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ver the course of these days I have improved my skills. Mainly I would refrain to my layouting and editing skills and there is a certain features I am using to make my work easier. I am talking about shortcuts. There are hundreds of them. From control+c and control+v, to control+shift+alternate+e. Don’t know what can one do with that in InDesign? I didn’t know it, two days ago, as well. The idea of a keyboard shortcut is fairly simple, is it not? We press comon combinations in order to achieve a certain result in the most efficient way. We don’t have to take our fin-

laziness, but to make us more efficient? Skipping a part of the track is only that useful, when you have a high chance of obesity. Using shortcuts in life Let us be honest here for is only useful so long, until you a bit. We all are at least a tad realise that you have missed a lazy and shortcuts are made to big and fairly important part of deal with it. Though, I would it. also say that the shortcuts can Neverminding what I backfire. If you are wondering just said, I will still keep using how, then bear with me here. shortcuts. Today, tomorrow We do not like to spend and in 10 years time. The only hours and hours of time that difference you can make is by we could use in numerous oth- undermining the goal, why are er ways. The computer screen you using them. is only a pleasant companion Are you cuting the track for a while. So we use shortin order to spare time or to cuts. lose yourself in time. Give it a But does one ever think thought.. about the fact that shortcuts are not meant to underline our gers off the keyboard. There is no need to use the mouse or the touchpad, or whatever else one is using.

Yours truly - K.C. Editorial note: The cover picture was selected by the journalists themselves as the best picture from the first two days. Enjoy! 2

Sometimes, a picture can tell you more than a thousand words..


Emotional Emotional stability is an option, not a necessity. Valentina Marin & Michal Rejman take a look into this phenomenon. “I’ve seen the president naked!”

Maria, journalist

Okechukwu, ENVI I

Oksana, chairperson

“World, Y U NO keep going instead of playing apocalypse?”

Valeria, DEVE

Irina, AFET

Flavius, DEVE

“I was so sad about having only 5 Euros and then I discovered that in Ukraine you can party all night long for that.”

Davide, ENVI I

Cristoph, ENVI II


Adina, chairperson

caleidoscope Even though you’re always being happy and smiling we know that inside of you different emotions are struggling. With a little help from the best of Polish and Romanian technology we managed to capture those moments when you’re showing your real selves. Enjoy. “I’m environmentally friendly. My motto is: save water, shower together.”

Mike, organizer

Artem, journalist

Yegor, organiser

“Last night I told everybody that I wouldn’t oversleep... Amm.. it’s 9.30 AM!”

Miroslav, DEVE


Valentina, journalist

“I met beautiful girl yesterday, tried to pick her up but got rejected.”

Felix, ECON

Bruno, chairperson


Marianne, journalist

The food journey Food? Drinks? People running around with plates? Maria Shcherbak & Tua Malmberg took a look back at the Eurovillage.


ne of the many wonderful things about cultural diversity is great food. Fortunately you get a chance to experience cultural food diversity at every session, at the Eurovillage. Every country brings a dish to represent it and invites the other participant to come and try and to get to know their culture at little bit better. 'All I remember from this evening is the Georgian baklava and the Turkish delicious stuff. They were putting this 'cotton candy' whilst telling me to open my mouth as wide as I could. At first it felt like a pillow feather, but then it began to melt and everything changed. I was also impressed by the generosity of the Russian delegation. Their



ries are definitely the showed that their countries best!' (Ira, ENVI 1, Ukraine) are very hospitable. I was especially impressed by one of Is there a better way Turkish delegates, who fed to unite people than through others at the Eurovillage. I sharing food? Eurovillage is also like Germany’s counsupposed to bring all partici- try presentation, it was really pants of the session closer to- creative' (Yulia, JURY, Ukraine) gether, and the one we had What the majority of last night definitely did what agreed on was that Is there anything that participants the Georgians and the Turks unites people better would have a good chance surviving the Apocalypse. The than food? future Germans, with their it was meant to do. Evening amazing country presentation starting with cheese eating at film also looked safe. But evethe Italian and Portuguese ta- ryone could agree upon that bles, continuing with desert at the two incredibly beautiful, the Turkish table and ending smart and talented Swedish with dancing to �Disco Pogo�. girls singing ABBA would not I would deem it a success. only survive the apocalypse, but also, surely, live forever. 'A great impression was made by Turkish and Georgian delegation, because they


The starter The first time is always a fairly special occasion. Artem Gumeniuk talks about the begginings of EYP`ing.


