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CIT Students’ Union Magazine Volume Twenty One, Issue 7

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Please read the special notice on page 2 with addresses from our CIT SU President, Aaron Buckley and CIT President, Dr. Barry O’Connor on pages 4 & 5.

REFERENDUM Adoption of a New Constitution

The Union Council has been asked to run this Referendum. Please watch out for details on social media in the coming weeks.


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t is important that everyone adheres to HSE guidelines in relation to Covid-19. We are asking students to be mindful of vulnerable older relatives/neighbours at this time and other individuals who are in the high risk category.

It’s also important for students not to saturate medical facilities where it is possible to avoid them and keep them free for our most vulnerable in society. We all have a duty of care to be smart about our decision making, particularly around socialising, over the next number of weeks and do our utmost to try to minimise the risk associated with this illness. As always, I am contactable by email if you require assistance with anything on supresident@cit.ie. It is imperative that everyone stays calm throughout these testing times as panicking will not aid the situation in any way. Thank you for your continued co-operation. Thank you, Aaron Buckley

RAG Week A very exciting RAG Week came and went with high levels of engagement for our day time activities in the Student Centre. Big thanks to Anthony Fleming who warmed up the crowd on a daily basis and also to Main Events - Paul Ryder for Blind Dates, Andy James Illusionist, Supernatural Brothers Mind readers and Michael McCoy Hypnotist. We got a great turnout for KeepIt Local on the Monday night and also for the Waxathon on the Tuesday night! The Charities are: • Edel House (Main beneficiary) provide emergency housing and support for homeless women and children. • Cork Penny Dinners: provide the homeless/people in need with free meals daily. • Cork Stand Together: is a group originally established by CIT students’ who try to fill the gaps in homelessness by offering food and other living necessities to Cork’s Homeless.


Women’s International Day The 2nd Annual CIT Empowering Women Festival was a great success with such a high turnout. There was amazing speakers who spoke about equality, diversity and inclusion. It also highlighted female role models and how females can empower themselves in their opportunities both professionally and personally. Best Wishes,

Aaron, Aisling and Cian, your CIT SU Officers

MESSAGE TO STUDENTS FROM CIT PRESIDENT, BARRY O’CONNOR Dear student, We have taken the unusual decision to write to you collectively in these extraordinary times. Your health and safety and that of our wider community is our primary concern, which is why we have all instigated revised at-distance teaching and assessment methods for the coming weeks. We appreciate that you are all aware of the health implications of COVID-19 and at this stage are taking action to limit its spread yourselves. To restate the advice from the HSE, please follow the guidelines around social distancing, maintaining a distance of at least 2 metres between yourself and other people. We also particularly ask that you stay away from crowded places in the weeks ahead and limit your own social interactions. This does not mean that you should avoid the company of others completely. In fact, it is important for your mental wellbeing to keep in contact with friends and family; just please maintain social distancing by completely foregoing meeting in groups, especially social gatherings or party environments. You should also make a point of look-

ing out for each other by checking in with other students who might be lonely or isolated by phoning them, or Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or whatever system you use. You could also offer your services to volunteer organisations to collect shopping or prescriptions for elderly neighbours or walk their dogs. Small social gatherings with enough space between participants to follow the HSE social distancing guidelines are still possible. But any events or activities that involve crowds should be avoided until further notice. We ask you to do this for three reasons. Firstly, to protect yourselves from infection. Secondly, to slow down the spread of COVID-19 in order to protect at risk people, some of whom may die if they contract the virus. And thirdly, to reduce pressure on our healthcare system. There are close to a quarter of a million students in Irish Higher Education and we are in a strong position to reduce the spread of the virus by acting collectively. It is important to remember that if you do contract the virus, your health could be severely affected, and you pose a great danger to the older members of society and those with

weak immune systems. You could even be unwittingly responsible for putting others at increased risk. Scientific and public health advice tells us that it will take some time before COVID-19 can be contained. You can play your part as an individual by keeping yourself healthy so that the healthcare system can continue to function. As a student, you are in a unique position. You are being taught online in many cases and do not have to come into work as many others have to do. All these precautions mean little if you do not stay away from crowds. Reputable information that is constantly updated is available from www.hse.ie or from the HSE (@HSELive) and Department of Health (@ roinnslainte)Twitter feeds. Be kind to each other and take care of yourselves and each other. Let’s give each other the space to find our way through these challenging times and the time to find humanity and meaning here too. Yours sincerely,

Barry O’Connor President, CIT


Flights of Fancy…

Flynner’s Flying Column

Hopefully, in the near future, things will get back to normal and travel will be possible again. With this in mind, please read about Flynner’s adventures in Berlin and we all look forward to happy travel times ahead.



