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Affair Judith Eagle

Penelope Magnificent’s life doesn’t live up to her name.

05/03/20 PB | 978 0 571 34685 1 | 240pp | £6.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34684 4 | £4.99 World ex USA & Canada

Her dad only thinks about making money, and her mum loves her handbag more than her daughter. But she gets through the hard times remembering the lovely French woman, Perrine – Pear – who looked after her when she was little. Even after Pear was sent away, she wrote to Nell every week, telling her about her new life, promising one day she’d come back. But the letters stopped, suddenly. So when Nell gets the chance to go to Paris with her parents, she is determined to track down Pear. But the mystery gets deeper when Pear isn’t where she told Nell she’d be – she’s vanished!

JUDITH EAGLE’s debut, The Secret Starling, was published to outstanding critical acclaim. She currently works in two schools as a librarian and a library assistant, in South East London. The Pear Affair is her second book. KIM GEYER studied textile design before taking up children’s book illustration. She lives in London with lots of pets and kids – her biggest inspiration. She also illustrated The Secret Starling.

A glorious new adventure through and under the streets of Paris from the author of the acclaimed The Secret Starling. With b/w illustrations by Kim Geyer.

9780571346301 | £6.99


04/06/20 PB | 978 0 571 34876 3 | 320pp | £6.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34877 0 UK C/Wealth + EU ex Can

NATASHA FARRANT is the author of the bestselling middle-grade novel, The Children of Castle Rock, the acclaimed teen Bluebell Gadsby series and Carnegielonglisted and Branford-Boaseshortlisted YA historical novel The Things We Did For Love. She was shortlisted for the Queen of Teen Award 2014. She lives in London with her family.


Voyage of the Sparrowhawk

Natasha Farrant

france and england – 1919 In the aftermath of World War One, everyone is trying to rebuild their lives. Ben is trying to avoid being sent back to the orphanage, but he needs to find his brother, Sam, missing in action. Lotti’s family want to send her away to boarding school. And Clara, their young teacher, is waiting for news of her missing fiancé . . . Just as they think they’ve found their feet in the new order, disaster strikes, and Lotti and Ben must get away. And so they hatch a plan – to cross the Channel on Ben’s narrowboat, to find Sam and to look for Lotti’s French family house, a place from her early childhood that she's never forgotten. Buffeted by storms, chased by the police, Lotti, Ben, Clara and a growing number of dogs embark on the journey of a lifetime, in search of lost loved ones and a place to call home.

9780571323562 | £6.99


9–11 ‘A terrifically talented writer.’ Bookseller 04/07/19 PB | 978 0 571 34943 2 | 336pp | £6.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34944 9 World All Languages

An artist, designer, awardwinning playwright and teacher, CHLOE DAYKIN lives down a bumpy track by a river in Northumberland with her husband and two sons. Her debut, Fish Boy, won the Northern Writers Award, was shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award and was published to huge critical acclaim. This is her third novel for middle grade readers.

Fire Girl, Forest Boy Chloe Daykin ‘I know lots about you,’ the stranger says. ‘You are Maya Anderson. Daughter of the Light Man. You like PG Tips tea and cheese. And I know the people who are hunting you . . . I’m hunting them myself.’ A toe-tingling, heart-tugging and thrilling adventure set in the Peruvian rainforest. Maya has to escape. She’s on the run in a country she doesn’t know and has no idea who to trust. Raul is escaping too – travelling back to his home where a terrible tragedy happened, ready to stir up trouble. When their paths collide in the middle of the jungle, the sparks begin to fly. As modern-world corruption meets the magic and legends of ancient times, can Maya draw on her hidden light to find the way through to the truth?


The F ive Re alms

When We Were


The bard looks up at the three figures. They have black hooded cloaks and long robes. From the holes in their masks, three pairs of eyes watch him: cold, calm, emotionless. ‘Yes,’ says the bard. ‘They’re bonedancers. You don’t need to sound quite so excited, though. They have come to kill me.’


