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A celebration of the city’s vibrant food scene, showcasing our great local produce, chefs, street food and future talent - find out what’s happening at this year’s event plus features, profiles and recipes




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Sheffield Food Festival 26th - 28th May 2018 17

08 08 Out To Lunch

Food blogger Martin Dawes goes out and about in Sheffield to find some decidedly different food places to eat them in.




at h ade in Sheffield

One of Sheffield’s most innovative new producers and renowned restaurants began working together at Sheffield Food Festival. We find out why they’re such a good match.

17 Ready Steady Cook!

From local legends to emerging talent, you can learn from the best in the Theatre Kitchen at Sheffield Food Festival.

23 Flying igh

We meet the award-winning team behind local success story, Birdhouse Tea.

26 eeping t reen


The Bents Green branch of James Retail has been doing great things. We find out how an innovative local approach from this national retail chain is reaping rewards.

34 Fro

ose to ail

We speak to Mr Pickles Yorkshire Food Emporium to uncover the rise in success of the honest, local butcher.

40 Feed It Back



We shine a light on the city’s food and drink based social initiatives which connect charities, businesses and communities.


Plus Recipes from Sunshine Pizza, Green Origins, Kids Art Academy and Riverford Organic Farmers... a full A-Z list of all our food festival traders and a full overview of all festival events including the inaugural SFF Supper Club, Food Futures, Theatre Kitchen, Orchard Square Takeover, Kids Activities and our late night hangout, the Eats, Treats and Beats Village.

el o e to the Sheffield Food Festival aga ine brand new for Sheffield is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves as an exciting food and drink destination, highlighted recently by a great article in The Good Food Guide ( get-inspired/we-visit/sheffield), and evidenced by the sheer range of innovative new start ups that have emerged over the last year. From cheesemakers to chilli sauces, street food pop ups to high end dining experiences, microbreweries to award winning gins, Sheffield is bursting at the seams with local food and drink talent. Sheffield Food Festival provides an annual opportunity to celebrate our city’s vibrant food scene, this year taking place from 26-28 May across the Peace Gardens, Winter Gardens, Millennium Square, Town Hall Square, Pinstone Street, Orchard Square and Fargate. That’s three full days stuffed with great local produce, talented chefs, mouthwatering street food, outstanding brewers and distillers, free kids activities, live music, talks, debates and more! The Sheffield Food Festival Magazine is here to provide your essential guide to our packed programme, along with features and recipes showcasing some of Sheffield’s fabulous food and drink businesses. Hear about some of the more unusual places to enjoy a meal in Sheffield, how a chance meeting at last year’s food festival has led to a fruitful partnership between one of our top restaurants and an innovative new producer, and how local businesses are using food as a tool for social good. Check out our recipes to find out how to make perfect pizza dough, get some top tips for baking with kids or create delicious superfood treats in the comfort of your own home.



Unit 1b, 2 Kelham Square Kelham Riverside Sheffield S3 8sd

ritten by

Laura Holmes, Martin Dawes, Clare Tollick, Ros Ayres, Matt Hutchinson, Darren Chouings, Bob Worm, Lee Mansell, Jessica Scott and Gareth Roberts

Edited by

Aaron Jackson Phil turner

Feature photogrpahy

Marc Barker

Photographers for SFF

Dan Sumption Andrew Musgrave



We’re super excited about what we’ve got in store for you at #sheffoodfest18 - hope to see you there!

Marc Barker

Laura, Bob, Clare, Ben & Kerry

Nick Hallam

For all the latest news announ e ents and s hedule hanges head to

www sheffieldfoodfestival o u Find us on Fa eboo and witter sheffoodfest o oin the onversation use sheffoodfest


The views contained herein are not necessarily those of Blind Mice Media Ltd and while every effort is made to ensure information throughout Exposed is correct, changes prior to distribution may take place which can affect the accuracy of copy, therefore Blind Mice Media Ltd cannot take responsibility for contributors’ views or specific entertainment listings.


Out To Lunch

Food blogger MARTIN DAWES goes out and about in Sheffield to find some decidedly different foods and decidedly different places to eat them in. If you don’t mind eating your fish lunch a few feet from a reproachful looking turbot or expired monkfish on a pile of crushed ice then come with me to Hunters Bar. Leeds may have its famous Man Behind the Curtain restaurant, but Sheffield can boast a fantastic ‘chef behind the counter’ wet fish shop. At JH Mann’s on Sharrowvale Road, you can choose a likely-looking fish on the counter and ask chef turned fishmonger Christian Szurko to scale, fillet and cook it for you to order while you wait for the price of a fish plus a £2 ‘cookage fee.’ A dab hand at fish, Christian previously ran his own restaurants as well as having spent spells in the kitchens at J Sheekey’s – London’s pre-eminent fish eaterie. ‘You’re welcome to bring your own recipe,’ notes Christian, ‘but people usually leave it to me.’ With frying and poaching being staples, Christian usually has two or three sauces ready, and it’s an increasingly popular venue for lunches on a Saturday as well as during the week. To accompany Christian’s cooking, Mann’s has its own in-house wine bar – which on Saturday’s is staffed by Jane Cummings of Olive & Vine wine merchants. During the week, Starmore Boss are a few doors along if you fancy taking your own bottle in. If fish doesn’t appeal on the day, Mann’s also operates as an impromptu Oyster Bar – again with an emphasis on shucking ‘em while you wait at £1 a shellfish with shallot vinegar or Tabasco Sauce thrown in for free. Staying with fish, be part of helping Sheffield’s own unique fishcake 8 | WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK

recipe from dying out: a piece of fish sandwiched between two slices of potato before being covered in batter and fried. Or as it’s described locally: ‘batter, tatter, fish, tatter, batter.’ Bruce Payne of The Market Chippy in the Moor Market does a lovely version for just £1.45 but thinks its popularity is waning. ‘My record when I had a stall in the old Castle Market was 224 on a Friday lunchtime,’ he notes. ‘Now perhaps it’s only 50. Why? Perhaps people don’t know about it or think the mini cod and chips is a better deal.’ Oddly, while he probably stills sells more than anyone else, Bruce, originally from Leicester, had never heard of it until he came here and married into the Pearce family chippy dynasty. Some city fish and chip shops still sell it, but it’s increasingly hard to find in the city and practically unheard of elsewhere. You can eat your Sheffield fishcake at one of the tables in the Market Hall. Want something even more Sheffield? Try the Tom Dip, a sauce of tinned tomatoes. Most places which sell it don’t even bother to put it on the menu but it’s there if you ask – it’s especially good on a bacon sandwich, fresh from a bubbling saucepan. I tried mine at Sarni’s all-day breakfast bar at Aldine Court off the High Street. It costs just an extra 20p, and the bacon sarnie isn’t obligatory. ‘If people are dieting,’ explained the lady on the hotplate, ‘they just have it with toast.’ For those with a taste for the exotic, why not choose between a Chinesestyle Portuguese Egg Tart, or a jangbing, a Chinese crêpe, from DaShu. Chris Wong founded his business with

a stall on the Moor Market selling cakes and egg tarts to Sheffield’s burgeoning Chinese student population. Portuguese egg tarts are the complete reverse of an English egg custard and are a big favourite in Hong Kong, Macau and the Chinese mainland. Made with a flaky rather than shortcrust pastry, they’re more like a curd tart, with a thicker, less wobbly custard. ‘My wife is a baker and she’s the boss,’ says Chris. ‘It took us three weeks to come up with the recipe. The one we sell is less sweet with a flakier pastry than the Portuguese version. Chinese people don’t like things too sweet.’ The stall did so well that Chris ultimately moved the whole operation around the corner to DaShu at Furnival Gate. The name means ‘Uncle’, and was the nickname Chinese students gave him. Along with the egg tarts, the jang-bing crêpes are a huge hit. Made with mung bean flour before an egg is broken over it to form an

omelette, the crêpe is flipped over to give a lacy exterior which is then filled with lettuce, coriander, crispy wan tons and a split hot dog before being smothered in Chris’s own special sauce, it’s a fantastic contrast of textures and tastes. ‘English people prefer chicken so I now make a jang-bing with that,’ says Chris. ‘Back in China it tends to be a breakfast food, but here it goes well at lunchtime, especially with students, and again at tea.’ We return to the Moor Market and stay close to the East to sample a Nepalese curry at Dev Gurrung’s Hungry Buddha stall. It sells thalis, special meat dishes with a choice of two or three curries each day with rice, daal and achar (pickles) – all for no more than a fiver. Dev had been a trek leader in Nepal when he met South Yorkshire-born Jan. She was one of his group and he helped to nurse her when she fell ill. They fell in love, married and decided to set up home here. You can’t miss the stall decorated with prayer flags but don’t think you’ll be getting just another curry. Nepalese curries are milder, for a start. ‘People may think we are similar to Indian food but our aim is to bring that authenticity which makes it special,’ said Dev. So, there you have it. Choose from a lunch fresh cooked in a fishmongers or a couple of oysters; a traditional Sheffield fishcake; or a bacon sandwich soaked in Tom Dip. Then follow it with an egg tart or Chinese pancake or a Nepalese curry. There’s tons of great food options in Sheffield – start your quest to try them all!

artin awes writes the nother elping food blog at www dawesindoors wordpress o u ann

261 Sharrowvale Road, Sheffield S11 8ZE. Tel 0114 268 225

ar et hippy

The Moor Market : Tel 07514 426 434

Sarni s

25 Aldine Court, off High Street S1 2EQ. Tel 0114 270 1750


30 Furnival Gate, Sheffield S1 4QP. Tel 07919 340 341

ungry Buddha

The Moor Market. Tel 07809 476 090

sheffoodfest sheffoodfest sheffoodfest


Sunshine Pi a ough Preparation time (24 hours, including resting):


(makes 6-8 bases): Flour (strong), 1kg Water (warm or tepid), 650ml Sea salt, 20g Yeast (2g dried, 4g fresh)


Great pizza starts with great dough – here’s how we do it at Sunshine Pizza. We use a mix of organic and stoneground flours to give us the ‘strong’ high gluten mix necessary for a great base, prep the day before, and treat the whole process with love! sheffoodfest



Mix the flour and water in a large bowl into a loose, wet dough. Allow it to ‘rest’ for around 20 minutes. While it does, mix the yeast with ¼ cup of warm water. It will turn frothy after 10-15 minutes. Incorporate the yeast and the dough before adding the salt – which will ‘tighten’ the dough and make it easier to work. Turn the dough out onto a lightly-floured surface, clean your hands and lightly flour them too. Then, working on the dough rather than in it, fold and turn it repeatedly until the dough begins to feel smooth. Try not to incorporate too much flour, but continue working the dough for a further five minutes before popping it back into a clean, dry, and lightly floured bowl and leaving it covered with a tea-towel for an hour or so to relax. After an hour, turn the dough out onto a lightlyfloured surface, and chop it cleanly into 6-8 pieces. Form these into balls with your hands and lightly flour them. (Tip – you can check this process on YouTube. The balls should be smooth on top, lightly stretched, and gathered together underneath). Place each ball into a sandwich bag and leave them overnight to ‘prove’. Don’t fold the bags as the dough will expand. Leaving them overnight allows the yeast and the enzymes to get to work, improving the flavours and helping to make the dough easily digestible. When you’re ready to cook, fire up your oven and heat your pizza stone or get your wood-fired pizza oven going. Tip a doughball onto a lightlyfloured surface and ‘open’ it by rolling it out with a rolling pin or by using your hands to press and push the dough outwards into a base shape, being careful not to break the skin. If you use them, keep your fingers away from the edge to allow a raised crust to form. (This process can be done over two stages, first by pressing out the base to the size of a saucer, and then by holding inside the raised edge and gently stretching it). Transfer the base to a liberally semolinafloured surface, add the sauce and toppings, keeping them away from the raised edges, and transferring to your hot stone or metal tray, cook. In a commercial oven running at 450°C, this will take around a minute, but in a home-oven running at 240°C, it will take around 5 minutes. Serve and enjoy!


Sophie Williamson, founder of Sheffield Cheesemasters, and Alistair Myers and Tom Lawson, owners of Michelin listed and two AA rosetted Rafters Restaurant, joined us to explain how they got together, their links to Sheffield Food Festival, and their plans for the future.

