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I N T E R N AT I O N A L HIGHLIGHTS July–December 2018

Spring Highlights EUR OK, Mr Field KATHARINE KILALEA




Mr Field, a concert pianist travelling back from a performance in London, fractures his left wrist in a train crash. On a whim, he uses his compensation cheque to buy a house he has seen only in a newspaper, a replica of Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye built on a stretch of coast outside Cape Town. When he moves there with his wife Mim, the house – which Le Corbusier designed as ‘a machine for living’ – has a disturbing effect. Mim disappears without apology or explanation and Mr Field can barely summon the strength to search for her. OK, Mr Field is funny and beguiling and like nothing you’ve ever read. DEMY TPB | £12.99 07/06/2018 | 9780571340880

MAY DEMY HB | £10.99 | 9780571334872

APRIL A PB | £6.99 | 9780571336944



A Life of Adventure and Delight AKHIL SHARMA Whether describing the tensions of an arranged marriage, the trauma of having an alcoholic mother, or the petty corruption of an Indian neighbourhood, Akhil Sharma’s stories always expose the cultural collisions that characterise modern life. Full of wisdom and wonder, A Life of Adventure and Delight is a collection of disarming honesty and dark comedy. B PB | £7.99 02/08/2018 | 9780571326327


B PB | £7.99 9780571224548

MARCH A PB | £6.99 | 9780571330324

MARCH B PB | £7.99 | 9780571333134





Freshwater AKWAEKE EMEZI Ada was born with one foot on the other side. Prayed into existence by those who believe they are her parents, Saul and Saachi struggle to deal with the volatile and contradictory spirits peopling their troubled girl.


When Ada comes of age and heads to college, the group of selves within her grows in power and agency. An assault leads to a crystallisation of her alternate selves: Asụghara and Saint Vincent. As Ada fades into the background of her own mind and these selves – now protective, now hedonistic – seize control of Ada, her life spirals in a dark and dangerous direction.

Connell and Marianne grow up in the same small town in rural Ireland. Their similarities end there; they are from very different worlds. But they also both earn places at university – the prestigious Trinity College Dublin – and a connection that has grown between them despite the social tangle of school that lasts long into the following years. Sally Rooney’s second novel is profoundly political, just as it is also a novel about love. It is wry and seductive; perceptive and bold.

DEMY TPB | £10.00 01/03/2018 | 9780571347216

Winner of the Sunday Times/PFD Young Writer of the Year Award

B PB | £7.99 9780571333134

DEMY TPB | £12.99 06/09/2018 | 9780571347292



Women Talking MIRIAM TOEWS Between 2005 and 2009, in a remote religious Mennonite colony, over one hundred girls and women were knocked unconscious and raped repeatedly by what many thought were ghosts or demons. Their accounts were dismissed as ‘wild female imagination.’ Women Talking is an imagined response to these real events. Eight illiterate women with no knowledge of the world outside their community meet secretly in a hayloft to decide how to protect themselves and their daughters from future harm. DEMY HB | £12.99 06/09/2018 | 9780571340323



EXPORT PRICE B PB | £8.99 9780571326075

Immigrant, Montana AMITAVA KUMAR

B PB | £8.99 9780571305292

B PB | £8.99 9780571229499


Meet AK, an Indian ‘immigrant’ studying in New York where he embarks on a sequence of relationships with literature, radical politics and women. AK’s education is both an intellectual and emotional journey, and we share in his learning and humanity in an unusually sympathetic way. Ironic, provocative and explosively stylish, Amitava Kumar’s novel re-invents the bildungsroman and post colonial narrative for a new generation – and introduces an unforgettable voice.

A woman on a plane listens to the stranger in the seat next to hers telling her the story of his life: his work, his marriage, and the harrowing night he has just spent burying the family dog. That woman is Faye, who is now on her way to Europe to promote the book she has just published. Once she reaches her destination, the conversations she has with the people she meets – about art, about family, about politics, about love, about sorrow and joy, about justice and injustice – are the most far-reaching questions human beings ask. These conversations, the last of them with her son, rise dramatically and majestically to a beautiful conclusion.

