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2018 Journeys

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Learn the language of your host country through local immersion and mentored study.

Take collective action with diverse communities on projects that benefit local children and families.


Embark on a nomadic adventure filled with uncommon experiences, insider access, cultural contact, and all the must-sees and must-dos.

and shadowing experts PHOTOGRAPHY


Responsibly document stories of diverse people and places, with expert-led workshops and a capstone project.


Level the playing field for youth across the world, and connect with them over your shared love for sports.



Spend a week diving into a new culture and hands-on community service projects.


Learn how social impact can be achieved through entrepreneurial thinking, and design solutions for the world's greatest challenges.


Plant important seeds for children's futures by taking a leadership role in the classroom.


Observe and protect animals in their natural habitats, national parks or on wildlife reserves.


Learn how humans impact the environment, and do hands-on work to preserve the natural world.


Explore the intersection of public health, medicine and social systems while you shadow professionals in the ďŹ eld.

Tourists see,

travelers seek. At Global Leadership Adventures, we are all travelers. From our founders to the thousands of students who pass through our programs year after year, we seek to be changed by our experiences abroad and to see each country through the eyes of its locals. Our alumni come back bursting with stories: The pickup soccer games they played in a Peruvian street. Having textiles made into traditional clothing by Tanzanian tailors. Learning the steps of the Dominican bachata at a neighbor’s home. Sitting in silent reflection at a remote mountaintop temple in China. These spontaneous moments are what linger in our students’ minds as they touch back down on home soil at summer’s end. These moments also give context to the service projects GLA students take part in during their time abroad. Students enter programs with a raw desire to experience new countries and cultures, serve communities and learn about distant global issues. They return home armed with a clear grasp of the specific challenges developing communities face, and firsthand knowledge of what action can be taken to pave a sustainable way forward. At GLA, we see our young adult travelers for who they are: the next generation of leaders, health professionals, policymakers, educators, innovators and agents of change. And we make sure our educational curriculums and community service projects align with their highest ambitions. Today, fourteen years after Global Leadership Adventures was born, we’ve never been more certain that to “be the change,” we must be changed ourselves first. Real transformation continues to be the heart and soul of our organization, and that’s why we deliver impeccable itineraries, partner with impactful projects and invest in the most qualified program directors—so that our students can focus on being travelers and savor the unexpected moments. We’re thrilled to have you join us.



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Our journey is rooted in extraordinary impact. Global Leadership Adventures started as an educational institute, so we continue to think and act like educators—not tour operators—as we deliver life-changing journeys. In 2003, GLA founder Fred Swaniker, a native of Ghana, TED Fellow and educational entrepreneur from Stanford University envisioned creating the African Leadership Academy, a school to develop future leaders of Africa regardless of their income or background. Fred joined forces with Peter Mombaur to bring his vision to life, establishing the revolutionary pan-African high school in Johannesburg and planting the seeds for GLA. African Leadership Academy’s success was immediate and profound.

When surrounded by a diverse group of peers and immersed in leadership development, students started to truly believe that they could create change. Today, African Leadership Academy continues to offer its pan-African student body a world-class education that cultivates ethical leadership skills. As a way to expand the reach of this successful curriculum, Fred and Peter created a summer program welcoming students from around the globe. This program would soon become known as Global Leadership Adventures. Global Leadership Adventures grew into a global operation with the expertise of Andrew Motiwalla, who joined the team with Peace Corps experience and expertise operating international service-learning programs. Core values of the Peace Corps—immersive experiences, sustainability, working side-by-side with local communities—were infused into GLA’s program design early on and continue to be cornerstones of the nearly 50 programs GLA now operates, in over 20 countries around the world. Through these life-changing Service Learning Adventures, GLA strives to inspire the next generation to realize their potential to transform the world and their role in it.


Our Mission

To inspire the next generation to realize their potential to transform the world and their role in it.

People using business as a force for good

Our leadership manifesto

GLA programs create ambitious, ethical leaders.

Planting seeds for the future Live your values

At GLA, we believe that leaders are made, not born, and that leadership is a critical life skill that can be developed. We encourage students to recognize that as humans, we all have the power to be incredible forces for good in the world if we would only realize it, learn how to wield this power intelligently and compassionately, and give ourselves permission to exercise our leadership potential. GLA intentionally weaves this leadership approach into the daily experience on our programs. Staff guide students to reflect on program events and encounters through the lens of leadership, and celebrate outstanding examples of leaders they meet in the local community. Framing the program experience around leadership helps create development and growth opportunities for students to dig deep into their vision, purpose and knowledge of themselves and the world.

Leadership is rooted in intention: desiring to contribute, bit by bit, to making this world a better place. Leaders recognize that in the tree of life, the strength of their roots— their values—determines the strength of the trunk, branches, leaves and fruit from year to year.

Be courageous Leaders dare to go where others have fallen short. Armed with the humility to see the world as it is, and the audacity to imagine the world as it could be, leaders stand, planted firmly, against the winds and weathering of doubt.

Uncover solutions Leadership thrives on long-term vision, imagination and active problem-solving. Leaders recognize potential where others see despair, creatively extending limbs and leaves toward light, in symmetry and balance.

Take action Leadership is incomplete without action. Putting intention into practice, leaders push for their ideas to flower and bear fruit: results that defeat complacency, break through bureaucracy and challenge corruption.

Connect & influence Leaders know that complex problems are best solved collaboratively. They nurture lasting relationships and weave connections of meaning that others understand. Leaders do well by doing right by others, creating shade and refuge for all those who cross their paths.

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Service Learning Adventure

What makes the GLA experience unique for students and their families GLA offers programs that range in length from 8 to 24 days, focus on different issues unique to each country, and take place in communities that couldn’t be more different from each other. But what makes each journey a GLA experience always remains the same.

Service Learning Adventure™

Local Partners

Expert Staff

5-Point Safety System™

GLA crafts each service-learning program to be immersive and multidimensional by combining three key components: Community Service, Hands-on Learning and Adventure. Seeing a country through all three lenses invites students to get to know local residents, provides context for the experience and lends a strong sense of purpose to their travel.

Community Service When GLA students arrive to volunteer, our local teams and host communities welcome their energy and ability to provide additional helping hands. As students become embedded in a greater plan for change, global issues that were once remote become tangible, and distant concepts turn into people with faces, names and stories. Working side by side with our partners, eating meals and taking breaks with their families and children, students become engaged in understanding how the labor they provide accelerates critical, community-led initiatives. Many of our alumni leave our programs valuing the time they spent on service sites most.

Hands-On Learning GLA celebrates experiential learning through immersion, cross-cultural exchange and guided reflection. Our students participate in interactive experiences that expose them to diverse cultures, arts, value systems and histories in ways that no textbook could convey. These experiences welcome high engagement, critical thinking and a willingness to see the world through many different perspectives. Designed around a combination of cultural activities, small group discussion, leadership development, formal learning objectives and the spontaneity of travel, GLA programs cultivate more confident communicators and independent agents of change.

Adventure Full-Service Parent Support


No GLA program would be complete without adventure! Each host community is set in a unique landscape and contains its own historical and natural treasures, exceptional opportunities for students to challenge themselves in memorable ways. Imagine camping among snow-capped peaks on a three-day trek to Machu Picchu in Peru, ziplining through the lush rainforests of Costa Rica, photographing lions and zebras on a safari in Tanzania, or simply enjoying a local dish surrounded by new friends a world away.


Local Partners Partnerships pave the path to sustainable development. At GLA, we recognize that working with local partners is a fundamental part of sustainable development, effective community service and responsible travel. Our partners help bring foreign cultures to life, providing the critical context only a local resident could provide, and granting our students locals-only access to off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Partnerships help deliver authentic experiences. GLA’s local partners also play a much larger role than simply being a piece of our program design. They are a core part of our global family, and many have been working with us for years. Students interact with and learn from partners, who range from founders of NGOs to small business owners, local educators, host families and area experts. Whether in remote or city destinations, partners provide unique experiences that we could not access on our own.

“What we are doing is going to last approximately 40 years. That means two generations are going to use what we have built.” Orlando Arizandeita Local Partner, Guatemala In 2017, GLA celebrated ten years of working in Guatemala, where our students have built classrooms, painted murals, taught English, read with children and played tag in school courtyards every summer for the past decade. Critical to our success in Guatemala is one compassionate and driven character: our local partner, Orlando Arizandeita. Orlando came to GLA already having led dozens of projects in his home country addressing poverty, green energy, education and the preservation of indigenous cultures. In his ten years working as GLA’s local partner in Guatemala, he has connected us with local schools in need of volunteer energy, patiently counseled our teams on travel logistics and the best sights to see in Guatemala, and helped awaken global awareness, creativity and joy in the 600 GLA students who have passed through our programs in this beautiful country. On the classrooms GLA’s 120 students helped build in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, this past summer, Orlando says, “There is a direct impact on 700 families who live in extreme poverty in this area. About 875 children will benefit from the work of GLA this year. And what we are doing is going to last approximately 40 years. That means two generations are going to use what we have built.”

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Expert Staff GLA’s program staff are more than chaperones—they’re passionate country experts and experienced mentors. Students are led by program directors who have in-depth professional experience working with youth, hold college and graduate degrees, and have returned to work with GLA year after year. “I really lucked out in that I picked GLA. At the end of each day, we talked about our experiences as a group and connected them to things back home, which made the experience especially meaningful. Not to mention we had the GREATEST group and mentors. Everybody is so unique and the mentors are more like responsible friends than disconnected chaperones.”

Michelle Tanzania: Children’s Education Adventure


Keith Wingeard

Suzannah Crandall

Patrick Kennedy

International Director, Thailand, Ghana

INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR, Costa RicA, Peru and Galápagos

Mentor, Peru

Seasons with GLA: 3

Seasons with GLA: 3

During his junior year of high school, Keith traded the suburbs of Chicago for Thailand as an international exchange student. This experience inspired him to study International Relations at the University of British Columbia. Afterward, Keith taught English abroad in South Korea, worked at a variety of summer camps for youth with special needs and spent two years serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand. He is now pursuing a Master’s degree in International Development at the University of Denver.

Suzannah was born and raised in northern Wisconsin, and developed a lifelong love for exploring nature and traveling during family camping trips to Europe and Latin America. Suzannah pursued her love for the environment and travel by studying abroad in Costa Rica while obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology. After college, she spent two years in Paraguay with the Peace Corps, working with schools on environmental education projects.

Seasons with GLA: 2 Patrick has been serving and living internationally since childhood. After graduating from Presbyterian College in South Carolina in 2013, he served for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala teaching indigenous Mayan youth. He is currently earning a joint Master’s degree in International Education and Public Administration at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. In his free time he enjoys reading, hiking and exploring the coast.

Safety & Risk Management Safety is our first priority. While we believe in the transformative power of stepping outside comfort zones, we remain invested in managing the risks of doing so. We created and enforce our 5-Point Safety System™, a set of rigorous standards that ensures students are safe, healthy and well-cared for while on program.

GLA Home Base: Safe and secure lodging Each program is centered around a unique Home Base, which is lodging reserved for GLA students and staff only. It’s their home away from home, a place to relax, the gathering place for meals and a sanctuary for reflection after busy days. For descriptions of Home Base types, turn to page 13.

Caring supervision Every GLA program adheres to a strict 6:1 student-to-staff ratio. No student is ever left alone at any point in time. Students travel in groups, guided by a staff member, or are assigned to a buddy during monitored free time.

Healthy meals and pure water Meals are prepared fresh daily by Home Base staff, with a healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and grains. Students are encouraged to sample local cuisine, but Western options are also usually available. A list of select programs recommended for accommodating students with food allergies and dietary restrictions can be provided upon request.

Expert local knowledge Our local partners and in-country staff have intimate knowledge of the host community. They are local leaders with established relationships in the areas where students travel, are familiar with the area’s medical professionals and are uniquely equipped to handle itinerary adjustments and emergencies.

Safe and comfortable transportation From the moment they arrive in the airport, students are greeted by GLA staff and transported to Home Base in approved vehicles by experienced, licensed drivers. If there is a flight delay, staff will monitor changes to the student’s itinerary and wait for their arrival. Transportation between Home Base and activities is always done in GLA-approved vehicles by vetted staff.

Full-Service Parent Support We understand it can be challenging to leave your teen to the care of others, so we take equal care in providing superior support for every parent, before, during and post-program:

the GLA difference

Full Pre-Departure Support Once you’ve enrolled in one of our programs, the GLA team is at your disposal to provide full support for all your preparations: • Where and how to book a flight • Recommended routes so that GLA students can travel together • Understanding the passport and visa application process • Full access to the online GLA Travel Portal: Connect with other families with students on your program, and have all pre-departure information at your fingertips

In-Country Support and Updates During the program, we are your direct link, 24 hours a day: • We operate a 24-hour emergency hotline • All students are required to call home upon arrival at their destination • Our team will make you aware of any emergencies, schedule changes or updates • We are able to relay urgent messages between students and parents via in-country staff • We provide evacuation and secondary medical insurance for all students • We periodically update student blogs with real-time photos and accounts of student experiences

Post-Program Follow-Up After the program, our staff follows up with every family to: • Hear your feedback on the program and level of parent support • Ensure we’ve provided the best possible service to you and your family


From one

parent to another I never, ever felt like I was left wondering. “GLA was AWESOME! From the very beginning of our contact with GLA, I was impressed with the breadth and depth of the information offered. When I spoke to or communicated with staff via email, they were friendly, always helpful—just great. All of the information we needed was readily available. I never, ever felt like I was left wondering.” Elizabeth’s mother, Evanston, Illinois

We love GLA! “Two sons, three trips (Costa Rica, India and Dominican Republic) and we love GLA! It’s an amazing experience for the kids but equally rewarding to us as parents when we see these mature and appreciative young men return home after just a few weeks.” Nathan & Zachary’s mother, San Diego, California

I trusted GLA and they did not fail. “It truly was a gamechanger experience for my son as well as for me (his mom). This is my first time letting go and sending him to a different country that I’ve never been to, either, and completely on his own. I trusted GLA and they did not fail.” Lucas’ mother, Princeton, New Jersey

The GLA experience, customized for groups Make the world your classroom—or your language lab, or the setting for your next team retreat. Whatever your group needs, the world can be a better version of it, and we can help facilitate the right environment for your members to learn, grow and challenge themselves. Whether you’re an educator, administrator or other group leader, GLA Group Travel will work with you to design a program for your group of 12 or more based on pre-designed or customized itineraries, suited to any schedule, budget, interest and needed special accommodations.

“It really made a difference for the students. It lit a fire for them.” Susan Ambrose, Group Chaperone Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School Ghent, NY For more information, contact our Group Travel team:

858-771-0645 Email: Visit:

+ 1 858 771 0645


Home Base

Home away from home While safety is our top priority, we provide lodging that’s out of the ordinary. On a GLA adventure, you might stay in a zen-like ecolodge tucked away in the lush Caribbean jungle, a traditional Inca tambo, or rustic Thai villas neighboring an elephant sanctuary. In this catalog, each program page will indicate a general idea of the type of lodging you can expect to experience.

Locally-owned hotel

Enclosed compound

While they may vaguely resemble Western hotels back home, with multiple stories and a reception desk at the entrance, the hotels GLA reserves are locally-owned, boutique properties where our group stays in an exclusive floor or wing.

An enclosed compound is a cluster of several buildings in a gated enclosure. Compounds often include detached guest quarters, a separate kitchen, dining area, a common area, multi-purpose facilities and host residences, all within an intimate space.

Rustic villas

Traditional bungalows

Rustic villas are detached, well-appointed structures that offer comfortable living with plenty of open space, amenities and lush landscaping. GLA reserves a group or cluster of villas, and has access to shared eating areas and common space.

Traditional bungalows are detached structures, often featuring some open-air construction and located in remote locations close to nature and the local culture, such as beach towns, jungles and mountains.

Cozy guesthouse Guesthouses are modest, unique properties where students have the opportunity to personally interact with their host, often eating together and sharing common areas.


Ecolodge Ecolodges tend to be remote, located in relatively pristine natural environments. Ecolodges emphasize elements such as environmental responsibility and minimizing negative impact. Students have the unique experience of being educated by hosts about the flora and fauna of local ecosystems, and experiencing closeness to nature as well as the area’s indigenous culture.

I’ve always appreciated the beauty of the world around me, but never before have I had an entire rainforest at my doorstep, literally. At Home Base, I lived with five amazing roommates and learned to share everything from my killer dance moves and my deepest emotions to our nightly PB&Js and chips and salsa.

Emily Costa Rica: The Initiative for Children™

21+ Day Flagship Programs Throughout the catalog, you’ll notice certain programs are marked “Flagship.” Our Flagship Programs are our longest at 21-24 days, allowing students more time to adjust to life in a different country, and additional days dedicated to community service projects. Flagship programs also allow for more space in the itinerary to visit neighboring cities or go on overnight excursions. Although the same objectives can be achieved on shorter programs, students and parents have given GLA’s Flagship programs the highest ratings for good reason.

