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8th Alumni Weekend of EYP the Netherlands – Application Form for Trainers 1. Personal details and contact information Name Nationality Date of birth Gender



Email address Phone number

2. Session History Please copy and past your previous EYP experience here. Alternatively, you can provide us with a link to your up-todate profile at the Alumni Platform Year and location

Type of Session

Your role at the Session

Name and function of your senior official

Additional relevant EYP experience (e.g. Member of NC board) Additional relevant training experience (within and outside EYP)

3. Motivation What is your motivation to attend the Alumni Weekend? (max. 300 words)

Please return to by the 31st of July 23:59 CET

4. Training Please indicate here what kind of training you would like to give (chairing/journalism) and what specific modules you have in mind and how long they would approximately take:

Do you have any other competences, skills or talents that you have hitherto not been able to use in EYP or that you deem interesting to introduce at this Alumni Weekend? (e.g. debating classes, other NGO-affiliated or youth work, particular group trainings?

Remember to save your application as a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) or Adobe PDF (.pdf) and update the document title. The Board of EYP the Netherlands retains the right to discard applications in other file formats. Thank you for your application!

Please return to by the 31st of July 23:59 CET

Application Form Trainers Alumni Weekend  
Application Form Trainers Alumni Weekend