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‘Sally Rooney is a writer going all the way to the top.’ Colin Barrett

© Jonny Davies


Normal People Sally Rooney Connell and Marianne grow up in the same small town in rural Ireland. The similarities end there; they are from very different worlds. When they both earn places at Trinity College in Dublin, a connection that has grown between them lasts long into the following years. This is an exquisite love story about how a person can change another person’s life – a simple yet profound realisation that unfolds beautifully over the course of the novel. It tells us how difficult it is to talk about how we feel and it tells us – blazingly – about cycles of domination, legitimacy and privilege. Alternating menace with overwhelming tenderness, Sally Rooney’s second novel breathes fiction with new life. ‘Sally Rooney writes with a rare, thrilling confidence, in a lucid and exacting style uncluttered with the sort of steroidal imagery and strobe flashes of figurative language that so many dutifully literary novelists employ. This isn’t to say that [Conversations with Friends] lacks beauty. Its richness blooms quietly.’ New Yorker 3

SALLY ROONEY was born in 1991 and lives in Dublin. Her work has appeared in the New Yorker, Granta, The White Review, The Dublin Review, The Stinging Fly, Kevin Barry’s Stonecutter and The Winter Pages anthology. Conversations with Friends was the most popular debut in the 2017 end-of-year round-ups. Rooney was shortlisted for the Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award for ‘Mr Salary’ and was the winner of the Sunday Times/PFD Young Writer of the Year Award.

06/09/18 HB | 978 0 571 33464 3 | 304pp | £14.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 33466 7 UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada



Kudos Rachel Cusk A woman on a plane listens to the stranger in the seat next to hers telling her the story of his life: his work, his marriage, and the harrowing night he has just spent burying the family dog. That woman is Faye, who is now on her way to Europe to promote the book she has just published. Once she reaches her destination, the conversations she has with the people she meets – about art, about family, about politics, about love, about sorrow and joy, about justice and injustice – are the most far-reaching questions human beings ask.

03/05/18 HB | 978 0 571 34664 6 | 256pp | £16.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34673 8

These conversations, the last of them with her son, rise dramatically and majestically to a beautiful conclusion. Kudos completes Rachel Cusk’s trilogy with overwhelming power. The trilogy is one of the great achievements in fiction.

BARBARA KINGSOLVER's work has been translated into more than twenty languages and has earned a devoted readership. In 2010 she won the Orange Prize for The Lacuna and her 2012 novel Flight Behaviour was shortlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction. Before she made her living as a writer, Kingsolver earned degrees in biology and worked as a scientist. She now lives with her family on a farm in southern Appalachia.

18/10/18 HB | 978 0 571 34698 1 | 464pp | £20.00

Unsheltered Barbara Kingsolver 2016 Vineland Meet Willa Knox, a woman who stands braced against the vicissitudes of her shattered life and family – and the crumbling house that contains her.

‘One of the most fascinating projects in contemporary fiction is unfolding in Rachel Cusk’s trilogy.’ Adam Foulds

1871 Vineland Thatcher Greenwood, the new science teacher, is a fervent advocate of the work of Charles Darwin, and he is keen to communicate his ideas to his students. But those in power in Thatcher’s small town have no desire for a new world order. Thatcher and his teachings are not welcome. Both Willa and Thatcher resist the prevailing logic. Both are asked to pay a high price for their courage. A testament to the power and goodness of the human spirit, Unsheltered explores the foundations we build, crossing time and place to give us all a little more hope in those around us, and a little more faith in ourselves. Unsheltered is a novel for our troubled times.

Ebook | 978 0 571 34706 3 UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada


© Simeon Scamell-Katz

© David Wood

‘Cusk is always an exciting writer: striking and challenging, with a distinctive cool prose voice, and behind that coolness something untamed and full of raw force.’ Tessa Hadley

RACHEL CUSK is the author of nine novels and three works of non-fiction, which have won and been shortlisted for numerous prizes. In 2015, Cusk’s version of Medea was staged at the Almeida Theatre.


‘Outline succeeds powerfully. Among other

‘Transit is a slender novel that contains

Outline | 03/05/18

things, it gets a great variety of human beings

multitudes. It is a work of great ambition,

PB | 978 0 571 34676 9 | 256pp | £8.99

down on the page with both immediacy and

beautifully executed, a worthy successor to the

Ebook | 978 0 571 34677 6

depth; an elemental pleasure that makes the

brilliant Outline and a harbinger of great hope

book as gripping to read as a thriller . . . A stellar

for the third and final instalment – soon may

Transit | 03/05/18

accomplishment.’ James Lasdun, Guardian

it arrive.’ Monica Ali, New York Times Book

‘A strange, oblique, devastated novel that


inhabits the landscape after a big break-up

‘Superb. This second volume confirms

without giving up any details. It has a chilly

that one of the most fascinating projects in

beauty, and hasn’t quite left my head.’

contemporary fiction is unfolding in Rachel

Kazuo Ishiguro

Cusk’s trilogy.’ Adam Foulds

PB | 978 0 571 34674 5 | 272pp | £8.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34675 2 UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada, Open EU


© Zakia Uddin


AMITAVA KUMAR is a journalist and author of several works of prize-winning literary non-fiction and two novels. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Harper’s, the New Yorker, and Granta (‘Pyre’ was selected by Jonathan Franzen for The Best American Essays 2016). He has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and a Ford Fellowship in Literature, and is a board member at the Asian American Writers Workshop. He is currently Helen D. Lockwood Professor of English at Vassar College.

02/08/18 HB | 978 0 571 33958 7 | 320pp | £14.99

Immigrant, Montana Amitava Kumar

Perfidious Albion Sam Byers

One winter morning, a monkey stole into Mamaji’s room. He climbed on the huge white bed and finding Mamaji’s pistol brandished it – they say – at my cousin, born two months after me and still in her crib. No one moved. Then, turning the pistol around, the primate brain prompting the opposable thumb to grasp the trigger, the monkey blew his brains out.

In Edmundsbury, a small town in east England, fear and loathing are on the rise. It is the near future; Brexit has happened and the ramifications are real. Grass-roots right-wing political party ‘England Always’ are fomenting hatred. The residents of a failing housing estate are being manipulatively cleared from their homes. A multinational tech company is making inroads into the infrastructure. Just as social tensions appear to reach crisis point, masked men begin a series of ‘disruptions’, threatening to make internet histories public, asking the townspeople what don’t you want to share?

Meet AK, an Indian ‘immigrant’ studying in New York where he embarks on a sequence of erotic relationships with women, politics, and literature. Immigrant, Montana is the story of his education. Ironic, provocative and explosively stylish, Amitava Kumar’s novel reinvents the bildungsroman, campus novel, and postcolonial narrative for a new generation – and introduces an unforgettable voice. ‘Amitava Kumar pushes at the boundaries of the novel in the best way to open up a completely new, thrilling exploration of a particular immigrant experience, one that is fearlessly cosmopolitan and witty . . . Uproariously funny and deeply moving.’ David Means

SAM BYERS’s writing has appeared in Granta, the New York Times, The Spectator, and the Times Literary Supplement. His debut novel, Idiopathy (2013), was included on the Waterstones 11 list of debut novels to watch out for; shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Prize and the Desmond Elliot Prize; and won a Betty Trask Award.

A 1984 for our times, Perfidious Albion is a novel that displays its imaginative richness – and yet feels perilously on point. ‘Brilliant . . . a morbidly riveting first novel.’ John Lanchester on Idiopathy 02/08/18 HB | 978 0 571 33629 6 | 384pp | £14.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 33631 9

Ebook | 978 0 571 33962 4

UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada

UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada





Women Talking Miriam Toews

MIRIAM TOEWS is the author of six bestselling novels: Summer of My Amazing Luck, A Boy of Good Breeding, A Complicated Kindness, The Flying Troutmans, Irma Voth, and All My Puny Sorrows, and one work of non-fiction, Swing Low: A Life. She is a winner of the Governor General’s Award for Fiction, the Libris Award for Fiction Book of the Year, the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize, and the Writers Trust Marian Engel / Timothy Findley Award. She lives in Toronto.

Women Talking is an imagined response to these real events. Eight illiterate women with no knowledge of the world outside their community meet secretly in a hayloft to decide how to protect themselves and their daughters from future harm. They have two days before the rapists (not ghosts, but local men) are bailed out and brought home. The women in Women Talking ask one another how we should live, love and treat one another – questions we must all ask ourselves. This is a profound, unsettling and virtuosic work of fiction from the award-winning author

‘Toews writes in a cool, deceptively simple voice that moves seamlessly between the memory of past joy and the sometimes surprising banality of present pain. This often edges towards poetry.’ Sunday Times

06/09/18 HB | 978 0 571 34032 3 | 288pp | £14.99

Leila Prayaag Akbar This tale of maternal love blends the page-turning urgency of The Girl in the Red Coat with the political force of Slumdog Millionaire to create a searing parable about what happens when the few live at the expense of the many . . . Every year on Leila’s birthday Shalini kneels by the wall with a little yellow spade and scoops dry earth to make a pit for two candles: one for herself and one for Riz, the husband at her side. A shrine to a missing child.

Ebook | 978 0 571 34034 7 UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada


A Complicated Kindnesss

A Boy of Good Breeding

978 0 571 34099 6 | 336pp | £7.99

978 0 571 34100 9 | 256pp | £7.99

978 0 57134101 6 | 336pp | £7.99

UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada

UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada, Open EU

UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada

‘Remarkable . . . Bursts with ramshackle,

‘The most engaging narrative voice I’ve come

‘A Boy of Good Breeding caught me by the

precious life.’ Sunday Telegraph

across lately . . . A darkly hilarious novel.’

throat, made me laugh and weep with

‘A masterly book of such precise dignity.’

Blake Morrison, Guardian

sad-sweet joy.’ Globe and Mail

Daily Mail

‘A delight from beginning to end . . .

‘Seriously funny.’ Independent

‘Very smart, very funny and completely

liberating and defiantly joyful.’ Daily Mail

‘Toews’s characters and plot-turns evoke all

heartbreaking.’ Metro

© Shanta Rana

© Carol Loewen

Between 2005 and 2009, in a remote religious Mennonite colony, over one hundred girls and women were knocked unconscious and raped repeatedly by what many thought were ghosts or demons. Their accounts were dismissed as ‘wild female imagination.’

‘Exquisitely written . . . It combines

the eccentricity you’d expect with small-town

impossibly qualities effortlessly – is blithe

living, in a Margaret-Atwood-meets-Toni-

and earnest, heartbreaking and humorous,

Morrison kind of way.’ Eve

But as Shalini walks from the patch of grass where she held her vigil, the man beside her melts away. It is sixteen years since her daughter was taken, snatched from her third birthday party, the last time Shalini saw the three people she loves most dearly: her mother, her husband, her child. There are thirty-two candle stubs buried in that lawn, and Shalini believes her search is finally drawing to a close. When she finds Leila, she will return and dig up each and every one.

PRAYAAG AKBAR was born in Calcutta in 1982. He studied economics at Dartmouth College and comparative politics at the London School of Economics, and spent a year at Routledge, UK, as a publicity assistant. He has been an editor at Scroll.in and the Sunday Guardian and a reporter with Outlook magazine. His awardwinning reports and commentary have examined various aspects of marginalisation in India. His work has appeared in Caravan, The Cricket Monthly, Mint, Indian Express and India Today, among others. He lives in Bombay with his wife and their cat and tweets under @unessentialist. 05/07/18 HB | 978 0 571 34131 3 | 272pp | £10.00 Ebook | 978 0 571 34133 7

and its expression is as raw as it isdelicate.’

UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada, India, etc

Sarah Hall




SHAUN PRESCOTT is a writer based in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. He has selfreleased several small books of fiction and has been the editor of Crawlspace Magazine. His writing has appeared in The Lifted Brow and the Guardian, among other places. The Town is his debut novel.

© Alicia J. Rose

© Rachel Alice

‘Exquisite . . . a remarkable feat of research, care, and black ink, and a reminder that all “People of the book”, despite the division of their individual traditions, share a mosaic of stories.’ Zadie Smith on Habibi

The Town Shaun Prescott

Carnet de Voyage Craig Thompson

It was only possible to see the full extent of the town if you spent many years there. Only then could you see the barriers shimmer at its edges, and know what the edges meant.

In 2004, the celebrated cartoonist Craig Thompson set out on a tour across Europe and Morocco, promoting foreign editions of his book Blankets and researching his next project.

When a writer arrives in New South Wales to research vanishing Australian towns, he is plunged into an abyss of absurdist weirdness from which he – and the town itself – might never recover. Shaun Prescott’s debut novel is a haunting excavation of historical trauma and a stunning reincarnation of the existentialist novel. Magnetic, strange and slippery, this is a portrait of oblivion from a young Australian novelist whose prose echoes the twentieth century’s most unsettling and exalted writers. ‘This novel signals its author as someone who understands what literature is for. It is one of the strongest and strangest contemporary Australian novels that I’ve ever seen.’ Sydney Morning Herald

Carnet de Voyage is the gorgeous sketchbook diary of these travels, as he wandered around Paris and Barcelona, navigated markets in Fez and fled tourist traps in Marrakesh. While desert landscapes and crowded street scenes flow, the sketchbook is packed first and foremost with people – other travellers, friends and lovers and other cartoonists who weave in and out of Thompson’s life.

