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Octavia Spencer explains what drew her to ‘Fruitvale Station’ 17

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell repays more than $120,000 given to his family by a prominent donor 10


Case closes for a D.C. man who shot a pit bull biting a child 8

Anthony Weiner acknowledges more lewd text messages 3 am

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She’ll Also Be Forced to Play Santa at the Local Mall, Too A Columbus, Ohio, judge on Monday ordered a woman to spend the next five Christmases in jail as part of her sentence for issuing state ID cards and driver’s licenses to immigrants who entered the country illegally. Prosecutors say 44-year-old Betina Young accepted payments from applicants to falsify records. (AP) TRENDS



Man Realizes He Should Have Picked ‘Truth’ Instead of ‘Dare’ Authorities say a shirtless man who allegedly stole an empty transit bus from a San Francisco terminal drove it 100 miles before being arrested. California Highway Patrol officers put down road spikes to flatten the tires and get the bus to stop last week. The unidentified man faces charges including grand theft, reckless driving and failure to yield. No one was injured in the incident. (AP)

STICKING TOGETHER: Two of the three baby meerkats that recently arrived at Bristol Zoo Gardens in Bristol, England, play together Tuesday in their enclosure. The triplets, who were born on June 21, bring the zoo’s meerkat population to 18.

live closer to all the action (oh yeah, and work too). The Metro r Rider ’ss Guide. Every r second and fourth Wednesday of the month month. t

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Economy Drives College Choices Scholarships, grants key to being able to pay bill, report finds

How America Pays for College Financial aid covers a bigger portion of college costs than it has in the past.

Washington College costs are driving decisions about which schools to attend, what to study and even where to live, according to a report from loan giant Sallie Mae. Parents no longer foot the largest portion of the bill, according to the lender’s annual survey. That role goes to grants and scholarships, with student loans coming in third. While the recession has largely passed, economic worries have not, and many families are making college choices driven by fears of tuition hikes and job losses, according to the Sallie Mae-Ipsos Public Affairs report. The annual survey of student

The average family is spending less on college. Parents’ out-of-pocket spending has decreased by 35 percent since 2010.

30% 30%

Scholarships and grants in 2013

Scholarships and grants in 2010





$5,727 2013

financial aid found students earned about $6,300 in grants and scholarships to pay for college costs, taking the top spots from parents. Student loans were the third most common source to pick up the bill for courses, housing and books. The average student borrowed $8,815 in federal loans.

$8,752 2010

The rate for those loans was the subject of debate in the Senate last week, as lawmakers considered a compromise that would offer some students lower rates for the next few years but would prescribe higher rates for future classes. The Senate is expected to vote on that White House-backed

Weiner Sexted After Resignation

Fighting Words At a House Judiciary immigration subcommittee hearing Tuesday, House Republicans took a tentative step toward offering citizenship to some immigrants brought illegally to the U.S. as children, but they hit immediate resistance from the White House on down as Democrats said it wasn’t enough — leaving prospects cloudy for one of President Barack Obama’s top second-term priorities. (AP)

“Nobody has spent more time trying to fix a broken immigration system than I have.”

23% 30%

compromise this week. “Rates on every single new college loan will come down this school year, offering relief to nearly 11 million borrowers,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Tuesday. The White House estimates the average undergraduate student would save $1,500 in interest charges if Congress acts before leaving town for the August recess. A vote has not been scheduled. Parents’ enthusiasm for college has not shriveled, though. The survey found 85 percent of parents saw college bills as an investment in their children’s future. “We’re in a new normal where big ticket items like college, families will pay for them but won’t stress about them too much,” said Cliff Young, managing director at Ipsos. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points. PHILIP ELLIOT T (AP)

“The idea that you can … declare yourself to have been more committed than anyone to improve our immigration system and then have nothing to show for it is a little laughable.”


New York Anthony Weiner found himself caught in another sexting scandal Tuesday like the one that destroyed his congressional career, but he stood side by side with his wife to say that he will remain in the race for mayor of New York City. “This is entirely behind me,” Weiner said at a news conference, just hours after he confirmed exchanging a newly disclosed round of sexually explicit photos and text messages with a woman online. At the news conference, he acknowledged that some of the activity took place after he resigned from the House two years ago for the same sort of behavior. Weiner turned the microphone

New Revelation The new lewd correspondence between Anthony Weiner and an unidentified woman was posted Monday by the gossip website The Dirty. The woman said their online relationship lasted for six months and continued into last summer. (AP)

over to his wife, Huma Abedin, who reaffirmed her support for her husband and said the matter is “between us.” “I love him. I have forgiven him. And as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward,” said Abedin, a longtime adviser to former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. (AP)

For Whom the Bell Tolls: Taco Bell released a statement Tuesday saying it will stop serving kids’ meals and toys, which weren’t boosting sales. The chain said it will start removing the options this month at select restaurants and that it anticipates that no U.S. restaurants will have them by January. As Taco Bell tries to extend the success of its Doritos-flavored tacos introduced last year, it’s also trying to build its credentials with people in their 20s and 30s. (AP)

In Brief


Sgt. Who Leaked Boston Suspect Photos Punished A state police photographer who released photos of the bloodied Boston Marathon bombing suspect during his capture was placed on restricted desk duty Tuesday. Sgt. Sean Murphy said he leaked the photos of what he called “the face of terror” to Boston magazine last week to counter a glamorized image of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. (AP) EAST CLEVELAND, OHIO

Ohio Authorities Identify Second Slaying Victim Authorities have identified the second of three female victims whose bodies were found last week near Cleveland wrapped Sheeley in trash bags. The body of 28-year-old Shetisha Sheeley was found in a field Saturday in East Cleveland. The Cleveland woman went missing in September, WKYC reported. (AP) NEW YORK

NYC Airport Reopens After Jet’s Hard Landing New York City’s LaGuardia Airport fully reopened Tuesday, a day after the collapse of Southwest Airlines Flight 345’s front landing gear sent it skidding along the tarmac and temporarily closed the airport. Ten passengers were treated at the scene, and six were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. (AP) RICHMOND, VA.

FDA: Menthol Cigarettes Likely Pose Greater Risk A Food and Drug Administration review released Tuesday found that menthol cigarettes likely pose a greater publichealth risk than regular cigarettes, but it stopped short in making a recommendation on whether to limit or ban the minty smokes — one of the few growth sectors of the shrinking cigarette business. The FDA has commissioned further research. (AP)

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Street Mobs Raise Security Fears

In Brief

Pope Francis insists on open car despite Rio’s chaotic crowds


Two-Day Clashes Kill 11 The death toll from two days of clashes between supporters and opponents of Egypt’s ousted president rose to 11 on Tuesday, most killed in pre-dawn battles near a pro-Mohammed Morsi protest camp as the country remained mired in turmoil three weeks after the military overthrew the Islamist leader. (AP) SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA

Work Stops at N. Korea’s Long-Range-Rocket Site North Korea has stopped construction at a site meant to launch bigger long-range rockets, a hint that Pyongyang is slowing or halting development of larger rockets, according to an analysis of recent satellite imagery. The report could be welcome news for Washington, which sees Pyongyang’s work as a threat. (AP) BAGHDAD

Al-Qaeda Takes Credit For Iraq Prison Breaks Al-Qaeda’s branch in Iraq claimed responsibility Tuesday for raids on two highsecurity prisons near Baghdad this week that killed dozens and freed hundreds of inmates, including some followers. (AP) TORONTO

Canada Toughens Train Rules After Derailment Canadian transportation authorities banned one-man crews for trains with dangerous goods Tuesday, responding to calls for tougher regulations after an oil-train derailment in Quebec killed 47 people near the Maine border. (AP)

Few barriers were set up along the pope’s route Monday, and thousands easily entered streets meant to be closed to the public.

“It seemed odd that the people were allowed that close. … But that’s the pope’s personality, he was just being himself.” — THE REV. JOSEPH TAN, A PRIEST FROM THE PHILIPPINES, ON THE CROWDS AROUND POPE FRANCIS IN BRAZIL

faze Francis, who smiled as his car was surrounded. He kept his window down and even kissed a baby passed into the vehicle by its mother. Papal spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi made clear that despite the mobs, Francis wouldn’t change his decision to use an open-air vehicle and specifically planned to use the open car for the very

events expected to draw the largest crowds, including a meeting with Catholic youth for World Youth Day on Copacabana beach that is expected to draw a crowd of 1 million on Thursday. Lombardi said the pontiff deliberately chose to use the same car he uses in St. Peter’s Square and not the bulletproof popemobile. BRADLEY BROOKS AND NICOLE WINFIELD (AP)

In Britain, the Heir Is Apparent, Name Is Not London A beaming Prince William and his wife, Kate, emerged from a London hospital Tuesday with their newborn, presenting the world with a first glimpse of the prince who still needs a name fit for a king. The royal couple appeared happy and relaxed as they waved at the horde of photo-snapping journalists outside St. Mary’s Hospital. After taking questions, the couple re-entered the hospital to place the baby in a car seat before heading to a Kensington Palace apartment. Earlier, grandparents Prince Charles, his wife, Camilla, along with Kate’s parents were the first relatives to visit the young family at the hospital. (AP)

A Monarch Moniker British bookies hope the royal couple’s name search is a slow one as bookmakers rake in dough “by the pramload.” Diana and Charles took a week to pick William’s four names. Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh took a month before choosing “Charles.” (AP)


Opponents of ex-President Mohammed Morsi carry a friend who was hurt Monday in clashes in Cairo.

Brazilian security forces blamed each other Tuesday for the mob scenes that erupted around Pope Francis after his arrival in the country. And the chaotic crowds of faithful Catholics that swarmed Francis on Monday raised questions about what plans are in place to protect the pontiff, and who is responsible for them. No one took responsibility for the traffic fiasco, which began when the driver of the car the pope was riding in made a wrong turn and ended up stalled on a traffic-choked street and swarmed by thousands. Officials with the Federal Police, who have control of the pope’s security in urban Rio, said the blame belonged to Federal Highway Police. But highway police officials said they were just following specifications laid out by the Federal Police. The mob scene didn’t seem to



Rio de Janeiro

“Any parent will know what this feeling feels like,” Kate said, showing off the baby. William noted the baby’s good looks and hair: “Way more than me, thank God.”