THE BEASTS OF GRIMHEART Kieran Larwood and David Wyatt 04/04/19 PB | 978 0 571 32845 1 | 304pp | £6.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 32846 8 World ex USA

And so it is that the bard and and his young apprentice Rue are taken to Spinestone, the temple warren of the bonedancers. It is here that the bard is ordered to retell the tale that has got him in so much trouble . . . and so to the next instalment in the astonishing tale of Podkin One-Ear . . . Podkin, Paz and Pook once again find their home under threat, but this time they are ready to fight! Podkin and the others leave for Sparrowfast to ask their uncle for the use of his magic bow. It's the one weapon that could save them all. But as they flee into the forest depths, it seems they have been betrayed . . .

KIERAN LARWOOD has been passionate about stories and storytelling ever since he first read The Hobbit, aged six. A former teacher, he is now a full-time writer who has won the Blue Peter Book Award for The Legend of Podkin One-Ear. He lives on the Isle of Wight with his family, and between work, fatherhood and writing, doesn’t get nearly enough sleep. DAVID WYATT is an illustrator living in Devon. He is much admired for his concept and character work, and has illustrated many books by well-known authors such as Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett, Philip Pullman and J. R. R. Tolkien.

✸ ✸


Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest Harry Heape and Rebecca Bagley 03/04/18 PB | 978 0 571 32842 0 |320pp | £6.99 World ex USA

01/02/18 PB | 978 0 571 33215 1 | 256pp | £5.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 33216 8 World All Languages


Permit me, lovely readers, to take you on a journey. Firstly though, it is important that you should be comfy. For example, if you are in bed, make sure there are no spiky pieces of Lego under your bum bum . . . Pippin’s just an ordinary little girl who lives with her ordinary little granny in the ordinary little town of Funsprings. But life’s not all fun times and lemonade and Monster Munch for tea. Not only has all the water in the town gone, the animals are now disappearing too. Someone as rotten as a pig fart in a jar must be behind all this, and it’s up to Pippin to find out who. Armed with her new power, the ability to talk to animals, and some new friends to boot, Pippin will confront kidnappers, evil scientists and would-be diamond thieves in this hilarious new series from Harry Heape. (Brilliantly illustrated by Rebecca Bagley too, you lucky things!) HARRY HEAPE is an artist, a visionary and a very successful none-of-your-businessman. Shy and quiet, Harry lives and writes in deepest, darkest Hahahahalifax where he spends any spare time that he has playing sweet bassoon music, collecting Crocs, and volunteering at his local monkey prison. He hopes that you like his book.

KIERAN LARWOOD has been passionate about stories and storytelling ever since he first read The Hobbit aged six. He is a full-time writer and his debut, The Legend of Podkin One-Ear, won the Blue Peter Book Award. He lives on the Isle of Wight with his family, and between work, fatherhood and writing, doesn’t get nearly enough sleep.

REBECCA BAGLEY is a freelance illustrator and writer, currently based in Bath, England. After graduating with a First Class Honours in Graphic Communication, Rebecca stepped into the world of children’s publishing as an assistant designer before becoming a freelance illustrator. She is currently investing a lot of time in learning to like green tea.

The Five Realms: The Gift of Dark Hollow Kieran Larwood and David Wyatt The bard tiptoes out of his room, the crow-dream still echoing in his head, making him twitch at imaginary creaks of iron wings . . .


he bard must leave Thornbury. It is not safe for him to stay. Rue, his new apprentice, travels with him – keen to learn his trade – and hear the next installment in the legend of Podkin One-Ear . . .


odkin and his fellow rabbits have been sheltering in Dark Hollow after their battle with Scramashank. Paz tends to the rabbits with sleeping sickness; Crom meets with the war council . . . Podkin has nothing to do! Frustrated, Podkin goes exploring and discovers an abandoned underground chamber. Armed with the Gift of Dark Hollow, Podkin learns to moonstride, and Paz is rewarded with a magical gift of her own . . . 978 0 571 34020 0


DAVID WYATT has provided some sumptuous black and white illustrations for this exceptional novel. David lives in Devon, and has illustrated many novels. He is also much admired for his concept and character work. He has illustrated tales by well-known authors such as Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett, Philip Pullman, and J. R. R. Tolkien.