CRAIG THOMPSON was born in Michigan in 1975. He is the writer and artist of the critically acclaimed graphic novels Blankets, Habibi, Space Dumplins, Good-bye, Chunky Rice, and Carnet de Voyage. He has been awarded three Eisner awards, three Harvey awards, two Ignatz awards, and a Grammy nomination for album cover artwork on Menomena’s Friend and Foe. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

With thirty new pages, based on his return trip a decade later, this beautiful edition of a long out-of-print classic offers an intimate portrait of an artist poised between his two seminal works, Blankets and Habibi.

02/08/18 05/07/18

HB | 978 0 571 34561 8 | 256pp | £12.99

HB | 978 0 571 33603 6 | 256pp | £14.99

Ebook | 978 0 571 34563 2

UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada, Open EU

World, ex. Australia, New Zealand




LAVINIA GREENLAW has published five collections of poetry, most recently A Double Sorrow: Troilus and Criseyde. Her first novel, Mary George of Allnorthover, received France’s Prix du Premier Roman Étranger. Her two books of non-fiction are The Importance of Music to Girls and Questions of Travel: William Morris in Iceland. Her writing has appeared in frieze, the London Review of Books and the New Yorker, among other publications.

© Elizabeth Wirija

© Julian Abrams


In the City of Love’s Sleep Lavinia Greenlaw

Freshwater Akwaeke Emezi

In the City of Love’s Sleep is a novel about what it means to fall in love in middle age. This is a love that can be just as compelling as it was in adolescence – only now it has to contend with everything that middle age brings.

Ada was born with one foot on the other side. Having prayed her into existence, her parents Saul and Saachi struggle to deal with the volatile and contradictory spirits peopling their troubled girl.

Iris, a museum conservator in her late forties, is separating from her husband while trying to bring up two daughters in a house that’s falling down. Raif is a stalled academic with an obscure past whose girlfriend is about to move in. They meet by chance. Nothing of any importance is said, yet Iris suddenly turns away, in shock from what this man has brought back to life: an electrical affinity, a higher self, a feeling of having been woken, recognised, and desired.

When Ada comes of age and heads to college, the entities within her grow in power and agency. An assault leads to a crystallisation of herselves: Asụghara and Saint Vincent. As Ada fades into the background of her own mind and these selves – now protective, now hedonistic – seize control of Ada, her life spirals in a dark and dangerous direction.

In the City of Love’s Sleep reveals love in all its inscrutable complexity: the raw nature of feeling and its uncontrollable, unsettling truths. ‘Everything Greenlaw touches glitters and resonates.’ Vogue 06/09/18 HB | 978 0 571 33762 0 | 320pp | £14.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 33764 4

Narrated from the perspectives of the various selves within Ada, and based in the author’s own experiences, Freshwater explores the metaphysics of identity and mental health. Feeling explodes through the language of this scalding novel, heralding the arrival of a fierce new literary voice. ‘Sheer perfection: sexy, sensual, spiritual, wise. One of the most dazzling debuts I’ve ever read.’ Taiye Selasi, author of Ghana Must Go

UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada, Open EU

AKWAEKE EMEZI is an Igbo and Tamil writer and artist based in liminal spaces. Born and raised in Nigeria, she received her MPA from New York University. She was awarded a 2015 Miles Morland Writing Scholarship and won the 2017 Commonwealth Short Story Prize for Africa. Her work has been selected and edited by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and published in various literary magazines, including Granta. Freshwater is her debut novel.

01/11/18 HB | 978 0 571 34539 7 | 224pp | £10.00 Ebook | 978 0 571 34541 0 UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada





© Sarah Lee

‘Those who in the future really want to understand the atmosphere of the years 1916 and 1917, and the conditions of life, will turn back to this book.’ Daily Telegraph

EOIN McNAMEE’s novels include Resurrection Man, later made into a film, The Blue Tango, which was longlisted for the Booker Prize, Orchid Blue, described by John Burnside in the Guardian as ‘that rare phenomenon, a genuinely tragic work of art’, and Blue Is the Night, which was awarded the 2015 Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year.

The Vogue Eoin McNamee The Vogue is an unforgettable novel of ghosts and lies and of how the past can return in vengeance. Late 1944, and two teenagers dance the Vogue in silence on the projectionist’s floor of the Cranfield Aerodrome. She draws the outlines of their footwork in eyebrow pencil on the white sheet. He loses their bet. Decades later, a ghost returns to Mourne to identify a body found in the shifting sands. Names have long since been changed; children long since cast out; lies long thought forgotten. Set against an eerie landscape, awash with secrets, The Vogue is a grimly poetic dance through the intertwined stories of a deeply religious community, an abandoned military base, and a long-shuttered children’s care home.

01/11/18 TPB | 978 0 571 33160 4 | 292pp | £12.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 33162 8

‘There is no one to match Eoin McNamee for the clean, clear, resonant sentence structure he has perfected. He is a unique writer . . . his subject, the inescapable complicity of people in the leak of evil in the world.’ Sebastian Barry

Memoirs of an Infantry Officer Siegfried Sassoon Reissued to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, in a gorgeous package including Barnett Freedman’s original illustrations. As I stepped over one of the Germans an impulse made me lift him up from the miserable ditch. Propped against the bank, his blond face undisfigured, except by the mud which I wiped from his eyes and mouth with my coat sleeve. He’d evidently been killed while digging, for his tunic was knotted loosely about his shoulders. He didn’t look to be more than eighteen. Hoisting him a little higher, I thought what a gentle face he had, and remembered that this was the first time I’d ever touched one of our enemies with my hands. Perhaps I had some dim sense of the futility which had put an end to this good-looking youth. Anyhow I hadn’t expected the Battle of the Somme to be quite like this . . .

SIEGFRIED SASSOON was born in 1886. He served in the trenches during WWI, where he began to write the poems for which he is remembered. Apart from the War Poems of 1919, he published eight volumes of verse during his lifetime. But it is as a novelist and autobiographer that he is perhaps better known. Sassoon’s semiautobiographical trilogy, Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man (1928), Memoirs of an Infantry Officer (1930) and Sherston’s Progress (1936), became classics of war-era literature.

This first-hand account of the face of battle is as beautifully written as it is historically significant. 30/08/18 HB | 978 0 571 34812 1 | 272pp | £12.99 World English Language, ex. US, Canada

UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada





© Caroline Maclean

‘Southern Gothic of the very darkest hue, dripping with atmosphere, sparkling with loquacity, and with occasional gleams of horrible humour.’ The Times

BENJAMIN MARKOVITS grew up in Texas, London and Berlin. He is the author of seven previous novels: The Syme Papers, Either Side of Winter, Imposture, A Quiet Adjustment, Playing Days, Childish Loves, and You Don’t Have to Live Like This. He has published essays, stories, poetry and reviews on subjects ranging from the Romantics to American sports in the Guardian, Granta, The Paris Review and the New York Times, among other publications. He lives in London and teaches creative writing at Royal Holloway, University of London.

A Weekend in New York Benjamin Markovits

The Lost Country William Gay

Tolstoy famously claimed that: ‘All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.’ But what if the happy families are actually the most unique of them all?

Ten years after it was acquired, and long thought lost, the novel which the late William Gay often talked about before his death finally emerges.

Ben Markovits’s ambitious new fictional tetralogy immerses us in the lives of an upper-middle-class New York family, the Essingers, over multiple generations. In A Weekend in New York, the brilliant first novel in the quartet, Markovits vividly charts the experiences of mid-ranking tennis professional Paul Essinger at the ATP Tour and US Open.

Billy Edgewater, discharged from the Navy and touched by a rising desperation, sets out to hitchhike home to East Tennessee, where his father is slowly dying. On the road, separately, are Sudy and Bradshaw, brother and sister, and a one-armed con man named Roosterfish. All, in one way or another, have their pasts and futures entangled with D. L. Harkness, a predator in every sense.

In stylishly compelling prose, Markovits interweaves the insular domesticity of family life with the sweeping forces shaping American society to create a deeply intimate – yet uncompromisingly political – portrait of America. This is a landmark American novel from the James Tait Black Awardwinning author, which channels the very best of Franzen, Updike and Wallace.

07/06/18 HB | 978 0 571 33805 4 | 320pp | £14.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 33807 8

Hounded at each turn by scams, vigilantes, grievous loss, and violence, Edgewater navigates the long road home, searching for a place that may be nothing more than memory. Hailed by the New York Times Book Review as ‘a seemingly effortless storyteller’, William Gay once again shows with this novel why his work is often talked about alongside the great Southern novelists, William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor and Cormac McCarthy.

WILLIAM GAY was born in Hohenwald, Tennessee. After high school, he joined the United States Navy and served during the Vietnam War. For many years he made his living as a carpenter, drywall-hanger and house painter before publishing, in 1998, his first novel, The Long Home, at the age of 57. He went on to publish the story collection I Hate to See That Evening Sun Go Down and three further novels, Provinces of Night, Twilight and Little Sister Death.

05/07/18 TPB | 978 0 571 24596 3 | 304pp | £12.99 UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada

UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada





I’ll Be Gone in the Dark Michelle McNamara A masterful true crime account of the Golden State Killer – the elusive serial rapist turned murderer who terrorised California for over a decade – from Michelle McNamara, a gifted journalist who died tragically while still writing and researching her debut book. ‘You’ll be silent forever, and I’ll be gone in the dark.’ I’ll Be Gone in the Dark offers a unique snapshot of suburban West Coast America in the 1980s, and a chilling account of the wreckage left behind by a criminal mastermind. It is also a portrait of one woman’s obsession and her unflagging pursuit of the truth in spite of the cost. Framed by an introduction by Gillian Flynn and an afterword by the author’s husband, Patton Oswalt, the book’s final chapter was completed after Michelle’s death by her lead researcher and a close colleague. An unputdownable book which lingers long in the mind, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark is destined to become a true crime classic – and may at last help unmask the Golden State Killer.

MICHELLE McNAMARA (1970–2016) was the author of the website TrueCrimeDiary.com. She earned an MFA in fiction writing from the University of Minnesota and had sold television pilots to ABC and Fox, and a screenplay to Paramount. She also worked as a consultant for Dateline NBC. She lived in Los Angeles and is survived by her husband, Patton Oswalt, and their daughter, Alice.

01/03/18 TPB | 978 0 571 34514 4 | 416pp | £14.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34516 8 UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada, Open EU




‘Brilliant! Great writing, excellent characters, what a plot!’ Marian Keyes on In Bitter Chill

SARA GRAN is the author of five critically acclaimed novels, including Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead, Come Closer and Dope. She also writes for film and television, including Southland and Chance, and has published in the New York Times, the New Orleans Times Picayune, and USA Today.

© Eleanor Crow/ Faber

© Deborah Lopez

‘If Haruki Murakami wrote The Wire, it would come out something like Sara Gran; cryptic, dreamy, funny and gritty as hell. She’s a phenomenal talent. Claire DeWitt is an unreliable detective unlike any other.’ Lauren Beukes, author of The Shining Girls

The Infinite Blacktop A Claire DeWitt Novel Sara Gran

The Shrouded Path Sarah Ward

The third of Sara Gran’s unique and critically acclaimed Claire DeWitt books.

November, 1957: six teenage girls walk in the churning Derbyshire mists, the first chills of winter in the air. Their voices carrying across the fields, they follow the old train tracks into the dark tunnel of the Cutting. Only five appear on the other side.

Driven off the desert road and left for dead, Claire DeWitt knows that someone from her past is trying to kill her, she just doesn’t know who. Making a break for it from the cops who arrive on the scene, she sets off in search of the truth, or whatever version of it she can find. But perhaps the biggest mystery of all lies deeper than that, somewhere out there on the ever-rolling highway of life. Set between modern-day Las Vegas and LA, The Infinite Blacktop sees Claire at her lowest point yet, wounded and disorientated, but just about hanging on.


Too smart for her own good, too damaged to play by the rules, too crazy for most – have you got what it takes to follow the ‘best detective in the world’?

HB | 978 0 571 33660 9 | 304pp | £14.99

The past won’t stay buried forever . . .

October, 2014: a dying mother, feverishly fixated on a friend from her childhood, makes a plea: ‘Find Valerie.’ Mina’s elderly mother had never discussed her childhood with her daughter before. So who was Valerie? Where does her obsession spring from? DC Connie Childs, off balance after her last big case, is partnered up with new arrival to Bampton, Peter Dahl. Following up on what seems like a simple natural death, DC Childs’s old instincts kick in, pointing her right back to one cold evening in 1957. As Connie broadens her enquiries, the investigation moves increasingly close to home.

SARAH WARD is the author of In Bitter Chill, which was published in 2015 to critical acclaim. On her blog, Crimepieces (www. crimepieces.com), she reviews the best of current crime fiction published around the world, and she has also reviewed for Euro Crime and CrimeSquad. She is a judge for the Petrona Award for Scandinavian translated crime novels. She lives in Derbyshire.

06/09/18 HB | 978 0 571 33241 0 | 368pp | £12.99

Ebook | 978 0 571 33662 3

Ebook | 978 0 571 33243 4

UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada, Open EU

World All Languages




© John Ryan


ALAN GLYNN is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, where he studied English Literature, and has worked in magazine publishing in New York and as an EFL teacher in Italy. His second novel, Winterland, was published to huge acclaim in 2009 and was followed by Bloodland in 2011. He is married with two children and lives in Dublin.

