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EYEVIS IN THE CITY OF GRACHTS Our highlights at ISE in Amsterdam!


Our beloved Maultaschen.


Innovative technology for even better performance.


New Microsoft Center in Berlin relies on eyevis display technology.


EDITORIAL a fixture in the calendars of our business sector for the past ten years now, is seen as one of the most essential, pivotal events for AV-technology and electronic systems. On page 6ff you can read more about the variety of new products, solutions and innovative developments eyevis will present on this occasion. Worldwide air-traffic and its execution is becoming ever more complex. The demands made on staff, not only on pilots and flight crews, are tremendous; in airports, too, and especially in the tower, the tightest security and highest dependability are an absolute must. On page 20ff we present to you one of the most perfect simulations for the instruction and training of air-traffic controllers.

Dear customers, staff and friends of the eyevis company,

last year was one of the most exciting for eyevis in the whole history of the enterprise. Important signposts towards future successes were installed and new developments set in motion. We now start the year 2014 eager for action, with more new ideas and full of energy, looking forward to the challenges it brings, which we will deal with using all our skills and the opportunities it offers, which we will grasp whole-heartedly. With this first issue of eyevision in 2014 I wish you all, together with your families, a healthy and successful New Year .

The announcement caused a stir not only in the German capital: Microsoft is opening a new IT-Sector-Venue in Berlin! On page 19 you will find more details. And last but not least, we begin in this issue a new series “Culinary Travels in Swabia”, in which we hope to introduce you to the favourite dishes of our region. The first article is dedicated to the Swabian dish par excellence – Maultaschen. Enjoy your meal!

Your Michael W. Nagel CEO

On the international scene the year indeed starts excitingly when the major exhibition Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) takes place from the fourth to the sixth of February in Amsterdam. This trade fair, EDITORIAL 03


eyevis ISE Special Our product highlights at ISE in Amsterdam


Microsoft Center in Berlin eyevis installs video wall in first Microsoft Center worldwide


News from the markets – clear and brief Current projects in the areas of control, VR/simulation, broadcast and presentation/information


Skyguide Training Center eyevis projectors enable realistic trainings for ATC operators


A culinary journey through Swabia Start of our new series: Our beloved Maultaschen


eyevis - new showroom Touchable eyevis solutions in our new multi-functional showroom


eyeCON MetaWall 2.0 Intelligent networking of video walls

A great team eyevis departments for export & travel organisation and order processing


LCD-XXL Product test of eyevis’ 90-inch LCD monitor EYE-LCD-9000-LD

Focusing on innovations Kick-off event informs about product novelties in 2014


Charitable donation eyevis supports foundation for children suffering from cancer






eyeCON V5.1 becomes even more user-friendly Integration of Active-Directory support in our wall management software IPD32HQ - the new IP decoder Flexible and reliable decoding of 4K streams

netPIX 4900 sets standards for video wall controllers eyevis improves performance with innovative technologies



Planners’ Day 2013 New trends for control rooms and the AV market




Trade Fair Preview


EYEVIS PRESENTS NOVELTIES AT ISE 2014 Professional displays for complex control rooms, successful digital signage applications, creative video walls and interaction at POS/POI presents eyevis from 4–6 February 2014 at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam at booth 2C66.

Constantly updated information about our projects and products, with many photos are available at:


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With the first public Microsoft Center worldwide , the IT corporation currently opens a central meeting point for customers, business partners, the media, founders, political and social networking. For visualizations for events, lectures and presentations eyevis in cooperation with the IT integrator PRO VIDEO installed a 13 m² video wall in the central event area of the building.

Antycip Simulation has collaborated with eyevis to upgrade and modernize the tower simulator of skyguide Training Centers (STC) in Dübendorf near Zurich. Fourteen new eyevis LED projectors now provide improved training simulation experience at the STC tower simulator with higher resolution, more detailed color depiction and better brightness. Antycip Simulation worked with eyevis in the integration of the system as the previous projector solution had reached the end of its life-cycle.

Numerous participants benefited from the practical presentations at the eyevis Planners’ Day in Reutlingen. Planners, architects and integrators of the sectors of control room, AV and event received exclusive information about the new developments in visualization technology. The participants were delighted by the high practical relevance of the lectures and presentations. The internal and external speakers of TransnetBW GmbH or coolux GmbH for instance created a high-quality professional program.

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PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS FOR DIGITAL SIGNAGE AND CONTROL ROOMS Professional displays for complex control rooms, successful digital signage applications, creative video walls and interaction at POS/POI presents eyevis from 4–6 February 2014 at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam at booth 2C66. Additional to the new high-res LED modules with 1.6 mm, 1.9 and 2 mm pixel pitch and new displays with integrated image processing power eyevis shows seamless stackable 55’‘ LCD displays from the new extra narrow bezel series with only 3,7 mm bezel, the new hard- and software solutions for the control of video walls and the signal transmission, 4K/ultra HD displays with 60‘‘ and 84‘‘, large format displays with 80‘‘ and 90‘‘ as stand-alone solutions, the omniSHAPES and squareTILES for unique video walls as well as weather proofed displays for outdoor applications.

2 High brightness 46 inch LCD

Full HD Display with extremely high brightness for best visibility of the content in high ambient light

1 LED Wall of EYE-LED-2.0

High-res LED modules with 2 mm pixel pitch for indoor video walls in a 8×4 setup


3 omniSHAPES “Info point”

Setup consisting of five omniSHAPES rear-projection units with different shaped displays (rectangular, six sided, corner-cut off )


Seamless 55”-LCD for fixed modular video walls with integrated eyeProcessing unit in a 1×4 setup


46” stand-alone LCD with edge LED backlight and infrared touch system with two touch points

ISE 2014 ISE 2014 11 EYE-LCD-4600-M-USN-LD-BC Seamless 46” broadcast LCD with a colour temperature of 3,200 Kelvin for video walls in TV studios

10 EYE-LCD-4600-LE-WP

Weather-proof 46" display with IP56-rated housing for semioutdoor applications

9 EYE-LCD-6000-QHD-LD-V2 60”-4K/ultra HD display with direct LED backlight

50” rear-projection cubes with full HD resolution, cluster LEDs and ISE screens in a 3×2 video wall setup

7 netPIX 4900 graphics controller

and MetaWall 2.0 Latest generation graphics controller with eyeCON V 5.1 wall management software, MetaWall module and video streaming solutions from the eSTREAMING- and eyeGATE series

