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Volume 5, Issue 10

6 - 12 MARCH 2008 Connecting tissues

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6-12 March 2008

Amsterdam Weekly

CITY SECOND BY PETER CLEUTJENS In this issue and... Welcome to the drugs, folk art and secret histories issue. And of course it all fits together. And comes backed by breaking news. The fact that the Dutch traveled the seven seas in search of fresh markets is well known. But less so is that they might have dropped in to breed with the Nunda Aboriginals in Australia in the 17th century, long before the British dropped anchor in Botany Bay. Researchers have just begun to test this hypothesis which would make the Dutch the first Europeans to settle there. Meanwhile the professor Benny Shanon of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has written an article in the British science magazine Time and Mind, that claims that Moses and the Israelites were all wasted on hallucinogenic plant extracts during their experiences on Mount Sinai. ‘The Bible states that people saw sound and that is a classic related phenomenon,’ writes Shanon. Now, it’s just the job of another intrepid researcher to prove that the Dutch were passing Mount Sinai around the same time and supplied Moses with the drugs.


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Amsterdam Weekly


6-12 March 2008



Your brain on drugs.

Toothpaste kills your brain ...And other wisdom from the visiting Arch Druid. By Sarah Gehrke ‘A chance of a lifetime,’ read the little flyer. In neon colours and a contorted font, it advertised a ‘weekend with an arch druid,’ to be held in Volkskrantgebouw. A druid. How interesting! It conjures up images of wise men sporting long white robes and equally long white beards. It would be really cool to meet one of those. Also, maybe the druid will say wise things in his lecture. I can’t help but feel a little disappointed when the druid I meet (his name is Dr James Dwyer) wears a dark suit. He does have a beard, but it is neither white nor very long. Well, I guess superficialities are out of place here. Though his shirt does have little red buttons: maybe this is a special style that has superseded the white robe in modern-day druidry.

We have a long talk, the druid and I. It encompasses linguistics, history, medicine, anthropology. He seems to be a widelyeducated man. Being a druid, I learn, is essentially about finding out the truth and spreading it. The druid tells me that he travels around a lot, giving lectures, and he also offers private consultations helping people with health issues, financial issues, personal issues and all sorts of other issues. When I ask him how he came to be an official druid, he says he was invited by people ‘that picked up on my many activities.’ Is there some sort of initiation ritual, I ask? For some reason, I can’t get over the thing with the white robes, and I’m hoping to get a reference to them now. But his answers are slightly evasive. ‘There is an anointing...’ he says, and his voice trails off. What does it look like? He laughs heartily. ‘The Celts like to do things quietly,’ he says. After my fourth question aimed at getting him to reveal anything at all involving white robes, he starts quoting de Gaulle, and I give up. Instead, we talk about astrology. Then it’s time for the real event to start. It is organised by a Swedish man called Kevin Zaar, who has decorated the room with colourful rags. In one corner, there stands a very large plastic bowl in the shape of a cracked egg. It changes colours, and smoke comes out of it. Not many people turn up, which makes me feel a little sorry for the druid. In fact, there are only two guests. One of

them is a student with dreadlocks, the other one a friend of Zaar’s. He will later introduce himself to me as ‘the resident embittered cynic.’ Apparently his assignment for the evening is to ask provocative questions. Zaar has created a website called ‘Reality Portal’. He’s also made a documentary, Freedom Fighters Pt 1, which is kept in a similar style to the above-mentioned flyer: neon colours, psychedelically wafting fonts. The event begins with the screening of this film’s first 30 minutes, which cuts quickly between scenes and subjects as diverse as President Bush (an anti-Bush stance is expressed), LSD (pro), AIDS (might be a myth) and rave music. I don’t understand all of it, but perhaps that’s because the smell of incense coming out of the smoking egg is making me a little dizzy. Then it’s time for the druid’s lecture. It’s focussed mainly on the notion that AIDS is a myth, invented by the pharmaceutical industry to make money and to stop people from having spontaneous fun. All AIDS symptoms are actually only health problems that have always existed, says the druid. HIV, he says, is a virus that cannot harm anyone. Then he asks if there are any questions. The dreadlocked guy speaks up. Like me, he seems to be more interested in questions related to druidry than to AIDS, and he asks about the practices of a modern-day druid. However, he is told that this special lecture is devoted to health issues, and so his question remains unanswered. Instead, we are told something about plastic bottles: One shouldn’t drink water out of them, because the plastic interferes with the hormones in the body. ‘That’s hard to believe,’ braves the dreadlocked guy. ‘Is there proof of that?’ ‘Oh, there is proof,’ the druid answers. ‘You can look it up on the internet.’ After a round of polite laughter, we move on to the next topic: Fluoride. ‘Toothpaste,’ the druid announces, ‘is killing your brain.’ From fluorides, the conversation turns to more general questions of nutrition, and we start talking about vegetarianism. It turns out that the druid is not a vegetarian, which seems to deeply confuse the dreadlocked guy. But the druid adds, ‘I didn’t eat meat for eight years once and it didn’t do me any harm.’ ‘It made your hair fall out,’ the Resident Cynic throws in. Hey, hey, I think. You may be a cynic, but this is a pretty disrespectful remark to make to a druid, even if he is balding. But the druid laughs. Soon after that, the lecture comes to a close, and the druid asks if there are any more questions. There aren’t. ‘Beer time,’ the druid says, gaily. And while he, the dreadlocked guy and the Resident Cynic reconvene to the makeshift bar in the corner of the room, I decide to leave. As I pass by the smoking egg, it turns pink. One last inhalation, and then I step outside. A chance of a lifetime.

A final encore for Brood Black Francis plays and sips at singer’s grave. By Floris Dogterom On 27 February, singer Black Francis is having a beer at the American Hotel on Leidseplein. He is scheduled to perform at the Melkweg tonight, to promote his latest full album, Bluefinger. But first he will play the encore. Not in the Melkweg, but at the grave of local rock star Herman Brood, who, after a life of amphetamines, liquor, rock ’n’ roll and painting, called it quits by jumping off the Hilton Hotel in July 2001. In the last years of his life, which ended at age 55, Brood was a beloved figure, not so much for his music and art as for the fact that he had become nationale knuffeljunk—the nation’s cuddly junkie. But why would an American alternative rock icon, who was once the singer for the legendary Pixies, pay tribute to a footnote in the history of rock ’n’ roll? ‘Herman Brood was a bit of rock trivia stuck in the back of my mind,’ says Black Francis. ‘I heard about him a couple of years ago via Willem Venema, a rock promoter. One day I decided to go and find out about him, and then I got really sucked in by Herman’s song “You Can’t Break a Heart and Have It” that I found on YouTube. It’s real, it’s passionate, it’s rock ’n’ roll.’ Black Francis was so inspired that he wrote a whole album, Bluefinger, centred on the late Dutch rocker. The lyrics deal with Brood’s drug use, his wife and his suicide. ‘Prettier than Brando, punker than punk/Slave to rock ’n’ roll and slave to junk’, Black Francis sings in the song ‘Angels Come To Comfort You’. Black Francis, who was born Charles Thompson IV, recalls how he drove around in his car thinking about Brood and crying while he was recording the album in 2007. ‘It was like Herman put a hand on my shoulder, saying, “I’m dead, but I got a little job for you,”’ says Francis. ‘Something really strange happened that never happened before. Herman was the muse, and I found myself writing a whole record around one guy.’ According to Black Francis, the special thing about Brood’s legacy is the ongoing adoration of his fans. ‘I’m not promoting Herman’s lifestyle or something,’ says Francis. ‘I mean, there’s a lot of junkie artists in the world. Herman had charisma, of the same kind that Johnny Cash had, or Del Shannon. They were for real. Herman was too, even though he was also a real entertainer. But at the same time he had a deep-rooted pathos.’ Then it’s time to take a cab to Brood’s grave in Zorgvlied cemetery, near the Amstel River. Being an Amsterdam taxi driver, the guy at the steering wheel has no clue as

Amsterdam Weekly

6-12 March 2008

Raising the bread.

Cocaine is watching you A secret history in lines and layers captured on tape. By Steve Korver ‘I call it a pro-paranoia,’ says film-maker Jeanette Groenendaal over a cup of tea in her first floor apartment at the bottom of Oudezijds Voorburgwal. And it’s certainly not paranoia but fact that her living room offers an excellent view on the long history of cocaine in Amsterdam. ‘See the bridge?’ She points to the right. There are drug deals going on there all the time. But that’s always been normal for this neighbourhood. Even now, when the city is busy making a museum of this area and trying to control everything with hundreds of security cameras... Oh wait, and see that guy! In the smart suit? He’s a real big user. An artist.’ She laughs. ‘And see that building,’ she points left towards Zeedijk 16 on the corner of Kolksluis. ‘That was the home and office of the doctor Jose Alvarez, one of the first big importers of coca leaves during the late 19th century. There he had a laboratory where he made and sold all his


to where one of the most well-known Amsterdam cemeteries is. And while it’s almost closing time in cemetery land, Black Francis and company are free from worry. His drummer takes a picture of a windmill. Through a shortcut over a bike lane, we arrive at Zorgvlied. The place seems deserted, but in the very back of the cemetery nearly 50 well-informed fans have gathered around the grave, adorned with a huge stone angel. Black Francis lays a bouquet of red roses on the well-kept plot, then takes out a bottle of Grand Marnier (Brood’s favourite liquor) and pours it into two glasses. He puts one on the late singer’s grave, takes a sip of the other, and straps on his guitar. ‘Tonight at the club I will not play an encore,’ he says, ‘so I will play it here.’ He plays four songs, two of which are on the Bluefinger album. It’s not the kind of music you’d expect at a graveyard: ‘He played piano really fucking good,’ Black Francis sings to a cheerful melody. Pity though that Black Francis doesn’t play ‘You Can’t Break a Heart and Have It’, the only Brood cover on Bluefinger. It is cold and the winter sun is sinking low. The small crowd, lip syncing the lyrics and nodding their heads to the beat, seems to be thrilled to witness the rather unique event. Afterwards, Joep Euwijk says he came all the way from Delft to see the little show. ‘It’s a great gesture to the fans,’ he says. And it is.


medicines. Even the canal water itself tells a cocaine story. They use them to measure the changing rates of cocaine use by a test that identifies a special acid released in the urine.’ Groenendaal premiered her ‘docutective’, Cocaine Factory, at the IDFA festival last November and its success now has it touring the country with a stop-off in Amsterdam on 8 March. ‘I was originally inspired to make the film by my rich friend Arend, who has been high on cocaine for forty years. He was just a guy enjoying the Dutch liberal drug policy—you know, the Herman Brood generation. Only difference is that Arend is still alive. But things change fast. Suddenly in this new society, where everything is controlled and checked, he became a suspect.’ Arend’s eventual arrest, which was documented by the 16 security cameras he had installed in his house, forms the compelling introduction to the film. While having all those cameras might be a sign of his paranoia, a friend thinks differently: ‘I wouldn’t call him paranoid. He’s more of an observer of society. And since he’s been high for so long, he has a very interesting philosophy on observing society.’ ‘But when I went to his trial, I did get paranoid. There I saw all these transcripts of telephone conversations I had with him as a friend. Word for word. And meanwhile, I’m living in a district with hundreds of cameras. So I started to make connections and decided to do more research and take my camera with me.’ And lucky for the viewer, Groenendaal’s research went beyond just talking with the quite scary-looking Arend, currently out of prison. She learns from criminal lawyer Leon van Kleef about the Netherlands being the most wire-tapped country in the world and the extent he has to go to guarantee a private conversation—his favoured technique is attending tango salons. Meanwhile, Ton Nabben, an anthropologist from the University of Amsterdam’s Bonger Institute, explains how in the late 19th Century, the Dutch

Dutch mountains.

discovered mines in Peru where the workers chewed coca leaves and were then able to work for hours with little food. So they brought these plants to Indonesia to grow on huge plantations. East India Trading Company ships then brought tons of these leaves to Amsterdam where they were processed at officially sanctioned cocaine factories. By the dawn of the 20th century, the Netherlands was the biggest producer of cocaine products in the world. ‘That is until,’ Groenendaal says, ‘the US got jealous of all this money the Dutch were making and introduced the Opium Law in 1936.’ Groenendaal continues, ‘So there I was. My friend was in jail. And learning this history of Holland that nobody knows. Everybody thinks we got rich on cloves and coffee. Plus I was still wondering about all those security cameras around us. People thought I was crazy. But I saw both elements as being about control. Not only the control that addiction has on users, but the control the government employs on people who are seen as the criminals. And that leads to the question: who’s controlling the controllers?’ And the connections continued... At the Tropical Museum after a long search, she found a picture of one of the local cocaine factories on Schinkelkade. Then later at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, she found out that the Colonial Bank, the institution that backed the historical Dutch cocaine trade, paid for most of the building of the Tropenmuseum. ‘So you could say it was built with drug money,’ laughs Groenendaal. And how’s Arend? ‘Still complaining that the quality of the cocaine continues to get worse,’ laughs Groenendaal. ‘I’m now thinking that maybe the best idea is to make coca leaves a Fair Trade product.’ De Nederlandse Cocaine Fabriek, 8 March, 20.30, De Balie, €7. In Dutch with English subtitles.


Amsterdam Weekly

Amateurism, the fresh maker

6-12 March 2008

6-12 March 2008

Amateurism is everywhere. Just look at last week’s headlines. The Rijksmuseum will now not open until 2013—seven years later than planned and likely €88 million over the currently available budget. Meanwhile, the global media continues to pump up the impending release of an anti-Muslim movie being made by a local amateur film-maker. But amateurism can also be a good thing: as inspiration for ‘professionals’ and a potential means to quirk up and give identity to urban spaces. Since January, the Architecture Academy on Waterlooplein has been under the spell of amateurism. This year’s artist-inresidence, Erik Kessels, creative director of the communications agency KesselsKramer, has been celebrating amateurism by organising workshops, street actions and an exhibition. There are also weekly lectures that have included the likes of Julian Germain, who has worked with Brazilian street children to create huge walls of photography, and Marti Guixe, a ‘product designer who hates objects’. This Thursday, Dori Hadar, a criminal investigator and junk collector from Washington DC, will talk about discovering the homemade 50-album oeuvre, all made of cardboard, of imaginary soul superstar Mingering Mike. KesselsKramer has been behind some of the quirkier ad campaigns of the last decade, such as the one that promoted Hans Brinker Budget Hotel with, ‘It Can’t Get Any Worse. But We’ll Do Our Best’. But KesselsKramer has also produced the film The Other Final that documented the match between Bhutan and Montserrat, the two lowest ranking football teams in the world, and published several books on amateur photography. In the introduction to the forthcoming book Amateurism due out later this month, Kessels writes: ‘In Wikipedia (one of the greatest non-professional projects ever) we see the word [amateur] has a French root, meaning “love of”. And that is the crux for me. Amateurs have a passion for what they do that is mostly unaffected by the need for recognition (financial or otherwise). It is a cliché, but the work is its own reward. Their enthusiasm results in styles and ways of seeing usually absent in the creations of their professional peers.’ Applied amateurism Martijn Al, working as a professional landscape architect for CH&Partners in Den Haag while completing his Masters at the academy, reassures me that no one in his firm has ever considered approaching the building of foundations in an amateuristic way. While participating in the week-long Amateurism Workshop in January, Al’s own project had him working with Design Politie and architect Duzan Doepel to make a typographic, yet amateuristic, political intervention in the city. ‘Since it had to be political, I was inspired by the fact that the Netherlands is one of the countries with the least amount of private places in the world— with the most cameras and the most tapped phone calls, etcetera. I started to see the cameras everywhere: in train stations, by bank machines and on squares and streets. And I learned that there were

Photographs taken from Amateurism (, 2008).

Amsterdam Weekly only two rules: the recorded images could not be made public, and these cameras had to be visible. But what’s visible? People just don’t notice them. So we made a cardboard cut-out that said ‘Watch Your Step’, bought some rice at the Chinese supermarket on Nieuwmarkt and then dumped the rice into the cut-out on the street in front of the store’s camera.’ The results were an elegant way of drawing attention to the many city cameras recording our every move. (Of course, a professional activist would have just covered the lens with spray paint.) And Al was inspired: ‘Usually as

Herengracht between Weesperstraat and the Amstel. ‘Things are changing. Ten or fifteen years ago, the trend was that public spaces should be as empty as possible so they can be used in as many ways as possible. Now the trend is to green things up.’ Al laughs as he points out an old Oma bicycle pimped up with plastic vines and flowers. ‘And there are many different ways you can green things up!’ ‘Landscape architects have, in a way, already applied amateurism into common practice. We are not independent artists. We have to talk to the clients and the peo-

Professional architects, landscape architects and urban designers go ‘amateur’. Can it save our city from being scrubbed to death? Two new experts take us to the streets to look for inspirational amateurism in our own backyard. BY STEVE KORVER

Hrsˇak sees amateurism as a tool: ‘It’s about the commercial-free devotion to the thing you’re doing. It’s about obsessiveness—or perhaps “passion” is the better word.’ architects, we are just busy with paper and plans and then the building companies do the actual work. Now we were doing something in practice.’ But besides enriching the streetscape temporarily, can applied amateurism help in stemming the continued trend of vertrutting—frumpification—in Amsterdam? ‘This city is indeed turning more and more into an open air museum, but on the other hand, it’s the country’s calling card. So there is a positive side to it,’ says Al, who lives in Haarlem. ‘But you do lose a sense of identity,’ he adds, as we take a stroll along Nieuwe

ple who are going to be using these spaces. And as “amateurs”, these users are a very valuable resource. If you notice that a lot of residents already have their own tiny gardens, you can fit that into the planning.’ And indeed, as we reach the Amstel, tiny allotments are currently being built into the sidewalks in front of the houses. As we reach the bridge, Al also points out a houseboat with a floating wild garden providing contrast to the newly laid cobblestone. It’s nice, green and chaotic, adding amateuristic life to some highly professional surroundings.


Prinseneiland, amateur paradise? Lada Hrsˇak is a professional architect who has done everything from redesigning an Amsterdam houseboat to working on the heralded new Dutch embassy in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. She’s also employed as a teacher of design and concepts at the academy and took part in the workshop. She was paired up with stylist Patrick Moonen to work out amateur concepts in fashion, resulting in feather boas made from Albert Heijn plastic bags and suits made from financial pages. ‘The workshops were a piss-take in a way,’ says Hrsˇak, ‘but a lot of fun. More rude and funny than cynical. And in KesselsKramer’s work you see the influence of amateurism from day one. In fact, the rest of Dutch design has this same bottom-up approach. That’s why it’s so renowned for being fresh and witty. But you still need a professional to “clean it up”.’ Hrsˇak sees amateurism as a tool: ‘It’s about the commercial-free devotion to the thing you’re doing. It’s about obsessiveness—or perhaps “passion” is the better word.’ She thinks some architectural ‘masterpieces’ have been produced through amateur efforts, such as a palace of stone built by French postman, Ferdinand Cheval (1836-1924), who spent 33 years building his ‘ideal palace’ from rocks that he collected while doing his mail route. We are walking around Prinseneiland, While the beautiful island has undergone a lot of new development, it still hasn’t lost its funky vibe, though the same cannot be said for large sections of the neighbouring Jordaan. ‘Why this area works is because of the diversity of styles,’ Hrsˇak says. ‘Not everything is of one grain. Of course all the houseboats help. And while there are modern buildings now here, you also have murals, the children’s farm, and this is just beautiful of course.’ She has led me to a ground floor apartment across from cafe Blaauw Hoofd on Blokmakerstraat. The front porch has a double car seat, two birch branch lamps and the background is a large print of Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Early Delights. Could this garden be translated on a larger scale elsewhere? ‘I’ll have to get back to you on that one,’ she laughs. ‘Now the emphasis is too much on building at high speed and achieving the most square meters. It’s all about haalbaarheid [practicality]. And if you leave space for unclarity—where the users can actually fill it themselves—that makes developers nervous. The design challenge is to generate development and make buildings good enough to bear imperfections. But on a small scale, such as here, it’s still possible.’ ‘And remember, it’s about allowing freshness. It doesn’t mean we should cover our buildings and cities with all kinds of junk.’ Too bad. There’s goes the idea of suggesting the immediate reopening of the Rijksmuseum as it now is, and just covering it with garden gnomes. Amateurism, Academy of Architecture, Waterlooplein 211 (Mon-Thu, 10.00-17.00, Fri 10-18.00), until 20 March 2008. Upcoming lectures (20.00): 6 March, Dori Hadar (; 13 March, Robin Rimbaud (; 20 March, Jay Rosenblatt (

Amsterdam Weekly


6-12 March 2008


Steve McCurry, Thursday, de Nieuwe Kerk

THURSDAY 6 MARCH Club: Vienna Weekender 2008

Ah Vienna. No longer is it just a city of wedding cake architecture and doddering old people hunkered over their coffee and their quivering lips dusted with sachertorte. Mozart and Strauss have stepped aside to make room for the DJs—30,000 at last count. The city originally gained a name in the early 1990s, as home to Kruder & Dorfmeister and Tosca, for dubby lounge triphop muzak. But now something particularly sharper, deeper, quirkier and wilder has been erupting in the couple of years, and this week all the big funky players are in town this weekend to strut their stuff: Lens G Jedpfahl, Mr Diskokaine (AKA Marflow), Christopher Just, Stefan Obermaier, First Lady of Bad Taste, PinieWang, 7 Samurai and singer Lucy McEvil. Each have their own compelling story, so see for the full juice. (Steve Korver) Sugar Factory, various times and prices. Until 10 March.

