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Board and Auditing Committee Elections 2016/17 Manifesto Booklet

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

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Dear EYPers, Welcome to the Manifesto Booklet, where we have gathered all the Manifestos of our candidates. Please, read through, prepare your challenging questions to the candidates and ask them during the online debates on our Facebook page that will be launched this week as well as at the Autumn General Assembly (Saturday, September 24) where offline Election debates will take place. You will receive more detailed information about the voting process via e-mail if you are an official member of EYP-Ukraine, so as for now, get comfortably in your armchair, make a cup of tea and enjoy reading bright ideas of your fellow EYPers. We want to emphasise, that your participation is very important. Prove that you are a responsible person, responsible citizen, responsible EYPers. Get to know candidates, get to know their manifestos, make up your mind and vote – as simple as that. A future of our organisation is in your hands! Cordially, Elections Body Kristina Chelmakina Michael Rozhkov

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

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Auditing Committee Candidates -

Natalia Senatorova

What is the Auditing Committee?

The Auditing Committee is an Independent body that serves as a main advisor and fair critic to the Board of EYP-Ukraine. Each year up to 3 people can be selected.

What does the Auditing Committee member do?

Supervises activities of the National Committee and its Board according to current policies and Charter;

Provides advice and support to Board Members on strategic development issues;

Collects and evaluates performance results of the National Committee’s work (feedback forms, event reports, Departments reports, financial statements);

Compiles Annual Report of the organisation in Ukrainian and English;

Organises Elections.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

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Auditing Committee Natalia Senatorova 21 years old

BA in International Business, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (2015); MA in International Business, Specialisation – Marketing (exp. 2017) [Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

December 2013 20th OSCE Ministerial Council OSCE Voluntary Provided language and informational support for foreign delegations

[Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

March 2014 - June 2014 Trainee in Accounts Department PR Agency “Pleon Talan”, AGAMA Communications Professional Developed a new reporting system on PR activities for Honda Ltd; Assisted in organisation of the WCFDavos 2014 (communication with participants)

[Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

March 2014 - June 2014 Trainee in Accounts Department PR Agency “Pleon Talan”, AGAMA Communications Professional Developed a new reporting system on PR activities for Honda Ltd; Assisted in organisation of the WCFDavos 2014 (communication with participants)

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

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Auditing Committee [Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

October 2014 - November 2014 Team Leader, Marketing Research team Econia Ltd. Voluntary Managed a team of 10 university students holding a complex marketing research (focus groups method) for the launch of new products

[Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

February 2015 Trainee in Marketing Department EF English First, Language Schools for Adults Professional Working in a multicultural environment within international company; Conducted testing for and assisted in creation of the new advertising campaign (was launched in April 2014);

[Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

January – May 2016 Audit Intern KPMG Ukraine Professional Assisted in performing audit procedures in accordance with established standards (IFRS, GAAP) or Group Policy. Maintained spreadsheets by collecting data, checking for accuracy and analysing results. Examined evidences supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements.

[Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

January – May 2016 Vice-President on International Activities EYP-Ukraine Voluntary Successfully coordinated the supervision of EYP Ukraine delegations to EYP events abroad. Represented EYP Ukraine at the BNC level.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

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Auditing Committee [Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

June - October 2016 Interim President EYP-Ukraine Voluntary Managed the day-to-day performance of the Board. Coordinated the supervision of the major projects for the period. Worked on the EYP Ukraine Policy Book.


During my almost two years of engagement in EYP I have gained an enormous amount of experience within the NGO management field. Without doubt, my year in the Board of EYP Ukraine, both as a Board Member, and as the head of the Board, contributed the most to it. Representing EYP Ukraine at the international level for almost a year helped me to realize the place of our NC in the bigger picture of the organization. Therefore, I want to contribute to the strategic development of our National Committee on the strategic level. In 2016, a lot of organizational and structural shifts were made. Our NC went further into development of our projects on regional and international level, and I do feel my desire to support the next Board in further development and strengthening of our National Committee. I perceive the position of an Auditing Committee member as an excellent way for myself to ensure the continuation of the Board generations. I want to transfer the experience of the Board 2016 to the new one, at the same time advising to the new Board on their overall performance. I strongly believe that my high interest in our National Committee, as well as knowledge possessed will benefit the new generation of the Board.

Programme statement

The main priority of me as an Auditing Committee member will be ensuring the support and advise to the President and Board Members, especially in the unexpected situations, where the independent view is necessary. Moreover, I want to work on the reporting area of EYP Ukraine, hence internal reporting to the official members on the day-to-day activities together with the Board. Main actions within these priorities will be: -

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

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Auditing Committee -

Holding the meetings with the President at least once a month, as well as with the Board on the matter of day-to-day performance supervision and future plans;


Ensuring that the organisation is dealing in accordance to the Policy Book and Charter of EYP Ukraine;


Presence at the Board Meetings (if necessary) as a silent member and advising on strategic matters;


Ensuring the internal communication to EYP Ukraine Official Members in regards to Board’s activities;


Work with the President on the further development and implementation of the NC strategy in line with the International EYP Strategy;


Holding Members Surveys;


Working on the overall reporting and evaluation of projects, both external and internal ones.

Key indicators: -

Have at least 3 evaluation surveys of the Board performance and feedback sessions with the Board afterwards;


Annual Report issued in the beginning of 2018 in English and Ukrainian versions;


Official Members receive the information about the Board activities and future plans at least once a month;

Events of EYP Ukraine uphold the internal and international standards, with evaluation and reporting effected afterwards.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

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Secretary Candidates -

Anatolii Maksymov


Viktoriia Bilenko


Vladislav Korshenko

What does the Secretary do?

Assist President with all administrative tasks (submitting tax report, maintaining correspondence of organisation etc.);

Assists all board members in solving urgent problems (incl.

contacting partners, drafting official letters/proposals etc.);

Organises Board meetings;

Prepares and archives minutes of the board or other official meetings;

Updates members on the Board activities (including Board meetings and decisions made);

Administrates the Board mailing group;

Remains the first point of contact of the organisation for anyone interested and conducts constant communication via official account, phone and with everyone interested in organisation.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

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Secretary Anatolii Maksymov 26 years old

Master Degree in Screenwriting, Kyiv National University of Theatre, Cinema and TV named after Karpenko-Kary, now studying Theology and Religious Sciences in Kyiv Institute of Religious Studies of St. Thomas de Aquinas


I go to the Board of the European Youth Parliament - Ukraine, because I want to develop in the organization, and the Board - is the next important stage of my development. Using my knowledge and skills I would like to help the EYP to become better in the organizational, administrative and communicative plan, what us was missing before. The position of Secretary of the Board is interesting for me as a launch pad for further growth, it will allow me to get acquainted in detail with the "internal kitchen" of the organization, as well as improve my leadership and organizing skills.