8 EYE-LCD-8400-QHD-LE-TOUCH-32IR 84”-4K/ultra HD display with edge LED backlight and infrared touch system with 32 touch points


6 3×2 vidoe wall of EC-50-LHD-1000

12 EC-LSXT+-V4

Prototype of the newest DLP-Cube generation from eyevis with 50” screen size and SXGA+ resolution

13 2×2 video wall setup of squareTILES Quadrilateral LCD modules for creative video wall installations


15 LED video wall setup of

EYE-LED-1.9 High-res LED modules with 1.9 mm pixel pitch for indoor video walls in a 2×2 setup

16 LED video wall setup of

EYE-LED-1.6 High-res LED modules with 1.6 mm pixel pitch for indoor video walls in a 2×2 setup

17 ESP-LSXT+-1000

5 ESP projectors with SXGA+ resolution and cluster LEDs for high brightness in a demo setup

18 EC-70-LWQX-CP-1000

70”-Cube with WQXGA resolution

19 omniSHAPES helicopter simulator


Simulator consisting of 21 omniSHAPES and helicopter cockpit

20 4×2 video wall setup of EYE-LCD-5500-XSN-LD

Seamless 55” LCDs with an extremely super-narrow bezel of only 3.7mm in a 4×2 video wall setup

26 8×2 video wall setup of omniSHAPES

Banner setup consisting of 16 omniSHAPES

25 EYE-LCD-9000-LD

90” LCD display with full HD resolution and direct LED backlight in portrait mode and in a 1×2 setup

24 EYE-LCD-6500-LE-EPU-TOUCH 65” stand-alone LCD with edge LED backlight and integrated eyeProcessing unit and infrared multi-user touch system

23 EYE-LCD-5500-LE-EPU

55” stand-alone LCD with edge LED backlight and integrated eyeProcessing unit

22 EYE-LCD-4600-LE-EPU 21 46” full outdoor display stele Single-sided LCD display with capacitive touch system


46” stand-alone LCD with edge LED backlight and integrated eyeProcessing unit


EYEVIS VIDEO WALL ENABLES CENTRAL MONITORING OF MORE THAN 90 CAR PARKS SAEMES (Société Anonyme d’Economie Mixte d’Exploitation du Stationnement, a semi-public parking system operator for the City of Paris) conducts more than 90 car parks in the city area of Paris. More than 4 million visitors use the parking each year.

presence in the car parks is necessary. For the visualization of the CCTV cameras eyevis has installed a 7 sqm video wall, consisting of twelve 46”-displays type EYE-LCD-4600-MUSN-LD. The incoming signals are controlled with a netPIX 4800 graphics controller and the eyeCON wall management software.

For the central surveillance and the management of the car parks SAEMES has installed a new control room. There, the signals of the CCTV cameras are centrally displayed. Additionally the control room staff answers all service-requests and emergency calls from the clients in the car parks. Thus, no human

Goal of the new control room was to increase the surveillance of the car parks and thus to increase the safety for the parked cars. To reach this the control room operates around the clock. This way more than 3000 service-requests and emergency calls are answered each week. Therefore, the reliability of

the displays is really important. With full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 px), direct LED backlight technology for best brightness and contrast, and a minor resulting bezel between neighbouring display in a video wall of only 5.7 mm the 46”-Displays from eyevis offer a homogeneous picture quality along the entire video wall.



EYEVIS PARTNER OF B-E-C FOR MOTION-SIMULATORS In order to make virtual worlds realistically experienceable, Buck Engineering & Consulting GmbH (B-E-C) is designing special robot-based motion simulators. Unlike hexapod simulators the motion simulators of B-E-C consists of a simulator cockpit that is connected to a robotic arm. This way, it was possible to realize a complete motion simulation for the development of excavators, in which the user gets an experience of all acting forces. With its extensive motion envelope and the possibility to simulate flying upside-down the solution of B-E-C is suitable for different

areas of application from perceptual research to helicopter simulation. For the visualization the virtual environment is directly projected onto the inside of the simulator cockpit through two eyevis DLP projectors of type ESP-LWXT-1000. Since the entire simulator is subject to realistic motions and forces, eyevis’ projectors convince through their robust design. Thanks to the durable LED lighting and the innovative Heat-Pipe-Cooling without mobile parts the projectors additionally provide long maintenance intervals and lower operating costs of the simulators.

Since 2009 B-E-C equipped four of their motion simulators with eyevis DLP projectors, most recently at the University of Montpellier in France. There, the simulator is used for experiments in the area of motion coordination since April 2013.


EYEVIS DELIVERS squareTILES SETUP FOR SWEDISH SHOPPING MALL Since October 2013 the newest shopping mall in the provincial capital Umeå has opened its doors. In the Utopia Shopping Mall, several retail stores and restaurants invite visitors to shop and to relax. At the entrance area a video wall setup consisting of 19 squareTILES from eyevis develops an attractive living atmosphere. The squareTILES and two projectors at the second floor were installed by the Swedish integrator Hans Johansson from Mindspace Group. Together the squareTILES and the projectors create a multiscreen installation.

The displays are controlled via DISE8 software from Mindspace. Thanks to the internal image processing the representation of the content can be adjusted to the position of each display in the wall setup. Thanks to their thiin bezel design, squareTILES enable a good depiction of contents even over several displays. The quadrilateral 21.6-inch screen with 1:1 aspect ratio supports creative setups. Whether they are installed in a vertical column, side by side or diagonally shifted, with squareTILES video walls can be adjusted to every content.

Thanks to the local presence, the integrator and eyevis Nordic were able to find suitable products for the specific application. “As always, we had to understand the architect and the customers need to be able to present a topnotch solution from eyevis comprehensive product range”, concludes Trond Solvold, eyevis Nordic.


EYEVIS IN BIG APPLE - NEW VIDEO WALL FOR THE MAIN NEWSROOM OF AL JAZEERA AMERICA a 12 × 3 cube arrangement, the smaller one of a 3 × 3 arrangement. Located directly behind the moderator’s desk they are used to display live videos, graphics or the weather report.