$15,000 The cost of the royal birth, based on estimates for care in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, the New York Times reports. That would be a deal in the U.S., where the average cost that commercial insurers pay for a vaginal birth is $18,329. (E XPRESS)

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Setting the Bar for Metro Service

Tuesday, July 23

New set of standards for off-peak service goes before board

Mid-day D.C. 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-4-8 Evening D.C. 3 (Mon.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-6-6 Mid-day D.C. 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7-7-4-7 Evening D.C. 4 (Mon.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4-2-1-7 Mid-day D.C. 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-8-9-9-7 Evening D.C. 5 (Mon.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-8-7-3-7

Washington After taking a bit of a beating from riders on the setting of rush-hour service standards last year, Metro staff will ask the board of directors Thursday to approve standards for off-peak service. This will be the standard for frequency of trains under normal conditions: At midday, trains are expected to run no more than six minutes apart in the rail system’s core and no more than 12 minutes

Streetcar Testing The District Department of Transportation is testing its first three streetcars along a track that runs parallel to South Capitol Street, just east of Bolling Air Force Base in Anacostia. After going through basic checks, which on Monday morning included the braking characteristics of one car, they will be transferred to their route along H Street/Benning Road NE for a lengthy period of practice runs. If all goes very well, they could begin carrying passengers around the end of this year. (T WP)

apart in other segments. At night, Metro expects trains in the core to run no more than 15 minutes apart and no more than 20 minutes apart in other areas. At off-peak times, Metro will desire a minimum of 80 riders per car and a maximum of 120. The optimum would be 100 peo-

ple per car in the parts of the system where ridership is heaviest. The latest round of standardsetting was presented to a board committee two weeks ago and has not generated as much controversy as last year’s round. In neither case did the proposed standards actually change

This is XX0164 2x1

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the times for trains or the conditions aboard the cars. The standards are a policy initiative by Metro. The setting of standards at least provides a way of defining “quality service” and a basis for meeting federal rules barring discrimination in service. But the proposals for peakservice standards were confusing to riders, with some expecting that their adoption would decrease the level of service. Also, the debate over the peak standards came as Metro was introducing Rush Plus service, so the peak-standards debate provided a focal point for riders’ anger. ROBERT THOMPSEN (THE WASHINGTON POST)

The Lotteries District

Maryland Mid-day Pick 3. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-0-7 Evening Pick 3 (Mon.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-1-6 Mid-day Pick 4. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0-9-9-5 Evening Pick 4 (Mon.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-3-2-4 Match 5 (Mon.). . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-21-25-29-38 (18)

Virginia Mid-day Pick 3. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0-2-4 Evening Pick 3 (Mon.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-6-4 Mid-day Pick 4. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-4-8-5 Evening Pick 4 (Mon.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-6-1-8 Mid-day Cash 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-11-12-14-28 Evening Cash 5 (Mon.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-12-21-22-31 All winning numbers are official only when validated at a claims location. Drawings that occur after Express’ deadline will be published two days later.

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D.C. Case Ends for Man Who Shot Pit Bull

Judge drops charge of unregistered-gun possession after deal Washington

It happened so quickly that Ben Srigley didn’t have time to ponder his lawbreaking. With three pit bulls attacking a young boy on the street outside his Northwest home in January, he grabbed a 9mm Ruger P-90 handgun, ran outside and shot one of the dogs to death. A D.C. police officer shot and killed the other two. Srigley legally bought the handgun in Virginia but failed to register it in D.C. His act of saving a child’s

life exposed him as a criminal — and as unwitting fodder for gunrights advocates who saw his case as a perfect example of why they term the city’s gun laws draconian. Srigley’s action left the D.C. Attorney General’s Office, which typically prosecutes gun offenses involving unregistered firearms, with a conundrum: charge and possibly jail a man dubbed a hero or endure criticism that some of the strictest gun laws in the nation are not evenly enforced? Deput y At tor ney Genera l Andrew Fois called it a “one in 10 million case” in which authorities “tried to balance what he did, the law that he broke, the circumstances under which he broke it



The amount donated to Ben Srigley’s defense for possessing an unregistered firearm. In his only public comment, he posted a statement on his company’s Facebook page saying he would give all money to the injured child to defray medical bills. (T WP)

The pit bull shooting came just nine days after D.C.’s attorney general refused to charge NBC journalist David Gregory for waving an empty ammunition clip on national television, which is a crime, enraging critics who said it favored celebrity and demonstrated the hypocrisy of the stiff gun laws. Ben Srigley’s case got caught up in similar rhetoric. “The day we allow the state to criminalize acts of compassion and heroism is the day we become a nation of cowards,” said Peter Upton, founder of Second Amendment Check, which helped raise money for Srigley’s defense. ( T WP)

and what he did to help the boy.” Fois’ team offered Srigley a deal in May to spare him jail. First, he would pay a $1,000 fine. Then, after a planned moved to Maryland, he would register his handgun and two long guns he had in storage. Lastly, he would stay out of trouble for two months. In return, a charge of possessing an unregistered fire-



Woman Attacked, Raped At Howard, Police Say


D.C. Detective Wins $2 in Lawsuit Over Discipline A federal jury has awarded $2 to D.C. police detective William Hawkins, who was disciplined after being quoted in a 2009 Washington Post article making comments critical of the police department’s “All Hands on Deck” program. His lawyer, Anthony Conti, said that his client was pleased with the jury’s decision, despite the minuscule monetary award. “This case wasn’t about money. It was always about principle,” he said. (AP)


Little-Known University In Va. Is Ordered to Close

In Brief

A young woman who was sexually assaulted Monday on the Howard University campus was raped inside a classroom by a person who followed her off a city bus, authorities said as new information was divulged Tuesday. D.C. police said they were searching for the attacker but had made no arrests. In a statement, the university said the 18-year-old victim was participating in a program that was not sponsored by the university. (TWP)

arm would be deferred until July. On Tuesday, the conditions met, D.C. Superior Court Michael McCarthy accepted the prosecutor’s motion to dismiss the charge. Srigley can now petition to get his arrest expunged. The 39-year-old has not spoken publicly about his ordeal, and he chose to stay quiet even after the case was dismissed. His attorney said his client’s only position is that he’s “grateful he was able to save the life of a child. He is not commenting on society’s gun laws.” He said Srigley “regrets that he violated the law, but he’s happy he had a gun that day. He does not want to be a poster child for gun advocacy.”

The cause of a crash at a Maryland Sam’s Club on Tuesday wasn’t immediately clear.

Three Injured After Car Crashes into Md. Store Gaithersburg, Md. Police say a car has slammed into a Sam’s Club wholesale store in Maryland, injuring three people including a man who suffered a leg amputation. Authorities say a 77-year-old man struck a woman about 1 p.m. Tuesday in the parking lot of the Gaithersburg store with his car before crashing into the building, where the two men were hit. The man with the leg amputa-

tion was flown to Baltimore’s Shock Trauma center with serious injuries, police said, while another man was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The woman, who was accompanied by two young children, was taken for evaluation at a hospital for minor injuries. Police say the driver wasn’t injured and is being interviewed by detectives. The cause of the crash wasn’t immediately clear. (AP)

Annandale, Va. The University of Northern Virginia, operating out of an office building on Little River Turnpike in Annandale, Va., has been ordered to cease and desist after 15 years of operation, due mostly to the fact that it has been unaccredited by any recognized group for five years now, and also because it failed four audits by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. The school, not widely known to many who thought they knew Northern Virginia, has had problems with its ownership, its recordkeeping and with allegations that it was simply a way for foreign nationals to obtain a U.S. visa. It was one of the subjects of an inves-

Suited to Swim:

tigation by the Chronicle of Higher Education in 2011 about small for-profit colleges exploiting visa loopholes to recruit foreign students for big dollars. The State Council for Higher Education in Virginia sent a ceaseand-desist letter on Friday ordering the school to turn over a list of all students (many from India), their visa status, their financial records and the location of their transcripts. The state council said it would notify students that the school is no longer legally authorized to operate in Virginia, would confer with the Department of Homeland Security to determine viable options for foreign students and would estimate claims for unearned tuition. TOM JACKMAN (THE WASHINGTON POST )

When it comes to city pools, “tankinis” are in, while tube socks are very much out. D.C.’s parks and recreation department on Monday issued detailed guidance on the proper attire for a visit to the city’s public swimming pools. That means no “Brazil/French-cut, thong style and/or revealing swim wear, cut-off jeans, jeans, skirts, shorts, sport bras, leotards, leggings, dri-fit wear, compression shorts.” (THE WASHINGTON POST )

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Cover Story Aug. 1, 2011

The McDonnells And Star Scientific

Williams, above, meets with a top official from Virginia’s Health and Human Resources department to propose a study of whether Anatabloc use results in a reduction in health costs among state employees. Before the meeting, a source says the first lady admired Williams’ Rolex and told him how great it would be if he would buy her a similar one she could give her husband.

Jan. 16, 2010 At the time of Bob McDonnell’s swearing-in as Virginia’s governor, Star Scientific had contributed more than $28,500 of in-kind air travel to his campaign. The company would give more than $80,000 in air travel to his political action committee in 2010 and 2011.

April or May 2011 Star Scientific chief executive Jonnie Williams Sr. takes Maureen McDonnell on a $15,000 clothing shopping trip in New York City.

Aug. 14, 2011

May 23, 2011

A $15,000 check drawn from a trust controlled by Williams is made out to a catering company for food at the wedding of Cailin McDonnell. The governor later says the money was a wedding present to his daughter and therefore didn’t need to be disclosed

June 1, 2011 Maureen McDonnell speaks to a group of doctors and investors about Star Scientific’s new dietary supplement, Anatabloc. She offers the Executive Mansion for the product’s launch party.

Governor’s Apology A Shift in Strategy McDonnell pays $124K to executive, faces controversy over donor head-on Richmond

June 4, 2011 Cailin McDonnell marries Chris Young, above, with a reception at the Executive Mansion. Guests feast on poached jumbo shrimp and free-range chicken without knowing they came courtesy of Williams.

July 28, 2011 The McDonnell family spends a long weekend at Williams’ vacation home near Roanoke, Va. The McDonnells borrow Williams’ Ferrari, which retails for $190,000, to drive back to Richmond.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell announced Tuesday that he and his wife have repaid more than $120,000 to Star Scientific chief executive Jonnie Williams Sr. and apologized for the first time for the controversy involving the donor. “I am deeply sorry for the embarrassment certain members of my family and I brought upon my beloved Virginia and her citizens,” McDonnell said in a statement announced via Twitter. “I want you to know that I broke no laws and that I am committed to regaining your sacred trust and confidence. I hope today’s action is another step toward that end.” The McDonnells paid back $52,278 for a $50,000 loan made to first lady Maureen McDonnell

in 2011 and $71,837 for loans made last year to a real-estate company the governor owns with his sister. The loans were repaid by the governor, the real-estate company or McDonnell’s family, the statement said. The announcement represents a shift in strategy for McDonnell since he brought on a new lawyer. It’s the first time McDonnell has apologized or acknowledged that he and his family embarrassed the state. Federal and state investigators have been looking into the relationship between the McDonnells and Williams. The Washington Post report-

ed that the governor and Maureen McDonnell had promoted Star’s dietary supplement around the time that Williams picked up the $15,000 catering tab at the wedding of one of their daughters. Since then, more gifts have come to light. McDonnell and his wife have taken steps to promote Star’s Anatabloc anti-inf lammatory drug, billed as holding promise for treating Alzheimer’s and other ailments. McDonnell has said he and the first lady did nothing to boost Anatabloc that they would not have done to promote any Virginia-based enterprise. L AUR A VOZZELL A AND ROSALIND S. HELDERMAN (THE WASHINGTON POST)

A Call for More Inquiries A government watchdog group called Tuesday on the Internal Revenue Service to investigate whether Gov. Bob McDonnell, first lady Maureen McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli failed to report and pay taxes on gifts received from Star Scientific and its chief executive. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed formal complaints, alleging that the gifts are income, subject to income tax. “Al Capone, after all, was convicted not of extortion or murder, but tax evasion,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director of the group, which a McDonnell spokesman dismissed as pro-Democrat. (T WP)


Williams buys a $6,500 Rolex.

