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Issue 1 October 7, 2011

Behind the ID drama Why this new fashion mandate is keeping us safe

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Issue 1 October 7, 2011

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The ID dilemma . . . p.3 New age of consent laws in Texas . . . p.4

LSD on CD: Hallocengenic Harmony . . . p.12-13


Fall Movie Reviews . . . p.15 Mr. T-Bird . . . p.16 Rotary Members Shine Through El Paso Fashion Week . . . p.17 the City . . . p.6 Skrillex Recap . . . p.18 Word on the Street . . . p.6 Jazz Band Wins National Title College Survival Guide: From . . . p.7 Coronado Alumni Makes Mark on Freshmen to Seniors . . . p.19 What’s a College Dealbreaker for Runway . . . p.8 you? . . . p.19 Weird Scholarship of the Month . . . p.19 What your stall choice says about you . . . p.9 Caption Contest . . . p.9 Football Trying to Build Team Chemistry . . . p.20 Our Views: The New Definiton of T-Birds Taking a Swing . . . p.21 Tennis Starting off Dominant Fast Food . . . p.10 . . . p.21 Nutritious Lunches . . . p.10 Varsity Volleyball Setting up for a Is Cheerleading a Real Sport? Successful Season . . . p.22 . . . p.11 Cross Country Races for Regionals IB Loses Another Coordinator . . . p.23 . . . p.11 Inside Look into the Underrated World of Wrestling . . . p.24






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News Must-Have Accessory of the Year


Issue 1 October 7, 2011

The public display of ID cards has been the hot-button topic of the 2011-2012 school year. Some students may think the new rule is unfair and unnecessary, but keep in mind that it’s a safety precaution. “This is so we can identify you and put the picture to the person, and prevent intruders from being on campus without a visitor’s pass,” said Campus Patrolman Lorenzo Garcia, campus patrol. Potential consequences surface in light of the new change. If a student fails to have the ID card visible, the student should expect loss of exemption from finals, discipline referral, or ISS (in school suspension). “I’m always a little worried that I’ll forget my ID at home because I’m running late and I’ll get a referral,” said Milan Khatami, 11. Students are required to wear the ID badges while on the school campus. They cannot be worn on the students’ sleeves, backpacks, or waist. Wearing the ID card from a lanyard or from the collar of a shirt are the only options for display. But the lanyard alternative

isn’t an intrusive option in most students’ opinion. “I don’t think they’re any different from a normal necklace hanging around your neck,” said Karol Suen, 11. The loss of the actual identification card has become an issue among the students. The district stopped using their own ID machine, leaving each campus to find a new way to print IDs. Mrs. Peggy Ligner, the journalism teacher, is making new IDs for those who have lost them for a fee of $5. Students are only allowed to get their new identification card before and after school or at lunch. Students have embraced this new regulation by wearing lanyards from brands such as Vera Bradley, or lanyards with the name of a popular sports team around their neck. “The main purpose of the ID cards is to know who is doing something wrong and to keep everyone safe,” said Mr. Garcia. “We aren’t trying to harass the students by enforcing this rule.”

Photo by: Priscilla Villareal, Photography Editor

Story by: Macy McBeth, News Editor


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News 4 Fifteen is New Eighteen: Romeo and Juliet Dictate New Sex Laws Issue 1 October 7, 2011

As of September 1st, the state of Texas has amended the law regarding the age of consent for sex. Lawmakers from all over the nation are thinking of new punishments for sex offenders. This amended law was nicknamed the “Romeo and Juliet” law, which changed the age of consent from age eighteen to age fifteen. Under the previous age of consent, if a teenager seventeen or older had sex with another teenager who was more than three years younger, the older teen was guilty of statutory rape and sexual assault. Under the “Romeo and Juliet” law, that three-year age gap was extended to four years. For example, a fifteen year-old can legally have sex with a nineteen year old. Regardless, minors must be at least fifteen years old and sex must still be consensual. While some high school students see this as a chance to go out and exercise the new amendment, others see it as an ineffective solution to the increased number of teenage sex offenders.

“If high school students had no hesitation before, this new law will have absolutely no

impact on anyone,” said Perri Kempner, 12. This new law leads some to anticipate more teenage pregnancies, given that teenagers will feel less guilty having irresponsible sex with much younger teens. “In the long run, I think it would result in more teen parents,” said Carlos Hernandez,

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math teacher. People are also taking maturity into consideration. The fact that a college student can engage in sexual activity with a freshman in high school would make parents nervous about what is going on in these lopsided relationships. “I think that it’s wrong,” said Hernandez. “The maturity level is different and the intentions are not always good. Older parties can mislead younger parties.” The main reason this law was amended was to protect teenagers legally. The previous age of consent meant that high school students could be registered as sex offenders, which, as a result, inflated in the number of sex offenders. Before the “Romeo and Juliet” law, many students were sent to court, or even jail, for a teenage fling. Further benefits of this amendment include help for those who have already been filed as sex offenders. Teenagers and adults who were convicted for sexual assault under the previous law can now petition that their sex offender tags be removed.

Story by: George Shunia, News Writer

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Issue 1 October 7, 2011

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Issue 1 October 7, 2011

Interact Shines Through Sun City Estella’s Escuelas recently showcased the work of the Rotary Interact Club and awarded the club with a check to assist in current and future projects. Members lend their time and efforts on a variety of projects throughout the city of El Paso. These students work with the Rotary International program, in continuing last year’s volunteer projects, and creating new ways to help out around the city. President Gaby Ferreiro, says she is proud of the club’s work with the Elephant Fest at the El Paso Zoo, where club members, along with other volunteers, helped out with an exotic breakfast with the elephants, an exhibition of the zoo, and many activities for young children with an interest in animals. Volunteer projects are only part of what the club is about. Last summer eight students were awarded a trip to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) camp, where they participated in team activities and attended seminars by district presidents. “I found it really interesting learning about all the members of Rotary International working together to end polio,” said Ferreiro. According to the Rotary International website more than one million Rotarians worldwide

contributed to the success of the polio eradication effort. Gaining both national and international understanding is an important part of the International Rotary Club’s mission, and one way this is manifest is through the exchange program. Exchange students this year are from countries like Denmark and Chile, and there are some Rotary Interact members—who are considering exchange in the near future. Ferreiro says she is considering participating in the exchange program because she says she wants to explore a culture other than her own and to learn how to interact with people from a completely different background. The club’s eight officers and nearly sixty members are working on continuing many of last year’s projects, including lunch and movies with students in the special needs program, work with La Casita, a community center which provides economicallydisadvantaged children and teens with activities and constructive hobbies. “I love Rotary because I just get a good feeling when I’m helping others and learning about how to fix problems in the community,” said Ferreiro.


