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Choose the Best Returns Management Solution Rapid globalization and industrialization has compelled enterprises to concentrate on increasing their supply chain so that they are able to cater to their clients and target end users. However, that it's not all that organization’s need to concentrate on in order to attain greater revenues and maximize productivity. There has been several instances when certain goods and products have been returned by the consumers which then gets decayed and unused in the warehouses. Though it might not appear like a direct loss, but in reality it is a loss of resources, money and time. Therefore, in order to turn the process of return goods to a company’s benefit, most enterprises are rising up to the relevance of returns management solutions. Returns Management Processes The benefit that a company gains by adopting an effective returns management solution can be noticed from the way the returns are managed. The changes are visible and profitable. Majority of distribution networks are not well equipped to manage goods that return back from consumers. There are boxes that get stacked up in warehouses taking up space and adding zero value to the supply chain solution. An effective returns management solution gets well incorporated with the returns product management system and is especially set up to efficiently deal with the returns procedures in a logical way. Furthermore, there are expert returns management professionals who are experienced in refurbishing a huge amount of products within a lesser time and then successfully gets them back into the field as fresh recycled goods. The time taken is often less than 24 hours. The process that a standard and meaningful returns management process involves includes the following:        

Detrashing and cancellation of returned goods Date code based warranty assessment Test diagnostics and repair Software and/or firmware upgrades Refurbishment Repackaging Warehousing and distribution Legally compliant disposal

Advanced Returns Management Solutions Today eminent companies specializing in retail fulfillment solutions have introduced innovative returns goods management programs/solutions that help entrepreneurs recycle returned goods and earn valuable returns. Some of the services offered by these solution providers includes the following:         

Warranty returns Raw materials authorization (RAM) assistance Lease returns Refurbishment Test and debug Repackaging Order fulfillment Disposal (that includes remarketing and recycling) Web based inquiry and reporting

Furthermore, advanced returns management solutions help in reducing the cost and also understand the reason for what the goods are returned. This helps enterprises to recycle the products in a manner that they are consumed by the end users. Also read about : evaluation system

Choose the Best Returns Management Solution  
Choose the Best Returns Management Solution  

An effective returns management solution gets well incorporated with the returns product management system and is especially set up to effic...