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The Parlotones Undeniably electric

Winter festivities Plus seven ways to feed your brain, a new era of office dynamics and top gear turmoil

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For the performance of your life

RX-A 3010

Professional control over the soundscape.

RX-A 2010

Yamaha has long been dedicated to helping artists excite and move people through live and recorded performances. Now we’ve used this experience and technological expertise to create the very finest AV Receivers, which can create the highest quality surround sound fields. Yamaha’s line of AVENTAGE AV Receivers have a unique advantage

RX-A 1010

that gives them ultra-high, rock-solid performance: the A.R.T. Wedge.

vibration-damping, helping these receivers deliver the most realistic sound possible in the home. RX-A 810

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This fifth leg in the centre of the chassis provides greater stability and


Editor-in-chief Justin Scott When was the last time you watched planes twist through the sky in acts that defy both gravity as well as any form of real sanity? When last did you wake up when it was still dark outside to head off to watch the sun rise over the golden beaches while you snuggle with a warm cup of coffee and watch talented surfers conquer huge waves with more bravery than William Wallace? Have you ever experienced the rush of adrenaline that comes with hearing thundering hooves charging down the straight of the Greyville race course or the insanity of the 13th race of the Durban July? What have all these things got in common and why am I asking if you’ve ever experienced them? Well, it’s simple.

All of these, and many more, bring the KZN coast to life over the mid year holidays as we all prepare to take a well deserved break from our manic lives and head to the sunshine coast where we’re able to put our worries, deadlines, projects and all our other stresses on hold, just for a little while, and enjoy some of the fun. KZN really has worked hard on becoming the destination for winter events in South Africa and hosts events like the Comrades, this year’s Top Gear festival, the KZN Winter Air Tour which is 6 air shows in 6 different towns in KZN, The Mr Price Pro Ballito (which includes two free rock concerts on the beach!) The Gateway Fashion extravaganza and the Durban July horserace plus so much more, and all in a two month window, to entertain

both locals and those making the trip to the coast for the holidays. It’s a line up of entertainment and activities that will make sure we’re far from bored and I’m impressed that so much has been done to turn the province, not just Durban, into a destination. I hope I’ll see you at one of the spectacular events I’ve mentioned, and if not, then I’m sure you’ll make a point of heading down to the beach this July, because that’s definitely where I’ll be! Enjoy and travel safe. God Bless Justin

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escape to kwadukuza

kwaZulu-natal’s playground issue 14 |


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contents gadgets 09 GADGETS For the non techno junkies and junkies alike! What is new gadget wise.


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32 Let your inner surfer out at the Mr Price Pro Ballito 2012

12 car review Truck, bakkie or luxury 4x4

34 restaurant reviews

14 the Parlotones Undeniably electric 20 24

my city Ronnie Apteker extreme photo Jordy Smith at Mr Price Pro Ballito 2011

40 Winter festivities 42 health Live life aggressively

business 22 Tom on life Seven ways to feed your brain

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Journalist Storm Catterick is a born and bred Mtunzini resident (for those that don’t know, that’s a small town 45 minutes north of Durban). She graduated from Vega Brand Communications School and got her degree in copy writing. Storm currently writes and adds her flavour to a portfolio of magazines held by FabMags, including the Airport Magazine.She also is a regular contributor to a community based online newspaper on the KZN North Coast. With a love for writing she includes a young, fresh outlook to everything she does. Meeting new interesting people across different industries and learning from each interaction inspires this learning journalist.


storm catterick

Meet the brilliant people who contribute to our magazine

Spiritual growth pastor Tom is the spiritual growth pastor at Grace Family Church, and has a passion for “intentional living”. His philosophy is that if you are going to “live life now” and live it well, then you must be thoughtful and purposeful about it. He also writes on productivity, tech, spirituality, relationships, and, on occasion, stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into any one of those categories. Tom’s goal is to create insightful, relevant content that you can put to work in your personal and professional life. He typically post twice a week on his blog, and you can subscribe to his posts and updates via RSS or email on the home page.

Publisher and Motoring Journalist Richard Webb is a Cape Town based publisher and motoring journalist who divides his time between the UK and South Africa. His most recent book, 50 Golden Racing Years, is a lavishly illustrated 400 page coffee table style volume on the modern history of motor racing in South Africa. He now writes on all matters automotive for The Airport Magazine. See Richard’s article on page 12.

marc forrest

Richard webb

See Tom’s article on page 22

Gadget geek & Established blogger Often referred to as the iGuy, Marc is a true gadget geek at heart. His love for Gadgets & Apple products is displayed in his blog,, which is ranked as the top personal & tech blog in KZN according to After living in Ballito for the last 7 years with his 3 gorgeous kids and wife, Lesley, his latest venture is BallitoNews online ( with the ed Justin Scott. Ballito News aims to capture the heart of KZN North Coast lifestyle, while sharing the latest news of one of the fastest growing towns in South Africa. See Marc’s gadget page on page 9. |

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8 | profile general gadgets

Live your dream car, one click at a time Sold at: HiFi Corporation, Musica, CNA,, www.,,, email sales@dcs. or call 011 466 5099. Owning your dream car has now become a reality with the latest car-shaped computer mouse. Navigate your computer in style and forget about speeding tickets and high fuel bills.

The following models are now available locally: • Mini Cooper S – Chilli Red or Astro Black • Range Rover Evoque – White • BMW Z4 – Deep Sea Blue • Aston Martin DBS – Quantum Silver • Mercedes 300SL – Silver • VW Beetle Taxi – Green • VW Beetle Última Edicón – Cool Grey • Fiat 500 – Pearl White or Red • Maserati GranTurismo – Silver

It’s your fantasy car in the palm of your hand, quite literally. The Click Car Mouse® has officially launched in South Africa! Licensed by the car manufacturers, the Click Car Mouse is a miniature near perfect replica of the real car’s they’re modelled on. They are designed to a very high technical standard using only the highest quality materials. Most models are available in both wired and wireless versions. Imagine the speed at your fingertips, feel the power in your hands. Burn rubber on your mousepad and bring some excitement to your desk with your new Click Car Mouse. The realistic look and feel will leave you spinning.