» Longer service projects allow for greater impact time with peers and locals creates deeper » More friendships time for excursions supports the » Additional most diverse experience “Since going on the Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World™ program with GLA, I have returned to the D.R. six additional times. My very first experience

How it works Choose a program Ask yourself a few questions to figure out what type of program would be best for you. Where do you want to travel? For how long? Do you want to work on a specific type of community service project? Are you passionate about a certain global issue? GLA programs come in a variety of lengths, themes and even lodging styles. No matter what you’re looking for, we have a program that’ll fit you just right.

Our programs connect! Combine two weeks of teaching at a rural primary school with two weeks doing environmental projects. Island-hop from Cuba to the Dominican Republic. Our programs link easily within countries and across regions.

Talk to us Our year-round Enrollment Specialists have visited, staffed and even sent their own teens on our service-learning programs. They are happy to share their insights and experiences to help you choose your program. For ways to get in touch and meet in person, flip to page 127.

Enroll online When you’re ready, visit our online application portal to begin the enrollment process. An overview of enrollment and instructions can be found on the last page of this catalog.

with GLA solidified my desire to work in the field of international development. The things I have seen and the people I have met cannot be forgotten, and there are still many more things to see and people to meet.”

Sarah Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World™ Read Sarah’s full story on page 120.

+ 1 858 771 0645


“The world is an immense place, and working toward solving its problems is like trying to move a mountain one pebble at a time. On this trip I realized that each ‘pebble’ moved may seem insignificant to you or I, but could look like a boulder to others.” Ross - Ghana: Children of Africa



p.18 Social Change Project™ p.20 Safari Service Expedition™



p.22 Children of AfricaTM p.24 Foundations of Global Health™


p.26 Children’s Education Adventure + 1 858 771 0645



Social Change Project ™ Live in Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world Experience the complex and multicultural society of South Africa Volunteer on an education project with township youth Hike to the summit of Table Mountain and visit Robben Island Experience South Africa’s animal kingdom on a wildlife reserve Visit the campus of African Leadership Academy


One of the great meeting points of the African continent and the world, South Africa is alive with energy, ideas and action for social change.


Indisputably one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town, South Africa, is a tapestry of wild mountain landscapes and rugged coastlines. Nearly two decades after the fall of Apartheid, the incredible cultural mix of this modern “rainbow nation” can still be a source of tension; but more and more often, it results in energetic collaborations between locals and foreigners alike, from truly all walks of life. Volunteer on ongoing projects in Cape Town and see the innovation in Johannesburg that continues to uplift the community and help achieve social change.

Community Service Apartheid may have ended, and Cape Town may have its modern identity as a top travel destination, but its heritage still shapes South Africa in a very physical way. Nowhere is this more evident than in the layout of its cities: Cape Town’s “African” areas—generally impoverished—are often tucked out of sight, in townships far from its gleaming coastal properties. Join a meaningful project in these township communities whose populations face barriers to progress, such as access to quality education. Help provide a safe and nurturing environment for children, empowering youth through education and life skills to seek opportunities that enable them to escape the poverty cycle.

Hands-On Learning Begin your journey in Johannesburg, Africa’s city of opportunity, to learn foundational elements of social change and spend time at African Leadership Academy. This unique school accepts students from over 50 African countries and serves as an incredible example of innovation at work. In Cape Town, you’ll have the opportunity to hear the stories of entrepreneurs, activists and nonprofit leaders who started as scrappy changemakers, dreaming up solutions that eventually became reality. Learn from

their successes as you come up with dreams of your own for the change you hope to make in the world.

Adventure Home to pristine beaches, colorful Bo-Kaap, the cosmopolitan V&A Waterfront and majestic Table Mountain, South Africa is a choose-your-own-adventure destination. Experience all of these sights, along with Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela and hundreds of other activists for equality were imprisoned during the Apartheid regime. Bike around Cape Town’s peninsula, see wildlife at a natural reserve and go on a challenging hike to the summit of Table Mountain—the views are well worth it! For nonhikers, another trail offers a less-strenuous alternative, yet still features stunning vistas of the city, beaches and harbor below.

 21-DAY PROGRAM July 8 - July 28

Lodging Cozy guesthouse | Students begin this program in a suburb of Johannesburg, staying in shared dormitories on African Leadership Academy’s state-of-the-art campus. The majority of the program is spent in the heart of Cape Town, affectionately nicknamed South Africa’s “Mother City.” Home Base is a boutique hostel situated in a lively and eclectic neighborhood popular with students.

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,199  Service Hours: 35 Tuition includes an internal flight that students will take as part of the program.

+ 1 858 771 0645



Safari Service Expedition™ Assist with an ongoing black rhino conservation project Track and monitor wildlife movement on a renowned reserve Spot Africa’s “Big Five” wild animals from a game vehicle Kayak the Pongola River and camp under the stars Enjoy the beaches of Kosi Bay along the country’s northern coast Experience tribal culture and traditional storytelling


Be on the front lines of wildlife conservation as you learn to track and protect South Africa’s majestic animals.


Experience life on Somkhanda Game Reserve, the only community-owned reserve that’s home to Africa’s “Big Five”—the African lion, African leopard, African elephant, Cape buffalo and rhino. By night, you’ll live at a rustic Home Base on the reserve’s perimeter, hearing Zulu stories and learning about tribal culture; by day, shadow wildlife conservationists in the South African bush, going on game drives to observe animals and learning modern methods of sustainably preserving the region’s most majestic, endangered wild species.

Community Service Join professional conservationists in the field, assisting with habitat restoration efforts and wildlife monitoring. Help the black rhino conservation team eradicate an invasive plant species, join the anti-poaching unit on a patrol for illegal snares, and learn from passionate wildlife protectors about their personal experiences fighting poachers. Track the movements of elephants and other wildlife by satellite, and learn how rangers set camera traps—join them in combing through video footage to spot camouflaged leopards and other threatened species. Finally, uplifting the surrounding community is as critical to conservation as direct animal work: Learn how the reserve works hand in hand with the surrounding Zulu community.

Hands-On Learning Somkhanda Game Reserve is unique for being community-operated: The land is owned by the South African Gumbi tribe, and members of the tribe work on all its teams, including wildlife monitoring and conservation. In contrast, many other commercial game reserves forcibly displace the indigenous communities that live nearby in favor of transforming the land to attract tourism. Fortunately, Somkhanda celebrates its native residents, and you’ll learn how these individuals treat wildlife protection not only as their profession, but as a matter

of personal and cultural importance. Learn to spot fresh prints, identify different wildlife tracks, stay safe in the bush, discuss endangered species and more.

Adventure South Africa is a microcosm for the wonders of Africa— from its rich cultures and dramatic landscapes to its legendary wildlife. Experience it all on this program’s overnight excursions: Go on a true bush safari, camping in Somkhanda Game Reserve accompanied by professional field guides. Paddle down the Pongola River in two-person kayaks as you spot kingfisher and heron, and run the easy rapids that connect its crystal clear pools. At the program’s close, snorkel in the warm waters of Kosi Bay on the Indian Ocean, and learn about the region’s diverse coastal environments.

Lodging Enclosed compound | Home Base is a converted farmhouse located on the perimeter of Somkhanda Game Reserve, providing easy access to fieldwork activities and opportunities for spotting wildlife. Accommodations are basic, but clean and safe. Students sleep in gender-segregated rooms with roommates, and have access to shared bathrooms. This program features several overnight excursions that involve tent camping on stretcher beds.

 14-DAY PROGRAM June 22 - July 5 July 8 - July 21 July 24 - August 6

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,999  Service Hours: 32

+ 1 858 771 0645



Children of Africa™ Tutor children at a village primary school Help build and refurbish school facilities Discuss current social issues facing Ghana’s women and children Hike to a beautiful waterfall Learn traditional African dance, batik fabric dyeing, drums and percussion Explore outdoor markets and visit historic sites


Beating drums, children’s laughter and warm greetings welcome you to become family in the heart of West Africa.


Step onto the flat, sandy land of Ghana, and you’ll immediately hear the laughter of children everywhere. This laughter will be the constant of your trip, and a steady source of energy while you volunteer among one of Africa’s most passionate and kind communities. Ghanaians are known for their smiles, vibrancy and welcoming nature—you’ll see bright colors everywhere: in the land, stitched into traditional clothing, adorning the decor of your Home Base. Your arrival will bring excitement to classrooms as you work to inspire students toward success in school.

Community Service


Volunteer in primary schools, working with children of different ages to help improve their English skills and contribute to each school’s needs, including making improvements to the facilities. Split your time between teaching—potentially without electricity, or even under a tree—and campus refurbishment projects to serve every aspect of the school, and learn all about education in Ghana. Breaks from work might be just as demanding. Try to keep up with the children as they invite you to play soccer and schoolyard games after class!

Experience full immersion in Ghana’s rich cultural heritage as you are actively invited to participate in drumming and dancing, explore outdoor markets and take part in cooking lessons with staff at your Home Base, who will treat you like family. You’ll also experience the natural surroundings of Ghana with a beautiful waterfall hike, and on our 21-Day Flagship Program, visit a monkey sanctuary for a nature walk and opportunity to feed the animals.

Hands-On Learning

Enclosed compound | GLA operates two Home Bases for this program. Both are located outside of the capital city of Accra in rural village settings. Accommodations are basic, but clean and safe. Students sleep in gender-segregated rooms with roommates, and have access to shared bathrooms with cold-water showers.

Participate in workshops such as batik cloth dyeing, drumming, dancing and crash courses in the native language, Ewe or Krobo. You’ll be bestowed a Ghanaian name by the local chief of your village, and visit a seamstress to have custom clothing made out of colorful fabrics you purchase. To learn about more dynamic issues and challenges Ghana faces, hear from local experts about topics varying from traditional gender roles to modern-day children’s issues. On the 21-Day Flagship Program, you’ll hear about the nation’s history as a hub of the slave trade, and visit Fort Prinzenstein to truly understand the weight of this topic.


Link it to » TANZANIA Children’s Education Adventure (pg. 26) SPAIN Spanish Service Adventure (pg. 54)


June 26 - July 16 July 20 - August 9  Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,399  Service Hours: 60

 14-DAY

PROGRAM June 12 - June 25 June 28 - July 11 July 14 - July 27 July 31 - August 13  Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,699  Service Hours: 40

+ 1 858 771 0645



Foundations of Global Health™ Learn about common public health and medical issues in developing countries Help construct a composting toilet for a family in need Shadow community nurses as they provide maternal health services to rural families Learn about WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) and women’s health issues Be surrounded by Ghana’s high-energy drum and dance culture


Apply your interests in health and community development on a life-changing African adventure.


From leading Africa’s fight against colonial rule to triumphing in international sporting events, Ghana is known to be Africa’s vibrant and modern democracy. However, in spite of rapid economic growth, poverty in rural Ghana remains critical, and issues like poor sanitation and chronic food insecurity continue to bar progress. Through discussions with health-focused organizations, your community service project, and shadowing nurses in the field, you’ll become immersed in a critical discussion about healthcare’s role in breaking persistent poverty cycles. A unique primer for studying medicine and public health, this program provides both exposure to global issues as well as a glimpse into Ghana’s colorful and celebratory culture.

Community Service Partner with and be trained by local builders to construct a brand new composting toilet from start to finish for a family in need. Before you wrinkle your nose, consider the critical importance of your work: This addition will help prevent the spread of disease and can even help local girls stay in school. The composting toilet, an eco-friendly and modern innovation, also produces high-quality fertilizer that can increase crop yields and sustain nutritious diets. Spend time getting to know the family you’re building the toilet for, as well as students from local primary schools who will learn from your example to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

Hands-On Learning Accompany community health nurses to a nearby rural community, where they provide regular maternal and neonatal health checkups for mothers and newborn babies. Observe and ask questions as the babies are weighed under a tree in this open-air clinic. Compare a visit with a traditional healer and a visit with the head nurse at a health clinic. Consider how Western medicine coexists with rural Ghanaian health practices. Take advantage of the many opportunities to be immersed in lo-

cal culture, including high-energy drumming workshops, a boat ride, a soccer tournament and Ewe (pronounced “eh-way”) language lessons.

Adventure Live steps away from Ghana’s southern coast, where most mornings you’ll wake up to the sights and sounds of fishermen on the beach. Join them in pulling in the nets! Explore outdoor markets and discover fruits, vegetables, colorful fabrics and handmade crafts unique to this region of the world. No trip to Ghana is complete without a visit to its coastal slave forts, poignant reminders of a page of history that defined our modern world. Sing and drum as you cruise down the Volta River to the sea, take a cooking class on traditional dishes and celebrate finishing your service project with a community bonfire on the beach.

Lodging Traditional bungalows | Home Base is a cluster of beachfront guest rooms in a well-appointed, enclosed lodge on the southern coast of Ghana. Students will stay with roommates in comfortable, gender-segregated rooms equipped with a fan. Bathrooms will be shared and have cold-water showers. Cool down after a hard day’s work in the beautiful lagoon right in front of Home Base!

 14-DAY PROGRAM June 23 - July 6 July 10 - July 23 July 27 - August 9

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,699  Service Hours: 40

+ 1 858 771 0645



Children’s Education Adventure Teach English in local classrooms Volunteer on projects at a village primary school See zebras, lions, rhinos and more on an incredible African safari Hike to a waterfall near Mount Kilimanjaro Spend a day among the Maasai nomadic warrior tribe (21-Day Flagship Program only) Learn African dance, percussion and batik cloth dyeing


Explore the myth and magic of Tanzania, a country of abundant wildlife, diverse ethnic groups and peaceful history.


At dawn, the rising sun floods Tanzania’s cool grasslands with gold, school children walk along the roadsides and vendors set out their wares. Nature surrounds Tanzania, where the largest of animals mingle with the most minute, and landscapes are colorful and diverse. But more than anything else, it is the Tanzanian people who will make your visit memorable. Whether you’re teaching a class full of laughing, energetic children, embarking on a wild safari guided by locals or chatting with community members, you’ll constantly be greeted with the characteristic warmth and dignity of Tanzanians, and the raw beauty of East Africa.

Community Service


Widespread challenges continue to bar many Tanzanian children from receiving quality education and staying in school. No public funding past primary school, dilapidated physical infrastructure, social perceptions that demote education’s importance and teacher shortages are all critical issues. As a volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to address these by refurbishing school facilities and teaching English in a classroom setting. Your impactful work will be rewarded by the bright, smiling faces of the local children who rush to say hello each day and are eager for your inspiration.

You’ll spend a day hiking at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa and one of the world’s great mountaineering objectives. See the area where trekkers prepare to take on the peak, and embark on your own hike to two stunning waterfalls. A trip to Tanzania wouldn’t be complete without experiencing one of the world’s most spectacular safaris: Drive through Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park, which naturalists the world over consistently call “the greatest wildlife show on Earth.” Look for zebras, lions, leopards, elephants, wildebeest, rhinos and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

Hands-On Learning Hear from guest speakers about Tanzania’s history and recent progress, as well as heavy social issues that linger in spite of the country’s rapid growth. Communities continue to address challenges in the form of health issues, gender inequality, limited education opportunities and more. Still, the dignity and beauty of Tanzanian culture prevail, making the people resilient and focused on advancement. Participate in a batik dyeing workshop, market visits and traditional music and dance classes. If you’re joining us for our 21-Day Flagship Program, visit the homes of the Maasai tribes and experience their semi-nomadic lifestyle.

Lodging Enclosed compound | GLA operates two Home Bases in Tanzania, both of which are located 45 minutes from the Kilimanjaro airport in small villages. Accommodations are basic, but clean and safe. All students sleep in gender-segregated rooms with roommates, and have access to shared Western-style bathrooms with cold-water showers.

Link it to » GHANA Children of Africa (pg. 22)


 14-DAY


June 18 - July 8 July 12 - August 1

June 15 - June 28 July 1 - July 14 July 17 - July 30 August 3 - August 16

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,299  Service Hours: 45

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,799  Service Hours: 30

+ 1 858 771 0645


“The kind of experience GLA provides is like nothing else. Never in my life have I had experiences so outside of what I was used to, and I couldn’t be more grateful! I gained leadership skills, learned compassion, and most of all, was able to see through a unique lens into a part of the world most people my age would never get to.” Kate - Thailand: In and Beyond the ClassroomTM™


BALI p.30 Children’s Education in Action™ p.32 Global Health Initiative™

CHINA p.34 Mandarin Service Adventure

FIJI p.36 Children of the South Pacific™ p.38 Marine Conservation Expedition™


INDIA p.40 Service Through the LensTM

THAILAND p.42 In & Beyond the Classroom™ p.44 The Elephant Village Initiative™ p.46 Elephant Health & Welfare Project™

PHILIPPINES p.48 The Initiative for Children™


+ 1 858 771 0645



Children’s Education in Action™ Teach Balinese children at an English camp Learn to scuba dive in Bali’s turquoise waters Explore the uplifting spiritual culture through temple visits Have dinner at the Royal Palace with the Prince of Ubud Surf with locals in Southern Bali, a worldclass surf destination


Immerse yourself in the indigenous culture of the “Island of the Gods,” and discover unexpected treasures while scuba diving in the Bali Sea.