Under the Night Alan Glynn

Cold Desert Sky Rod Reynolds

Both a sequel and prequel to Alan Glynn’s classic debut, which became the #1 hit movie Limitless, Under the Night is an irresistible thriller about the seductive power and dangers of unlocking the human mind.

No one wanted to say it to me, that the girls were dead. But I knew . . .

In 1950s Manhattan, the CIA are conducting a covert study of psychoactive drugs. When they dose ad man Ned Sweeney with MDT-48, he finds his horizons dramatically expand as he is hurtled towards the corridors of the rich and powerful. Just months later, Ned plunges to his death from a fourteenth-floor window of the Fairbrook Hotel in midtown Manhattan. The official story: he jumped. Over sixty years later, Ned’s grandson, Ray, meets a retired government official who claims he can illuminate not only Ned’s life and death, but also the truth behind the mysterious drug MDT-48.

04/10/18 TPB | 978 0 571 31625 0 | 360pp | £12.99

Late 1946, and Charlie Yates and his wife Lizzie have returned to Los Angeles, trying to stay anonymous in the city of angels. But when Yates, back in his old job at the Pacific Journal, becomes obsessed by the disappearance of two aspiring Hollywood starlets, he finds it leads him back to his worst fear: legendary mob boss ‘Bugsy’ Siegel.

After a successful career in advertising, working as a media buyer, ROD REYNOLDS took City University's two-year MA in crime writing, where he started The Dark Inside, his first Charlie Yates mystery. This was followed by the second book in the series, Black Night Falling, in 2016. He lives in London with his wife and two daughters.

As events move from LA to the burgeoning Palace of Sin in the desert, Las Vegas, and with Charlie caught between the FBI and the mob, can he possibly see who is playing who, and find out what happened to the two girls? ‘Pitch perfect American noir.’ Laura Wilson, Guardian

‘No-one spins twenty-first century facts into high-tech fantasies like Glynn.’ BBC Culture

05/07/18 TPB | 978 0 571 33471 1 | 368pp | £12.99

Ebook | 978 0 571 31627 4

Ebook | 978 0 571 33473 5

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Conviction Julia Dahl A striking new voice in US crime fiction, for fans of Megan Abbott, Laura Lippman and Gillian Flynn. Journalist Rebekah Roberts works at New York City’s sleaziest tabloid, but dreams of bigger things. When she receives a letter from a convicted murderer claiming his innocence, she sees both a story she can’t ignore and, possibly, a chance. Twenty-two years earlier, just after the Crown Heights riots exploded between the African-American and Jewish neighbourhoods in Brooklyn, DeShawn Perkins was convicted of the brutal murder of his adoptive family. Rebekah’s search for the truth is obscured: almost no one wants to talk about that grim, violent time in New York City.

JULIA DAHL is a journalist specialising in crime and criminal justice. Her first novel, Invisible City, was named one of the Boston Globe’s Best Books of 2014, won the Macavity, Barry, and Shamus Awards, and was a finalist for an Edgar Award and a Mary Higgins Clark Award. Her acclaimed second novel, Run You Down, was published in 2016. She lives in Brooklyn.

A searing exploration of the tensions between New York’s closed communities, Conviction is a novel about the power – and cost – of loyalty and denial. ‘An absolutely crackling, unputdownable mystery told by a narrator with one big, booming voice. I loved it.’ Gillian Flynn on Invisible City 25

01/03/18 PB | 978 0 571 34277 8 | 400pp | £7.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34278 5 UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada, Open EU


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LEÏLA SLIMANI is the first Moroccan woman to win France’s most prestigious literary prize, the Prix Goncourt. Her first novel, The Ogre’s Garden – forthcoming from Faber & Faber in 2019 – won the Prix La Mamounia. Slimani is a journalist and frequent commentator on women’s and human rights. She lives in Paris with her husband and two children.

Lullaby LeÏla Slimani

The Red-Haired Woman Orhan Pamuk

The international bestseller and winner of the Prix Goncourt.

A beguiling mystery tale of family and romance, of east and west, of tradition and modernity, by the Nobel Prize winner and bestselling author Orhan Pamuk. Virtuosic, spellbinding, masterful and mesmerising, The Red-Haired Woman is the tenth novel from one of our greatest novelists.

When Myriam, a brilliant lawyer, decides to return to work, she and her husband look for a nanny to care for their two young children. Louise seems perfect: quiet, polite and devoted. But as their dependence on Louise increases, and jealousy, resentment and suspicions take hold, their idyllic domesticity is shattered. Lullaby is a riveting and bravely observed exploration of power, class, race and motherhood. ‘The smartest thriller you’ll read all year.’ Independent ‘A masterpiece. I absolutely loved it – and read it in one sitting.’ Amy Chua, New York Times bestselling author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother ‘Is Lullaby the next Gone Girl? This author’s book on a killer nanny is [a] must-read.’ Daily Telegraph

‘An ending that makes you immediately start the book all over again speaks for itself.’ Sunday Times ‘Excellent . . . The book’s final section . . . is an extraordinary piece of writing, tying the loose threads of the earlier narratives tightly together, granting us surprising new perspectives on the events of the novel.’ Observer

ORHAN PAMUK won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2006. His novel My Name Is Red won the 2003 IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. His most recent novel, A Strangeness in My Mind, was an international bestseller and was shortlisted for the Man Booker International Prize. His work has been translated into more than sixty languages. He lives in Istanbul.

‘Saturated with sympathy and sense of place, the book charts a boy’s journey into manhood and Turkey’s into irreversible change . . . This book sings with the power of diverse remembrance.’ Financial Times 05/07/18


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Following The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories, Sleep No More comprises a further six perfectly formed stories, published together for the first time.

P. D. JAMES (1920-2014) was born in Oxford and educated at Cambridge High School for Girls. From 1949 to 1968 she worked in the National Health Service and subsequently in the Home Office. She won awards for crime writing in Britain, America, Italy and Scandinavia, including the Mystery Writers of America Grandmaster Award and The National Arts Club Medal of Honor for Literature (US). She received honorary degrees from seven British universities, was awarded an OBE in 1983 and was created a life peer in 1991.

Sleep No More: Six Murderous Tales | 04/10/18 PB | 978 0 571 33988 4 | 176pp | £7.99 UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada The Private Patient | 07/06/18 PB | 978 0 571 34512 0 | 416pp | £8.99 UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada A Certain Justice | 07/06/18

Madame Zero Sarah Hall

Once again, P. D. James shows her expert control of the shortstory form, conjuring motives and scenarios with complete conviction, and each with a satisfying twist in the tail. ‘As the nights draw in you’re unlikely to find a book more ingeniously pleasing than the late, great P. D. James’s Sleep No More, six flawless new stories.’ Observer ‘Sublime . . . She never puts a foot wrong . . . With endings sometimes shocking and never less than surprising, she leaves her readers gasping.’ Daily Mail ‘Extraordinarily clever, immensely entertaining and with a wintry theme that makes them perfect for the long dark nights ahead.’ Lancashire Evening Post

Madame Zero is a remarkable collection of dark, sensuous stories set in sometimes conflicting landscapes – rural, industrial, psychological – all of which are hauntingly resonant with dread. Whether set in an apocalyptic storm, a local swimming pool, or a surgical theatre, Hall’s stories inhabit a hinterland between the natural and urban, the mundane and surreal, human and animal. ‘Stunning . . . brilliant stories. Each one is a leap into a dark, mysterious void that ultimately reveals glittering terrors therein.’ Independent ‘Astonishing: humane yet otherworldly, disturbing, sexy and strange. The woman is a genius.’ Jessie Burton, Observer Books of the Year

The Pugilist at Rest and Other Stories

Thom Jones

Thom Jones’s magnificent first collection of stories presents a brutal vision of the human condition, in a world without mercy or redemption. The Pugilist at Rest gives us an America of Vietnam vets and ex-boxers, of bitter lovers in trailer parks, of lives passing in brilliant epileptic flickers. ‘Thom Jones has stormed the scene like an angry doberman at a garden party. He is shocking, he is gorgeous . . . A voice so relentless and felonious at once that you ought to need a permit to carry it.’ Boston Globe

The Last Ballad Wiley Cash From the prize-winning and New York Times bestselling author, Wiley Cash, The Last Ballad is inspired by actual events at the mill strikes in North Carolina during the Great Depression; a moving tale of courage in the face of oppression, with the emotional power of Cold Mountain and The Secret Scripture. ‘A gorgeous, gut-wrenching novel . . . I can think of no more relevant a novel for our times.’ Ben Fountain, author of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk ‘The story of a beautiful and courageous woman, and it is beautifully and courageously told.’ Lydia Peelle, author of The Midnight Cool ‘This suspenseful, moving novel is a story of struggle and personal sacrifice for the greater good that will resonate with readers of John Steinbeck or Ron Rash.’ Publishers Weekly

‘These stories leave the reader unsettled, thrilled, and changed. This is a marvellous piece of work.’ Jon McGregor

PB | 978 0 571 34622 6 | 592pp | £8.99 UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada, Open EU The Children of Men | 05/04/18 PB | 978 0 571 34221 1 | 352pp | £8.99 UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada, Open EU




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978 0 571 34070 5 | 420pp | £7.99

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A Patient Fury Sarah Ward

Fateful Mornings Tom Bouman

The Wife Alafair Burke

A Long Way from Home Peter Carey

Three bodies discovered.

For fans of James Lee Burke and Cormac McCarthy, Tom Bouman is the new must-read author exploring the outer darkness of contemporary America.

A stunning domestic thriller, from the New York Times bestselling, Edgar-nominated author of The Ex.

The highly anticipated new novel from twice-winner of the Booker Prize, Peter Carey, A Long Way from Home is a thrilling high-speed story, set in the 1950s in the dying embers of the British Empire.

A family obliterated. All evidence seems to point to one murderer: the mother. DC Connie Childs, determined to discover the truth, realises that a fourth body – one they cannot find – must hold the key to the mystery. The third book by critically acclaimed crime writer Sarah Ward is another unputdownable thriller set in Derbyshire, for fans of Val McDermid. ‘Ward infuses a degree of Scandinavian chilliness into her resolutely English scenarios, and has a gift for the macabre image.’ Guardian ‘A quietly powerful rural procedural that delves deep into the most disturbed niches of the psyche.’ The Times Crime Club

Officer Henry Farrell’s life is getting complicated – widowed and more traumatised than he cares to admit, he is also caught up in an affair with a local woman. Then, when a troubled old acquaintance becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance of his girlfriend, the ensuing investigation threatens to upend Farrell’s hidden wilderness. ‘A terrific writer. Definitely one to keep an eye on.’ Dennis Lehane ‘Brings pastoral America to life as surely as if it were written by William Faulkner . . . A tour de force.’ Geoffrey Wansell, Daily Mail on Dry Bones in the Valley

When Angela meets Jason, a college professor, she feels it’s a chance to start again, where no one knows of her tragic past. Six years later, Jason is a celebrated liberal figurehead, and when a college intern makes an accusation against him, Angela’s perfect life begins to unravel . . . ‘With Alafair Burke you know you’re in good hands.’ Gillian Flynn ‘A subtly sneaky, emotionally complex, and utterly addictive novel of psychological suspense.’ Lisa Scottoline ‘Burke’s characters have always been intelligent and funny, and her female protagonists sharp and engaging.’ Guardian

‘Childs [is] a modern police heroine to cherish.’ Daily Mail

Irene Bobs loves fast driving. Her husband is the best car salesman in rural south-eastern Australia. Together they embark upon the Redex Trial, a brutal car race around the continent, over roads no car can ever quite survive . . . ‘Superb . . . A wild, strange, magical ride of a book.’ Daily Telegraph ‘Startling . . . clever and disarming.’ Guardian ‘Carey is an extraordinarily clever, able writer. He is one of the writers, personally speaking, that I feel most pleased to be alive at the same time as . . . like being alive at the time Dickens was writing.’ Andrew Motion ‘Carey can do anything.’ Independent

A Life of Adventure and Delight Akhil Sharma Whether describing the tensions of an arranged marriage, the trauma of having an alcoholic mother, or the petty corruption of an Indian neighbourhood, Akhil Sharma’s stories always expose the cultural collisions that characterise modern life. Full of wisdom and wonder, A Life of Adventure and Delight is a collection of disarming honesty and dark comedy. ‘These beautiful, funny, intelligent short stories are told with such apparent simplicity.’ Tessa Hadley, Guardian Book of the Day ‘He’s been described as “the Chekhov of our time” . . . and he doesn’t disappoint, with eight beautifully sleek, minimally written but emotionally shattering tales . . . A must.’ Sunday Telegraph ‘Eight haunting, revelatory stories . . . Perceptive, humane and pointed.’ Adrian Tomine, New York Times

Friend of My Youth Amit Chaudhuri In Friend of My Youth, a novelist named Amit Chaudhuri visits his childhood home of Bombay. The city, reeling from the impact of the 2008 terrorist attacks, weighs heavily on his mind, as does the unexpected absence of his childhood friend Ramu, a drifting, opaque figure who is Amit’s last remaining connection to the city he once called home. ‘Amit Chaudhuri is a master. This book is a hymn to a city, to our present and our past.’ Nadeem Aslam ‘What [Chaudhuri] does in this short novel, with exquisite delicacy, is show disconnection, vacancy and the physical world’s imperviousness to human action, even of the most violent kind.’ Esquire ‘A mesmerising book.’ Pankaj Mishra ‘An epic writer.’ Deborah Levy






PB | 978 0 571 33885 6 | 320pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 32632 7 | 280pp | £8.99


PB | 978 0 571 33233 5 | 368pp | £7.99

978 0 571 32777 5 | 292pp | £7.99

PB | 978 0 571 32819 2 | 320pp | £7.99

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978 0 571 33760 6 | 272pp | £7.99

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The Cry Helen FitzGerald

Sugar Money Jane Harris

A new edition to coincide with a major four-part adaptation of the novel to be shown in the autumn on BBC1.

