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Council & Community Issue 1 – April 2013


We made it! Roundabout, to save time and effort all round. Getting the balance right may not always be easy but we have already been commended for trying, as you’ll see. Prime Minister and local MP David Cameron was “delighted to be asked to contribute to the launch issue of Eynsham News.” He said: “Newsletters like this are so important. Such publications give a much-needed voice to our local communities which make our area such a special, proactive and inclusive place to live. “Sometimes I point to West Oxfordshire as a classic place where people are already involved in what I call the Big Society.” The Big Society, Mr Cameron explained, is not just about volunteering. There are two more key aspects – giving people much more power and responsibility at a local level; and opening up public services to greater diversity. He added: “The third part is indeed social action and volunteering, asking people to think of doing more for themselves, their families and their communities. Here, I am always surprised by the incredible range of organisations in West Oxfordshire and now we have the Eynsham News to add to the impressive list. “I look forward to seeing this community publishing venture go from strength to strength.”

Resounding cheers and hearty thanks to everyone involved in getting this new community newsletter off the ground – from the scores who filled in survey forms, outlining what you wanted – loud and clear – to the local businesses who lined up to fund printing costs and the many willing volunteers on the home delivery round. Eynsham News emerges in response to the recent contraction of The Roundabout, produced by local churches, so we’re grateful to all three churches for supporting this new venture. Thanks also to the Parish Council for a grant that smoothed the way towards an issue every other month until this time next year. Some readers may have wanted news more often. We promise to work on it, though the quest for donations and sponsorship is very time-consuming. Meanwhile, please welcome these early steps and continue to send in your news and comment. Our contact details are on page 2. As our banner heading indicates, Eynsham News has been set up to cover both public services and community activities – combining Eynsham Echo and

In this issue • • • • • • • 1

Shape of things to come: page 2 Operation Isis, Census 2011: 3 Contact sheets: 4 – 5 Public Services: 6 – 9 Home Front: 10 – 11 Recreation: 12 – 14 What’s On: 15 – 16

Shape of things to come

Eynsham News will follow these guidelines carefully, though it’s hard to publish what we don’t receive. Contributions from community groups are especially welcome – make it work for you! Hitesh and Anita at the Post Office are keeping the drop box open so there’s no need to go out of your way if you don’t use email.

The emerging Eynsham News Group ran a short survey in February, to test the continuing need for a printed newsletter – and asked what people might like to read about, while we were at it. Thanks to Eynsham Library, Medical Centre, Post Office and other venues for hosting forms and drop-boxes; and to Clare Wiles, Alex Thomas, Riddhi Patel, and Xueying Liu (below) from Oxford Student Consultancy for the analysis. The results have been illuminating: • The sheer number of responses (111 from a chilly 20 days that included a school holiday). • No clear divergence of views, whether people use the internet regularly or not. • Strong opinions on content – given that contacts, current affairs and what’s on would be included anyway. Clear favourites were: 1. Entertainment (exhibitions, films, concerts, dances, theatre) 2. Helping Hand (charities, support groups, volunteering opportunities) 3. Great Outdoors (allotments, gardening, open gardens, walks) 4. Local Heroes (profiles, fund-raisers, obituaries)

Small steps GreenTEA members are making a list of little things we can all do to make the world (or at least the village) a nicer place – why not give them a hand? See page 9.

Seasonal/topical images are invited for every issue… please send by email to the address below. Eynsham News is published by a local, not-for-profit voluntary group, set up solely to produce a community newsletter of broad general appeal. Free delivery to every household is also arranged by volunteers. Editor Joan Stonham, 28 Beech Road, Eynsham, OX29 1LJ: Opinions expressed by the contributors are not necessarily those of the Editor or the News Group. Inclusion of an advertisement does not imply endorsement of the product, service or event. 2

The big chill

‘Helimed 24’ being unable to land, rescue teams stabilised and stretchered out the casualty themselves. And at 18.00 the searchers were stood down. As every participant knew, this was a training exercise, bringing specialist resources together to simulate a major incident. OxSAR thanks Eynsham residents and businesses for their support and generosity. The village provided sleepovers in church halls, the Sports Pavilion and local B&Bs, a celebratory BBQ at the Red Lion, raffle prizes and much more. All SAR members are dedicated volunteers, entirely funded by donations. Teams are on call seven days a week, 24 hours a day to help the police in vulnerable missing people searches.