Journey to the island of Bali, where you’ll influence the youth of an indigenous culture and explore the many wonders of the “Island of the Gods.” Even more than its picturesque scenery, the Balinese people are what make this region truly beautiful. Charming and generous, local residents warmly welcome volunteers who can help fill educational gaps for their children. You’ll volunteer at a local school, teaching English and bonding with the community. In the afternoons and evenings, you might hike to a waterfall, hop on a spider boat to catch the sunset, or gather around a bonfire on the beach.

Community Service


Speaking English unlocks advancement opportunities for Balinese youth. In this tourist hotspot, many of the villages and impoverished communities are overlooked, and as a result, Bali’s education is one area that needs attention. Volunteer at an English camp and create unforgettable bonds with your students as you design creative lesson plans and share crucial language lessons. Through community service, you’ll get to know the local people and get a rare peek into the daily life of the Balinese.

Every day in Bali is filled with epic adventures that chart the island from corner to corner. You’ll quickly understand that all adventure here is tied to living harmoniously with the natural world. Learn to scuba dive and explore the coral reef, whitewater raft through lush vegetation, explore temples built to blend in with their exotic backdrops and surf the Southern Bali coastline, one of the world’s top surfing destinations.

Hands-On Learning Surrounded by rugged beaches, lush green rice terraces and intricate temples, you’ll be interacting daily with a culture that celebrates sustainable, communal living. You’ll learn about environmental issues and coral restoration during your scuba excursion, discuss problems facing modern-day rice farmers, and enjoy traditional dinner and conversation with the Prince of Ubud at the Royal Palace. Try your hand at the Gamelan drum and Legong dance and participate in ancient ceremonies to truly absorb the spiritual culture of the Balinese.

Lodging Enclosed compound | Home Base in Bali will be in three locations as you travel around the island during the trip: Ubud, Singaraja and Amed. These fascinating destinations have all the comforts of home, but also a distinct essence that draws people from all over the world. Students share comfortable, gender-segregated rooms with roommates, and have access to bathrooms with Western-style toilets and cold-water showers.

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 21-DAY PROGRAM June 20 - July 10 July 14 - August 3

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,399  Service Hours: 45

BALI Global Health Initiative (pg. 32)

+ 1 858 771 0645



Global Health Initiative™ Shadow health professionals at a primary care clinic for rural communities Observe how public health systems are implemented in developing communities Visit a natural birth clinic aimed at reducing maternal and child mortality Surf with locals on world-renowned waves in Southern Bali Snorkel over coral reefs and a historic shipwreck on a weekend excursion


Explore the intersection of modern medicine and indigenous wisdom as you lend a hand to community health projects.


East meets West in this unique program, where you’ll study public health through two different perspectives: Western convention and the indigenous wisdom of the East. You’ll significantly deepen your understanding of the many pieces that make up the global health puzzle, especially in the developing world, where cultural competence is just as important for achieving wellness as medical ability and technology. During your time off service, enjoy Bali’s uplifting culture through live music and dance performances, memorable meals and high adventure on the coast.

Community Service


Spend a few days assisting local health professionals, NGOs and community leaders at a primary care health clinic in a local village. Observe how care is delivered, and depending on the situation at hand, jump in to help respond to needs: Recording data, assisting with pulse checks, scribing information for doctors or restocking supplies. Take your experience full circle as you help design and deliver a health education workshop for local youth in the second half of the program.

With its pounding surf, emerald rice terraces and artistic culture, Bali is adventure, culture and spirituality all in one. Take a weekend trip to Amed, a sleepy fishing village off the beaten path. You’ll go on a sunrise boat ride alongside local fishermen in their traditional spider boats and snorkel over coral reefs, marine wildlife, and even the remnants of a Japanese shipwreck from World War II. Near Home Base, adventure is also never far away—surf among friendly locals on world-class waves and go whitewater rafting.

Hands-On Learning Shadowing local leaders, you’ll be immersed in diverse healthcare settings—Western pop-up clinics, a traditional jungle healer’s practice, health workshops with local youth. You’ll begin to grasp the complexity of building and sustaining a public healthcare system. To better understand local philosophy on holistic wellness, you’ll also visit a natural birth clinic and explore where natural remedies are grown on an herbal walk. Finally, there’s no better way to learn about traditional Bali than with full sensory immersion: temple visits, a rice paddy walk, live gamelan music and dinner at the Royal Palace.

Lodging Enclosed compound | Home Base will be in Ubud, Bali’s cultural hub, which has all the comforts of home but bears the artful and serene essence that draws people from all over the world to the island. Your housing will be diverse, from an authentic family home to a beach bungalow. Students share comfortable, gendersegregated rooms with roommates, and have access to bathrooms with Western-style toilets and showers.

Link it to » BALI Children’s Education in Action (pg. 30) THAILAND In and Beyond the Classroom (pg. 42)


 14-DAY


June 29 - July 19 July 23 - August 12

June 15 - June 28 July 1 - July 14 July 17 - July 30 August 2 - August 15

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,499  Service Hours: 40

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,999  Service Hours: 30

+ 1 858 771 0645



Mandarin Service Adventure Live in a historic market town on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau Assist a minority group with projects that restore ancient temples and cultural relics Volunteer on family farms, harvesting crops and learning biodynamic practices Meet traditional artists of Shaxi valley Discover Beijing and climb the Great Wall of China Experience Mandarin immersion and language classes


A full spectrum of Chinese adventure awaits, as complex as the country itself.


Welcome to China, one of the oldest, largest and most diverse nations on Earth. China’s rich culture is most authentically preserved in its beautiful countryside, and this is your ticket to the full experience. From the moment you step into the Home Base in Shaxi (pronounced “sha-shee”), you’ll be swept into the magic of living in a village out of time. Based in the Himalayan foothills that border Tibet, Shaxi offers the opportunity to live in a locally-owned guesthouse built of intricate woodwork, and interact with the indigenous community through language exchange, cultural workshops and impactful projects. Icons of ancient Chinese culture beckon your exploration: towering Buddha statues, colorful temples and the Great Wall. The GLA Experiential Language Curriculum™ combines language learning in the classroom with immersion through community service, excursions and cultural activities.

Community Service You’ll volunteer in the Bai minority community, where residents are actively working to preserve their heritage and cultural traditions. During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, thousands of important temples, buildings and cultural relics were destroyed or damaged, including many sites in the village where you’ll be living. Participate in a physical service project that restores these sites and helps the ancient town’s global image. You’ll also volunteer on family farms, helping with harvesting and learning how residents of Shaxi’s beautiful valley are working to make their food systems more sustainable and biodynamic.

Hands-On Learning Modernization has trickled from China’s largest cities into its rural, minority communities. Learn how this affects daily life in the mountains and the practice of 4,000-yearold traditions. Gain a personal understanding of why ancient arts and ways of life deserve our protection. Take dance lessons, learn the art of natural dye using indigo and visit Buddhist and Taoist temples each more unique than the last. Learn or improve your Mandarin with language classes and immersion in the community. Practice

speaking at the valley’s famous farmers’ market, and with your local staff members who become like family.

Adventure In China, you’ll stand under giant Buddha sculptures at Baoxiang Temple, an incredible temple carved into the side of a cliff. Get to know the cobblestone streets, quaint cafes and artists’ shops around Home Base, and spend a day exploring a Bai village. Visit Naigu Stone Forest, an unbelievable labyrinth of natural limestone formations. Finally, spend three days exploring the bustling city of Beijing. Check a few major items off your bucket list when you’re there: the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall of China!

Lodging Cozy guesthouse | Home Base in China is located in Shaxi, a historic market town in the rural Yunnan province. Accommodations are basic, but clean and safe. Students will sleep in gender-segregated rooms with roommates. All rooms have attached bathrooms with Western-style toilets and hot-water showers. During our time in Beijing and Kunming, we will stay in local hotels as a group.

 21-DAY PROGRAM June 15 - July 5 July 9 - July 29

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,399  Service Hours: 30 Language Hours: 20

Tuition includes an internal flight that students will take as part of the program.

 Link it to » THAILAND In & Beyond the Classroom (pg. 42)

+ 1 858 771 0645



Children of the South Pacific™ Help teach a children’s summer camp Wake up every day on a remote island surrounded by coconut trees Get your mud on at a natural mud pool Hike to a mountaintop on the Yasawa islands Snorkel along coral reefs teeming with exotic fish


333 islands. One Pacific paradise. This is Fiji, where powerful seeds of opportunity await your planting.


“Bula!” This is the enthusiastic greeting you’ll hear again and again from native Fijians. Even on the extremely remote Yasawa Islands, where many regions are extremely poor, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more warm and welcoming people. Life revolves around the ocean and community—old and young live together, and large gatherings and ceremonies are a constant occurrence. Where you’ll live and volunteer, there are no roads, cars, banks or shops. Become part of this simple village life and experience Fiji’s fascinating culture as you work on projects aimed at achieving sustainability for this remote community.

Community Service


While the Yasawa Islands are beautiful, daily village life isn’t quite the paradise that first meets the eye. The community struggles day to day with shortages of clean drinking water, little to no health services or facilities, lack of educational support, and no sustainable way forward that will accommodate growth. In Fiji, you’ll help with several high-impact projects that can improve opportunities for the island’s youth long-term: Deliver a summer education curriculum, practice reading aloud one-on-one, and inspire your students to value their education at an early age in order to become successful learners and productive citizens.

Life in Fiji is a daily aquatic adventure. Glide by boat over crystal blue waters and swim alongside schools of colorful fish. Snorkel over coral reefs teeming with colorful fish as you explore the beauty of the coral’s shapes and colors. Visit a hot natural mud pool and soak in its nourishing powers. Hike to a high outlook point in the island chain and see the beautiful islands below. Experience the vastness of the universe as you gaze at more stars than you’ve ever seen at once. Students should be relatively comfortable in the water to get the most out of this program.

Hands-On Learning

Traditional bungalows | Home Base in Fiji is located on a private beach, steps away from the ocean. Students live with roommates in in gender-segregated beachside lodging with cold-water showers. While living conditions are simple, you will quickly discover the easy pace and rhythm of daily Fiji island life.

Fiji’s extreme remoteness presents a way of life vastly different from any other part of the world—every day is a chance to learn from its rustic, community-based culture. You’ll have opportunities to watch and listen as ancient stories and legends unfold through traditional song and dance. Meet with village leaders and community members to discuss critical issues facing their families. Learn jewelry-making using coconuts, the steps of the traditional dance Meke, and the effects of invasive species and climate change on the South Pacific.


 21-DAY PROGRAM June 18 - July 8 July 12 - August 1

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,399  Service Hours: 45

+ 1 858 771 0645



Marine Conservation Expedition™ Live in bungalows on a remote South Pacific beach Learn to collect data on marine biodiversity Contribute to a critical coral restoration project Help with ongoing research that will be used to establish new marine protected areas Snorkel in a sacred, hidden sea cave Hike to a panoramic viewpoint of Fiji’s beautiful island chain


Voyage to beautiful Fiji, where you’ll learn to protect its abundant ocean life and discover an ancient island culture.


Dive into crystal blue water and discover the rich biodiversity of the South Pacific! Assist with marine ecology research and restoration projects while based on Nacula, a hilly volcanic island of Fiji. Blanketed with rugged hills and soft peaks, the island’s interior is laced with welltrodden paths leading to villages and small coves, where you’ll live and breathe traditional Fijian culture and participate in marine-based volunteer service projects. Work actively to support marine conservation while learning more about the effects of climate change on this unique and delicate environment.

Community Service


Fiji’s coastal ecology is threatened by external forces like climate change and overfishing. Learn about the negative effects these have on marine sustainability by working on a data collection project that contributes to a longterm study led by the University of the South Pacific. This ongoing research will help better local communities’ and your own understanding of areas that need protection. Plant mangroves to mitigate heavy coastal erosion in some areas, participate in coral restoration projects and promote sustainable use of sensitive ecological resources. Finally, spend time in the local villages presenting your findings to schoolchildren, elders and community leaders.

Based on a remote island in the endless South Pacific, you’ll be hard-pressed to spend a day without adventure. Hike to Nacula’s highest point, where you‘ll take in the breathtaking 360-degree view of neighboring islands below. During your downtime, launch kayaks into the private cove right by Home Base, and enjoy snorkeling nearly every day, including excursions to two world class locations: the famed Blue Lagoon, and the more hidden Sawa-i-Lau sea cave, a spot sacred to locals and regarded as the resting place of Ulutini, an ancient Fijian god.

Hands-On Learning

Traditional bungalows | Home Base in Fiji is a locally-owned lodge made up of renovated bungalows on the beach. Gather at an open-air common area for meals and evening sessions and enjoy living steps from the water. Students will share bungalows with three to four roommates and have access to ensuite bathrooms with Western style toilets and cold-water showers. Kayaks are also available at Home Base for students to use during downtime, under staff supervision.

Fiji’s remoteness presents a way of life vastly different from many other parts of the world—every day is a chance to learn from its enchanting, community-based culture. You’ll have opportunities to watch and listen as ancient stories and legends unfold through song and dance. Visit the village markets and participate in a lovo, a traditional feast cooked in the earth. Learn jewelrymaking using coconuts, try the steps of the traditional meke dance, and pick up some conversational Fijian.


 14-DAY PROGRAM June 18 - July 1 July 5 - July 18 July 21 - August 3

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,699  Service Hours: 30

+ 1 858 771 0645



Service Through the Lens™ Travel through some of India’s most brilliant landscapes Participate in expertled photo tours and journalism workshops Build your skills as a visual storyteller as you volunteer with rural communities Experience the vibrant colors of spice and antique markets Photograph ancient Himalayan monasteries alive with Tibetan devotees Travel to the Taj Mahal, the world’s most famous monument to undying love


This photo was captured in 2015 by student photographer and GLA alum Ryan Parrilla, while on program with GLA in Dharamsala.

Capture the stories of a great civilization, from Himalayan societies to the stunning Taj Mahal.


Visual imagery is a powerful tool for communication, with the ability to reach audiences far and wide, both emotionally and directly. In India, everyday life plays out in bright colors, a vivid juxtaposition of ancient and modern against a backdrop of intricate architecture. Full of diverse people, dramatic landscapes and spiritual energy, the village of Dharamsala— home to the Dalai Lama and today’s Tibetan refugee community—is the fascinating setting where you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about journalistic media: the basics of documentation, what makes a good story, ethical practices and how to use modern technologies such as social media and blogging to reach a wider audience.

Community Service Service will remain the central component of your objective in India. As you take in Dharamsala’s diverse scenery and faces through photojournalism, give back to this community that faces challenges around education and quality of life. In the process, build a personal understanding of the community, allowing you to tell a clearer and more compelling story. You’ll spend time at a local daycare center where teachers and staff run their establishments with minimal resources. Bond with the children as you assist with tutoring and providing after-school activities that otherwise would not exist.

Hands-On Learning Gain a wide view of India, a land of contrasts. As stories of people you meet unfold, capture them with the guidance of professional photojournalists and editors, and evaluate how the narratives can be responsibly told through photography and journalism. You’ll glimpse both modernized areas frequented by tourists, as well as those that are rural or impoverished. Visit spiritual sites, learn Bollywood dance, take an Indian cooking class and Hindu lessons. Photojournalism lectures by local experts will help you train your lens on diverse subjects—crowds,

agriculture and landscape settings—with sensitivity. Complete a Capstone project, which includes crafting a cohesive story of your time in India.

Adventure Based in Dharamsala, you’ll be located in the Indian Himalayas, one of the most visually stunning regions on Earth. Explore Norbulingka, a unique institute in Dharamsala dedicated to the preservation of arts and culture from nearby Tibet. If you’re joining us for the 21-Day Flagship Program, trek to rural Kareri village and meet its semi-nomadic Gaddi people. You’ll also get to visit the town of Amritsar and see the Golden Temple, a central religious place as well as a symbol of human brotherhood and equality. At the end of both 14-day and 21-day programs, travel south to the Taj Mahal for a glimpse of what is widely considered to be the most beautiful building in the world.

Lodging Enclosed compound | Home Base is the summer residence of the King of Kangra, located in the Himalayan foothills above Dharamsala. It is a beautiful property set in the jungle where students live together in gender-segregated rooms and enjoy home-cooked meals.


 14-DAY


June 19 - July 9

July 13 - July 26

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $4,999  Service Hours: 40

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,699  Service Hours: 30

Tuition includes an internal flight that students will take as part of the program.

+ 1 858 771 0645



In and Beyond the Classroom™

Teach English at a primary school and bond with local students Experience Thailand’s vibrant and colorful food, arts and music Zipline through lush, rural hillsides Visit with Buddhist monks and learn about their lives Spend a day interacting with elephants at a Thai elephant home


Wander through a land of golden temples, green mountains and saffron robes.


