcohol, but note that having a single drink together in a relaxed atmosphere can help to relieve tension at the end of a long day. Your insight about your spouse’s personality and emotional life can be helpful in finding the right measure of support, without excessively overstepping personal boundaries. Be sensitive to your spouse’s mood, and be ready to enlist the help of

The most important measure is to be there to listen. If your partner tends to keep feelings bottled up, you may have to provide the atmosphere that is conducive to talking.

others if necessary. (BPT)

Looking for an Alternative to Hormone Therapy? Discover the first FDA approved, non-hormonal treatment for vaginal atrophy. Ideal for breast cancer survivors, women who cannot use hormones, or desire a non-hormonal approach to alleviate symptoms of: • Dryness • Itching • Burning • Pain with intercourse • Recurrent UTI We are the First and Only Center in Louisiana and the Gulf South Offering the MonaLisa Treatment

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CELEBRITY STYLIST CYNTHIA ALVAREZ SAYS CURLS ARE HAVING THEIR MOMENT “I work with many women who love their beautiful curls, but often struggle to manage them, and instead opt for flat irons or chemical straightening,” says celebrity stylist Cynthia Alvarez, a curl expert for Dove Hair. “But curls are having their moment. The secret to rediscovering a love of your curls is to keep them nourished so they are soft, smooth and defined.”


407 Rena Drive Lafayette 337-984-8009 54 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015

Curly hair may vary by texture and pattern, but the common denominators seem to be dryness, frizziness and lack of moisture. Women can achieve beautiful curls when they find the right products. “No two curl patterns are the same, so it’s important that you find products specifically designed to nourish your curly hair,” Alvarez says. Curls are definitely in the spotlight and with the right cut, style, products and tips, women can achieve their full curl potential. “At the end of the day, whether your hair is curly and bouncy or straight and sleek, you should nurture the beautiful hair you were born with,” Alvarez says. (BPT)





EMBRACE YOUR CURLS Flat, straight hair isn’t for everyone. Celebrate your natural curls and focus on keeping them healthy looking and beautiful.

1245 S. College Rd | Bldg 5 | Lafayette | 337. 235.6886 Drs. Kennedy and Penton are board certified

PRODUCTS RULE Choose products specifically

dermatologists available to give the highest quality care for your medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatologic needs.

designed to nourish and hydrate curly hair. Naturally wavy, curly hair needs nutrition and deep nourishment from within.


Dr. Kristy R. Kennedy

Dr. Alison Trappey Penton

Lose the terry cloth towel and switch to a micro-fiber towel that is gentler on hair and dries your hair faster

BOTOX • Fillers • Laser Treatments • Chemical Peels • Micro-needling Latisse • Obagi • Elta MD • Mole Removal • Skin Cancer Screening Treatment of Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, Rosacea, and Warts

without creating frizz. | FACE 55


Skin sheds constantly — in fact, approximately 1,000,000 epidermal cells slough off every day, and in a bit more than one month your body’s entire outer layer of skin has renewed itself. Chemical peels exploit this process of epidermal turnover by causing intentional, localized damage to an area of skin affected by acne, sun damage or aging. The chemically — treated outer layers of skin are removed, and in their place, healthy new skin cells appear.

Types of Chemical Peels The most commonly used substance is glycolic

Considering a Chemical Peel? READ THIS FIRST

acid. Derived from sugarcane, it belongs to a class of acids called “fruit acids”. Glycolic acid is a relatively mild substance, which targets the superficial layers of the skin. Several applications may be required to achieve the desired outcome,

Intentionally harming already damaged skin might seem illogical, but that’s exactly what a chemical peel does. The intent is to inflict just enough harm to trigger the body’s regenerative healing process. As damaged epidermal cells slough off, healthier, smoother

To ensure that a glycolic acid,

skin takes their place.

get evaluated and treated by a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist.

Unlike glycolic acid, phenol peels work their way deep into the skin, and are so strong that a treatment takes only thirty minutes. Phenol generally yields excellent results — but the recovery time is long, peaking at 1 to 2 weeks before the skin no longer appears damaged.

Which Skin Conditions Can a Chemical Peel Treat?

