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LOUISE DOUGHTY is the author of eight novels, most recently Black Water, which was published in 2016 to critical acclaim in the UK and US, where it was nominated as one of the New York Times Notable Books of the Year. Her previous book was the Top Ten bestseller Apple Tree Yard, adapted for BBC One as a four-part series starring Emily Watson. She is a critic and cultural commentator for UK and international newspapers and broadcasts regularly for the BBC. She lives in London.

22/08/19 HB | 978 0 571 32194 0 | 352pp | £12.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 32197 1

Platform Seven Louise Doughty

Girl Edna O’Brien

The new thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Apple Tree Yard.

The legendary author’s hotly anticipated new novel is a masterpiece of violence and tenderness.

Platform Seven at 4 a.m.: Peterborough Railway Station is deserted. The man crossing the covered walkway on this freezing November morning is confident he’s alone. As he sits on the metal bench at the far end of the platform it is clear his choice is strategic – he’s as far away from the night staff as he can get.

I was a girl once, but not any more.

What the man doesn’t realise is that he has company. Lisa Evans knows what his decision to be here means. She knows what he is about to do as she tries and fails to stop him walking to the platform edge. Two deaths on Platform Seven. Two fatalities in eighteen months – surely they’re connected? No one is more desperate to understand what connects them than Lisa Evans herself. After all, she was the first of the two to die . . .

So begins Girl, Edna O’Brien’s harrowing portrayal of the young women abducted by Boko Haram. Set in the deep countryside of north-east Nigeria, this is a brutal story of incarceration, horror, and hunger; a hair-raising escape into the manifold terrors of the forest; and a descent into the labyrinthine bureaucracy and hostility awaiting a victim who returns home with a child blighted by enemy blood. From one of our greatest living authors, Girl is an unforgettable story of one victim’s astonishing survival, and her unflinching faith in the redemption of the human heart.

EDNA O’BRIEN has written more than twenty works of fiction, most recently the bestselling novel The Little Red Chairs. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Irish PEN Lifetime Achievement Award, the American National Arts Gold Medal, and the Ulysses medal, as well as the Frank O’Connor Prize. Born and raised in the west of Ireland, she has lived in London for many years, and was recently appointed a Dame of the British Empire for her services to literature.

‘The most gifted woman now writing in English.’ Philip Roth 05/09/19 HB | 978 0 571 34116 0 | 224pp | £16.99

‘Doughty is a brilliant storyteller.’ The Times

Ebook | 978 0 571 34119 1 UK C/Wealth + EU ex Can

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JOANNA KAVENNA is the author of several works of fiction and nonfiction including The Ice Museum, Inglorious, The Birth of Love and A Field Guide to Reality. Her short stories and essays have appeared in the New Yorker, the LRB, the New Scientist, the Guardian and the New York Times, among other publications. In 2008 she won the Orange Prize for New Writing, and in 2013 she was named as one of Granta’s Best of Young British Novelists.

04/07/19 HB | 978 0 571 24515 4 | 400pp | £16.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 32183 4 UK C/Wealth + EU ex Can

Zed Joanna Kavenna

Sudden Traveller Sarah Hall

A darkly ironic novel of ideas, a dystopia, and an absurdist thriller, from the award-winning writer.

The new story collection from one of our most celebrated masters of the form.

Self-anointed guru of the digital age, Guy Matthias, CEO of Beetle, has become one of the world’s most powerful figures. Untaxed and ungoverned, his transatlantic company operates beyond the control of governments or the law.

Sudden Traveller, Sarah Hall’s third story collection, explores her signature themes of identity, eroticism and existential quest, travelling far afield in location and ambition. From Turkish forests to the gorges of the Pacific Northwest and Cumbria’s rain-drenched villages, Hall’s characters walk, drive, dream and fly, reconciling themselves to their journeys through life, death and love. Science fiction meets folktale, and philosophy meets mortality in these tales of mythical creatures, warring dictators, haunted exiles . . . In what has become her most powerful form of narration, Hall opens channels in the human mind and spirit and stands with the reader at the very edge of our possible selves.

But for Guy a perfect storm is brewing: his wife wants to leave him; malfunctioning Beetle software has led to some unfortunate deaths which are proving hard to cover up; his longed-for deal with China is proving troublingly elusive; and a mystery hacker, Gogol, is on his trail. With the clock ticking, the question – for a cast which includes a flailing female British PM, a conflicted national security expert and a depressed journalist – is becoming ever more pressing: how do you live in reality when all knowledge, all certainty, is partly or entirely fake? ‘To surrender yourself to the revelations of that life and then to come back with the assertions of prose: that is the new heroism of the woman writer, and Kavenna is in the vanguard of it.’ Rachel Cusk 6

‘Astonishing: humane yet otherworldly, disturbing, sexy and strange. The woman is a genius.’ Jessie Burton, Observer on Madame Zero

SARAH HALL was born in Cumbria in 1974. Twice nominated for the Man Booker prize, she is the awardwinning author of five novels and two short-story collections – The Beautiful Indifference, which won the Edge Hill and Portico prizes, and Madame Zero, shortlisted for the Edge Hill Prize, and winner of the East Anglian Book Award. She is currently the only author to be three times shortlisted for the BBC National Short Story Award, which she won in 2013 with ‘Mrs Fox’.

03/10/19 HB | 978 0 571 34504 5 | 224pp | £12.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34506 9 UK C/Wealth + EU ex Can



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BENJAMIN MARKOVITS grew up in Texas, London, and Berlin. One of Granta’s Best Young British Novelists and the winner of the James Tait Black Award, he is the author of eight novels. He has published essays, stories, poetry, and reviews on subjects ranging from the Romantics to American sports in the Guardian, Granta, The Paris Review, and The New York Times, among other publications. He lives in London and teaches creative writing at Royal Holloway, University of London.

07/11/19 HB | 978 0 571 35479 5 | 320pp | £14.99

Christmas in Austin Benjamin Markovits

Summer of My Amazing Luck Miriam Toews

A forensic portrait of family life from one of Granta’s Best Young British Novelists.

Miriam Toews’s heartbreaking and funny debut novel, published in the UK for the first time.

When the four Essinger children gather in Austin for Christmas, they all bring their news. Nathan is hoping to become a Federal judge. Susie’s husband has taken a job in England. Jean has asked her boyfriend and boss to meet her family. Paul has broken up with Dana, mother of their son Cal. But their parents have plans, too, and invite Dana to stay, hoping to bring the couple back together. As the week unfolds, the Essingers all face conflicts of loyalty and tensions between old families and new. Rich, intimate, and deeply perceptive, Christmas in Austin beautifully explores the deeprooted division between the world we grow up in, and the life we make for ourselves.

Lucy and her eight-month-old son live in a public assistance housing building filled with single mothers on the dole. Still dealing with her mother’s sudden death, and new to the ever-multiplying complications of life on welfare, Lucy strikes up a friendship with her neighbour, Lish. On the whole, they’re pretty happy . . . but Lucy wants to make sure they stay happy. And she has a plan.

‘In tender, compassionate prose and a deftly compressed timescheme, Markovits glints through desire, ennui, misunderstanding, and love, illuminating one family’s life so that it glows collectively like a human panorama.’ Jonathan Lethem on A Weekend in New York

Told with Toews’s signature scalding wit and deep compassion, Summer of my Amazing Luck is a brilliantly funny book about the intricacies of friendship, grief and poverty.

MIRIAM TOEWS is the author of seven novels: Summer of My Amazing Luck, A Boy of Good Breeding, A Complicated Kindness, The Flying Troutmans, Irma Voth, All My Puny Sorrows, Women Talking and one work of nonfiction, Swing Low: A Life. She is a winner of the Governor General’s Award for Fiction, the Libris Award for Fiction Book of the Year, the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize, and the Writers Trust Marian Engel Award.

‘Toews’s debut is a tart, affectionate look at welfare mothers in a Winnipeg housing project . . . Toews is especially good on the “rollicking, happy, impoverished family” of the projects [and] scathing about the humiliations of poverty.’ The Times 04/07/19 PB | 978 0 571 34587 8 | 292pp | £8.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34588 5

Ebook | 978 0 571 33977 8

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Sleepless Nights Elizabeth Hardwick This lost American classic is a kaleidoscopic scrapbook of one woman’s memories, reissued with a new introduction by Eimear McBride. First published in 1979, Sleepless Nights is a collage of fiction and memoir, letters and essays, portraits and dreams. Escaping her childhood home, the narrator arrives at a bohemian hotel in Manhattan. Here begin the erotic affairs and parties, the abortions and heartbreaks, the sketches of transgressive women . . . Above all, here is prose blurring into poetry to lose – and perhaps to find – yourself in. ‘A series of fleeting images and memories . . . united by the high intelligence and beauty of Hardwick’s prose.’ Sally Rooney

A Friendship

Thomas Bernhard


A memento mori of restless genius with a new afterword by Ben Lerner.

PB | 978 0 571 34699 8 | 128pp | £8.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34732 2 UK C/Wealth EXcan OpenEU

Seduction and Betrayal Elizabeth Hardwick First published in 1974, this iconic essay collection is a radical portrait of literary women, reissued with a new introduction by Deborah Levy. Sidelined. Short-changed. Killed off. Elizabeth Hardwick imagines the lives of the Brontës, Woolf, Eliot and Plath; wives such as Dorothy Wordsworth, Zelda Fitzgerald and Jane Carlyle; and fictional heroines from Richardson’s Clarissa to Ibsen’s Nora. Hardwick probes the costs of sex, love and marriage, asking who is the seducer and who the seduced: and the result is nothing less than a reckoning.


Wittgenstein’s Nephew

‘A rich, moving historical pageant. Literature’s women – the creators and the created – pass before us on stage sets of art, romance, sex and death.’ Margo Jefferson

It is 1967. Two men lie bedridden in a Viennese hospital. The narrator, Thomas Bernhard, is stricken with a lung ailment; his friend Paul, nephew of Ludwig Wittgenstein, is suffering from a periodic bout of madness. As their friendship quickens, the men discover in each other an antidote to their despair through their shared love of music, black humour, disgust for bourgeois Vienna, and fear of mortality. ‘Furious, obsessive, scathing, absolutely hilarious and oddly beautiful.’ Claire Messud

Woodcutters Thomas Bernhard

The Loser Thomas Bernhard

A blistering European classic, reissued with a new afterword.

Bernhard’s iconic portrait of creative obsession with a new afterword by Leanne Shapton.

An unnamed writer arrives at an ‘artistic dinner’ hosted by a couple he has come to detest. They have been brought together by their friend Joana’s suicide: but the guest of honour, a famous actor from the Burgtheater, is late. As the guests await his arrival, little do they know that they are being subjected to the narrator’s merciless scrutiny from his wing-backed throne, culminating in an explosive end to the evening. ‘I absolutely love Bernhard: he is one of the darkest and funniest writers.’ Karl Ove Knausgaard

Mid-century Austria. Three aspiring concert pianists – Wertheimer, Glenn Gould, and the narrator – have dedicated their lives to becoming virtuosos. But one day, two of them overhear Gould playing Bach’s Goldberg Variations, and his genius destroys them both. They abandon their musical ambitions: Wertheimer, over a process of disintegration; and the narrator, instantly. Written as a torrential monologue, Bernhard’s meditation on failure, genius and fame is a radical new reading experience. ‘Strangely exhilarating . . . A maddened, magical genius.’ Edna O’Brien

PB | 978 0 571 34700 1 | 224pp | £8.99




Ebook | 978 0 571 34731 5

PB | 978 0 571 34998 2 | 112pp | £9.99

PB | 978 0 571 34999 9 | 192pp | £9.99

PB | 978 0 571 34997 5 | 192pp | £9.99

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ELIZABETH HARDWICK (1916–2007) was one of the great intellectuals of her time. A co-founder of the New York Review of Books, she was a prolific journalist as well as the author of three novels, a biography of Herman Melville and four collections of essays. She was married to the poet Robert Lowell from 1949 to 1972, and Faber are reissuing two of her books to anticipate the publication of their collected correspondence in 2019.