Programme statement

My plan (also my objectives and priorities) as the Secretary of the Board: 1. Make improvement in communication within the Board and the Board with the other members of the organization; 2. Organize a quick and accurate work of the Secretariat in accordance with our needs and requirements; 3. As it possible, reduce bureaucracy and to promote the rapid and open exchange of information; 4. Regularly inform the Organization about the work of the Board and decisions made; 5. Within six months see real results on the above items and create established scheme of work, which will be open and effective; 6. Create (if we not already have one) database of the records and decisions of the Board, on which you can quickly find the document;

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

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Secretary Viktoriia Bilenko 16 years old

Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University [Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

2012-2014 Ministry of School Parliament School Parliament Voluntary Organization of school events and holydays


I am applying as a secretary of EYP - Ukraine Board due to various reasons: 1 Willing to be a successful and influential person. Yes, this is how I imagine the first step of a future President. 2 This position is connected with my future career. In my opinion, developing personal skills by using every opportunity one of the main qualities of any professional. 3 I truly enjoy working and communicating with people. Moreover I believe that people as a major key to success in the modern society. 4 I consider myself to be quite a worthy candidate since I am a hard-working and incredibly responsible individual with a perfectionistic attitude to work. 5 I have had this idea for a very long time because my friends actually suggested me to try myself as a secretary. 6. I know things and I know people. This quote is a joke (not) to briefly introduce myself.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

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Secretary Programme statement

EYP - Ukraine 2016-1017 Year Plan from my point of view:

October 16: Adoption period: making a final plan, updating a database of every department, general organisation of future work, call for department members November 16: GA for all departments (introducing aims, presenting the year plan and giving tasks). Training holidays (almost training camp) December 16: First departments' achievements: new partners, more members, more influence, better communication. January 17: Student session (school or for universities). Aim to increase the number of members February 17: Trainings for officials. Aim to improve the level of general knowledge and skills of new members and alumni. March - April 17: Regional Sessions 2016. Aim to develop regions and encourage new members. New thing (kinda): to partly select participants for NSC May 17: Spring Departments' meeting. Aim to check the progress and review the year plan. June 17: EYP - Ukraine Happy 17!!! July 17: Training Camp vol.2 August 17: NSC September 17: call for new Board 2017 October 17: Adaptation period

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

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Secretary Vladislav Korshenko 19 years old

International law, Institute of International Relations, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Exp. 2017) + Cherkassy RS 2016 and Dnipro NSC 2016 [Period]

September 2015 – now




Amnesty International

[Professional/ Voluntary]


[Major Accomplishments]

Collected around 200 latters to prisoners of conscience during global letter-writing marathon on the occasion of Human Rights Day


October 2015




Granting of Research and New Technologies Conference - 2015

[Professional/ Voluntary]


[Major Accomplishments]



Well, to be honest with you I have a lot of reasons why I want to be on the board of EYP-Ukraine. However, the most important of the them is getting more of EYP in my life. I do sincerely regret joining EYP so late. This spring I had my very first EYP-event ever. It was Cherkassy RS. I was a little

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

12 out of 53

Secretary bit unsure about it, because I’ve never been to anything like this. But when the session started, you have no idea how overwhelmed I was. All those bright people trying to improve themselves and most importantly - the world we’re living in made a huge impact on me and eventually became a small family for me. Yes, only for a few days, but still – a family. Those people reassured my faith in the bright future for Ukraine. But the session days have gone and I started to feel havoc inside. It was the very moment my hunger for EYP started. Since then I’ve attended 3 EYP events and I’m going for even more. I strive to become a Secretary of the Board so badly, because I know the Board to be a complex body that consists of many pieces. And the primal duty of the Secretary is to make those parts work together, to assist each member of the Board when they need it . I have lots of experience working in a team, furthermore, I do really enjoy the feeling of being useful and helpful. Consequently, such office will be just perfect for me.

Programme statement

As you may have understood from my motivation letter, the EYP became an immense part of my life not so long ago, yet I’m aware of some challenges that EYP-Ukraine faced during the last year. Upon implementation of my programme, I’ll do my best to tackle them. So, my main goals are: 1. Dramatically increase the accessibility of the Secretary. Whereas the main duty of the Secretary is to assist each and every member of the Board whenever they need it, the Secretary must be accessible nearly always. So am I. 2. Improve the Board communication by introducing new methods and technologies for more effective cooperation. 3. Positively influence the image of EYP-Ukraine by taking the way of communication between EYP-Ukraine and well-respected partners to the whole new level. Due to my specialty, I’ve completed the course of diplomatic correspondence and now I’m eager to put my knowledge into action.

Even though my EYP-experience is relatively small, I have excellent comprehension and retention. Furthermore, I’ve gained a lot of useful experience from many other extracurricular activities and I’m looking forward to make a good use of it for the sake of EYP-Ukraine.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

13 out of 53

Regional Development Department Candidates -

Valeriia Nikitenko


Valeria Yudina


Liliya Guzeyeva


Tatiana Lavrichenko

What does the Board member on Regional Development do?

Coordinates work and distributes responsibilities within the department;

Develops and further implements the strategy of organisation expansion (builds and enhances the regional network);

Ensures presence of organisation’s activities in different regions of Ukraine;

Supervises small scale events in the regions (weekends or 3-day regional sessions) in cooperation with project coordinator;

Fully supports regional branches of the organisation;

Coordinates regional minor projects (happy hours etc.);

Reports to the President on actions/activities conducted;

Supervises the Understanding Europe Project.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

14 out of 53

Regional Development Department Valeriia Nikitenko 21 years old

Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, European and international Business Law [Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

September 2013 – October 2015 Head of Committee on Science and Education Students parliament of the Economic law faculty of NLU Voluntary Organised work of the 16-people committee; Supervising around 15 events annually Head Organiser of the First regional scientific-practical conference "The main task of modernization of legal economic order in Ukraine"

[Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

September 2014 – October 2015 Deputy Head on cultural work NLU students Senate Voluntary Assisting the Head of the Senate with monitoring the major cultural events, organised by the faculties Head Organiser of the Rector Cup in "KVN" (humorous competition of 6 teams with 1000 viewers)


Imagine you come home after one of the sessions and the feeling that overwhelms you is, surprisingly, not PED but gratitude. From now on being an ordinary member is no more enough and you want to devote your knowledge, skills and time to EYP. That is exactly what I believe in now. Naturally, many eyp-ers tend to explain to their friends how incredible is EYP. I am not an exception as well, still, I could never imagine my friend will thank me literally after each event during the first European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

15 out of 53

Regional Development Department year in EYP - Ukraine. Recently I was also briefly explaining what it is all about to a person, who has nothing to do with anything that is not connected with her university, and the more she looked amazed, the more I talked. Besides my personal interests, such as self-development, ability to challenge myself and to make ideas real, my motive is to truly bring EYP - Ukraine to the regions (you may even call it "decentralization"). I want to minimize the number of members, who do not feel involved in EYP that much just because of not residing in Kyiv, and to give them an opportunity to change and challenge themselves!