Aug. 29, 2011 McDonnell aides learn the governor is slated to attend an Anatabloc launch event at the mansion and discuss their concerns over email.

Aug. 30, 2011 Despite aides’ concerns, the event goes on. The first lady hosts, and the governor attends, he has said, to recognize the company for research grants to state universities.

Oct. 18, 2011 Online investors advertise that Maureen McDonnell will be a special guest at a dinner event intended to tout the science behind Anatabloc at a Richmond hotel.

Oct. 22, 2011 A similar event is held in Flint, Mich. Virginia State Police logs indicate that members of the executive protection detail were in the city that day.

Jan. 3, 2012 The governor wears a Rolex during a newspaper interview, saying it was a Christmas gift from his wife.

March 2012

Williams writes a $50,000 check from his trust to MoBo Real Estate Partners, a corporation owned by McDonnell and his sister. He later gives MoBo an additional $20,000. Sources say McDonnell viewed the money as loans to the corporation.

December 2012 Williams gives McDonnell’s eldest daughter, Jeanine McDonnell, a check for $10,000 as a wedding present. (THE WASHINGTON POST )

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Through Monday, Dustin Pedroia was hitting .308 with 57 RBIs this season.

Nationals right-handed pitcher Ross Ohlendorf is 2-0 with a 2.03 ERA in eight appearances this season. He is scheduled to start Friday against the New York Mets.

Ohlendorf Answers All Calls Nationals have used right-handed pitcher lots of different ways Nationals Pitcher Ross Ohlendorf’s role has been muddled since he arrived in Washington’s clubhouse. He’s started, been called upon for one inning and has been used as a long reliever. In Sunday’s 9-2 loss to the Dodgers, Ohlendorf came into the third inning after starter Jordan Zimmermann gave up seven earned runs in the first two. Ohlendorf pitched six innings with six strikeouts and gave up just two

earned runs. Needing a pitcher for Friday’s doubleheader against the Mets, the Nationals tabbed Ohlendorf to start. In his lone start of the season, Ohlendorf pitched six innings and gave up only one earned run in a 5-1 win over the Colorado Rockies on June 12. With Dan Haren (4-11, 5.79 ERA) performing poorly all season and Ross Detwiler battling injuries and struggles of his own, this could wind up being an opportunity for Ohlendorf to earn a spot as a starter in the rotation. The 30-year-old right-hander was once in Pittsburgh’s starting rotation. In 2009, he was the only Pirates starter to finish the season

On Deck Today F. Liriano 9-4, 2.44 ERA

7:05 P.M. MASN

S. Strasburg 5-7, 2.97 ERA

with a winning record, albeit at 11-10. He’s also in the MLB record books as one of 50 pitchers to strike out three batters with nine pitches in one inning — achieving this feat with the Pirates in a 2009 game against the Cardinals. Ohlendorf has had shoulder problems in the past, but he said he’s felt fine this season. His improved health has led to better productivity when he’s asked to pitch. Against the Dodgers, one of Ohlendorf’s pitches was clocked

at 97 mph. Ohlendorf said it was the first time in four years he was able to reach that kind of velocity. “When you’re throwing harder you do have a little more margin for error,” Ohlendorf said. “It makes your changeup better if your fastball is hard. It’s nice to have. But command is really important. When I was throwing harder the first couple of innings, I left a couple of balls that were a little too hittable.” Manager Davey Johnson made the decision to go with Ohlendorf on Friday immediately after his relief outing on Sunday. “That was an outstanding effort,” Johnson said. “It was a good tuneup.” JASON BUT T (FOR E XPRESS)

Dirty Racing: NASCAR is set for an off-road detour through the dirt. The Truck Series is headed for the Eldora Speedway half-mile dirt track — owned by Tony Stewart, left — in Ohio, for tonight’s race designed to reconnect NASCAR with its early roots. The last time one of NASCAR’s top touring series competed on dirt was Sept. 30, 1970, when Richard Petty won a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. (AP)

Pedroia, Red Sox Near Deal Baseball All-Star second baseman Dustin Pedroia is close to a contract that could keep him with the Boston Red Sox for his entire big league career. A person with knowledge of the talks said Tuesday that Pedroia is in the process of agreeing to a deal adding $100 million over seven seasons through 2021. Pedroia is making $10 million this year and is guaranteed the same amount in 2014 as part of a $40.5 million, six-year contract that started in 2009. That deal includes an $11 million club option for 2015 with a $500,000 buyout. The 5-foot-8, 165-pound sparkplug was the AL Rookie of the Year in 2007 and AL MVP in 2008. The deal would expire after he turns 38. HOWARD ULMAN (AP)

TV Lineup WNBA (11:30 A.M., MONUMENTAL) The Mystics, coming off back-to-back losses to the Fever, host the Chicago Sky at Verizon Center. ORIOLES (8:10 P.M., MASN2) Baltimore has opened the second half of the season hot. The Orioles send WeiYin Chen (5-3, 2.67 ERA) to the mound to face the Kansas City Royals.

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A couple of Redskins from the glory days have been vocal in supporting the Redskins’ name, including Joe Theismann (“I was very proud to play for the Washington Redskins, and I did it to honor Native people in that regard”) and Jeff Bostic (“Show me how the representation of the name Redskins in the WASHINGTON Redskins has ANY negative connotation.”) Now a couple more players from



Art Monk, left, and Darrell Green

the ’80s have weighed in — players at least as beloved as Theismann and Bostic — and they have a slightly different view. “[If] Native Americans feel like Redskins or the Chiefs or [anoth-

er] name is offensive to them, then who are we to say to them ‘No, it’s not’?” Art Monk said on WTOP early Tuesday, adding that he thinks a name change should be “seriously considered.” “It deserves and warrants conversation because somebody is saying, ‘Hey, this offends me,’ ” said Darrell Green, who joined Monk during the interview, which was scheduled to promote a trainingcamp venture. DA N S T EINBER G ( T HE WASHINGTON POST )


Monk, Green Talk Name Change

Andy Najar, right, scored his first international goal for Honduras on Sunday.

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U.S. Squad Awaits Najar, Honduras Former United player faces the Americans in Gold Cup semis Soccer Andy Najar left the D.C. area with visions of Europe’s grand stage and the goal of gaining a stronger foothold with the Honduras national team. He returned triumphantly last weekend, and now he has his sights set on taking down the U.S. national team. 7 P.M. Today Fox Soccer

The former D.C. United academy and Edison High School (Alexandria) product scored his first international goal for Honduras in a 1-0 Gold Cup quarterfinal victory over Costa Rica at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on Sunday. “It’s a wonderful feeling to come back and score at home,” Najar said through a translator. “I haven’t had any opportunities before. Luckily I was able to have this opportunity.” The 20-year-old said his entire family, including his pregnant wife and their daughter, was present

for his landmark achievement, in which he sliced into the center of the box to meet Alexander Lopez’s cross for a game-deciding header in the 49th minute. The speedy Najar, who now plays for Belgian champion Anderlecht following a winter transfer from D.C. United, will face his toughest challenge of the Gold Cup against the United States tonight at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. The Americans have won a team-record nine straight games across all competitions, scoring at least four goals in three of their four Gold Cup games. Landon Donovan’s three goals and six assists have paved the way for a team looking for its first competition triumph since the 2007 Gold Cup. Honduras, meanwhile, has gone 3-1-0 and posted three shutouts as it looks to reach its first final since 1991. The winner of today’s match will face Mexico or Panama in Chicago on Sunday. “It’s going to be a difficult game,” Najar said. “The U.S. won [Sunday] with a pretty big advantage. We know it’s going to be a hard game, but we hope to keep working hard, and hopefully things will keep working our way.” AVI CREDITOR (FOR E XPRESS)

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What Braun’s Ban Means Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun this week accepted a 65-game suspension from baseball and admitted, “I am not perfect. I realize now that I have made some mistakes. I am willing to accept the consequences of those actions.” The 2011 National League MVP was suspended without pay for the rest of the season and the postseason, the start of sanctions involving players reportedly tied to Biogenesis, a now-shuttered Florida clinic accused of distributing performance-enhancing drugs. Here’s a closer look at the issues and implications of MLB’s suspension of Braun. (AP) Why 65 games? A person familiar with the deal, speaking on condition of anonymity because no statements were authorized, said 50 games of the penalty were connected to Biogenesis. The additional 15 games stemmed from Braun’s actions during the grievance that overturned his positive test for testosterone from October 2011.

What would have happened if Braun had not agreed to the ban? MLB probably would have suspended him for a longer period, and Braun would have asked the union to file a grievance that would have been decided by an arbitrator, likely after the season.

How much does this cost him?

Does he keep his NL MVP?

It would appear a little more than $3 million. Braun is making $8.5 million, and baseball’s drug agreement says the number of days of lost pay “shall equal the number of games (excluding postseason games) for which he is suspended.” He is signed to Milwaukee through 2020, and his salary increases to $10 million next year — meaning a 65-game suspension in 2014 would have cost him $3,551,913.

Yes. The Baseball Writers’ Association of America voted Braun the winner ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Matt Kemp in 2011. “The decision was already made. He won it,” Jack O’Connell, the BBWAA’s secretarytreasurer, said in an email Monday.

Are there more players at risk of getting suspended? More than a dozen players have been linked in media reports to Biogenesis, among them Braun, the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez, Texas’ Nelson Cruz, Detroit’s Jhonny Peralta, Oakland’s Bartolo Colon, Toronto’s Melky Cabrera and Seattle’s Jesus Montero.

What’s A-Rod’s status? He remains on the New York Yankees’ disabled list following hip surgery in January. It isn’t clear whether MLB will attempt to suspend him before he can come off the DL. AP/EXPRESS ILLUSTRATION


Going to Bat for the President




PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA holds a Louisville Slugger baseball bat presented to him by Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino, right, as he honored the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions Louisville Cardinals on Tuesday at the White House. Pitino joked that the bat may come in handy at difficult news conferences. Obama teased Pitino for shirtless photos on the internet that prove he didn’t “chicken out” on his promise to get a tattoo if the team won the championship.


Players subject to change. Photos © Getty Images. Citi Open is a service mark of Citigroup Inc.


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. SWEEPSTAKES IS OPEN ONLY TO LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES WHO ARE AGE 18 YEARS OR OLDER. Maximum of two (2) entries per that particular 24 hour period per participant. The Seamless Summer Camp Sweepstakes opens at 9:00 AM EST July 15, 2013 and closes at 11:59 PM EST July 29, 2013. Participation constitutes entrant’s full unconditional agreement and acceptance of the Official Rules. Void where prohibited by law. 15 total winners will be randomly drawn for prizes.

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The Price of Fame Having a very public relationship took a toll on Selena Gomez 27


Girl bands Fifth Harmony, far left, and Little Mix, left, both formed on “The X Factor” — the U.S. and U.K. versions, respectively.