Story from proud local resident Louise Dennis On Friday 22 March seventeen scouts were reported missing from a Duke of Edinburgh expedition, after failing to check in as arranged. Concerns for their safety rose overnight in sub zero temperatures, as heavy rain turned to snow. Early on Saturday police called out Oxfordshire Lowland Search and Rescue (OxSAR). At 06:00 the situation escalated to a national call out and a control centre was set up at Farmoor Reservoir. Local Search & Rescue teams were on the ground by 06:30, with more arriving during the morning from as far as the Isle of Wight. All day long, in shocking weather, specialist teams (foot, dog, bike, bank and boat) searched Eaton, Appleton, Cumnor, Farmoor, Wytham and the Thames.

Census shocks

Ian Wright uncovers startling results for Eynsham – and “interesting” questions for planners – from the Census of 27 March 2011 A massive rise in the age range 60-plus was predictable, perhaps. But the decade has also seen a massive drop in the age range 25-44: down from 1322 to a mere 1036. Where have they gone – and why? The table below shows the percentage of the whole population that belong to the two age groups 20-39 and 65+ for Eynsham, West Oxon, the South East region and all England: Age Eynsham 20–39 19.00% 65 24%

image © OxSAR By 17:00 twelve scouts had been found safe and well, though suffering mild hypothermia. At 17:30 the other five were sighted – one with a compound fracture, requiring medical support and immediate evacuation. “Operation Isis was the first national Lowland Search and Rescue training exercise”

West Oxon South East England 23% 25% 27% 20% 19% 18%

So Eynsham has about one third less of the younger age group, and one third more of the older age group, than England as a whole. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


Eynsham churches

Contacts Allotments: John & Sara Bannister 19 Queen Street, 01865 880324 Bartholomew School: Witney Road, 01865 881430 Carnival: Julie Jordan 22 Back Lane, 01865 880042 Chemist: Lloyds Pharmacy 64 Acre End Street, 01865 881283 Childcare: Health Visitors, 01993 881887 Dentists: 4 Cassington Road, 01865 880047 Electoral Services: WODC, 01993 86152 Eynsham News: see page 2 Fire Station: Station Road, 01865 881337; emergencies 999 Flooding: early warning 0845 988 1188; sandbags WODC 01993 861000 (out of hours 0845 3039706) Gas: enquiries 0845 835 1111, leaks 0800 111 999 Library: 30 Mill Street, 01865 880525 Market: St Leonard’s Church Hall, 01865 880928 Medical Centre: Conduit Lane, 01865 881206 Pest Control: WODC, 01993 861060 Planning: applications WODC 01993 861420 Play Areas: Parish Council, 01865 716943 Playing Fields: Management Committee Ann Cross, 01865 880712 Police: Village Hall Back Lane, incident reporting 101, emergencies 999 Post Office: 39 Mill Street, 01865 881159 Potholes: see below Primary School: Beech Road, 01865 881294 Recycling: District Council, 01993 861025 Road Repairs: Oxfordshire Highways, 0845 310 1111 Social Care (OCC): 0845 050 7666, emergencies 0800 833408 Sports Centre: Back Lane, 01993 861830 Street Cleaning: WODC Street Scene 01993 861020 Street Lights: 24 hour fault line 0800 317802 Toilets: Back Lane Car Park/Oxford Road: 01249 822063 Waste Collection: WODC Environmental Services, 01993 861020


Vicar: The Revd Morey Andrews The Vicarage, 45 Acre End Street: 01865 881323 Assistant Curate: Revd Kath Cooke Church Office & Secretary: Jan Macdonald 21 High Street 01865 883325 email SUNDAY SERVICES Holy Communion 09.00, Morning Service 10:45, Evening Service 18:00 WEEKDAYS Monday Prayer Meeting 07:00, Wednesday Communion 09:30


Parish Priest: Father Martin Flatman The Presbytery, Abbey Street: 01865 881613 / 07719 646790 Parish Deacon: Rev Chris Blackman 01865 881718 SUNDAY SERVICE Sunday Mass 10:00 Saturday: Mass for Sunday 19.30, Holy Hour 18:30, Benediction 19:15 WEEKDAYS Mass on Monday 17:30, Tuesday 19.30, Wednesday 09:30, Thursday 12:00, Friday 06:00; Bible Study (in the house) Thursday 19.30.


