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If I had to do it over again? I would pray more and examine the people I associate with but most importantly I would laugh more- Ms. Lawrence, Founder/CEO

This world is cold and bitter but I still believe in dreaming and love. For this reason, I decided during Exposure's 5th year anniversary to celebrate it by redirecting the future of the publication to meet our online 2.5 million daily readers and 36,000+ subscribers with content that will answer their Why(s), What(s), and How to (s) and When to do I (s)? Our loyal readers range between the ages 19 -44 year old, it's important that as a media outlet advocate for those who support our efforts. Exposure Magazine mission is to provide informative, engaging and thought provoking content.  The moral obligation for [ANY] media outlet is to protect the interest of its publics. For more than five years I've given it my all to explore different ways of attracting our readership, I believe it takes a million falls to truly find a WIN.  In 2013, I launched Exposure Magazine in Atlanta, Georgia and in 2015 I expanded into Chicago, Illinois and currently we are preparing to expand into Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.


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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that public health actions be initiated when the level of lead in a child’s blood is 5 micrograms per deciliter (µg/dL) or more.

2 3

EPA estimates that drinking water can make up 20 percent or more of a person’s total exposure to lead. Infants who consume mostly mixed formula can receive 40 percent to 60 percent of their exposure to lead from drinking water.

Pregnant Women Lead can accumulate in our bodies over time, where it is stored in bones along with calcium. During pregnancy, lead is released from bones as maternal calcium and is used to help form the bones of the fetus. This is particularly true if a woman does not have enough dietary calcium. Lead can also cross the placental barrier exposing the fetus to lead. This can result in serious effects to the mother and her developing fetus, including:

Reduced growth of the fetus Premature birth

Children Even low levels of lead in the blood of children can result in: Behavior and learning problems Lower IQ and hyperactivity Slowed growth Hearing problems Anemia EXPOSURE-MAGAZINE.COM




Wisconsin Council on Children and Families

More than 44,000 state children were reportedly above

released their analysis of the rate of lead

the accepted lead levels from 1996-2006.

poisoning among children in Wisconsin. This analysis showed that the rate of lead poisoning among children in Wisconsin is nearly equal to Flint, Michigan."

16 percent of Milwaukee Public Schools’ interior faucets or water sources “exceed EPA safe levels for lead.” Lead effects on humans include neurological effects like diminished IQ, and problems with the renal system and blood system. Humans have been mining lead for about

In Wisconsin, 4.6 percent of children under the age of 6 who were tested had lead poisoning; Flint, Michigan’s rate was 4.9 percent. The analysis further found that a disproportionate number of African-American children had lead poisoning.

6,000 years, and it’s only until recently that the government decided using lead in products isn’t safe. Humans have known how harmful lead is for almost 2,000 years yet it took them until 44 years ago to do something about it. Children are at a higher risk of exposure because their stomach absorbs the lead 5-10 times faster than adults.

Total replacement could take decades and will cost millions of dollars annually. Milwaukee Water Works reported that replacing roughly 600 lead service lines in 2017 cost $6.6 million in public and private funds.

According to Milwaukee Water Works, when water leaves the water treatment plant it contains no lead. The lead is being introduced into the water by the home owner’s pipes, their laterals and solders. Dr. Carvan stated because of

During the meeting, one of the presenters, Professor Dr. Michael Carvan at UWM School of Freshwater Sciences

these things, Milwaukee’s children have a higher lead percentage in their blood than the children in Flint.

stated that the lead in water affects predominately the black community. There are other places in Wisconsin that are experiencing lead issues but not like the inner-city of Milwaukee.





Pierre Evans is an author, speaker and trainer. He is making a big impact on the youth with his unique approach and delivery of real life issues. With a significant social media presence, his message is traveling fast and there is no sign of slowing. Due to his lack of education, and his unwillingness to follow rules, many counted him out. For Pierre, it was just one more thing for him to overcome.

He learned that being the underdog is a huge advantage. It allowed him to study the top. Using his personal experiences, he is able to pass on the tools that continue to help him reach new levels of success. As a high school drop-out , Pierre, to many, is not the smartest, but his determination and hustle is hard to argue. After seventeen years he went back to get his GED and now he’s taking the country by storm.





He has been privileged to be mentored by one of the greatest motivational speakers in the world, Eric Thomas of Eric Thomas and Associates, LLC and the president of the company, CJ Quinney. As CEO of his consulting firm, Re-Empower, LLC. Pierre is expanding his reach from schools and youth programs in Arizona all the way to the east coast.







Did You Know?

Credit scores are broken into five major categories:

Payment History (35% of your scores) — Your history of repaying account debts Credit Utilization (30%) — How much debt you’re carrying in relation to your credit limit Length of Credit History (15%) — How long you’ve had active credit accounts Types of Credit (10%) — Your variety of accounts Credit Inquiries (10%) — Number of inquiries into your credit profile Now that you understand what these reports cover and how your credit scores are calculated, you can begin addressing your issues. A









How long can a negative mark remain on your credit report? Late Payments: 7 years from the late payment date Foreclosures: 7 years Collection Accounts: 7 years and 180 days from the date of delinquency on the original debt Short Sales: 7 years Bankruptcies: 10 years from the filing date; 7 years for Chapter 13 cases Repossessions: 7 years Judgments: If the judgment has been paid, 7 years. If unpaid, potentially longer Tax Liens: 7 years after they are paid Charge-Offs: 7 years from the date the account was charged off





Pastor Mark Burns Faith and Boldness in the Face of Adversity…. A Talk With President Trump’s Top Surrogate

Interview by LeNora Millen

I was called by God to help President Trump win the 2016 Election- Pastor Mark Burns

Pastor Mark Burns, co-founder, and CEO of the “NOW Television “sat down with Political Editor LeNora Millen on January 19, 2018, to discuss his vision for the Trump administration, America, and his ministry’s influence on a Trump presidency. Speaking about his relationship with President Trump—Burns talked about “finding grace” in a president who considers the Pastor a friend, and an outspoken surrogate who could perhaps change the Republican landscape.