Stage: Angels in America About five hours. You can’t say you don’t get your money’s worth when buying tickets for this Pulitzer-award winning, and somehow surreal, play by Tony Kushner about fear, death, hope and love. It is set in the Reagan years in the ’80s, when politics were hard and cold. The lives of a group of unconnected New Yorkers become entwined when each of them is faced with a new disease: AIDS. Together they have to face up to their ordeal, in a conservative political climate that tried to keep AIDS under wraps and simply labelled it as a gay disease. The TV-series based on the play, starring Meryl Streep and Al Pacino, also won various awards. This version is part of Toneelgroep Amsterdam’s ‘Topstukken 07/08’, directed by Ivo Hove, and stars Fedja van Huêt, Eelco Smiths, Roeland Fernhout, Hans Kesting, Barry Atsma and Hadewych Minis. On weekdays, the play is split over two consecutive days; on Saturdays it’s brought in one ‘marathon’ session. Following the current tamtam festival, it’ll make a return to Stadsschouwburg at the end of the month. And Kuschner, himself, will be appearing at De Balie this Friday. (Willem de Blaauw) Stadsschouwburg, Thur 20.15, Sat 14.30, €17.50-€39.

Dance: Fluke Two titans of contemporary choreography square off in this alluring NDT double-header—though the games on offer could not be more different. First up is the world premier of Jirˇí Kylián’s Vanishing Twin, which the renowned dance-maker describes as ‘a small meditation on time, speed, aging and all unfinished things’. Then follows the first Dutch performance of Fluke, an exuberant and theatrical romp by Swedish maver-

ick Mats Ek, with live music by a quintet called Fläskkvartetten. Making wildly varying demands on its dancers—from the inward-looking gestures of opus one to the playful character-creation of the closer—the programme also revels in contrasts of staging and setting. It further spotlights one of NDT’s signature strengths, mixing tradition and innovation in works from both within and outside the company. An evening to savour. (Steve Schneider) Het Muziektheater, Thur-Sat 20.15, €20-€36.

Photography/Talk: Steve McCurry Seventeen years after he shot her portrait, Magnum photographer Steve McCurry returned to Afghanistan to find his ‘Afghan Girl’, whose hypnotic green eyes are etched into the collective memory of millions. He discovered that her name is Sharbat Gula, she married a baker and now has daughters of her own. McCurry has captured human struggle in strifetorn countries all over Asia. ‘Most of my images are grounded in people,’ he says on his website. ‘I look for the unguarded moment, when the soul drifts up into view.’ On 6 March he will take his audience at the Nieuwe Kerk back to Afghanistan. This night-long programme includes access to Hidden Afghanistan, an exhibition of archaeological objects dating back to 2000 BC, and the screening of a National Geographic documentary about the search for the Afghan girl. (Terri J Kester) Nieuwe Kerk, 20.00, museum entry cost.

Pop: MGMT These are two New Yorkers. They’ve got a synthesizer. They’ve got a large dose of eccentricity. They’ve got enough catchy tunes to satisfy every pop bitch running around in this city. In short, and in their own words: they’ve got the vision. And they seem to be determined to make it big. Debut album Oracular Spectacular, released in the beginning of this year, was produced by Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann and came out on Columbia Records. And Time to Pretend, the first single, has them singing about wanting to be big rock stars with model wives. Time to pretend to be ironic, they apparently thought, but... ah well, whatever. So what do we do with their vision then? ‘We’ve got the vision, now let’s have some fun,’ they suggest. Ah... alright then! (Sarah Gehrke) Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 21.00, €7.50 + membership.

Art/Event: Canadia, land of myths and media Oh Canada, our home and native land. The Canadians were liberators of this country in World War II. They brought chocolates and cigarettes and in return left thousands of love children in their wake. And if necessary—troopers that they are—they’d be willing to do it all over again. They’re just that kind of folk. But they’re also a complex people with tendencies to keep rabid track of hockey scores, make newspaper logs, swear in French Canadian, hang out in maple sugar shacks, obsess about Polish peirogies and develop a complex relationship with the media. In short, they are a people to watch. Join artist Brian McKenna and friends this week as they explore the Canadian identity

6-12 March 2008

Amsterdam Weekly

through radio broadcasts, interviews, film, workshops and music. Go ahead. Do it: tune in your toque to (Steve Korver) Mediamatic, various times, free. Until 9 March.

FRIDAY 7 MARCH Event: Nachtsalon

As ol’ Oscar used to say: ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.’ Admittedly, sometimes one forgets to cast the upward glance, what with the daily stress at work and all the clouds always being in the way lately, which surely must have something to do with the climate change. However, looking at the stars is something that should be done on a regular basis, and the kind people behind Museumnacht offer a chance for it with the latest edition of their Nachtsalon. It will take place in the Planetarium, which should guarantee first-class views. In addition to that, there will be extra entertainment by a visual artist (J Walt), a DJ (KC the Funkaholic) and a science journalist (Govert Schilling). Of course, there will be some talk about life in outer space, too. As it is one of the common misconceptions about aliens that they like to listen to electronic music, some of that shall be provided by Yuro and Trago. (Sarah Gehrke) Artis Planetarium, 20.00, €7.

SATURDAY 8 MARCH Party: Women in Paradise

Considering that this year sees the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, it is still a remarkably unknown date. One of the reasons for this may be that unlike Valentine’s, Mother’s, Father’s and other Days that try to make you buy chocolate for people, Women’s Day is not a commercial happening. Instead, according to the organisers of Women in Paradise, it is ‘a day of celebration of and respect for women’. And this is exactly what’s gonna happen at this party, which boasts an extensive line-up of DJs and music and dance acts—usually all-girl ones, of course. Well-known names on the bill include Ellen ten Damme, Candy Dulfer and DJ Ishtar, but there’ll be more than enough room for new discoveries. For example, you should check out the Russian electronica by Volga. Oh and by the way: men will be allowed, too. After all, there has to be someone to dish out all that respect and celebration from an outsider position. (Sarah Gehrke) Paradiso, 20.30, €15.


Jazz: Chris Potter’s Underground For your next jazz investment, consider the Chris Potter mutual fund—it’s listed on the Young Virtuoso Exchange. Values here have been sky-rocketing for a decade, as this 37year-old multi-wind player and composer has expanded his portfolio of killer chops and vast musicality. With long-limbed improvs that, upon close listening, reveal themselves to be daisy chains of micro-melodies, Potter caroms through techniques and references everyone from Ornette Coleman to Stravinsky. As a result, he’s been asked to embellish gigs and recording dates by Dave Holland, Jim Hall, Steely Dan and maybe a million more, all while spearheading a wide assortment of personal projects. Tonight he’s appearing with Underground, a particularly polymorphous guitar quartet that flips from post-bop to glistening funk to scripted passages to the great beyond. An emerging master, cited as The Guy by young players all the time, Potter makes up-to-the-moment music that yields handsome returns. (Steve Schneider) Bimhuis, 21.00, €18.

TUESDAY11MARCH Pop: Yeasayer

With all those skinny British guitar-toting kids getting terribly colloquial and brazenly barking in their regional accents—from Maxïmo Park’s northern candour to the lyrical diary vomits of Cockney Kate Nash—what’s a poor American boy to do but sound, well, American? The answer: embrace the power of music when pop was pop. Yes, the ’80s. Yeasayer and Vampire Weekend are just two lots of much-hyped New Yorkers who’ve gone from setting the blogosphere alight to filling concert halls and shifting products. All while unashamedly milking the worldly sounds of the mainstream from two decades ago, when albums like Paul Simon’s Graceland and Peter Gabriel’s So were global monsters. These acts will undoubtedly tire of the comparisons, but sonically it’s hard to miss. What’s most surprising, is that for a decade primarily ridiculed, these new pretenders sound rather fantastic and fresh—although Yeasayer look like they could do with a nice clean wardrobe to help smell fresh too. And in the mere four months since they were last in town, thousands more have caught onto the soaring melodies of songs like ‘2080’ and ‘Sunrise’, so don’t say you weren’t warned. (Steven McCarron) Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 20.30, €12 + membership.

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6-12 March 2008 That felt sure feels good.

No longer just a folk art medium, felt is taking the step from the school classroom to the catwalk.

PUTTING THE HEART INTO FELT FASHION Anneke Copier Shirdak, Prinsengracht 192, until 10 May. By Celia Layton

Felt is probably something you made, rather clumsily, in craft lessons at elementary school and haven’t thought about since. However, a new exhibition is setting out to show that this woolly art form is more than just child’s play. Long considered a folk art, felt has experienced something of a renaissance over the last decade among both artists and craft enthusiasts. Due to its versatility and strength, felt is still often used to make hats, but is also finding its way into clothing. Alongside Dutch felters such as Zsofia Marx and Ineke Carolus,

felt designer and artist Anneke Copier is building an increasing following among discerning dressers looking for a unique addition to their wardrobe. Fresh from the January Pret-a-Porter show in Paris, Copier’s latest clothing collection can now be seen in Shirdak on Prinsengracht, a shop and gallery which provides a platform for felt artists to exhibit and sell their work. The centrepiece of the collection is an elaborate white and green floor-length layered dress. Copier describes her pieces as ‘wearable art’, so brightly coloured, and eminently more wearable, scarves, tops and jackets also feature prominently. Based on wool, which is necessary to a certain extent in all felt products because it mats well, Copier’s work also incorporates other fibres, such

as cotton, linen and silk, into her work. ‘These fibres make the felt much lighter and thinner, which is more suitable for clothing,’ says Copier of her technique, ‘but trying new things is also a way to keep distinguishing yourself. Felt making is very labour-intensive, which is why I only make clothes for adults—children would grow out of them too quickly. Making enough felt for a top takes about a day, but for something as large-scale and intricate as the dress, it took five weeks with the help of an intern.’ Copier, who works from her studio in Hauwert, Noord Holland, spent much of her career as a substitute teacher. This gave her the opportunity to practice all sorts of handwork activities with primary school children. She first came across felt at a craft fair in 1984 and decided seven years ago to give up teaching to devote herself to felt-making and design. ‘If I can, I buy my wool from local farmers and clean the fleeces myself. Sinking my hands into a pile of wool is such a wonderful feeling, and the repetitiveness of the felting process itself is very calming,’ she says. ‘I have to import things like silk and merino wool, but I try to buy these from sources where I know the producers are paid a fair price.’ Felt is thought to be the oldest textile known to humans, and the easiest to make, which explains its use in elementary schools. Examples of felt made by nomadic horsemen in Siberia date back to around 700 BC. Making felt requires only wool, warm water, pressure—and patience. Small pieces of teased wool are laid next to each other and the water and pressure are applied until the fibres of the wool start to mat together. Think of a woolen jumper that has been put into the washing machine by mistake, and you start to get an idea. This process is repeated over and over again until a dense, strong piece of felt of the desired size is created. While technology has helped to speed up the felting process, the steps required have hardly changed at all. It is perhaps appropriate that Copier’s work will be on display at Shirdak, which stocks and takes its name from the brightly coloured felt rugs used by Central Asian nomadic tribes to decorate their round tents. Marianne Tuerlings, who opened the shop in 2000 to promote Eastern felt products to Western consumers, buys most of her shirdaks from Kyrgyzstan. ‘Felt is the ideal textile for nomadic peoples,’ she explains. ‘They’re always on the move, so they don’t want to carry tools with them. Neither do they have books or architecture, so their textiles tell the stories of their history and culture. Despite forced settlement by the Russians in the 1920s, many old nomadic traditions, including making shirdaks, have managed to survive. Antique and traditional textiles are the core of my business, but artists such as Anneke are giving felt a contemporary twist and I think it’s important to promote that.’ Felt may have been given a new lease of life, but it might still be some time before it makes the step from classroom to mainstream.

Amsterdam Weekly

6-12 March 2008

Schaufelberger. The repertoire of the Swiss saxophone quartet Arte Quartet varies from Pärt, Glass and Reich to contemporary Swiss composers such as Rudolf Kelterborn and Jacques Wildberger. The collaboration between Zoom and the ensemble resulted in the CD Crash Cruise. Bimhuis, 21.00, €15 Pop/Rock: De Heiland ’50s and ’60s rock ’n’ roll. Cafe Pakhuis Wilhelmina, 22.00, €5 Pop: Steye Funky electro and acoustic pop from this homegrown creative, tonight launching his new CD I’m Just Here to Make You Feel Warm. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 22.00, €10 + membership Ska: The Upsessions Maloe Melo, 22.00, €5

La Melodia Hiphop: La Melodia Soulful Dutch hiphop. Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 22.30, €9 + membership Jazz: Sinas Heavy on the percussion and Latin rhythms, Sinas are an eight-piece jazz act intending to connect with their audience through dance-friendly moves. Badcuyp, Noordpool, 23.00, €8

Autechre, see Thursday

MUSIC More listings at Send listing suggestions at least two weeks in advance to

Thursday 6 March Heavy: Amsterdam Underground Collective Hardcore and metal sets from Arkangel (BE), State Of Mind, Samaritan and Eye Of Judgement. Winston Kingdom, 20.00, €7 Classical: Ensemble Galante Works by Poulenc, Debussy, Francaix and others. Bethaniënklooster, 20.15, €16.50 World: Adel Salameh Trio Palestinian oud player Adel Salameh goes up against celebrated percussionist Adel Shams El Din on riq and Ali Mnejja on accordion. KIT Tropentheater, 20.30, €16 Jazz: Dirty Dozen Brass Band Funky bebop from New Orleans brass legends, who you may even know indirectly via albums by David Bowie, Norah Jones and Elvis Costello. Support from The Bayou Mosquitos. Paradiso, Grote Zaal, 20.30, €18 + membership Contemporary: Orkest De Volharding Performing new works by Luc Brewaeys, Annelies van Parys and Filip Rathé, and Finnissy’s ‘Obrecht Motetten V’. Muziekgebouw, 20.30, €20 Hiphop/R&B: Wanted R&B and hiphop competition featuring sets from a selection of local MCs, rappers and DJs. Studio 80, 20.30, €6 Folk: Ken Parsons The local Celtic harpist and allround entertainer launches his new CD. De Nieuwe Anita, 21.00, free

Pop/Rock: Club 3voor12 Live radio and TV session featuring sets from Kubus & BangBang, Girls In Hawaii and Orange Glow. Desmet Studios, 22.00, free, tickets: Pop/Rock: MGMT Poppy indie rock with electro seasoning. Originating from Brooklyn, they’re suddenly one of the mostly hotly tipped kids on the block, and as such, are expected to blow up this year. See Short List. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 22.00, €7.50 + membership Electro rock: Services Loops and heavy metal riffage from the underground New York scene. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 23.30, €6 + membership

Friday 7 March Classical: A Weekend with Lisa Batiashvili Performances all weekend from the acclaimed Georgian violinist, who’ll be backed by special guests. Concertgebouw, Kleine Zaal, 19.30, €23.50 Singer-songwriter: Joe Jackson Nearly 30 years on, people are still asking ‘Is She Really Going Out with Him?’ That’ll be why this solid Brit songwriter has sold out two nights. Paradiso, Grote Zaal, 20.00, sold out Classical: Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Von Weber’s Der Freischütz Overture, Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No.2, and Brahms’ Piano Quintet in G, reworked by Schönberg. Conducted by Iván Fischer, with pianist Richard Goode. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 20.15, €25/€52.50 World: Lilian Vieira Samba soul from the warm vocalist, best known for fronting local outfit Zuco 103. Meervaart, 20.30, €20 World: Përmeti Ensemble Performing shimmering instrumental songs from Albania using clarinet, violin and lutes. KIT Tropentheater, 20.30, €16

Opera: Radio Kamer Filharmonie Performing Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor, with Groot Omroepkoor providing the vocal oomph. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 14.00, €38/€45 Classical: Matthäus-Passion ‘Tis the season when Passion is all the fashion. It’s the Nederlands Kamerorkest who go crazy tonight, with assistance from Consensus Vocalis, Kinderkoor De Kikkers and a selection of talented soloists. What’s more, world renowned British conductor Sir Colin Davis takes charge, ensuring it’ll be a classical highlight of March. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 19.30, €34/€40 Ska: Beatbusters One of Holland’s most successful ska crossover outfits celebrates the launch of their new album New Deal with a skanking party. Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 20.00, €11 + membership Singer-songwriter: Joe Jackson (See Friday) Paradiso, Grote Zaal, 20.00, sold out Pop/Rock: Subbacultcha! Featuring the lovely indie pop of Scram C Baby, Oh Johnny and Inq. De Nieuwe Anita, 20.00, €6 Classical: A Weekend with Lisa Batiashvili (See Friday) Concertgebouw, Kleine Zaal, 20.15, €31 Latin/Jazz: Nueva Manteca & Dave Valentin One of Europe’s top Latin jazz ensembles, performing with flautist Valentin. KIT Tropentheater, 20.30, €20 Rock: The Cult She sells sanctuary and makes it rain, you know? These ’80s rockers are reunited once more, or at least Ian ‘Sir Swear-a-Lot’ Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy are, now that Astbury has put the role of Jim Morrison behind him. Melkweg, The Max, 20.30, sold out

Pop/Rock: Benjamin Winter An earnest American singer-songwriter who boasts a mellow guitar and piano sound with emotional lyrics. Support from the always delightful Brown Feather Sparrow. Bitterzoet, 21.00, €6

Jazz: Marcin Wasilewski Tight Polish grooves from pianist Wasilewski, bassist Slawomir Kurkiewicz and drummer Michal Miskiewicz. Bimhuis, 21.00, €15

Electronica: Autechre Fluid electronic soundscapes and songs from the acclaimed Brit duo, comprised of Rob Brown and Sean Booth. Their music is often described as cold and mechanical, but it can also be atmospheric and downright pretty. And with new album Quaristice, they even utilise pop song-sized tunes—albeit 20 of them. Support from Rob Hall and SND. Melkweg, The Max, 22.00, €16 + membership

Saturday 8 March

Hiphop/R&B: Wanted (See Thursday) Winston Kingdom, 20.30, €6

World: Lobi Traoré & Joep Pelt Mali meets Amsterdam by way of the Mississippi delta. The result is a cross-pollination of West African blues from Bamakobased guitarist Traoré, with the more well-known American style, so adored by Dutch songwriter Pelt. Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 21.00, €14 + membership

Big band: Tetzepi Big Band An improv friendly big band, performing works from new programme SEED. Badcuyp, Noordpool, 21.30, €8

Pop/Rock: Subbacultcha! With the Spanish guitar rock of Inq. Patronaat, Haarlem, 23.00, free

Gram Pop/Rock: Gram, Ponoka Gram is the new indie pop front for ex-Seedling player Marg. Ponoko mix the stripped-down side of lo-fi singer-songwriter music with shiny pop melodies. Winston Kingdom, 21.00, €6 Jazz: Lucas Niggli Zoom meets Arte Quartet Swiss drummer Niggli set up his Zoom trio in 1999, with trombonist Nils Wogram and guitarist Philipp

Jazz: Corrie van Binsbergen presents During 2003 guitarist/composer Corrie van Binsbergen presented the series Writers in Concert, with Dutch literary authors Remco Campert, Toon Tellegen, Manon Uphoff and Kees van Kooten. It proved so popular it developed into a national tour. Five years on, she’ll collaborate with Tellegen once more, along with the Flemish actor, director and writer Josse de Pauw. Bimhuis, 21.00, €15 Pop/Rock: The Stolen Sweets A swinging old-time vibe from Portland. Maloe Melo, 22.00, €5

Sunday 9 March Opera: Kát´a Kabanová The plot of this 1921 Janácˇek opera reflects the inevitability of the situation in which


Amsterdam Weekly


Janácˇek found himself with his own platonic love: Katya is unhappily married and is tyrannised by her spineless husband’s mother; Janácˇek’s own marriage was no happier. Katya’s love for Boris is defined by the impossibility of her freeing herself from social and moral chains and eventually brings her to disaster. Het Muziektheater, 13.30, €15-€90 Classical: Finale Amsterdamse Muziekscholen Prijs Young soloists, duos and trios compete. Muziekgebouw, 14.00, €4

