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Custom. Handmade. Sandals. 323 WORTH AVENUE - SUITE 3 (Via DeMario) PALM BEACH, FL







561.666.3979 - WWW.TOWER155.COM This residential development TOWER 155 (“Project”) is being developed 155 Boca Raton Road, LLC ("Developer"), which has a limited right to use the trademarked names and logos of Compson. Any and all statements, disclosures and/or representations shall be deemed made by Developer and not by Compson, and you agree to look solely to Developer (and not to Compson and/or any of its affiliates) with respect to any and all matters relating to the marketing and/or development of the Condominium and with respect to the sales of units in the Condominium. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. These materials are not intended to be an offer to sell, or solicitation to buy a unit in the condominium. Such an offering shall only be made pursuant to the prospectus (offering circular) for the condominium and no statements should be relied upon unless made in the prospectus or in the applicable purchase agreement. In no event shall any solicitation, offer or sale of a unit in the condominium be made in, or to residents of, any state or country in which such activity would be unlawful. This is not intended to be an offer to sell nor a solicitation of offers to buy real estate to residents of CT, ID, NJ, NY and OR, unless registered or exemptions are available, or in any other jurisdiction where prohibited by law, and your eligibility for purchase will depend upon your state of residency. For correct representations, reference should be made to the documents required by section 718.503, Florida Statutes, to be furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee. All images and designs depicted herein are artist’s conceptual renderings, which are based upon preliminary development plans and are subject to change without notice in the manner provided in the offering documents. All such materials are not to scale and are shown solely for illustrative purposes.


Luxury will soon have a new address as construction begins on Tower 155 in Boca Raton. This 170-unit Compson Associates property is situated in the heart of downtown, with Mizner Park shopping, dining, elite golf courses and pristine beaches all nearby. Compson Associates boasts a portfolio of over 10,000 residential units regionwide and considers Tower 155 to be a crowning achievement in the ultra high-end luxury condominium category.



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ourcontributors ROBERT LA BUA Travel writer Robert La Bua has been reporting on exclusive experiences and spectacular destinations around the world for more than a decade. His 50+ years of travel have taken him everywhere from the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo and the Bakatue Festival in Ghana to the private islands of Seychelles and the icebergs of Antarctica. In addition to his work as Mr. eTraveler for eTravel Business News, he has had hundreds of articles published in a variety of deluxe magazines across the globe and appears as a guest expert on luxury travel on Sky News. In the rare times when not traveling, Robert divides his time between Palm Beach County and Sydney, Australia. “If a palm tree can’t live there, neither can I.” In this issue, Robert shares some of his favorite getaways for romantic escapes. L. LOU PAGET C.S.E., B.A. Lou Paget is an AASECT* Certified Sex Educator, an international best selling author and entrepreneur of five books, translated into 28 languages, represented in over 60 countries with over 3 million copies sold. Paget is an in-demand international speaker, presenter and sought after multi-media expert. Her weekly radio show sextalkwithlou is on toginetradio.com. www.loupaget.com office@loupaget.com

MARCIA LYNN MILLER With some 70 countries stamped in her passport, Marcia Lynn Miller does not spend much time at home. Her You Go Girls! and You Go Tastefully! tours have her globetrotting and in a frequent state of jetlag. When she is not out leading tours, she, her husband, dog and cat, make homes in Portland, Oregon and in a central Washington vineyard. In the city she enjoys theatre, reading about her next destinations, knitting, painting, and food experiences. At the vineyard property she keeps bees, cooks, and enjoys the clear, quiet, night skies. Marcia has a degree in economics from University of Puget Sound and carries the gold standard of professional designations - Certified Travel Counselor (CTC). FABULOUSLY50.COM 5

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Romantic Romantic Getaways Getaways from California to tf h a ladl i fvoe r Insilaa nt o ds r oe mM C the Maldive Islands


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A New Year of Romance - Four Exceptional Getaways Esprit Saint Germain - Paris, France Shutters on the Beach - Santa Monica, California Jumeirah Vittaveli - Republic of Maldives Park Gstaad - Gstaad, Switzerland The Private Jet Experience The World in a Bottle The California Central Coast - Road Trip of a Lifetime Climb the Mountains of Disney 24 Hours in Miami's Design District App-Solutely Fabulous (Travel Apps)

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travel " T h e w o r l d i s a b o o k , a n d t h o s e w h o d o n o t t r a v e l r e a d o n l y a p a g e ." -Saint Augustine


a New Year of


Four exceptional getaways for the two of you


by Robert La Bua

nother year, another opportunity to rekindle simmering embers or ignite new bonfires of passion. Love and romance are among the most prominent reasons people travel; sometimes the demands of daily life are just too intrusive to allow relationships to flourish unencumbered at home. Personal time in beautiful surroundings with a significant other is

Esprit Saint Germain Paris Jumeirah Vittaveli Maldives

only a planeride away. A change of scenery often does a world of good, and luckily there is a world of beautiful places waiting to be enjoyed. Perhaps the laidback vibe of Southern California beckons for a long weekend on the sands of Santa Monica or the allure of Paris is too strong to resist. Whether an escape to the snow in Switzerland or to an exotic island in the Indian Ocean, there is a place in this world to hold hands under the stars and marvel at the resplendence of romance.

Shutters On The Beach Santa Monica Park Gstaad Switzerland


Esprit Saint Germain Paris, France


his small property is one of the few five-star hotels on the Left Bank. It is located close to the romantic Jardin du Luxembourg and to Boulevard SaintGermain from which it takes its name. Esprit Saint Germain’s mission is to make guests feel a sense of home in Paris; there is no lobby, but rather a living room to one side of the ground floor and a library lounge to the other. Instead of a bar with a bartender and a running tab, there is a 10 TRAVEL

bar without these where guests can help themselves to their favorite drinks just as they would do at home. No charge. One of the most private five-star hotels in Paris is also one of the best situated for enjoying the city as Parisians do. Tucked away behind the Saint Sulpice Church, of which it has splendid views, the award-winning Esprit Saint Germain is the antithesis of the stereotypical five-star property. While the majority of visitors to the French capital flock to the attractions on the Right Bank and stay in hotels in their vicinity, those seeking

a low-key, high-quality experience may opt for a stay here on the Left Bank, itself replete with appealing sights and activities such as the Musée d’Orsay, the Musée du Quai Branly, and a simple metal structure known as the Eiffel Tower. Situated in a chic neighborhood among some of the most valuable real estate in Paris, Esprit Saint Germain makes a perfect base for visiting these sights as well as going a bit further into areas of the city that have characterized ‘the real Paris’ for centuries. Near the Odéon Theatre, Esprit Saint Germain is only a block away from the cafés, boutiques, and services

of its eponymous boulevard. Just a few short blocks in the other direction is the Jardin du Luxembourg, one of the most beautiful gardens in the world and a place where Parisians love to relax and enjoy the expansive grounds throughout the year, but especially in summer and fall when the flowers and foliage are at their most colorful. Beyond the Jardin is the Latin Quarter, where the Sorbonne and other academic institutions have kept this part of the city one of the most vibrant for centuries. The vendors of the famous outdoor market on rue Mouffetard sell all those delicious French food items Parisians simply can’t do without, from cheese, bread, and pastries to mustard, chocolate, and tea. The lively Place de la Contrescarpe is also here, a superb place for people-watching while enjoying a coffee or a cocktail at one of its many cafés on the square. Back at Esprit Saint Germain, the quiet rooms allow for appreciation of French living just by looking out the window at the typical Haussmannian architecture that gives the city its classic look so beloved by international visitors. Much

of what makes this hotel a favorite among its returning guests is what it doesn’t have. Though standards are high in every aspect of operations, Esprit Saint Germain is essentially a simple place for unfussy people; there are no Baccarat chandeliers, gilded sofas, or entourages, only down to earth comfort with panache. Though there is no restaurant on the premises, the breakfast served in the library lounge, transformed each morning for this purpose, is as glamorous as any restaurant in Paris and provides guests with a gourmet start to the day in plush surroundings; indecisive crowds seen milling around buffet tables in even the best hotels are absent here. With a mere 28 rooms, Esprit Saint Germain has the feel of a private mansion with staff to look after the owner’s guests; in essence, that is exactly what it is. There are no tour groups or loud people crowding the lobby because they do not come to this hotel (and there is no lobby); the vivacious general manager, Francesca La Mastra, sees to it that every aspect of the hotel reaches the highest standards. That includes guest satisfaction. In a city where some of the most expensive and

exclusive hotels lavish their attention on visiting presidents, sheikhs, and princesses, leaving lesser mortals in their shadows, it is refreshing to find a Parisian hotel where every guest is treated like royalty. As in many hotels occupying historic buildings, almost all the rooms at Esprit Saint Germain are different in size and configuration. With one of the most unusual views of Paris from its private terrace, Esprit Saint Germain’s penthouse suite allows guests to enjoy the city simply by opening the French doors and letting the City Of Light pour in. The amiable staff can order in from local restaurants for romantic couples who want to enjoy Paris on their terms in the privacy of their suite. There is no spa here, but therapists can be summoned to administer massages in the suite. Special romantic experience: hire the nearby Théâtre du Luxembourg puppet theater for a private showing of Les Marionnettes du Luxembourg for just the two of you. hotel-esprit-saint-germain.com FABULOUSLY50.COM 11

Shutters on the Beach Santa Monica, California


outhern California’s perceived aura of indulgent hedonism looms large in many an East Coast fantasy, and though Florida may share California’s abundance of sunshine and beaches, watching the sun set over the Pacific is one experience not possible in the Sunshine State. Shutters On The Beach is a favorite staycation destination for affluent Angelenos who know that this beachfront hotel in tony Santa Monica delivers a high degree of discretion and attention to match the remarkable level of quality in accommodations and excellence in service. Despite the constant demand for rooms and suites here, there is never a feeling of busyness that can sometimes exist at larger hotels; in its place is an air of reassured tranquility which instills a sense of California calm immediately upon arrival.


As is noticeable by the hotel’s understated entrance, Shutters On The Beach is designed to be a beach house above all else. The discreet privacy and casual luxury combine to make a romantic hideaway on the sand, which is only yards away from the balconies of the ocean-view rooms. Suite 302 is especially coveted; with fireplaces in both the living room and bedroom, cool winter evenings staying in to watch the lights of the Ferris wheel and other amusements at the nearby Santa Monica Pier is entertainment enough for couples happy to observe California beach life from a privileged location. Santa Monica, a separate municipal entity within the City of Los Angeles, has its own vibe, a very positive one. The beachfront walkway is a favorite place for fitness enthusiasts to have a morning run or a ride on Shutters’ bicycles; this is the walk that becomes

the famous Ocean Walk in Venice, whose more raffish charms are located further along the beach to the south. In the other direction is Ocean Park, where beautiful views of the ocean and the coast north to Malibu can be seen before crossing the street to enter Santa Monica’s downtown area which includes the famous Third Street Promenade, an open-air pedestrian street considered America’s first mall. Shutters is also a prime destination for L.A. diners wanting to enjoy the best of California cuisine next to the beach. The restaurant Coast is an informal but still luxurious eatery that is a favorite place for breakfasts both social and power; seats at the counter provide views of the ocean, as do the outdoor tables in the Mediterranean-style garden. One Pico is also appealing, a restaurant where casual luxury is reflected in both the style and

the menu, which offers seasonal treats and special preparations to tantalize the palate. The restaurant’s cozy corners are perfect for romantic dinners for two. Of course, California’s best wines are featured on the menu alongside the eclectic food options. The spa at Shutters is also pleased to make two people happy with its spa treatments for couples. The facials here are administered with meticulous care, though, as in the restaurant, there is no bad choice on the menu; a massage or body treatment will be just as rewarding an experience. Here at Shutters, just sitting in the lobby watching the comings and goings of the various guests is an experience in itself; a good time to emerge from the suite is Thursday night when a tasting table is set up in the lobby for guests to try various delicacies presented by Shutters’ outstanding executive chef, Vittorio Lucariello, whose Neapolitan origins have enhanced the Mediterranean influence in the hotel’s kitchen. If food seems to be a major theme at Shutters On The Beach, that, too, is part of the hotel’s strong Mediterranean ethos meant to elicit a vacation sensation while still providing the convenience of a city location. In a sense, Shutters is a city resort more than a simple hotel; there is no need to leave the grounds, or even the suite, to have a complete California vacation experience. Some people have their weddings at Shutters, or at least on the sand in front of the hotel. A dreamy ceremony as the sun disappears below the horizon followed by a reception inside the hotel has taken place many a time and is easily arranged by the Shutters staff, who can take care of every detail of the special day for the marriage couple as well as their guests. Not that a wedding ceremony is necessary to feel the love at Shutters On The Beach. Special romantic experience: rent a Lamborghini, McLaren or other supercar from Fast Toys Club (fasttoysclub.com) and zoom around L.A. in style. shuttersonthebeach.com




Republic Of Maldives


f ever there were a destination most closely associated with romance, it is the Republic Of Maldives, among the most desirable places in the world for a passion-filled escape with someone special. There are more than a thousand islands and islets in the country, but only a fraction is occupied by the locals or the resorts which lease entire islands on which to build their sybaritic properties. Among these is Jumeirah Vittaveli, the larger of two island resorts operated by Jumeirah, one of the most luxurious hotel groups in the world. Located in the South Malé atoll just a 30-minute boatride from the international airport, Vittaveli is larger than its sister resort, Jumeirah Dhevanafushi, which is in a different atoll about 250 miles to the south. In Maldives, where islands can be the size of a house, ‘larger’ is a relative term; Vittaveli is still a quiet place having only 89 suites and villas, just over half of which are the overwater bungalows always in great demand by visitors, honeymooners especially. Back on the sand, among the various configurations for accommodation are the expansive Beach Suites where the large living room area is complemented by two large bedrooms, huge bathrooms, a private pool (all accommodations at the resort have their own pools), and direct access


to the beach. They make superb homes away from home for the couple willing to travel halfway around the world to get here. Jumeirah Vittaveli offers a variety of activities to keep busy for the duration of a stay here. Water sports are, of course, among the most popular. A dedicated dive center with a United Nations of instructors is the joy of experienced divers who explore the colorful reefs and their inhabitants with great satisfaction in seeing the marine life in Maldives, widely regarded as among the world’s best dive destinations. Happily, inexperienced divers and snorkelers are treated with no less respect; the instructors inform and watch over novices and work to reassure their skills for their next outing in the multishaded blue water, which is also the place for surface recreation such as kayaking and swimming. There are things to do on land, too, with spa treatments at Talise Spa a soothing followup to a morning yoga session or a kickboxing class in the fitness center, where glass walls allow joggers to observe fish and other sea creatures right from their treadmills. It bodes well to do some exercise given the abundance of delicious meals served at Jumeirah Vittaveli. Samsara offers both local and international

cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Mu Beach’s feet-in-the-sand setting provides an idyllic backdrop to the tasty menu options. It is the newly opened Swarna, though, that is the star of the culinary show at the resort, surely ranking among restaurants providing the most indulgent and exclusive dining experiences in Maldives. Based on the regal dining style of Indian maharajahs, Swarna is actually a series of individual pavilions where diners enjoy the extraordinary food in privacy and comfort while accompanied by musicians playing traditional music. The visually spectacular, 18-course Swarna Journey is a dining experience never to be forgotten. Many people with busy lives come to Maldives for total seclusion far from the outside world. Jumeirah Vittaveli has spectacular overwater suites designed for couples who never want to leave their accommodations and are very popular with guests who have other things in mind than sightseeing. Vittaveli takes the overwater concept one better by offering Ocean Suites accessible only by boat. Unlike the other overwater accommodations available here along a boardwalk, the highly sought after Ocean Suites are not attached to a landmass; instead, these freestanding structures were built anchored directly to the seabed and, looking at them, seem to float above the water. The shuttle boat, only a phone call away, brings guests to the island if and when they want to go there, otherwise virtually every meal and service can be brought to guests in their huge Suites. Travelers from South Florida to Maldives just gained a new option in air travel with the introduction of Emirates Airlines service from Fort Lauderdale to Dubai, where a change of planes takes travelers to Maldives' Velana International Airport. Other single-airline services from the United States to Maldives include Turkish Airlines via Istanbul and Lufthansa via Frankfurt; both airlines offer service from Miami. Special romantic experience: hire the resort’s private yacht to see dolphins and watch the glow of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. jumeirah.com