A member of Donald Trump’s Evangelical Counsel, Pastor Mark Burns believes he was called by God to help President Trump win the 2016 Election. Burns is the creator, executive producer and host of “Lift Your Voice Gospel Show” and “It’s Your Harvest NOW” currently airing in more than 65 million homes on ‘The Impact Network’ and ‘The NOW Television Network.’ The Pastor said his work speaks for itself.

Regarded by Time Magazine as the “Top Pastor” during the 2016 presidential election—the outspoken and often controversial Pastor has appeared on—MSNBC, ABC News, FOX News, CNN, BBC, and CBS, among many other major networks. Firing up Trumps’ base on the campaign trail, leading to a Trump presidency, Burns paralleled his vision and mission with that of Dr. King—a premise of equality and prosperity for all races. Walking in the spirit of boldness, Burns spoke about both positive and negative labels attached to President Donald Trump. As one of the most loyal and oftentimes misunderstood surrogates for Trump—the Pastor reflected upon his "All Lives Matter" Speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention, which he says was a ‘high point’ in his life. One of his ‘lowest points’—The interview with CNN’s Correspondent and Co-Host of New Day Weekend, Victor Blackwell. Pastor Burns is the Founder and Senior Pastor of multicultural, nondenominational contemporary church The Harvest Praise & Worship Center of Easley. The Pastor and with his wife Tomarra Burns have six children. Burns was born and reared in Belton, South Carolina, (a city in Eastern Anderson County in South Carolina). He currently resides in a small town in Easley, South Carolina with a population of approximately 20,953 according to the 2016 census. Trump’s candidacy has thrust Burns into the national political spotlight prompting the Pastor to proclaim, “It is a sign of God’s blessing for someone like Donald Trump to say, ‘Hey, your heart is right, your spirit is right,’ you’re my real friend, come follow me.”

As a speaker at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland— Burns was so sure of a Trump presidency that he prophesied throughout the primaries, naming and claiming a Trump victory at the polls in November. The Pastor shared his thoughts on the Obama administration, speaking on policy differences, specifically DACA, immigration, and the plight of children and adults who are in the United States by no fault of their own. Reflecting on his comment about MSNBC’s Joy Reid moving to Haiti during a heated exchange about DACA amid the “sh**hole” comments allegedly made by President Trump, Burns described Reid as a kind person who he considers a friend. Editors note: The Immigration policy could affect approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants living and working in the U.S., to include the untold number of immigrants who want to migrate to the U.S. A DACA deal will decide the fate of approximately 800,00 beneficiaries who could face “deportation” in March if Congress doesn’t reach an agreement on DACA. “Lord is this your will or this is just me being excited to be in Donald Trump’s presence?” Millen: Amid all that is transpiring in Washington and abroad, individuals such as yourself and others sitting on the sidelines observing what happens in the hallways of Congress, are now getting more involved with the political process, which is significant when working towards solutions to how citizens can move towards a better tomorrow for all Americans. Coming from the small town of Easley, South Carolina—you’ve been thrust onto the world stage as one of the most visible, and often controversial televangelist Pastors.

From your perspective—and you can only speak for yourself, what sets you apart from the other pastors who were not out there as visible as you were during the campaign and during the Inauguration? Pastor Burns: First I really despise the “Televangelist” term that I’ve been attached with. The word televangelist is oftentimes synonymous with Pastor’s who steal your money on TV. You know I really don’t have a specific answer for that. I mean I guess, I would have to leave that to other people’s opinions. You know for me, I’ve always been very open that I was a “Neophyte” when it comes to politics, that there were so many other greater Pastors and greater leaders. Those who are way more skilled and knowledgeable, and educated to do what God has thrust me, as you said on an international stage. And so, I can’t tell you what really is different, other than I can say for me, and only for me, that the ‘Holy Spirit’ gave me a boldness that I believe others who have a larger audience—I personally think—would have made a greater impact than I did. But simply, God gave me a boldness to step out and to say what I believe to be true. And for me, my initial conversations with candidate Donald Trump was connected to my faith, which was prolife and pro-marriage, and Christian religious freedom. Religious liberties that we believed was being challenged under the last administration. Millen: You supported President Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign appearing on many of the major networks as one of his most loyal surrogates. Who or what convinced you to support Donald Trump rather than any of the other candidate? Were there any other candidate’s that you possibly thought of, or did you know it was going to be Donald Trump?

Pastor Burns: I personally, initially reached out to Dr. Ben Carson’s camp. I’ve been very clear on being a novice in politics. I recently, through educating myself, only in the last couple of years learned the real significant difference between Democrats and Republicans, or what is the Liberal left versus what is the Conservative right, and the Independents, and those that fall between, and the Moderates. Recently, once I began to discover, you know because naturally as a Black man we vote Democrat. I grew up voting Democrat, to be honest with you, I was in a radio interview yesterday, and they were honoring Bob Dole. They were talking about Bob Dole and what he’s done for America, and, I had to cringe a little bit because in my mind—in the time Bob Dole was running for president, and because of my strong Democratic household, he was considered the enemy —the racist enemy, and Bob Dole cannot win the presidency. And so, as we were discussing Bob Dole, I was saying to myself, Lord when I say the name Bob Dole, I hear enemy, then I have to remember, Oh I’ve converted since then, now I’m a Republican, so it’s okay to honor Bob Dole. “Hey, your heart is right, your spirit is right, you’re my real friend, come follow me.” Millen: Have you always been Republican, it sounds like you may have voted Democrat or Independent at one point? Pastor Burns: I voted Democrat hands down without question. I mean again, as a Black man in America, and this is part of my argument today, which is in many cases, we vote simply because that’s just what we do without really knowing the platforms. We just are connected to the party. And so when I became, as I stated earlier, educated on what is the difference between Republican and Democrats, to me it was a “spiritual matter” more than anything. Millen: You mention the word spiritual, and you’ve also been quoted in numerous articles as saying, “For someone like Donald Trump to say, ‘Hey, your heart is right, your spirit is right, you’re my real friend, come follow me.” Was there any reluctance to follow a man you probably only knew through the media and what you had read about yourself? I know you said you initially thought about Dr. Ben Carson, but then you have Donald Trump saying “Hey, your heart is right, your spirit is right, you’re my real friend, come follow me.” Pastor Burns: Well without question, the initial meeting that I had with Donald Trump in “Trump Tower,” it was about “twenty to twenty-five” very, very well-known—very powerful Pastors who’ve been on television—heroes of mine. I was just honored to be in the room. To be honest with you, I was just happy to be there. But I asked a question, I think that’s what really captured candidate Trump’s attention towards me, and I think others wanted to ask, but nobody asked it.