Journey to enchanting Thailand, a kingdom rich in culture, arts and tradition. In spite of rapid economic progress in recent years, the northern capital of Chiang Mai manages to preserve the atmosphere of an ancient city and is still known for its beautiful temples and rugged natural landscape. Make unforgettable connections with Thailand’s youth through community service at a rural primary school. Experience the nation’s culture of warmth and reverence through interaction with the hospitable local residents and visits to unique northern temples. Sample fabulous cuisine, shop at bustling markets, and pay a visit to an ethical elephant home in the lush, green mountains surrounding Chiang Mai.

Community Service


Volunteer at a school providing English instruction for local youth through classroom time, tutoring, arts, crafts and sports. Over the course of your community service, develop meaningful relationships with your students— serve not only as their teacher, but also a role model, mentor and friend. On the 21-day Flagship Program, you’ll also volunteer on various physical projects that support Thailand’s ethnic minorities, the Northern hill tribes. Accelerate refurbishment efforts to shelters and infrastructure for these displaced families who have historically been marginalized.

Northern Thailand’s rugged geography is a playground for outdoor pursuits, including an extensive zipline through the cool, leafy tree tops in the hillsides outside of Chiang Mai and the opportunity for a waterfall hike. You’ll also visit the Thai Elephant Conservation Center and the Friends of the Asian Elephant hospital, two trailblazing organizations that work to promote ethical treatment and healthy environments for elephants. Visit the famous Chiang Mai night bazaar and go on a whitewater rafting adventure through the beautiful mountains of northern Thailand.

Hands-On Learning


Experience the wide diversity of Thai culture: explore elegant wats—Buddhist temples—and speak with monks about their lifestyle and spiritual worldview. Gather fresh ingredients at a market for a Thai cooking class, learn the traditional arts of dance and Muay Thai boxing, get an authentic Thai massage and get up close and personal with majestic elephants. You’ll spend an unforgettable day learning about the challenges facing these animals, as well as their significance in Thai culture.

Exclusive hotel block | GLA operates two Home Bases, both of which are small resorts on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. Accommodations are well-appointed, clean and safe. Students sleep in gender-segregated rooms with roommates, and have access to a pool and bathrooms with hot-water showers.

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 14-DAY


June 19 - July 9 July 13 - August 2

June 18 - July 1 July 5 - July 18 July 21 - August 3

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $4,999  Service Hours: 45

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,499  Service Hours: 30

CHINA Mandarin Service Adventure (pg. 34) THAILAND Elephant Village Initiative (pg. 44)

+ 1 858 771 0645



The Elephant Village Initiative™

Responsibly care for elephants living at a true sanctuary Learn about cultural, social and environmental issues related to elephant tourism Teach English in a primary school classroom Hike to waterfalls and soak in natural hot springs Visit colorful night bazaars filled with local cuisine and handicrafts


Split your time between working with gentle Asian elephants and teaching English to children.


Travel to Chiang Rai, where you’ll lend your compassion to caring for elephants at a true elephant sanctuary. These animals are an important part of Thailand’s culture: traditional symbols of royal power, an essential feature of Buddhist art and regarded as spiritual mentors. Learn how their cultural significance, conservation and controversial tourism are all deeply interwoven in complex discussions. Then, volunteer as an English teacher in local schools and temples. Exploring Chiang Rai’s waterfall trails, hot springs and national parks after service will inspire an appreciation for nature and an easy pace of life.

Community Service


Spend one week volunteering at a sanctuary for elephants, and the other teaching English to local children in classrooms and temples. The goal of the elephant sanctuary is to let the animals lead their lives as naturally and stress-free as possible. Work alongside leaders of this movement, who have committed their lives to promoting healthy relationships between humans and elephants. You’ll help by harvesting organic elephant food, feeding the animals and helping with daily tasks of the sanctuary. In your other project, teach English to enthusiastic primary school students and novice monks who are around your age. Play learning games and come up with ways to help them improve their language skills.

Volunteering at the elephant sanctuary and teaching English both require hard work, but giving your energy and effort to these causes will yield memorable, rewarding moments. At each project’s end, relax with a day of adventure in Chiang Rai’s lush, rural environment. Hike a trail that leads to a breathtaking waterfall. Swim in its pools and visit a natural hot spring. You’ll also go on a full-day bicycle tour around Chiang Rai, spotting numerous temples, rice fields and orchards. At night, visit the street bazaars, shop for artisanal handicrafts and sample Thai cuisine.

Hands-On Learning

Exclusive hotel block / Cozy guesthouse | Students travel to two different Home Bases on this program. While volunteering at the elephant sanctuary, the group stays at a traditional Thai property on the sanctuary premises. Wake up to elephants meandering right outside your window! During the other week of the program, students stay at a boutique resort north of Chiang Rai. In both Home Bases, students live with roommates, have access to shared bathrooms and enjoy exceptional Thai cuisine daily.

After decades of human exploitation, working toward returning independence, natural behaviors and dignity to Asian elephants is not easy, and depends on the awareness of travelers like you. Discuss complex cultural issues regarding captive elephant welfare, tourism and conservation. Listen to experts speak on these controversial topics, and determine your own first steps to encouraging a culture that promotes high standards of animal ethics around the world. Reflect on the similarities and differences in education systems and culture between East and West, and visit beautiful temples in Northern Thailand.


 14-DAY PROGRAM June 17 - June 30 July 3 - July 16 July 19 - August 1 August 4 - August 17

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,799  Service Hours: 30

 Link it to » THAILAND In & Beyond the Classroom (pg. 42)

+ 1 858 771 0645



Elephant Health & Welfare Project™

Volunteer with organizations that support injured, aging or retired elephants Help organizations that provide humane care for rescued or rehabilitating animals Study elephant behavior and biology in a natural environment Work on projects to conserve the natural habitat of elephants Learn the art of Thai cooking Explore intricate Buddhist temples


Take your compassion for animals a step further as you work on elephant conservation efforts on a permanent care reserve.


Take your compassion for animals to the next level and volunteer with organizations that support humane care for all elephants, whether healthy, injured, rescued or retired. You’ll help care for elephants that have been relieved from working in the traditional tourist industry, as you learn about responsible alternatives that can replace unethical elephant tourism and trekking. Observe the inherent, wild behaviors of these gentle giants, stimulated by their improved living conditions in a natural habitat. Away from service, discover the fascinating culture and lush mountain forests of Thailand.

Community Service Thailand is home to both wild and domesticated populations of Asian elephants. Capture of wild elephants for domestic use has seriously threatened wild populations, and domestic elephants face chronic abuse as they are broken to work in tourism and logging. Thailand has no laws to prevent mistreatment; therefore, there is an urgent need to help these animals. You’ll volunteer with an ethical rehabilitation organization, doing hands-on work with the elephants: Wash them, feed them, collect food and clean their enclosures. Along with direct care, help with community-based initiatives or wildlife protection campaigns.

Hands-On Learning Rescuing elephants from harsh city environments is already a big step to improving their welfare and general well-being. Changing archaic mentalities toward animal welfare is the next step, and a long-term goal. Learn about historic motivations for domesticating elephants in the tourism industry and how you can join the movement to achieve long-term change. Observe how responsible, alternative ways of interacting with elephants benefits

the animals, their mahouts and the environment. Learn how industries like logging and palm oil plantations are devastating the habitats of countless wildlife.

Adventure Thailand exudes both rustic beauty and serene elegance. The people possess vibrant character that is reflected in the landscape, culture and their reverent attitude, a refreshing comparison to the frenetic pace of the West. Feel a special connection to the culture as you explore open air markets, learn to cook tasty local dishes from a gracious local host, visit the sacred and beautiful Buddhist temples and hike towards vistas of mountain ranges and rustic farmland. Experience a deep appreciation for this remote corner of the globe.

Lodging Enclosed compound | Home Base is located in rural Thailand, offering natural surroundings and unique, authentic experiences. Accommodations are basic, but clean and safe. Students sleep in gender-segregated rooms with roommates, and have access to shared bathrooms with cold-water showers.

 21-DAY PROGRAM June 18 - July 8 July 12 - August 1

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,399  Service Hours: 45

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The Initiative for Children™ Live on Luzon, the Philippines’ largest and northernmost island Participate in a healthy nutrition program for schoolchildren Take action toward sustainable poverty alleviation Build a bamboo raft and test it out on a beautiful crater lake Hike a volcano to one of the island’s iconic vistas Visit the Spanish city of Intramuros


Care for the youth of this modern island nation, from the urban dreamers to the indigenous children of the highlands.


Filipinos and Filipinas are known for their enthusiastic hospitality, charismatic wit and community approach to everything: Wander into any gathering here, and you’ll instantly be swept up into the aromas of traditional food served family style, and easygoing interactions among generations. Made of 7,000 islands featuring tropical beaches to sprawling cities to rice terraced mountains, the Philippines is a melting pot of Spanish influences, modern Western lifestyles and its own indigenous ways. As you peel back layers of this unique culture, volunteer with local organizations to create a better life for children in the country’s struggling populations.

Community Service Based on Luzon, the Philippines’ largest and northernmost island, you’ll volunteer on urban projects, aiding and interacting with children of Manila in a variety of ways. Prepare and distribute school lunches at a nutritious feeding program. Work with the Philippine Toy Library on their mission to convert idle spaces in barangays—inner city barrios—into fun and educational spaces that keep kids off the streets. Support children’s healthy development by reading with them and tutoring English at a public school. On the second leg of the trip, volunteer with organizations dedicated to helping preserve the unique culture of indigenous peoples.

Hands-On Learning As part of your program objective to tackle children’s issues, spend a day at Gawad Kalinga’s thriving community farm, a social enterprise where children and families can learn about and reap the benefits of sustainable agriculture. Learn how the foundation aims to turn around “slum mentality” for 5 million families by creating environments that restore dignity, raise social entrepreneurs and enable even the most impoverished to break

the cycle. You’ll also learn about the blend of Western and Eastern cultures in the Philippines. Tour the colonial town Intramuros to learn about Spain’s 300-year occupation, and how it has influenced Philippine culture. Then, learn from indigenous experts, and the struggle to preserve the last remnants of traditions that flourished before Spanish colonialism.

Adventure In the Philippines, mountains, volcanoes and crater lakes beckon exploration beyond the big city. Tour Lake Pandin aboard a handmade bamboo raft, and enjoy lunch under a traditional thatched hut. Hike up a volcano to Lake Taal, one of the iconic vistas of Luzon island. With thousands of miles of beautiful coastline, a Philippines trip wouldn’t be complete without a beach day—spend your last day enjoying Laiya beach, known for its fine white sand and clear water.

Lodging Cozy guesthouse / Enclosed compound | On this program, students will split their time between two main areas, all located in the northernmost province of the Philippines: Quezon City (Week 1) and San Pablo (Week 2). In both Home Bases, students will share rooms with roommates and have access to Western style bathrooms and hot-water showers.

 14-DAY PROGRAM June 29 - July 12 July 15 - July 28

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,699  Service Hours: 30

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“My time with Global Leadership Adventures made me realize that I want to spend my life learning about other cultures and providing services to help those in need. I discovered my passion, and how fulfilling it can be to form connections with people who don’t even speak your same language.” Alexandra - SPAIN: Spanish Service Adventure



NEW p.52 Cultural Odysseyâ„¢ P.54 Spanish Service Adventure

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Cultural OdysseyTM Explore five cities in Spain over three weeks Visit countless art museums, architectural icons and historic districts in every city See Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia and the Park Güell at sunset in Barcelona Volunteer with organizations focused on contemporary issues such as education, activism and social change Learn to make paella and experience “flamenco night” Kayak in Barcelona and hike outside Madrid


To get a real feel for Spain, you’ve got to do some moving around.


On this Cultural Odyssey, travel to five different cities in Spain and experience the unique character of each: Exuberant Barcelona, cosmopolitan Madrid, peaceful Toledo, mystical Segovia and Arabinfluenced Granada. The sights you’ll see—Roman ruins, Gothic cathedrals and jewels of Jewish and Islamic architecture—speak of a country where history’s great civilizations have risen, fallen and left behind their indelible mark. The Spaniards have long celebrated rebellious and relentlessly creative spirits such as Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudí, placing their work front and center in public life. Soak it all in, plus other details of Spain’s addicting culture: legendary tapas, otherworldly architecture, paella, flamenco and fiesta!

Community Service While experiencing Spain’s must-sees, remember to look beyond its reputation as a popular tourism destination and consider the country’s modern-day role as a major epicenter of immigration, melting pot of cultures and confluence of diverse faiths. Visit an urban Impact Hub and community garden, two examples of how ideas for social innovation, youth activism and sustainability have come to fruition. Volunteer with organizations focused on contemporary issues, including improving education, urban development and promoting solidarity across Spain’s diverse society.

Hands-On Learning See every highlight of Spain you could possibly fit into three weeks! Overflowing with well-preserved art and architecture, Spain provides endless opportunities to study the historic work of painters like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí, and see Gaudí’s Barcelona: Visit Sagrada Familia, Park Güell at sunset, and Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona’s “avenue of luxury.” Take a guided walking tour through Renaissance-era streets of Madrid’s Habsburg district, and visit the 2000-year old Roman aqueduct in Segovia. In Granada, visit an immigrant and refugee support organization to learn

about Spain in the modern day; and in Toledo—a place where Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities have peacefully coexisted since the Middle Ages—learn about henna from a local artist who keeps Arab traditions alive in Spain.

Adventure Take a flamenco class and head to the beach for a Mediterranean kayaking experience. Explore Mercado de Santa Caterina, a sprawling market historically built as the local blue-collar community’s neighborhood food source, but today serves as a central gathering place with outstanding restaurants and hip stalls. For a change of pace from Spain’s cosmopolitan cities, relax on the beaches of southern Spain, hike Madrid’s trails and wander around Albaicín, a neighborhood in Granada known for its maze of quaint, cobblestone streets: too narrow for cars, but perfect for a midday siesta and al fresco dining.

Lodging Exclusive hotel block | Over the 21 days of this program, students will travel to five different cities in Spain, staying in a variety of locally-owned and managed accommodations unique to each region of the country. Accommodations are simple, but clean and safe. Students will live with roommates and have access to shared bathrooms.

 21-DAY PROGRAM June 25 - July 15 July 19 - August 8

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $7,499  Service Hours: 15

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Spanish Service Adventure Improve your Spanish through language immersion Explore complex contemporary issues of immigration facing modern-day Spain See Spain’s iconic architecture and visit the Sagrada Familia Explore Barcelona’s world-renowned architecture and shopping districts Tour the Barcelona soccer stadium Raft through Class III rapids on one of Spain’s fastest and most fun rivers


For more than a language course, travel to Valencia—the perfect destination for a full Spanish experience.


The passions of Spain’s people are the fabric of daily life; this is a country with music in its soul, a love of fine food and wild landscapes, and a special talent for celebrating all things in life. Based in the city of Valencia, you’ll experience a sophisticated cultural scene, renowned cuisine, diverse people and stunning contemporary architecture. Sharpen your Spanish skills through a mix of language immersion and formal instruction, and practice with passionate native Spanish speakers as you volunteer alongside local organizations. Experience two of Spain’s sun-bathed coastal jewels—Valencia and Barcelona on this life-changing Spanish experience. The GLA Experiential Language Curriculum™ combines language learning in the classroom with immersion through community service, excursions and cultural activities.

Community Service While the 2008 economic crisis had a massive impact on Spain—resulting in peak levels of unemployment, low wages and an exodus of young people in search of work—Spaniards have a way of using their creativity to bounce back from struggle. Spain is now home to over 200 co-working spaces and countless associations for supporting youth and improving their chances of employment as young adults. In Valencia, volunteer with one such organization focused on this goal and on promoting solidarity in Spain’s multicultural society. Overcome language barriers as you plan and run activities empowering local students through education and life skills.

Hands-On Learning History and culture collide with the modern and festive in Valencia, and this fascinating city will become your medium for becoming a confident Spanish speaker. Take a paella workshop and learn to cook one of Spain’s iconic dishes in the place it was invented. Learn how food, and long meals with loved ones, plays a vibrant role in daily Spanish life. Learn flamenco, Spain’s official folklore dance, and explore Barcelona’s gothic quarter. Dive into medieval history

as you stroll past peaceful plazas and soaring 14th-century cathedrals on winding cobblestone streets. See the influence of artists like Antoni Gaudí, Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso in the architecture and attitude of the city.

Adventure Spend an afternoon on an incredible beach in Valencia, chatting with locals and taking advantage of your privileged location by the Mediterranean Sea. Go rafting through Class III rapids on one of Spain’s fastest and most fun rivers. Take an excursion to the city of Barcelona, known for its boundless culture, fabled architecture and world-class dining scene. See the famous Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, two iconic emblems of Spain. Tour the Barcelona soccer stadium and experience a “Street Life Tour” in support of a social enterprise, creating a job for a formerly homeless person.

Lodging Cozy guesthouse | Home Base is located in Valencia in a traditional Spanish home. This 500-year-old building was the primary residence of a famous Spanish painter, and is situated in the heart of a charming neighborhood full of vintage shops and street art. Students will share rooms with roommates and have shared bathrooms. During excursions, the group will stay in small hotels.