Move over, boy bands. These groups of the female persuasion are gaining big buzz Music I’ll tell you what you want, what you really, really want: girl groups. Even if you don’t want them — they’re back on the scene. A new batch of pop tarts are ready to dominate the charts and fill a void since such best-selling groups as Destiny’s Child, TLC and the Spice Girls aren’t dropping songs as fast as music fans want them. Here are four girl groups who are rivaling One Direction and The Wanted for your attention:

Little Mix Call them the female One Direction. Seriously. Like 1D, Little Mix was formed on the U.K.’s “The X Factor,” where the girls won the competition in 2011 (1D placed third in 2010). The group is signed to the same U.S. label as the popular boy band, and

Don’t call them The Pussycat Dolls: The girl group has a new identity as G.R.L.

the girls are following the boys’ chart-topping path: Their debut, “DNA,” splashed at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart last month. Little Mix is working on a second album it will release this year — 1D’s formula last year. “We always look at One Direction as opening the gates for us,” said member Perrie Edwards, who is dating 1D’s Zayn Malik. “They work really hard, and we just want to follow in their footsteps.” Little Mix’s debut album features a track with a girl group vet: T-Boz of TLC co-wrote and sings

on “Red Planet.” “We were massive fans of TLC growing up, and we love all of those girl groups from back in the day,” member Jesy Nelson said.

G.R.L. The Pussycat Dolls got a makeover. G.R.L. was originally the new lineup of The Pussycat Dolls, but the group decided to establish a new identity after signing to Grammy-nominated producer Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records. “We decided that once all five of us came together and brought our different personalities and we got involved with Dr. Luke, it became something completely different from The Pussycat Dolls,” member Paula Van Oppen said. The fivesome auditioned for Dr. Luke and Max Martin, who have crafted international hits for such female singers as Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Britney Spears, Kelly Clark-

son and Pink. The group is working on its debut album and released its first single, “Vacation,” last month.

Fifth Harmony The five-piece Fifth Harmony is prepping for its international takeover by watching one of girl groups’ ultimate alums: Beyonce. “We’re really, like, big fans of Destiny’s Child,” said Ally Brooke, as her bandmates screamed in the background. “In fact, we went to see Beyonce last night.” Like Little Mix, Fifth Harmony formed on “The X Factor” — but the U.S. version — where it placed third last year. “We didn’t know what we to expect because none of us had

known each other before,” Brooke said. “It’s just amazing how we all instantly bonded and connected.” The group recently released its debut single, the punchy pop jam “Miss Movin’ On.” The girls said their album will feature pop tracks similar to it but will also include “a throwback vibe.”

The Lylas Moms know best. For The Lylas, the sisters of Bruno Mars, it was their mother who introduced the girls to female singers they most look up to. “Our mom was an amazing vocalist, and she introduced us to all the female R&B powerhouses, so we grew up listening to the Supremes, Aretha Franklin, En Vogue, the girl groups back in the day,” Tiara Hernandez said. Their mother, Bernadette Hernandez, died last month at age 55. The girls are fi lming a reality series for WEtv to debut in the fall, when they also plan to release music. Presley Hernandez calls being in a group with siblings “a nightmare!” She’s kidding. Sort of. “It’s really fun, but at the same time you can definitely see how hard it is for girl groups,” she said. “The beauty of being sisters is there is no escaping each other. We have to work it out no matter what happens.” MESFIN FEK ADU (AP) At left, four sisters of singer Bruno Mars make up the girl band The Lylas.


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entertainment lookout

It took a powerful script to persuade Octavia Spencer to join the ‘Fruitvale’ cast

“I now want to take roles that challenge me and stretch me as an actor. So this was a beautiful story.” — OC TAV IA SPENCER, BELOW

Film Octavia Spencer almost passed on one of the most acclaimed movies of the year so far — “Fruitvale Station.” The film, now in theaters, tells the true story of Oscar Grant, an unarmed black man fatally shot by a white police officer in an Oakland, Calif., train station early on New Year’s Day, 2009. Video of the shooting circulated widely on social networks, and a snippet of it is shown in “Fruitvale’s” opening minutes. It’s that footage that made Spencer initially decline the pivotal role of Grant’s mother. “In seeing the video, I said the only thing that I could offer this role is anger. And I think this situation requires much more than that because it already has a potential to be explosive,” Spencer said. But she read the script — which chronicles Grant’s last day — and was moved. “It restored Oscar’s humanity in a way that the trial, and all of the recriminations around it, had basically taken from him,” Spencer said. “So I wanted to be a part of it for


my nephews … all the young men of color whose lives sometimes feel more expendable in a way.” “Fruitvale Station,” which stars Michael B. Jordan as Grant and was helmed by first-time director Ryan Coogler, has drawn critical praise and prompted comparisons to the

racially charged death of another young black male, Trayvon Martin. “Fruitvale” is also generating early Oscar buzz. It is Spencer’s first high-profile role since her Academy Award-winning turn as a feisty maid in the racial dramedy “The Help.” The

actress, who was virtually unknown before starring in that blockbuster, admits that the success of that performance changed the way she considers future roles. “Before, you just take what you need to do to survive,” Spencer said. “I now want to take roles that challenge me and stretch me as an actor. So this was a beautiful story.” But Spencer was more than just a hired actor on “Fruitvale”; she was also one of its producers, along with Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker. Coogler said in some ways, she was like the film’s fairy godmother. “While we were shooting, some money fell out, and we were in a lot of trouble,” he said. “She really rolled up her sleeves, and went around to all her friends as a producer to help make sure the movie continued to get made.” Spencer said she’s gratified by the positive response to “Fruitvale” and by having another strong role in which to shine — a longstanding problem for African-American actors. “If you wait around for other people to bring you interesting things, you won’t discover the riches of the world. So I like it,” she said. “I like being able to go out there and find things. And having jewels like ‘Fruitvale Station’ find me.” NEKESA MUMBI MOODY (AP)

Today’s Top Stops

The release follows the digitization of 4,500 hours of Johnny Carson’s “Tonight.”

Heeeere’s Johnny — On iTunes Online For the first time, content from “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” is available for digital download. Two volumes of material can be purchased from the iTunes store. A compilation edition (priced at $14.99) includes highlights from the 1960s through Carson’s emotional farewell show. A second volume ($19.99) features 16 “Tonight” episodes with some of Carson’s favorite guests. Roughly half the material has never been available before in any form of home video. Also, a selection of 50 “Tonight”derived alert tones (think “Here’s Johnny!,” “Hi-yo!” and “We’ll be right back”) will be available for 99 cents each. FR A ZIER MOORE (AP)


Miller Time



Getting On Board ‘Station’

Wherever one speaks of “the pompatus of love,” the Steve Miller Band exerts its mellow influence. Just as 1973’s “The Joker” puzzled with its hippie neologisms, 1982’s “Abracadabra” confounded with its vague magician-related threats. 2011’s “Let Your Hair Down” keeps the laid-back spirit of Miller Time, so drink it in. Pier Six Pavilion, 731 Eastern Ave., Baltimore; today, 8 p.m., $45-$95; 410-783-4189,

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Beer We’re not sure what pirates have to do with beer, but if your brewery is named Heavy Seas, we suppose it makes sense to stick a pirate hat on it. The National Geographic beer tasting (part of its pirate exhibit) will include several Heavy Seas beers and cask ales and a lecture from a beer historian. National Geographic Museum, 1145 17th St. NW; 202-857-7700, today, 5 p.m., $40; events.national (Farragut North)

So Get There Early Brandi Carlile is an expressive singer who also happens to have great taste in opening bands. For her show at Wolf Trap, she’ll be joined by folk singer Justin Townes Earle (son of country icon Steve Earle) and rising folkrock trio The Lone Bellow, which traffics in gorgeous, gospel-like harmonies. Wolf Trap, Filene Center, 1551 Trap Road, Vienna; today, 8 p.m., $30-$40; 703255-1868,

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lookout TV tonight New Series








‘Chef Roble & Co.’ In the season finale, Chef Roble and his team are in for a memorable night when they throw a seafood extravaganza for Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen’s 27th birthday. As the chef and his team party, Artie begins to feel like the odd man out.



‘Spell-Mageddon’ Alfonso Ribeiro (“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”) hosts as contestants attempt to spell common words while being challenged with such distractions as getting dunked in a tank, zapped by a dog-training collar or splattered by slime.

One Big, Scrappy Family

Hot upon the heels of “The Fosters” 10:00 on ABC Family, “Bulloch Family Ranch” celebrates foster care and blended families as Julie and Rusty Bulloch run a ranch, work multiple jobs and raise 25 children, most of them foster. While there are ‘ B U L L O C H FA M I LY some forced moments, “Ranch” is that rare RANCH’ reality show that doesn’t dwell on wasted time. The Bullochs are clearly devout, but the show is never preachy. (UNIVERSAL UCLICK)

‘Top Chef Masters’ The show where world-renowned chefs compete against one another in weekly challenges returns for a fifth season. Curtis Stone is back as host, with Gail Simmons as head critic. ‘Camp’ The annual mixer with nearby Camp Ridgefield has Buzz (Charles Grounds, at left) pumped as he hopes to use his first gig as event DJ to get in with the female campers. (TRIBUNE MEDIA)


He’s Got Answers The six-part comedy/reality/ debunking series “Joe Rogan Questions Everything” (10 p.m., Syfy) launches tonight, based on Rogan’s popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” An amusing mix of blunt and goofy, “Rogan” pursues absurd conspiracy theories and urban legends with all the mock-seriousness they deserve. First up: the search for the Pacific Northwest’s Bigfoot-human hybrid. (UU)


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travel lookout If You Go ...


Thinking of heading to Rehoboth Beach, Del., with your dogs? Check these listings first:

Dog-friendly accommodations: Visit to find out where Fido is welcome. Bed, Breakfast and Benji: Bewitched & Bedazzled B&B features a gated deck out back so you can relax with your dogs. Summer rates range from $175 to $375 a night depending on season. bewitchedbnb .com or 302-226-3900. What’s allowed: Go to for information on beach and boardwalk rules, such as where/when dogs are allowed. (AP)

A pair of pugs get a taste of Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

Dog Days Of Summer Rehoboth Beach, Del., is a fun destination for you and your pups Excursions When you’re looking to get a dog, experts tell you to find one that fits your lifestyle. And when you take your dogs on vacation, you need to find a vacation that fits the dogs. That’s why, for about a dozen years now, my husband and I have spent a weekend or two each summer in Rehoboth Beach, Del. We go back again and again, in large part because our dogs like it. And what’s funny is, we like Rehoboth even though dogs are not allowed on the beach — or even

the boardwalk — between May 1 and Sept. 30. But we don’t go there for swimming or sunbathing. Fortunately, our dogs have the same taste in leisure as we do. They’re pugs, so they don’t like the water. The ocean is just a pleasant backdrop for activities all four of us enjoy: shopping and eating out. Rehoboth is the perfect place for this, a city of restaurants and shops extending out from the boardwalk that has lots of dog-friendly amenities. Many shops put out water for dogs and there are a number of restaurants that allow your dogs to sit with you at outdoor tables. In between meals and snacks, we stroll up and down Rehoboth Avenue and the side streets. Some of the shops will let you bring your

Dogs and Don’ts If your dogs do want to go to the beach in Rehoboth, there’s a patchwork of complicated rules regarding times, dates and specific locations in the towns and the state parks, but a close and easy option in Cape Henlopen State Park is Gordons Pond, just a short drive from Rehoboth, where leashed dogs are permitted in certain areas. (AP)

dog inside, and one that doesn’t, Browseabout Bookstore, has an outside window where dog owners can ring the bell and buy a coffee or cold drink, a great convenience for the dog walker whose travel companion is sleeping in. While we don’t care about the beach, we’ve often talked about going during a month when dogs are allowed on the boardwalk. But our favorite croissant place is open only in tourist season. Someday we’ll figure out if there’s a perfect weekend when those two seasons overlap. So far, the croissants have always won out, and I think all four of us agree that’s the right decision. LINDA LOMBARDI (AP)

Travel Book of the Week: “Hiking and Traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway” ($18) by Leonard M. Adkins advertises itself as a “detailed description of every official trail along the Blue Ridge Parkway,” which stretches 469 miles through Virginia and North Carolina. Descriptions include trail length, difficulty and points of interest, along with recommendations for places to eat, lodging and campsites, and side trips. (AP)

20 | E X P R E S S | 0 7. 2 4 . 2 0 1 3 | W E D N E S D AY


To place a classified, call


To advertise a job, call


XX653 1x10.5

Credit cards accepted.