Word on the street If you could change one thing about Coronado’s dress code, what would it be? “I don’t like that we can’t wear UnderArmor as regular shirts.” -David Frias, 9

“I would probably change the length of shorts because they vary on different people. I would change the length to six inches from fingertips.” -Katherine Mullings, 10

“I would allow our ID cards to be worn below the waist.” -Sam Sanchez, 11

“I would change having to wear the ID cards. I don’t really see the point in them because you can’t even tell it’s me in my picture.” -Madison Vasquez, 12

Story By: Cassie Saupe, Feature Writer


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Feature Jazz Band Wins National Honors for Performance


Issue 1 October 7, 2011

This year, Coronado’s first Jazz Band received national merit, taking first place in a Jazz Honors Competition. “The award is called the Foundation for Musical Excellence, and it’s a national Jazz Honors competition. We sent in our recording from the New Mexico State jazz performance and were one of two high school bands selected for the award,” said Mr. Kenny Capshaw, band director. To most of the jazz band students, the award was a surprise. “I didn’t know Mr. Capshaw had entered us, so I was really shocked and kind of surprised when we won. I feel pretty awesome being a part of one of the best jazz bands in the nation,” said Ben Vasko, senior and bass trombone player. The band practiced three to

four days a week in preparation for other jazz competitions. “We put in two hours a day, four days a week for three months,” said Emilio Mesa, senior and alto saxophone player.

[It’s] pretty awesome being a part of one of the best jazz bands in the nation. -Ben Vasko, 12 The top jazz band’s practice showed when they received a first division at the EPISD jazz competition, along with winning the Hanks and New Mexico State jazz competitions.

“We received outstanding trumpet and sax sections at New Mexico State, and Emilio Mesa was the outstanding musician of the festival,” said Mr. Capshaw. The outstanding musician award is only given to one musician per year at the festival. “I was really excited when we won the award. Jazz band is kind of my thing, so it was good to see us recognized,” said Mesa. “We practiced almost every morning, but our hard work paid off. It truly was one of the most exciting experiences of my life, and it meant a lot to me,” said Joe Collins, senior. In a few months, the jazz band will start rehearsing again in order to prepare for their upcoming season.

Story by: Devin Teicher, Feature Editor

Coronado Marching Band The show: “Beyond Perimeters”

Dates to remember 10/8 EPISD Marching Contest 10/15 UIL Marching Contest 10/22 Socorro Marchfest 11/5 Tournament of Bands at NMSU 12/13 CHS Holiday Concert 2/18 UIL Solo & Ensemble


Issue 1 October 7, 2011


Coronado Alumnus Makes Mark on Runway Coronado counts the current Miss Runway Teen USA as one of its alumni. Jenna Doddridge, who graduated last year, was given the title this past summer. During her high school career she was a part of class executive committees, theater, track, and Who’s Who. She is a part-time student hoping to study child psychology and models on the side. Interview by: Taylor Bencomo, Editor in Chief

•How did you get into modeling?

I was the subject of a lot of bullying in middle school. I got started by trying theater in high school and I decided to try modeling.

•Face of fashion week, how did that happen? My face is on the ticket and a billboard. My picture looked really unique. I didn’t know what happened until I got the ticket for the show.

•How did you end up being Miss I’m organizing my portfolio and U.S.A. Runway Teen? sending them out to bigger I was just chilling in my modeling agency. This guy came into the agency and said he had a unique pageant. I never saw myself as a pageant girl, but when I found out about the modeling aspect of it I just jumped right in and practiced and got prepared.

agencies. I plan to move out to wherever accepts me and switch colleges and all that.

•How has Coronado influenced you? Theater at Coronado made me more confident in myself. It’s given me the ability to let me be the dork that I am.

•What do you think is a misconception people have about •What do you think is the best thing modeling? you have gotten from modeling?

•What stuff have you done Modeling is not just about I was able to learn who I was. modeling clothes. It’s about I gave me the ability to really recently? I won the title of U.S.A. Runway Teen over the summer, and lately I’ve been doing local commercials and a national commercial for a jewelry store in California.

being a role model to children. I really want to be a role model to children. I want to show them it’s more than skin and bones.

•What is the next step in terms of your modeling career?

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understand myself. It gave me confidence. It made me into the person I am today. I know it’s cliche, but I’ve discovered myself. Photo by: Jackie Wang, Editor in Chief

Congratulations Class of 2012! Love, Mark and Jackie Heins



Issue 1 October 7, 2011

“You’re in a lot of trouble, buddy.”

With so many students, high school can introduce you to a stream of new friends, and it’s necessary to distinguish yourself to avoid getting flushed out by the crowd. The men’s restroom is dripping with potential alliances, and everyone should make sure to soak up each and every opportunity that could allow them to forge life-long camaraderies. -Prepubescent peon #1 -Personality type: Outgoing -Toilet of choice: Far right urinal #1’s claims of charisma and social extroversion are mirrored by his choice to integrate himself comfortably close to his co-urinator. By putting himself approximately one toilet away from the other bathroom patrons, he avoids the risk of imposing on their private space while still maintaining an air of confidence and paving the way for casual conversation.