T h e Fi v e Re a lms

9–11 A thrilling new book set in the Five Realms of

Podkin One-Ear

Kieran Larwood and David Wyatt ‘EXCELLENT,’ says the bard. ‘It’s probably a good idea for you to know about him.’ ‘Wait . . . him? Who’s him?’ said Rue. ‘Uki,’ says the bard. ‘Uki Patchwork. The Magpie Demon. Uki of the Two Furs.’ From the Ice Wastes beyond the Cinder Wall emerges an unlikely hero. Rejected by his village and left to die, young Uki is given life and unique powers by a longburied spirit from the time of the Ancients . . . and a life or death mission. Joined by two other outcasts – a trained assassin who refuses to kill people and a very short rabbit who rides the fastest jerboa on the plains – Uki must capture Valkus, the Spirit of War, before rabbitkind destroys itself in conflict. 02/04/20 PB | 978 0 571 34280 8 | 400pp | £6.99 World English Language

KIERAN LARWOOD is the awardwinning author of The Five Realms series, which began with the Blue Peter Best Story Book Award winner, The Legend of Podkin One-Ear. He has loved fantasy stories since reading The Hobbit. Kieran worked as a teacher and now writes full-time. DAVID WYATT is an illustrator living in Devon. He has illustrated tales by well-known authors such as Terry Pratchett, Philip Pullman and J. R. R. Tolkien.

9780571340200 | £6.99

9780571328420 | £6.99

9780571328451 | £6.99

Cover illustration by FERNANDO JUÁREZ

The Land of Neverendings Kate Saunders

A comic caper that every 9–11 year old aspiring comedian will love. Packed full of heart, humour and dos and don’ts! 9–11


This stunning novel will tickle your funny bones as much as it pulls on your heartstrings, from Costa Winner Kate Saunders (Five Children on the Western Front).

Emily felt wide awake - but this had to be a dream. A soft light glowed from the middle of Holly’s empty bed. It came from a little tent - striped red and white, not more than knee-height, and with shadows moving about inside it. Never in all her life would Emily forget the strangeness of what she saw next . . .

When Emily’s sister Holly dies, she is surprised to find that she misses her toy bear, Bluey, almost as much as Holly. Bluey was Holly’s constant companion, always beside her in her wheelchair and Emily used to make up stories about him and his escapades in the magical (and very silly) world of Smockeroon to entertain her. And the only person who seems to understand Emily’s grief is Ruth, her kindly next-door neighbour.

Hardback 9780571310845 240pp | £10.99 Ebook 9780571310975 World Ex USA

But then very strange things start to happen. Emily dreams of talking toys visiting her bedroom, telling her that they have come from Smockeroon, and have a message for her from Bluey. A terrible black toad, who stinks of sadness, begins to stalk Ruth’s house. And when a parade of penguins wearing plastic moustaches marches through their kitchen well, Emily has to begin to wonder whether this is all a dream after all. But why are the toys here, and what could Bluey possibly be trying to tell her? A true classic in the making.

‘Massively recommended.’ Bookbag

‘This is a skillful and deeply moving piece of work.’ Guardian

‘Heart-wrenching narrative.’ Mumsnet

‘Magnificent.’ Times

‘Has to be one of the best books of the year . . . Truly magical.’ Sunday Express ‘A book that beats with a real heart.’ We Love This Book ‘A beautifully written and compelling sequel.’ Good Books Guide

‘Superb.’ New Statesman

‘Funny, gripping, magical. Kate Saunders is the new E. Nesbit.’ Amanda Craig

‘The perfect gift.’ Telegraph

‘It is an irresistible read for a wide range of readers.’ Publishers Weekly ‘Outstanding 2015 Costa children’s winner.’ Independent

discovered the thing “heHe’d wanted to do with his life,

A hilarious new fiction series from National Treasure™ and real-life (very) funny man Harry Hill.

‘One of the best books I’ve read all year.’ Independent on Sunday ‘Funny, poignant and beautifully written.’ Daily Express

Yo unges t comedian in t he wo rld!

the thing that he was good at, the thing that he loved – he wanted to make people laugh, he wanted to be a stand-up comedian!

Praise for Kate Saunders: ‘Saunders has created a simply brilliant book.’ Daily Mail


Kate Saunders is a full-time author and journalist and has written many books for adults and children. Her books for children have won awards and received rave reviews, and include future classics such as Beswitched, Magicalamity, The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop and The Curse of the Chocolate Phoenix and Costa Winner Five Children on the Western Front. Kate is a true storyteller and her magical, wickedly hilarious novels allow young readers to escape their everyday lives into wonderful worlds where they are empowered to explore and enjoy themselves. Kate lives in London.