Programme statement

My main priorities for building the regional network are decentralization, inclusion, and balance. Therefore all events should be spread equally both regarding the territory of Ukraine and the time when it is held so that new members become more interested and active in the organization. To achieve this goal I plan to: 1. set up 3 Regional sessions in spring with an accent on the natural and historical regions (for ex., Polesia, Slobozhanshchina, Halychyna etc.) followed by minor regional projects; 2.

conduct the 6th InterRail tour of EYP - Ukraine (composed of EYP Days or EYP Weekends);


open the call for regional projects twice a year (most likely, Winter and Summer);

4. finally build a working department which includes representatives of all 5 parts of the country who will be responsible for some minor projects (Newcomers Weekends, Happy Hours) in their cities as well as for current department tasks; 5. enhance the connection between the Understanding Europe projects and the main events of EYP - Ukraine.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

16 out of 53

Regional Development Department Valeria Yudina 20 years old

National university “Kyiv-Mohyla academy”, Political Science [Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

February-June 2014 Team Leader of “Global Citizen” Project AIESEC Kyiv Voluntary 20 students sent for social internships in different countries

[Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

July-August 2014 Exchange Participant AIESEC Medina, Tunisia Voluntary 6 weeks working with children and teaching them English

[Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

November 2015-October 2016 Board Member on Human Resources EYP Ukraine Voluntary New database of Official Members is established; new tool to collect data used(Podio platform); the system with ongoing membership procedure renewed.


When I started writing this application, I recalled the moment almost a year ago, when I was applying for another position in the Board and I can truly say that I enjoyed being a Board Member, even though the Board 2015 have faced lots of challenges. A year ago my only reason to apply for the Board Member on HR was that I had enough skills to change something within that direction. European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

17 out of 53

Regional Development Department Now, before applying for Regional Development, I did think a lot about the strategy of the whole organisation, because after being a Board Member I have a broader picture of how it functions. It is not a secret that Regional Development direction did not develop properly during the past term. However, the Board 2015 together with HOs have managed to make a few big projects, which I consider as quite a strong basement for further development of EYP in regions (Regional Sessions, Training Camp and 10th NSC). But it is really important for the Board Member to have a vision of how the direction should develop during the year and I think I have enough knowledge to bring Regional Development of EYP Ukraine to another level. We should not say anymore that we “bring EYP to regions”, we are already creating new motivated teams in regions!

Programme statement

I will indicate four priorities with key indicators, which I think have to be implemented during the next term. 1. Strengthen the regional network of EYP Ukraine. • • •

Happy Hours in different cities-conduct them simultaneously in different cities once a month. EYP presentations- cover all the big cities and try to conduct at least one presentation there. Info-partnerships with other NGOs- it is useful to promote EYP at the events which are similar to EYP Sessions (Model of the UN for example)- info partnerships with such initiatives and possibly making presentations there and gather contacts. Develop the concept of EYP Days-they can serve as a follow-up event after Regional Sessions.

2. Elections to Regional Committees. Regional Committees is a project, which was developed by previous Board Members. It implies creating Regional Committees in five regions of Ukraine (South, West, North, East, Center) to assist the work of the organisation in regions. Key indicators: • they should be held after Regional Sessions in May-June; • create four Regional Boards at least with a few members and see how they work. 3. Supervision of Understanding Europe Project.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

18 out of 53

Regional Development Department The project is aimed to make crash-courses in schools on the knowledge of the structure of European institutions. Key indicators: ● use the project as a tool for the promotion of Regional Sessions. ● connect UE trainings with EYP presentations. Key indicators of EU trainings itself should be developed with the Understanding Europe National Coordinator. 4. RD Department. Previously RD Department did not work properly and all the activities were mostly managed by the Board Member on RD. However, having several projects happening simultaneously it is not possible to do without the department. Key indicators: ● select 2-3 members of RD Department to assist Board Member’s activities. ● divide responsibilities between them according to the timing of the projects; ● create a friendly team with the help of formal and informal meetings. I think that Regional Development Department should work on strengthening the organisational capacity of EYP Ukraine in regions.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

19 out of 53

Regional Development Department Liliya Guzeyeva 18 years old

Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (2nd year) [Period]

July 2016 – September 2016


Manager on Development


L-Tour Odessa

[Professional/ Voluntary]


[Major Accomplishments]

Received 35% increase in demand for the company's products Developed an efficient concept of customer service; Introduced a new advertising campaign;


November 2013 – May 2014


Organizer-assistant (Laboratory assistant)


Donetsk National University

[Professional/ Voluntary]


[Major Accomplishments]

Having successfully carried out the work of the conference with more than 250 participants. Developed and carried out the logistics and support for foreign participants. Fundraising of the event covered 100% of budget. I am winner in the section “National and regional economy”


EYP - is a new knowledge, emotions, friendship. EYP - it is people, it is each of us. Our organization is built on us, but we affect the what it will be, we can influence the what our society is. Only in EYP

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

20 out of 53

Regional Development Department projects can learn project management, teamwork, logistics as well as a huge number of other useful skills. But it is also the possibility of bringing such a big responsibility, but through the responsibility become possible to see all from a different angle, because a big responsibility provides an incredible opportunity to develop themselves. Being EYP board – it means improve the organization and improve myself. Each of us is the spirit which makes EYP-Ukraine so special. Because, if exactly here we will make: a rationalized structure of the Regional Development, increasing number of members and will make life’s of active members more interesting and active. I believe that: improving the Department of Regional Development, I will do EYP is more powerful, inspiring, and interesting.

Programme statement

My vision of the most important goals: •

Increasing the number of new participants and increased activity experienced EYPers;

Increasing the number of EYP events and activities in the regions of Ukraine;

Rationalization of interaction with members of the Regional Development;

The introduction of a new program of interaction with the Head Organizers;

The development and successful completion of the project of Regional Clusters.