‘Local’ is a word that’s thrown around in foodie circles: locallygrown, locally-sourced, local-producer. It’s an important idea whose shorthand suggests that the closer food is grown to where it’s eaten, the better it is – for everyone, including the planet. But the links between Sheffield Cheesemasters and Rafters restaurant pay more than lip-service to the concept, and it was a partnership that was forged at Sheffield Food Festival. Alistair explains: ‘Tom came up to me and said that he’d met Sophie and agreed to buy all of Sheffield Cheesemaster’s cheese,’ he laughs. ‘It took me a little by surprise. He explained that they’d met at Sheffield Food Festival, got talking, Sophie had told him her plans … and that was that!’ ‘I’d taken a course in cheese-making from the School of Artisan Food,’ explains Sophie. ‘I enjoyed it, and it planted a seed. I’d wanted to change career paths so I took the leap and began Sheffield Cheesemasters. One of the first cheeses I experimented with turned into Little Mester. It’s a creamy soft cheese made using locally-sourced milk from Our Cow Molly.’ ‘The good thing about it,’ she adds, ‘is that as soft cheese the maturation period is shorter, so you can refine the cheese more easily. I worked through a lot different combinations to see which gave the best flavours and textures.’ ‘We began using Little Mester as an introduction to Rafters for our guests,’ says Tom, taking up the story. ‘We serve snacks to our guests when they first arrive, and because of its size and weight, Sophie’s cheese was perfect. We first tried it as a cheese tart, where the cheese is blended and aerated onto a wafer-thin tart base and served with Sheffield honey. It went down so well that at the end of their evening, we found that guests were requesting Little Mester on their cheeseboard too.’ 12 | WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK


‘We’ve also tried it as a more traditional soft-cheese bake too and it’s worked out really well,’ confirms Alistair. ‘Rafters’ success is based on a whole-package approach to the food, the drink, and the service to give the best experience. We work seasonally, and we place our emphasis on our combinations of taste and texture. Working with Sophie is one of those instances where local really does mean local. It’s not like we’re working with a local supplier who may be just down the road from us, but is getting his produce from overseas – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We buy a lot of produce from France because it’s the best quality, which is what it’s all about. But it helps that Sophie’s based in Neepsend, which is just down the road from us, while Our Cow Molly is well-established as a Sheffield producer.’ ‘That’s a big part of Sheffield Cheesemasters identity,’ agrees Sophie. ‘Cheese tends to be regional, and a lot 14 | WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK

heese tends to be regional heshire ed ei ester nd a lot of those lo ations and brands are rural or far based But wor out of a unit in the ity and Sheffield is pla e with a great industrial heritage So it s i portant to e that its seen that the heese o es fro the ity sheffoodfest sheffoodfest sheffoodfest

of it is branded on its location. It’s in the names of some of our staple cheeses after all – Cheshire, Red Leicester. And a lot of those locations and brands are rural, or farm-based. But I work out of a unit in the city – and Sheffield is a place with a great industrial heritage. So, it’s important to me that it’s seen that the cheese comes from the city.’ What will you be doing together at Sheffield Food Festival? ‘Well, we’re going to talk about how we met and the trajectory of both of our businesses since then,’ says Alistair. ‘Good relationships between producers and outlets can end up as win-wins for both. Sheffield is on an upswing with food at the minute, but it’s still hard to build a business and build a brand. Good relationships can help that process – and if it ends up being a local relationship its good for the city as a whole, as well as the businesses involved. We’ve been involved in the Sheffield Food Festival before, but

that’s been on an upswing recently too, so we’re looking forward to it.’ ‘I’ll be talking about what we do at Sheffield Cheesemakers too,’ adds Sophie. ‘While Little Mester has firmly established itself, I’m always looking to develop new flavours and new cheeses. I’m currently working on a blue cheese – it’ll be a similar texture to Little Mester, but blue-veined with a different flavour.’ ‘And in all likelihood,’ laughs Alistair, ‘Tom will tell me that we’ve signed that up for the menu too!’ Sheffield Cheesemasters and Rafters Restaurant will be featured and appearing at Sheffield Food Festival, 2018. Get yourselves along and sample some of Sheffield’s finest producers at work! Catch Alistair, Tom and Sophie demonstrating delicious ways to use Little Mester when cooking at home in the Theatre Kitchen on Saturday 26th May at 12:40pm.

Discov er how to

We’re delighted to be sponsoring the Festival’s Theatre Kitchen on Sun 27th May. Come and say hello to our Sheffield team, and find out how you can live life on the veg with Riverford.

Call your local veg team Chris & Mary on 01143 995708

We offer a large range of pork produce from our on site butchery. The animals are specially selected to ensure the meat is succulent and tender.

Hand Cured Bacon Handmade Sausages  Hand Cured Ham  Pork Roasting Joints Steaks, Ribs, Cubed and Minced Pork 

To order any of our products or find out more information please visit our website or telephone (0114) 239 6904 / 0777 905 8872 Povey Farm, Norton Sheffield S8 8BG

From local legends to emerging talent, you can learn from the best in the Theatre Kitchen at Sheffield Food Festival. Located at the heart of the event in the central Peace Gardens, the Theatre Kitchen features top chefs from across the city, showing you how to get the best from the great local produce on offer.

15:00 - 15:20: Areg Mohammed, Joyce Ip and Alicia Wright


15:30 - 16:00: Mick Burke (Fellow of The Master Chefs of Great Britain / SHU)

Programme curated and hosted by Murray Chapman from A Passion to Inspire. 11 - 11:30: Ready Steady Cook!

Two chefs from True North Brew Co go head to head - featuring Clare Hutchinson from The Crown & Anchor vs Lee Stocks, True North’s Regional Head Chef. This session will showcase the work of SAGE Greenfingers, a local charity who support people experiencing mental health problems through involvement in gardening and food growing activities.

12 - 12:30: Mike Bevan (The York)

Duo of Salmon - Sheffield Dry Gin cured salmon tartare and charred salmon served with jersey royals, confit of fennel and chilled cucumber soup.

12:40 - 13:15: Alistair Myers & Tom Lawson (Rafters Restaurant)

Showcasing different ways to use Sheffield Cheesemasters ‘Little Mester’ cheese, including baking it whole with Rafters favourite granary and black treacle bread.

13:30 - 14:00: Richard Setchell (British Oak Alehouse) Great Yorkshire Grub - Richard shows how to make your own sausages at home with great local produce, including Moss Valley pork.

14:10 - 14:45: Charlie Curran (Peppercorn)

Not Just The Only Spice - Charlie will be making Thai green curry, showcasing produce from Yorkshire Seafood.

Sheffield Hallam University’s ‘Zest Quest Asia’ finalists will be taking you on ‘A Culinary Journey to Asia’, making Iranian honey glazed chicken, Persian jewelled rice and shiso red tapioka cracker, featuring Packington chicken from Chris Beech Butchers in Walkley.

How to make your Soufflé’s RISE Bitter chocolate soufflé, vanilla custard, caramelised Cointreau oranges, showcasing produce from MSK Ingredients.

16:15 - 17:00: Seymour Millington (Master Chef of Great Britain)

Sweets for my Sweet - a selection of sweet treats showcasing local honey from The Sheffield Honey Company, including doughnuts rolled in bee pollen with lemon & raspberry curd dipping sauce.

18:45 - 22:00: Sheffield Food Festival Supper Club with Proove Pizza

This is a ticketed event - see page 45 for more information.


Programme sponsored by Riverford Organic Farmers and hosted by Justin Rowntree, SweetSpot Hospitality 11 - 11:30: Ready Steady Cook - Lee Mangles from PJ Taste vs Chris Hanson from Blend Kitchen This session will showcase the work of Foodcycle in Sheffield, a community organisation who love food, cooking and bringing communities together over a tasty, nutritious meal.   

12 - 12:30: oe unt Sheffield ollege Silver Plate Restaurant) Joe demonstrates how to prepare, roll and make a variety of fresh pasta including ravioli and tortellini, showcasing local ingredients and flavours of South Yorkshire.   


12.50- 13.20: Mauro Altieri (Proove Pizza)

Mauro makes Parmigiana Di Melanzane, a layered, roasted aubergine, baked with Fior di Latte mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, San Marzano D.O.P. tomatoes & fresh basil - a Proove favourite!   

13:40 - 14:10: Olu Babalola (Wing Kings)

Olu demonstrates how to make his signature chicken, coated with Mama’s seasoning, with collard greens, corn bread and his original soul food, panko-coated chicken balls.   

14:30 - 15:00: Chris Billingsley & Liam Ridge (Butcher & Catch)

Chris will be making Moss Valley belly pork, hand dived scallops & fennel, with Liam talking about their pure pyefleet oysters and showing how to prepare them with Sheffield Cheesemasters Little Mester and elderflower poached Rhubarb, then with True North Raspberry & Hibiscus gin & tonic granita.   

15:20 - 15:50: Chris Hanson (Blend Kitchen)

Tandoori spiced chicken, spinach and chickpeas with a raita and poached fillet of turbot, cockles, samphire and asparagus with a tarragon veloute, showcasing the very best fresh seafood from JH Mann on Sharrowvale Rd.   

16:10 - 16:40: Sarah Dadswell (Hilltop Curry House)

Showcasing how to get the most from a Riverford Organic veg box, Sarah will be preparing a South Indian seasonal vegetable thoran with spicy mint parathas.   

18:00 - 21:00: Riverford Organic Farmers - Customer Event

Ticketed event for Riverford Organic Farmers customers. Email chrisandmary@riverfordhomedelivery. for more information.



14:30 - 15:00: Paulina Francis (Blessone’s Kitchen) and Hawa Talbot (Fula Flavour)

Programme sponsored by Moss Valley Fine Meats and hosted by Steve Bailey, BBC Radio Sheffield

Showcasing West African cuisine with Paulina demonstrating how to make fishballs, beans akara and puffpuff from Sierra Leone, and Hawa talking about her signature Djembe chilli sauce, a recipe passed down from generation to generation within the Fula tribe of Guinea.   

11 - 11:30: Ready Steady Cook - Vicky Wainwright (Marco’s New York Italian) vs Leslie Buddington (Brocco on the Park) Showcasing the work of Sheffield’s Food Bank Choir, who work with attendees from the city’s various food projects, using music to unite and lift the spirits.    

15:20 - 15:50: Katy Fenwick (School of Artisan Food)

12 - 12:30: John Cluckie (Silversmiths Restaurant)

Roast duck breast, confit leg, seared liver, Yorkshire rhubarb & hazelnut granola.   

Join the School of Artisan Food’s dairy expert, Katy Fenwick, for a demonstration on how to make fresh paneer cheese and learn about simple home dairy techniques.   

Brendan will be cooking chicken ragout in dark beer sauce with crisp chicken skin, Lane End Farm greens and toasted malts, with a matching Sentinel beer. He’ll be working with free-range chicken from Loose Birds in Harome, provided by Mr. Pickles.       

Get the most from a slice of decadent fruit cake by pairing with a delicious glass of wine - Jane & Jane share their recommendations, matching Tipple Tails award winning fruit cakes with different wines, including wines produced in Yorkshire!

12:50 - 13:20: Brez Barwise (Sentinel Brewhouse)

16:10 - 17:00: Jane Stammers (Tipple Tails) and Jane Cummings (Olive & Vine Wines)

13:40 - 14:10: Elly Blackwell (Froconut by EllyJoy) Elly shows how to make treats and snacks that are naturally free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, whilst also being vegan friendly. She’ll be showcasing an easy energy ball recipe and a banana bread.

sheffoodfest sheffoodfest #sheffoodfest18

See you at the Food llFeSqsuatreival ! Sheffield nd us at Town Ha You'll fi

Com the d e and see Satur emo tent us in day a t 12.0 0

INFORMAL FINE DINING 220 Oakbrook Road, Sheffield, S11 7ED 01142 304819 //

No-bake Peanut Butter Cup Caramel Tarts Preparation Time: 2 hours approx.