Minister: Church telephone / answerphone: 01865 882203 Church Secretary: Denise Launchbury 82 Shakespeare Road 01865 881128 Church Treasurer: Bob Thiele 21 Greens Road 01865 426203 SUNDAY SERVICE with Junior Church 10:30; Songs of Praise 2nd Sunday of month 15:00; Hungarian Service 3rd Sunday of month 15:00. WEEKDAYS Reflective Service with Holy Communion Thursday 12:00; Bible Study Groups, please enquire.

Fix my street OCC has stepped up efforts to tackle potholes and launched an improved online reporting system for non-emergency cases – including pavement defects.

THE CHURCHES TOGETHER Regular support for homeless visitors to Gatehouse – August Oasis for Senior Citizens – Women’s World Day of Prayer – ecumenical events at Easter, Christmas, Harvest – and more!

Just upload images and locations with your mobile phone:

A VERY WARM WELCOME TO EYNSHAM NEWS – we are delighted to support this community venture 4

Halls for hire

Paul Wilding 9 Beech Road 01865 423556 Fred Wright 15 Cassington Road 01865 881496 Email formula:

Baptist Church Hall, Lombard Street 07900 066471 Bartholomew Room, Market Square 01865 716943

PARISH CLERK Malcolm Anderson 13 Bailey Road Oxford OX4 3HU: 01865 716943 email

Berry Sports Hall, Back Lane 01993 861830 Primary School Hall, Beech Road 01865 881294 Red Lion Function Room, Market Square 01865 882903

OXFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL Charles Mathew: 01865 882205 County Hall: 01865 792422

Scout Headquarters, Back Lane 01865 881787

OCC ELECTIONS take place on Thursday 2 May from 07:00-22:00 at Eynsham Village Hall.

Social & Sports Club, Swan Street 01865 881234 Sports Pavilion, Oxford Road 01865 716943

WEST OXFORDSHIRE DISTRICT COUNCIL Edward James: 01865 731009 Peter Kelland: 01865 880028 Larry Poole: 01865 375130 Council Offices: 01993 861000

St Leonard’s Hall, Thames Street 01865 880107 Tolkien Room, Abbey Street 01865 464320 Village Hall, Back Lane 01865 881230


White Hart Function Room 01865 880711

OCC = Oxfordshire County Council WODC = West Oxfordshire District Council



Richard Andrews 17 Dovehouse Close 01865 880106 Gordon Beach (Chairman) 11 Fruitlands 01865 880979 Andrew Bickley Orchard House, Mill Street 01865 884496 Sue Brown 1 Evans Close 01865 464267 Peter Emery 5 Acre End Close 01865 731199 Verity Hughes 24 Beech Road 01865 880243 Jess Lawson 30 Clover Place 01865 882468 Andy Mosson 46 Spareacre Lane 01865 880889 Sue Osborne 38 Beech Road 01865 880285 Nick Relph 26 Newland Street 01865 464264 Olaf Rock 27a Clover Place 01865 884047 David Rossiter (Vice-Chair) 5 Bartholomew Close 01865 881568 Dennis Stukenbroeker 12 Orchard Close 01865 880609

independent estate agents

Your local Independent Agent established in the village since 1983 We sell more property in Eynsham than any other agent. To benefit from our experience of the local market call us for sound, honest and reliable advice on the value of your home. Offices in Eynsham, Witney and Bampton Telephone 01865 880697 5

Public services

Better broadband Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) and the government are investing £14 million to improve the county’s broadband provision. Many parts of the county – the most rural in the South East – have connection speeds which are too slow for today’s websites, particularly those with video and audio content. Faster broadband will make it easier for us to access public services, find work, save money on shopping, and stay in touch with friends and family. OCC wants 90% of households and businesses to have access to superfast broadband – defined as more than 24 Megabits per second (Mbps) – by 2020. It is negotiating with possible infrastructure providers and the winning bid will be announced in June, along with the plan for how and where the infrastructure will be developed. The Parish Council is keen to hear from local residents and businesses who have difficulty in accessing the internet due to poor connection speeds. If you are affected by this issue please get in touch with Cllr Paul Wilding at paul.wilding@eynsham-pc. or on 07786 966437.