-Supple student #3 -Personality type: Latent sociopath -Toilet of choice: Center urinal #3’s oppressive presence in a urinal no more than two feet away from his partner sends signals of social desperation, though a more introverted colleague may appreciate the intimation. #3’s utter disregard for personal space, social norms, and even the basic tenets of western civilization is sure to push him to the fringes of bathroom society.

-Puerile pupil #2 -Personality type: Introverted -Toilet of choice: Stall #2’s use of the bathroom stall creates barriers between himself and his fellow urinators by shutting them off from natural conversation. He puts any potential conversation-starters in the awkward position of having to yell at him over the walls of the bathroom stall—considered a major faux pas by most.

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Issue 1 October 7, 2011


Nutritious Lunches D


The New Definition of Fast Food At the beginning of this 2011 school year students were introduced to a forty-one minute lunch, regular display of ID badges, and an eight period day. The creation of all these rules at once was quite a shock to most students. Although the freshman had no idea what they were getting into, the upperclassmen had to adjust a great deal. It is ridiculous to expect us to get back on time with only a forty-one minute lunch. By the time students get out of the parking lot ten minutes have been wasted. The expectation to not be late to class is almost an injustice, and qualifying for exemption will be even harder. To avoid being tardy, students have not been going off campus, hurting the revenue of local businesses. Places like the mall and The Bagel Shop are relatively close, but with the possibility of being late, these businesses have been deserted during lunch. The Bagel Shop alone has been making about twenty sandwiches less each day at lunch from lack of the usual

Coronado business. Stressing about being on time has led to reckless drivers with a lack of focus on the road. More accidents will likely occur because of students rushing to and from Coronado. Health issues have also been a huge problem. El Paso is ranked as the third “fattest city” in the U.S. Limiting students’ amount of lunch time has led to irresponsible choices based on convenience, and hurried eating. Convenient fast food places are becoming more prominent as the teenager’s number one food source. Having a short time for lunch has caused more problems than it has fixed. Principal Marielo Morales has taken this concern to Central Office, but don’t get too excited--a survey of all tnEPISD high schools showed that the average “lunch hour” is 40 minutes or less.

Story by: Melissa Mitchell, Opinion Editor Photos by: Jackie Wang, Editor in Chief

Artwork by: Carlos Chandler

ue to the new shortened lunch schedule, students have been going to lunch at fast food places such as McDonald’s, Whataburger, and Taco Bell. The food at these places might look great and taste great, but the effect that these foods may have on your health may not be so great. That is why nutrition clubs like Pure Nutrition are greatly making an impact on the people in El Paso, especially the students at Coronado. “I believe pure nutrition is better than eating at fast food places because not only does it keep you full but it gives you energy and does not give you that gross feeling afterwards,” says Samantha Herrera, 11. Pure Nutrition sells products from the company Herbalife and also provides meal replacement shakes that can be used to lose weight, gain weight or even just stay healthy. Each shake contains twenty vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and 14 grams of protein. They start at only about 90 calories and go up to 250 calories, and are made with water, ice, fruit, low fat granola and cinnamon. “Our shakes are equivalent to eating two servings of fruits and vegetables, so they are a healthy meal. They are a meal replacement so people who want to lose weight have only the shake but those who want to gain weight have the shake and then go eat after,” says Pure Nutrition owner, Melissa Robinson. These shakes are commonly used for weight loss. Those who want to lose weight drink the shakes twice a day until they have reached their goal weight. Then they can have the shakes once a day to still get the vitamins and minerals that their body needs. Not only do you get the shake but you get a no calorie tea that contains black tea, green tea and aloe vera that is used to cleanse out the toxins in your body. “They say ‘The more tea you drink the more you shrink.’ For every glass of tea you drink you lose 90 calories,” says owner, Melissa Robinson. These Herbalife products are a growing trend in El Paso and Las Cruces. They have been helping people reduce their high blood pressure and high cholesterol. “There has been much success and because of this in the next year or so there are going to be about twenty more clubs like this. I have had people who have lost about 40 pounds from switching to this program and changing their lifestyle!” says owner, Melissa Robinson. Now for lunch instead of filling up on burgers and fries, you can have a delicious and nutritious meal without the grease and trans fat.

Story by: Meagan Fennell, Staff Writer Photo by: Carlos Garcia, Photographer

Is Cheerleading a Sport?



Issue 1 October 7, 2011

It began as a simple budget cut but led to a nation wide dispute. In Hartford, Connecticut a university decided to cut their volleyball team in order to decrease expenses but replace it with a competitive cheer team. This decision angered many people, causing us all to question, “Is cheerleading a sport?” In order for cheerleading to be considered a sport it must have coaches, practices, competitions during a defined season and a governing organization. Even though most teams have coaches and practices, for cheerleading the season is year round, therefore it does not have a defined season. A sport, according to the Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors, is a “physical activity against/with an opponent, with rules and conditions where a winner is declared, and the main purpose of the competition is a comparison of the skill of the participants.” Sideline cheerleaders’ goal is to entertain the crowd and lead them with team cheers, which technically does not make school cheerleading a sport. Little do most people know that there is a whole different world of cheerleading where the main goal is to

compete. “Competitive cheerleading should be considered a sport since it involves being scored and judged on athletic skill and ability,” said Isabel Rodriguez, owner and founder of West Texas Cheer Allstars here in El Paso. In competitive cheerleading, instead of playing a game against one opponent, the team performs a two and a half minute routine showing skills from dance to stunts to tumbling. “Stunting is what can be super dangerous since many things can do wrong. It is a team effort and you are putting someone else’s safety in your own hands,” said cheerleader Anika Pettit, 9. Emergency room visits for cheerleading are five times the number than for any other sport, mostly because they do not wear protective gear like other sports. According to the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research, cheerleading is the number-one cause of serious sports injuries to women. “Training, conditioning

and practice are necessary, which is a part of all sports. Based on these elements then all cheerleaders are athletes whether they are competing or not,” said Isabel Rodriguez. As of now cheerleading is not considered a sport. Until the majority of the squads make competing their main priority and cheering at games to be a sec ondary function, there is little hope cheerleading will be officially considered a sport.