Printxel 3D Printer Beta Kits $300 If you would like to get your hands on a kit jump over to the Printxel website for more details, and to reserve a slot. First there were Polaroid cameras and then film, then came digital where you could print your own pics and we thought to ourselves what could possibly be next? Well now, unbelievable as it sounds, we have 3d printing!!! Yes you can now print an actual 3D structure! The new Printxel 3D Printer Beta Kit has arrived and provides you with everything you need to start creating your own 3D forms for only 300$. Your printer is a complete kit and requires only a few common tools to assemble as well as a modern Windows,

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Linux, or Mac computer to operate. The kit includes the mechanics, motors, extruder, electronics, power supply, and a sample supply of plastic filament to get you started. The kit comes with a step by step series of assembly videos which are fairly straight forward. The printer is compatible with popular and freely available 3D printing software. The preferred plastic material for this printer is PLA, often nick-named “corn plastic” and is made from corn instead of petroleum.

Specifications • Maximum build volume: 140x140x140mm (5.5x5.5x5.5”) • Footprint: 250x200x300mm (10x8x12”) • Operating footprint: 250x315x300mm (10x12.5x12”) • Material: 3mm PLA (recommended) or 3mm ABS • Print layer thickness: 0.2mm to 0.4mm (thinner is possible) • Speed: 30mm/s perimeters and 50mm/s fill (faster is possible) • Nozzle aperture: 0.5mm • Input voltage: 100-240V 5060Hz • Weight: 8 pounds


WowWee Cinemin Slice Pico Projector

Cinemin Slice is a portable pico projector that lovingly cradles and connects to your favorite multimedia devices, splashing your movies, videos, photos, games, and slides on to walls and ceilings, and caressing these enlarged images with rich stereo sound.

Limitations: You’ll need to be in a dark place to get the best video quality, and the projector is only capable of displaying images 60 inches in size. Bottom Line: The Cinemin Slice can spice up your traditional movie watching experience, and it lets you show videos from your smartphone, computer or tablet with several people at once in a unique way.

What It’s Good For: Projecting movies, video games and photos onto your walls, ceilings or even the side of your house.

Skech Blueboard iPad Cover

The Blueboard combines a stylish folio case with a wireless keyboard that magnetically attaches and detaches to the case. The keyboard has built in Bluetooth technology that connects it with your New iPad or iPad 2. A multi-position stand means you can type or browse in a number of comfortable positions. The keyboard has one-touch access buttons for the most useful iPad functions. Be prepared though, if you take this case out in a meeting, you will draw attention. The Blueboard retails for around R1199 in South Africa.

Eco Terra Rugged and Waterproof Boombox If you want to take your music with you wherever you go then Grace Digital’s Eco Extreme Gear line of products is the choice for you. Looking for a Boombox style music player then the Eco Terra is your perfect portable solution. Strap in your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, any MP3 player or Smartphone behind the 100% waterproof clear shell and turn up the volume. The Eco Terra houses and protects any cell phone or MP3 player from the 4 Extremes: Water, Dirt, Snow and Shock.

What it’s good for: Sharing tunes from your smartphone or MP3 player with others while keeping your device protected against the elements.

What it’s good for: Typing out long emails or documents while on the run and not having to lug a laptop around. Limitations: The Blueboard iPad cover requires a charge from time to time to ensure optimal use. Running out of battery while typing an article could cause unnecessary frustration. Bottom Line: Perfect for anyone who types anything on an iPad. A must have if you travel, and at a reasonably affordable price, a nice addition to the gadget bag.

Limitations: The boombox’s design may be too bulky to carry with you while rafting or kayaking. It’s also pretty heavy, which can make it difficult to tote along for longer journeys. Bottom Line: The Eco Terra Rugged and Waterproof Boombox can be a great option for sharing music with others by the lake, on the beach or anywhere else other music players might be damaged by the great outdoors. But, you should be ready to lug it to wherever you’re headed.

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10 | storms rant things dicated to the This page is de d the t don’t say an bu k in th e pl o pe uldn’t! that they sho do e pl o pe s g thin nts to to email your ra Please feel free storm@fabmag Words Storm


8 top

things airlines should introduce Have you ever thought about some of the things that irk you about flying that you know you’ll never be able to fix; things you tend to repeatedly say, “Gosh, I wish it was like this” to? Well, this often pops into my mind, so... instead of thinking about them I decided to write about them. Now, I know that they will never happen because airlines do have legitimate reasons for doing what they do, but it’s still fun to imagine— so I’ve compiled a list of eight things that I think airlines could do better.

1: Little bottles of deodorant laced with sanitizer should be given to you as you step onto the plane, allowing you the ability to breathe on an 11-hour flight to London, when seated next to some unfortunately smelling soul. 2: Seat belts should automatically lock when landing so you don’t get people standing up, right in front of you, while their “bottom half” becomes very familiar with your face. Seat belts should unlock row by row, so alleviating congestion and the unnecessary need to stand up and wait in a hot-box of a queue for half an hour, while someone tries to get their oversized luggage out of the overhead lockers — you might as well stay seated with your iPod plugged in and avoid inevitabl e frustration. 3: There should be a five-minute, a two-minute and then a oneminute call out before any meals and drinks are handed out so people don’t have to wait half an hour to go to the loo! What if there is an emergency because of the chicken or beef? 4: Instead of telling us what altitude we’re flying at or what type of plane we’re in —it really doesn’t make much of a difference in our lives — they should be telling us where the captain studied, what accomplishments and awards he has earned, how many accident - free flights he’s had and, finally, how much Bear Grylls he watches so that we know that, if we had to crash on a lost island, we would ultimate ly survive... 5: Airplanes should get cup holders like movie theatre chairs. It is so frustrating not being able to put your glass down and be comforta ble at the same time because you have to keep the tray down. Imagine how much easier it would be if you just slipped it into the side of the chair — it would also save a lot of overcrowding towards the toilet as fewer people would feel the need to down their drinks just to get the damn

issue 14 |

6: They should also try to seat people according to weight — not just weigh your baggage, but also weigh you (privately of course), so the super-skinny people get put next to the super-big people and the average-thin people get put next to the averagebig people. Wouldn’t that make more sense than squishing one medium sized person between two huge men who have done their bit to make Macdonald’s a rich franchise?

mini news ould produce 7: Airlines sh her ot y nfiscate an papers and co How d. ar bo coming on newspapers meone next so ve ha u when yo annoying is it ibune on a the Sunday Tr to you reading d news), taking e on, that’s ol Thursday (com and chair arm rsonal space up half your pe g. in ing and fold with their flapp

8: You know those exit seats with the massive space in front? Yes, those ones that people would literally swop their kid for. How annoying is it when you are stuck next to a big, tall guy who looks like he’s come straight off a rugby field (sweat and all), who’s clearly having a hard time doing anything in his confined space and there is a short, skinny little person looking like Lord Muck on the exit seat. I mean, if, say, said plane were to crash, what on earth is that little person going to do? It’s the big fella’s who are going to have to drop-kick the door in any case! This is something that should definitely be checked when booking seats — it’s unfair and all these poor guys need is a bit of leg-room!

