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Generating export growth and diversification in the non-energy goods and services sectors.


or exporTT, fiscal 2016-17 has in many ways been a journey into uncharted territory. Grappling with the reality of sharp changes across the economic landscape has meant mashing the brake on spending. Subvention cuts across State Enterprises has also meant a sharpened focus on impact, reach and value for money. exporTT in adapting to this state of affairs, coined T&T’s “new normal”, continued to focus on its mandate in spite of a reduced resource pool. Export growth interventions making the grade for funding in this completed fiscal, had to demonstrably show how they would buttress the export growth plans of, and for, the exporting community. A greater focus on partnerships within the Export Support Network (ESN) was heightened to tremendous positive impact. We are pleased with the manner in which we managed Trinidad and Tobago’s participation at FIHAV 2016, our biggest and most significant showing in the 35 year history of this event. The FIT4Europe project, an EU Delegation funded trade development initiative, which has been considered as a template, for other EU trade development approaches across their territories of operation. These are only 2 of many marquee successes during the fiscal. Our joint missions with AMCHAM T&T, TTCIC and TTMA have shown an increased effort to partner with the loudest voices in support of the exporting community. Fiscal 2016-17 gave exporTT the opportunity to shift its methodology in achieving its mandate, when it was required. Approaching fiscal 2016-17 with operational sobriety and frugality has now allowed us to look back on our interventions with pride and a sense that we are playing the hand we have been dealt, with aplomb.



I implore our readers to review some of our key events, interventions, partnerships and activities aimed at creating the best opportunities for T&T exports. Do enjoy reading our fiscal review publication.

WHO WE ARE exporTT Limited is the National Export Facilitation Organization of Trinidad and Tobago. We are charged with generating export growth and diversification in the non-energy goods and services sectors.

As the trade policy implementing agency of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), we provide a comprehensive range of services to exporters focused on increasing non-energy exports, increasing the number of Exporters and delivering value for money.

Catering to the needs of all Exporters, exporTT focuses on building internationally competitive firms, improving the business environment, and harnessing the differentiating factors that set Trinidad and Tobago exporters apart in the global market place.

Our ultimate objective is developing a sustainable and diversified export sector for Trinidad and Tobago. We are customer-centric, results driven and home to the resident expertise in matters of international trade. At exporTT, we create a world of opportunities.


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ACCOMPLISHMENTS The following are the key events, interventions, partnerships and/or activities undertaken by exporTT which were aimed at creating the best opportunities for T&T exports.


BUILDING INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS Building Internationally Competitive Businesses is a major strategic imperative for exporTT. Under this umbrella, exporTT seeks to build both the human and system capacity of businesses so that they can meet the requirements of markets of choice. Detailed are some of the initiatives employed this fiscal to build the capacity of new and existing Exporters:


CERTIFIYING US FOOD & BEVERAGE EXPORTERS 53 Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQI) certified representing 36 Food & Beverage Export Companies in Trinidad and Tobago.

These workshops satisfy the requirements of the regulation which necessitates that certain activities are completed by a PCQI who has successfully completed training in the development and application of risk-based preventive controls. By attending the workshop participants were qualified as PCQI’s for their respective organizations.

With increasing demands on US Food & Beverage Exporters to ensure safe manufacturing/processing, packing and holding of food products for human consumption in the United States, exporTT coordinated Food Safety Preventive Control Alliance (FSPCA) Preventive Controls for Human Food programmes.

exporTT, would like to thank FSPCA Lead Instructors Anne-Marie Gajar, Nirmala Persad, Devi Yankataso and Erna Amsterdam for assisting us in ensuring safe manufacturing, packing and holding practices of food products for human consumption in the United States.

Focused on the principles of current Good Manufacturing Practices, Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Control for Human Food Regulations it aided in the effective development and implementation of a Food Safety Plan.

PCQI attendees group

Attendees at the PCQI Training Session facilitated by exporTT


ENABLING EXPORT READINESS Through the efforts of the Training Unit 89 persons from 72 companies were exposed to the following New Exporter programmes -: Identifying and Assessing Export Markets Introduction to Export Pricing Introduction to Export Marketing Generating Export Leads Together with the Capacity Building Unit, the Training Unit does its part in developing new exporters.