The new paperback from the award-winning author of The Observations and Gillespie and I.

‘Astonishingly good. It is utterly harrowing, completely plausible, constantly nerve-shredding.’ Independent on Sunday

Martinique, 1765, and brothers Emile and Lucien are charged by their master to return home to Grenada and smuggle back forty-two slaves claimed by English invaders. While Lucien, barely in his teens, sees the trip as a great adventure, the older and worldlier Emile has no illusions about the dangers they face. With unforgettable characters and language that is witty, bawdy and thrillingly alive, Sugar Money is a novel to treasure.

‘A book that you find yourself greedily gulping down.’ Herald

‘Rip-roaring adventure and unspeakable tragedy.’ Daily Mail

‘Brilliant . . . taut, sharp, chilling and often laugh-out-loud-funny genius.’ Lisa Jewell

‘Jane Harris pitches you headfirst into this outstanding, heartbreaking story of siblings, slavery and the savagery of the colonial past.’ Sunday Express

Helen FitzGerald’s acclaimed psychological thriller brings a parent’s worst nightmare to vivid life. Taut, dark and emotional, The Cry follows the story of a missing baby and the investigation that thrusts his mother and father into the spotlight – and threatens to reveal the unthinkable.

‘A thrilling adventure.’ Sunday Times

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy Tim Burton To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, a beautiful new edition of the classic collection of spooky tales and illustrations, from the world’s best-loved Gothic movie director, Tim Burton. The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy brings us a cast of gruesomely sympathetic children and misunderstood outcasts who struggle to find love and belonging in their cruel, cruel worlds. Burton’s lovingly lurid illustrations evoke both the sweetness and tragedy of these hopeful, yet hapless beings, in this gorgeous new volume. ‘The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy exquisitely conveys the pain of an adolescent outsider. Like Tim Burton’s movies, the work manages to be both childlike and sophisticated, blending the innocent with the macabre.’ New York Times

In Parenthesis David Jones

Nine Lessons Nicola Upson

Lean on Pete Willy Vlautin

But how intolerably bright the morning is where we who are alive and remain, walk lifted up, carried forward by an effective word.

The seventh novel in Nicola Upson’s highly praised series featuring Josephine Tey takes the reader on a journey from 1930s Cambridge to the bleak and desolate Suffolk coast. With Christmas approaching, the people of Cambridge are gripped by fear as a serial rapist stalks the streets. Meanwhile, in the shadow of King’s College Chapel, Detective Inspector Archie Penrose faces some of the most horrific and audacious murders of his career.

Willy Vlautin’s unforgettable story of friendship and hope in dark times, now a major motion picture by acclaimed British Director Andrew Haigh (45 Years and Weekend), starring Chloe Sevigny and Steve Buscemi. Due for release in early 2018.

In Parenthesis has been celebrated as the greatest war poem in the English language: but it is unique in being also one of the most powerful prose works on the subject. Based on David Jones’s own experience as an infantryman on the Western Front, it blends voices, registers, and forms to create an authentic record of battle – grittily specific, gloriously universal. With a new introduction by one of today’s leading authors, this edition seeks to share with readers of fiction unfamiliar to Jones's writing this genre-defying masterwork of ‘the 20th century’s great neglected genius’ (Spectator). ‘The greatest book about the first world war.’ W. H. Auden

‘If Josephine Tey were alive, she would be the first to welcome a major talent.’ Daily Mail ‘A superior crime novel.’ Financial Times ‘Perfect for lovers of classic crime with a contemporary twist.’ Shiny New Books

When fifteen-year-old Charley Thompson take an illegal stables job at the local race track, he meets Pete, an old horse who becomes his companion as he’s forced to try and make his own way in the world. ‘How good is contemporary US fiction? This good; catch-yourbreath good.’ Irish Times ‘I love Willy Vlautin’s books.’ Donna Tartt ‘This guy is a real discovery.’ Colm Toíbín

‘A book grown from the First World War, but which also grows beyond it.’ Owen Sheers







PB | 978 0 571 34294 5 | 320pp | £7.99

978 0 571 33695 1 | 320pp | £8.99

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PB | 978 0 571 32478 1 | 352pp | £7.99

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‘One of the finest and most sympathetic writers alive.’ Colin Thubron

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In My Mind’s Eye A Thought Diary Jan Morris A treat for fans of Alan Bennett’s diaries and the works of Bill Bryson and Diana Athill. I have never before in my life kept a diary of my thoughts, and here at the start of my ninth decade, having for the moment nothing much else to write, I am having a go at it. Good luck to me . . . So begins this extraordinary book, a collection of diary pieces that Jan Morris wrote for the Financial Times over the course of 2017. A former soldier and journalist, and one of the great chroniclers of the world for over half a century, she writes here in her characteristically intimate voice – funny, perceptive, wise, touching, wicked, scabrous, and above all, kind – about her thoughts on the world, and her place in it as she turns ninety. From cats to cars, travel to home, music to writing, it’s a cornucopia of delights from a unique literary figure.

JAN MORRIS was born in 1926 of a Welsh father and an English mother, and she lives with her partner Elizabeth Morris in the top left-hand corner of Wales, between the mountains and the sea. Her books include Coronation Everest, Venice, The Pax Britannica Trilogy, Conundrum and Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere. A Writer’s World, a collection of her travel writing and reportage from over five decades, was published in 2003.

06/09/18 HB | 978 0 571 34091 0 | 256pp | £14.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34093 4 UK and Commonwealth, inc. Canada




E. FOLEY and B. COATES are editors based in London. They are the authors of the bestselling Homework for Grown-Ups, as well as Advanced Homework for Grown-Ups, Shakespeare for Grown-Ups, and the Homework for GrownUps Quiz Book.

06/09/18 HB | 978 0 571 34048 4 | 160pp | £9.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34050 7

What Would Boudicca Do?

Life Lessons from History's Most Remarkable Women

E. Foley and B. Coates

Tired of your boss bro-propriating your ideas and presenting them as his own? Wondering if the pursuit of having it all has in fact resulted in having not very much? It is time to start channelling the spiky superwomen of history and conquer the sh*tshow that is the modern world. It is time to turn to women like Mae West and Agatha Christie, Hypatia and Cleopatra, Coco Chanel and Cixi. In this irreverent guide they will help you figure out how to cope with impostor syndrome, dispatch a love rat, stand up for yourself, get politically engaged, kill it at work, and trounce FoMo. What Would Boudicca Do? will make you firedup and ready for anything. ‘An obvious candidate to take to a desert island, along with Shakespeare and the Bible.’ Daily Telegraph on Homework for Grown-Ups

The Restless Kings Henry II, his Sons and the Wars for the Plantagenet Crown Nick Barratt In The Restless Kings Nick Barratt presents the tumultuous struggle for supremacy between the first Plantagenet king, Henry II, and his four sons – a drama that tore apart the most powerful family in western Europe and shaped the future of two nations. Although the key events took place over 800 years ago, their significance still resonates today. The root causes of Brexit can be found in King John’s retreat from Europe, isolating himself in England, and the seeds of the current tensions in the Middle East were sown by Richard the Lionheart’s crusade against the infidels in the Holy Land.

NICK BARRATT is an author, broadcaster and historian best known for his work on BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are?. His most recent publication, The Forgotten Spy, tells the story of his great-uncle – Stalin’s first mole in Whitehall. He has previously written on subjects as diverse as the story of Greater London and the Titanic.

The Restless Kings will challenge everything you assumed you knew about the medieval world. Above all, it brings to life some of the most remarkable, complex, flawed and brilliant monarchs ever to have sat on the English throne. 06/09/18 HB | 978 0 571 32910 6 | 416pp | £25.00 Ebook | 978 0 571 32912 0

World English Language

World All Languages





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Three newly jacketed reissues of Andrew Motion’s prizewinning biographies.

ANDREW MOTION was Poet Laureate from 1999 to 2009 and is co-founder of the online Poetry Archive; in 2015 he was appointed a Homewood Professor in the Arts at Johns Hopkins University. He has received numerous awards for his poetry, including most recently the Ted Hughes Award (2015), and has published four celebrated biographies, a novella, The Invention of Dr Cake (2003) and a memoir, In the Blood (2006). Andrew Motion was knighted for his services to poetry in 2009.

Philip Larkin: A Writer’s Life won the Whitbread

Prize for Biography and was championed as ‘an exemplary biography of its kind’ (The Times). With a new introduction written by the author, this edition is an engrossing portrait of one of the twentieth century’s most popular, and most private, poets.

Keats is ‘a definitive life of a great poet, and one of the

finest biographies’ (New Statesman). Motion demonstrates a superlative understanding of Keats’s place in the intellectual and political life of his time, and how the poems continue to exert their power.

The Lamberts: George, Constant and Kit won a

Somerset Maugham Award in 1987. A lesson in the fragility of fame, it tells the tragic story of three generations: George, one of Australia’s leading painters; his talented composerconductor son Constant; and grandson Kit, who managed the pop group The Who. ‘An exemplary piece of research’ (Sunday Times).

The Pebbles on the Beach Clarence Ellis First published in 1973, and here reissued with new illustrations, this is a spirited guide to the simple pleasure of pebble spotting. Ellis is a charming and knowledgeable guide to everything you didn't know you wanted to know about pebbles. He ruminates on what a pebble actually is, before showing us how they are formed, advising on the best pebble-spotting grounds in the UK, helping to identify individual stones, and giving tips on the necessary kit.

CLARENCE ELLIS was an academic and writer. Pebbles on the Beach was his only book, first published in 1973.

Nature-lovers won’t want to leave home without a copy firmly tucked into their coat pocket.

23/08/18 Philip Larkin: A Writer's Life | 06/09/18

Keats | 18/10/18

The Lamberts: George, Constant and Kit

TPB | 978 0 571 34667 7

TPB | 978 0 571 34666 0

01/11/18 | TPB | 978 0 571 34665 3

HB | 978 0 571 34793 3 | 176pp | £9.99 World English Language



SUE PRIDEAUX’s first biography, Edvard Munch: Behind the Scream (Yale University Press), won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize. Strindberg: A Life (Yale University Press) was shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize and won the Duff Cooper Prize.

06/09/18 HB | 978 0 571 33621 0 |416pp | £25.00 Ebook | 978 0 571 33623 4

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© Douglas Fry


I Am Dynamite! A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche Sue Prideaux Who hasn’t heard of ‘God is dead’ or ‘That which does not kill us makes us stronger’? A thinker whose importance rivals that of Freud or Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche’s work forms the bedrock of our contemporary thought. Yet the life of the philosopher behind these proclamations is shrouded by misunderstanding. With Sue Prideaux’s eminent and vivid scholarship, we are lucky to have a rare thing on our hands: fluent, transparent writing which also does justice to the complexity of the subject matter. I Am Dynamite! provides unrivalled insight into Nietzsche’s classical education, ideas such as the Übermensch, the charges of anti-Semitism against Nietzsche, his relationship with Wagner, music, his family, mental illness, women and – above all – Nietzsche’s position in the grand tiers of twentieth-century intellectual history. ‘A rich and absorbing biography.’ John Carey on Strindberg: A Life

UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada


The Life of Walter Gropius Visionary Founder of the Bauhaus

Fiona MacCarthy Bauhaus was more than an art school – it was the birth of a new way of thinking. In this captivating biography of its charismatic founder, Fiona MacCarthy argues that Walter Gropius’s visionary ideas still influence the way we live today. MacCarthy traces the story of this groundbreaking architect: his shattering experiences in World War I, his turbulent relationship with Alma Mahler, his concept of the Bauhaus as a gathering of talents that included Kandinsky, Klee and Moholy-Nagy, and his agonised decision to leave Nazi Germany in 1933 for a new life first in England, then in America. This modern reassessment of Gropius’s life is biography at its finest and most vivid.

FIONA MacCARTHY is one of Britain’s leading biographers. She has won the Wolfson History Prize and the Writers’ Guild Non-Fiction Award for William Morris, and the James Tait Black Prize for Biography for The Last Pre-Raphaelite. She was awarded the OBE for services to literature in 2009 and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, an Honorary Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall, and a Senior Fellow of the Royal College of Art.

The Bauhaus centenary will be celebrated in 2019. ‘One of the finest biographies ever published in this country . . . Delicious and intelligent, full of shining detail and mysteries respected.’ A. S. Byatt on William Morris 41

04/10/18 HB | 978 0 571 29513 5 | 512pp | £30.00 Ebook | 978 0 571 29515 9 UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada


© Sim Canetty-Clarke


MARK WIGGLESWORTH has worked with over a hundred orchestras, collaborating with many of the world’s finest orchestral musicians, soloists, singers, and directors, in venues ranging from Vienna’s Musikverein to New York’s Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl, and the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, to the Metropolitan Opera, New York. He made a six-part BBC TV series entitled ‘Everything to Play For’, and has recorded a highly acclaimed cycle of Shostakovich symphonies. In 2017 he won the Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Opera. 04/10/18 HB | 978 0 571 33790 3 |208pp | £14.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 33792 7 World All Languages

The Silent Musician Why Conducting Matters Mark Wigglesworth

Schumann The Faces and the Masks Judith Chernaik

A conductor is one of classical music’s most recognisable figures. But rarely does such a well-known profession attract so many questions: ‘Surely orchestras can play perfectly well without you? What are you actually doing when you wave your arms about? Do you really make a difference to the performance?’