Big band: Konrad Koselleck Big Band Jazz pop dance fusion—big band style. Joining Koselleck tonight is Lucy McEvil—a singer, actress, diva and DJ from Vienna who defies gender—and the Ricotti Ensemble. Sugar Factory, 21.00, €9 Experimental: DNK-Amsterdam Weekly concert series for new live electronic and acoustic music. In this edition Marc Spruit and Michiel de Haan mix up turntables and guitars. OT301, 21.30, €5

Classical: Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (See Friday) Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 14.15, €25/€52.50

Tuesday 11 March

World: Babak Maddah Group Iranian drummer and percussionist, renowned for mixing the folklore of his homeland with Western jazz styles. Badcuyp, Noordpool, 15.00, €6

Heavy: Chimaira Contemporary metal. Support from Maroon, The Sorrow and Dead Shape Figure. Melkweg, The Max, 19.30, €20 + membership

Classical: Marlene Hemmer Sonatas by Bach, Brahms and Reger; backed by pianist Paul Komen. Bethaniënklooster, 15.00, €16.50 Classical: Matthäus Passion Performed by the orchestra and choir of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Oude Kerk, 15.00, €12.50 Classical: Toets des Tijds Pianist Frederic Voorn plays compositions by Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Voormolen and some originals. Werkgebouw Het Veem, 15.00, €10 Singer-songwriter: Lou Rhodes The voice of British organic electro outfit Lamb. Left to her own devices, Rhodes has produced two impressive solo albums rooted firmly in acoustic folk. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 15.30, sold out

6-12 March 2008

Classical: Quirine Viersen, Diego Chenna The cellist is joined by Chenna on bassoon for a programme that stretches from Mozart to the present day. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 20.15, €32 Opera: The Russian State Orchestra and Choir Performing excerpts from the world’s most famous operas; conducted by Valery Ermoshkin. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 20.15, €36.50/€44.50 Singer-songwriter: Kris Kristofferson Traditional Nashville country sounds from the famous American performer and actor. Paradiso, Grote Zaal, 20.30, €30 + membership The Karnatic Lab A concert series devoted to exploring elements of Karnatic music from southern India and fusing them with jazz styles. Led by Ned McGowan and Gijs Levelt. Badcuyp, Noordpool, 20.30, free

Pop/Rock: PD Jar Melodic guitar pop. Cafe Pakhuis Wilhelmina, 16.00, €5

David Gilmour Girls (Last Night On Earth), see Friday

CLUBS Thursday 6 March klinch: Autechre Afterparty With Clark (Warp Records, UK) and the 030303 DJs. Melkweg, The Max, 01.00-late, €9 Electrorated presents: Dualblock Featuring the Amsterdan Assholes (live), Frank Haag (live), Maquette and Lennert Bezemer. Winston Kingdom, 23.00-03.00, €5 Poptrash Three decades’ worth of rock, electro and hiphop with The Punchout DJs and guests. Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 23.00-05.00, €5

Classical: A Weekend with Lisa Batiashvili (See Friday) Concertgebouw, Kleine Zaal, 20.15, €33.50

Wildvreemd 2.0 The Vienna Weekender kicks off with Lens G Jadepfahl, Jan van Kampen, Zender and the Colour of Sin. See Short List. Sugar Factory, 23.0005.00, €9

Classical: Simon Trpceski A master pianist recital by this relatively young Macedonian musician, featuring works by Prokofiev, Debussy and Rachmaninov. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 20.15, €26/€32

Friday 7 March Yeasayer Pop/Rock: Yeasayer Polyrhythmic melodic ambience reminiscent of the ’80s and classic Peter Gabriel. Recently, they’ve been conquering the indie battlegrounds, but singles like ‘2080’ and ‘Sunrise’ are straight-out pop brilliance. See Short List. Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 20.30, €12 + membership múm Experimental: múm Organic electronica from these quirky Icelandic experimentalists. Often more soundscape than traditional song, electro glitches are matched by drones and subtle acoustic symphonies. Support from Borko. Paradiso, Grote Zaal, 20.30, €13 + membership Rock: The Cult (See Saturday) Melkweg, The Max, 20.30, €35 + membership Jazz: Chris Potter’s Underground Regarded as one of the most important sax players of his generation, this Chicago player has journeyed down an electric groove jazz path lately, with the album Underground exemplifying this. Aiding him tonight are guitarist Adam Rogers, drummer Nate Smith and double bassist Scott Colley. See Short List. Bimhuis, 21.00, €18 Rock: Hallo Gallo #2 Free folk, indie and dolphin-loving sounds from Tom Carter (US), Dolphins in the Future (BE) and GHQ (US). OCCII, 21.00, €5 Jazz: Ready for Freddy Fat grooves from Jos de Haas (New Cool Collective), Stefan Schmidt (Zuco103), Alex Oele (Yinka), Stefan Kruger (Zuco103) and special guests. Badcuyp, Noordpool, 21.30, €5 Singer-songwriter: John Vanderslice Charismatic American performer, specialising in cutting acoustic pop songs. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 22.00, €8.50 + membership

Monday 10 March Classical: Matthäus-Passion (See Saturday) Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 19.30, €34/€40 Opera: Opera per Tutti! Weekly performance by De Nieuwe Opera Academie. Vondelkerk, 20.15, €20

Wednesday 12 March Classical: Lunch Concert With pianist Helena Basilova. Concertgebouw, Kleine Zaal, 12.30, free Pop: Room Eleven Jazzy pop with these locals presenting their new CD. Paradiso, Grote Zaal, 19.30, sold out Rock: Editors Tickets for this distinctive English guitar band have been gone for an age already, following on from last summer’s in-demand sold out Melkweg gig and festival successes. Not forgetting that the first single, ‘Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors’, from recent album An End Has A Start, nailed 3voor12’s Song van het Jaar 2007 poll with relative ease. Heineken Music Hall, 20.00, sold out Opera: Kát´a Kabanová (See Sunday) Het Muziektheater, 20.00, €15-€90 Classical: Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (See Friday) Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 20.15, €25/€52.50 Contemporary: Black Intentions New recorder music meets visual art. Zaal 100, 21.00 Jazz: Enrico Rava Quintet This Italian trumpet player, and Miles Davis adept, had made a name for himself in the late ’60s in Torino, a hot spot for American musicians at the time. He then gravitated into avant-garde circles playing with Gato Barbieri, then later with Steve Lacy and the Globe Unity Orchestra. With his own groups Raya developed a lyrical style combining free jazz with classical and pop influences. Bimhuis, 21.00, €18 Funk: Galactic Melodic New Orleans funk with infusions of hiphop and soul. Their new album From the Corner to the Block features a host of guest stars, two of which will be appearing in person: Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) and Boots Riley (The Coup). Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 21.00, €14 + membership

Classical: Voyage au Printemps With works by Dimitar Bodurov, Hendrik Andriessen and Jeff Hamburg. Uilenburger Synagogue, 20.15, €15

World: Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar Balkan beat-tastic grooves from this German DJ/producer/frontman at the forefront of the raging Balkan dance scene. Melkweg, The Max, 21.00, €20 + membership

R&B: Chris Brown American pop/R&B singer. Paradiso, Grote Zaal, 20.30, sold out

Pop: Delavega Classy Belgian electro pop. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 22.00, €7.50 + membership

Fridays At The Mansion Lounge, house and eclectic electronica. The Mansion, 19.00-03.00, €5 Beatbox The ‘Hollands Glorie’ edition, with Shagspeare, Melly Mel, Goodgrip, DJ Rockid and MC Lady Bee. Escape, 21.00-05.00, €16 40UP Dance night for the 40+ crew. Melkweg, The Max, 21.00-late, €20 Betamax Raw dance electro rock energy with sets from Dirty vs VERVUE, Dans le Rock vs VJ Mofo and Krause (live). Those wanting to get off their feet can take in videos, documentaries and silly things in the cinema. Studio K, 22.00-04.00, €10 Club Cornholio Ska, poppy pop, soul, deep funk and blazing rock ’n’ roll. Chuck in some computer game projections and you can lose yourself in greasy teendom. Club 8, 22.00-04.00, €5 Struttin’ Raw funk, soul and hiphop. Bitterzoet, 23.0004.00, €7.50 Discocult Part two of the Vienna Weekender is all about the Cult of Disco, dance and pop electronica. Providing a Viennese whirl at the turntables will be Discokaine, with support from Graham B, Rubedo and Martin Duvall. Sugar Factory, 23.00-05.00, €10 Famous Playboy inspired trendy house sounds. Odeon, 23.00-05.00, €15 Last Night On Earth The world is such a wonderful place, but you never know when it all just stops... so, bring on David Gilmour Girls, Minx Pilot & Typhus Hideous and My Little Soundsystem. Studio 80, 23.0005.00, €7.50 Zuivere Koffie With Jorn Liefdeshuis and the Bar27 DJ Team. Flex Bar, 23.00-05.00, €8 DJ Uncut Old school hiphop. De Duivel, 23.59-04.00, free Big Booty Express Featuring DJ Scottie B, the Baltimore pioneer of big beats, mashing up pop, hiphop and dance tunes. Also with Mr Wix, Beesmunt Sound System and Lyrical Tie. Paradiso, 23.5905.00, €10 Knockout Reggae and dancehall tunes from Herbalize It and Chaos. Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 23.59-late, €12.50 + membership

Saturday 8 March Another Nice Mess Once again, DJ Marcelle offers up Peel-esque genre-breaking eclecticism. OT301, 22.00, €5 Rotor Popular London party invades, with two London-

Amsterdam Weekly

6-12 March 2008 ers and one naughty Belgian promising a blend of dirty electro and house. Paviljoen aan 't IJ, 22.0003.00, free Skip Intro For all clubbers who tire of FBI piracy warnings before getting on the dancefloor. Club 8, 22.00-04.00, €6 Pleasure Seekerz Classic house and electro. Cafe Pakhuis Wilhelmina, 22.00-late, €5 GirlsLoveDJ’s Doesn’t everyone love DJs? Well, apart from those who’ve tasted their smelly vinyl coated fingers. Hotel Arena, 23.00-04.00, €15 Huiskamerhits A weekend edition with dancefloor hits from Beesmunt Soundsystem, Bizar, My Little Soundsystem, Gay Blade Axion Team and more. Bitterzoet, 23.00-04.00, €7.50 Break It Down Diverse party sounds from Detboi, Estaw, Boody B & Chaz, The Walk & Rogerseventytwo. In the bar there’s Chew Fu (live), Elroy Vanderley and Creature. Flex Bar, 23.00-05.00, €8 Odeon’s Countdown Hitshow Favourite tunes as voted for by the dancing public. Odeon, 23.00-05.00, €12 Oh, Vienna A genuine Viennese party, with Christopher Just, Stefan Obermaier, the First Lady of Bad Taste and Pinie Wang all paying a visit to Amsterdam. Sugar Factory, 23.00-05.00, €13 Redevice Invites The deeper end of techno and house minimalism. Studio 80, 23.00-06.00, €11.99 The BeatClub ‘Back in Amsterdam’ with that classic house concept. Featuring Derrick May (US), Mr C (UK), Per and Paul Jay. In the second room there’s Tom de Neef (BE), Marnix, Marcello, Lucien Foort and the Qevents DJ Team. The Powerzone, 23.00-06.00, €27.50 Gemengd Zwemmen Two rooms of swimmingly diverse noise. In The Max, it’s ’80s and ’90s tunes; in the Oude Zaal, there’s alternative dance, pop, rock and indie hits. Melkweg, 23.59-late, €9

Sunday 9 March Sundaymorning Special Following on from the night that just refuses to end. Club Latido, 06.00-12.00, €15 WickedJazzSounds Jazz, hiphop, broken beats, nujazz, funk and Afro sounds, as classic vinyl collides with live musicians. Keeping the Factory theme Vienna, special guest is 7 Samurai. Sugar Factory, 23.00-05.00, €9.50

Monday 10 March Cheeky Monday True skool jungle and drum & bass, featuring players from the local and international scenes. Look out for special party spirit tonight with this being the 100th edition. Winston Kingdom, 21.0003.00, €6

Tuesday 11 March Les & More Electro and minimal with live electronic performances, DJs and VJs. Winston Kingdom, 22.0003.00, €5

13 Scapino Ballet. Marco Goecke, Georg Reischl and Ed Wubbe provide the choreographies. Stadsschouwburg, (Sun 20.15), €12-€25


Music/Theatre: Teatro Negro de Barlovento Venezuelan music theatre featuring a blend of traditional and contemporary African rhythms and Afro-Latin American culture. Muziekgebouw, (Tues 20.30), €25

Edited by Willem de Blaauw.

Music/Theatre: J6 A montage performance based on Dario Fo’s Mistero Buffo. Rozentheater, (Tues, Wed 20.00), €12.50

Thursday 6 March

Music/Theatre: U-Theatre Contemporary theatre and percussion meets Eastern martial arts and meditation. Muziekgebouw, (Wed 20.30), €25

Party: Nicky Nicole Get in the weekend mood with Nicky Nicole and ‘her’ DJs that play uplifting dancey tunes, attracting a young loud crowd. Club Roque, 21.00-04.00

Friday 7 March

Ongoing Sprezzatura

Sex club: XXX Leather Men-only leather and fetish party. Strict dress code: leather, rubber, uniform, army. No jeans. DJs Jon Doe and Dikky Vendetta (La Demence, Rapido) will get you in the mood with their pumping beats. Party Centrum van Galen, 22.00-04.00, €20-€25


Saturday 8 March


Party: (Z)onderbroek Drop your pants and dance! Afternoon party for those who love to dance, prance and cruise around in their briefs, Y-fronts and shorts. DJs TDM (Joystick) and Londen’s sexy QBoy (drool) spin the decks, while guys show of their pecs (and more). Club La, 16.00-20.00, €8

Dance: Fluke New works by the masters Mats Ek and Jirí Kylián. Ek is a Swedish theatre maker and an internationally renowned creator of intense and dramatic ballets. As such, Fluke was premiered in Stockholm in 2002 and was an instant hit. The newest creation of Kylián is called Vanishing Twin and is an unfinished work. See Short List. Het Muziektheater, (Thur-Sat 20.15), €20-€36

Party: GLU Launch party of the new GLU (Girls Like Us) magazine. Music, finger food, ladies & girls and the new issue of course. Come early, read more! Saarein, 19.00-02.00 Party: KRANG Regular gay-friendly/mixed party in this small but groovy venue. DJs Bone (Berlin), Flow (Krang) and Ivy (Piekup) play electro, minimal and techno. Akhnaton, 23.00-05.00, €7/€10

Sunday 9 March Sex club: S.O.S. Organised by these naughty boys from GALA (who also brought us (Z)onderbroek). Well you don’t need much clothing here either as S.O.S. is not about that ABBA song, but all about Sex on Sundays. Nude or underwear, it doesn’t matter. Anything goes (quite literally)... The Eagle, 16.00-20.00, €8 Party: Sing-a-Long Night Back due to popular demand: the cozy Sing-A-Long night with Irene Hemmelaar. Shed your inhibitions and croon away with the crowd. Saarein, 18.00-21.00

Wednesday 12 March DJ night: Like it or not Amsterdam’s mini-celeb Mayday plays her favourite music in this mini-bar. Not for claustrophobes. Free snacks to munch your way through the tunes. De Engel van Amsterdam, 21.00-01.00

Comedy: X The new solo stand-up show from Wilko Terwijn. In Dutch. Comedy Theater, (Thur-Sat 20.30), €14 Dance: Sprezzatura A Hans Tuerlings choreography for seven female dancers. The title is an Italian term for the art of the apparent negligence. De Engelenbak, (Thur-Sat, Wed 20.30), €11 Music/Theatre: Peaches A staged essay, a dream sequence and a theatrical hodgepodge inspired by a song by Nina Simone, a slave narrative, some black girls in America and a six-year-old’s dream timeline. Performed by New York group Progress Theatre, who fuse elements of music, essay, traditional and non-traditional theatre into a rich, complicated picture of black female experiences in contemporary America. In English. Podium Mozaïek, (Fri-Sun 20.30), €10 Music/Dance: The Red Tent A performance that combines different kinds of Oriental dance and music. Six dancers, from five countries, with their different backgrounds and perceptions, have prepared 10 choreographies destined to make your heart beat faster. CREA Muziekzaal, (Sat 21.00), €6.50 Music/Dance: Maido Maido Expressive Japanese percussive performance from the group Dadada-Dan Tenko. RAI, (Sat 20.15), €18.50-€25 Dance: 4x20 Colourproof A colourful parade of dance styles and visions, performed by Rotterdam’s

Theatre: Een Meeuw Chekhov’s The Seagull, about the romantic and artistic conflicts between four theatrical characters. Performed by Keesen en Co; directed by Willibrord Keesen, who caused a furore way back in 1990 with his version of Three Sisters. In Dutch. De Brakke Grond, (Thur-Sat 20.30, Sun 16.00), €14 Theatre: tamtam Toneelgroep Amsterdam get busy until 8 March, utilising every inch of Stadsschouwburg, as well as a selection of other rooms around town. Tony Kushner’s Angels in America is central to this festival, with this five hour epic split across two performances. But films, debates, talks, and, of course, other theatrical performances help make this an exciting programme. See In Dutch. See Short List. Various locations, (Thur-Sun), various prices Comedy: easyLaughs Comedy improv in English. Two knee-slapping shows every Friday night. CREA Muziekzaal, (Fri 20.30, 22.30), €8, €5 (late night) Comedy: Now&Lauw: Urban Improv Comedy Weekly ha-ha with Wilko Terwijn and Nabil Aoulad Ayad. In Dutch. Comedy Theater, (Fri 23.30), €10 + membership Performance: Bambie 11 Physical mime theatre. This edition takes a look at criminology and murder in the ’20s and ’30s. Frascati, (Thur-Sat, Tues, Wed 21.00), €11 Performance: Tease-à-GoGo Amsterdam’s Burlesque entertainment night. Expect a diverse mix of comedy, varieté and live music, all with a ’50s rock ’n’ roll nightclub atmosphere. Comedy Theater, (Sat 23.59), €17.50 Performance: Varekai Yet another of Cirque du Soleil’s touring monsters. This one is based loosely on the Greek myth of Icarus, and as you’d expect, features acrobatics and theatrical circus trickery on a scale most wouldn’t dare. Throw in the elaborate costumes and purposefully created live score, and it’ll be packing in audiences through May. Under the Grand Chapiteau, (Daily), €25-€74 Music/Dance: Wonderland Improvised dance and music performance for the whole family. OT301, (Sun 16.00), €4 Comedy: Wat De Pot Schaft One presenter, a house band and two known guests to flaunt their talents on a Sunday afternoon. With Erik van Muiswinkel, Birgit Schuurman and Jeroen Willems. In Dutch. Comedy Theater, (Sun 16.00), €20

Amsterdam Weekly


Serial Photography Three contemporary artists show recent work: Peter Cleutjens, Hans Eijkelboom and Katrin Korfmann. All three have a serial documentary approach to photography in the public space. 2x2projects (Wed-Sat 13.00-18.00), until 20 March


Between the Light and the Dark Multidisciplinary exhibits from Chinese artists Wang Jianwei, Ni Haifeng and Tiong Ang dealing with the theme ‘Chineseness’. Canvas International Art (Thur-Sat 14.00-18.00), Amstelveen, until 22 March

More listings at

Opening Boek Zoekt Lezer A historical overview of the Dutch literature world, showcasing advertising from the 17th century to the present. UvA: Special Collections Library (Mon-Fri 10.00-17.00, Sat, Sun 13.00-17.00), opens Thursday, until 28 May

Michael Kirkham: Hotel Grande Abyss Lust, sex, pornography and lack of control are all prevalent themes in the paintings of this British artist. Aschenbach & Hofland Galleries (Wed-Sat 12.00-17.00), until 22 March Christine Philipp Paintings that are part figurative, part abstract. Borzo (Wed-Sat 13.00-18.00), until 22 March

