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Company Overview & Capabilities Expert Market Research is a market research and consultancy firm providing syndicated and custom research along with consultancy services to a wide clientele base which includes Fortune 1000 companies as well as small and medium enterprises. With our tailored approach, the clients gain valuable and unbiased insights that help to improve their competitive edge and realize sustainable growth.

Our highly-qualified team of analysts deftly carries out research across various industrial domains and deeply assesses and identifies current market scenario and emerging trends. Potential restraining as well as growth inducing factors are thoroughly analysed which help our clients to formulate tactful and effective business strategies. Our primary and secondary research methodologies and constant interactions with various industry participants help us track high growth markets and promising opportunities for our clients. With a keen focus on the qualitative aspect as well as accuracy of the reports, we align our resources and services as per the client’s requirement and offer a flexible engagement model that best suits their needs. We offer market intelligence across a range of industry verticals which include Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Technology, Retail, Chemical & Materials, Energy & Mining, Packaging and Agriculture.

Services Offered We specialize in the following areas: Syndicated Research

Custom Research

EMR’s syndicated research reports provide business intelligence imperative to our client’s needs. In the rapidly changing market scenarios, we understand the needs of our clients. As a result, we update our reports in accordance with the latest market developments so as to help our clients keep pace with the changing trends.

In order to address the individual cliental needs and requirements, we provide customised market research services to our clients. Our dedicated team of market research analysts and experts undertakes an erudite approach and carries out an elaborative research methodology to fulfil strategic needs, be it the market analysis of a specific region, product or application.

Consulting Service Our consulting services are aligned with the specific needs of our clients which helps them to formulate suitable business and marketing strategy, overcome market challenges and successfully establish their business in the market.

Major Research Categories Food & Beverages Research As many other industries rely on the goods provided by the chemical and materials industry, it represents an important part of most economies. EMR understands its value and provides thorough and in-depth analysis of the numerous segments of the chemical and materials industry including – petrochemicals, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, plastics, resins, polymers, paints, coatings, etc.

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Chemical & Materials Research

Food and beverages represent an important part of a country’s economy and provide numerous lucrative opportunities to manufacturers. The food and beverage industry is driven by everchanging trends and varying demands. EMR keeps an eye on the leading industry drivers and trends, underscoring the latest and the most advantageous business opportunities for the clients. Read More

Major Research Categories Technology & Media Research Technology & media is one of the most dynamic and fastest changing industries. The advancement in technology and revolutions in telecommunication have made the inclusion of technology & media imperative for any business. EMR provides comprehensive understanding of the market opportunities, challenges and risks, and offers tactical guidance for rewarding business growth in this industry. Read More

Consumer Goods Research

With an increasing spending power of consumers, manufacturers are facing the challenge of fulfilling their ever-changing demands. This has made the consumer goods industry full of numerous profitable business prospects as well as challenges. EMR reports provide the clients with latest information of the fluctuating trends, consumer behaviour and market developments which can help them gain deep insights into the industry. Read More

Major Research Categories Pharmaceutical Research Pharmaceuticals represent a multibillion dollar industry with continuous growth in almost all the segments. This can be attributed to the increasing and ageing population worldwide, the prevalence of infectious and chronic diseases and new and complex health conditions. All these factors require the manufacturers to continuously invest in R&D to come up with novel solutions. EMR understands the market scenario and offers valuable information that helps in making rewarding business decisions. Read More

Energy & Mining Research

Economic growth, increasing population, better living standards and rising level of industrialisation have amplified the energy demand globally. In order to fulfil these demands, economies will require to use both renewable and nonrenewable sources, thus increasing their dependence on the energy & mining industry. EMR provides in-depth analysis of this industry’s trends, opportunities along with the risks and challenges which can help in making profitable business decisions. Read More

Major Research Categories Agriculture Research Agriculture has been one of the first occupations taken up by human beings and its history dates back ages. It represents an important part of a country’s economy as well as a source of its food security. As different regions have varying agricultural practices and needs, it is important to take all the important factors into consideration before making any business decision. EMR offers market reports that cover all the vital aspects of the agricultural industry providing actionable insights.

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Packaging Research

Packaging is important for maintaining the safety and integrity of a product. Nowadays, packaging is also surrounded with environmental concerns which demands it to be eco-friendly and sustainable. EMR keeps an eye on the dynamics of the packaging industry providing the clients with the latest market trends, success and risk factors, analysis of the competitive landscape and feasibility. Read More

Delivery Method

Delivery Method

Online Delivery

Hard Copy/Physical Delivery

Online Delivery: Published report will be delivered to you in PDF format via email within 24 to 48 hours of receiving full payment. Hard-Copy/ Physical Delivery: A hard copy of the published report shall be couriered to your chosen address after the payment of the delivery charges which have been levied depending on the location/delivery address. The hard copy will be delivered within three to ten days after receiving full payment depending upon your location.

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Expert Market Research | Custom Research - Global Market Research Company  
Expert Market Research | Custom Research - Global Market Research Company  

Expert Market Research is a market research firm that offers syndicated and customised research services along with business intelligence so...