Gstaad, Switzerland


staad is a tiny village with one of the highest concentrations of wealth in the world. The village economy is essentially based around a school, namely the Institut Le Rosey, the most expensive and exclusive boarding school in the world. Students come from all over; for generations, kings, queens, industrial magnates, sports stars, and celebrities of the entertainment world have visited and bought homes in Gstaad to be near their children when school is in its winter 16 TRAVEL

session. It then becomes a family tradition to return to Gstaad throughout one’s life and perhaps pass on the tradition to the next generation. Located in one of the most picturesque settings in Switzerland, Park Gstaad maintains the tradition of Swiss hospitality and matches it with contemporary styling, fine dining, and attentive service. The discreet Park Gstaad delivers memorable experiences on every level for the lucky guests who stay in this mansion-like property where privacy and comfort

eat, drink, and sleep together in convivial elegance amid a beautiful Alpine setting. Opened in 1910, Park Gstaad was the first hotel in Switzerland to become a member of Leading Hotels Of The World and the first member of the elite Swiss Deluxe Hotels. The only hotel located on the south side of Gstaad’s Saane River running through the center of the village, Park Gstaad sits among chalet residences dotting the landscape, placing it in a more residential area of the village. At

less stylish and convey a similar sense of space both indoors and out thanks to the generous floorplans and glorious views from the private balconies. There is no shortage of choices for the active visitor. For those who come to Gstaad to ski rather than to see and be seen, there are ski slopes in the vicinity and the hotel’s ever helpful concierges can make all the necessary arrangements for skiing or for other activities such as a ride on the cable car at Glacier 3000, where the highest toboggan run in the world provides a blast of adrenalin while admiring the stunning panorama. Guests enjoy use of the hotel’s indoor saltwater pool, outdoor freshwater pool (in summer), and private tennis court (also in summer). Park Gstaad’s golf simulator allows guests to practice their swings throughout the year.

the same time, the fashion boutiques and jewelry stores of the famed Promenade pedestrian street are only a few hundred yards away, making for a pleasant stroll or a short ride in one of the hotel’s house cars. Among the 84 rooms and 10 suites decorated in a chic style that puts a twist on traditional Swiss interiors is My Gstaad Chalet, the largest suite in the Swiss Alps, which provides more than 4300 square feet of extraordinary accommodations to give the feel of a private chalet, one that comes with all the services expected in a five-star hotel. Other rooms are no

The various public rooms on the ground floor act as multiple living rooms where guests can sit and relax with a drink or a magazine before or after a meal in the Chubut Argentinian steakhouse or on the terrace to enjoy the brilliant sunshine and crisp mountain air; whether blanketed in winter white or carpeted in summer green, the beautiful landscape sparkles. In winter, the charming Chalet Waldhuus offers traditional Swiss cuisine. Of course, it is also possible to have dinner next to the fireplace in the privacy of one’s suite. Gstaad is located in a part of Switzerland known as the Bernese Oberland, one of the country’s most scenic regions. The village is easily accessed from Zurich’s

state of the art airport by car, helicopter, and train, including the special Golden Pass Panoramic train with its all-glass observation deck above the engineer's compartment. Travelers from Florida can enjoy the outstanding services of SWISS International Air Lines’ new Business Class cabins and enhanced level of service, which includes the special Taste Of Switzerland menus on board featuring regional wines and cuisine of Switzerland. Swiss wines are virtually unknown outside the country; they are so good the locals buy up almost the entire annual production, thus leaving few bottles for oenophiles elsewhere to enjoy. SWISS flies nonstop daily between Miami and Zurich. Make the arrival experience special with Zurich Airport’s VIP services, which sends a rep to meet clients right at the door of the plane and escort them down the steps to the tarmac to drive to a private Immigration desk on arrival; they can then relax in an exclusive private lounge before continuing to their final destination. Switzerland’s Elite Rent A Car can provide chauffeured transfers from Zurich to Gstaad, which is also easily accessed by private aircraft flying into Saanen-Gstaad Airport. Special romantic experience: take a ride with Swiss Helicopter, which can arrange a sublime champagne toast for two on a snowy mountaintop or provide heliskiing services for the creation of a more athletic memory. www.parkgstaad.ch FABULOUSLY50.COM 17

the Private Jet experience... Embark on a Magnificent Journey Where Luxur y Rules and Your Ever y Wish B ecomes R ealit y by Whitney Roper


ravel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, so why not treat yourself to the absolute best. Travel by private jet to circumnavigate the world, hemisphere or even a country. Private jet travel allows you to immerse yourself in new and exotic destinations that major air carriers cannot easily access; bypass long customs and security lines and come and go based on the itinerary and not an airline schedule. Adding to this already “perfect way to travel” are the exclusive, extraordinary experiences of your itinerary in each destination, the unheard-of level of service and the highest level of comfort both on the ground and in the air. The overall private jet experience is tailored to you from the 18 TRAVEL

time you book the journey until you are returned safely to your home. Prior to departure, you will complete a detailed guest information form. If you drink a diet coke at 11:00 every morning, they will have it there for you. Their goal is to make your experience special and memorable; no request is too big or too small. Reid Travel recommends jetting off with Abercrombie & Kent, Lakani or the new Crystal Air Cruises for the most unforgettable memories. These three companies specialize in curating itineraries to provide ample time to learn and discover what interests you in each destination. Abercrombie & Kent by Private Jet has been the leader and pioneer in luxury

travel for nearly 50 years. The Private Jet experience with them takes luxury to another level. Travel with a small group of 50 like-minded guests on an exclusive-itinerary-packed insider access, fine dining and invitation-only events arranged with local experts throughout the world. Jet from one destination to the next with a staff of expert tour managers on board a privately chartered Boeing 757 equipped with first-class, fully lieflat seats, a crew-to-guest ratio of 1:8 and there is even an onboard executive chef who will prepare whatever is requested— if not instantly, within a few hours! Once you are on the ground, luxury does not stop there. Dining is an experience for the senses in beautiful locations. Whatever the destination, the views from your table create an event-like atmosphere.

Asia: Marvel at the Taj Mahal at sunrise and sunset; ply the waters amid the karst formations of Halong Bay; explore the temple of Angkor Wat; shop in the Ginza District of Tokyo. Europe: Take in the magnificence of Versailles; stand in wonderment at the sight of Stonehenge; bask in the glory of Neuschwanstein Castle; view the vineyards while cruising the Moselle and other endless sights Europe has to offer.

The 2017 destinations range from the Tropics to the Arctic Colombia – Cartagena, a bastion of well-preserved colonial architecture. Your hotel will be the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena, originally built as a convent in 1621, combines colonial heritage with the finest in modern comforts. A choice of restaurants is a planned surprise for each destination. Easter Island, French Polynesia and the Solomon Islands, where you will witness a local wedding ceremony arranged exclusively for A&K. Swim with one of the greatest creatures in the ocean—the giant whale shark—in the Philippines. Experience the life of the nomad when you attend a special presentation of the Naadam Games in Mongolia. Uzbekistan affords the chance to walk the streets of Samarkand, a 2,000-year-old city. Discover the riches of the Tzars in St. Petersburg and cap your journey with a toast to the midnight sun in Iceland. Traveling in unmatched Lakani style, you are always assured of exquisite accommodations, comprehensive sightseeing, personalized attention from their hand-picked crew and expert tour managers, and gastronomic delights both in the air and on land. Lakani jets can accommodate a maximum of 40

passengers but select journeys allow fewer guests. Lakani’s “Dine By Choice” Program offers the flexibility and the option to personalize your travel experience. While traveling the world, you can learn a lot about culture and the destination within the dining experience. This program allows you to dine at your comfort level in each of the destinations within your itinerary. On every pre-designed Lakani Luxury Tour you will have a Lakani Tour Manager, also known as your personal concierge. Many itineraries can be modified based on specific interests, preferred travel dates and budget.

Pre-designed or customdesigned journeys range in length of time The Americas: Tour colonial cities and Mayan ruins of Mexico and thrill to the adventure of Central and South America. Middle East: See the awe-inspiring Treasury at the red city of Petra; mingle with the Bedouins in the United Arab Emirates; cruise the Nile and view ancient temples; swim in the Dead Sea. Africa: Seek out the mountain gorillas of Rwanda; encounter Africa’s wildlife on game viewing drives; sit under the stars of the African night skies and sip sundowners. South Pacific: Take a yacht cruise around Sydney Harbor; bungee jump or go white water rafting in New Zealand; witness the Mudmen ritual in Papua New Guinea.

Introducing an unrivaled new manner of global exploration, the award-winning Crystal experience is now available by air. Travel on the world’s newest and largest private jet where you will enjoy the personalized services of expert Crystal Skye Butlers, superb Michelin star-inspired cuisine and a host of worldclass amenities. This is the only private tour jet with an extensive on-board wine cellar (Skye Cellar) and a state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system with 24” HD monitors and seats that convert to 180-degree lie-flat beds. Explore the world in extraordinary style on a boutique collection of 15- to 29day all-inclusive journeys. Aboard their privately owned, customized Boeing 777, travel to fascinating lands crafting your own unstructured itinerary in each iconic destination. Crystal Air Cruises offers expansive social spaces. You can choose from a unique collection of experiences in each destination from an inclusive yet interchangeable mix ranging from tantalizing gastronomy to exhilarating adventures and everything you could imagine in between. On a journey to ten of the world’s most exciting cities, enjoy a selection of unique, curated Crystal experiences and bespoke programs by The Peninsula Academy that reveal their very essence - historical, cultural, and lifestyle— while luxuriating in the warm hospitality of The Peninsula Hotels. No matter where you are around the world, you will always stay in accommodations that define a true sense of place so that you feel the destination and its culture. No matter which private jet experience you think is the best fit, you will not be disappointed. These companies make sure that they will create an unforgettable experience every time you indulge in treating yourself to luxury private jet travel.



Worldin aBottle by Marcia Lynn Miller


rinking your way around the world takes you down winding and wonder paths missed by the usual tourist. Wineries, breweries, and distilleries can be found far from the centers of great capital cities. You will be a part of things that are very different from the normal touring route – grazing sheep, growing wheat,

Malt Whisky Trail plowing farmers, and country markets. Finding and knowing these places adds a delicious richness to your world. Local drink rewards you with the real taste of an area. It brings you to an intimate understanding of that French term - terroir – the magical amalgam of air, soil, water, and climate that becomes the very essence of a fruit or food. And local drink is the perfect addition to your enjoyment of a region. In the same way a salmon from the Willamette River is complemented by the pinot noir from the valley created by that river, a lovely single malt scotch or blend is the perfect 20 TRAVEL

accompaniment to the warming fire of a dank hunting lodge serving smoked venison, haggis, parsnip soup, or roasted pheasant. With scotch in mind, look to Scotland as a premier travel destination for exploring local liquors. With a few days or longer you can experience first-hand the creation of this nectar, the charm of the countryside, and the intriguing details of an old world process meeting new world tastes.

of each region are distinctly different; smoky, peaty versions come from the Isle of Islay; soft, light and grassy choices from The Lowlands, and varied products from The Highlands. When you see and taste it, it will all make sense. Speyside is an easy area to cover with its established “Malt Whisky Trail.” Cardhu, Glenfiddich, Glen Moray, Strathisla, Glen Grant, Glen Livet, Dallas Dhu, and Benromach make up that marketing partnership of eight world-class distilleries within reach of each other. Overall, there are about 60 scotch distilleries producing in the region and at the end of April they come together for the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival.

Over half the distilleries of Scotland are in the Speyside area, located in the far north of the country. The end results of their production are usually mellow, fruity and sweeter than other regions. But The Highlands, Isle of Islay, and The Lowlands also deserve mention. The flavor profiles

Distilleries are as different from each other as wineries are. They come in small, medium, and large. Some are family owned while others seem to regularly pass from the portfolio of one large corporation to another. The grounds of some are humble while others have interiors full of grand art and impressive antiques. Most are open to the public for tours and tastings. Visits usually begin

Marcia Lynn Miller is the author of You Go Girls! The Woman’s Guide to Great Travel.

with an introductory film before you are exposed to the actual production facility. Learning about the “heads, tails, and heart” of a distilled spirit is just part of knowing how it ultimately gets into your glass. Naturally, the part we are all waiting for is the conclusion, with its requisite tasting. There may be options for a basic or enhanced tastings. Some distilleries offer a chance for a top tier experience of its very old and expensive bottles. Others let you create your own blend to take home. The restaurants in some, like Glen Fiddich, are good for a fortifying lunch. On a dry day, a picnic provides a romantic meal. And as always, you are invited to exit through the gift shop, where you may lighten your wallet and add to the weight of your suitcase with some tchotchkes—or better yet— bottles! A fascinating stop for all scotch aficionados is the Speyside Cooperage. Scotch distillers age their spirits in repurposed oak barrels, primarily from U.S. bourbon makers, who by law, must only use new oak barrels and only use a barrel once. Their castoffs are disassembled and shipped to Scotland in huge bundles with no instruction manual for rebuilding them. The cooper works from that pile of staves to reassemble a barrel. In addition to being able to cobble together pieces to complete a watertight container, the strength required to pound the staves into compliance is great. You will gain new appreciation for your next Rob Roy. Lastly, if you cannot make it to taste all 900 different single malts, just stop into the Quaich Bar at the Craigellachie Hotel in Speyside. Established in 1893, it claims to be the World’s Leading Whisky Bar. It is a warm and hospitable spot to complete your scotch whisky research.


arcia Lynn Miller is the author of You Go Girls! – The Woman’s Guide to Great Travel. She has somewhere near 70 countries logged into her passport. As a Certified Travel Consultant, for over 17 years she has lead small group tours focused on food, wine, spirits and cooking in addition to her specialty tours for women. She and her husband split time between Portland, Oregon and Zillah, Washington where they own a small boutique vineyard and she tends a beehive. Learn about her tours at www.YouGoTastefully.com.


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Central Coast R O A D





by Valerie Ramsey and Rachael Erickson

he California Central Coast hugs the Pacific Ocean from Santa Cruz at the north end to Santa Barbara on the south. A land of stunning beauty, small town charm, fine wines and exquisite cuisine, this region is perfect for an unforgettable road trip. Winding your way down the famed Highway 1, you will be met with breathtaking views and limitless opportunities for fun and adventure. At your fingertips lie beaches for picnicking, sunning and surfing, hiking trails begging to be explored, world-famous wineries with tasting rooms beckoning, five-star resorts to rest and rejuvenate, and the matchless beauty of Big Sur, Santa Barbara and the Monterey Peninsula. The weather here is often described as Mediterranean (warm and sunny) although patches of fog can creep in, creating a marine layer. When you are packing, it is a smart idea to be prepared to layer your clothing as weather can change from a chilly fog to warm and sunny and back again more than once a day. Typically, September and October have the best weather. Almost all of the major airlines that fly into San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Jose have connecting flights into numerous towns along the Central Coast 24 TRAVEL


including Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria and Santa Barbara. If you choose to rent a car and drive, Highway 101 is a good choice until you get out of the city that you flew into. You can change over to the rugged, winding, and spectacularly beautiful Highway 1 when you are ready to take your scenic tour. The Monterey Peninsula lies 125 miles south of San Francisco and is the heart of the Central Coast. A piece of land that juts out into the Pacific, this scenic jewel is home to Monterey, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach. Filled with history, Monterey was the first state capital. Visitors flock to Cannery Row, made famous by Nobel Prize winning author, John Steinbeck (Of Mice and Men, The Grapes of Wrath, and Cannery Row, among others). There you can find a number of shops ranging from touristy kitsch to one-of-a-kind boutiques. Restaurants range from casual seafood and pubs to the world-famous Sardine Factory. Hotel choices run from cozy B&B’s to two major luxury establishments: Intercontinental Clement and the Monterey Plaza. Not to be missed is the Monterey Bay Aquarium, one of the largest in the world. Continuing a mile or so down the coast is Fisherman’s Wharf, famous for a plentitude of seafood

Pebble Beach Golf Links No. 18 Photo by: Bart Keagy FABULOUSLY50.COM 25

and Italian restaurants. Along the wharf is the best clam chowder you will find anywhere, often served in a west coast signature sour dough bread bowl. At the end of Fisherman’s Wharf, sign up for a whale watching tour where you will see not only grey whales, but dolphins, seals, sea lions, and a great variety of marine life. Leaving Monterey, be sure to take in Pebble Beach and the famed 17-Mile Drive. Winding through the Del Monte Forest, you will pass the iconic Pebble Beach Golf Links along with other notable courses, beautiful homes and breath-stopping scenery. You may even recognize some of it, as the number of movies that have been filmed here is significant (190). Consider booking a tour with Monterey Movie Tours. Fascinating and well worth the time. On 17-Mile Drive you will most certainly want to stop for a photo op at the Lone Cypress tree or visit the Equestrian Center for a horseback ride on the beach. Allow some extra time for lunch at one of the ten restaurants at Pebble Beach Resorts. At The Lodge you can dine on the terrace overlooking the 18th hole, or at The Inn at Spanish Bay, relax and enjoy cocktails around the fire pits overlooking the links and the Pacific. Traditionally, every evening at sunset, a bagpiper strolls the golf links, winding up at the patio and ending the day in true Scottish style. Adjacent to the fire pits is Roy’s, the first of the famous chain to arrive on the mainland.