Chris Shaw: Life as a Night Porter Shaw spent 10 years working in London hotels, all the while using his camera to both document the hotels unexpected human spectacles and keep himself awake through the long hours of his shift. Hup Gallery (Tues, Thur, Fri 10.00-17.00), opens Thursday, until 1 June Alexandra Bircken: Units Brit artist Bircken adopts an unorthodox approach to sculpture. Her hybrid objects betray her origins in the field of fashion design. She constructs wobbly armatures of bent twigs and tree branches and then stretches between them brightly coloured wools, interwoven with each other and with wood, leather, stones and dried plant material. Stedelijk Museum CS (Daily 10.00-18.00), opens Friday, until 13 April Jason Eden Collages by the American artist, inspired by Playboy. Galerie Rademakers (Tue-Sun 11.0017.30), opens Friday, until 20 April Joram Roukes Drawings and paintings. Carhartt Store (Daily), opens Friday, until 7 May Kris Dewitte: Still Project Blending her love of film and photography, Dewitte presents shots and portraits of the world’s biggest film stars and directors. Melkweg Galerie (Wed-Sun 13.00-20.00), opens Friday, until 6 April Kurt Lubinski: Photographer in Exile Although this German émigré photographer is now relatively unknown, he gained a significant reputation as a successful photojournalist for his worldly travel reportages in the ’20s and ’30s. A collection of his documentary portraits are presented. Joods Historisch Museum (Daily 11.00-17.00), opens Friday, until 8 June Superheroes and Schlemiels Superman, Maus, The Rabbi’s Cat and many other heroes and anti-heroes from the art of comics feature in this exhibition of comics and graphic novels by Jewish artists. The artists present their vision of a Jewish past in original drawings, printed matter and film material. Joods Historisch Museum (Daily 11.00-17.00), opens Friday, until 8 June A Certain Mess Four artists present work in an exhibition which can be regarded as a visual component of the symposium on a masters course in Fine Art. De Brakke Grond (Mon 10.00-18.00, Tues-Fri 10.00-20.30, Sat 13.00-20.30, Sun 13.00-17.00), opens Saturday, until 30 March

Laurens Hensbergen & Goran Turnsek Political and social issues are brought to the fore in the paintings of Hensbergen. Slovenian artist Turnsek takes inspiration from sport. AYAC’S (Fri, Sat 13.00-17.30), until 22 March

My Street, My City A series of 70 photos by students between the ages of 14 and 18 from Amsterdam West. ABC Treehouse (Thur-Sun 13.00-18.00), opens Sunday

Museums Karel Du Jardin Italian landscapes and aristocratic portraits by the 17th century painter. Rijksmuseum (Daily 09.00-18.00), until 16 March Gastarbeider Dating A project about identity, feeling at home, being foreign and meeting each other. It features 10 international artists who’ll try to help explore their national and personal cultures. Mediamatic (Wed-Sun 16.00-20.00), until 16 March Josine van Dalsum Paintings and drawings by the Breda artist. Jan van der Togt Museum (Thur-Sun 13.00-17.00), Amstelveen, until 16 March Sonic Acts XII Presenting works that create various forms of the cinematic experience, ranging from music to visual art, installations and media arts. Montevideo/Time Based Arts (Tues-Sat 13.00-18.00), until 22 March Katsutoshi Yuasa Monumental woodcuts based on the Japanese artist’s own photographs. CoBrA Museum (Tues-Sun 11.00-17.00), until 30 March Van Binnenuit Freaky photos of Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai, captured backstage by Marco Cisaria. Centrale Bibliotheek (Daily), until 30 March Taryn Simon—An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar In her second of two shows at Foam, award-winning photographer Simon assumes the dual role of shrewd informant and collector of curiosities, compiling an inventory of what lies hidden and out-ofview within the borders of the US. Foam (Sat-Wed 10.00-18.00, Thur, Fri 10.00-21.00), until 6 April

De Koers van de Stad Helping to visualise the growth and future transitions planned for Amsterdam and the surrounding region. ARCAM (Tues-Sat 13.00-17.00), until 12 April

Porn Your Life Dutch artist Marcello Segal explores the themes of voyeurism and exhibitionism in various mediums. Galerie Masters (Thur-Sat 13.00-17.00), opens Saturday, until 29 March The Fabulous Life of… Presenting works by Anton Corbijn, Bert Teunissen, Ixone Sádaba and Malick Sidibé. Witzenhausen Gallery (Elandsstraat) (Thur-Sat 12.00-18.00), opens Saturday Uitbraak The Meneer de Wit showcase exhibition, featuring the diverse contemporary works of the complex’s artists. Meneer de Wit (Wed-Sun 14.0018.00), opens Saturday, until 29 March Eau Couture Artist/designer converts plastic water bags into elegant fashion works. Galerie 23 (Wed-Sun 13.00-17.00), opens Sunday, until 27 March

Metal Heart Delving into the arty dark side of the metal subculture, embracing the angst, blackness and (anti)religious aspects. Expect diverse works by a host of artists, from pop-surrealism to contemporary digital reworkings of classic metal imagery. Planetart (ThurSat 14.00-18.00), until 22 March

Kurt Lubinski, see opening

Ruth van Beek: Reconstructions Van Beek collects random snapshots, passport photos, slides and albums, as well as pictures from newspapers and old books. By folding and cutting the material she gives the images a new meaning, creating a hybrid which combines photography and drawing. Foam (Sat-Wed 10.00-18.00, Thur, Fri 10.00-21.00), until 9 April

Porn Your Life

6-12 March 2008

Hidden Afghanistan A deluxe exhibition presenting a ‘not war-torn’ vision of this nation at the crossroads of civilisations in central Asia. At its core, 250 archaeological objects will be displayed. Nieuwe Kerk (Fri-Wed 10.00-18.00, Thur 10.00-22.00), until 20 April Show Yourself Diverse excerpts of work by and about Benno Premsela. Stadsarchief Amsterdam (Tues-Sat 10.00-17.00, Sun 11.00-17.00), until 27 April Benno Premsela—Voorvechter van Homo-Emancipatie Books, magazines and photos highlighting the history of acclaimed designer and gay rights activist Premsela. Centrale Bibliotheek (Daily), until 27 April Allora & Calzadilla—Never Mind That Noise You Heard An opportunity to see and hear recent installations and videos that consider the continuum between noise and music as a productive measure and potentially rich tool through which cultural, social and political relationships can be gauged and challenged. Stedelijk Museum CS (Daily 10.00-18.00), until 4 May

Art Nouveau The best of French and Russian art nouveau. Hermitage Amsterdam (Daily 10.00-17.00), until 5 May MAGNUM Photos 60 years Since 1947, the MAGNUM agency has been providing images of landmark world events. This collection uses photographs, books and texts to illustrate the history of MAGNUM year by year, giving visitors the opportunity to view work by 83 photographers, such as Robert Capa, Henri CartierBresson and Carl de Keyzer. Stedelijk Museum CS (Daily 10.00-18.00), until 12 May John Everett Millais He was the foremost painter of the English Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and Britain’s most successful artist of the latter half of the 19th century. His jewel-like, highly detailed paintings exude a dreamy, serene atmosphere, and this exhibition comprises some 100 works, covering all aspects of Millais’ career. Van Gogh Museum (Mon-Thur, Sat, Sun 10.0018.00, Fri 10.00-22.00), until 18 May Maria Sibylla Merian & Daughters—Women of Art and Science The most important and influential natural history artist working in the Netherlands in the 17th century, this exhibition features more than a hundred rarely displayed masterpieces, including original drawings, watercolours, gouaches, prints and books. Also included are works by her daughters. Rembrandthuis (Mon-Sat 10.00-17.00, Sun 11.00-17.00), until 18 May Tobias Rehberger: the chicken-and-egg-no-problem wall-painting The first major Dutch retrospective of works by German artist Tobias Rehberger, who in the mid-’90s gained an international reputation for objects and installations at the interface of fine art, design and architecture. Here he is devising a special installation involving sculptures and light that produce a mural. Stedelijk Museum CS (Daily 10.00-18.00), until 25 May Edwin Zwakman: Fake But Accurate A retrospective of well-known Dutch photographer Zwakman, in which his three latest series can be seen together for the first time. Huis Marseille (Tues-Sun 11.00-18.00), until 25 May Amsterdam and the House of Orange An exhibition surveying the ties which have bound Amsterdam and the House of Orange over the centuries. Amsterdams Historisch Museum (Mon-Fri 10.00-17.00, Sat, Sun 11.00-17.00), until 31 August Palestine 1948 On 14 May 2008 it will be exactly 60 years ago that the State of Israel was founded. This long term presentation shows how this event affected the lives of individual Palestinians. Tropenmuseum (Daily 10.00-17.00), until 4 January 2009

Galleries My Name is Z Mechanised sculptures and installations serving as self-portraits by the young Korean artist Wang Zi Won. Yoshiko Matsumoto Gallery (TuesFri 13.30-18.30, Sat 12.00 - 18.00), closing Saturday Sweet Colors Oil paintings by Wil Jansen and monochromes by Sybille Pattscheck. Galerie Roger Katwijk (Wed-Sat 12.00-18.00), until 15 March Dwanggedachten A diverse melange of drawings from Helen Frik, Pietsjanke Fokkema, Jantien Jongsma, Stefan Kasper, Bas Louter, Rinke Nijburg and Emo Verkerk. Arti et Amicitiae (Tues-Sun 13.00-18.00), until 16 March

Hans van Bentem (Metal Heart) Barbara Massiglia, Erik Leeman Black-and-white fashion photography and portraits by Massiglia; landscapes and macro shots by Leeman. Fotogram (Mon-Thur 09.30-21.00, Fri, Sat 09.30-17.00), until 26 March James Aldridge: Halo of Flies Paintings and paper cut-outs by the UK artist. Galerie Gabriel Rolt (Wed-Sat 12.00-18.00), until 29 March Levi van Veluw & Laetitia Gendre Photography/film and installation/drawings. Ronmandos (Wed-Sat 12.30-18.00), until 29 March Lucy + Jorge Orta Two projects by Anglo-Argentine artist duo Lucy and Jorge Orta: Antarctic Village—No Borders and Fallujah. Included are drawings, sculptures and installations. Motive Gallery (Wed-Sat 13.00-18.00), until 29 March David Powell A solo installation featuring wee paintings the Irishman made between 2004 and 2007. Van Zijll Langhout (Mon-Fri 11.00-17.00), until 30 March Het Gonst in Arti Multidisciplinary works from the numerous young artists becoming members of the society. Arti et Amicitiae (Tues-Sun 13.00-18.00), until 30 March Meeting of the Sexes Group exhibition showing paintings, mixed media, sculptures in bronze, ceramic and platinum. In Fusion Gallery (Tues-Sat 11.00-18.30, Sun 12.00-18.00), until 1 April Levi van Veluw, Laetitia Gendre Featuring Landscapes, a four-piece photo series, plus video work and other photos by Van Veluw. Fast Fade to Grey Grey Grey by Gendre is a drawing installation. Ronmandos (Wed-Sat 12.30-17.30), until 5 April Guide to ruined Buildings in the Netherlands XIX-XXI Century Lara Almarcegui’s photos often explore neglected or overlooked sites, where the planned and unplanned use of the urban space becomes visible. Revealing their identity in her guides, she highlights each location’s tendency towards entropy. Ellen de Bruijne Projects/Dolores (Tues-Sat 13.00-18.00), until 5 April To Burn Oneself with Oneself: The Romantic Damage Show Romanticism is back with a vengeance. Romantic themes exert an almost universal attraction, which is why they resurface at regular intervals. But what’s really going on? De Appel (Tues-Sun 11.0018.00), until 6 April

6-12 March 2008

Amsterdam Weekly


Marynka & the Flowers (Women in Paradise)


Carnival All your fave vomit-inducing carny rides. Until 16 March. Westergasfabriek, (Daily), free Discussion: Café Mediterranée III Is cultural collaboration between East and West a form of Western control? This is a presentation of the European Cultural Foundation report ‘An Alternative Gaze’, on Euro-Mediterranean collaboration in the arts. In English. Felix Meritis, (Thur 15.00), free Party: Notopia presents—Todo el Tiempo A diverse melange of entertainments as the Notopia party leaves its beach surroundings behind for an evening of tunes, tarot and tofu—probably. Anything goes. Sugar Factory, (Thur 19.00), €7 Talk: Afghanistan & Photography An interview with renowned MAGNUM photographer Steve McCurry, about his work in the nation, and, of course, that infamous National Geographic cover shot. Earlier in the day (16.00), he’ll also be signing books at the American Book Center. In English. See Short List. Nieuwe Kerk, (Thur 20.00), museum entry cost Party: Festa Primavera Brazilian spring party with live music, food and caipirinha. Zaal 100, (Fri 19.00), €7.50 Talk: Tony Kushner In town for the tamtam festival (primarily at Stadsschouwburg), this Pulitzer Prize winning playwright will talk about his work and political activism with journalist Sarah Meuleman. In English. De Balie, (Fri 20.00), €10 Art/Film: Su Tomesen Presenting a site-specific video installation consisting of images of contrails, clouds, islands and oceans filmed from different planes around the world. 11, (Fri 20.00), free Festival: Hafla Anissa A festival curated by women for women. All three Paradiso halls will be open, staging dance, music, theatre, fashion shows, poetry, comedy, henna art and a selection of workshops. Paradiso, (Sat 12.00-18.00), €17.50 Event: International Women’s Day Mama Cash, Women Inc and La Strada celebrate the day with a diverse mix of presentations, performances and music. Pakhuis de Zwijger, (Sat 12.30-18.30), free

Event: Glamour Stiletto Run 2008 Women. In very high heels. Running. To the shops. If that turns you on. PC Hooftstraat, (Sat 14.00), free Discussion: De Seksualisering van de Maatschappij An actress, some journalists and media representatives discuss the continuing influx of sexual content in the media and where it’s all heading. In Dutch. Felix Meritis, (Sat 15.00), €5 Festival: Women in Paradise Celebrating International Women’s Day with live music, performances, fashion and DJs. After 23.00, all halls will be open for a grand party, in which men are also welcome to participate in. See Short List. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, (Sat 20.30), €15 Market: Vrouwenplein An initiative by Women@Work in Action sees this market square filled with 60 participants offering shopping, Moroccan dining, drinks, demonstrations, a talk show and music. Mercatorplein, (Sun 12.00-18.00), free Event: Date a Dog I can tell what you’re thinking: ‘Been there, done that!’ But really, these are real dogs with sad puppy dog eyes who do actually want a nice home and owner. So spend an afternoon with one and see how the relationship develops—but no making out on the first date. Amsterdamse Bos Bezoekerscentrum, (Sun), €2.50, email Discussion: Women Inc Weekly talk show highlighting specific female issues. Tonight is all about networking. In Dutch. Pakhuis de Zwijger, (Mon 20.00), free Discussion: The Globalised Crystal Ball Tomorrow’s international system is concealed in its present actions. Having discussed the behaviour of important countries in this series during the past few months, this time they’ll discuss the consequences of that behaviour for the economic system. With guests Alex MacGillivray, Syed Mansoob Murshed and Han de Jong. In English. De Balie, (Tues 20.00), €8 Literature: Boekenweek Loving all things bookish. This year’s theme is ‘Age’. See Various locations, (opening Wed), various prices Discussion: Pecha Kucha Night A Japanese speed dating approach to presentations. Fourteen participants will show and discuss 20 slides for no more than 20 seconds each. There’s no room for boredom, just an overload of diverse information. In between there’s drinks and music. In English and Dutch. 11, (Wed 21.00), €5

11 Oosterdokskade 3-5, 625 5999 2x2projects Veemkade 350, 489 7471 ABC Treehouse Voetboogstraat 11, 423 0967 Amsterdams Historisch Museum Kalverstraat 92, 523 1822 Amsterdamse Bos Bezoekerscentrum Bosbaanweg 5 De Appel Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10, 625 5651 ARCAM Prins Hendrikkade 600, 620 4878 Arti et Amicitiae Rokin 112, 624 5134 Aschenbach & Hofland Galleries Bilderdijkstraat 165C, 412 1772 AYAC'S Keizersgracht 166, 638 5240 Badcuyp 1e Sweelinckstraat 10, 675 9669 De Balie Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, 553 5151 Bethaniënklooster Barndesteeg 6, 625 0078 BIHP Keizersgracht 335, 622 4511 Bimhuis Piet Heinkade 3, 788 2150 Bitterzoet Spuistraat 2, 521 3001 Borzo Keizersgracht 516, 626 3303 De Brakke Grond Nes 45, 626 6866 Cafe Pakhuis Wilhelmina Veemkade 576, 419 3368 Canvas International Art Fokkerlaan 46, Amstelveen, 428 6040 Carhartt Store Hartenstraat 18 Centraal Museum Nicolaaskerkhof, Utrecht, 030 236 2362 Centrale Bibliotheek Oosterdokskade 143, 523 0900 Club 8 Admiraal de Ruyterweg 56B, 685 1703 Club Latido Buikslotermeerplein 7, 632 0096 CoBrA Museum Sandbergplein 1-3, Amstelveen, 547 5050 Comedy Theater Nes 110 Concertgebouw Concertgebouwplein 2-6, 671 8345 Consortium Veemkade 570, 06 2611 8950 CREA Muziekzaal Turfdraagsterpad 17, 525 1400 Desmet Studios Plantage Middenlaan 4A, 521 7100 Dikker&Thijs Fenice Hotel Prinsengracht 444, 778 1947 De Duivel Reguliersdwarstr 87, 626 6184 Ellen de Bruijne Projects/Dolores Rozengracht 207A, 530 4994 De Engelenbak Nes 71, 626 3644 Escape Rembrandtplein 11, 622 1111 Felix Meritis Keizersgracht 324, 626 2321 Flex Bar Pazzanistraat 1, 486 2123 Foam Keizersgracht 609, 551 6546 Fotogram Korte Prinsengracht 33, 624 9994 Frascati Nes 63, 626 6866 Galerie 23 Nieuwe Herengracht 23, 623 9215 Galerie de Rietlanden Exposities Rietlandpark 193, 419 4705 Galerie Gabriel Rolt Elandsgracht 34, 785 5146 Galerie Masters Eerst Jan Steenstraat 131, 470 1067 Galerie Rademakers Prinsengracht 570-572, 6225496 Galerie Roger Katwijk Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 198200, 627 3808 Gemeentemuseum Stadhouderslaan 41, Den Haag, 070 338 1111 Heineken Music Hall ArenA Boulevard 590, 0900 300 1250 Hermitage Amsterdam Nieuwe Herengracht 14, 530 8751 Hortus Botanicus Plantage Middenlaan 2A, 625 9021 Hotel Arena ’s-Gravesandestraat 51, 850 2400 Huis Marseille Keizersgracht 401, 531 8989 Hup Gallery Tesselschadestraat 15, 515 8589

15 In Fusion Gallery Haarlemmerplein 33, 620 0905 Jan van der Togt Museum Dorpsstraat 50, Amstelveen, 641 5754 Joods Historisch Museum Jonas Daniel Meijerplein 24, 531 0310 KIT Tropentheater Mauritskade 63, 568 8711 KochxBos Gallery 1e Anjeliersdwarsstraat 3-5, 681 4567 Maloe Melo Lijnbaansgracht 163, 420 4592 The Mansion Hobbemastraat 2, 616 6664 Mediamatic Post CS, Oosterdokskade 5, 638 9901 Meervaart Meer en Vaart 300, 410 7777 Melkweg Lijnbaansgracht 234A, 531 8181 Melkweg Galerie Marnixstraat 409, 531 8181 Meneer de Wit Postjesweg 2, 616 3680 Montevideo/Time Based Arts Keizersgracht 264, 623 7101 Motive Gallery Elandsgracht 10, 330 3668 Muziekgebouw Piet Heinkade 1, 788 2010 Het Muziektheater Amstel 3, 625 5455 De Nieuwe Anita Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, 06 4150 3512 Nieuwe Kerk entrance on the Dam, 638 6909 OCCII Amstelveenseweg 134, 671 7778 Odeon Singel 460, 624 9711 OT301 Overtoom 301, 779 4913 Oude Kerk Oudekerksplein 23, 625 8284 Pakhuis de Zwijger Piet Heinkade 179-181, 788 4444 Paradiso Weteringschans 6-8, 626 4521 Patronaat Zijlsingel 2, Haarlem, 023 517 5858 Paviljoen aan 't IJ Stavangerweg 560 Planetart Weteringschans 179 Podium Mozaïek Bos en Lommerweg 191, 580 0380 The Powerzone Spaklerweg, 681 8866 PRIK Spuistraat 109, 06 4544 2321 RAI Europaplein 22, 549 1212 Rembrandthuis Jodenbreestraat 4, 520 0400 Rijksmuseum Jan Luykenstraat 1, 674 7000 Ronmandos Prinsengracht 282, 320 7036 Rozentheater Rozengracht 117, 620 7953 Stadsarchief Amsterdam Vijzelstraat 32 Stadsschouwburg Leidseplein 26, 624 2311 Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam Rozenstraat 59, 422 0471 Stedelijk Museum CS Oosterdokskade 5, 573 2911 Studio 80 Rembrandtplein 70, 521 8333 Studio K Timorplein 62, 692 0422 Sugar Factory Lijnbaansgracht 238, 627 0008 Tropenmuseum Linnaeusstraat 2, 568 8200 Uilenburger Synagogue Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 91, 427 8347 Under the Grand Chapiteau Next to ArenA (P2), 621 1288 UvA: Special Collections Library Oude Turfmarkt 129, 525 2141 Van Gogh Museum Paulus Potterstraat 7, 570 5200 Van Zijll Langhout Brouwersgracht 161, 06 2825 9620 Ververs Gallery Hazenstraat 54 Vondelkerk Vondelstraat 120 Werkgebouw Het Veem Van Diemenstraat 410 Westergasfabriek Haarlemmerweg 8-10, 586 0710 Winston Kingdom Warmoesstraat 129, 623 1380 Witzenhausen Gallery (Elandsstraat) Elandsstraat 145, 644 9898 Yoshiko Matsumoto Gallery Weteringschans 37, 06 1437 0995 Zaal 100 De Wittenstraat 100, 688 0127 Zuiderkerk Zuiderkerkhof 72, 552 7987

Amsterdam Weekly


Fowled up at Frango Frango Van Woustraat 127-129, 470 2523 Open daily 12.00-23.00 Cash, PIN Recently your Glutton had a wild craving for a grilled chicken. Indeed, not just chicken but a fowl fuelled feast. Alas, my favourite Portuguese piri piri chicken haunt, Tasca de Lisboa, is now closed, so I couldn’t go there. But luckily, I found a place called Frango, which happens to be the Portuguese word for chicken, located on the Van Woustraat. The name Frango reminded me of a place called Nando’s where I used to eat in South Africa. It was very good—so good, in fact, that they went global. They offered piri piri in varying levels of spiciness; it had a secret-formula marinade and crispy skin worthy of peking duck! Just the memory made me push through the door at Frango. The interior of the restaurant was refreshingly tasteful, with a kind of understated but intimate courtyard effect. There was a black stone basin that I assumed was there to let you to wash your sticky fingers after your meal. It seemed like a rather posh yuppie-oriented joint, and someone had obviously spent a lot of cash on marble, subtle lighting and potted plants. The story of piri chicken was also written as an historical saga on one wall. I was surprised, however, to find that it wasn’t really a sit-down kind of place. The friendly host on duty explained the drill: place your order at the counter and pay for it then and there, like KFC or McThingy, or other fast-food feeds.

