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19th Alumni Weekend March 22-24 2019

Word of Welcome Dear (potential) participant, We are very excited to share this booklet with you! It contains all the needed information for the upcoming weekend in Lunteren. It is very special for us to host this weekend, as it is the last thing the 18-19 board does. That is why we are so happy to be able to share it with you! We would like to invite you to join us for a magical weekend full of fun in the theme of fairytales. On Saturday, we will have a few workshops about EYP after Nationals, Structures of EYP and more. I hope you are as excited as we are, and will join us for the weekend! Lots of love, 18-19 Board of EYP NL, Annelotte

What is the Spring Alumni Weekend? The Spring Alumni Weekend is the weekend where new alumni can get to know older alumni, get to know more about EYP the Netherlands and have a lot of fun reuniting with their friends from the Prelims and Nationals! We are going to do all of this with a lot of fun, especially during all of the amazing activities that the Regional Representatives have planned for you. Moreover, the theme party on Saturday is the best part of the weekend, as you can go nuts with your outfit in the theme of fairytales and be the prince, princess, frog, donkey, bear or whatever else of your dreams!! You sure do not want to miss out on this. Lastly, the Supervisory Board will instal the 2019-2020 Board of EYP the Netherlands on Sunday, and they will host an activity in order for all alumni to get to know them, as they will be the faces and decision-makers of EYP the Netherlands for the coming year.

Programme Beneath you can find the programme for the Alumni Weekend. Although times may differ slightly, this will give you an overview of what to do when. The workshops on Saturday will be about ‘EYP after Nationals’, ‘Application Writing’, ‘EYP National and International Structures’ and ‘Understanding Europe’.

Friday 22/03 Saturday 23/03 Sunday 24/03 18:00 Arrivals 19:00 Dinner (don’t be late!) 20:00 Introductions & Group Game 21:00 Pubquiz 23:00-??? Campfire and fun

9:00 Breakfast 10:00-13:00 Workshops 13:00 Lunch 14:00 Surprise games 16:00 Levend Stratego 18:00 Dinner 19:00 Get ready to party & free time 20:30 Party

9:30 Breakfast 10:30 Update from the Board 11:00 Installment of the new Board 11:30 Welcoming activity 12:30 Lunch 13:00 Cleaning up 14.:00/14:30 Departures

Theme Party Fairytales have had a place in our hearts and lives since the very moment we can remember. This weekend, it is time to bring back those memories and embrace your inner fairytale character. This can literally be anyone you admire or despite, aspire to be or want to make fun of. Watch your favorite Disney movies again, read your favorite fairytales again and embark in a magical weekend full of fun. On Saturday, we will be hosting a theme party in the theme of fairytales and expect everyone to dress up as a character! From Alladdin to Dumbo, from Cinderella to Minnie Mouse, everything is possible and will be just as fun! If you have awesome decorations lying around, please bring them so we can make the party even more magical. The standard rules apply to this party, drinking is only allowed if you’re over 18, and we have a zero tolerance policy regarding drugs.

Travel Information We will be staying at group accommodation de Wildwal, the name of our building is de Eekhoorn. The address of the venue is Galgenbergweg 3, in Lunteren. If you drive there, your navigation might ask you if you want to avoid ‘onverharde wegen’, do not say yes, as the very last part of the road is ‘onverhard’, and you will end up at the neighbours if you say yes. If you come with public transport, you will have to travel to the trainstation of Lunteren, every half hour trains arrive there from Ede-Wageningen and Amersfoort. On your way back, every half hour trains leave for Ede-Wageningen and Amersfoort. After you arrive at the train station, it is about a 15-20 minute walk to the venue. We are currently looking into the options of picking people up at the station if everyone arrives at a certain time. More information about this will follow on the Facebook event, so keep an eye on that! Please note that if you want to join dinner on Friday night, you will have to be present at 19.00 (so the train that arrives at 18.34). When planning your trip back, please do not count on being able to leave sooner than 14.30, as we want to round up the weekend with everyone.

Payment Information The costs of the Alumni Weekend are 30 euros for two nights, and 20 euros for one night. You can buy both of these tickets through this link. In order to participate, you need to buy a ticket in advance. The ticket sale closes on Thursday, March 21st. However, if you want us to take your dietary needs into account, you will need to have bought your ticket and filled in the registration form (which will be sent to you upon buying your ticket) by Monday, March 18th.

EYP NL Hoodies At the Alumni Weekend, EYPNL hoodies will be sold again. There is a limited amount of hoodies available so make sure that you are in time. You can buy them at the weekend only, and you will be asked to transfer the money of a hoodie to the EYPNL bank account. Please note that transfering money in advance, will not guarantee that a hoodie (in your size) will be available. The costs of a hoodie is 30 euros.

Packing List Please bring the following items with you - Toiletries - Debit card (if you want to purchase a sweater and/or drinks) - Pen & notebook - Sleeping bag - Pillow cover - Bed sheets (optional) - Warm clothes - Fairytale Party Fashion - Clothes that can get dirty - EYP NL hoodie

See you soon!

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19th Alumni Weekend of EYP the Netherlands - Information Booklet  

During the weekend of 22-24 of March, EYP the Netherlands will host its 19th Alumni Weekend. As is tradition, the spring Alumni Weekend will...

19th Alumni Weekend of EYP the Netherlands - Information Booklet  

During the weekend of 22-24 of March, EYP the Netherlands will host its 19th Alumni Weekend. As is tradition, the spring Alumni Weekend will...