 14-DAY


June 23 - July 13

July 17 - July 30

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $6,499  Service Hours: 45 Language Hours: 35

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $4,399  Service Hours: 30 Language Hours: 25

 Link it to » GHANA Children of Africa (pg. 22)

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“Ever since my Peru trip, I have realized that, introverted or not, I can be someone who motivates others to leave the world a little better than how they found it. The two weeks I spent in Peru affect me daily. They make me a more passionate, daring person, and I am forever grateful for that.” Ruthie - Peru: Service in the Sacred Valley TM





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Cultural OdysseyTM Journey to three different regions of Argentina, from Buenos Aires to the rural pampas Work on a variety of service projects that impact urban and rural communities See sustainable food systems and community development in action Ride on horseback through the IberĂĄ wetlands Witness the massive cascades of IguazĂş Falls Experience an authentic asado on a gaucho ranch


Relive Argentina’s history through rugged countryside, historic districts and big city life.


At just over three weeks long, this journey is a true odyssey that will take you from the jungles around Iguazú Falls to the vast Argentinian pampas. The country’s natural magnificence is legendary, and its vibrant capital a reflection of modern style infused with age-old tradition. Start in Buenos Aires, where street art, tango and architecture recall a history of colonialism and passion-driven politics. Next, venture to Iguazú Falls, where you’ll live close to the jungle and become embedded in studying the natural world. Finish your country odyssey on the pampas, seeing these sprawling plains on horseback while learning the ways of the gaucho. Like you, gauchos were purposeful wanderers who traversed Argentina. They remain iconic figures, celebrated through legends and folklore, even today.

Community Service


In Buenos Aires, work with NGOs that are focused on improving life for urban families and youth. Volunteer at a primary school, organize community sports games, and work in an organic garden where food is grown to support low-income neighborhoods. Near Iguazú Falls, shadow conservationists at a wildlife refuge and gain a better understanding of what it takes to reintegrate threatened wildlife back into their natural habitats. On the pampas, be a responsible steward of the land: Work on a traditional estancia—an Argentinian ranch—that practices sustainable methods of farming, food production and construction.

Try to keep up with Buenos Aires’ endless sights: the modern metropolis blends with colorful street cafes, and porteños (the city’s residents—famously passionate and opinionated!) stride past 20th-century stone facades. Away from city life, you’ll kayak the Yacutinga Jungle Reserve and go horseback riding through the Iberá Wetlands, where you can spot howler monkeys and native birds. Of course, you’ll also visit the almighty Iguazú Falls, an epic chain of hundreds of waterfalls. Get close enough to hear the thunderous cascades, experience the water’s power and feel its rising mist.

Hands-On Learning Argentina is a storyteller’s dream, with vast and varied landscapes and dramatic characters studding its history. One of these is the gaucho, the rough-and-ready cattle rancher of the pampas. You’ll spend a full week on a traditional estancia with gauchos, horseback riding and learning how they strive to live with the land, not off of it. At your service projects, issues like responsible community development, self-sustaining food systems and species conservation will come to life, along with learning more about Argentina’s rich culture through cooking demos, tango dance lessons and visits to art and natural history museums.

Lodging Exclusive hotel block / Rustic villas / Traditional bungalows | Over the 24 days of this program, you’ll experience three different styles of lodging, each unique to the local community where it was built. In Buenos Aires, stay in a boutique hotel with classic Argentinian character; near Iguazú Falls, an ecolodge that draws inspiration from its surrounding jungle atmosphere. Finally, return to Argentina’s roots by spending your last week on a gaucho ranch. Accommodations are simple, but clean and safe. Students will live with roommates and have access to shared bathrooms.

 24-DAY PROGRAM July 1 - July 24

 Duration: 24 days  Tuition: $6,999  Service Hours: 35

Tuition includes an internal flight that students will take as part of the program.

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Preserving the Amazon™ Live in an ecolodge on the banks of the Amazon river system Learn from biologists and naturalists about the ecology of the Amazon Improve access to public resources for the region’s native communities Swim with pink dolphins and go cayman spotting Learn about critical issues related to deforestation, logging and mining Explore the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro (21Day Flagship Program only)


Welcome to the Amazon jungle, one of the last true frontiers on Earth.


​Named after female warriors of Greek mythology, the Amazon is indeed a place of mythical status. What traveler hasn’t imagined a trip to admire the rainforest teeming with wildlife, and the incredible river itself? Surprisingly, on a waterway whose size is legendary, it’s actually the little things that make it special: Canoeing through the flooded forest, cooking food over a bonfire, waking to the sounds of howler monkeys and squawking parrots. You’ll learn about Brazil’s contentious logging issues and how they’ve challenged life on the Amazon, and go for dips in the river behind Home Base. On the 21-day Flagship Program, experience spectacular Rio de Janeiro as well, nicknamed Cidade Marvilhosa by its citizens—”the marvelous city.”

Community Service


Although Brazil has a reputation of being a lively, tropical paradise, it’s also a developing country with an enormous wealth gap that affects remote communities, especially those living on the Amazon. Help achieve social change by working on an infrastructure project: You might refurbish a school, fix a water tower or improve access to a similar community resource. On the Flagship Program, complete an urban project during your week in Rio: volunteer with children in the community, or work on a street art project, which not only beautifies the favelas—shanty towns—but also helps strengthen their crumbling walls.

Living on the Amazon is a daily adventure, with opportunities to take refreshing river dips at Home Base, swim with pink dolphins, go cayman spotting and camp overnight in the rainforest. In Manaus, the gateway to the Amazon, visit a zoo that provides safe haven for jaguars, monkeys, sloths and other wild animals that were rescued from illegal trades or forced from their habitats because of development. On the Flagship Program, experience Rio’s icons: the famed Christ the Redeemer statue, Copacabana and Ipanema Beach, Sugarloaf Mountain and rapid-fire samba beats.

Hands-On Learning Brazil’s dilemma: Allow widespread—and profitable— destruction of the rainforest to continue, or intensify conservation efforts? Cast your vote and speak up. Learn firsthand from your Home Base neighbors how their lives are ruled by the ecology of the Amazon, even daily by the changing height of its waters. Biologists and naturalists will speak to your group about the contentious environmental and development debate, and allow you to ponder a sustainable solution.

Lodging Ecolodge | Home Base is an ecolodge built on the banks of the Rio Negro, the largest tributary of the Amazon and a major part of the Amazon river system. Accommodations are simple, but clean and safe. Students will live with roommates and have access to shared bathrooms. On the 21-day Flagship Program, students will spend the program’s last week in Rio de Janeiro.


 14-DAY


July 18 - August 7

July 1 - July 14

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,499*  Service Hours: 40

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,899  Service Hours: 30

*Tuition for the 21-Day Flagship Program includes an internal flight that students will take as part of the program.

 Link it to » PERU Children of the Andes (pg. 64)

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Preserving Nature’s Wonders™ Restore the habitat of native Galápagos wildlife Snorkel with sea lions, turtles and blue-footed boobies nearby Straddle the Northern & Southern hemispheres at the Equator line Swim, kayak and hike as you explore untouched islands Wander the cobblestone streets of colonial Quito


Encounter different species of exotic marine life every day, many of them found nowhere else on Earth.


The Galápagos Islands, located off the coast of Ecuador, are so unique that UNESCO has designated them a World Heritage Site. These nineteen islands have been called a “living museum” and “showcase of evolution.” While the archipelago has been the center of attention from conservationists around the world, it is under constant pressure from environmental threats. Experience one of the most pristine natural environments where conservationists are working to protect this unique ecosystem. Besides volunteering, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore volcanoes, snorkel with sea lions and hike expansive lava fields.

Community Service


The native wildlife of the Galápagos faces danger to its habitat from invasive plants, litter and foreign species. On Isabela Island, your project will be in partnership with a tortoise refuge center, digging up invasive species, helping with groundwork, and cleaning up or laying out new lagoons for the tortoises. On San Cristobal Island, you’ll work on national park and private land to similarly protect the natural habitat of the local wildlife. Of the nine days you spend on the Galápagos Islands, six of those days will consist of animal volunteer work—prepare to get your hands dirty! The other three days will focus on exploring the islands and learning about the biology and geology of the Galápagos archipelago.

Darwin’s living laboratory is home to an abundance of wildlife, presenting countless opportunities to interact with animals that have no instinctive fear of humans. Go snorkeling and sea kayaking with sea lions, observe blue-footed boobies perched on rocks and spot silent marine iguanas. Go on a wetlands walk where you’ll see a lava tunnel, and wade through mangroves as pelicans fly overhead. Hike to the Sierra Negra volcano on Isabela Island, the second largest crater rim in the world. The Galápagos Islands and their rocky topography were actually formed from a volcanic eruption, so you’ll be standing right at the origin of this magnificent place—and feeling the heat rising from it!

Hands-On Learning The islands are a living classroom! Learn about the challenges of sustainably balancing human needs with biological protection and preservation. Issues such as the pressure to develop the islands for residents and tourism will be key discussion points during your time in the Galápagos. Encounter firsthand the diversity of species that led Darwin to formulate his thinking on natural selection and adaptation. Through community service and workshops, the history of the Galápagos Islands will become clear, and your ideas about the complicated relationship between humans and wildlife will begin to take shape.

Lodging Exclusive hotel block / Ecolodge | Home Base will change throughout the program as we travel from island to island. On Isabela Island, we stay at a comfortable hotel owned by a local family. On San Cristobal, we stay at a family-run, rustic volunteer lodge in the highlands. Both Home Bases offer shared, gender-segregated rooms and common areas where meals will be served. In Quito, the gateway city to the Galápagos, our group will stay at a local hotel.

 14-DAY PROGRAM June 12 - July 25 June 28 - July 11 July 7 - July 20 July 16 - July 29 July 25 - August 7 August 3 - August 16

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $4,699  Service Hours: 24 Tuition includes an internal flight that students will take as part of the program.

 LINK IT TO COSTA RICA Animal Rescue Project (pg. 78) Protecting the Pacific (pg. 86)

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Children of the Andes™ Gain hands-on experience teaching children in a rural classroom Help with construction projects for a new school Meet grassroots leaders in education and children’s issues Go on a rafting adventure and admire the Sacred Valley’s famous ruins Trek to Machu Picchu and camp among snow-capped peaks


Transform children’s lives—teach, mentor, volunteer and learn in Peru.


Thousands of visitors find their way to the Sacred Valley in Peru each year, most headed straight toward the ruins of Machu Picchu. Yet at over 60 miles long, the valley is so much more: Volunteering in Peru on this program is an opportunity to go beyond the tourist mindset and learn the nuances of life in this beautiful, yet remote and challenging area, all while providing critical service to children and schools in the rural community. Gain hands-on experience teaching in a classroom, and after service, take in the Sacred Valley’s magnificence: Andean peaks to orchid-rich cloud forests, wild rivers and a thriving mecca of colorful markets and ancient history.

Community Service


The mission of this program is to support children living in rural Andean communities, through working with organizations that provide care, attention and educational support to local youth. Spend time in school classrooms assisting in various ways, including teaching English, the arts, and sports; and lead after-school activities that facilitate learning and fun. New schools are being built in these areas to reach remote communities, so you might also participate in infrastructure projects to aid with the construction and improvement of school grounds.

Challenge yourself on a three-day trek to Machu Picchu, camping in spots where ancient explorers also camped. You’ll hike through several microclimates and take in views that are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Raft through the river valley, visit archeological sites and soak in natural hot springs. Finally, any visit to the Sacred Valley will tumble you back into ancient Andean culture: Browse colorful, hand-woven textiles at the local market, take a walking tour through Cuzco and observe traditional ceremonies that date to the Inca era.

Hands-On Learning


Learn firsthand about the challenges children face attending school in the Sacred Valley. Most families residing here are subsistence farmers who survive on their agricultural production, and there are heavy financial constraints to affording early childhood education. Understand the web of social issues associated with access to education for youth around the world, and consider ways you can help make a difference. As you explore the Sacred Valley, learn about Peruvian ways of life, past and present, through cultural immersion and interaction with locals.

Exclusive hotel block | Home Base is a locally-owned property in the Sacred Valley. Students stay in gendersegregated rooms and have access to shared bathrooms. During weekend hiking excursions, students camp in tents provided by GLA.

 21-DAY PROGRAM June 21 - July 11 July 15 - August 4

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,199  Service Hours: 50

 Link it to » BELIZE The Initiative for Children (pg. 76) COSTA RICA Empowering Rainforest Communities (pg. 84)

+ 1 858 771 0645



Foundations of Global Health™ Gain hands-on healthcare experience in rural clinics Take a multi-day course on basic medical skills training Assist with an ongoing public health research project with Andean communities Go on a rafting adventure in the Sacred Valley Trek to Machu Picchu and camp among snow-capped peaks


Work on public health campaigns for the residents of Peru’s stunning, yet challenging Sacred Valley.


Limited physical access to primary health care is a major factor contributing to the poor health of populations in developing countries, particularly in mountain areas with rugged topography, harsh climates and extensive socioeconomic barriers. Assessing physical access to primary health care is an important exercise for healthcare planners and policy makers. Come to Peru and do handson work on campaigns that address this very need: Assess malnutrition in rural areas, work on an ongoing research project in the high Andes, and learn from community health workers operating traveling clinics. This program is a real opportunity to learn about public health as a basic human need, while helping carry out important health campaigns.

Community Service


Volunteer on a public health research project with highaltitude Andean communities. Observe the natural barriers to access residents of rural mountain communities face. Through this project, understand why gathering data is critical for implementing sustainable change. In addition, help a local organization deliver campaigns on holistic health and medical awareness, and learn about their traveling clinics, which strive to reach communities in the Andes and provide free, quality care that they would otherwise have no access to.

Cuzco attracts people from around the world to view its astonishingly preserved archaeological sites and architecture. The entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the surrounding region is home to amazing landmarks like the Sacred Valley, which is filled with breathtaking mountain views, traditional Quechua communities, colorful Peruvian clothing, llama farms, salt flats, market towns and ancient ruins. Go on a 3-day trek to Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca ruins that have mystified and intrigued travelers for decades. Go on an exciting rafting adventure down the steep-walled and scenic river valley.

Hands-On Learning On this foundational global health program, you’ll gain exposure to a wide variety of health settings and topics that help facilitate an understanding of how diversities and disparities in peoples and places impact human health. Shadow nurses and community health workers and take part of a multi-day course of skills training. You’ll learn how basic health monitoring works, pick up medical terms in Spanish and listen to a moderated panel discussion of Peruvian health workers. In the evenings, discuss your observations, the cases you’ve witnessed and the first steps you’ll take to increase global access to healthcare.

Lodging Exclusive hotel block | Home Base will be at a community-built and operated hotel in the Sacred Valley. Students will share rooms with roommates, typically with ensuite bathrooms, and enjoy communal meals as a group. Accommodations are basic, but clean and safe.


 14-DAY


July 9 - July 29

June 22 - July 5

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,399  Service Hours: 40

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,899  Service Hours: 30

 Link it to » HAITI Global Health Initiative (pg. 118)

+ 1 858 771 0645



Service Through the Lens™ Capture moments of daily life in Andean communities to help families preserve their story Participate in workshops with award-winning photojournalists Learn composition and storytelling on immersive field expeditions Take a day hike to Machu Picchu Visit the incredible salt pond terraces of Maras


Experience Machu Picchu and beyond as you refine your photography skills and storytelling techniques.


Peru deserves its reputation as a mystical travel destination. Astonishing beauty abounds in its most iconic sites: The colonial gem of Cuzco, the incredible Inca citadel at Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley surrounded by snow-capped peaks. However, as a storyteller you might discover that tucked in between these wild landscapes is another world of photo opportunities: Colorful weaving villages, market days, the hardy mountain lifestyle of families living in the Andes. Truly, the people are Peru’s real treasure and most dynamic force: Warm in spirit, resourceful and resilient, Peruvians are generous about sharing their lives and their country with visitors. With your eyes and heart open, take your camera off the tourist path to capture their rich and surprising stories through direct exchanges.

Community Service Make your photography a service to the community. With your peers, engage in a yearbook project for a local school. Collaborate on portraiture and post-production to come up with a memento that the students and their families can enjoy. Take part in community development projects that target infrastructure-, education- or health-related concerns, depending on the time of your arrival. Keep your camera handy: Through volunteering, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know families, shoot their portraits, conduct interviews and create human interest pieces for exchanging with our group and your subjects.

Hands-On Learning Intermixed with community service projects and cultural excursions is time to refine your art, and shoot and edit with professional guidance. Shadow working photojournalists, tour a photography studio in Cuzco, and take workshops on topics like building a following or shooting traditional film. You’ll have an ongoing assignment to consider your lighting and composition, refine your unique vision, and better use your gear. Peru offers

opportunities to explore portraiture, street photography, as well as architectural, landscape and adventure photography. At program’s end, participate in an expo, where you’ll get to creatively display your best work.