Exporter Training Programmes 25 20


% Customer Satisfaction on Training



15 10 5





Dhanraj Harrypersad, Manager EMRC conducts the Identifying and Assessing Export Markets session Participants working together during the Introduction to Export Pricing training program

Unique Companies Trained 160 150 140 130 120 110 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0





BUILDING EXPORTER HR CAPACITY General capacity building programmes and/or webinars executed in support of 163 exporters’ development included – -

Mastering Customer Service for Exporters Crafting an Impactful Company Profile The Art of Conducting In-Market Research Intellectual Property Clinics for Manufacturers Proposal Writing for Grant Funding & RFP’s Understanding HS Codes Webinar Understanding Incoterms Webinar Rules of Origin Webinar Group picture at the end of the Conducting and Analysing In market research workshop



exporTT launched the 3rd Cohort of its International Trade Specialist programme offered in collaboration with the eBSI Export Academy in Ireland. This initiative was designed specifically to meet the educational needs of our Trinidad and Tobago Exporters and other professionals in the key functional areas of International Trade. The ITS Accreditation Programme is a nine month e-learning programme culminating in a globally recognized certification. To date through this partnership we have a cadre of 62 International Trade Specialists and 22 persons currently registered in the programme who are due to complete in 2018.

exporTT Chairman Ashmeer Mohamed presents International Trade Specialist certificate (Distinction) to Anthony Marcelin

Sen. the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon delivers the feature address at the ITS (Cohort2) grad ceremony

exporTT Chairman Ashmeer Mohamed presents certificate International Trade Specialist (Merit) to Maria Winchester

ITS graduates (Cohort 1) focus as feature address is delivered

New ITS Graduates 30 25



20 15 10 TARGET

Sen. the Hon Paula Gopee-Scoon takes a group photo with key attending personnel and ITS graduates (Cohort 2)


This graph relates only to Fiscal 2016-17 graduates


Co-FINANCING The Co-Financing Service is designed to offset the costs of certain export related activities that companies may incur while penetrating or expanding into export markets. Companies receive financial support from exporTT on the condition that the company will be reimbursed for a portion of the pre-approved investment, purchase, cost or expense incurred by the company in reaching selected export markets. Product testing

For the fiscal 2016-2017 exporTT disbursed $128,414.53 to provide co-financing for 18 companies. Export related activities Co-Financed included Trade Show attendance and Booth Rental, Shipping of Samples, product testing, company and brand Registration in overseas markets, international capacity building workshop attendance and translation fees.

Booth Rental


exporTT provides support, both advisory and financial for technical assistance to all exporters seeking to implement international standards that are required for their products or services entry into export markets. These standards may be process related, or product specific for various international markets.

Eight (8) companies enrolled in standards implementation for the year with 6 acquiring compliance with international standards during the fiscal. These included Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard and Hazards and Critical Control Points Management (HACCP), and Compliance with the US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).


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MARKET INTELLIGENCE Intrinsic to exporTT’s service portfolio is its ability to create export dashboards of market situations to inform exporter decisions. Key to this service is therefore providing information on significant characteristics of business opportunities, regulations, and/or competitors through interrogating major databases like Euromonitor International, Panjiva and ITC tools. Information is also gathered through, Market Survey Missions and In Market Consultants. Through the work of the unit, exporters acquire information and/or contacts in order to make an initial or concentrated approach to markets.


Companies Receiving Trade and Market Info


Enquires/Research Requests

Markets Researched


300 3

250 200







50 0





A Market Identification Exercise:

• Ghana Market Research – To support Republic Bank’s recently concluded Trade Mission to Ghana on the 26th – 28th September, the unit assisted in the pre-market preparation by providing a country profile report, trade data illustrating Ghana’s main imports and exports, targeted industries, protection of property rights among others. This information was used to sensitize participants on the reality of the business climate in the Ghanaian market.

Through a rigorous examination of exportable Trinidad and Tobago products, the unit was able to: o Identify the top 60 export products for Trinidad and Tobago based on historical performance o Rank the top 70 markets for these products across Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The results of this exercise is currently informing the organization’s work programme for the upcoming fiscal.