ROYAL TPB | £12.99 02/08/2018 | 9780571339600

Outline | 03/05/2018 B PB | £8.99 9780571346769 Transit | 03/05/2018 B PB | £8.99 9780571346745

DEMY HB | £14.99 03/05/2018 | 9780571346646






Leila PRAYAAG AKBAR Every year on Leila’s birthday Shalini kneels by the wall with a little yellow spade and scoops dry earth to make a pit for two candles: one each for herself and one for Riz, the husband at her side. A shrine to a missing child. But as Shalini walks from the patch of grass where she held her vigil the man beside her melts away. It is sixteen years since her daughter was taken, snatched from her third birthday party, the last time she saw the three people she loves most dearly: her mother, her husband, her child.



There are thirty-two candle stubs buried in that lawn, and Shalini believes her search is finally drawing to a close. When she finds Leila, she will return and dig up each and every one. DEMY HB | £10.00 05/07/2018 | 9780571341313

TPB | £12.99 | 18/10/2018 | 9780571347018

Unsheltered is the novel for our troubled times and sits alongside Barbara Kingsolver’s greatest works.




© David Wood

Brave, visceral and electric with tension, this debut novel uniquely captures the feverish intensity of the 2011 Egyptian revolution. On the streets of Cairo a violent uprising is transforming the course of modern history. Mariam and Khalil, two young activists, are swept up in the political fervour. Their lives will never be the same again. Intensely lyrical, yet uncompromisingly political, Omar Robert Hamilton’s writing is set to become the defining voice of a revolution that promised so much to so many. B PB | £7.99 07/06/2018 | 9780571332663


Bestselling author of The Poisonwood Bible and The Lacuna

In Friend of My Youth, a novelist named Amit Chaudhuri visits his childhood home of Bombay. The city, reeling from the impact of the 2008 terrorist attacks, weighs heavily on his mind, as does the unexpected absence of his childhood friend Ramu, a drifting, opaque figure who is Amit’s last remaining connection to the city he once called home.

A PB | £6.99 9780571290819

A PB | £6.99 9780571252664

A PB | £6.99 9780571201983

B PB | £7.99 9780571215775

B PB | £7.99 9780571179503

B PB | £9.99 9780571233571

B PB | £7.99 02/08/2018 | 9780571337606


B PB | £7.99 9780571298853

B PB | £7.99 9780571298839

B PB | £7.99 9780571179572


The Neighborhood MARIO VARGAS LLOSA A Long Way from Home PETER CAREY The highly-anticipated new novel from twice-winner of the Booker Prize, Peter Carey, A Long Way from Home is a thrilling high-speed story set in the 1950s in the dying embers of the British Empire. Irene Bobs loves fast driving. Her husband is the best car salesman in rural south eastern Australia. Together they embark upon the Redex Trial, a brutal car race around the continent, over roads no car can ever quite survive . . .

A politically-charged detective novel, The Neighborhood is a thrilling tale of Peruvian corruption and desire. During Fujimori’s turbulent presidency in Lima in the 1990s, two wealthy couples become embroiled in a disturbing vortex of erotic adventures and political sabotage. When a high-profile businessman is blackmailed by a notorious magazine editor, he is plunged into a scandalous exposé that culminates in murder. As his wife embarks on a secret affair with his best friend’s wife, the two couples suddenly find themselves descending into Peru’s dark underbelly.