THE UNDERCOVER GLUTTON The skin was soft and flaccid like an old man’s scrotum, and just as repulsive. I returned it to the counter. ‘Would you mind grilling this longer?’ I scanned the hype-filled menu, sporting phrases like, ‘spice up your life’, and ‘the heat is on you’, which noted that the meat was all halal. In addition to piri piri chicken, they had chicken

burgers (€4.95), regular burgers, wraps and all kinds of sides. They also had fast-food style combos: a burger with fries for €6.75; a burger with two side dishes for €8.75. They offered a range of

6-12 March 2008

spiciness preferences, too: lemon-herb, mild, medium, hot, extra-hot. I chose half a lemon-herbed chicken for €6.50 along with the Frango salad for €4.35. Plus, I got extra pineapple chutney for €0.75 and a Portuguese roll for €0.95. I looked at the wines on offer, which included Spanish, Australian and Argentinean varietals, but no Portuguese options, which seemed odd. On arrival, my chicken and salad both looked pathetic, especially after all the build up. The chicken seemed to have been precooked more than a day earlier in a marinade, then plonked onto the grill for a brief cosmetic charring. The skin was soft and flaccid like an old man’s scrotum, and just as repulsive. I returned it to the counter. ‘Would you mind grilling this longer?’ I said. ‘This isn’t acceptable. I want a crispy skin on this flame-grilled chicken.’ I returned to my table to start on my Frango salad. Someone clearly laid an egg. The salad was a handful of the cheapest supermarket mix with some little cherry tomatoes. The dressing looked like something out of Deep Throat, though there was probably less fun in the making of it. It was inedible. My pineapple chutney, which came with the roll, looked and tasted like sludge. My chicken was returned by an apologetic server, who explained that it was meant to be fast-food and this was their method. I told him I would rather wait longer for my chicken to slowly sizzle, because in my opinion the crispy skin is a hallmark of that remarkable dish. To be fair, Dear Readers, this new chicken was perfectly cooked, delicious, moist and succulent, and the marinade was pretty good, after all. I ate it up, but I didn’t return to the ghastly salad. Frango’s should maybe have saved a little money on its decor and focused a bit more on its produce.

Amsterdam Weekly

6-12 March 2008

17 A voyeuristic discomfort.

New French director Celine Ciamma deals with the sexual awakening of three young suburban girls.

SWIMMING WITH TEENAGE LOVE TROUBLE FILM Naissance des pieuvres Opens Thursday at Cinecenter. By Angela Dress

Debut feature Naissance des pieuvres, from director Celine Sciamma, takes us through the teenage agonies of its three female protagonists—15-year-olds Anne, Marie and Floriane—as each experiences her own particular sexual awakening one summer in the suburbs of Paris. The girls are archetypal characters in

teen-world: Anne (Louise Blachere) the unpopular, dumpy, plain girl; Marie (Pauline Acquart) the skinny, underdeveloped, withdrawn girl; and Floriane (Adele Haenel, the only actress with any previous film experience), the physically adult, emotionally troubled beauty, an object of desire for boys and of derision and spite for her envious female peers. Floriane’s slutty reputation—which she actively promotes—is revealed as undeserved. Her physical attractiveness to men garners her a lot of attention, but in fact she is as virginal as the other two girls, at least for now.

The focal point is the local swimming pool, where Floriane is the leader of a synchronised swim team. It’s a strange, all-girl world. The opening sequence displays row upon row of pubescent, swimsuited female bodies in the changing rooms, generating a voyeuristic discomfort on the part of the viewer. These girls are simply too young to be seen sexually through the camera, which raises the question: at what age does that cinematic objectification of the female body become socially acceptable? The combination of the ritualistic preparation for competition—the applying of garish make-up that must survive underwater, the glueing of hair to keep it in place—together with the highly stylised movements of the sport itself prefigure the performative artifices of adult femininity, not unlike child beauty pageants. The swim coach chastises one girl for not shaving her legs. When she says she didn’t have time, the woman responds, ‘Is that what you will say to your husband? That you didn’t have time?’ and hands her a razor.

Five-Word Movie Review

FILM Edited by Julie Phillips.This week’s films reviewed by Lisa Alspector (LA),Massimo Benvegnù (MB),Shyama Daryanani (SD),Angela Dress (AD),Sarah Gehrke (SG),Andrea Gronvall (AG),Luuk van Huët (LvH),JR Jones (JJ),Joshua Katzman (JK),Dave Kehr (DK), Marie-Claire Melzer (MM),Mike Peek (MP),Bart Plantenga (BP),Gusta Reijnders (GR),Jonathan Rosenbaum (JR),Marinus de Ruiter (MdR),Bregtje Schudel (BS) and Isabel Serval (IS). All films are screened in English with Dutch subtitles unless otherwise noted.!Amsterdam Weekly recommends.

Festivals Homage to Antonioni The Filmmuseum pays homage to Italian maestro Michelangelo Antonioni with a miniretrospective focusing mainly on his early, seldom seen works, including Cronaca di un amore (1950) and La signora senza camelie (1952). These highly stylised melodramas are very much of their time, and the upcoming auteur can be only briefly glimpsed in between the conventions of the genre. Antonioni went on to direct one of the six episodes that comprise L’amore in città (1953), a series of vignettes on women, love and sex—the Italian way. (Other directors in the series include Fellini, Risi and Lizzani.) Fast-forward 20odd years later, and Antonioni is at his creative and technical peak in Professione: Reporter (1975), which he considered his most accomplished film. In between, he already had secured his place in the history of cinema in the six intense years between L’avventura (1960) and Blow-Up (1966).(MB) Filmmuseum

The brief scene with the coach is one of only a handful of appearances by adults in the film—a ploy that emphasises the world-of-its-own nature of teenage life. There is also very little dialogue, so the film tells its story predominantly through close-ups of the girls’ faces as they act out their emotional and physical dramas. Anne and Floriane stand on the threshold of a heterosexual adult world, whereas Marie is in love with Floriane. Furthermore, the absence of any figures of authority strips away the sense of rebellion that would normally be present in a film about teenage sexuality. There are no horrified parents, resentful siblings or concerned educational officials to register or judge the girls’ behaviour. Only their peers—and the viewer—make these assessments. One suspects that much theoretical cleverness has gone into the construction of this film, specifically with regard to French philosopher Jaques Lacan et al., which is not in itself such a bad thing. However, the absence of the element of transgression also functions to remove any sense of drama, rendering the ‘action’, such as it is, rather flat. The film also drags slightly, and with a running time of only 85 minutes, that’s not a good sign. Minimal dialogue forces the actresses to rely almost entirely on facial expressions to convey the narrative—this film is all about the Gaze—with the resulting impression that the characters are simply playing roles assigned to them within a formalised, abstract constellation of relationships. Still, it’s an achievement to generate such discomfort in the viewer. Sciamma does this by restricting identification to the three female leads—and, through them, to a part of your life that you’re glad is over and done with.


Sweeney Todd Pathé De Munt, Pathé Tuschinski, Studio K


New Italian Cinema Events The itinerant festival NICE stops this week at the Filmmuseum, showcasing the work of up-and-coming Italian film-makers. The 2008 selection includes Alessandro Angelini’s gritty prison drama L’Aria Salata (which won Best Film at the Rome Film Festival), Claudio Antonini’s zany ballroom yarn Liscio and Massimo Cappelli’s light comedy on marriage and relationships Il Giorno + Bello. My favourite in the list by far is Uno Su Due (‘One out of Two’), by Eugenio Cappuccio, a tense drama about a lawyer’s personal journey of discovery after he’s been diagnosed with cancer. A series of short films accompany each screening, and there’s also a special presentation, with live music, of the colonial film Kif Tebbi, directed by Mario Camerini in Africa in 1928. (MB) Filmmuseum

New this week 27 Dresses Katherine Heigl stars as a compulsive bridesmaid—she cultivates friends for the sole purpose of joining their wedding parties. Secretly in love with her

boss (Edward Burns), she has to negotiate an emotional obstacle course after he proposes to her dependent and popular younger sister (Malin Akerman). Meanwhile, a wedding reporter (James Marsden) has been dogging the older sister’s steps, writing a story about her compulsion. For most of this romantic comedy, fatuous contrivances run neck and neck with what seem to be authentic observations about repressed sibling rivalry; some of the latter are too painful to be funny, and eventually the contrivances win out, but the cast keeps it all watchable. Anne Fletcher directed. (JR) 111 min. Pathé ArenA, Pathé De Munt, Pathé Tuschinski

!Naissance des pieuvres French girl trouble by the swimming pool. See review above. Cinecenter

!Professione: Reporter Known in English as The Passenger, this 1975 film is a masterpiece, one of Michelangelo Antonioni’s finest works. Jack Nicholson and Maria Schneider star, respectively, as a journalist who trades one identity for another and the woman who becomes his accomplice and, ultimately, the moral center of his adopted world. Less a thriller

(though the mood of mystery is pervasive) than a meditation on the problems of knowledge, action for its own sake, and the relationship of the artist to the work he brings into being. Next to this film, Blow-Up seems a facile, though necessary, preliminary. By all means go. In English. (DD) 116 min. Filmmuseum Rendition They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but sometimes good intentions pave the red carpet to your tasteful local cinema. This is the case with Rendition, an overzealous attempt at heavy-handed Hollywood screenwriting designed to impart to American audiences that torture = bad. While it’s a noble thing to make a film that counterbalances the interrogation porn of 24, and it’s nice to jazz it up with great actors (Jake Gyllenhaal, Meryl Streep), anybody who has been following the news should know all this already. And as always, the truth in this matter is far more insidious and noxious than fiction. Directed by Gavin Hood, apparently as a transitional project between his art-house hit Tsotsi and the upcoming X-Men: Wolverine. (LvH) 120 min. Pathé ArenA, Pathé De Munt Tiramisu Bookkeeper Jacob (Jacob Derwig) has a new client, the talented but loud stage actress Anne (Anneke Blok). Her paperwork is a mess. Her life isn’t

Amsterdam Weekly


You, the Living much better: her ex (Gijs Scholten van Aschat) has found a younger girlfriend and Anne is so heavily in debt that she needs to sell her houseboat. It sounds like the setup to a romantic comedy. Instead, this feature by Paula van der Oest (Zus en Zo) turns out to be a meandering melodrama, complete with uninteresting developments and an unsatisfactory climax, despite the presence of the formidable Anneke Blok (Alles is liefde). Definitely a missed opportunity. In Dutch. (BS) 90 min. Het Ketelhuis, De Uitkijk

Auf der anderen Seite of waxing. Meanwhile, five women connected to the shop struggle with various social pressures surrounding their love affairs. Extramarital affairs, lesbian relationships, dominant mothers, sex before marriage and sex after menopause are difficult barriers to overcome in a religious hot zone like Beirut. Director Nadine Labaki, who also plays Layale, portrays her love/hate affair with the war-struck city in a highly entertaining way, with lots of meaning hidden under the cosmetic surface. In Arabic/French with Dutch subtitles. (MdR) 95 min. Rialto

Still playing !12 Angry Men Watching 12 sweaty guys arguing for

an hour and a half might not sound like much fun, but if you can pierce the datedness that envelops this 1957 classic, now settling in for a long run at the Filmmuseum, you’ll find a gem underneath. In this quintessential courtroom drama, Sidney Lumet crafted a potent tale of bigotry, class struggle and justice, thereby proving that you don’t need funky locations or gargantuan explosions to tell a good story. The powerful performances by Henry Fonda and Lee J Cobb may be the most memorable, but the entire cast is an assembly of outstanding actors rarely matched to this day. If you haven’t seen it yet, treat yourself. (LvH) 96 min. Filmmuseum

12 Angry Men

!Auf der anderen Seite Two coffins pass through

the Istanbul airport; for the people left behind, life takes unexpected turns. Fatih Akin’s new film tells the story of six people in Germany and Turkey whose lives are connected by two deaths: the widower Ali and his son Nejat; a woman named Yeter, her daughter Ayten, who meets a girl called Lotte; and Lotte’s mother (Hanna Schygulla). After a sad film about love, Gegen die Wand, Akin has made an optimistic film about mortality, families and forgiveness. The film seems heavily edited—it’s clear the director had a lot more material—but the episodic character of the film saves it from appearing pieced-together. Akin’s screenplay won top honours at Cannes. In German with Dutch subtitles. (SG) 122 min. Rialto

!Away from Her ‘Not another Alzheimer movie!’ you

might say. Yes, another loving husband is going to check his wife of many years into a nursing home, then try to piece their memories together through the cracks of her illness. Yes, he’ll bring flowers. Yes, he’ll read to her. Yes, there will be flashbacks. But Away from Her, the directorial debut of actress Sarah Polley (based on a short story by Alice Munro), is that rare thing, a gripping, powerful drama filled with fabulous performances. Julie Christie hasn’t had a role to shine in like this in ages; her piercing blue eyes let us in on Fiona’s troubled soul, but also give us one more glimpse into her timeless beauty. (MB) 110 min. Cinecenter

!The Band’s Visit In this year’s art-house hit, the

Alexandria Ceremonial Police Band, a small combo specialising in traditional Arab repertoire, flies from Egypt to Israel to play at the opening of a cultural centre. When their guide fails to meet them at the airport, they take the wrong bus and end up in the wrong city. To their rescue comes beautiful Dina (Israeli superstar Ronit Elkabetz), the owner of the only café in town, who sees the band’s arrival as both a business opportunity and a chance to relieve the local boredom. Directed with a firm hand by Eran Kolirin, who also wrote the original screenplay, The Band’s Visit gently lets you inside its unique sense of humour. The moment when the band is finally allowed to play its repertoire is the cherry on top of an appealing cinematic dessert. (MB) 87 min. Kriterion, Rialto

!Caramel Layale’s beauty salon in Beirut is a shab-

by affair: the water regularly gets shut off, the power goes out, and hot caramel is used as a primitive form

6-12 March 2008

The Band’s Visit

!The Darjeeling Limited Sometimes you travel through life with some extra baggage. In the case of the Whitman brothers, it’s a luxury Louis Vuitton set that looks colourful and flashy even in India. A year after their father’s funeral, Francis (Owen Wilson), Peter (Adrien Brody) and Jack (Jason Schwartzman) meet aboard a train for a journey of spiritual healing. The fact that they have not spoken to each other in a year doesn’t prevent them from getting straight into the family’s old dynamics, which involve manic tics, substance abuse and sexual escapades. But soon both the emotional and the physical baggage starts to fall away. Film-maker Wes Anderson (Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums), much like his characters, has found his grown-up voice. This delicious curry comedy is a rich plate for film-goers, entertaining and poignant, just as it should be. (MB) 108 min. Kriterion !Gone Baby Gone Adapted from a novel by Dennis

Lehane (Mystic River), this powerful mystery centres on the disappearance of a four-year-old girl whose life has already been sadly defined by her vile single mother and grim working-class Boston neighbourhood. The girl’s aunt hires a pair of private detectives (Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan) to assist the police, and as they get closer to the truth, even the child’s rescue begins to seem like a tragic fate. Ben Affleck directed; his biggest gamble was casting his irksome little brother as a pistol-whipping tough guy, but the picture is so superbly executed in every other respect that Casey seems more quirky than miscast. With Amy Ryan, Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman. (JJ) 104 min. Filmhuis Griffioen

!Hallam Foe The boy named Hallam Foe could have

been a second Norman Bates: he’s effeminate and reclusive, with voyeuristic tendencies and a strong bond with his dead mother. But instead, Hallam (played with great charm by Jamie Bell) turns out to be one of the most endearing ‘freaks’ we’ve seen in a long time. It has been two years since his mother died, but Hallam still hasn’t come to terms with her ‘accidental’ death. After a run-in with his stepmom, he flees to Edinburgh, where he meets Kate, the spitting image of his mother. Much is owed to director David Mackenzie, who displays a real compassion for his delicate quirky characters. (BS) 95 min. Cinema Amstelveen How to Get Rid of the Others Danish director Ronow Klarlund delivers an uncompromising and hilarious critique on right-wing populist conservatism in this political satire in which Denmark is turned into a fascist state. Drug addicts, the disabled, the unemployed and other social rejects are executed for their failure to contribute to society. When a former government official (Louise Miertiz) blows the whistle, she too is imprisoned in a school gymnasium to await death, along with six other misfits. But if the prisoners can still prove to the charming but cruel army officer in charge that they have done something for the common good, he will have to let them go. (IS) Melkweg Cinema Jodhaa Akbar In this romantic story set in the 16th century, Mughal Muslim emperor Akbar (Hrithik Roshan) marries Hindu princess Jodhaa (Aishwarya Rai) to form a political alliance. Then Akbar falls in love with Jodhaa

and discovers that, though he knows how to win wars, winning the heart of his wife will need a completely different strategy. The movie is beautiful to watch, with elaborate sets and colourful costumes: director Ashutosh Gowariker has pulled out all the stops to transport the viewer into the time of the Mughal Empire. And the music is composed by the talented A.R. Rahman. But the love story just isn’t convincing or substantial enough to carry you along through three hours of battles and politics. (SD) 193 min. Pathé ArenA

!Juno Juno (Ellen Page) is 16. Juno is full of life and

sarcasm. Juno is pregnant. Oops. She gives up the thought of abortion after hearing that her baby has already developed fingernails and instead starts looking for adoptive parents. She finds the perfect couple in Mark and Vanessa. They’re wealthy, nice and Mark might even qualify as cool, since he shares Juno’s taste in music and splatter movies. Ellen Page is beyond perfect as the wisecracking but friendly Juno, who’s bright, yet young and naïve enough to think that there is no harm in spending time with the adoptive father of her unborn child. Add a solid script and a great soundtrack and there you have it: this year’s independent American masterpiece. Directed by Jason Reitman. (MP) 92 min. Cinecenter, Kriterion, The Movies, Pathé ArenA, Pathé De Munt

!Mio fratello è figlio unico Accio Benassi (Elio Ger-

mano) feels like the least valued member of his family. Perhaps correctly: Accio isn’t his real name, but a nickname meaning ‘pain in the ass’. So Accio does everything possible to live up to his name, including leaving the seminary and joining the Fascist party. Luckily the viewer realises—even if Accio himself does not—that his actions are driven not by idealism but provocation. He is no more a serious fascist than his socialist brother Manrico (Riccardo Scamarcio) is a saint. A lighter, less portentous version of La Meglio gioventù—also focusing on two brothers in turbulent Italy. Daniele Luchetti directed. In Italian with Dutch subtitles. (BS) 118 min. Cinecenter, Het Ketelhuis, Rialto