AJA chose Clickspring Design for their broadcast studio design and Diversified Systems, as their primary studio systems integrator. The studio itself is oval shaped and arrange around a central news desk. Our US partner Aydin Visual Solutions installed two slightly curved video walls consisting of EC60-LHD rear-projeciton cubes from eyevis as studio backdrops. The larger one is made of

The eyevis cubes meet high requirements. Thus, with technical features like the Automatic Color Tracking or the Matrix Shading Processor, the cubes have consistent colour representation and a steady brightness control. The long lifetime of the LEDs with more than 60,000 hours enables long service intervals and a reliable operation of the system. High quality screens guarantee stable

brightness and colours from various viewing angles and hence camera shots from different angles. Five full HD signals are displayed on the video walls. This way, one full HD signal is available for each camera angle. NEWS FROM THE MARKE TS 11

On August 20, 2013 Al Jazeera America (AJA) new news channel went live in North America. In this new main New York studio is where the main part of the live production takes place.




In order to meet the upscale requirements on the transmission of AV signals in control and conference rooms, showrooms and in the field of broadcasting, eyevis expands their portfolio of IP decoder boards by the new IPD32HQ. The new IPD32HQ comple ments the existent IPD32 and is able to decode up to two 4K signals or 16 HD signals simultaneously. Moreover, eyevis as a member of ONVIF has integrated the ONVIF profile s-standard and so enables the support of more than 2500 camera models of various manufacturers. With the increasing distribution of the 4K standard and the growing complexity of AV technology in control and conference rooms, showrooms and the broadcasting sector, the requirements on the transmission of AV signals is ever increasing. Therefore, eyevis have expanded their portfolio of IP decoder boards. The new IPD32HQ as high quality IP decoder board is able to decode two 4K signals, 16 HD signals or 32 D1 signals simultaneously. Furthermore, both the IPD32HQ and its little brother IPD32 support flexible individual codecs as well as customised systems. As an ONVIF-member, eyevis furthermore has integrated the ONVIf profile s-standard. Both eyevis decoders thus support more than 2500 camera models of

various manufacturers. Just like the IPD32 decoder, the new IPD32HQ can be integrated in all netPIX systems thanks to the open architecture of the netPIX family. Through the use of external hardware architecture it is possible to display up to 512 D1 streams, up to 256 HD streams or up to 32 4K streams with a netPIX system. Combined with eyeCON V 5.1 software and its MetaWall features thus a nearly unlimited number of decoded streams can be achieved. What is more, also with the IPD32HQ it is possible to combine the decoder on the netPIX with all kinds of input signals, for example analogue video input cards or RGB/DVI cards. Owing to these many-faceted extensions and features, the eyevis IP decoder boards are virtually universally usable. The possibility to combine all individual elements allows to create an extremely efficient controller system with a huge number of different input signals without the requirement for an additional system. This functional system architecture allows later extensions without any problems because it is not necessary to exchange the entire hardware. Through support of individual codecs or customised systems it is possible to respond specifically to individual customer demands.



eyeCON V5.1 BECOMES EVEN MORE USER-FRIENDLY With the current version update the eyeCON V5.1 wall management software becomes even more user-friendly. The newly integrated Active Directory support enables the transfer of existing user structures and user rights into the rights management of eyeCON V5.1.

Authorized users who have registered on their computer can directly open and control the software without having to register again. Additionally, with the rights management of eyeCON V5.1 group assignments, authorizations, hierarchical structuring or areas on the large scale video wall can be freely defined for each user. Thus, the wall management software can be implemented in exisiting network structures even more easily. In addition to the new extension, eyeCON V 5.1 offers the established features for user-friendly and flexible operation and management of large scale video walls in control rooms and presentation areas.

Thanks to the complete network integration of the eyeCON V5.1 software, flexible control of large scale image systems, control of all connected sources and the distribution of information in control and presentation rooms are possible. In this way eyeCON V5.1 is completely based on client/server technology which makes all information in the network globally accessible and thus offers the possibility to exchange this information between displays, large scale video walls and workstations. Even beyond local facilities all information and sources are accessible. The integration of eyevis eStreaming solutions furthermore makes all sources (analogue, RGB, DVI, HDSDI, HDMI etc.) available in the network and makes the distribution to the single reproducers easier. The eyeCON-Capture-Module allows for an even faster transmission of desktop contents onto the video wall. The wallserver which handles all sources through the netPIX controller can, if necessary, be flexibly adjusted and configured through any user workstation. Video wall presets for different conditions, situations and contents can easily be defined and be made accessible globally for all systems. Thus, for example, an alarm preset for a wall can be created and then transferred to other walls. Through the feature “MultiView� several video walls can be controlled simultaneously or several sources can be handled at once. Additionally, the Multi-Mouse feature enables any number of users within a network to access the large scale video wall system with their own mouse and keyboard.




EPU Display-Wall netPIX 4900 Display Controller

Capture Streams

Remote Desktops

Sources: DVI, Video ‌


The requirements on AV technology in control and conference rooms are getting more and more complex. If, for example in the field of security, individual control rooms are consolidated into integrated control centres, AV technology has to be able to manage the additional tasks and the increasing number of signal sources. This requires premium video wall and display systems. Here, seamless rear-projection cubes, LCD displays with LED backlight, high brightness, full HD resolution, brilliant colour representation and 24/7 reliability are a standard. But advanced control rooms or modern office concepts, like flex-office, require more than just premium visualization.

Network Streams


Operator 1

Operator 2

Central Server

Complete systems that enable a trouble-free installation, simple controls and flexible expandability are required. Basis for this is the network architecture for the signal distribution and the control of the video walls and the single displays. These have to be flexibly adjustable to changing requirements and to be easily extended as needed. Moreover, an easy real-time transmission of data over the network has to be possible. In order to fulfil these standards, eyevis has developed eyeCON MetaWall 2.0 and the new series of the intelligent EPU LCD displays. In the new EPU displays all image processing electronics are integrated into the display through the eyeProcessing Unit (EPU). EPU Display

lers. In addition to graphics controllers from the netPIX series eyeCON MetaWall 2.0 also supports the new intelligent eyevis EPU displays. Combined with the eyevis streaming solutions, the installation and operation of virtually unlimited video walls and display installations on basis of standard IP networks is possible. In the process, input signals are transferred via a standard IP network, internet or cloud and are extracted from the network by graphics controllers or intelligent displays, depending on the installation at hand. Management, scaling and assignment of all input signals are controlled through eyeCON V5.1. The software visualizes all sources on a desktop surface and in htis way enables the somple distribution of the signals to any video wall or display within the system.