Story by: Meagan Fennel, Staff Writer Artwork by: Naomi Weiner, Guest Artist

Coronado says“Goodbye”to Another IB Coordinator As everyone was preparing for another routine year at Coronado High School, Ms. Sharon Kotarski was preparing for a new beginning as the new IB coordinator in Irving, Texas. Three days before the 20112012 school year started, Coronado’s International Baccalaureate Coordinator left the IB students without a coordinator. The position was empty until Ms. Nancy Rivera agreed to work as the Interim IB coordinator. When Ms. Kotarski departed so quickly, she left many students and faculty deeply conflicted with her unexpected move. Many felt that she was merely forgetting about them and leaving with no concern to the well-being of future IB students. Many

senior IB students felt that Ms. Kotarski’s departure was at an awkward time for them, especially now, with college applications coming up. “We have to get a letter from our counselor, and Ms. Kotarski knew us the best. Now we have to approach counselors who know very little about us and ask them to write us a glowing letter. It’s just an awkward situation,” said Meagan Abel, 12. Although Ms. Kotarski has offered to write the letters of recommendation still, regular counselors are still needed for the college application process. These counselors are not as familiar with the IB students, the situation tends to be overcomplicated in many ways. Ms. Nancy Rivera, the Interim IB coordinator, has tried to rectify this issue along with all the other responsibilities that the IB coordinator is assigned, such as ordering the IB tests, freshman IB registration, CAS meetings, and setting up training for the IB teachers. Ms. Kotarski’s decision to leave was not

an easy one. “But I felt it was the right thing to do,” said Kotarski. As complicated as the entire situation has been for all of IB, Coronado is left with a willingly helpful temporary substitute and IB students that most often can hold their own in any situation. Story by: Samantha Skory, Staff Writer

Photos by: Carlos Garcia, Photographer


Center Spread

Issue 1 October 7, 2011

LSD on CD: Hallucinogenic Harmony

• online music tracks • each between $1-$5 • named after drugs both legal and illegal, designed to give a similar experience through “binatural beats” • binatural beats are described as two different tones in opposite ears, creating beating sensation in brain • in order to get the best result, the user must listen to I-Dose in a serene setting and essentially “doze off” while listening • 2 I-Dose tracks come free when downloading player

It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel. The user plugs in to disconnect and alter their state of mind. There’s no bong, no pipe, no needle, no pills, simply a pair of headphones, and a person allegedly experiences the same effect that illegal substances offer. These are I-Dosers, widely known as digital drugs, and the only dealer users have to go through is the Internet. In an era where convenience is what’s best, I-Dosers fit the bill as easy. “I wouldn’t normally want to try drugs. It’s not that they’re that hard to come by, but you have to go out of your way just for some. If you pay for I-Dosers, you pay once and you can use I-Dosers over and over again,” said one I-Dosing student w h o

wished to remain anonymous. The way these digital drugs work is through simulating frequencies in the brain that are associated with focus and what refers to as “alphafrequencies”. Through binaural beats (two different frequencies in each ear) the I-Doser’s brain is able to perceive or recreate frequencies it normally wouldn’t. Therefore, the user’s state of mind is altered and brain activity allegedly mimics the behavior the mind would if real drugs were in play. I-Dosers come in a wave of different varieties. From gateway drugs such as marijuana to more extreme mind -altering substances on the scale of heroin and LCD. “I was extremely surprised when I learned what I-Dosers are. I believe its extremely possible given how people use music to relax or get energized but their validity is an entirely different story,” said Assistant Principal Eric Cress. Administration states that using portable devices is illegal during school time, especially if students are attempting to alter their state of mind. Legislation is in place against the use of electronic devices in school, and Mr. Cress stated he felt it was sufficient. It’s not just the feeling of getting high I-Dosers attempt to recreate, but also emotions and an increase in energy. The effect of I-Dosers varies from user to user. I-Doser users are under three categories: susceptible, originally unsusceptible, and immune to binaural beats. Some claim they work. Others say there is no effect at all. “I think it’s purely psychological. You tell yourself you’re going to get high or happy or energetic after you listen

to it and if you believe it enough then you will,” said *Walter, a former Coronado student. Walter tried several I-Dosers and found they had no effect at all. “I honestly wanted to try them because I wanted to see if the brain could actually be manipulated and stimulated by patterns of specific frequencies. You know what? It can’t,” said Walter. The only effect that Walter said the I-Dosers had on him was that they put him to sleep. According to, for best results the listener must be in a serene setting where they can easily “doze off,” a setting Walter was in at the time. “I felt sleepy when I used the Thunderstorm I-Doser. I’ve tried marijuana, and it felt strangely like it. My vision was really off, and I felt off. I guess to some degree they do work,” said *Carrie, an I-Dosing junior. The greatest debate among users seems to be whether I-Dosers work at all and give a “high” feeling. “I-Dosers do something. I’m not exactly sure what, but I felt different. I’ve tried drugs, and I-Dosers definitely don’t have the same effect,” said Sean, a senior who tried I-Dosers. The long-term effect of I-Dosers is uncertain at this time, as no legitimate studies have been conducted. The short-term effects vary from person to person. Whether these digital drugs are safe alternatives is up for debate, but in the meantime the argument is whether they could be the drugs of the future. *Names have been changed to protect the identity and reputation of those interviewed.* Story by: Taylor Bencomo, Editor in Chief


Experts’ Opinions on I-Dosers “It’s unlikely to cause any problems,” Harriet de Wit of the University of Chicago told LiveScience.

Fact or Fiction? According to, H.W. Dove was responsible for the discovery of binaural beats. However, further research revealed H.W. Dove was a scientist who made great strides in the unrealated field of meterology.


Issue 1 October 7, 2011


Who will you be that night?

Flirty? Whimsical?