Meet Matt Millz – Britain’s Youngest (and funniest!) Comedian! Matt may be small but he is truly mighty on the comedy circuit. Well, he is in his head anyway. When the school holds a talent show, Matt has the opportunity to demonstrate that he’s got the magical chutzpah quip to take him all the way to the Apollo. With the help of his diminutive manager, Kitty Hope, and his hapless form teacher, as well as the school brute, his heartthrob and Rob his best friend, Matt learns what it takes to be really funny . . .

Harry Hill is an award winning comedian and world class swingball player. Born in Woking in 1964, he holds a medical degree from the University of London. His books include Flight from Deathrow and Tim the Tiny Horse. He has been a stand-up since the early 90s and was the star of TV Burp for eleven years. He is also known for his narration of You’ve Been Framed. His new program Tea Time, a spoof cookery show, began airing in October 2016.


05/10/17 Hardback 9780571338542 256pp | £9.99 Ebook 9780571332502 World All Languages

Harry’s previous children’s books have combined sales of over

650,000 copies

Emma Carroll letters from the Lighthouse Februay, 1941 A bomb blast. A chance encounter. Her mother’s coat.


06/07/17 Paperback 9780571327584 304pp | £6.99 Ebook 9780571327591 World Ex USA

Praise for Emma Carroll:

This is all Olive can remember of the night her sister Sukie went missing. With London unsafe, Olive and her brother are evacuated to the Devonshire coast to stay with a mysterious lighthouse keeper.

‘Superb.’ Daily Mail ‘Five stars.’ The Times

There, Olive must solve a mystery of her own: a strange coded note which seems to link Sukie to Devon . . . and to something dark and impossibly dangerous.

We weren’t supposed to be going to the pictures that night . . . not when German bombs had been falling like pennies from a jar.

‘A leading children’s author.’ Bookseller ‘Absorbing, sensitive and genuinely magical.’ Independent ‘Historical fiction fans will love Emma Carroll.’ Sunday Express

Ross Montgomery Christmas Dinner of Souls A spooky, shocking, brilliant and bloodthirsty alternative to festive cheer that will appeal to, fascinate and delight young readers. It’s a dark and lonely Christmas Eve in the dining room of ancient Soul’s College. The kitchen boy, 11-year-old Lucas, has helped prepare a highly unusual meal, made with unrecognisable ingredients, cooked by a mysterious chef. And then the guests arrive and carnage ensues. They are ex-students of Soul’s College, and they are all completely demented. They demand bottle after bottle of wine, flinging their cutlery and howling like banshees until . . . silence. The Dean of Soul’s College has arrived, and the evening’s ceremonies must begin. For this is the annual meeting of a secret club for those who despise children, warmth, happiness, and above all Christmas. Each member must try to outdo the others by telling the most terrible, disgusting story they know.

Emma Carroll was a secondary school English teacher for many years. Letters from the Lighthouse is Emma’s sixth novel; she has also written the highly-acclaimed Frost Hollow Hall, The Girl Who Walked on Air, In Darkling Wood, The Snow Sister and Strange Star. She lives in the Somerset hills with her husband and two terriers.



02/11/17 Hardback 9780571317974 240pp | £9.99 Ebook 9780571317981 World English Language

Ross Montgomery is a primary school teacher and he writes his books when he really should have been marking homework. Author of Alex, the Dog and the Unopenable Door, The Tornado Chasers, Perijee & Me and The Building Boy, Ross has been shortlisted for the Costa Book Award and nominated for the Branford Boase Award. Ross lives in London.




The year is 1607. When a catastrophic flood hits the Somerset coast, young sailor-in-disguise Fortune gets the blame. Locals are convinced witchcraft is at work. And Fortune – who is secretive, suspiciously good at swimming and, to everyone’s surprise, a girl – is an obvious scapegoat. Even saving the life of her rival’s only son doesn't clear her name. If anything, it makes matters worse . . . ‘My name is Fortune and I am on trial for my life. They say I did magic that made the sea disappear, then come back again so monstrous and so fast no person could out-run the waves. The sea came so far inland cows climbed trees to escape! But I didn’t do magic. All I did was save a drowning boy: I pray he’ll now speak the truth and save me . . .’