My vision and priorities: Increasing the number of EYP events and activities (such as EYP Picnic, Happy Hour, etc.) in the regions. It will make life’s of EYPers more interesting and can be started at the stage of development of regional clusters. Attracting new of membrane is also a strategic objective of the project, and in addition to understanding of Europe, which is more aimed at school pupils introduction EYP Talk will allow the student to interest the audience. Concept EYP Talk is aimed at organizing clubs (discussions) in English on given important to the development of society themes. This concept popularizes the EYP among students and can be useful for active participants - as fun and informative preparation to work in committee on EYP sessions. Updating’s in system of interaction of RD between the: RD members, Head organizers, and all members – will allow working more effectively in each of the regions. The concept involves: selection of RD members of 1-2 persons from each of the 4 regions. This will lead to establish European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

21 out of 53

Regional Development Department cooperation with local governments, to create information databases to assist to organizers and other departments, efficiently prepare regional clusters and improve EYPers leisure in the region. The development and completion of the project of regional clusters will be more productive because the participants RD from each region will be able siting the most accurate information and perform tasks directly on a place, taking into account local peculiarities. This can accelerate the development of the project. The key indicators: Qualitative and regular activities in the regions; The increase in interest and activity growth of EYP members in the regions; Getting agreement on cooperation with local government; Obtaining official documents and the actual support from the local government; Creating local databases of information for RD and assistance to other departments and organizers; Creation of an effective mechanism to help and supervising of the organizers; Successful completion and development of Regional Clusters.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

22 out of 53

Regional Development Department Tetiana Lavrichenko 18 years old

Education: 3rd year student of Institute of International Relations [Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

24-25 October 2015 Interpreter at Election observation mission SILBA Voluntary Interpretation for Danish delegation

[Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

2016 Member of the IA department EYP Voluntary Delegation support, department mailing

[Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

Spring –Autumn 2016 Member of Social Responsibility department of IIR IIR Voluntary Support students` initiative


I had my first EYP session 3 years ago. I knew EYP is fun. I knew it`s cool. 3 years later, I know EYP is about home and cosiness, about support and many talented people, and many bright ideas. You can be sure, whenever you feel blue, there definitely will be a person who will just hug you and share the last biscuit.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

23 out of 53

Regional Development Department EYP is about inspiration. Just when you meet so many professional and dedicated people in one place, you cannot but want follow their example. Each day is like a new story, each session - like a new life. Since my first EYP session I`ve changed a lot. I`ve become more open-minded and more confident, more creative and positive. I`ve learnt to love people ant trust them. Ukraine is a unique country, The more delegations we send abroad to new EYP events, the more I hear how extraordinary Ukrainians are and how much potential we possess. That is why I believe that developing our EYP community in different regions of Ukraine is of highest importance. There are some many exceptional people who need support and this very special EYP spirit to grow both, professionally and personally. Being a board member on RD means a lot to me. First of all, it`s responsibility. Responsibility to engage as many people as possible. Responsibility to keep the level of performance as high as possible. Secondly, it`s motivation. Motivation to learn more, to plan carefully and to do more. Motivation to inspire people, to turn to EYP again and again. Being in board means personal growth. Understanding that you can change and develop something as big and challenging as EYP, makes me extremely determined to do my best. And finally, it means being dedicated and creative, think about ``us``, not ``me``.

Programme statement

As a board member on RD, the priorities for the term I see as follows: -

creation of a network of local EYP representatives, reached during UE project to develop EYP there


engagement of new members from the least EYP active regions in Ukraine


as EYP Ukraine is more known among students, establishment of the tight relationships with schools to promote EYP among schoolchildren is of highest importance

I see the following keys to success in -

creating ``idea box``, aiming at collecting initiatives all over Ukraine and implementing them so that everyone is heard

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

24 out of 53

Regional Development Department -

UE as a key factor to reach the outreached regions


engagement of and cooperation with regional initiatives


socialising events all over Ukraine, especially in outreached regions, to keep EYP spirit up

General vision on RD

Idea box → EYP regional presentations → Q&A evenings →UE → RSs→ socialising evenings

Firstly, I would like to follow EYP Armenia experience in creating `idea box` which actually means collecting new ideas and initiatives concerning regional development of EYP from all members of EYP family. I know I probably won`t ‘reinvent the wheel’, but I would like to start the whole process with EYP regional presentations. We have a few active EYPers from our last NSC whom we will involve in making these presentations. Presentations can be followed by a Q&A evening. The following step is the implementation of UE project, which I consider to be one of the fundamental elements in developing our regions. It will be perfect to reach at least one city in each region of Ukraine and thus creating a base for further involvement of the most active participants into EYP. The next step is having RSs in cities active during EYP presentations and UE. Each RS must be followed by at least 1-2 pretty informal socialising evenings. I believe them to be of the greatest importance, as they will keep people motivated and their EYP spirit up.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

25 out of 53

Public Relations Department Candidates -

Mariam Kunchuliya

What does the Board member on Public Relations do?

Coordinates work and distributes responsibilities within the department;

Develops annual PR strategy and controls its implementation;

Establishes and maintains contacts with media partners;

Supervises media coverage for sessions and projects;

Ensures promotion and visibility of the organization through arranging and coordinating PR activities;

Enhances web-presence of the organisation through administration and development of the website;

Moderates and constantly updates organisation profiles on social networks;

Supervises PR of the sessions and projects of the organization;

Stores photo/video materials;

Elaborates on general promo materials for organisation and assists in promo of the events;

Reports to the President on actions/activities conducted.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

26 out of 53

Public Relations Department Mariam Kunchuliya 21 years old

3rd year of History BA in National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy “ [Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

2010 – 2011 Journalist/Reporter Youth Magazine Harbour Light Voluntary Increased the number of partners and issues published per year

[Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

2012-2014 PR department member and campaign organiser Amnesty International Thailand Voluntary Successful organising and PR of human rights campaigns, increased number of new members and followers by 20%

[Period] [Position]

2016 PR department member Social Media Manager EYP Ukraine Voluntary Increased the number of people engaged in facebook posts

[Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]


Us, humans, always seem to be dissatisfied with our lives. We constantly look for better alternatives because our current place always seems to not be good enough, not accepting enough, not fitting

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

27 out of 53

Public Relations Department our real “selves”. I find myself extremely lucky, because I found my place two years ago. EYP is not only an organisation which fulfils my potential, it’s an organisation which fits my lifestyle, my beliefs and my world view in the most perfect way. And as soon as I find something amazing, I feel the urge to make other people feel the same as I do – I genuinely want people to be aware of the opportunities and experiences they can have. Having experienced the change EYP has on people myself, having realised how much it empowers youth, makes them believe that they have the power to make a change with their own hands, I understood that this is the place where I belong. What I realised later is that this is also a place for so many people like me, who never heard of EYP and will never participate in our events and feel empowered, unless we change approach to PR and image building of EYP Ukraine. Despite the fact that I realised and appreciated the influence EYP Ukraine has on me and other youngsters in Ukraine two years ago, I only decided to join the board this year as only now I feel like the knowledge and experience I accumulated during the past two years is enough to contribute to the growth of the organisation not only with my enthusiasm and love to EYP, but with some practical skills and understanding of what in EYP Ukraine is done well and what needs to be changed.