A challenging new biography of a major composer whose life and works have been the subject of intense controversy ever since his attempted suicide and early death in an insane asylum.

The Silent Musician is not intended to be an instruction manual for conductors, nor is it a history of conducting. It is for all who wonder what conductors actually do, and why they matter. Exploring the relationships with the musicians and the music, and the public and personal responsibilities they face, leading conductor Mark Wigglesworth writes with engaging honesty about the features of his art: precision, charisma, intuition, diplomacy and passion. ‘The magic was two-fold. One aspect was the remarkable interpretive assurance that Wigglesworth brought to the music . . . The other was the almost unparalleled quality of playing he got from the orchestra.’ San Francisco Chronicle 42

Schumann was a key figure in the Romanticism movement that swept Europe and America in the nineteenth century. All the contradictions of the age enter his works, from his passionate love songs to his great ‘Spring’ and ‘Rhenish’ Symphonies. He was intensely original and imaginative, but he also worshipped the past – especially Shakespeare and Byron, Raphael and Michelangelo, Beethoven and Bach. Drawing on hitherto unpublished archive material, Chernaik sheds new light on Schumann’s life and music, and she vividly brings the composer’s world and his extraordinary artistic achievement to life in all its rich complexity.

Born in New York, JUDITH CHERNAIK now lives in London. She is best known for founding London’s popular Poems on the Underground, which offers poetry of all times and places to a mass audience. She is the coeditor of anthologies of Poems on the Underground and her other publications include The Lyrics of Shelley, four novels and many essays, reviews and short stories in the TLS, Guardian, Times and New York Times.

06/09/18 HB | 978 0 571 33126 0 | 352pp | £25.00 Ebook | 978 0 571 33128 4 UK and Commonwealth, inc. Canada, EU




The Secret Life of Cows Rosamund Young The Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller and a Guardian Book of the Year – now in a gorgeous paperback edition. Cows are as varied as people. They can be highly intelligent or slow to understand, vain, considerate, proud, shy or inventive. Although much of a cow’s day is spent eating, they always find time for activities such as babysitting, playing hide and seek, blackberry picking, or fighting a tree. This is an affectionate record of a hitherto secret world. ‘Entertaining anecdotes and profound insights . . . A charming manifesto.’ Sunday Telegraph ‘One of the most charming and touching books I have ever read.’ Jilly Cooper

© Louise Haywood-Schiefer

‘Charming and fascinating . . . A wonderful and heartwarming story.’ Mail on Sunday

LUKE HARDING is an awardwinning foreign correspondent with the Guardian. He is the author of A Very Expensive Poison: The Definitive Story of the Murder of Litvinenko and Russia’s War with the West, The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man, and Mafia State, as well as the co-author of WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy and The Liar: The Fall of Jonathan Aitken (nominated for the Orwell Prize).


Collusion Luke Harding The New York Times Bestseller. In Collusion, award-winning journalist Luke Harding reveals the true nature of Trump’s decades-long relationship with Russia and presents the gripping inside story of the dossier. Harding tells an astonishing story of offshore money, sketchy real estate deals, a Miss Universe Pageant, mobsters, money laundering, hacking and Kremlin espionage. Collusion gets to the heart of the biggest political scandal of the modern era. ‘Reads like a le Carré novel crossed with something by Kafka. . . . A fast-paced, almost novelistic narrative [that] gives readers . . . a succinct overview of the momentous events of the past year.’ New York Times ‘A super-readable, thrillerish account of the events surrounding the reporting of the documents. . . . Harding has done an amazing – and speedy – job of assembling material from a wide variety of sources and turning it into an exciting account.’ London Review of Books

PB | 978 0 571 34579 3 | 160pp | £7.99 World, ex. US, Canada

Puzzle Ninja

Pit Your Wits Against the Japanese Puzzle Masters

Alex Bellos

From the Guardian’s very own puzzlemaster, Puzzle Ninja is a new collection following the bestselling Can You Solve My Problems? The puzzle masters of Japan create the world’s most satisfying puzzles. Each has a distinctive style but what unites them is their megawatt brains and the beauty of their hand-crafted puzzles, which will challenge and sharpen the mind. Alex Bellos has collected over 200 of their most ingenious puzzles, rated easy to excruciating, and introduces over twenty new types of addictive problems to solve. ‘Yesterday: Sudoku. Today: Slitherlink. Tomorrow: The Riemann Hypothesis. Bellos’s addictive Ninja Puzzles are your passport to becoming a mathematical samurai.’ Marcus du Sautoy

PB | 978 1 783 35150 3 | 288pp | £8.99 UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada




05/07/18 PB | 978 1 783 35137 4 | 288pp | £9.99 UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada



The Crooked Scythe

The Secret Life

George Ewart Evans

Andrew O’Hagan

An Anthology of Oral History

Three True Stories

George Ewart Evans was one of the pioneers of oral history. This anthology is drawn from his writings about the memories of men and women of a past era – farm labourers, shepherds, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, fishermen, miners, domestic servants and many others. Ewart Evans has preserved a wealth of human history and language in this fascinating and often moving collection.

In The Secret Life Andrew O’Hagan issues three bulletins from the porous border between cyberspace and ‘the real world’. These incisive essays – covering psychology, internet ethics, spying and finance, as well as the controversial figures Julian Assange and Satoshi Nakamoto – are a groundbreaking examination of identity, secrecy and the relationship between the individual, the state and technology.

‘A pleasure to look at and a delight to read . . . A treasury of country folklore.’ Daily Telegraph

‘Funny, darkly written and deeply thought-provoking.’ Andrew Marr, Spectator Books of the Year

‘The essence of this oral history [is] the art and mysteries of ploughing, shepherding, the forge, the domestic service, fishing in the North Sea . . . His books often escape into another world altogether.’ Sunday Times

‘The Secret Life brings together three brilliant pieces about the impact of the digital world on our fleshly selves. They are written like thrillers freighted with challenging and urgent questions.’ Frank Cottrell Boyce, ‘Best Holiday Reads’, Guardian

Gerry Adams

The Secret Teacher

Music for Life

Mr Lear

Malachi O’Doherty

The Secret Teacher

Fiona Maddocks

Jenny Uglow

An Unauthorised Life

Drawing on newly available intelligence and scores of exclusive interviews, Malachi O’Doherty’s meticulously researched biography sheds light on the history of this extraordinary shape-shifter. O’Doherty’s experience as a journalist – at the BBC, on Belfast’s newspapers and as a correspondent for the Scotsman during the peace process – informs this authoritative account of one of the world’s most controversial politicians. ‘[An] honest, intelligent biography . . . [A] fine book.’ The Times ‘Very important . . . careful, detailed, judicious . . . It’s much the best thing to be written about Adams.’ Fintan O’Toole

Dispatches from the Classroom In this vivid account of his first few years in the classroom, The Secret Teacher grapples with the complicated questions of how to teach, how we learn, and how little he actually knows. He celebrates the world’s greatest stories, the extraordinary teachers he has worked with, and the kids: bolshie, bright, funny and absolutely eclectic. The result is a book full of wit, insight and tenderness. ‘This no-holds-barred account of teaching English at an inner-city comp is a frank, illuminating and brilliantly written gem . . . His honesty, alongside his anonymity, gives us complete faith in the authenticity of his exposé.’ Big Issue

100 Works to Carry You Through How does music reflect the key moments in our lives? How do we choose works that inspire, delight, comfort or console? Fiona Maddocks, the classical music critic of the Observer, selects 100 classical works from across nine centuries, arguing passionately and persuasively for their inclusion, putting each work in its cultural and musical context, discussing omissions, suggesting alternatives and always putting the music first. ‘Dangerously moreish . . . A timely reminder of the importance of music.’ BBC Music Magazine ‘Wonderful . . . Her selection is sensationally eclectic . . . a first-aid kit that should be stocked in every pharmacy.’ Norman Lebrecht

A Life of Art and Nonsense Acclaimed historian Jenny Uglow brings us a fascinating and beautifully illustrated biography of Edward Lear, shortlisted for Waterstones Book of the Year, and a Telegraph and Spectator Book of the Year. ‘Jenny Uglow, Edward Lear’s most sensitive biographer to date, does him proud.’ A. N. Wilson, Literary Review ‘Jenny Uglow has written a great life about an artist with half a life, a biography that might break your heart.’ Robert McCrum, Observer ‘Uglow excels in insight and sympathetic delicacy.’ New Statesman ‘The most perfect historian imaginable.’ Peter Ackroyd ‘A splendid portrait of this remarkable man.’ Sunday Times

‘The best essayist of his generation.’ New York Times

‘O’Doherty provides unique psychological insight into the mystery that is Gerry Adams . . . This important, penetrating, honest work must be read.’ Guardian






PB | 978 0 571 34080 4 | 224pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 33586 2 | 256pp | £9.99

PB | 978 0 571 31596 3 | 304pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 34274 7 | 224pp | £8.99

PB | 978 0 571 26955 6 | 608pp | £14.99

World All Languages

UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada

World English Language

World All Languages

UK and Commonwealth, inc. Canada, EU

‘A monument to a great and pioneering man . . . It is right that the past should be heard of in the words of those who lived it.’ Daily Telegraph


‘Whatever Uglow writes about she makes absolutely fascinating.’ Diana Athill

02/08/18 PB | 978 1 783 35127 5 | 288pp | £8.99 World All Languages



Into the Grey Zone

Thomas Adès: Full of Noises

Defending the Rock

Adrian Owen

Thomas Adès and Tom Service

Nicholas Rankin

A Neuroscientist Explores the Border Between Life and Death In 2006, Dr Adrian Owen and his team made medical history. They discovered a new realm of consciousness, somewhere between life and death, which they called the Grey Zone. The people who inhabit it are frequently labelled as irretrievably lost, with no awareness or sense of self. But now, through Dr Owen’s pioneering techniques, we can talk to them – and they can talk back. ‘[A] fascinating memoir . . . Into the Grey Zone reads like a thriller . . . Owen’s enthusiasm for his science crackles from the pages . . . Hugely thought-provoking and deeply moving.’ Mail on Sunday

Conversations with Tom Service

Thomas Adès: Full of Noises is an unprecedented glimpse into the creative mind and influences of one of the most intriguing and successful contemporary composers and conductors, now in an updated paperback edition. Here, Adès opens up for the first time about how he creates his music, where it comes from, and what it means, in a series of provocative and challenging interviews with Tom Service, the writer with whom he has had the closest relationship in his career.

How Gibraltar Defeated Hitler The new paperback by critically acclaimed author of Churchill’s Wizards and Ian Fleming’s Commandos. This thrilling new history reveals how Gibraltar – a lone outpost of the British Empire – fought off attacks by land, sea and air to help win the Second World War. Defending the Rock, whose cast of characters includes Haile Selassie, Anthony Burgess and General Sikorski, sets Gibraltar in the wider context of the struggle against fascism, from Abyssinia through to the Spanish Civil War.

‘Even as the UK is brimming with wonderful young composers, I think few would dispute that Tom Adès may be the most extravagantly gifted of them all.’ Sir Simon Rattle

‘Rankin is a wonderful storyteller.’ The Times




PB | 978 1 783 35099 5 | 272pp | £9.99

PB | 978 0 571 27898 5 | 240pp | £12.99

PB | 978 0 571 30772 2 | 416pp | £8.99

UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada, Open EU

World, ex. US

World All Languages

‘A fascinating and accessible account of cutting-edge science, and of those whose lives have been altered in an instant.’ Sunday Times ‘A fascinating and highly readable book . . . gripping and moving.’ New Statesman


‘[A] much needed history.’ Times Literary Supplement ‘Highly readable . . . Rankin has chosen an unusual vantage point to view the wider war, and told his story well.’ Guardian




WAYNE KRAMER was guitarist in one of the most incendiary rock and roll bands of all time, the MC5. Rolling Stone have named him one of the 100 Most Influential Guitarists of All Time.

The Hard Stuff Wayne Kramer Kick Out the JAMS Motherfuckers! In 1969, before the world heard a note of their music, The MC5 was on the cover of Rolling Stone. The missing link between free jazz and punk rock, they were primal and unstoppable, led by legendary guitarist Wayne Kramer – but by 1972, after just three albums, it was all over.

Mars by 1980 The Story of Electronic Music David Stubbs Electronic music is now ubiquitous, from mainstream pop hits to the furthest reaches of the avant garde. But how did we get here?

Kramer’s story is a revolutionary one, but it's also the deeply personal struggle of an addict. From the glory days of Detroit to the East Village’s junk-sick streets – in and out of prison, and on and off of drugs – his is the classic journeyman narrative, but with a twist: he’s here to remind us that revolution is always an option.

In Mars by 1980, David Stubbs charts the evolution of synthesised tones, from the earliest mechanical experiments in the late nineteenth century, through the musique concrète of Futurists and radical composers such as Pierre Schaeffer and Karl Stockhausen, to the gradual absorption of electronic instrumentation into the mainstream, be it through the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, grandiose prog rock or the DIY approach of electronica, house and techno.