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Put it towards your trade-in, take it off the retail price, or structure your own perfect deal. | |

SwedoCar Umhlanga

6 Sunset Close Umhlanga Rocks Tel: 031 571 2600 / email: issue 14 |

Words Richard Webb

12 | car review

Truck, bakkie or luxury 4x4? When Porsche first leaked pictures of their Cayenne SUV, I remember thinking how awful the car looked. Plastering their corporate “nose” onto the huge SUV looked like a brand extension gone mad, even though it made a fortune for the Stuttgart company. Corporate family identity is all the rage. Mitsubishi has done it too, putting the Lancer Evo X nose onto the Outlander, but that looks purposeful and handsome. Then along comes Ryo Yanagisawa, the chief designer of the Mazda BT-50 bakkie, who also reckons it helps Mazda’s Zoom-Zoom brand message to graft their corporate nose onto their BT-50 3.0 CRDi SLE commercial vehicle.

Overall, he’s right. The BT-50 truck looks good and is set apart from competitors. The five-point grille looks imposing, with the headlights and a chrome crossbar forming a large pentagon. The Mazda feels very car-like in some key areas. It’s big, but can still be hustled along at a rapid pace, even in the city. Mazda developed it as an “Active Lifestyle Vehicle”, which means owners will fill it with surfboards and quad bikes, rather than hay and farmyard animals. But is it a realistic alternative to a family wagon or 4x4 SUV? This Mazda will tow a 3350kg boat or horsebox and all the nautical or equestrian accessories can be accommodated in the bakkie. Inside you get the same luxuries as most Mazda cars. It’s got all the goodies – dual-zone climate control, automatic headlights, rain sensing wipers, Bluetooth phone integration, cruise control and the list goes on. The driving position is high but, amazingly, still car-like. When you want to get it dirty, you can turn on the 4WD or even 4WD low range; lock the diff and start

issue 14 |

playing. Stick it into the mud and you can expect the 5-cylinder turbocharged diesel to use its prodigious 470Nm of torque to pull you out of even the thickest muck. Wheel-spin is the flavour of the day in 2WD mode, even in the dry, but traction control steps in to take command of proceedings. The engine is good for 147kW and that transfers to the wheels via a 6-speed automatic with a sequential shift option. The 3.2-litre, 5-cylinder engine produces a really satisfying sound that is reminiscent of a V8 burble. The BT-50 can be a little noisy during acceleration, but it’s definitely quieter than some of its rivals when cruising at 120km/h. Don’t expect the handling to be too car-like, though. It can be wallowy in the corners, with steering feel having taken a vacation, but it’s no worse than other trucks recently tested. The BT-50, which is based on the Ford Ranger, has leaf springs at the rear. The double-cab can easily accommodate the driver and four mates. Safety features represent an alphabet soup, with emergency brake assist (EBA), electronic brake force distribution (EBD), dynamic stability control (DSC), electronic stability program (ESP), traction control system (TCS) and anti-lock brakes (ABS). Ultimately, it will be down to your preference of looks, ride style, price and brand loyalty, but it’s well worth a good long look if you are in the market for a well-appointed, top-of-the-range 4x4 and you have R400, 000 to spend.


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Bridgestone South Africa. Visit our website: Available at:

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and other selected Bridgestone dealers.

14 | interview the parlotones

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Words Storm Catterick

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16 |

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| 17

We love SA — it’s our home. We’ve been to a lot of really cool places, but nothing feels quite like home.

There is no doubt in my mind that this band has positioned itself in the hearts and minds of its fans as one of South Africas favorite rock bands! Their intense passion and mind-blowing vocals and lyrics, together with some impressive drumming and powerful guitar solos, has made them a band to be reckoned with, on both a national and international level Yes, ladies and gents, I’m talking about none other than the Parlotones! Apart from being a brilliant and accomplished band, they also do a lot for charitable organisations and have a keen interest in conserving the environment. We got to talk to Paul Hodgson, lead guitar and keyboard player, to find out more about this dynamite band!

1. How did your journey from “garage band” to international, kick-ass, awesome, superstar band come about? More than 10 years of hard work! We just practised and gigged and recorded and did every interview, TV and radio show we could and slowly things started coming right. It’s definitely not a quick journey, but it is very rewarding. 2. So we all know who The Parlotones are — unless people have been shamelessly hiding in a hole for the past couple of years — so for those of us who already love and know you, what can you tell us that the Internet can’t about The Parlotones? Well, we all snore! We share hotel rooms on tour. Kahn hardly ever drives and Neil drives the most. We all have

Kindles and Paul and Kahn read the most. We try to eat healthy food on tour and exercise every day. We used to spar with boxing gloves, but I think we lost the gloves somewhere in Germany. 3. How would you describe your music to said person that is hiding in a hole and has never heard it? Our music is basically rock music, but you could maybe add an “alternative” and a “pop” tag to that as well. We try to make our music universal — the lyrics must appeal to and touch almost anyone, no matter what their age or where they live.

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18 | interview the parlotones

4. In your experience, what are some of the biggest challenges musicians face in SA? A lack of decent venues is the biggest problem for SA bands. There’s hardly anywhere to play — maybe one decent venue in each city — and for a band to grow (both in popularity and in ability) they need to be playing three to five gigs a week. 5. How did you crack the international market? By going over there and playing and playing and playing. We became pretty successful in SA and then started touring overseas. We started small, playing little clubs and some strange, tiny little restaurants and places and slowly it’s grown. We also started meeting people over there that could help us and we’ve built up an excellent team in each of our “territories” (Europe, UK and America). 6. What keeps you loyal to and living in SA? Is there a chance your adoring Saffa fans could lose you to the bigger international fishbowls? We love SA — it’s our home. We’ve been to a lot of really cool places, but nothing feels quite like home. We’re ‘gonna’ have to start spending more and more time overseas, especially in America, but we will always call SA home and spend as much time as we can here. 7. What have been some of the best places to perform at, in SA and why? Are you a large-performance kind of band or do you still do the odd pub performance in and