Programme statement Plan as a board member


To create a team of motivated and skilled PR department members

2. Improve a two side communication between EYP Ukraine, its members and everyone, who shows interest in our events and organisation 3. Develop a stable design and rules for different kinds of posts according to Communication Manual 4.

Change the SMM strategy to “quantity AND quality” and “events” over “pages”


Develop a plan for presenting EYP Ukraine at various Youth NGO conferences and villages

Indicators of success:

1. 90% of PR department members present at department meetings and trainings and members show their own initiative within various projects European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

28 out of 53

Public Relations Department 2.

Increase in the posts’ engagement, likes and comments is social media by 10%

3. All design and layouts presented by EYP Ukraine will be of the same format and not break the frame stated in the Communication Manual 4. Establishing new partnerships and cooperation with other Youth NGOs and involving their members in our events

Priorities for the team

I will do my best to delegate responsibilities to every PR department member in such way, that everyone feels involved and works equally. I would like to have three people in the leadership: Head of SMM, Head of External PR and Head of Design (responsibilities described below), each of whom will lead their own team of two-three people. I will work most closely with them three, having Skype meetings once a week/two weeks and controlling the work of their team as well as updating them on EYP demands. The whole department will have a meeting once a month to ensure that everyone is engaged and to collect feedback and brainstorm ideas for constant improvement.

Board Member on PR

Head of External PR

Head of SMM

Head of Design

Coordinating EYP UA presentations

Create a SMM plan in the beginning of every month

ensuring PR of our partners and sponsors

Cooperation with IA department for announcement of Ukrainians • coordinator of the PR of EYP UA events on the local level of EYPers abroad event) • Cooperation with HR and RD department for infographics content •

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

Ensuring designed and layouted products are completely correct and ready to be published In charge of making sure all the designed products are of high quality and standardised according to the Communication Manual •

Update website

29 out of 53

Human Resources Department Candidates -

Yuliya Tsytsyliuk


Maria Fedoruk


Sophia Bilenko

What does the Board member on Human Resources do?

Coordinates work and distributes responsibilities within the department;

Supervises the process of gaining an official membership;

Maintains Members' and Alumni database;

Communicates with Alumni of the organisation;

Moderates all channels of communication (mailing group, Facebook group);

Coordinates the Newsletter publication;

Coordinates distribution of membership cards;

Supervises internal events, such as General Assembly, Newcomers Weekend, Alumni Weekend, Training events and Happy Hours;

Establishes partnerships with other NGOs and initiatives.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

30 out of 53

Human Resources Department Yuliia Tsytsyliuk 21 years old

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University [Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

01.2015 – 12.2015 Member of Public Relations Department European Youth Parliament – Ukraine Voluntary managing social network pages; promoting events; participant of media coverage for the EYP-UA Marathon dedicated to GYSD.

[Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

01.2016 – present time Member of Human Resources Department European Youth Parliament – Ukraine Voluntary maintaining Official Members’ database; selecting Membership Applications; conducting interviews with new members.

Motivation Before.

The first half of 2016 was very difficult for me as my studies including writing different tests, making research for my degree work and thinking about final exams and my master enrolment to the university were the only one thing I could think about. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time I wasn’t able to devote even some hours per week to the very important part of my life – to EYP – Ukraine. Now.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

31 out of 53

Human Resources Department But now, as the title says, I am free! Exams are passed, and I am happy Master’s program degree student who has finally got a lot of time to work hard for the best future of the organisation. However, even being overbusy, I wasn’t sitting around with nothing to do: I tried to do my best in the field of the organisation’s internal work. The last two months I had an honour to be responsible for selecting membership applications and conducting interviews with new members, that is why I got a unique possibility to discover a lot of different thoughts and ideas on this topic which made me, actually, ask myself the same question. When I started my personal way in EYP, I was thinking that EYP was only about the sessions and the only one role I could apply for was delegate. Few years after, when I got involved into the internal work of the EYP as a Member of the Departments which gave me a lot in terms of personal growth, I understood that EYP is much more that it seems to be! Thanks to my involvement in the work of the Departments, I got to know more about the organisation, about its internal structure and about its goals and tasks. I am not the same I was before I got this experience. And today I know that I am ready to move forward. Because EYP has become for me kind of second family where me and hundreds of other members are always welcomed! Then.

For the first time in my EYP-life, I clearly realise that I am ready to take the position of a Board Member, as I worked a lot this year in order to get all the necessary knowledge about the HR Department. Moreover, I believe I possess all the necessary features of character and capabilities, which are important for the Board Member. First of all, I like working with people, I like communicating with them to do the common work, because I am a very sociable and open-minded person. Secondly, I consider myself quite disciplined person and I believe that I will manage to organize the most effective way of work in the team. And, lastly, I perceive this also as an occasion to familiarize with good practices as a channel for my personal development because I like new challenges in life and I always want to learn something new in life. To sum up, the main reason why I am looking forward to become a Board Member is an unique opportunity to be a part of a wonderful TEAM who will create the future of EYP – Ukraine, because Together. Everyone. Achieves. More!

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

32 out of 53

Human Resources Department Programme statement 1. Build an active and effective HR team.

Good teams don’t typically happen by accident. Hard work, commitment and some amount of struggle are usually involved in creating successful teams. To my opinion, a great HR is the one which has a common team philosophy, which consists of working towards the same goals and objectives in order to receive the best end products, and which is managed by great team leader. At the same time, team members have a clear understanding of each individual's role in achieving overall team objectives, they trust each another and share a strong sense of group identity because in a great team there is no word «I», there is only a word «We». In order to create an active and effective HR team, I aim to: -

set the clear objectives for the team members;

organise the HR training for the team in order to share my knowledge with the new Department members; -

conduct Department meetings twice per month;


initiate the call for the HR Department once per 6 months to avoid burnouts;

help each member to develop gain all necessary experience of working in a team and reach their full potential.

2. Improve the interdepartmental communication.

Communication is the heart of every organisation. Therefore, the importance of communication cannot be underestimated. This year EYP – Ukraine has suffered from the lack of communication not only between the Board and the members, but also between the departments. My experience in the organisation has shown to me that the connections between the departments are much stronger that they seem to be. I strongly believe that improving interdepartmental communication means understanding other department’s day-to-day realities. To reach this goal, the HR Department can make: 1. formal meetings: 1.1. Department meetings followed by the Interdepartmental meetings; 1.2. Interdepartmental Trainings.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

33 out of 53

Human Resources Department 2. informal meetings.