In the life of the student, the college years are never complete without a trip to Berlin. Rich in history, heritage, knowledge, culture, style and the arts, this is a city worth not just visiting but returning to. Monday 16/01/17, and it was off from Shannon Airport to Berlin-Schoenfeld for my mid-semester break in the German capital. Staying in Hotel Aletto off the Kurfuerstendamm in Central Berlin, it was a few good Berliner Pliseners to unwind after a long journey that night! Tuesday 17/01/17, I first thing headed to the Breitscheidplatz for a plug adapter (after I accidentally packed a US rather than an EU version prior to flying off!) for my phone. After waiting till 10am (start of the German working day) for the shops to open in the Europa Centre, I managed to obtain one and while waiting for the phone to charge up I decided to get my pro-camera to grab a few photos of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, its remains of the old tower (Allied bombing, 11-1943) serving as the first reminder of the horrors of WWII there – with the flowers paying tribute to the then-recent terrorist truck attack there still in place. Phone charged, it was then on the S-Bahn, and then a connecting U-Bahn to the Reichstag Building, where the tour, from the 1945 Red Army Graffiti to the Bundestag Chamber right up to the top of the dome for some breathtaking views of Berlin, will give you the sense of awareness of the building’s pivotal role in German History. Then down the historic Wilhelmstrasse where I would sample some delicious tea and pastries, stroll through an apartment district where the Reich Chancellery/Fuehrer-Bunker once stood, and then see the German Finance Ministry (formerly Nazi Leader Hermann Goering’s Palace, later East German Stasi HQ) before conducting a tour of the Topography Of Terror; located where the SS & Gestapo HQ stood, it is a disturbing reminder of the horrors of Nazi Rule, which I would encounter throughout my stay. Between these two buildings lies a segment of the Berlin Wall.


During my stay I would pass through the Brandenburg Gate many times. It is a place where one marvels at its significant representation of both Division and Unification in European History. The Holocaust Memorial lies nearby, and many other memorials to the various victims of Nazism can be seen across the city. Wednesday 18th and through the lovely but frozen Tiergarten before hitting the top of the Siegesaulle. Built to commemorate Germany’s victory over France in 1870/1, Lady Viktoria will stare down on you as one enjoys a commending view of the city while the air purges the lungs there! The best tour of Berlin is by foot and viewing the statues of Bismarck, Gneisenau, Blucher and the Soviet 1941-45 War Memorial, it was through Wilhelmstrasse again to Checkpoint Charlie and its Museum, where one learns of the Berlin Wall and how it symbolised the Cold War, along with some dramatic tales to go along with a few snaps in Soviet attire with “border guards” who amazingly knew a “cupla focail”!! Some more strolling along the various canals and it was to the Medieval district where a few buildings remain from these times, the majority having been demolished by the war and later the East German Authorities to make way for the Berlin Fernsehtrum, which controls TV broadcasting across the city and beyond. Open to the public, the top of the needle affords views as far afield as Poland but go by day; the night views are disappointing. Heading back, walked past the splendid Berliner Dom and marvelled at Unter Den Linden, but despite statues like Fredrick The Great and restored architecture, bootleg tourism shops have taken over Germany’s boulevard like everywhere else: avoid. Kurfuerstendamm is the Broadway of Berlin where theatres and trendy bars galore along with the beerhalls and Plisener to go(!) but beware of some of the bars. They are run by Berliners with a seemingly odd sense of humour not unlike that of e.g. Poland or Estonia. These people see themselves as East Berliners, those who feel left behind by a Germany under Angela Merkel and identify themselves preferably with the GDR Regime that divided the city for 3 decades. Some ways of life do not change!