THOMAS BERNHARD (1931–1989) is one of the most widely translated and admired European writers. Raised in Austria, he published nine novels, five autobiographical stories, around ten short story collections, eighteen plays and five volumes of poetry. Faber are reissuing five of his novels in 2019 to mark the thirtieth anniversary of his death




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LAURA LIPPMAN has been awarded every major prize in crime fiction. Since the publication of What the Dead Know, each of her hardbacks has hit the New York Times bestseller list. A recipient of the first-ever Mayor’s Prize, she lives in Baltimore, New Orleans and New York City with her family.

Lady in the Lake Laura Lippman

Devotion Madeline Stevens

From the author of Sunburn, a compelling and moving mystery about race, murder and ambition in mid-sixties America.

A captivating, psychologically astute debut from a thrillingly bold new voice.

Cleo Sherwood disappeared eight months ago. Aside from her parents and the two sons she left behind, no one seems to have noticed. It’s 1964 and neither the police, the public nor the papers care much when Negro women go missing.

Ella Crawford is twenty-six, lonely and so broke that she seduces strange men so they’ll buy her dinner. Her fate changes the day she begins nannying for a rich and beautiful Upper East Side mother: Lonnie is also twenty-six, but – unlike Ella – she has a doting husband and son, artistic talent and old family money.

Rookie journalist Maddie Schwartz – recently separated from her husband – wants one thing: a byline. When she hears about an unidentified body that’s been pulled out of the fountain in Druid Hill Park, Maddie thinks she is about to uncover a story that will finally get her name in print. What she can’t imagine is how much trouble she will cause chasing a story that no one wants her to tell. ‘A natural storyteller at the height of her powers.’ Lee Child

Ella is mesmerised by Lonnie; but alongside dizzying attraction grows resentment. Soon Ella will be immersed so deeply in her cravings – for Lonnie’s lifestyle, her attention, her lovers – that she may never come up for air.

MADELINE STEVENS has worked as a nanny in New York City for seven years. She holds an MFA from Columbia University and was mentored by novelist Lidia Yuknavitch. She founded the Sundays at Erv’s reading series in Brooklyn and has been invited to read at series including The Freya Project, Dead Rabbits, and Columbia Selects at KGB bar.

Crackling with sensuality and heart-quickening suspense, Madeline Stevens’s searing debut novel explores themes of class, aspiration, female friendship, sexuality and obsession. 15/08/19


TPB | 978 0 571 34907 4 | 292pp | £12.99

TPB | 978 0 571 33944 0 | 304pp | £12.99

Ebook | 978 0 571 34909 8

Ebook | 978 0 571 33946 4

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KATE GRIFFIN was born in London’s East End. She has worked as an assistant to an antiques dealer and a journalist for local newspapers, and now works for The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders, Kate’s first book, won the Stylist/Faber crime writing competition. Kate’s maternal family lived in Victorian Limehouse, and her grandmother told her many stories of life around the docks. Kate lives in St Albans.

Kitty Peck and the Parliament of Shadows Kate Griffin The fourth instalment in the fast-paced historical mystery series. Kitty Peck, having inherited her grandmother’s business empire, is doing her best to stay out of trouble. She’s decided to focus on building her music halls into jewels of the East End, and to do away with the dark underbelly of ‘Paradise’. That turns out to be easier said than done, because the Barons of London are after her. These power-hungry lords and ladies have networks of spies and dogs all around the city . . . and with a recent string of murders meant to scare Kitty, they’ve proven they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. ‘Victorian London has never been better illustrated . . . we have a major new talent on our hands.’ Sunday Express on Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders

The Stories You Tell Kristen Lepionka The spectacular third instalment of Lepionka’s prize-winning Roxane Weary series. PI Roxane Weary has just about settled into a comfortable life, spending her days working uncomplicated cases and her nights with her on-again girlfriend Catherine, until a panicked phone call from her brother Andrew upends everything. Andrew’s one-time fling Addison has made a dramatic late-night appearance at his apartment, only to vanish into the cold Columbus winter. When the police show up at Andrew’s door, Roxane realises she might be the only person who believes her brother has nothing to do with Addison’s disappearance. The only way to help Andrew is to figure out what happened to Addison. But the closer Roxane gets, the harder it becomes to tell the truth from the lies.

KRISTEN LEPIONKA is the author of The Last Place You Look (2017), winner of the Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel, and What You Want to See (2018). She grew up mostly in a public library and could often be found in the adult mystery section well before she was out of middle school. Her writing has been selected for Shotgun Honey, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Grift, and Black Elephant. She lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her partner and two cats.

18/07/19 07/11/19

PB | 978 0 571 35124 4 | 292pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 32560 3 | 204pp | £8.99

Ebook | 978 0 571 35125 1

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STEFAN SPJUT has worked as a literary critic and culture editor. Stallo, his English language debut in 2015, has been published in fifteen territories to date. He lives in Stockholm and has two children, a girl and a boy. He holds a black belt in taekwondo and considers himself a reprobate MMA junkie.

Trolls Stefan Spjut

Sorry for the Dead Nicola Upson

What if our forests are inhabited by beings we do not understand, creatures neither animal nor human, living there in the shadows . . .

In the summer of 1915, the violent death of a young girl brings grief and notoriety to a Charleston farmhouse on the Sussex Downs.

In Stefan Spjut’s follow-up to Stallo, an uncannily large wolf escapes its captors. A mysterious cult leader breaks out of psychiatric care. A disillusioned woman is forced to end her self-imposed exile.

Years later, Josephine Tey returns to the same house – now much changed – and remembers the two women with whom she once lodged as a young teacher during the Great War. As past and present collide, with murders decades apart, Josephine is forced to face the possibility that the scandal which threatened to destroy those women’s lives hid a much darker secret.

Trolls is a thriller, it is horror fiction, it is suspense. It is storytelling that feeds on fairy tales, myths and our deepest folklores. Set ten years on from hit novel Stallo, it revisits the far-north world of Susso Myrén, whose life once again risks being turned inside out. ‘Never mind Scandi crime fiction, the time has come for Scandi horror.’ Metro *****

NICOLA UPSON’s debut novel, An Expert in Murder, was the first in a series of crime novels whose main character is Josephine Tey, who – along with Agatha Christie – was one of the masters of Britain’s Golden Age of crime writing. The most recent book of the series, Nine Lessons, was shortlisted for the CWA Historical Dagger in 2018.

‘Upson’s novels are always wonderfully evocative of the time period in which they are set. They’re perfect for lovers of classic crime with a contemporary twist.’ Shiny New Books



HB | 978 0 571 33736 1 | 320pp | £12.99

TPB | 978 0 571 34105 4 | 400pp | £14.99

Ebook | 978 0 571 33738 5

Ebook | 978 0 571 34107 8

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The Wall John Lanchester Kavanagh begins his time patrolling the Wall. If he’s lucky, if nothing goes wrong, he only has to do two years of this, 729 more nights. The best thing that can happen is that he survives and gets off the Wall and will never have to spend another day of his life anywhere near it. John Lanchester’s thrilling, hypnotic novel is about why the young are right to hate the old. It’s about a broken world you will recognise as your own – and about what might be found when all is lost. ‘John Lanchester takes our current political climate to its terrible and logical extreme. A harrowing, brilliant and troublingly plausible vision of the future.’ Emily St. John Mandel ‘A dystopian distillation of our troubled times, and an allegorical glimpse at a still-grimmer future.’ Joshua Ferris ‘The Wall is something new: almost an allegory, almost a dystopianfuture warning . . . I was hugely impressed by it.’ Philip Pullman

05/09/19 PB | 978 0 571 29873 0 | 320pp | £7.99 UK C/Wealth + EU ex Can

Adèle Leïla Slimani From the author of the Sunday Times top ten bestseller, Lullaby. Adèle appears to have the perfect life. A respected journalist, she lives in a flawless Paris apartment with her surgeon husband and their young son. But beneath the veneer of ‘having it all’, Adèle is bored. She begins to orchestrate her life around one-night stands and extramarital affairs, arriving late to work and lying to her husband about where she’s been. Until she becomes ensnared in a trap of her own making . . . ‘No man would have dared write what she did. It’s an extraordinary first novel.’ Alain Mabanckou ‘Leads readers through the labyrinth of desire into an understanding of solitude, isolation and the search for authenticity as our common fate.’ Independent


03/10/19 PB | 978 0 571 33196 3 | 224pp | £8.99 UK C/Wealth + EU ex Can



Freshwater Akwaeke Emezi

The Better Sister Alafair Burke

The Town Shaun Prescott

In the City of Love’s Sleep Lavinia Greenlaw

And When She Was Good Laura Lippman

The Lost Country William Gay

Ada has always been an unusual girl. Prone to violent fits of anger and grief, she increasingly appears to be peopled by volatile and contradictory spirits. But when Ada heads to college, a traumatic event crystallises these spirits into something more powerful. As Ada fades into the background, these ‘alters’ seize control of her, moving her life in a dark and dangerous direction.

For a while, it seemed like both Taylor sisters had found happiness. Chloe landed a coveted publishing job in New York City. Nicky got married to Adam, a promising young attorney.

In an unnamed, dead-end town in the heart of the Australian outback, a young writer arrives to research local settlements that are slowly vanishing into oblivion. But he didn’t expect these ghost towns to literally disappear before his eyes. When an epidemic of mysterious holes begins to threaten the town’s existence, he is plunged into an abyss of weirdness from which he may never recover.

Iris and Raif, both in their forties, meet by chance. Nothing important is said, yet Iris suddenly turns away and starts to run – to run away from what this encounter has woken in her. In the City of Love’s Sleep is a contemporary fable about what it means to fall in love in middle age. It charts the steps two people take towards one another and what it means to have taken those steps before.

Heloise is a single mother, who runs her own business and keeps herself to herself.

Billy Edgewater, discharged from the Navy and touched by a rising desperation, hitchhikes home to East Tennessee, where his father is slowly dying. On the road, hounded at each turn by scams, vigilantes, grievous loss and violence, Billy navigates a long road home, searching for a place that may be nothing more than a memory.

‘An engaging, provoking novel . . . intelligently alive . . . and leaving behind a powerful vision of the world ending, not with a bang, but a whimper.’ James Lasdun, Guardian

‘A coolly elegant, psychologically acute and frequently unsettling meditation on love in middle age.’ Stephanie Cross, Daily Mail

‘Laura Lippman is not just the author of top-notch psychological thrillers, she is one of the finest writers in America. Simple as that.’ Mark Billingham

‘Sheer perfection: sexy, sensual, spiritual, wise. One of the most dazzling debuts I’ve ever read.’ Taiye Selasi, author of Ghana Must Go ‘A startling debut novel.’ New Yorker ‘Ground-shaking . . . It is a battle for a body and a soul, and the stakes are high.’ Paris Review

But now, fourteen years later, it is Chloe who is married to Adam. When he is murdered at the couple’s beach house, she has no choice but to welcome her estranged sister back into her life, and to confront the truth behind family secrets they both tried to leave behind. ‘Burke orchestrates a complicated plot and a large cast with considerable flair.’ Sunday Times ‘Timely . . . engaging . . . powerfully dramatic.’ Daily Mail, on The Wife

‘It really got under my skin . . . So mournful, intense and unsettling. It will stay with me.’ Lisa McInerney

‘An old subject made new . . . As easy to read as gliding across parquet.’ Kate Kellaway, Observer

‘Shaun Prescott’s oddly moving debut The Town stretches such themes as escape, flight and identity into new shapes.’ Benjamin Myers, Spectator

But Heloise’s business is one that takes place in discreet hotel rooms. For the right money, she can be the woman of your dreams. Now, after a decade, her secret life is under siege. With no real family or friends, how far will Heloise go to protect herself and her son? ‘Mesmerizing.’ Stephen King

‘What a knock-out she is. A really superb multifaceted storyteller whose Baltimore-based crime and suspense novels are so much more than mere whodunits.’ Daily Mail

‘If you fancy a blast of full-on Americana, it is hard to think of anything recently that blasts in such a brilliantly sustained way – or that makes much of contemporary fiction suddenly seem so bloodless by comparison.’ The Times ‘Gay’s two-fisted, wise-cracking picaresque is strong on description and local colour, with saloon brawls, prayer meetings, and “people with no trade save porchsitting”.’ Phil Baker, Sunday Times







PB | 978 0 571 34540 3 | 224pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 34555 7 | 320pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 34562 5 | 256pp | £7.99

PB | 978 0 571 33763 7 | 320pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 35409 2 | 384pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 24753 0 | 304pp | £7.99

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Under the Night Alan Glynn

The Vogue Eoin McNamee

The Shrouded Path Sarah Ward

Women Talking Miriam Toews

Alma Cogan Gordon Burn

Born Yesterday Gordon Burn

Under the Night is both a sequel and prequel to Alan Glynn’s debut novel, which became the hit movie Limitless. In 1950s Manhattan, the CIA carry out a covert study by dosing two men with new drug MDT-48, thought to dramatically broaden the capabilities of the human mind. But the repercussions are huge, not just for the men who are tested upon, but also their families, and potentially the human race.