3. Coordinate membership procedure.

As membership within EYP provides its members with exclusive opportunities, it should be considered a privilege, which means that all new members should undergo a membership procedure. The procedure of becoming an official member EYP – Ukraine will consist of 2 main steps: online application via our website and interview with the member of HR Department. In order to ensure the impartiality, the applications will be revised by two persons including the HR Department member responsible for membership procedure and the Board Member on HR. For the same purpose, the interview will be conducted by the same HR Department member and supervised by the other one. As a rule, the membership in EYP – Ukraine can be obtained only by those who have attended at least one EYP-event. At the same time, HR Department often receives the membership applications from young and active people without EYP-experience. In such a case, I suggest to create a special mailing group of “observers”. Its main goal will be to encourage such applicants to take part in EYP-events. After they participate in EYP-event, they will be invited to the interview without submitting the membership application form one more time. Moreover, the work of the Department regarding membership will focused on two more goals as maintaining and improving the Official members’ database and sending cards to all new members once per month.

4. Conduct outreach campaign.

The main goal of increasing outreach is to bring EYP to all regions of Ukraine. In close collaboration with RD and PR Departments, it can be achieved through: - inviting active EYPers to conduct a presentation in their educational institutions and/or Happy Hours; - encouraging Alumni to take part in different EYP activities, so that the organization can continue to benefit from their skills and experience.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

34 out of 53

Human Resources Department Maria Fedoruk 20 years old

Vienna University of Business and Economics, “JOSZEF” Undergraduate programme; Kyiv National Economics University, International Economics and Management department, 3rd year of studies. [Period] [Position]

September’15 – January’16 Project Manager

[Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

Youth NGO “Hillel” Professional Successful negotiations with a number of higher educational institutions, several campaigns organised for attracting people, which afterwards increased the organisation’s number of members.

2013-2015 Human Resources Department

2014-2015 Understanding Europe National Coordinator NGO “EYP-Ukraine” in cooperation with Schwarzkopf Stiftung Voluntary International cooperation with the EYP Office, management of the core team & trainers team in UA regions, communication with schools

NGO “EYP-Ukraine” Voluntary Maintaining members database, communications with members, Leadership revision; Alumni coordinator: organisation of the Alumni Weekend. Motivation

It is often said that EYP in general is run by young people for young people. The key word we pay attention here is people, as we all communicate with each other, welcome new people into the organisation year by year, and manage to stay involved in further activities. EYP Ukraine is mapped with possibilities for immensely huge outreach, which appeals to me in a way to contribute into the European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

35 out of 53

Human Resources Department establishment of well-developed system in the role of the Board Member on Human Resources. Having been an active alumna for past three years in EYP Ukraine, I appreciate the ongoing communication amongst different generations with the strong focus on exchange of opportunities to gain new skills in knowledge in times of being a member of this organisation. As a part of the Board, I would like to work on it further and maintain this communication through various tools explained below in my programme statement. I consider myself to be a highly enthusiastic person who enjoys emotional and social connections with others by observing them, paying attention to any detail, and being responsive to needs of others through a rather constructive attitude. The latter keeps me motivated for short-term projects, however, as a part of the Board of EYP Ukraine I would like to learn how to manage projects and see your results in a long run. Especially the latter is visible in the HR department, where the efficient functioning makes the foundation for the future of EYPUA. All in all, running for the position of the Board Member on Human Resources is quite a huge step in terms of my professional growth and personal development. However, I do recognise the overwhelming responsibility and all benefits of this chance which I can share with all members of EYP Ukraine. And this is what makes me certain I am able to comprehend with my duties and perfectly perform as the Board Member. Programme statement 2017: Grow and preserve.

Every year EYP Ukraine recruits new people with the purpose to ensure the growth of the organisation and develop further potential for the National Committee. Bearing in mind the latter, my primary aim for the upcoming year will be to enhance members’ willingness to stay engaged with our activities by focusing on the following priorities:



Efficient communication with members;


Members’ professional growth;


Transparency & inclusion & outreach.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

36 out of 53

Human Resources Department Action plan:


Have a clear structure in the HR team: 3 sub-groups (Members & Alumni & Externals) with respective team leaders, who will develop their plans and be in charge of communication channels: o Members Team: coordinate the Newcomers Weekends shortly after sessions (in cooperation with the Organising Teams); interview new members; manage database; hold presentations in cooperation with the Understanding Europe team; o Alumni Team: coordinate the Alumni Weekend; hold the Strategy meetings (either as a part of the AW, or separately); coordinate the Alumni Fund; prepare quarter reports on EYPUA activities for alumni who contribute to the Fund; o Externals Team: coordinate the “Reanimation Package of Reforms” cooperation in terms of updating members on what is currently discussed; promote active citizenship through sharing of opportunities for events’ participation; develop the pool of external trainers for EYPUA training events; continue the “EYP Discussion Club” initiative.

With such team structure in place, the following points will lay in the focus area: -

Hold training events for officials-beginners & officials-advancers as well as for department members with the focus on improvement of needed skills;


Secure min. 2 spots at international training events for Ukrainians who have further potential to become a trainer;


Work with international training events attendees for potential leading of workshops during the “EYP Discussion Club” initiative;


Cooperate with partners (other youth organisations and initiatives) regarding the training events;


Introduce the mandatory selection reports system, which will be supervised by the HR BM;


Introduce the position of a silent board member (i.e. no vote) with the purpose to increase the selections’ transparency: o

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

37 out of 53

Human Resources Department o A person will be responsible for the selection procedure and only able to intervene in case of any wrongdoing of the selection panel’s members; -

Focus on the following groups in terms of presentations (and further participation of these groups in EYPUA activities, especially at NSC): o Internally displaced people; o Vocational schools attendees; o Students from remote regions, where EYPUA has not hold events recently.

Key indicators:


Increase a number of unique members by 10%;

o 3 Newcomers Weekends, 1 Alumni Weekend, min. 3/5 professional training events focused on departments’ members; o

1 training event targeted at basics of chairing, media, organising + 1 advanced;


Selection Reports after each selection for events;


Have 10% of NSC delegates from the aforementioned “outreach” groups;

o Hold min. 1 event where Alumni would share their knowledge and skills regarding professional matters.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

38 out of 53

Human Resources Department Sophia Bilenko 19 years old Education: Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University [Period] [Position] [Organisation]

24-25 October, 2015 Translator SILBA/Election Observation Mission

[Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

Voluntary Interpretation for Danish delegation

[Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary]

August-December, 2015 OGCDP member/Global Talent programme AIESEC Voluntary

[Major Accomplishments]

•Conducting interviews •Consultation •Managing the work of another group •Selecting people


"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Peter Drucker I finally feel myself ready to take more responsibilities within EYP. I've been involved in various projects related to both, EYP projects and beyond. I've found myself majorly serving as an HR Manager or similar to this, majorly because of the people. I believe that the EYP opens great opportunities for youngsters and what I want to be is a linkage for those unfamiliar with the Organisation. An HR Department is also responsible for the official side of being a member of the European Youth Parliament. I think this is a great motivation to grow and develop when you're an official member as this expands the area of your responsibilities. Last but not least, I am concerned about all the organisational details and I'm willing to help others not to make mistakes when

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

39 out of 53

Human Resources Department making an event through supervision. I want my contribution and true love to the Organisation help it grow faster and stronger, and am sure to do everything possible.