The iconic Pebble Beach Resort annually hosts premier events such as the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, Pebble Beach Food & Wine, and Nature Valley First Tee Open at Pebble Beach. Five U.S. Open Championships have been played here, with the next one scheduled for 2019. The legendary Pebble Beach Golf Links is on every golfer’s bucket list. “Pebble Beach is a magical place,” said Tom O’Toole, President of the USGA. “It is one of our most treasured U.S. Open sites.” Pebble Beach Resorts has three awardwinning hotels: The Lodge at Pebble Beach, The Inn at Spanish Bay, and Casa Palmero. Pebble Beach Golf Links, Spyglass Hill, The Links at Spanish Bay and Del Monte Golf Course are all public courses, although it often helps to book a reservation at one of the three hotels in order to secure a tee time. Special offers are made throughout the year and can be found on www.pebblebeach.com. Reservations can be booked at (888) 351-4296 Just outside the Carmel gate (one of five leading into and out of 17-Mile Drive) is Carmel-by-the-Sea. World-famous for its picturesque look and feel of an English village, Carmel is full of art galleries, beautiful jewelry stores, fine wines and delectable food (it also happens to have one of the most spectacular beaches in the world where watching the sunset is a nightly ritual). Simply walking down Ocean Avenue is an experience for the senses. In Carmel the weather mimics

Hearst Castle, a National Historic Landmark built by William Randolph Hearst and located in San Simeon, the halfway point between Los Angeles and San Francisco

Hearst Castle Luxurious Swimming Pool 26 TRAVEL

The Inn at Spanish Bay Fire Pits Photo by: Joann Dost year-round October in New England, cool and crisp, with bright sunshine and brilliant blue skies, and everywhere you go, the scent of wood-burning fireplaces fills the air. Quite simply, there is nowhere in the world quite like it. Shopping includes a stunning array of unique boutiques to be found down flower-lined alleyways or in small, outdoor shopping plazas. Even the most discriminating shopper is bound to find items of clothing, accessories, home décor and rare gifts at the Barnyard, the Crossroads, and Carmel Plaza. Among some of the finest restaurants is Aubergine at L’Auberge. A true gourmand experience, it is small, quiet and cozy with intimate touches that personalize the experience. For Asian influence fused with local seafood, don’t miss Flying Fish Grill, a perennial favorite for tourists and locals alike. Other worthy mentions are Casanova, La Balena and Mundaka. Small, cozy and lots of fun, Dametra Café is a marvelous place to enjoy Mediterranean food and to be serenaded by the chef and owner! (Go to www.Zagat.com for bestrated restaurants). Truly a golfer’s paradise, all together there are over 20 public and private golf courses on the Peninsula alone. One of the many excellent choices, and considerably less expensive than Pebble

visitors in 1958. The 90,000 square foot mansion houses a considerable collection of art and antiques and is open for public tours, including one by candlelight at night. During its heyday in the 1920s and 1930s, the Hollywood and political elite often visited, usually flying into the estate’s airfield or taking a private Hearstowned train car from Los Angeles. Among Hearst’s guests were Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, the Marx Brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Greta Garbo. Cary Grant, Bob Hope, James Stewart, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Visit hearstcastle. org for more information and to book a tour in advance.

Beach, is the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Links. The front 9 hits inland towards course-side homes, while the back 9 is as beautiful as any golf course on the coastline. Next on your drive south is Big Sur. The section of Highway 1 running through it was named the most popular drive in California in 2014 by the American Automobile Association and is widely considered to be one of he most scenic in the United States, and even the world. The views are dramatic, the experience, unforgettable. Besides sightseeing from the highway, Big Sur offers hiking, camping, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities. There are a large number of state parks, including McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer State Park, one of only two waterfalls on the Pacific Coast that plunge directly into the ocean. Among the places that draw visitors are the counter-culture Easlen Institute, the luxurious Ventana and Post Ranch Inns, and Nepenthe Restaurant. Continuing further south, another must-see is Hearst Castle, a National Historic Landmark built by William Randolph Hearst and located in San Simeon, the halfway point between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Designed by Julia Morgan in 1919, the site opened to

At the southern end of the Central Coast is Santa Barbara, a legendary city made famous for its Old World Spanish charm, bougainvillea-covered red tile rooftops, and a waterfront teeming with sailboats, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboarders, while the Channel Islands and whale spouts dot the horizon. Is it any wonder then that Santa Barbara is known at “The American Riviera?” Home to some of the best wines in California (think of the movie, Sideways), lush gardens and music festivals, as well as a variety of fine restaurants—Santa Barbara has it all. Award winning wineries are tucked away in the rustic Santa Ynez Valley, just north of Santa Barbara, along with worldclass horse ranches, the famous Chumash Casino and the Danish town of Solvang. One of the most storied hotels in California is San Ysidro Ranch. Nestled in the Montecito foothills, it has been a favorite destination for discriminating travelers for more than a century. Known for its natural beauty, romantic heritage and classic luxury, it was the wedding site for Vivien Leigh and Sir Lawrence Olivier and the honeymoon retreat for John and Jackie Kennedy. One of the many unique features of the Ranch, besides the fragrance of magnolias and

orange blossoms, are the private cottages that wind along the Ranch’s hillside creek. Built in classic bungalow-style, all are individually decorated, all have fireplaces or stoves and decks giving way to sweeping vistas and outdoor hot tubs. Get invigorated with a swim in the hillside pool or relax in the quiet pleasure of an in-cottage spa treatment. The Ranch provides guests with several premier dining choices, each offering herbs and vegetables grown in its organic gardens. San Ysidro has been highly recognized by the travel industry and has received many awards including the 2016 Wine Spectator’s Grand Award for The Stonehouse Restaurant. Santa Barbara wine tours are a wonderful way to create memories to last a lifetime. For example, try the Food & Photo Tour and experience eight food and wine tastings from local restaurants and artisans, while learning food photo tips and tricks from a pro. Santa Barbara Backroads offers the informality of Hummer wine tours, beer tastings or horseback tours, and will arrange private parties. Or if you prefer something fancier, look into Golden Limo Wine Tours, which gives attentive service to your every need and will book private tours for one to 25 people. Among the 50 states, each has its charms and landmarks, places that make it stand out. California certainly has many: San Francisco, the Napa Valley, Hollywood, Palm Springs and La Jolla to name just a few. But there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can compare to the natural beauty and uniqueness of the California Central Coast. For variety, beauty, accessibility and the extraordinary range of ways to enjoy the landscape, it wins the well-deserved title as “Home of the Original Road Trip.”

Carmel-by-the-Sea is famous for its picturesque look and feel of an English Village

Tuck Box Carmel California FABULOUSLY50.COM 27

Come to where European sophistication and raw island passion have fallen in love. Where boredom is a forbidden emotion. A magical place, called St. Maarten.


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Expedition Everest is the tallest of all the mountains at all of the Disney parks

Climbthe Mountains of Disney by Shari Lynn Rothstein-Kramer

Big Thunder


t’s your vacation…what to do? So much to explore, so many possibilities. Do you want calm and relaxation? Perhaps adventure and thrills? If the latter is what you crave, there are plenty of choices. How about mountain climbing? Or heading to Walt Disney World? Or better yet, perhaps combine the two and climb the mountains of Disney? How can that be? Disney’s in Orlando, Florida and Florida is flat. What mountains, you may ask? Well, how about Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Expedition Everest, and Big Thunder? That’s four options. Our advice: read up on each and then try ’em all. You’ll be so glad you did! FABULOUSLY50.COM 31

Space Mountain — Mountain to the Stars Before entering your adventure, behold the 42-year-old, 183-foot-tall structure that looms large, over the Magic Kingdom. Enticing. Exciting. Exhilarating. Exactly! Let the journey begin. As you advance toward the “mountain”, you’ll quickly realize this is not like any other. It lifts you not only up into the sky, but high into the universe. Wind your way through the stars, getting the feeling that you’re not on earth anymore. And this is just the beginning. You and five other space travelers will embark on your journey together. Lift off before you know it, rocketing up through tunnels heavy with neon lights, and then, down you go! This drop feels as though you’re moving at the speed of light, moving through a complex, detailed rack but here’s a little secret—the max speed is 28 mph. Really? Yes, really. And additional stats for those who want to know—Space Mountain is cone-shaped; it encompasses 4,508,500 cubic feet. The base of the structure, 300 feet and is composed of 72, 74-ton, ribbed slopes, which are pre-stressed concrete beams that come together to make the mountain. Anyway, back to the journey. As you plunge down, you’ll fly by the moon, stars, Milky Way; avoid crashing meteors and other space vehicles as your space odyssey continues and ultimately delivers you safely back on solid ground… and you thought you’d never see the day you went to outer space!


Splash Mountain — Fast-Paced Adventure Down in the Bayou If you’re a fan of flumes, Splash Mountain is for you. Again, another original concept from Disney, hop into a wooden log and then cruise the wild waters of the good ol' South. Along the way, meet more than 100 adorable Audio-Animatronic characters including Br’er Rabbit's, Br’er Fox, Br’er Bear and their friends who’ll sing you through the stops like Critter Cave, Br’er Fox’s Lair, the Fishing Place, the Old Swimming Hole and Br’er Rabbits home in the briar patch. Sounds like a breeze, huh? Just wait. As the log drifts along and everyone's singing to wellknown Disney songs such as “Zip-a-DeeDoo-Dah”, “Ev’rybody’s Got a Laughing Place” and “How Do You Do”, you don’t realize that you’re climbing up, up, up… and 87-feet high later, you’re at the top. And what goes up must come down. Whoosh…down the five-story waterfall you go. Sitting in the front? Hope you have a change of clothes, as yours will be sopping wet! Those in the back luck out. Just a splash and spray as you plunge downward and wind up in the basin for the 950,000 gallons of water that go into this attraction. Splash Mountain has been thrilling riders since 1992; each adventure lasts 11 minutes. Can you handle that?

Expedition Everest — The Need for Speed Something you’ll want to know: Expedition Everest stands almost 200 feet high and is the tallest of all the mountains at all the Disney parks all over the world. How about that? So, ready to start the climb? Okay, another something to know: There’s no climbing on foot. Take a seat aboard an old-school, steam-engine style train and get set to pilgrimage through the Himalayas. Not for the faint of heart, you’ll rip through sharp turns, scary twists, broken tracks, fog, ride backwards, an 80-foot drop among others, and one more thing—be prepared to venture deep into the mountains, where you’ll intrude on the dreaded Yeti at his home, something he really doesn’t like, and the Audio-Animatronic creature will be the first to let you know. Speed through the snow-topped, shadowy mountains on a mile-long journey until you finally make it out safe and sound.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Getting Crazy THE MOST RECENT AND UNIQUE MOUNTAIN GOES UNDERGROUND


hat’s crazy in a good way, of course! After all, it’s Disney. Time to get to work with those funny little men. Pass through the Enchanted Forest, through a tunnel in um, a mountain? Yup, except this one is underground. Ready to roll? Hop into a mine car, where you’ll go from a nice roll to speeding fast. Getting nervous? Having fun? Whatever you’re feeling, let it out by singing. Ready, begin: “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho…”

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Imagine that you’re back in the old west during the gold rush. Naturally, you want to get in on the action, so you head down to the Big Thunder Mining Co., which apparently has seen better days. But you won’t be deterred. Fifteen thrill-seekers board a converted ore car to take this perilous trek through what turns out to be a deserted mine shaft. You’ll encounter rushing waterfalls, sharp turns, massive earthquake and frightening landslides— all in pursuit of gold. The folks at Disney love authenticity so take notice of the buckets, cogwheels, mining equipment, ore carts and

more—all authentic and antique— and come from an old ghost town out west. Perfect for the 2.5-acre mountain, along with buildings, realistic red rock buttes, gorges, caverns and dried up river beds. At it’s highest point, the ride is 197 feet above sea level and offers chills and thrills to those who dare to ride. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad opened in 1980 in Frontierland. It took 900,000 gallons of water, 4,000 gallons of paint, and tons of steel and concrete to bring this exciting adventure to life. Insider Tip: For the biggest thrills, sit in the caboose. It doesn’t get much wilder then that!

Up you’ll go braving sharp turns, the countryside and deep into a mine shaft, all the while your rickety car feeling as though it may come off the track at any given moment. Finally, there they are: all seven dwarfs. But you can’t stop. Not now. Just passing through as you climb higher, higher, higher until you’re at the top. You know what’s next…down you go, speeding to the base of the mountain, behind a waterfall and gaze into Snow White’s cottage. Before you can say, “Whistle while you work” the rickety, rockin’ ride is over. For more information on how to plan your next Walt Disney World vacation visit: disneyworld.disney.go.com or call 407.939.5277



Hours in Miami’s Design District

by Shari Lynn Rothstein-Kramer



acationing in Miami? South Beach, we presume? Right around the millennium, ever ybody who was anybody or wanted to be somebody came to SoBe to “see and be seen”. You’d find the hippest clubs, the trendiest restaurants, and naturally, shopping ’til you dropped! South Beach became synonymous with “cool”.

Photo by Richard Patterson

And while it is still Mecca for out-oftowners, locals have taken notice of a new area, and have begun the migration northwest. Just seven miles away from the heart of South Beach and even less—five to be exact—from the Miami International Airport sits Miami’s newest “it” destination—The Miami Design District. Spearheaded by Craig Robins, gentrification of this 18-square-mile area began in the early 2000s. The area had fallen into disrepair; restoration would be a massive undertaking. But time and determination make all things possible. Buildings that had succumbed to “Urban Decay” were restored, new constructions built, the neighborhood slowly began showing signs of life. Little by little, businesses were coming back. Design studios and showrooms were the first to bite. Next came art galleries and exhibit spaces including

The Moore Building, a well-known multi-level event space. Architects and photographers followed suit, and then, in came restaurants. It was the appearance of the first luxury retailer that truly cemented the direction of the District. In 2009, Christian Louboutin opened its doors and that was all the luxury retail community—and high-end shoppers—needed to make this the new “place to be”. Most everything to see in the Miami Design District lives between 39th - 42nd Streets, N. Miami - NE 2nd Avenue. Let’s breakfast on Second Avenue and 39th Street at Crumb on Parchment (3930 NE 2nd Avenue; 305.572.9444). Florida’s culinary golden child, Michelle Bernstein’s latest offers a small but balanced breakfast menu. For homesick New Yorkers, the NY Style Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwich takes you home, but Floridians opt for Crumb Granola—grains, nuts and seeds with fresh fruit and Greek yogurt. Good and good for you. Now time to shop. Before leaving the building, pop into suite 204, a.k.a. Maman Fine Art Gallery (3930 NE 2nd Avenue; 305.571.3522; mamanfineart.com). At the time of this writing, polychrome ceramic pieces and installations produced FABULOUSLY50.COM 35

by Argentine artist, Nicolás Leiva, had just opened and shows through March. Exhibitions change and events happen so check the website … Head to 39th Street—fine art buffs, stop into Wolfgang Roth & Partners Fine Art (WRP) (201 NE 39th St., 305.576.6960; wrpfineart.com). In addition to everchanging gallery exhibitions, WRP sources fine art and luxury collectibles, and advises/guides clients as they build collections. Artists on their roster include David LaChappelle, Willem DeKooning, and Helmut Newton … Back-to-back galleries—enough culture for a while. 36 TRAVEL

Shopping starts at Miu Miu’s (190 NE 39th St., #115, 305.341.9342, m i u m i u. co m ) w h o s e fabulous femme fatale fashion features footwear, fragrances, bags, accessories, sunglasses and readyto-wear ... Always over-the-top, Versace (186 NE 39th St., 305.573.8345, us.versace. com) showcases all things awesome for men, women, boys, girls, and home … Where can you find the best scarves? At Hermes (163 NE 39th St., 305.868.-0118; hermes.com), of course. Don’t miss out … Just next-door is Christian Dior (162 NE 39th St., 305.576.4632; dior.com). Always

on the fashion forefront. Also, some of the best design inspiration in town … Next up, Boutique Cartier Miami (147 NE 39th St., 305.894.2960; cartier.com)—need I say more? Of course I must! Discovering each beautiful bracelet, ring, watch, fragrance, pair of eyeglasses—it’s like being in heaven … Located at 140 NE 39th Street is Palm Court, where you’ll find retailers such as Piaget , Hublot, Vhernier, Bvlgari, Abaco Wines, and Estefan Kitchen, Emilio and Gloria’s new upscale Cuban eatery … MDD’s two-story Louis Vuitton (140 NE 39th St., 305.573.1366; us.louisvuitton.com) offers new designs as well as the classics.

You could spend hours here but MDD offers so much, get your fix and move on … Best known for bags, luggage and leather goods, Longchamp (137 NE 139th St., 305.573.7500; us.logchamp. com) also offers shoes, ready-to-wear and accessories. Unfamiliar with Longchamp? Check it out now … Billfolds, blousons and belts, oh my! If you’re a man or you have a man, Ermenegildo Zegna (132 NE 39th St., 305.576.0179; zegna.com) is a “must-visit” … Sure, Tiffany & Co. (114 NE 39th St.,305.428.1390; tiffany.com) is everywhere but it always feels good knowing that you might walk out with that little blue box …

Timeless, classic and entirely glamourous, Givenchy (106 NE 39th St., 305.576.6250, givenchy.com) has everything a girl needs to feel gorgeous … Last stop on 39th Street is Kartell Miami (2 NE 39th St., 305.573.4010; kartell.com). Stop in to see what’s new (the Kabuki Standing lamp) and exciting (Kartell for Kids) in modern furniture. Hang a right onto 1st Avenue and another onto 40th Street and get ready for another block of great shopping!