Trichloroacetic acid peels occupy a middle

Chemical peels are most commonly used to treat

powerful as phenol. Trichloroacetic acid may be

sun damage, acne, uneven skin pigmentation,

more effective than glycolic acid at reducing the

dark spots and actinic keratoses — scaly,

appearance of fine lines, and the recovery time

precancerous spots caused by sun exposure.

tends to be shorter than that of a phenolic peel.

How Does a Chemical Peel Work?

Possible Side Effects

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and bears

not without potential risks. Applying caustic acid

the brunt of exposure to the outside world.

to the skin leaves the treated area tender, red and

Friction, ultraviolet radiation, wind, dry air and

sore. Some patients may experience infection

pollution accelerate skin damage, while acne

or scarring.

can leave unsightly scarring in its wake. 56 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015

severe dermatological problems.

after treatment and taking up to 3 months

phenol or trichloroacetic acid peel is right for you, always

and this type of peel may be insufficient for more

ground — neither as mild as glycolic acid, nor as

Chemical peels can be highly effective, but are

Do the benefits of chemical peels — smoother, finer, younger looking skin, fewer fine lines and a reduction in sun damage, dark spots or acne scars — outweigh the potential side effects? Side effects are most pronounced after a phenol peel — at worst, the skin may ooze before scabbing over and progressing to a stage of healing which


resembles sunburn. There is also the risk of permanent


hypopigmentation — a distinct lightening of the skin.


No Pain, No Gain Do the benefits of chemical peels — smoother, finer, younger looking skin, fewer fine lines and a reduction in sun damage, dark spots or acne scars — outweigh the potential side effects? Ultimately, that’s a question you have to answer for yourself. Chemical peels are a unique way to undo the visible signs of aging and environmental exposure. They aren’t without risk, but they often succeed where other treatments do not.  To ensure that a glycolic acid, phenol or trichloroacetic acid peel is right for you, always get evaluated and treated by a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist. They can tell you if your blemishes are serious or benign, if a chemical peel is a suitable procedure for your skin type and apply the peel at the correct strength and appropriate frequency.

Ultra Vitamin C- enriched with high antioxidants , that help protect, prevent and correct. Oil Free SPF 40+- This Broad Spectrum Sunscreen protects from the suns damaging rays, while nourishing hydrators and antioxidants fortify the skin. Glo Bronzer- finish your skin with any of glo minerals bronzers that will give you a captivating glow. Call TODAY and Schedule your FREE Laser Hair Removal Consultation.

Jamie Gautreaux 117 Rue Fontaine • 337-347-6482 Medical Skincare Therapist Lafayette• Licensed Esthetician | FACE 57


A lt e r n at i v e s


for Summer TINTED MOISTURIZERS Tinted moisturizers are a convenient way to add sheer color to the face without the hassles of applying foundation. The added tint gives skin a healthy slow, while the moisturizer keeps it soft and dewy. When you wear a tinted moisturizer, you won’t need to wear cheek color during the day, although you may want to apply a little blush over the tinted moisturizer for evening wear. Most cosmetic lines offer tinted moisturizers, but it’s easy to make your own. Mix a small amount of liquid foundation with your regular moisturizer. For an even sheerer look, use mineral makeup to make your tinted moisturizer instead of liquid foundation.

Base makeup and foundation can feel dense and heavy when worn in the hot summer months. When the temperatures rise, it’s nice to have alternatives to foundation that will keep skin looking clear and translucent without appearing overdone.




Skip the foundation entirely and

Some women spend hours in the sun

Why not give your skin a break and

apply a layer of mineral face powder

baking their skin to a golden brown

go natural this summer? If you feel

to keep your face looking sheer and

to avoid wearing makeup. A safer

uncomfortable without makeup, add a

natural while minimizing fine lines and

alternative is to use a self-tanner

little lip gloss and mascara and leave

imperfections. Mineral powders look and

formulated specifically for the face.

it at that. There’s something refreshing

feel very light, almost like you’re wearing

There are a variety of self-tanners on the

about a freshly scrubbed face that’s

no makeup, but will give your skin a

market that will give the face a realistic,

not weighed down with makeup.

flawless, translucent look. They also

sun kissed glow without damaging

absorb oil to reduce facial shininess,

the skin. The advantage to using this

a common problem in warm weather.

foundation alternative is that you only

Mineral face powder can be found at

have to re-apply it every few days to

most cosmetic counters and drugstores

keep the color and, if applied carefully,

at a reasonable price. Carry one with

you can get very realistic color, like

you to keep your skin looking flawless

you’ve made a trip to the beach.