December 1944: two teenagers dance the Vogue in silence on the floor of the Pirnmill Aerodrome. She is the minister’s daughter and should be at home; he loses the bet they make that night. Decades later, a man returns to identify a body found in the shifting sands. Names have long since changed, but some things refuse to be forgotten . . .

November, 1957: six teenage girls walk in the churning Derbyshire mists. They follow the old train tracks into the dark tunnel of the Cutting, but only five reappear on the other side.

Between 2005 and 2009, in a remote religious Mennonite colony, over one hundred girls and women were knocked unconscious and raped by what many thought were ghosts or demons. Their accounts were dismissed as ‘wild female imagination’. Women Talking is an imagined response to these real events – a profound, unsettling and virtuosic work of fiction from the award-winning author of All My Puny Sorrows.

Published to mark the ten-year anniversary of Gordon Burn’s passing in July 2019, featuring a new introduction by Adelle Stripe.

A new edition of Gordon Burn’s final novel, a prophetic take on the media and the blurring of boundaries between what is real and what is invented. Published to coincide with the 2019 Gordon Burn Prize announcement in October.

October, 2017: feverishly fixated on a childhood friend, Mina’s dying mother makes a plea: ‘Find Valerie’.

‘An extraordinary, unprecedented novel. Audacious, innovative and totally compelling.’ William Boyd

‘Its sheer intensity explains much about how news saturation shapes a culture . . . Truth just keeps on asserting itself as stranger than most of the stuff we call fiction.’ Independent

‘A wonderfully eerie, tragic read. I read it with my heart in my mouth.’ Anna Burns, Booker Prizewinning author of Milkman

DC Connie Childs, following up on what seems like a routine death by natural causes, is directed right back to one cold evening in 1957 . . .

‘There’s something deeply seductive in the dark lyricism of this incantatory noir – think James Ellroy or David Peace – that makes it hard to shake.’ Daily Mail

‘Moody, menacing and with more than a hint of the macabre, this is a mystery that grips like a raw day in the Peaks.’ Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post

‘Glynn is one of the most inventive practitioners working in contemporary crime fiction.’ Irish Times

‘The real pleasure of this novel is in its noirish exposition of bleak townscapes and blighted lives . . . McNamee conjures dark delights from dark places’ Irish Times

‘A finely plotted tale which will keep you glued to the pages well into the early hours.’ Crime Fiction Lover







PB | 978 0 571 31626 7 | 360pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 33161 1 | 292pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 33242 7 | 368pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 34033 0 | 240pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 34728 5 | 208pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 35363 7 | 224pp | £8.99

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‘Glynn’s masterpiece. A wild, exciting ride through the secret history of America and a pageturning delight that grips tighter with each unfolding page.’ Stav Sherez, winner of the Theakston’s Old Perculier Crime Novel of the Year


‘Remarkable and timely . . . This beautiful battle cry of a novel is in urgent conversation with the contemporary moment.’ Financial Times

‘A macabre and unsettling twist.’ Guardian



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SARA PASCOE is a comedian, actor and writer. She burst onto the comedy scene with her 2010 Edinburgh show, which was nominated for a Foster’s Comedy Award, and most recently took her new show, LadsLadsLads, to the Fringe in 2017. Her TV credits include Live at the Apollo, W1A and The Thick of It. She is a Guardian columnist and has adapted Pride and Prejudice for the stage. She is the author of Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body. @sarapascoe

Sex Power Money Sara Pascoe

Who Am I, Again? Lenny Henry

The award-winning comedian teases out the knotty stuff of life – sex power money – with her characteristic humour and intelligence, and makes sense of it all.

Sir Lenny Henry is one of the country’s best-loved comedians, with a career spanning over forty years. Here he writes about his youth for the first time.

Part comedy, part anthropological study, here is everything Sara Pascoe has learned from scientists, sex education teachers, pornographers, psychologists, sex workers and serial daters; about masculinity, status, porn and stuff. Like her ‘brilliant’ (Frankie Boyle) first book, Animal, Pascoe overthinks and overshares in the name of our entertainment and education. The result is a whipsmart, winningly funny look into who – and what – we are and what makes us tick: Sex Power Money.

A child of the Jamaican diaspora, Lenny Henry was one of seven children in a boisterous, complicated family. With honesty, tenderness and a glorious sense of humour, he conducts a jam session of memories – growing up in the Midlands, puberty, school, friendship, family secrets and unashamed racism. With his mother’s mantra of ‘H’integration’ echoing in his ears, Henry embarks on a glittering career – but at every stage wondering: Am I good enough? Is this what they want? Who am I, again? This book answers those questions.

‘A tremendously exciting voice: timely, intelligent and buzzing with comedic charm . . . Pascoe has something to say and a thoroughly engaging way of saying it.’ The Times

‘Lenny Henry’s unparalleled career is down to his superb versatility and huge charisma . . . A comedy whirlwind with a phenomenal talent.’ BBC

LENNY HENRY has been a comedian since the age of sixteen. He has risen from being a cult star on children’s television to one of Britain’s best-known and most celebrated comedians, as well as a writer, radio DJ, TV presenter, co-founder of Comic Relief, and award-winning actor. Henry has a PhD in Media Arts, and in 2015 was awarded a knighthood for services to charity and drama. In 2018, BBC One aired The Lenny Henry Birthday Show to celebrate his career so far. @LennyHenry



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DAVID MITCHELL is a comedian, actor, writer and the polysyllabic member of Mitchell and Webb. He won BAFTAs for Peep Show and That Mitchell and Webb Look, and has also starred in Jam and Jerusalem, Ambassadors, and as Will Shakespeare in Ben Elton’s Upstart Crow, now on its third series. He writes for the Observer, chairs The Unbelievable Truth, is a team captain on Would I Lie to You?, and has been in two films, neither of which made a profit. @RealDMitchell

07/11/19 HB | 978 1 783 35196 1 | 336pp | £20.00

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Dishonesty is the Second-Best Policy David Mitchell Exceptionally funny and brilliant writing from the much-loved comedian. The Sunday Times bestseller Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse, which we published back in 2014, must have really made people think. Because everything’s got worse. We’ve gone from UKIP to Brexit, from horse lasagne to fatbergs, from big society to food banks. The only possible way to cheer up in 2019 is to dive into David Mitchell’s terrifically clever and witty analysis of the sh*tshow of recent years. Here he takes on the utter crap rained down on us from corporate PRs; governments in the thrall of lobbyists; customers being preyed upon by algorithm wielding corporations; evil interest groups tricking electors with targeted lies; flat-earthers and Eton boys. No other writer is a match for the dumbfounding times we live in. ‘Mitchell is an exceptionally clever, eloquent and spot-on commentator . . . We should be grateful for him.’ Daily Mail (Books of the Year) 

So You Think You’ve Got Problems? Puzzles to flex, stretch and sharpen your mind

Alex Bellos

Can you beat the Guardian’s puzzle-master? In this collection of ingenious and satisfying puzzles drawn from across the ancient and modern world, you will be: imprisoned by a sadistic logician, thrown into an arena with a famished lion and teetering along an ever-expanding elastic band. Implausible scenarios in daily life, perhaps. But in puzzleland, you get into these scrapes all the time. You’ll need to pit your wits against riddles, word problems, visual and logical conundrums. Some solutions will rely on ingenuity, some will challenge you to spot patterns, others call for extreme rationality. All will stretch your brain. Let’s get puzzling . . . ‘Great fun. You can’t beat a good puzzle – but a lot of these beat me. Compiled with a collector’s knowledge and a fan’s enthusiasm.’ Charlie Higson on Can You Solve My Problems?

ALEX BELLOS is brilliant on all things mathematical. His bestselling, award-winning books Alex’s Adventures in Numberland, Alex Through the Looking-Glass and Can You Solve My Problems? have been translated into more than twenty languages. He is also the co-author of two mathematical colouring books and the children’s series Football School. His YouTube videos have been seen by more than twenty million people, and he writes a popular maths and puzzle blog for the Guardian. His latest book is Puzzle Ninja. @alexbellos 07/11/19 HB | 978 1 783 35190 9 |352pp | £12.99 Ebook | 978 1 783 35192 3

Ebook | 978 1 783 35199 2

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RICHARD AYOADE is an English comedian, actor, writer, TV presenter and director, best known for his roles as Dean Learner in Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and Maurice Moss in the Emmy Awardwinning The IT Crowd, director of the movies Submarine and The Double, and presenter of Channel 4’s Gadget Man and The Crystal Maze. @RichardAyoade

Ayoade On Top Richard Ayoade

My Last Supper Jay Rayner

At last, the definitive book about possibly the best cabin crew dramedy ever filmed from perhaps one of the most ‘insubstantial’ people of our age.

You’re about to die. What would your final meal be?

In Ayoade On Top, Richard Ayoade – in this forensic and pointless analysis of View from the Top, starring Gwyneth Paltrow – takes us on a journey from Peckham to Paris by way of Nevada and other places we don’t care about. It’s a journey deep within, in a way that’s respectful and non-invasive; a journey for which we will all pay a heavy price, even if you wait for the smaller paperback edition. ‘A work of shimmering, glimmering genius.’ Stephen Fry on The Grip of Film

In My Last Supper, Jay Rayner attempts to answer the unanswerable, embarking on a journey through his life in food in pursuit of the meal to end all meals. From oysters on the Essex coast to sourdough in San Francisco, and from hand-churning butter in an Irish field to revealing his love affair with a particular brand of Swiss vinegar, the end result is an enormously entertaining and truly global exploration of food and our relationship with what we eat. Part memoir, part investigation of the ingredients that fill our table, this is the story of one hungry man, in eight courses.

JAY RAYNER is an award-winning writer, journalist and broadcaster with a fine collection of shirts. He has written on everything from crime and politics, through cinema and theatre to the visual arts, but is best known as the restaurant critic for the Observer. He is a regular on British television, where he is familiar as a judge on MasterChef and, since 2012, he has been the chair of BBC Radio 4’s food panel show The Kitchen Cabinet. He likes pig. @jayrayner1

‘When I read the title I thought, “Great! Clearly he’ll be dead soon.”’ Giles Coren, The Times 05/09/19 05/09/19

TPB | 978 0 571 33913 6 | 256pp | £12.99

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PETER POMERANTSEV has written for London Review of Books, Newsweek, Le Monde Diplomatique, El Pais and Internationale. Apart from media, he has worked as a consultant for the EU and the World Bank on development projects in Russia. His first book, Nothing Is True and Everything is Possible (2015), was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award and the Gordon Burn Prize, and won the RSL Ondaatje Prize. @peterpomeranzev


This Is Not Propaganda

Coventry Rachel Cusk

Peter Pomerantsev

A series of essays from Rachel Cusk – about choices, womanhood and art.

Adventures in the War Against Reality In his signature style – analytical, poetic, lurid and funny – the award-winning author takes us behind enemy lines in the multinational information war. Perhaps the most important global trend of the last few years has been the rise – and transformation – of information warfare. In the digital age, military engagement matters less than how it is broadcast. The result is a constant deluge of lies, absurdity and fear-mongering. Peter Pomerantsev learns about the tactics of protesters in Serbia, narco-warlords in Mexico, Fox News hosts in America, and the KGB officer who forced his own family into exile. Taking in these surreal yet important lessons, ultimately Pomerantsev looks to the future, asking how we might navigate this new reality and what a better form of democracy might look like.