Thursday 19th and on the train for a 25mile trip to the notorious Nazi Concentration Camp at Saschenhausen. Though not on the same scale as Auschwitz, the horrors of Nazism takes some 4 hours of walking and reflecting around to be fully taken in when one looks at the 120,000 people murdered there. Back in the city that night, and it was back to the Medieval District to Zum Nussbaum where I enjoyed some Blutwurst washed down by jugs of craft Pilsener where I met a lovely couple from Munich where we spent the evening exchanging ideas (in both our languages!) Some of the funkiest things that adds to the museum appeal is the number of Buddy Bear statues across the city, the graffiti art, the various quirky statues and many other surprises down the less-travelled areas, but head to the Potsdamer Platz and the central hub of the city will set you home in no time!! Finally it was time to check out and I made a detour to Wannsee, famous for its beautiful lake and its beaches (popular for summer bathing) but infamous for the Conference House where the Nazi Regime staged that meeting that made the Final Solution official policy across Europe on January 20th 1942: that day I visited the building, now a memorial and education centre, was it’s tragic 75th anniversary. And after a sympathetic bus driver, realising what I was doing there, gave me a free journey to Berlin, it was to the Brandenburg Gate for, prior to flying back home, final tea and pastries with someone who just landed for his own break: The Legend that is CIT Entertainments Manager Mick O Mahony!! Why would I return? Places I did not see like Potsdam, Olympicstadion, more museums, tours, and maybe try and drive a Trabi? Berlin, Der Flynner Werde Rueckkeren!! Hotel Aletto: Website or www.booking.com. Fly from Shannon or Kerry Airports, www.ryanair.com. www.visitberlin.de. www.bundestag.de.



Take a few minutes to nominate them for an Award Class Reps are nominated for Union Council Awards by their classmates – it takes just a few minutes and it offers the perfect opportunity to thank them. An online form has been emailed to your MyCIT account and is also available on www.citsu.ie. We urge you to take a few minutes to nominate your Class Reps if you consider them worthy. Forms should be submitted by the 12pm on 20th March 2020. Class Representatives act in a voluntary capacity to enhance the college life of the students in their classes by engaging with the Students’ Union, academic staff and other Institute staff. Their involvement is integral to the success of events, projects and campaigns organised by the Students’ Union.

A Class Representative provides many services to their class and these can include: * Representing their class at a Union Council level * Liaising between the Students’ Union and class groups * Sitting on course boards * Liaising with academic staff * Attending NStEP and Sparq at CIT events * Information dissemination * Organisation of class events and hoodies The Union Council Awards recognises the contribution of Class Reps to the Students’ Union and to the Institute as a whole. At this ceremony all active Class Representatives are presented with a Certificate of Merit recognising their voluntary contribution to Students’ Union activities which is endorsed by the Institute’s Registrar & Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Students’ Union President.

Online nominations have been emailed to mycit accounts and are also available on www.citsu.ie Nomination forms must be submitted by 20th March




 8

The Students’ Union Executive 2020/21


Congratulations to all the successful candidates




CIT students, would you like your photograph to be featured on the front cover of the next issue of expliCIT? Get Snapping and you could also WIN yourself €100! Second place will receive a €50 restaurant voucher.

If you’re not lucky enough to get a prize, your entry may still be printed for the inside pages.

The brief

You are invited to submit a photograph which you think is compelling or thought provoking... simple! Smartphone photos are completely fine, just remember all entries should be suitable for reproduction on a magazine cover. Photographs should, if possible be accompanied by a title and a very short description, but this is not mandatory. Please be aware of HSE guidelines around hand hygiene and social distancing in relation to Covoid-19. Indoor pics are absolutely fine!

How to enter Simply email entries to: supublications@cit.ie Closing date: 5pm, 9th April The voting panel : Vicky O’Sullivan, CIT SU General Manager; Kevin Tuohy, CIT Arts Office; Keith Brown, CIT SU Publications Manager; Philip O’Reilly, Websites & Digital Marketing Manager; Aoife Kelliher, CIT Societies Officer


S n a p p in g !