Whatever you do, apply your makeup with a lighter touch in the summer. It feels good to give your skin a chance to breathe.

while you’re on the go.





With 2015 New Orleans Fashion Week’s Top Design Winner — Kristine Pichon Kristine Pichon is not afraid of hard work or taking risks. A strong proponent of taking advantage of every opportunity, Kristine poured experience and talent into a collection to showcase at New Orleans Fashion Week Top Design Competition. The judging was based on creativity, originality, craftsmanship, and the decision


was unanimous. Kristine swept away both the audience and the judges with her inspired collection winning the Yelp People’s Choice Award and the Top Design

Kristine Pichon

Competition. Recently, I caught up with Kristine to talk about her designs, Fashion Week experience and some advice for other emerging designers.

Have you always been into fashion? Yes! As a child my grandmother introduced me and my twin sister to a world of creativity. She bought me my first sewing machine at age 5 and I continued to have an itch to create and come up with ways of making unique pieces. As a twin, my mom and grandmother always sought out unique fashions to “show us off,” so this focus on dressing


alike stirred my interest in fashion.

How has your fashion background prepared you for your career in fashion? It started with my great-grandmother on my mom’s side. She made many wedding dresses and was known for creating her garments without patterns. That skill set was passed down to my grandmother, who taught me the basic skills of sewing. As I got older, I continued to

in NOFW Top Design Competition. I was

and creating unique outfits. Before I

What inspires your style and design esthetic?

enrolled in Parsons in New York, I attended

My influence comes from an era in the 50s

collection.  My idea for the fall collection

Xavier University of New Orleans to study

when people knew how to dress. I also

started with developing a mood board to show

chemistry, with the goal of working in

add a modern twist to my

the beauty industry to develop perfumes

garments that are uniquely

and cosmetics. But plans changed and I

fashion forward but still

transferred to fine art, which introduced me

wearable. I always think

to Parsons as the path I was suppose to take

about the woman and how

to fulfill my fashion career.

she wants to feel, what she

enjoy sewing, as well as drawing, designing,

determined to be prepared and have a solid

is doing, and where she is After graduating from Xavier I attended

going. Music with mood and

Parson’s, which gave me both the technical

good beats play a part in

and business knowledge of the fashion

inspiring how I create my

industry. After living and working in NYC for

designs — I love listening to Sade!


my theme, colors, and style. I would swatch different fabrics that had pops of color and

a period, I decided it was time to come home to New Orleans and see if I could

Winning NOFW’s Top Design

soft textures that went along with the theme I

build my career here. Although I knew I’d

Competition is such a big

developed, “Chic Fall Sunset”.  For me it was

face some challenges trying to build my

accomplishment! How did you

important to be prepared and have a well

design business in New Orleans, but

prepare for your runway show?

thought out collection. Time managed was

having the love and support has helped

I started working on my collection six months

very important, and I never lose focus of my

me to persevere.

before I was officially selected to compete

goal and end result.

HAVE YOU BOOKED YOUR HOLIDAY PARTY YET? Throw a party your friends will talk about for years...

302 E. Main Street Broussard, LA 70518 337-839-0360

1905 Verot School Road Lafayette, LA 70508 337-984-9347

106 North Grant Street Lafayette, LA 70501 337-330-4860 | FACE 61



How would you describe your overall New Orleans Fashion Week experience? It was something I needed at this time — to show exactly what type of designer I am. Winning was exciting and surreal. I went


into the competition just wanting to show my designs and have


Fashion Week is a great event to help emerging designers who

fun, which I did. Winning was icing on the cake! I felt like ‘You can make your career dreams come true.’ It was validating to be recognized for my hard work; I felt it really paid off. New Orleans want to take their design career to the next level by showcasing their fashions and building their brand. 

What advice would you give to an emerging designer? PHOTO: MINH Q NGUYEN

Stay focused, bide time wisely, and construct strong pieces that tell a story of a collection.

What have been the biggest challenges you have experienced in your design career? Rejection is the biggest challenge, but it made me stronger. In 2002 I went on 12 interviews with design companies in New


York and was turned away by all of them. It was hard because doubt starts to kick in, but I realized I was just out of school and needed some experience under my belt and decided to get out and work for myself. It’s been a long road, but moving in that direction I maintained hope. I love designing and have a passion for it. And, no matter what obstacles I face, I continue to take advantage of every opportunity I am given.

