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My name is Eytan Levi. I am a French architecture student born and raised in Paris, France. I started my architectural education at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland, through the teaching of Prof. Dieter Dietz and Edouard Cabay. In my second year, I took Prof. Marco Bakker and Alexandre Blanc studio where I learned about materiality and atmosphere. In parallel, I studied vernacular heritage in the Swiss Alps with Prof. Nicola Braghieri. Then, I completed my B.Sc. in architecture with an exchange year at the University of Tokyo in Japan, participating in Prof. Toshio ōstuki’s studio about local communities and Prof. Manabu Chiba’s urban housing studio. After previous professional experiences at Voith & Mactavish Architects in Philadelphia, Go Hasegawa and Junya Ishigami in Tokyo; I have decided to keep reassessing the obvious to overcome the impossible in tangible architecture by interning for one year at Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, Switzerland.

CONTENTS Bachelor 1st semester | A path up a column Design Studio of the Conception of Space | EPFL

Bachelor 1st semester | Sitting along a line Design Studio of the Conception of Space | EPFL

Bachelor 2nd semester | Escape by the lake Design Studio of the Conception of Space | EPFL

Bachelor 3rd semester | Made with linen Laboratory for spatial manufacturing | EPFL

Bachelor 4th semester | Between two walls Laboratory for spatial manufacturing | EPFL

Bachelor 6th semester | Sleeping in the garden Chiba Laboratory | The University of Tokyo

Bachelor 6th semester | Lake Table Competition | 2nd prize

Bachelor 6th semester | Screen House Personal project

A PATH UP A COLUMN A spatial play in five acts Bachelor 1st semester, December 2014 | EPFL

Designed as a journey through a column, this project is intended to raise the user’s awareness of the contrast existing between the inside and outside of the Théâtre de Vidy, built by Max Bill in Lausanne, Switzerland. On the path from the bottom to the top of the column, one encounters several playful interventions - a 17-storey ramp, a slab, a wall, a balcony, a stairway and a narrow corridor - that question the conditions of insideness and outsideness.

Professor Dieter Dietz Assistant Edouard Cabay

Above: pictures of the 1:33 model | Right page: construction drawing

SITTING ALONG A LINE A linear table proposing a spatial idea related to the body Bachelor 1st semester, November 2014 | EPFL

Splitting of a single table in seventeen planes - each ergonomically adapted to a specific body position - offering a linear time interpretation in a site associated with a circular temporality. The project only uses hand-made joints inspired from Japanese traditional joinery and thus no screws or glue.

Professor Dieter Dietz Assistant Edouard Cabay In collaboration with Takayoshi Goto, Charlotte Dagand and AmÊlie Bès

Above: picture of the assembled 1:1 prototype | Right page: construction drawing

ESCAPE BY THE LAKE A getaway for actors in Lausanne Bachelor 2nd semester, May 2015 | EPFL

This space encloses a path allowing actors to escape from the stage of the ThÊâtre de Vidy in Lausanne during the interval of a play. Indeed, I came to the conclusion that acting alone on a stage while facing a large group of passive anonymous may lead to a need to escape. The project consists in suspended layers that structurally escape from the theater: instead of stable volumes put on the ground, the proposal does not provide any large flat surface nor any stability as the layers are moving with the motion of the user. Regarding the form, the project is designed to look like an extension of the theater when seen from afar - with only orthogonal volumes - that eventually appear to be completely different from the inside.

Professor Dieter Dietz Assistant Edouard Cabay

Above: construction drawing | Left page: picture of the 1:33 model

Above: drawing of the unfolded path through the project | Right page: picture of the 1:33 model

Made with linen A theater on a bridge over the Rhône river near Geneva Bachelor 3rd semester, December 2015 | EPFL

Built in a location that was known in the 18th century for its linen production, this project connects an extremely densely populated area - the Lignon - with fields that we decided to use for cultivating linen. Indeed, the pedestrian bridge is entirely built with linen ropes made on site and renewed every summer during a festival to celebrate the historical local material. The bridge aims at redifining and reviving the Lignon’s concrete slab - currently only used for circulation - by offering a visual and physical escape towards the other bank of the Rhône river, where we have set up a theater stage one can look at from rope bleachers located within the bridge.