Incoming Alarms





eyevis offers the new EPU displays as stand-alone displays with screen diagonals from 46” to 65” type EYE-LCD-4600-LE-EPU, EYE-LCD-5500-LE-EPU, EYE-LCD-6500-LEEPU as well as seamless video wall display type EYE-LCD-5500-USN-LD-FX-EPU. With full HD resolution, edge or direct LED backlight, high brightness up to 700 cd/m², a contrast of 4000:1 the eyevis displays are perfectly suited for demanding applications. With a minimal bezel of only 5.3 mm the EYE-LCD-5500-USN-LD-FX-EPU is also ideal for the construction of fixed modular video walls. Suitable for all fields of applications eyevis also offers three different configurations of the eyeProcessing Unit.


eyeCON MetaWall 2.0 is a flexible software-based system for signal transmission and the control of video walls and single displays. Through eyeCON MetaWall 2.0 several video walls and single displays can be interconnected to a single user interface beyond the limits of single graphics control-

Since both intelligent displays with direct control as well as video wall displays that are controlled through graphics controllers can be integrated into eyeCON MetaWall 2.0, integrators receive unforeseen flexibility. All components can be combined with each other as needed. For control rooms with SCADA applications the use of graphics controller solutions is the recommended choice, whereas displays with embedded processing units are ideal if several single displays are allotted to different rooms or for a cost-efficient extension of existing systems. Due to integrated image processing the installation becomes much easier. In addition to the power cable only a simple network cable has to be connected to the EPU display.


LCD-XXL “There’s no replacement for displacement” – is this old wisdom of engine designers in a figurative sense also valid for the screen diagonal of large scale displays?


To a certain degree this is surely true, at least when it comes to the attraction of attention. Here, “the more diagonal, the better” holds true - and if necessary, even larger video walls are used. When it comes to detailed information, however, the format may indeed be smaller, since a 40” Full HD-Display provides the same information content like an 80”-Full HD-Display – only for a shorter viewing distance. An upper limit will probably be around 160” since the maximum palette height in air freight service is 96”, which would cause massive logistic disadvantages for a display that exceeded this size including packing and palette. A reference point for reasonable dimensions might be the possibility to depict life-size people which would probably be interesting for a whole range of applications in trade fair and store construction as well as digital signage. With an according width of the screen area of about 2 m we would end up with a screen diagonal of about 90” – which is exactly the dimension of the new large scale display EYE-LCD-9000-LD by eyevis. The panel of the new eyevis 90” screen has a native resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels (Full HD) and, according to the data sheet, provides a maximum brightness of 700 cd/m² -

in this way it is also suitable for applications in brighter surroundings. But more on that later. The backlight is implemented as a so called Direct-LED-Backlight. That means that the LEDs for background lighting are not only attached to the edges, but are evenly distributed over the entire display area which is supposed to provide a particularly even lighting. The native contrast is specified as 4000:1 which should ensure an intense black in surroundings with low ambient light or in night operation. Our measurements will show the performance under ambient light conditions. A switchable local dimming feature is to a lesser extend designed to further reduce the black levels – like in consumer and home cinema devices – but is rather an energy-sa-

ving measure since the brightness of the backlight is adjusted to image contents. Mechanically, the EYE-LCD-9000-LD has a robust metal housing, by default in black (RAL9005), other RAL colors are available on demand. In terms of inputs the EYE-LCD-9000-LD is well equipped, since it provides inputs for the standard formats DVI, HDMI, VGA as well as Composite and S-Video. Of course there is also a RS-232 interface for remote control. On the backside of the screen a membrane keypad can be used for local operation. As a matter of course the display can also be controlled using an infrared remote control. A monitor with an image area of no less than 199 cm × 112 cm is of course perfectly suited to replace a projection with a 5000-ANSI-Lumen-Projector on the same screen size – with significantly higher ambient light tolerance, since the reflectance of the display surface is at least 20× lower than the reflectance of a projection area with Gain=1. Admittedly, this will only be particularly interesting for applications that require exactly this ambient light tolerance because the display solution will still be more expensive than the classic front projection. An advantage of the EYE-LCD-9000-LD for the application in the areas of training and education, but also in museums, exhibitions and digital signage is the possibility to optionally equip the display with an optical infrared touch surface that is capable of multi-

An eye-catcher for events and digital signage applications eyevis new 90-inch LCD screen touch operation with up to 32 simultaneous touch events. This is not only interesting for exhibitory applications, but for instance also allows for the construction of an interactive table with a surface of more than 2 m² which not even overstrained by six simultaneously operating persons. Is this also imaginable for interactive team meetings? It is!

this corresponds to a 1⁄6 aperture stop and is thus measurable but not visible. The angular dependence of contrast shows the typical behaviour of an IPS panel with a wide viewing angle in the horizontal as well as the vertical plane. Thus, the display offers flawless images in landscape as well as portrait format with a wide viewing angle.

MEASUREMENT RESULTS Our measurements showed a maximum luminance of 778 cd/m² which is even above the manufacturer's specifications. A black value of 0.18 cd/m² results in a dark room contrast of outstanding 4322:1. The measurement of the practically more important ambient light contrast values (top right figure) are also very convincing: Under diffuse light incidence without reflected light sources the contrast does not drop below 20:1 (!) even for an ambient light illuminance of 80.000 Lux. If light sources or bright areas are visible as reflections on the screen surface, the contrast will obviously drop in these areas. Up to a luminance of 7000 cd/m² of an ambient light source the contrast does not drop below a still useful value of 3:1.

With the new 90”-LC-screen EYE-LCD-9000LD eyevis succeeded in adding an interesting and useful complement to their product range. The display is visibly larger than a 65” screen, it is able to display life-size people in portrait format and in this way is an eye-catcher for trade fairs and digital signage applications. All of this in eyevis’ usually high manufacturing quality. What more could we want? Text: Dieter Michel Source: Product test published in “Medientechnik und Systemintegration” issue 3/2013

Luminance distribution measured with Radiant imaging colorimeter


The color space of the EYE-LCD-9000-LD corresponds in good approximation to sRGB or Rec 709 so that even without calibration no visible color shifts are to be expected. Thanks to the Direct-LED-Backlight the mean deviation of brightness is no higher than about 11% - in photographic terms




The requirements for AV technology in control and conference rooms become more and more extensive. Due to increasingly complex tasks and growing data formats the volume of transmitted data increases as well. The new netPIX 4900 graphic controller sets performance standards for the operation of video walls and the signal transmission in this field.