Annual review

Gordon Beach – Council Chairman The Annual Parish Meeting for Eynsham, held on 16 April 2013, brings together reports from almost every public body in the village that works on your behalf: the Police, Fire Service and Parish Council, County and District Councillors, Primary School Governors, Bartholomew School, Eynsham Charities, Playing Field Managers, Village Hall Managers and the Allotments Association. The reports went online on Friday 12 April and printed copies were placed in the Library for residents without internet access. Please take the opportunity to read them; and get in touch with your questions at any time. The Parish Council will spend £47.16 in the coming year for a Band D property – less than 91 pence a week – and wants to make every penny count.


Verity Hughes – Chair, Fishponds Committee


Many thanks to the volunteers who turned up on 17 February to fill in the potholes in the car park, clear a larger parking area and reduce the elm saplings which obscure the view of the road when driving out. We also cleared the bank of the Chilbrook near the Playing Fields, allowing access to the brook for children to play. The Parish Council has sanctioned removal of encroaching sedges from the area of moat that was cleared six years ago. This will be done when the ground is dry enough to move in the heavy machinery.

Over the past few months the number of complaints regarding dog fouling has steadily increased. Many reports concern the same areas of the village and it has become clear that the hotspots are Mill Street, Newlands Street, Acre End, Evans Road and the two playing fields off Oxford Road. However, these are not the only parts of the village which have been impacted. We are speaking to the WODC Dog Warden and the Police to see how the increasing number of incidents can be tackled, but clearly we need support from both dog owners and residents to identify the repeat offenders. For the benefit of those new to the village, it might help to clarify the position regarding the playing fields. Dogs are not permitted on the north field (the one with the new play area and toilets). On the south field (Queen Elizabeth II Field – the one with the Pavilion) there is a footpath down the western side and dogs are allowed in that area, but must be on a lead at all times. Dogs may be released in the Fishponds, but clearly owners are still responsible for removing any fouling. No doubt the number of repeat offenders is small, but they are clearly now having a major impact on the village. If you are able to offer any help in dealing with this issue then please let us know.


Sue Osborne – Chair, Footpaths Committee The Footpaths subcommittee regularly continues to walk the public rights of way around Eynsham, reporting obstacles and problems as they are found. They always appreciate hearing from residents, and would like to encourage feedback (good and bad!) about our paths. The subcommittee walks every single footpath and bridleway in the parish on a biennial basis: this is due to be undertaken again in summer 2014. For a report on the new “Swinford Green Heritage Trail” please see page 13. 6

New faces

now will be the installation of a teenagers’ shelter near the skate park, where they can gather without disturbing residents but still in sight of a well-used road.

A warm welcome to Jess Lawson and Olaf Rock, who joined the Council in March and have wasted no time in getting involved – Jess (above) with Fishponds and Planning, Olaf with the Traffic Advisory Committee.

Sports pavilion Work on the kitchen refurbishment supported by SITA Trust through the Landfill Communities Fund is expected to take 7-10 days. We hope to finish the project in late spring / early summer – at least in time for Carnival! so check the website for updates. We are replacing the flooring, cupboards and working surface; installing a new double oven cooker range and extractor, re-tiling; replacing the shutters with a glass window and shutters; and replacing the water boiler with a larger / more efficient model.

Notice boards

Northmoor Productions

A new public board is on order for the Market Square – making a total of 6 across the village. A few reminders:

Typesetting leaflets to books

• No commercial advertising, please • ‘Permanent’ notices should be no bigger than A5, to leave space for other users.

Archaeological Illustration

Play areas

In a word - effiecient and reliable



Richard Andrews – Chair, Play Area Committee A major upgrade to the Old Witney Road play area is almost complete, including repairs to existing equipment and new equipment aimed at younger and less mobile children, plus a new goal for football practice. A big tidy-up of the planting outside the gates by GreenTEA members has also helped to bring the whole area up to the same high standard as the other two sites. We still need a route to recover footballs that go over the fence onto the school playing fields but there is a lot of illegal exercising of dogs on the school fields and we don’t want them in the play area. There is still some planting and drainage work to do at Oxford Road, to complete this very weatherdelayed project; but most of the new equipment is popular and well used. Our final building project for

We are a registered charity providing a high standard of care & education to 2 – 5 year olds. Located in the grounds of the Community Primary School we have our own permanent, wellequipped premises with a great outdoor area. We offer morning, afternoon or all day sessions, Monday to Friday, 8.45 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. and lunch club is also available. For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact 01865 883893 7

Neighbourhood policing “The highlight of our partnership with the police this year has been the youth video project ‘A day in the life of a Zombie’. It’s a must-see at Eynsham Online. Well done to PCSO Helen Keen for her leadership in this activity.” E y n s h a m Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) continues to meet every 5-6 weeks at 19:00 at the Bartholomew Room in Market Square. If you have any ideas to help with the neighbourhood priorities, please have a word with Chairman Ron Hollis at the Village Hall. Our current neighbourhood priorities are speeding, parking and youth facilities.