YP is believed to be a special kind of activity because of the memories it creates. While attending EYP session, you get this odd feeling when you are just happy to be alive. The atmosphere can be described as vibrant and lively, where

the individuality of everyone is respected and interaction is the priority. Of course, there have been dark times when you didn’t know about EYP. But somehow you were just lucky enough to discover it, therefore to change your life in some way.

But how did that happen? Every EYPer has his own story that led him onto EYP-way. Some delegates of TRAN committee were delighted to share it with us.

Temo Basilaia (Georgia) 'I have a friend... We’ve been really good friends since childhood, and now she’s the Board member of EYP-Georgia. So there was no way she couldn’t share her experience with me. That crucial talk took place in 2010. So here I am.'

Marina Sulima (Moldova) I’ve always longed for more than just studies at the university. Once I received an invitation to the first session ever of EYPMoldova this February, and I couldn’t resist it. I’m excited to start my EYP-career and I’m thankful to my friend for getting me into it.

Kai Wittig (Germany) 'I feel bad now realising that I was not involved in EYP, while it’s been in my school for many years. My first session took place in March 2011 in Traunstein. Friends of mine, who were already in EYP, just mentioned that they didn’t have enough people to complete delegation to go the session. I asked if I could go, and that resulted in my current presence at Kyiv Regional Session.' I bet you have that feeling, when the moments of every session you went have the touch of pure randomness. But let me assure that there are no accidental meetings. Every coincidence or lucky situations you have experienced are the part of the future, and they were meant to happen. So if in the dim background of your mind you know what you’re going to do, then don’t hesitate to begin. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. 7

The doomsday Feeling kind of special these days? Dana Klimova can explain why, that is so and what can you expect from the Apocalypse. You need to deal with your feelings today and figure out what you really want. Something special will happen to you tonight that will affect your future. Though it is not going to be such a long life, but after the Apocalypse you will end up on planet Love.



Your fashion style will change dramatically this evening. The reason will be meeting a special person that will be your future, and also your wardrobe guide. After the Doomsday you will be shot to the Shopping planet.

You´re an inner extrovert. You will raise above the surface and your speeches will be memorable. You will set an example for the future generations and say something that will inspire crowds. The Apocalypse will provide you with the chance of living on the EYP planet.

Your dream of having a happy family and fun children might start off today. The real change will eventually come 9 months later. Just be aware of safety and expressing your true feelings. When the Doomsday happens, you will already be living on Baby planet.

Your task today is to deal with your finances. You will go bankrupt. You will have to find a sponsor for the rest of the life. You already got to know who drives expensive cars and you should take that into consideration. You will spend the end of your life on Luxury planet.



Some inspiration from the previous day will not let you sleep at all. Your creativity will be infinite and you will not be able to decide whether to sing, paint or dance during the GA. When the world ends by an explosion you will fly to Rainbow planet.




horoscope Aries March 21-April 19 Taurus April 20-May 20 Gemini May 21-June 21 Cancer June 22-July 22 Leo July 23-August 22 Virgo August 23-September 22

Libra September 23-October 23 Scorpio October 24-November 21 Sagittarius November 22-December 21 Capricorn December 22-January 19 Aquarius January 20-February 18 Pisces February 19-March 20

Today the stars decided to give you special abilities, such as travelling in time, influencing minds of others and extreme strength. You should use it your best and do not forget about Mother Earth. On Doomsday you will be transferred to Super Hero planet.

Soon you will realize where your place is. There has always been a need of proper coffee breaks and you want to make it finally happen. After the end of the world you will live on Polish planet, because only in Poland they have Starbucks as a coffee breaks sponsor.

Tonight you will meet a person confessing to you with mathematical passion. Just one negative epsilon will make you finally realize which way you want your life to go. When Doomsday comes you will be fine because you will have counted your way to the Infinite planet.





You will be lucky today as being the one getting the most sleep. On the other hand, your sleeping mode is fixed or a while and soon you will be considered lazy. When the Apocalypse comes, you will already be on your way to the planet of Dreams.

Sun shines not only outside but also inside you. Many people will find you as their energy source and you will be a positive magnetizer for everyone. After Apocalypse, you will live on the Sun.



You will change dramatically today. You will feel as a tiger inside and a butterfly outside. Be aware of schizophrenia and don't reject to talk to anyone trying to help you. Before Apocalypse you will be already sent to Secret planet.


