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Immersive Journeys of Culture & Service 2014

Discover Corps is a grassroots travel company that is pioneering a new way to explore life and culture around the world in a way that rejuvenates the human spirit.


A Country Through its People

Travel Journal

Travel Journal

“India. What can I say? Everything about

“At this point we are delighted

the country blows my senses away.

with what we have accomplished

The food, colors, history, architecture,

and the teachers are pleased with

but most of all, the people. This trip let me connect with some fun and fascinating people and gave me an insider’s look at the Tibetan exile community. I’ll never think of India the same way.”

what we have left them - not only the teaching materials we created, but a wonderful sense of shared purpose for us all,” says Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Janet Grieg (India 1966-68), regarding the progress her small group made while in Guatemala.

MaryAnn Barber

India - Heart of the Himalayas


The Rhythms of Life in Another Culture | 1.619.758.3030

Janet Grieg

Guatemala - Next Step Travel trip


A New Way To Travel

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Why Discover Corps?

Travel, Redefined

Discover Corps trips are spontaneous, authentic and unforgettable experiences. The best travel stories cannot happen in a giant tour bus or while following a flag - they come through everyday interactions with other people. Whether you are volunteering, sightseeing or just relaxing, the people you meet will stimulate your mind and recharge your spirit.

For travelers, connecting with people of another culture is a powerful way to remind us of our shared humanity. The power of travel can also benefit communities – if managed responsibly. The unique Discover Corps model of travel springs from our personal commitment to preserving the character of a place, such as its culture, environment, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.

Local Immersion

Traveling with Discover Corps entails going beyond the norms of typical trip itineraries. You’ll live in a community and experience it alongside our Program Hosts who are residents of that country. While you’re discovering the country, you’ll learn about its people and form life-long friendships. Our “on the ground” staff will immerse you into a schedule of meaningful volunteerism, cultural workshops, scenic sightseeing, and sharing meals and ideas with interesting local people. | 1.619.758.3030

Home Base Lodging

Far from the tourists, this is a living space reserved for you. Simple, unencumbered and comfortable, Home Base accommodations cater to an active itinerary. These quaint properties are carefully selected for quality, location and charm. Each Home Base is unique, providing a warm place to unwind from the day’s activities and foster genuine connections with fellow travelers and the local community.

Unparalleled Access

Our Program Hosts are experts in the country and the local community because they are year-round dwellers in these areas. During your trip they’ll share with you places and people that other travelers never see.

All-Encompassing Price

When you travel with Discover Corps everything on the trip is included. There are no extra fees, no additional charges and no tipping– just peace of mind. Once you’ve arrived in your destination, rest assured that all your meals, lodging, entrance fees, tips and transportation are taken care of by your Discover Corps hosts.

Turnkey Customer Service - From the moment you register with Discover Corps, our US-based team of Travel Specialists are happily at your side to provide full support and service as you prepare to travel. Besides our staff members, you will also have access to our online travel portal that contains packing lists, recommended reading and information about electrical outlets, cell phones and much more.

Accommodations & Meals - During your trip, you’ll stay at our Home Base and have the option of a single or double occupancy room. The staff at the Home Base will welcome you into the family and provide all meals and housekeeping. Clean, purified drinking water is always available and non-alcoholic beverages are included. During overnight excursions, we stay in simple, clean and safe hotels and dine at local restaurants.

Excursions & Activities - From the moment of arrival, you can expect an active program of working elbow-to-elbow with the local people, bonding over meals with your companions, and traveling to nearby cities. Everything is included. Additionally, your fee includes your local guides, private ground transportation, lectures, day trips, and $50,000 emergency medical evacuation insurance.

1.619.758.3030 |

Travel with the Our

Volunteer Projects Discover Corps was founded on the belief that travel can enhance and preserve the character of a place - its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents. Discover Corps volunteer projects are driven by the local communities, not by us. We respond to requests where our travellers can make a meaningful contribution in a short amount of time. In order to maximize your time, our local staff plan everything in advance and provide you with the support you need while you’re there. From building classrooms and improving water systems to creating eco-friendly communities or designing teaching materials, we are partners with local communities to help them achieve their development goals. While our trips only last a week or two, we strive for a long term impact by partnering with organizations who have ongoing relationships with the communities where we volunteer. Each of our groups is a link in the chain of our partner’s ongoing work. By supporting communities to help them achieve their goals, travelers are transformed into friends and advocates of a country.

National Peace Corps Association Discover Corps is the sole operator of the National Peace Corps Associations’ (NPCA) Next Step Travel trips. These trips include a NPCA host journeying with you to countries where the Peace Corps has made an impact. Hands-on experience will define your journey with service projects that matter, peer-to-peer educational sessions and seeing direct impact of your volunteer service.

Next Step Travel is unique:

Trips are open to people who have never served in the Peace Corps. Each trip is accompanied by a NPCA Host who will connect your experiences to the larger mission and work of the National Peace Corps Association. Itineraries include meaningful volunteer projects, cultural workshops and time to learn about the work of the Peace Corps and other community development organizations. Share meals and experiences with volunteers serving rural communities and get a first-hand view of the impact of volunteer service. Connect with other travelers who share a passion for international volunteerism and President Kennedy’s original vision.


Travel to

A private or customized journey tailor-made for your group. If you’re organizing a group of eight or more, then we’ve got some great options that will help you get your entire group on its way, stress free!

Guatemala is the heart of indigenous culture in Central America. Only here can living Maya culture be experienced in its full splendor.

Group Travel


The Maya calendar and cosmology are as alive today as when they were first developed. Here you can witness not only how traditional culture has adapted to globalization, but still relive the history enshrined in its many archaeological sites. The “land of perpetual spring” has a rich history that stretches back from pre-Colombian times to the recent peace accords that have set this country on the road to reconciliation and harmony.

