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home in your smartphone the new concept in home automation for everyone Cover: Available in a wide range of colours and with a choice of materials, the covers are designed to adapt to a range of situations, while also catering to the home décor and tastes of the most demanding users.

At home or away, control every function with your smartphone

Using either presence detection or programmed scenarios – including simulated presence when the house is empty – Armadillo lets you manage your home lights and power with a touch of a button on your smartphone, whether you’re home or not. Besides efficient home management, Armadillo delivers high energy savings. Besides efficient home management, Armadillo delivers high energy savings.

Innovative, totally customizable home automation

The Armadillo unit contains everything for controlling power outlets, lights, and thermostats, without the need for additional sensors around the home. Users can also easily customize Armadillo to their needs, applying or changing scenarios according to their lifestyle. Expert users (or the installer) can also write scripts and install new modules to meet specific needs. Armadillo adapts to every home, allowing independent control of each room.

Simple, non-invasive installation

Armadillo is easy and quick to install, it simply taking the place of the wall socket box, without the need for any masonry or major wiring work. Each Armadillo can be controlled individually. It’s also possible to manage multiple homes from the same smartphone. Easy to install, easy to use. Totally modular, Armadillo was designed for full compatibility with future technologies.


Armadillo and the environment Protecting the environment is the guiding principle behind the design of this product. And with Armadillo, it’s easy to manage energy consumption and monitor heat losses. Environmentally friendly packaging is also under development

A web server makes it possible to save the data collected at any time of the year in the unit’s internal memory, while also providing usage history for effective consumption monitoring. The Armadillo App displays readings for real time control as well as providing reports with historical environment data for optimizing energy use and reducing consumption. While most energy certification systems are based on statistical data, Armadillo makes it possible to monitor – in real time – heat loss in the rooms in which it’s installed. Plus, it features advanced fault reporting for the home’s electrical system, with an emergency light and blackout monitoring. Historical data is also a useful tool for planning home renovations, making it possible to avoid the problems typically arising from blackouts (such as with refrigerators and aquariums).

Armadillo is fully designed and manufactured in Italy.

The Armadillo App, additional features, additional information, and updates are all available online at

Armadillo Datasheet  

Datasheet Armadillo: a smart home solution

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