issue 14 |

around Josie? There are a couple of really cool venues. Blue Moon in Nelspruit always comes to mind, as well as Kirstenbosch in Cape Town. We love the larger shows and playing to a few thousand people is always exhilarating, but there’s something special about smaller, more intimate shows as well. You can feel a little isolated and disconnected on big stages, so being squashed up against your fellow band members on a tiny stage, with the audience only a few feet away, is also awesome! We love it all though; we just love playing. 8. You’ve toured all over — any funny, crazy stories you’d like to share? As soon as this question comes up, I always have a complete blank. I think we’re mentally blocked against sharing tour stories! 9. Biggest compliment a fan has ever given you? We’ve had some pretty hectic stories from fans who’ve told us how our songs have saved their lives, or gotten them through some really tough times. It’s always quite moving to see how your songs have actually touched and influenced lives. Also small things, like people saying they loved the guitar sound at a show, or thought a joke you made on stage was really funny. It’s just nice to be appreciated! :) 10. How much eyeliner do you guys go through when touring? And what is the

story behind the eyeliner? We don’t wear a lot of eyeliner, so one pencil can last for ages, unless we lose it. And we never borrow eyeliner anymore, since the one incident where Neil got a bad eye infection after borrowing an eyeliner pencil from a fan... 11. What’s the best thing about performing at the Botanical Gardens? Being outdoors, getting some sun and fresh air. And, of course, a large crowd of people. 12. Who are The Parlotones when they aren’t on stage? Hobbies etc ... I read a lot of books. I like to write a bit as well. I’ve started a couple of stories and things, but never finished anything. I like to spend as much time with my family as possible, because the next six-week tour is always just around the corner.

Favourites... Airline Virgin Airport Lanseria Airport restaurant Nando’s Funniest thing you’ve ever seen at an airport? An old man fell asleep on the shoulder of the young woman next to him. She didn’t know what to do, but she finally pushed him off when he started snoring.

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20 | my city Ronnie Apteker

my city

Ronnie Apteker

Place to grab a drink and who would you go with? I very rarely go for a drink … but when I do, it is all about the next journey, and about our inspired team … that will be Craig, Robbie and I, at the JB Rivers in Hyde Park where we meet up every month or so to align and compare notes and discuss the progress on the next script …

Ronnie Apteker, well known Johannesburg business man and entrepreneur. You may know this innovative mogul as the founder of South Africa’s first Internet Service Provider, Internet Solutions, or because he was awarded as South Africa’s Top business man in 2004/2005. He has written and co-authored two successful books, and is involved in numerous charity organizations and fundraising initiatives. But more recently Ronnie spends his time producing South African films, and launching and investing in start-up’s. His latest movie, Material, featuring Comedian Riaad Moosa and other well known comedians and actors, received rave reviews and feedback. We got to find out what Ronnie likes to do in the bustling city of Johannesburg when he isn’t working.

Fav activity to do in JHB? Now that is a good question – I am a bit of a workaholic and very rarely go out … I do travel a lot and when I am away I go out a lot then … but in JHB, at night especially, unless you eat out in restaurants all the time, there is not much to do in my view …

Place to relax on the weekend? My home …

Place to go to, to have a complete jol? The Haagen-Dazs shop … I am an ice cream freak!

Best place to go on a date? I am single … but when or if I go on a date, a cool place could be the Radium Beer Hall – I hope it still is up and running???

issue 14 |

Where is a must go to, to see the sun set? I know it is going to be a clichéd answer, but the view from the Westcliff hotel is 10/10!!

Fav restaurant? Breakfast/ dinner or lunch? I have always been a big fan of Cranks in Rosebank – I am actually meeting Craig there this evening.

| 21

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22 | tom on life

seven ways to feed your brain When it comes to maintaining physical health, we all know how important a balanced diet is. However, we seem to be less clear about what we need to maintain a healthy mind. Dr David Rock, executive director of the NeuroLeadership Institute and author of Your Brain at Work, believes we are living in a “time when too many people’s mental well-being is being stretched through multitasking, fragmented attention and information overload,” and asserts that we are now facing “an epidemic of overwhelm.” In response to this epidemic, Dr Rock, in collaboration with Dr Daniel Siegel, has created what he calls the Healthy Mind Platter. This platter offers seven essential mental activities that are necessary for optimum mental health and provides the full set of “mental nutrition” that your brain needs to function at its best. Here they are:

Focus Time Is when we focus closely on tasks in a goal-

issue 14 |

oriented way, taking on challenges that make deep connections in the brain.

Play Time Is when we allow ourselves to be spontaneous or creative, playfully enjoying novel experiences, which helps make new connections in the brain.

Connecting Time Is when we connect with other people, ideally in person, richly activating the brain’s social circuitry.

Physical Time Is when we move our bodies, aerobically if possible, which strengthens the brain in many ways.

Time In Is when we quietly reflect internally, focusing on sensations, images, feelings and thoughts, helping to better integrate the brain.

Down Time Is when we are non-focused, without any specific goal, and let our minds wander or simply relax, which helps our brains to recharge.

Sleep Time Is when we give the brain the rest it needs to consolidate learning and recover from the experiences of the day. Of course, it’s all about balance. Just as it wouldn’t be healthy to eat only carbohydrates, so, too, you shouldn’t just live on Focus Time without much Sleep Time. The point is to understand the full spectrum of essential mental activities and then try to provide as many opportunities as possible for your brain to develop in different ways. When I first came across the Healthy Mind Platter I was profoundly challenged to find more balance in what I was putting into my mind.

Words Tom Basson

Of course, it is all about balance



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24 | extreme sport mr price pro ballito

Pedal to the metal Former world number two and 2010 Mr Price Pro Ballito Champion Jordy Smith from Durban pedal to the metal at Willard Beach during the 2011 edition of the Mr Price Pro Ballito. Picture: Kelly Cestari

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| 25

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Three Cities pulls out all the stops for

Indaba 2012

KZN has been abuzz for the past month as the tourism market readied itself for the 2012 Indaba, one of the largest tourism marketing events on the African calendar.

issue 14 |

Words Storm Catterick

26 | feature Three Cities Flash Mob

| 27

The well-known event showcases a comprehensive variety of Southern Africa’s best tourism products and attracts international visitors and media from across the world. For hotel groups in particular this event is extremely important as it allows them to profile themselves as S.A’s best, so it’s imperative that your hospitality group should stand out amongst the crowd! With this in mind, Kirsty Fonzari, marketing manager of the Three Cities Hotel Group, decided to really pull out all the stops at this year’s Indaba with her brainchild, the Three Cities Indaba Flash Mob! The idea behind the flash mob was to raise the profile of the Three Cities Management, as well as the International Hotel School, and to open Indaba with a bang. Never before has there been a “viral” campaign of this sort at Indaba and no hotel group in S.A has ever managed to pull off a well-executed flash mob, so Three Cities was extremely excited and eager to be the first to do so.