• Chile Market Research - Even as the Government of Trinidad & Tobago prepares to negotiate an agreement with Chile, the unit compiled a country and competitive analysis for the Chilean market to assist with Trinidad and Tobago’s preparations for negotiations.

exporTT/ AMCHAM T&T: Market Survey Mission to Nicaragua Vincent Ramlochan, Research Officer, exporTT meets with logistics company in the Nicaraguan market

Vincent Ramlochan and Melissa Pierre, Senior Project Officer, AMCHAM TT, meet with Nicaraguan Business Reps in the market

Vincent Ramlochan, Research Officer, exporTT, meets with Gov't Ministry Representatives in the Nicaraguan Market


Research Officer, Vincent Ramlochan was on the ground in Nicaragua from the 3rd -7th April, 2017 with AMCHAM T&T’s Senior Trade and Projects Officer, Melissa Pierre supporting their pre-market survey mission. The team assiduously met with key government agencies officials, potential buyers and distributors scheduled through AMCHAM Nicaragua. Other activities included: conducting store checks, collecting pricing information, determining the standard and quality of products being demanded in Nicaragua. This primary market research allowed the team to gather first-hand information on the Nicaraguan market, identify opportunities for Trinidad and Tobago exporters, determine the market’s feasibility and project future work to be conducted in the market such as follow up visits, trade missions, inward buyer missions etc. Following their Mission to Nicaragua, Vincent Ramlochan appraised exporters of the export potential in the Nicaraguan Market via two seminars. He presented Market Findings on Shipping Sanitation certification, Top Imported Products, Insights from Distributors and other critical information garnered while in the market. The information presented at these seminars formed part of exporters’ preparation and readiness for the AMCHAMT&T Nicaragua trade mission which was carded for 4th-9th June, 2017.

Canadian Pavilion at Trade show in the market

Caribbean Themed display at a Trade show in the Canadian Market

Market Survey Mission to Canada

Cross section of Hot sauces including T&T manufactured sauces at Canadian Supermarket Metroj

Export Officer, Roann David and Manager EMRC, Dhanraj Harrypersad executed a market visit to Toronto, Canada in May 2017. This visit formed part of a wider Market Survey project for the Canadian market. The major activities executed during the visit were:

• Conducting store checks on mainstream and ethnic stores • Attending a Caribbean Diaspora Networking Event to identify key institutions and persons among the diaspora in the Toronto area.

• Attending the SIAL Trade Show which had some 930 Exhibitors which included major players in the Canadian market as well as companies from 60 countries.

The information gathered added to the organization’s market intelligence as well as validated current information on the market. Following the Mission an information dissemination seminar was hosted on “Assessing the Potential of Trinidad and Tobago's Food and Beverage Products for Canada”.

• Meeting with our Consulate in the market to discuss a diaspora strategy

Market Survey Mission Panama… Insights on the ground

Research Officer, Vincent Ramlochan and Export Officer, Shamilla Khan executed a Market Survey Mission to Panama in June 2017, to gather market intelligence and insights which could assist local exporters with capitalizing on opportunities in the market. The long-term goal of the market survey was to develop an export strategy for the Panamanian market based on the trajectory uncovered from the market research. Coordinated and managed by Opera Global Internacional, the team had approximately 50 meetings with key stakeholders and industry insiders as well as gathered primary research through store checks at supermarkets and hardwares. Among the meetings secured included: Government agencies ( Ministry of Trade, Customs, Port Authority, Free Zone etc.), Distributors/ Importers, Lawyers/ Legal Representatives, Food service companies inclusive of fast food chains, Supermarket Chains and Logistics companies. On 25 July, exporTT hosted a dissemination seminar with approximately 80 persons in attendance. This covered research content for the Food & Beverage, Household Chemicals, Paper & Packaging and the Construction materials sectors. In attendance was Her Excellency, Carmen Gabriela Menéndez – Ambassador of the Republic of Panama, Ms. Sian Sibaran, Sales Manager SeaLand, as well as Gabrielle Almanza Jaen Attorney at Law and Roberto Ogg-Acquie from the colon freezone, bringing clarity to the registration process, legal and #IP considerations and logistics.


exporTT officers Shamilla Khan and Vincent Ramlochan meet with Representatives from Pio Pio Resturant Chain in Panama

Local Beverages on Store shelves in Panamanian market

Vincent Ramlochan provides market research on the DR at TTMA’s Mission to the DR briefing session

Doing Business in Dominican Republic seminar exporTT’s Research Officer, Vincent Ramlochan provided extensive Market Research Information on the Dominican Republic at the Briefing session for the TTMA’s Mission to the DR. Presentations like these allow exporTT to provide critical information to exporters to make informed decisions.