ARMED SPOS For several premier DC locations. Must posses valid SPO commission Min 2 yrs exp. All shifts. Must be team oriented.Call Mon-Fri 9am-3pm 202-293-8011 or fax resume 202-293-1095 DANCERS/RECEPTIONISTS/ SECURITY STREET TEAM/PROMOTERS Wanted for Gentlemens Clubs in MD. Apply in person nightly 10pm-11:30pm Bazz&Crue, 7752 Marlboro Pike Forestville, MD

Physician VA Medical Center, Washington, DC Needed PT Physicians to perform disability examinations. All specialties considered. Flex hours. Payment for service rendered. Fax or email curriculum vitae and letter of interest to 202-745-8351 or Department of Veterans Affairs is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

DC Medicaid waiver provider, seeking persons with sign language capability to work with adult individuals in DC. Must have experience working with MR/DD individuals to provide support with ADL skills. Must possess Diploma/GED, pass background check, TB, Physical and be able to attend training. Fax Resumes to 301-918-3873, attention HR.

SALES PEOPLE-Exp. DC/MD/VA. Pay hourly or by lead or by pitch. Paid wkly. 10301 Democracy Ln Suite 203, Fairfax VA. Call Keith 703-383-0400 SALES



Why be Ordinary When You Can beextraordinary Not all programs available at all locations. For useful consumer information, please visit us at www. SCHEV has certified Medtech, located at 6565 Falls Church (main) Arlington Blvd. Suite 100 Silver Spring (branch) Falls Church, VA 22042 to Washington, D.C. (branch) operate in Virginia.

Call Now



1-800-417-8954 CTO SCHEV

MEDICAL ASSISTANT TRAINING PROGRAM! Hands on training gets you job ready in less time than you think.

Hands on training at CTI!


A Government Contractor is seeking to fill the following positions:

Fleet Shop Mechanic with CDL (Full Time)

Earn up to $35/hour in a "State of the Art Shop." Must have verifiable ASE Certification & exp in A/C, Diesel Engine, Diagnostics, Transmission, Brakes, and Electrical Component Troubleshooting. Must have CDL A/B license. Company benefits: Med/Den/Eye Care, Paid Vac/Hol/Sick, 401K, supplied uniform, Employee Incentive Awards/Program. Must be able to obtain security clearance.

CDL Driver

Must have A/B CDL with ”P” endorsed license; min 2 years verifiable driving experience; clean driving record. Up to $19.37/hour including benefits.

Mail Courier

Must have ACTIVE TS/SCI Clearance. Clean driving record. Position up to $19.19 per hour including benefits. Send Resume: Or Fax: 202-789-1933 Or Call: 202-789-3649 Phone Calls Accepted From 10am-2pm, Only Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer Drivers - 27 CDL trainees needed now. No CDL? No Problem. Local training program. FT & PT available. Start at 45K+. Call now 1-800-251-3946

ENERGY DRINK COMPANY HIRING Want to earn money in the fastest growing industry in the world? Text Gary: 443-624-1668 ENGINEERING Senior Network Engineer (Master’s or equiv in CS, Computer Engineering, Math or equiv & 3 years exp, Bachelor’s or equiv in CS, Computer Engineering, Math or equiv & 5 years exp or other suitable qualifications) – Arlington, VA. Job entails working with and requires experience to incl: Network & systems monitoring; MS Windows Server 2003/2008/ 2012, Linux OS Redhat/CentOS/Ubuntu, MS SQL Server 2008/2012, Oracle, Mysql, MS Active Directory; Cisco, Dell and HP systems including servers, storage and network infrastructure; and IP networking including IP V4. Relocation and travel to unanticipated locations within USA possible. Send resume to Solentus, Inc., Attn: HR Team (, 241 18th Street, Suite 405, Arlington, VA 22202. LEGAL: ATTORNEY (FT): For Hispanic non-profit Org. in Alexandria, VA. Immigration experience & Spanish a plus. Any Bar. Fax: 703-998-8997 MARKETING E-Commerce/Mkting. Analyst: Dev./exec. internet mkting. campaigns/strategies. Increase site traffic & order size. Analyze data on mkting. to determine return on inv. Est./maintain e-commerce metrics, data, & quant. measures to dev. mkting. plans. Rsrch. online mkt. conditions. Util. exp. in web analytics tool (Google Analytics), online advertising, planning e-commerce mkting. strategies & campaigns, analyzing POS data, & conducting mkt. segmentation using statistical tools (SAS or SPSS). Job in Gaithersburg, MD. Apply: J. Mayer, Country Casual, Inc., 7601 Rickenbacker Dr., Gaithersburg, MD 20879. Medical/Dental Trainees NEEDED NOW Medical/Dental Offices NOW HIRING. No Experience? Local Job Training & Placement Assistance Available. 1-800-416-8377

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Classes forming now!


Start a sales career that allows you to help others while earning an above average income. We are seeking enthusiastic sales professionals that would like a career and the earning potential well over $100K. In 2012 incomes ranged from $50K to $100K+ for all full time Family Service Counselors. We are currently looking for qualified candidates to work at National Memorial Park and King David Memorial Gardens in Falls Church, VA. We provide a career with the advancement & training opportunities of a large corporation. Apply today and discover how rewarding it can be to work with us: H Excellent income potential H Can qualify for monthly bonuses H Paid training H Benefits/Vacation H Supportive working environment For the quickest consideration, email your resume to EOE M/F/D/V


OPPORTUNITIES for un-armed security officers with a DOD TS-SCI, TS or SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE. FT & PT positions available. Must have prior security, military or law enforcement experience. For employment one must be a US citizen, English proficient w/ good computer skills, 21 years or older w/ HS diploma/GED & drug free with no criminal record. We provide weekly pay, health ins, life ins, matching 401k, training and uniforms at no cost. APPLY IN PERSON NO PHONE CALLS Mon – Thurs, 10am-4pm Guardsmark, LLC 14120 Parke-Long Ct, #201 Chantilly, VA 20151 VA Lic 11-1195 / EOE

Senior Developer. Serve as tech’l resource resp’ble for support’g Oracle Fin’l App operation, functionality & code. Create & modify prog’s, rep’ts & other customizations to meet business req’ts & process’g goals. Wrk w fin’ce team stakeholders to gather bus req’ts for new enhancement work. Assist w config’n & deployment of new Oracle modules as needed. Wrk w infrastructure hosting partner resources to resolve issues & provide end-user supp’t. Req’d: Bachelor’s in Comp Sci or Eng’g; 5 yrs exp in job offered or as Developer or Programmer Analyst; 5 yrs exp work’g w Oracle Fin’ls in a tech’l capacity; 5 yrs exp w Oracle Apps tech’gy & app layers, incl Alert, Workflow, Rep’t Mnger, ADI & XML Publisher; 5 yrs exp w design & execution of test’g strategies as well as code migration through non-Production envir’ts; 3 yrs exp rev’g funct’l design specs & transf’g them into tech’l specs and/or pseudocode; 1 yr exp w Oracle R12. All exp may be concurrent. Job in DC. Mail resume & cover ltr to Kenneth Adams, The Washington Post Company, 1150 15th St., NW, Washington, DC 20071.

TELEMARKETERS/CANVASES - METRO ACCESS Homefix is hiring for PT & FT positions. Hours are flexible. Usually btwn 12p-8p. Exp strongly pref but not necessary. Must have a good speaking voice & desire to succeed. Clean fun work environment w/ exc comm pkgs+hourly. Open interviews, wkdays at 3-4pm at 10301 Democracy Ln Suite 203, Fairfax VA. Call Rob wkdys 2p-4p 703-383-0400 or



Reach over 300,000 readers daily


Train for a career as an

Electrical Technician! Call Now!


1520 S. Caton Ave. • Baltimore, MD 21227 4600 Powder Mill Rd. • Beltsville, MD 20705 803 Glen Eagles Ct. • Towson, MD 21286 Information about programs at Programs vary by campus.

Call CTI for details!



Radians College Can Prepare You to Enter the Growing Field of Nursing Devoted to nursing

DEVOTED TO YOU We offer training to become a Practical or Registered Nurse Ask about our evening classes Make a difference in: • Hospitals • Nursing homes • Urgent care facilities • Physicians’ offices Now approved for federal financial aid for those who qualify.

1025 Vermont Avenue NW Suite 200 Washington, D.C. 20005

Call now 1-888-445-6223

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START YOUR NEW CAREER HERE! Up to $300/mo for Transportation Classes Start This Week! - Enroll TODAY!

Aid Available For Those Who Qualify • Financial a Computer Upon Graduation • Receive Placement Services Available • JobMorning, Afternoon, and Evening Classes •

• MEDICAL ASSISTANT • Medical Office adMinistratiOn • Pc sPecialist TECHNICAL LEARNING CENTERS Call Now: (202) 223-3500

1720 I St. NW Suite 200,Washington, D.C. One block from Farragut North and West

All Programs Nationally Accredited By

W E D N E S D AY | 0 7. 2 4 . 2 0 1 3 | E X P R E S S | 21




MEDICAL ASSISTANT COMPUTER & IT In 10 Weeks TRAINING PROGRAM! TRAINING PROGRAM! 1-800-460-4138 HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY CTI can prepare you for an exciting career working in Hotels, Cruise Ships, Resorts & Tourism! Career opportunities include

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Massage Therapist


PHARMACY TECH Trainees Needed Now Pharmacies now hiring. No experience? Job Training & Placement Assistance Available 1-877-240-4524

DENTAL ASSISTANT Trainees Needed Now!

Dental Offices now hiring. No experience? Job Training & Placement Assistance Available. 1-800-678-6350

MED BILL & CODING Trainees Needed Now

Medical Offices now hiring. No experience? Job Training & Placement Assistance Available.



in as little as 9 months!

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National Massage Therapy Institute


Falls Church, VA





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Classes Start This Week ! ENROLL TODAY!