Professors Marco Bakker & Alexandre Blanc Assistant Jean-Baptiste Bruderer In collaboration with Takayoshi Goto and Louis de Saint-Affrique

1:200 process models to find out the right structure for the rope system

Plan and section of the bridge

BETWEEN TWO WALLS A shelter for children in Geneva as a tribute to Rousseau Bachelor 4th semester, May 2016 | EPFL

In 1778, Jean-Jacques Rousseau dies in Geneva but his memory keeps living on the eponymous island in the RhĂ´ne. A few centuries later - in tribute to his commitment to education - a shelter for children is erected in the heart of the city, using only techniques and materials of the Enlightenment. The shelter seeks to nestle children who have been rejected by society and expresses its protection through its position against the current of the RhĂ´ne and its mineral materiality. The building consists of two inhabited walls - respectively for communal and intimate uses - separated by a large through North/South gap. The degree of intimacy varies on each floor following the structural system of the refuge: the most individual spaces are located near the ground and gradually open to form collective spaces on top of the shelter.

Professors Marco Bakker & Alexandre Blanc Assistant Rui Filipe Pinto In collaboration with Takayoshi Goto and Louis de Saint-Affrique

Above: Site plan | Right page: typical floor plan





Pictures of the 1:50 section model and of the 1:10 construction model

View of the project from the exisiting bridge

Section AA’ | Drawing

Section BB’ | Picture of the 1:50 model

SLEEPING IN THE GARDEN Student housing in a low-rise Tokyo neighboorhood Bachelor 6th semester, July 2017 | The University of Tokyo

Regarded as one of the few remaining traditional districts in Tokyo, Yanaka’s fabric was sweepingly different from the program of a new dormitory for one hundred students. In order to integrate smoothly in its context, the student housing was broken down to two-story buildings. However - to make sure interactions between dwellers would still happen - all common activities are located in the volume around the apartments within a greenhouse structure. The facade of this greenhouse - visually transparent - is designed to be physically porous with sliding doors and windows all over so that neighbors and students can meet and access a garden protected from the street also serving as an evacuation area for the neighboorhood in case of earthquakes.

Professor Manabu Chiba

Above: site plan | Right page: floor plans

4th floor

Winter garden

Study Lounge

Entrance Sports

2nd AND 3rd floor




Bar Restaurant

Restaurant Public toilets

Laundry Restaurant


Typical student apartment plan

Picture of the 1:200 model

Winter & night section | Picture of the 1:50 model

Summer & day section | Drawing

LAKE TABLE A meeting space in a convention center Bachelor 6th semester, July 2017 | Competition

This competition called for a meeting space in Seoul to promote Lausanne’s candidacy to organize the 28th International Union of Architects Convention. Lake Table embodies Lake Geneva’s exceptional network of connections and frames it with mountains diving into the water. Nestled between two stands along one of Seoul Convention Center’s numerous alleys, Lake Table is not revealed at first sight. From a distance, one sees a glowing drop of water evoking a foggy weather on Lake Geneva and projecting on a boat sail the shadows of the people sitting around Lake Table. In order to understand what the veil contains, one needs to penetrate through one of the four openings piercing the surface. One then discovers that the tabletop replicates Lake Geneva’s shoreline and that the four holes represent the main spots that would host the UIA Congress. Lake Table can be assembled in less than a day by three people: first, the scaffolding is set up, then the veil made like Lake Geneva’s century-old linen sails is hung and finally a reflecting-5-mm-MDF tabletop is placed. 2nd prize

Outside view | Scaffolding detail




Inside view | Lake Geneva plan and interactions plan

screen house A share house on a hill structured around the view Bachelor 6th semester, May 2017 | Personal project

I had the opportunity to spend a few days on a hill in Nagasaki, Japan, where Screen House is located. I could not get over the view on the harbour and the surrounding slopes thus I decided to develop a project around it; a share house for eight guests built on an elongated site. In order to maximize the viewing dimension, all rooms have a direct connection to the exterior thanks to their shallow depth. The landscape thus visually blends with the physically narrow spaces to create a wide space. Screen House features two types of conditions: intimate spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms; as well as one continuous common space taking up all the remaining volume. The private rooms provide a structure for a fluid surface enabling all common activities; acting itself as an extension of the immediate context of Screen House in Nagasaki: a network of stairs linking dwelling spaces.

Site plan

1. Elongated site with a view

2. Maximized volume to enjoy the view

3. Homogeneous steel structure

4. Intimate spaces laid out through relationships

5. Remaining volume as common space

6. Adapted steel structure

7. Continuous surface linking programs with surroundings

8. Screen House embracing the view

Thinking process diagrams


7TH floor

6TH floor

5TH floor

4TH floor

3rd floor

2nd floor

GROUND floor

Above: floor plans | Left page: perspective section

Eytan Levi

Eytan Levi - Portfolio  

2018 application portfolio for M.Arch. Admitted to Princeton, Yale, Harvard GSD and MIT. Works from 2014 to 2017 through or in parallel of...

Eytan Levi - Portfolio  

2018 application portfolio for M.Arch. Admitted to Princeton, Yale, Harvard GSD and MIT. Works from 2014 to 2017 through or in parallel of...