A PB | £6.99 01/11/2018 | 9780571333097

A PB | £6.99 02/08/2018 | 9780571338863

EUR A PB | £6.99 9780571310722 B PB | £6.99 9780571270156

B PB | £6.99 9780571270163

B PB | £7.99 9780571288601

B PB | £7.99 9780571288625

A PB | £8.99 9780571253319

The Town SHAUN PRESCOTT When a writer arrives in New South Wales to research vanishing Australian towns, he is plunged into an abyss of absurdist weirdness from which he – and the town itself – might never recover. Shaun Prescott’s debut novel is a haunting excavation of historical trauma, and a stunning reincarnation of the existentialist novel. Magnetic, strange and slippery, this is a portrait of oblivion from a young Australian novelist whose prose echoes the twentieth century’s most unsettling and exalted writers. DEMY HB | £12.99 02/08/2018 | 9780571345618

B PB | £7.99 9780571288632

The Last Ballad WILEY CASH For Ella-May, life is tough. He husband has run off again and she must keep her four children alive by working at the mill. When union leaflets begin circulating, the owners claim the union is nothing but a front for the European Bolshevik menace. They will use whatever means in their power to prevent workers from banding together. Inspired by actual events at the mill strikes in North Carolina during the Great Depression, The Last Ballad is a moving tale of courage in the face of oppression, with the emotional power of Cold Mountain and The Secret Scripture. B PB | £8.99 05/07/2018 | 9780571340705






‘Seriously, this is a must-read. I

loved it.’

martina cole EUR

‘As the nights draw in you’re unlikely to find a book more ingeniously pleasing than the late, great P. D. James’s Sleep No More.’ Observer As the six murderous tales unfold, bullying schoolmasters receive their comeuppance, unhappy marriages and childhoods are avenged, a murder in the small hours of Christmas Day puts an end to the vicious new lord of the manor, and, from the safety of his nursing home, an octogenarian exerts exquisite retribution . . .

The Last Place You Look KRISTEN LEPIONKA


A beautiful blonde teenager, Sarah Cook disappeared fifteen years ago, the same night her parents were brutally murdered in their suburban Ohio home. Her boyfriend Brad Stockton was convicted of the murders and sits on death row, though he always maintained his innocence. As his execution nears, his devoted sister, insisting she has spotted Sarah at a local gas station, hires PI Roxane Weary to look at this cold case.

When Private Investigator Roxane Weary takes on a client who suspects his fiancée is cheating on him, she is happy to have finally landed a runof-the-mill surveillance job. Until the woman she’s been tailing turns up dead. The police are convinced her client is the one who pulled the trigger. Certain – and scared – that things aren’t so straightforward, Roxane starts to follow a paper trail that gets more dangerous the further it goes . . .

B PB | £7.99 | 9780571334759

B PB | £7.99 03/05/2018 | 9780571336159

04/10/2018 | B PB | £7.99 9780571339884

A Patient Fury SARAH WARD Three bodies discovered. A family obliterated.

N OW AVA I L A B L E I N S T U N N I N G N E W L I V E RY, S O M E O F T H E B E S T P. D . JA M E S T H R I L L E R S :

All evidence seems to point to one murderer: the mother. DC Connie Childs, determined to discover the truth, realises that a fourth body – one they cannot find – must hold the key to the mystery. The third book by critically-acclaimed crime writer Sarah Ward, another unputdownable thriller set in Derbyshire, for fans of Val McDermid. B PB | £7.99 05/07/2018 | 9780571332335


07/06/2018 | B PB | £7.99 9780571345120

B PB | £7.99 9780571321001


B PB | £7.99 9780571321049

07/06/2018 | B PB | £7.99 9780571346226

B PB | £7.99 9780571341153

B PB | £7.99 9780571331352



All the Beautiful Lies PETER SWANSON On the eve of his college graduation, Harry is called home by his step-mother Alice, to their house on the Maine coast following the unexpected death of his father. But who really is Alice, his father’s much younger second wife? In a brilliant split narrative, Peter Swanson teases out the stories and damage that lie in her past. And as her story entwines with Harry’s in the present, things grow increasingly dark and threatening – will Harry be able to see any of it clearly through his own confused feelings? A PB | £6.99 04/10/2018 | 9780571327195