Doing Business in Colombia Trade and Business Seminar

Vincent Ramlochan, Research Officer delivering presentation at the Doing Business in Colombia Trade and Business Seminar

The JSM Language and Innovation Centre and the Embassy of the Republic of Colombia hosted a week of activities aimed at highlighting the cultural and socio-economic ties between the countries of Latin America and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. In support of this event, Vincent Ramlochan, Research Officer exporTT delivered an engaging presentation at the "Doing Business in Colombia" Trade and Business Seminar. A visibly engaged audience spotted with a series of nods of affirmation were left speechless, save for the hearty round of applause when he ended.

His Excellency, Alfonso Múnera Cavadia Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia to Trinidad and Tobago was in attendance

In attendance were His Excellency, Alfonso Múnera Cavadia - Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia to Trinidad and Tobago, TTCIC, as well as members of the export and business community.



Export Promotion is viewed as the engine room of exporTT’s operations, the vehicle through which Trinidad and Tobago can realize economic growth. Through export promotion, exporTT creates opportunities for exporters to interact with markets first hand through the hosting of virtual, inward and/or outward missions. When twinned with participation in trade fairs and/or one or one B2B meetings these combine to form a powerful nexus which allows exporters access to numerous industry players in a concentrated environment. The Inward Buyers Mission at TIC Meeting space with B2B meetings in action

Firms Exporting to New Markets






3 2 1 0 YTD

New Exports (USD) 02AC


Export Leads Generated

5 5 5 10

FCOR 2014 InbuyTT 2014 FIHAV 2016 Cuba TFO Fit 4 EU Other

51,813 126,804 92,388 787,530 18,425 40,000

YTD $1,262,856

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 TARGET

$ $ $ $ $ $

Target: $600,000



exporTT Team with Ms Donna Cox, Consulate General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, New York and Mrs Joan Brammer, Attaché, Public Affairs and Culture to the Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Washington, D.C

In positioning Exporters to grasp market opportunities, exporTT focused this fiscal on the following export-related activities:


- exporTT views its relationships with FTR’s as complementary given proximities to clients and markets respectively. A healthy relationship with Heads of Missions and other FTR’s are critical in sourcing in-market intelligence on trade relations, import barriers, restrictions and/or changes. Consequently, exporTT's CEO in company with a small team of Managers and Staff met as part of an Orientation Programme hosted by the Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs for newly appointed Heads of Missions to sensitize them on key areas of interest to Trinidad and Tobago. Meetings were held with: o His Excellency Orville London, High Commissioner of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, London o Her Excellency Tracy Davidson-Celestine, Ambassador of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica. o Ms Donna Cox, Consulate General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, New York o Mrs Joan Brammer, Attaché, Public Affairs and Culture to the Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Washington, D.C

During her visit for the Expocomer - Panama Trade Show in March 2017, Ms. Camille James, Senior Export Officer met with Ms. Joanne Alfred, Charge´d'Affaires a.i., Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in Panama. This Mission supports exporTT’s efforts in furthering its trade objectives to encourage and facilitate the entry of both products and companies into the Panamanian market, as well as identifying new and emerging opportunities for Trinidad and Tobago business.

Arend Biesebroek Head of the Delegation of European States to Trinidad and Tobago is greeted by Dietrich Guichard, CEO exporTT.

Other similar meetings facilitated over the fiscal in support of building relationships with FTR’s included o His Excellency Ambassador Arend Biesebroek, Head of the Delegation of European States to Trinidad and Tobago o Cuba Export Director, Ms. Isabel O’Reilly and Alex Gonzalez, First Secretary, Embassy of Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago. exporTT looks forward to deepening its relationships across all territories of interest and is also in the process of working along with the Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs to ensure all Missions have a display of Trinidad and Tobago products showcasing the diversity and capability of our twin island state

Manager EMRC Dhanraj Harrypersad chats with Cuba Export Director Ms. Isabel O’Reilly and Alex Gonzalez First Secretary Embassy of Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago.