EMMA CARROLL was a secondary school English teacher for many years. The Somerset Tsunami is Emma’s ninth novel; she has also written the highly-acclaimed Frost Hollow Hall, The Girl Who Walked on Air, In Darkling Wood, The Snow Sister, Strange Star, Letters from the Lighthouse and Secrets of a Sun King. She lives in the Somerset hills with her husband and two terriers.

THE SOMERSET TSUNAMI | Emma Carroll 05/09/19 PB | 978 0 571 33281 6 | 320pp | £6.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 33282 3 World All Languages

9–11 An irresistible return to the Second World War from the


Emma Carroll

When We Were


A body washed up on the beach . . . Evacuation to an old house with forbidden rooms and dark secrets . . . An animal rescue service . . . Emma Carroll revisits the era of one of her most popular novels, Letters from the Lighthouse, to explore the resilience, resourcefulness and inventiveness of children when their lives are turned upside down by adults going to war. Featuring three unputdownable stories, where the characters investigate a possible haunting, fight for a friend and find ways to save the lives of bomb-blitzed pets. Introducing some compelling new characters, as well as revisiting some familiar settings, these adventures are sure to win over new readers, as well as pleasing diehard fans.

EMMA CARROLL was a secondary school English teacher for many years. When we were Warriors is Emma’s ninth book; she has also written the highly-acclaimed Frost Hollow Hall, The Girl Who Walked on Air, In Darkling Wood, The Snow Sister, Strange Star, Secrets of a Sun King and Letters from the Lighthouse, winner of the BAMB Middle-grade Award. She lives in the Somerset hills with her husband and two terriers.

WHEN WE WERE WARRIORS | Emma Carroll 07/02/19 PB | 978 0 571 35040 7 | 256pp | £6.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 35041 4 World All Languages

‘The go-to writer for middle-grade historical fiction.’ BookTrust

One of the most thrilling and truly magical adventure stories you will ever read. 9–11


✶ he Legend of Podkin One-Ear


A thick white blanket covers the wide slopes of the band of hills some call the Razorback Downs . . .

Paperback 9780571332540 208pp | £6.99

Podkin is the son of a warrior chieftain. He knows that one day it will be up to him to lead his warren and guard it in times of danger. But for now, he’s quite happy to laze around annoying his older sister Paz, and playing with his baby brother Pook. Then Podkin’s home is brutally attacked, and the young rabbits are forced to flee. The terrifying Gorm are on the rampage, and no one and nowhere is safe. With danger all around them, Podkin must protect his family, uncover his destiny, and attempt to defeat the most horrifying enemy rabbitkind has ever known.

Ebook 9780571332557 UK C/Wealth ExCan Open Eu

01/06/17 Paperback 9780571328260 288pp | £6.99 Ebook 9780571328277 World Ex USA

Brought to life with David Wyatt’s stunning illustrations throughout. ‘The best book I have ever read.’ Mariyya Khan, age 9, Lovereading4kids Kieran Larwood has been passionate about stories and storytelling ever since he first read The Hobbit aged six. He graduated from Southampton University with a degree in English Literature and now works as a Reception teacher in a primary school. He lives on the Isle of Wight with his family, and between work, fatherhood and writing, doesn’t get nearly enough sleep. Podkin One-Ear is Kieran’s second book, and is the first in a new series.


David Wyatt is an illustrator living in Devon. He has illustrated many novels and is also much admired for his concept and character work. He has illustrated tales by wellknown authors such as Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett, Philip Pullman, and J. R. R. Tolkien.

Join Stella Starflake Pearl and her three fellow

Ice Mountain



explorers as they trek across the snowy Icelands and come face-to-face with frost fairies, snow queens, outlaw hideouts, unicorns, pygmy dinosaurs and carnivorous cabbages.


he Gift of Darkhollow Thornwood warren is still sleeping as the Bard tiptoes out of his room, the crow-dream still echoing in his head, making him twitch at imaginary creaks of iron wings. The longburrow is empty but for the slumped shape of one lazy rabbit, snoring with his head on a table; an empty mead jug and a pool of dribble in front of him. The fire is quietly smouldering . . .