This month’s headline news is that anti social behaviour has reduced over the last year by a massive 49%, from 160 incidents down to 81. PC Richard Conner attributes this to closer partnership working with West Oxfordshire District Council and other partner agencies – including, Cottsway Housing. WODC Councillor Larry Poole adds another perspective:

Clowns, zombies and police! thanks to Suzy Prior


TRADITIONAL FAMILY BUTCHER Eynsham 01865 881219 Reliable and friendly service Locally sourced meats where available Martin and Paul will be happy to serve you

Carcass based butcher Traditional ways in a modern world

Local free range eggs

Selected speciality cheeses

Hand raised Pies

Jams, stuffings and sauces

Home-made sausages and burgers (including gluten free)

Small selection of frozen fish FREE LOCAL DELIVERY Email 1A Mill Street, Eynsham, OX29 4JX

© Eynsham Online 8


Your county councillor Charles Mathew reports

The recent locality policy has made a budget available to councillors to support community projects and highway improvements. This has enabled me to fund new chairs for the Day Centre, in conjunction with the Parish Council, and kitchen equipment in the Cricket Pavilion, to replace that lost to arson. On the highways side, extra signs to improve safety are being erected and curb lining painted outside Bartholomew School in Witney Road; and white lines now mark the A40 cycle path where it meets the B4449. OCC also has a significant say over Swinford Toll Bridge. I have consistently discussed possible solutions and am very pleased to say that serious consideration is being given to improving toll collection by conversion to an electronic system. “improving toll collection via an electronic system” Ownership of the wall on Conduit Lane is still contested; and OCC has removed the fallen materials until responsibility is legally resolved. image © Jane McDonald] Red Nose Day 15 March: six-year old Lilah Schofield models the latest fashion. Eynsham Primary School raised £358 for Comic Relief.

Small steps A suggestion from PCSO Helen Keen, from work with the children’s parking project “It’s 779 meters and takes 11 minutes to walk from Back Lane car park to the Primary School.

Shaun Rowland Building Contractors Ltd

That twice a day = getting fit ...”

Family run business est. 1989 Covering all aspects of construction work Small works Extensions Renovations Loft conversions New builds (NHBC registered builder)

Spring into action

A tip from Jon Hardy at Eynsham Fire Station Why not use the longer days to ensure you have working smoke alarms and get in the habit of testing them every week? And if you have elderly friends, neighbours or relatives why not test theirs too? For more about smoke alarms and home fire risk checks, call the free Community Safety Helpline: 08000 325999.

For a free quotation or advice Telephone: 07957 360516 Email: For more information please visit our website 9

Home front

In 2012, thanks to local insights from an Eynsham Rotarian and the Rotary Club in Kilifi, a project emerged for provision of clean water to 5 schools in the Kilifi District of Kenya. Although water tanks had been installed at the schools, no funds were available to connect to the mains supply. The children still had to carry unclean water for some distance and make it fit to use. For the comparatively low expenditure of £300 per school – £1,000 from the Rotary Club of Eynsham and £500 from District level – clean drinking water is finally available to some 3,000 children. The project was managed by the Rotary Club of Kilifi; Rotarians Pauline Lowe and Geoff Powell visited over the New Year and confirmed satisfactory completion. A follow-on project for latrines at each school is now being considered.

Rotary Club of Eynsham

Meetings and contacts: We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at the White Hart, alternating speakers on topics of interest and business meetings to progress our mainly local projects. Social events are also planned for 5th Tuesdays. Everyone is welcome so come and give us a try. For more information please call Philip Spencer (881025), Kate Nayler (883716) or Tony Robinson (880145); e-mail spencer633@

Help in the community: Two years on, the Club continues to fund-raise through local events – the annual Charity Race Night, a joint charity theatre / supper evening with Bartholomew Players, the Father Christmas float and more recently a Barn Dance in the Village Hall. We are now a parent body of Eynsham Carnival, helping with preparation throughout the year and duties on the day. Following discussion by our Community Services committee, money or ‘hands on’ support has gone to local schemes, including: • Eynsham Day Centre’s seated exercise activity. • The 6-weekly food run from Eynsham to Gatehouse in St Giles. • The ‘Yellow Submarine’ project for people with learning difficulties in Oxford.

