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Orange County Early Development Index (EDI) Kindergarten Readiness Presentation

September 5, 2018

Commission Investments Early Learning

Healthy Children

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Comprehensive Pediatric Dental Services (Healthy Smiles) Developed & Implemented Triage for High Risk Moms and Babies (BRIDGES for Newborns) Center for Autism School Readiness Nurses (Every Elementary School District)

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Reach Out and Read/Read for the Record Expanded early literacy opportunities (THINK Together, OC Reads) OC STEM Initiative Early Learning Specialists (Every Elementary School District)

Strong Families

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Early Childhood Mental Health (CHOC) Emergency & transition shelter Neighborhood Resource Network (Child Abuse Prevention)

Orange County’s EDI Process • Piloted the EDI in 2008 (5 schools in 1 district)

• Community planning meetings to “map” the EDI Neighborhoods

• Commission has contracts with each of the 24 elementary school districts in the county. • Recruitment of the districts/schools • District contact -Early Learning Specialist • Coordinate teacher training logistics and communications with districts

100% School Participation • Piloted EDI in 2008 (5 schools in Newport Mesa) Year 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 TOTAL

# of districts # of schools 1 4 6 4 11 15 20 15 8 16 13


5 21 45 12 61 75 153 153 65 162 196 379*

# of EDI records** 422 1,872 4,010 1,305 6,163 6,398 14,674 13,884 5,593 12,406 14,870 81,597

• In 2013, Commission made the commitment to achieve 100% school participation by 2015 • 2015-present, have 100% school participation

Early Development Index (EDI) The Commission collects comprehensive data about how ready children are when they enter kindergarten.

Early Development Index (EDI) Early Development Index (EDI), 2017

What We’ve Learned The data confirms that many OC children are not developmentally on-track when they enter kindergarten. PHYSICAL HEALTH & WELL-BEING Gross and Fine Motor Skills


SOCIAL COMPETENCE: Overall Social Competence

SOCIAL COMPETENCE: Approaches to Learning



33% 62%





EMOTIONAL MATURITY: Prosocial and Helping Behavior








Early Development Index (EDI) Early Development Index (EDI)

The Countywide Data Can Be Used To: Provide a roadmap of targeted intervention and support Improve grant making, needs assessments and other activities that benefit from real local data Facilitate community mobilization to create a “action agenda” centered around improving outcomes

Promote collaboration and integration of children’s services and service systems


La Habra

Case Study: La Habra

La Habra has one of the county’s highest rates of vulnerability

Use EDI to: • Enhance the professional development activities for preschool teachers • Engage a broader set of city leadership to inform collective efforts on behalf of children.

Early Childhood Mental Health Collaborative response to concerns about children being expelled from child care programs due to behavioral issues A composite EDI variable was developed capturing the percentage of children who have social-emotional vulnerabilities The resulting maps assisted in developing targeted support for child chare providers.

Santa Ana Goal: Building community partnership that embraces the responsibility of improving early learning outcomes. Focusing


Early Development Index


Goal Setting

• Multiple Community Partners • Strategic Alignment • Two Generational Model • Agreement on ways success will be measured & reported • “Spark” Projects

Early Development Index (EDI)

Building a Movement Getting the word out through a variety of tools and tactics Policy Briefs

Social Media


Email blasts

Speakers bureau


Earned media

Orange County EDI- RCCFC Meeting Sept. 12, 2018  
Orange County EDI- RCCFC Meeting Sept. 12, 2018