Crust: Oats, ½ cupful Coconut oil, 1 tbsp Brown rice syrup, 1 tbsp Green Origins Cacao Powder, 1 tsp Filling: Peanut butter, 2 ½ tbsp Brown rice syrup, 2 heaped tbsp Vanilla powder, pinch Sea salt, pinch Decoration: Coconut cream and blueberries


Green Origins A health food company based in Sheffield, Green Origins source superfoods direct from farmers around the globe. A branch of GO Superfoods, who won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise - the UK’s highest accolade for business success – Green Origins exports its premium products around the world and has achieved outstanding overseas sales growth. All of their products are vegan, organic and all-

natural, with no synthetic vitamins, chemicals, binders or fillers, and their quality has been recognised with a stamp of excellence from The Great Taste Awards – the most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality food producers.



Green Origins Chia Seeds, 5 tbsp Cashew milk, 1 cup Cashew butter, 1 tsp (heaped) Desiccated coconut, 2 tbsp Maple syrup/honey/agave, 1 tsp Vanilla extract, dash


Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl or jar and mix well. Pop the pudding into the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight to thicken. Serve with a topping of choice – simple, but delicious!


To create the base, add all of the base ingredients into a food processor and blend until everything starts to stick together. Transfer this mixture into your tart cases, and firmly press into the base of the tin and around the edges. Pop these in the freezer and allow these to set while you make the filling. In a bowl, mix the peanut butter, syrup, vanilla and salt together until they’re smooth and creamy. You can add a little almond milk to help everything blend if needed. Spoon the filling into the centre of the tarts and return them to the freezer for about two hours to allow it to set. Before serving, decorate with some coconut cream and fresh blueberries.


Green Origins Chia Seeds, 3 tbsp Raspberries, handful Coconut cream, 2 tbsp Coconut milk (not canned), 1 cup Honey, 1 tbsp Lolly moulds


Combine the coconut milk, honey, coconut cream and chia seeds in a bowl and mix well. Pour the mixtures into the ice lolly moulds and add in the raspberries. Place the lolly sticks into the moulds and pop them into the freezer to set overnight.

sheffoodfest #sheffoodfest18 WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK | 21



We have been serving delicious home-made Greek food for 15 years here in Sheffield from our shop on Sharrow Vale Road. Everything from our famous Pitta wraps with spit roast pork(Gyros), Chicken Souvlaki , lamb or beef kofta, Halloumi and Falafel. Meals such as Lamb Kleftico , Moussaka meat or Vegetarian, we have an extensive menu with many Vegetarian and Vegan dishes. You can down load a full menu from our website or our see our APP. We can also be found on Just-Eat and Hungry House. We deliver lunch time and evenings and are open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm. As well as the Deli we have our Outside Catering Business, We cater for Weddings, Birthday Party’s at your venue, office or home. We have mobile units that we can send to your wedding or to your office/factory.

Please check out our website or call Helen on 07927673990.

The Greedy Greek Deli, 418-420 Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield S11 8ZP. 0114 2667719. //

At Birdhouse Tea, Rebecca English and her team are doing amazing things with our daily cuppa … For those of us still reeling from the disclosure that Yorkshire Tea isn’t actually grown within the boundaries of Yorkshire (just me, then?) Birdhouse Tea offers a timely antidote to drinkbased depression. Founded by Rebecca English, it grew out of two things: a passion for our national drink, and the realisation that as interest in food, its provenance, and its culture grew so too could an interest in tea. ‘I first learned about the centuriesold tradition of the tea ceremony in after-school Japanese lessons and was intrigued to learn more. I got my first taste of loose leaf tea at a specialist tea house in Soho as a 13-year-old, and immediately fell in love,’ explains Rebecca. ‘When coffee began to become a point of interest with people I realised that even though people drank more tea than coffee (and still do!) there wasn’t a similar interest in it. People tended to drink whatever they’d always drunk with not a lot of discrimination between blends and brands.’ ‘That puzzled me, because if you look into the history of tea there are as many if not more blends and ways of making it. It really is a very diverse culture with a long history.’ Rebecca attended a masterclass hosted by the ‘Best Educator’ winner at the World Tea Awards which whetted her appetite further, and back home in Sheffield with her mum, Julie, a holistic nutritionist in her own right, began compiling her own blends. ‘The focus was on health and happiness,’ continues Rebecca. ‘And we began building a strong following in local markets and food festivals in and out of the region. Things began to snowball when our loose-leaf blends won ‘Best Beverage’ and ‘Best Overall Drink’ at the Deliciously Yorkshire Awards. We opened our first shop in Nether Edge

shortly afterwards, and shortly after that won two Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards for our Full Monty and Earl Grey blends – both bestsellers.’ It’s an impressively upward trajectory, but one that has been underpinned by a lot of hard work and dedication. Take, for example, the conversion and refurbishment of an old factory in the heart of Sheffield to provide a multilayered base of operations. ‘The shop at Nether Edge gave customers a chance to find out more

about loose leaf tea,’ explains Rebecca. ‘But we also wanted a space where we could combine a tea bar and eaterie, a retail space, and a takeaway bar. But we also wanted to retain a place in the city where we could still host our tea tastings and all the other functions that people have loved so much previously.’ ‘Between the shop at Nether Edge and our Tea Bar and Kitchen at Alsop Fields we’ve created something different in Sheffield, places that truly celebrate tea and allow people to experience the WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK | 23


An be

nation’s drink outside the tea bag.’ The Tea Bar and Kitchen isn’t just about award-winning loose-leaf highblended tea – although it’s there in abundance of that – there is amazing coffee too, supplied by Foundry Coffee Roasters and served by Birdhouse Tea’s highly-skilled baristas. Complementing both, is a seasonally-varying menu that makes the most of the best local produce to provide brunch menus, Buddha bowls, and plus exciting and seasonal lunch and evening menus.

How did you come to be involved with Sheffield Food Festival? We first traded at Sheffield Food Festival in our very early days, when we blended from our kitchen at home. We set up for our first ever food festival with 100 packets of our hand-blended tea, in packaging we had hand drawn and printed - staying up most of the night before to get the stock together in time for our first big event. Within two hours on day one, we had sold out! Customers were so interested in our product and keen to learn about everything we had planned and just get to know loose leaf tea better. We look forward to the event 24 | WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK

The biggest support Sheffield offers is that it prides itself on its championing of local, small businesses who want to offer something unique and high quality to the marketplace

sheffoodfest sheffoodfest #sheffoodfest18

every year - not just as traders but also as customers. What will you be doing at Sheffield Food Festival 2018? This year we will be offering our hand-blended teas, and also serving our favourite handmade iced teas that we’re now well known for. We know each year many people seek us out for refreshment and to grab a bag of their favourite blend to take home. How did Sheffield support your journey? Sheffield, and the support it has provided, is absolutely crucial to us as a local business. The biggest support Sheffield offers is that it prides itself on its championing of local, small businesses who want to offer something unique and high quality to the marketplace. It doesn’t matter what sector your business is in, if you focus on producing product of the highest quality which celebrates the best of the city, the people of Sheffield will respond with the type of loyalty and support that money simply can’t buy. Not just that, but a whole collection of our teas are in tribute to our beloved home town, and we feel we’ve put Sheffield on the map in

the world of tea - with our Sheffield Full Monty tea winning a Great Taste award. How do you work with local Sheffield businesses, outlets and producers? We try to collaborate with Sheffield businesses as much as possible. At our Tea Bar & Kitchen, we use local suppliers from Sheffield and the surrounding areas for a huge amount of our produce, including Moss Valley Meats, Livvy’s Ice Cream, Lovely Lip Balm, Porterbrook Cheese, Pie Eyed and B on 1 just to name a few! Not only that, we are tea stockists for a huge number of cafés, restaurants and eateries throughout the city, and work in collaboration with a number of businesses who use our tea in infusions and recipes. For example, Abbeydale Brewery have created a new beer infused with our Duchess Georgiana tea which will be available in the coming weeks. Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchen, Alsop Fields, Sidney Street, Sheffield S1 4RG Tea Studio, The Old Post Office, 7b Nether Edge Road, Sheffield S7 1RU Find Birdhouse Tea in the Central Peace Gardens at Sheffield Food Festival.








YOUR ONLY DESTINATION FOR LOCAL, NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL CRAFT BEERS, REAL ALES & CIDERS An amazing range of specialist bottled beers, ales & ciders include








F NORTHERN MONK & 100s more


0114 275 5990 BeerCentralLtd



A privately-owned company with 74 stores across the country, James Retail have six stores in Sheffield, stocking a whopping 30 local suppliers from the Sheffield area. We talk to them about the benefit this brings to their Bents Green store.


Has the store always been as strong at stocking local suppliers or is it a recent initiative? When Matt Hutchinson (current store manager) arrived at the Bents Green store in 2014 we’d made some steps in that direction, stocking Roses Bread and local meat. But we’ve really stepped it up in the last 3-4 years. Matt has lived in Sheffield all of his life, and is very passionate about the city. He feels that people in Sheffield love all things Sheffield – food, manufacturing, music, football. When he took over the management of the store, he made it one of the driving forces of his role to get as many local suppliers as possible. With over 30 and counting, he’s done a great job. Matt is also very much supported by the store support office – who are very passionate about supporting local produce in as many stores as possible – and who’d like to emulate the local supplier model at Bents Green across more stores. Since the Bents Green Facebook page has gone live ( selectbentsgreen), we’ve tagged and shared our local suppliers’ products to show them off and give them maximum exposure. We’ve even created cartoon-style vans with each supplier logo on to share news of fresh

deliveries and new products. They’re among the most popular and engaging posts on the Facebook page – proving that local people really do love to support local companies. Why do you think it’s important to stock local? It boosts the local economy – the more local shops that stock the local suppliers the better they will both do, ultimately creating more job opportunities for local people too. Local suppliers account for 12% of the Bent Green store’s turnover. When you consider the range of items we stock then it’s a huge achievement and something we are very proud of. It means that more money is spent locally rather than out of town. For example, with Sheffield Honey people like to feel they’re helping a local beekeeper instead of buying mass-produced honey from outside of Europe. Local people love their city – so stocking a local Sheffield company never does your PR any harm, and it’s always good to see local brands like Henderson’s sitting next to Heinz ketchup. It’s all about supporting and being proud of what Sheffield does. Matt also created our own shelf signs, stating how many miles the local items have travelled to get to the store. This

helps people realise that they are also helping reduce their carbon footprint – and the food is fresher as it’s not been traversing the globe. How do you choose a local supplier to stock? It obviously needs to be something we know we will be able to sell; and something that our customers will continue to buy. Once we know that there is a need for a certain product that can be supplied locally, we source them and research them in a couple of different ways. Sometimes our current local suppliers will recommend us to others, saying ‘try and get stocked at Select Convenience Bents Green – they’re very supportive.’ So, word-ofmouth helps us a lot too. We also keep track of online trends and local news – if there’s a new local produce company on social media or in the Sheffield Star and if we see a product gaining local interest, we’ll set up a meeting to talk about stocking it. On top of that, we frequently had suppliers pop in because they’ve seen how supportive we are on social media and want us to stock them. We always research each supplier individually, find out about their product, and get in touch with them to talk about terms and compliance. But if that all

Local people love their city – so stocking a lo al Sheffield company never does your PR any harm, and it’s always good to see local brands like Henderson’s sitting next to Heinz ketchup. It’s all about supporting and being proud of what Sheffield does

sheffoodfest sheffoodfest #sheffoodfest18

goes well, we try and get them on the shelves quite quickly. Which local suppliers have you stocked the longest? We’ve stocked Henderson’s Relish for as long as we can remember. It wouldn’t be a proper Sheffield store without Hendos! Our second longest serving local supplier is Roses Bakery. We’ve stocked them for over 4 years now and they have their own branded area in our store. It arrives fresh and warm every morning – there’s nothing better than the smell or feel of freshbaked bread in the morning! Who is the most popular local supplier you stock? Roses Bread is our biggest local seller – we sell more Roses bread than any other bread, including the big brands. We also sell a huge amount of Our Cow Molly milk, which travels just six miles to get here from S6 and is always very popular. We also stock their butter, and hopefully soon their ice cream – our customers can’t get enough of it! Who is your most recent local supplier? Sheffield Cheesemasters is our most recent new supplier and their debut cheese – Little Mester – has been

flying off the shelves. We have also recently started stocking Sheffield Brewery Company local ale and this has also been very popular. Any interesting titbits about your local suppliers? When the first set of snow came from the East, and many deliveries failed to arrive due to the poor weather conditions and icy roads, every single one of our local suppliers delivered on time. We had more Our Cow Molly milk delivered that week than two of the major supermarkets combined – we had so much that there was half a ton and we filled one of their trucks on our own. Our Cow Molly were also featured on ITV Calendar News that week, and were proud to be able to exclaim that they never failed to deliver the milk to Sheffield! Bad weather is when stocking local really comes in to play because we know they are close enough to very rarely let us down and our customers love knowing that in bad times and bad weather, they are not only getting the milk and bread they so desperately need, but they are also helping a local farmer up the road pay his bills and feed his own family. WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK | 27

European Restaurant specialising in Romanian, Hungarian and German Cuisine. This is a first for Sheffield! Sfinx ReStauRant & Cafe

539 atteRCliffe Road, S9 3Ra Sheffield Phone: 01142 443 123 /

Throughout May

Sheffield themed set menu to celebrate the Food Festival

ÂŁ19.95pp for 3 courses Available Wed PM, Thurs PM, Sat AM and Sun all day by reservation only

Gigis Cucina 139-141 Oakbrook Rd, Sheffield S11 7EB Tel: 0114 327 4600 www.