Participation in TIC 2017 saw the twinning of two exporTT strategic objectives increasing non-energy exports through the hosting of an Inwards Buyers’ Mission and increasing the number of exporters through the showcasing of twelve new exporters. We are pleased to report to date we have been advised of one export order to Guyana which was fulfilled in September 2017.

exporTT's Patricia Govia facilities a B2B meeting at TIC 2017

Hosting Inward Buyers’ Missions is one of the key services provided by exporTT. For the first time in the history of TIC, exporTT brought to the table a focused International Buyers Mission, targeted at specific sectors. The criteria was clear: Buyers from specific markets, within identified business sectors requiring products from defined sectors. As an added advantage to secure preferred Buyers, an ‘incentive for participation’ was provided by exporTT. This included 50% Discounted Airfare (Economy Class), 3 nights Hotel Accommodation inclusive of a Continental Breakfast, Airport Transfers & Transfers and Interpretation Services. The entire process saw the exporTT’s Inward Buyers’ team welcoming nine Buyers from seven countries featuring Canada, Dominican Republic, USA, Martinique, Suriname, Jamaica and Cuba. These Buyers, having gone through the applied screening process were selected from many applicants representing the Food & Beverage, Printing and Packaging, Construction, Personal Care products and Cleaning Chemicals sectors. Similar to the warmth of our beautiful twin island Republic, exporTT didn’t hold back in being hospitable to its visitors. From having a personal welcome party at the airport, to assisted hotel check-in, complete with a welcome package, ground transfers and assigned Liaison Officers, Buyers were treated to a total exporTT VIP service. Driven by the need to add value for our clients, the team seized the opportunity to also host a Specialty Food seminar entitled “Navigating the US Market” which was facilitated by two of the Buyers. This session proved to be highly beneficial to those present leaving participants with an air of expectation for a more in-depth workshop.


exporTT's Shamilla Khan provides support during a B2B meeting at TIC 2017

Derryck Cox

Tim Bascombe

“Speciality Food Seminar titled, “ Navigating the US Market” featured internationally renowned US Market trade experts and businessmen, Derryck Cox, CEO, International Trade Promotion Limited and Tim Bascombe, President and CEO, World Foods Connection Limited.”


at TIC 2017 Astrida Saunders in discussions with Mr. B.C.Lara. Looking in is Chairman of exporTT Mr. Ashmeer Mohamed

Award winning teas from Twigs Naturals being sampled at the Pavilion

Equally important is increasing the number of exporters within Trinidad and Tobago. Enabling export readiness therefore forms a critical part of the work at exporTT. exporTT’s Pavilion (P3) was therefore procured with the main aim of allowing twelve (12) new and/or potential exporters in the goods and services sector the opportunity to showcase the best of their offerings to local and International Buyers. Featured at the Pavilion for the B2B meeting days were Twigs Naturals, Exotic Mountain Pride, RCS International (Services), Perfect Peppers, KDF & Associates Limited (Services) and Slimdown 360. B2C days highlighted Habarano Pepper Sauce, Lashley’s Exotic Wine, The Exquizite Islander, Soular and two Services companies Ixanos and Dingole.

Perfect Peppers' David Angeron in conversation at TIC 2017

The expectation is great as exporTT looks forward to hearing great reviews from Exporters on the relationships developed, leads generated and/or deals secured.

WHY COSTA RICA PARTNERSHIP? Through a partnership with Procomer, the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce (TTCIC) and exporTT, the team provided a forum designed to provide technical assistance to Exporters, Importers and Service Providers to better understand and take advantage of the opportunities in the CARICOM-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement.