But if yoga’s your thing, make a quick stop into Ahana Yoga (3806 NE 1st Ave., 305.456.5339; ahanayoga.com) to check it out. Offering 5 kinds of classes, courses and teacher training, it’s one of the best around. If you want to be able to tell your luggage apart from all the rest, get it from Rimowa Store Miami (115 NE 40th St., 305.576.2081; rimowa.com). This upscale luggage store specializes in premium-class aluminum and polycarbonate collections. Family-owned and operated, they pride


and accessories to be excited about. I love the uncluttered, funky store design …

themselves on the ideal balance of tradition and innovation … Stylish. Classic. Hip. Timeless. Urban. Rustic. Relevant. That’s Theory (101 NE 40th St., 305.576.0741; theory.com). I love this brand because the clothes make sense. They look great on women and men, young and mature, city-dwellers and suburbanites … Since 2002, Alice + Olivia (106 NE 40th St., 305.375.6056; aliceandolivia.com) has given ladies all kinds of clothing, shoes 38 TRAVEL

When art and fashion collide, the result is inside Roberto Coin (130 NE 40th St., 305.576.8084; en.rober tocoin.com). Get lost in collections of stunning Italian jewelry—earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets—everyone on staff is nice, so go in and try some on … Need new furniture? Don’t need anything but like to look? Christian Liaigre (137 NE 40th St., 305.808.3550; Christian-liaigre.us) is sure to please … Need to stop for a snack or a water? Brand new to MDD is OTL (160 NE 40th St., w.miamidesigndistrict. net/listing/510/otl/), a 7000-sq.-ft. resto and café

serving breakfast, light fare, snacks, and happy hour. Eat in, take out, it’s a great place to see what’s going on while reenergizing with healthy, tasty treats. So now, with a sandwich (made on Zak the Baker bread), wrap or pastry in hand, head over to Christian Louboutin (161 40th St. #104, 305.576.6820; us.christianlouboutin.com) for a late afternoon shoe fix. Who doesn’t get excited when they see the red soles of one of the best things to ever happen to footwear ... Another all-time favorite, Prada (180 NE 40th St., 305.438.2280; prada.com) is just a few doors away. Explore everything. You’ll never leave empty-handed … Before lunch, check out Design & Architecture Senior High (DASH – 4002 NE 2nd Ave., dashschool.org). The award-

winning public magnet school features a top-of-the-line art and design program along with academics … Walking is great exercise but there’s only so long you can go without refueling. Revive, relax and refuel at MC Kitchen (4141 NE Second Ave.; 305.456.9948; mck itchenmiami.com), an Italian eatery focusing on seasonal and local ingredients. The lunch menu has a little bit of everything—antipasti, salad, soup, panini, pasta, fish and “secondi”. Want decadence without the carbs? The Petite Filet Mignon and Chopped Lobster Cobb tastes as good as it sounds. But there’s no turkey. So what? Cobb salads are made for interpretation. This one combines bacon, bleu cheese, farm egg, heirloom tomatoes, butter lettuce, watercress, and buttermilk herb dressing with filet and lobster. Yum. Carb-friendly people, try pasta dishes and “designer” pizza (Brussels sprouts Black truffle, shrimp scampi, wild mushroom). No matter what you eat, it’s bound to satisfy. Now, let’s walk off the calories and see what’s new for your home. Stay right on 2nd Avenue until you hit 4141 Design Group (4141 NE 2nd Ave., 305.572.2900; 4141design. com), where you’ll find fabulous branded furniture and accessories. Each brand has its own sales specialist and interior designer to assist. Only in Miami … Also at 4141 NE 2nd is Design Within Reach (305.604.0037; dwr.com). It is a chain but for good-looking in- and outdoor furniture, it works … For more outdoor furniture, visit Inside Out 2 (4100 NE 2nd Ave., 305.576.5552; insideoutfla. com). No matter what your taste, you’ll find it here … Jonathan Adler (4040 2nd Ave., 305.576.0200; jonathanadler. com) offers all things colorful and relevant in home décor … Also at 4040 is the Institute of Contemporary Art (305.901.5272; icamiami.org), home to all things contemporary art. Come in, look around and be inspired. Tours available … Disguised as a boutique, Chrome Hearts (4025 NE 2nd Ave., 786.935.7384; chromehearts.com) offers artists a place to express themselves in the forms of jewelry, gift items, accessories and all things beautiful … You’ve probably shopped Marni (3930 NE 2nd Ave. #1000, 305.764.3357; marni.com) before, but

its collections of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, footwear, bags always seem to please … A great way to wind down is at Jalan Jalan (3921 NE 2nd Ave., 305.572.9998l; jalanmiami.com). Beautiful gifts, decorative accessories, home furnishings, furniture and more will keep you riveted until you leave happy, satisfied – and arms full of goodies. Shopping helps work up an appetite, and so do cocktails, so, where should you go? Double back down 40th Street to Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink (130 40th St., 305.573.5550; michaelsgenuine. com). Happy hour’s from 4:30-6pm, but even if you arrive after 6, find a seat at the bar and imbibe. Open since 2007, chef/ owner Michael Schwartz has worked to create a restaurant that appeals to everyone. And although the epitome of “trendy”, Schwartz envisioned (and achieved) a relaxed neighborhood place where locals could chill out, eat well— really well—without pretense. Using fresh local ingredients, simple preparations and pretty presentations, dishes come out unfussy and flavorful. Small, medium, large and extra-large plates make it easy to order—and taste—lots of items. Snacks such as Shrimp Toast “Bahn Mi”, Crispy Hominy, and Thick Cut Potato Chips make perfect nibbles. I love ceviche from the raw bar; Wood Oven Roasted Octopus (medium); and Wood Oven

Roasted Whole Snapper (ex-large). The kitchen serves until 11pm Mon.-Thurs.; midnight Friday and Saturday. When you’re through eating, you’ve got choices. The night’s still young and depending on what you like, there are many ways to spend the evening. Option #1: Hop an Uber to the Adrienne Arsht Center* (1300 Biscayne Blvd., 877.949.6722; arshtcenter.org) and see a play, concert or other performance. When that’s through, duck into a local bar for a nightcap and then home you go. Option #2: It’s time to go clubbing! Hop an Uber to E11even* (29 NE 11th St. 305.829.9211; 11miami.com), a 24/7 “Ultraclub” for dessert, entertainment, music, rooftop chilling and more. Stay all night or head over to Club Space* (34 NE 11th Street, 305.375.0001; clubspace. com) for more afterhours partying until the morning light … or Option #3. After a full day of walking around, eating and shopping, you’re exhausted. Pack up all of the goodies you purchased today and head for home. You’ve had many years of late night partying—tomorrow’s another day. *These venues are not in the Miami Design District.


App-SolutelyFabulous 1 4







by Shari Lynn Rothstein-Kramer and Ricki Black

Okay travelers, get ready to take on the world! Be it vacation or business, remember that everything (well, almost everything) you’ll need sits right on your smartphone. And on that phone live the apps that’ll help with trip planning, hotel booking, getting around foreign cities, exploring distant lands, and communicating easier. Here are a few of the best.

Planning & Booking: WeatherPro

Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: $2.99 Why you want it: With approximately 2 million available locations, those who need to know 7-day forecasts, radar and satellite images anywhere in the world can find it here. WeatherPro even gives you harsh weather alerts up to three days in advance (and we hear their forecasts are so accurate it’s frightening), so once you’ve booked your vacation, be sure to check the app often.


Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: free Why you want it: Peruse Airbnb to see and book rentable homes, apartments, and atypical spaces (like treehouses, underwater “pads” and the like), find cool places and “experiences” to do on your own or with local experts.

Flight Track 5

Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: $4.99 Why you want it: Tracking flights couldn’t be easier! When you want the details—all the details—on your (or someone else’s) flight status, arrivals, departures, delays, cancellations, gate changes…it’s all here.


Available on: iPhone, iPad Cost: free Why you want it: Stayful gives you access to awesome prices on about 1,700 boutique and independent hotel properties, the ability to book your room and then check in using only the app. (This means no more waiting on lines). Stayful serves as your personal concierge throughout the process.

XE Currency

Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: free Why you want it: It’s hard enough for some people to make change, much less convert US dollars to Euro or Yen. But it’s a necessity, and that’s why XE Currency was created. It constantly updates so you always have accurate, tothe-minute rates. You can also simultaneously monitor multiple currencies, calculate prices with XE’s converter, and personalize your settings.


Exploring: WiFi Finder

Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: free Why you want it: Download the app and get all the hotspots you can find—across the globe—for free. But what if the network is password protected? Then WiFi Finder provides you passwords—for free! Search by address, location name, or city. Just enter credentials and voilà—unlimited Internet in approximately 50,000 places worldwide.

Navigating: Uber

Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: free Why you want it: Who hasn’t tried Uber? Just in case, let us explain. Download the app. Punch in your destination. Learn your fare. Pick a car (there’s always an Uber car close by). Get in. Go. Pay with credit card, Apple Pay, Android Pay or PayPal. In some cities you can even use cash!


Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: free Why you want it: The app that deems itself “the Ultimate Transit Map.” Type in your destination. Select desired urban cities to find how to get there fast. Get back every mode of transportation--train, plane, automobile, bicycle, subway, and foot; there's even an Uber sync-up. Learn the cost, calories burned, various routes and more.

New York Subway

Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: free Why you want it: Even New Yorkers sometimes need a subway system refresher, so imagine outof-towners trying to navigate NYC subways. With colorful maps of NYC transit and detailed station info, you’ll never take a NYC taxi (or even an Uber) again—unless you want to.


Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: free Why you want it: This is GoogleMaps on steroids! Get on the road with hundreds of allies as everyone shares real-time information (traffic, accidents, road blocks) to make your commute way better. Get the best routes, to-theminute arrival times, delays, police alerts and more. Easy to use and super effective.

Trip Advisor Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: free Why you want it: This app has everything! Find tons of photos and reviews for millions of restaurants, hotels, destinations, museums, retail shops, airlines, bakeries, sports venues, parks and more. Get the best hotel rates and airfares, make reservations, download maps, find things to do wherever you are—and save your preferences. A trusted source to many, Trip Advisor makes your trip the best it can be! Bonus: it’s free and optimized to use minimal cellphone battery. Time Out

Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: free Why you want it: Make your city—or someone elses—your playground. Time Out lets you discover all the amazing “stuff” to do right in your own backyard. From iPic seats, ballet tickets, the best Acai bowl, and the best Wagyu steak to the charity fashion rescue ball, sporting events, and how to escape your beloved city for the weekend, this apps got it. Explore, share, enjoy!

Communicate: Google Translate

Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: free Why you want it: How do you say, “More cheese, please” in Finnish? Slovak? Swahili? Urdu? Wonder no more. Google Translate lets you know in 103 languages. Type it in and voila. Try two-way instant speech translations (conversation mode) in 32 languages and 37 by taking a picture of the words. No internet? No worries. You can still translate 52 languages. From everyday phrases to obscure expressions, when you need it in Mongolian, Thai or Turkish, you got it.


Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: free Why you want it: Doesn’t matter where you are or where you go–stay in touch with friends and family with What’sApp. Using your phone’s Internet connection, call, message, send pics, videos, have group chats, and voice mails at no charge (even internationally). Since it uses your phone and number, your contacts are easily accessible and there are no usernames or pins.









Simply Stellar Seven Stars. Extraordinary accommodations, personalized service, easy elegance and the spellbinding beauty that defines the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Toll-Free 866-570-7777 • SevenStarsGraceBay.com

lifestyle "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, b u t i n h a v i n g n e w e y e s ." -Marcel Proust



The elegant sheers are on all the windows… at night they give a shimmering effect… rather magical! This sunny space with its ever-changing, stimulating views, keeps the occupants occupied and in touch. The furniture in the living room was cleaned and repositioned in the new space. There had been a working fireplace in the previous apartment, and the clients loved it. A faux fireplace was created by installing a French-style-plaster mantle with a decoupage “tile” facing. We built wooden folding doors for above the mantle to conceal storage items.


At the end of the kitchen is a little nook that is practical and quite convenient as a bar or a great place for personal treasures.

fresh Chicago Redesign


n the case of Pat and Peter, my long time Chicago clients, their home speaks volumes about who they are and how they choose to live their lives. These dynamic people are 80, but their youthful spirit and positive outlook on life is ageless. They are socially very active and enjoy international travel. They are full of energy and vitality, and their new home décor reflects them perfectly. As often happens in life, opportunities can appear when we least expect them, and that’s exactly what happened to Pat and Peter. Out of the blue, along came a buyer who was eager to purchase their home in the Chicago suburbs, and so they decided to take a “why not?” approach to the offer and do something new and different. They found a condominium downtown — one that fit their needs perfectly. The building itself was ideal for


by Andrea Carmichael, ASID

them, located on Lake Shore Drive across from the Drake Hotel, with breathtaking views of Lake Michigan. With the added amenities that the building offered, the proximity to children and grandchildren, and the convenience and excitement of living in the city, they were thrilled with the prospect of starting their new life. The first thing they did upon purchasing the apartment was to give me a call asking me if I could come to Chicago to see their new place and to talk about how we could redecorate it. I put together an assortment of fabrics and wallpapers that I felt were representative of their taste and would freshen the look of what they had. It was clear that they wanted fresh but not all new case goods and upholstery. They were happy with what they were presently living with.

Upon arrival, I met the clients at their existing dwelling and refreshed my memory on details. We then sat at the dining table and quick, positive decisions were made. It was all flowing together seamlessly, and we were excited about the direction the project was taking. New beginnings are always an opportunity for rediscovery and to be excited about what lies ahead. This is particularly true as we get older. Now, with their new, freshly decorated apartment, which is reflective of their personalities, Pat and Peter feel energized and that they have a new lease on life. They feel that they are living a dream come true. “Why did we not move into town earlier?” Moving is never easy, but they are so stimulated by their new intown location and their beautiful new redo that it has all been worthwhile.

BREAKFAST ROOM The French-inspired pattern of the wallpaper is a serene spot to relax with the newspaper and morning coffee. The windows were frosted to diffuse the adjoining apartment house.


The red walls are repeated from the previous library and the Oriental-themed fabric gives the space a totally new look. The color energizes the clients while they watch television or take in the views of Lake Michigan. The matching wallpaper is installed on the walls of the bathroom.


Born on St Patrick’s Day, Pat, certainly depicts “wearing of the green” – thus the reason for the vibrant green walls. The overbed treatment and screens flanking the window are covered in a bright floral print. The hand-painted dressers blend in well from the previous apartment.


This room sports a new crystal chandelier. The chairs were reupholstered with flowers appliqued to a solid fabric on the inside back and a cut velvet livens the outside backs. It is reflective of the colors in the living room. Andrea Carmichael, Inc. Interior Deign, Remodeling and Home Building Residential and Corporate www.andreacarmichaelinc.com/contact.html


Sale Event. ..Save o n A l l Co l le c t io ns Brown Jordan · Barlow Tyrie · Gloster · Hanamint · Kingsley Bate · Lane · Malibu NCI · Outdoor Classics · Poly Wood · Pride · Telescope · Tuuci · Winston · Suncoast

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3060 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431 (561) 395-8035 CALL 1.800.PATIO.COM OR VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE MONDAY-SATURDAY 10AM-6PM, SUNDAY 11AM-5PM Greenwich • Ridgefield • Stamford • Westport • Mount Kisco • Scarsdale Southampton • King of Prussia • Rockville • Tysons Corner • Boca Raton

Abōd Shelters

Abōd Shelters Foundation Debuts in Florida with First Valiant Wealth Philanthropy Fundraising Mixer


agic happens when hearts align around a cause that rings true and demonstrates tangible impact on lives of those who suffer in severe poverty.

This magical feeling permeated the air at The Woods, Harbourside in Jupiter Thursday evening Dec 1st, 2016. Entrepreneurs, business owners and medical professionals gathered for the first Florida Valiant Wealth Africa Philanthropy Experience for the Abōd Shelters Foundation.


The “Invitation Only” event was created to raise funds for an Abōd Medical Center Surgery and Birthing Theaters in the heart of Abōd Tiny Home Village planned in Mbuguni, Tanzania operated by STEMM. org. The project broke ground in January 2017. Guests generously donated after hearing the real stories of how Abōd projects positively impact children and women’s lives. Ginny Shiverdecker, Valiant Wealth Director of Development and Abōd Shelters Foundation’s Executive Director, said,

Doug Vander Weide, the founder of Valiant Wealth and event sponsor, explained the Foundation’s purpose as first to democratize housing for the world’s neediest populations; more than four billion people live in below poverty conditions, a worldwide epidemic. Abōd sparked the trendy tiny home movement. Its distinctive design based on the catenary arch, connects emotionally with people from all parts of the world. The design is the result of a competition among architects of BSB Design, a nationally recognized firm of residential and commercial developments. The promise of this humanitarian design is Abōd: One House. One Day. One Family. The Abōd is delivered as a kit. It’s proven to be 50 percent less expensive, 80 percent faster to build and 100% longer lasting than traditional block housing. The Abōd is quite versatile. Abōd Villages are established in partnership with NGO’s in a growing number of Africa locations like Zambia where Abōds are devoted to dormitories for middle schoolage students and technology labs. In Ghana, Abōd homes are built for working families at a fish farm enterprise on Lake Volta, Asikuma. In Limpopo, Abōds serve as homes for children, teachers, and caretakers of a rural orphanage.