Adventure Those who are willing to break a sweat are rewarded handsomely in Peru, with a stunning combination of mountain vistas, cloud forests and jungles. Go on a hike from the Moray ruins to the white salt ponds of Maras, which cascade down a hillside valley in geometric terraces and have been providing local Peruvians with salt for generations. Enjoy off-road bike rides, live amongst a traditional Andean community and go on a day hike to stunning Machu Picchu. Walking ancient pathways surrounded by an astonishing visual landscape.

Lodging Exclusive hotel block | Home Base will be at community-built and operated hotel in the Sacred Valley. Students will share rooms with roommates, typically with ensuite bathrooms, and enjoy communal meals as a group. Accommodations are basic, but clean and safe.


 14-DAY


June 19 - July 9

July 13 - July 26

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,399  Service Hours: 40

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,899  Service Hours: 30

 Link it to » HAITI Global Health Initiative (pg. 118) CUBA Cultural Odyssey (pg. 98)

+ 1 858 771 0645



Spanish Service Adventure Improve your Spanish through language immersion Volunteer on various projects for the local community Hike to famous Machu Picchu Shop at an indigenous craft market Go whitewater rafting through the Andes mountains


Where ancient civilization and vibrant modern culture combine, your language skills will soar.


Spanish class will never be the same! Discover Cuzco, the cultural heart of the Inca Empire, as you immerse yourself in its sights and sounds—ancient flutes, traditional clothes, cobblestone streets—and absorb the language. While you volunteer on various projects to improve the lives of indigenous residents in the regions surrounding Cuzco, practice your Spanish with patient and friendly native speakers. On the weekends, explore the Sacred Valley and hike through the Andes mountains to visit Machu Picchu. The GLA Experiential Language Curriculum™ combines language learning in the classroom with immersion through community service, excursions and cultural activities.

Community Service Living and volunteering in the Sacred Valley, besides being culturally stimulating, also provides an excellent opportunity to practice speaking Spanish in working situations. In spite of the city’s success in tourism, poverty and classism continue to thrive in Cuzco’s rural areas. Depending on community needs at the time of your arrival, your service may include various community development projects or making infrastructure improvements that ease the difficulty of daily life. Interact with the children and families you’re serving, and experience locals’ generosity and charm as they help you improve your speaking skills.

Hands-On Learning Take advantage of a unique language immersion curriculum that combines classroom time with practicing speaking Spanish in everyday conversation with locals: during service, participating in cultural activities and even on excursions. All levels are welcome, and you’ll be placed with peers at a similar level of speaking and comprehension ability. Improving your Spanish communication skills will also deepen cultural learning experiences, including participating in Andean music and dance workshops,

listening to talks about cosmology, meeting farming communities and local artisans.

Adventure Peru’s diverse natural landscape creates the perfect playground for outdoor adventures like whitewater rafting and biking. These roads and rivers are the same transport routes that Andean people have been taking for thousands of years, so you’ll see ancient ruins and historic relics along the way. No trip to Cuzco is complete without a trek to epic Machu Picchu—retrace the footsteps of countless Quechua natives, and even bathe like they did in the nearby natural hot springs!

Lodging Exclusive hotel block | Home Base is located in one of the picturesque villages of the Sacred Valley, one hour outside the city of Cuzco at an elevation of 9,850 feet. You’ll live in a family atmosphere among high mountains, snowcapped peaks and fields of crops. Students stay in gendersegregated rooms with roommates and have access to shared bathrooms.

 21-DAY PROGRAM June 20 - July 10 July 14 - August 3

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 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,299  Service Hours: 45 Language Hours: 35

GALÁPAGOS Preserving Nature’s Wonders (pg. 62) COSTA RICA Surf and Sports Service Adventure (pg. 92)

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Service in the Sacred ValleyTM Volunteer on community development projects in rural areas Visit key archaeological sites of the Inca Empire Go whitewater rafting down rivers winding through the Andes Explore Peru’s colorful artisanal markets Trek to Machu Picchu and camp among snow-capped peaks


The ancient Inca Empire is yours to discover while making a difference in the lives of rural families.


High in the Andes, the Peruvian city of Cuzco is a living monument to Inca history. Once the heart of the Inca Empire, Cuzco is home to incredible archaeological relics, colorful fiestas and the finest weavings and arts—all things that have been passed down from a sophisticated, ancient civilization. Traverse this thriving city, explore its markets and go on an epic trek to Machu Picchu. Look around more, though, and you’ll learn Peru has areas of need—poverty and malnutrition are common in rural areas. As you work to combat these issues, you’ll see that Peru is more than its wild landscapes and ancient arts: The sweet generosity and spirited culture of its people are what have truly endured the last several centuries.

Community Service About 8 million Peruvians remain poor, and poverty is deepest among people of indigenous origin living in remote, rural areas. Food insecurity is common here, where many farmers produce basic food crops at a subsistence level. Your volunteer projects will include building new infrastructure to support community development and improve nutrition and public health. Help with construction of structures like greenhouses or cuy—guinea pig—farms, which offer efficient and sustainable food production systems.

Hands-On Learning Your community service projects will give you significant insight into life in a high-altitude, rural community, poverty alleviation and children’s issues. Outside of service, learn firsthand about Peru’s rich culture that descends from the Incan empire, through Andean music and dance workshops, a visit to the local llama and alpaca farm, conversation with a traditional shaman and afternoons among local artisans at the bustling market. Play soccer with local youth and engage in discussion with nonprofit

organizations to deepen your understanding of Peru’s contemporary culture.

Adventure The Sacred Valley surrounding Cuzco is full of incredible topography and archaeological marvels. You’ll tour famous ruins, take a full day to explore the city of Cuzco, and of course, hike to Machu Picchu. The two-day trek passes through awe-inspiring valleys, and you’ll wake up from camp to staggering snow-capped peaks at 10,000 feet of elevation. Participate in a traditional music workshop, browse the colorful craft markets, and go on a whitewater rafting adventure.

Lodging Exclusive hotel block | Home Base is a locally-owned property in the Sacred Valley. Students stay in gendersegregated rooms and have access to shared bathrooms. During weekend hiking excursions, students camp in tents provided by GLA.

 14-DAY PROGRAM June 12 - June 25 June 28 - July 11 July 14 - July 27 July 31 - August 13

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,699  Service Hours: 35

 LINK IT TO COSTA RICA Empowering Rainforest Communities (pg. 84) Surf and Sports Service Adventure (pg. 92)

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“I had an experience that was unforgettable! I was able to immerse myself into the culture, make an impact, and create twenty-one closeknit friendships with people I have never met before. I was surprised by how quickly my peers and I bonded, the freedom that the GLA staff provided, and my recognition to call Costa Rica my second home. This program has provided me with a new perspective, life-long friends, and the continuous desire to make a difference.” Denise - Costa Rica: The Initiative for ChildrenTM



BELIZE p.76 The Initiative for Children™

COSTA RICA p.78 Animal Rescue Project™ p.80 The Initiative for Children™ p.82 Spanish Service Adventure p.84 Empowering Rainforest Communities™ p.86 Protecting the Pacific™ p.88 Beachside Service Adventure p.90 Soccer Beyond Borders NEW p.92 Surf & Sports Service Adventure p.94 The Sea Turtle Initiative™ p.96 Spring Break Sea Turtle Initiative™

CUBA p.98 Cultural Odyssey p.100 Culture in Focus

p.102 Building a Sustainable World™ p.104 International Development Initiative™ p.106 Caribbean Service Adventure p.108 Global Health Initiative™ p.110 Sports Service Adventure p.112 Spring Break Service Adventure

GUADELOUPE p.114 French Caribbean Adventure


GUATEMALA p.116 Children of the Maya™

HAITI p.118 Global Health Initiative™



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The Initiative for Children™ Lead an educational English camp for Belizean youth Use experiential learning tools to improve children’s literacy Live on a tropical savannah surrounded by biodiversity Experience everything from lush rainforests to the Caribbean coast Enjoy world-class snorkeling over the world’s second-largest barrier reef Learn about animal conservation at the Belize Zoo


Improve children’s literacy in exotic Belize, surrounded by dense wildlife and adventure from ridge to reef.


Belize is known not only for its abundant biodiversity, but also for bringing together a seamless mix of cultures: Belizean, Creole, Mestizo, Garifuna, Maya. With one foot in the Central American jungles and the other in the Caribbean Sea, Belize may be small but it’s packed with adventure and culture—you’ll be snorkeling on the reef one day and hiking the tropical savannah the next. In contrast to its vast natural resources, the country’s economic and public resources are limited. As a volunteer, help design and run an educational summer camp for local children, creating an effective, nurturing environment for children to continue their education.

Community Service


Improve access to education in Belize by staffing a summer camp focused on youth literacy and empowerment through education. You’ll lead the children in experiential learning activities and take part in outdoor activities that tie into their language lessons. These are just a few of the creative methods you’ll adopt to make learning more engaging. In a country where one-third of the population is under 15 years old, this is impactful work, and the close bonds you’ll form with your enthusiastic students will reflect the difference a quality education can make.

With its easygoing attitude, Belize is the perfect destination for true Caribbean adventure. Go cave tubing through a jungle river to observe green iguanas, keelbilled toucans and the occasional Central American river otter. Cool off after long days of service by dipping in the local river tributary. On a weekend excursion to the island of Caye Caulker, you’ll have the chance to snorkel over coral reefs with tropical fish, and with luck, observe sea turtles, dolphins, manatees and other marine mammals in the open ocean. If you’re joining us for our 21-Day Flagship Program, take an exciting, guided journey through the magnificent cave systems of Belize, with a chance of seeing ancient artifacts.

Hands-On Learning The same natural beauty that draws people to Belize risks endangerment to the region’s ecosystems due to growing tourist traffic. Experience the country’s dense biodiversity and learn about efforts to preserve the region during guided nature hikes and a visit to the world-famous Belize Zoo. Try your hand at cooking local foods and beating traditional rhythms on Creole sambai drums. Tour the Xunantunich Archaeological Site for a better understanding of Belize’s ancient Maya heritage and a glimpse into history.

Lodging ECOLODGE | Home Base is located on a tropical savannah located in Belize’s central lowland forest. The land consists of many beautiful hiking paths and a wide array of flora and fauna. Students stay in gender-segregated dormitory buildings with fans, and have access to shared bathrooms with hot- and cold-water showers. Meals will be hearty and healthy, consisting of meats, beans, rice, vegetables and fruit.


June 28 - July 18 July 12 - August 1  Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,399  Service Hours: 60


 14-DAY


June 16 - June 29 July 2 - July 15 July 18 - July 31 August 4 - August 17  Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,799  Service Hours: 35

GUATEMALA Children of the Maya (pg. 116) PERU Children of the Andes (pg. 64)

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Animal Rescue ProjectTM Do hands-on volunteer work alongside veterinarians and animal experts Help care for dogs at a rescue center Experience home visits and rural clinics Learn about Costa Rica’s animal rescue and wildlife conservation efforts Zipline and horseback ride through lush valleys Go on a whitewater rafting adventure (21Day Flagship Program only)


Rescue and rehabilitate animals in Costa Rica, a natural haven for both domestic and wild critters.


Animal lovers looking to make a difference are needed around the world to care for creatures in wildlife sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers, promote animal rights and help educate communities. On this program, gain pre-veterinary experience working alongside certified veterinarians and animal rescue experts. Not only will you do compassionate, hands-on work with lovable, furry friends at a dog rescue center, you’ll also get to study Costa Rica’s exotic species at a local wildlife rescue. In your time off service, experience all the outdoor adventure and natural beauty Costa Rica has to offer.

Community Service This is a service-intensive program, and you’ll be expected to fully participate as a hands-on volunteer, shadowing local veterinarians and animal experts. Apply your compassion for animals as you rotate through different positions at a traveling clinic providing communities the access they need to veterinary services. Some of the cases you might see include spay and neuter, de-worming, care for skin conditions and wounds, and recovery from malnourishment. Observe the intake, surgery and postoperative procedures, and help repair critical infrastructure and provide positive social interaction with the animals that bring comfort to their lives.

Hands-On Learning Understand why animals around the world—both domestic and wild—face issues with care. In developing countries, pets are often at higher risk of abandonment or disease, simply due to a lack of resources and limited access to veterinary care. Likewise, exotic animals unfortunately face exploitation or losing their natural habitats as a compromise to meet human needs. Learn from guest speakers about Costa Rica’s rescue and conservation efforts, and what you can do to create a

kinder world for animals. In addition, gain exposure to the processes and procedures of veterinary care. Get a basic understanding of skills, techniques, approaches and areas of specialization when it comes to nurturing different animals.

Adventure With its rainforests, volcanoes, hills and valleys lined with rows upon rows of coffee plants and sugar cane, the Orosí inland region offers some of the richest scenery to be found in Costa Rica. See the views on horseback, go ziplining and relax after a long day in natural hot springs. On the 21-Day Flagship Program, you’ll also experience whitewater rafting, and surfing or stand-up paddleboarding on a beach excursion.

Lodging Exclusive hotel block | Home Base is a locally-owned boutique hotel in the inland town of Orosí, surrounded by hills and lush vegetation. Wake up to views of Orosí valley every day! While traveling through the country to implement local clinics in communities, students will stay in exclusive hotel blocks. In all accommodations, students live in gender-segregated rooms with roommates and have access to shared bathrooms.


June 18 - July 8 July 12 - August 1  Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,499  Service Hours: 45

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 14-DAY


June 18 - July 1 July 5 - July 18 July 21 - August 3 August 6 - August 19  Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,899  Service Hours: 35

COSTA RICA Spanish Service Adventure (pg. 82) Galápagos Preserving Nature’s Wonders (pg. 62)

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The Initiative for ChildrenTM Volunteer at rural schools and an environmental education project Discuss critical community issues in the region Bond with local youth and families through your volunteer work Experience Costa Rica’s rainforest canopy on zipline and horseback Raft down the Tenorio River (21-Day Flagship Program Only)


Embrace Costa Rica’s children and make an impact on the next generation.


Development issues in rural Costa Rica—from education access to sustainable land use—are all directly related to the wellness and futures of youth. On this program, you’ll be based in small towns far from the developed tourism hotspots of Costa Rica. Bond with the children and families of your neighborhood as you volunteer in their schools, help lead environmental education projects, and spend time working with local grassroots organizations passionate about engaging the community in more sustainable practices. After service, experience Costa Rica’s lush landscapes and its natural playground of outdoor adventure.

Community Service While it has many progressive policies, Costa Rica’s rural populations can be overlooked, so volunteer efforts that help speed up skills development for children and bolster education are crucial. On the 14-day program, empower local children through your volunteer work in schools. Help refurbish classrooms and participate in cross-cultural exchange with students from the nearby farms. On the 21-day program, focus on providing integrated environmental education to youth of all ages. Work directly with students on reforestation and ecological preservation projects, encouraging them to become engaged in realworld issues that transcend classroom walls.

Hands-On Learning Learn about a variety of development issues that affect the daily lives of Costa Rica’s youth as well as future generations. On the 21-day program, dive into environmental sustainability: Learn how global consumerism has compromised the ecology, economy and social fabric of regions like the Nandamojo watershed. Observe alternative ways to grow, harvest and process coffee and other high-demand foods that are more sustainable and prevent unnecessary harm to the planet. Chat with locals

in their homes over cafecito—the Tico equivalent of tea time—about the change they’ve witnessed over the years in Costa Rica.

Adventure On the 14-day program, go on a kayaking excursion, see the Arenal Volcano on horseback and experience a natural hot spring. On the 21-day program, go on a whitewater rafting adventure on the Tenorio River, hike through Monte Alto Nature Reserve with a regional conservation leader, horseback ride and visit a beachside wildlife refuge where turtles have been known to nest. On both programs, participate in cultural activities and dance classes, and see Costa Rica’s natural beauty from an exhilarating zipline!

Lodging RUSTIC VILLAS | The 14-day program is based in Alajuela province. Home Base is an all-wooden lodge surrounded by rural pineapple and sugarcane farms. There are three lakes near the property where students can swim, kayak or fish. The 21-day program is based in Guanacaste province. Home Base is a rustic ranch surrounded by nature that provides limitless opportunities to explore tropical forests and rivers.


June 11 - July 1 July 6 - July 26 July 30 - August 19  Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,099  Service Hours: 40

 14-DAY

PROGRAM June 16 - June 29 July 2 - July 15 July 18 - July 31 August 3 - August 16  Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,699  Service Hours: 35

 Link it to » GUATEMALA Children of the Maya (pg. 116) COSTA RICA Animal Rescue Project (pg. 78)

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Spanish Service Adventure Take your Spanish to the next level through a structured immersion program Practice with native speakers in an encouraging community Volunteer on projects advancing sustainable community development See wildlife in Manuel Antonio National Park Zipline and learn to surf Whitewater raft the world-class Pacuare River (21-Day Flagship Program only)

Homestay Experience 8 days

Extend your stay and dedicate another week to service.

 Tuition:

Become part of a local family who welcomes you into their home.