‘It sounded like a respectable and worthy enough death for an explorer – tumbling from an ice bridge to be impaled upon a mammoth tusk – but Stella really, really didn’t want that to happen, just the same. Then – above the panting of the wolves, the trumpeting of the mammoths, the thundering of the unicorn’s hooves, Beanie’s muttering and the shouting of the explorers behind them – Stella heard a faint, dreadful sound. The quiet, deadly crack of ice breaking.’

The Icelands

The second book in this extraordinary series, in which Podkin discovers a skill for moonstriding – jumping in and out of the shaders with a new piece of armour – and makes new friends and allegiances on the way to becoming leader of the rabbits. Simply unmissable. The very finest storytelling from a blazing new talent.

05/10/17 Hardback 9780571328413 208pp | £9.99 Ebook 9780571328437 World Ex USA


Alex Bell has published novels and short stories for both adults and young adults including Frozen Charlotte, which is in the Zoella Book Club. The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club is her first foray into middle grade. She always wanted to be a writer but had several different back-up plans to ensure she didn’t end up in the poor house first. After training as a lawyer, she now works at the Citizens Advice Bureau. Most of her spare time consists of catering to the whims of her Siamese cat.

The Last Forest


9–11 ‘Channels everything from Lemony Snicket to J. K. Rowling.’ SFX 07/11/19 PB | 978 0 571 33258 8 | 208pp | £6.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 33259 5 UK C/Wealth + Can, EU

Explorers on Black Ice Bridge Alex Bell and Tomislav Tomić Meet gargoyles, sea-gremlins, mermaids, red devil squids even a Gentleman Flamingo – in the third magical, quirky and utterly brilliant Stella Snowflake adventure! Ice princess Stella Snowflake and her father Felix are in trouble: President Fogg has expelled them from the Polar Bear Explorers’ Club, and banned them from going on any further expeditions. Stella’s not going to be put off by rules and regulations though. She knows her friend Shay is in danger of turning into a witch wolf himself, since receiving a deadly bite on their last adventure. It’s vital that Stella and her friends set out to find the spellbook that could save his life, even if it means travelling over the cursed Black Ice Bridge. It’s a formidable and dangerous task, and their journey takes them on a breathtaking, page-turning adventure!


ALEX BELL has published novels and short stories for both adults and young adults including Frozen Charlotte, a Zoella Book Club pick. The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club was her first foray into middle grade. She always wanted to be a writer but had several back-up plans. After training as a lawyer, she now works at the Citizens Advice Bureau. Most of her spare time consists of catering to the whims of her Siamese cat. TOMISLAV TOMIĆ graduated from the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb. He started to publish his illustrations during his college days. He has illustrated a great number of children’s books. He lives and works in Zaprešic, Croatia.

The Boy Who Hit Play Chloe Daykin

Cover in progress

So follows an epic adventure that takes Elvis to an island off the coast of Norway, where he will finally discover the truth about his past . . .

Fish Boy Chloe Daykin

03/05/18 PB | 978 0 571 32678 5 | 272pp | £6.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 32679 2 World English Language


People call me Fish Boy. My skin goes up and down like the waves. My mind goes in and out like the sea.

Max and the Millions Ross Montgomery

Billy’s got a lot on his mind – that he’d rather not think or talk about. So he watches David Attenborough and swims in the sea, just letting his mind drift . . .

Max is used to spending time alone – it’s difficult to make friends in a big school when you’re hard of hearing. He prefers to give his attention to making awesome, detailed replica models.

Then nature fan Patrick Green arrives with ‘fingers like steel, strength of a bear’ and a mackerel swims up to Billy’s face and says: ‘Fish Boy’. Billy knows he can’t keep his secret, because . . . a crazy talking mackerel changes EVERYTHING. 04/01/18 PB | 978 0 571 32676 1 | 304pp | £6.99 World English Language


01/03/18 PB | 978 0 571 33348 6 | 272pp | £6.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 33349 3 World ex USA

Elvis Crampton Lucas hears the world more than he sees it, and now his ears are taking him far away . . . Elvis was found at a zoo as a newborn and now, on his twelfth ‘discovery day’, it’s time for Elvis to find out who left him there, and why?

The sparse, beautiful prose will take your breath away - an extraordinary tale of self discovery.