Brian Benjamin, Manager Projects, exporTT gives insight into T&T’s trading relationship with Costa Rica. Looking on are, Her Excellency Ambassador of the Republic of Costa Rica to T&T, Ms. Lilly Edgerton Picado (centre) and Business Development Executive, Trade Promotion Office T&T, Procomer, Ms. Sheri Joseph (right)

Hosted at the TTCIC on July 25th, Her Excellency Ambassador of the Republic of Costa Rica to Trinidad & Tobago, Ms. Lilly Edgerton Picado was in attendance. In his closing remarks Mr. Guichard, exporTT’s CEO, reported of continuing efforts to support trade between Trinidad and Tobago and Costa Rica. “exporTT has commenced discussions with a Consultant in Costa Rica to dymistify the registration process for processed foods” He also reminded the group that “exporting is not a destination but a process. Be sure to go through the process as thoughtfully and strategically as possible to increase your chances of success”.



exporTT team, Consultant Clive Vokes and Exporters meet Ag. High Commissioner Mr Herbert Members of the FIT4Europe Team along with beneficiaries on the EU Mission

exporTT Ltd was pleased to serve as Project Coordinator for this recently concluded project branded ‘Fit4Europe’. This project was designed to offer participating companies capacity building, sensitization to market requirements and market penetration missions into selected EU territories. Through a rigorous application process, twenty-six (26) participants representing a mix of both large and small manufacturing and services enterprises were selected based on their levels of export-readiness. Participating Firms were representative of a variety of sectors such as food and beverages, construction materials, personal care products, fashion and animation. Critical to exporTT, is ensuring the sustainable development of the firms in their continued market penetration efforts into the EU. Customized action plans were developed to support each beneficiary for one year post project. Further, a Fit4Europe Project Video and Webpage were created, to capture the successes and lessons learnt over the life of the project. This will be made available to all companies interested in entering the EU market. Ensuring Trinidad and Tobago’s success in the EU requires exporters adapting their products and services to meet the demands of the markets. exporTT in its role as export catalyst will stimulate the broadening and deepening of T&T's 'talent pool ' of exporters, through the creation of new business models of network thinking, clusters, co-creation and 'hunting in packs' to ensure EU opportunities are secured. Continuous and customized coaching of exporters, consistent with their level of experience and potential is an imperative in this process and requires constant review of the support plans to increase chances of success. In tandem, exporTT will leverage its new network contacts in the EU to facilitate market access for a cadre of new exporters to penetrate Europe. We can report orders were confirmed from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain and Italy within the creative industries and food and beverages sectors.


Natalie PaulHarry Snr. Export Officer with Professor Andrew Ramroop OBE, Director, Maurice Sedwell Ltd

Trade Missions

CEO, TTFCC, Mr. Ashley Parasram meets attendees on the trade show floor

Mr. Ashley Parasram showcasing his company’s goods at the event

Trinidad and Tobago Fine Cocoa Company exhibits in Dominican Republic (DR), at Agroalimentaria 2017

Senior Export Officer Nathali Richards accompanied Trinidad and Tobago Fine Cocoa Company at the 6th edition of Agroalimentaria from the 18th – 20th May in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Organized by the Dominican Agroindustry Board (JAD) and the Dominican trade and investment promotion office (CEI-RD), this year the Fair featured more than 100 exhibitors and hosted over 190 buyers from 35 countries. Over the three day period, three thousand business meetings were anticipated between buyers and exporters which were set to generate income projected close to 350 million dollars.

exporTT co-sponsors TTCIC led mission to Guyana

With an emerging energy sector and a double digit increase in tourism arrivals, developments such as these over the last three years, have ushered Guyana into a new era of progress in commerce. Opportunities for value-add production are significant with many spin-off effects for the wider economy making the Guyanese market provides an ideal opportunity for exporters from Trinidad & Tobago. Consequently, on June 12-13, 2017, exporTT supported the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry & Commerce led Mission to Guyana. The mission comprised of 26 companies representing the financial, real estate, educational, energy, business support, creative industries, construction services and printing & packing and the construction goods sectors whose aim were to identify new business opportunities in the market. Companies in the furniture and financial services sectors were the first to secure orders in the market.

Participants prepare for meeting at exporTT supported Guyana Mission

As a contributing partner on the mission, exporTT assisted with the planning meetings as a lead up and during the execution phase of the Mission; co-sponsored the networking event and matchmaking fees to facilitate b2b meetings between exporters and in-market buyers.