Chocolate brownies and blondies, the signature scoffington cake, frangipane based tarts and individual pecan pies. Central Peace Gardens


Top-quality Mediterranean food, such as olives, feta cheese and nuts. Peace Gardens Edge

Ashgate Preserves

Bakewell Bakery

Bakewell Puddings, Bakewell tarts, handmade cakes and confectionary slices, gingerbread men, muffins and cupcakes, cheese straws and oatcakes. Peace Gardens Walkway

Bedazzled Cupcakes

Homemade cupcakes delightfully hand-decorated by a family team. Fargate

Homemade small-batch preserves, fruit vinegars, dry herb and spice rubs, flavoured sea salts and ketchups. Central Peace Gardens

Autumn Harvest

ne of the big attra tions of Sheffield Food Festival are the huge range of bars, street food and artisan markets that pack the city centre. Here’s our guide to who to look out for.

A variety of fresh mushrooms, dried mushroom products, truffle oil, truffle butter, mushroom spread, Bruschetta, and mushroom-filled puds to take home. Central Peace Gardens

Bakes by Butter

Deliciously decadent seasonal bakes. Orchard Square

4Eyes Patisserie

4eyes is a new wholesale patisserie in Sheffield using modern ideas to create a selection of the finest goods using the best quality ingredients available. They supply cafes and restaurants across the city with their unmissable cruffins and cronuts (for the uninitiated, these are muffins and donuts made with croissant pastry - you’ll never look back!). Find them in the central Peace Gardens


Free Cakes for Kids

Birdhouse Tea

Loose leaf teas, herbal and fruit infusions, tea brewing accessories and iced teas. Central Peace Gardens

(Monday only) Selling baked good to raise funds for the volunteer bakers and raising awareness of Free Cakes for Kids. www free a esfor idssheffield o Central Peace Gardens

Blacks Cheese

Fula Flavour

Fantastic range of award-winning cheese truckles made with love, milk and a little magic. Fargate

West African chilli sauce combining heat and lots of flavour. Peace Gardens Edge


Charles Taylor

Traditional handmade outdoor seating. Millennium Square

Charlie’s Country Garden

Homemade products including fresh pestos, fruit and herb-infused oils and vinegars, beautifully presented in hand painted jars and bottles. Peace Gardens Edge

Chilli Alchemist

Theatrical stall selling chilli sauces, chilli mayonnaise, chilli beef jerky! Town Hall Square

Cocktail Pickers Club

Premium-bottled cocktails using natural fruits and purees. Peace Gardens Edge

Cossack Cuisine

Fresh Russian food, including sweet and savoury brioche, baguettes, and pastel de nata. Town Hall Square

Costco Wholesale

Promoting Costco membership and displaying a variety of organic, glutenfree and imported food items. Fargate

Country Fresh Foods

Showcasing their stunning range of unusual fresh fruit and vegetable produce. Town Hall Square

Cupcake Time

Cupcakes in a range of 14 flavours, traybakes and biscuits. Town Hall Square

Classic sweets from a Sheffield institution. Millennium Square

The Cookie Dough Co Cookies are a wonderful invention, but do you ever find yourself eating all the dough before it even makes it into the oven? The Cookie Dough Co. creates cookie dough purely for this purpose and all their dough is safe to eat raw! What’s more, they’ve put lots of loving effort into creating a variety of gourmet flavours with delicious toppings, for the ultimate indulgent sweet treat! Choose from milk choc chip, salted caramel, triple chocolate or peanut butter cup. Find them on Town Hall Square

Direct Beers

Selling their 2018 range of quirky and novel bottled beers and ciders. Peace Gardens Edge


Artisan loose leaf teas and refreshing cold brew teas. Peace Gardens Walkway

Era’s Chocolate

Luxury homemade pastries and cakes, thoughtfully created and individual to order. Orchard Square


Handmade cheeses with spices, herbs, fruits and alcohol and complimentary pickles and chutneys. Town Hall Square

Fine Kost

Octopus, prawns, mushrooms, jalapeños, olives, artichoke, humus. Peace Gardens Edge

Frazer’s Coffee Roasters

Coffee beans and ground coffee, roasted in Sheffield. Ground fresh on the stall to takeaway. Peace Gardens Edge

Heeley City Farm

(Saturday only) A selection of produce made by staff and volunteers at Heeley City Farm, including jams, chutneys, cakes, craft, garden items, and vegetable plants. Millennium Square


Exceptional macarons. Pinstone Street Van Area

Jurassic Jacks

Fossil rock and gem shack all about unusual fossils and meteorites, crystals and gemstones plus all things dinosaur - including Dinosaur Poo! Millennium Square

Khoo’s Hot Sauce Established in the winter of 2012, Khoo’s Hot Sauce is a proud producer of high-quality artisan chilli sauces based in sunny Sheffield. As an independent urban food manufacturer, they pride themselves on growing the bulk of the chillies they use in their sauces on site right here in Sheffield. What they can’t grow themselves they source as locally as possible, and they never import chillies. Khoo’s Hot Sauce smoke their own chipotle and sweet peppers using a combination of oak and cherry wood. All of their sauces are handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality end product and can be found in the finest delis and markets across Yorkshire and the North of England. Find them in the central Peace Gardens



92 B 0114



Get social this summer at

Brocco Kitchen

Open all day for brunch, lunch and supper Outside dining on our heated terrace Friday barbecues Cream teas Sunday roasts with live music Summer cocktails and beers Monthly social events

Brocco Kitchen


Restaurant Terrace Social 92 Brocco Bank Sheffield S11 8RS 0114 266 1233

713_Brocco - May advertising - Sheffield Food Festival programme S4 AW.indd 1

Listed in the Michelin Guide Great Britain and Ireland 2018

19/04/2018 14:57



Kin Toffee Vodka

Ridiculously Rich

A smooth blend of vodka and caramel from the Lake District. Served on its own or in a cocktail. Fargate

A variety of Ridiculously Rich cakes, brownies and flapjacks. Orchard Square

Mak Tok

Visit their stall to find out how you can ‘live life on the veg’. They’ll have their award-winning veg, fruit and recipe boxes on show, all bursting with fresh organic produce. Town Hall Square

(Sat and Sun) Award winning chilli paste. Peace Gardens Walkway


Gourmet marshmallows in a wide range of flavours. Town Hall Square

Mamma Duck

Riverford Organic Farmers

Riverside Spirits

Gin and vodka liqueurs. Peace Gardens Edge

Robin of Locksley Gin Locksley Distilling Co Ltd produce Sir Robin of Locksley® Distilled Artisan Gin here in Sheffield. It’s a gin which has incredible versatility – one of the very few true English sipping gins: try it neat or chilled. It makes a mean G&T, and a wonderful martini (dry or dirty), as well as numerous other cocktails. In a nod to our geographical location, it is named in honour of a favourite Yorkshire lad and local Sheffield legend, Robin Hood. Find them in the central Peace Gardens

Wooden ducks and other animal and woodland-themed items including fairy doors and decorated glass jars. Millennium Square

Rose Cottage Drinks

Masons Gin

School of Artisan Food


Secret Cake Club

BBQ and hog-roast using meat reared on the outskirts of Sheffield. Millennium Square

Hand-crafted Yorkshire gin in Original, Yorkshire tea, and Lavender editions. Gift sets including tonic available. Town Hall Square

Meze Publishing

Cookbook specialists, selling a number of their publications, including the Sheffield Cook Book. Central Peace Gardens


High-quality alcoholic mixers for champagne and prosecco. Peace Gardens Edge Find out more about their range of artisan food production courses, from cheese making to butchery to chocolate, and business courses designed for food producers. Central Peace Gardens Homemade loaf-cakes, cake slices, brownies and treats. Peace Gardens Walkway

Pimento is a refreshing, non-alcoholic ginger drink with a distinctive chilli kick. Sold in individual glass bottles or in packs. Millennium Square

Seven Hills Bakery


(Saturday and Sunday) Sweet and savoury home baked goods and small items of merchandise including tote bags and badges. Central Peace Gardens

Family-run business baking sweet and savoury pastries, giant sausage rolls, empenadas, sweet tarts, cake and brownie wedges. Peace Gardens Edge

Pure Indulgence

Hand-made soaps, soap filled sponges, bath bombs and gifts. Fargate


Tailor made organic fruit and veg boxes, sourced from organic growers around Sheffield and craft beer. Central Peace Gardens 34 | WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK

Fresh bread, cakes and pastries. Specialists in sourdough. Central Peace Gardens

Seven Hills WI

Suzannah’s Greek Deli

Home-marinated olives and Mediterranean deli products. Savoury spinach / feta delicacies and dips. Extra-virgin olive oil, chilli oil and balsamic vinegars. Town Hall Square

True North Brew Co

Sheffield Dry Gin and Sheffield Vodka. Central Peace Gardens

Artisan bakery treats including brownies, tray bakes and cake jars. Orchard Square

Whirlow Hall Farm

Urban Pantry Urban Pantry is an independent family-run deli with a passion for good food and a strong focus on bringing you the highest quality products from independent producers in the region. Their aim is to provide not only fantastic products, but also a great shopping experience where you can find out more about what you’re eating, try things at our special tasting events and even meet the producers. They stock loads of Sheffield produce, including the award-winning Tipple Tails fruitcakes, Sheffield Honey and Sheffield Cheesemasters Little Mester cheese, which should all be available for you to try and buy over the weekend. Find them in the central Peace Gardens

Wildlife Trust

Promoting sustainable home-grown food and wildlife gardening. wwwwildsheffield o Winter Gardens

Yorkshire Crisps

Hand-cooked luxury crisps and popcorn. Town Hall Square

Yorkshire Drizzle

Flavoured rapeseed oils and flavoured balsamic vinegars Peace Gardens Edge

Blessone’s Kitchen

West African food inspired by Paulina’s upbringing in Sierra Leone. Town Hall Square

Cafe Carte Get Wurst Get Wurst serve up authentic German bratwurst, currywurst and vegan wurst, inspired by many trips to Berlin. They import all their sausages from the Munsterland region of Germany and serve them in freshly baked brioche buns from local bakers. They make their own homemade currywurst sauce and serve with rosemary-salted fries, beer fried onions (using different local craft beers), sauerkraut and pickles. They are proud to be able to offer a vegan bratwurst that is just as tasty as the meat option, served in a roll with beer fried onions, sauerkraut and pickles, or as a currywurst with fries. Find them in the Eats, Treats & Beats Festival Village

Fresh coffees and associated snacks, muffins and flapjacks. Town Hall Square

Canny Coffees

Mobile café made from a converted horsebox serving Brilliant Brews, Canny Coffees and Rainbow Lattes. Fargate