Eynsham Good Neighbour Network Could you volunteer as a good neighbour? What could you help with? - Collecting a perscription, minor household repairs, garden tyding, befriending and other ways to provide good neighbour support? We are setting up a Good Neighbour Network. If you think you could help please contact

Project Kilifi: Internationally, the Club has contributed funds towards a shelter box for disaster locations; and the Rotary International initiative to eradicate polio.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Greens Funeral Services

Joanna Ripley Jewellery

Established 1866

An independent family owned business, with five generations of experience, offering a dignified 24 hour service, with our personal attention to detail.

• Handmade Gemstone,

Pearl & Crystal Jewellery • Host a Jewellery Party & receive a commission in jewels • Jewellery Making Parties for all ages • Strung Jewellery Repairs

Private Chapels of Rest Funeral Directors: Ian Green and David Ashton 8 Bridge Street Witney Telephone 01993 776486 21 High Street Eynsham Telephone 01865 880837 Golden Charter pre-paid plans available

Visit Eynsham studio by appointment telephone 01865 731466 10

Bryan’s bottles

image © Helen Peacocke “I do talks about them now,” he says proudly. Story from Helen Peacocke Bryan Duffield may not have been born in the village, but he’s an Eynsham man through and through. Father of four and husband to Audrey, Bryan has lived in Clover Place since they married in 1958. Although he officially retired some time ago, you can’t keep a good man down. Bryan keeps up his carpentry and joinery skills by creating some superb little pieces out of reclaimed wood and gives people a hand with little repair jobs too. Those who know him have heard all about his “bottles” which entered his life when he was 50. He loves telling how he found the first clay bottle in Bitterell and how the collection grew. Bryan explains, his find turned up by the little old brick hut that used to be a telephone exchange. He says the hut was broken, split down the middle and bent, due mainly to the fact it was built on top of an old Victorian dump. As Blake & Co were manufacturing a wide range of aerated waters and lemonade in Eynsham from 1875 to 1960, first in a paddock to the west of Mill Street, then at the Everleigh Works in Witney Road, the dump was a treasure trove of clay and glass bottles. It wasn’t long before Bryan became a serious collector and a member of Oxfordshire Bottle Club, to which he still belongs. He said: “Of all the things I have ever done, the most thrilling thing was digging from that old dump. “I’d go out in the morning with an old shovel and fork and a bag with a flask in and as we dug we would shout ‘Look what I’ve got! Look what I’ve got!’ That used to go on until well into the afternoon, then we would take everything home in an old bag. When we got home I was sometimes so exhausted I’d fall asleep under the shower ‘cause we did work hard digging. But gosh, the excitement when we went over all the things we had found that day”.



90 years young


A bell clangs in the early evening gloom of a foggy Victorian street as the muffin man does his rounds, while in the tall, forbidding house which is becoming her prison, Bella Manningham is slowly losing her mind. Her husband’s tyranny and the insolence of her housemaid, plus the air of mystery in her home, have driven her almost insane ... So the scene is set for the Bartholomew Players’ May production, British playwright Patrick Hamilton’s powerful thriller, “Gaslight”. The play was first produced in 1938 and has been twice adapted for film, the most popular starring Ingrid Bergman in 1944.

image © Steve Wheeler Scouting Reunion 2013 celebrated the 90th year of Eynsham Cubs. Standing (L-R) Sue Greenwood group leader, Mark Watson archivist, Rose Green Cub scout leader; seated Roy Parsloe, 80.

The Players have very much enjoyed rehearsing this play and hope that you too, will be suitably gripped. Venue: Eynsham Village Hall, Back Lane Dates: Wednesday-Saturday 15-18 May inclusive Doors open: 19:15, Performance: 19:45 Tickets: £8.00 (£7.00 concessions) from Denise Santilli (07721 744020), Evenlode DIY, or on the door.