Farmville kids What have you done to fight against the ecological problems? Tua Malmberg writes about her committee and their topical activity.


oday was the day when the Committee on Development saved the world. Armed with a tree and a shovel the brave DEVE delegates fought evil and took a step towards salvation. Today was the day their quest to save mankind from the Apocalypse began.

were. Wearing neon-orange colored gloves on their hands, and important looks on their faces. Each and every member of the fashionable farmers’ team took turns digging.

The committee organizer Valentyn Bandaruk helped the delegates by sharing his superb tree-planting skills. There is nothing more He showed the delegates eximportant to DEVE than sav- actly what they needed to ing our world from defor- do and how they were to do estation. And one wouldn’t it. He also helped the chair believe how active they are! Oksana to protect the delOn the 5th of April at 12 am egates from an angry garthey took action. They fought dener who wanted them to back by planting a tree. 'Go away! Off the grass!'. The committee truly made a statement today when they were walking down the streets of Kyiv carrying their soon-to-be-planted tree.

This was putting words into action!

When the tree had been planted the committee DEVE is not just anoth- stood in a circle around it with er committee saying that they pride in their eyes. They dewant to change the world, they cided to name the tree Davie, are a committee dedicated after the committee, and to enough to actually take a stance. protect it forever and always.

looked upon the baby tree. And that is true. This tree will help save the world. It will provide inhabitants of Kyiv with oxygen for many years to come. It was a very satisfied Committee on Development that returned to the teambuilding room. Pleased with themselves they talked about how great they felt about the tree planting during a well-deserved coffee break. As the committee Journo asked the delegates too tell her what they thought about their quest of a topical activity Aliaksei Varavin, Belarus answered for them all:

As the committee ar'This tree is like Ygrasil. It was so cool, he said smiling rived to the park where the tree Holding the worlds together.' happily. was to be planted you could Flavius Balauca said with a faclearly tell how excited they therly look on his face as he 10

GG Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Kyiv RS’ elite. What has been going on during the first days of the session? Who are the mysterious, tall gentlemen in ITRE, and what are they up to during the night time? Why does the orga of JURI love the blue stickers? The one and only, President St(r)ipp, expressed his honest opinion on how miserable he felt as rumour has it that the Vice-President from Latvia is rated higher than himself. However, according to a delegate in his own committee, the President is actually quite a hottie.

Spotted: Ukrainian girl having a crush on a German. Currently, there are not too many Germans present in Kyiv, so luckily, she has two quite similar to choose between. At the Eurovillage country presentations, we had a pretty handsome gentleman who led us through several wonderful presentations with humour, masculinity and something we like to call the little extra. Girls, I believe he is single.

The Eurovillage party is often quite exhausting for first-time-EYP’ers. However, in ECON, it was the more experienced delegate from Georgia who slept through committee work. What was he up to last night, one might wonder?

Rumour has it that there was a round of the kissing bottle going on in one of the deli rooms last night. I believe the two tall and handsome foreigners of ITRE were quite happy with the outcome, seeing as they were surrounded by plenty of Ukrainian beauties.

You might have noticed all the stickers that flow around in Kyiv at the moment. Green represent hug, red is for a kiss, while blue is an invitation to dance. One might presume dance means a small, innocent dance, however, the orga for JURI would rather like a lap dance. Give her a blue, guys!

Among the officials, there are not only the men who are popular. A certain head organiser was classified as a long-legged beauty with short skirt. 'Very nice indeed', says an anonymous man-source among the delegates.

They are not so tall, but on the other hand they are quite sexy, especially when they speak their own language. I think you know who I’m talking about, as they made quite a performance at Euroconcert, actually twice.

That’s all from Kyiv RS for tonight, ladies and gentlemen. And who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me. Xoxo, Gossip Girl. 11

The last Debating and playing games is one thing. But Iana Yukhimenko & Marianne Munz know talents when they see them.


hursday night was the night for a big event - Euroconcert. Delegates and officials had been rehearsing for weeks, and Kyiv Regional Session was finally set to welcome them on the stage. The happening began with the premiere of Anna Safronova’s introducing movie of

the session, as she is the video editor. Our dear President did also contribute at a high level, with a song and music video he had made himself, called 'The World Is Gonna End Today'.

Generally, the artists kept a red thread about being green, being strong, being independent and being conscious of life decisions. Firstly, the sexy Portuguese guys performed a really touching rebellious (as they said) anthem. Although we had no clue of what they were singing about it hit right into our hearts.

