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October 2012

NEW BLOWN FILM LINE SMARTFLEX 16 Simultaneously with the “Second Forum about the multi-layer thermoplastics films for flexible food and industrial packaging” on Oct 24/25, BANDERA will organize an Open House in which will be shown running the newest blown film 3-layer coextrusion line for packaging , called Smartflex 16. The Smartflex 16 is an innovative and modern line and it is able to produce shrink film, lamination film and stretch hood; it is intended to a primary transformer in Russia. The Smartflex program, born with the idea to create plants that are totally customer oriented (high production and flexibility) has a competitive price. This program respect all the BANDERA’s values, that are high production, innovation, energy saving, reliability and an excellent post-sales program. The cohabitation between maximum quality and competitive price is possible in Bandera, the only company in the landscape of the European and American manufactures, which owns a know-how both in the rigid packaging sector and in the direct production of small, medium and large die head for blown film. In particular the plant under demonstration presents an extruder model TR 85 for central layer, two extruders TR 65 for inner and outer layers, with a low energy consumption motorization, a bimetallic alloy cylinder from a main European producer, manual screen changers, coextrusion side feeding die head with 350 mm die and an output up to 400 kg/h with LDPE 0,7. The cooling ring, has special multi lips design that balance the airflow influence on the bubble. The takeoff is oscillating, with 2000 mm pulling rollers, has the flattening device made by aluminum rolls and wooden slats, inserted alternately through a pneumatic device and the gusseting device, made by wood, are motorized because the Smartflex 16 can produce both high quality flat film and gusseted tubular film. The double station winder has back to back configuration and winding by contact. The control of the film tension is made by a high sensitive loading cell digitally integrated in the PLC. From the electrical point of view the coextrusion line presents many interesting news, all of them characterized by the high quality of the components and the accurate execution of the assembling. The extruders and die thermoregulation is managed by PLC with modules with remote I / O near the machine. The extrusion plant is managed by a computerized system that allows a centralized management of the parameters about production and operations.

The operator interface is realized through an operator panel with a colored monitor which the operator can easily manage thanks a brand new graphics, simple and intuitive, with a Touch screen control. The plant is equipped, like all the others Bandera coextrusion lines, with a ewon modem by means the operator can log on the Teleservice, also through internet, for a promptly and efficient technical support in case of any problems. Company Profile BANDERA has been leading manufacturer of extrusion lines for thermoplastics since 1947, and is acknowledged specialist in flat-die foil and sheet extrusion field. BANDERA is a worldwide renowned leading manufacturer of extrusion lines for pipes and thermoplastic film. Constant improvement of BANDERA extrusion lines quality, user-friendliness and long-term reliability is obtained through the on-going technological research, applied to and tested on pilot lines in the company production site located in Busto Arsizio (VA).

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Blown film 3-layer co-extrusion line for packaging produce shrink film, lamination film and stretch hood