And my question was, “Mr. Trump, you know several of us black leaders took some backlash just for coming to this meeting, and so because of that, obviously there’s an issue with you and your character and the black community.” “What are you planning to do to bridge that gap?” And that changed the atmosphere of the whole meeting. For the last two hours that’s pretty much all we talked about, what can we do, and it was after that meeting, the president asked Darrell Scott and me to help formulate another meeting with just black leaders. And so, there was clear reluctance. I didn’t endorse him until I think it was our third meeting after having met him the third time, to believe “Lord is this your will or this is just me being excited to be in Donald Trump’s presence?” Millen: And see that’s the boldness you spoke about earlier. Sometimes we must possess a boldness and fire within us to step out of our comfort zones and go into prayer and do those things that someone else may afraid to do. You also said that Donald Trump’s presidency is a sign of God’s blessing. Could you elaborate further on God’s blessings and a Trump presidency, just from what you feel? Pastor Burns: Well I believe that this nation was needing the presence of God, and I’m using the last eight years how certain things were taking place that many Christians believed. We were losing our liberties as Christians, and to hear some of our leaders as President Obama, and people who really know me, know that I rarely speak anything ill of President Obama because I think he is a great, great leader.

He is true boldness—you know to do what he did, and former First Lady Michelle and what they’ve done to really break the barriers, rather you agree with their policies or not, I rarely say anything negative, but I talk about his policies. So, I just wanted the leaders to understand that. Millen: So ironic that you honed-in on policy, I wanted to ask you about the policy conversation. I think you know where I’m headed with this. Pastor Burns: I think in a short answer that I don’t think it’s the desire of the President ‘at all’ or mine to separate families of those children who are no longer children, but they were here illegally because of the actions of their parents, and they’ve been here for thirty or forty years, but being deported. I think that they should have a right (if they’ve been faithful citizens, especially if they’re not having any criminal activity or criminal record); I think they should be allowed to stay in the United States of America. Having said that, I also believe that it’s important that we try to take, I believe the “best and the brightest” from other countries when they do enter into the United States of America because African Americans sometimes fail to realize—a lot of those jobs that we don’t take as laborers and common men and common women jobs—skilled labor jobs because they’re so quick to go to illegal instead of forcing an American employee to pay an African American $15 to $20 an hour for a skilled labor job, they will take an illegal and pay them under the table for $10 and hour or $7 an hour and we lose out on those jobs. I think that’s something that needs to be regulated. Millen: President Trump allegedly called Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras, and every other country on the African continent “s***holes during a DACA bipartisan meeting.

You’ve quoted scripture (First Timothy, Chapter 5-8) as a biblical defense to support the president’s thoughts on DACA. Could you elaborate on that scripture to help readers draw distinctions on (a man taking care of his family), versus the role of the leader of the free world and on international relations? “Teach people how to fish instead of giving them a fish.” Pastor Burns: What I was saying, and it wasn’t in defense of—“If the president said that derogatory term.” It wasn’t in defense of that. I made it fairly clear publicly that if the president said that, then I denounce it and I disavowed myself from that comment and openly stated the President of the United States should never address really anybody should never address countries like that. But having said that, I also said that “if” the president, [which I received], as I stated on television from the highest level of authority at the White House—"That’s not how it was said, and that’s not how it was given.” But this is a clear attack from the enemies of the president on the right and the left. I’m very close to all the children of President Trump as I stated earlier. I was able to say with full authority that the president did not say what he said. But, if he would have said it, then he was talking, not about the people from these countries, but the conditions in which they lived in because of the laziness and corruption of those leaders from those governments.


Did you know men go through menopause?

Not just women, but even men undergo menopause after the age of 30 or later.

Testosterone levels begin to drop in males by 1% every year after the age of 30 or later, and the condition is known as andropause.


Editor Ada Gardner

Faith, Family and Music is what this Stellar Award-nominated sibling group is about. The Showers, is a force to be reckoned with, with their most recent release of their sophomore album, THE JOURNEY, debuting at No. 3 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums charts for two weeks and No.1 for physical sales-THE JOURNEY is among the top 15 highest selling gospel albums of 2017.

We wanted to sit down and find out more about their success and what fuels them. I had the pleasure of speaking with Titus, the lead singer and only male in the group. Enjoy as he shares their excitement on their success.


FAITH | FAMILY | MUSIC. Ada: Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to spend some time with me. I want to congratulate The Showers on your success so far. Tell me how the album “The Journey” came along? Titus: The title speaks for itself. It is a journey of our lives. The journey began as our father begin praying for God to send him a singer and God blessed him with my oldest sister, Regina. She started singing and as he and mom continued to have kids we all fell in line. God just kept blessing them abundantly. We all became a part of the group you now know, as “The Showers”. It is a wonderful journey that I wouldn’t change for the world.

Ada: You guys made it to the FINAL ROUND OF VOTING FOR THE 32nd Annual Stellar Awards nominations. Final nominations are out this month (January)-How does that feel for you all? Titus: Yes, absolutely. We are looking forward to it! Truly, it is a humbling experience just to be at the top of the charts at number one with the great names in Gospel music that we grew up listening to and those that we currently admire. We have had to work ourselves a little more being that we are independent artist that don’t have the big engines pushing us. So, this is a blessing and very rewarding. We thank everyone such as yourself that continue to support us to make this dream come true.