Bruno and Miguel were followed by Oksana from ITRE, who in a beautiful red dress convinced everyone that we are 'Simply The Best'. Then orga Kristina and chair Oksana sang beautifully about love in Spanish. They were again followed by girls from ITRE, who performed the hit-song ‘Pricetag'. It is clear that it is not about the money, and they

Amazing as it is, the second song was finished five minutes before the Euroconcert. The good piece of old-school homemade rap made the audience go crazy. And we stayed like that until the very end.

sure made the world dance.


A special performance from Georgia was up next at the Euroconcert, and he did something quite different. The national costume had been

concert brought all the way from Georgia to Kyiv, for Eurovillage and Euroconcert, a traditional outstanding Georgian dance that we were all really impressed by. Performer number eight was Alex from Belarus and DEVE. Personally, I would like to call him the new Aleksander Rybak, since he is both from Belarus, and has an amazingly strong and manly voice, actually quite a lot better than 'good 'ol' Rybak. Adele’s 'Rolling in the deep' got a new

Ukrainian song about the guy who fell in love for the rainbow, or 'Veselka'. We loved the performance, despite his casual outfit, and we hope that he has had the chance to go home and get his clothes for the rest of the session finally. Valentin was followed by another Ukrainian, Ilija from ITRE. He amazed us all with an outrageous guitar piece and a sweet voice that melted hearts of all the young girls. The Russian song he sang was 'Prostitsa',

meaning, and we were im- which means: 'to say goodbye'. pressed to see a guy singing such a challenging song. The last, but absolutely not least, performers of the Another gentleman that evening, were the marvelous made his way to the glorious head organizers Zhenia and stage was the orga Valentin. Tania. They, with the help He was singing a pop-rock from orga Vitalik, performed


a song and a dance that touched us all. Several complicated lifts and dance moves that not everyone can manage were introduced. It became clear for us, once and for all, that our H.O.s are the best. Finally, we have to say a big thanks to the two wonderful hosts Katja and Richard. They lead us through the evening with humor, smoothness and pure love. Moreover, thanks to all of our outstanding performers at Euroconcert.

We can all agree on the fact that the Euroconcert of the Kyiv RS 2012 will be remembered for a long, long time.

Quizalicious How EYP environmentally friendly you are? Michal Rejman gives you a fairly simple way, how to find out. 1. How did you get to the session? a) By plane or by car - like a boss. b) I chose the train. That's the way I roll. c) I hitchhiked. I always do.

5. After Committee Work... a) You throw everything in the range of your hands and sight into this big, plastic bag you got from the organizers. That's what they wanted, right? b) You check if you don't by accidence throw something valuable. Pens, unused papers, fellow 2. During Committee Work... a) You use all the flipcharts, play snowball all the committee members wallets. c) Paper here, plastic there! Recycling makes you time and tape A4's to walls constantly. b) You recognize that every sheet of paper is smile. produced with the other side. 6. Committee on Environmental Affairs is c) You actually use the other side. presenting their resolution. What do you do? 3. How often do you shower during ses- a) Once you heard words: 'pollution' and 'deforestation' used in one sentence, you decide to take sion? a nap and wait up for FEMM. a) Twice a day is a reasonable minimum. b) You managed to get through their resolution b) One day, one shower. Isn't it obvious? and you even understand it. c) Screw it, I smell nice anyway. c) You actually raise your placard and try to be constructive. 4. Are you a smoker? a) Yes! I was afraid you'll never ask. Let's go. b) I occasionally enjoy a puff. 7. During the party you drink: c) That's disgusting and bad for you, didn't you a) Fancy drinks consisting of 3 kinds of alcohol, 4 know? kinds of juice and 7 kinds of fruits. b) Beer. Vodka. Repeat. c) Water from the puddle outside.

Mostly A:

Mostly B:

Mostly C:

Obviously, you’re living in happiness in comfort. Good for you! But the world around you is tearing apart and you have also contributed to the process. While enjoying your nihilist, destructive life, stop and think for a minute. You like having nice things, right? Earth is yours as well.

You’re not really harmful for the environment. But if you’re being eco-friendly, you usually do this for slightly different reasons. You’ll probably use this cotton bag because other hipsters already got one. Or choose the fair trade coffee because being eco is the new glamour.

You’re a member of the two ENVIs or you consciously take all the green issues seriously. Mother Earth is smiling and high-fiving you right now. Just be careful that you won’t end chained to the tree with other hippies fighting for rights of another nasty worm.


passion in my... All of us have things we feel passionate about. Dana Klimova & Artem Gumeniuk went out to find passionate delegates. Alina


'As the Ukrainian star I like to drive different cars. I actually change car every day, because I don´t only love to drive my own, but also my boyfriend’s or my dad´s one. I like to speed a lot and also I find the steering wheel kind of sexy, mainly in Audis and Hondas!'

