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Pluffy ... the new super soft clay for kids that hardens in the oven and even floats.

Model, exper

When modelling, place film or baking paper underneath the clay and make sure that working surfaces and hands are clean. Pre-form the individual parts of the figures and squeeze them together firmly ... Done!

Rolling Pluffy out into a sheet is child’s play Use a bottle, a rolling pin or the acrylic roller by Eberhard Faber.

Place small balls or strips of soft clay onto a flat piece of Pluffy and roll flat to create a colourful pattern!

Try squeezing Pluffy through a garlic press! The result makes great hair or fur for your figures.

Pluffy can be painted with acrylic paints or waterproof markers after hardening, so faces or delicate patterns are no problem.


riment and discover your inner creativity... Pluffy is a new, light, super soft clay. It is ready to use straightaway, without any boring kneading to make it soft. Clay masterpieces can then be hardened in the oven… But they don’t have to be … because Puffy clay can float anyway. Puffy never dries out and can be remodelled again and again while soft.

Pluffy comes in 12 bright colours that can be mixed together to create lots of new shades.

Even little ones can do it - Roll out a sheet of Pluffy and make shapes using biscuit cutters. Lots of fun and guaranteed to be a success!

Create special effects by making patterns and structures in the clay, for example using pens, toothpicks, corrugated cardboard ... or modelling tools from Eberhard Faber.

Children will need help from a grownup for baking. Make Pluffy works of art last by placing them in an ovenproof glass dish or on a baking tray and hardeningthem in the oven (not in the microwave) at 130°C for 15 minutes per 6mm of material thickness. Allow to cool afterwards!

Hardened Pluffy can easily be sanded with fine sandpaper or drilled with a fine drill bit. Perfect for pendants or keyrings.


Design your

Child’s play with Pluffy super soft clay, but not just fun for kids!


own counters or decorative objects!

You can see just how easy it is on the next few pages...






... Modelling is so easy with Pluffy:


After hardening



After hardening


... Model, experiment and discover your inner creativity with Pluffy -07


















light green





Pluffy normal block No. 5714..

Pluffy large block No. 5716..

Pluffy Multipack 8 colours No. 571408

„ABC“ cutters No. 579911

Pluffy Multipack 12 colours No. 571412

„123“ cutters No. 579912

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GB: WARNING! For children over 8 years of age only. For use under adult supervision. Without baking for children over 3 years of age. Read the instructions before use, follow them and keep them for reference.


Concept, models, photos: Hufnagel-Design

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