See more at: twitter.co/CITAlumni www.cit.ie/alumni

Interested in the paths that current students and soon to be graduates are taking? The CIT Alumni Office offers you that opportunity. Check out some of these profiles and get a taste for how successful you could become after your chosen course at CIT... Eimear graduated from CIT in 2019 with a first-class honours result in Bachelor of Business (Honours) course. Subsequently, she received the best student award for her course. During her time in CIT, she was a committee member of the Business Society, a Student Alumni Ambassador and worked for Stryker as part of her work placement. She is now on the Musgrave Graduate Programme and enjoying her new role which involves sourcing own brand products for SuperValu, Centra and Musgrave Wholesale. The role is varied and involves negotiations with suppliers across the world, some travel opportunities and regular development modules in the Irish Management Institute. http://linkedin.com/in/eimear-c-09753b138

Owen recently graduated from CIT with First Class Honours in Msc. Marketing Practices in September 2019. His undergrad background was in Agriculture but he decided to expand on this and pursue a marketing role within the financial industry. As part of his Masters placement, he w a s based in a large credit union in Waterford. Since then, he has developed his role and is now working full-time as digital marketing officer, project lead for an agri finance package and is also junior operations officer for the credit union. He says, “the financial industry is extremely competitive and forever changing”. His one piece of advice to graduates entering the workplace is to “be proactive not reactive in their roles”. https://www.linkedin.com/in/owen-young-5b3171172/

The CIT Alumni Office develops and supports alumni relations at CIT through a number of initiatives. The office encourages links between CIT and its graduates and supports the ever-growing CIT Alumni community. The community proudly has over 30,000 members. 10


You may have seen coverage of Eating Disorder Awareness Week which took place recently. You might have heard about it, or seen the excellent poster exhibition which was run in CCAD Wandesford Quay by the 3rd year Visual Communications students.

have. And I should have too. Instead of running home, alone and drunk after a night out. Endangering myself physically to try burn off the pints I’d had. I should have stayed out and been with my friends, and gone to Hillbilly’s and not worried.

I’ve never written anything like this before, but I feel the need to.

Instead of sitting through lectures dreaming about food I wasn’t going to let myself have, I should have just eaten breakfast.

I love college. My experience in college has been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve made friends, grown in confidence, learned new things and had absolute belters of nights out.

Wandering through the supermarket analysing every product on the shelves, dreaming about Tesco Meal Deals day after day. Pretending to eat biscuits. Throwing away the spuds off my dinner and doing squats in the toilet.

I’ve also had an eating disorder nearly the entire time I’ve been in college. They’re not uncommon, they’re usually invisible and they can make you so blooming miserable. I have struggled with this for nearly three years. I’ve damaged my health. I’ve damaged my relationships. I’ve lied to people I love and for the life of me I couldn’t tell you why – it’s not like I woke up one day and was suddenly terrified of gaining weight. But I was, and still am, a little bit, terrified. I’m not alone in this – it’s pretty much normalised and the thoughts that drove me to do seriously unhealthy things are normalised too.

And the first time I ever had an inkling that what I was doing wasn’t making me happy, I should have looked for help.

How many times have you heard that you should never snack between meals?

I know it’s scary but if I can do it, you can too.

That there are ‘no excuses’ for not going to the gym? That you should skip meals before a night out because that way you’ll get drunk faster, and the calories in he alcohol won’t count?

I didn’t, but now I have. And it’s not easy to change but I have had to, and, if you identify with any of this, you have to too. Be kind to yourself. Ask for help. Know that you are worthy and loved and don’t let something so insignificant ruin your life. Whether the rest of the world can see it or not, if you are unhappy then it’s you that can change things. CIT offers free counselling, the chaplaincy office is always open. And you deserve to.


Do you ever feel guilty for eating a sandwich, or for eating more than your friends do? And have you ever felt like it was ‘your fault’ that you aren’t dating somebody, or that somebody treated you badly, because you don’t have the ‘willpower’ to be your ‘perfect self’? Maybe none of this applies to you. Or, maybe it does, but you don’t recognise how messed up it all is. Maybe you’ve realised that being on a diet makes you sad, but you don’t feel that you can stop because that’d be ‘giving in’. Well, I’ll tell you what; you should give in.

