Mister and Blister

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Mister & Blister

by Eydís Björnsdóttir

Once there were twins who were as different as could be.

Mister was kind-hearted and cheerful.

Blister was sourfaced and envious.

When the twins were equal they didn't think alike.

' You got grapes too! Awesome' thought Mister.

' You got more than me!' thought Blister.

When they got different things they didn't say the same.

' You can have some of mine' said Mister.

' I'm going to keep mine to myself!' said Blister.

Mister could have sulked and said ' Give me too!'.

Mister could have said like Blister ' You can't have mine!'.

But Mister just wanted to be Mister.

Mister could have ordered Blister to stop being sulky.

But Blister just wanted to be Blister.

Besides. Then he wouldn't be Mister.

And do you know what? Mister really loved his Blister.

Because without Blister there would be no Mister.

Mister was everything that Blister was not.

Like the light is everything that the darkness is not.

Sometimes I am like Mister. And sometimes like Blister.

The next time I behave like Blister I am going to

think like Mister and forgive myself and love myself.

Because we would all rather play with Mister.

Or what do you think?

Make myself feel good? Wouldn't life be better if everybody was happy with themselves and what they have? So happy that there were no need for envy or selfishness? But this can sometimes just be quite tricky. A book for those moments when we don't manage to be good to others. And when we are not good to ourselves. A book that reminds us of the importance of feeling good.

This book is printed in the font Chelsea Market, designed by Tart Workshop, licensed under the Open Font License and available on Google Fonts.

EydĂ­s has written other books, more info at www.eydis.co.uk

ISBN-13: 978-9935-9031-5-0 Katla publisher, ReykjavĂ­k, 2016.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.