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SEPTEMBER 20.21.22



Dearest alumni,

Hereby you are invited to the 8th alumni weekend of EYP the Netherlands. It promises to be a great weekend, full of socializing, activities and fun! More importantly however, it will be a weekend where you will get the chance to develop your skills. In the light of the upcoming Preliminary Rounds, National Selection Conference and other EYP events on an international level, a chairs’ training will take place this weekend, in order to prepare you, alumni, for these sessions. Experienced EYPers from all over Europe will give trainings suitable for both younger and older alumni. The weekend will take place in the beautiful town of Blaricum. The town and its surroundings are known for its beautiful nature, but more importantly for the huge amount of famous Dutch inhabitants. So, next to the interesting and very instructive trainings, you might even spot a superstar! I hope you are all just as excited as I am for the upcoming Alumni Weekend! We hope to see as many of you there! On behalf of the board of EYP NL, Christien van der Harst

Training This weekend will be mainly about chairs’ training. You will be taught all the ins and outs and learn how to become a great chair!

We will have a couple of trainers, that all come from the pool of trainers that has been established by to the EYP Academy. All of them have attended a great deal of sessions in the past, and all of them are very eager to pass on their skills to you! More about the trainers on the following pages.

To give each and every one of you a training that is challenging, effective and responds your needs, you will be split up into two groups. The first group will focus more on the basics of chairing, whereas the second group will give the opportunity to more experienced alumni to further develop their skills. Furthermore, you can influence the content of the trainig, by filling in the questionnaire that will be sent to you once you have signed up.

Meet the trainers Gillian

O’Halloran Gillian has a serious amount of experience and presided Amsterdam 2012, the 71st International Session. We are very proud to welcome her back to the Netherlands for the 8th Alumni Weekend!






In EYP since 2006


In EYP since 2004


Maria has given a great deal of trainings. She currently is Chair of the Board and senior trainer of the EYP Academy and Human Resources Officer at the Office.

Manger - bobo -

Country Sandra is currently BNC coordinator and has given a lot of training.


Country The Netherlands Our very own Boaz Manger


In EYP since 2007

In EYP since


All trainers have extensive experience and we are extremely proud and happy that they have agreed to attend the Alumni Weekend. The link below leads you to a questionnaire designed to help them create a training which is tailored to your needs and wishes as participants. It is in their and in your own interest to invest quality time in filling out the questionnaire as honest and as thoroughly as possible, as the overarching aim is to make the 8th EYP NL Alumni Weekend most effective and most interesting to all participants. Please fill it in before the 31st of August 23:59 CET.

has served two terms as a board member of our National Committee and is a well known face within our organization.


General Information Accommodation

What to bring

We will be staying at ‘De Spoel’ situated in Blaricum, Noord-Holland. EYP the Netherlands has a private accommodation at its disposal, and most of our activities during the day will take place in or around the accommodation. For more information on the accommodation, you can visit their website at

Pens Notebook Sleeping bag and pillowcase Any medication you require Comfortable shoes

The cost of the alumni weekend is 50 euros. You can pay with cash at the Alumni Weekend or you can transfer the fee to the following account before September 18:

The arrival time to the venue is between 16h00 and18h00. We would appreciate it if you could make it by that time. Dinner will be served between 18h00 and 20h00. After that, the programme will start.

Triodos Bank Rekening nr. Op naam van: S.E.J.P.N.

The address of the venue is

You will also have the opportunity to purchase an EYP the Netherlands sweater. The sweaters are available in all sizes and cost 30 euros a piece, to be paid cash at the Alumni Weekend.

De Spoel Woensbergweg 5 1272 JP Huizen We suggest that you use http://www.9292ov. nl/ to navigate your journey if you wish to travel by public transport.

If you haven’t already, register for the weekend by clicking the link!

Information Booklet 8th Alumni Weekend of EYP the Netherlands  

All information about the 8th Alumni Weekend of EYP the Netherlands, taking place 20-22 September

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