“The birthing center is the first step toward saving lives as more then 8,000 women die during child birth in Tanzania every year. By providing clinical settings and educating Maasai women to elevated midwifery practices, we can change the death rate and help prevent the high degree of cerebral palsy in children who are born in such poor conditions. “ To help bring the Abōd Village concept to life, guests could try on the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Glasses by Facebook to see how each Abōd could be designed as class rooms, homes, or medical facilities. To enhance the authentic African fun factor participants toured the Tesla Models S and X with product specialists. Tesla is founded by South African born Elon Musk. The personal stories and activities inspired guests to participate in the African Silent Auction featuring artisan jewelry, South African wine, tribal paintings, sculpture and one-of-a-kind handcrafted creations. In addition, guests were offered the chance to win an Abōd African Adventure Trip for two with Ty Pennington of Extreme Makeover fame, for a once in a lifetime learn, build and safari experience. Pennington signed on as Goodwill Ambassador two years ago. When asked if there would be a future event, Shiverdecker said, “Absolutely! Our intent is to start a conversation around our mission and make connections to build a community of like-minded people who care passionately about providing women and children stability that comes with better living conditions.” To learn more and donate go to www.abodshelters.com. FABULOUSLY50.COM 49

Marketing forBoomers—by Boomers

We are 77 million strong. We control 70% of the financial assets in the USA and 50% of all discretionary income. So why is less than 5% of advertising dollars directed at Baby Boomers? Introducing the Boomer Media Agency (BMA), the ad agency that understands the 50+ marketplace better than any other ad agency. Our proprietary platform, Boomer 360⁰, was created to give our clients a completely integrated approach to advertising, social media planning and buying. A concise strategic plan with implementation tactics directly target—and engage—the 50+ market.


Call us today for your free Boomer Consultation and let us help your business BOOM! Visit boomermediaagency.com or call Greg at 561-463-5005 to learn more.

Keeping your Personal Information ubs.com/team/eaglewmgroup Secure when you are Online In providing wealth management services to clients, we offer both investment advisory and brokerage services, which are separate and distinct and differ in material

Advice. investing. is laws and • For Also, be creative—think of a special it.contracts If someone in a household is using a ways.Beyond For information, includingFraud the different that govern, visit ubs.com/workingwithus. designation disclosures, visit ubs.com/us/en/ more prevalent than ever. Many people use the first letter of each computer for thisServices file sharing, then noof UBS AG.phrase designation-disclosures. © UBS 2017. All rights reserved. UBS Financial Inc. is a subsidiary Memberand FINRA/SIPC. are concerned about the impact that an word as your password. Substitute one else in the household should use instance of fraud can have on their financial numbers for some words or letters. For that computer for financial transactions accounts and credit rating. Here are some example, “I want to see the Pacific Ocean” or viewing account balances. important tips and actions you might could become 1W2CtPo. Don’t keep a Safely dispose of personal consider taking to protect yourself. list of your usernames and passwords information when disposing of on your computer. If you do maintain a your computer or mobile device Protect your data list, make sure it is appropriately secure. • Ensure your information will be protected • Before you dispose of a computer, use Be alert to impersonators before you send personal information wipe utility software to overwrite the • Make sure you know who is receiving using your laptop or smartphone via a entire hard drive to permanently erase your personal or financial information. public wireless network in a coffee shop, all of your the personal information. Don’t give out personal information on library, airport, hotel or other public the phone, through the mail or over place. If you use an encrypted website, • Before you dispose of a mobile device, the Internet, unless you’ve initiated the it protects only the information you send check your owner’s manual, or the contact or know who you’re dealing with. to and from that site. If you use a secure device manufacturer’s website for wireless network, all the information details on how to delete information • If a company that claims to have an you send on that network is protected. permanently, and how to transfer account with you sends an e-mail information to a new device. asking for personal information, do not • Keep your Internet browser secure. A lock click on any links in the e-mail. Instead, icon on the status bar of your Internet • Before removing the SIM card or contact customer service by visiting browser means your information memory card from your mobile device, the company’s website or calling the will be safe when it’s transmitted. it is important to erase the phone customer service number listed on your Look for the lock and verify that the book, lists of calls made and received, account statement, and ask whether website you’re visiting is legitimate voicemails, text messages sent and the company really sent a request. before you send personal or financial received, organizer folders, web search information online. You can also guard history and photos. your online transactions, by using Don’t overshare on social encryption software that scrambles the Keep your devices secure networking sites information you send over the Internet. • Install anti-virus software, anti• If you post too much information spyware software and firewall about yourself, an identity thief could • Do not use unsecure e-mail to send protection to keep your computer potentially find information about personal or account information. Look secure. Set your preferences to your life, use it to answer ‘challenge’ for alternative communication methods update these protections often. questions on your accounts, and get to transmit sensitive information. access to your money and personal If you decide to use e-mail, mask • Protect against intrusions and infections information. Consider limiting information, encrypt it or passwordthat can compromise your computer access to your social networking protect any personal information. files or passwords by installing pages to a small group of people. security patches for your operating • Only keep financial and personal systems and other software programs. • Never post your full name, Social information on your computers (laptops Security number, address, phone and desktops) and devices when • Don’t open files, click on links, or number or account numbers necessary. Don’t use features that save download programs sent by strangers or on publicly accessible sites. your user name and password and by familiar individuals if anything seems out of place. Opening a suspicious file always log off when you’re finished. • Also, be careful about the level of could expose your system to a computer That way, if your device is stolen, personal information made available virus or spyware that captures your it will be harder for a thief to get about you and your family members passwords or other sensitive information access to your personal information. in publicly accessible records, such as you enter. birth and wedding announcements and • Make sure that any file sharing software obituaries. Keep passwords private installed on your computer or other • Use strong passwords with your laptop, devices is properly configured so that For more information on this credit, bank, and other accounts. only the desired information, and not topic, please contact Colleen Vary your passwords—use different the entire hard drive, is accessible. To Hasey Schuhmann, CRPC, at UBS passwords for your e-mail account(s), view financial accounts online or enter Financial Services in Boca Raton, your online financial institutions or credit card transactions consider using directly at 561-367-1817. other websites that contain extensive a computer or device that does not personal or financial information. have file sharing software installed on


encore Entrepreneurship


hen you think of a start-up entrepreneur, the image in your mind is likely a twentysomething dressed in jeans and a hoodie. Contrary to public perception, new entrepreneurs are not college drop-outs creating the next big thing in their parents’ basement. Palm Beach SCORE Certified Mentors can attest to the fact that the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs is over the age of 50 with many of those above 60. They’ve invested decades in a career working for others and are now eager to use their knowledge, passion and life experience toward building their own company on their own terms. Add to this trend that women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men and you have the paradigm shift away from “Grandma” identified by her grey hair and fresh cookies. The Fabulously 50 Woman of 2017 is an energetic, calculated, passionate business woman. After spending decades “working for the man”, she knows exactly how she wants to structure her company. If you stop to look, examples are everywhere. Consider the story of ultimate image coach, Pamela Toussaint, who spent four decades with Fortune 100 companies working in Corporate HR and

by Penny Pompei Operations leadership positions. Giving up on getting real satisfaction from her corporate job, she decided to launch her own personal re-branding campaign and leave corporate America behind. Now, her company works with entrepreneurs, teaching self-awareness and how to make personal brands work with company brands. She is a grandmother of four who lives in Palm Beach. She is also a published author of “The Audacious Woman,” as well as a keynote speaker, a corporate trainer and an adjunct professor. No grey hair here and her 50th birthday has long since passed. Need more convincing? Consider this: a mother of eight and grandmother of six, who is married to a licensed/ certified commercial truck driver. The entrepreneurial bug bit and the desire to start their own trucking company hit but they were hopelessly in debt. Cheryl and Bernard Hawthorne contacted Palm Beach SCORE four years ago to request a mentor who would help them figure out how to fulfill their dream. They knew it would be tough, but with Cheryl’s administrative skills and Bernard’s pristine safety and on-time delivery record, they had the passion to make the sacrifices needed to fulfill their dream. SCORE mentors, Jim Peterson and Ken Hawthorne (no relation, just coincidence), were very clear about what Cheryl and

Bernard had to do to clean up their debts before they could launch their business. Leaving that meeting with a goal-list including deadlines and checkmarks, they decided to give up their home and live in their 18-wheeler until they could get out of debt. Today, just two years later, they own the big truck free and clear and Hawthorne Trucking enterprise is a very profitable business. Again, not a grey hair to be found. There are thousands of stories just like this in Palm Beach County alone. The Baby Boomers and even the Silent generation before them are reinventing senior citizenship. Rocking chairs and gold watches have given way to ergonomic computer chairs and iWatches. For Palm Beach SCORE mentors, all of whom are volunteers, helping others achieve personal reinvention is extremely gratifying.

Penny Pompei is a serial entrepreneur having launched three of her own businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area and several others in partnership with others throughout the country. She has relocated to South Florida and is now a volunteer mentor with Palm Beach SCORE and serves as their Chapter Chair. FABULOUSLY50.COM 53

the Gray Divorce A GROWING TREND FOR BABY BOOMERS by Shari Lynn Rothstein-Kramer


emember back in the day when the men went to work to earn money and the women stayed home raising the children, cleaning the house, and preparing dinner? It was socially “acceptable” for men to go out and drink, run around, and come home late—without a word to the wife. It was less then ideal for the ladies, but we did what we had to do. Now, after years of unhappiness and tolerating unacceptable situations because we had to—we’re done! It’s 2017 and the social tides have turned. Ladies, it’s time to do what you want, with whom you want, however you want. The children are grown, housekeepers are readily available and sometimes we just don’t feel like cooking … Okay, so there’s more to it then that. After years together, couples grow apart,

they may want different things, they might fall out of love … anything can happen but why it happens isn’t important. It’s what happens next that counts. Women of all ages—50s, 60s, 70s, even 80s—are going back to school, seeking out satisfying (and lucrative) careers, and making themselves happy. Unfortunately, divorce is often a bi-product. “The Gray Divorce” as it’s called, is a growing trend. More and more women over the age of 50 are taking the plunge. Fabulously 50 sat down with Vicki Townsend and Liz Becker, co-founders of NACP (National Association of Divorce Professionals), an organization dedicated to bringing quality divorce professionals together so that they can ease the burden of the divorce process for women and men going through it, see what it’s all about and see why it’s happening.

It’s 2017 and the social tides have turned. Ladies, it’s time to do what you want, with whom you want, however you want.




Fabulously 50: What exactly is the Gray Divorce? Vicki Townsend: It’s a trend in divorce for people over 50. For the first time ever, women are successful in business. We’re earning our own money so we aren’t dependent on anyone. The kids are out of the house. There’s no stigma. And so, women are asserting their independence and getting divorced. Liz Becker: The Gray Divorce is about women’s empowerment. We are stronger now; more then than ever before. We’re also not alone. There are support groups.

Fab50: Is that why you created NADP? How did the organization come about? Vicki: When I was getting divorced, there was no one there to help me. I didn’t know who to talk to or where to turn. I created CafeD.com, a website dedicated to people going through a divorce. Good information, but it was overwhelming to the consumer. NADP started November 2014.

Fab50: What is the NADP? Vicki: It’s the National Association of Divorce Professionals. It’s a network of vetted professionals who are there to help people going through a divorce. It’s never easy and there’s so much to think about— finances, real estate, children, assets—so we have all kinds of professionals that make the process easier. Fab50: So the NADP helps the consumer? Liz: Until now, we’ve been a B-2-B business. We’ve only dealt with the people who deal with the consumer. We’re changing that. We’re creating a directory for consumers.

Fab50: So, are you changing your business model? Vicki: No, but we have information that will help those going through the divorce. By making this information available, they’ll be able to find the right professionals. Did you know that the national average for divorce [time] is two years? You’re in a fog the whole time. You can’t help it … people need assistance. Anyone going through a divorce will need help finding the “normalcy” in his/her life.

Fab50: Who are your members? Vicki: Anyone involved in the divorce process. Our members are heavily vetted. They must be licensed, in good standing, have good references…only the best get in. Liz: We have all kinds of attorneys— litigation, divorce, adoption, real estate, estate planning, tax…mental health professionals, child therapists, financial advisors, bank professionals, title and mortgage companies, even professionals to help sell or divide art collections, jewelry, and other assets and so many others. Fab50: Do you see differences in younger people divorcing versus the Gray Divorce? Vicki: Divorce is a horrible thing. Everything changes—no matter what age. But after living together for years, possessions accumulate. Because there’s “more”, it can be more difficult to decided who gets what. And [the children] of a Gray Divorce are generally older. Fab50: If you had to make one statement about The Gray Divorce, what would it be and why? Liz: It’s a trend that’s not a trend. The numbers are going up. It’s not going away.

Where can a family like mine turn? For some of life’s questions, you’re not alone. Together, we can find an answer. Families have changed. So has financial advice. In UBS Investor Watch 3Q 2015, investors were nearly evenly split between being part of a traditional family and a modern one—like a blended family, same-sex couple or older first-time parent. Get advice that’s right for your family. Your UBS Financial Advisor can help.

Eagle Wealth Management Group UBS Financial Services Inc. Boca Center Plaza 1800 North Military Trail, Suite 300 Boca Raton, FL 33431 561-367-1817 800-937-7071

Colleen R. Schuhmann, CRPC® Vice President–Wealth Management Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM

ubs.com/team/eaglewmgroup In providing wealth management services to clients, we offer both investment advisory and brokerage services, which are separate and distinct and differ in material ways. For information, including the different laws and contracts that govern, visit ubs.com/workingwithus. For designation disclosures, visit ubs.com/us/en/ designation-disclosures. © UBS 2017. All rights reserved. UBS Financial Services Inc. is a subsidiary of UBS AG. Member FINRA/SIPC.



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www.creations4youonline.com for more information.



Getting your business noticed.

online dating


I’m Back …

ince my last article, my latest dating adventures took me to La Grange, Georgia, where I enjoyed a “Southern style” Thanksgiving in an old church renamed Taste of Lemon. The next day, off to Franklin, Tennessee, to meet one of the town’s four judges, a charming Southern gentleman, looking dapper in his black pin striped suit. We talked for hours about the town, people and dating. Two women who were listening to my conversation tapped me on my shoulder and whispered, “What are the secrets of online dating?” Unfortunately, I had to tell them, there are no secrets, however, I did give them some of pointers!

The next day, my travels took me to the famed Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville. When in Nashville, y’all must go to the renowned, Blue Bird Café an intimate little club with the best original acoustic music you’ll ever hear! Wait, did I just say “y’all?” So, I know what you’re thinking … Francesca … in the South … where’s Sweet Home Mr. Alabama? Well, I went back in time (one hour) and visited Mr. A’s world. More on that another time. My next journey took me to the beautiful Renaissance Hotel in downtown Montgomery, a town filled with so much history—and the home of Hank Williams! That evening I heard great music coming from the outside lobby. It was there I met Joe (actually, Jose), an interesting, welltraveled gentleman who introduced me to tequila with an orange instead of lime. I enjoyed my first shrimp and grits dinner, tequila was flowing, incredible music played … another magical evening! Time passed too quickly. Before I could say, “I love online dating”, the woman sitting next to me on the plane

noticed my Fab 50 magazine. We began talking when she shared her love story with me. They met at an ice skating rink on Long Island. She was 15, he 16. After some fun and laughter on the ice, they learned that they both attended the same high school. He began meeting her after school. He carried her books and walked her home. This lovely woman shared with me how she remembers their first date (30 years ago)—and their first kiss. He became her first boyfriend. They were falling in love. They’d kiss every chance they could — but nothing more! She was a good Catholic girl—kissing was all that was allowed. It was the extent of their affection during the three years they dated. After those three years, his hormones were begging for more, however he respected her morals and looked elsewhere for “other” girls. Peer pressure took over and they eventually broke up. She was heartbroken. Time heals all wounds... sort of. She did eventually rebound, marrying her friend’s cousin right after graduating high school. When her first love heard that she married, he was devastated. She then found out that he too married. During their respective marriages, they both had daughters with the same first names and in-laws and sons with the same first names in the medical field...too many coincidences. She moved to Florida; he stayed on Long Island. They were each married to their spouses more than 25 years. Fast Forward … when she decided to go on Facebook, little did she know that her first love also began his Facebook page. A week later she received a message from him asking if she remembered

Illustrations by Carlos Marrero

adventures in

him. They reconnected and spoke for hours, reminiscing about the past. They were kindred spirits. By now, she’d divorced; he was in the process of getting divorced. He told her that throughout his marriage, when he’d look up at the sky, he’d think, “Who really knows me”? And her name would come to mind. He eventually moved to Florida to be with her. It wasn’t long before he asked her to marry him. They’ve been together for three years now; extremely happy and grateful they’d been given a second chance at finding their true love! Now that I’m back in Florida I think of all the wonderful love stories I’ve heard. I honestly believe, there are no coincidences. My Southern experience was simply Fran-tastic. Until next time,

Francesca FABULOUSLY50.COM 57

bon appétit " Your diet is a bank account. G o o d f o o d c h o i c e s a r e g o o d i n v e s t m e n t s ." -Bethenny Frankel



Authentic Italian Cuisine made from the freshest ingredients. Private Parties | Corporate Events Rehearsal Dinners | Bridal Showers | Catering 5999 Federal Highway | Boca Raton, FL 33487 | 561.994.3495


Arturo’s Ristorant

By Shari Lynn Rothstein-Kramer


s there anyone you know who doesn’t like Italian food? Me neither. Universally loved, Italy has given the world a cuisine with an abundance of delicious dishes. Over the years, Italian cooking has made its way to America, chefs setting up kitchens all over the country. Some have adapted their cooking styles to suit the American palate, while others remain true to the ways of “the old country”. But no matter which way your favorite eatery makes its meatballs, crafts its cacciatore or whips up its pasta fagioli, what really counts is that it satisfies your craving for hearty, delicious fare. Thankfully, many of those chefs have selected South Florida (even more specifically, Palm Beach and Broward counties) to call “home” So, next time you’re hankering for homemade manicotti or lasagna—but don’t feel like actually cooking—head to one of these local places for the next best thing.