The mob was primarily made up of students from the IHS along with eight professional dancers, plus Kirsty Fonzari and Ruth Paulsen, marketing manager of the IHS, coming in to bulk up the last stages of the flash mob. The team along with flash mob specialist Tammy Menton, spent five weeks training and rehearsing. The choreographer, a former student of the IHS, was very keen to get involved and assist with this TOP SECRET project. The plan was kept confidential from the get-go to the day of the event in order to prevent competitors and the media from finding out and leaking or copying it. Kirsty noted that not only was the flash mob a great way of creating awareness, but also great fun for both the students and employees. “The only real branding we had came in halfway through the routine, when we introduced Three Citiesand IHS-branded beach-balls,” says Kirsty. The ever-popular and inspirational song, Absolutely Everybody, which was used for the dance as it is the brand song for Three

Cities Management and it worked well with the choreography as it’s a song that everyone knows and immediately starts jiving and singing to. “The song has a great dance tempo and the words describe both our brands beautifully,” says Kirsty. The flash mob took place on Saturday, 12 May, on the opening day of Indaba. The result was phenomenal, with people cheering as the performers moved and grooved and cameras coming out to “shoot” the dancers’ spectacular moves. Kirsty says that the feedback from both the audience and their clients was sensational and more than she ever imagined. The dance was featured the very next day in the Indaba News and has since been posted on You Tube where it has received a healthy number of hits.

To view the flash mob on You Tube go to “Three Cities Flash mob.mp4

issue 14 |

28 | feature Neville Jarman

Neville Jarman

A new era of office dynamics What does your workspace mean to you? There are many factors that determine whether an employee, or even an employer, truly loves what they do. Yes, it helps when you are passionate about your job, if you have understanding bosses and there’s a friendly atmosphere, but a lot depends on whether you are comfortable in your office space. However, very often business owners simply go to the nearest store and purchase mediocre mass-produced furnishings, that will, within in a few months, succumb to wear and tear while causing a great deal of discomfort. We spend 80 percent of the time we are awake in our offices, so shouldn’t they be as comfortable — or more — than our homes? An office with maximum functionality and ergonomics allows for maximum work efficiency, so it is lucky that we have Neville Jarman from Jarman Office Furniture on our doorstep to cater for these needs. “One can get a desk, a chair or a boardroom table anywhere, but there are not many people that offer added value services, such as space planning and business support. For us it’s not about just selling a desk — it’s about selling an environment that moves your business forward,” says Neville. The company has been running for 23 years and has worked on projects for Vodacom, Internet Solutions, VideoVision , DBA Electrical Consulting Engineers , ATC , Tourvest , SAI, Adcock Ingram, Parmalat and Mustek, to name but a few. It has also serviced many issue 14 |

clients from areas such as Johannesburg, where they were involved in the project to revamp Varsity College in Midrand with ‘Disturbance’, an innovative design company. Neville believes that it is projects like these that allow the company to create the amazing and unique designs that truly show its creative abilities. There are currently two factories — one in River Horse Valley near Umhlanga and one at Imbonini near Ballito, both booming boroughs where new businesses open every year. Many businesses are now relocating to towns such as these and, with the move, comes the ability to start anew and create an environment that truly epitomises the company’s identity. Neville believes that first impressions are formed within the first four seconds of meeting someone and that it is no different when it comes to an office space. “What your office looks like is the first impression and message your company gives out to the world and that’s before someone has even spoken to anyone,” says Neville. The great thing about Jarman Office Furniture is that it’s not all about selling the newest fad in office furniture even if it doesn’t suit the office space—rather they work closely with the client to create an easy, efficient and appealing working environment. Instead of going to a shop and simply buying new furniture, Jarman’s clients get a service including design, delivery and installation — the company ensures that everything fits and works well in the space allocated, at the same time making sure that the offices are designed effectively. “Basically we analyse a business

and work on ways to improve both the image of a company and the quality and efficiency of how it works,” says Neville. While at Jarman you get professional advice and added value services, you’d probably pay about the same for just the furnishings at some furniture stores. Apart from the personalised attention, you also get a five-year guarantee on everything they supply from Jarman. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so do yourself a favour and visit their website to see some of the amazing work they’ve done and the fabulous furniture they offer. 031 569 3997 |

Neville shares a few top tips: • Your biggest investment in an office should not be what desk you have. It should be what chair you buy — most people sit at their desk all day so you need support and comfort in order to work efficiently. A good synchronous ergonomic chair is a must. • Providing a “pause” area in your offices is a great way to get your staff to get to know each other and mingle. It offers a neutral space to relax and take a break and it keeps staff happy, morale high and, most of all, it keeps them comfortable at work. • Going green is everywhere and it’s no different in the office, so people, both employees and clients like to know they are associated with a green company. Buzz words include: Energy Savings, Re-usable and re-cycled materials.

| 29


Book Early and Save up to 30% ON SELECTED CRUISES

MSC OPERA 13 Decks ● 856 Cabins ● 2200 Guests The 251 metre MSC Opera will arrive in Cape Town, South Africa for the first time ever on 19 November 2012 and will operate out of Durban from 22 November 2012 until early March 2013, taking over the popular Mozambique three and four night cruises from MSC Sinfonia. MSC Opera is slightly larger than her sister ship and can accommodate over 2,100 guests. The ‘Lirica Class’ ship will bring a new elegance to local cruising and South African guests will enjoy the glamorous decor of the stately ship, with public areas enhanced by a sweeping marble reception area and magnificent open spaces with glass walls for the most spectacular ocean views. MSC Opera hosts 856 cabins of which 172 are balcony cabins and 28 are balcony suites. The ship has four restaurants, eleven bars, two pools, and two whirlpools.The liner boasts the MSC Aurea Spa and Solarium, a disco, video games room, internet cafe, casino, team building facilities and a medical centre. The ship has a wonderful array of duty free shopping and caters for kids with the Buffalo Bill children’s play area. Additional facilities include the ‘Cotton Club’ bar and a stage on deck for outdoor entertainment. Facilities include the ship’s main show lounge, a nightclub/discotheque, several lounges and bars, an internet centre with 10 terminals, a virtual reality centre, a children’s club, a shopping gallery named Via Conditti with shops that have an integrated bar and entertainment area so that shopping becomes a city-like environment where you can shop, drink, and be entertained all in one convenient area.The Monte Carlo Casino, has blackjack, poker and roulette games, together with an array of slot machines.

