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October 22, 2012 Issue 1, volume 51

Coronado electoral college


While the Explorer conducted a poll asking students on campus who they would vote for if they could, a group on campus called WE(Impact) has organized an early voting booth for October 23. A registration celebration was held where 172 eligible students from the campus were invited to register for the event, and 67 registered on the spot. Students are not the only ones invited, however; faculty, staff, El Paso community members and people from nearby high schools as well as their feeder-pattern schools are encouraged to come and vote on Oct. 23 from 8 am to 5 pm.

This chart depicts the results of a poll taken of two hundred and fifty random Coronado students the week of October 15, 2012

Percent of Polled Students Per Class

his presidential election, not many high school students are able to vote. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have an opinion of who the next leader of the country should be.

Barack Obama Mitt Romney Gary Johnson Other








Cellphones encouraged in classrooms By: Ashley Anderson, Staff Writer


his year, instead of telling students to need information online for a class discussion put them away, teachers are asking or to complete an assignment, they can just teenagers to take out their smart phones to pull out their phones and Google it. use in class. Some now use different forms “I have a very extensive website where I post of technology to update their students on everything that a student would definitely due dates, tests, and even band rehearsals. need to succeed in my class, including power “I now have control of the Twitter,” point lectures, online assignments, and their band director Mr. solutions as well,” Mark Saenz said to “Because of technology training physics teacher Mr. his crowd of band Wright said. In for teachers and figuring out Matthew students. class, he also permits Since the band how it works, communicating students to use the is now linked with with students has become so timers on their phones Twitter, band for completing labs. kids will receive much easier.” Many teachers tweets as text - Mr. Shawn Warswick have websites for messages notifying assignments, class them of rehearsal times, fundraisers, and lectures, and useful resources for the schedule changes. Many other classes and particular subject. extracurriculars are participating in this Mr. Chavez said his job is to prepare his trend as well. AP U.S. History teachers Mr. students for their future careers not only Jonathan Hutchins and Mr. Shawn Warswick fundamentally, but also technologically. also have Twitter accounts that they use. “Because we have to prepare you guys for Orchestra and different sections of the the workforce, you all need to be technology band have their own Facebook pages where literate people,” Pre-AP Physics teacher Mr. members can keep in contact. Adrian Chavez said. “Also, the school doesn’t Mr. Warswick has been pushing for the use give us laptops for students to use. If I want of Twitter for years. to use technology, that’s the only way to do “Because of technology training for it, with the smart phones.” teachers and figuring out how it works, Of course there are still the original rules of communicating with students has become no calling or texting in class; but now students can use their knowledge of technology to Junior Itzel Payan answers questions in Mr. Warswick’s AP U.S. so much easier,” Mr. Warswick said. Phones are also being used in class for their advantage to enhance their learning History class via clicker. Photo by George Amspaugh, Guest quick and easy Internet access. If students experiences within the classroom. Photographer



October 22, 2012

Love them or hate them, you need to know their platforms Romney Platform Obama Platform


Romney wants to lower corporate tax rates across the board to 25%. He wishes to cut taxes and regulations to encourage business. He also wants to cut “non-security discretionary [government] spending” by 5% to reduce the deficit.


President Obama intends to double exports for job creation and focus on key areas in rural communities to help businesses access capital expand rural job search/training. He support a bipartisan plan to reduce national debt, and protect and strengthen Social Security to ensure Americans basic benefits.


He aims to repeal the amnesty law because immigration has quadrupled since this law was passed in 1986. He aims to turn off attractions like tuition breaks or other breaks that draw people into this country illegally. Immigrants who were brought to this country as children can become citizens by serving in the military under the Romney administration.

The President plans to increase border security, but uphold the DREAM act; exempting illegal children from deportation and granting them work permits (if they apply). Environment: He intends to enact clean energy sources, and innovate new clean energy possibilities to secure our nation’s future.


He will take the unprecedented step of tying federal funds directly to dramatic reforms that expand parental choice, invest in innovation, and reward teachers for their results instead of their tenure. These policies will equip state leaders to achieve the change that can only come from commitment and action at the local level.

President Obama plans to increase spending on the federal work-study program by 15 percent, enact stricter policies on for-profit colleges, include financial incentives to ensure that students find permanent jobs, increase Pell grants, and create funds to increase college efficiency, with an increase to grants by 7 percent.

Romney wants to make it possible for individuals to stay on family plan insurance until they are twenty six. He wishes to repeal Obama care. Romney will encourage individuals to purchase their own health insurance rather than obtain it through employers.