Cover in progress

‘It’s time,’ I say. ‘For . . . It. Me. You. Us. The bench. The zoo. The question. Why?’

Shimmering with almost-magic and adventure, this is an exceptional read. Accompanied by Richard Jones’s gorgeous illustrations.

An artist, designer, award-winning playwright and teacher, CHLOE DAYKIN lives down a bumpy track by a river in Northumberland with her husband and two boys. Her debut, Fish Boy, won the Northern Writers Award and was published to huge critical acclaim. The Boy Who Pressed Play is her second novel for middle grade readers.

Then Mr Darrow, the school caretaker and fellow modeller, goes missing. But on the floor of Mr Darrow’s study Max finds a pile of sand . . . and in the sand is Mr Darrow’s latest creation . . . a tiny boy, no bigger than a raisin: Luke, Prince of the Blues. And behind the tiny boy . . . millions of others – a thriving, bustling, sprawling civilization! A civilisation in need of Max’s help . . .

RICHARD JONES is an illustrator based in Devon with more than 15 years experience in the creative arts. He enjoys walking the dog and swimming in rivers. His clients include Caterpillar Books, Walker Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Simon & Schuster.

ROSS MONTGOMERY is a former primary school teacher and now full-time writer. Author of Alex, the Dog and the Unopenable Door, The Tornado Chasers, Perijee & Me and Christmas Dinner of Souls, Ross has been shortlisted for the Costa Book Award and nominated for the Branford Boase Award. His picture book The Building Boy with David Litchfield was published to critical acclaim and sold around the world. David Litchfield illustrated this new cover. Max and the Millions is Ross’s fifth middle-grade novel. Ross lives in Brixton, London.

978 0 571 31795 0

978 0 571 31797 4






Chasing Augustus Kimberley Newton Fusco


Harry says you can’t keep a big sloppy dog like Augustus in our skinny apartment so it’s best to forget him. My grandpa forgets how much you can love a dog. Augustus was the true-blue friend of my soul until that awful day my mum gave him away.

Matt LOVES stand up. He’s studied the best. He spends hours writing new gags . . . So when the school runs a talent contest, of course he’s going to enter.

Rosie will do anything to get Augustus back. She doesn’t need any help, especially not from Philippe, the new boy downstairs, because he is useless and looks like a puppy about to be kicked. She’ll have to face Swanson, who never talks to anyone and always knows when you’ve stolen her apples.

When classmate Kitty Hope offers to coach him, his routine really starts to shine. Matt dares to believe his dream could become a reality. As one gig follows another, it’s not long before he is prepping for the biggest gig of all . . .

Rosie is about to embark on an incredible adventure . . . Cover in progress

03/05/18 PB | 978 0 571 32302 9 | 384pp | £6.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 32303 6 UK C/Wealth EXcan OpenEU

A heartwarming new series, packed with humour, from an author who KNOWS what he’s talking about.

KIMBERLY NEWTON FUSCO is the author of Waterstone’s bestselling The Daring Escape of Beatrice and Peabody. Before becoming a novelist, Kim was an award-winning reporter and editor. She lives in Foster, Rhode Island, with her family.

Praise for Harry Hill: ‘There’s room in all our hearts for Harry Hill and his comedy genius.’ Heat ‘I thought the library would never get this book back.’ G Patterson

Elizabeth and Zenobia Jessica Miller It is true no one except me can see Zenobia or hear her, but that doesn’t mean I dreamed her up. Zenobia is everything Elizabeth would like to be: bold, unafraid and wildly imaginative. When they arrive at Witheringe House, Zenobia is convinced it’s haunted and eagerly tries to contact a spirit presence. Elizabeth is relieved when her efforts come to nothing. But then the dark and foreboding manor begins to reveal some extraordinary secrets . . .