No Country for Old Men

!No Country for Old Men The Coen Brothers’ latest

brings Cormac McCarthy’s novel to the big screen, and it’s a shock to the system, simultaneously elegiac and terrifyingly violent. A subversion of the classic lawmenchase-outlaw genre, the film is shot like a cross between a Western and a horror flick. A Texan named Llewellyn Moss (Josh Brolin) takes off with millions in cash he’s found at the site of a drug deal gone wrong. Tommy Lee Jones is the laconic Sheriff Bell, trying to bring Moss in; Javier Bardem is Chigurh, the Terminator hitman dispatched by the cartel. The Coens give us none of the usual male-bonding, hunter-and-hunted nonsense: Chigurh, Bell and Moss are entirely alone, each in his own way, particularly Moss as the slaughter inevitably catches up with him. A stunning piece of cinema. (AD) 122 min. The Movies, Pathé ArenA, Pathé De Munt, Pathé Tuschinski

!Paranoid Park At first, nothing much seems to be

going on in Paranoid Park, the new film by Gus Van Sant. Using a cast of unknown skater kids recruited from MySpace, the director sets a documentary-style scene, much as he did in his previous films, Gerry, Elephant and Last Days. Among the teenagers who hang around a skate park is Alex, a 16 year-old who seems more interested in writing than anything else. Over the course of the film Van Sant shows similar scenes from different vantage points, gradually revealing that Alex has a horrible secret, one that he tries to articulate in his writing. In the beginning Alex seems emotionally flat, but it becomes clear that he’s extremely restrained, with good reason. The clever use of music and the versatile camera work of Christopher Doyle support this brilliant exercise in cinematic storytelling. (MdR) 85 min. Het Ketelhuis, Kriterion

!Persepolis A satisfying adaptation of the autobiographical graphic novel about a girl coming of age in Iran during the Islamic revolution in the 1970s, struggling with everything from tight headscarves to bomb threats. In a cute and comical hand-drawn style, the book’s writer and illustrator, Marjane Satrapi, and her co-director, Vincent Paronnaud, draw parallels between a girl’s passage from innocence to puberty and the violent transition of a civilised country into a fundamentalist state. Even a denunciation from the Iranian government couldn’t stop the screening of this irresistible and intelligent charm offensive. The English, as opposed to the French, version is showing; voices include Catherine Deneuve, Sean Penn and Iggy Pop. Subtitled in Dutch. (MdR) 95 min. Rialto Stellet Licht The films of Mexican director Carlos Reygadas are an acquired taste. Not everyone will warm to his distinctive visual style, his use of an amateur cast and his uncompromising depiction of human nature. But if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, Reygadas certainly delivers. His third feature, Stellet Licht (‘Silent Light’), starts at dawn and ends at dusk; it’s a meditative and languid tale about a married farmer, in a small Mennonite enclave in northern Mexico, who falls for another woman and thinks it might be a sign from God. In Plautdietsch with Dutch subtitles. (BS) 127 min. Filmmuseum, Rialto

Stellet Licht Sweeney Todd:The Demon Barber of Fleet Street If musicals aren’t your slice of pie, then Tim Burton’s reverential adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s show about a barber out for revenge won’t tantalise your taste buds, but the gorgeously Gothic production values are yummy eye candy all the same. The film is leached of all colour except for frequent gushes of crimson, evoking the Grand Guignol theatrical tradition using state-of-the-art techniques. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter aren’t the most accomplished of singers, but they hold their own and look the part, though Sascha Baron Cohen once again steals the show in a supporting role. With Alan Rickman and Timothy Spall. (LvH) 116 min. Pathé De Munt, Pathé Tuschinski, Studio K

!There Will Be Blood An epic film of intimate proportions about a ruthlessly ambitious oil baron who comes into conflict with a charismatic young preacher in the California desert in the early 20th century. A powerhouse performance by Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview netted him a rightly deserved Academy Award, but Paul Dano’s performance as the weaselly Eli Sunday is also impressive to say the least. Don’t let the sprawling length or the emotional investment the film asks of its viewers deter you: There Will Be Blood is a true masterpiece that any serious film lover simply cannot afford to miss. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia). (LvH) 159 min. Cinecenter, The Movies, Pathé De Munt, Pathé Tuschinski !You, the Living A brutally deadpan comedy by Swedish director Roy Andersson, who seems to have translated the entire range of human misery into a loosely connected series of slapstick gags. His black humor is impressively layered, each layer darker than the last: when a joker at a family banquet insists on performing that old parlour trick of yanking the tablecloth out from under the dishes, he not only shatters a huge collection of crystal and china but also reveals— look sharp or you’ll miss it—a vintage dining table inlaid with swastikas. Andersson’s building block is a static long shot so solidly composed it suggests a panel in a comic strip; the central figure is often encased in his own suffering, and sometimes additional laughs come from a background figure surveying his despair in open-mouthed bewilderment. (JJ) 94 min. Filmmuseum, Kriterion

Amsterdam Weekly

6-12 March 2008


Special screenings Accordion Tribe Stefan Schwietert (Heimatklänge) has a talent for exploring traditional music and the hearts of the people who make it. In this 2004 documentary he follows an accordion quintet and looks at the musicians’ musical roots. Showing as part of the music festival Accordeonslag. In German/English with English and Spanish subtitles. 87 min. Filmmuseum Before Night Falls Julian Schnabel directed this 2000 biopic about the gay Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas. Though the script answers only a fraction of the questions it raises, this is still an impressive piece of film-making, with lively and suggestive depictions of pre- and postrevolutionary Cuba (shot in Mexico). Javier Bardem is truly exceptional as Arenas, and other actors make their marks as well, including Sean Penn, film director Hector Babenco and Johnny Depp in an impressive double cameo. (JR) 125 min. Kriterion

!The Big Lebowski Probably the Coen brothers’

most enjoyable movie, glittering with imagination, cleverness and film-making skill. The story has something to do with Jeff Bridges being mistaken for a Pasadena millionaire, which ultimately involves him as an amateur sleuth in a kidnapping plot. A nice portrait of low-rent LA emerges from this unstable brew, as does a riotous dream sequence about bowling. (JR) 117 min. The Movies

!The Colour of Pomegranates Sergei Paradjanov’s 1968 tribute to Armenian poet and folk hero Sayat Nova proceeds in the manner of an arcane rite, as if the flattened figures of some ancient fresco had miraculously been brought to life. For its oblique evocation of ‘reactionary’ nationalist and religious sentiment, the film was banned in Russia and its director sentenced to six years of hard labour. Maybe the authorities had a point: the film is reactionary, though more in an aesthetic than a political sense. The antiquated tableau styling harks back to Meliès, though with the kind of backwardturning fertility that opens out and animates rather than embalms. It’s a strange, visionary work, highly formal and not easy of access, but compelling in a way that’s almost impossible to describe. Essential viewing. Showing on the same bill is Tarkovsky’s


Thursday 6 March until Wednesday 12 March. Times are provided by cinemas and are subject to last-minute changes. Film times also at De Balie Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, 553 5151 Filmbanktour #18: For Your Own Safety Sat 20.30. Cavia Van Hallstraat 52-I, 681 1419 Moolaadé Thur, Fri 20.30. Cinecenter Lijnbaansgracht 236, 623 6615 Atonement daily 16.15, 19.15, 21.45, Sun also 11.00, 13.30 Away from Her daily 16.00 Juno daily 19.00, 21.45, Sun also 11.00, 14.00 Mio fratello è figlio unico daily 19.15 Naissance des pieuvres daily 16.30, 19.30, 21.45, Sun also 11.15, 14.15 There Will Be Blood daily 15.30, 21.00, Sun also 12.00. Cinema Amstelveen Plein 1960 2, Amstelveen, 547 5175 The Fox and the Child (NL) Sat, Wed 15.30, Sun 12.00 Hallam Foe Tues, Wed 20.30 Moordwijven Thur-Sat 20.30, Sun 16.00 Trigger Sat, Wed 13.30, Sun 14.00. Filmhuis Griffioen Uilenstede 106, Amstelveen, 444 5100 Gone Baby Gone Fri, Tues 19.30 Het verloren land Thur 19.30. Filmmuseum Vondelpark 3, 589 1400 12 Angry Men Thur, Fri, Mon-Wed 17.00 Accordion Tribe Sun 16.00, Mon 21.30 amore in città, L' Sun, Wed 19.00 Cronaca di un amore Fri, Mon 19.00 Desmond en het Moerasmonster Sun, Wed 13.45 Heimatklänge Sun 15.30 Homage to Antonioni Thur-Wed New Italian Cinema Events Thur 19.00 Professione: Reporter Thur-Sat 21.30 La Signora senza camelie Sat, Tues 19.00 Stellet Licht daily 17.15 Trigger Sun, Wed 14.00 You, the Living daily 19.45, 21.45. Het Ketelhuis Haarlemmerweg 8-10, 684 0090 4 maanden, 3 weken en 2 dagen Thur-Mon 19.30, Sat, Sun, Wed 14.30 Alles is liefde daily 17.00 Atonement daily 16.45 De Avonturen van het Molletje Sat, Sun, Wed 13.30

1975 autobiographical film The Mirror. Both films in Russian with English subtitles. (PG) OT301 A Day with Frank A 1971 Frank Zappa documentary, directed by Roelof Kiers. Also showing: Broadway the Hard Way: Live in Barcelona ‘88, a film of Zappa’s last tour. OT301 Deep Throat This 1972 hardcore flick, with Linda Lovelace in the title role, was the first, and one of the last, porn films to be distributed in cinemas. It ultimately provoked a powerful anti-porn backlash, particularly since Lovelace later claimed she had been violently coerced into making the film. 61 min. Melkweg Cinema The Dictator Hunter This new documentary by Klaartje Quirijns follows Reed Brody of Human Rights Watch as he attempts to bring Hissène Habré, the violent former ruler of Chad, to justice. In French/English/Arabic with Dutch subtitles. 75 min. Kriterion Fargo A slimy car dealer (William H Macy) sunk in debt hires two thugs (Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare) to kidnap his wife so they can split the ransom from her wealthy father. The scheme leads to a good many pointless deaths that we aren’t expected to care too deeply about, despite the efforts of Frances McDormand as the pregnant chief of police. (JR) 97 min. The Movies

!The King of Kong A classic video-arcade game becomes the means of an epic struggle in this funny, surprisingly poignant 2007 video documentary. Steve Wiebe, an unassuming Seattle schoolteacher with a hard-luck history, set out to beat the world record in Donkey Kong claimed by ‘gamer of the century’ Billy Mitchell. However, Mitchell also helped found the governing body that ratifies people’s scores. Director Seth Gordon gets close enough to his subjects to feel their piercing need for recognition but keeps enough distance to register the situation’s absurdity. (JJ) 79 min. De Roode Bioscoop !Little Miss Sunshine In this offbeat comedy, a

fractious family of misfits piles into an ailing VW bus and sets off for California so the youngest (Abigail

Desmond en het Moerasmonster Sat, Sun, Wed 13.00 Das Leben der Anderen Sat, Sun, Wed 12.45 Mio fratello è figlio unico Thur-Mon 21.45 Paranoid Park Thur-Mon, Wed 22.00 TBS Thur-Mon, Wed 20.00, Sat, Sun, Wed also 14.45 Tiramisu daily 17.15, Thur-Mon, Wed also 21.30, Thur-Sat, Mon, Wed also 19.45 Trigger Sat, Sun, Wed 15.15. Kriterion Roetersstraat 170, 623 1708 Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques Sun, Wed 14.45, Sun also 11.45 The Band's Visit daily 19.30, Thur-Tues also 17.15 Before Night Falls Mon 22.00 The Darjeeling Limited daily 17.45, 20.00, 22.15, Fir, Sat also 0.15 The Dictator Hunter Sun 15.00 Juno daily 19.45, Fri, Sat also 0.00 De Notenkraker Sun 11.00, Wed 15.00 Paranoid Park Thur-Mon, Wed 21.30 Pippi gaat van boord Sat 15.30 The Road to Guantánamo Wed 17.00 Sneak Preview Tues 22.15 Sobibor, 14 octobre 1943, 16 heures Sat 14.00 The Spiderwick Chronicles Wed 12.45, 15.15 De Wonderwinkel van Mr Magorium Sat, Sun, Wed 13.00, Sat, Sun also 15.15 You, the Living daily 17.30, Thur-Sun, Tues, Wed also 21.45. Melkweg Cinema Lijnbaansgracht 234A, 624 1777 Control Thur 21.00 Deep Throat Sun 21.00 How to Get Rid of the Others Thur-Wed 19.00. The Movies Haarlemmerdijk 159-165, 638 6016 Asterix en de Olympische Spelen Sat, Sun, Wed 14.30 The Big Lebowski Fri, Sat 0.00 Blood Simple (director's cut) Fri, Sat 0.20 Fargo Fri, Sat 23.45 I'm Not There. Fri, Sat 0.15, Sun 12.45 Juno daily 17.15, 21.45, Sat, Sun, Wed also 15.15 The Kite Runner daily 16.30, 19.00, 21.30, Sun also 12.00 Love in the Time of Cholera daily 19.15 No Country for Old Men daily 17.00, 19.30, 22.00,Sat, Sun also 14.45, Sun also 12.15 The Spiderwick Chronicles Wed 15.00 There Will Be Blood daily 15.30, 18.30, 21.30, Sun also 12.30. De Nieuwe Anita Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, 06 4150 3512, Nightmare Detective Mon 20.30. OT301 Overtoom 301, 779 4913 Broadway the Hard Way Sun 20.30 The Colour of Pomegranates Tues 22.30 Day with Frank,A Sun 20.30 The Mirror Tues 20.30. Pathé ArenA ArenA Boulevard 600, 0900 1458 27 Dresses daily 12.00, 14.20, 16.45, 19.10, 21.40 Alibi daily 13.15, 19.50, 22.10, Thur-Tues also 15.20, 17.30, Sat, Sun also 11.00, Sat also 0.30 Alvin en de Chipmunks Fri-Sun, Wed 13.20, 14.10, 15.40, 16.20, Sat, Sun also 9.50, 10.50, 12.00 Asterix en de Olympische Spelen Fri, Wed 12.00, 14.40, Sat, Sun 10.00, 12.30, 15.15 Bee Movie (NL) Sat, Sun, Wed 11.50, 13.50, Sat, Sun also 9.45

Breslin) can compete in a children’s beauty pageant. Suffering each other along the way are her irascible grandfather (Alan Arkin), suicidal uncle (Steve Carell), Nietzsche-obsessed teenage brother (Paul Dano), beleaguered mom (Toni Collette), and abrasive dad (Greg Kinnear), a motivational speaker whose ninestep programme for success constantly aggravates the others’ sense of failure. As scripted by Michael Arndt, this isn’t much more than a glorified sitcom, but it deftly dramatises our conflicting desires for individuality and an audience to applaud it. Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris directed. (JJ) 102 min. Pathé ArenA Moolaadé Director Ousmane Sembene has already proven himself to be a devoted advocate of women’s rights, and this 2004 film is a clear feminist manifesto. And is it ever intriguing, not so much in its philosophy as in its depiction of life in a rural African village. The residents’ day-to-day worries are both hilarious and fascinating. Collé (Fatoumata Coulibaly) angers the whole community when she takes four girls who have escaped from their circumcision ceremony under her protection (moolaadé). Her action not only clashes with an age-old tradition, it also endangers the marriage of her daughter, who isn’t circumcised either. In Jula and French with Dutch subtitles. (BS) 120 min. Cavia Nightmare Detective This 2006 film by Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo) is a surrealist suspense film about a detective who, in order to solve a series of murders, must journey through people’s dreams. The director also plays the killer, known only as ‘O’. In Japanese with English subtitles. 106 min. De Nieuwe Anita Perfume: The Story of a Murderer One of the most expensive European films ever produced, Perfume, based on Patrick Süskind’s book, is a sinister fairy tale about Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (Ben Whishaw), who is born with an unusually sensitive nose and becomes obsessed to the point of murder with making the perfect scent. As long as you’re not allergic to Tom Tykwer’s mysticism, it’s an incredibly sensual film. With Dustin Hoffman as master perfumer Giuseppe Baldini and Alan Rickman as the father of endangered love interest Rachel Hurd-Wood. 147 min. Pathé Tuschinski

Cloverfield daily 22.15 Jodhaa Akbar daily 15.30, 20.10 John Rambo daily 19.15, 21.20, Sat also 0.20 Jumper daily 17.20, 18.40, 19.40, 21.00, 22.00, Thur-Mon, Wed also 13.00, 15.10, Thur, Fri, Mon-Wed also 12.10, Thur, Mon, Tues also 14.10, 16.20, Sat, Sun also 10.45, Sat also 23.30 Juno daily 13.40, 15.50, Sat, Sun also 11.30 K3 en de Kattenprins Fri-Sun, Wed 11.50, 13.50, Sat, Sun also 10.05 The Kite Runner daily 12.45 Little Miss Sunshine Tues 13.30 The Mist daily 18.00, 20.45 Mr Woodcock Thur, Mon, Tues 13.45 Musallat daily 17.40, 20.00, Thur, Mon, Tues also 12.40, 15.00 No Country for Old Men daily 17.50, 20.30, Thur, Mon, Tues also 12.00, 14.40, Sat also 23.45 The Other Boleyn Girl daily 15.45, 18.10, 20.40 Rendition daily 16.10, 19.00, 21.30, Thur, Fri, Mon, Tues also 13.30, Sat also 0.20 Sneak Preview Tues 21.30 The Spiderwick Chronicles (Imax) daily 14.00, 16.30, 18.50, 21.15, Sat also 11.30 De Spiderwick-Kronieken Wed 15.15, 17.30 Step Up 2 daily 19.30, 21.50, Thur-Tues also 18.30, Thur-Mon, Wed also 20.50, Thur-Sun, Tues, Wed also 12.30, 14.50, 17.10, Thur, Mon, Tues also 13.50, 16.10, Sat, Sun also 10.10, Sat also 23.10, Wed also 18.10 Underdog (NL) Fri-Sun, Wed 12.40, 15.00, Sat, Sun also 10.30 The Water Horse daily 11.55, 14.25, 16.50. Pathé De Munt Vijzelstraat 15, 0900 1458 27 Dresses Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 13.00, 15.45, 18.30, 21.15, Sun also 10.20, Sat 12.00, 14.45, 17.30, 20.15, 23.00 Alibi Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 17.30, 19.45, 22.00, Thur, Fri, Mon-Wed also 12.40, 14.45, Sun also 13.15, 15.20, Sat 11.30, 13.40, 15.50, 18.10, 20.30, 22.45 Alvin en de Chipmunks Fri, Sun, Wed 12.45, 14.20, 15.15, 16.45, Fri, Wed also 12.10, Sun also 10.20, Sat 10.45, 12.30, 13.15, 15.00, 15.45 Asterix en de Olympische Spelen Fri, Sun, Wed 12.00, 14.30, Sat 11.20, 14.00 August Rush Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 15.10, Sat 14.15 Charlie Wilson's War Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 19.20, 21.50, Thur, Mon, Tues also 12.20, 14.40, Sat 16.45, 21.20, 23.40 Cloverfield Thur, Mon, Tues 17.00 John Rambo Thur, Fri, Sun-Tues 17.15, 19.30, 22.10, Thur, Mon, Tues also 12.15, 14.30, Sat 18.45, 21.15, 23.35 Jumper Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 17.45, 20.00, 22.15, Thur, Mon, Tues also 12.45, 15.15, Sat 18.30, 21.00, 23.30 Juno Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 19.15, 21.40, Thur, Mon, Tues also 12.10, 14.20, 16.45, Sat 17.15, 19.45, 22.15 The Kite Runner Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 12.25, 18.00, Sat 11.15, 17.00 The Mist Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 20.30, Sat 22.10 Mr Woodcock Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 16.15, Thur, Mon, Tues also 13.45, Sat 15.15 No Country for Old Men Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 12.15, 15.00, 18.15, Thur, Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed also 21.00, Sat 10.20, 13.20, 16.15, 19.15, 22.00 The Other Boleyn Girl Thur-Tues 16.00, Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 18.40, 21.20, Thur, Fri, Sun-Tues also 13.15, Sun also 10.45, Sat 10.30, 13.10, 19.00, 21.45 Rendition Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 15.30, 18.45, 21.45, Thur, Fri, Mon-Wed also 12.30, Sun also 10.15, 12.50, Sat 10.30, 13.30, 16.30, 19.30, 22.30 Sneak Preview Tues 21.30 The Spiderwick Chronicles Wed 14.30, 16.50, 19.10, 21.35