‘The MC5 and Brother Wayne have inspired me and given me spiritual strength through their music and religious belief in the power of rock and roll as a transformative and revolutionary force.’ Bobby Gillespie

It’s a tale of mavericks and future dreamers, malfunctioning devices and sonic mayhem. But above all, it’s an essential story of authenticity: is this music? Mars by 1980 is the definitive account that answers this question.

DAVID STUBBS is a British author and music journalist. Alongside Simon Reynolds, he was one of the co-founders of the Oxford magazine Monitor before going on to join the staff at Melody Maker. He later worked for NME, Uncut and Vox, as well as the Wire. His work has appeared in The Times, Sunday Times, Spin, Guardian, Quietus and GQ. He has written a number of books, including a song-by-song profile of Jimi Hendrix and Fear of Music: Why People Get Rothko But Don’t Get Stockhausen, a comparative study of twentieth-century avant-garde music and art. He lives in London. 04/10/18


TPB | 978 0 571 32397 5 | 464pp | £20.00

TPB | 978 0 571 34126 9 | 320pp | £14.99

Ebook | 978 0 571 32398 2

Ebook | 978 0 571 34128 3

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UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada





All Things Remembered Goldie A whirlwind, charged and unsparingly candid memoir from the godfather of urban rave. Far more than just the story of the house-training of drum and bass, All Things Remembered is an explosive story of abuse, revenge, graffiti, breakdancing, gold teeth, sawn-off shotguns, car crashes, hot yoga, absent fatherhood, and redemption through reality TV. ‘A fabulous, whirling kaleidoscope of music, memory and trauma . . . Magical and cautionary.’ Nicola Barker, winner of the Goldsmiths Prize, Guardian Books of the Year ‘Fascinating and engaging . . . All Things Remembered, as crammed full as it is, lets the reader take that journey with him.’ Wire © Piper Ferguson

‘A roller-coaster of a life . . . A white-knuckle ride.’ Q Magazine

JEFF TWEEDY was born in Belleville, Illinois, in 1967. He has been releasing music as Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, and Tweedy since 1967.

Memoir Jeff Tweedy The story, in his own words, of one of the most feted and prolific singer-songwriters of the century. Through his pioneering work in the legendary country-punk band, Uncle Tupelo, to his enduring legacy as the creative force behind the unclassifiable sound of Wilco, Jeff Tweedy has weaved his way between the underground and the mainstream – and back again.  Funny, disarming, and deeply honest, his memoir casts light on his unique creative process and the stories that shaped his life and career, from a childhood spent in Illinois to the release of No Depression in the early 90s - which set the blueprint for alt-country – and later working with Mavis Staples and, posthumously, Woody Guthrie.


World All Languages

First Time Ever

Peggy Seeger A Guardian, Sunday Times, Observer, Telegraph and Financial Times Book of the Year. The musician Peggy Seeger has lived a life full of art and passion, family and separation, tragedy, celebration and the unexpected – and irresistible – force of love. It would by any standards be an extraordinary story, but what elevates her account is the beauty of the writing in her fascinating memoir: it is clear-eyed and playful, luminous and melodic, fearless, funny and always truthful, from the first word to the last. ‘Peggy Seeger’s substantial and absorbing memoir First Time Ever is fabulous, taking us back through British folk and reminding us of why we love her songs.’ Jackie Kay, Observer Books of the Year

Ebook | 978 0 571 33052 2 UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada, Open EU


PB | 978 0 571 33209 0 | 336pp | £8.99

A Memoir

‘A music memoir like no other.’ NME

HB | 978 0 571 33049 2 | 320pp | £17.99



06/09/18 PB | 978 0 571 33680 7 | 416pp | £10.99 World All Languages

Letters Volume II Sylvia Plath


Sylvia Plath’s renown as one of the twentieth century’s most influential poets is beyond dispute, but she was also one of its most captivating correspondents. This remarkable collected edition of Plath’s letters is a work of immense scholarship and care, presenting a comprehensive and historically accurate text of the known and extant letters that she wrote to over one hundred and twenty correspondents. This selection of later correspondence witnesses Plath and Hughes becoming major, influential contemporary writers, as it happened. Experiences recorded include first books and other publications; teaching; committing to writing full-time; travels; making professional acquaintances; settling in England; starting a family; and buying a house. Throughout, Plath’s voice is completely, uniquely her own.

‘Part of the experience of reading these letters is to see Plath firmly in her own time . . . In her correspondence we find more of the writer she was without [Hughes], and the artist she could have been had she survived.’ Spectator Volume I of the remarkable collected edition of Sylvia Plath’s letters. This selection of early correspondence marks the key moments of Plath’s adolescence, including childhood hobbies and high-school boyfriends; her successful but turbulent undergraduate years at Smith College; the move to England; and her meeting and marrying Ted Hughes, including a trove of unseen letters post-honeymoon, revealing their extraordinary creative partnership.

SYLVIA PLATH (1932–1963) was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and studied at Smith College. In 1955 she went to Cambridge University on a Fulbright scholarship, where she met and later married Ted Hughes. She published one collection of poems in her lifetime, The Colossus (1960), and a novel, The Bell Jar (1963). Her Collected Poems, which contains her poetry written from 1956 until her death, was published in 1981 and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. Letters Volume II | 06/09/18 HB | 978 0 571 33920 4 | 1008pp | £35.00 Ebook | 978 0 571 33922 8 World, ex. US Letters Volume I | 06/09/18 TPB | 978 0 571 32901 4 | 1424pp | £16.99 World, ex. US



© Mark Pringle


ZAFFAR KUNIAL was born in Birmingham and lives in Hebden Bridge. He published a pamphlet in the Faber New Poets series in 2014 and was Poet-in-Residence at the Wordsworth Trust the same year. He won third prize in the National Poetry Competition in 2011 with ‘Hill Speak’, a Northern Writers’ Award the following year, and the Geoffrey Dearmer Prize in 2015.


Us Zaffar Kunial

Feel Free Nick Laird

Us is the eloquent and affecting debut from the talented Zaffar Kunial. In a series of approachable, lyric narratives, the poems in Kunial’s hypnotic collection look with a tender toughness at his upbringing by his English mother and Lahore-based, Kashmiri father, and the distances his own life has had to travel in between. With pinpoint precision, Kunial unlocks his familial and national languages to examine worlds to which he at once belongs and remains simultaneously estranged. Already an acknowledged star of the Faber New Poets scheme, Kunial has won admirers and awards in such measure as to ensure that Us will be one of the most talked about debuts in recent times.

Celebrated for his novels and screenplays, Nick Laird has been ‘an assured and brilliant voice’ (CÓlm Toibín) in contemporary poetry ever since his impressive debut, To a Fault, in 2005. This is his strongest collection to date, in which we sense the deep American influence from living in New York meeting his familial shores of Northern Ireland: the acoustically generous, longer lines of the New World’s Ginsberg or Whitman and the lyricism of his forebears, Heaney, MacNeice and Yeats. These are smart, energetic, worldly poems of political edge and family tenderness.

‘Zaffar Kunial is a real find. His poems are precise, startling in their originality, full of grace. Kunial traces the roots in language to then track the roots in his mixed race identity, effortlessly transporting the reader from one place to another.’ Jackie Kay

‘[Laird] gives everything of himself in a poetry as expansive and thought-provoking as his considered response to an infinitely complicated universe needs it to be.’ Guardian

Born in County Tyrone in 1975, NICK LAIRD’s poetry collections are To a Fault, On Purpose and Go Giants. His novels are Utterly Monkey, Glover’s Mistake and Modern Gods. Awards include the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize, a Somerset Maugham award, the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature and a Guggenheim Fellowship. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, he co-edited the anthology The Zoo of the New with Don Paterson, and is currently a Writer-in-Residence at New York University.


PB | 978 0 571 33765 1 | 64pp | £10.99

HB | 978 0 571 34172 6 | 64pp | £14.99

Ebook | 978 0 571 33766 8

Ebook | 978 0 571 34174 0

World English Language

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DON PATERSON’s many awards include the Whitbread Poetry Prize, the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize, the Costa Poetry Award, and all three Forward Prizes; he is currently the only poet to have won the T. S. Eliot Prize twice. He was awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry in 2009. Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, the English Association and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Paterson is Professor of Poetry at the University of St Andrews and Poetry Editor at Picador Macmillan.

© Ulla Montan

© Murdo Macleod

‘Prince of nerves and manners, precise poet of desolations and furies, Hofmann’s rainy day is as authentic and valuable as the weather we go out in.’ George Szirtes, Guardian

New and Selected Aphorisms Don Paterson

One Lark, One Horse Michael Hofmann

Aphorisms have been described as ‘the obscure hinterland between poetry and prose’ (New Yorker) – short pithy statements that capture the essence of the human condition in all its shades. In this New and Selected, Don Paterson brings the best examples from his two previous volumes together with a generous selection of new material. Moving and mischievous, canny and profound – these wide-ranging observations of no more than one or two lines demonstrate that the aphorism is the perfect form for our times.

Michael Hofmann is one of our most brilliant critics and translators; that he is also among our most respected poets – ‘one of the definitive bodies of work of the last halfcentury’, TLS – is all the more impressive given his relatively concentrated output. One Lark, One Horse will be his fifth collection of poems since his debut in 1983. But it is also one of the most anticipated gatherings of new work in years. In style, it is as unmistakable as ever: funny, caustic, worldfacing and intimate; a bright mind and an unfashionably European imagination. Now sixty, the poet takes stock of where he finds himself, geographically and in life, treating with wit and compassion such universal themes as ageing and memory, place, and the difficulty for the individual to exist at all in an ever bigger – or smaller – and in any case more bestial world. One Lark, One Horse is a remarkable assembly of work that will delight loyal readers and enchant new ones with its approachable, companionable voice.

‘[Paterson] is brilliantly refurbishing the form: teasingly clever and ideally gnomic, rudely funny yet furtively confessional – he is the La Rochefoucauld for the 21st century.’ William Boyd, Observer

04/10/18 HB | 978 0 571 33821 4 | 128pp | £14.99

MICHAEL HOFMANN was born in Germany, grew up in England, and teaches at the University of Florida. He has published four volumes of poems and a Selected Poems (2008). He is known for translations of Döblin, Kafka, Fallada, Benn and Joseph Roth. His reviews and criticism are gathered in Behind the Lines (2001) and Where Have You Been? (2014). Hofmann edited the Faber Book of 20th-Century German Poems, and has made personal selections from the work of Robert Lowell and John Berryman.


Ebook | 978 0 571 33823 8

HB | 978 0 571 34229 7 | 88pp | £14.99

UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada, Open EU

Ebook | 978 0 571 34231 0




© Norman McBeath

© designed by Ben Anslow


The Forward Book of Poetry 2019 Various Poets The Forward Book of Poetry 2019 brings together the best poetry published in the British Isles over the last year, including the winners of the 2018 Forward Prizes. In showcasing the range and ambition of today’s fresh voices alongside new work by familiar names, this anthology is a perfect introduction to contemporary poetry. ‘The Forward Prizes are invaluable in finding the most essential, exciting voices, highlighting the contemporary poets who are at the top of their game and whose words will travel far and reach many readers.’ Bidisha, chair of judges, Forward Prizes for Poetry 2018.

Anomaly Jamie McKendrick This new collection of poems by Jamie McKendrick is a rich compendium of the visual and the acoustic, as alert to ‘earscape’ as to landscape. At a time when new borders are being erected, the urgent and intricate poems of Anomaly unabashedly explore an open field of continental as well as local connections, aware of the fragility of this heritage. Another border crossed by these poems is that between poetry and the visual arts, and the work of artists as diverse as Sánchez Cotán, Canaletto, Giacometti and Bhupan Khakhar figures prominently – not for ekphrastic exercises but as prompts for divergent thinking and re-creation. The result is a vibrant and life-affirming whole, that demonstrates the rewards of close attention. ‘For an English poet, he has a remarkably European sensibility, by which I mean he has intellectual warmth and is light on his feet and able to see arguments as aspects rather than jousts.’ Lavinia Greenlaw, Guardian

JAMIE MCKENDRICK is the author of six collections including The Marble Fly (1997), winner of the Forward Prize and a Poetry Book Society Choice; Ink Stone (2003), shortlisted for the T. S. Eliot Prize and the Whitbread Poetry Award; and Crocodiles & Obelisks, shortlisted for the Forward Prize. An earlier selection of his poems was published as Sky Nails (2000), and he is editor of 20th-Century Italian Poems (2004). The Embrace, his translations of Valerio Magrelli’s poetry, won the Oxford-Weidenfeld and the John Florio prizes.

01/11/18 PB | 978 0 571 34175 7 | 64pp | £10.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34176 4


World All Languages

PB | 978 0 571 34767 4 | 176pp | £9.99




© Peter James Millson

© The Estate of Philip Larkin


PHILIP LARKIN, born in Coventry in 1922, was one of the bestloved poets of his generation. His collections include The Less Deceived, The Whitsun Weddings and High Windows. He also published two novels, Jill and A Girl in Winter, and collections of essays: All What Jazz: A Record Diary and Required Writing: Miscellaneous Prose. He was Librarian at Hull University from 1955 until his death in 1985. Among his honours were the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry and the WH Smith Literary Award.