Next time you’re hankering for homemade manicotti or lasagna—but don’t feel like actually cooking— head to one of these local places

Arturo’s Ristorante What does it take to be a successful restaurant in a town like Boca Raton? In business for nearly 34 years, Arturo’s seems to know the secret. Perhaps it begins with the venue, which proprietor Arturo Gismondi, designed to resemble a Tuscan-style villa. Then bring in “employees” who really care. Arturo’s son, Vincenzo, Vincenzo’s wife, Rosaria and their five daughters have made the restaurant their world. Next, come up with amazing recipes, which Arturo did—in abundance. As with all true Italians, his menu is plentiful, his preparations uncomplicated. Using the finest and freshest ingredients available, dishes such as Linguine con Vongole, Capelli d’Angelo al Filetto di Pomodoro, Scaloppina di Vitello Piccata and Risotto (to name a few) are perfection. Order the

Caesar salad and Spaghetti alla Gismondi (smoked salmon, onions, marinara, touch of cream, flambé with vodka) and watch your meal prepared tableside. Appetizers are served via pushcart, which is pushed from table to table. Vincenzo’s eldest is the pastry chef. She creates the restaurant's desserts on premise. Custom cakes can also be ordered. If that’s not enough, Arturo’s offers guests (up to 16) the option to dine in the underground wine cellar—a cool and rare treat in South Florida. There are even private event rooms available for larger groups. Open for lunch and dinner on weekdays; Dinner only on Saturdays and Sundays. 6750 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton, 561.997.7373. www.arturosrestaurant.com.

Cafe Martorano/ Martorano’s Italian American Kitchen For nearly 27 years, locals and tourists have been flocking to celebrity chef Steve Martorano’s South Florida restaurants. His first, Café Martorano, opened its doors in a modest space in a strip of shops on the corner of A1A and Oakland Park Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale. Cooking with only the finest, freshest ingredients, Martorano created a cuisine that won him accolades. Serving them in a lively, inviting atmosphere won him customers that keep coming back for more. It’s a scene. People-watch from your table or the bar, while listening to music and eating Martorano’s classic Italian American comfort food. The second eatery came 20 years later when Martorano’s Italian American Kitchen opened up in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL. This time, he had a name and a larger space but his theory remained the same—the best ingredients yield the best food. Dine on Martorano’s signature meatballs, eggplant stacks, rigatoni & Sunday gravy, Bucatini Carbonara, Veal Picatta, Chicken Parmigiana and many other mouth-watering specialties. Music and movies play a major role in shaping the dining environment. On Fridays and Saturdays, a DJ spins tunes while old movie clips play. It’s a feast for all senses! 3343 East Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, 954.561.2554; 5751 Seminole Way, Hollywood, 954.584.4450. www.cafemartorano.com

Martorano’s delish signature dish, the Eggplant Stack

Casa D’Angelo Ristorante Once upon a time, acclaimed restaurant, Casa D’Angelo, existed only in Broward County. People came from all over to taste chef Angelo Elia’s TuscanItalian food they’d been hearing so much about. And they weren’t disappointed. Once they tried his Fettuccine Bolognese (pasta with veal & beef ragout, Reggiano), Risotto Porcini (velvety smooth creamy rice with porcini mushrooms and white truffle oil)

or oh, the grilled Veal chop, they were hooked. So, 10 years later, Chef Angelo found his Boca location. Both eateries feature contemporary décor, creating a smart, trendy atmosphere that draws you in. Ideal for romantic dinners, special occasions or small gatherings, you’ll find “happy-to-assist” servers, a thorough menu (it’s comprehensive but not overwhelming; dish composition is spot-on), and an award-winning wine list. Specials such as fresh fish, veal Osso Buco, various seafood dishes and more change daily. Using the freshest, highest-quality ingredients ensures that no matter what you order, it’s going to taste great. Open for dinner only, reservations are recommended. 171 E. Palmetto Park Rd., Boca Raton, 561.996,1234; 1201 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale, 954.564.1234. www.casa-d-angelo.com. FABULOUSLY50.COM 61

Novello Restaurant & Bar When you’re in the mood for seriously delicious authentic Italian cuisine, head to Novello in Boca Raton. Although located right on Federal Highway, it somehow seems off the beaten path, making it ideal for those who like a “find”. Inside is warm and inviting; the décor is subtle, pleasant, refined creating a comfortable, upscale environment for those who love to dine. Chef and co-owner Angelo Romano and his partner, Marco Turano, take food seriously. Ingredients are predominantly sourced locally; freshness is key, which is one of the main reasons for Novello’s exceptional fare. Selections abound. Begin with any one of almost a dozen “Antipasti/Insalate” including Caprese, Caesar, Grilled Vegetables, Polpetta (Veal meatball with Sheep milk ricotta) and Alici Marinate (white anchovies, roasted bell pepper, artichokes). Looking for “simply exquisite”pasta or risotto? Spaghetti Pomodoro comes together via four ingredients: spaghetti, San Marzano tomatoes, Basil and E.V.O.O. or Housemade Gnocchi (ricotta dumpling, vodka sauce). What more could you need? Perhaps a more involved dish to adore is

Risotto Frutti di Mare (creamy risotto with jumbo shrimp, clams, mussels, scallops). Last but not least—we assume you’ve brought your appetito—Secondi Piatti comes next. Now is really the time to dig in. Shrimp Livornese or Francese; Chicken Parmigiana or Scapariello, or Veal Piccata, Sorrentino, Marsala and so many others. How does one choose? Open for lunch, brunch and dinner, this hidden gem is definitely one to try! 5999 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton, 561.994.3495. www. novelloboca.com

at the red Venetian chandeliers and brick walls. Outside, oversized chess and bocce sets await guests who want to play. Open for brunch, lunch and

dinner. 4520 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens, 561.630.9899. 290 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, 561.278.9570; www.vicandangelos.com.

Vic & Angelo’s Enoteca True Italian dining at it’s best is nothing short of a celebration. Each time family and friends sit down to eat, meals become feasts. Steeped in tradition, Vic & Angelo’s prides itself on authenticity. In order to keep it real, the folks at V&A have trekked the world over. Stops in New York and Italy have resulted in the freshest ingredients, genuine techniques, specific styles and essential recipes adopted by and adapted for the restaurant. The result is wonderfully real Italian cuisine; hand-rolled, coal oven cooked pizza (secret ingredient: water brought in from Brooklyn), “gravy”/sauces made with imported San Marzano tomatoes, “farm fresh” salads, pastas, and “secondo” such as Veal Parmigiano, Picatta di Pollo, and Risotto al Tartufo, in which diners are treated to tableside truffle shaving. Sit at the bar, table or banquet and pour through V&A’s carefully curated wine list or sip on a hand-crafted cocktail while gazing 62 BON APPÉTIT


For 33 years the family tradition continues...



Open daily for dinner and lunch (M-F) and special events for parties of 6-150. Live music nightly.

6750 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton | 561-997-7373 | www.ArturosRestaurant.com

Dance, Prance, Dine Romance



Nowadays, baby boomers make up about 65 million of the general US population and are proving that just because you’re 50, 60, 70, or even 80-something, you don’t have to go to bed early. 64 BON APPÉTIT

by Nada Vergili

et’s face it: the image of retirement we might have in our minds is a gray-haired person sitting on a porch swing, holding a glass of iced tea, waiting for their grandchildren to come visit. This isn’t only outdated but it’s purely fictional. Nowadays, baby boomers make up about 65 million of the general US population and are proving that just because you’re 50, 60, 70, or even 80-something, you don’t have to go to bed early. In fact, today’s retiree is more fitness-oriented, more fashionable, and more inclined to go out on the town than any previous generation.


and food trucks than swanky dining experiences, many owners of local hotels, clubs, and restaurants have decided to focus their menus, entertainment, and cocktail lists on a mature, sophisticated, dynamic and lively crowd.

With much more buying power than most 20-somethings who might be more interested in happy-hour specials

Let’s also not forget that south Florida is one of the most populated regions in the nation, and because of its multi-

And, truthfully, is there any better place to “shake your booty” than South Florida? Besides the beautiful beaches we can enjoy year-round, mild winter temperatures, and loads of sunshine, our State offers plenty of entertainment options for all ages. In this tropical paradise, it’s easy to escape our daily routine and find something fun to do on just about any given day.

cultural nature, the choices are endless: from Latin American-themed restaurants to Caribbean-inspired beach getaways, Italian bakeries, and everything in between. While many full-time residents might complain about the increased traffic, longer lines at grocery store check-outs, and crammed parking lots, winter brings a calendar of events brimming with festive opportunities to wear your sparkly dresses, dust off your tux, and put on that ritzy swagger for a night on the town. If timeless glitz and glamour are indeed your thing, head over to the exclusive setting of the Royal Room at Palm Beach’s classy and iconic Colony. This year’s line up is filled with dazzling international performers who’ll transport you back to the stylish elegance and sophistication of the 1950’s and 60’s, featuring regular performances by local celebrities, Jill and Rich Switzer, on-air personalities for Legends Radio. I had the pleasure of going there for the kick-off of the “Supper Club with Jill & Rich” series and it was phenomenal, a night filled with dancing, special guest performances, and incredible food. Seating just 100 guests, the room’s cabaret-style atmosphere allows you to enjoy top-notch live music, distinctive service, and world-class dining. Upcoming performances include: Steve Tyrell (Mar. 7-11 & 14-18); Marilyn Maye (Mar. 21- 25); Curtis Stigers (Mar. 28 - 31 & Apr. 1). For more information and reservations, visit: http://www.theroyalroom.com/ events/ As a fan of palm trees and frozen margaritas, I love an instant tropical getaway, especially when I don’t have to go through security. When I want to feel like I’m chillin’ in the Keys, watching the boats come in, yet still be within a short drive of my house, I head over to the Old Key Lime House in Lantana, which has become an institution for South Floridians. Dress code: flip-flops, smiling faces, and sunscreen. Nighttime turns the place into a big, floating party boat. Go there to enjoy the crispy coconut Mahi Mahi fingers with mango sauce, hang out with locals, gaze at the sunset, and sip a frozen margarita by the huge Tiki bar (that overlooks the Intracoastal). Kick back, enjoy live music, and set your clock to island time. For menu and entertainment

schedule, visit: http://oldkeylimehouse. com/live-music/1823441 If you prefer a light-hearted, laughterfilled evening in a romantic setting, check out the Delray Playhouse, located on the edge of Lake Ida Park in the historic Lake Ida neighborhood in Delray Beach. Some say this hidden gem is a “local’s secret that shouldn’t get out.” But with quality entertainment, it’s worth sharing. The Delray Playhouse opened its doors in 1947 and is now in its 70th season. More popular than ever, tickets run only $30 per person…no wonder most of its shows sell out quickly. Its upcoming line up includes: “Once Upon a Mattress” (March 25 – April 9). For more information and tickets, go to: http://delraybeachplayhouse.com For jazz, blues, soul, and rock n’ roll lovers, nothing beats the intimate ambience of the Arts Garage in Downtown Delray Beach. Not just a place to see live music performances, this is where you can feel, touch, and breathe music in its purest raw, unfiltered form. Enjoy dinner in one of Delray’s many amazing restaurants before heading over to experience world-renown musicians that will touch your heart, mind, and soul. Coming up: Jethro Tull’s Martin Barre Band (March 3 & 4); Cedric Burnside Project (March 10); Breadcrumbs (March 11 & April 9); Catherine Russell (March 11); Victor Gould Trio (March 18); Frank Vignola & Vinny Raniolo (March 24). For tickets and information: http://www.artsgarage.org/

If you’re in the mood for some of the region’s freshest seafood, dining al fresco, and a laid-back but yet modern, stylish atmosphere, try Carmine’s Ocean Grill in Palm Beach Gardens, offering live entertainment every Thursday & Friday on its sprawling deck overlooking the marina. For reservations: http://www.carminesog.com/ Are you craving a piece of Manhattan nightlife with hand-crafted cocktails and delicious food? Take a drive to Jupiter for an evening to remember at Craft Bar & Kitchen, where the atmosphere and patrons are as eclectic and original as its music bands. With a twist on New American cuisine, the specialties range from Asian-inspired to Mediterranean. Try a classic spiced Manhattan or Old Fashioned, or choose from the extensive selection of craft beers. As you find yourself bobbing to the music, you’ll want to try more of their tasty small bites. Check them out here: http://craftbarkitchen.com/ Whether you’re an opera and classical music fan or not, you just can’t miss the upcoming season of the Palm Beach Opera, which promises stunning performances at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, such as Giuseppe Verdi’s Rigoletto (March 10-12). For tickets and more information: http://pbopera.org/ With all the opportunities we have to enjoy the beautiful Florida winter weather and entertain ourselves, our families, and friends, there are no excuses to stay home and watch Netflix.

Get out there, have fun, and keep thriving!


fitness & health "Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very i m p o r t a n t f o r g o o d h e a l t h ." -Dalai Lama 66 FITNESS & HEALTH

Renew. Rejuvenate. Reverse.

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olidays often include travel and whether you’re single or coupled, travel often includes sex. Many people claim “vacaysex” is hotter, more experimental and more connecting than at-home intimacy and there are some pretty solid reasons why. First, there are no day-to-day distractions, nor time commitments. Secondly, you have time to focus on you (or yourselves). Thirdly, you can create a new persona while away. Be more assertive, more playful, and/or more sexually inquisitive. Why do people/couples vacation? Often, to reconnect, re-ignite and/or explore intimacy/ sexuality. I’ve heard, “We’ve been together forever. How can we introduce new? I’m shy about talking.” Fair enough. You also probably felt shy when you two first got together. The shy-confident-shyconfident cycle is part of our lives and in the area of sexuality and intimacy. Then, there are those who say, “Bring it on. What’s new? What do others do?”

by Lou Paget

Beginner Permission I am giving you “beginner permission”. Beginners aren’t expected to know, but they do have permission to learn, explore, and goof up without judgment or criticism. Sexuality is an appetite. I highly doubt your food and beverage appetites have stayed the same after 10, 25 or 40 years! New things have been introduced and blended with old favorites. Comfort sex is like comfort food. You know what to expect. Now let’s add to your buffet of sexual/intimate behaviors. They’ll begin in a strange place and can return to your home (along with your passport). We’re students in many areas throughout our lives. The fun and pleasure of sexuality should certainly be one of those!

Get ready for pleasure ahead! If you plan your itinerary and select your wardrobe, so also must you prepare for your anticipated travel sex life and intimacy.


New Behavior – Added Anxiety – More Intense Sexual Reactions Isn’t it funny that we interpret “new” in relationships and intimacy as slightly unsafe and scary, when it’s actually the doorway to increased desire, anticipation and for many, expanded sexual pleasure. Intercourse is only one way to be intimate. Dr. Bernie Zilbergeld, a legend in the field of male sexuality (and one of my mentors), said about his clients who were 50plus and referred to themselves as “great lovers”, that for many of them, intercourse wasn’t an option due to dyspareunia (painful intercourse), chronic conditions, medications or physical limitations. They did what lovers do when faced with challenges— they got creative.