Programme statement

In the following programme I prioritise the accessibility of the existing information on the Organisation's activities and social media presence. Statements are as follows: 1. Becoming a member In EYPe cherish diversity and open new possibilities to people. Everyone should have a possibility to gain a membership whenever the person wants to. 2. EYPers list Add a page with the alumni at the official Web site, an album on the FB and VK. 3. Newsletter efficiency Make newsletter monthly published (month prior so that you have enough time to schedule your sessions). 4. Google Drive Add all the necessary files and documents describing common and national policy. Make sure that everyone aware of the latter existing and have an easy access to them. 5. Developing Network Develop mutually beneficial partnership with Universities and NGOs such as AIESEC, FLEX etc. 6. Outreach perspective a) activate VK Official Members' page by maintaining the database of the members up to date and asking people to join the VK group when they prolong/get a membership; b) organise different monthly informal activities such as Happy Hours, Newcomers Weekends, Alumni Weekends, and Training events.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

40 out of 53

Finance Department Candidates -

Yulia Koba

What does the Board member on Finance do?

Coordinates work and distributes responsibilities within the department;

Assists in finding the funds to enable the projects;

Maintains contacts with donor organisations and sponsors, including official correspondence,

meetings and reporting;

Controls submitting of all reports to sponsors after the events;

Leads and reports the financial situation of the organisation;

Creates and updates sponsor kits, potential sponsors database;

Stores sponsors contact history;

Ensures proper budgeting of events;

Coordinates the staff maintenance and distribution;

Reports to the President on actions/activities conducted.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

41 out of 53

Finance Department Yulia Koba 20 years old

5th bachelor semester, Taras Shevchenko National university

2015 - the 9th NSC of EYP Belarus - Lemberg 2015 – Delegate– Dasha Savishcheva 2015 - the 9th NSC of EYP-Ukraine - Lutsk 2015 – Delegate – Ira Lukianenko, Anniken Knutsen 2015 - PRFS - Frankophone'15 – Organiser – Lisa Skorobreshchuk & Oleksand Ustymenko 2016 – Sumy Regional Session of EYP Ukraine – Chairperson – Sophia Chahine Parpaillon


Since EYP became a part of my life, I fully understood how awesome it is and how many opportunities I had lost before. This NGO opens the world to youth, teaches to communicate with other people, compromise, cooperate and stay human besides everything. The Board of the EYP themselves make all EYP things happen in Ukraine. I wish to become a member of the board of EYP-Ukraine to create future together with other members with my own hands, ideas and vision. I believe, that our future belongs to us, so nobody except us have to act. I am applying as member of Finance Department. This position is similar to job I wish to receive in the future, so this is some kind of enhancing professional skills for me. Even NGO can’t avoid bureaucracy and other red tape concerning money and material stuff. To my mind this department is responsible for providing all that background for main work, which is not so necessary from the first view, still its absence complicate main activities. Furthermore, from individual point of view, the board of the EYP-Ukraine gives one opportunities to self-development in the field of organizational and communication skills, learns to find reasonable solutions quickly, plan your future, manage people, motivate them to work better and persuade them in the usefulness of their work to the whole organization.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

42 out of 53

Finance Department The last but not the least – language skills. Of course today one will not surprise with English, still without practice it is nothing. That is why during my cooperation with other EYP-members I will enhance my qualification.

Programme statement

As a board-member I want to follow EYP’s values and spread them among youth. As a member of FD I see my aims as fundraising for the organization, which will help it to operate properly and successfully. Moreover, I wish to find new partners and deepen cooperation with existing one. Finally, to promote positive image of the EYP-Ukraine both in the Europe and within our country. What about priorities, to my opinion the main is to involving new people to EYP, showing them what FD is, incentivising them to participate in its work. Main indicators of the success are impression and satisfying of the EYP-members with FD work, new members' wish to become a part of it and existing some kind of storages with stuff. The last point means that in case of unpredicted situation not to look for necessary stuff in panic but to be confident, that we have where to take them.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

43 out of 53

International Activities Department Candidates -

Yulia Nagirniak

What does the Board member on International Activities do?

Coordinates work and distributes responsibilities within the department;

Ensures active participation of members in EYP events abroad, and international participants in the events of EYP Ukraine;

Seeks for and informs about the opportunities for members to participate in conferences, trainings and other events abroad;

Interacts with the BNC (the Board of National Committees) and the EYP international office;

Supports and coordinates Ukrainian delegations going to International sessions and other EYP events;

Ensures participation of National Committee in EYP-International affairs and timely updates on international EYP affairs;

Maintains communication with other NCs about incoming delegations to Ukrainian EYP events;

Ensures the positive image of Ukrainian National Committee on International level;

Reports to the President on actions/activities conducted.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

44 out of 53

International Activities Department Yulia Nagirniak 21 years old Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Media Communication (MA) [Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

January 2016-present Member of IA Department EYP Ukraine Voluntary Coordination of Ukrainian delegations going to EYP events abroad. Maintaining travellers’ database.

[Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

August 2015-April 2016 Research Assistant University of California, San Diego Professional Creating a database of Maidan volunteers and volunteering military units in Ukraine. Maintaining connection between Ukrainian political figures and the research center.


I am not a Lannister but I also always pay my debts. Being a part of EYP Ukraine Board 2017 is an opportunity to actively contribute to the NGO that has significantly changed my mind-set and greatly influenced my life path. However, who of us believe in philanthropy and blind devotion? Of course, taking this huge responsibility for one year would be a perfect way to improve my weaknesses and strengthen things I am already good at. With these two motives – to continue applying my knowledge into practice and to improve some communication and soft interpersonal skills – I am applying for the respective position. Currently I am a member of the IA Department and since June I have been serving as a Deputy Head thereof. Having gained such experience, I do realise how to handle the Department: from tiny details in supporting Ukrainians travelling abroad and up to representation of EYP Ukraine on the international level. I am full of fresh ideas about interaction with other EYP National Committees

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

45 out of 53

International Activities Department and Initiatives. Why should we invent a bicycle again? Sharing and compiling the experiences of all 40 EYP countries can set a brand new environment for EYP Ukraine in 2017. On a local level, I am looking for a long-term team management and would like to experiment together with a bunch of people, namely the IA Department to make experience of every Ukrainian participant in events abroad as simple and pleasant as possible.