'Threesomes. Just two girls and me, my awesomeness. I slept with two Turkish girls yesterday, like just lying in one bed. And at the moment I just realised I want to get married. It was such an incredible feeling to have them sleeping on my chest. In this way it would easily become my passion.'


'Chasing the dream of completing all the possible computer games in the world. It is just so much fun to be schizophrenic and live 2 lives'

Maria & Lara

'British boys. But unfortunately there are none at this session so we will just leave our passion for some future one.”


'Singing. I love it! When I go on stage and I can just make all the people laugh, dance and get energized. I also do it when I am tired in order to keep up my mood. And the Euroconcert just made me love it even more.'


'As a twin I prefer with other female twins



'Normally I wouldn't know since I don't really have a secret one, but now I can tell you: Riding in the limo has just definitely become my biggest passion. We are such a brave team that we always choose dare while playing 'Truth & dare', even in the limousine.'

quadro foursomes twins, but I mean of course!'

'I totally love junk food, like McDonalds, for instance, or shaurma. On the other hand, I truly love going to the parties mainly to meet up with all the new people. It´s amazing how one can actually have so much fun with people he doesn´t even know!'


Kiev’s Tired of drinking instant coffee? Iana Yukhimenko knows the best places to wonder around.


ere you are. Managed to put all the clothes in the cupboard (even if there’s not enough space), met some new people and tried to remember their names (impossible quest), breathed the EYP spirit during teambuilding, survived the first day till the evening... So what now?

During the session or after it you’ll find yourself in a situation when some spare time arouses and waits for you to spend it properly. The best way to solve the problem is to take a small walk with a fellow to the nearest cafe for a cup of tea and a round of conversations. For this particular occasion (or even several of them) I would like to introduce you with several very special places in Kyiv.

For your convenience all of them have Wi-Fi access. We will start the guide from the outskirts of 'Shuliavka' (the district where your hostel is situated), go through the center of Kyiv (sightseeing time) and end up on the railway station where you would probably have some time before the departure.


metro pub


The place is stylized as an Irish pub with walls covered with football fan’s attributes jumbled up with prints of famous rock groups. You can get a rather cheap and tasty breakfast or lunch here (about 2-3 euros for a meal with a cup of tea or coffee). Peculiarities: - You can order playing cards (but not allowed to play poker) - Almost all the visitors are the students of the Kyiv National Economic University. Howtoget: the place is in three steps from the central building of KNEU if you head to the underground station. Address: Pobedy ave., 52-2

The design is dedicated to the underground and trains, the waiters are in the conductor’s uniform, and you feel yourself like in a carriage. There’s a little toy-locomotive wheeling round the room under the ceiling. Peculiarities: - Get a Russian-speaker to translate jokes from the menu - A must-see lavatory - Huge collection of various beer-cups Howtofind: Standing in front of entrance of 'Shuliavska' station, go round the building to the right. You will find a blue door leading to the stairs. Walk up on the 2nd floor. Address: Pobedy ave., 48a

A fancy Soviet-style restaurant 'I’m at my grandma’s countryhouse”. Take a precise look at all the wonderful backdrop – old books, household articles, lamps, toys and even suitcases. Try the traditional Slavic cuisine and the speciality of the house – dumplings with various fillings. The best place to have a tea – a 0,5 l teapot with free basket of bakery for 2 euros. Specialties: - Soviet movie on the screens and background music of early 80's - A rabbit and songbirds in the non-smoking hall Address: Dovjenko str, 1; Voksalna sq, 2


finest Varenje



One more place near the railway. Too sweet to miss it – quite a little cafe full of good coffee. Feel yourself like at home, soft, warm and comfortable. 'Varenje' supports ‘Un caffe sospeso' or otherwise «Give If You Wish - Get If You Want» system. In other words you can either get one coffee or panino for free or buy one for somebody who’ll visit later. Peculiarities: - Plenty of tasty home-made jams (the name of the cafe is translated 'jam') - Non-smoking Howtoget: From the Central railway station go straight ahead to a crossroad, cross it so that you'll get on the left side and look for a black-board.