Cover in progress

07/06/18 PB | 978 0 571 33573 2 | 240pp | £6.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 33574 9 UK C/Wealth, EU exCanANZ

Shortlisted for a major Australian children’s writing prize, this enchanting, pitch-prefect novel is a cross between Coraline and Murder Most Unladylike. JESSICA MILLER is a children’s writer and PhD student from Brisbane, currently living in Germany. Elizabeth and Zenobia is her first novel and was shortlisted for the Text Children’s and YA Writing Prize and is being published around the world to enormous critical acclaim. 14

‘Tim the Tiny Horse was one of the most touching books I’ve read in years: the appeal is universal.’ Blackcatlover

05/04/18 PB | 978 0 571 33249 6 368pp World All Languages

HARRY HILL is one of the UK’s finest and most original stand-up comedians. His unique brand of humour has been rewarded with numerous awards. Born in Woking in 1964, Harry grew up in Kent, then qualified as a doctor. Luckily for us, he decided to focus on his comedy career, and the rest, as they say, is history!

STEVE MAY was born in 1968 in Hastings and spent his childhood drawing. After studying Fine Art and film-making, Steve completed an MA in Animation. He has illustrated books by Jeremy Strong and Philip Reeve, as well as the Dennis the Menace series.

More comedy gold from Harry Hill: NEW COVER!

978 0 571 28174 9

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978 0 571 34120 7

9–11 ‘Hill seems to know instinctively what makes kids crack up.’ The Times 17/10/19 HB | 978 0 571 34566 3 | 368pp | £10.99 Ebook | 978 0 571 34565 6 World All Languages

Matt Millz On Tour! Harry Hill and Steve May Have you heard the one about the new Matt Millz book? It’s here, and it’s brilliant! Matt’s dream of becoming a stand-up comic is fading. Six months after his success at the Apollo, the gigs have dried up, and it’s back to the daily drudge of schoolwork. But then his twelve-year-old manager, Kitty, has a brainwave: if they can persuade their teachers to take a school play up to the Edinburgh Festival, they could hold a comedy night too. But Matt’s new school-mate, Jamie, is pushing to be in the comedy line-up. And Jamie is good. But is he too good to be true? Packed with action, jokes and stand-up tips, every aspiring young comedian will love this new Matt Millz adventure.


HARRY HILL is a BAFTA winning comedian. Born in Woking in 1964, he holds a medical degree. His books include Flight from Deathrow and Tim the Tiny Horse. The TV shows he’s created and starred in include Harry Hill’s TV Burp and Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule, while he’s also the voice of You’ve Been Framed. STEVE MAY is an animation director and freelance illustrator. Steve was born in 1968 in Hastings and spent his childhood drawing and discovering interesting ways of injuring himself. Steve has illustrated books by Jeremy Strong, Philip Reeve and Phil Earle, as well as the Dennis the Menace series. Steve lives in glamorous north London.

9–11 ASTONISHING REAL-LIFE RESCUE 9–11 MISSIONS from on, under and above the earth. From the award-winning team behind SURVIVORS and HEROES. How far would you go to save a life? Scrambling from the wreckage of his school after an earthquake, a nine-year-old Sichuan boy rescued two unconscious friends. ‘I was hall monitor,’ he said afterwards. ‘It is my job to look after my classmates.’ Whether dragging a friend from a blazing car, masterminding a search far below the earth’s surface, or recovering astronauts from an aborted space mission,


reveals the ingenuity, courage and

doggedness of the human spirit all over the world. RESCUE | David Long and Kerry Hyndman 03/10/19 | World All Languages HB | 978 0 571 34632 5 |192pp | £14.99 | Ebook | 978 0 571 34634 9


as long as

there have been

wars, animals have

been out there saving lives.

Courageous dogs, cats, birds, horses, and even a bear have shown courage and devotion, and this book tells you their extraordinary stories. These stories help us to remember that not all heroes are human. HEROES | David Long and Kerry Hyndman 04/07/19 | World All Languages PB | 978 0 571 34629 5 |192pp | £10.99 | Ebook | 978 0 571 34211 2

Writer and historian DAVID LONG is the author of the acclaimed Animals’ VC: For Gallantry and Devotion and more than twenty other non-fiction books on a wide range of historical subjects. Jet the Rescue Dog, the first of several titles for younger readers, was published by Faber in 2014. He lives in Suffolk and has two teenage sons. KERRY HYNDMAN is a London based illustrator and map maker with a wide range of editorial, advertising and publishing clients. In her spare time she likes to snowboard, climb, hit things with rackets and cycle around.

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Faber Children's Catalogue Highlights 9-11 Years  

Faber Children's Catalogue Highlights 9-11 Years