3 Nights from

R3 423 4 Nights from

R3 724

PORTUGUESE ISLAND Departures most Fridays from Durban Dec’12 to Feb’13

MAPUTO AND BARRA LODGE Departures most Mondays from Durban Nov’12 to Feb’13


11 Nights from

R18 370 6 Nights from

R11 530

NEW YEAR CRUISE Calling at Reunion and Mauritius Departs Durban - 27th December 2012

CHRISTMAS CRUISE Calling at Anakao, Madagascar & Portuguese Isl Departs Durban - 21st December 2012

For Brochures, Reservations or Information, contact your ASATA Travel Agent or: Johannesburg : 011 798 3600 | Cape Town : 021 555 3005 Pretoria : 012 342 4496 | Durban : 031 303 3572 join us on

mscstarlight follow us


Prices are per person and DO NOT include the Port, Baggage, Insurance and Service charges for all passengers. A maximum of 2 children sharing a 4 berth cabin with 2 adults cruise FREE and pay the applicable Port and Service charges only. No Specials are applicable to the Christmas & New Year Cruises and on Cat11 Balcony Suites on the MSC Opera. Conditions apply. E&OE.

issue 14 |

30 | feature top gear

top gear

Turmoil issue 14 |

| 31 Fire up your engines, Durban, because we don’t have long to go till Top Gear is in your city doing what the guys do best — racing, death-defying stunts and a whole lotta chirping! With over 350 million viewers per week in 170 different countries, Top Gear has raced its way from our TV screens and into our hearts, making it one of the biggest and best TV shows in Britain! This major BBC show has, for the last couple of years, been hosted in 17 major cities around the world, including Moscow, Perth and Oslo, to name a few. This year it’s Durban’s turn and Durbanites can revel in the fact that Top Gear is making its debut at the Moses Mabhida

Stadium and Street Circuit! There are only a couple of days to go till petrol-heads James May, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and the legendary Stig land on our sunny shores for what promises to be one of the most memorable events ever to hit Durban and the city is alive with excitement! Over and above the Live Stadium Show, which features all three presenters, visitors will also be able to enjoy a huge variety of other exciting outdoor features around the stadium. The quarter-mile challenge, local motor racing content, historic racing, drifting, rallying, and 4x4 will all be key activities taking place there. Avid Top Gear junkies are in for one helluva life-changing

experience as, with so much space at their disposal, the Top Gear team will be able to reach new heights and deliver even more hazardous stunts to enthral and exhilarate the audience. You can expect the same great Top Gear show that we’ve grown to know and love, but bigger and better, with a lot more humour and, best of all, it’s all happening in Durban!

For more information on ticket prices, or to book, visit or www., or for queries, mail


acts! • Jeremy Clarkson is said to be one of the tallest people on British TV at 6ft 5in tall.

• In 2005 Top Gear won an international Emmy award

• Jeremy and James May were the first men to ever drive a car to the North Pole.

• The show has a worldwide audience of over 350 million people in more than 90 countries.

• In February 2004 the BBC was forced to pay £250 in compensation to a Somerset Parish Council after Clarkson drove a Toyota Hilux into a 30-year-old tree to show the strength of the pickup truck.

• The Top Gear Facebook site has about 11 253 000 likes. • The waiting-list to watch the show live is now between one and two years.

issue 14 |

32 | feature mr Price Pro Ballito 2012

it’s a surfing festival that combines everything anyone would want to experience on KZN’s golden north shores through exciting surfing, festive days and events and totally radical music.

Words Justin Scott

Brasilian Jano Belo takes the drop at Willard Beach in the 2011 Mr Price Pro Ballito: Picture: Kelly Cestari

Let your inner surfer out at the Mr Price Pro Ballito 2012 Wild swells and ballistic waves wrapped in the best SA weather is what holidays on the KwaZulu Natal coast are all about. Winter on the coast heralds the best winter holidays found anywhere in the world and with this the now legendary Mr Price Pro Ballito Surf event. This world-rated ASP surf event tugs at the surfer in all of us when, for those of us fortunate enough to make the time to head to Ballito, we watch the world’s best professional surfers carve up the waves and make barrelling look like anyone can do it, including us. If the only surfing you know is on the Internet, then the Mr Price Pro is as exciting as the news of Facebook going public and the calibre of surfers would be akin to putting Google, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Twitter and all the other online legends into a “surfing” contest. The Pro, as it is nicknamed,

issue 14 |

is one of the greats and brings the surfing fraternity’s big names to South Africa and to the beaches of the holiday town of Ballito, 30 minutes north of Durban. Mr Price has been the event’s sponsor for the past 12 years and year on year has raised the status and global reach of the surf contest. This year will be no different as the event is streamed live on the events site and surfing highlights are posted on Facebook not long after the actual surfing has happened. If you’re wondering whether you should look in on it or not, consider that the Mr Price Pro Ballito is much more than a sick (that’s a surfing term for awesome) surf event. A festival area is put together to keep visitors totally enthralled and boasts retail options, extreme BMX’ing and other great entertainment. Mr Price Pro Ballito also hosts one of the country’s biggest rock concerts, for free, on the Salt Rock Beach, with artists like Gangs of Ballet, Wonderboom,

the Ard Matthews Trio, Shadow Club, aKing, Crash Car Burn and Flash Republic, on the Friday night and then on Saturday rising star Toya Delazy opens for Lloyd Cele, iscreamstix, Locnville, Pascal & Pearce, Goodluck and Dino Bravo. What could be cooler that a beach rock concert ... one that is hosted two nights in a row perhaps? All in all, it’s a whole lot more than the biggest surf, beach and lifestyle event on the African continent, bringing top-rated surfers from around the world to Ballito — it’s a surfing festival that combines everything anyone would want to experience on KZN’s golden north shores through exciting surfing, festive days and events and totally radical music. If you’re at the coast this holiday, make sure that you escape to Ballito and bank an experience that has to be on your holiday bucket list!

| 33

issue 14 |

34 | lifestyle good food

A city with a diverse range of attractions, sights and activities to offer - Cape Town has something for everyone.