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MEDICAL OFFICE TRAINING PROGRAM NOW IN DC! Get the skills you need to begin a career in:


NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Training can be completed Mornings, Afternoons or Evenings!

Programs and schedules vary by campus. FINANCIAL AID AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO QUALIFY

CALL NOW! 1-888-259-5889 Visit us online at VA Schools are CTO SCHEV For useful consumer information, please visit us at




FORT DUPONT PARK, SE - 1BR $900. CHILLUM, NW - 1BR $1120. Section 8 ok. 301-563-6380

Come - in for our blow - out fire ball Savings on our 1, 2 and 3 Spacious Bedroom Apartments All application fee’s waived for celebration of Independence Day Won’t last long first come first served 7/1/13 - 7/31/13 $99.00 Holding Fee (Due at the time of Application) *Income Restrictions Apply*

Carver Terrace



NURSE ASSISTANT Med Tech/CPR 19 Days 240-770-8251 OR 301-333-6254




• Hospitals • Physicians’ offices • Pharmaceutical and medical products companies • Diagnostic centers • Inpatient and outpatient clinics • Many more exciting opportunities Flexible schedules, career placement assistance for all graduates and financial aid available for those who qualify.


For consumer information, visit 4351 Garden City Drive • Landover, MD 20785

STUFF 3Pc king pillowtop mat. set Value $499, Asking $230. Pillowtop Qu mat. set. Value $289, Asking $130! New in Plastic. Can Deliver. 301-343-8630 6 Piece Cherry Bedroom Set. New in boxes $305. Can Deliver. 301-399-7870 BLOWOUT! DELL GX620 TOWER $89—P4(HT)2.8 COMBO Key.&Mouse VA 703370-5440. MD 301-931-6630 Details:

SALES & AUCTIONS Alexandria - Fairfax County—Moving Sale after 27 years! Alexandria, VA 22306. 6716 Woodstone Place. July 20th 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m McLean—820 Great Cumberland Rd, McLean, VA, Sat, 7/27, Raindate 7/28 9am-3pm, 703615-4595. Pinball,furn,rugs, antiques,art,sports...

$35 App. Fee • $250 Security Deposit


4511 B Street SE, Washington, DC 20019 • 202-621-6836 SE

You Can’t Beat Our

SPECIALS!! No application fee Deposits as low as $100 1 bedrooms at $779

2003 Maryland Avenue #101, Washington DC 20002


• • • • •

*Qualified Applicants

Wall-to-Wall Carpet Central Heat & Air Intercom Access/Dishwashers Laundry Room in every Building Pool and Playground

River Hill Apartments



Professionally Managed By CIH Properties, Inc.


Spring Into Friendship Court

• Central Heat & Air • Wall-to-Wall Carpet • Close to Shopping, Banking & Metro Accessible • $35 Application Fee

1 Bedrooms

STARTING @ $699*


Thur Fri 9am-4pm Hours Mon Saturday 10am-2pm NE- Huntwood Crt. Under new management. 1BR $840+. 2BR $935+. 5000 Hunt St NE. Bring ad, No application Fee! 202-399-1665 NMI Prop Mgmt. NE / NY Ave. / 1850 Kendall St - 2 BR, CAC, WW, Renovated, $780. 1 BR $650. Application fee $10. Immed Occupancy. 202-582-7155

Wardman Court Apartments

W RENTING O N M-F 9am-5pm 1 & 2 BRs from


1,034.00 - $1,227.00 For more info contact us at


ADOPT A CAT/KITTEN Vet checked. Call Feline Foundation. 703-920-8665

NW-6501 14th St 1BR $1,325. W/D. Park/Metro in front, nr 16th St/Georgia Ave. 301-661-0510, 9-5 SE 13th St. 2 mins to metro, 5 min to shops, 2BR 1BA $875+util. No Pets. Section 8 ok. 202-388-3900 x10 or 202-438-3499 SE - 1BR & 1BR w/den apts. $800 & up + elec. No Pets. 202-265-4814 202-629-2606 Fred A. Smith Co.

BOXERS/AKC, M & F fawn w/flash, sealed w/flash, pups, happy home raised S/W, 8wks. $850 301-5738912 240-723-6432

SE - 1BR & 1BR w/den apts. $800 & up + elec. No Pets. 202-265-4814 202-629-2606 Fred A. Smith Co.


Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM

NEWLY RENOVATED 2 BRS ONLY $925 Secured Buildings • Hardwood Floors Dishwashers • On Site Laundry 1 Block from Benning Rd. Subway Station

2 Bedrooms

STARTING @ $799*

3551 Jay Street NE Washington, DC 20019



Starting at

*Limited Time Only

(202) 563-6968 4632 Livingston Rd SE

Professionally Managed By CIH Properties, Inc. SOUTHWEST/Metro Convenient!

$100 Off the

1st Month’s Rent*

EAGLES CROSSING 116 Irvington Street SW


W/W carpet, CAC/1 Air/Heat, Dishwasher, Laundry facility,

EFFICIENCY $700 1BR fr. $775 2BR fr. $870 *See or call Consultant for Details

M-F 9-5 • Sat 10-4

Housing Choice Vouchers Welcome where rents are within voucher limits




2 BRS 875

Central A/C, Convenient to Green Line Metro, Onsite Laundry, Parking, Vouchers Welcome


M-F 8:30 - 5 PM SAT. by appt only


2343 Green Street SE • Wash. DC 20020


22 | E X P R E S S | 0 7. 2 4 . 2 0 1 3 | W E D N E S D AY

DC RENTALS Southeast

Convenient to shops, schools, Dishwasher. Walk-in closets., w-w carpet 5% DISCOUNT: METRO & DC GOVT employees

Call for details (877) 464-9774

M-F 9-5


(202) 584-2241

3539 A St. SE Mon.-Fri. 9-5. Sat. 10-4 Housing Choice Vouchers welcome where rents are within voucher program limits.


Sizzling Summer Specials SHHHHHH… The Best @ Kept Secret in Chevy Chase!! Ridgecrest “Top of the Hill” Village at Round Hill Apartments Affordability with a Chevy Chase address! Apartments • All-new stainless steel appliances • Easy access to Metro • Balconies and patios • Free parking & storage bin • Bedroom ceiling fans • New HVAC units • Next to Capital Crescent Trail

1 & 2 bedroom apartment homes available. Reduced application fee, Free A/C or accent wall*

Call TODAY 301-850-6874

*Limited time

Studio-3BR: $1,125 to $1,850 Move-in Special: $300 Off 1st Month’s Rent* 8584 Freyman Dr., Chevy Chase, MD 20815

FORESTVILLE- 1 BR, electric & cable incl, private parking, $850/ month Call 301-575-4901

Sizzling Hot



Open House 2 Days only Sat. July 27TH & Mon. July 29TH 9–5 PM

1829 Belle Haven Drive, Hyattsville, MD 20785


Regency Pointe

Stylish Floor Plans...Great Location

1 BR from $839 2 BR from $1023



1 BR


Let us find you the perfect home!

*Prce ubjec o verficao

1525 Elkwood Lae • Capol Hegh, MD 20742

ADDISON CHAPEL A p a r t m e n t s

Spring Move In Special

- Metro Accessible - Controlled Entry - Call for details


*ask for details

Forest Village

Suitland, MD

• Clubhouse & Fitness Center • Washer & Dryer • Renovated Apartments Available • Less than Five Minutes from 495 • Swimming Pool • Central A/C & Heat Rosecroft Mews


Call today to schedule an appointment tour! XX740 1x.25

XX740 1x.25

Roland Park - 4801-15 Texas Ave, SE. Call to make an appt to see our 1&2 BR, steps from Blue Line. From $799 + cooking gas/elec. 301-559-9111. SW GALVESTON PLACE - 4BR, 2BA, $1455 + utils. 1st months rent free. Good credit req. Metro Bus at corner. Call 202-563-1791 SW - Madison Court. Under New Management. 1 BR $785+, 2 BR $885+. 32 Chesapeake St. SW 202-561-7368 NMI Property Management

1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Apartments Starting @ $799 We Offer Second Chance Program With $0 Security Deposit

Reclaim Your Independence at Woodland Springs With A New Apartment Home Must move in by July 19th to receive free flat screen T.V! Up to ½ off security deposits!

Rents starting at


• Under New Management • Washer/Dry in apt • Oversized closets • Apts with dens available • Pet friendly

9a.m.-4p.m (Monday-Saturday)

Woodland Springs Apartments


6617 Atwood Street ★ District Heights MD 20747 (301) 735-2104 (office) ★ (301) 736-9621 (fax) RIVERDALE



• Minutes to The National Harbor

• FREE Internet & Cable* (*1-BR only)


• State of the Art Fitness Center • Stainless Steel Appliances**

COLONIAL VILLAGE 908 Marcy Ave. • Oxon HIll, MD 20745

• Granite Countertops**


• Free gas and water • State-of-the-art fitness center • Right across from the NEW WEGMANS • Remodeled w/brand new Kitchens • Licensed daycare on premises

Professionally Managed By CIH Properties, Inc. SE - 2nd St. 2 BR 1BA $1,456 inc utils. W-W, Laundry facility. NP. Sec 8 ok. 202-388-3900 x10 SE- Hanover Court. Under new management. 1 BR $750+. 2 BR $820+. 2412 Hartford St. SE. 202-506-6416 NMI Property Management SE - NEWCOMB ST - 2BR/3BR $875-$1878 + electric. Sect. 8 OK. 202-388-3900 x10 or 202-438-3499 WASHINGTON, DC

* w/approved credit

Move-in Specials

1, 2 & 3BRs

• Washer & Dryer**


3738 D St. SE 20019

Performance. People. Pride.


(202) 584-1688

**Limited Availability

Some restrictions apply

• Private balconies and patios

(866) 574-7408

Security Deposits from $250 • Electronic entry building system *Income Qualifications • Free business center # Occupants Maximum Income • Free after school program 1 $41,180 • Metro Accessible 2 $51,600 3 $58,080 • Bring in ad to rec. 4 $64,500 free app. fee per unit

Call Now (888) 831-6315

• Exciting renovations • Spacious floor plans • Pleasing closet space • Pet friendly

• Swimming Pool



866.507.2283 Summer Ridge Experience Comfort & Luxury

Spacious Modern Floorplans • Efficiencies–$779! 1 Bedrooms–$900! 2 Bedrooms–$1210! Convenient Location

Spacious 1, 2, 3 BRs Rents Starting at $861* $99 Deposit*

Summer Specials

2000 Ridgecrest Court SE, Washington DC *Call Office for Details


Parkway Apartments 2BDR Apartments Starting at $799 New Wall to Wall Carpet All Utilities included Laundry Facility on site Call 301-256-7066


1 BR-$1,025 2 BR-$1,180 3 BR-$1,300

3600 Ely Place S.E., Wash. DC 20019


1 BRs fr. $710/mo 2 BRs fr. $835/mo with Move-in Special Meadow Green Courts!

• Central AC/Heat • 24 hr onsite laundry facilities • Close to metro & shopping • Across the street from park & recreation • FREE gas & heat


XX740 1x.25

Spacious 1, 2, & 3 BRs


REVIVE Your Lifestyle

Anacostia Gardens




2252 Brightseat Road • Landover, MD 20785


• Free Gas (cooking & heat) & Water • Outdoor & Indoor Pools (**Select Units) *Subject to change.