Letters Home Philip Larkin Letters Home presents the last major Larkin archive to remain unpublished: the letters to his family, chiefly his ‘conservative anarchist’ father Sydney and dearly loved mother Eva, whose descent into senility is reflected in the poet’s late bleak elegies. There are also lively early letters to Larkin’s art-teacher sister Kitty. In the letters to Eva, witty drawings of himself and his mob-capped mother make an integral part of the texts. The loveliness of the everyday is to the fore: cooking, shopping, changes in the weather. Spring, Larkin tells Eva, makes him ‘despair of ever saying how glad one is to be alive!’ This important volume, meticulously edited by Larkin’s biographer, James Booth, completes the portrait of this most cherished English poet. ‘Larkin, with his (in the best sense) provincial eye, and his unparalleled ear, is the supreme writer of post-war England.’ Telegraph

01/11/18 HB | 978 0 571 33559 6 | 800pp | £40.00 Ebook | 978 0 571 33561 9

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Simon Armitage This story, first told in the late fourteenth century, is one of the most enthralling, enigmatic and beloved poems in the English language. Simon Armitage’s prizewinning version is meticulously responsive to the tact, sophistication and dramatic intensity of the original. It is as if, six hundred years apart, two northern poets set out on a journey through the same mesmeric landscape – physical, allegorical and acoustic – in the course of which the Gawain poet finally found his true translator. The poem’s key episodes have been visualised into a series of bold, richly textured screen-prints by British artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins. They are reproduced here, alongside Armitage’s words, to create a special gift edition of this marvellous classic. ‘It might even be the best translation of any poem I’ve ever seen . . . [Armitage] was put on the planet to translate this poem.’ Guardian

World All Languages

SIMON ARMITAGE was born in West Yorkshire and is Professor of Poetry at the University of Leeds. A recipient of numerous prizes and awards, he has published eleven collections of poetry, including Seeing Stars (2010), Paper Aeroplane: Selected Poems 1989-2014 (2014) and The Unaccompanied (2017). He is the author of two novels and the nonfiction bestsellers All Points North (1998), Walking Home (2012) and Walking Away (2015). His theatre works include The Last Days of Troy, performed at Shakespeare's Globe in 2014. In 2015 he was appointed Professor of Poetry at Oxford University. 04/10/18 HB | 978 0 571 34016 3 | 144pp | £14.99 UK and Commonwealth, inc. Canada, Open EU




© John Minihan


SEAMUS HEANEY’s Death of a Naturalist appeared in 1966, and was followed by poetry, criticism and translations which established him as the leading poet of his generation. In 1995 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, and twice won the Whitbread Book of the Year, for The Spirit Level (1996) and Beowulf (1999). Stepping Stones, a book of interviews conducted by Dennis O’Driscoll, appeared in 2008; Human Chain, his last volume of poems, was awarded the 2010 Forward Prize.

100 Poems Seamus Heaney Seamus Heaney had the idea to form a personal selection from across the entire arc of his poetry, small yet comprehensive enough to serve as an introduction for all comers. He never managed to do this in his lifetime, and no edition exists which has such a broad range, drawing from first collection to last. But now, at last, the project has been returned to, resulting in an intimate gathering of poems chosen and introduced by the Heaney family. Coinciding with the National Library of Ireland launching a major exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Seamus Heaney, 100 Poems is a singular, accessible collection for new and younger readers that has the opportunity to reach far and wide, now and for years to come. ‘Works of lyrical beauty and ethical depth, which exalt everyday miracles and the living past.’ The Nobel Prize in Literature 1995



A Laureate’s Choice of Poems of War and Peace

Edited by Carol Ann Duffy

The Armistice of 1918 brought ceasefire to the war on the Western Front, but ‘the Great War’ would not as hoped be ‘the war to end all wars’. In this affecting selection, the Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, guides us deep into the act and root of ‘armistice’: its stoppage or ‘stand’ of arms, its search for truce and ceasefire. Our most cherished poets of the Great War speak alongside those from other conflicts and cultures, so that we hear some of the lesser-heard voices of war, including wives, families, those left behind. These poems of war and peace memorialise the horror and the tragedy of conflict. At the same time, in armistice, they become a record of renewal and a testimony to hope. ‘Duffy’s book is a powerful commentary on war and poetry . . . The effect is mesmerising.’ Guardian on 1914: Poetry Remembers

HB | 978 0 571 34715 5 | 144pp | £9.99

CAROL ANN DUFFY won the 1993 Whitbread Award for Poetry and the Forward Prize for Best Collection for Mean Time. The World’s Wife received the E. M. Forster Award in America, while Rapture won the T. S. Eliot Prize 2005. She is Professor of Contemporary Poetry at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her most recent volumes are New and Collected Poems for Children (2009) and The Bees (2011), which won the Costa Poetry Award. Her Collected Poems was published in 2015. She is Poet Laureate. 04/10/18 HB | 978 0 571 34707 0 | 128pp | £12.99

Ebook | 978 0 571 34717 9

Ebook | 978 0 571 34709 4

World All Languages

World All Languages





The Poetry of Derek Walcott 1948–2013 Derek Walcott ‘Testament to an extraordinary talent . . . and a reminder of a great poet, whose life has been as vast as his work.’ The Economist Derek Walcott was born in St Lucia, in the West Indies, in 1930. The author of many plays and books of poetry, most recently White Egrets (2010), he was awarded the Queen’s Medal for Poetry in 1988, and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1992. He died in 2017.

06/08/18 PB | 978 0 571 31381 5 | 624pp | £16.99

© Sam Riviere

UK and Commonwealth, ex. Canada, Open EU

SOPHIE COLLINS grew up in Bergen, in the Netherlands, and now lives in Edinburgh. She is co-editor of tender, an online arts quarterly, and editor of Currently & Emotion (Test Centre, 2016), an anthology of contemporary poetry translations. small white monkeys, a text on selfexpression, self-help and shame, was published by Book Works in 2017 as part of a commissioned residency at Glasgow Women’s Library. Who Is Mary Sue? is her first poetry collection.

Who Is Mary Sue? Sophie Collins In the language of fan fiction, a ‘Mary Sue’ is an idealised and implausibly flawless character: a female archetype that can infuriate audiences for its perceived narcissism. Such is the setting for this brilliant debut by Sophie Collins. In a series of verse and prose collages, Who Is Mary Sue? exposes the presumptive politics behind writing and readership: the notion that men invent while women reflect; that a man writes of the world outside while a woman will turn to the interior. A work of captivation and correction, it will resonate with anyone concerned with identity, shame, gender, trauma, composition and culture: everyone, in other words, who wishes to live openly and think fearlessly in the modern world.

The Noise of a Fly Douglas Dunn The Noise of a Fly is the first collection from Douglas Dunn in sixteen years. For all its intimate, hearthside rumination, this is a volume of poems that looks outward in equal measure: at Scottish independence, British politics and an international refugee crisis, and reflects unflinchingly on what it is to consider oneself a contributor to society. shortlisted for the t. s. eliot prize 2017 ‘Such scrupulous thoughts.’ TLS Book of the Year 2017 ‘Full of wry humour and acute political realities, as well as quieter thoughts on mortality . . . A masterly collection.’ Daily Mail 06/09/18 PB | 978 0 571 33382 0 | 80pp | £10.99 World All Languages

08/02/18 PB | 978 0 571 34661 5 | 112pp | £10.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34662 2 World All Languages




Aeneid Book VI Seamus Heaney The sixth book of Virgil’s Aeneid, in which Aeneas travels into the underworld to meet the spirit of his father, captivated Seamus Heaney from his schooldays. It took on a special significance after his own father’s death, becoming a touchstone to which he would return. His Book VI bears the fruit of a lifetime’s concentration upon it, and marks the end of Heaney’s own poetic journey. ‘If, somehow, you have never read Virgil, start here, start now.’ Evening Standard ‘Characteristic brilliance.’ New York Times ‘Every page is a testament to the poet Heaney was.’ Observer 20/09/18 PB | 978 0 571 32733 1 | 96pp | £10.99 World, ex. US

Pearl Simon Armitage Pearl is an entrancing allegorical tale of grief and lost love, as the narrator is led on a Dantean journey through sorrow to redemption by his vanished beloved. Retaining all the alliterative music of the original, a Middle English poem thought to be by the same anonymous author responsible for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Pearl is here brought to vivid and intricate life in the care of one of the finest poets writing today. winner of the pen award for poetry in translation 2017 ‘Acutely alert to the tone and craft of the original.’ PN Review 03/10/19

‘Armitage decorates his faithful translation . . . with the woodcut vigour of the oral tradition.’ Sunday Times

978 0 571 30296 3 | 128pp | £9.99 UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada





© Martin Rosenbaum

Late Company Jordan Tannahill

HAROLD PINTER was born in London in 1930. He lived with Antonia Fraser from 1975 and they married in 1980. In 1995 he won the David Cohen British Literature Prize, awarded for a lifetime’s achievement in literature. In 1996 he was given the Laurence Olivier Award for a lifetime’s achievement in theatre. In 2002 he was made a Companion of Honour for services to literature. In 2005 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. In 2006 he was awarded the Europe Theatre Prize and, in 2007, the highest French honour, the Légion d'honneur. He died in December 2008.

The Pres and an Officer Harold Pinter

an undiscovered sketch with a foreword by Antonia Fraser

‘“What would Harold have thought of Trump?” People are always asking me that question. (He died in 2008, eight years before Trump’s election.) Now we know. As it were.’ Antonia Fraser ‘The foremost representative of British drama in the second half of the twentieth century.’ From the Swedish Academy citation on awarding Harold Pinter the Nobel Prize for Literature, 2005 The Pres and an Officer was discovered by Antonia Fraser on one of the yellow pads Harold Pinter used for writing in autumn 2017.

When the Shaun-Hastings sit down to dinner with the Dermots, closure is on the menu. But recrimination becomes the main course as their good intentions are stripped away and both couples’ culpability in a tragedy is laid bare. Late Company received its European premiere at the Finborough Theatre, London, in April 2017 and transferred to the Trafalgar Studios in August of the same year. ‘This is theatre in its purest form: a cathartic cleansing.’ Independent ‘Utterly transfixing . . . Tannahill’s writing fizzes with authenticity. His arrow sharp dialogue is by turns comic and excruciating.’ Daily Telegraph ‘Enthralling.’ The Times

The Lie Florian Zeller

The Suppliant Women Aeschylus

In Florian Zeller’s The Lie, a companion piece to his play The Truth, Michel and Laurence are coming for dinner. But Alice has spotted Michel kissing another woman that very afternoon, leaving her with a dilemma. Her husband Paul believes it is better to behave as if nothing has happened; Alice is far from sure. An argument ensues and as their own relationship is held up to scrutiny, the question as to who is being protected and why grows ever more difficult to answer.

Fifty women board a boat in North Africa and flee across the Mediterranean, leaving everything behind. They are escaping forced marriage and seek asylum in Greece.

The Lie received its English language world premiere at the Menier Chocolate Factory, London, in September 2017.

Aeschylus’ The Suppliant Women, in a version by David Greig, premiered at the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, in October 2016, in a production by ATC.

Translated by Christopher Hampton

‘Deliciously edgy . . . the no-man’s land that exists in every marriage.’ The Times

in a version by David Greig

One of the world’s oldest plays, The Suppliant Women is about the plight of refugees, about moral and human rights, civil war, democracy and ultimately the triumph of love. It tells a story that echoes down the ages to find striking and poignant resonance today.

‘An epic, feminist protest song.’ Guardian

‘With the zip and wit of its predecessor, The Truth.’ Guardian

‘This stunning poetic tidal wave is tailor-made for a 21st-century audience.’ Irish Times




PB | 978 0 571 34233 4 | 80pp | £9.99

PB | 978 0 571 34268 6 | 112pp | £9.99

PB | 978 0 571 34161 0 | 64pp | £9.99

UK and Commonwealth, inc. EU, ex. Canada

World English Language

World English Language

18/01/18 Jacketed PB | 978 0 571 34670 7 | 24pp | £4.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34671 4 World English Language





Greek and Decadence Steven Berkoff

Fire Below A War of Words Owen McCafferty

On Blueberry Hill Sebastian Barry

This volume marks Steven Berkoff’s eightieth birthday by bringing together two of his greatest plays from the 1980s, Greek – an audacious take on Oedipus – and Decadence, a visceral satire of the upper classes and the social divide in Britain. With a preface by the playwright and an introduction by Aleks Sierz.

Twenty years on from the Belfast Peace Agreement, Tom and Maggie are enjoying a glass of wine or two on Gerry and Rosemary’s deck, waiting for the Eleventh Night bonfire to be lit in the estate below. But there is tension in the air and what these longtime neighbours think of one another, truly, feels just one unguarded moment away on this hot summer’s night.

PJ and Christy: sworn enemies destined to share one small room for twenty years. As the two men recall the joys and torments of life outside – the childhood excursions, a deadly brawl, past loves and summer dresses – slowly they uncover the tragic events that have lead them to their cell in Montjoy.

‘There is no other like Berkoff and there’ll never be another.’ Daily Mail

Fire Below (A War of Words) premiered at the Lyric, Belfast, in October 2017.