Editorial Designed by Ms. Lawrence Publicist & CEO

I BELONG TO YOU MUSIC VIDEO FOR I BELONG TO YOU (LYRIC VIDEO) PERFORMED BY THE SHOWERS. Ada: Let’s transition into your Reality Webisode that is currently on YouTube also entitled “THE JOURNEY”. Let me just tell you, as a personal subscriber, I feel like I am a part of the family. The webisode packs so much power in such a small amount of time and each episode gives you a glimpse of what life is like being a family of so many personalities-but what stands out is your solid foundation. Your father who is a Pastor and a mother who is a missionary. It is a welcomed addition to reality shows today. How did this come to be?

THE SHOWERS Gospel Editor Ada Gardner Titus: The webisode was pitched to us from our manager. He said to us “With 10 siblings, you guys need to be on tv”. It has also been pitched to larger networks and we are praying for God to bless it, but if not, we still trust Him to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask for. TV isn’t for everyone. Sometimes when you open yourself up to allow people into your lives it brings even more of an opportunity for ridicule, but we are ready for whatever God blesses us with. Ada: Being that this is a true family affair, how do you separate family from business?

It started with the foundation. My father told us to respect the eldest (Regina) and he said, do not embarrass the name because it will beat you where you are going. We were taught respect. We still bump heads, but we don’t take it out of internal and put it into the external for everyone to see. We trust Regina (President of A&P records), she has done so much for the group and understands how to conduct business the right way and it falls into place. She, as well as some of my other siblings are all successful business owner. Ada: What advice would you give to other gospel family groups coming into this business? Titus: Love each other and always be there for your family members. Don’t trade them for anything in the world. There are others who will possibly come and offer you other contracts, weigh it, see if it’s worth leaving your family for.

You must have the same goals in mind. Make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Are you doing this to minister people and in this for Jesus or is it for selfish gain, then you must remember the scripture-What does it to profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul (Mark8.36). Family is key on the road just having someone to lean on and carry you and encourage you on stage having someone to lift you up if you make a miscue. That’s priceless.

Ada: Where can we follow you all on Social Media

Ada: What can we look forward to from The Showers?


Titus: We tour different churches every Sunday, we have been blessed to be able to travel outside of the state and do dates as well. We are going to be featured on Beyond the Music. I am also featured in a play to expand the talent that God has given me. I am not an actor, but I believe in being ready at all times, for the call. You can check out our schedule for places and times on our website.

and purchase your music? www.showersgroup.org FB: @TheOfficialShowers Twitter: @The_Showers Instagram: @TheOfficialShowers Subscribe to The Showers Youtube channel

Ada: Thank you so much for your time. It has been my pleasure and I will be praying for your continued success!

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Editor Justin Dukes Known on the set of “SEC Nation” as “the Big Swagu”, sports analyst Marcus Spears remains the pride of his hometown in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Retiring from the NFL in 2013 with the Baltimore Ravens after previously starring with the Dallas Cowboys for eight seasons, winning the national championship as an All-American at LSU, and being the top tight end prospect in the country as a high school student, Marcus still remains one of the most relatable figures in sports.


Hosting and appearing on various podcasts and shows such as “DWF Outdoorsmen” and “Beyond the Lights”, Marcus has just kicked off his new show, “Thinking Out Loud” with Greg McElroy. I was able to have a conversation with Marcus discussing all things football and his outlook on his journey so far. EM: Congratulations on your new show. What has been the response Thinking Out Loud has gotten so far?

MS: The response has been well considering we have such a broad audience.


Thinking back to my speaking engagement in Birmingham last night, and having 10-year-old kids running up to me saying how much they love the show and then to see that same energy from our older demographic let me know we are tapping in to something special. The show isn’t too serious and there’s nothing like it. In this climate people are trying to find an escape and in sports we do just that just being able to talk about the game, have some fun and take the audience away from everything that’s going on for an hour. EM: What has been your reaction? Is it as fun as it looks? MS: Greg and I are cool. We’re really friends. It’s a crazy feeling because the show came about from us sitting in the green room making jokes about everyone in between football conversation. For me I’ve enjoyed the creative control. The whole process of planning a show, executing the plan and then getting a reaction from fans, whether they like it, love it or hate it, is always fun. It really doesn’t feel like work kicking back talking football for an hour. I love what I’m doing and I am enjoying being a part of the production process. For me, that’s another level of television I want to know about.


THINKING OUT LOUD EM: What words or phrases would Greg McElroy use to describe you? MS: (Laughs) Big Swagu, about my money, a funny dude that can have serious conversations. I Provided a different standpoint. I’m someone to kick it with. We are from two totally different backgrounds. I’m from south Baton Rouge and grew up in the hood while Greg’s dad was over marketing for the Dallas Cowboys, so he grew up affluent, silver spoon in his mouth, went to the premier high schools, which I joke with him about. To my surprise initially when I met Greg, he knew a lot about my culture, and was able to relate to a lot of my experiences. That’s my guy. EM: What do you feel is your purpose on these platforms?

MS: My purpose is to make an impact. I think about African American youth. I think about guys in my situation coming up and just want to be their example so they’ll know they can be anything they want to be. That’s why I do television. It’s a platform I can fully express where my beliefs are. I want people to see that I’m approachable. When I’m home with my wife, mom and kids, I’m dad, son, husband, and I don’t want people to think because of my status that we can’t relate. I worshipped the ground Reggie White walked on as a kid and after meeting him and having him tell me he’d see me in the league someday, which meant the world to me, I made sure to always remain approachable. EM: Will Georgia winning the national title establish parity in SEC? MS: It definitely will help. During my speaking engagement last night I said it was good that Alabama wasn’t in the SEC championship. Everybody wants to be a dynasty, but it doesn’t give us much to talk about. When I first got to this network we already knew who would win the SEC championship every year and I just don’t think that’s good for the league. I think it’s fun to see a dynasty, but that should run its course at some point. I think parity is great in any sport. People want to see competition. I just don’t like knowing the outcome before the game starts.