Real stories from real people

You should go and get a lovely breakfast roll, or a pot noodle, or a pizza, or whatever it is that you never let yourself



Would you like to have your club featured in expliCIT? Simply email your submission to: supublications@cit.ie

by Miriam Deasy, Sports Officer

20 x 20 Student

Champion Profile

20 x 20 Student

Champion Profile

Name: Clodagh Walsh

Name: Sandra Dinan

Club: CIT Athletics

Club: CIT Ladies Gaelic Football

Course: Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Engineering 2

Course: Marketing 2

Levels have played at: National & International

Highest achievement to date: National Indoor Senior Pole Vault Champion 2019. Ranked Number 2 on the 2018 & 2019 senior women’s Pole Vault list.

Your experience of sport in CIT: Nothing but positives. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly.

Why did you agree to become a CIT 20 x 20 Student Champion: I remember seeing the video on facebook by the 20x20 campaign about the young girls who didn’t have any female sport role models, they were all male. Since then I’ve supported the campaign and was only delighted when asked to be part of CIT’s 20x20! Words of advice: Get involved! Even if it’s way out of your comfort zone, just do it anyway. You might surprise yourself!

Levels have played at: Club & County U-21 Highest achievement to date: All-Ireland, Munster and County Junior club champions 2018, Munster title with Cork U-21 2019 Your experience of sport in CIT: I started playing football with CIT in 2018 and have enjoyed it greatly since. I find it a great way to keep fit while improving skills to bring back to my club. CIT football helps me to escape from studies and feel energised. I have made many friends through football with CIT and is a great way to enjoy life outside of college while doing something I love. The atmosphere in the club is so welcoming, with the perfect balance between enjoyment and hard work and I have had an amazing experience so far. Why did you agree to become a CIT 20 x 20 Student Champion: I believe it is very important to promote women playing sport. I would be lost without sport and feel every person should have an opportunity to play any sport they like. Ladies football is growing over the last few years and it is great to see more and more girls joining. I would like to promote it even further and encourage girls to take part in at least one sport as it is important for well-being and social aspects. I am privileged to be selected as a CIT 20 x 20 Student Champion as it gives me a chance to promote the club and paint an image of how enjoyable sport is. Words of advice: Even if you have never tried a sport before, it is never too late to start. CIT welcome players at all levels and love seeing more and more players join the club. It is a great way to develop many skills such as communication and teamwork, while improving skills and fitness simultaneously. I would encourage anyone, first or final year, to join a sports club with CIT and bring your friends along with you. It is an amazing opportunity and you never know if you will enjoy it unless you try!

20 x 20 Student

Champion Profile

Name: Mary Taylor

Course of study & year in CIT: Social Care 2 Name of CIT Club: C.I.T Boxing club Levels have played at: Competed at National level Highest achievement to date: Competed at a National Level in boxing. Training for upcoming Intervarsities. Competed in several powerlifting single lifts (bench-press) competitions. Competed in dressage. Your experience of sport in CIT: The boxing club has a team spirit like no other. We treat each-other like family, giving one another immense support during the intense training. The coach Ken pushes us all to strive to be the best we can be. Without such a great team and coach behind me, I don’t think I would be the fighter I am today. The sport has given me great drive, motivation and determination to achieve. It has been a life changing experience. I also train in powerlifting and MMA. CIT has a diverse range of clubs which really has peaked my interest. These sports compliment my boxing, giving me strength and power.


Why did you agree to become a CIT 20 x 20 Student Champion: I believe that women are often unrepresented and not encouraged to engage in sport. I know that women are strong and deserve a place in any sport that they desire to try. I feel very strongly about boxing, and I would like more women to take part. Words of advice: Being a woman in sport is difficult, especially in male-dominated areas. When travelling to competitions with the boxing team, I was often asked if I was just ‘a girlfriend’ or ‘there for moral support’ as opposed to an athlete there to compete. We as women, can’t allow people to put us in a box and limit us. All of us have a duty to support each-other and encourage others to do the sport they want. I hope people will see my journey in this area and be motivated to go out and try their hand in sport. Before, I was timid to try boxing. Now, I am sorry that I waited so long to join. I love the sport with all my heart.