Caribbean Fusion

Jamaican food including jerk chicken, curries, rice/peas, patties, fried dumplings and rum cake. Pinstone Street

offi a

Swedish inspired coffee house, serving local and sustainable produce and house blend coffee. www offi a o u Pinstone Street Van Area

Cowboys Fizz & Fromage

www fa eboo o fi fro age Fizz + Fromage is Emily and Hatty Webster, food lovers and shameless feeders from Sheffield. They’ve taken the winning classic of Mac & Cheese, brought it up to date with cheeky toppings and served it with their favourite tipple – a glass of fizz. Their signature sauce is made using Yorkshire milk, cheese and butter and given either a veggie, meaty, spicy, or boozy twist. The bedrock sauce is vegetarian and gluten free and their tubs and flutes are all 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Choose from a dry Cava or a sweet Prosecco to finish to perfection! Find them in the Pinstone Street Van Zone

Traditional all American burgers with novelty toppings, BBQ and melts. Pinstone Street


Noodles with a variety of meats and sauces. Town Hall Square


Oriental street food, traditional handcraft Portuguese tarts and oriental bread. Pinstone Street

Dilla Deli

Homemade quesadillas from around the world, nachos, homemade dips, and nutritious salads. Town Hall Square

Fancy An Indian

Indian flatbread filled with delicious meat or veg homemade curry, and vegetable or chicken pakora snack boxes. Pinstone Street Van Area

Froconut by Elly Joy

Speciality froconut dessert; a dairy and gluten free soft-serve ice-cream topped with guilt free indulgent toppings. Fargate

Gravy Train

Traditional Poutine; chips, cheese, curds and gravy (beef or mushroom) with a variety of toppings such as BBQ chicken, mapled bacon, soured cream, crispy onions. Fargate

Greedy Greek

Traditional home-made Greek food using Greek produce. Town Hall Square

Little Somboon Kitchen

Pan-Asian street food and Thai beer. Pinstone Street

Mama Tornado

A beer-battered, deep-fried, spiralised potato on a stick with a choice of 15 vegetarian global coatings and the option of some cheeky Papa’s Secret sauces (for those who dare!). Fargate


Gourmet-grilled cheese sandwiches and halloumi fries. Pinstone Street

Moss Valley

Award-winning on farm butchers, using products exclusively made in Sheffield. www ossvalleyfine eats o u Pinstone Street

Oooh La Laa Crepes

Artisan Breton crepes and zingy lemonade. Pinstone Street


Middle Eastern and Mediterranean inspired mezze and wraps; gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. Town Hall Square


Percy & Lily’s

Eight different street food menus inspired from around the world. Pinstone Street Van Area

Pie Eyed

Pie, mash, peas and gravy, with a splash of hendo’s. Pinstone Street Van Area

Proove Pizza

A business that began as a pop up restaurant serving Neapolitan woodfired pizza. Town Hall Square

Smith St Coffee

Selling specialty coffee and accessories to get you your coffee fix. Central Peace Gardens

Smoke BBQ

Pulled pork butties with Smoke BBQ sauce. Fargate

Snowden Hill Water Buffalo

Street Food Chef

Burritos and nachos filled with freshly made salsas and slow cooked meats. Vegetarians, vegans and special diets catered for. Pinstone Street

Sunshine Pizza Oven

Top quality handmade organic pizza, made with nutritious ingredients. Pinstone Street

Thali Truck

Freshly-made curries and Indian inspired street food. Pinstone Street Van Area

Wah Wah’s

Halloumerito, Mexican BBQ and churros. Fargate

Yee Kwan

East Asian flavoured ice cream and sorbets (lactose free). Central Peace Gardens

Low-fat water-buffalo burgers, served with cheese, onions and home cured bacon. Town Hall Square

Yummy Yorkshire

Beetle Juice Cocktail Bar

The Gin Cart

Freshly made cocktails, prosecco, wines and soft drinks. Central Peace Gardens

Eats, Treats & Beats Bar

(see page 58) Serving full range of drinks, including Stancill and Sentinel beers. Fargate

The Fountain Bar

(see page 61) Local ales and lagers from from Abbeydale, Kelham Island, Welbeck Abbey and Bradfield breweries, plus On The Edge microbrewery. Central Peace Gardens


Ice cream, sweet waffles and sundaes. Town Hall Square

A great selection of gin & tonic drinks with the emphasis on using small batch, artisan distilled gins. Pinstone Street Van Area

Mr D’Arcys

Gin, prosecco cocktails and chocolate Champagne. Fargate

Livvy’s Ice Cream Joanne serves Italian-inspired gelato and slushies from her vintage ice cream van. Everything is made from natural ingredients and sourced as locally as possible, even growing some of the ingredients herself. She specialises in unique flavours - try her Vanilla with Henderson’s Relish Ripple - and also makes bespoke flavours for special occasions. This year, she is making a Sheffield Food Festival special flavour suggested by our competition winner - don’t miss the chance to try it out! Find them in the Pinstone Street Van Zone

bl es s o n e ’ s k i tc h e n WAT S O N S WA L K , S H E F F I E L D S 1 T E L / T E X T: 0 7 4 3 4 9 1 4 4 9 1


• Genting Casino Sheffield is the perfect place for your day or night out! • A venue unlike any other in Sheffield with an atmosphere unrivalled in the region. At its heart is our state of the art casino offering the very latest in gaming technology, live casino gaming and a Poker room with regular tournaments and cash games. • The latest addition is our superb Sports Lounge showing all major sporting events on our huge screen with tables and booths available for private bookings. • Fahrenheit Restaurant is a social restaurant, where the vibrant surroundings and atmosphere mirrors the fantastic food that we serve. If you’re celebrating a birthday then book a party of 8 or more and you’ll go free! • Hou Mei restaurant open 6pm-2am daily serving authentic Chinese cuisine with 3 courses for £10.99 and claypot from £8. • You can experience all that Genting Casino Sheffield has to offer with the Go Casino Package! For just £24.95 you can indulge in a superb 3 course menu, a drink from the bar and a free bet!

St Paul’s Place, Arundel Gate, Sheffield S1 2PN For further information please call 0114 228 8980, or to find out more email

Find us on


GEM6597_14_Sheffield_Advert_A4.indd 1

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2018 16:57

‘If we were asked to pinpoint where the life and soul of Mr Pickles’ lies we would have to say the butcher’s counter.’ Our working week revolves around the delivery of our beef, lamb, pork and chickens. And every day begins and ends with the butcher’s counter. We’re lucky to work closely with some fantastic farms and we buy in the full cow and lamb from Firs Farm on Ringinglow Road in Sheffield. So not only do we know the provenance of our beef and lamb cuts, we know which animal it’s from too.

The Rise and Fall of Butchery Author: Claire Tollick, Mr Pickles’ Yorkshire Food Emporium Photography: Shania Bostin, Mr Pickles’ Yorkshire Food Emporium

With the ethos ‘eat, drink and be merry’ meat consumption grew in Victorian times, especially for the more affluent households. Barely a meal would go by without some form of meat making an appearance. Cold cuts, sausages and cutlets would be served at breakfast, boiled hams and meat pies would come out at lunch and dinner would

be an elaborate affair involving several roasting joints. And, although poorer families wouldn’t eat as well, meat was still a priority with working families eating it once a day and others at least once or twice a week. With no refrigeration at home, this meant that the Victorians relied heavily on their butchers. In this pre-supermarket era, the concept of shopping local was the norm which saw high-street butchers’ shops enjoy a

surge in popularity. During the First and Second World War, however, with the sustainability of the country’s food under scrutiny, the country had to endure restrictive rationing systems. The British Government then introduced subsidies to encourage farming, especially the farming of livestock. This led to the over-industrialisation of meat-production, which, coupled with the rise in popularity of the more WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK | 39



‘F ‘F

Yo Yo

liv liv

th th

it’ it’



convenient pre-packaged meat found in supermarkets, was bad news for the independent butcher. With meat more plentiful, customers could be more choosy, which meant that the butcher’s skill in managing meat waste, and his knowledge of lesser known cuts, were not as essential.

The Rise of Craft Butchery

In more recent years, customers have returned to High Street butchers in search of produce they can trust. Fuelling this change have been some of the problems supermarkets have had to face. BSE and Foot and Mouth outbreaks have taken their toll, but the recent horsemeat scandal of 2013 was a real turning point for the butcher. Consumers had become so trusting of supermarkets and so far removed from the meat industry that they didn’t even know what animal they were eating. Trust isn’t the only issue. Once viewed as a necessity and a means to survive food is now classed as an experience and a hobby. The quality and taste of a product is one thing, but consumers want to buy into the story too. We want to know the provenance of each product, the history behind it and about the producers themselves This helps explain the transformation in butchery we’ve seen in the States and some of the bigger cities here in the UK. Craft butchery is a new buzzword – but look past the fashionably dressed, tattoo-clad bearded men and you’ll find good, honest old-fashioned butchery where transparency, provenance, quality and high-welfare is all part of the story that customers want to hear.

The Pickles’ Way

These factors are central to how we do things. We’ve carefully selected the farms that we want to work with and we’ve chosen local businesses that are run with integrity. Anna’s Happy Trotters and Loose Birds supply our pork and chickens and they raise their animals to some of the highest standards of welfare found in the UK. This means they are free-range and able to enjoy as much of a normal, happy life as they can. Of course this doesn’t just help to ease our customers’ consciences. High-welfare pigs and chickens produce much better quality meat. We’re often told that our

“F Va fi Sp


High-welfare pigs and chickens produce much better quality meat. We’re often told that our chicken tastes like chicken used to taste, before intensive farming, and our pork is famous for being deliciously tender.

sheffoodfest sheffoodfest #sheffoodfest18

chicken tastes like chicken used to taste, before intensive farming, and our pork is famous for being deliciously tender. We’re especially proud of our relationship with Sheffield-based Firs Farm. Owned by the Battye family, Angela and Jim have been farming at the Ringinglow Road site for over 30 years and they’ve built up a sterling reputation in Sheffield for their geese and turkeys at Christmas. Which is why we approached them to see if they could take on lamb and beef and become our sole suppliers. Now the Battyes have a flock of Suffolkcross sheep which mostly comes to us, with the rest being sold at Bakewell livestock market. Cows are Limousincross and raised as sucklers so the calves are kept with their mums until weaned. After that, they graze on grass or during winter, feed on home-grown wheat, barley and oats along with sillage prepared the previous summer and spent hops from Abbeydale Brewery. Because we buy the whole animal from Firs Farm, we don’t just know its breed and diet, we can trace every cut to the

exact animal, as well as when it was slaughtered and how long it has been hung for. Our customers love being able to eat beef and lamb raised right here in Sheffield – something that was rarely heard of when we first opened the business. Sourcing the whole animal means that we have the whole range of beef cuts. From the Pope’s Eye to the Chuck Eye, we’ve taken the time to research the different cuts that supermarkets often use for mince and can pass on our expert knowledge to help with cooking tips and recipe ideas for things you might not have tried before. No matter whether we’re talking traditional butcher’s shop or the trendier craft butchery, we think this is how all butchery should be. Honest, respectful and knowledgeable.

Pop in and see us to find out more, and try our delicious range. Our shop is based at 240 Abbeydale Road and we’re open from 8am to 8pm every day.



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WELCOME... Welcome... TO toALL allTHAT thatIS isCUBA CubaDEEP deepIN inTHE theHEART heartOF ofSHEFFIELD! Sheffield!

‘Feel and energy of our trulytruly Latino spirit!’ ‘Feelthe thepassion passion and energy of our Latino spirit!’ You’ll find findflavoursome flavoursome fresh tapas, talented You’ll fresh tapas, talented live bands bands&&musicians, musicians, top DJ’s playing live top DJ’s playing at at the weekends weekendsand anda a great space dancing the great space for for dancing it’s the thecomplete completepackage package over floors it’s over twotwo floors under one roof.

under one roof.




“Food 5/5, Atmosphere 5/5, Service 5/5, Value 5/5. Cubana earns a well deserved five stars for food. An excellent mix of Spanish & South American dishes.” MARTIN DAWES - SHEFFIELD STAR.