He will continue to ban insurance company discrimination against new patients with preexisting conditions, and uphold ObamaCare, as well as the Affordable Care act, in order to lower health care costs, and ensure that the average American has coverage—doesn’t depend on ER for basic care.

Health Care


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October 22, 2012

ROMNEY VS. OBAMA: THE GREAT DEBATE OF CORONADO 2012 By: David Velasco, Staff Writer hile most students like to go home and get an afternoon snack, there are some students who do not have a place to go home at night. According to at-risk coordinator Ms. Maria Soria, in 2010, (two years into Obama’s presidency) seven students were homeless. Two years later, there are now 23. In addition, the 79901 zip code of El Paso is the 40th poorest zip code in America with an 85% poverty level. The economy is still worsening, which can be seen here locally and here in our own school. Jobs in El Paso are far more scarce than they were in 2009. After the financial crisis, more people are unemployed, and more people are living off government aid. In January 2009, the unemployment rate in El Paso was 7.1 percent. El Paso has now hit a 15 year high at 10 percent unemployment in August. Food stamp usage has also gone up, with 30 percent of El Pasoans living off them. According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau information, one in four people in El Paso County lived below the poverty level, which the federal government says is $23,050 for a family of four. These statistics prove that we are not moving “forward” as Obama claims - Obama’s policies have not only limited the growth of the U.S. economy, but have completely reversed growth of the El Paso economy. Romney wants to cut back on regulations and taxes that are preventing job creation in this slow growing economy. His first order as president would be to repeal “Obamacare,” which forces businesses to provide healthcare to their employees. To pay for it, Obama took $716 billion out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare. By doing this Obama has raised the average family healthcare plan from $12,000 to $15,750. Obamacare also takes the customer choice out of healthcare. Users would not be able to keep their healthcare if they lose their job, unlike private healthcare. The customer would not be able to choose a healthcare option best suited for them, but rather an option that government bureaucrats think is best for them. Romney does want people to have the ability to stay under their parents’ healthcare plan until they are 26 to help them get started with their careers and new lives. When we cut taxes for job creators, they can reinvest in their company to create more jobs. The less money the government takes the more money companies, big or small, have to grow their business. The United States has the highest corporate tax rate at 35 percent and Mitt Romney thinks that should change. He wants to cut the tax rate to 25 percent, but at the same time close up loopholes and tax rebates that allow billion dollar corporations to pay only 15 percent in taxes. When voting we must look at how Obama’s policies have hurt us locally and nationally. It is time to stop uncontrollable spending, high regulation, and ridiculously high taxes. Before casting a vote, ask which candidate understands the economics of business ownership.


By: Jasleen Shokar, Staff Writer his election year, the choice for the next President of the United States couldn’t be clearer—or more important. Barack Obama took office amidst the biggest financial meltdown since the great depression, and since then, the country has been heading in the right direction. There have been countless attacks on the president for not keeping his campaign promises, but those accusations could not be farther from the truth. Here’s a list of the things he’s accomplished as President. •He passed an economic stimulus bill that involved tax cuts and investment in education, infrastructure, energy research, and health. This put a bottom on the “hole” left by the recession, so that it could sink no lower. •Since then, the economy has improved at a steady rate including 5.2 million private sector jobs and a 7.8% unemployment rate. •Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been repaled, giving people the right to serve the country they love regardless of whom they love. •The first bill he signed into law was the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which states that either gender holding the same job should be paid equally. It passed through democratic support—and absolutely no republican support. •He bailed out the U.S. auto industry saving 1 million jobs. Two years after the investment, GM was number one in sales worldwide, and the companies were paying back their debts in full, with interest. •He has made sure college loans’ interest rates don’t go up. His plan included loan consolidation, consumer protection, and income-based repayment (pay 15% of monthly income-allows some forgiveness after 25 years) This has affected millions of students across America, striving to afford a college education. •10 years of intelligence was used to successfully capture Osama bin Laden. When Romney ran for the governorship of Massachusetts in 2002, he said, “I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose. I will not change any provisions of Massachusetts’ pro-choice laws.” He was pro-choice when running for office in a Democrat-controlled Massachusetts, but when he learned that Republican candidates must be pro-life, he immediately followed suit, rebuking 5 years’ worth of his beliefs. He has refused to outline the specifics of his economic plan. He merely states what he hopes to do, without details as to how he’s doing it. Romney is trying to add on more spending, and yet pay less for it. That is not mathematically possible with his heavy tax cut. If he will not tell people exactly what he stands for, how do we know he has America’s best interests at heart?