EM: Did you feel adequately prepared for a post football career leaving LSU for the NFL? MS: From a connections standpoint I felt very prepared to go into normal life. Football is a fantasy you can enjoy for a short time. I have this whole theory on education which is you need to pay attention to the time you invest in your education and sports. Aside from all of that, we have to figure out a way to pay the athletes, but we can’t do it with a broad brush because at that point we’re entering the standards of the real world. San Diego State’s head coach getting a $10,000 bonus because his running back Rashaad Penny made the all American team with no benefits for the player is hot garbage to me. There are plenty of smart people out there that should be able to come together and figure out how to compensate these players and put them in a position to have the resources to adjust to the real world. Let’s be honest 80-90% of these guys are young black men who aren’t used to having this level of wealth and no clue how to sustain it. When I was 21 and got a check for a few million, I wanted to go out and buy everything I’ve ever wanted in life.



There just needs to be some kind of post football preparation while in college. I have plenty of friends with degrees with no jobs. They don’t shine enough light to that phase of their life. There needs to be some discussion on how to facilitate these guys into the real world. EM: Will the NCAA autonomy vote change how players will be prepared leaving school, or is this more of a smoke screen for the NCAA? MS: There are a lot of issues. I think the NCAA does some great things within that, but the system as a whole needs to be fixed. There needs to be post career programs for these players. Thinking back, I never wrote a resume throughout my whole playing career. EM: What are your thoughts on your former team, the Dallas Cowboys? MS: They are a young team that’s hit adversity with the whole Ezekiel Elliott situation. They set a high bar last year and people held them to that standard this year. I played in this league for 9 years and every year is different. You can come back after a very good season and be terrible. It all depends on the dynamic of the team. The thing people don’t understand about the NFL is that you’re dealing with life as well. The makeup of a team constantly changes because of everyone’s lives. The cowboys are actually doing pretty good all things considered.

You have a 2nd year quarterback, a tremendous offensive line, and great pass rushers. They need a big fella in the middle that can hold up against the run and to keep Sean Lee healthy, but overall, I think the team is fine. I think last year made everyone create these unrealistic expectations. EM: What are your thoughts on the NFL player protests and the NFL’s image? I’m not a big political dude, but I’m big on common sense which tells me that when someone is being done wrong, someone should say something. The players raised an issue important to African American men and many others in our society but in this day and age, everyone wants you to believe what they believe. it’s fine for those players to hold their stance. There should be no conformity in protesting and so I think many of today’s protests are being hijacked by people like the ones saying Kaepernick was disrespecting our veterans and the flag. I told Jemele Hill about her situation with ESPN and Donald Trump, If we’re going to have a talk on politics, race or the discourse in this country, I need to be sitting across from you. I don’t get into the war of words on social media, which is where words get twisted. I think as individuals we all should be living in glass houses.


EM: With all of the concerns on player safety constantly growing, will we be playing flag football in a few years? I don’t think it’ll get to that point, but the game may suffer. At the end of the day this is football which is physical and violent. Now that we have this access to this information we seem to want to appease everyone that’s uncomfortable with the game now, but you can’t play both sides of the fence. I think the league is in a precarious situation right now. They need to just accept injuries can happen. Honestly, I would still play if I knew earlier what I know now. The league is constantly trying to appease the outside voices, but the game is so bang-bang that you can’t control it. EM: Are there policies in college football the NFL should adopt and vice versa? I don’t think so. You have to approach grown men a different way. Trying to implement rules from separate leagues, you don’t allow any degree of separation. The levels of play are so different, so the rules should stay independent of each other. EM: What advice would you give your past self if you could? Success isn’t permanent. Success is more of a mindset than anything. Doers win in life. Plenty of people die with great ideas. I would’ve told my younger self, pay more attention to my education. I would tell myself, try to learn as opposed to going through the motions. There are plenty of books on how to be successful, but I would tell my younger self to get there, you just need to work your ass off. One common denominator between all the successful people I’ve seen is they’ve worked their asses off.


Play videos directly from our pages

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Exposure Magazine is happy to introduce the talented young rising star, Mackenzie Hancsicsak, of the hit television series This Is Us. Mackenzie plays the younger version of Kate on the popular show on NBC.

What was your first role or acting job that helped you decide that you wanted to pursue acting as a career? I was in a summer acting camp playing the part of Dorothy in a production called "Munchkin Mediation" at a local theater when my agent called me about the audition for This Is Us. It was my first professional gig.

Editor Sherri Leopold

Are you surprised at the success of This is Us? Yes and no. The premise of the show can be a little confusing for some people because of the switching back and forth between different time lines, but I feel like the pilot episode grabs you right from the beginning and you start caring about these characters. I think it's a great show and I meet a lot of people who come up to me and say how much they like the show because they can relate to one of the characters or one of the relationships between characters. Even if I weren't part of the show, I'd be a fan of the show. In the episodes filmed so far, what scene/story has resonated with you the most personally? My favorite episode is still the Pool episode in Season One. I especially liked filming the Magic Shirt scene with Milo. I'm very close with my own dad and sometimes when I get teased or bullied at school, I know that my dad (and mom) will always have my back. Sometimes kids say mean things to me or to other kids, but I know that my good friends at school always have my back, just like Kate knows that her brothers Randall and Kevin always have her back, too. Since you are in one of the most popular shows on television, what television show do you watch or binge watch when you get the chance? While we were away, Fuller House just added more episodes on Netflix, so when we came back home, we popped popcorn and watched them all in like two nights! My parents (mom especially) loved Full House when she was younger, so she and I love watching Fuller House together. She's really rooting for Steve and DJ to finally get married. I met Steve (Scott Weinger) at an event and he said he is friends with Dan Fogelman. I would love to see a Fuller House/This Is Us crossover! Who's with me? Do you have a dream role, or something else you want to do to expand your career?

I auditioned for a horror film, which would be fun to do because the part would be so different from playing Kate, who I think is a very nice girl and doesn't get into too much trouble. I've also recorded a few voice overs for "Tangled: The Series", which stars my This Is Us mom Mandy Moore playing the part of Rapunzel. I would love to be a main character in an animated series like that. Preferably one with a strong female like Rapunzel. Since many of your scenes are very emotional, do you find it hard to shake that off when the scene ends? When we work we are all very focused but when the Director calls cut, we have fun on set too. Just today while filming, Milo brought an old Game Boy to set, with several games like Tetris. The 3 of us kids had never seen a Game Boy before, so we had fun playing with it when we weren't filming our scenes. Mandy and Milo don't have kids in real life, but they really treat us like their own kids on set, and we have lots of fun with them as well as fun hanging out with each other.