FIHAV 2016 The 34th International Fair of Havana, was the most significant edition attended by Trinidad and Tobago, as the delegation was led by the Minister of Trade and Industry Senator, the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon. The involvement and presence of a Government Minister sent a significant message that Trinidad and Tobago is serious about doing business in Cuba. Trinidad and Tobago was represented by a total of ninety-five (95) participants from diverse sectors of the economy including exporters, professional visitors, government officials, importers and energy sector representatives. Members of our delegation participated in a minimum of 120 official meetings with some of the major Cuban importers and suppliers from different sectors. Achievements of this mission were quite significant with: • A number of agreements signed, • The process of registration commenced for a number of companies, • Investment exploratory discussions, • Inclusion of exporters on tender schedule, • Finalization of orders from previous engagements • Follow up meetings/visits post FIHAV, • Supply source from Cuba for coffee, • Supply source for Cuban Pharmaceuti cals, • Developments to provide services. Trinidad and Tobago’s attendance, has helped to build a closer relationship with the Cuban Chamber and buyers in the market. Continued attendance will ensure that these relationships are maintained so that any opportunities which may arise can be grasped. Successes from continued effort in this market are being recognised with a number of large exporters entering and exporting consistently. exporTT remains committed to assisting these and other exporters in accessing the Cuban market by providing trade information, co-ordination of B2B meetings, participation in Trade Fairs and other in-market support activities.



Her Excellency, Tracey Davidson-Celestine, T&T's Ambassador to Costa Rica makes a presentation to Crecex attendees

B2B session taking place at the Crecex Trade show

Hosted by the Chamber of Foreign Trade (CRECEX), the trade show and B2B meetings in June hosted at the Hotel Radisson in San Jose, Costa Rica was a success and drew businessmen and representatives of at least 30 embassies and Trade Promotion Agencies. Ably represented by Senior Export Officer Nathali Richards, this event afforded exporTT the opportunity to engage with Buyers, members of the Costa Rica Business community and

A cross section of T&T's food and beverage goods on display at the Crecex Trade Show

Foreign Trade Representatives from the other Embassies present in the market. exporTT was also able to support the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy in San Jose in the trade promotion of local goods with export potential for the Costa Rican market. The opening ceremony led by the country's Vice President, Mrs Ana Elena Chacon and President of CRECEX Mr. Jose Manuel Quirce Lacayo, treated attendees to a statistical presentation on Costa Rican imports.

Outsource2LAC Outsource2LAC, the most popular and influential outsourcing offshoring summit of the region, organized by the Integration and Trade Sector Unit of the Inter-American Development Bank (“IDB�), saw three T&T ICT companies in company with exporTT Export Officers Shamilla Khan and Maritza Bengochea participating in San Juan, Costa Rica on 14-16 March, 2017. Ably represented by Teleios Systems Limited, RSC International and Lab 206, this event provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about trends in the global outsourcing industry and to identify business opportunities. With the attendance of many regional and international companies and Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies, it created a unique opportunity to meet, network and engage with potential clients and trading partners, as well as glean from some of the most influential professionals from the industry.

Ronald Hinds of Teleios Systems, Rene Holder of Lab206 and Raj Ramdss of RSC International Limited at the exporTT booth during the Outsource2lac Show

On the heels of the concluded mission, RSC International launched their IT Club in Costa Rica. This in conjunction with the establishment of IT clubs in Belize and St. Lucia, is a promising start for the next generation of partnerships between Trinidad and Tobago, Latin American and the Caribbean. Additional projects are currently in train.


Countries T&T share Trade Agreements with

: 4 r a l Pil


exporTT’s Trade Facilitation Unit (TFU) continues to play the invaluable role of certifying locally manufactured products for export. What does this mean for the exporter? Locally manufactured products can continue to get valuable preferential access (duty free in many instances) into countries with whom Trinidad and Tobago has negotiated trade agreements. Over the fiscal 2016/17, TFU processed 28,562 certificates, for over 350 manufacturers, to be sent to 18 markets with which T&T has a formal trading arrangement. It was also encouraging to note that certificates of origin granted were for products from a range of approximately 15 sectors inclusive of Chemicals, Plastics and Rubbers, Metals, Mineral Products and Food & Beverage.

expertise opinion to the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) in advancing the discussions on potential full or partial scope agreements. Contributions from the unit has been made in advancing the discussion on the Guatemala and El Salvador partial scope agreements. The recently completed partial scope arrangement with Panama enforced in July, 2017 opened the door way of preferential exporting opportunities to qualified manufacturers. The unit also engages in institutional strengthening for members of the ESN for e.g. Customs & Excise. Here the time is spent sharing with new Officers on Trade Agreements shared between CARICOM States. Clarity is also provided on interpreting origin codes and determining related applicable criteria.