After the publication of Outline, Transit and Kudos – in which Rachel Cusk redrew the boundaries of fiction – this writer of uncommon brilliance returns with a selection of non-fiction that offers new insights on the themes at the heart of her life’s work. Encompassing memoir and cultural and literary criticism, with pieces on gender, politics and writers such as D. H. Lawrence, Olivia Manning and Natalia Ginzburg, this collection is essential reading for our age: fearless, unrepentantly erudite, both startling and rewarding to behold. ‘Cusk is always an exciting writer: striking and challenging, with a distinctive cool prose voice, and behind that coolness something untamed and full of raw force . . . ’ Tessa Hadley

RACHEL CUSK is the author of the trilogy Outline, Transit, Kudos; the memoirs A Life’s Work, The Last Supper and Aftermath; and several other novels: Saving Agnes (winner of the Whitbread Award), The Temporary, The Country Life (winner of the Somerset Maugham Award), The Lucky Ones, In the Fold, Arlington Park and The Bradshaw Variations. She was chosen as one of Granta’s 2003 Best Young British Novelists. She has been shortlisted for the Goldsmiths Prize three times, most recently for Kudos.

05/09/19 HB | 978 0 571 35044 5 | 256pp | £14.99

TPB | 978 0 571 33863 4 | 300pp | £14.99

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Ebook | 978 0 571 33865 8

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PHILIP STREET was a member of the Marine Biological Society.

Shell Life on the Seashore Philip Street Originally published in 1961, Shell Life on the Seashore is a beachcombing classic. This reissued edition includes a new foreword and illustrated fold-out guide to identifying shells. For many, the highlights of seaside holidays are rockpooling and gathering shells on the beach – but what if each shell had a story of its own to tell us, if only we knew the language? Mr Street’s delightful, informative guide uncovers the secret history of common shells and reveals which marine creature once inhabited them. From barnacles to oysters, cockles to sea slugs, winkles to snails, Shell Life on the Seashore is an essential primer that will greatly increase the pleasure of a coastal holiday. ‘This pleasantly written book is, one may hope, indicative of some rekindling of interest in the seashore . . . Well-illustrated and in general very informative.’ New Scientist

The House Party Adrian Tinniswood A gorgeous evocation of the country house party by the celebrated social historian. The House Party explores privilege and leisure from the viewpoint of the guest and the host, showing us what it was really like to spend a weekend with the Jazz Age industrialist, the bibulous belted earl and the bright young thing with a twist of cocaine in her overnight bag. Tinniswood reveals how the great and the good partied at mansions such as Knole and Dunham Massey, how Nancy Astor held court at Cliveden, and what a discreet weekend gathering at Winston Churchill’s Chartwell might entail. Much like the very best country house party, this glorious book will keep you thoroughly entertained. ‘Delicious, occasionally fantastical, revealing in ways that Downton Abbey never was. It is as if Tinniswood is at the biggest, wildest, most luxuriantly decadent party ever thrown, and he knows everyone.’ Rachel Cooke, Observer on The Long Weekend


ADRIAN TINNISWOOD is the author of fourteen books of social and architectural history. A Senior Research Fellow at University of Buckingham and a Visiting Fellow in Heritage and History at Bath Spa University, he worked for and with the National Trust for more than thirty years. In 2013 he was awarded an OBE for services to heritage. His most recent book is Behind the Throne: A Domestic History of the Royal Household. @AdeTinniswood

07/11/19 HB | 978 0 571 35096 4 | 176pp | £10.00

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AMELIA GENTLEMAN is a reporter for the Guardian newspaper. She was named Journalist of the Year (Press Gazette) and won the 2018 Paul Foot journalism award for her reportage on the Windrush scandal, which led to the downfall of the Home Secretary and the government loosening its ‘hostile environment’ policy for migrants. She has also won the Orwell Prize and Feature Writer of the Year at the British Press Awards. @ameliagentleman

03/10/19 HB | 978 1 783 35184 8 |384pp | £16.99

The Windrush Betrayal Amelia Gentleman

Say What Happened

A searing portrait of Britain’s hostile environment by the Orwell Prize-winning journalist.

Nick Fraser

Paulette Wilson had always assumed she was British. She had spent most of her life in London working as a cook; she even worked in the House of Commons’ canteen. How could someone who had lived in England since being a primary school pupil suddenly be classified as an illegal immigrant? It was only through Amelia Gentleman’s tenacious investigative and campaigning journalism that it emerged that thousands were in Paulette’s position. What united them was that they had all arrived in the UK from the Commonwealth as children in the 1950s and 1960s. In The Windrush Betrayal, Gentleman tells the story of the scandal and exposes deeply disturbing truths about modern Britain. ‘Gentleman’s reporting marks an important moment for independent, investigative journalism, demonstrating how it can hold power to account in order unequivocally to change people’s lives for the better.’ Katharine Viner, Editor-in-Chief, Guardian News & Media

Ebook | 978 1 783 35186 2

A Story of Documentaries

Documentary films are the rock and roll of our times. Why are they made? Who is in the tribe of documentary film-makers? Do their films really change the world? Eighteen years ago, Nick Fraser created BBC Storyville, producing documentaries that won Oscars, BAFTAs and Peabody Awards. In Say What Happened he describes the frenzied, intense world of documentary film-making. The book deals with the British documentary tradition founded by John Grierson and discusses the work of American masters such as the Maysles brothers, Frederick Wiseman and D. A. Pennebaker, as well as Europeans such as Marcel Ophuls, Claude Lanzmann, Chris Marker and Werner Herzog. In a world beset with ‘fake news’, he argues documentaries are better at getting at the verities about life and death and that the new journalism will come from films made using new technology.

NICK FRASER is the author of The Voice of Modern Hatred and The Importance of Being Eton. French and British, he has lived and worked in the United States, France and Britain. After having a stroke in 2017, he has recovered through writing this book. He received the 2017 BAFTA Special Award and is a contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine and frequently writes for the Observer. He is the creative director of the company, Docsville.

06/06/19 TPB | 978 0 571 32956 4 | 416pp | £20.00 Ebook | 978 0 571 32957 1 World All Languages

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Mr Lear A Life of Art and Nonsense Jenny Uglow The acclaimed historian’s fascinating and beautifully illustrated biography of Edward Lear, shortlisted for Waterstone’s Book of the Year. ‘Jenny Uglow, Edward Lear’s most sensitive biographer to date, does him proud.’ A. N. Wilson, Literary Review © Lynn Weingarten

‘Jenny Uglow has written a great life about an artist with half a life, a biography that might break your heart.’ Robert McCrum, Observer ‘Uglow excels in insight and sympathetic delicacy.’ New Statesman ‘The most perfect historian imaginable.’ Peter Ackroyd ‘A splendid portrait of this remarkable man.’ Sunday Times

Panic and Joy

Walls A History of Civilization in

Emma Brockes

David Frye

Previously published as An Excellent Choice.

For thousands of years, humans have built walls and assaulted them, admired walls and reviled them. Great walls have appeared on nearly every continent, and they have accompanied the rise of cities, nations and empires. In Walls, David Frye uncovers a story that is more than just bricks and stone: he reveals the link between what we build and how we live, who we are and how we came to be. It is nothing less than the story of civilization.

My Solo Path to Motherhood


‘Whatever Uglow writes about she makes absolutely fascinating.’ Diana Athill

PB | 978 0 571 26955 6 | 608pp | £11.99

‘A wonderfully sharp and sympathetic biography.’ Mail on Sunday

UK C/Wealth + Can, EU

‘Quite wonderful.’ Guardian

I Am Dynamite! A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche Sue Prideaux Friedrich Nietzsche’s work blasted the foundation of Western thinking. The death of God, the Übermensch and the slave morality permeate our culture, high and low, and yet he is one of history’s most misunderstood philosophers. In this myth-shattering book, Sue Prideaux brings readers into the world of a brilliant, eccentric and deeply troubled man, illuminating the events and people that shaped his life and work. ‘Splendid . . . a beautifully written, and often intensely moving, account of a life.’ Financial Times

03/10/19 PB | 978 0 571 33622 7 | 416pp | £9.99 UK C/Wealth + EU ex Can

‘Wonderfully readable . . . The story of his life is by turns inspiring, poignant and dispiriting, and it has never been better told than in this riveting book.’ New Statesman ‘An outstanding biography impressive in the depth and breadth of its knowledge.’ John Carey, Sunday Times


Emma Brockes is thirty-seven, lives alone, and wants children. Emma needs sperm, a doctor, and not to bankrupt herself. And that’s just the beginning – there are a million choices to make when you are taking the untraditional route to motherhood. Against a backdrop of uninvited opinion and general hysteria that always accompanies a woman’s decision to have (or not to have) children, Brockes navigates her path with generous heart and humour. ‘Brockes has finally given voice to this central female experience with wit and intelligence. I’m grateful for it.’ Elizabeth Day, Evening Standard ‘Brockes’ sharp observations, about others and, relentlessly, herself, are what make the book compelling.’ Irish Independent

Blood and Brick

‘This is history with all the eerie qualities of a short story by Borges: emperors wait for barbarians, labyrinthine complexes of walls are discovered in mysterious deserts. A haunting and brilliant achievement.’ Tom Holland ‘Marvellous . . . a perfect delight. A mur de force, indeed.’ Simon Winchester

‘Witty, irreverent and wickedly perceptive.’ Amy Chua, author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Football Leaks

Uncovering the Dirty Deals Behind the Beautiful Game

Rafael Buschmann and Michael Wulzinger In 2016, a whistle-blower known only as ‘John’ started to leak a treasure trove of top-secret files, revealing the clandestine dealings of clubs, players and agents at the highest levels of international football. From the eye-popping details of player transfers, to loopholes and opaque tax structures that ensure maximum earnings, this is a tale of rapacious greed and dodgy deals. It is also the gripping story of a fan who wanted to free football from corruption, but finds himself on the run. ‘Eye-opening.’ John Crace, Guardian ‘Astonishing . . . Fans will be fascinated.’ Daily Mail ‘[Has] the feel of a Bourne film . . . a relevant and highly alarming read.’ FourFourTwo




PB | 978 0 571 35480 1 | 320pp | £9.99

PB | 978 0 571 34842 8 | 320pp | £9.99

PB | 978 1 783 35141 1 | 272pp | £8.99

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The Silent Musician

American Overdose

Mark Wigglesworth

Chris McGreal

Why Conducting Matters

A conductor is one of classical music’s most recognisable but misunderstood figures, prompting so many questions: Surely orchestras can play perfectly well without you? Do you really make any difference to the performance? Are the musicians even watching you? The Silent Musician is not a manual for conductors, nor a history of conducting. It is for all who wonder what conductors actually do, and why they matter. ‘If there is an answer to the enigma of what conducting is, you’ll find it in Mark’s book.’ Tom Service, Music Matters, BBC Radio 3

Napoleon Volume 2

The Opioid Tragedy in Three Acts

The Spirit of the Age

A devastating portrait of America’s opioid painkiller epidemic – the deadliest drug crisis in US history.

The second volume in the hugely acclaimed biography of Napoleon.

One hundred and fifty Americans are killed each day by the opioid epidemic, which has been described as ‘one of the greatest mistakes of modern medicine’. But, as Chris McGreal reveals in this powerful study, it was an avoidable tragedy, driven by bad science, corporate greed and a corrupted medical system which pushed the mass-prescribing of ‘heroin in a pill’. ‘Staggering . . . Zola-esque in its dark twists and turns.’ Ed Vulliamy, Literary Review ‘In this gripping account, McGreal exposes the avarice and corruption that caused one of the most shocking crises in American history. A searing exposé.’ Katty Kay, BBC World News America

Michael Broers

Napoleon’s life reached its most extraordinary stage between 1805 and 1810. He was suddenly at war with Britain, Russia and Austria. The resounding victory at Austerlitz was followed by a whirlwind of campaigns, and by 1810, Napoleon had divorced Josephine in order to marry the daughter of the Austrian emperor. The Spirit of the Age is a vividly detailed account of the five years in which Napoleon appeared to be invincible. ‘The finest biography of Napoleon ever written . . . a wonderful amalgam of deep knowledge, elegant prose and compelling argument.’ Telegraph ‘This is a truly magnificent book that deals masterfully with a pivotal movement in European history.’ Literary Review

Insane Mode How Elon Musk’s Tesla Sparked an Electric Revolution to End the Age of Oil

Hamish McKenzie

From a journalist and former writer for Tesla comes the astounding story of the most revolutionary car company since Ford, revealing how, under Elon Musk’s ‘insane mode’ leadership, it is bringing an end to the era of gasoline-powered transportation. It is a story of ingenuity and revolution – of how a new world of transportation could change people’s lives around the globe.