A PB | £6.99 9780571327133

A PB | £6.99 9780571302215

A PB | £6.99 9780571277025

B PB | £7.99 9780571230587

B PB | £7.99 9780571268955

B PB | £7.99 9780571225200

A PB | £6.99 9780571241231

A PB | £6.99 9780571224142

B PB | £8.99 9780571234622

B PB | £6.99 9780571279432

A PB | £6.99 9780571302215

A PB | £4.99 9780571298907

B PB | £7.99 9780571342464

B PB | £7.99 9780571341290

A PB | £6.99 9780571301904


Nine Lessons NICOLA UPSON The seventh novel in Nicola Upson’s highly praised series featuring Josephine Tey takes the readers on a journey from 1930s Cambridge to the bleak and desolate Suffolk coast. With Christmas approaching, the people of Cambridge are gripped by fear as a serial rapist stalks the streets. Meanwhile, in the shadow of King’s College Chapel, Detective Inspector Archie Penrose faces some of the most horrific and audacious murders of his career. B PB | £7.99 01/11/2018 | 9780571324781


B PB | £7.99 9780571287765

B PB | £7.99 9780571287734

B PB | £7.99 9780571218332

B PB | £7.99 9781783350049

Young adult

A PB | £7.99 9780571214266

B PB | £7.99 9780571278411

The Wife ALAFAIR BURKE A stunning domestic thriller, from the New York Times bestselling, Edgar-nominated author of The Ex. When Angela meets Jason, a college professor, she feels it’s a chance to start again, where no one knows of her tragic past. Six years later, Jason is a celebrated liberal figurehead, and when a college intern makes an accusation against him, Angela’s perfect life begins to unravel . . .

To build your own summer promotion, contact your sales rep.

B PB | £7.99 16/08/2018 | 9780571328192


Dip in to some Summer Reading

B PB | £5.99 9780571325252

B PB | £6.99 9780571314959

B PB | £7.99 9780571330447

B PB | £6.99 9780571314478



The Secret Life of Cows ROSAMUND YOUNG The Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller and a Guardian Book of the Year – now in a gorgeous paperback edition. Cows are as varied as people. They can be highly intelligent or slow to understand, vain, considerate, proud, shy or inventive. Although much of a cow’s day is spent eating, they always find time for activities such as babysitting, playing hide and seek, blackberry picking, or fighting a tree. This is an affectionate record of a hitherto secret world.

The Life of Walter Gropius FIONA MacCARTHY Bauhaus was more than an art school – it was the birth of a new way of thinking. In this captivating biography of its charismatic founder, Fiona MacCarthy argues that Walter Gropius’s visionary ideas still influence the way we live today.

B PB | £7.99 05/07/2018 | 9780571345793

MacCarthy traces the story of this ground-breaking architect: his shattering experiences in World War I, his turbulent relationship with Alma Mahler, his concept of the Bauhaus as a gathering of talents that included Kandinsky, Klee and Moholy-Nagy, and his agonised decision to leave Nazi Germany in 1933 for a new life first in England, then in America. This modern reassessment of Gropius’s life is biography at its finest and most vivid. The Bauhaus centenary will be celebrated in 2019. ROYAL HB | £25.00 04/10/2018 | 9780571295135



In My Mind’s Eye JAN MORRIS A former soldier and journalist, and one of the great chroniclers of the world for over half a century, she writes here in her characteristically intimate voice – funny, perceptive, wise, touching, wicked, scabrous, and above all, kind – about her thoughts on the world, and her own place in it as she turns ninety. From cats to cars, travel to home, music to writing, it’s a cornucopia of delights from a truly unique literary figure. HB | £14.99 06/09/2018 | 9780571340910