A major part of the unit’s scope revolves around providing


Other critical activities attracting the attention of exporTT included:

T&T exporters and exporTT team meet with Dr the Hon. Keith Rowley, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.

HIGHLIGHTING NEW AND UPCOMING EXPORTERS T&T exporters meet with Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon, Minister of Trade and Industry.

Increasing the number of exporters in Trinidad and Tobago is a strategic focus of exporTT which drives some of the activities the company emphasizes. Friday 25th August 2017, marked a significant day in the company’s history as it opened the doors for a team of new and upcoming exporters to share first hand with the Honourable Prime Minister and the Minister of Trade of Industry some of the great work they have been doing in placing Trinidad and Tobago on the map. Opportunities where the government could be of greatest assistance in propelling their business forward were also highlighted. Both the Prime Minister and Minister of Trade & Industry were heartened to hear of companies seizing opportunities and harnessing the differentiating factors that set them apart in the global market place.

Prime Minister and the Minister of Trade and Industry at 9:30am and 11:30am respectively. The focus of the visits surrounded nine new and/or upcoming exporters who were showcased at exporTT’s Pavilion in TIC 2017 – Slimdown 360, Exotic Caribbean Mountain Pride, Perfect Peppers, Soular, Twigs Naturals, Habanero Peppers, Lashley’s Exotic Wine, KDF & Associates and Exquizite Islander. The expectation is great as exporTT looks forward to, its continued support to these companies and hearing great reviews on relationships developed, leads generated and/or deals secured as a result of built capacity or access to markets. As part of the visit, the Prime Minister and Minister of Trade & Industry received a complimentary basket containing product from each of the companies mentioned above.

An exporTT team led by CEO, Dietrich Guichard and Director Dr. Cyril Collier paid these courtesy visits to the Honourable


(Seated front row, 3rd from right to left: Her Excellency Carla Hogan Rufelds, Canadian Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, CEO, exporTT, Dietrich Guichard and Debra Boyce, Senior Trade Commissioner, pictured with exporTT staff showing certificates

exporTT staff working together during the training session


Through the kind courtesies of TFO Canada and the International Trade Centre, exporTT was able to access two Capacity Building programmes to build the capacity of staff. The first focused on Feasibility of International Trade and was facilitated by Dr. Leroy Lowe, FITT Instructor and full-time faculty member in International Business at the Nova Scotia Community College. The second, Organizing Trade Missions to Canada, was facilitated by Mr. Marc Germain, Senior Associ-

Next Steps

ate and Regional Representative, Trade Facilitation Office (TFO), Canada. Given no participant restriction on the latter session, exporTT invited members of the ESN (TTMA, TTCSI, AMCHAM) to attend also. Senior Advisor, Global Affairs Canada, Bruno Hamel was present for the full four days of the training to provide support. Presentations of certificates to participants were later facilitated by Her Excellency Carla Hogan Rufelds, Canadian Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago.

In an incredibly uncertain environment where performance has taken centre stage, 2018 has become mission critical year for agencies like exporTT, entrusted with an export related agenda. We at exporTT have strapped ourselves in for a challenging ride. Our approach going into 2018 will be all precision and have restructured our operations to meet this need. As we continue to be uniquely placed at the tip of the spear, where the national focus is on manufactured goods export, stakeholder partnerships with Export Support Network members like TTCIC, AMCHAMTT, TTMA, and TTCSI will continue with greater emphasis on exporter success stories. Targeted and carefully selected markets will be on the trade mission agenda. Our deeper understanding and cumulative work in regional and international markets have allowed us the opportunity to dive deeper into the realm of what works and extract meaningful results. Our steady foundation of market intelligence, international market access, creation of an enabling environment for exports while building exporter capacity will be of central focus in 2018. exporTT is therefore ready to approach fiscal 2017-18 armed with confidence and capability.


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