With new input and output cards, a new Switch-Fabric-Backplane and an optimized housing concept the new netPIX 4900 makes input and output processing of 4K/Ultra HD signals and the transmission of audio via HDMI possible. Moreover, maintainability and service have been improved which lowers downtimes.

THAT’S NEW OF THE netPIX 4900: New high-end hardware allows for faster processing of 4K signals. With the combination of the new input and output cards and the new backplane with 11 PCle G3.0 x8 slots the netPIX 4900 offers outstanding performance for signal transmission and data processing. The new NPX-4900-IN4-DVI-1 capture cards with a maximum bandwidth of 3.2 Gbyte/s provide input transmission of signals with a resolution of 4096 × 2048 pixels. At the same time the input cards support video, RGB / DVI, HDSDI and IP signals. Moreover, the transmission of audio signals via HDMI is possible for any DVI input signal. Four capture processors per card guarantee a fast processing of all signals. The new output card supports output signals with a resolution of four times 2560 × 1600 pixels or two times 4096 × 2160 pixels per card (Performance-Mode).

INNOVATIVE HOUSINGCONCEPT OPTIMIZES THE PERFORMANCE The new netPIX 4900 additionally convinces with its optimized and for professional applications customized housing. In contrast to previous netPIX graphic controllers, eyevis developed a special housing for the netPIX 4900. Redundant and failsafe the new housing furthermore simplifies maintenance and service and in this way lowers downtimes. The new input and output cards for instance are cooled by two large coolers within the housing. Those coolers can be disassembled and cleaned or exchanged during operation due to the hot-plug principle. The power supply is redundant and in case of malfunction can be exchanged during operation as well. This is also true for the integrated hard drives. If at least two hard drives are installed in Raid1-Mode they can also be exchanged during running operation.



With the first public Microsoft Center worldwide, the IT corporation currently opens a central meeting point for customers, business partners, the media, founders, political and social networking. For visualizations during events, lectures and presentations eyevis in cooperation with the IT integrator PRO VIDEO installed a 13 m² video wall in the central event area of the building.

For the new center Microsoft has rebuilt and renovated a landmarked building at the location “Unter den Linden 17” since the end of June 2013. On November 7, it was inaugurated by Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer and the head of Microsoft Germany Christian P. Illek. A café with an innovative gastronomy concept on the ground floor will be the center for the exchange of private end users. On the upper floors further reception and presentation areas for events with politicians and business customers as well as offices for Microsoft employees are situated. The top

floor is dedicated to founder promotion and start-ups. Students and developers receive optimal working conditions and rooms for their business ideas as well as the necessary infrastructure, state-of the-art presentation technologies and counseling for their realization.


On four floors and a total area of around 3,000 m² Microsoft created a meeting point for the IT sector. It resembles the significance that IT has in private, public and economic life and serves as a network for users, developers and the manufacturer. At the center of the ground floor an event area for more than 400 spectators can be used for different formats of presentations and exhibitions. An integral part of the event area is the 13 m² video wall consisting of 16 55”

LCD displays made by eyevis. According to the event, video data, static image contents or presentations will be seen on it. Due to the high brightness of the eyevis displays, the detailed full HD resolution, the distinguished color and contrast values and the minimal distances between active image areas all contents can be presented on the video wall in high quality.



INSTALLED PRODUC TS 14× LED-lit DLP® Projectors type ESP-LWXT-1000


Antycip Simulation has collaborated with eyevis to upgrade and modernize the tower simulator of skyguide Training Centers (STC) in Dübendorf near Zurich. Fourteen new eyevis LED projectors now provide improved training simulation experience at the STC tower simulator with higher resolution, more detailed color depiction and better brightness. Antycip Simulation worked with eyevis in the integration of the system as the previous projector solution had reached the end of its life-cycle. The latest improvements now have resulted in higher simulation quality

and higher resolution which benefits skyguide and the tower flight controllers who train at the STC. The tower simulator is part of the STC’s air navigation service centre in Dübendorf. With a highly modern simulation facility that includes twenty-four workplaces in radar simulators, three tower simulators and two smaller basic simulators on a floor area of 950 sqm, STC is skyguide’s centre for basic and advanced training. Using the detailed simulations flight controllers, trainees are provided with the ability to practice and refresh their skills, knowledge and abilities in realistic surroundings. They may even be trained for certification or re-certification.


The Antycip Simulation team also had to accommodate ongoing training in neighboring simulators and keep downtimes to a minimum. Thanks to perfect collaboration of the involved partners and precise planning, the project could be realized in a short period of only nine days.

EYEVIS LED PROJECTORS IMPROVE SIMULATION QUALITY AND REDUCE OPERATING COSTS The new eyevis ESP-LWXT-1000 projectors with a WUXGA resolution of 1920 × 1200 px enable a 30 % higher pixel density per screen area. The increased reolution of 1.9 megapixel per displayed image provides an increased level of detail for the simulation which allows trainees to better recognise smaller, training-relevant objects such as small airplanes on the horizon or points of reference in the landscape. The increased brightness

of the LED projectors and the eye-catching colour displays also provide a more realistic representation of the airfield, improving the situational quality. “The colour homogeneity, geometrical calibration, excellent contrast and especially the higher pixel density are highly appreciated by our customers and perfectly fulfil our requirements”, confirms Patrick Diezi, project manager at skyguide. Through eyevis’ integrated Auto-Colour-Tracking (ACT ) technology which constantly measures and, if required, regulates colour and brightness values automatically, all 14 projectors can be adjusted without having to interrupt the simulations. The ACT also continuously monitors the data on the system status and hence enables a comprehensive analysis and an early detection of possible malfunctions. This form of preventive maintenance reduces downtime and improves the overall performance of the system. In addition, the newly installed eyevis projectors are almost maintenance-free due to the cluster-LED light source and the innovative heat-pipe cooling. With an average lifetime of 60,000 hours, the LEDs have to be replaced significantly less often compared to the previously used projector lamps. This further reduces operating costs and downtime and improves the life-cycle costs of the projectors.