If you are a big fan of pizza's and sushi's at the same time you have a unique opportunity to visit a cafe with Italian-Japanese cuisine. Doesn’t matter if you dream to fill the rows of Yakuza or Mafiosi, this place is for you – luxury interior with crystal lamps and wide mirrors won’t leave you indifferent. Howtofind: You are standing on the Square of Independence and looking at the column with Berehynia. Now turn to the left and go straight ahead till you'll see the next European square. On the left side of the Hreshchatyk str. (hope you don't have levophobia) look for a big black abat-jour. Address: Hreshchatyk str, 6 (2)

It’s a festive-restaurant of an exclusive art and glamorous design. The prices are a bit higher than moderate, although the outlook’s worth it. Still a glass of beer won’t cost you much. The whole impression of the establishment is kind of psychedelic, especially due to on-going crazy cartoons on the screens. Specialties: - Visit the lavatory - Sometimes they serve crayfish and you can see them live in the aquarium at the entrance to the dining-hall - Live rock and jazz music in the evening Address: Bessarabs'ka str, 2


Limotastic Maria Shcherbak takes a look back at the posh and fun evening conclusion. May the swag team be with you.


ou know, in EYP After an unforgettable Bruno we don’t talk about and Miguel song, tender 'The money, we imag- Shadow of Your Smile' perine ourselves as 'rich bitches', who have money for everything they want. And now, after a city tour in a limousine with two bottles of champagne, we can be sure about it. During the amazing Euroconcert all the participants had an opportunity to enjoy the performances of the most talented and brave EYPers of the session. The most memorizing was the session song, written by Mr. Riaan Stipp, the President, accompanied by an extraordinary music video, captured at 3 o’clock in the morning by officials.

Richard’s the best ‘cause:

inside and a lot of funny games in mind we had the greatest and craziest city tour ever. While dancing, screaming committee shout, playing mafia, pointing game, 'I have never ever', 'Truth or Dare' the time passed very fast. 'It was memorizing and unexpected. I think it is the best session I have ever been to' (Flavian, DEVE).

From the name of all the participants of the session I would like to thank Organisers formance by Head Organis- for giving us an opportunity ers, no one had expected such to admire Kyiv from the roof an unbelievable continuation. of the limo before the End. 8 limousines were waiting for us outside the Euroconcert venue. With 9 people

Let the best host win!

He’s a boy; He feels the stage; He acts naturally; He’s a Czech guy; He’s a great kisser and dancer; He’s got a good sense of humor

Kate’s the best ‘cause: She’s a girl; Her dress is the best; She picks you up from the first look; She’s cute; She’s a real lady; She’s our committee organiser


Memesville Where do you spend hours and hours of time? Valentina Marin has a couple of places, where she lets herself go.


wild Apocalypse is getting closer and closer but people seem to be just as laid back as always choosing a funnier approach to it. I am going to take a wild guess and say that most of you have heard about 9gag, 4chan or at least tumblr. You might be familiar with that warm feeling of getting home after a tiring day at school, crashing on the bed and just starting checking 9gag, realizing with every post that you skim and laugh at that you’re progressively loosing your soul to the internet demon. It looks as if the road to hell is paved with funny posts. So high is the dedication level of 9gaggers that they spread the word to every single friend on facebook, filling walls with massive reposts. An authentic hipster would immediately reject the idea of following this kind of sites as

they represent a fast-growing trend amongst teenagers who will most likely start talking in meme quotes a day or two after discovering the site. One thing is for certain: 9gag will give you all possible and ridiculously close to impossible scenarios of the zombie Apocalypse and means of survival in the fight against them. Fellow EYPers, you shall be introduced to a great variety in weaponry, zombie proof constructions and tips on how

An authentic hipster would reject these sites automatically.

During the session I got the chance to see just how memes work in real life and you’d be surprised at how often meme-like expressions popped up in the photos. All in all, 9gag might be for you a way to relax and have a laugh from time to time (refreshing ‘hot page’ every 15 minutes). It might be the burning desire to follow some trend. Or it can be a random site that you consider more or less useless. No matter how you feel about it now, beware at the ‘vote page’ section! Once you go there, you’re never getting your soul back.

you could react in a face to zombie face confrontation (the latter involving mostly running the hell away). With a motto that says ‘Just for Fun’ you can easily expect to see a fair number of witty, funny posts and comments that will bring a smile on your face as well.