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Displeased with the sneeze - how to deal with sniffles By: Juanito Taveras, Copy Editor


ross! There’s mucus all over the computer screen. Now someone has to wipe it off, remove the keys, clean under those, mop the floor, and scrub the walls. This human nose-batter must be removed because an individual sneezed. But the most annoying thing about the sneeze wasn’t the pools of mucus on the floor; it was actually the prick in the back of the room who said “God bless you.” If a student is in class during an exam and hears someone sneeze, they feel obligated to say “bless you.” The indecisive student “blessed” the sneezer, but it was risky. The classroom was dead silent, and the sneeze and “bless you” was synonymous to a car crashing into a library. The now “holy” person (since she was blessed) uses all their might to hold back another sneeze. But resistance is futile, and they explode with another nasal rocket. At this point, everyone in the classroom is hoping the unfortunate student isn’t sanctified again, but the “blesser” feels an

irresistible urge to be “polite” and proceeds to bless her again. The irate teacher finally proclaims, “Quiet!” and the students awkwardly resume their exam. The saying most likely came about during the Bubonic Plague. During this time, when someone sneezed they could most likely be infected with the treacherous disease. Masses of people dying around tend to encourage others to visit their local Church, so most people were religious at this time. So, when someone said “bless you,” they actually meant it. People “blessing” others isn’t actually that annoying, since they really just mean “don’t get sick.” They are not forcefully pressing their religion on others, but maybe people should think about what they say. Just as the n-word for African-Americans, the f-word for homosexuals, and the b-word for Mexicans should not be used mindlessly to describe people, wishing that “God protect you from disease” should be done consciously. Let’s start a trend: “Achoo!” “Shut up.”

Photo art by: Karol Suen, Staff Photographer


October 22, 2012


Celebrity night: new Miss T-Bird crowned The Black Keys on Las Cruces’s mind By: Jackie Wang, Editor-in-Chief





2 1. Junior Meagan Fennell crowned 2012 Miss T-Bird. 2. Senior Katie Herron and junior Omar Santos perform a skit from I Love Lucy. 3. The judges watch senior Angelina Reyes perform. 4. All the contestants in their evening gowns. 5. Senior Kristina Avila smiles for the judges. Photos by: Evan Mesa, Staff Photographer


oing to a Black Keys concert means plunging into an ocean of beards, plaid shirts, and illicit weed poorly hidden among the masses. At the Pan Am center in Las Cruces, the concert offered two options: seats with numbers and guaranteed ushers to kick out anyone stealing chairs, or general admission and sweat. From whatever perspective, the Black Keys immediately hooked the audience. The two main band members, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, were backed by a guitarist and keyboardist for most of their set. The concert itself heavily relied on visuals. But instead of the usual colored strobe lights most bands love, much of the set was backed by monochrome - blown up versions of Auerbach and Carney playing on either side of the screen. When the band first walked onstage, the energy around the stadium went up tenfold. By the time they played “Tighten Up,” Auerbach’s leather jacket was off and the audience was singing along. The crowd barely could contain their shouts of enthusiasm when “Gold On the Ceiling” and “Little Black Submarines” came on - but “Ten Cent Pistol,” soothed the entire stadium into a stupor. Opening act Tegan and Sara began the concert with the mellow sound that they built their label on, but failed to captivate the crowd the same way the Black Keys did. Their most pumped up song was their newest single, “Closer,” and even then there was minimal audience participation.

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05 October 22, 2012

El Paso Comic Convention By: Skyler Carreon, Guest Writer


he Black Power Ranger and Ferris Bueller’s mom all under the same roof. EPCON 2012 had another successful year, with 180 booths and 30 celebrities. Guests included in the exhibit were Tony Todd (Candyman, Night of the Living Dead), Walter Jones (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers), Peter Kelamis (Dragon Ball Z), and Cindy Pickett (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), and actors from The Hunger Games. Each guest had positive things to say about the convention and the El Pasoans attending. “The environment here was fun, and the people are relaxed,” said Jones, famous for portraying the original black Power Ranger. Volunteer Miguel Parra, as well as seniors Felix Carcoba and Joanne McDade were among the people that attended the EP Comic Con . “The thing I love about EPCON is getting to dress up, and be whatever I want, and have people not look at me weird,” McDade said. Dressing up was a big part of EPCON. With one host, three judges, and over thirty contestants, the contest drew a crowd to the main stage. Senior Brandon Abeyta took the stage as the eleventh incarnation of Doctor Who. Abeyta made it to the second round, his younger brother Maxx conquered, dressed as Internet legend Slenderman. “It was pretty rad that people were happy to see me dressed as the doctor, but Slenderman was a bigger hit among the crowd. It was just great to be on stage in front of the crowd,” Abeyta said. With two other halls, there was plenty of room to host live music provided by local bands, including Set Us On High, a band made up of Coronado alumni who relished the chance to get to play in such a big venue. “It is good exposure,” band member Alex Rodriguez said. “It’ll attract a variety, a diverse crowd. People of all genres will get a taste.” The convention was held from September 14th to 16th, with a preview night on Friday, and full booths and panels on Saturday and Sunday. Almost 3,500 people attended the convention, which was about half as many as last year, but at double the price.