!Pierrot le fou The Roode Bioscoop has been having technical troubles lately and has had to cancel some screenings. So call in advance to check, and then, if you care about movies at all, go straight over and see this 1965 Godard caper film—A bout de souffle remade as a surrealist comedy, more or less. Do not miss. In French with English subtitles. (JP) 110 min. De Roode Bioscoop The Road to Guantánamo This unscripted British feature by Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross uses documentary interviews and dramatisations to tell the story of the Tipton Three, British Muslims en route to a wedding who were arrested by the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan and held for more than two years at Guantánamo Bay. The problem is, blurring the lines between the real and the simulated only confuses the considerable issues surrounding the US treatment of detainees. The film is compelling to the extent that the subject is, but also unimaginative and unsurprising. (JR) 95 min. Kriterion Sobibor, 14 octobre 1943, 16 heures Claude Lanzmann’s 2001 documentary about an uprising at the Polish death camp. Yehuda Lerner, one of the prisoners who shut down the camp, was only 16 at the time, though he’d already managed to escape from eight Russian camps; Lanzmann interviewed him for Shoah, then decided this story deserved a film of its own. Discussion follows. In French with Dutch subtitles. (JR) 97 min. Kriterion Velvet Goldmine In this 1998 film, Todd Haynes celebrates the glam-rock era, and the bisexuality that it turned into an opulent circus, with wit, glitter and energy, but with such a scant sense of character or period that it leaves one feeling relatively empty as soon as it’s over. Executive producer Michael Stipe had a hand in the sound track, which mixes vintage recordings with new material performed by Mike Watt, Bernard Butler, Ron Asheton of the Stooges, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood, and Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Steve Shelley. Haynes’s new and more interesting music project, the Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There, opens next week. (JR) 123 min. Rialto

De Spiderwick-Kronieken Wed 14.30, 16.50, 19.10, 21.35 Step Up 2 Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 14.10, 16.30, 19.00, 21.30, Thur, Fri, Mon-Wed also 12.00, Sun also 11.15, Sat 10.40, 13.00, 15.30, 18.15, 20.45, 23.15 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 20.45, Sat 20.10, 22.50 TBS Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 18.20, Sat 17.45, 20.00 There Will Be Blood Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 13.30, 16.50, 20.15, Sun also 10.15, Sat 11.10, 14.30, 18.00, 21.30 Underdog (NL) Fri, Sun, Wed 13.45, Sun also 11.30, Sat 10.35, 12.40 The Water Horse Fri, Sun 14.30, Fri, Wed 12.05, Sun also 11.45, Sat 10.20, 12.50, 15.40. Pathé Tuschinski Reguliersbreestraat 34, 0900 1458 27 Dresses daily 16.30, 19.00, 21.45, Fri-Mon, Wed also 13.45 Asterix en de Olympische Spelen Sat, Sun, Wed 12.00 Charlie Wilson's War daily 16.00 Earth daily 13.30, Thur-Sun, Tues, Wed also 18.30, Mon also 18.15 The Fox and the Child (NL) Sat, Sun 13.00 The Kite Runner daily 15.00, Thur-Mon, Wed also 18.00, 21.00, Thur, Fri, Mon, Tues also 12.00 Love in the Time of Cholera Thur-Sun, Tues, Wed 20.45, Mon 21.15 No Country for Old Men Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 12.50, 18.40, 21.30, Thur, Fri, Sun-Tues also 15.45, Sat 12.15, 15.00, 17.45, 20.45 The Other Boleyn Girl daily 15.30, Thur-Sun, Tues, Wed also 21.15, Thur, Fri, Mon, Wed also 13.00, Mon also 21.45 Perfume:The Story of a Murderer Thur, Tues 13.30 De Spiderwick-Kronieken Wed 16.30 Sweeney Todd:The Demon Barber of Fleet Street daily 18.15 There Will Be Blood daily 20.30, Thur-Sun, Tues, Wed also 13.30, 17.00, Mon also 12.00, 15.15. Rialto Ceintuurbaan 338, 676 8700 Auf der anderen Seite daily 17.30 The Band'sVisitdaily 18.00, Thur-Mon, Wed also 19.45, Sat, Sun also 13.15 Caramel Fri-Sun 16.45 Lady Chatterley Thur, Sun-Wed 21.10, Sat 13.00, 19.30 Das Leben der Anderen Sun 11.30 Mio fratello è figlio unico daily 21.30, Fri-Sun, Wed also 15.30 Persepolis daily 20.00, 22.00, Fri-Sun also 15.30, Sat, Sun also 13.30 Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss Sun 11.00, Wed 15.00 Stellet Licht Thur, Sun-Wed 18.45, Sun also 14.15, Wed also 15.15, Fri 20.15 Velvet Goldmine Fri, Sat 23.00. De Roode Bioscoop Haarlemmerplein 7H, 625 7500, The King of Kong Fri 20.30 Pierrot le fou Sun 20.30. Studio K Timorplein 62, 692 0422, In the Valley of Elah Thur, Sat 21.30, Sun-Wed 21.00 The Kite Runner Thur-Sat 19.15, Sun-Wed 19.00, Sun also 16.30 Lust, Caution Thur, Sat 18.30, Sun-Wed 18.00 Ratatouille (NL) Sat, Sun 16.00 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Thur-Sat 21.45, Sun-Wed 21.30. De Uitkijk Prinsengracht 452, 623 7460 2 Days in Paris Sun-Tues 19.00 Earth Thur-Tues 17.00 Ratatouille (NL) Sat, Wed 14.45, Sun 12.45 Tiramisu Thur-Tues 21.15, Thur-Sat also 19.00, Sun also 15.00, Wed 17.00.

Amsterdam Weekly


WEEKLY CLASSIFIEDS Ads are free, space permitting. They will be posted both to the paper and online. Guaranteed placement is available for a small fee; see our website for details. Ads may be published in English, het Nederlands or whatever language is best for you to communicate your message. How to submit an ad: via our website at, by fax at 020 620 1666 or post to Amsterdam Weekly, De Ruyterkade 106, 1011 AB Amsterdam. Deadline: Monday at 12.00, the week of publication. may send their CV to skim@ do yoga, walking, painting, music, fasting, relaxation, SMALL BOAT WANTED I dont care if it’s sinking, I’ll THE EXPAT COMPANY is anything. If wanted, vegetarhave it. Call David on 06 1753 7063. always looking for candidates ian chef included. Contact with int’l background & lan- 06 1039 6774. CSR'S American Express in guage skills. Should you be 1-YEAR SUBLETA’dam cenJOBS OFFERED A’dam is looking voor native interested in finding a new tre Jordaan, 50m2, street levTYPIST NEEDED Foreign English and native French function in various fields & el, sunny apt with kitchen, toidiplomat resident in A’dam, speaking Customer Services various locations in NL then let & shower, gwl, 2 gas seeks native English speak- Representatives! Do you have please view our website: heaters, w/ basics: oven, er to transcribe his memoirs Customer Services or Call Cen- fridge, w/m, TV cable & inter(Live from spoken word). ter experience?. Please send net. Everything newly decoPlease call 623 7882 for more your CV to barbara.r.matser@ JOBS WANTED rated, no registration possiinformation. or call 504 8154! AVID OFFLINE EDITOR 9 ble. Excelent for (expat) couHARD ROCK IS HIRINGWe UNDUTCHABLESis looking years in TV, South African ple, €850 incl. info@hetare currently hiring for all for Sales Reps, Junior Acct, expat, valid work permits staff positions, including dish- Credit Control GM, CHIN, PR looking for a position in the HOLIDAY SARDINIA Holiwashers, cooks & kitchen Officer, IT Tech Support, Accts Dutch TV/media industry. day apt in magnificent Vilsupervisor. No appt necessary, Payable GM, SP, Nordic, FR, Understanding of Dutch, lasimius, southern beach of just come in & ask for appli- ENG, Fund Administrator. native English, all rounder Sardinia, Italy. Fully furcation form. Max Euweplein Email adriana.angulo@ in post production. Email nished. Walking distance from 57-61. No phone calls please. the sea. From €250/wk. BudAD SALES EXEC:TRAVEL GERMAN TRANSLATOR NEW MEDIA CREATIVEI’m get flights to Cagliari availFor a new digital media trav- Great company in A’dam is a designer/motion/art direc- able from various European el guide, we are looking for looking for GM translator. tor, with international awards. airports. More information: experienced interim/free- Are you an accurate, native Workedforthepast7yearswith +39 707 928 227; villasimprelance advertising sales exec- German speaker? Please send agencies such as BBDO, Y&R, Don’t miss utive to sell ad space. Expe- CV to gabriela@adamsre- Ogilvy. Currently studying at the chance! rience and/or contacts w/i Rietveld and looking for free- 80M2 APT EAST Recently world of travel is required, & UNDUTCHABLES Recruit- lance work in the Netherlands. renovated fully equipped & affinity w/ mobile technolofurnished apt: eat-in kitchen, ment Agency A’veen looking gy is distinct advantage. Please for E-marketing Channel acct NYC TRANSPLANT Ameri- large living rm, 1-bdrm, office, apply to mgrs or sales mgr speaking can new to Amsterdam. Look- bathrm w/ bath, balcony: near CORPORATE ACCOUNT- native GM or native ENG; ing for English speaking Amstel station & Wibautstraat ING opportunity for presti- Inside sales rep speaking employment. Open to new metro. €1000/mth excl. Avail gious int’l company located ENG + other languages; Cus- challenges. Previous work his- 1 April. bb.roberts@ yahoo. at Museumplein, A’dam. tomer service rep speaking tory at Ritz Carlton Hotel (NY com. Graduate of finance/account- a Nordic language. Email and San Francisco), execu- FOR RENT ON CURACAO ing w/ at least 3 yrs business amstelveen@undutchables.n tive assistant, and athletics. Nice holiday house for rent experience; fluency in English l or see Dutch residency and work per- on Curacao (Normandie 3). & int’lexperience &/or mind for more positions. mit secured. Email opportu- Living room, kitchen, 3 bdrms, set are essential. Please con- TOP ADVERTISING AGEN- nities to bathroom, carport. Includes tact davidgibbons@adamsre- CYrecruiting for an Acct CoorCLEANING SERVICES TV, w/m, rental car. Close to 0345. dinator/PA for prestigious Young couple with experi- public transport, centrally BIKE TAXI DRIVERS client. Do you live in A’dam ence in cleaning of cafes, located, close to shops & police WANTED We’re in business and have experience in the bars, B & B’s and private hous- station, quiet neighbourhood. 365 days a year! Are you ser- advertising industry? Fluen- es. Good references. For more Call 06 1021 8271 or email vice-oriented, independent, cy in ENGand a pro-active, information call 06 4219 6952 for info. responsible, flexible & hardworking attitude? Then & ask for Gustavo or Laize. CANAL HOUSE 74m2, furunafraid of Dutch weather? we are looking for you! Please CLEANING/IRONINGExpe- nished, room ensuite, open Climb on the bandwagon this contact anna@adamsrecruit- rienced and responsible male kitchen, bathroom with bath, winter & get priority for best looking for more house clean- 2-bdrm, balcony 10m2, orginal summer shifts. We offer week- PIER STAFF WANTED to ing/ironing work in A’dam/ wooden floor, great open view ly introduction sessions. Con- attend cruise guests during A’veen at reasonable price. on canal & Tropenmuseum. tact 06 3882 2683/info@wiel- disembarcation & embarca- References available. Tel 06 In the Plantage area near Artis tion process at A’dam Pas- 1657 8154. Zoo & 7 min from Dam Square. BUSINESS PARTNERS Are senger Cruise Terminal. The 3D GRAPHIC ANIMATOR& March until Aug. €1750/mth. you interested to be part of the job is only & exclusively dur- video editor new in A’dam look- world’s largest telecommuni- ing 12 puntual days during the ing for job as freelance or m or 06 1482 5038. cation company in direct sell- summer. You need to be cus- employed in graphic anima- IDEAL LOCATION Shared ing? We are about to launch tomer-focused, responsible, tion business. Have a look at in beautiful, modern top-floor, 1 of the newest communica- proactive, & have a good com- my myspace page: myspace. 2-bdrm ensuite apt on Musetion devicea in Europe & you mand of English. m.marroc- com/nicolap3danimation. umplein, oud zuid, A’dam: can be part of it. Check the 125m2, furnished over 2 floors video on GERMAN NATIVE Are you RELAXING Lesbian mas- and rooftop terrace, internet /reneheeren. Interested? Call a GM native speaker? Are you sage therapeute needs a job. & TV. Good transport links, Rene on 06 2602 0136 or acn- looking for fun job in centre Would like to work in sauna, supermarket close. For rent of A’dam? Are you available hotel, sport club, pension or immediately, €1100/mth excl private. Have 15 yrs experi- gas/water/elec. Pictures availPORTFOLIO MANAGER a few hrs/day, a few days/wk? ence. Worked also in hospiable. is a Salary is €10 per hour. So this tal. Call 06 2664 3847 & ask HOLIDAY APT IN GY for 2knowledge-driven NGO work- might the right job for you! for Simone. 5 pers. Oberwiesenthal, GY. ing in areas disrupted by war, Interested? Please call Claudisasters & poverty. Working dia on 520 5379 or send an CLEANING Am looking for Tel +49 373 488 355, together w/ local populations email to a cleaning job. Have more www.ferienwohnungen-oberit channels emergency aid OFFICE ACCOUNTANT We than 20 yrs experience. I into sust. health care dev’t. are a global consulting firm speak ENG, GM en een beetHOUSING WANTED A’dam HQ needs Portfolio Mgr looking for a qualified corpo- je Nederlands. For more info ASAP. Fluency NL, EN, FR a rate acct to perform and man- call Simone on 06 2664 3847. GOOD GUY seeking a home. pre. recruitment@health- age general accounting/ Euromerican, fully-employed, HOUSING FOR RENT finance duties, based in A’dam. responsible, currently living SPRING IN PORTUGAL! in de Pijp seeking new housSPANISH OR GERMANAre Fluency in ENG required. Int’l Enjoy the countryside at old ing for May. €500-600/mth. you a native Spanish or Ger- experience a plus. Interested farm. Organic garden, solar Friendly, creative, gay, 38, nonman speaker? We’re looking candidates can send their CV energy, river at 10 min walk, smoker. Perhaps you have or to for outgoing, charismatic & swimming pool! Holiday apt know of something? 06 1677 energetic people for tour guide INFORMATION SERVICES for rent. From 1 to 10 people. 7520 or geminirise@gmail positions. Work as a tour guide We are a global consulting See .com. Federico, bedankt! for New Amsterdam Tours & firm looking for an experi-


share your passion for Aám with others! Send CVs to jobs@newamsterdamtours.c om.

enced information services professional to join our team in A’dam. Fluency in ENG required + fluency in GM is ideal. Interested candidates

FOR RENT IN PORTUGAL Portuguese farm in middle of the mountains. 5 mins from river Alva, swimming pool! Ideal for groups (up to 15) to

CHILL ROOMATE I am a very chill and amicable working 22 y.o. male in search of room in A’dam. My budget is €550/mth max incl if possi-

6-12 March 2008

ble. Looking to move in ASAP. me at angel.kitov& HOME FOR ME? Hello! I’m 3-BDRM NEEDED €2000 a 23 y.o. f/t working girl from We are 3 professionals look- Finland. Need a home starting for a 3-bdrm in A’dam. ing 1 April. Either studio or We require fully furnished room in shared house. Max place w/ internet connec- rent I can pay is €400/mth. tion. Max budget €2000/mth. Paying months in advance + We already live in A’dam & deposit not a problem. 06 need place for 1 April. Email 4514 9663/maijusaares@hotamsterdam.adam@google- ROOM FOR RENTin shared

1 year Asus warranty, like new. Located in A’dam. Price €950. You can contact me by email: BOSCH COOLER FRIDGE Size 140-54-60cm. 2 doors, in very clean condition for €100. Contact

ENGRAVINGS Dutch diamond point engravings, on glass made by the artist in apt. Period: 1 month till begin- 1977-1990 are now for sale at ning of April; Location: close bargain prices. Contact visto Vondelpark; Price: €300 all incl; Tel: 06 4277 4518. AMERICAN FOODS!Get all

PLACE WANTEDI´m a 25 y.o. energetic & happy girl needs to move out around May or June. I study at the Science Park & work on weekends. HOUSING FOR SALE Looking for a place w/ internet & able to register. Mar- DETACHED HOUSE with 2 ta: holiday apts for sale in Oberor 06 3842 4100. wiesenthal, Germany. Tel: HAPPY WORKING COUPLE +49 3734 88355. Lookingtorent/subleaseanapt OTHER SPACES inA’dam(noregistrationneeded per se). We are in our 20s, PHOTO STUDIO For amanonsmoking, creatively neat, teur and professional phonopets,happilyinloveforyears tographers. Can also be used already. Looking for a place as meeting or gathering 40+m2 (not in A’dam noord space. 100m2, €150/day. Posplease). Budget from €500- sible to rent photo equip€900. ment. High ceilings, good, YOUR PERFECT TENANT natural light and located on Busy advertising creative and WG Plein, adjacent to Overtoom. For appointment and comedy writer seeks long or more info contact D. Ingel: short-term accommodation. 06 2883 4224. References available. Call me on 06 4174 8209 or email ATELIER NEEDED I am a serious artist/painter. I need an atelier to work in. It could SMALL HAPPY COUPLE27 be anything as long as it is y.o. professionals looking for available for longer, has good a furnished cozy apt any size daylight, gives me privacy & in central A’dam, de Pijp, oud has access to water. Am interzuid area from end of March. ested in your garage, attic, Will pay up to €1049. Shortbasement, backyard! Show term or long-term is fine. A me anything/something! gunnice kitchen makes us smile. Please call Carl on 06 1116 7914 or email mcchops@ DANCE-THEATRE STUDIO bij de Nieuwe Meer in A’dam te huur per dagdeel of per APTWANTEDDutch/Swedish dag(en). Vanaf €15 per couple, both professional dagdeel, korting bij afname artists, 30 y.o. looking for afford- vast dagdeel. info@senseofable apt in A’dam. Preferably of 06 1479 8155. long-term, unfurnished & w/ possibility to register. Please FOR SALE contact us if you have or know VTOMTOM XL EUROPE HD anything. It would make us New, unused and still sealed very happy. Email tomas.adolfs Tom Tom ONE XL HD Traffic Europe for sale. Only €280. Usually sells for €349. Call SHARED HOUSING 06 3434 0333. NEED HOUSING URGENTLY I am a woman with an DIDGERIDOOS FOR SALE income urgently in need of I am selling my collection of accomodation. Preferably in eucalyptus didgeridoos: beaucentre of A’dam. Rent up to tiful handcrafted instruments €300. Contact via email: nar- from famous Australian Aboriginal artists, great sound quality, all in topcondition! WANT A ROOMHi there, I´m 1 x Mark Atkins (B), 2 x Tergetting desperate to rent a ry Saleh (D and CIS)in A’dam. room. I’m a 23 y.o. English girl, Mail to raised in south of Spain. Can pay up to €400. I´m very used VOLVO 940 GL 2300cc, stato sharing and am very easy- tion wagon, petrol fuel, modgoing. Please if anyone knows el 1993, 296.000km, color of anything let me know. Good maroon, electric windows, luck to you all. royal84@hot- all service done: €1600. Call 06 1453 8822 or email bonROOMMATES WANTED! From April, on Admiraal de Ruijterweg, 2 bdrms available, klein €350 & groot €500 all incl ~70m2, w/ internet, cable TV, phone, garden. Walking distance shops & banks. Sloterdijk 5 min. 06 4587 4936. LOOKING FOR A PLACEHi, I’m a 24 y.o. student of design from GY, already in A’dam & searching shared accomodation. I’m easy-going, friendly & used to shared living. If your room is anywhere in A’dam, 10m2 or bigger & doesn’t cost more than €400 I’d be interested. Thanks in advance!

your favorite American foods mailed direct to your door! Take advantage of the cheap dollar! Cereals, drinks, candy, baking goods and more.