 Duration:

$999  Service Hrs: 25 Language Hrs: 45


Polish your Spanish through true immersion in the community. Get to know locals at a community cook-off and soccer match.

The cloud forest is your classroom, where Spanish immersion, volunteering and adventure create a limitless learning environment.


Forget learning Spanish in a classroom—on this program you’ll live in the breathtaking cloud forest and learn to speak the language from locals. In the face of increased tourism and development, Costa Ricans, or Ticos as they prefer to call themselves, continue to work toward high sustainability goals and protect their biodiverse home. Alongside passionate conservationists, you’ll volunteer on projects in eco-friendly building and agriculture, and interview community members—in their native language, of course! These experiences enhance your language immersion, making sure you get plenty of practice and return home a more confident Spanish speaker. The GLA Experiential Language Curriculum™ combines language learning in the classroom with immersion through community service, excursions and cultural activities.

Community Service


Focus on sustainable development in a rural mountain community. Partner with small, local coffee farms that are committed to transitioning from conventional to organic coffee production. This practice leads to mitigation of local health issues, environmental protection, and long-term economic benefits for small growers and their communities. You’ll also contribute to green building initiatives that reduce plastic waste and improve road conditions, ultimately improving children’s access to schools.

In Costa Rica, all trails lead to waterfalls, tropical forests or unspoiled beaches—there’s no shortage of opportunities to get your adrenaline pumping! Zipline through the tall canopy trees of the cloud forest, go rafting down Pacuare River’s world-class rapids (21-Day Flagship Program only) and learn to surf with the locals of Dominical. You’ll have the opportunity to experience wildlife up close, in daily life and on an excursion to Manuel Antonio National Park. For a taste of city life, spend a night in San Jose, complete with a tour of Costa Rica’s national monuments.

Hands-On Learning Enhance your language learning through immersive exchanges with the community: Every hour spent at a service site or on an adventure will push you to use your Spanish skills, creating a fun and intensive learning environment. Take advantage of home visits with local families, dance classes and cooking lessons conducted in Spanish. Learn the importance of sustainable development and discuss social and environmental issues that reach far beyond Costa Rica’s borders.

Lodging ECOLODGE | GLA operates two Home Bases for this program—both of which are nestled in the picturesque mountains surrounded by cloud forest. Both locations have spectacular views, beautiful hiking trails and are exclusively used by our students and staff.


 14-DAY


June 22 - July 12 July 16 - August 5

June 22 - July 5 July 8 - July 21 July 24 - August 6

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,199  Service Hours: 48 Language Hours: 35

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,699  Service Hours: 28 Language Hours: 25

 Link it to » BELIZE The Initiative for Children (pg. 76) COSTA RICA Surf & Sports Service Adventure (pg. 92)

+ 1 858 771 0645



Empowering Rainforest Communities™ Live in the heart of the rainforest in the Osa Peninsula Volunteer on grassroots projects with a small community Learn about sustainable development and protecting biodiversity Experience true rural life on local farms and a gold mining camp tour Spend a day ziplining through one of Costa Rica’s most extensive canopy tours Swim under waterfalls and hike through Corcovado National Park


The Osa Peninsula is Costa Rica’s wild side—a primitive paradise of dense wildlife and remote rainforests.


National Geographic named Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula “the most biologically intense place on Earth” due to the diversity and density of species that call this untouched region of Central America home. Isolated from the mainland, you’ll live in a secluded nature wonderland where howler monkeys sing, locals still pan for gold and macaws soar above the canopy. This ecological treasure trove is the perfect setting to learn about sustainable community development and environmental conservation as you volunteer with the rural people living in the village of Rancho Quemado.

Community Service


With a population of only 200, Rancho Quemado is a small settlement that has called the remote Osa Peninsula home for generations. As the town receives an increased trickle of tourist traffic, you’ll help its residents with community refurbishment projects that help build a sustainable eco-tourism industry, such as, painting community buildings, planting gardens, building fencing or helping with recycling and trash pickups. Living among native families in the heart of the rainforest will inspire you to protect the traditional way of life and the region’s precious biodiversity.

From the untouched Bahía Drake and the world-class snorkeling spots of nearby Isla del Caño, to Parque Nacional Corcovado—the “crown jewel” of Costa Rica’s park system—the Osa Peninsula is a remote corner of the world brimming with opportunities for true adventure. Try to spot endangered jaguars and tapirs while hiking through the rainforest, and snorkel among abundant marine life. You’ll have a full day of ziplining and rappelling through lush vistas, and canoe to Rio Claro, where waterfalls and a rope swing wait for thrill seekers.

Hands-On Learning Rancho Quemado may be a small town, but you’ll leave with lessons that extend beyond Costa Rica’s borders. You’ll encounter issues like sustainable tourism, community development and conservation in the face of global climate change. Tour gold mines, sugarcane mills, and local organic farms to understand the traditional way of life that has been preserved in the isolated Osa. Even during downtime, you’ll be testing your Spanish and playing sports with children, or chatting with community leaders about how their worldview has been shaped by living in the most biologically diverse place on the planet.

Lodging Enclosed compound | Home Base in Costa Rica will be a series of rustic cabinas, built and owned by local families in the heart of the Osa Peninsula. This region is remote and rustic, but beautiful, and accommodations are clean and safe. Home Base is surrounded by lush rainforest teeming with wildlife. Students will stay in gender-segregated rooms with roommates, and share gender-segregated bathrooms and shower facilities.

 14-DAY PROGRAM June 16 - June 29 July 2 - July 15 July 18 - July 31 August 4 - August 17

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,699  Service Hours: 25

Tuition includes an internal flight that students will take as part of the program.

 Link it to » PERU Children of the Andes (pg. 64) COSTA RICA Animal Rescue Project (pg. 78)

+ 1 858 771 0645



Protecting the Pacific™ Volunteer alongside passionate ocean conservationists Help eliminate ocean contamination Learn to surf on a beautiful beach Spot dolphins, whales, turtles and marine birds Hike through Corcovado National Park


Turn your passion for Earth’s oceans into a journey in marine conservation.


Often considered the planet’s most sustainable country, Costa Rica is a role model for the international community in environmentalism, and the perfect setting for learning about marine conservation. You’ll be based in Bahia Ballena—which translates to “whale bay”—a small coastal village located next to Marino Ballena National Park, Costa Rica’s first marine national park. With these surroundings, you’ll discover issues critical to local sustainable development, examine the full spectrum of marine conservation and adopt the perspectives of grassroots environmental leaders in ocean stewardship.

Community Service


Contaminants generated by tourists in the local community find their way into the ocean, endangering Whale Bay and its wildlife. You’ll work alongside passionate conservationists that are committed to protecting this natural resource, as well as helping communities develop sustainably with consideration for the environment. Take part in a reforestation initiative, which protects beaches from erosion, provides suitable habitats for wildlife and combats climate change and sea level rise. Partner with businesses and organizations that have committed to reforest the community with local and native trees, and help construct a community nursery that will raise seedlings for transplanting.

On this action-packed adventure, you’ll visit the Osa Peninsula, one of the world’s most biodiverse rainforests, and soar above the canopy on extensive ziplines. Even the zipline course teaches a lesson in sustainability—it’s designed to grow with the trees in order to preserve the natural beauty of the rainforest. Learn to surf from local experts and hike rugged trails in Corcovado National Park, with a good chance of spotting some of its endangered habitants—the tapir and white-faced monkey.

Hands-On Learning Through volunteer work and presentations, you’ll dig deep into issues of sustainability, marine conservation and climate change, and learn about the ocean’s biodiversity. Connect with grassroots leaders from local organizations like Geoporter Costa Rica, who are committed to protecting our natural resources. You’ll also participate in informal soccer games with locals, take a fun dance class, explore local artisan shops in Bahia Ballena and try your hand at cooking local cuisine.

Lodging Ecolodge | Home Base is a peaceful lodge with a pool and surrounded by lush gardens. Students stay in gendersegregated rooms with fans, and have bathrooms with cold-water showers. Meals will be hearty and healthy, consisting of meats, beans, rice, vegetables and fruit.

 14-DAY PROGRAM June 20 - July 3 July 7 - July 20 July 23 - August 5 August 9 - August 22

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,699  Service Hours: 30

Link it to » GALÁPAGOS Preserving Nature’s Wonders (pg. 62) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Sports Service Adventure (pg. 110)

+ 1 858 771 0645




Beachside Service Adventure Live in a coastal village near a beautiful beach Volunteer to expand opportunities for local children Ride inner tubes down a jungle river Practice your Spanish as you explore a local market Zipline through the forest Go on a catamaran ride and snorkel among marine life


Experience the pure life —or Pura Vida—while giving back in an underserved beach community.


Escape to Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, where you’ll volunteer in a beachside community and work to improve the lives of youth there. While it has many progressive policies to boast of, Costa Rica is still considered a developing country, and volunteer efforts can be a big help to its most vulnerable citizens. Clean up beaches, play sports with local children, help improve the schools and relax after a hard day’s work at our beautiful Home Base. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy water sports, fun in the sun, and other activities with your new friends from all over the world.

Community Service


You’ll live and work in a small beachside community where the ocean plays a large role in daily life. There are many community service opportunities here, and you’ll be working on a variety of projects depending on the needs of the community. You may assist in environmental projects such as beach cleanup, or volunteer on projects to improve a school’s infrastructure: Build a playground or an outdoor basketball court, play after-school sports and games with the children, or construct a bridge so that students can cross flooded areas to get to school.

Costa Rica offers many exciting excursions in a natural setting. Visit an adventure park and go ziplining and whitewater tubing down a roaring river. Your location near the stunning Pacific coast allows for impromptu soccer and volleyball games, as well as a variety of water sports. Dance the night away with locals and your fellow students, take a boat ride and catch breathtaking sunsets off the coast of majestic Costa Rican beaches.

Hands-On Learning

Exclusive hotel block | Home Base is located in a region known for its beautiful beaches and ecological protected areas. You’ll have access to pools, gardens and a stretch of private beach half a mile away. Students stay in gender-segregated rooms with roommates, and have private bathrooms.

Living in an authentic community is a great way to learn about Costa Rican culture. Connect with the local people, learn to dance salsa and cumbia, taste delicious fruits, and try your hand at cooking local cuisine and jewelry making. Discuss current social issues in Costa Rica, including growing environmental concerns and the importance of ecotourism. You’ll also have opportunities to practice your Spanish or pick up new words with locals in the region.


 10-DAY PROGRAM June 15 - June 24 June 27 - July 6 July 9 - July 18 July 22 - July 31 August 3 - August 12 August 15 - August 24

 Duration: 10 days  Tuition: $2,399  Service Hours: 20

Link it to » BELIZE The Initiative for Children (pg. 76) COSTA RICA Empowering Rainforest Communities (pg. 84)

+ 1 858 771 0645



Soccer Beyond BordersTM Organize soccer camps for local youth Refurbish sports facilities for underfunded public schools Play in scrimmages and a co-ed beach soccer tournament with local teams Train with FIFAcertified coaches Play an organized game at Edgardo Baltodano Stadium Go ziplining and visit a natural hot spring


There’s no better way to become immersed in the local culture of Costa Rica than through the common language of fútbol.


From the scrappy matches that take over the village pitch to breathless exclamations of “Gooooal!” erupting on game days, no Costa Rican sporting venture can compare with fútbol. Every town has a soccer field, where local aficionados play in heated matches. Here, soccer has a history: not just as an organized sport, but as the neighborhood game—and you don’t need a field, official balls, cleats or shin guards to participate. In a town with few paved streets and cars, the rules are stripped away. All that remains is pure passion, and all the time in the world to practice ball control, technique, tactics and movement. Be immersed in the raw energy of Latin American fútbol, and learn how you can adopt the local style and signature technique while building a more inclusive world through this sport.

Community Service Soccer can be an effective vehicle for positive change and connecting cultures. Work on improving sports facilities and running youth soccer camps in small, rural beach towns, where public schools face challenges of overcrowded classrooms and lack of resources. Collaborate with a local organization that strives to increase sports participation for girls: As popular as soccer is in Costa Rica, female participation rates are still significantly lower than male. By teaching all youth the importance of being active, healthy and involved in their communities, you’ll be empowering them to take the future into their own hands.

Hands-On Learning Focus on your own player development: Drill technique and strategy for your specific position from FIFAcertified coaches, build strength and speed in athletic clinics, scrimmage against local teams and play in the stadium where some of Costa Rica’s modern soccer legends made their debuts. These experiences will help expand your knowledge of the game on an international level, improve your skills and introduce you to the signature Latin American style of play—free-flowing, improvi-

sational and technical. Participate in nightly discussions about various topics related to soccer and social issues in Costa Rica.

Adventure Fly through Costa Rica’s lush rainforests by zipline and rush down the tumbling river on a whitewater adventure. Go on a weekend excursion to the Arenal Volcano, where you’ll rest tired muscles in a natural hot spring. Visit Playa Conchal beach, where seashells cover the shore as far as the eye can see. At Home Base, take a cooking class and learn how to make traditional Costa Rican cuisine. Sport isn’t the world’s only universal language—a shared homemade meal post-game speaks volumes as well.

Lodging Enclosed compound | Home Base will be on a campus situated five minutes from a small beach town in the Guanacaste region. The campus includes a full weight room, basketball court, common areas, cafeteria and dorms. Students will share dormitories with roommates, and have access to Western-style bathrooms.

 14-DAY PROGRAM July 2 - July 15 July 18 - July 31

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,599  Service Hours: 25

+ 1 858 771 0645



Surf & Sports Service Adventure Learn to surf from seasoned veterans Adopt local surf culture and the mindful lifestyle of surfers before you Organize a sports camp for local children Become a steward of marine conservation and sustainability Go whitewater rafting and hiking in the lush rainforest


Awaken your inner surfer as you learn to ride Costa Rica’s dream waves and connect with the local community through sports.


Imagine waking up at dawn to natural light filtering through your bungalow, and a warm sea breeze—it’s time to surf. You’ll learn from seasoned veterans of the local surf community how to paddle out, pop up and trim across Costa Rica’s pristine waves. You’ll also connect deeply with local families of Bahia Ballena, your beachside home, by putting on a sports camp for local children. Consider the role that sports play in Tico society, and spend your days leading an active lifestyle through surfing and yoga, high-energy volunteering and outdoor adventure.

Community Service For youth around the world, self esteem and tools for success come not only from learning in school, but also from playing sports and finding passion in after-school activities. You’ll organize a sports-themed day camp for the kids of Bahia Ballena, where they can spend time everyday after school building confidence and life skills. Additionally, you’ll work with the local community on infrastructure and community refurbishment projects focused on educating visitors about beach safety and environmental awareness.

Hands-On Learning Living and volunteering in Bahia Ballena will introduce you to the major role the ocean plays in daily life—not only in Costa Rica, but around the world. Your surf instructors will teach more than the basics of this soul sport. You’ll learn about surfing’s origins, observe a sustainability-driven lifestyle, visit a board shaping bay and absorb discussions and documentaries on ocean conservation and climate change. Organizing sports camp and doing volunteer work in the community will

also improve your skills in working with children and cross-cultural communication.

Adventure Costa Rica is known for being an outdoor adventurer’s playground, and Bahia Ballena is no exception. In addition to endless opportunities for surfing and helping local youth learn new sports, you’ll also go on a whitewater rafting expedition that will allow you to fully appreciate this region’s rugged, untouched landscape. Practice yoga in an open-air studio, hike through environmentally rich sections of the rainforest, and explore Marino Ballena National Park, established to conserve the rich marine ecosystems that are found inside the park boundaries.

Lodging Traditional bungalows | The Home Base is a small lodge in Bahia Ballena, surrounded by lush gardens. Students stay in gender-segregated rooms with fans and bathrooms with cold water showers. Meals will be hearty and healthy, consisting mostly of Costa Rican staples: rice and beans, meat, vegetables and lots of tropical fruit.

 10-DAY PROGRAM June 11 - June 20 June 23 - July 2 July 5 - July 14 July 17 - July 26 July 30 - August 8

 Duration: 10 days  Tuition: $2,599  Service hours: 20

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The Sea Turtle Initiative™ Protect endangered nesting sea turtles and their hatchlings Assist with night patrols and visit an animal rescue center Spot sloths, monkeys and exotic birds as you cruise through the mangroves Soar through the rainforest canopy on a zipline adventure Learn to surf the warm, mild waves of Costa Rica Explore a small beach town and the local market


Become a conservationist for Costa Rica’s sea turtles as you explore the unspoiled coast.


The population of Costa Rican sea turtles has declined by 90% since 1980. Sea turtles face a myriad of threats, including boat traffic, climate change, accidental catch by industrial fisheries and pollution in their ocean and beach habitats. As a volunteer, you’ll live and work on the coast of Costa Rica, assisting a turtle conservation organization with critical efforts to preserve the natural areas where this endangered species lives. Ensuring that the turtle population will thrive for generations depends largely on our ability to educate the local community and protect the places where turtles nest. With the right timing and luck, you might be rewarded with the sight of turtles hatching.

