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5' 2' ' 157, 5x46

5' 6' ' 168x45

SURF 6' 0' ' 183x46

5' 8' ' 172x45



6' 2' ' 188x47

6' 9' ' 205x46

6' 4' ' 193x49

5' 10' ' 178x45 Fi sh

St r ap

St r aporSt r apl ess


Smal l

Al lSi zes

Al lSi zes

Al lSi zes

ChopsorBi g


I ncl uded

I ncl uded

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Noti ncl uded


Fi sh Wi t hi t suni queshape,youwi l lenj oyany t ypeofwaves,event hesmal landweak.I t s r ounded out l i ne al l ows f or t i ght t ur ns mai nt ai ni ngcont actwi t ht hewave.I thas amaz i ng upwi nd and pl anni ng abi l i t y t hankst oi t swi dt handf l atscoop.Wi t hi t s i mpr essi vef l oat abi l i t yyoucanuseaki t e onesi z esmal l ert hanusual ,andt husgai n i sst eer i nganddi r ect i oncont r ol .

Si gnat ur e Af t eryear sofi nt ensi vet est i ng overr eef andMedi t er r aneanwaves,t he5’ 6”-5'8"5'8"st ood outas t he i dealboar ds f or st r appedwaver i di ng.Sur pr i si ngl yeasy,i t nat ur al l y ent er st he cur ves and goes wher eyouwant :i tcandoi tal l ,f r om t i ght t ur nst ol ongcur ves. Avai l abl ei n 3 si z es t of i tal lst yl es and condi t i ons,al li nsame45cm wi deyoucan chooset hel enghyoul i kef oryourf avor i t e spot .

Sur f6' 0' ' I t sapol yval entboar dt hatcanbeusewi t h orwi t houtst r ap and i n pur e sur f .I ti s sl i ght l yl onger f or bet t er cont r olwhen st r apl ess.Showi ngt hesamequal i t i esas t he5’ 6”i tf ear snowaves!I t sl enghand46 cm wi de al l ow you t o use t he ki t e at mi ni mum i n yoursur f .I ti s al so a gr eat boar df orst r apl esscr ui si ngi nl i ghtwi nd condi t i ons. I t s over al l vol ume and i t s 46cm wi dehel psoutal oti nt hej i bes.

St r aporSt r apl ess

Sur fSL6' 2' '-6' 4' ' Thepur est r apl essandsur fboar d.I fyou wi sht oonl yr i dest r apl essandsur fwhen t her ei snowi ndt hent he6' 2"and6' 4"ar e f oryou.Wi t ht hei rvol umet heyar eper f ect f orl i ghtwi ndcondi t i onswhi l eusi nganot t oobi gki t eorsur fwhent her ei snowi nd. Theyar er ealsur fboar dst hatyoucanuse wi t haki t eandnotr ever se.

St r apl ess

Gun6' 9' ' The gun i s a boar di n a cat egor y ofi t s own. I t can have many pur poses. I t s l engt h makes i tver y st abl e and easy t o usewi t houtst r apsandcanbeusedwi t h onest r apatt hef r ont .I ti sSuperqui ckt o pl ane,i sout st andi ngdur i ngl ongdi st ance especi al l yr i di ng,due t oi t si ncr edi bl e upwi nd abi l i t y and unmat ched speed pot ent i al .I tcangot hr ut hechopl i keno ot herandi st her ef or ever ycomf or t abl ei n r oughcondi t i ons.Yeti fabi gswel lcomes i n,i twi l lgobackt oi t sor i gi nalpur posei n not i me!

F-One Bamboo Surf  

Form 5'2 Fish to 6'9 Gun, there is a surf for everybody and every conditions. Produced by firewire using a bamboo sandwiched technology, tho...

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