Mackenzie Hancsicsak

What are your favorite things to do for fun when you have free time from school or work? I like going on play dates with my friends. Going to movies, going to the mall, going to theme parks or jumping places. This week I went to see "The Greatest Showman" with one of my besties which I LOVED! I also love making slime. I drive my parents crazy with making it practically every night. I also love my 2 rescue dogs Bear and Finn, and I'm also a Girl Scout, which I really enjoy. Cookie sales start up again on January 28th, so please let me know if you need any thin mints! :) I sold over 500 boxes last year, and I was able to go to Hurricane Harbour with a group of girl scouts from all over Southern California. What are you looking forward to most in the next season? We are almost done filming Season 2 (we stop filming around mid February) and the audience has been told by our creator Dan Fogelman that we will learn how Jack dies by the end of this season. Because we've focused so much on how Jack dies, I'm hopeful next season will focus on maybe more upbeat story lines. Like I hope they show Kate getting pregnant again and delivering a healthy baby boy (maybe naming him Jack), or that Kate and Toby will have a super fun wedding. Mackenzie Hancsicsak is a delightful young lady who loves people and animals. She is a clear example of what a Girl Scout and a first class actress should be!

THE LEGEND Ice-T is a living legend, who fought his way out of negative circumstances to super-stardom as a rapper, producer, rock band leader, and record breaking actor.

Editor Cedric Nettles

He has been a fixture on the long running television series Law & Order. Ice-T has not only made his mark as an artist, but as a man. He has come full circle and has great stories as well as wisdom to share. The legend sat down with us and exposed his thoughts on his career and today’s artists. Exposure Magazine: Can you talk about how the environment you came up in and how it gave you the passion to do with what you doing now? Ice-T:  I was 27 by the time I started rapping, I had already been through the Army, came home, and I was running with a rough group of cats. I didn’t have any idea my life would ever end up the way it is now. I was misled, my mind was not in the right place. When this hip-hop music came I just fell in love with it. I never thought I would make money doing it. I got a lot of blow back from my hustler buddies. They thought it was bulls—t honestly. I just liked it, it was just fun for me to do. But who would ever think it would turn into a career.

Exposure Magazine: What advice you will give to young people that you wish someone gave to you as you were coming up?

Ice-T: There are a lot more lanes now.Kids now see someone like me acting for 19 years on a TV show but back then there were not many black young actors.There are hundreds more opportunities now. You got urban clothing lines, urban alcohol, urban everything Kids have options now to start any business they want and it can turn out to be very lucrative.They’re in a better place thanks to some of the people who went out there and knock down the doors. Don’t mess with the streets if you have an option.


Another difference is back then when I was breaking the law, we would bail out, they weren’t trying to hold us forever. Look at what’s going on with Meek Mill, they trying to give him 5 years for probation violation. If you still think you want to hustle and all that, you could get buried in prison for the rest of your life real easy. I learned that the best hustle is a legit hustle. I am no one that can judge anybody for trying to get out of the hood. I won’t judge you. But if you don’t have an exit strategy to something that’s legit, then eventually it is going to come and bite you in the ass.

My boys say Ice-T you are somebody that has been down all these roads, but you can 19YRS ON TELEVISION articulate it, and make people understand it. A lot of cats that come from the streets can’t LAW&ORDER break it down like you break it down. That’s your art, that is your gift. One of my mottos is Exposure Magazine: Speaking of your acting career, you don’t guide life, you ride life. You’re the you have had an amazing run for 19 years, has it set in  editor of a magazine, but if I check back with that you had these roles tailored made for you it you in 15 years you might be running a seems? television network, you might have a clothing line. I don’t know where you’re actually gonna Ice-T:  You know what it is, I am going to tell you.Very  to be and guess what, you can’t tell me where few people except real a—holes have a true vision of you’re gonna to be. Because life just keep themselves, my boys are like n—-ga you Ice-T, people coming, opportunities happen, and if you are pay to hear you speak  ” he stated “You don’t really smart you go through the door, and let it play look at yourself like that unless you are a real asshole. I out. Always keep your options open. just live it. 





Exposure Magazine: Tell us about your role on Law & Order, how did you land the role? Ice-T: I’m just happy. I started doing New York Undercover , I did three episodes. Then I played guest star on a show called Swift Justice. Then I did another guest star role on an Law & Order movie called “Exiled”. Then I had a show called Players. I got the offer for  SVU. I came in the last episode of the first season. It’s been 19  years, who would’ve thought. Exposure Magazine: We understand that Law & Order is about to make history, could you share with us what’s going on? Two more years we will have the record for  the longest running show in television history, I am already the longest running black actor in television history, that’s only because I’m on a show that ran so long. That won’t be repeated unless somebody  gets on a show that does 20 years. There’s actors that’s been  working longer than me, but not in the same role. ” Exposure Magazine: What do you think artists looking to get into the game should always keep in mind? Look and see what everybody is doing, and don’t do that. Try to find a lane that’s empty,that’s open, that’s new, you’ll get  a lot of hate early in it,but if you can pull it off , you’ll be standing in that lane all alone. Don’t be afraid to go out on your own.That’s called being a pioneer. It’s about going down a road that has not been blazed before.” Exposure Magazine: You have had an amazing career. What does Ice-T want to give back to hip-hop? Mickey(Benton)  hooked us up it is more of a thank you tour we created. This is my way to giving back to hip-hop.A few years ago I made a film called Something From Nothing The Art of Rap (Netflix)…It’s about the craft, not just about the girls and money. There is a lot of garbage out there but it is a lot of garbage in any art form, but there are real masters out there like you have  Kendrick Lamar , and you have JCole, like new masters that are coming out doing some incredible work. After the film came out  we got some raved reviews.I told my partner Mickey my business partner that we can’t let this die, let’s create a tour take out artist from the golden era of hip-hop. 