What makes your designs unique or sets them apart from others? I add my own personal touches to the garment to create a PHOTO: GUSTAVO ESCANELLE

special classic look. For example, my signature flowers and the trimmings add some fun to my pieces. Art plays a big role in giving my garments a statement.

How would you define New Orleans fashion scene? New Orleans has earned the nickname “Hollywood South” and has brought awareness to the city in a new, fashion forward way. New Orleans Fashion Week also has helped to

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tracee Dundas is a freelance stylist, blogger, fashion editor for New Orleans Magazine and fashion event producer. She is the Founder and Creative Director of Fashion Week New Orleans and the “go-to-gal” for all things fashionable in the Gulf Coast. Tracee hosts a weekly fashion style segment Fashion Friday on WVUE Fox 8 sharing the latest trends, styling tips and DIY ideas. She works with nationally known clients such as Lucky Magazine, Essence Magazine, Payless Shoes and The W Hotel and frequently works as a stylist for films, commercials and music videos. Tracee is a graduate of USL and a native of St. Martinville, LA.


Let Dad sit back and enjoy the ride this

Father’s Day

Call Limousines Ltd. to reserve quality, chauffeured transportation to all of your Dad’s favorite destinations. Plan dinner at a local restaurant, attend a sporting event or concert — the choice is yours! Let Limousines Ltd. take care of the details. All you have to do is “get carried away.”

Call by June 15, 2015 to guarantee these rates: bring national attention as well; and has opened doors to new and upcoming designers. It’s awesome seeing more magazines


One of our professionally trained chauffeurs will transport you and up to 3 guests in a luxurious Executive Sedan for 4 consecutive hours of service.



and events touching base on the trends all over. New Orleans has always had unique style and sound and the fashion scene is


Additional hour(s) @ $58/hr.

another part of our melting pot that has added fabulous flavor. Your travel experts

Best advice you’ve received? I met Tori Burch a few years ago at an event and asked her what advice can you give me as an upcoming designer, she told me, “You have to have a passion for what you do. Be prepared to pay your dues in the industry.” I already knew you have to prove yourself and work hard to be a great designer — and that’s what I live by!


Looking to honor Dad with a larger group? Select up to 7 guests to celebrate in style. This package accommodates up to 8 passengers in a Lincoln Limousine for 4 consecutive hours of service. Complimentary water is included.



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nless you’re Heidi Klum,

Alessandra Ambrosio, or another supermodel with an

amazing body, chances are you’re feeling a little insecure about stepping poolside in a bathing suit this summer. Let’s face it – it’s no secret that most women dread swimwear shopping. YOU KNOW THE PROCESS:




CHALLENGE Hiding The “Pooch”

TIP Retro styles are your best friend! Whether you’re trying to hide a “pooch” or just banish pool bar bloat, a high waist bottom is flattering and timelessly fashionable.


CHALLENGE While we can’t offer

All Over Curves

immediate change


to your body (and

Showcase those curves with rushing and sheering.

we would argue that you don’t need to change a thing), we can offer a few tips to make the swimwear shopping

Both are slimming tools to create an hourglass figure. Don’t be afraid to experiment with sexy details like a plunging front or cheeky bottoms, all great for the curvy girl.

experience more pleasant,


easier to find the fit that’s

Short Legs

right for you, and help you


conquer the beach with confidence!

Think Baywatch. A swimsuit that comes up higher on the hip will give the illusion of much longer legs. This is a great way to make a sporty one-piece more sexy.



Small Bust

More on the Bottom



While bikinis can be itsy bitsy, they’re not

It’s the year of the booty. From fixations on

recommended for the small busted girl. Ruffles and

every curvy bottom girl from Kim Kardashian

fringe can create the illusion of a larger bust. The

to Beyonce, it’s clear that this asset shouldn’t

key is to look for styles that specifically add volume.

be hidden. Sometimes less is more. Too much fabric can often hide a great shape or be


TIP Avoid a “wardrobe malfunction” of a boob popping out by choosing a sexy

ill-fitting. Opt for a string tie bikini or cheeky bottom. String ties offer more security (with a double knot) and cheeky bottoms highlight a round shape.

CHALLENGE No Budget to Revamp Last Year’s Wardrobe

one-piece with supportive styles.