Somebody’s Husband, Somebody’s Son

Happy Like Murderers Gordon Burn

Gordon Burn

Published to coincide with the award of the Gordon Burn Prize 2019, featuring a new introduction.

The Story of the Yorkshire Ripper Published to mark the ten-year anniversary of Gordon Burn’s passing in July 2019, featuring a new introduction by Denise Mina. ‘A book which will with some justice be compared to In Cold Blood and The Executioner’s Song. It’s as if Thomas Hardy were also present at the writing of this account of the Yorkshire Ripper.’ Norman Mailer

‘One knew . . . that if a book of merit could be written about these crimes, Gordon Burn would be the man to do it . . . It is brave, and by no means easy, to do this without prurience . . . a book of record.’ Spectator

‘A compelling picture of Tesla’s wild ride with nuance, context and deep research . . . A must-read for anyone interested in the profound, disruptive changes happening to the global automotive and energy industries.’ Wired ‘A bracing view of one of the most important stories of our time, while delivering a direct hit on those who stand in the way of a sustainable future.’ Naomi Oreskes, author of Merchants of Doubt







PB | 978 0 571 33791 0 | 208pp | £9.99

PB | 978 1 783 35169 5 | 320pp | £9.99

PB | 978 0 571 30154 6 | 400pp | £12.99

PB | 978 0 571 32767 6 | 256pp | £9.99

PB | 978 0 571 34727 8 | 368pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 35365 1 | 480pp | £12.99

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Born in 1931 in Wiesenberg, ALFRED BRENDEL is an acclaimed pianist worldwide, universally acknowledged to be one of the most important performers of twentieth-century classical and Romantic music. Although he has bidden farewell to the concert stage, he continues to give masterclasses and readings. As a writer, he has made a name for himself as an essayist and poet. He lives in London.


The Lady from Arezzo

Symphony of a Thousand

Alfred Brendel

Stephen Johnson

My Musical Life and Other Matters The new essay collection from one of music’s most original thinkers. The title of this collection of essays refers to a tailor’s mannequin that Alfred Brendel spotted in a shop window in Arezzo, a small Tuscan town. Who is this strange lady? What is she looking at? And why is she carrying an egg on her head? The mannequin now graces a room in the attic of Brendel’s house in Hampstead. Her features convey great artistic seriousness in combination with absurd comedy: the epitome of his own musical and literary preferences. And so, in this delightful new collection, great masters of nonsense meet great masters of music. ‘Everything [Brendel] writes demonstrates the acuteness of his intelligence as well as the depth of his sensibility.’ Independent on Sunday

HB | 978 0 571 35372 9 | 160pp | £14.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 35373 6

Mahler and the World in 1910

The compelling story of Mahler’s titanic Eighth Symphony. The world premiere of Gustav Mahler’s Eighth Symphony in Munich in 1910 was the artistic breakthrough for which the composer had yearned all his adult life, filling Munich’s huge Neue Musik-Festhalle on two successive evenings, to tumultuous applause.

STEPHEN JOHNSON is a writer and composer, and broadcasts regularly for BBC Radio 3, Radio 4 and the World Service. He also writes for the Independent, the Guardian, BBC Music Magazine and Gramophone. He is the author of Bruckner Remembered (Faber, 1998) and How Shostakovich Changed My Mind (Notting Hill Editions, 2018).

Stephen Johnson recounts its far-reaching effect on composers, conductors and writers of the time – Berg and Schoenberg, the teenage Korngold, Bruno Walter and Klemperer, and the writers Zweig and Mann (the character of Gustav von Aschenbach in Mann’s Death in Venice was partly based on the impression Mahler made on him in 1910). Johnson’s story of the work, and of the fate of the man who created it, makes for the most absorbing reading. ‘Stephen Johnson . . . for many, is the authoritative British voice of classical music.’ Glasgow Herald

03/10/19 HB | 978 0 571 23494 3 |320pp | £14.99 World All Languages

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HARRY CHRISTOPHERS CBE is the conductor and artistic director of The Sixteen, which he founded forty years ago. He was a chorister at Canterbury Cathedral, a choral scholar at Magdalen College, Oxford, and sang professionally with the choir of Westminster Abbey and the BBC Singers before devoting himself full-time to conducting. SARA MOHR-PIETSCH is a music broadcaster, writer and curator, and one of BBC Radio 3’s bestknown voices. She is also Artistic Director of Dartington International Summer School & Festival.

15/08/19 HB | 978 0 571 34852 7 | 324pp | £20.00 Ebook | 978 0 571 34854 1 World All Languages

A New Heaven

Rough Ideas Reflections on Music and More Stephen Hough

Harry Christophers and Sara Mohr-Pietsch

An illuminating insight into the life and mind of one of our great cultural figures.

As The Sixteen celebrates its fortieth birthday, Harry Christophers and Sara Mohr-Pietsch embark on a series of conversations that look back over those four decades, and to the future.

Stephen Hough is indisputably one of the world’s leading pianists: he is also a writer, composer and painter and was recently described by the Economist as one of ‘Twenty Living Polymaths’. As an international performer he spends much of his life at airports, on planes and in hotel rooms – and this book expands notes he has made, in his words, ‘during that dead time on the road’.

Harry Christophers and The Sixteen Choral conversations with Sara Mohr-Pietsch

Every year since the millennium, The Sixteen have undertaken a Choral Pilgrimage, bringing a programme of a cappella vocal music to around thirty cathedrals the length and breadth of the country. They are prolific recording artists, and perform at festivals and venues all over the world. The choir succeeds in combining enormous popular appeal with the stamp of approval from experts. This book will be accessible to everyone interested in classical music, to those who sing in amateur or professional choirs, and those who love the sound of the human voice.

He writes about music and the life of a musician, people he’s known, places he’s travelled to, paintings he’s seen; and touches on more controversial subjects, such as assisted suicide, abortion and religion, and the challenge involved in being a gay Catholic. ‘The most perfect piano playing conceivable.’ Guardian

‘This flawless performance showcased The Sixteen’s focus, firmness, and beauty of sound; the packed hall was new proof of plainsong’s extraordinary comeback.’ Independent 48

One of the most distinctive artists of his generation, STEPHEN HOUGH performs with the world’s major orchestras and in recital at the most prestigious concert halls. He has made over sixty CD recordings, and has composed works ranging from solo piano to orchestral. As an author, he has written articles for the Guardian and The Times amongst others, and wrote a blog for the Telegraph for seven years. His first novel The Final Retreat was published in 2018.

01/08/19 HB | 978 0 571 35047 6 |304pp | £16.99 UK C/Wealth + EU ex Can



© Andy Whale


STEPHEN WILLIAM ‘BILLY’ BRAGG is an English singer-songwriter and left-wing activist. His music blends elements of folk music, punk rock and protest songs, with lyrics that span political or romantic themes. His book Roots, Radicals and Rockers: How Skiffle Changed the World was shortlisted for the Penderyn Music Book Prize, and was a Rough Trade, Mojo, and FT Book of the Year 2018.

The Three Dimensions of Freedom Billy Bragg One of our most revered musicians and activists diagnoses the crisis of accountability in Western democracies in the first of Faber Social’s new series of political pamphlets. Strongman politics are rising, neo-liberalism has hollowed out mainstream parties, and corporations have undermined democracy. Ordinary voters feel helpless to effect change, resulting in outbreaks of populist anger, and traditional platforms for debate are losing their viability as readers source information online. In this short and vital polemic, Billy Bragg argues that accountability is the antidote to authoritarianism, and that without it, we can never truly be free. He shows us that Freedom requires three dimensions to function: liberty, equality and accountability – and the result is a threedimensional space in which freedom can be exercised by all.

02/05/19 PB | 978 0 571 35321 7 | 96pp | £7.99

Fried & Justified Hits, Myths, Break-Ups and Breakdowns in the Record Business 1978-98 Mick Houghton

Foreword by Bill Drummond The inside story of legendary music PR firm Brassneck Publicity as told by its founder Mick Houghton. In 1980, Mick Houghton set up Brassneck Publicity, and for the next twenty years the list of his charges reads like a Who’s Who of the greatest and most dysfunctional cult groups ever: the Jesus and Mary Chain, Sonic Youth, Spiritualized, Echo & the Bunnymen, Julian Cope, the Teardrop Explodes, and the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu among them. These artists revolutionised our musical landscape and, as confidant and co-conspirator, Houghton was always with them. His belief that the music always came first and his knack for attracting outsiders are what make Fried & Justified such an intoxicating tale.

MICK HOUGHTON began his career writing about music before starting as a PR at Warner Bros in 1979. Within a year he had set up the independent Brassneck Publicity. He began writing again in 2001, and has published two books, as well as being one of the Grammy-nominated compilers of Forever Changing: The Golden Age of Elektra Records 1963–1973.


‘Bragg performs a real national service.’ Sunday Times

TPB | 978 0 571 33682 1 | 416pp | £14.99

Ebook | 978 0 571 35323 1

Ebook | 978 0 571 33684 5

World All Languages

World All Languages




© Richard Young


DYLAN JONES is the author of the Sunday Times bestselling biography David Bowie: A Life, and the New York Times bestseller Jim Morrison: Dark Star. He is the multi-award-winning EditorIn-Chief of GQ, and a former columnist for the Guardian, the Observer and the Independent.

01/08/19 HB | 978 0 571 35340 8 | 128pp | £10.00 Ebook | 978 0 571 35342 2 World All Languages

Wichita Lineman

Searching in the sun for the world’s greatest unfinished song

Dylan Jones

The celebrated music writer’s excavation of Jimmy Webb’s classic offers a portal into a defining moment of American cultural history. Written in 1968, ‘Wichita Lineman’ is the first existential country song, a heartbreaking torch ballad still celebrated for its mercurial songwriting genius fifty years on. Fusing a dribble of bass, searing strings, tremolo guitar and Glen Campbell’s plaintive vocals, Webb’s paean to the American West describes a telephone lineman’s longing for an absent lover who he hears ‘singing in the wire’ – and like all good love songs, it’s an SOS from the heart. Mixing close-listening, interviews and travelogue, Dylan Jones explores the legacy of a record that has entertained and haunted millions for over half a century. ‘Superb . . . Suits the shape-shifting, beguiling, enigmatic complexities of its subject perfectly. It’s hard to imagine anything that will do Bowie better justice.’ William Boyd, Guardian, on David Bowie: A Life 54

I’ll Be Your Mirror The Collected Lyrics Lou Reed The definitive and complete volume of Lou Reed’s lyrics. Through his many incarnations – from proto punk to glam rocker to elder statesman of the avant-garde – Lou Reed’s work has maintained an undeniable vividness and raw beauty, fuelled by precise character studies and shot through with moral ambiguity. From his formative days in the Velvet Underground to iconic solo albums, this collection celebrates Reed not only as an underground musician, but as a visionary lyricist. Containing a body of work spanning decades – including lyrics from his final album with Metallica, as well as late-career facsimile pages – this is a monument to the literary qualities of an American genius. ‘The nature of Lou Reed’s lyric writing that had been hitherto unknown in rock . . . gave us the environment in which to put our more theatrical vision. He supplied us with the stretch and the landscape, and we peopled it.’ David Bowie

Born in 1942 in Brooklyn, LOU REED was the lead guitarist, singer and principal songwriter for the Velvet Underground, before embarking on a solo career that spanned five decades. He released more than sixteen albums, including Coney Island Baby, Berlin and Transformer. He died in 2013.