Edgy? 5857 N Mesa St. Ste 17


Entertainment 1


Issue 1 October 7, 2011


1Abduction: Taylor Lautner stars as a young man searching for his true identity in this action thriller. After finding himself on a missing persons list, he searches for the truth while being targeted by trained killers. Lautner’s only way to find what he is looking for is to take the matter into his own hands.


Moneyball: When the Oakland As find themselves in a bad situation, general manager Brad Pitt has to come up with a plan to reinvent his team. They attempt to find a way to compete with the richer clubs to change the way people view their major league team. This engaging film is based on a true story and is for anyone who has ever had to work hard to fulfill a dream.



3 Courageous: Four law enforcement

officers face danger in their everyday lives. Fighting these daily battles, they begin to lose sight of their family and personal lives. When tragedy strikes close to home they are forced to make a decision that could change everything. This heartfelt and inspiring drama gives everyone the motivation to cherish and appreciate the ones they love.

4 50/50:

Photos From : 1) Abduction: Lionsgate 2) Moneyball: Sony Pictures 3) Courageous: Sherwood Pictures 4) 50/50: Mandate Pictures

When a 27-year-old radio producer (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, he is given a 50/50 chance of survival. Unable to cope with this development, he is forced to find acceptance in his situation. This touching and inspirational dramatic comedy is about love, friendship, survival, and finding humor in even the worst situations.

Written By: Tessa McCune, Staff Writer

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6127 N. Mesa at Thunderbird 915-842-8830


Issue 1 October 7, 2011

Entertainment Mr. T-Bird participants 2011-2012

Vernon Shanker and Samantha Peters, 12

2rd place Philip Bull, 11

Mr. T-Bird

Welcome to the Jungle Mr. T-Bird! The night was wild; Samantha Peters and Vernon Shanker guided us into a night of amazing talents and performances. The participants competing for the Mr. T-Bird title were Alex Zumar, Alex Wright, Zach Bassett, Alex Munoz, Thomas Cochran, Audric Ganser, Philip Bull, Leon Vigil, Feliz Carcoba, Justin Liu, and finally Matt Hoover. Each of the participants represented a sport or school activity. Matt Hoover represented cheerleading, Alex Zumar represented band, and Alex Wright represented IB. “I had a great time, there were good performances and I tried to keep the audience entertained with lots of fun and games,” said Vernon Shanker, 12. Starting at hot fudge

Sundaes and ending up at Johnny Cash, the night proved unpredictable. There were technical difficulties in Hoover’s performance but the show went on. Finally, Matt Hoover was announced the winner of the 2011-2012 Mr. T-bird title. “I just did it to have fun, but I couldn’t have done it without my friends. When they were announcing the winners I got nervous, especially when my name wasn’t called for second or third place. I’m excited I won Mr. T-bird, now I can park in my own spot,” said Matt Hoover, 12. There were so many different talents, and all the participants worked hard on their performances. Mr. T-bird is a night that shows the talent that Coronado has to offer.

Story By: Lilian Diaz, Staff Writer Photos By: Sam Wang, Photo Editor

3rd place Audric Ganser, 12

1st place Matt Hoover, 12




Issue 1 October 7, 2011


Twenty fashion shows, eighty models, four nights. El Paso’s first annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was a success. The scene was hectic, with hair stylists from 360 Colour Bar Salon scrambling to style the hair of eighty models. Designers made sure everything was properly worn or styled before the models walked the runway. All of the female, male, and child models involved were honored that they helped make the biggest fashion night of El Paso possible. “We’ve been working on this for about a month; we had castings a while back and had practices everyday. Designers came and chose who they wanted, and then we had the fittings,” said Jenna Doddridge, model and face of the Mercedes Benz fashion week. In the end, all of their hard work paid off. The show was amazing; the models rocked the runway. Without the designers Lolyline, Lucchese, Oxana Eremina, Wolf


and Lamb, Donna Rullo, Queen of Persia, J. Luxe, Versailles, and the designer who stole the show, Masai Payan, Merecedes Benz Fashion Week would not have been possible. Each designer had their own motivation and justification for their designs. “Fashion is about taking risks; don’t be afraid to wear something just because you don’t think it’s a piece that you can pull off,” said Jessica Dominguez, designer of Wolf and Lamb. “Take risks without having to step outside of your comfort zone.” Donna Rullo designed pieces that were sixties chic and other pieces that were sixties hippie. Lolyline’s handmade designs incorporated adorable knits into outfits not only for young women but for girls of all ages. But Masai Payan captured the audience’s attention as soon as the lights were dimmed. Payan is a high-class fashion designer catering exclusively to the female demographic

Runway with modern and innovative designs. Masai Payan has designed pieces worn by Alyssa Milano, Kathy Griffin, and Heather Morris, aka “Brittany Pierce” from “Glee”. The dress that was designed for Heather Morris was the finale of the night. “I came back to El Paso to participate in the first Mercedes Benz fashion week because I got a call from Bazaar’s Nuestra Belleza. I also came back because I actually graduated from Americas High School, and I wanted to show my designs to the women in El Paso,” said Masai Payan. El Paso was honored to have such great designers come and participate in the first annual Mercedes Benz Fashion week. The event was truly breathtaking and will surely become an annual occasion for all El Pasoans to enjoy.

Story By: Lilian Diaz, Staff Writer Photos By: Jackie Wang and Nasim Saadatkhah

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8041 North Mesa Ste. El Paso, TX 79932 915-584-2747

Chic & Sleek Boutique

By: Pamela L0pez


Issue 1 October 7, 2011


Dubstepping into El Paso: Skrillex Photos From:

Story by: Kelsey Applebaum, Staff Writer

“We Found Love” was released June 21, 2011. It features Scottish artist Calvin Harris, who also produced and wrote the song. This song is one of Rihanna’s hits.

