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Learning Life Mathematics THE QUESTIONS

Exhibition commissioner: Montserrat Alsina Text & Edition: Montserrat Alsina Formatting: Salvador Garriga Manresa, 2nd ed. december 2014 With support and collaboration of

Learning Life Mathematics THE QUESTIONS

In mathematics the art of asking questions is more valuable than solving problems. G. Cantor (mathematician, 1845-1918)

Mathematics surrounds us, even though we are not totally aware of that. This exhibition is an invitation to discover its essence, learning the mathematics of our life. ASK YOU QUESTIONS! LOOK FOR THE ANSWERS Be the star at the exhibition at the mNACTEC M. Alsina, Coordinator


The exhibition will be your guide

Follow the tracks beyond formulae !

Look for the ANSWERS at the exhibition to DISCOVER how

Mathematics is part of your life!

Look for the answers at the exhibition at mNACTEC! Check info on-line at:

Exhibition has been possible thanks to: the interest of teachers, students and general public; the voluntary dedication of the developers and the economical support of sponsors.

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Life Mathematics exhibition catalog: the questions