The Food Barn Tel: 021 433 2377 Tel: 021/789-1390

Wakame’s breathtaking views add a unique dimension to the epicurean delights that await you. The view spreads from the old Lighthouse at Mouille Point, to the gleaming lights of Table Bay. From Whale-watching to Yacht racing or just watching the seals or dolphins frolicking in front of the restaurant, Wakame’s view comes out tops. Not to mention the only restaurant in Cape Town that has the best View of Robben Island. Raised wooden decks with cherry inlays & green tea antiqued walls, tell a story of how the food will be behind those walls. Three meter long fish tanks that are the Bar’s eye catching feature, as well as the Cherry wood counters, are what give Wakame a beautiful warmth. Food is a word that would be a Cliché in this establishment. Pacific Rim blended with Asian fusion and a hint of French and Western influences are what hold true from the kitchen.

Whether enjoying “fine dining” in the à la carte venue or just relaxing with coffee and cake in the Deli, diners visiting the Food Barn will never be disappointed! The food is civilised without being pretentious, that is to say it has natural taste, smells and textures, and much character… often it looks beautiful too. What is paramount is that it is prepared with respect, savvy and love. The restaurant offers a nearby nursery, Deli, kid and dog-friendly jungle gym and lawns, it’s now also open for tapas in the evenings. The in-house bakery is one of Cape Town’s finest. The daily offerings from the wood-fired oven include their famous ciabatta, nutty rye loaves and buttery croissants and much more. Deli items include the Moroccan chicken tram, a toasted trammezzini with mozzarella cheese, free-range chicken, harissa (a North African hot red paste) mayonnaise, candied onions, and coriander. It’s delicious.

Bibi’s Kitchen Tel: 021 761 8365

If you would like your restaurant reviewed here please contact or if you as a reader have been to a restaurant you believe should be in, please send us an email to share your thoughts.

issue 14 |

Bibi’s is a local hot spot that serves a wide range of authentic north and south Indian dishes, the restaurant has a simple, but clean and modern feel to it. Engulf the lingering aroma of authentic dishes from North and South India, wet the appetite as diners peruse the menu brimming with specialties from rogan josh, mughlai lamb and chicken tikka from the north to spicy Madras seafood curries and biryani from the south. Start with kebabs and spicy pakora pastries mopping up delicious sauce with warm buttery naan bread. Vegetarians are well catered for with dhal, paneer and chana masala dishes.Cool the palate with a traditional fruit flavoured yogurt drink for a taste of pure India at Bibi’s Kitchen

| 35

issue 14 |

36 | lifestyle good food

Vilamoura Tel: 011 884 0360/1 Transport yourself to tranquillity and splendour, revitalising your senses and tantalising your desire of exploration. Vilamoura caters for all your needs, nurturing your experience from the moment you are welcomed into this magical dwelling. The newly renovated restaurant captures the flamboyant, glamorous setting that reminisces of the most prosperous venues in the world, European decor is revealed with vibrant mosaic murals and unique trinkets, enticing fantasies beyond imagination. For many years Vilamoura has been the name on everybody’s lips - synonymous with the best gourmet seafood dishes, impeccable service and an impressive wine list.

There are some splendid restaurants in Johannesburg, spread across the city of gold. Feast on some splendour while experiencing the big city life.

If you would like your restaurant reviewed here please contact or if you as a reader have been to a restaurant you believe should be in, please send us an email to share your thoughts.

issue 14 |

Buddha Ta

Plaka – Cresta Tel: 011 465 8141 Tel: 011 478 0392

The name is both mystical and divine; the venue is nothing less than enchanting and breathtaking! Buddah TA is simply a playground for the sophisticated and free spirited individual. The splendid layout and unique features of the venue offers visitors an unforgettable experience. The decor poses style and elegance with dark wooden finishes, attention to detail and stunning displays. The outside area presents an ideal setting for casual lunches, socials and sundowners. Following the tradition of Asian cultures they have designed their menu to be shared. The cocktail list is extensive and comes highly recommended. The Candy Floss Mojito is a must-have! Choose between tapas-style platters with a selection of exciting nibbles, or the a la carte menu for those with a more substantial appetite.

For the ultimate in fresh and delicious meze, majestic prawns, the finest fillet you’ll ever experience and the most lavish, luscious oysters – you’ll find this pearl of a restaurant situated in the popular family-focussed Cresta Centre. Plaka offers you a unique concept in Mediterranean dining – they call it Modern Greek Classic. Here traditional Greek fare and a family legacy the regulars have come to love, meets a new contemporary freshness that is the young Greek-style of today. Plaka is about elegant simplicity and unquestionable sophistication. Cool white and splashes of the blues and hues of the Med create the fresh feel of the Greek isles, while the owners’ keen eye for design means the restaurant is beautifully cosmopolitan, yet always comfortable. Plaka’s reputation for a premier wine selection is well-travelled – while a vibrant and exciting new cocktail menu adds some extra pizzazz. A Plaka experience is an experience never to be forgotten.

| 37

issue 14 |

38 | lifestyle good food

Where the seemingly endless subtropical summers are deliciously hot and winters are warm and sunny.

Fiamma Grill

Bean Bag Bohemia Tel: 032 946 1029

Tel: 031-309 6019

Fiamma Grill specialises in quality grade cuts of matured meat and carefully selected seafood dishes. They are an Italian Grill House catering for families, functions, and romantic occasions. Their menu ranges from pizza, pasta to delicious seafood grill’s and hand selected cuts of meat. All their meals are prepared from fresh and should one wish to add or exclude anything in their meal, it is easily accommodated. Fiamma Grill is situated in a boutique hotel that offers a unique dining experience focused on service, ambience and style. Due to them being a family run restaurant, one can see the enjoyment they get from the close interaction with their guests and the overall experience of “food”. The philosophy behind the restaurant is “to be closely related to our patrons, offer a warm friendly service, and care for the local community.”

Bean Bag Bohemia has become an institution among socialites and funky, young people in Durban. This venue was established in 1995 and has since grown to become one of the most popular eateries around. What began as a restaurant in Durban serving cafe style meals and drinks. The history of Bean Bag Bohemia dates back a lot further than 1995 as it has been brought to life inside a National Monument Building. This building dates back to 1885, over 120 years, and adds a certain respected, artistic flair to an already superb Durban restaurant. Bean Bag Bohemia is certainly one of the best places to go in Durban, and upon visiting this divine location you will understand why. Art Exhibitions, gourmet food and wine evenings are held at Bean Bag Bohemia on regular occasions due to the perfectly fitting ambience of the space.