4)Pumped Up Kicks

This song was released on June 21—it features Christina Aguilera. It references Mick Jagger and his ability to greatly impress women with his dance moves.

met Sonny Moore before he was Skrillex, and he’s one of the most down-to-earth guys I’ve ever met,” said Jake Hoover, 10. Skrillex has evolved popular music as a whole, and is continuing to amaze crowds by the thousands. Expectations that the bar for electronic music would be raised were high, and for the second time, Skrillex left El Paso with its citizens in awe. “By the time Skrillex came on it was so much fun because everyone knew all his songs and i was having the time of my life.” said Madeline Halperin, 11.

3)We Found Love

The song “Someone Like You” was released on her album “21” on January 24. This song is about her lost relationship and how she has dealt with it.

2)Move Like Jagger

Written by: Mariana Caballero, Staff Writer

was last year. said Savannah Whitaker, 10. “The show was 15 days after my birthday, so I considered it basically the best birthday present ever. I got my ticket a month early!” said John Broaddus, 10. This new music industry is evolving and Skrillex’s music has been downloaded by thousands in its first couple of months online, and the numbers haven’t dropped. “Skrillex can be anything I want it to be,” said Sonny Moore himself. “There are so many avenues for music now.” El Paso was more than excited to have this new music icon again. “I actually

1)Someone Like You

iTunes Top Songs

Skrillex is part of a new generation of artists who refuse to abide by outside expectations. He is a renowned master of electro house, progressive house, and dubstep, and a highly sought-after remixer of A-list artists like La Roux, Lady Gaga, and the Black Eyed Peas. With a sold out venue and diehard fans, the king of electronic dance music returned to El Paso. On September 26th, Bucanan’s event center was shaken. Those who have seen this show before hold it in high regard. “I’m heartbroken that I couldn’t go this year, but words can not describe how amazing it

This song was released September 14, 2011. The song has reached number 3 on the U.S. on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the first Billboard Alternative song a number one single.

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College College Survival Guide: From Freshman to Seniors


Issue 1 October 7, 2011

Students start as early as 8th grade to prepare for college. Some see this as severe; however, college admission is becoming an increasingly difficult process as time progresses. A student’s entire four years of high school should be geared towards what they want to do after graduation. The college admission process is one of the most overwhelming experiences a high school student must face. To make it a little easier once it comes (it’s already here for the seniors), here are some tips.

Class of 2012:

-Finalize test scores. If you did not take the SAT or ACT or would like to get a higher score, make sure to take the tests before November starts. It will take a few weeks before you get your scores and it takes about a week for colleges to get them. -Apply to your top choice schools, there could be as few as two or as many as twelve. Make a list of what you expect most from your school and see which options fit your criteria. -Sign up for housing as well. The housing application is often an entirely different process than that of the admission application. Make sure to finish it as soon as possible so you can apply for your preferred dorm. -Try not to catch senioritis. Instead of skipping class and snoozing during lectures, don’t blow off your last year. If you fail, you risk your graduation and colleges might actually withdraw your offer of admission if your grades fall drastically. -Search for scholarships and apply for financial aid. Ask your counselors for different scholarship options based on your needs. You can also scour the web for options. Even if you do not think you are eligible for financial aid, apply for it anyway. Send it in no later than February 1 to FAFSA. -Enjoy! Though you may seem to forget it through all of the

homework, college apps, and extracurriculars, have fun your last year of high school! High school is considered some of the best four years of your life even if it may not seem like it at times.

Class of 2013:

-Challenge yourself. After two years of becoming familiar with the high school workload, go ahead and take a few challenging courses. Getting a few AP classes out of the way junior year allows you to have an easier senior year. It might seem like a lot, but it will pay off. -Get the SAT/ACT out of the way. Though not required junior year, it is better to take these tests multiple times to get a feel for what they are like. If you don’t get good scores your junior year, you can always retake it in the fall of your senior year. -Don’t forget about AP exams. If you get a high score on them, you get college credit for university you plan to attend. Remember, just because you are doing well in the AP class doesn’t guarantee a good score on the exam. You have to study! -Begin visiting colleges. Make of list of about 10-15 colleges that you are interested in. Once you have a definite list, begin narrowing down the list so you can schedule visits and get a feel. -Put in your best effort. Junior year is believed to be the year that counts the most in terms of college admissions. Do not slack off, keep up the grades, and keep reassuring yourself that graduation will be here in no time.

Class of 2014:

-Your counselor is your best friend. Keep in contact with your counselor. Talk to them not only about classes, but also start gathering their advice about college. If you keep a friendly relationship with them, you can always rely on them for a letter of recommendation. -Keep the grades up. You are

almost halfway done with high school at this point, there is no point in giving up now. Though not important as junior year, sophomore year is just as crucial in terms of grades. -Try the PSAT. Though you are not expected to take it until junior year, consider taking it to prepare for the SAT. The more practice, the better. Ask your counselor for the date to sign up. -Narrow your college search. Your junior and senior year are already going to be hectic enough, now would be a good time to do a low-pressure exploration of college choices. Visit some websites and begin visiting a few schools that are near you.

Class of 2015:

-Plan out your schedule with your counselor. Ensure not only that you have all credits needed to graduate on time, but also that you are enrolled in challenging classes. -Sign up for extracurriculars. It is better to get involved in something you are passionate about and stick with it all four years of high school. Admissions officers like to see serious involvement in a few organizations rather than little commitment in many different organizations. -Begin to consider your options. Start doing some research to get somewhat of an idea of where you would like to go. With an idea, you can start delving into what the college costs are going to be. -Prepare for upcoming tests. Though some students take the SAT/ACT their freshman year, it is more beneficial to consider taking SAT Subject Tests in subjects you were taught freshman year like World History or Biology. -Don’t forget about grades. Most students make the mistake of thinking admission officers don’t look at freshman year. Even freshman year counts.

Story by: Erin Duncan, Assistant Editor

What is the biggest deal breaker for a college? “My biggest deal breaker is being away from my family.”

-Ariel Lopez, 12

“The deal breaker for most colleges is the cost for tuition.”

-Sofia Martin, 12

“Personally, there’s no real deal breaker for a college. If you really want to go there, and truly believe it will give you the best education, you should be willing to go without a doubt. There’ll be other times for saying no, college isn’t one.”