Step 1: Getting Ready Ask yourself/your partner, “What do you want to do or accomplish on this vacation?” Blend that with your sexual intentions: see sites, relax in loungers, volunteer, educate or sleep. Once you know your vacation’s intent, you can focus your attention on your vacation sex/intimacy prep details. Try new toys, hammock sex, massage one another, erotic yoga, sex with a hot stranger, sex on a golf course … whatever it is, get your brain engaged because that is your largest sexual organ. You create what you think about in all areas of your life, especially sexually. Remember your sex life and intimacy doesn’t start in a box or bottle. It starts in the six inches between your ears. As any golfer knows, his/her game begins in those same six inches and it requires focus, intention and practice. Pleasure is the Aim If you’ve been together for 45 minutes or 45 years, don’t practice psychic sex—thinking that your partner should know what you want. You must let him/her know by: • Moving his/her hand or finger and saying, “There.” • Squeezing his/her hand with yours to show the pressure you want • Sucking on his/her tongue to guide the type of suction you want in kissing or in oral sex • Changing your touch from straight line strokes to swirls on his/ her body • Really kissing and hugging one another. Those two behaviors often get dropped off the seduction play the longer couples are together.

If intercourse has been painful, then use this time to incorporate new techniques, manually, orally or with toys (see illustrations in my book The Great Lover Playbook). For many menopausal women, the drop in estrogen leaves them with thinned vaginal walls. Tightening (strictures) in those walls make penetration and intercourse really painful. Unfortunately, no amount of lubricant can change that. If your male partner has an ED impact, a pill may work but what both partners genuinely want to know is that they have both given and received pleasure—and not necessarily at the same time. “I’ll do you now, you do me later” works, too.

Step 2: The Preparation Get ready for pleasure ahead! If you plan your itinerary and select your wardrobe, so also must you prepare for your anticipated travel sex life and intimacy. You need to get your body, mind and attitude ready … but how? • Get a book with ideas • Select carefully from adult sites—they’re someone else’s fantasies • Get new bottles of lubricants or oils (try virgin coconut) to expand sensation and ease motion • Get your vagina in shape with Vaginal Renewal Complex—a non-hormonal, estrogen free, doctor-developed, tested and recommended moisturizer that can rejuvenate vaginal tissue • Consider PRP (Platelet Rich Plasmapheresis) clitorally and vaginally that will stimulate tissue growth and strengthening of the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle that contracts during orgasm. It also enhances bladder control. Best Practices • Guide your partner with one word: left, right, slower, softer rather than a full sentence, which may be heard as criticism • Find a place you won’t be interrupted so you stay focused on one another • Turn off the television • Carry your own protection and do not be shy to insist on using it. Most importantly, laugh and have fun. If you and your partner are on the same page and you enjoy yourselves, your travel sex life should be great!


IF YOU HAVE RECURRING HEADACHES, YOUR TEETH MAY BE THE ROOT CAUSE. Grinding Your Teeth Can Become A Real Headache. Severe headaches or migraines? Time to make an appointment with a specialist.

When a headache strikes, you might attribute it to stress or a long day. But severe, recurring headaches and migraines are often signs of a more serious underlying cause. A leading cause of these types of headaches is TMD (temporomandibular disorder), which is also commonly called TMJ. “The jaw muscles are among the most powerful muscles in the human body,” says Dr. Clive Boner of Palm Beach Dental Specialists. “Repeated clenching of the jaw or grinding of the teeth, especially done involuntarily while the patient is sleeping, can result in very powerful headaches or migraines.” In these cases, a prosthodontist can help patients find the relief they need. A simple examination can quickly and easily determine if there is evidence of grinding. From there, the prosthodonist can formulate an effective treatment plan. This normally takes one of three forms: •

Nightguards. A custom-fitted nightguard that fits over the teeth can help reduce or eliminate clenching and grinding, and reduce the stress on muscles and joints that can result in headaches. Worn during sleep, an effective nightguard can reduce the frequency and severity of headaches.

Realignment. Sometimes, grinding and clenching of the teeth is the result of the upper and lower teeth not fitting together properly. In these cases, a treatment plan can be put in place to help re-align the teeth and minimize grinding. This can consist of something as basic as the reshaping a single tooth, to a more involved realignment of several teeth. Muscle Relaxation. Over-thecounter or prescription medications may help ease some of your symptoms, but some patients don’t respond well to pain relievers. Using Botox injections to relax clenched muscles may help alleviate chronic migraine pain. Botox is also used to relieve problems such as repetitive neck spasms and eye twitching.


“Of course, not all headaches or migraines are caused by TMJ,” Dr. Boner explains. “But for patients whose conditions are caused by TMJ or nightly teeth grinding, the solution may be a lot closer than they think.” Prosthodontic practices like Palm Beach Dental Solutions can determine if a patient suffers from TMJ or tooth grinding in one visit. For more information contact us for a free consultation. Palm Beach Dental Specialists ‘Trusted Prosthodontic Experience’ 254 Sunset Avenue, Palm Beach, FL 33480 561-655-2347 info@pbdentalspecialists.com pbdentalspecialists.com

are you putting your Best Face Forward while traveling?


e often talk a lot about how being beautiful from the inside out is what really counts, but let’s face it, It’s a whole lot easier to lead a happy, confident and fulfilling life if you also feel beautiful from the outside in. Unfortunately, there’s no denying that the combination of age-related changes and environmental impacts can take a serious toll on our skin and overall appearance. Factor in the demands of travel, and maintaining a youthful look can seem like an impossible feat. However, there are some things you can do to keep the effects of aging at bay—even when you’re on the go.

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Dermatologists have an array of advanced cosmetic and aesthetic procedures and treatments at their fingertips—many of them non-invasive and involving little to no downtime. From complexion-freshening peels to tightening, plumping and filling injectables, including Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Botox, Restylane Silk, and Radiesse, today’s extensive inventory of rejuvenating services and products can all be tailored to address your individual skin health needs and concerns—even as they change before, during and after travel. One of the latest and most exciting developments in the fight for clearer, smoother and more vibrant skin? The breakthrough SilkPeel Dermalinfusion procedure, which insiders say can transform the appearance of skin in just one treatment. While similar to microdermabrasion in its exfoliating properties, SilkPeel incorporates nextlevel treatment serums targeted for your unique skincare needs. Available for use on the face, neck, chest, hands, feet and other parts of the body, SilkPeel can be used to treat a broad range of skin issues, including oily, acne-prone skin, dry skin, wrinkles, and age spots. The best part? It takes just 30 minutes, is pain-free, and requires no downtime. SilkPeel joins other

by Joanna Hughes

popular new technologies like fraxel lasers and VISIA complexion analysis to make reaching your skincare goals easier than ever.

Put Your Best Face Forward— Coming and Going Travel can tax even the most flawless complexions. Between harsh weather, variations between climates, lack of sleep, long-haul flights, dietary changes, and other behavioral and environmental factors, travel—whether professionally or for pleasure—can stress the skin and strip it of its vitality. The result? Many jetsetters end up feeling less than delighted by what they see when they look in the mirror. We turned to leading dermatologist Dr. Joshua M. Berlin of Palm Beach’s Berlin Center for Medical Aesthetics to learn what can be done outside the doctor’s office and in our everyday lives to keep skin looking its youthful best. Dr. Berlin says, "Understanding and embracing your individuality is a large part of optimal skincare. How does your skin react to different environments and shifts in environments? For example, cold, low-humidity weather can suck the moisture from your skin leaving it dry and lifeless. But shifting from a cold climate to a balmy one can also take a toll on your complexion in the form of broken capillaries and skin redness. Choosing the right skin care products is a simple way to manage these challenges." When traveling by plane, Dr. Berlin recommends bringing along a small spray bottle of spring water for easy hydration. (He suggests Avène Thermal Spring Water spray.) Also, load up on plenty of vitamin C—a secret weapon when it comes to brightening dull skin -- especially in the morning. Stocking up on travel-sized portions of musthaves like makeup remover and pore clarifying skin creams and eye creams, is a simple strategy for refreshing your appearance on-the-go.

One skin-enhancing commodity that takes up no critical carry-on space, according to Dr. Berlin? Sleep. When you rest, your skin rests. Hydration is equally vital so in addition to using a hydrating facial moisturizer, be sure to drink plenty of water alongside that champagne. And we know you’ve heard it before, but Dr. Berlin reiterates its importance to all of his patients: Safeguarding your skin from the sun is a must-do. Reapply a broad-spectrum sunscreen every two hours (more if you go in the water), and always wear protective clothing, a hat, and sunglasses while outdoors. Remember: the sun’s rays can still be strong —even when it’s overcast— so make sunscreen part of your daily routine, regardless of the day’s forecast. We’re all aware of the value in being “comfortable in our own skin.” And while it’s indeed invaluable to learn to love yourself from the inside out, the fact is that how you look on the outside— and perhaps more importantly, how you feel about how you look on the outside—can have a huge impact on your self-esteem. A visit to your dermatologist not only offers access to the latest skin enhancing treatments and procedures, but also unique empowerment when it comes to solving your unique skin challenges. BerlinDermatology.com 561.739.5252



Staying Fit Healthy W H E N T R AV E L I N G

By Douglas Caporrino, CNS



ravel in and of itself can be challenging enough in today’s world, let alone trying to stay healthy. Between the stress of traffic on our highways, getting through airport security, airplane delays, and then compound that by having to sit next to a sick person, it all just adds up to physical, chemical, and emotional stress that breaks down our immune systems. Whenever I travel—and I do so about 20 times per year—I carry with me a few essentials that I will now pass along to you for staying healthy.

Before even boarding a plane or train I start taking additional vitamin C in liposomal form. Why and what is liposomal form you may ask? Vitamin C for the most part in the United States is derived from GMO sources. The most important thing you can do is make sure that the C you are taking is from an organic source. Next, vitamin C can be very caustic on the GI tract. Ideally, I like IV vitamin C or injectable C both of which bypass the GI tract and get directly into your system without much loss of potency. When C is taken orally, it can have not only a negative effect on the stomach but you lose most of the potency in the breakdown of it. Liposomal C is combination of essential phospholipids, which improve cellular bioavailability. Less than 20 percent of oral C gets into cells but when C is combined with this compound it permits 90 percent of the C to get into cells. That’s because cell walls are made of fats. Vitamin C is water soluble. When I take C it’s always in Liposomal form and I take about three to 5,000 milligrams daily. Next, I always carry Activated Charcoal. The particles contain many small chambers and cavities that bindup unwanted material or gas. Activated Charcoal is commonly used to adsorb digestive gas. It also works wonders for diarrhea and any kind of food poisoning. My next go-to is Structured Silver. It is an unusual combination of silver and water that safely kills pathogens. It comes in a newly perfected structured form that offers outstanding benefits without side effects or harmful chemicals. This is a great go-to in case I feel like I am coming down with any flu-like symptoms. Lastly, I always take Elderberry Syrup with me. Elderberry syrup is useful as

an effective remedy for respiratory ailments, especially bronchitis, as well as a therapeutic powerhouse for the flu. I find that it has been more potent in fighting the flu then the popular antibiotic Tamiflu.

Tips to Reduce Sitting Time:

Always try to clean the area around you with a travel pack of disinfectant wipes when traveling. When I say, the “area around you”, I mean the tray table, arm rests, remote or seat buttons. Taking these small steps will hopefully prevent you from getting sick on your next trip.

Staying fit while traveling is always another challenge I find especially when stuck in a seat for many hours. Circulation should be your first concern. If you happen to be a passenger and not the driver, you can always move your feet in little circular motions at the ankles. This will help increase the blood flow throughout the legs, which tend to suffer the most while sitting for long periods. Since the feet are the furthest from the heart they get the least amount of blood flow, thus the phrase “cold feet.”

If you are in a bus, train or plane, I encourage you to get up and stretch every chance you get. This helps improve circulation and stretch lower back muscles which tend to get tight when sitting for long periods. They get tight because we relax our core muscles. When we relax the core muscles, the back has to do the work of the abdominals in keeping us upright. The more you can get up and move, the better off you’ll be. Humans were never really meant to sit for long periods of time. People who sit too much every day are at an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and shorter life spans, even if they exercise. Sitting for long periods is thought to slow the metabolism, which affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat.

• • •

• • •

Stand up and move during TV commercials Stand up or walk while on the phone Use the stairs as often as possible Take up active hobbies such as gardening and DIY Join in community-based activities such as dance classes and walking Be active with children and pets Do housework When staying at a hotel I ideally book my room between the third and sixth floors so I can take the stairs going to and from my room except when checking in and out with my luggage Park your car at the edge of the parking lot and walk a little further to the entrance of where you are going Have a cab drop you off two to three blocks from your destination so you can get a few extra blocks of walking Make sure the hotel where I’m staying has a gym.

Remember the key to staying in shape and healthy on any trip is making good choices when it comes to your meals. Most hotels are accommodating with special needs and meal choices. Don’t opt for the free buffet or continental breakfast. These are traps that will sabotage your health. You have choices at every turn so it’s up to you to make the right ones. Safe travels. Stay healthy and fit. FABULOUSLY50.COM 73

Dr Rob Winningham’s

Sc ence Connection: Enhancing Brain Health, Sleep and Memory by Dr. Rob Winningham

Do you feel foggy? Worn out? Not as sharp as you’d like to feel? You might not be getting enough sleep.

Dr. Rob Winningham is a Professor of Psychology and Gerontology at Western Oregon University. For the past 20 years he has researched human memory and ways to enhance cognitive abilities. His brain stimulation activities are used by thousands of retirement communities. For more information go to: www.robwinningham.com



pproximately 50 percent of older adults suffer from sleep problems or insomnia. This can negatively affect memory, quality of life and mood. In a recent study, researchers found that if people miss just one night of sleep, their ability and likelihood of recognizing

things they had seen since the sleepless night decreased from 86 percent to 74 percent. This means that insomniacs who didn’t sleep much the night before would have approximately a 12 percent reduction in their ability to make new memories. Insomnia has also been shown to increase accidents, cardiovascular problems, obesity, diabetes and mental health problems.

While sleep medications can help people fall asleep, there’s evidence that they can negatively affect quality of sleep, too. The good news is that there are effective, non-pharmacological interventions to enhance sleep. Here are some so-called sleep hygiene recommendations that can improve quantity/quality of sleep.



Try to go to bed and get up at similar times to develop a regular night/day cycle.




Physical exercise can help improve sleep. Researchers have found that physically fit individuals tend to fall asleep quicker at night and sleep have a better quality of sleep.

DON’T DRINK TOO MUCH ALCOHOL AFTER DINNER; it impairs the quality of sleep. While alcohol

often makes people sleepy, it (and other central nervous system depressants) cause sleep to become fragmented. It can also increase middle of the night waking. Research has shown that insomniacs were more likely to drink before bed compared to non-insomniacs.


DON’T RUMINATE IN BED. If you have thoughts you’d like to remember, write them down and stop thinking about them.

4. 5.

TAKE A NAP DURING THE DAY. This recommendation is different from what was suggested during the past 30 years, but new research shows it generally increases the total daily sleep duration and quality of night sleep. GET MORE EXPOSURE TO NATURAL LIGHT DURING THE DAY.

6. 7. 8. 9.


Both stimulate the central nervous system.



gests that television, tablets, smart phones, etc. might be damaging our ability to sleep.





14. 15.


ENGAGE IN MINDFULNESS MEDITATION or another activity to quiet the mind.


Some people report that Sudoku and meditative deep breathing helps them to quiet their mind and prepare to sleep.


Either can impair your ability to fall or stay asleep.

DON’T ASSOCIATE THE BEDROOM WITH WAKEFULNESS. Don’t eat, drink or watch television

in bed. If you can’t go to sleep, then get up and do something else.

If your sleep challenges persist or seem severe, consider going to a sleep clinic or sleep specialist. Loud snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea. Often, complaints of a sleep partner lead to the discovery of sleep apnea, which can wreak havoc on mental and physical health. Remember, to maximize your health, you must maximize the quality of your sleep. FABULOUSLY50.COM 75







fashion "Style Is A Way To Say Who You Are Without Having To Speak" - Rachel Zoe







Fabulously 50 spends a day at the stylish Brazilian Court Hotel in Palm Beach

Captured by photographer Tyler Molinari; the sun-kissed images star Marijke De Bruin, Kelly Jackson and Richard Treimanis sporting looks from the MALO, Jackie Rogers, Air 954, and Susan E. Riley spring collections. Styled by Carlos Marrero. Hair/Makeup by Araceli Bravo.

On him: MALO white cotton shirt, blue cotton shorts, coral lightweight wool sweater, and brown lined leather bag. On her: Susan E. Riley navy lace blouse with pull-on cotton white slacks by Jackie Rogers. FABULOUSLY50.COM 79 33 FABULOUSLY50.COM

Above: Copper satin duster, plum slip dress, and dark brown leather handbag by Air 954. Opposite (l-r): Black ruffle blouse, and roses-polka dots full skirt by Air 954. Cotton white dress shirt, yellow tie, and yellow pocket square by MALO. Jackie Rogers sleeveless lime crepe blouse with shoulder flower, and Air 954 bird printed full skirt.



Above: MALO Green cashmere/cotton sweater and white cotton pants. Opposite: (on her) Air 954 fleur-de-lis inspired print dress. (on him) MALO Blue striped cotton polo, and navy linen pants.