Butcher Block Umhlanga Tel: 031 566 3547

If you would like your restaurant reviewed here please contact or if you as a reader have been to a restaurant you believe should be in, please send us an email to share your thoughts.

issue 14 |

Butcher Block offers an intimate and relaxing dining experience. The restaurant has the most succulent, tender and flavoursome steaks. Every steak served undergoes a specialised ageing process to ensure texture, flavour and colour. The menu ensures that every taste is catered for by offering chicken, fish and vegetarian options alongside the star attraction - exceptional quality steaks. The chef’s specialities are unquestionably the Three Sauce Calamari for Starters. Also try the Potato Skins loaded with bacon, peppers, mushrooms, onions and baked with cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

| 39

issue 14 |

Words Storm Catterick

40 | feature winter festivities

Winter festivities As winter rolls around, KZN comes alive with some of the most prestigious events in South Africa! The warm, sunny skies, fresh evenings and winter surf swells pull people from far and wide to join in the excitement and festivities and, when night falls, the inescapable sounds of laughter, cheer and bass-enriched tunes brings the night owls out for what will be talked about for months as, “the best night of their lives”. Yes, June and July are the months when memories are made, hangovers are inevitable but, most of all, where the people of the coast unite for two months of pure, unadulterated fun! We are so privileged to live in a province where the word “winter” is synonymous with nothing but a light fleece and the outdoors becomes an even more inviting place. Winter, in the surfing world, also means incredible waves and unparalleled barrels which means it’s time for Ballito’s biggest event, the world-famous Mr Price Pro! Once again

issue 14 |

Ballito will buzz with the influx of eager surf fans as the leading surfers from all over the globe compete in some of the best surfing on the ASP tour in our challenging waves. Families are sure of entertainment throughout the week at the Mr Price Pro Beach Festival, which offers a kaleidoscope of activities from extreme sports to live entertainment, plus great kids’ activities that will keep your little ones entertained for the whole day! If you decide to give watching the surfing a miss for a while, the “Mardi gras”-feel of the Beach Festival offers a great opportunity to shop, grab a bite to eat, or simply stand and gaze in awe during some of the most amazing displays. As the weekend hits and the day turns into night, whip on a simple shirt and some shorts and head down to Salt Rock Beach for one of the biggest concerts in KZN! With a line-up bigger and better than Splashy, you know you’re in for one helluva party. With 14 class

acts spread over two nights, which include Toya Delazy, Locnville, Flash Republic, Gangs of Ballet to name but a few, plus a massive stage and world-class sound, it’s going to be EPIC! Feet dug into the sand, drink in one hand and a friskily jiving arm on the other side, booty-bopping under the stars shining above you in a clear KZN sky — there are no words to describe what an amazing feeling that is! The freedom to be out in the open in the fresh sea breeze, listening to the crashing waves, the freedom to be yourself in casual surroundings, the pleasure of seeing some of the best bands in S.A for free — what more could you ask for! But we know that not everyone feels the same, so if you’re one for a night out dressed to the nines, with your “fave” LBD, a pair of killer heels, with hair done and make-up in place, then there’s only one place for you to be — the Official Durban July After-party at the DLI

| 41

...the inescapable sounds of laughter, cheer and bass-enriched tunes brings the night owls out for what will be talked about for months as, “the best night of their lives”.

hall! The July is the event to be at in Durban, where the who’s-who of the S.A celebrity circuit come out to play and it is followed by an amazing after-party jam-packed with a DJ line-up to die for. The city literally comes alive with excitement and fun. The airports are chock-a-block as people, bitten by what has come to be known as “July fever”, make their way to the bustling city of Durban for Africa’s greatest horseracing event. The July surpasses any other event on the African continent, with over 56 000 people expected at Greyville to watch adrenalinedriven thoroughbreds storm down a racetrack, with each punter hoping that they might just have backed the winner! Others filter in to be a part of the most amazing and outrageous fashion experience in S.A. and the vibrant fashion programme allows young designers to showcase what makes them great designers! This year’s theme will definitely test the talent of our designers as they are challenged to make an ensemble using recycled, renewable

and reusable materials. Get your tickets, grab your cooler-box and enjoy a day in the sun at the biggest event in July!

Gareth Devore, the Sp!ndoctor, Roger Goode, DJ Fresh, Chris Jack, Veranda Panda, Funky G and Tomorrow’s Will and G - Funk.

When the lights go off, the July skies light up and the after party starts! The Vodacom 4U and Samsung-sponsored event welcomes partygoers on 7 July 2012 for what is promised to be the biggest and best party Durban has ever seen. With three dance floors and top DJ’s on each floor, it is without doubt going to stay true to its “festival” theme. G&G have put a lot of time and effort into the decor this year to create an all- round atmosphere of opulence and revelry. Whether you’re a hard-hitting raver or a commercial house-pop rocker, there is a floor to suit your tastes and preferences. Floors to look out for this year are the “Supercharged Dance Floor” — with a more commercial feel and an electronic edge — and the “Enchanted Galaxy Dance Floor”, which will feature some of the country’s most talented trance DJs. The DJ line-up is not to be missed and some of the muso moguls are

If horse racing or surfing doesn’t impress you, you can always make your way to one of the six regional air shows that will be taking place during June and July. The KZN Winter Air Tour, a first of its kinds in South Africa, will see over 200 different aircraft collectively on display at KZN’s regional airports. The first air show kicks off in Newcastle on the 2nd June and the excitement then heads off to Richards Bay (9th June), Ulundi (16th June), Pietermaritzburg (23rd June), Margate (7th July) and the big closing show which has been a standard in Durban for years, the Durban Air Show on the 14th July. It’s the perfect day out for families, young and old, and the shows add something even more exciting to what is happening during the winter season down on the coast.

issue 14 |

42 | health

issue 14 |

| 43

issue 14 |

44 |

the perfect landing

The Vineyard Hotel & Spa, the premier Cape Town hotel in the perfect setting. Located on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain, the property extends from an original Georgian homestead across 8 acres of superb indigenous riverside parkland, boasting luxury accommodations, award-winning restaurants, a state-of-the-art conference and functions venue, and a globally renowned spa and health & fitness centre. A ten minute ride from airport, city centre, and the natural and cultural marvels of the Cape Peninsula, it’s the essential business pause. Readers’ Special: Enjoy a 15% discount off our best available rates between May and September 2012. Subject to quoting THE AIRPORT MAGAZINE when making a booking. Nett rates and applicable to individual travellers only. Standard terms and conditions apply.

committed to

issue 14 |

Colinton Road (off Protea Road), Newlands 7700, Cape Town, South Africa t +27 (0)21 657 4500 e w

The Airport Magazine Issue 15  

The Airport Magazine Issue 15

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