As the previous lamp projectors had reached the end of their life-cycle, skyguide decided to modernize and upgrade the projectors. Antycip Simulation was selected to provide integration expertise for this purpose, improving the STC’s resolution while achieving better life-cycle and operational effectiveness. Antycip Simulation was required to keep with the existing projection infrastructure with screens, projector mountings, light

paths, etc. To achieve this, the new projectors not only had to offer better simulation quality, but also had to be compatible with existing mountings. Antycip Simulation, identified the eyevis projector solutions as most ideal under the circumstances and set about developing suitable optical and projection solutions for the modernisation.

ar y ugh n i l o u A c y thr a i ne r b u a jo


Every country and every region have their own specific character, which often finds expression in loveable or even rather quirky features. These include the typical dishes which belong to the area. With our new series “Culinary Travels in Swabia“ we would like to make you better acquainted with the tastes of Swabia. So let us start with

our beloved



Maultaschen! The not only in Baden-Württemberg highly valued, filled pasta dish has become known and popular far beyond our regional borders. But what is the origin of the Swabian delicacy and which stories are told about them? * (Pronunciation – Maul rhymes with owl, taschen with fashion!)

A culinary journey through Swabia 23

The Legends There are numerous myths and legends about the origin of Maultaschen. Perhaps the most popular story refers to the Cistercian monks of the monastery of Maulbronn. In the seventeenth century the Thirty Years War engulfed the land with hunger and deprivation.There was often nothing to put on the dinner table. So it was a real blessing when the monks of said monastery were given a hunk of meat. But it was in the middle of a period of fasting and the eating of meat was strictly forbidden by the rules of their religion. But the crafty monks chopped the meat into small pieces, mixed it with herbs and spinach from the monastery garden and thus made a greenish mixture which had little resemblance to meat. And so that their Heavenly Father would definitely not notice anything, the shrewd monks even packed the paste, pressed into small portions, into pastry cases. This well-known anecdote explains why these pasta squares are still today often playfully referred to in Swabia as “Little God-cheaters”.


THE HISTORY OF MAULTASCHEN No matter who really invented Maultaschen, we are definitely concerned with Swabian speciality with a centuries-old tradition.

The first written mention can be found in a document of the year 1831, where the royal Württemberg Prelate Johannes Christoph von Schmid describes the Maultasche as “a stuffed noodle from Swabia“. This is also the description given in the great German Dictionary of the Grimm brothers in 1885. In Swabia the first written recipes for the preparation of Maultaschen have been found in documents dated 1844 and 1905. Maultaschen were originally mainly favoured by poorer people because they could be stuffed with all the left-over kitchen scraps which were still edible. But the humble Maultasche has in the meantime come up in the world and is – filled with choice ingredients – today also popular with gourmets. Quail, sweetbreads or ceps (the mushroom boletus edulis) are just some of the luxury ingredients one can find in the Maultaschen of good restaurants. Mediterranean and even Asiatic variants have reportedly been spotted. So the time is long gone when Maultaschen were mainly eaten during fasting periods in order to cheat the Almighty. They are enjoyed in Swabia on any occasion and at any time of the year – preferably home made or bought from the local butcher. But of course you can get them today, industrially produced, from any supermarket.

THE MAULTASCHEN WAY For all those who appreciate our Swabian delicacy as much as we do the Swabian Alb region even provides a Maultaschen pathway for enthusiastic walkers, Beginning and ending in the spa town of Bad Urach, a circular route of five 20 kilometre stretches leads to five gourmet destinations for your overnight stops. The tired pilgrim is rewarded at each station with mouth-watering Maultaschen delicacies. The Maultaschen-Queen: Since the beginning of the new millennium the small town of Baiersbronn in the Black Forest has regularly chosen a Maultaschen-Queen to represent this regional specialty. The European Maultasche: Application has been made to the European Union to register the name Schwäbische Maultasche with the intention of gaining the status of a protected geographical speciality. The proposal defines this Maultasche exactly in terms of form, size and content. One might well speculate on the outcome – after all, from one village to another the Swabians themselves often disagree on what should – and definitely should not – go into a Maultasche.

e d a m e Hom schen: a t l u a M

gh): sta dou a te d r to p a a il h o f gr im c (s in y p r , t lt s a a p il of s For the table o , pinch ,1 ients: 2 eggs o f ve g e r, n u o parsley o o f fl Ingred o p ser t s white unch e s, o n e b d in a le t la 1 t p ½ r, e , 300 g l w a te pped ging n o m in h t at 0 c s 6 r . ly o a g, c , fine ced me ach nutme of spin ith min 1 onion : g w g 0 ix 5 n 2 li m , ( oil at e fil For th age me getable t m e g. of saus n o f ve o g und nu o 0 en ingre p 5 ro s 2 g , f ll o ro table the giv h d c m a in o re p fr b r, h ) e hite epp doug old ( w , salt, p mooth . Dip ), 1 egg ak e a s d M e : ir y glazed s r t e if d side. y until he pas a t le t s r r u then o a p F ll p : d the ll and in we Metho to a b a tly with en. Dra n in ft e ater. o g m s w r n o o F ater t e xc e s s e onio t w h t dients. u g o y in fr e boil ll. On ueez filling: mix we r iefly in ater. Sq d b n w For the s a s le ld t t o t tangle. ll in c redien h or ne o a rec t her ing read ro t b spinac ly o k in d a h d o er half e s. A ugh t nely. S ith spic the oth asta do w p chop fi ld g e o g F h t e . ugh ve r t h e ll out at and the do face ro filling o lf r Stir me a e u s h h t r d e d se the ly ov prea floure ro ll.) U g e ve n tively, s n e a a lightly li h n r t fi e e lt m h a gr id s fro tly. (A out t apar t in u t s li c e wn ligh Spread C o m . d c y p s 7 u s . ro ll a pastr d pre es ca . Wit h s in lin tr y and ove r a n s s le e a g r s p n p e a e n t o on t of th rnal li e re c en spo w h o le s of th he inte d t e f o g e o o s d e e w le the of a ve t h midd g w it h . Remo handle wn the n in o e n d h la in t c P s g u . , be ife, c aulta rmly patter n u a re M ether fi har p k n s q g s r o p t o r u ) s u r il e o (rolle e sid rm y to bo c u t te r ress th , allow ns to fo p k a io c d t o n h c t a it s e dir one d) or out w in both o n e by r (salte . Ta k e e s e t c e a t fa u r w u m in ing es of boil fo r 2 0 from th plent y w heat in lo a m e n . h o ell ce t im m e r drain w then s er and in a r t a g a in , s r o spoon slotted en ltasch e Mau h t e h v r k wit Tip: Se e s to c and e of th m o an oil s in . d (with la e dish a id s as a s ) p o t ato g in s r d re s vinega eal! yo u r m Enjoy