PARKVIEW GARDENS 6400 Riverdale Road • Riverdale, MD 20737

888-251-1872 Mon.-Fri. 8-6, Sat. 10-4, Sun. 12.-4

LANDOVER • • • • •


Walk to Metro Walk to Elementary School Minutes to the NEW WEGMANS Granite Countertops Stainless Steel Appliances



3402 Dodge Park Rd. • Landover, MD 20785




• Roomy, modern apts. • Private balconies/patios • Cathedral ceiling



5409 Riverdale Road • Riverdale, MD 20737


Free 6-Week Summer Camp

Come Visit Us: Mon. thru Fri. 8 am - 5 pm • Sat. 10 am to 4 pm • Sun. 12 pm - 4 pm

W E D N E S D AY | 0 7. 2 4 . 2 0 1 3 | E X P R E S S | 23



Arts District



1st mo. rent $599 (on a 12 mo. lease)

1-BR $1050 2-BR $1175

1ST Month’s

Rent $599* On residential street next to DeMatha HS Off-st parking • Ceiling Fans (tenant pays electric)

Close to the Forest Glen Metro Off-Str. Prking/Controlled Access Ceiling Fans Housing Vouchers Welcome UTILITIES INCLUDED


MARYLAND HYATTSVILLE Oliver Gardens – 3BR on tree-lined street near Hyattsville MS. FIOS/cable ready, off-street pkg, bus to Green Line, close to UMD, shopping & entertainment. $1325 includes gas. CATS OK. Call 301-864-5933, 301-559-9111 Dean Manor – HUGE 1 & 2BR, newly renovated, balcony, walk-in closets Fr. $1150. MOVE IN NOW! Walk to Green Line, shopping, restaurants. Near UMD. FIOS/cable ready. PET FRIENDLY! Call 301-559-9111



$30 Application Fee Walk to Metro W/W Carpet or Hardwood avail Keyed entry ways Parklike setting w/picnic tbls & grill


3415 Parkway Terr. Dr. Suitland, Md. Mon-Fri. 9am-6pm. app't. only


SOUTH POINTE APARTMENT HOMES 1 Bedrooms from..........$900* 2 Bedrooms from........$1060*

Move in by 7/9/13 & Get Half OFF July’s Rent on Select 1Br’s and $ 500 OFF 2Br’s!


$0 Security Deposit • Wall-to-wall carpet • Off-Street Parking • Walk to Metro • Immediate Move-In

Prices are subject to change without notice. Limited time offer. Certain restrictions apply. Call the office for complete details. Special offered on select apartments only

Ask about our 2nd Chance Program HURRY - Limited Availability!

1BR $1030.00 2BR $1160.00 3BR $1505.00

Newly Renovated in 2013! Trendy Midrise Living

4901 Seminary Rd., ALEXANDRIA, VA

PARKWAY TERRACE 1 BRs fr $860 2 BRs fr $968


Maximum income limits apply


3839 64th Ave Hyattsville MD 20785



Forest Glen Apts. 301.593.0485

*When you sign a 12 mo. lease



Move In Special



Call Now! 866.708.7251

*Restrictions apply, prices subject to change daily. Please ask a Leasing Consultant for more info.

Efficiency from ...$1000* 2 Bedroom from..$1590* 1 Bedroom from..$1235* 3 Bedroom from..$1985*


• All utilities paid • No Security Deposit or move-in fees • Metrobus at front door to Pentagon & Van Dorn Metro Penthous • Free parking • 24-hour 7-11 available froe m • Convenient to Pentagon, $1985 Shopping & I-395 • Small pets welcome • 6 Month lease avail.

MON-FRI 9-6PM • SAT 10-5PM

*All Prices & Specials Subject to change without notice.

MON, TUE, WED, THU 9-7 • FRI, SAT 9-5 • SUN 11-5

(888) 450-3292

Come on in and take a tour.


LINDEN PARK APARTMENTS 3600 Jurgensen Drive Triangle, VA 22172


Studios from .............. $1,450* 1 Bedrooms from....... $1,680* 2 Bedrooms from....... $2,125* 3 Bedrooms from....... $3,420* Great Amenities, Walk to Metro



703.415.0660 2111 Jefferson Davis Hwy - Arlington, VA


*Restrictions apply, prices subject to change daily. Please ask a Leasing Consultant for more info.

All Utilities Included*

Move in Specials! $500-$600 off 1st month

Joi 1-800-473-1797 ext 107

T HILL RES O T R F APA MENTS S *32 in. Flat Screen Giveaway* • Largest Apts., in Oxon Hill • Newly Renovated Apts. • Across from United Medical Center w/ New Children’s Hospital Wing • P12 Metrobus@Doorstep • Walk to Southern Avenue Metro • Housing Vouchers Welcome (MD) • ALL CREDIT CONSIDERED *Call for details* 888.480.1693

OXON HILL - 3 BR, 1 BA, TH. 702 Audrey Ln. Deck, driveway, W/D. Near pub transportation. Avail Immed! $1,595/month. Call 202-285-0737

Your audience reads Express.

Andrew’s Ridge Open House this weekend

Up To One Month Free* Rents starting at $1155

• Classic & Renovated apartments available • Spacious bedrooms • Ample closet space • Exciting community renovations underway!

Temple Hills


5601 Regency Park Court • Suitland, MD 20746 *Limited time offer

866.507.2283 Summer Ridge Hyattsville

1829 Belle Haven Drive, Hyattsville, MD 20785

Security Deposits from $250 • Electronic entry building system *Income Qualifications • Free business center # Occupants Maximum Income • Free after school program 1 $41,180 • Metro Accessible 2 $51,600 3 $58,080 • Bring in ad to rec. 4 $64,500 free app. fee per unit

♦ Marlow Heights

XX195 1x.75

Alexandria $645,000 Potomac Yard -- Brand New Condo - Move-in now! $645,000, 2-lvl 1686sqft home minutes from DC & Old Town, 3br, 2.5ba, garage, hardwood, $34k in options. Overlooks park, lots of storage, warranties convey. AVOID CONSTRUCTION LAG AND PAY LESS! Open House 1-4pm 7/21 and 7/28. 703-944-1166 Lanham/Upper Marlboro, MD-1/2 price homes for sale. rent w/ option. Cred chk. Use tax refund wisely. Ike, Metro RE 301-335-4447 / 982-1284

301.289.7565 WALDORF / TEMPLE HILLS Rooms at $650$950/utils incl/public transp./ newly renovated, very NICE! Bsmt suite avail. Call 240-432-0751



Furnished Efficiencies: $399 Wk  $1470 Mo Cable  Internet  Utilities  Housekeeping 99 South Bragg St, Alexandria, VA 22312 703-354-6300

ALEXANDRIA,VA - Professional, N/S, Share Apartment with cleaning service. Near 395, Mark Center & Metro. $625+Deposit Incl Util/Int 703-625-7525 CLINTON, MD-1 furn BR $775/mo in lg home, free utils/cable/net, 3 fpls, 2 kit's, jacuzzi, 2 lrg ent rms. A Must See. 443-986-1187 or 301-856-0808 GEORGETOWNNW DC - Share House, Professional Female. No smoking. Near Bus & shops, W/D. $730 + 1/3 utilities. Call 202-337-1308 HERNDON/STERLING - bsmt for rent, pvt BA & entr. NP, $710. all utils incl. Avail Now. Call/Text 703-598-9406 LANDOVER,MD- Furn BR $150/wk incl all utils. No security deposit. No Credit check. Near Metro. Call 301-516-1243 LAUREL- Furn room w/ Internet & Cbl/TV $610/mo or $170/wk, incl util. Share kitchen & W/D. 301-370-6587 MANASSAS- Lower level townhome with full bath. Utilities included. Security deposit/credit check. Near 66. $750/month. Call 703-895-8580 NEW CARROLLTON, MD- Shr house, 1BR. New crpt. All amens incl. Cbl/internet. Prkng avail. Nr Metro/ MDU. 301-717-2382 / 240-354-5372 NW—Share SFH. Furn Room N/S, No Pets, $400 incl. Util & sec dep. Call 202-234-5764 SE DC - Female preferred. Large room in Townhome. Pvt bath. W/D, internet. Near Metro. $160/week. Call 202-250-7414 Springfield/Ft Belvoir- NO SECUITY DEPOSIT NS, NP, Shr W/D, Bsmnt Rm Pvt BA $800/mon $200/wk Util Incl Msg 571-447-0168 SPRINGFIELD, VA - 1 medium room $590 includes all. Share house. Male preferred. Call 703-402-3337 SUITLAND - Share SFH. Fully furnished room with refrigerator, microwave, CATV, wireless net. $150/week. Call 301-575-7122


*limited time offer

ALEX- 2 Lvl Condo, 2 BR, 1.5 BA, Mt Vernon Area, Nr US-1 & 3 mi to Ft Belvoir, W/D, renov kit/BA, covered Parking, $1,350. Call 240-353-5059

* w/approved credit

Contact us at 202.334.6732 or

XX740 1x.25

• Spacious closets • Lots of windows • Walk to shopping & community center • Minutes to 2 Metro stations • Access to swimming pool


Sell out the show!

XX195 1x1

1brs $899* 2brs $999*

**Limited Availability Performance. People. Pride.

Contact us at 202.334.6732 or

$1,432* $1,570* $2,357* $3,385*


XX740 1x.25

1439 Southern Ave.

$1,195* 3400 Pearl Drive, Suitland, MD 20746

REJUVENATE Your Lifestyle

1 Bedrooms @ $850 per month. 2 Bedrooms at $975.00 per month


ntee We guara sages no mes from your boss will pop up. XX133 1x1.75

IN PRINT. Still the best way to kill time during your commute.

CARS Ford 2003 F150 — XLT SCab, $7,998, Excellent, new engine 1000 mi, new paint, mostly rebuilt, Tan int, Burgundy ext, 4 dr, 703-492-6925 JUNK VEHICLES REMOVED FREE CASH PAY FOR ALL 202-714-9835 KIA 2002 SPECTRAAuto, 4 door, cold AC, runs perfect, good body, sky blue, clean in/out. $1700. Call 202-510-2185 NEED A VEHICLE? Over 1,000 Cars, Trucks, SUV’s! You need 2 Paystubs & 1 Bill - Laurel, MD. Gross income must be $2k mo+. Jason 202.704.8213

XX740 1x.25

Great Location! Hwy 450 Close to 295 and 495 Spacious Floorplans, Central Heat and AC

• 1 Bedrooms $920.00 - $1020 • 2 Bedrooms $1060-$1160 Renovated • 3 Bedrooms $1210-$1310 Renovated • Renovated Apartments Available • Central A/C & Heating • 2 Playgrounds • Five Minutes away from 95 South and North Swimming Pool and A Gym Coming Soon

WANTED: Classic/Collectible Vehicles for Private Collection Top $$ Paid. Fast Transaction. 301-385-9395

24 | E X P R E S S | 0 7. 2 4 . 2 0 1 3 | W E D N E S D AY


lookout online

“If the royal baby cries, it means 6 more weeks of heat waves.” — @JOSHPETRI has a little fun likening the frenzy surrounding Prince William and Kate’s new bundle of joy, born Monday, to America’s fascination with Punxsutawney Phil. If the groundhog in Pennsylvania sees his shadow, it means six more weeks of winter.