-Edwin Lopez, 12

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Issue 1 October 7, 2011

Football Trying to Build Team Chemistry Normally, when a football team gets outscored 94-20 in its first three games, it does not bounce back to earn wins in the next two games. Coronado football, however, has done just that, outscoring its last two opponents 7621, a tremendous swing; the grim-looking season is turning around for the T-Birds, and just in the nick of time. The district season has just begun, and Coronado is looking to fight its way back from losing its first game to at least earn a playoff spot, and at best play for the district championship at the end of the season. Facing Canutillo, Midland Lee, and Americas in the first three games of the young season can be tough for any football team, especially a team with new starters at quarterback, halfback, and other key positions where chemistry is vital for success. Coronado lacked experience in many important positions, both on offense and on defense, causing detrimental miscues during the struggle

for the win. After the first three games of the season, the T-Birds had already amounted seven total turnovers, while only forcing two, reflecting the lopsided scoring disadvantage Coronado had earlier this season. “We had trouble getting in a rhythm, but as the season went on we got better at not turning over the ball,” said Mickey Courtney, 10. The team matured with the season, when Coronado exhibited its improvement by beating Hanks 35-19, giving the Thunderbirds their first district win, raising hopes that the team would come back to play for the district championships, despite the loss to Americas. The most important area of improvement for Coronado was decisionmaking and ball security, and Coronado showed it could play without turning the ball over, and at the same time get a win. The improvement trend continued when Coronado traveled to the Socorro ISD

Student Activities Center to play winless Socorro High School. The offensive part of the T-Birds’ game showed substantial improvement when tight-end Phillip Harris doubled his season statistics with 100 yards receiving and two touchdowns to boot. “I think that our success the past two games has to do with the offense being able to take shots downfield without turning the ball over. The better we can move the ball, the more chances we will have to score,” said Phillip Harris, 11. The success that the T-Birds have had of late will hopefully continue Friday night against Bel Air and the week afterwards when Coronado goes to the SAC to play Montwood. The Thunderbirds look to improve every week from here on out, and if they keep working hard like they have been the past three weeks success will follow.

Story and Photos by: Stephen Freyermuth, Sports Editor The T-Birds in their first game against Canutillo at Thunderbird Stadium.


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Sports Tee-Birds Taking a Swing Issue 1 October 7, 2011

Not many hear about the golf team around campus, or how hard they work at practice to achieve success. After beginning the year placing seventh in their first tournament of the 20112012 season, the tournament in Lubbock prepared them and showed them what future tournaments will feel like and what they must work on in practice in order to improve. Most of the varsity team is filled with seniors, juniors, and sophomores, but one particular freshman proves that he is well accepted on the team. “I think it’s very exciting being on varsity as a freshman, it shows how my hard work playing golf since I was eight is being recognized,” said Evan Macias, 9. “I felt confident about the tournament because we work as a family to improve on our weaknesses and use our strengths,” said Tanner Gore, 10. The tournament was a twoday event to prepare the team and give them a chance to improve after the first round of the year. “I felt pretty confident both before and after the tournament because we have great players, we just need to

work a little harder on our teamwork,” said Gore. Motivation is something everyone needs to meet their goals. For the seniors, it’s not only about working to get better at golf, but getting a scholarship for college is also a “push” to work harder. “Getting a scholarship to play golf in college would be a dream that I hope I achieve this year,” said Carson Greathouse, 12. The golf tournament demonstrated how success isn’t going to simply be handed to them, they have to work as a team and as individuals to be accepted to state. This being the first tournament of the year, it’s sure that the team will find eventual s u c c e s s sometime t h i s season.

Story by: Jerra Miller, Sports Writer Photo by: Stephen Freyermuth, Sports Editor

21 Tennis Starting off Dominant

Teams across the region are feeling the thunder as the Varsity Tennis team is proving to be just as dominant for yet another year; they seek to add another district title to the thirteen consecutive ones already obtained. They started off the season with a third place finish in the Midland Tournament, b e a t i n g Odessa High and Lubbock High. They then lost to San Angelo Central in a close 10-8 match up, still beating Lubbock Coronado for third place. “Midland was important because it helped us see who our competition in the region was. Some of those wins were great confidence boosts, but we also know now what we have to do in order to win against teams like Central,” said Erik Urquidi, 11.

No exception to prior years, the team this season has exceptional talent. The majority of the All-City girls and boys from Coronado last year returned again this year. Two top 130 nationally -ranked players also added depth to the boy’s side of the team when the T-Birds gained talented freshmen. Last year’s AllCity girl, Andrea Ibarra, returned this year for her senior year. “For the past four years, the tennis team has been like my second family. It’s a lot easier to do things when you have a group of people supporting you. I know that the team we have right now can do really well this season. We have a lot of talented players. I hope we can go far at the regional tournament in the fall and spring seasons,” said Ibarra, 12. This season, the team expects to have more competition with Franklin than in years past. Their formerly-young team is now mostly composed of juniors and seniors. The T-Birds still expect nothing less than another year of dominance. “We have all been practicing really hard. If everyone continues to do as they are doing, and plays well in our match, we should win,” said Ana Garcia, 11. As of now, the T-Birds still reign in their number-one spot, winning all of their matches to start the district season, and even the Hanks Invitational. After facing Franklin and Eastwood, Coronado will play in the district tournament October 18-22.