A culinary journey through Swabia 25


TOUCHABLE EYEVIS SOLUTIONS High-quality eyevis solutions for demanding visualization projects: This is shown by the extensive multifunction showroom at the eyevis headquarters in Reutlingen. Planners, architects and integrators can catch up with their customers on application possibilities and the use of eyevis solutions. Moreover, eyevis engineers offer support for the planning and realization of current projects. The foyer already presents a big range of LCD displays with full HD and 4K/QHD resolution and different screen diagonals. eyevis’ displays are applicable as stand-alone devices or with minimum bezels of only 3.7 to 5.3 mm for video walls. From a 22” transparent display that is perfectly suited to be integrated into shop windows or trade fair booths and combines a real object in the background with digital information, over displays with a color temperature of 3,200 Kelvin for broadcast applications, up to a 3×2 46” display installation with Multitouch,

different application possibilities of eyevis displays are illustrated. 3D displays and projectors show how eyevis solutions can be used in simulators and the VR sector. A control center installation demonstrates the advantages of eyevis rear projection cubes in a video wall. With innovative Cluster LED illumination for higher brightness, screen diagonals up to 100 inches and resolutions up to WQXGA, the cubes were especially designed for demanding 24/7 operation. Through a netPIX graphic controller and the eyevis streaming solutions eStreamer and eyeGATE the cubes are connected to a standard IP network and subsequently to eyevis LCDs, squareTILES and omniSHAPES. Centrally controlled by the eyeCON wall management software image and video signals can simply be transmitted via network and flexibly distributed to different reproducers. In order to ergonomically adjust resolution, screen diagonal and brightness of the cubes to the future control room architecture, distance markers were embedded in the floor in front of the video wall.


For event and show installations the squareTILES and omniSHAPES are additionally shown in all their creative possibilities. If concave and convex, overhanging, as direction sign, in the shape of an “i” or as floor installation. The creative eyevis displays offer diverse combinations for attention-drawing video walls.

EXPORT/TRAVEL ORGANISATION SECRE TARIAT “There's simply no getting around us!” This quote from Sarah Gorazdza puts it in a nutshell: at the eyevis headquarters Ramona Bauer, Cristiana Goncalves and Sarah Gorazdza make up the first point of contact for all customers. Whether by telephone, mail or in dealing with personal callers, they coordinate all customer concerns and forward these to the appropriate department in the firm. Apart from ensuring friendly customer reception, they also deal with all kinds of import and export matters and travel organisation, booking flights and hotels for em-

ployees working on assignments outside the office. They organise the allocation of conference rooms, ensure guests are provided with refreshments and manage the scheduling of Sales Training for integrators of eyevis-products. For eyevis-employees too, Ramona Bauer, Cristiana Goncalves and Sarah Gorazdza are often the first persons to turn to. For instance, if any office equipment is missing, they will rapidly ensure fresh supplies. In short, Ramon Bauer, Cristiana Goncalves and Sarah Gorazdza are our helpers in all things large and small.

ORDER PROCESSING They know many of our customers, but only on the telephone – our three colleagues from Order Processing. Marina Immler has been a member of our eyevis team for nine years. For more than five years now she has been assisted by Daniela Stehlig and Birgit Krug too, for the past three years, has provided even more woman-power in the Order Processing department. Indispensable, they constitute the interface between customer orders and the depart-

ments Production, Logistics and Sales. When an order comes in, they will enter all the data in the ERP-system and send confirmation of the order to the customer. The order will be forwarded to the Production and Logistics departments, which produce a production order and shipping order, ensuring the smooth functioning of the processes of production of the items ordered and delivery to the customer. Invoices are also drawn up and dispatched to customers by Marina Immler, Daniela Stehlig and Birgit Krug.



KICK-OFF EVENT INFORMS EYEVIS PARTNERS ABOUT PRODUCT NOVELTIES 2014 Better informed for optimized customer service: About 50 international partners met in December at the eyevis headquarters in Reutlingen in order to be informed about current novelties made by eyevis at the two-day kickoff event.


After welcoming our guests, eyevis CEO Michael W. Nagel started the presentations with an outlook on the market and innovation strategies of the company for the coming year. Afterwards Nagel handed over to the respective product managers who provided further details about the new products he had mentioned in his outlook. The eyevis specialists presented new products in the areas of software, controller and display technologies like the latest netPIX 4900 graphic controller, the IP decoder board IPD32HQ, the new intelligent EPU displays with integrated eyeProcessing unit, the new XSN displays with minimum bezel of only 3.7 mm, the new eStreaming solutions eyeGATE and eSTREAMER eS200, the eyeCON V5.1 update as well as the high-quality LCD displays, rear projection cubes, squareTILES and omniSHAPES. The international partners thereby benefitted of the high information depth of product presentations and the practical tips for ope-

ration and application possibilities of eyevis solutions. In addition, the eyevis engineers gave an overview over the new service concept and showed which regions, sectors and market segments offered the highest potential for growth. At the final Christmas party in familiar atmosphere the two-day kickoff event with many inspiring and informative expert discussions found its conclusion.


Help for the smallest when they go through hard times: due to this motivation the Foundation for Children Suffering from Cancer Tübingen was created. Since 1982 the foundation is committed to children suffering from cancer and their families and supports the work of the pediatric clinic Tübingen. This was reason enough for eyevis to support the work of the foundation with a donation of 5,000 Euro.

sease psychologically. For their devotional work the foundation was also acknowledge as charitable, benevolent and especially worthy of support. “We are very glad to be able to help affected families with children and youths suffering from cancer”, Michael W. Nagel emphasizes.

“To accompany children suffering from cancer requires everything from their families. Many people reach their limits during that time and not seldomly find themselves in family, psychological and financial predicaments. Those were decisive reasons for us to relinquish customer presents completely this year and help those families with a donation instead”, says Michael W. Nagel, CEO of eyevis GmbH.


