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STARTERS SALMON AND VODKA CRÈME FRAICHE BRUSCHETTA £6.95 Thinly sliced smoked salmon served with beetroot and vodka crème fraiche. Served on our Italian bread. STUFFED MUSHROOMS £6.95 Large mushrooms stuffed with roasted peppers and melting hot goat’s cheese.


CHRISTMAS PLANK £7.95 A selection of our finest Italian meats, cheeses and marinated Mediterranean vegetables all served on a plank with hot crispy ciabatta bread. CRUMBED SCALLOPS £7.95 Scallops fried with garlic, chilli and fresh herbs. Topped with light breadcrumbs and oven baked, served in a shell. ITALIAN MOZZARELLA ROLLS £6.95 Parma ham rolled and filled with fresh mozzarella, oven baked and served on Napoli and drizzled with a sweet balsamic reduction. MAIN COURSE TURKEY CANNELLONI £11.95 Cannelloni filled with turkey, ricotta and spinach. Served in an oven baked dish with a cracked black pepper cheese sauce and topped with mozzarella. SIRLOIN MONTECARLO £17.95 Sirloin steak cooked to your liking with a cherry brandy sauce. Served with roasted rosemary potatoes.

Merry Christmas


Sea bass and king prawns, oven baked in foil with garlic butter, lemon, fresh herbs and a light touch of chilli. Served with roasted rosemary potatoes.

Buon Natale

FLAMBEED BRANDY CHICKEN £15.95 Chicken fillet and shallots flambéed in brandy, peppercorn and cream sauce. Served with roasted rosemary potatoes. MIXED NUT, MUSHROOMS & STILTON PORT RISOTTO £11.95

Risotto rice served with creamy stilton, mixed nuts, mushrooms and sweet port.

FESTIVE CALZONE £10.95 Folded pizza filled with Mediterranean vegetables, Napoli, mozzarella and goats cheese.

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Little Italy Inverness Christmas 2013 menu  

The full Christmas 2013 Menu for Little Italy restaurant based in Inverness Scotland, for more info