‘The least remarked upon achievement of Berkoff is his influence.’ Dominic Dromgoole, The Full Room

‘Absolutely riveting, profoundly convincing.’ Sunday Independent

‘Superb . . . Few people can spin a world out of words in quite the way that Barry does.’ Irish Times

‘The McCafferty depth charges are there from the start.’ Irish News

‘Fantastic . . . Outstanding.’ Arena, RTE

‘Deeply thought provoking and irresistibly enjoyable.’ Arts Review

‘A devastating yet fine work of art . . . Phenomenal . . . [Barry] makes the language of “the common man” soar to almost unimaginable heights.’ Sunday Independent

On Blueberry Hill premiered at the Dublin Theatre Festival in October 2017.

(the fall of) The Master Builder Zinnie Harris after Henrik Ibsen

Halvard Solness is at the pinnacle of his career. He has just been awarded the prestigious Master Builder award, his beautiful wife still loves him, his beautiful secretary still flirts with him and Prince Charles is coming to open his new building. Then a knock at the door propels Solness’s past into everyone’s future. The only way is down. A contemporary take on Ibsen’s classic, The Master Builder, premiered at West Yorkshire Playhouse in September 2017. ‘Ambitious and unsettling . . . propulsive, provocative.’ The Times

Christmas Eve Daniel Kehlmann

Translated by Christopher Hampton It’s Christmas Eve, 2017. A philosophy professor is on her way to celebrate with her family when she is hauled out of a taxi and bundled into an interrogation room. Opposite her, the senior officer is cynical, smart and relentless. Incriminating evidence has been found against her. Or has it? Is a terrorist attack imminent or is this a case of state paranoia? The clock ticks. Played out in real time, this riveting thriller pits two powerful antagonists head to head. Both think they are saving their country. Only one of them will win.

The Red Lion Patrick Marber ‘Marber, in this riveting new piece, uses the world of non-league, semi-pro football to explore issues of trust and loyalty and the larger division between individual ambition and the collective ethic . . . If big issues emerge naturally from the action, it is because Marber is writing about a world he knows intimately. Everything feels right.’ Guardian ‘A beautiful play about the beautiful game. Funny, sad and haunting.’ Independent ‘At its heart a dark, tender and beautifully wrought study in male desperation.’ Time Out

Christmas Eve premiered at the Ustinov Theatre, Bath, in October 2017. ‘A subtly powerful, deftly affecting new drama that lingers in the consciousness long after the clock stops ticking.’ Bath Magazine







HB | 978 0 571 34264 8 | 128pp | £14.99

PB | 978 0 571 34526 7 | 80pp | £9.99

PB | 978 0 571 34292 1 | 80pp | £9.99

PB | 978 1 783 34502 1 | 192pp | £9.99

PB | 978 0 571 34525 0 | 64pp | £9.99

PB | 978 0 571 34571 7 | 96pp | £9.99

World English Language

World English Language

World English Language

World English Language

World English Language

UK and Commonwealth, Open Canada, EU




Wind Resistance Karine Polwart ‘Unlike anything else I’ve read or heard this year: a new form or forms altogether, really, for it exists as an “immersive musical essay” published by Faber Drama.’ Robert Macfarlane, Guardian Books of the Year Wind Resistance was co-produced with the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh, and was originally presented in association with Edinburgh International Festival 2016. ‘A poignant, unflinching show about healing, protection, the fragility of human life and the world around us. Its music will resonate for a long time.’ Daily Telegraph ‘An utterly beautiful thing.’ Irish Times ‘Spellbinding.’ Scotsman


based on the Paddy Chayefsky film, adapted for the stage by Lee Hall I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this any more. Howard Beale, news anchorman, isn’t pulling in the viewers. In his final broadcast he unravels live on screen. But when the ratings soar, the network seize on their new-found populist prophet, and Howard becomes the biggest thing on TV. Network premiered at the National Theatre, London, in November 2017. ‘Dazzling . . . Lee Hall’s adaptation of Paddy Chayefsky’s 1976 film makes this look like a prescient, urgent text. It lands with messianic zeal.’ Observer ‘A merciless and resonantly topical vision of the way modern media fragments our attention.’ Evening Standard

Wormwood Scrubs Prison, 1961. One of Britain’s most notorious double agents, George Blake, is serving a forty-two-year sentence when he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Irish petty criminal, Sean Bourke. Each sees the possibility of escape through the other. But once on the outside their mutual dependence faces mounting pressures from MI5, the KGB and indeed from themselves. Cell Mates premiered at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in 1995 before transferring to the Albery Theatre, London. It was revived at the Hampstead Theatre, London, in November 2017. ‘A salutary vindication of Gray’s wit and artistry . . . An astute revival, strongly recommended.’ Independent

‘An extraordinary version of the prophetic satire . . . An almost total triumph.’ Guardian




PB | 978 0 571 34585 4 | 64pp | £9.99

PB | 978 0 571 34546 5 | 96pp | £9.99

PB | 978 0 571 34602 8 | 96pp | £9.99

World English Language

World English Language

World English Language



Cell Mates Simon Gray

A great book for every stage of your life Because every child deserves great books Because there are books no home should be without Because these are the books that will inspire young minds

Faber & Faber has published children’s books since 1929. Some of our very first publications included Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot, starring the now world-famous Macavity, and The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Our catalogue at the time said, ‘it is by reading such books that children learn the difference between the shoddy and the genuine’. We still believe in the power of reading to transform children’s lives.


Picture books: The first books you’ll ever read

Macavity | T. S. Eliot 978 0 571 31212 2

Jellicle Cats | T. S. Eliot 978 0 571 33341 7

Mr Mistoffelees | T. S. Eliot 978 0 571 32222 0

Not Yet Zebra | Lou Kuenzler and Julia Woolf | 978 0 571 32976 2

The Building Boy | Ross Montgomery 978 0 571 31410 2

Space Tortoise | Ross Montgomery and David Litchfield | 978 0 571 33105 5

Skimbleshanks | T. S. Eliot 978 0 571 32483 5

Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer T. S. Eliot | 978 0 571 32486 6

Macavity’s Not There! | T. S. Eliot 978 0 571 32863 5

Kitchen Disco | Clare Foges 978 0 571 30788 3

Bathroom Boogie | Clare Foges 978 0 571 33731 6

Planet Awesome | Stacy McAnulty and David Litchfield | 978 0 571 34544 1

Daddy’s Sandwich | Pip Jones 978 0 571 31183 5

The Chocolate Monster | Pip Jones and Laura Hughes | 978 0 571 32751 5

Scoot! | Jim Smith and Katie Blackburn 978 0 571 33639 5

I like Bees, I don't like Honey! Fiona Lumbers | 978 0 571 33419 3

Hack and Whack | Francesca Simon 978 0 571 32872 7

Hog in the Fog | Julia Copus 978 0 571 31211 5

The Hog, the Shrew and the Hullabaloo Julia Copus | 978 0 571 31696 0


The Shrew that Flew | Julia Copus 978 0 571 32529 0


Picture books: The first books you’ll ever read

Young series: Taking those first steps towards reading on your own



© 2 017 Fox .


Snow | Walter de la Mare 978 0 571 31219 1

Silver | Walter de la Mare 978 0 571 31470 6

Summer Evening | Walter de la Mare 978 0 571 31466 9

Ballerina Dreams | Michaela and Elaine DePrince | 978 0 571 32973 1

Piggy Handsome | Pip Jones and Adam Stower | 978 0 571 32754 6

Dave Pigeon | Swapna Haddow 978 0 571 32330 2

The Ride-by-Nights | Walter de la Mare 978 0 571 30719 7

The Story of Ferdinand | Munro Leaf 978 0 571 33596 1

Choo Choo | Virginia Lee Burton 978 0 571 33751 4

Dory Fantasmagory | Abby Hanlon 978 0 571 32558 0

Squishy McFluff: The Invisible Cat Pip Jones | 978 0 571 30250 5

The World According to Humphrey Betty G. Birney | 978 0 571 32839 0

Come All You Little Persons | John Agard 978 0 571 32416 3

Dozy Bear and the Secret of Sleep Katie Blackburn | 978 0 571 33019 5

Magnificent Creatures | Anna Wright 978 0 571 33069 0

Murray the Race Horse | Gavin Puckett 978 0 571 33468 1

Zoo Boy | Sophie Thompson 978 0 571 32224 4

Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest Harry Heape | 978 0 571 33215 1




Middle grade: Falling in love with reading


Frost Hollow Hall | Emma Carroll 978 0 571 29544 9

All About Pumpkin | Natasha Farrant 978 0 571 29799 3

Fish Boy | Chloe Daykin 978 0 571 32676 1

The Girl Who Walked on Air Emma Carroll | 978 0 571 29716 0

Time for Jas | Natasha Farrant 978 0 571 32233 6

Perijee & Me | Ross Montgomery 978 0 571 31795 0

My Mum’s Growing Down Laura Dockrill | 978 0 571 33506 0

The Imagination Box | Martyn Ford 978 0 571 31165 1

Max and the Millions Ross Montgomery | 978 0 571 33348 6

In Darkling Wood | Emma Carroll 978 0 571 31757 8

Beyond Infinity | Martyn Ford 978 0 571 31167 5

Matt Millz | Harry Hill 978 0 571 33854 2

The Snow Sister | Emma Carroll 978 0 571 34180 1

A Mind of Its Own | Martyn Ford 978 0 571 33221 2

The Polar Bear Explorers' Club Alex Bell | 978 0 571 33254 0

Letters from the Lighthouse Emma Carroll | 978 0 571 32758 4

Five Children on the Western Front Kate Saunders | 978 0 571 34232 7

The Legend of Podkin One-Ear Kieran Larwood | 978 0 571 34020 0

The Children of Castle Rock Natasha Farrant | 978 0 571 32356 2

The Land of Neverendings Kate Saunders | 978 0 571 31084 5

The Gift of Dark Hollow Kieran Larwood | 978 0 571 32841 3

Flora in Love | Natasha Farrant 978 0 571 32696 9

Rooftoppers | Katherine Rundell 978 0 571 28059 9

Survivors | David Long and Kerry Hyndman | 978 0 571 33966 2



Teen and young adult: Taking you somewhere different


Rebel of the Sands | Alwyn Hamilton 978 0 571 32525 2

The Graces | Laure Eve 978 0 571 32680 8

Highly Illogical Behaviour | John Corey Whaley | 978 0 571 33044 7

Traitor to the throne Alwyn Hamilton | 978 0 571 32541 2

Butter | Erin Lange 978 0 571 29440 4

Bone Gap | Laura Ruby 978 0 571 33275 5

Hero at the Fall | Alwyn Hamilton 978 0 571 32543 6

Child I | Steve Tasane 978 0 571 33782 8

Dead Ends | Erin Lange 978 0 571 30829 3

The Bone Dragon | Alexia Casale 978 0 571 29562 3

Winterkill | Kate A. Boorman 978 0 571 32703 4

The Smell of Other People’s Houses B. S. Hitchcock | 978 0 571 31495 9

House of Windows | Alexia Casale 978 0 571 32153 7

The Monstrous Child Francesca Simon | 978 0 571 33027 0

Hope in a Ballet Shoe | Michaela and Elaine DePrince | 978 0 571 31447 8

The Bell Jar | Sylvia Plath 978 0 571 22616 0

Jane Eyre | Charlotte Brontë 978 0 571 33709 5

Wuthering Heights | Emily Brontë 978 0 571 33711 8

Long Way Down | Jason Reynolds and Chris Priestley | 978 0 571 33511 4

Tess of the d’Urbervilles Charlotte Brontë | 978 0 571 33703 3



Faber children’s classics: Discover timeless storytelling

Treasure Island | Robert Louis Stevenson | 978 0 571 33116 1

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll | 978 0 571 32335 7

A Little Princess | Frances Hodgson Burnett | 978 0 571 33111 6

The Midnight Fox | Betsy Byars 978 0 571 31033 3

The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame | 978 0 571 32341 8

Peacock Pie | Walter de la Mare 978 0 571 31389 1

Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats T. S. Eliot and Rebecca Ashdown 978 0 571 31186 6

The Iron Man | Ted Hughes 978 0 571 30224 6

The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tyler Gene Kemp | 978 0 571 31391 4

The Secret Garden | Frances Hodgson Burnett | 978 0 571 32339 5

The Land of Green Ginger Noel Langley | 978 0 571 32134 6

Moondial | Helen Cresswell 978 0 571 32290 9

Five Children and It | E. Nesbit 978 0 571 31476 8

The Mouse and His Child Russell Hoban | 978 0 571 30755 5

The It Doesn’t Matter Suit Sylvia Plath | 978 0 571 31464 5

The Jungle Book | Rudyard Kipling 978 0 571 33109 3

The Tigerboy | Ted Hughes 978 0 571 32062 2

The Railway Children | E. Nesbit 978 0 571 33113 0

Tales of Troy and Greece Andrew Lang | 978 0 571 33350 9

Marianne Dreams | Catherine Storr 978 0 571 31327 3

Black Beauty | Anna Sewell 978 0 571 32337 1

Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats T. S. Eliot and Edward Gorey 978 0 571 32126 1 Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats T. S. Eliot and Nicholas Bentley 978 0 571 31308 2 Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats T. S. Eliot and Axel Scheffler 978 0 571 25248 0 The Iron Woman | Ted Hughes 978 0 571 31478 2 The Children of Green Knowe Collection | Lucy M. Boston 978 0 571 30347 2


The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear | Edward Lear 978 0 571 31480 5



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Cover after the design for Selected Poems: In Five Sets by Laura Riding

Profile for Faber

Seasonal Catalogue Jul–Dec 2018  

Seasonal Catalogue Jul–Dec 2018  


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