DEPARTMENT under the direction of the creator of Exposure Magazine a publication reaching over 2.5 million daily readers.


will be

full of books, events and resources.

What can book sellers lookout for? New content, inspiring authors and well written author pages that will help them make their buying decisions.

seo loaded and connected to retailers | libraries | colleges What can authors look forward to? A magazine showcasing a diverse group of authors and an array of events and resources. "I think it's important for authors to be exposed practical ways to earn a living at writing and selling books," stated Ms. Lawrence As a publicist, for years I represented book authors. There's one thing I know about the business, it's a hard code to break. I truly believe authors, agents, retailers, librarians, book clubs, and readers- will find BOOKLIST to be what's missing in the industry.

What makes BOOKLIST magazine different? (1) Our database of agents and retailers (2) Years investing in building relationships with decision makers in the book business. (3) We actually provide real resources without an up-sell [caviar] (4) Our digital footprint in the magazine business is solid. (5) Diversity (6) The ability to capture the attention of readers like yourself (this is just the beginning)



CELEBRATING THE LEGEND I also spoke to former Def Jam executive, television producer, and talent manager Portia Kirkland about her take on Ice T’s influence. She was raised around hip-hop culture most of her life from inside the industry. “Ice T was a trendsetter and leader. This was key at the time because you had a lot of rap artists, but not a lot of leaders in the culture. I remember him somehow organizing a truce with Watts. This was huge at the time because the gang violence was out of control, police were out of control, and Ice T knew he might be the voice to bring some healing. Ice T understood he had a bigger calling than rap music from the beginning. He’s a star today because He understood his calling.”

"ICE T PATH THE WAY FOR SO MANY IN MUSIC." Selima Young who performs under the stage name Wonda Woman, shared her thoughts on Ice-T’s influence on her own career in hip-hop. Young got her start as a songwriter and background singer for The Rza of WuTang Clan. “My first time witnessing Ice-T was in Breakin’, I’d never been to Cali,so seeing the hip-hop scene in those movies really blew my mind. It was like hip-hop, punk,rock fusion. Unbelievable.”

DON' T FEAR ME the power is in my pen


Tam Talk is not about flowery content that will add more drama to the world but rather realistic views and processes. I'd like to shape my column around "COMMON SENSE," moments. I think most people are ineffective because they limit themselves by not expressing themselves, in hopes they will not offend other people. Needless to say, in order to create change one must be will to dispute, the norm. 

I cover critical issues like how do communities insure their dollars circulate within their communities to create growth and opportunities-- Can somebody tell me how in the world those who care for our elderly are paid less than a McDonald's employee? Did you know [caregivers] PCW(s), CNA(s)- are paid between $9 to $11 an hour? How in the hell can you provide the proper care for seniors; when you don't have the means to care for yourself? Lastly, racism is not the elephant in the room [HELL] it's the lost of compassion and humanity.

What does it take to make a difference in the world we live in? I think every person in the world has the ability to make a positive impact. Now the question is. "Will everyone tap into this energy?


TAMTALK Outsourcing the Dollar in Minority Communities

Not Circulating the Dollar in Minority Communities will endlessly force more minorities out of business

A vast number of foreign owned businesses in minority communities: Don't hire minorities and are less likely to circulate their dollars within the community they earned it. I was just sitting at the nail salon.. As I was sitting there I counted all the women in the room (so I got to wondering) "Exactly how much money this nail salon would make on an average day?" 16 women x $35.00 full set of nails = $560 if the salon turns over 16 women x 8hrs = 128 women this place would be making $4480.00 per day (and wait in 30 days on an average the gross $134,400) After thinking about how the nails salons in the communities they do business in -- NEVER give back (they don't hire nor do they participate in business redevelopment nor improvements).

SO I WALKED OUT - No more outsourcing my dollar to businesses that don't hire nor give back.. Time for Americans TO stop allowing our dollars - to be outsourced to other countries. I bet half the people in the salon have no clue as to what's really going on. I understand we want our nails done (ladies) but at what expense do you want your nails done (unemployment rates in particular communities is through the roof) yet the nail salons in the community don't HIRE those in the community. I got more to share on this subject but for now - I just have to say "It's time to rethink how we spend our dollars in the community. You never see not one of these individuals in the nail salons spending money with other businesses in the community.

MILWAUKEE'S OPEN WELFARE FOR ALLÂ Milwaukee Minority Natives are Not the problem plaguing the city of Milwaukee TAMTALK

Milwaukee once had a vibrant, hospitable and family orientated spirit flowing through its minority communities-- until Milwaukee County welfare programs allowed people from surrounding cities to flock to the city in record breaking number in search of Milwaukee's generous government subsides. Trojan Horse: This destroyed families, neighborhoods and brought more violence to Milwaukee, breaking the city's once infrastructure. Milwaukee Minority Natives: Over 63% of Milwaukee's minority [native} population, within the past 5 to 7 years have moved to other states like Arizona, Texas, Carolinas, and Georgia-- in search of better life, higher jobs, progressive education, security, and most importantly to live where racism is not so prevalent. So are Milwaukee Minority Natives really the city's problem? Nope, it's piss pour government and open welfare systems creating choas.


WWRN Radio is co owned By Damion Hall from “Guy” And plays the best of Classic Hip Hop And R&B With shows airing 24 hrs a day. Mission To bring classic Hip Hop And R&B a platform to continue to let listeners know they are still relevant and making music and doing tours.


The J Anthony Brown Radio Show from 8am – 10am EST


Sheryl Underwood Radio from 6am – 10am EST


The E. Jones Show feat. Sharonda, Milz & Cody from 10am – 1pm EST


The Dorinda Clark Cole Show from 6pm – 8pm EST


The Hezekiah Walker Show from 4pm – 6pm EST


Exposure Magazine LIVE coming Feb 15th



Without media our lives would be incomplete . BY TAM LAWRENCE In general, "media" refers to the tools of mass communication. Media today consists of television, Internet, cinema, newspapers, radio, magazines, direct mail, fax, and the telephone. Viewers can see some form of pictorial representation of messages through certain types of broadcasting and advertising. Images are visual representations, pictures, graphics, and include video, movies. Images are very useful in media to help get across messages effectively.