TRANSPORT ENGLISH MAN WITH VAN Can help with removals, big or small, in or outside of the country. Reasonable rates, quick service. Contact Lee on 06 2388 2184 or or see

the profits you deserve! Grab your free special report, “7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time!” plus a bonus of free monthly business building tips at http:// written by Life & Business Coach Stephanie Ward. M.MEDIA Are you seeking an impressive website, logo or other form of promotional material? Menster Media will happily bring you a wave of fresh design at a reasonable price. Call 06 175 6598 or email WEBSITE VIDEOS Need a professional video for your website? I can film & edit a short film for your business, restaurant, party, whatever. Contact Martin for more details. See other work at

CAREER CRISIS?Unhappy or stuck at work? Isn’t it time to discover what you really want in life? Lost purpose, passion or goal? Do yourself a favour, give your coach a call on 06 4998 8986 or 400 4778; email marianne@soulSERVICES Soul at Work, SCOTTISH BUILDER Fully A’dam. Sign up for free eregistered & insured. Quality newsletter on www.soul-atwork. Brickwork, plastering & decoration. Call David on 06 SEAMSTRESS/COUPEUSE 1753 7063. Decorstukrestau- Fully recovered from the recent Fashion Week in GRAFFITI REMOVAL Graf- A’dam... seamstress/coupeuse fitiweg cleaning up in Hol- is looking for designers who land. need an experienced hand making their designs come TAX & FINANCE Trying to true. I have years of experiget quality advice and save ence in design, pattern makmoney at the same time? We ing and sewing custom fitare specialised in bookkeep- ting womens clothes any cating and taxes, and guide our egory. Call Susan: 06 2443 relations through the entire 8247. business process. We work through a countrywide net- NEED A PHOTOGRAwork with professionals who PHER? Weddings, parties, can help on each issue. Call sporting events, etc. Experienced freelance photograus for RAAD! 691 2217. pher located in A’dam. AffordGREAT HAIR COLOURIST able rates. For more inforTints, highlights, colour mation and/or samples of my changes, creative colours. work please email me on With more than 10 years of or call experience, if I can’t do it 06 2936 4686. then nobody can do it! Now HEALTH & WELLNESS at Mctavish salon in de Pijp. Contact Daniel for appoint- YOGA TEACHER WANTED ment: 06 2413 7392 or I´m a psychologist/health I coach and looking for a yoga also do make-up. teacher who is interested in QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHY I’m specialized in portrait, music and architecture photography. Contact me for rates and info at

AFFORDABLE WEBSITES Stylish websites for small businesses & individuals. Contact us now for a free quotation, to discuss your needs and receive friendly, helpful advice. NEW BRIDAL GOWN US 4 / Description: Embroidered GET A FLASH WEBSITE netting dress w/ scoop neck, Studio Elusyon has a team of scallop cap sleeves & empire designers that specializes in waist, and long slim a-line making stunning flash webskirt w/ scallop hem. Brand sites for reasonable price. new, never worn or altered. Get in contact w/ us & we White, size US 4, EU 34-36. Will show you the possibilities! sell for €400, reg retail €700, 4181 CAD. Please contact me for 0396/ photo. DOCTOR SERVICE CamDUTCH LANGUAGE BOOKS bridge Medicals doctor serA great collection of Dutch lan- vice offers consultations,visguage for beginners. All books its, prescriptions and email are in a great condition and consultations for expats and were barely used. I’m leav- tourists. Our service is coving the country and have no ered by most insurance comuse in them anymore, I’m will- panies. EU health cards ing to give away all 9 books accepted. Address: 30 Rapenfor €100. Asaf: 06 2454 7340. burg & 112 Bloemgracht. Call ASUS G2PC LAPTOP Lap- 427 5011 or 06 2723 5380, top ASUS. Comes with Vista email

LOOKING FOR A ROOMAm looking for room in shared apt anywhere in A’dam. I am a 24 y.o. male, IT professional. Am very clean & reliable. Please, Home Premium, though in GROW YOUR BUSINESSGet call 06 2394 7727 or email French and all accessories. the clients you want…and

organising weekends where a combination of yoga and coaching is offered. Please email reactions to

TEAM COACH Do you want to take your team to the next level? Through my work, teams improve conflict management and communication skills. Have your team connect to their values and create a shared vision. Visit or email for more details. WANT TO BE PREGNANT? There are certain things that you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Acupuncture by John Lie MD LAc is one of those things. To make an appointment email YOGA HOLIDAY17-24 June: Yoga, Sun and Sailing. Enjoy a wonderful relaxing holiday aboard a traditional style motor yacht in the calm warm waters of the Mediterranean. For more information, please visit BALANCE BODY & MIND Cranio-sacral therapy & Reiki are profound techniques to resolve physical & mental discomfort. Strengthen your

Amsterdam Weekly

6-12 March 2008 immune system & treat yourself to both a relaxing & energizing session. Call Wolter for an appt at 06 1976 6726. EXPAT MEDICAL CENTRE offers doctor consultations,visits, prescriptions and email consultations for expats and tourists Also physio and psycho therapy. Our service is covered by most insurance companies. EU health cards accepted. Address: 112 Bloemgracht. Call 06 2723 5380, email

MASSAGE DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Need a great massage? 6 yrs experience. Sessions available @ Hotel Kranaspolsky on Fridays & @ De Roos on Saturdays. It’s not an erotic massage. Deshana @ 06 2232 1964. MAN TO MAN MASSAGE! 4-hands massage by 2 male masseurs for men only. Special... Also possible with 1 male masseur (A’dam). Phone 06 2332 2767. TANTRA MASSAGESacred sensual massage created to arouse, circulate & increase energy throughout the body. Moving energy not only enhances awareness and the capacity for pleasure, it can also be a powerful healing experience. Tantra A’dam & London. Info:,, 06 4277 3290. MASSAGE COURSESIl Cielo Open Day on 16 Mar from 14.00-18.00 at Mirror Centre where you can learn about holistic massage, foot reflexology, craniosacral & energy work, also combinations. Weekly lesson of 4 or 6 hours each. Also meditation workshops. Info il cielo: 06 3004 9738 or look www.

be like to spend time w/ a gorgeous girl on your arm? Looking for sugar daddy for 2 wks of fun-at your expense. Dinners, drinks, shopping, intelligent conversation. Sound good? My name is Kaya and I’m sure we can come to a suitable arrangement.

fix your problems in life: fix water, wood, walls, gas, electricity. Chaining the mother-in-law to the radiator, throwing the fridge through the window... You name it and I will do it. Arthur (speak slowly). Call 06 2658 3303. PAINTING Professional painting and plastering, 25 yrs experience. For advice and estimates, please call 06 2324 5957. Thanks. KITCHEN & BATHROOM remodel & repair & more. Plumbing, electrical, complete kitchens & bathrooms, repairs, maintenance, handyman & more. Licensed, registered & insured. Qualityminded & experienced. Jobs large and small. www.ssrhino. com. 24-hr emergency callouts: 06 2706 2424 or andy@

ACUPUNCTURE Certified American acupuncturist treats both men and women for a wide range of ailments at 2 locations in A’dam. Coverage offered by many health insurance companies. Call 06 2739 9789, email info@ or visit www.acupunctu- NEED A CONTRACTOR ?? Klussenbedrijf ‘De Klus-Bus’ REIKI MASTER Combining for all your plumbing, paintthe natural healing system of ing & carpentry, electricity, reiki with Past Lives Memory bathroom installations & renRegression, NLP, visualisa- ovations, kitchen & toilet, tions exercises, psychic surgery tiling, laying floors, roofwork, and interdimensional heal- plastering, garden, general ing. Develop yourself, know construction, technical advice yourself, heal yourself. Ses- & everything else! 06 1899 sions, treatments, courses. 1782/ Danielle Ferrari: 06 2831 0125. MARTIAL ARTS CLASS CARPENTER For all your English-speaking Qi Kwan carpenting and plastering Do. Combines yoga & self call Thomas Pfanner on 06 defence. Women friendly. 1766 1109 (after 18.00, GM Works no matter what age, speaking). We deliver a qualstrength, or build. No 2 lessons ity job! are the same so you keep COMPUTERS motivated. Reduces stress & gets you fit. Every Sat 12.00, DATABUSTERS Crashed Sporthallen Lizzy Ansingh- hard drive? No problem! We straat 88 1072RD A’dam. do data recovery and retrieval helen.maynard-hill@qikwan- on crashed hard drives and other media. www.dataEXPATRIATE COUNSELINGoffers professional coaching, counseling and therapy in English, Dutch, Spanish and Japanese. Longer hours, weekends and the best service. For more information please visit or call 06 2824 4088 or email

21 or phone 616 4517.

PC HOUSEDOCTOR Specialised in virus/spyware removal, h/w, s/w repair, data recovery, wireless, cable/ADSL installation and computer lessons from friendly and experienced Microsoft professional for reasonable price. Contact Mario: 06 1644 8230.

COURSES DANCE AND PILATESclasses for amateurs and professionals. First class is FREE! To register for your free class and to check schedule please contact us at The dance company is based in Wibautstraat Volkskrantgebow 150 A’dam.

Studio. 28-29-30 March. The workshop is suitable to everybody who wishes to know more about movement and wants to experience this knowledge. To register by 15 March and more info, contact DANCE & YOGA FOR KIDS Creative dance and yoga combination classes for toddlers and young children starting Fri 14 March in the Jordaan. For more information: or call Mara Leiblum at 669 9499. WORKSHOPS & ADVICE Astrology, dreams, aromas and natural health. For info check or phone 230 0179. Welcome, Laurie. SINGING LESSONS for beginners & advanced, by an educated & well-experienced singing teacher. For details & any questions please contact me by mail. Adaya Lavi: YOGACAFE.ORG New Yoga courses starting in March. Pregnancy, beginners and intermediate courses. For more information about the courses, & other weekly classes & events, please visit WANT TO BE CREATIVE? I give fun courses in FELT MAKING! Day or evening class! Next dates are 10 & 17 Mar. You can make a scarf, bag or (baby!) slippers! It’s a lot of fun to do!You’ll use wool, soap & water. It’s that simple! Mail me on or look on my site: for more info!

DRAWING AND PAINTING workshopsbyprofessionalartist, various techniques, all styles, from scratch to painting with oils. Contact joneiselin@hetPHOTOGRAPHY WORK- SHOP New courses starting SAP-ERP COURSE2-month in March at the ABC Treecourse, with (optional) realhouse in A’dam. Lessons in time project of 1 month in English, theory (classes in India. Unlimited use of SAP the evening or Sat) and pracsystem. Also will assist you tice (2 field trips planned). with job placement. LimitFor more information: patried seats available so register asap. Online unlimited tuition CLOWN AWAKENING 8/9 is also available, with weekMarch, Overtoom 301. To end class if you have a job. know how to recognize, Tel 06 3098 3900. accept & get richer from our PUBLIC SPEAKINGand preown and partners differences. sentation skills training. ExpeOpen to all. By Christine Eon. rienced public speaking coach Since many years she give empowers you to connect, theatre/clown workshops. deliver, inspire your audience. Also she worked with street Corporate and personal trainchildren in Albania, Iceland, ing, Monthly workshops/incentral Africa, Brazil. More house corporate coaching. info: 06 5099 8032. Public workshop 13 March. TEATR WORKSHOP Teatr Novego Fronta intensive workshop. 14-15 April. In laboratory for body-related arts in Overtoom 301. More info:

DANCE WORKSHOP! HOME IMPROVEMENT Dance Laban Analysis of YOUR HANDYMAN is a Movement Workshop by Elephonecall away. Waiting to na Rolla/DAS DanzAtelier- FREE DIVING LEVEL 1Want to learn something exciting? Plunge into the literally breathtaking world of free diving at the Apnea Academy. Enjoy the special breathing and relaxation classes as well as intensive pool and outdoor lessons starting 30 Mar.

Info: www.apnea-amster- French environment with and click the Apnea ified French teachers. Free language test on appt. Info: Academy button. REIKIFor stress-release and, deep relaxation. Also Reiki franscursussen@maisonworkshops. At all levels. Small, 531 9501. groups. In A’dam south. For IMPROVE YOUR DUTCH! A more info call 679 8753 or 06 fresh Dutch start in 2008? Privateclasses,smallstudygroups, 2214 3030. conversation, intensive, etc at LANGUAGES Link Taal Studio, Vijzelgracht INTENSIVE DUTCH cours- 53, professional approach. Call es at Joost Weet Het! Class- Anja 06 4133 9323, linktaales 4 times per week during 4 hours. Good teachers, fun DUTCH COURSES New classes and energetic atmo- evening courses starting in sphere. Small groups, Per- Jan and Feb, centre of A’dam. sonal approach with Empha- €200-250 for 20 hrs. Visit sis on conversation. 2, 3, 4 or call and 8-week courses. Price: 693 4250. €8/hr. Visit Email info@joostwee- SPANISH 4 NEDERLANDS Do you need to practice your Tel 420 8146. Spanish? I need to practice EXCELLENT DUTCH PRO- conversation in Nederlands. FICIENCY in conversation What about chatting 1 hr in with solid base of pronoun- Spanish and 1 in Nederlands? ciation, grammar + spelling, Interested? Mail to sinbeginners & intermediate courses. Beginners: 1 April WANTED! INTERCAMBIO to 24 June. Tues 19.00Do you want to improve your 20.30/€366,64 incl. IntermeDutch or English? Yo busco hisdiate: 2 April to 25 June. Wed panohablante para practicar 19.00-20.30. excellentdutch@ el castellano mientras que yo 3612 2870/ te puedo ayudar mejorar el Ingles o Holandes. Email sekeLEARN SPANISH! with a native teacher from Spain with WHAT'S MY BLOCK?Do you experience and University have difficulty learning degree in teaching. All levels. Dutch? This fun interactive Grammar, vocabulary, culture, workshop explores the reapronunciation, conversation. sons. Presented by experiEverything! €20/hr and groups enced coach Jane Stephenof 2-3, €15 each. Email span- son. When: Sat 29 March 13.30. or Where: Het Anker, ‘t Prooyen call 06 4384 5642. 4A, 1141 VD, Monnickendam. ENGLISH LESSONS Highquality, tailor-made English courses for individuals & small groups. Perfect your English, improve your career prospects & fluency. Enjoy learning. Highly qualified teacher (+9 years experience) in city centre offering classes in English for all purposes. Email GAY DUTCH Yep! You might not get your tongue around everything you want, but at least you can get it around the Dutch language. Group & 11 lessons, all levels, qualified & experienced NT2 teacher (also A’dam Weekly contributor). Lively lessons, emphasis on speaking. Central A’dam. 06 1238 8645/ DUTCH FOR EXPATS C&C Language Support. Dutch lessons in relaxed atmosphere, tailored to your needs, all levels, flexible schedule, 1-on-1. Concentration on practical use and conversation. Tutor also speaks Spanish. For details, visit THE SCHOOL FOR DUTCH Language games online.

(jazz, Brazilian, funky, folk, pop), coaching, workshops, improvisation, composing, accompany in different styles, music harmony, ear training & solfege. All of that & much more from experienced international performer & teacher. For details please call 06 2956 4595. COMPUTER MUSIC Learn how to make music w/ your computer, all levels. S/W, H/W, midi, audio, Windows, Apple, composition, recording, live performance, recording, digitalization of your old tapes or records, podcasts, setting up an affordable PC for music, €25/hr excl tax. 1st lesson free.

THE ARTS ART RESIDENCY Calumet Int’l Arts Residency. A nonprofit association based in Budapest, Hungary, Calumet encourages exchange between local & int’l artists, while gaining new perspectives in contemporary art. Residency dates are 25 July-3 Aug. Application deadline, 1 April.

MAN ZOEKT VASTE RELATIE020Kaalmans,HBO, int’ljong,creatief,humor,warm, 51/1.72/75k zoekt vaste relatie met Rubensvrouw: +/-35-57, N-R, matig drinkend, p/t job, 020/023/030/050/058voorliefde, stedentrips & brocante, cultuur&cocoon,uitwaaien@water & bos. Handgeschreven brief+foto, O.E.R: PB 75110, 1070 AC A’dam.

SELLING TURNTABLES?I am looking for used, but not beat-down, turntables. Direct Drive preferred. Email with recent photo preferred: mlh_ FOUND STERGastarbeidster gevonQUIK/ LIN FELTONGezocht den! Pierrot le fou dated on werk van Lin Felton alias Quik. Reacties naar 06 4623 He was looking for love + pas6158 of sion + energy = That’s where PROGRAMMERS WANTED life is about. I missed the first We are looking for help to one. But, I am not available build financial interactive anymore as I have found the art website with flash movies. gastarbeidster of my life. Must be state of the art. Pls Mediamatic thanks! call 06 4500 9030 or write LOOKIN' PARTNER SEX Hi, I am Asian woman with ART WORK WANTEDCould brown and exotic skin lookin’ you supply us w/ small works for romantic male (for male to sell on our market stalls. only). Would like to do nice We are looking for paintings things such as date, dinner, & sculptures which we can massage, have sex together. sell to tourists. Interested? Don’t feel lonely in winter. Contact us at Vanamster- Interested? Call me on 06 1738 0807. tq. PICTURES WANTEDAny & MASSAGE FOR GENTS all pictures gratefully Ragi, 26 y.o, 186-87, XXL. Very received for Central A’dam Art nice sport masseur, body project. Contact us on 06 4237 builder, light brown skin, dark 6659 or Vanadamgallery@ hair, gives relaxing body sage for gentlemen. EveryMUSICALLYY SUSTAIN- thing is possible. Clean, trustABLE Don’t throw your old ed. Call Ragi on 06 4279 8154. clothes out. Give ‘em to me! Available 24/7. I’m building a DIY-low budget studio to record the best WILL U MAKE ME HAPPY independent music in town Spring will be coming... I am & I need TONS of clothes to a romantic and caring wommake it soundproof. Really an & I need someone(male) need a lot so if you have con- when I feel lonely... Touch a siderable quantity (say a bag), part of my body with romanam happy to collect it. tic (naked 2gether), French kissing, 1-nite stand, it’s all possible with me. Call me on FULL OF IDEAS? Wannabe 06 2454 5739. Kiss u all. entrepreneur seeking likedminded individuals to discuss FRIENDS & MAYBE+ ? 32 business ideas in a regular y.o. Spanish with a twist (will meet up over a drink in a cen- explain) guy is looking for tral A’dam pub. Contact Cat at female friends, a date and roundthekitchentable@gmail. maybe more? Interested? Email com.

3D GRAPHIC ARTIST is looking in A’dam for other 3D graphic animation artists in order to exchange tips, advices & suggestions. I am a prof user of Maya. Would also like to work w/ other people on animation projects to create a stable group of artists involved in the graphic animation, editing etc. nico- ENGLISH CHILDREN Leiden University Child PsycholCost €15. More info tel 0299 653 639/www.knowbound- CREATIVITY!Artist/felt mak- ogy Master’s International student seeking native er is ready to teach you how English-speaking children to to make your own piece of felt! help practice lessons from MUSIC You can make clothes or a wall- course. All activities are ELECTRIC BASS LESSON hanging or a cushion out of it! approved by the University. I am a 2nd-year jazz student Day/evening Workshop in the Parents give consent & can in Amsterdam Conservato- city center, small groups! €65 contact professors at any time. ry. If you need bass lessons for a whole day! For more & also theory, ear training mation, mail me on phylenelelessons then I am here! Tel GROUPS & CLUBS 06 2722 5518, Murat Yatmaz. HEY! YOU AMERICAN?Join LOOKING FOR CONTRABASS LESSONS thefunwithlike-mindedAmerClassical contrabass lessons I NEED GLASS! I’m learn- icans at Democrats Abroad. for beginners. Email yazi- ing to make stained glass win- WithmonthlyDemsFunDrinks, dows and need all kinds of discussions, issue groups, and DRUM LESSONSProfession- glass. Little pieces are wel- other activities. You don’t even al player studying at the Con- come too. Please call Karin have to be a Dem to join! Go to for servatorium van Amsterdam. on 682 7573. Teaching experience, also CORPORATE TRAINERSto more info. with children. Contact 06 join a new venture offering VOLUNTEERS 5043 3880. high calibre coaching to the 13 ISOLATIONS Seeking biz world. My tagline is HOW TO LEARN PIANO Classical piano lessons from ‘because people matter’ so interns, volunteers & fund professional player graduat- your focus should be in that raisers for large art project ing soon from the Comìnser- direction. More info: www.the- scheduled for Aug, Sept. For details call 06 2717 8946 or vatorium of Italy (10 years). Teaching experience, also with FANTASY BOOK & FILM 06 4623 8868. cildren. Contact 06 5043 3880. Film maker and author are RECORDING STUDIOEasy looking for people between to get to in A’dam, comfort- 21 & 60 to reveal their sexable atmosphere. www.nor- ual fantasies for material for Just click on Record- a new book and animated ing Studio & have a look, lis- film project. Willing to pay ten... Experienced recording for material used. Please engineer/musician. Contact send stories and contact Dave: 06 2603 6591/wavecon- details to serpafirst@gmail .com.

WANT TO LEARN FRENCH from the French Institute, Maison Descartes. Choose from a variety of courses to GUITAR AND MORE Gui- SUGAR DADDY WANTED improve your French in a tar classes for ALL levels Ever wondered what it would


NOTICES WANTED USA SOCCER TEAM WK A’dam is a soccer tournament in A’dam. 31 May and 1 June! 32 countries will face each other in the struggle to be World Champion of A’dam 2008. The USA is not yet registered. Do you want to represent your country, the USA? Check to sign in or call 06 5106 7938! FOR 4 YEARS it’s been a great classy ride but I’m officially off now. See y’all. Love Monique. MURAL PAINTER Do you have a children’s room or nursery that needs something special to make it unique? I can paint children’s dreams on their walls and decorate a play room with imagination. Any theme, any style. Contact Anna to discus the possibilities: anna@ or 06 1811 5098.




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