05/09/19 HB | 978 0 571 34599 1 | 608pp | £20.00 Ebook | 978 0 571 34601 1 UK C/Wealth EXcan OpenEU



All Gates Open The Story of Can

Rob Young & Irmin Schmidt The definitive story of the most influential and revered avantgarde band of the late twentieth century: Can. Rob Young gives us the full biography of a band that emerged at the vanguard of the so-called Krautrock scene in late-sixties Cologne, including a collage of material from founder member Irmin Schmidt, featuring an oral history of the band, interviews and extracts from Schmidt’s notebook and diaries. ‘A real treat for Can fans.’ Spectator ‘Young is a phenomenal scholar whose understanding of Can runs deep . . . All Gates Open is a cerebral book about a cerebral band.’ Observer

Folk Song in England Steve Roud

Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back) A Memoir of Recording and

Longlisted for the Penderyn Music Book Prize

Jeff Tweedy

In the early twentieth century collectors and enthusiasts such as Cecil Sharp, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Percy Grainger researched the vital heritage of folk song, vibrant and alive among working men and women. Countless questions remain, however. Where did the songs come from? Who sang them, and where, when and why? Acclaimed folklorist Steve Roud draws on an unprecedented range of sources to present an intricate social history of folk song through the ages. ‘Monumental.’ Guardian ‘There won’t be a better or more important book about English folk song in any of our lifetimes.’ fRoots

Discording with Wilco, etc.

Through his pioneering work in the country-punk band Uncle Tupelo, to his enduring legacy as the creative force behind the unclassifiable sound of Wilco, Jeff Tweedy has weaved his way between the underground and the mainstream. Funny, disarming and deeply honest, his memoir casts light on his unique creative process and the stories that shaped his life and career. ‘Frank, engaging, often very funny.’ Mojo ‘Tweedy writes movingly about his parents, his wife and children, and his desire to find an artistic home for his band. Thoughtful, earnest reflections on family, creative integrity, and a life in music.’ Kirkus

‘Not only reveals the band’s whole astonishing story, but manages to pinpoint their supernatural essence.’ Prog magazine

‘Stunning . . . A definitive history.’ Loud & Quiet




PB | 978 0 571 31152 1 | 592pp | £14.99

TPB | 978 0 571 30972 6 | 784pp | £16.99

PB | 978 0 571 33051 5 | 304pp | £9.99

World All Languages

World All Languages

UK C/Wealth EXcan OpenEU




Ten of Faber’s most iconic collections of poetry, one from each decade, are reissued in this special series to celebrate our ninety years of publishing. With distinctive new covers and endpapers commissioned from a range of renowned printmakers, textile designers and pattern-makers, they represent the strength and richness of Faber’s poetry heritage.

The series will feature:

978 0 571 35113 8

978 0 571 35114 5

978 0 571 35115 2

978 0 571 35117 6

978 0 571 35116 9

Flèche Mary Jean Chan Much like the fencer who must constantly negotiate her stance towards an opponent, this debut collection by Mary Jean Chan deftly examines relationships at once conflictual and tender.

978 0 571 35231 9

978 0 571 35232 6

978 0 571 35233 3

05/09/19 HB | £10

978 0 571 35234 0

978 0 571 35235 7

Flèche (the French word for ‘arrow’) is an offensive fencing technique used in épée, a sport of the poet’s childhood. This cross-linguistic pun presents the queer, non-white body as both vulnerable (‘flesh’) and weaponised (‘flèche’) in public and private spaces. Themes of queerness, postcolonialism, psychoanalysis and cultural history emerge throughout the book by means of a personal, maternal and national biography, spoken by a polyphony of female voices. The result is a series of poems that feel urgent and hardhitting as Chan keeps her readers on their toes, dazzling and devastating by turn. ‘[Chan’s] poems bring to life a story of queer awakening, transit between cultures, and a mother’s terrifying love shaped by the legacy of political turmoil in twentieth-century China.’ Sarah Howe 61

MARY JEAN CHAN is a poet, editor and academic from Hong Kong. Her debut pamphlet, A Hurry of English, was selected as the 2018 Poetry Book Society Summer Pamphlet Choice. She is a Ledbury Emerging Poetry Critic, editor of Oxford Poetry and advisory board member at the Poetry Translation Centre. She lives in London and works as a lecturer in Creative Writing (Poetry) at Oxford Brookes University.

04/07/19 PB | 978 0 571 34804 6 | 88pp | £10.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34805 3 World English Language



The Theatrical Notebooks of Samuel Beckett General Editor: James Knowlson A four-volume series reproducing Beckett’s theatrical notebooks in colour facsimile – now in affordable paperback editions.

STEVIE SMITH’s (1902–1971) first book, Novel on Yellow Paper, appeared in 1936, and her final collection of poems, Scorpion, was published posthumously in 1972. In 1966 she received a Cholmondeley Award and in 1969 she was awarded the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry. Biographer and critic HERMIONE LEE is Emeritus Professor of English Literature at Oxford University. In 2003 she was made a CBE, and in 2013 she was made a Dame for services to literary scholarship.

Stevie Smith A Selection edited by Hermione Lee

01/08/19 | 978 0 571 34870 1

01/08/19 | 978 0 571 34871 8

TPB | 506 | £35.00

TPB | 304 | £25.00

World English Language

World English Language

The ideal introduction to a poet like no other – now reissued to join the Faber Poetry frontlist. First published in 1983, this selection is designed especially for students but also for the general reader and draws on the whole of Stevie Smith’s output in poetry, prose and drawings from Novel on Yellow Paper (1936) to Scorpion (1972). Hermione Lee’s introduction and arrangement bring out the connections between Stevie Smith’s various sorts of writings, and display her characteristic manners and subjects. The selection is complemented by biographical and textual notes and forms an attractive introduction to the work of an idiosyncratic and often underrated talent. ‘A poet who deserves a place, among her follow modernists, as one of the best, silly-serious, funny-sad, mock mock-heroic poets of our time.’ TLS

01/08/19 | 978 0 571 34872 5

01/08/19 | 978 0 571 34873 2

TPB | 320 | £25.00

TPB | 512 | £35.00

World English Language

World English Language

01/08/19 PB | 978 0 571 34770 4 | 224pp | £12.99 UK C/Wealth + Can



Waiting for Godot, Endgame, Krapp’s Last Tape and The Shorter Plays are included in this highly praised series of Samuel Beckett’s notebooks, first published in the 1990s. Each edition shows, by means of facsimile, transcription and commentary, the extensive revisions and detailed notes made by Beckett during revivals of his plays. An invaluable resource for directors, students and general admirers who want to know more about the creative process of this era-defining writer. ‘With the publication of the notebooks, we now have a more authoritative view of both the art and the artist . . . They are invaluable maps of Beckett country.’ NY Times SAMUEL BECKETT (1906–1989) was born in Dublin. He settled in Paris in 1937, after travels in Germany and periods of residence in London and Dublin. With the production of En attendant Godot in 1953, Beckett’s work began to achieve widespread recognition. During his subsequent career as a playwright and novelist in both French and English he redefined the possibilities of prose fiction and writing for the theatre. Samuel Beckett won the Prix Formentor in 1961 and the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1969.



Charlotte Mew A Life Julia Copus The first comprehensive biography of Charlotte Mew in the 150th anniversary of her birth. The British poet Charlotte Mew (1869–1928) was regarded as one of the best poets of her age by fellow writers. She has since been neglected, but her star is beginning to rise again. This is the first comprehensive biography, from cradle to grave. Mew was a curious blend of New Woman and stalwart Victorian. Her poems speak to us strongly today, in these strangely mixed times of exposure and seclusion: they reveal the agony of an isolated being forced to keep secret the tragedies of her personal life while simultaneously being propelled by her work into the public arena. Fellow poet Julia Copus sensitively reveals how Mew transfigured that very private suffering into an art of universal resonance.

07/11/19 HB | 978 0 571 31353 2 | 352pp | £25.00 Ebook | 978 0 571 31355 6

© Vincent Hoban

UK C/Wealth + Can, EU

DOROTHY MOLLOY was born in Ballina, County Mayo, and grew up in County Dublin. She studied languages at University College, Dublin, before going to Barcelona where she worked as a historical researcher and painter. She lived in County Dublin with her husband, and died in 2004.

15/08/19 HB | 978 0 571 34846 6 | 224pp | £14.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34848 0

The Poems of Dorothy Molloy Dorothy Molloy

Selected Poetry and Prose Charlotte Mew

The collected edition of this remarkable poet, including never-before-published poems.

The best of Mew’s writing selected by Julia Copus.

Dorothy Molloy was a star in the making before tragedy struck, and she died just before Faber published her debut in 2004. With its mix of dark humour and disturbance, Hare Soup stripped the veneer from the niceties of relations in family life and the Catholic church, turning its sexually charged gaze to corruption and abuse in our most private spaces. It was followed by a further posthumous collection, Gethsemane Day (2006), prepared from typescript. The Poems of Dorothy Molloy gathers these collections alongside her manuscript work, which appeared as Long-Distance Swimmer (Salmon, 2009), and unpublished material to present a collected edition of poems to meet the growing readership of this startling talent. ‘Rich, strange and disconcerting. Her style ranges from the deceptively colloquial to the elaborately baroque; her settings from her native Ireland to France, the Mediterranean, and to altogether more disturbing countries of the mind.’ TLS

Charlotte Mew’s short stories and essays appeared in several periodicals before she published the lyric poetry that secured her reputation. Her first book of poems, The Farmer’s Bride (1916), was praised for its intense vitality, new metres and naturalistic, direct language, including West Country dialect. The Rambling Sailor (1929) was a posthumous collection of thirty-two previously uncollected poems. This edition gathers the best of Mew’s original work, to be enjoyed alongside Julia Copus’s new biography. ‘Far and away the best living woman poet – who will be remembered when others are forgotten.’ Thomas Hardy ‘She just knows humanity – one of the rarest things in the world.’ Walter de la Mare


‘Many will be on the rubbish heap when Charlotte’s star is at the zenith where it will remain.’ Siegfried Sassoon

UK C/Wealth + Can, EU

World English Language



PB | 978 0 571 31618 2 | 160pp | £12.99


© Jemimah Kuhfeld

© Jean Hanff Korelitz


CHRISTOPHER REID is the author of a number of books of poems, including A Scattering (winner of the Costa Book of the Year Award) and The Song of Lunch (both 2009). From 1991 to 1999 he was Poetry Editor at Faber & Faber, and has edited the Letters of Ted Hughes (2007). He is now a freelance writer and lives in London.

A Scattering and Anniversary Christopher Reid Bringing together the award-winning A Scattering with Anniversary poems in a powerfully moving tribute. A Scattering is a book of lamentation and remembrance. In 2005, Christopher Reid’s wife, the actress Lucinda Gane, died of cancer, aged fifty-five. Published four years later to wide acclaim, and winning the 2009 Costa Book of the Year Award, this fiercely moving and reflective collection is divided into four poetic sequences, meditating stage by stage on the progress of his grief. Now Reid has added a fifth section, Anniversary, of poems written to mark the tenth anniversary of his wife’s death. Together, A Scattering and Anniversary show us what it means to love, lose, and – forever changed – continue on. ‘A life-affirming collection, full of urgency and feeling.’ Costa Book of the Year 2009 judges ‘A collection that resonates with everyone.’ Sunday Times


Frolic and Detour Paul Muldoon The stirring, mindful and deeply humane new collection from one of our most significant poets. Frolic and Detour is a book at once engaged and engaging, woven with subtle threads of history and geography that represent not only our profound interconnectedness but the fragility of those very connections. Ranging from poems that take as their subject matter the Native American leaders Joseph Brant and Mangas Coloradas, through the Great War, the Irish Rising, hunting with eagles, the house wren, to the day-to-day assault of twenty-first-century America, Frolic and Detour reminds us that the sidelong glance is the sweetest, the tangential approach the most telling. It also reminds us why, in his review for the New York Times of Selected Poems 1968–2014, Dwight Garner described it as ‘a compact, powerful book, filled with catharses you didn’t know you needed’. ‘The most significant English-language poet born since the Second World War.’ TLS

PB | 978 0 571 35453 5 | 96pp | £10.99

PAUL MULDOON is the author of twelve books of poetry, including Moy Sand and Gravel, for which he received the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. His other awards include the 1994 T. S. Eliot Prize, the 1997 Irish Times Poetry Prize and the 2003 Griffin Prize. Since 1987 he has lived in the United States, where he is the Howard G. B. Clark Professor in the Humanities at Princeton University. His Selected Poems 1968–2014 was published in 2016.