The media can give us information to tell us what a product, service or message is. In fact, media influence has become so powerful today that they can easily influence people positively and/or negatively. We also live in a society that depends on the media as a source of entertainment and information. Indeed, the media images affect both individuals and society which includes women, men, teenagers and younger children.

"When asked why I publish Exposure Magazine, I answer, who will tell our side of the story or the truth?" - Ms. Lawrence At the same time, media like television enhances our knowledge by providing access to information all over the world.


It can also be such a powerful educational tool for the younger generation helping to put them on the right path. Newspapers have a positive influence on society. Newspapers not only give information or the latest news. They also help in the positive linkage between government and the people. If we want to know more about what is happening in the world around us, newspapers are a resource to get the daily information.

On the other hand, mass media can at times have a negative influence. Advertisements can be created to convince people to buy or give support for certain products. In addition to advertisements, some messages may have hidden motives. For instance, advertisements may show images of young people enjoying fried chicken, burgers, snacks, and sweet drinks. These advertisements of images can have a powerful influence on the young. The 'hidden' messages behind these advertisements are to persuade the younger generation to buy and to enjoy these types of foods. However, these images do not show or tell viewers that these foods may not be good for their health.

Images in the media can have a powerful influence on our behavior.

For instance, younger people may show disrespect or even bully older people. Images of violence somehow influence individuals and especially the younger generation to think that violence is accepted by society when it is not.  Such images have a powerful influence on the mind and soul of young people. People who watch these images may be influenced to react in a socially unacceptable or even criminal manner.

"Since 2013 Exposure Magazine has consistently published content with an understanding that we impact our readers."

Magazines display visual images that can deeply influence female readers. Based on the research from Internet, 70% of women feel insecure after they read the magazines such as Vivi, Mina, Allure, Instyle and Teen Vogue.

In conclusion, the use of media images can be both positive and negative to the individual or society. Even though there are so many benefits from media images, we have to be careful not to let them influence us unknowingly. We need to be wise when using the media.

FORMS OF DISTRIBUTION Accessible Using Any Mobile Device: Print/On Demand and Online Daily Magazine  Magazine Newspaper  [printing] in WI. GA. IL. 10,000+ Online 2.5 million daily readers MEDIA




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The main advantages of creating an

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“content” which is more likely to be taken into account than a traditional ad.

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Exposure Magazine Student Press Club launches in the Spring of 2018- in selected cities. The Student Press Club will promote community affairs, social welfare & justice, international affairs, life on campus the arts and more. Our student reporter[s] will go on [3] press tours, conduct interviews, and prepare for the national debate presented by Exposure Magazine. published. The student press club is open to high school and college students [only].


WHAT DIFFERENTIATES US? Exposure Magazine Student Press Clubs [comprised of the National Exposure Debate] each member will have an opportunity to apply to compete in their local area, to attend the national debate competition. Student will go on 3 journalistic tours each year. What really makes the Student Press Club different? Members will have their writings published. 


Although we work to make writing fun and exciting for our members, it really is seeing it published professionally that motivates them to keep writing.

WHAT MAKES THE C U B ? value our press club’s debate WeL highly

forums, field trips, and journalism workshops. We look for the support of teachers, parents, deans, and colleges to provide constant support and help with organizing field trips, recruiting students, and contacting parents.




CLUB CHALLENGES We have the same challenges as many programs of our size: transportation, time constraints, funding. We’ve found ways around the transportation issue, but time constraints and funding are often almost the same challenge. We’re always working to raise funds in an effort to constantly improve the program and are confident we’ll overcome these challenges.


Equipping members with proper writing skills is something that is clearly needed right now, as so many students are graduating without them. Working with existing organizations gives us the opportunity to offer our workshops to a larger number of students than just those that come to our space.



COLLABORATION Also, our writing workshops can often naturally fit into most existing programs, and can be used to collaborate what others.


OUR FUTURE... Our collaboration with community centers, Churches and schools in creating the Press Club was the first partnership we made, and has been instrumental in getting our organization off the ground. We’ve found that collaborating with other programs has not only strengthened our program, but also opened doors for our students to other opportunities.

PRESS NOTIFICATIONS We are constantly looking for new and exciting field trips and interviews for our students and are bringing in working reporters and writers to help the students improve their journalism skills.

MEDIA PROFESSIONALS We also invite media professionals to come in and teach our workshops, which allows our members to learn from someone that writes for a living and tell them first hand how important writing skills are to a successful adult.

PREPARING OUR STUDENTS FOR THEIR FUTURE SUCCESSES.. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CLUB. Joining the Student Press Club, is great a way for students to meet the future- prepared. Students will have an opportunity to network with media professionals, earn published writing credits, and enhance their writing skills- while developing an impressive portfolio.  Org. and Student Applications Available Deadline 3/01/2018 Email: TL@RLASSC.COM 

i am exposure COVER MODEL COMPETITION exposure-magazine.com


Accepting Runway Models Curvy Models Print Models Email for Application INFO@RLASSC.COM Deadline Feb 18th

NOW ACCEPTING MODELS Send your application request to INFO@RLASSC.COM

ARE YOU READY FOR THE COVER OF EXPOSURE Submit your bio and three photos selected models will receive an invitation to attend the finals.

WINNER PACK YOUR BAGS... MODELS THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE FEATURED ON THE COVER We have a limit for 2018 only 30 applicants will be accepted for " I AM EXPOSURE" so apply TODAY! The deadline is Feb. 18th at noon no later. Photographers are welcomed to attend the final call in April 2018 for more details email INFO@RLASSC.COM

AGE LIMIT You must be over 18yrs old to enter the competition 


Exposure Magazine Anniversary  

Exposure Magazine since 2013 has been providing consistent content engaging for its audience. Now its 5th yr the magazine by demand will fea...

Exposure Magazine Anniversary  

Exposure Magazine since 2013 has been providing consistent content engaging for its audience. Now its 5th yr the magazine by demand will fea...