! W O P

Step Up meets Marching Band By: Myriam Diaz, Entertainment Writer Famous dancer Michael Rosales, who has danced with artists like Deborah Cox and reggae duo Wisin & Yandel, was at Coronado on October 2 - 3. Rosales helped the choreograph the marching band’s routine. The choreography was used for the band’s West Side Bowl’s halftime show, and will be used for the rest of the season. Mr. Mark Saenz, the band director, said he was delighted with the outcome. “It was great and educational,” Saenz said. “He really got the kids to come out of their shell and to become bigger than what they ever thought they could become.” Rosales comes from the Philippines, and has danced all over the world. Rosales is most known for his choreographic talent in the recent movie, “Step Up 4.” He has also produced shows in Sea World and Busch Garden Park in Florida. A Gold Medal Winner and a dancer for TV Shows, he described his experience at Coronado as a very pleasant one, “I thought the students were great, open, disciplined, and ready to work, which is always a pleasure, Rosales said. “It was a great time.” The band students were very happy that a dancer so well known came to help them prepare their choreography. “You would expect for someone that is so professional to be very serious and strict, but it turned out to be entertaining and fun,” junior Bea Garcia said. “Definitely a great experience - not everyone can say that Michael Rosales has choreographed them.” Rosales worked with students to help them get into character for the performance and help them portray the theme of “passions of war.” They loosened up by pretending to be spiders crawling across the field.

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October 22, 2012

in band

By: Alaina Concha, Staff Writer



Photo by: Carlos Garcia, Photo Editor

his past year, the band said their farewells to Mr. Kenny Capshaw, the head band director, but at the same time welcomed a new member. Former assistant director, Mr. Mark Saenz, was moved up to head director, and a brand new assistant named Mr. Daniel Holmes. Former teacher intern, Daniel Holmes, knows from experience what the program was like under Mr. Capshaw. Holmes began his teaching career at Coronado during the 2007-2008 school year and then left to go and teach in Albuquerque, NM. After teaching there for two years, Holmes got news of an opening of a second band director. After going through the application process, Holmes found himself moving to El Paso and becoming a T-Bird again. Head band director Mark Saenz says, “Mr. Holmes really fills the void that Mr. Capshaw left on our wonderful band program.” It has taken a while for the band students to adjust to Holmes, but the students are responding positively to the new change. “His teaching style is a lot different than what I am used to, but personally I like it,” section leader Jacob Holguin said. “The Coronado band has a very long tradition of excellence that I admire,” Holmes said. “Something that I don’t want to change, but grow.” Many people have been afraid that the band will not be as successful without Capshaw, but Holguin disagrees. “He adds on to our success, making us better,” Holguin said. Holmes is working hard to make the show more sentimental. With his new and fresh techniques, the band improves everyday. “Holmes fits right in,” junior Bea Garcia said. “I think we were all scared when Capshaw retired, but Holmes has made a great addition to the Coronado band. He really pushes us to play our instruments to the best of our abilities.” The band has been working hard to maintain their legacy. They know a lot of eyes will be on them this year as a new band director steps in and an old one leaves. “Holmes has a lot of pressure on his shoulders, stepping into such big shoes, but I feel he has really handled the pressure well,” section leader, Brandon Ramirez said. The band is continuing to progress and will be competing in the Tournament of Bands, and the Marching State contest in November.