DEVE quotes of the day During Honey Tell Me that You Love Me: 'I need to pick someone who is easy.' -Andreas

During brainstorming: We can breed with her! And have a good time with her! - Flavius 19

The green mile Have you been to the metro lately? Michal Rejman & Valentina Marin talk about enviromentalism in Kiev.


the first glance organizing a session about environmental issues in a city such as Kiyv seems a bit paradoxal. If you wonder why: just go outside. Thousands of cars stacked in a never-ending traffic jam, burning bazillion tones of gasoline destroying the environment more and more. (and also human mental health: those who remember Michael Douglas from Falling Down know what I’m talking about).

tory when fumes can actu- for the way back to the hosally stimulate brain functioning. tel was made worthwhile by the view, says the enthusiasGetting the chance to tic and still a little bit shook stay in Kiev for these amaz- up delegate who had got lost. ing few days has taught us just what being eco-friendly actuTo keep away from the ally means. We do complete hustle and bustle of the city, the tasks, we even pick up the trash overcrowdings in the traffic or lying on the grass of the univer- just for the sake of adopting sity’s lanes. Moreover, we also an envi-friendly attitude peouse the most environmentally ple in Kiev also use the subfriendly means of transporta- way, our ultimate guide around tion: feet. That goes for every the city for this session. The location of the session from English version of some signs the walk to the teambuilding might be confusing, we might and CW venue to the actual not hear a thing from what the labyrinth like corridors that metro station person is saying take you around the univer- and some of us definitely need sity. Confused delegates and to improve our equilibristic officials were running at first aptitudes to keep away from from one side of the building nearly falling when the metro to another in search for their starts working or stops, but all committee rooms, the cafeteria in all we are choosing the ecoor even just a place where to friendly way. The ENVI way! do the teambuilding activities.

This critical situation is even reflected by Ukrainian language. In English we just talk about traffic jam. In Ukrainian you can distinguish tianuchkasort of traffic, but still slowly moving and propka – more still than hangover delegate at 8 in the morning. If you add to this planes flying over the city, factories and power stations Another manifestation powered by coal the whole of our support for eco-friendly picture is less than colourful. means of transport is the every day morning walk towards But if you think about it the tram. However, after getdeeper there’s no better place ting an anonymous tip from than Kiyv for a 'Think Green' a delegate it seems that the Session. The close perspec- gorgeous Kiev can especially tive can help delegates un- be admired at night when the derstand and relate to the bright lights of the city cover problem more easily. That’s the sky in sparkles. Walking probably the first time in his- for a whole hour in search 20

The dark man Maria Shcherbak has a fairly special man in her life. We believe it is about darn time you get to hear about him.


4. 5.

going to tell you about one of the most eccentric film director of all times. He may seem crazy from the first look at his gallery and characters, are but I find him as one of the modern geniuses. As every average fan I can talk about my idol for hours. To save your time I’ll give you 5 reasons to admire Tim Burton.

1. 2. 3.

He can make you believe in miracles. Every time he drives you to another reality, which seems more realistic than the one you in. Definitely, he is a professional.

He made 'Vincent’, ‘Batman’, ‘Edward Scissorhands’, ‘Big Fish’, ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’,‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, ‘Corpse Bride’, ‘Sweeney Todd’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and even more. Isn’t it enough to admire?

He is a talented nugget-artist from the Hollywood suburbia, which has made a brilliant career exclusively due to Someone would say that his films are hard work and unlimited imagination. dark, quirky-themed and frightful for children. But I see them as inspiring masterHe has an absolutely unique outlook and pieces, full of inner light. To understand Tim his personal style. That’s why he couldn’t Burton you have to read between lines. Symstand drawing Walt Disney characters bolism and grotesque are his main weapons. and decided to work on solo projects. The last words from ‘Big Fish’ reflecting the idea of the movie, to my mind, also can be told reHe has built a strong team of actors, garding Tim Burton as a unique Hollywood film shooting staff and musicians, who are director: ‘A man tells his stories so many times involved almost in all his latest works. that he becomes the stories. They live on afAll of them are his closest friends, and ter him. And in that way he becomes immortal.’ I, as an amateur film director, assure you that it’s one of the keys to success. 'I would do 'One person’s craziness is another person’s reality' (Tim Burton) anything Tim wanted me to. You know - have sex with an aardvark... I would do it' (Johnny Depp)


A coffee-holics diary What tends to be black, green, red and white? A beverage that Marianne Munz doesn’t drink, that’s for sure.