On Monday, 16 December 2013, he delivered the donation check to Mrs Christine Hoffmann, vice chairwoman of the foundation. With the money the work of the more than 800 members of the foundation can be supported. The members accompany and look after the children suffering from cancer as well as their parents, siblings and relatives during and after the disease. Since 1987 the foundation maintains a parent house, mainly financed by donations, in which parents of children suffering from cancer are provided with assisted living close to the clinic. Moreover, the foundation runs a psychosocial service to be able to look after the children and their families during and after the di-


’ S R E N N A

3 1 0 2 Y A D


PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE FOR PLANNERS, ARCHITECTS AND INTEGRATORS Numerous par ticipants benefited from the practical presentations at the eyevis Planners’ Day in Reutlingen. Planners, architects and integrators from the sectors of control room, AV and event received exclusive information about the new developments in visualization technology. The participants were delighted by the high practical relevance of the lectures and presentations. The internal and external speakers of TransnetBW GmbH or coolux GmbH for instance created a high-quality professional program.



Control rooms and centers more and more evolve into strongly connected and flexible control and decision centers. This was the conclusion of David Mrnak, sales engineer at eyevis. The trend was going toward the combination of single control rooms to larger control centers and the separation of control rooms from the actual object. This becomes possible through the stronger in-

tegration of IT and network technology in visualization, video wall management and signal transmission. In this way not only the presentation of different signal sources, but also the free scaling and placing of signals on the video wall are possible. How this may look in practice, Günther Westhauser of TransnetBW GmbH explains. TransnetBW GmbH monitors the power supply in all of Baden Württemberg from their central control room in Wendlingen near Stuttgart.

TRENDS IN THE AREAS OF DIGITAL SIGNAGE, PRESENTATION AND INFORMATION Reiner Lutz, sales manager at eyevis, presented the most important trends in the AV sector. His prospect for the future: in the medium term large format displays will replace projectors in conference rooms due to different advantages. The displays will experience faster changes of models. In addition, integrated solutions with embedded computers and intelligent displays will become more and more important. After that, there were insights into new developments and

application possibilities of high-resolution LED modules. eyevis is convinced that LED modules will establish themselves in professional digital signage within the next year. Oliver Kilian of coolux GmbH talked about possibilities and requirements of 4K and Ultra HD. His statement: the technical prerequisites for 4K and QHD have long been present. The awareness of users of requirements for content, data transmission and signal feed, however, is just emerging.


2× eyeCON Wall Management Software V5 Premium

Korean Electric Power Corporation, Distribution Centre – Seoul, South Korea 18× EC-67-LSXT+-CP DLP® Cubes

Nestlé Italiana, Control Room – Milan, Italy 6× EYE-LCD-5500-M-USN-LD Displays 8× EYE-LCD-4600-M-USN-LD Displays 2× netPIX-4800R-EXP Controller

Vattenfall, Tauron Power Distribution Centre – Warsaw, Poland 24× EC-70-LSXT+-CP-1000 DLP® Cubes 1× netPIX-4800-G3.0 Controller Unit 1× eyeCON Wall Management Software V4 Basic Deutsche Bahn, Operating Centre – Munich, Germany 22× EYE-LCD-5500-M-USN-LD Displays 1× netPIX-4800-G3.0 Controller Unit 1× eyeCON Wall Management Software V5 Basic Astrum Satelital, Tracking Services Centre – Cuajimalpa, Mexico 6× EC-60-LHD-CP-1000 DLP® Cubes 1× netPIX-4800-LC-G3.0 Controller Unit China Offshore Oil Phase, Control Room – Beijing, China 30× EC-70-LHD-CP DLP® Cubes Invensys Systems Nigeria, NLNG Control Room – Bonny Island, Nigeria 1× EYE-LCD-5500-M-USN-LD Display 1× EYE-LCD-5500-LE-V2 Display 1× netPIX-4800-G3.0 Controller Unit 1× netPIX-4800-IPD32 IP Decoder Board 1× eyeCON Wall Management Software V5 Basic

VR & SIMULATION University Essen Faculty of Medicine – Essen, Germany 6× ESP-LSXT+-1000 DLP® Projectors Bosch Sensortec, Testing Laboratories Reutlingen, Germany 2× openWARP2 Image Processing Units

PRESENTATION & INFORMATION Kambly Spécialités de Biscuits Suisses, Showroom Factory Outlet – Lyss, Switzerland 30× omniSHAPES Rear-Projection Modules Leibniz Knowledge-Media Reasearch Centre – Tübingen, Germany 1× EYE-LCD-8400-QHD-LE-TOUCH-6IR Display

IMPRINT EYE VIS ION is the official customer magazine


eyevis GmbH, Sabrina Raschke

University Rhein-Sieg, Institute of Visual Computing – Bonn, Germany 38× EYE-LCD-4600-M-USN-LD Displays 1× EYE-LCD-Colour Adjustment System

Hundsschleestrasse 23 72766 Reutlingen, Germany PHOTOS

eyevis, BB werbeagentur,,

European Council, Conference Room – Brussels, Belgium 22× EYE-LCD-4600-M-USN-LD Displays 1× netPIX-4800-G3.0 Controller Unit 1× netPIX-4800-IPD32 IP Decoder Board

Shutterstock, Medientechnik & Systemintegration, Skyguide, Saemes, Microsoft, B-E-C, Mindspace Group AUTHORS OF THIS IS S UE

Hubertus Drobik, Dieter Michel,

Bell Helicopters, Showroom – Fort Worth, USA 25× omniSHAPES Rear-Projection Modules 1× netPIX-4800-G3.0 Controller Unit

Martin Wagner, Dominik Weise, Sabrina Raschke, Max Winck DES IGN AND TEX T

BB werbeagentur GbR Ben und Claudia Buchsteiner


Horber Strasse 2 · 71083 Herrenberg

Santos, Gas Dispatching Centre Brisbane, Australia 3× netPIX-4800L-G3.0 Controller Unit 3× netPIX-4800-IPD32 IP Decoder Board

Aljazeera Media Network, TV-Studio – Doha, Qatar 9× EC-60-LHD-BB-1000 DLP® Cubes


Fink GmbH Druck & Verlag Sandwiesenstrasse 17 · 72793 Pfullingen


Russian Institute for Nuclear Power Research VNIIAES, Control Room – Rostov, Russia 12× EC-50-LSXT+-CP DLP® Cubes 2× netPIX-4800L-G3.0 Controller Unit 2× eyeCON Wall Management Software V5 Basic

OSRAM, Control & Conference Rooms – Munich, Germany 6× EC-60-LHD-CP DLP® Cubes 1× EYE-LCD-8400-QHD-LE Displays

Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, TV Studio – Leipzig, Germany 13× omniSHAPES Rear-Projection Modules


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