LIVE CIT, LOVE SOCIETIES For full list of societies go to www.societies.cit.ie

Cork Stand Together

From the very start we have got huge support and belief in us. We have asked a lot and received even more. The amount of students that have volunteered and donated is incredible, this is the part of the group I am most proud of. The college should be very proud of these students. The work we do, does not come with out danger. We have suffered a lot of loss of our friends on the streets of Cork this year, but we will return to do this work in their honour. What strange times we are all going through. Unfortunately it is with deep regret we can’t do the group for a period of time. We would much prefer to be carrying on as usual, but these are the most abnormal times we have all experienced in our lives. ​We are asked to keep our social interactions to a minimum, it’s not that big a ask. If we want to get out the other side of this nightmare, it’s what we have to do. It does come with risks, especially to our own mental health. So in this time of connectivity, pick up the phone, for your sake and the sake of others. ​ There is many vulnerable people out there, we all know a few in our own neighbourhood, so ask if they needs something. ​The objective of our group, is one of kindness and the kindest thing to do at the moment, is to do what we are told. Helping to spread this virus, is not kind. So where possible STAY HOME. Go for walks, keep your distance from people. Stay away from vulnerable people, for that is the kind thing to do at present. I can’t wait until for this to be over and we can have a cuppa together. ​ We will keep monitoring the situation and if there is a way we can help, we will try to do it in a safe way. ​Stay safe everyone, take no risks and see you all on the other side.

CIT LGBT* Society Committee. The documentary stems from their exhibition which was created in 2018 as part of Gay Projects Culture Night Drag Extravaganza and feature interviews with some of Cork’s well know queens and drag event promoters. The aim of the documentary is to record the rich drag history and culture born out of Cork from Danny La Rue to present day. CIT LGBT* Society have stressed the importance or recording and sharing LGBT+ history to ensure it’s made available to future generations.

CIT LGBT* Society to release Drag History Documentary


IT LGBT* Society has recently announced the creation of their Dragging Up The Past: Cork Drag Timeline Documentary. The documentary

which will be funded by CIT Societies, CIT Arts Office and Chambers bar began production in January 2020 and is directed by CIT Alumni Robin Guiton and Produced by

The society hopes to show the documentary in film festivals and pride festivals around Ireland during the summer so that Cork’s Drag History can be shared with everyone. After careful consideration and in the interest of safety, the premiere of Dragging Up The Past Documentary (original premiere date - 22nd April) is postponed until sometime in the future. CIT LGBT* look forward to making the documentary and the event absolutely FABULOUS! Watch this space!



Sponsored by: AnSEO - CIT Student Engagement Office and CIT Department of Mathematics as part of Maths Positive.

6 7







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9 3


3 7




5 9




Mobile Tel:




Name: Class:



9 2



3 2


FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN €50... Print it out, take a snap and email your solution to: supublications@cit.ie Alternatively, if you don’t have a printer, redraw the puzzle and email it in to us.



All answers can be found in this issue...



offer t id. or a stores.

1. How much is a student special at Four Star Pizza? See p3


2. What is the title of the CIT SU Referendum which we should watch out for in the future? See p2

3. What is the closing date for the CIT SU Photographic competition? See P9

4. Name any of the incoming CIT SU Officers 2020/21

6. Name one of the advertisers on the back page

7. Name any of the 20x20 champions featured in this issue... see p12

8. What date must nomination forms be in by for Class Rep Awards? See p7

admin @bcu.ie

Harrington Street

5. What has ‘Cork Stand Together’ set up to tackle? See p13

PRIZE €30!


Print it out, fill out your answers, take a snap and

email to: supublications@cit.ie. Alternatively, just write down your answers in an email to us Ballincollig Credit Union is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland 14 Loans are subject to approval. Terms & Conditions apply Class:

Mobile Tel:


Sponsored by http://societies.cit.ie

WIN €30! 1.






PRIZE: €30


Simply write out your answers in an email to us:






admin @bcu.ie


Harrington Street

Ballincollig Credit Union is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland Loans are subject to approval. Terms & Conditions apply

D E E N T ’ N O D T U E O G Y TO


Insurances Ltd.

Call us on

021 494 9946 www.assistinsurances.ie Email: enquiries@assistinsurances.ie Unit 1, 12 Uam Var Avenue, Bishopstown Cork

Assist Insurances LTD is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Registered Number C72529. Registered in the Republic of Ireland.

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