05/09/19 HB | 978 0 571 35449 8 | 128pp | £14.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 35451 1

Ebook | 978 0 571 35454 2

UK C/Wealth + EU ex Can





Letters of Sylvia Plath

Volume I 1940–1956 and Volume II 1956–1963

Sylvia Plath

This remarkable, collected edition of Sylvia Plath’s letters is a work of immense scholarship and care, presenting a comprehensive and historically accurate text of the known and extant letters that she wrote to over 120 correspondents, including her husband, the poet Ted Hughes, and her psychiatrist, Dr Ruth Beuscher. ‘Passionate, bracing, beautiful letters.’ Telegraph 50 Best Books 2017 ‘A huge event.’ The Times Books of the Year 2017: Literary Non-fiction ‘As a real-life depiction of a mind in agony they are . . . unmatched in literature.’ Sunday Times

VOLUME I | 19/09/19 PB | 978 0 571 32901 4 | 1,424pp | £16.99 World ex USA & Canada VOLUME II | 19/09/19 PB | 978 0 571 33921 1 | 1,000pp | £16.99 World ex USA & Canada

The Forward Book of Poetry 2020 Various Poets The Forward Book of Poetry 2020 brings together a selection of the best poetry published in the British Isles over the last year, including the winners of the 2019 Forward Prizes. In celebrating today’s fresh voices alongside new work by familiar names, this anthology offers both an invaluable overview of the current poetry scene and a perfect introduction to contemporary poets. ‘The Forward collection is a cornucopia of sweet and sour delights . . . Why read poetry at all? Because these firework-bursts of words can lighten the darkest skies.’ Daily Mail


A Laureate’s Choice of Poems of War and Peace

Carol Ann Duffy

In one hundred poems chosen by Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy, the most cherished poets of the Great War speak alongside those from other cultures and times, including our contemporaries, to memorialise the horror and tragedy of conflict. At the same time, in armistice, they become a record of renewal and a testimony to hope. ‘It’s a humbling collection, in which personal grief and national tragedy are as inseparable as human resilience and human folly.’ Herald

‘These annual anthologies of the poems in the running for the Forward Prizes remain the best way of encountering the richness that new poetry has to offer.’ Daily Telegraph 03/10/19 PB | 978 0 571 34708 7 | 184pp | £8.99 UK C/Wealth + EU ex Can 05/09/19 PB | 978 0 571 35388 0 | 176pp | £9.99 World All Languages




One Lark, One Horse Michael Hofmann With a bright mind burning fiercely over the European imagination, Michael Hofmann explores where he finds himself, geographically and in life, treating with wit and compassion such universal themes as ageing and memory, place, and the difficulty for the individual to exist at all in an ever bigger and more bestial world. ‘Pulsing with vernacular energy, full of gallivanting fun and close observation.’ Literary Review ‘Hofmann’s prodigious new collection . . . heralds the return of one of British poetry’s most brilliant talents.’ LA Review of Books

05/09/19 PB | 978 0 571 34230 3 | 104pp | £10.99 UK C/Wealth + EU ex Can

Philip Larkin: Letters Home Philip Larkin Letters Home presents the last major archive of Philip Larkin’s writing to remain unpublished: the letters to members of his family. This important volume, meticulously edited by Larkin’s biographer, James Booth, is a key piece of scholarship that completes the portrait of this most cherished of English poets. ‘Superbly edited . . . a treasure.’ Sunday Times ‘The book is well worth having because we see a side of Larkin little glimpsed until now.’ Guardian ‘Mesmerising . . . essential reading for Larkin addicts.’ The Times

07/11/19 PB | 978 0 571 33560 2 |688pp | £25.00 World All Languages




MARTIN CRIMP was born in 1956. His play Attempts on Her Life (1997) established his international reputation. His other work for theatre includes When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other, Men Asleep, The Rest Will be Familiar to You from Cinema, In the Republic of Happiness, Play House, The City, Fewer Emergencies, Cruel and Tender, The Country, The Treatment, Getting Attention, No One Sees the Video, Play with Repeats, Dealing with Clair and Definitely the Bahamas.

17/01/19 PB | 978 0 571 35400 9 | 240pp | £12.99 World English Language

Writing for Nothing Fiction, Short Plays, Texts for Opera Martin Crimp

The Hamburg Plays Martin Crimp

Writing for Nothing collects texts written over the last thirty years. There are short plays, unmistakably the work of the internationally acclaimed author of Attempts on Her Life; texts for opera, including the modern masterpiece Written on Skin, created with composer George Benjamin; and two stories that provide a new perspective on Crimp, revealing a writer capable of bringing all of his brilliance to prose.

This volume contains two plays by Martin Crimp, written for the Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg, and not yet staged in English.

Unsettling and incisive, Writing for Nothing celebrates a writer with a rare talent for illuminating the power structures behind our everyday world. ‘Martin Crimp’s distilled writing approaches that of Choderlos de Laclos: elegant and light in its description of the perverse.’ Télérama on Messenger of Love ‘A fine example of Swiftian irony . . . devastatingly effective.’ Guardian on Advice to Iraqi Women ‘Crimp’s text is clear, poetic, dark, loaded and ambiguous, and screams to be interpreted with music.’ Het Parool on Lessons in Love and Violence ‘A great moment of contemporary opera? A great moment of opera itself.’ Le Figaro on Written on Skin 74

The Rest Will Be Familiar to You from Cinema, voted Best Foreign Play 2013 by Theater heute magazine, rewrites Euripides’ Phoenician Women. As Thebes braces itself for civil war, a group of young women wrest control of the action from the power players of Greek myth.

MARTIN CRIMP is also the author of three texts, Into the Little Hill, Written on Skin and Lessons in Love and Violence, for operas by George Benjamin. His many translations of French plays include works by Genet, Ionesco, Koltès, Marivaux and Molière.

‘A brilliant new interpretation of Euripides’ ancient drama.’ Süeddeutsche Zeitung

In Men Asleep, the late-night arrival of a younger couple at Julia and Paul’s tasteful townhouse apartment exposes the fault line between generations and probes our assumptions about gender and power. ‘A mysterious and disquieting “nocturne” about human relationships.’ Die Welt

17/01/19 PB | 978 0 571 35398 9 | 160pp | £12.99 World English Language




When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other Twelve Variations on Samuel Richardson’s Pamela Martin Crimp Go on then: lock the doors and see what happens. Show me how much power you really have. When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other breaks through the surface of contemporary debate to explore the messy, often violent nature of desire and the fluid, complicated roles that men and women play. Using Samuel Richardson’s novel Pamela as a provocation, six characters act out a dangerous game of sexual domination and resistance. When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other premiered at the National Theatre, London, in January 2019. 07/01/19 PB | 978 0 571 35396 5 |96pp | £9.99 World English Language

Wife Samuel Adamson – And your husband forgave you. And what did you do? Decided that forgiveness was offensive and walked out on your marriage. With nothing. Into nothing. – Into everything, I think.

06/06/19 PB | 978 0 571 35482 5 | 96pp | £9.99 World English Language

Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya in a version by Terry Johnson Don’t be miserable, you wonderful woman; be a mermaid. There’s the ocean; throw yourself in. Fall in love with some poor mortal and drag him down with you. Astonish us! On an isolated country estate, Sonia and her Uncle Vanya are committed to a life of ceaseless toil. But when the ageing invalid Serebriakov and his bewilderingly beautiful young wife take up residence, a yearning envelops the household and disturbs the accustomed tedium. Friend and confidant Astrov grows lovelorn, Sonia’s heart breaks and even Vanya falls under the spell. And so they fight, bond, belittle, lament, make peace and contemplate the odd murder. Featuring sex, comedy and unbearable sadness in nineteenthcentury Russia, this version of Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya is written and directed by Terry Johnson and opened at Hampstead Theatre, London, in November 2018.

PB | 978 0 571 35394 1 | 80pp | £9.99 World English Language

Thomas Vinterberg and Tobias Lindholm’s The Hunt adapted by David Farr We are a small community. The happiness of our children is everything. Our hopes and dreams rest in these tiny souls.

It’s 1959. Robert leaves A Doll’s House outraged. His wife Daisy dashes round to the stage door. She’s in love with both Nora and the actress who plays her, thrilled by their promise of escape.

In a small town in northern Denmark, the children celebrate Harvest Festival. In the forest by the water the men of the lodge stand naked in the cold. This is their country. This is their song. In the shadows, a lonely child gives a strange man her heart.

As Wife journeys through the twentieth century into contemporary times and beyond, four couples connect with Ibsen’s play and, in so doing, demonstrate the ever-changing nature of social and sexual norms, of gender politics and love.

Based on Thomas Vinterberg and Tobias Lindholm’s Danish film thriller Jagten, David Farr’s The Hunt opens at the Almeida, London, in June 2019.

The hunt begins.


Samuel Adamson’s Wife premiered at the Kiln Theatre, London, in May 2019.



PB | 978 0 571 35437 5 | 96pp | £9.99 World English Language



21/02/19 PB | 978 0 571 35439 9 |96pp | £9.99 World English Language


Florian Zeller’s The Son translated by Christopher Hampton

The Woods Robert Alan Evans

He’s not like he was before. Believe me. I don’t know what’s happened, but something has. He’s changed. He . . . And I’m wondering if . . . To be absolutely honest with you . . . I’m even wondering if . . .

You think you could keep him? You know where that ends up. Don’t you. You no good with kids.

Nicolas, just two years ago a smiling boy, is going through a difficult phase after his parents’ divorce. He’s listless, skipping classes, lying. He believes moving in with his father and his new family may help. And a different school, a fresh start. When he doesn’t feel comfortable there, when he senses he isn’t wanted, he decides that going back to his mother’s may be the answer. But at some point, options are going to dry up. And then what?

A cabin deep in the woods. A lost boy buried in the snow. A lone woman. And her wolf.

André and Madeleine have been in love for over fifty years but this weekend, as their daughters visit, something feels strange. Christopher Hampton’s translation of Florian Zeller’s The Height of the Storm opened at Wyndham's Theatre, London, in October 2018. ‘Zeller silkily interweaves layers of time and memory in this elegiac meditation on ageing, frailty and loneliness, fluidly rendered in Christopher Hampton’s translation.’ Evening Standard

World English Language


Florian Zeller’s The Son forms the final part in a trilogy with The Mother and The Father, all of which are translated by Christopher Hampton. The Son premieres at the Kiln Theatre, London, in February 2019.

Florian Zeller’s The Height of the Storm Christopher Hampton

PB | 978 0 571 35058 2 | 80pp | £9.99

‘A very modern fairytale. Woods and wolves here represent not just dark imagination, but a bleak, all-consuming mental illness . . . By god, it goes to work on you. It’s also – crucially – a tender thing.’ Time Out

I’m telling you. I don’t understand what’s happening to me.

translated by


The Woods premiered at Royal Court Theatre, London, in September 2018.