Story and photos by: Meredith Rotwein, Sports Editor

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Issue 1 October 7, 2011

Varsity Volleyball Setting Up for a Strong Season Finish The Coronado Volleyball team started with a 25-8 pre-league match record. The team conditioned and practiced throughout the summer. They played many east Texas high schools in tournament play. The T-Birds were ready to head into their season. In the local Margaret Hussman Tournament, Coronado came in second after a disappointing match again the Franklin Cougars. After losing to their rival school the T-Birds were ready to work hard, set their goals and make a strong come back. “As a senior, I want to win districts and defeat Franklin. Our loss against them is going to motivate us to work harder. Now we know what we are up against and we will be ready next time,” said Carlie Murray, 12. Coronado has played and won against Hanks, Americans, Montwood, Bel Air and all other district opponents except for Eastwood and Franklin. Even though Coronado did lose in three sets, the match was hard fought and very interesting. “We played well as a team. We made careless mistakes that we need to fix and learn from,” said Brianna Felhaber, 10. The T-Birds held their defense by hardly letting a ball fall; they did struggle with putting the ball down and finishing plays. The T-Birds were up four points, 24-20, yet lost control and fell short 25-27. This loss gave the T-Birds a 6-1 record in district. “As a team we need to limit our mistakes. We need to figure out how to finish a game. It was game point for us and we were up about

We need to limit our mistakes [and] figure out how to finish a game.

Story by: Megan Miller; Sports Writer Photos by: Priscilla Villareal; Photographer

Celia Martinez Master Stylist/Owner


five points. We started relaxing which was the biggest mistake to ever make,” said Mason Mizener, 11. The final score was 22-25, 21-25, and 25-27. Coronado was almost there and was capable of beating the 2010 District Champions, Eastwood Troopers. “So far we’ve been playing really good. Coach Lawrence has been switching around the rotations trying to find the one that best fits us. There is always room for improvement, I’m expecting a lot from this season with the team,” said Miranda Roberts, 10. After a losing to the top-rated team in the city, Coronado looked to bounce back when they played Franklin September 28 at Coronado. The T-Birds opened up by winning the first set, coming back from an early deficit. Even though it seemed like the T-Birds were beaming with confidence, they lost the next three sets in succession. “We were so close to winning. After the first set, we knew we had the perfect chance at defeating Franklin. However, with the mental errors that we made, it difficult to finish the game. We will be practicing much harder to ensure a win against them next round,” said Grace Park, 11. Coronado will turn its season around, and restart the order of its district schedule with a 31-9 (6-2) record.

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Issue 1 October 7, 2011

Cross Country Team Races for Regionals

The Cross Country team in their first out of town meet in Lubbock

“No bench. No sideline. No time-outs!” This is the philosophy of the cross country runners. The team is working hard to make this season better than the last. The T-birds have their eyes set on regionals and hope to surprise a few people along the way.         Returning regional qualifiers Patricia Ablanedo, 10 and Zach Bassett, 12 are excited so far about the successful season. A few weeks ago, the T-Birds had challenging competition with a seven-hour drive to an out-of-town meet. The team came home from Lubbock with four medals. The T-Birds are receiving great praise from the city and still have ambitions of reaching Regionals. With daily practice and dedication the team is now closer than ever to

their goal of qualifying for Regionals. To qualify, the team must place top three in the district. C o r o n a d o ’ s Invitational, which took place two weeks ago, was exactly what Coach Corrigan hoped for and more. The Lady T-Birds placed 2nd and the boys’ team placed 4th. The girls are now ranked 2nd in the city and the team is hoping to keep it up. “We’re going to strive to be the best. We will make every workout count. The harder we train the better we will become,” said Patricia Ableanedo, 10. The Emerald Spring meet had some surprises, such as Odessa High and Permian, but the T-Birds successfully placed 4th in the girls’ division and 5th in the boys’ division. Ablanedo’s goal to

make the Cross Country team more recognized has certainly been achieved. In the first Cross Country meet of the 2011 season, the Socorro Invitational the team started off strong. With some tough competition between Soccorro, Austin, and Chapin, they managed to get first in both boys’ and girls’ varsity. “The runners are a step above everyone else due to their earlier summer workouts. Last year we had stronger underclassmen, so we’ll be even better this year,” said Coach Corrigan. The T-Birds have been out in front of the pack this season, but they still have the rest of it to see what’s in store. 

Story and Photo by: Kendra Melendez, Sports Writer

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Issue 1 October 7, 2011

Inside Look into the Underrated World of Wrestling When people watch a wrestling match, they may not be aware of the hard work and dedication that goes into it. They may not realize that Coronado wrestlers train extensively to prepare for a match. This season, the T-Birds are working to accomplish as much as possible during the season. They each have their own personal goals as well as goals for the entire team. “I hope to win State and make Nationals. The team looks pretty good this year. I hope we can make it to Districts,” said Isaac Jimenez, 10. Khaldoon, a senior on the team has been a Coronado wrestler since he was a freshman, and believes that the team has potential this year. The team isn’t the only thing that’s had a slight change, however. “They have to be eligible. They have to pass their physical and have to have a strong work

5857 N Mesa, Ste 23 El Paso, TX 79912

915.581.4200 915.726.0275

ethic because it’s really rigorous training,” said Coach Aldo Meza. A typical practice consists of a quick warm-up, followed by legwork. Then, they wrestle live, which is wrestling as if it were a match, and finish off with conditioning and weight lifting. Just like every sport, wrestling has certain requirements for its team members. “The practices are intense and take determination,” said Harley Franco, 12. “The practices help technique and conditioning, and give us pride and heart when the real competition comes around” said Issac Aguayo, 10. The most important requirement is making the weight of the specific division the wrestler is in. The wrestlers often take extreme measures to meet their weight requirements. Many work out every day and drink weight gainers, fast for a few days, wear a plastic suit and run

a mile-and-a-half the day of the match. But it doesn’t end there. “Some of us put on thermals, run hot water from the shower, let the room steam up, and wrap ourselves with curtains to sweat the weight off,” said the wrestlers. According to the team’s track record, their effort has paid off; last year Coronado placed third in the Region out of 43 schools, and fourth in Districts. “The team this year will be competitive, and there are a few standout individuals. Coronado will hopefully be top two or three in Districts,” said Coach Meza. Coach Meza believes that Districts this year will be a close match, and that their biggest competition is Franklin. The wrestling season begins November 9 at Coronado High School.

Story by: Angela Jimenez, Staff Writer Photo by: Carlos Garcia, Photographer

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1st issue. For the Explorer Class


1st issue. For the Explorer Class