‘EATING OUT AT ITS BEST’ “This is eating out at its best. Simple food, well cooked, devoured with uninhibited enjoyment.” LESLEY DRAPER - SHEFFIELD TELEGRAPH.

Every night is music night @ Cubana Live music every night @ Cubana features a diverse & exciting line-up of talented musicians bringing you rhythms from right across the Americas. | FLAMENCO | JAZZ | TANGO | BLUES | BOSSA NOVA | RUMBA | SOUL | SALSA | SWING | BACHATA |

Check our website for the latest listings. Happy Tapas till 6pm everyday. FREE ENTRY.

Keep up-to-date on our Facebook page.... www.facebook/cubanatapasbar

For bookings & Enquiries

Call 01142 760475 WE ARE NOW LOCATED AT:

Unit 4 Leopold Square, Sheffield S1 2JG

Untitled-6 1

23/03/2017 14:19

Down by The River!

This is a colourful and healthy meal from Riverford Organic Farmers. Turmeric and ginger are antiinflammatory and good for digestion, as is coconut oil – which metabolises well. Organic coconut oil is available to order alongside our vegetable boxes. It’s great for stir-fries and curries or for roasting vegetables, giving a slightly different flavour to other oils.

Spring Green and Coconut Dal Ingredients

Coconut oil, 1 tbsp Onion, finely sliced Garlic cloves, (1 large or 2 small), finely chopped, grated, or crushed Ginger root, 4cm, fresh (peeled and finely grated) Red chilli, 1 (finely sliced) Black mustard seeds, 1 tsp Turmeric, ¼ tsp (ground) Coconut milk, 1 x 400ml tin Yellow Mung Dal lentils, 100g (rinsed) Coriander seeds, 1 tsp (toasted and ground) Cumin seeds, 1 tsp (toasted and ground) Spring or summer greens, 200g (tough ribs removed, leaves shredded) Coriander leaves, handful Lemon or lime juice, a squeeze Coconut chips or desiccated coconut, toasted (to garnish) Salt


Melt the coconut oil in a large pan. Add the onion and fry on a low heat for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Turn up the heat a little and add the garlic, ginger, chilli, mustard seeds and turmeric. Stir for about 1 minute, until you hear the mustard seeds start to pop. Stir the coconut milk in the can then pour into the pan with the lentils and ground coriander and cumin. Fill the coconut milk can half full with water and add that too. Bring up to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer for about 15 minutes. Add the greens, stirring in small handfuls at a time, then cook for a further 5–10 minutes, until the lentils are tender and the greens wilted. Keep an eye on the liquid and add more water if needed. Season the dal with salt, stir in the fresh coriander and add a squeeze of lime or lemon juice to taste. Serve the dal sprinkled

with toasted coconut and a few extra coriander leaves.


- Use red lentils if you can’t find yellow mung dal lentils. - Use cabbage, spinach or chard instead of the greens. - Add ‘Tarka’, a spicy oil, to sprinkle on the top of the dal before serving for an extra kick of spice and chilli. To make this, gently heat a tablespoon of coconut oil in a small pan then add 1 teaspoon each of black mustard seeds and cumin seeds, 1 finely sliced large garlic clove and a good pinch of chilli flakes and fry, stirring constantly, for 1–2 minutes until the mustard seeds are popping. Find out more about veg boxes from Riverford Organic Farmers at their stand on Town Hall Square during Sheffield Food Festival


Your monthly guide to what’s on in Sheffield




Pizza in Naples is simple, fresh and affordable. But it’s actually a lot more complicated than that. Neapolitan pizza is an obsession on a par with religion. The pizza has to be made in exactly the right way with exactly the right ingredients. There’s no compromise; and no other pizza except Neapolitan pizza.

sheffoodfest sheffoodfest #sheffoodfest18

It’s this obsessional attention to detail that Deepak and Rob, co-owners of Proove, introduced to Sheffield three years ago. Their mission was to introduce authentic Neapolitan pizza to the UK, starting with the foodie folk of Sheffield. At Proove, every pizza is made fresh-to-order with the finest quality ingredients. The dough is homemade every day with 00 flour and proved for a minimum of 20 hours before being hand stretched and topped with tomato sauce made only and always with San Marzano tomatoes grown in the rich volcanic soil around Mount Vesuvius. The cheese is Fior Di Latte mozzarella, made in Naples for Proove twice a week, it’s flown in ready to be served within 72 hours. Each pizza is lovingly topped with favourites ranging from Portabello mushrooms (which are gently roasted with white truffle oil) through to the smoky and spicy Nduja which is paired with Finocchiona salami (fennel) and fresh chilli to create the Diavola – Proove’s best-selling pizza. Proove are proudly supporting this year’s Sheffield Food Festival as headline sponsors and hosts of the inaugural Supper Club – a perfect opportunity for Proove to demonstrate exactly what Proove is all about whilst showcasing some exciting new dishes and seasonal accents. Proove’s chefs have created a menu which showcases their most popular ingredients with a seasonal twist, and introduces new and delicious dishes, including the street food offerings that have become such a ‘prooven’ hit in their Manchester restaurant. Arancini, Angioletti, Crocché and Pizza Fritti will all be making an entrance on the night and each course will be paired with painstakingly matched alcoholic delights.

Hosted in the Theatre Kitchen Marquee on 26th May, tickets are priced at £50 per person, with a limit of 50 people. This includes canapés, welcome drink, and five courses with five paired drinks. Check Proove’s social media or call them on 0114 294 5185 for more information. The Supper Club will support the homeless of Sheffield through Proove’s social enterprise partner since 2017, Foodinate. Guests select a Foodinate marked item from the menu, which then provides a meal for a local homeless person – funded by Proove. Proove’s restaurants in Sheffield and Manchester have donated over 8,000 meals since beginning work with Foodinate. Proove will donate a meal in lieu of each guest at the dinner, and Foodinate Founder Caroline Stevenson will attend to speak about the amazing work being done by Foodinate. If you can’t make the Supper Club, come and find the Proove pop-up oven on Town Hall Square to try the most popular pizzas and the new Italian Street Food range. Keen cooks can check out Proove’s cookery demonstration in the Theatre Kitchen Marquee on Sunday 27th May where head pizzaiolo Maura Altieri will demonstrate how to make Parmigiana Di Melanzane – a firm Proove favourite. Kids can pop by too, and get involved with the pizzamaking activities in the Winter Garden on Sunday 27th May between 11am and 3pm, where it’s £4.50 or £3.00 to top your own pizza or pizza dolce. WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK | 45

Starting any business can be a daunting thing and working in the food industry brings its own set of challenges. The University of Sheffield has always supported entrepreneurship in all its forms; and it is proud and excited to have helped some incredible food businesses get started and go from strength-tostrength in the industry. 48 | WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK

Business concepts are often founded here in Sheffield but because the University has a wealth of International students we sometimes see innovations from further afield seeding here. This year alone we have supported some great food business influenced by the individual’s country of origin. These have included South Korea, Malaysia and Colombia. When faced with the statistics that nine-out-of-ten new food and drink businesses fail, it is vital that these start-ups have the right support around them and know where to turn when they need guidance. When working with food, key issues often include insurance, quality control and adhering to foods standards regulation. Dealing with this when also developing a brand and a commercial strategy is no small task. In order to have the best chance of

success, Evolve start-up coaches at The University of Sheffield make sure that entrepreneurs really understand their concept’s value proposition and where it might fit in the current market. They are then encouraged to talk to potential customers, collect insight and search for further market validation until they feel equipped with the knowledge they need to launch. Importantly, throughout this journey, we encourage entrepreneurs to make sure they are working with a real and validated commercial proposition. Sheffield has a thriving independent scene and food and drinks ventures are a growth area in this sector. Whether artisan bakeries, coffee houses, or street food, there are new start-ups all across the city. During this year’s Sheffield Food Festival, The University of Sheffield will bring together some of the most

Food Futures at Sheffield Food Festival

Are you a budding food and drink entrepreneur or someone looking to take an existing business to the next level? Do you dream of running your own restaurant or cafe or launching your own food or drink product? Food Futures offers a one-day programme of talks, discussion, mentoring, and advice aimed just at you. Run in the Town Hall from 11am until 6pm on Saturday 26th May, the programme features a host of experienced industry professionals sharing their experience and knowledge, giving you the opportunity to discuss your own ideas and challenges. There will be exhibition stands from SCR Launchpad, the NMTF, and Sheffield Hallam University amongst others, plus showcase trading pitches for innovative new local businesses. Join us for the whole day, or drop in for particular sessions. You can reserve your FREE place at


12:00 - 12:30: Markets, festivals, and fairs – how to launch your food business!

Brendan Dyson, Field Support Officer, NMTF ( How do you get started trading on markets, festivals, and fairs? What do you need to consider before you even set out your stall or park your truck? Brendan Dyson from the NMTF, the only national trade association for market and street traders, events retailers, and mobile caterers in the UK, can tell you more. #marketsmatter

12:30 - 13:00: Essential core values for running a successful restaurant James Ellerby, Senior Lecturer, Hospitality Business Management, Sheffield Hallam University Owning and running your own restaurant is a dream for many people, yet managing to achieve and maintain long-term success can be a challenge. James identifies the core values that our most successful restaurateurs share.

13:15 - 14:15: The entrepreneurial recipe / How to get started in the food business

exciting food start-ups and experts to present and discuss why they chose this industry and what it is that drives them and their success. The session will include practical guidance on how to set up a successful business but will delve into mistakes that the panel may have made along the way and what strategy they took to steer them in the right direction. If you are a budding food or drink entrepreneur, get yourself down to Sheffield Town Hall on 26th May. It’s a session set to be a highlight of the 2018 programme and is not to be missed. See panel for a full schedule of activities, which include talks from Ted Ki Tae Kim (Diversitea), William Chew (Mak Tok), Jerome Jacobs (Phrooti), Natalia Welch (Pura Panela), Justin Rowntree (SweetSpot Hospitality Consultancy) and Yvonne O’ Donovan (The School of Artisan Food).

Starting a business can be daunting and working in the food industry brings challenges. The University of Sheffield presents an in-depth panel session on what it really takes to survive in the food business. Chair and panel: Darren Chouings (University of Sheffield Enterprise), William Chew (Mak Tok, Jerome Jacobs (Phrooti,, Ted Ki Tae Kim (Diversitea, www., Yvonne O’ Donovan (The School of Artisan Food, www., Justin Rowntree (SweetSpot Hospitality Consultancy,, Natalia Welch (Pura Panela, www.

14:30 - 15:00: Supporting local SME food businesses

Ophelie Robertson, Research Fellow for the ERDF funded Sheffield Innovation Programme and Associate Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University While running a food company is exciting, small and medium businesses may suffer from a lack of development resources. Ophelie discusses the opportunities to promote business growth through the Sheffield City Region Innovation Programme.

15:00 - 15:30: Discover the 5 biggest employment and HR pitfalls that cost restaurant and pub owners time and money Darren Chouings is an Evolve Start-Up Business Coach at University of Sheffield Enterprise

sheffoodfest sheffoodfest #sheffoodfest18

Jay Bhayani, Bhayani Law ( Jay Bhayani is MD of Bhayani Law, an employment law & HR specialist supporting companies in the hospitality industry in Sheffield.

15:45 - 18:00: Mentoring, support and advice world cafe

Introduction from Irshad Akhbar, Business Mentoring Manager at SCR Launchpad This allows you to discuss specific issues relating to your business or business idea with the experienced mentors and speakers featured in our programme. WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK | 49


Sheffield Food Festival is a time to come together and enjoy a weekend of indulgence. It’s also an opportunity to shine a light on the city’s food and drink based social initiatives which connect charities, businesses and communities. Sunshine Pizza and Pizza Sospesa

Food, whether through sharing a meal, volunteering cooking time, or donating to food banks, helps to break down barriers, support those in need, and reduce food waste. Here are some of the community food activities taking place throughout the city...