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October 22, 2012

T-Bird football attempts to overcome Westside Bowl loss By: Shayne Chatterton and Ofek Belkin, Staff Writers


1 2

3 1. T-Bird offense starting their drive against the Chapin Huskies. Photo by: Evan Mesa, Staff Photographer 2.The Coronado crowd at the Westside Bowl cheering their team on. Photo by: George Amspaugh, Guest Photographer 3. Running Back Bobby Chacon attempting a touchdown against the Huskies. Photo by: Evan Mesa, Staff Photographer

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new head coach, along with a new offense, have resulted in mixed results in the varsity football team’s first six games, as they now hold a 2-4 overall record, and 1-2 in District 1-5A. The T-Birds’ last game was no easy task as they took on rival and top-ranked team in El Paso, Franklin, who is 6-0. “The Westside Bowl is one of our biggest games since it is against our biggest rival and they normally have a really good team,” said quarterback Mickey Courtney. Defense had a hard time stopping Franklin’s offense. Coronado came short with a 45-7 loss. “Defensively, we couldn’t stop them. They kept getting first downs on us and eventually got into the end zone. Offensively, we couldn’t find a way to stop their blitz, to give Mickey an opportunity to find the receivers. I think that is why we lost by such a big margin,” safety Nicholas Annabi said. The losing record isn’t the only challenge the T-Birds have face, as they entered the season with a new head coach for the first time in 35 years. The players still noted the positives in having new leadership. “Having a new coach helps the team because we now have a different coach’s perspective on the game,” free safety David Tarango said. Bob Anderson became head football coach after Don Brooks retired last spring. Anderson felt that his team hasn’t played to their full potential. “I think we had a lot of first game jitters against Midland, and we had a lot of mistakes, but we came back in the second half,” Head Coach Bob Anderson said. During the first half against Midland, the offense had a hard time scoring, and the defense had a hard time making stops. However, during the second half the defense stopped Midland, and the offense scored. Senior tightend Phillip Harris caught a 5-yard pass for a touchdown in the fourth quarter, and running back Bobby Chacon scored after a 5-yard run

in the fourth quarter. This loss to Midland inspired the T-Birds to practice twice as hard and to fix their mistakes, junior defensive back David Tarango said. “This year having two-a-days is a lot more important. We play a lot more, therefore we are going to be in better condition, and better prepared for this upcoming season,” Tarango said. Two-a-days are when players come in the morning at 7:00 a.m. to lift weights and right after school from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. for regular practice. “Academics are a lot harder this year due to two-a-days,” senior corner back Sam Alcantar said. “I come home at about seven every night do homework for two hours straight, and then I have to go to sleep early because I have to wakeup early in the morning for practice, and eligibility is a huge factor this year.” However, students aren’t only punished by ineligibility for getting bad grades. “If we get bad grades, the coaches make players do reminders, which are conditioning drills such as bear crawls, and excessive running,” Tarango said. Though eligibility isn’t the biggest factor of the season, injuries have also taken a toll on past Coronado Football teams. “Getting injured is something we can’t afford to have, especially to some of our key players. We stretch a lot just to avoid tearing muscles which is a common injury in football,” Alcantar said. Coronado opened its home season against Hanks with a 41-7 win. “It was exciting to win our first home game because we had practiced really hard the week before,” Tarango said. The game against Chapin ended in a 21-7 loss for Coronado. Coronado’s defense forced 7 turnovers throughout the game, but the offense had a tough time doing anything with them. This gave Coronado both one win and one loss in non-district. Coronado will play El Dorado Oct. 19 at the Socorro Activities Complex.


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October 22, 2012

New Season, New Coach T

he baseball team has a new head coach. Juan Orozco was named to the position Monday afternoon. Athletic Coordinator Robert Anderson told the team the third week of school that there were several steps that needed to be taken in choosing a new coach. “The head coach position is advertised on EPISD website,” Principal Marielo Morales said. “Anyone who is interested in the position can apply, then a committee is formed and this committee is made up of parents, staff, and school administration members. After that, the committee interviews each of applicants, then finally a coach is selected by the committee.” Coach Orozco had been named interim, and

was assigned the baseball class period until a selection was made. “Since Coach Orozco has taken over the baseball class for the time being, the workouts during baseball class have been upbeat with a lot of moral and camaraderie with the team,” catcher Emilio Chacon said. Ex-professional baseball players and Coronado alumni Rocky and Joe Coppinger both, who have coached the team during the summer and fall after school baseball program for the last three years, continued to coach the team after school during the interview process. This year, several changes were made and the fall baseball program was upgraded with a planned 20-game season, ending with a

By: Dante Grissom, Staff Writer

tournament with teams throughout the 4-A and 5-A Districts of EPISD. “The upgraded fall baseball program is a good way to get our team developed for district in spring and this could lead to turning over a new page for the team,” second basemen Patrick Fennell said. The advertisement for the coaching position on the EPISD website closed Sept. 25. Coach Orozco had eleven varsity and three all-district players returning to the team this year. The first baseball game will take place on February 19th at home against Burges.

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