Mr Lear JENNY UGLOW Acclaimed historian Jenny Uglow brings us a fascinating and beautifully illustrated biography of Edward Lear, shortlisted for Waterstones Book of the Year, and a Telegraph and Spectator Book of the Year. Lear was a man of great simplicity and charm: children adored him, yet his humour masked epilepsy, depression and loneliness. Jenny Uglow’s biography, full of the colour of the age, brings us his swooping moods, passionate friendships and restless travels. Above all it shows how this uniquely gifted man lived all his life on the boundaries of rules and structures, disciplines and desires – an exile of the heart. ROYAL TPB | £12.99 06/09/2018 | 9780571269556


EXPORT PRICE B PB | £8.99 9780571233120


B PB | £8.99 9780571241767

B PB | £8.99 9780571204687

B PB | £899 9780571241798

B PB | £8.99 9780571168972

B PB | £8.99 9780571241781





What Would Boudicca Do? E. FOLEY and B. COATES


Tired of your boss bro-propriating your ideas and presenting them as his own?

From the former lead writer for Tesla, the astounding story of the most revolutionary car company since Ford, and how under Elon Musk’s ‘insane mode’ leadership, it is bringing an end to the era of gasoline powered transportation.

Wondering if the pursuit of having it all has in fact resulted in having not very much? It is time to start channelling the spiky superwomen of history and conquer the sh*tshow that is the modern world. It is time to turn to women like Mae West and Agatha Christie, Hypatia and Cleopatra, Coco Chanel and Cixi. In this irreverent guide they will help you figure out how to cope with impostor syndrome, dispatch a love rat, stand up for yourself, get politically engaged, kill it at work, and trounce FoMo. What Would Boudicca Do? will make you fired-up and ready for anything.


Hamish McKenzie explores how an unlikely West Coast start up, with an audacious dream to create a new successful US car company – the first since Chrysler in 1925 – went up against not only the might of the government-backed Detroit companies, but also the massive power of Big Oil and its benefactors, the infamous Koch brothers. ROYAL TPB | £12.99 02/08/2018 | 9780571327669

B HB | £9.99 06/09/2018 | 9780571340484



Defending the Rock NICHOLAS RANKIN

The Secret Life ANDREW O’HAGAN

By failing to seize Gibraltar in the summer of 1940, Adolf Hitler lost the war. This thrilling new history reveals how Gibraltar – a lone outpost of the British Empire – fought off attacks by land, sea and air to help win the Second World War. Defending the Rock, whose cast of characters includes Haile Selassie, Anthony Burgess and General Sikorski, sets Gibraltar in the wider context of the struggle against fascism, from Abyssinia through to the Spanish Civil.

In The Secret Life Andrew O’Hagan issues three bulletins from the porous border between cyberspace and ‘the real world’. These incisive essays – covering psychology, internet ethics, spying and finance, as well as the controversial figures Julian Assange and Satoshi Nakamoto – are a ground-breaking examination of identity, secrecy, and the relationship between the individual, the state and technology.

By the critically-acclaimed author of Churchill’s Wizards and Ian Fleming’s Commandos.

B PB | £9.99 02/08/2018 | 9780571335862

B PB | £8.99 04/10/2018 | 9780571307722

ROYAL HB | £14.99 03/04/18 | 9780571339921


ROYAL TPB | £14.99 07/06/18 | 9780571319732

B PB | £7.99 9780571338528

DEMY TPB | £12.99 9780571325566

A PB | £6.99 9780571341689

B PB | £8.99 9780571331390

HB | £17.99 9780571335015

B PB | £9.99 9780571290086

B PB | £8.99 9780571251292

B PB | £9.99 9780571288014

B PB | £8.99 9780571290901


HB | £18.00 9780571330348






Into the Grey Zone ADRIAN OWEN In 2006, Dr Adrian Owen and his team made medical history. They discovered a new realm of consciousness, somewhere between life and death, which they called the ‘Grey Zone’. The people who inhabit it are frequently labelled as irretrievably lost, with no awareness or sense of self. But now, through Dr Owen’s pioneering techniques, we can talk to them – and they can talk back. A startling tale that revolutionises our thinking about life and death.