Proove and Foodinate

Proove Pizzeria, Broomhill, has worked with Foodinate, a UK-wide initiative, since December 2017 to make a sustainable impact on food poverty by increasing meals for homeless and vulnerable people. Each restaurant working with Foodinate agrees to cover the cost of the donated meal, so all the diner has to do is order a meal from the menu that’s been marked with a Foodinate logo. Deepak Jaiswal, Proove’s co-owner says ‘Community is central to our company, our core values and business decisions. When Caroline Stevenson initially approached us to work with Foodinate I knew this was something we wanted to get involved with. Many of our customers choose Foodinate items specifically for the charity contribution. We launched with Foodinate in December 2017 and funded over 2000 meals in that first month. We’ve continued to provide in excess of 1700 meals every month since.’ ‘The meals we fund are provided to Ben’s Centre in Sheffield,’ he adds. ‘We have met the team there and are in awe of the work they do. Being able to assist them with our donations is very rewarding. It’s a great initiative to be part of and we hope that other establishments in Sheffield get involved soon.’ Proove, 261 Fulwood Road, Sheffield, S10 3BD Find Proove on Town Hall Square during Sheffield Food Festival.


sheffoodfest sheffoodfest #sheffoodfest18 Airy Fairy and Pay It Forward

The Airy Fairy cafe was approached to set up the ‘Pay it Forward’ project some years ago, and customers quickly got behind the idea of paying for the food they wanted to share – and when staff are out and about they always mention the scheme to the people they meet on the streets sleeping rough. Anwen Fryer from Airy Fairy says, ‘Pay it Forward gives a great opportunity to strike up a conversation which is needed. Our personal invites help bring people along, and with our garden in summer we end up with lots of regulars dropping by for a chat.’ Airy Fairy 239 London Road, Sheffield S2 4NF

Sunshine Pizza produce wood-fired pizzas using high-quality ingredients sourced from local and ethical suppliers. They’ve been running their Pizza Sospesa for three years after seeing a number of restaurants in Naples offering the opportunity for customers to pay a donation towards pizzas for those less fortunate than themselves, with the restaurant making up the difference. ‘Our business is founded on ethical and environmental principles,’ says Dan. ‘‘Pending Pizza’ was an idea that fitted in with how we work. We always support local charities and good causes, offering pizzas as prizes for charity raffles, as well as taking our ovens to fundraisers and doing cut-price events for local schools and community groups.’ They’ll be advertising the scheme at Sheffield Food Festival again this year and all donations are welcome. These will go in a separate pot with a board announcing how many free pizzas are available for those who can’t afford to buy one themselves. Find them on Pinstone Street during the food festival.

Foodbank Choir Projects


Foodcycle is a national organization that brings together donated or unused waste food and passionate volunteers to create free meals for all members of the community. Sheffield currently has four Foodcycle projects in Sharrow, St. Bart’s, Firth Park and Lowedges, with another set to open in Gleadless – the largest number of projects in a single city outside of London. The project is volunteer-led, coordinating five different areas: Donators, such as local supermarkets and independent shops, Moor Market, community gardens and individuals. Pick-up teams who every Wednesday collect all of the donated food and build relationships with donors. Cooks then create healthy, tasty three-course vegetarian meals using the donations, hosts serve the meals and wash up and finally guests, who help operate separate projects. Founded with the vision of bringing people together while preventing food waste, in Sheffield it has become more than that, developing into community hubs for different projects

– litter collections at St. Bart’s, and a community compost project at Sharrow. Meals are served later in the afternoon at Lowedges to allow families to attend, and Firth Park is operated by Asian women, helping them build a life outside the home. Poppy Hayhurst shares her experience of being involved in Foodcycle: ‘I relocated to Sheffield in March 2017, and while unemployed and not knowing anyone I hosted for a few weeks and established some strong friendships, which helped me settle in. The food was always amazing, cooked with love by passionate volunteers. As a keen baker, I thought I would sign up to the cooking team to help with the puddings. Over the past year, my bakes have become a part of the meal – and a challenge. One week I had to make 80 bananas-worth of banana cake. Even since finding a job, I am passionate about being involved in the project and have a deep respect for everyone involved in it.’ Hear more about Foodcycle’s work during Ready, Steady Cook in the Theatre Kitchen on Sunday 27th May, at 11am.

‘Being able to assist them with our donations is very rewarding. It’s a great initiative to be part of and we hope that other establishments in Sheffield get involved soon.’

Ros Ayres is food editor for Now Then magazine and blogs at, @Nibbly_Pig on Twitter and ros_ayres on Instagram

Rev. Lucy Bolster, Pioneer Curate at The Vine in Upperthorpe, began singing with a few guests and volunteers at Parson Cross Food Bank in 2015. Together they discovered amazing hidden vocal talents in the community and around the foodbank. ‘Some people found their singing voice for the first time,’ she notes. ‘Others grew in their confidence to sing out once more. Barriers between guests and volunteers were broken down and a seedling of an idea was planted to pass on the fun!’ In 2016 and 2017, the project funded five facilitators and five local musicians to grow choirs in food banks and food projects across the city. After eight weeks of rehearsals, they performed in the Winter Gardens at the 2017 Sheffield Food Festival. The project has helped assist growing healthy communities of people who give and receive from one another. This year they have received additional funding, and are now busy holding rehearsals at five food projects with the aim of performing at Peace in the Park festival on 9 June. The choirs are based at the following locations: St Mary’s Bramall Lane community café choir - Wednesday St Bartholomew’s Foodcycle Choir Wednesday Fir Vale Food Bank Choir - Thursday Parson Cross Food Bank Choir - Friday Gleadless Valley Food Bank Choir Friday. Hear more about the Food Bank Choir during Ready, Steady Cook in the Theatre Kitchen on Monday 28th May, at 11am. WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK | 51

A CELEBRATION OF THE AMAZING FOOD AND DRINK ON OUR DOORSTEP Our range of best-selling cookbooks features local stories and recipes behind some of the region’s finest food producers, restaurants, café bars, growers, gastro pubs, farm shops, delicatessens and food industry providers. Grab your copy today.


23/04/2018 10:53:26


Join us for a programme of short talks and workshops in the Winter Gardens to explore the issues, challenges and opportunities to improve the health, equality, economy and sustainability of all things food and drink in Sheffield. Our everyday food is the result of a complex interdependent globalised supply chain dominated by relatively few multinational corporations. This unsustainable system is maintained by exploiting a monopoly of money and power to influence governments, damage the environment and maximise profits out of producers and consumers. Evidence shows that this unsustainable system contributes and is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change; the depletion of resources such as oil, phosphorus, soil and water, and pressurises population growth and geo-political instability. The impact on our own food system is massive, raising questions of: Food Sovereignty – the UK produces less than 60% of the food it consumes, relying on the EU for nearly 30% of food imports, and holds only 3-5 days of food supplies in reserve. Food Waste – UK households waste 7 million tonnes of food and drink annually, costing an average of £470 annually, Most of this waste could be avoided. Health Inequality and Food – access to healthy food is a key factor determining the extent of health inequality across different parts of Sheffield, with life expectancy gaps and adult obesity rates amongst the highest in England. Poverty and Food – 19 food banks have opened

in Sheffield in the last five years, as a result of benefit delays, low income and benefit changes. Developing a sustainable food system for Sheffield is a huge challenge. But thankfully - true to their character – it’s one that the people of Sheffield are rising to. Since the mid-1980s there have been progressive food plans, strategies and policies developed on an understanding that local government, the NHS, universities, businesses and Sheffield communities must all work together in partnership to create the lasting change needed.

This important work continues - today and into the future. There is a shared vision and strategic commitment to develop the environmental and economic benefits of a more resilient and sustainable food system for the Sheffield City Region. So should the next planned step be to demand the regional devolution of a post-Brexit agricultural policy? Can this policy be developed and resourced to support food production and consumption in Sheffield? Have your say! Food for Thought takes place in the Winter Garden from 4pm - 6pm on Sat 26, Sun 27 and Mon 28 May. Talks are free to attend



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New for 2018! Visit the Orchard Square Pop-Up Tea Room! Throughout Sheffield Food Festival, we’ll be taking over Orchard Square to create a pop-up tea room, with great cakes and bakes, outdoor seating and table service from the local retailers so you can simply relax and enjoy your cuppa along with some delicious, locally made, indulgent treats. On Saturday, local street artist Faunagraphic will be designing a foodie colouring wall for festival goers to unleash their creativity, plus some musical treats will be popping up from time to time to entertain our tea and cake loving audience across the weekend. With cakes, bakes and other sweet treats from:

About Orchard Square.

Orchard Square is a haven in the heart of Sheffield city centre. Located off Fargate in the city centre, it offers fashion, beauty, independents and cafes in a pedestrianised square. Coffee shops such as Café W, Costa and Starbucks, plus the authentic Taiwanese bubble tea shop Cuppacha, make Orchard Square the perfect place to shop and relax.

Ridiculously Rich

Anthony Burrows is the Sheffield Ambassador for Ridiculously Rich, the company set up by Alana Spencer, 2016 winner of The Apprentice. She has created some tasty melt-in-the mouth cakes to go with your brew. With peanut butter fudge cakes and sticky toffee flapjacks, gooey chocolate brownies and Belgian chocolate rocky roads as well as treats like creme brûlée brownies and salted caramel slices... plus some great specials waiting for you, you’ll not be able to resist the temptation to try them yoursleves.

Bakes By Butter 1pm 4pm 4pm 7pm 3pm 3pm

Deliciously decadent seasonal bakes. Every bake we create uses the finest available ingredients and is baked fresh daily ensuring undeniable deliciousness per crumb. No short-cuts, no additives or preservatives just deliciously decadent sweet treats.

Eras Chocolate

Homemade desserts, including Italian Small Cakes (from the classic Chocolate and Almond Caprese to the Sicilian Cannoli), gluten free Entremets, Choux Pastry Croquettes and Cruffin Bouquets.

sheffoodfest sheffoodfest #sheffoodfest18

The Tastings Table @ The Town Hall Bullion Chocolate: An Introduction to Craft Chocolate Made From Bean-to-Bar Join us for this Bullion Chocolate Tasting session at Sheffield Food Festival, 2018. This tasting is an introduction to the world of craft chocolate, taking you through the

amazing journey a cacao bean takes to become a finished bar. Tastings take place at 11am, 1pm and 3pm, in the Town Hall on Saturday 26th May with

limited places available. Tickets £5, redeemable on purchases of Bullion Chocolate on the day. Visit to book your place now. WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK | 55

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Kids Academy

Kids Just Want To Have Fun!

It’s essential to keep those little ones entertained so that you can enjoy a day of total food indulgence, that’s why Sheffield Food Festival provides FREE kids activities throughout the weekend, with plenty to keep little hands and minds occupied. Visit Millenium Square to have your photo taken on the Whirlow Hall Farm tractor, learn about their bees and do some craft activities. Then join us in the Winter Garden between 11am and 3pm each day for these great hands-on activities...

In our cooking classes at the Kids Arts Academy the emphasis is on having fun and being creative with food. For each cooking lesson we follow a recipe that the children put together to create their own dish to take home for their dinner – although we cannot guarantee that they won’t have been sampled by your child at some stage before they make it home! One of the favourite recipes from our programme is our lemon drizzle cake. We’ve shared it with you here, and if you tweet the finished cake to @KidsArtsAcademy you’ll be in with a chance of winning a free day at our cooking club during the school holidays. For those of you who might be daunted at the prospect of venturing into the zone of cooking with kids (which is fair enough as it can get chaotic and messy) plan ahead to make it a smoother and cleaner time – prepare a clean and clear workspace, warm soapy cloths for sticky fingers, and jobs the kids can do for you if there’s a tricky bit coming up.




Lemon Drizzle Cake

Mr & Mrs Potato Head

Fun Fimo Food!

Biscuit decorating with Free Cakes for Kids

A Sheffield Food Festival twist to everyone’s playtime favourite, everything you need to make a crazy fruit and veg head will be provided. There will be fruit & veg head selfies to share on social media, and a competition for the best head ever! Activity provided by Regather & Youth Discovery Ventures, with help from the European Volunteering Service team.

Food for the Future

How do you make a labgrown burger? Will we all be eating insects by 2050? What would we have left to eat if bees died out? Come and find out with the Sheffield Branch of the British Science Association! Join us to learn about key issues and trends in food sustainability, take part in fun hands-on activities and even design your very own future food!