Contemporary Garden Designer Urban Courtyard to Country Estate Planting Plans, Advice & Supply Create Your Dream Garden Professional & Friendly

Robert Huie PGDip 27 Queen Street Eynsham Witney OX29 4HH

image © Suzanne Peedell Eynsham WI celebrated their 90th birthday on 12 March and were hilariously entertained by Richard Westcott as a pantomime dame – seen here with Ann Wotherspoon.

01865 731466 07796 145476 email: web:


Lesley’s Curtains & Blinds (Eynsham)

For carpet, rug & upholstery cleaning in Eynsham at the most competitive rates

Hand finished, made-to-measure Personal friendly service Over 25 years experience Fabrics, tracks, poles, blinds Fitting and design service on request Telephone: 01865 881052 email:


GRIMEBUSTERS 01993 868924 01865 726983



Heritage trail

“We are a vibrant group of artists in Eynsham, West Oxfordshire, producing paintings, pottery, textiles, digital art and jewellery to satisfy all tastes and pockets. “We’re busy making beautiful, meaningful things and we invite you to come and see our works of art at sites throughout the village. Most of us exhibit every May during Oxfordshire’s Artweeks festival. “Just call in 18-26 May– we’re expecting you!”

Eynsham Parish Council has secured some public art funding which has been allocated to a project focusing on enhancements to the footpaths around the village. We are planning to create a new circular walk, which will begin at the Swinford Green housing development and lead eastwards via the allotments, along Mead Lane and over the dismantled railway to the Wharf Stream bridge and the Talbot / Thames Path, taking in Eynsham Lock and parts of paths 206/5, 206/23 and 206/7. We plan to increase the visibility of the route with waymarkers and to add interpretation boards (both standard design and with artistic enhancements) at key locations along the route – the Salt route, the old railway crossing and the Wharf Stream – so that visitors can learn about and appreciate the secret history of the place. We want to encourage birds by introducing nest boxes; and we will provide some seating so that people can pause along the route. The crossing over the Wharf Stream will be upgraded and we have applied for a TOE (Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment) grant with which we hope to improve accessibility further through spotwidening, evening out and upgrading of surfaces – in particular along the allotment path – and cutting back of overgrown vegetation (taking care not to disturb important wildlife habitat). In this way, we are hoping that some of the route can be made accessible for parents/grandparents/carers with pushchairs or buggies, and wheelchair users. We hope to invite residents, artists, naturalists, etc., to a “consultation event” at Swinford Green in June, to see the plans, walk the route and add their comments, suggestions and input to the scheme.

More info at

image © Lorna Marrison

Sue Osborne – Chair, Footpaths Committee

Above: seed packet designed in honour of the best shop in the world – Evenlode DIY

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Telephone 01865 883413 13

Group updates

Join the Ukulele Revolution! All welcome, with ukes or not, in the White Hart function room, last Wednesday of the month. Contact John Richards 01865 880640. Eynsham Women Entrepreneurs meet for breakfast first Wednesday of the month at the Queen’s Head – everyone welcome, big or small. Contact Jan Kavanagh 07785 505730 More updates every issue – please keep in touch!

Introducing boys and girls to the joys of music and dance from an early age. Let your child’s imagination come alive … Saturday (in term) 09:30-10:15 at Eynsham Scout HQ; also preschool / nursery workshops and children’s parties. Contact Amy Stammers: 01865 883514 / 07841 514031


Eynsham Carers’ Group now meets third Wednesday of the month around 11:00 at Eynsham Emporium – why not us for a cuppa and a chat? Contact Pamela Richards: 01865 881396

“Les Mis” (2012) screens at the Village Hall on Saturday 27 April: tickets £4 in advance from Evenlode DIY or on the door. Plus local newsreel. “Quartet” (2012) screens on Friday 24 May, starring Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Billy Connolly.