B PB | £9.99 21/06/2018 | 9781783350995

How Russia Helped Trump Win the White House

LUKE HARDING In Collusion, award-winning journalist Luke Harding reveals the true nature of Trump’s decades-long relationship with Russia and presents the gripping inside story of the dossier. Harding tells an astonishing story of offshore money, sketchy real estate deals, a Miss Universe Pageant, mobsters, money laundering, hacking and Kremlin espionage. Collusion gets to the heart of the biggest political scandal of the modern era.

Football Leaks RAFAEL BUSCHMANN AND MICHAEL WULZINGER In 2016, a whistleblower known only as ‘John’ leaked 18.6 million confidential documents to Der Spiegel, revealing the shadowy dealings of clubs and individuals at the highest echelons of international football. And the story the leak tells is astonishing. In Football Leaks, Spiegel journalists Rafael Buschmann and Michael Wulzinger reveal the secrets they uncovered. From the eyepopping contracts of players such as Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and Özil to exorbitant agent fees, and from third-party ownership to opaque tax structures, this is a t ale rife with greed, loopholes and corruption.


Puzzle Ninja ALEX BELLOS The puzzle masters of Japan create the world’s most satisfying puzzles. Each has a distinctive style but what unites them is their megawatt brains and the beauty of their hand-crafted puzzles, which will challenge and sharpen the mind. Alex Bellos has collected over 200 of their most ingenious puzzles, rated easy to excruciating, and introduces over twenty new types of addictive problems to solve. B PB | £8.99 05/07/2018 | 9781783351374

ROYAL TPB | £12.99 07/06/2018 | 9781783351404

04/10/2018 B PB | £8.99 | 9781783351503 AVAILABLE IN TPB | £12.99 | 9781783351497

TPB | £10.99 03/05/18 | 9781783351299


B PB | £8.99 9781783350827

B PB | £8.99 9781783351152

HB | £15.99 9781783350742

B PB | £8.99 9781783351022

B PB | £8.99 9781783351060

B PB | £8.99 9781783350650

B PB | £7.99 9781783351046

B PB | £8.99 9781783350940

B PB | £8.99 9780852652497

HB | £20.00 9781783351084

HB | £30.00 9781783350858





Stealing the Show JOY PRESS

All Things Remembered GOLDIE

The story of how women were able to make their names in an often misogynistic and myopic industry is a decades-long journey full of challenges, hard work, heartbreak, and determination. Starting with Roseanne Barr and Diane English with their now iconic shows, Press shows us how strategic advocating for women in writers’ rooms, in producing discussions, and behind the camera as directors led to an inspiring new era for television drama.

A whirlwind, charged and unsparingly candid memoir from the godfather of urban rave.

TPB | £12.99 08/03/2018 | 9780571342440



Far more than just the story of the housetraining of drum and bass; All Things Remembered is an explosive story of abuse, revenge, graffiti, breakdancing, gold teeth, sawn-off shotguns, car crashes, hot yoga, absent fatherhood, and redemption through reality TV.

Beastie Boys ADAM HOROVITZ AND MICHAEL DIAMOND The official book from the band. Under embargo. HB | £20.00 01/11/2018 | 9780571308040

B PB | £8.99 05/07/2018 | 9780571332090






How does music reflect the key moments in our lives? How do we choose works that inspire, delight, comfort or console? Fiona Maddocks, the classical music critic of the Observer, selects 100 classical works from across nine centuries, arguing passionately and persuasively for their inclusion, putting each work in its cultural and musical context, discussing omissions, suggesting alternatives and always putting the music first.

The Silent Musician is not intended to be an instruction manual for conductors, nor is it a history of conducting. It is for all who wonder what conductors actually do, and why they matter. Exploring the relationships with the musicians and the music, and the public and personal responsibilities they face, leading conductor Mark Wigglesworth writes with engaging honesty about the features of his art: precision, charisma, intuition, diplomacy and passion.