Whether you want to take a group of colleagues, family members, students, or friends on an unforgettable experience, we can make it happen. We operate group trips for many organizations each year – and we’re excited to make this a reality for your group. Student and Faculty-led Groups We’ve organized hundreds of service-learning programs for every type of academic group from high school and university groups to professional student associations, fraternities and sororities. Corporate CSR Trips We partner with a wide variety of companies to develop incredible international volunteer programs for teams of employees. Find out more about corporate volunteering abroad with Discover Corps. Get more information by calling 1.619.758.3030 today.

Trips in Guatemala: Children of the Maya

I never expected to be so moved by a vacation.

Next Step Travel

I came back with a new perspective on life and a love for Guatemala. - Sue Cuthbert

Detailed itineraries for trips in Guatemala can be found at

Travel to

Travel to the

Costa Rica is consistently rated one of the happiest countries on the planet, which is why there are so many reasons to visit.

The rhythms of life on the island will recharge your soul as much as the volunteer work will affect the lives of the people on this beautiful Caribbean island.

Costa Rica

Dominican Republic

A kaleidoscope of flora and fauna welcome you to a land where people live in harmony with nature. While Costa Rica is known for preserving huge tracts of forests and coastline, it’s also a model for social innovation. Over the years the country has become a perfect example of how to balance social, environmental and economic development. Come experience the “pura vida” lifestyle, a quintessential Costa Rican phrase, which literally means “pure life” and is a reflection of how its people’s daily activities are full of life.

This was exactly what we wanted –

an up close and personal experience of the real Dominican Republic. - Patty Ching

Trips in Costa Rica:

While this is the most visited destination in the Caribbean, much of its beauty – beyond the resorts – is often undiscovered. Come absorb the rest of this magnificent country, including its lush farmland, gorgeous peaks, and calming beaches that the local people also frequent. We’ll enjoy its cultural hallmarks such as merengue dance and bachata music as well as its national sport – baseball. Trips in Dominican Republic: Heart and Soul of the Caribbean

Protecting the Pacific

Next Step Travel

My senses were delighted and my soul was replenished here. I can’t wait to return. - Sandy Cooper

Detailed itineraries for trips in Costa Rica can be found at

Detailed itineraries for trips in Dominican Republic can be found at

Travel to

Travel to

Peru is a diverse land: miles of untouched coasts, snow-capped Andean peaks and the vast Amazon jungle.

Welcome to the heart and soul of East Africa. Only in Tanzania can you come face to face with the greatest natural wonders.


This geographic variety has led to the evolution of one of the most complex and delicious cuisines in the world. But Peru is much more than spectacular meals; it is home to welcoming people eager to share their culture and history with you. Discover the Andes Mountains and Cusco, the original capital of the Inca Empire. Today, the culture of the Quechua people lives on as an echo of their ancestors’ civilization. Experience first-hand Peru’s history and traditions that have survived for centuries in its vast archaeological sites. Trips in Peru: Peru - Spirit of the Andes


While best known for the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro – the tallest stand-alone mountain in the world, and the best wildlife safari parks - such as the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater - the country’s true cultural heritage resides in its people. Live and volunteer alongside the local people and learn about their diversity of experiences. Whether it’s the nomadic Masai or the Chagga, the friendly, peaceful mix of religions and tribes makes Tanzania an ideal place to celebrate our shared humanity.

It was so much

deeper than any trip I’ve taken; it was an inspiring and enlightening journey.

Trips in Tanzania:

- Ingrid Apogs

Tanzania - East Africa Unveiled

Tanzania was an inspiring place. I feel like I have friends there now and I’m

looking forward to going back. - Karen King

Detailed itineraries for trips in Peru can be found at

Detailed itineraries for trips in Tanzania can be found at

Travel to

Travel to

More than a country, India is a subcontinent unto itself. With over a billion people hurtling through rapid globalization and being guided by its spirituality and rich cultural heritage, India is one of the most unique places on earth.

Come experience life in the “Land of Smiles” and find your palate delighted, your senses heightened and your spirit recharged.


The kaleidoscope of cultures is visually stunning, emotionally moving and fantastically delicious. Come and let the country gently overwhelm your senses. Whether you are inspired by the architectural marvels, the dizzying array of flavors, or its deep spirituality, India is a country that is best understood through its people. Trips in India: India - Heart of the Himalayas


Thailand’s unique past has created a present that can only be experienced in person. Since Europeans never colonized this country, it still retains its diverse history of Buddhist traditions and philosophies including that of sanuk. Loosely translated as “fun,” sanuk is more about striving to achieve satisfaction and pleasure from whatever you do – which you’ll experience in Thai life amidst the rapid embrace of globalization.

India. What can I say?

Everything about the country blows my senses away.

Trips in Thailand: Thailand - Children of the Hill Tribes

The food, colors, history, architecture, but most of all, the people.

Thailand - Next Step Travel

- MaryAnn Barber

It is a land of contrasting landscapes,

beautiful people and amazing cuisine. - Alex Thompson

Detailed itineraries for trips in India can be found at

Detailed itineraries for trips in Thailand can be found at

Immersive Journeys of Culture & Service Your adventure awaits Travel,

Redefined Our vision is of a world where people value our shared humanity and promote global citizenship while celebrating our many unique cultures. Our mission is to give travelers a deeper understanding of life in communities around the world while helping to improve the lives of the people we visit. We accomplish this by operating enjoyable and safe travel programs that provide real connections between travelers and the communities. 1.619.758.3030

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Immersive journeys of culture and service.

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