Styles with underwire offer support

Accessories are your best friends and a less expensive way to jazz up old

and give the illusion of lingerie giving

suits. Body chains and bold metal jewelry look awesome dazzling in the

busty bathing beauties the best of

sun. Cover-ups and sunnies can freshen up last year’s looks too!

both worlds.

With fashion, it’s about confidence and having fun with your look. Play with different styles until you find the one that unleashes your inner beach babe! See you in the sunshine!

CHALLENGE Boyish Figure

TIP No need to look like one of the guys. Opt for more feminine details like floral prints, ruffles, and feminine colors. Plus, there is no shame in enhancing with a little bathing suit padding….shh, it will be our little secret.


20% OFF Any Custom Framing 1015 Kaliste Saloom Road 337-257-8217

117 Rue Fontaine 337-347-6482

One time use only. Offer valid for one customer. Not valid with any other offers. Coupon cannot be copied or duplicated. Offer expires July 31, 2015.

Offer valid for one customer. Coupon cannot be copied or duplicated. Offer expires July 31, 2015.

DONNA BOUMANS PERSONAL TRAINING “In-Home Personal Training” FREE WASH AND STYLE With Our Featured Stylist Wednesdays Only | By Appointment Only

233 Doucet Road Suite A3A 337-264-1444 Offer valid for one customer. Not valid with any other offers. Coupon cannot be copied or duplicated. Offer expires July 31, 2015.

337-288-5258 Lafayette, LA NASM Certified


Contact AMR to receive a free home valuation or broker price opinion for your home in Lafayette Parish

337-456-5540 • Offer valid for 1 customer. Not valid with any other offers. Coupon cannot be copied or duplicated. Offer expires July 31, 2015.

SUNFX By Mobile Makeup Diva Makeup Application and Spray Tanning

Buy 4 Spray Tans, Get Your 5th FREE 106 Heathwood Drive | Broussard, LA | 337-591-5111 Kris Patterson •






68 FACE | JUNE/JULY 2015



June, 2015 Benefitting: Healing House; Hope For Grieving Children | FACE 69



411 Rue Ciel | 4 BR/2 BA | 1,723 sq. ft | $172,500


This 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath home in Carencro is only 4 years old and has been well maintained. Open floor-plan with tile counter tops, wood burning fireplace and a sizable back yard with shade trees. It’s priced right and ready to go! Call for more details.




Classy well-kept home just off of Congress behind Adrien’s Food Store in popular Pandora Place Subdivision. Features include an open kitchen, spacious living room and formal dining and doorways are trimmed with beautiful fluted and dental moldings as well as glass paned transoms. The yard is beautifully landscaped and the backyard features a courtyard with screened-in patio.




116 Pericles | 3 BR/2.5 BA | 2,025 sq.ft.






This beautiful and spacious home, located in Austin Village South, is just minutes from Lourdes and Women’s & Children’s Hospital. From triple crown moldings, hardwood, slate and travertine floors to granite tile counters to the brick archways and All Season Room, this property is one to see.


601 Sandhurst Dr. | 3 BR/2 BA | 2,380 sq. ft.

316 Brightwood l $197,000 Prime River Lot in Grand Pointe Subdivision!

Commercial Land Available! 15 Acres | I-49 at Pont des Mouton | $2,950,000 7 Acres | Hwy 90 at Hwy 14 , New Iberia | $1,837,000 1 Acre | Hwy 176, between Maurice and Abbeville | $85,000 2 Acres with buildings | Main St., Broussard | $750,000 40 Acres | Residential & Commercial | Rees St. @ I-10, Breaux Bridge | Call for pricing.

Residential & Commercial Flint Zerangue, Sr. Broker/Owner RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL


(No upfront fees. First-time home buyers welcome; we coop with all local brokers)

110 Travis – Ste. 140, Lafayette, LA 70503 Licensed by the LA Real Estate Commission

FINDING YOUR FACE in Lafayette Parish

MAJOR PICKUP LOCATIONS Face Magazine is available at hundreds of fine retailers, salons, boutiques, financial institutions and service centers throughout Acadiana. For a complete list of distribution outlets or to read issues online visit Ambassador Caffery

Johnston Street

Park Place Surgical

4811 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy.