“Not in the mood for wine tonight, but still want to feel real classy? Then boy, do we have a trend for you!” — SAMANTHA GROSSMAN AT TIME.COM reports on an

uptick in the popularity of a water sommelier, because “ordering plain old tap water is so passe.” Los Angeles restaurant Ray’s and Stark boasts a menu that features 20 different types of water from 10 countries, including Badoit from France and Voss from Norway.

“Uh, sorry KTVU, you can’t ‘cancel the internet.’ ” — COMMENTER BLOO AT WIRED.COM

reacts after reading that the San Francisco TV news station is trying to delete all of the online videos that show its reporter reading fake — and racially insensitive — names for the pilots involved in the recent Asiana airline crash. The station has been issuing takedown notices to YouTube. Some of the video links lead to the message: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by KTVU.”

Health Information Technology


–7p.m. –7p.m. Tuesday,August July 2, 1, 5:30 Thursday, 5:30 For more information and to R.s.v.p., email, visit, or call 202-319-5256.

Funded in part by a $4.175 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor. Catholic University admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, or disability. If you need accommodations for a disability, contact us at the phone number listed above.


that Sacha Baron Cohen is no longer interested in playing Freddie Mercury in an upcoming biopic of the Queen frontman. Cohen reportedly wanted a gritty R-rated tell-all about the gay singer, while surviving members of Queen are seeking more of a PG-rated film.

“But what about the first rule of Fight Club?!” — COMMENTER TYLER GOLD AT THEVERGE.COM reacts after read-

ing that Chuck Palahniuk is working on a graphic-novel sequel to his book “Fight Club,” which was made into a 1999 film starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. According to Palahniuk’s website, it will likely be a series of books that update the story 10 years after “the seeming end of Tyler Durden” and could be released before 2015.


Certificates and Bachelor’s degrees • Significant scholarships available! • Evening classes • Extraordinary faculty

“How can you make a PG rated version of such an iconic rock star who was going through anything but a PG life? I think fans would rather see the truth rather than a sugar coated version.”

Suits: $675, $550, Shirts: $80 $65

5243 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 1750 Tysons Blvd. Suite 130, McLean, VA

Tel: 866-751-7868 301-423-6955 Monday-Friday 10-6 Saturday 10-5 Auto Insurance As Low As $1.00 A Day Se Habla Espanol • $$$ Cash For Cars • Duplicate Title • Md Tag Return • Driving Records • 30 Day Temporary Tags • Handicap Placards/Tags • Permanent Tags • Title Only • Replacement Stickers/Tags • Tag Renewal Iverson Mall 3737 Branch Ave Temple Hills Md 20748 Beltway Plaza 6134 Greenbelt Rd Greenbelt Md 20770

W E D N E S D AY | 0 7. 2 4 . 2 0 1 3 | E X P R E S S | 25

puzzles lookout Scrabble Grams





LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) You may receive assistance from someone who isn’t used to offering it, but in your case, he or she is willing to make an exception. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You can appreciate what another tells you even though you may not understand it completely. You’ll be up to speed very soon. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) You may be eager for something of a getaway at this time, but you may be prevented — for now — by a family responsibility. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) If at first you can’t do what you want because it doesn’t suit someone else, try again after thoroughly explaining your motives. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Financial matters may be more complex than expected. Focus on indicators that you can readily understand — and trust an expert.

Yesterday’s Solution

Yesterday’s Solution

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Your emotions may be quite near the surface all day long. Indeed, you may be vacillating between two extremes at this time. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Physical difficulties can be overcome, but you’re going to have to make a certain sacrifice in the process. It’s worth it! PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) You’ve been listening to someone else’s predictions long enough, and today, you’ll want to go about your business regardless.

Need more Sudoku? Find another puzzle in the Comics section of The Post every Sunday and in the Style section Monday through Saturday.

FOUR RACK TOTAL Make a 2-7-letter word from the letters in each row. Add points of each word using scoring directions at right. Seven-letter words get a 50-point bonus. Blank tiles used as any letter have no point value. Scrabble is a trademark of Hasbro in the U.S. and Canada.



86 65


Today: A shower or thunderstorm in spots this morning. Partly cloudy tonight.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) Your ducks are in a row, and today, you can really get things moving — but do you really know where you’re going to end up? TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You and a friend will want to perform a thorough debriefing after events that are not really a part of the plan. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You can improve the way you do things without taking on any more responsibility. You’re multitasking enough for several people! CANCER (June 21-July 22) You can expect the technical assistance you have requested to give you more than you had bargained for — and to pay off in a surprising way.



82 63 Tomorrow: Partly sunny tomorrow. Partly

cloudy tomorrow night.


Looking Ahead




84 71 86 73 85 68 Sun and Moon Sunrise today: 6:02 a.m. Sunset today: 8:27 p.m. Moonrise today: 9:33 p.m. Moonset today: 8:18 a.m.

Almanac Normal high: 88 Record high: 102 Normal low: 71 Record low: 56


26 | E X P R E S S | 0 7. 2 4 . 2 0 1 3 | W E D N E S D AY

lookout puzzles Crossword



ACROSS 1 Underground lava 6 Just one of those things? 10 Interim employee 14 Packing, in slang 15 Long lunch? 16 Cookie with only one consonant 17 They show you where you’ve been 20 Incised 21 Fish by itself? 22 Prefix with “array” 23 Colored eye part 25 Filled to the gills 27 Good buddies use them 30 Strong, dark beer 32 Foot digit 33 Unsurpassable rating 35 Extinct New Zealand bird 37 Pricey fur 41 Farthest from the front, in a race 44 Leaf beneath a bloom 45 ___ Bora (Afghan mountain area) 46 Depilatory brand 47 Young bear 49 Dole’s 1996 running mate 51 ___ Butterworth’s 52 Strew about 56 Droop in the sun 58 Frame works? 59 Buffalo’s county or lake 61 Assumed Taoism founder 65 What a deep, dark secret may do 68 Barely run, as an engine 69 Often argued with Zeus 70 Arterial trunk 71 Needs no more convincing 72 Haughty person 73 It might rock your world

Time-saving guides to the monuments, museums and more

Insider advice on what to see, what not to see, and what’s family friendly

The best events and exhibits, handpicked by our editors

Street maps with step-by-step walking and Metro directions

DOWN 1 Loamy fertilizer 2 Paperhanger’s computation 3 Crime-fighting fed 4 A Polite Parisian’s word


5 Quickly, to a grammarian? 6 Common title word 7 Takes a chainsaw to 8 Jouster’s defense 9 ___ water (cologne kin) 10 Prominent rock 11 Chip away, as confidence 12 Have it coming 13 Western law assemblage 18 “Hands down” and “Talk turkey” 19 Tranquility 24 “To Kill a Mockingbird” girl 26 Commit to memory 27 Airport waiters? 28 Cylinder diameter

1866 1911

Yale University history professor Hiram Bingham III finds the “Lost City of the Incas,” Machu Picchu, in Peru.


62 63 64 66 67

TODAY IN HISTORY Tennessee becomes the first state to be re-admitted to the Union after the Civil War.

Download Free!

29 To cut some coupons 31 Life preserver stuffing 34 Serve as a lawmaker 36 Throw all over the place 38 Transport up to the Enterprise 39 Place to hibernate 40 Makes a blunder 42 Body sculptors’ targets 43 Skywalker portrayer Mark 48 Cruise quarters 50 Western desert basins 52 Ranis’ wraparounds 53 System of principles 54 Even a little bit 55 Gone heavenward 57 Hard row ___ 60 Foreign currency


During a visit to Moscow, Vice President Richard Nixon engages in his famous “Kitchen Debate” with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.

Published by Express Publications LLC 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20071 A Subsidiary of The Washington Post Co.

Hatcher of TV Coll. entrance exams Big cheese in Holland Type of meat or pepper Shoot the breeze

Yesterday’s Solution

Editorial: 202-334-6800 Fax: 202-334-9777 Circulation: 202-334-6992 Advertising: 202-334-6732 or Classifieds: 202-334-6200

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Founding Publisher — Christopher Ma, 1950-2011

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people lookout OVERSHADOWED

Not Much to Report: In Light of Other Baby News, This Kind of Pales Actress Penelope Cruz gave birth to her second child, a girl, on Monday in Madrid, E! News reported. This is the second child for Cruz and husband, actor Javier Bardem. Their first child is a boy, 2-yearold Leonardo. She confirmed her pregnancy in February. (EXPRESS) PSYCHIATRIC HOLD

Officials: Bynes Hospitalized After Starting Fire in Calif.


Rose McGowan is engaged to artist Davey Detail, Us Weekly reported. Her rep confirmed the betrothal after McGowan was spotted wearing a diamond ring last week. This will be her first marriage, although she was previously engaged to Marilyn Manson and Robert Rodriguez. McGowan starred in “Charmed” and “Nip/Tuck.” (EXPRESS)


‘Cashing In on a Friend and Selling, Like, 10 Copies’

Compared to the last two, he seems a bit, well, normal. There, we said it.



Rejected Titles

Professional Engagement Artist Debuts Latest Work


A former best friend of Lady Gaga’s has written a book called “Rivington Was Ours: Lady Gaga, The Lower East Side and the Prime of Our Lives,” in which he claims Gaga did tons of cocaine. According to Radar Online, Brendan Jay Sullivan quotes Gaga as saying, “I used to do bags and bags of it. … I’d get a delivery and then put on some Bowie and treat myself in the mirror. “ (E XPRESS)




DISCOVERIES Selena Gomez told Ryan Seacrest

Fame Revokes Free Will


on an E! special Sunday that she “should definitely be way more private next time” she’s in a serious relationship. “It’s hard to date in this industry. You can’t really help who you date.” Of her romance with Justin Bieber, she said, “I was 18 when we started to date. I don’t know. You just have to be an 18-year-old and go through everything.” (E XPRESS)




301-309-2200 WWW.DARCARS.COM

Amanda Bynes has been hospitalized for a mental-health evaluation after deputies said the actress started a small gasoline fire in the driveway of a California home Monday night. Passerby Andrew Liverpool told KABC he found Bynes: “It’s dark, it’s 8:45 and I just see her laying down, stomach up and her pant legs on fire, a trail of, you know, fire and gas, and I pull over.” (AP)

“How would you make a Mystique costume? Are there gonna be naked people? Should I be prepared?” — JENNIFER L AW RENCE TOLD E! NEWS WHAT SHE DIDN’T WANT TO SEE AT SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON. E! DID NOT SAY WHETHER SHE ULTIMATELY RAN INTO ANY MYSTIQUES.



301-309-3917 WWW.DARCARS.COM

28 | E X P R E S S | 0 7. 2 4 . 2 0 1 3 | W E D N E S D AY

Scratch ‘n’ Save get a quote | 1-800-947-AUTO (2886) | Local Office

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