Above: Framboise shannon cloth with dolman sleeves blouse, and pull-on cotton white slacks by Jackie Rogers. Bone white sunglasses by Air 954. Opposite: Gazar front bow white blouse by Jackie Rogers and blush satin full skirt by air 954.




Soludos Slide Sandal (Women) - $89

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DISKOV Gold Shades - $360

Exposed riveted hinges with beveled cat eye frames. shop.greyant.com

Fabulously 50’s Creative Director, Carlos Marrero shares with our readers,





Canvas, sequins & Ruthenium metal, khaki and red. chanel.com/en


Henri Bendel - GO ANYWHERE TRIO - $48

Cheeky and chic, the Go Anywhere Trio will do just that. Crafted with coated canvas and featuring a custom Izak illustration, this set of bags is perfect for whatever you tote anywhere. henribendel.com



A 2-in-1 for when you are on the run. Masks fast-growing grays around hairline and defines eyebrows. ritahazan.com


Winky lux FLOWER BALM - $14

Bestselling lip stain! This balm stain applies on clear then reacts with your skin’s pH levels, uniquely creating the perfect shade of pink lips just for you. Each Flower Balm contains a real chrysanthemum in the color of your choice. winkylux.com


RetailTherapy W H E R E




By Judy Kirkwood


hopping connoisseurs know that the experience is not just about finding what you’re looking for; sometimes it’s about discovering the unexpected. These are our picks for where style meets substance; great places to spend a day or a weekend immersed in retail therapy good for body and soul. Stroll these famous shopping streets and sample the best of Florida’s outdoor malls: shop, dine, catch a movie or live show—relax and enjoy—after all, this is South Florida.

Worth Avenue, Palm Beach European sophistication meets small town charm

Shop Pucci, Gucci, Chanel, Cartier, Via Capri 34, and C J Laing.

This legendary shopping street of crème de la crème upscale stores with cascading bougainvillea covering walls and arbors and lush orchids framing doorways harbors a famous pet monkey’s grave and other eccentricities. Window shop Pucci, Gucci, Chanel, and Cartier, but be sure to investigate lesser known boutiques like Via Capri 34’s create your own sandals and C J Laing’s colorful European tunics and cover-ups. Lunch at Café Via Flora in intimate courtyard alleys (or “vias”), gourmet blockbusters Bice and Ta-boo, and pop off the Avenue for afternoon tea at The Chesterfield Hotel. Wednesdays at 11 am, take the historical walking tour for inside stories about this treasured microcosm of Palm Beach society. If you haven’t been to Worth Avenue, you haven’t been to Palm Beach. Worth-avenue.com FABULOUSLY50.COM 89

City Place, West Palm Beach

More than a mall—an entertainment and lifestyle center for all City Place has the stores we know and love—Victoria’s Secret, Anthropologie, Sephora, and even Publix. But there are some shopping surprises: Adore Cosmetics sells organic skin care products that are mostly powered by stem cells from plants; and Fitness Hub features active wear from more than 100 top designers around the world. But it's entertainment that takes center stage: a 20-theater Muvico and IMAX, the Harriet Himmel Theater (a former church) for live music on the plaza at the center of the mall, and even a Diva Duck amphibious tour on land and water. Several of the entertainment venues are also dinner clubs—the Improv Comedy Club, the new Bowery LIVE (fresh sea to table food), and Copper Blues Rock Pub and Kitchen. Another new restaurant, The Regional Kitchen and Public House, is led by one of the country’s top chefs. City Place is for everyone. This is just a little of what CityPlace has to offer, and we invite you to visit, to shop, dine and play. For more information, please visit CityPlace.com. 90 FASHION

Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach Animated, vibrant, and trendy—without the attitude Once filled with independent shops, big-name stores are popping up on the Avenue: Urban Outfitters and BCBGMAXAZRIA are a little corporate for the Atlantic Ave vibe, but Fresh Produce and J McLaughlin fit in with their coastal casual styles. Check out Who’s Karen (beachy tropical), Brezinski Artworks (watercolors of tropical scenes), sister stores Morley and Periwinkle for young professionals at leisure, and Bolufe for chic and jazzy pants. Hand’s Office and Art Supply is truly eclectic with a wall of

Lily Pulitzer pillows, a complete line of art supplies, and tons of accessories and cool souvenirs. Breakfast at Caffe Luna Rosa by the ocean because everyone does; Happy Hour at Farmhouse Kitchen because the inspired flatbreads are half off; and hop across the street to City Oyster for dinner and prime people watching. With an exciting nightlife, and events galore, this pet friendly community is a great place to explore. Want to learn more? Visit DowntownDelrayBeach.com.

Mizner Park, Boca Raton Boca’s relaxed and refined playground Beyond shopping, dining, and art, Mizner Park has movies at the deliciously indulgent iPic theater, concerts in its outdoor amphitheater, and cooking classes at Sur la Table. Lord & Taylor may anchor the shopping area, with its classic and designer clothing, but little shops like Shusha Boutique, Planet Blue, and Edgelook raise the sails. For a complete Boca experience, immerse yourself in ECJ Luxe, which pops with bling, brilliance, and A-list clients. Need a red F40 Ferrari? A table made out of a Rolls Royce titanium turbine fan? Jewelry, watches, antiquities, a private yacht booking? Luxe is the place. Meanwhile, feast on Jewish soul food at the new Juniors Restaurant, reconnoiter at Uncle Julio’s for Mexican, or dine al fresco at Max’s Grille. It’s an upscale crowd at their casual best. Mizner Park is Boca Raton’s downtown shopping, dining, & entertainment destination! For mall, restaurant, & cinema hours visit miznerpark.com.

Las Olas Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale Historic hub for shopping, dining, and gallery hopping Sophisticated clothing shops like Deborah James, Limited Editions Eccoci, and LF for young fashionistas satisfy both locals and world travelers, while Alex and Ani’s creates affordable ecoconscious jewelry. Adults can linger in the dozen art galleries. But those with children should go directly to the Museum of Discovery and Science for a simulated ride on an Everglades airboat and practice piloting in cockpit simulators. The abundance of restaurants is dizzying. Good bets for lunch are the Latin American fare at Chimney House Restaurant in a restored historic house and Wild Sea Oyster Bar in Riverside Hotel. As the lights go on and the street vibe begins to sizzle, check out American Social for a gastropub stop, Chima Brazilian Steakhouse for endless meat, and YOLO and Vibe for trendy food and a nightclub scene. Eat, shop and enjoy the sites of Las Olas Boulevard! lasolasboulevard.com FABULOUSLY50.COM 91

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Case Study Fabulously 50’s creative director picked 8 of the hottest suitcases and carry-ons that scream. “look-at-me,” while walking the RUNWAY

MULBERRY  MEDIUM CLIPPER - $895 Black scotchgrain with cognac trim – with two short handles and a detachable shoulder strap. mulberry.com

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Beauty the Bark Because life should always be this beautiful

• Apparel • Accessories • Jewelry • Gifts • Canine Boutique & Salon


6274 N. Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 954.491.1119 SalonBark Insta


theArtof theSandal atVia


Capri, 34

by Judy Kirkwood

talians have long been known for style, passion, and a reverence for their history. So, it is fitting that among the posh shops and designer stores on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, where Maseratis, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris line the street, that a shoemaker with the unmistakably Italian name of Francesco Pasta crafts impeccable sandals in the tradition of the Island of Capri. Francesco learned his craft in his grandfather’s shop on the Island of Capri, where sandal making has long been practiced. In fact, it is rumored Emperor Tiberius pioneered the wearing of the Capri sandal roughly 2,000 years ago, and one of the styles Via Capri, 34 offers is a Roman look, with naturally pigmented long leather ties that wrap around the ankle (or up the calf ). But Francesco’s sandals have the buttery feel of Italian leather, with soles that eventually mold to a customer’s carefully measured feet for maximum comfort: no break-in time, no blisters. Each pair of sandals at Francesco and his wife, Jessica’s, store Via Capri, 34, is custom-made by hand to fit

only the wearer’s feet. Many of the styles, which come in thong, rope, “top and toe,” and the classic Capri triangle, in either a flat sole, medium or high heel, or wedge are bedazzled with Swarovski crystal jewels, snake skin, or precious metals. The hand-sewn soles, and all the materials, are imported from Italy. Amazingly, once a style is chosen from the samples on display, it only takes 20 minutes of hammering brass nails, threading, and tacking to create the sandals, which run from $150 to $500 depending on materials. How did Signore Pasta end up in one of the darling Italianate courtyard vias of Worth Avenue? It’s a story of romance, of course. Jessica Aleman of Chicago visited Francesco’s store on a Mediterranean cruise day excursion in 2006 and was measured for sandals. Thus began a long courtship that resulted in Jessica moving to Capri and marrying Francesco in 2013; not exactly whirlwind, but enchanting, sweet, and with a fairy tale ending in Palm Beach. Together they decided to move the business to Chicago since Capri’s sandal/tourist season was only April through November. To offset an even shorter sandal season in Chicago, the

couple created a mobile custom sandal business, taking Francesco’s craft to house parties, fundraising and charity events, and trunk shows. Inevitably, the location of sunny South Florida came up as a potential setting for a showroom and workshop. The stores, architecture, clientele, and weather of Palm Beach were so reminiscent of Capri, and the appreciation for custom goods so well-established, that Francesco and Jessica opened Via Capri, 34 in October 2015. But some of the mobile aspect of the business remains: custom-made sandal sessions can be booked for a celebration off-site or at the store—birthdays and bridal parties are especially popular. Having made sandals for Princess Caroline of Monaco, Christina Aguilera, and Valentino, Francesco is familiar with dealing with royalty of all kinds. And what is Worth Avenue if not a continual passeggiata, a promenade of Palm Beach’s own well-dressed citizens and travelers of distinction—all of whom need a pair of sandals. It’s a perfect fit. Via Capri, 34, 323 Worth Avenue (Via DeMario), Palm Beach; 312.720.8635; www.viacapri34.com. Store hours: Monday through Saturday 11am to 6pm; Sunday 1pm-5pm.


THE RUBY JIB - $90 Supremely comfortable flexible slip-on design. Perforated cow leather outer. Handmade in Tres Coroas, Brazil. www. thejibslife.com

GIORGIO KNIT JACKET - $1,900 A relaxed navy blue jacket that is as smart and sophisticated. 50% Cotton, 45% Viscose, 3% Polyamide, 2% Elastane. www.armani.com

Fabulously 50’s Creative Director, Carlos Marrero shares with our readers


WHAT HE BOLIN WEBB R1S RAZOR - $72 Monza Red: Great design combined with outstanding functionality. We’re convinced that once you try it, you’ll toss your electric razor no more “settling” ever again!. www.westcoastshaving.com

THIS IS HIM - $110 Zadig & Voltaire Paris Eau de toilette 3.3 ounce: For a dark, oriental, woody scent. This is Him is made of grapefruit aroma, black pepper, incense, milky sandalwood and vanilla. Available in the states on Amazon.com

BOSE SOUNDLINK II - $130 Bluetooth® speaker in coral red: A tough and water-resistant companion for life’s great adventures. Featuring a soft-touch silicone exterior, designed for big sound that’s easy to pick up and go. www.bose. com

DAPPERMAN NATURALLY DERIVED POMADE - $30 Dapperman’s handcrafted pomade is based on it’s original 1930’s formula. The soft, light texture makes it easy to apply and remove without sticking to your hands or hair. 3 OZ www.sleekhair.com





january thru march


arts &

entertainment "Civilizations are not remembered by their business people, t h e i r b a n k e r s o r l a w y e r s . T h e y ' r e r e m e m b e r e d b y t h e a r t s ." - Eli Broad




Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts March 1

In Mo Yang, Violin Taj Express – The Bollywood Musical Revue .................................................................................................................

March 2 Annie


March 3 – 19 Capital Steps


March 4 Celtic Woman


March 5

Smokey Robinson .................................................................................................................

March 10 – 12 Rigoletto

Steve Ross In to Wit: Funny Songs Throughout The Ages .................................................................................................................

March 14 The Jive Aces

March 14 – 15 Royal Scottish National Orchestra


March 17 – 19 Program Four (Miami City Ballet)


March 19

I’m A W-O-M-A-N! The Music and Unbelievable Life of Miss Peggy Lee .................................................................................................................

March 2 –April 1 The Phantom of the Opera


March 25

Mountainfilm on Tour

April 6 – 7

April 7 – 9

April 15



The Pirates of Penzance –

April 9

Swell Party: A Celebration of Cole Porter .................................................................................................................

April 11

Vienna Piano Trio (in Stage West) .................................................................................................................

March 16

Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man .................................................................................................................

April 12

Michael Feinstein Conducts The Kravis Center Pops Orchestra: To Nat and Ella With Love

Piano Battle

April 13 Russian Fire

William Close/Earth Harp – .................................................................................................................

March 17

Disco Inferno: A 70’s Celebration .................................................................................................................

March 20

Manual Cinema ADA/AVA


March 22

April 1



March 24 – 25 MOMIX


March 29

Jacob Shaw (in Stage West) .................................................................................................................

March 30 Drumline LIVE!

April 18 – 23 Kinky Boots

Anna Bergman in You’re All The World To Me

April 12 – 15


Chubby Checker



Duncan Theatre March 1

Judgment at Nuremberg



Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater

April 16

The Four Tops and The Temptations

Marissa Mulder in Marilyn in Fragments

April 7 – 8

Chris Botti

Pants Down Circus

April 3

The Lords of 52nd Street .................................................................................................................

April 5

The Hillbenders “TOMMY” .................................................................................................................

April 8

The Dancer’s Space “Spring Collection”

April 20 – 21


April 27 – 30 Soul Crooners


May 5 – 6

Reggie Wilson/Fist and Heel Performance Group .................................................................................................................

May 9 – 14

The Sound Of Music .................................................................................................................

May 19 – 31

Monty Python’s Spamalot

Broward Center for the Performing Arts March 3

The Second City .................................................................................................................

March 4

The WEIGHT (Feat. Former members of THE BAND & The LEVON HELM BAND .................................................................................................................

March 5

March 11 – 12 Arts Ballet Theatre: Chipollino

Program Three (Miami City Ballet) .................................................................................................................

March 13

Marc Cohn

Royal Scottish National Orchestra



March 7

March 14



March 8

Mar 16 – Apr 2

Smokey Robinson

Gold Coast Jazz: Karrin Alllyson Trio .................................................................................................................

March 9

Itzhak Perlman Taj Mahal: Up Close and Personal .................................................................................................................

March 10 – 11 Strangers on a Train


March 10

Jim Brickman: Pure Piano The Greatest Hits

Patti Labelle

Big River – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn .................................................................................................................

March 19

Carol Burnett: An Afternoon of Laughter & Reflection .................................................................................................................

Mar 21 – Apr 2 South Florida Symphony: And The Tony Goes To… Something Rotten!


Mar 23 – Apr 9 Sex Trips for Straight Women from a Gay Man

April 1

The House at Pooh Corner

Apr 20 – May 7 Aida



April 5

Apr 25 – May 7



Neil Sedaka

April 6

South Florida Symphony: Masterworks III Untamed Spirit .................................................................................................................

April 6 Jay Leno


April 7

The Kingston Trio .................................................................................................................

April 8 – 9

Program Four (Miami City Ballet) .................................................................................................................

April 14 – 15

Gold Coast Jazz: Ken Peplowski & Diego Figueiredo One Woman Sex and the City .................................................................................................................

April 18 Rocktopia


April 19

Matilda The Musical

May 1

Havana Hop! .................................................................................................................

May 6

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile .................................................................................................................

May 10

Gold Coast Jazz: Johnny Rogers, David Pruyn & S. Florida Jazz Orchestra .................................................................................................................

May 11 – 13 Florida Grand Opera: A Masked Ball


May 13 – 14 I Remember Mama


May 14

Arts Ballet Theatre: Spring Gala .................................................................................................................

May 19 – 21

Mamma Mia! – Farewell Tour

Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science

Maltz Jupiter Theatre March 1 – 3

Hotel California: “A Salute To The Eagles” .................................................................................................................

March 4

Magic Moments Featuring Leonard, Coleman and Blunt: former Lead Singers From The Temptations, The Drifters and Platters

March 9

Orlando Transit Authority: A Tribute To Chicago .................................................................................................................

March 21 – 31 Gypsy


April 1 – 9 Gypsy

April 15

Face 2 Face: Tribute To Sir Elton John & Billy Joel .................................................................................................................

April 21

Comedy In The Club Level .................................................................................................................

April 22

The Landsharks Band

Lake Worth Playhouse March 9

Tony Sands Productions Presents: It Was a Very Good year, A Multimedia Tribute to Frank Sinatra

Mar 31 – Apr 1 Send in the Queens Celebrating 10 Years!


March 10 – 12 Legendary Ladies of Song: Side by Side


April 29 – 30

The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley, Jr. .................................................................................................................

May 10

Teacher From The Black Lagoon .................................................................................................................

May 12 – 13 West Side Story


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