Sophi P Cakes

3209 Johnston St.

Ashero Spa

233 Doucet Rd. (Behind Zea’s)


301 Doucet Rd.

Coccolare Spa

331 Doucet Rd.

Melodi’s Belles & Beaus

2811 Johnston St. (South College Center)

Brother’s on the Blvd.

101 Arnould Blvd.

Caroline & Co.

113 Arnould Blvd.

McCallister’s Deli

4409 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy.

Jewelies Boutique

407 Rena Dr.

Chris’s Poboys

3755 Amb. Caffery Pkwy–(Shell Gas)

Veron’s - Lil

403 Rena Dr.

S. College/W. Congress Area–Lafyt

Personally Fit

4305 Johnston ST (Behind Don’s)


305 Bertrand Dr.

Todd’s Carwash

5505 Johnston St. (Near Acadiana Mall)

Joey’s Specialty Foods

503 Bertrand Dr.

Pinhook/Kaliste Saloom Area–Lfyt

BJ’s Pizza

2484 W. Congress

Marcello’s Wine Cafe

340 Kaliste Saloom Rd.


3842 W. Congress

Home Bank

503 Kaliste Saloom Rd.

Plastic Surgery Assoc.

1101 S. College

Edibile Arrangements

2800 Pinhook Rd.

aJeune’ - Dr. Hubbell

913 S. College, Suite 216

(Pinhook & Verot)

Oil Center–Lfyt

Post Acute Medical Spec. Hosp.

204 Energy Pkwy.

Renaissance Market

902 Harding St.

Laf. Surgical Specialty Hospital

1101 Kaliste Saloom Rd.

Lafayette Gen.Wellness Ctr.

111 Pasa Dr

La Madeleine

2207 Kaliste Saloom Rd.

Lafayette General Infusion Center

1211 Coolidge Rd.

(The Shops At Marshals)

Champagnes Grocery

454 Heymann Blvd

2312 Kaliste Saloom Rd.

Travis Technology Center

110 Travis St.

Verot School Rd (Hwy 339)

Lafayette General Surgical Hosp

1000 Pinkhook Rd.

Lfyt towards Ygsvl

Downtown Lafayette

Deano’s Pizza (South)

(By Lourdes Hosp.) Lourdes Hospital

4801 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. (Main Entrance-Lobby)

Acadian Women’s Health Group

4640 Amb. Caffery Pkwy Bld. “B” (Womens & Childrens Hospital)

Heleaux’s Grocery

3002 Verot School Rd

LCG – City Hall

Jammin Java

3366 Verot School Rd (Near Fortune Rd)

Carencro & Upper Lfyt Parish


2505 Verot School Rd.

Guilbeau’s Trifty Way Pharmacy

208 St. Peter St. Carencro

Champagnes Grocery

701 Veteran Dr., Carencro,

Chris’s Poboys

1941 Moss St.

Broussard Area Rotolo’s

121 Saint Nazaire Rd.

Lemon Drop

1209 Albertson Pkwy.–Broussard

(Behind old N. Gate Mall) Rotolo’s

Youngsville Area

705 West University Ave

200 Hector Connely Rd.(By Super 1 Foods)


509 Lafayette Street–Ygsvl

Scott, LA

Romacelli Restaurant

220 Prescott Blvd (Sugar Mill Pond)

Early’s Food Store

1410 St Mary St.


1701 Chemin Metairie Pkwy.


720 South Frontage Rd.

Coffee Depot

902 St Mary St.

River Ranch City Club

1100 Camellia Blvd. #202

Maurice, LA

Romicelli Restaurant

115 Stonemont Rd

Villager’s Café

St Martin Bank

1245 Camellia Blvd. (Bldg on corner)

Abbeville, LA

Paul Michael Company

1800 Kaliste Saloom Rd.

Shuck’s “LA Seafood House”

8400 Maurice Ave (Hwy 167 ) 701 West Port St.

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An Experienced Board Certified Physician Skin Expert!

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Actual Patient Before & After Treatment

At a Jeuné you can expect:

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Wrinkle Fillers Photo Rejuvenation

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Laser Skin Resurfacing


Digital Complexion Analysis

Lafayette, LA

Profile for FACE Magazine

FACE Magazine I June/July 2015  

The premier women’s lifestyle magazine for the Acadiana region of South Central Louisiana.

FACE Magazine I June/July 2015  

The premier women’s lifestyle magazine for the Acadiana region of South Central Louisiana.

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