Seamus Heaney had the idea to form a personal selection from across the entire arc of his poetry, small yet comprehensive enough to serve as an introduction for all comers. He never managed to do this in his lifetime, and no edition exists which has such a broad range, drawing from first collection to last. But now, at last, the project has been returned to, resulting in an intimate gathering of poems chosen and introduced by the Heaney family. 100 Poems is a singular, accessible collection for new and younger readers that has the opportunity to reach far and wide, now and for years to come.

B PB | £8.99 02/08/2018 | 9780571342747

DEMY HB | £14.99 04/10/2018 | 9780571337903

B HB | £9.99 07/06/2018 | 9780571347155

TPB | £12.99 9780571303809

DEMY TPB | £12.99 9780571342907


B PB | £7.99 9780571328284

B PB | £7.99 9780571309351

B PB | £9.99 9780571328529

B PB | £8.99 9780571340729

HB | £20.00 9780571327744

B PB | £10.99 9780571301720

TPB | £12.99 01/06/18 | 9780571334483

B PB | £9.99 9780571323746

B PB | £14.99 9780571336463

TPB | £16.99 9780571333691

B PB | £9.99 07/06/18 | 9780571316564



Sylvia Plath



The remarkable collected letters of

Long Way Down JASON REYNOLDS After Will’s brother is shot in a gang crime, he knows the next steps. Don’t cry. Don’t snitch. Get revenge. So he gets in the lift with Shawn’s gun, determined to follow The Rules. Only when the lift door opens, Buck walks in, Will’s friend who died years ago. And Dani, who was shot years before that. As more people from his past arrive, Will has to ask himself if he really knows what he’s doing. This haunting, lyrical, powerful verse novel will blow you away. B PB | £6.99 02/08/2018 | 9780571335121


In Paris with You CLEMENTINE BEAUVAIS Eugene and Tatiana could have fallen in love. If things had gone differently. If they had tried to really know each other. If it had just been them, and not the others. But that was years ago and time has found them far apart, leading separate lives. Until they meet once more in Paris.  What really happened back then? And now? Could they ever be together after everything?

WORLD Volume I | ROYAL TPB | £16.99 06/09/2018 | 9780571329014 ROYAL HB | £35.00 | 9780571328994

B HB | £9.99 07/06/2018 | 9780571339716


Volume II | ROYAL HB | £35.00 06/09/2018 | 9780571339204

S Y LV I A PL AT H’s renown as one of the twentieth century’s most influential poets is beyond dispute, but she was also one of its most captivating correspondents. This remarkable, collected edition of Plath’s letters is a work of immense scholarship and care, presenting a comprehensive and historically accurate text of the known and extant letters that she wrote to over one hundred and twenty correspondents. Volume II includes a selection of later correspondence that witnesses Plath and Hughes becoming major, influential contemporary writers, as it happened. Throughout, Plath’s voice is completely, uniquely her own.

The Chaos of Now ERIN LANGE When Jordan Bishop set himself on fire at Haver High school as a result of internet bullying, it triggered a nationwide crackdown. New laws empower teachers to become cyber snoops in case of abuse on social media. For teen hacker, Eli Bennett, the laws put fundamental freedoms at risk. And he’s not alone in thinking this. Approached by two mysterious hackers, Eli is recruited into a group that wants justice for Jordan the way Jordan would’ve wanted it.  But what starts as a bit of fun to rile the cyber snoops soon spirals out of control. Revenge on Jordan’s bullies could be classed as bullying itself . . . At best, Eli’s school career is in jeopardy, at worst, once more lives are at risk. B PB | £6.99 04/10/2018 | 9780571317479