RW CARPENTRY Over 20 years’ experience in a wide range of carpentry services for home and businesses - no job to big or small. Contact us for a free site visit and quotation. email call Robbie on 07980 620566 14

What’s on April 17 Last day for applications to vote in County Council elections: phone 01993 861410 18 History Group, St Leonard’s Hall 19:30. Talk, The Cotswolds and the War of the Roses, launch of Eynsham Record no. 30, AGM and refreshments (£2+£2 visitors) 19 Blood donors welcome, Village Hall 13:30-15:25 and 16:15-19:30. Enquiries: 0300 123 23 23 20 Choral Society, Mozart concert, St Leonard’s Church 19:30. Tickets £12 / £10 from Evenlode DIY or Margaret Owen: 01865 455492 22-24 Circus Ginnett, Oxford Road north Playing Field 23 Friends of Helen & Douglas House AGM, St Leonard’s Hall 19:00. Contact Maureen McCreadie: 01865 883464 25 Oxford Organic Group, St Leonard’s Hall 19:30. Talk, Sustainable Food Production, members £1, non members £2. Contact Christine Briner: 01993 868693 27 Community Cinema, Village Hall 19:30: Les Mis

Specialising in the letting of property in the Eynsham/Witney area Professional advice Free market appraisal Competitive fees For individual service call Christopher Dodds 01865 883108 11b High Street Eynsham

May 2 County Council Elections, Village Hall 07:00-22:00 2 Primary School Parade around the village 10:30 6 Eynsham Morris first day of dance, Market Square; continues around the village 8 Garden Club, Village Hall (small). Talk, Easy-to-grow windowsill orchids. Contact Norma Gummow: 01865 882417 11 Garden Club 14th annual plant sale, Market Square. Be there early to bag a bargain! 12 Eynsham Society visit to Berkeley Castle + optional visit to Dr Jenner’s House. Coach leaves Back Lane Car Park 09:00. Contact a Committee member for tickets. 13 Friends of Helen & Douglas House quiz night, The Talbot 20:00. Contact Maureen McCreadie: 01865 883464 14 Women’s Institute, St Leonard’s Hall 19:30. Theme Viva Espana! Contact Ann Wotherspoon: 01865 882011 15-18 Bartholomew Players, Gaslight, Village Hall. More details on page 12 18-19 Arts Group Spring Show, Bartholomew Room. Contact Eric White: 01865 722989 18-26 Eynsham Artweeks – you’re invited on page 13 19 Gatehouse Volunteers: home-made sandwiches, fruit and cakes for the Oxford shelter. Contact Raymond Elliot: 01865 881346 19 Cream teas, St Leonard’s Hall (garden if warm) 15:00- . Contact Maureen McCreadie 01865 883464 22-26 Arts Group Show continues, Bartholomew Room 24 Community Cinema, Village Hall 19:30: Quartet.

For General Building of the highest quality Extensions & Conversions Renovations & Refurbishments Friendly, Conscientious & Reliable - With local references Telephone: 01865 880441 Mobile: 07976 880253 email:


Looking ahead 4 June History Group visit to Broughton Castle near Banbury (£18.50 pp) open to non-members if space allows. Contact Philip Spencer: 01865 881025

Assessment Treatment Rehabilitation An integration of Western and Eastern soft tissue bodywork techniques for women of all ages; which can help relieve pain, restrictive movement, recovery from injury/surgery and symptom management of diagnosed medical conditions.

28 June Bartholomew School Fête 15:30-17:30 3 July History Group visit to Keble College Oxford (£5 pp) open to non-members if space allows. Contact Philip Spencer: 01865 881025

Jane McDonald (BSc, MSc, ACMT) 1 Abbey Street, Eynsham, OX29 4TB mobile: 07930 343156

3 July Theatre Club visit to RSC Stratford A Mad World My Masters (£40 pp) open to non-members if space allows. Call Maureen Davis: 01865 880586. 6 July Eynsham Carnival! Carnival Queen 2013, chosen on 23 March, is Chloe Jarvis and her deputy is Charlotte Thompson. The attendants are Amaya Arnold, Ella Goodenough, Lilly King and Imogen Everest. 6-8 July Flower Festival, St Leonard’s Church – theme Take My Hands. Contact Elly Wastie: 01865 464111 9 July Traffic Advisory Committee, Bartholomew Room 19:30. Contact the Clerk: 01865 716943 31 July West Oxon Playday 2013, Oxford Road north side 11:00-15:00. Fun for all ages – watch this space …

Floral designs for every occasion Bouquets, plants, cards and accessories Local deliveries and e-florist service 37 Mill Street, Eynsham OX29 4JX 01865 881624

DAVID GREEN PAINTER AND DECORATOR Over 35 years in the trade Event listings are open to all community groups if we have room - our contact details are on page 2 and there is a dropbox at the Post Office.

71 WITNEY ROAD EYNSHAM 01865 882126 07732 778604

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