ver since I was a little girl, I have thought that all the people walking around with to-gocups of coffee are extremely cool. To be like them, I began to buy cocoa at my local coffee shop, in a to-go-cup of course, and then walk home, feeling like a superstar. I would keep the cup all the way home, even if I drank up the cocoa quickly, just so people could see how cool and grown-up I was. However, at one point, I said to myself; 'grow up, Marianne! Start drinking real coffee!' And so I did. I began at the age of 13, with a coffee latte filled with sugar and syrup. Since then, my taste in coffee have expanded quite a lot, actually so much that I dare to call it a passion. Coffee can be compared to a bunch of friends. They are always there for you, whenever you need them. They differ from each other, and to fulfil your needs from your friends, you will require the qualities of each and every one of them. Friends are among many considered as family, however, no matter how you are feeling; coffee can always cheer

you up. In that category, you have more than a few options; Personally, I would enjoy a small, but strong espresso shot – exclusive drops of energy – whenever I need an extra kick.

Coffee-break in EYP is something we all love. Tough discussions in committee work are forgotten, and we can all relax with a cup of wonderful black drops and a snack for a couple of minutes. I don’t know My virgin-cup – latte – is anyone that cherishes coffee still one of my favourites, best more than EYP’ers, and that suited for an afternoon at a cafe is honestly one of the reasons with good friends and long why I love EYP. Even if the cofEven if it tastes like shit, fee taste like shit, it is still coffee, and it still makes people happy.

it still makes people happy! conversations. Or how about an ice cold glass of ice coffee on a steaming hot day in the park during the summer, mmm! Moreover, you can not get away from the delicious coffee mocha. If you are feeling a little down, a mocca will definitely cheer you up. It is like latte, only with chocolate; who can resist? Last, but absolutely not least, I always enjoy a cup of well brewed plain black coffee. As I said, coffee is like a bunch of friends. They differ, but you need them all for different purposes. Actually, I would dare to say that I would rather rely on coffee than friends; after all, coffee does not care about them selves! 22

Finally, if you are one of those people who like to have a sweet snack along with your coffee, don’t feel guilty! So, I urge you all, dear delegates, at coffeebreak, please enjoy a nice cup of coffee, together with a sweet snack (hopefully a Barni!) with a good feeling. It will only give you additional smartness that will come quite handy further in committee work.

The land of freedom How well do you know your inner self? Valentina Marin knows a place that might help you in the process.


he illuminist ideology talks about the need for seeking personal happiness as a human’s fundamental right. It does get one person wondering... what is happiness afterall? Can we define it as a complementary value of freedom, an ideal that people have been yearning for since the beginning of time, as Greek mithology reveals? I have been identifying freedom with a certain place that I’m fondly attached to. One cannot achieve that extatic sensation of complete freedom as there are too many boundries that keep us grounded to this social environment that we live in.

for the sunrise, but not to worry! Everybody is friends with everybody in Vama, the social awkwardness is no longer valid and asking for a cigarette or money from someone you don’t know and probably never see again is pretty common.

have no money left in your pockets. Life here can be cheap and chill, it can be wild and unpredictible, it can be whatever you want it to be.

Sipping from life’s vodka glass, contemplating on the spiritual aspect of huAfter an eventful night man existance, wondering of dancing, random hook-ups, about the ephemerity of the You have the right to moment... this is how Vama Veche works its magic on you.

search for your happiness!

You have the right to search for your happiness, to awesome swimming sessions discover your inner self and in the slightly warm sea and evolve on a spiritual level. a fair consumption of alco- From my obviously subjective hol, there is nothing more that point of view, Vama Veche is someone could wish for than the perfect place to be on a sleeping like a log for at least hot day of summer, listening half a day. Some people are to reggae music while enjoyHowever, we can some- so eager to get the true sen- ing a well deserved morning times let our inhibitions loose, sation of being at the seaside cup of coffee, the refreshing spread our wings and shout that they don’t even bother breeze of the see filling your at the limitless sky: „ I’m free!” to walk half zombified to their lungs and soul with pure joy. Without further adue, I give tents in the disturbingly bright you Vama Veche or „The old morning and simply crash border” (connection point be- on the beach, waiting for the tween Romania and Bulgaria), soothing music from the close a small village on the shore of by therases to wake them up. the Black Sea that people like to think of as the land of freedom. Ever since the communist era this place has been A random drunken punk considered an escaping point rocker might cross your ways from the harsh reality, a place on the beach while your ex- that you’re genuinly happy to hausted self is waiting chillingly have arrived to even if you 23

2012/04 5th Kyiv RS magazine Issue 2  

Doomsday Rider Issue 2 - magazine of the 5th Kyiv RS of EYP Ukraine held in Kyiv Ukraine April 2012.

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