TPB | £20.00 9780571301638

B PB | £6.99 9780571268863

B PB | £10.99 9780571135868

B PB | £8.99 9780571290444


B PB | £6.99 9780571314560

B PB | £6.99 9780571294404

B PB | £6.99 9780571308293

B PB | £7.99 9780571322725




Secrets of a Sun King EMMA CARROLL


It’s November, 1922. In a valley in Egypt the tomb of a long dead pharaoh is about to be discovered. The world watches and waits for news with baited breath. Thirteen-year-old Lilian Kaye, who lives in a flat above a shop in London, is eagerly following the story. One morning the news takes a sinister turn: a man – a famous Egyptologist – disappears. All that remains of him are his feet. Then Lil’s grandfather is taken suddenly ill, and when a mysterious package turns up for him from the Egyptologist, Lil starts to believe there is truth to the rumours of a pharaoh’s curse . . . B PB | £6.99 02/08/2018 | 9780571328499

The Five Realms: The Beasts of Grimheart KIERAN LARWOOD


The bard is captured by the bonedancers and taken to their temple where he has to retell the tale that earned him a contract on his life. Will the bonedancers let the bard live? The story of Podkin continues . . . DEMY HB | £9.99 06/09/2018 | 9780571328444 B PB | £6.99 9780571327584

B PB | £6.99 9780571317653


B PB | £6.99 9780571317578

B PB | £6.99 9780571328260

Old Toffer’s Book of Consequential Dogs CHRISTOPHER REID


The Land of Neverendings KATE SAUNDERS

T. S. Eliot’s best-selling collection of practical cat poems has been one of the most successful poetry collections in the world.


For the first time in company history a companion volume will be published. Originally conceived by Eliot himself, Old Toffer’s Book of Consequential Dog poems are as witty, varied and exquisitely compiled as Eliot’s cats.

When Emily’s sister Holly dies, she is surprised to find that she misses her toy bear, Bluey, almost as much as Holly. The only person who seems to understand Emily’s grief is Ruth, her next-door neighbour – and then very strange things start to happen. Emily dreams of talking toys visiting her bedroom, telling her they have a message from Bluey. A terrible black toad, who stinks of sadness, begins to stalk Ruth’s house. And when a parade of penguins marches through the kitchen, Emily has to wonder whether this is all a dream after all. But why are the toys here, and what could Bluey possibly be trying to tell her? B PB | £6.99 05/07/2018 | 9780571336562

DEMY HB | £12.99 06/09/2018 | 9780571334094




PB | £9.99 9780571321261


Explorers on Witch Mountain ALEX BELL

Fixer the Robot JOHN KELLY

Stella Starflake Pearl is eagerly anticipating her next expedition. Suddenly disaster strikes when Stella’s father, Felix, is snatched by a fearsome witch. Stella must bring her magic ice princess tiara to Witch Mountain or she will never see Felix again! But no one ever returns from Witch Mountain . . .

Fixer is a robot whose delight in life is to help the other machines do their jobs.

Stella, Ethan, Shay, Beanie and reluctant Jungle Cat explorer, Percival, set off into the unknown. They will face terrifying bat caves, poisonous apple groves, outraged vultures, argumentative mushrooms and deranged broomsticks in their quest to rescue Felix. B PB | £6.99 9780571332540

B PB | £6.99 9780571328420

B PB | £6.99 01/11/2018 | 9780571332564

Every morning, FIXER robot, trundles up the hill To help the other robots as they dig and push and drill. A charming text that combines a truly heart-wrenching story with mechanical details, sure to enchant every young engineer. PB PICTURE BOOK | £6.99 01/11/2018 | 9780571336371




© 2 017 Fox .


B PB | £5.99 9780571325436


B PB | £5.99 9780571325412

B PB | £5.99 9780571325252

B PB | £6.99 9780571280599

B PB | £6.99 03/05/18 | 9780571337835

B PB | £5.99 9780571327560

B PB | £6.99 9780571337019

B PB | £7.99 9780571314478

PB | £5.99 9780571302246

PB | £6.99 03/05/18 | 9780571331055

PB | £6.99 9780571329762

PB | £6.99 9780571335961




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