Ignite Imaginations will be running a fun fimo activity for children and adults in the Winter Gardens. Pop along and make your ‘yummy’ food badge, keyring or fridge magnet which you can take home and bake.

Messy, Yummy, Fun!

Join Proove Pizza for some Messy, Yummy, Fun! Find out all about pizza and have a go at making your own. The best bit is that you get to eat it too! Make your own pizza £4.50. Make a pizza dolce £3. Make both £6.

Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield will be running fun and tasty biscuit decorating activities in the Winter Gardens for kids of all ages! You can get involved in the fun and decorate biscuits with icing, sprinkles and sweet treats - and take them home to enjoy.

Kids seed planting activity

Kids love growing their own veg. Once they have grown their own they are more likely to eat them and they’ll have learned a little bit about where food comes from. So come and join the Heeley City Farm team where kids can decorate their own pot and plant some veggie seeds to take home. Even if you don’t have a garden you can grow your own delicious vegetables in a window box or on a balcony. It’s easy!

Please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult to take part in activities.

EQUIPMENT Cake tin Measuring scales Large mixing bowl 1 teaspoon 2 tablespoons 1 fork

INGREDIENTS (SERVES SIX) Cake Sugar, 150g Margarine, 150g Eggs, 2 Lemon juice, 3 tsp Icing Sugar, 2 tbsp Lemon juice, 4 tbsp

METHOD Getting an adult to preheat the oven to 180° C, grease the cake tin with butter or line it with greaseproof paper. Weigh the flour, margarine, and sugar into a mixing bowl, and combine them well together. Crack in the eggs and add the lemon juice before folding the mixture together. Pour the mixture into the cake tin evenly and bake in the oven for 30 minutes. While the cake is baking, make the icing for the cake by mixing the sugar and the lemon juice together into a syrup. When the cake has been taken out of the oven, get an adult to help prong the cake all over with a fork before drizzling the syrup all over and letting it soak in. To check that the cake is ready, try the baked cake test. Simply use a knife to pierce the middle. If the blade comes out clean, the cake is cooked! Our cooking classes run from Monday to Friday at afterschool clubs in term time throughout Sheffield; and our OFSTEDregistered holiday club is open from 8.30am–5.30pm during the holidays. Download our activity timetable and book online at our website: WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK | 57

sheffoodfest sheffoodfest #sheffoodfest18

One of the big hits of last year’s Sheffield Food Festival was the brand-new Eats, Treats and Beats Festival Village. Inspired by the ever-growing trend in street food night markets – with Peddler blazing the trail in Sheffield and great events like Canalside, Street City and Street Food Society following suit - Eats, Treats and Beats provided the missing ingredient to the food festival formula: somewhere to continue into the evening to enjoy top quality street food, great local beers, live music and DJs. Eats, Treats and Beats returns to the top of Fargate again this year in a stylish setting with a luxurious stretch tent, hammocks in mini-tipis and loads of al fresco seating. Opening hours have been extended, with a warm-up day on Thursday 24th May (bar only) before opening fully on Friday 25th. The bar will again highlight local brewing talent with Sentinel Brewing Co and Stancill Brewery providing a wide selection of ales and lagers at a range of strengths and prices. To complement the main bar, there will also be food festival favourite Mr D’Arcy’s Drink Emporium serving gin, prosecco, cocktails and the ever-popular chocolate Champagne from their converted horsebox bar. The street food selection is even bigger and better this year with Smoke BBQ


taking the featured pitch. They’ll be serving their famous pulled pork butties filled with meat that has been rubbed in their house spice blend and smoked for over 12 hours until it’s fall-off-the-bone delicious before being drizzled with a tangy BBQ sauce and served in a brioche bun. Alongside returning favourites The Gravy Train, with their delicious gooey Canadian

poutine, there will be new faces: Get Wurst, serving meat and vegan bratwurst and currywurst; Wah Wah’s serving halloumerito; Mexican BBQ and churros; Fro by Joy’s indulgent but virtuous Froconut frozen dessert, Mama Tornado’s spiralised potato snacks, and brilliant brews and rainbow lattes served from Canny Coffee’s super cool solar powered horsebox.

Sheffield Food Festival has once again teamed up with Plug to provide a top-notch programme of entertainment across the weekend, featuring a host of live acts, DJs and one or two surprises! Friday 25th May

Propaganda is one of the UK’s biggest club nights, and over 25,000 people attend every week around the world! They’ll be providing the musical backdrop to Friday evening with an audio-visual mix from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Foals, Bastille, The 1975, Blossoms and much more. Propaganda’s DJs have played at some of the biggest festivals in the world including Glastonbury, Big Day Out, Reading and Leeds and Benicassim as well as at events in Ibiza, USA, and Brazil.

Saturday 26th May

Saturday will be special edition of Plug Live, bringing you the best upand-coming artists from Sheffield and its surrounding areas. The day’s programme will be hosted by Just Alfie, himself a talented singer songwriter who’s made the journey from busking on the streets of Sheffield to now having played over 2,000 live shows! Acts include: Sofia Vago: taking influences from 1920s jazz, soul and R&B classics, Sofia’s love of the past and old-fashioned style is evident throughout. If you’re a fan of Amy Winehouse, Paloma Faith or enjoy an unusual voice – Sofia is one to watch. Andrew Warner: Andrew is an upbeat loop artist bringing addictive hookfilled indie pop. Over the past three years he has gigged up and down the UK, and released his debut EP Tales of a Twenty-Something. Jayrar: JayRar is a vocal-focused acoustic pop performer. He keeps the music stripped back to allow the lyrics and emotion of his voice to pierce through and truly be heard.

Broken Piano: This synth, guitar and vocal duo describe themselves as a ‘mega awesome band, we’d probably be in the ‘pop/rock’ section in HMV. Mildly evil…’ Rachael Webster: New and upcoming solo acoustic singer/songwriter from Sheffield, Rachael plays a mix of unique sounding, soulful originals with a few covers. Amy Louise: a young singer-songwriter based in Doncaster. Amy has placed herself very firmly on the scene with her different takes on relatively well-known and new original songs. With two singles already released, exciting things are on the horizon.

Sunday 27th May

Last year, Sunday at Sheffield Food Festival was very much a funk and soul affair with a vibe that was just right! Plug Live’s Funk and Soul Club returns to provide the perfect backdrop to sunny Sunday drinks and street food. There’s some great DJs lined up with live acts throughout the day – including a very nice little mid-afternoon twist to look forward to. The programme includes soulful acoustic sets from Saturday performers Just Alfie and Jayrar, plus: Emily J offers a unique DJ set electrified with LED lights, live flute, and her electronic wind instrument. Building on a solid classical education in flute playing, she is now a professional, experienced performer with infectious energy and an impressive track record of international club and festival appearances.

Andy H needs no introduction in this city. With his roots firmly based in the world of hip hop mixing and turntablism, Andy leaves you in no doubt that the art of DJing is well and truly alive in 2018. Geoff Ticehurst has been DJing in Sheffield forever. Gracing the decks for Tuesday Club, Remedy, Urban Gorilla and Plug amongst others he’s spun every genre you can think of at some point or another. Always expertly blending tracks to keep the dance floor moving, you can expect nothing but good times. Matic Mouth & friends: Matic Mouth is an MC/Rapper who loves to write about and experiment with concepts, hidden meanings and clever wordplay. Recently part of Hip-Hop collective Clubs & Spades he’s now continuing on his solo musical journey, working with producers to experiment and create unique sounding projects and singles.

Monday 28th May

The street food selection is even bigger and better this year with Smoke BBQ taking the featured pitch to serve their famous pulled pork butties filled with meat that has been rubbed in their house spice blend and smoked for over 12 hours till it’s fall-offthe-bone delicious

On Monday, the Eats, Treats & Beats Festival Village will round up with a live day hosted by Plug’s Street Food Society, warming up for their relaunch in June. This will be a lazy day of nice relaxing music with some live acts through the day to be announced. The Eats, Treats and Beats Festival Village is open from Friday 25th Sunday 27th (11:00 - 23:00) and Monday 28th May (11.00 - 18:00), with a warm up day (bar only) on Thursday 24th (12:00 - 23:00) For detailed schedule and timings, check out or keep an eye on our social media pages. Also visit www.the-plug. com and WWW.SHEFFIELDFOODFESTIVAL.CO.UK | 59

The Fountain Bar is open from 11.00am - 6.00pm each day of the food festival and breweries on offer this year include: Bradfield Brewery

Farmers Blonde: A very pale brilliant blonde beer with citrus and summer fruit aromas, making it an extremely refreshing and ‘easy drinking’ ale. 4.0% Farmers Peach Ale: A light rosy ale with a peach and citrus flavour and a refreshing taste. 3.9%

Kelham Island Brewery

KIB One: a pale light and refreshing ale, it is not overly hoppy but quite subtle. 4.2%

There isn’t just amazing food on offer at Sheffield Food Festival – there’s plenty to quench your thirst too!

sheffoodfest sheffoodfest #sheffoodfest18 Photo by Mark Hodgkinson

From the very start of Sheffield Food Festival, the real ale tent in the Peace Gardens has been a key part of the event. It started with CAMRA and then Sheffield Brewers Co-operative running the set up each year, before Events Collective Ltd took over the festival in 2017 and relaunched it as the Fountain Bar, with cider and lager added to the offering. Situated at the heart of the event, the bar offers a selection of the city’s most popular ales from Sheffield’s enviable range of independent breweries, as well as some from further afield. There are so many factors at play as to what makes each drink on offer special, from the brewer who designed the ale, to the ingredients used and how it is brewed, and not forgetting the main ingredient – Sheffield tap water, arguably the best drinking water in any UK city! This year the Fountain Bar also includes beers from a special guest microbrewery. With the capacity to make just 2 casks of beer at a time, On The Edge Brewery (www. make unique one-off beers using a wide range of yeast, hops and malts. They have won

six awards, (most recently Silver Award for Speciality beer at the Rotherham CAMRA Real Ale and Music Festival at Magna in 2017) and sell beer to pubs such as The Shakespeare, Guzzle and The Mallard (Worksop). They will be producing two special edition beers for this year’s Sheffield Food Festival, one of which will be vegan – look out on our social media for opportunity to win some free pints to enjoy at the event. With only two casks of each beer available, make sure you get in quick as once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Pale Rider: The legendary golden hoppy pale ale, an award-winning beer from its earliest days and still with the same great taste today. 5.2%

Welbeck Abbey Brewery

Cavendish: a beautifully balanced blonde with crisp, zingy grapefruit flavours powering through. 5.0%

Pivo: Lubelski and amethyst-hopped continental lager style beer. Crisp and dry with more body than a traditional lager. Light fruit notes are dominant towards the end. 4.8%

Abbeydale Brewery

Moonshine: Their flagship beer, first brewed in 1996 and a firm favourite of Sheffield ever since. A beautifully balanced pale ale with a distinctive floral aroma, citrus flavours and a thirstquenching finish. 4.3% Heathen: A wonderfully refreshing American Pale Ale showcasing the wonderful mosaic hops from America. Bursting with grapefruit and tropical flavours alongside a delicious punchy bitterness. 4.1%


Sheffield Food Festival 2018 is managed and run by Events Collective Ltd in association with Sheffield City Council.

About Events Collective

The team at Events Collective have over twenty years experience of delivering events of all shapes and sizes, including woodland weddings, corporate functions, sporting events, festivals of arts, culture and food and much more. We deliver two large scale public events in Sheffield each year - Sheffield Food Festival on the late May bank holiday weekend, and Illuminate the Gardens, a fireworks and lighting extravaganza at Sheffield Botanical Gardens on Bonfire Night weekend.

Sheffield Food Festival Sponsors & Partners

We are extremely grateful to all of our sponsors and partners, whose support is essential to delivering an exciting and successful event.

Headline Sponsor:

Eats, Treats & Beats Sponsors:

Theatre Kitchen Sponsors

Other sponsors:

Partners and supporters:

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The NORTH Sheffieldยง # ReytGood Curreh

(A 615)

Ashoka We Sell Curry.

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