‘A deeply moving study of love, loss and the unbearable pain of absence . . . I can’t pretend to have got all aspects of this slippery, poetic play, but, as a colleague once said of Pinter, there is a positive pleasure in not understanding everything. What I can say for certain is that Zeller’s play penetrates the memory long after one has left the theatre.’ Guardian

PB | 978 0 571 35131 2 | 96pp | £9.99 World English Language

The Village April De Angelis

After Fuenteovejuna by Lope de Vega Village life is simple: the people work hard, sing and live off the earth. Young Jyoti would rather devour a delicious meal than think about a suitable partner. But when the Inspector arrives, he initiates a reign of terror, all the while with Jyoti firmly in his sights. De Vega’s Fuenteovejuna is transported to contemporary India in this adaptation by April De Angelis. The Village premiered at Theatre Royal Stratford East, London, in September 2018. ‘A great piece of storytelling . . . flat-out wonderful.’ The Times ‘A vivid, wrenching adaptation.’ Observer


‘An impressive, blood-stirring evening.’ Guardian

PB | 978 0 571 35147 3 | 112pp | £9.99 World English Language

‘Deeply moving. A play that takes us to the edge of what it is to love.’ The Times





Salt Selina Thompson In 2016, two artists boarded a cargo ship and retraced a route of the Transatlantic Slave Triangle – Europe, Africa, the Caribbean – all the while contemplating the notion of home. A journey backwards in order to go forwards, a diaspora. This show is what they brought back. Winner of The Stage Edinburgh Award, The Total Theatre Award for Experimentation, Innovation and Playing with Form, and The Filipa Bragança Award. Shortlisted for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award. Salt premiered at the Edinburgh Festival before going on tour in 2018. 04/10/18 PB | 978 0 571 35226 5 |64pp | £9.99 World English Language

‘A mighty 70-minute poetic meditation . . . Brave, honest, unforgiving.’ The Scotsman ‘Plain-talking and very funny, then poetic and spiritual. Salt is a rare thing, a show with conceptual heft and a big heart.’ Financial Times

World English Language

Nick Dear

The Hogarth Plays catch one of England’s most celebrated artists at two crucial points in his career. The Art of Success compresses ten tumultuous years into a single night, as young Hogarth makes his way through eighteenth-century London’s high society and its debauched underworld. The Taste of the Town begins thirty years later and Hogarth, now famous, is still at odds with the world. Facing public ridicule for what he considers his finest painting, he goes looking for one last fight. Nick Dear’s double-bill premiered at the Rose Theatre, Kingston, in September 2018. ‘Dazzling . . . an intriguing insight into the true nature of Hogarth’s genius.’ Guardian ‘Tender, playful, witty and touching . . . a winning portrait of the artist as, first, a young pup and then, even better, an old dog.’ The Times

To Have to Shoot Irishmen Lizzie Nunnery

A bold theatrical fantasia set in the counter-cultural world of Alpine climbing, where we bear witness to the appalling moment when Joe’s climbing partner Simon Yates, battered by freezing winds, makes the critical decision to cut the rope.

Easter morning, Dublin, 1916. Gunshots ring out as Hanna prepares for revolution in her suburban sitting room. Frank walks, calling for peace, while John recalls the trenches and sees a city soaked in blood. Young William reports for duty, determined to serve the British army with honour.

‘After two nail-biting hours, you feel as if you’ve been to the ends of the earth without moving from your seat, experiencing the in-extremis odyssey inch by howling inch. What more stirring testament to human fortitude and the power of theatre could there be?’ Daily Telegraph PB | 978 0 571 35224 1 |128pp | £9.99

The Art of Success and The Taste of the Town

Touching the Void David Greig

A testament to the mind’s extraordinarily rich reserves when teetering on the edge of death, Touching the Void premiered at the Bristol Old Vic in September 2018.


The Hogarth Plays

‘David Greig finds humour amid the horror in this triumphant stage adaptation.’ Guardian


20/09/18 PB | 978 0 571 35016 2 | 224pp | £12.99 World English Language

Inspired by true events, To Have to Shoot Irishmen weaves movement and folk song into a stirring tale of militarism, corruption and the power of rebellion. It opened at the Omnibus Theatre, London, in October 2018. ‘Vibrant and shocking. A fine new play with countless stirring scenes . . . that boils over with the chaos of war. Nunnery wears her research lightly and expresses her ideas in tumbling poetry, lively dialogue and haunting song. Not a syllable or beat is wasted.’ Guardian

04/10/18 PB | 978 0 571 35228 9 | 80pp | £9.99 World English Language


Children’s Titles


Picture books: The first books you’ll ever read

Macavity | T. S. Eliot 978 0 571 31212 2

Jellicle Cats | T. S. Eliot 978 0 571 33341 7

Mr Mistoffelees | T. S. Eliot 978 0 571 32222 0

The Hug | Eoin McLaughlin 978 0 571 34001 9

Not Yet Zebra | Lou Kuenzler and Julia Woolf | 978 0 571 32976 2

Space Tortoise | Ross Montgomery 978 0 571 33105 5

Skimbleshanks | T. S. Eliot 978 0 571 32483 5

Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer T. S. Eliot | 978 0 571 32486 6

Cat Morgan | T. S. Eliot 978 0 571 34582 3

Kitchen Disco | Clare Foges 978 0 571 30788 3

Bathroom Boogie | Clare Foges 978 0 571 33731 6

Planet Awesome | Stacy McAnulty 978 0 571 34544 1

Daddy’s Sandwich | Pip Jones 978 0 571 31183 5

Mummy’s Suitcase | Pip Jones 978 0 571 32753 9

My Bed is an Air Balloon | Julia Copus 978 0 571 34771 1

Fixer the Robot | John Kelly 978 0 571 33637 1

I like Bees, I don't like Honey! Fiona Lumbers | 978 0 571 33419 3

The Goat Café | Francesca Simon 978 0 571 32869 7




Young series: Taking those first steps towards reading on your own


© 2 017 Fox .


Snow | Walter de la Mare 978 0 571 31219 1

Silver | Walter de la Mare 978 0 571 31470 6

Squishy McFluff: Tea with The Queen Pip Jones | 978 0 571 33728 6

Ballerina Dreams | Michaela and Elaine DePrince | 978 0 571 32973 1

Piggy Handsome | Pip Jones 978 0 571 32754 6

Dave Pigeon | Swapna Haddow 978 0 571 32330 2

Millions of Cats | Wanda Gág 978 0 571 35020 9

The Story of Ferdinand | Munro Leaf 978 0 571 33596 1

Choo Choo | Virginia Lee Burton 978 0 571 33751 4

Dory Fantasmagory | Abby Hanlon 978 0 571 32558 0

Squishy McFluff: The Invisible Cat Pip Jones | 978 0 571 30250 5

The World According to Humphrey Betty G. Birney | 978 0 571 32839 0

Come All You Little Persons | John Agard 978 0 571 32416 3

Once Upon a Snowstorm Richard Johnson | 978 0 571 33929 7

Lily and the Polar Bears | Jion Sheibani 978 0 571 33776 7

Hayley the Hairy Horse | Gavin Puckett 978 0 571 33780 4

Picklewitch and Jack | Claire Barker 978 0 571 33518 3

Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest Harry Heape | 978 0 571 33215 1




Middle grade: Falling in love with reading


Letters from the Lighthouse Emma Carroll | 978 0 571 32758 4

Rooftoppers | Katherine Rundell 978 0 571 28059 9

Matt Millz Stands Up! | Harry Hill 978 0 571 34568 7

Secrets of a Sun King Emma Carroll | 978 0 571 32849 9

Five Children on the Western Front Kate Saunders | 978 0 571 34232 7

The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club Alex Bell | 978 0 571 33254 0

When We Were Warriors Emma Carroll | 978 0 571 35040 7

The Land of Neverendings Kate Saunders | 978 0 571 33656 2

Explorers on Witch Mountain Alex Bell | 978 0 571 33256 4

Frost Hollow Hall | Emma Carroll 978 0 571 29544 9

The Boy Who Hit Play Chloe Daykin | 978 0 571 32678 5

The Legend of Podkin One-Ear Kieran Larwood | 978 0 571 34020 0

The Girl Who Walked on Air Emma Carroll | 978 0 571 29716 0

Fish Boy | Chloe Daykin 978 0 571 32676 1

The Gift of Dark Hollow Kieran Larwood | 978 0 571 32842 0

In Darkling Wood | Emma Carroll 978 0 571 31757 8

Child I | Steve Tasane 978 0 571 33783 5

The Beasts of Grimheart Kieran Larwood | 978 0 571 32844 4

The Snow Sister | Emma Carroll 978 0 571 34180 1

Max and the Millions | Ross Montgomery 978 0 571 33348 6

Heroes | David Long 978 0 571 34210 5

The Children of Castle Rock Natasha Farrant | 978 0 571 32356 2

My Mum’s Growing Down Laura Dockrill | 978 0 571 33506 0

Survivors | David Long and Kerry Hyndman | 978 0 571 33966 2

Chester Parsons is Not a Gorilla Martyn Ford | 978 0 571 33223 6

Matt Millz | Harry Hill 978 0 571 33249 6



Teen and young adult: Taking you somewhere different


Rebel of the Sands | Alwyn Hamilton 978 0 571 32525 2

Bone Gap | Laura Ruby 978 0 571 33275 5

Long Way Down | Jason Reynolds and Chris Priestley | 978 0 571 33512 1

Traitor to the Throne Alwyn Hamilton | 978 0 571 32541 2

In Paris With You | Clementine Beauvais | 978 0 571 33971 6

The Bell Jar | Sylvia Plath 978 0 571 22616 0

Hero at the Fall | Alwyn Hamilton 978 0 571 32543 6

The Chaos of Now | Erin Lange 978 0 571 31747 9

Hope in a Ballet Shoe | Michaela and Elaine DePrince | 978 0 571 31447 8

The Graces | Laure Eve 978 0 571 35291 3

Butter | Erin Lange 978 0 571 29440 4

Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen 978 0 571 33701 9

The Curses | Laure Eve 978 0 571 32804 8

The Monstrous Child Francesca Simon | 978 0 571 33027 0

Tess of the d’Urbervilles Thomas Hardy | 978 0 571 33703 3

Highly Illogical Behaviour | John Corey Whaley | 978 0 571 33044 7

Winterkill | Kate A. Boorman 978 0 571 32703 4

Jane Eyre | Charlotte Brontë 978 0 571 33709 5

House of Windows | Alexia Casale 978 0 571 32153 7

The Smell of Other People’s Houses B. S. Hitchcock | 978 0 571 31495 9

Wuthering Heights | Emily Brontë 978 0 571 33711 8



Faber children’s classics: Discover timeless storytelling

Treasure Island | Robert Louis Stevenson | 978 0 571 33116 1 The Children of Green Knowe Collection | Lucy M. Boston 978 0 571 30347 2 The Secret Garden | Frances Hodgson Burnett | 978 0 571 32339 5

Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats T. S. Eliot and Axel Scheffler 978 0 571 25248 0

The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear Edward Lear | 978 0 571 31480 5 The Railway Children | E. Nesbit 978 0 571 33113 0 Five Children and It | E. Nesbit 978 0 571 31476 8

The Iron Woman | Ted Hughes 978 0 571 34858 9

The It-Doesn’t-Matter Suit Sylvia Plath | 978 0 571 31464 5

The Iron Man | Ted Hughes 978 0 571 34859 6

Black Beauty | Anna Sewell 978 0 571 32337 1

The Tigerboy | Ted Hughes 978 0 571 32062 2

Marianne Dreams | Catherine Storr 978 0 571 31327 3

Moondial | Helen Cresswell 978 0 571 32290 9

How the Whale Became and Other Tales of the Early World | Ted Hughes 978 0 571 34885 5

The Land of Green Ginger Noel Langley | 978 0 571 32134 6

Peacock Pie | Walter de la Mare 978 0 571 31389 1

The Iron Wolf | Ted Hughes 978 0 571 34939 5

Old Toffer’s Book of Consequential Dogs | Christopher Reid and Elliot Elam | 978 0 571 33409 4

What Is the Truth? | Ted Hughes 978 0 571 34940 1

A Little Princess | Frances Hodgson Burnett | 978 0 571 33111 6 The Midnight Fox | Betsy Byars 978 0 571 31033 3 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll | 978 0 571 32335 7

Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats T. S. Eliot and Edward Gorey 978 0 571 32126 1


Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats T. S. Eliot and Nicholas Bentley 978 0 571 31308 2

The Thought-Fox | Ted Hughes 978 0 571 35027 8 Season Songs | Ted Hughes 978 0 571 35022 3


Tales of Troy and Greece Andrew Lang | 978 0 571 33350 9 The Jungle Book | Rudyard Kipling 978 0 571 33490 2 The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame | 978 0 571 32341 8 The Mouse and His Child Russell Hoban | 978 0 571 30755 5 The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler Gene Kemp | 978 0 571 31391 4


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Seasonal Catalogue Jul–Dec 2019  


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