Programme statement 1. Equal opportunities

In the digital era access to knowledge is a halfway to success, thus I aim at: - providing the members with user-friendly monthly newsletters notifying about available events abroad; - conducting training for newcomers; - finalising academic preparation kit; - involving more international participants to Ukrainian events. 2. Removing barriers

The National Committees from non-Schengen area have some extra needs, therefore I plan to: - create a travel kit with detailed instructions for getting visas, travelling etc (Skype support if need be); - support delegations by experienced EYPers; - create a parent support team. 3. Board of National Committees

A plan for cooperation with a decision-making institution of EYP: - simplifying the communication within all National Committees; - sharing relevant up-to-date information; - adopting best experiences of other NCs; - reporting to members about EYP decisions made on the international level.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

46 out of 53

International Activities Department 4. Teachers

Involving schools and individual teachers to EYP workflow will benefit both sides a lot, from the perspective of IA Department it is crucial to: - create a network of teachers/chaperones to support IS delegations; - invite foreign teachers to attend Ukrainian sessions. 5. Cooperation with other departments

The work of the IA Department is very specific and only cooperation with other Departments will make it productive. The IA Department can supply participants with needed documents only when assisted by the President and Secretary, crate a proper image of EYP Ukraine on the international level together with the PR Department, provide reimbursements with the help of the FR Department, recruit and involve new participants with the aid of the HR and RD Departments. 6. Database

Data analysis always leads to quality improvements. Hence, I aim to create a full database of participants abroad similarly to the Members Database developed by EYP Austria.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

47 out of 53

President Candidates - Michael Rozhkov

What does the President do?

Supervises all the activities of the organisation;

Controls and ensures the implementation of the organisations’ development strategy;

Supervises the annual events’ plan creation and approval;

Represents the organisation on National and International levels;

Interacts with EYP International Office and Governing Body (GB);

Approves and advises on new initiatives of members;

Establishes and maintains partner relations with NGOs, private companies, governmental

institutions, international organizations, etc.;

Consults on the organisation development;

Manages the Board of organisation and organises regular meetings of the Board Members;

Regularly reports on ongoing projects progress;

Deals with all official correspondence;

Submits reports to tax administration and deals with all the legal aspects of the organisation’s activities;

Coordinates financial distribution of resources and controls inner reporting after the


European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

48 out of 53

President Michael Rozhkov 24 years old

2009-2013 Political Science, National university of Kyiv-Mohyla academy 2012 Leadership for NGOs, MIM-Kyiv 2014-2015 International project management and marketing, Ariel university [Period] [Position] [Organisation] [Professional/ Voluntary] [Major Accomplishments]

2014-2015 Board member on Regional Development EYP-UA Voluntary 16 EYP-UA Weekend that involved around 1400 participants Development and implementation of the Regional Development Strategy


There are a couple of reasons that motivates me to apply for this position and they will be my motivation is I get elected. Those reasons are might simple, yet they can give you a glimpse of what I feel. Personal

I do need to have the connection with Ukraine despite the fact that I reside outside of country. I find the position of the President of the organisation a perfect chance to stay connected with Ukraine and Ukrainian fellow peers. Professional

I have been mastering my project management skills for last 3 years and this year I want to challenge what I know, myself and take the lead, bring on what I have learned. The position will help me to enrich necessary practical virtuosity in the upcoming year.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

49 out of 53

President Organisational

I can take the responsibility of the organisation and make sure that EYP-Ukraine expands horizontally and vertically in its environment amongst other National Committees of EYP as well as in Ukraine. I do want to bring to life partnerships and cooperation with third-party NGOs when it is beneficial for organisation and its members as well as civil society of Ukraine. My motivation is a complex thing and here you have had a chance to go through the main aspects of it. Bearing in mind different parts of my strong desire to take over the position and get elected, I can assure you that I have enough motivation for the term.

Programme statement

My program statement does not include a year plan or any other figures since this is the task of the board. My task, as a potential President, is to manage the board and make sure that EYP activities in Ukraine are conducted according to current EYP standards. Here are 3 principles I will base the execution of my portfolio. Stability and Sustainability

EYP-Ukraine is constituted by volunteers and for volunteers who are eager to develop themselves. A volunteer is a person who does an activity on his/her own will and can easily resign without any further social conviction. This is the right of the volunteer and it is to be ensured for every member. However, EYP Ukraine is an organisation of a national and international importance, and stability in its activities on a micro level and macro level gives a positive note to our partners and sponsors, current and potential members; and a whole EYP network. My task as a President is to make sure that the organisation moves forward when it comes to the capacity enrichment and horizontal growth strengthening the organisation. The goal can be achieved by stable, clear, transparent and understandable communication between all the stakeholders as well well-thought-out year plan that gives heads-up to the entire EYP network. Initiative

We are volunteers and in every step or move we show an example of active citizens who do care about the environment they live in and a country they belong to. Sometimes or even most the time, it does not feel like it is all worth it, but maybe you need to leave Ukraine in order to understand

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

50 out of 53

President that you need it so much. I stay active in EYP while living abroad, because this is the only way I can contribute to the development of my country. Overall, it is all about an initiative which can light up our hearts and lead to amusing achievements. Moreover, it is all about personal initiative and since we are volunteers, we depend on the initiative of each other. Hence, I do and will promote personal initiative amongst the board members as well as members of the organisation as a way to have stable and sustainable EYP Ukraine. Involvement

One can say that EYP-Ukraine is not the same and it does not fit anymore. Undoubtedly, those wise men know the thing. However, the development and constant change of the things mean that we do not stay on the same level for years. With no further due, I want to mention the personal responsibility and involvement. It is weird to wait for a significant growth of the EYP Ukraine if you do not dedicate your time and do not put efforts to make this place better. If the one cannot dedicate his/her time to the current state of the things in the organisation, it is foolish to expect others to do so as well contribute and stay involved. I base my programme and all my activities if I get elected on those three main points. The points that I believe in and am ready to bring the organisation on a different quality level.

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

51 out of 53

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

52 out of 53

See you at the Autumn General Assembly on Saturday, September 24! In case of any questions, please, approach the Elections Body at

European Youth Parliament – Ukraine |

53 out of 53

Manifesto Booklet 2016/17  

Board and Auditing Committee Elections 2016/17

Manifesto Booklet 2016/17  

Board and Auditing Committee Elections 2016/17