Community Service Each year, leatherback and green turtles come to Costa Rica’s beaches to lay their eggs. Poachers steal the turtles and their eggs to sell on the black market for profit. Although this practice is illegal in Costa Rica—as it contributes to the depletion of the endangered sea turtle populations—it is hard to enforce without the help of the local community’s participation. You’ll be assisting on night patrols with a local nonprofit and anti-poaching organization started by a Peace Corps volunteer, to protect nesting animals and safeguard their eggs. During the day, you’ll participate in beach cleanups, survey nesting sites and raise community awareness of environmental challenges. Your projects will improve living conditions for turtle species hovering on the brink of extinction.

Hands-On Learning You’ll be fully immersed in topics centered around the animal world. Learn how critical each species is to the health of all life in the ecosystem, including human. Hear local speakers’ and community members’ perspectives on sustainable conservation efforts, and begin to understand how competing interests of the civilized and natural worlds can intersect. Visit an organic farm and

learn about growing and maintaining local fruit trees such as the cacao, vanilla, and banana.

Adventure In Costa Rica you’ll be constantly surrounded by incredible natural wonders. Fly through the treetops of the nation’s lush inland as you go on a thrilling zipline adventure. On the coast, ride a boat through a local mangrove, where you can spot sloths, monkeys and exotic birds. You’ll also connect with the strong cultural roots of Costa Rica’s coast by visiting the local market and taking workshops on traditional dance and cooking. Finally, learn Costa Rica’s soul sport—surfing—with a lesson on a calm beach.

Lodging Ecolodge | Home Base is in the heart of the community, just a short walk to the beach. Students stay in gender-segregated rooms with roommates, enjoy delicious, home-cooked Costa Rican meals and have Western-style bathrooms with cold-water showers. If you look closely, you might even spot local wildlife in the trees surrounding the Home Base!

 10-DAY PROGRAM June 16 - June 25 June 28 - July 7 July 10 - July 19 July 22 - July 31

 Duration: 10 days  Tuition: $2,599  Service Hours: 20

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Spring Break Sea Turtle Initiative™ Protect nesting sea turtles Help turtle hatchlings thrive Assist in night patrols Observe how a local sea turtle hatchery is maintained Spot exotic wildlife in the mangroves Fly through the rainforest on a zipline adventure


Turn your passion for wildlife conservation into a spring break adventure you’ll never forget.


For more than 100 million years, sea turtles have thrived in the Earth’s oceans. In Costa Rica, that once incredible population has declined by 90% in the last 35 years alone, meaning there are more threats than ever facing these majestic creatures. Fortunately, you can make a difference in their survival. On this program, you’ll dive head first into Costa Rica’s animal kingdom and its protected coastal habitats, and learn the ins and outs of the local ecosystem. Share your passion for wildlife conservation with the new friends you make in your group and in the community, and work together with conservationists who are striving to protect sea turtles for the next generation. Spring break will never be the same!

Community Service Every day, you’ll have a chance to make a difference in the lives of sea turtles and their future population. Take to local beaches and participate in clean-up efforts, removing debris that can ensnare young hatchlings making their way to the sea. You’ll help local partners as they survey nesting sites and make sure they’re primed for mother sea turtles when they’re ready to nest! A big part of your service is raising community awareness of the challenges facing these animals in order to improve conservation efforts. Make signs that notify community members of protected nesting areas, and help educate local children on the importance of keeping the coast clean in order to preserve native habitat.

Hands-On Learning This Spring Break, discover how events as global as climate change and as local as trash buildup and boating collisions affect the habitat of native wildlife, particularly for sea turtles. Listen as local speakers and conservationists describe their strategies for protecting the turtles and their hatchlings. Take some time to relax and celebrate the traditional Costa Rican Caribbean way— this is Spring Break, after all! From Calypso dance class

to enjoying Afro-caribbean influenced dishes, you’ll have experiences that make you feel like a local.

Adventure Cruise through the mangroves and spot sloths, monkeys and exotic birds in stunning nature. Living by the beach, you’ll also have time to explore the coast and observe the animals you share your coastal home with. And no Costa Rican spring break adventure would be complete without ziplining—soar through the jungle canopy and experience the rainforest on an adventure you’ll never forget. Cap your best week off with a farewell dinner of delicious food, music and dance!

Lodging Ecolodge | Home Base, your home-away-from-home, is just a short walk to the Caribbean Sea. Students stay in gender-segregated rooms with Western-style bathrooms and cold-water showers.

 8-DAY PROGRAM March 3 - March 10 March 10 - March 17 March 17 - March 24 March 24 - March 31 March 31 - April 7 April 7 - April 14

 Duration: 8 days  Tuition: $1,999  Service Hours: 20

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Cultural OdysseyTM Volunteer and support art projects, which benefit urban families Experience live music, museums and colorful street art in Old Havana Zipline over the Viùales biosphere reserve Relax on Cayo Levisa, a beach on the Cuban keys Gain insight into Cuba’s complex history and culture Learn about food sustainability on an eco-farm experience


In complex Cuba, music pours out of open windows, natural beauty abounds and social issues are solved through art.


Cuba offers a glimpse into another era, as if everything here was put on pause several decades ago. Sixty years of isolation has resulted in a preserved culture where the streets feel like they’ve just begun to come alive again—with music, art, delicious food, and an aging yet still vibrant colonial cityscape. In Havana, volunteer within a community of artists and learn about the country’s complex history. Walk through intimate cobblestoned plazas, get to know historians and artists and feel the survivalist spirit of a population that has endured two independence wars. In true “odyssey” style, encounter diverse characters and lifestyles as you traverse modern-day Cuba, from rural Viñales to idyllic Playa Larga.

Community Service Enduring economic hardship and a general lack of resources, the youth of Havana’s barrios began dropping out of school when urban decay took hold in the “Special Period,” a euphemism for the extended period of economic crisis in the 1990s. In the midst of the community’s struggle, a public art center called Muraleando was formed. Today, Muraleando is a hub for creativity as well as a gathering center that provides resources for local children and adults. Volunteer side-by-side with community members on diverse projects here. In the countryside of Viñales, volunteer at the social enterprise Finca Paraiso, which is part organic farm and part family-run restaurant.

Hands-On Learning Your journey will peel back layers of Cuba’s culture and history to reveal a diverse heritage, evolving international relations, ongoing social projects, efforts to enhance sustainability and a modern healthcare system. Go on a “conservation tour” of Havana, where you’ll visit the Office of the Historian, a government branch that consciously works to preserve culturally significant art and architecture, and sponsors social projects for Cuban citizens. Travel to the nautical city of Cienfuegos, a UNESCO

World Heritage Site that has overcome a contentious colonial history, and Playa Giron, one of two landing sites where forces from the failed Bay of Pigs invasion first made landfall.

Adventure In addition to history-infused Havana, visit Cuba’s breathtaking beaches and forest-covered mountains. As you travel across the island to Cienfuegos, Viñales and Playa Larga, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a combination of outdoor activities: swim in a natural turquoise cenote, zipline over limestone mogotes, explore an underground cave by boat, and hike to breathtaking views of Viñales’ “Valley of Silence.” Enjoy the postcard-like beauty of the Cuban Keys with a day trip to Cayo Levisa, where you’ll get to snorkel and play volleyball on a white-sand beach.

Lodging Exclusive hotel block | On this Cultural Odyssey, students will spend time in a variety of destinations across Cuba. Each Home Base will be at a unique, locally-owned hotel. Students will share rooms with roommates, typically with ensuite bathrooms, and enjoy communal meals as a group. Accommodations are basic, but clean and safe.

 12-DAY PROGRAM June 10 - June 21 June 24 - July 5 July 8 - July 19 July 22 - August 2

 Duration: 12 days  Tuition: $4,399  Service Hours: 10

 Link it to » PERU Service Through the Lens (pg. 68)

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Culture in FocusTM Go on photo tours of Havana’s street scenes and hidden gems Participate in workshops and image reviews with local photographers Photograph landscapes on the Viñales biosphere reserve Volunteer and support art projects benefiting urban families Create work for a photo contest and expo at program’s end Snorkel off a beach in the Cuban keys


Capture and tell the stories of this small but resilient island in the Caribbean Sea.


From dawn to past midnight, street life in Havana is a ballet in constant motion, alive with the pulse of the island’s rich culture. Against this dramatic backdrop we meet the gracious people of Cuba and learn to see more deeply. There is a difference between looking and seeing: To look is commonplace. To see is a gift. As photographers, truly seeing begins with the desire to explore your surroundings with sensitivity and playfulness, and learning to use your camera as a tool on this journey of discovery. Venture out to specially selected locations to meet the Cuban people and tell the stories of presentday Cuba: Dance studios, private homes, bustling Havana neighborhoods and rural Viñales provide wonderful photographic backdrops and opportunities to meet Cubans from all walks of life.

Community Service Extend a hand of friendship to Cuban residents when you spend time immersed in their communities, learning about restoration and social projects taking place in Old Havana. Visit Muraleando, a community art organization that, in its two-and-a-half years of existence, has managed to physically transform a struggling barrio into a People’s Art Gallery. The changes are spiritual as well: A sense of belonging has developed where residents now feel empowered to solve problems with their own efforts. In the countryside of Viñales, volunteer at the social enterprise Finca Paraiso, which is part organic farm, part family-run restaurant.

Hands-On Learning Venture off the tourist path on “photo safaris” to explore the little-known and less-traveled backstreets of Havana and its fascinating neighborhoods. Learn how slowing down allows visual artists to perceive color and form in a given scene, and how this increased awareness can lay the foundation for the creative response that leads to making memorable photographs. Share lectures, demonstrations, assignments and supportive image reviews with Cuban photographers. These experts will offer ad-

vice and tips for working in the field as you practice your ability to use light and develop your skills.

Adventure In addition to the photography itself, Cuba’s music, dance, architectural marvels, stunning natural landscapes—and, most of all, its spirited and gracious people—are all important focus areas of this program. Take salsa dancing lessons and find opportunities to capture the complex and exhilarating world of traditional and contemporary art here. Horseback ride in Viñales and witness its unique limestone domes, called mogotes. Enjoy the postcard-like beauty of the Cuban Keys with a day trip to Cayo Levisa, where you’ll get to snorkel and play volleyball on a white-sand beach.

Lodging Exclusive hotel block | Home Base will be at a restored, locally-owned hotel in Havana. Students will share rooms with roommates, typically with ensuite bathrooms, and enjoy communal meals as a group. Accommodations are basic, but clean and safe.

 10-DAY PROGRAM June 27 - July 6 July 9 - July 18 July 21 - July 30

 Duration: 10 days  Tuition: $3,999  Service Hours: 10

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Building a Sustainable World™ Work on innovative projects building homes and schools out of recycled materials Meet local leaders and NGOs working in sustainability Explore topics of environmental conservation and natural resource management Tour the city of Santo Domingo Go on a river rafting trip in Jarabacoa Go for a boat ride and snorkel in crystal blue waters


Volunteer on critical homebuilding projects for Dominican families while learning to address some of humanity’s greatest challenges.


Pull on your work gloves—this program will immerse you in hands-on, humanitarian projects for underserved communities. Beyond its resorts, endless beaches and reputation as a Caribbean vacation island, the Dominican Republic is truly complex. Living on the country’s southern coast, a pristine and untouched region far off the tourist track, you’ll be introduced to grassroots leaders who are making great progress on sustainable solutions to combat social and environmental issues

Community Service


Slow development and vulnerability to extreme weather means volunteers are needed on all fronts. You’ll dedicate most of your time to community infrastructure projects, learning to construct “bottle buildings,” which are part of an innovative, ongoing project that provides safer housing options for rural Dominican families. Bottle building construction turns used plastic bottles into a highly insulating, robust, affordable building material, which simultaneously tackles issues of unemployment, waste and lack of housing. To alleviate local health issues, you might also work on organic food production systems or other sustainable agriculture projects. Your extensive service will make a true difference to the community and bring global issues into your worldview.

Unspoiled destinations await your exploration in the Dominican Republic, including miles of coastline and lush jungles where you’ll hike and go river rafting. Explore the colonial architecture of Santo Domingo, and visit a town on the border of Haiti, where a bustling market is both an opportunity to shop for crafts and to learn about lingering social issues between the two cultures. Join the Dominicans for a memorable, locals-only meal, with an outing to the restaurant La Boca, a rustic, hidden gem located where the river meets the sea. Accessible by jungle cruise only, this outing will provide adventure and a memorable meal of freshly caught seafood.

Hands-On Learning Explore various topics in sustainable development: Through service work and nightly seminars, learn how crucial environmental conservation and resource management are to the survival of humanity. Witness firsthand how goals to eradicate poverty and discrimination can either come to fruition or be challenged by social systems. Discuss your experiences in depth, and compare what you see to preconceptions you might have had about the developing world. You’ll also explore vibrant Dominican culture through music, dance and food.

Lodging Ecolodge | Home Base is a rustic ecolodge built from local materials in the style of the Taíno people. The beach is just a short walk away, and students have access to a swimming pool onsite. Students will share rooms with roommates, and have Western-style bathrooms with cold-water showers. Food will be healthy and locally sourced, including meats, beans, rice, vegetables and fresh fruit.

 21-DAY PROGRAM June 14 - July 4 July 8 - July 28

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $4,999  Service Hours: 60

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International Development InitiativeTM Through fieldwork and discussions, examine global challenges and innovative ways of solving them Shadow leaders of international development organizations Assist a local NGO with running community surveys Learn to evaluate NGOs based on their ethics, effectiveness and sustainability Gain exposure to career paths in global development and human rights Live in a rustic ecolodge, steps from a Caribbean beach


Go behind the scenes of international development and learn from passionate leaders about how to tackle global issues.


Designed for students who have an interest in global development and human rights, this program gives a behind-the-scenes look at organizations working to solve the world’s most complex issues. Examine the systems in place, and ask yourself: Whom do they actually serve? Through shadowing local NGOs, you’ll gain a toolkit for addressing these social issues while developing lifelong skills for leadership and community development. Meet inspiring leaders and peers, and challenge yourself to convert your passion into sustainable action.

Community Service In the Dominican Republic, you’ll go beyond typical community service activities and support NGOs with both volunteering and fieldwork. Support ongoing development initiatives led by organizations currently working to innovate clean water access, food security, public health, environmental protection, education, small business support, women’s empowerment or microfinance. You’ll be expected to interact with Dominican communities and conduct several community diagnostics—an important step in identifying and planning for needs before taking action. Follow models developed by the Peace Corps, United Nations, 7 Elements and more.

Hands-On Learning A combination of community-led fieldwork and nightly discussions will give you a foundation for understanding how NGOs and international development organizations work. Responsible management, ethical leadership and transparency are highly important in global development—learn to evaluate groups based on their ethics, effectiveness, sustainability and intervention approach. You’ll become familiar with the Human Security Diagnostic model, which surveys groups and individuals to determine the best plan of action going forward. Develop reporting procedures and your own community

engagement plan to tackle challenges of injustice or resource insecurity.

Adventure Understand your local community by playing where they play—in the natural reserves and national parks of this beautiful island nation. Visit the 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua, where you can take a thrilling plunge into the pools below. Explore a complex of caves, blue lagoons and lush tropical vegetation in Los Tres Ojos National Park. You’ll also explore the “Colonial Zone,” Santo Domingo’s historic central neighborhood, and participate in a chocolatemaking workshop. No matter how you experience it, the Dominican Republic is a stunning home that deserves your protection.

Lodging Ecolodge | Home Base is a rustic ecolodge built from local materials in the style of the Taíno people. The beach is just a short walk away, and students have access to a swimming pool onsite. Students will share rooms with roommates, and have Western-style bathrooms with cold-water showers. Food will be healthy and locally sourced, including meats, beans, rice, vegetables and fresh fruit.

 21-DAY PROGRAM July 5 - July 25

 Duration: 21 days  Tuition: $5,199  Service Hours: 45

+ 1 858 771 0645



Caribbean Service Adventure Build safer homes and community centers for underserved families Hike Mt. Brisón to a remote village and learn about daily life on the mountain Snorkel in the Caribbean among multi-colored fish Hike through the island’s lush interior Swim in the natural caves and cenotes of Lago Dudu


Appreciate the beauty of the island and its people, and be a part of the solution to end its poverty.


Riding along rural byways past coconut sellers and corner stores blasting merengue, you’ll take in the island’s lush interior and idyllic ocean vistas. To most visitors, the Dominican Republic is a travel destination famous for its resorts, but go beyond the capital and you’ll discover that much of the country is distinctly rural, and true beauty lies in everyday village scenes where local hospitality can be appreciated. Volunteer with families who have shown grace and resilience in the face of natural disasters and political unrest, and learn the challenges they still face in accessing basic human necessities. You’ll find that the allure of the island becomes almost secondary to the warm spirit and strength of the Dominican people.

Community Service Beyond its beach resorts lies a very different Dominican Republic—still beautiful, but full of need. Much of the DR isn’t developed sufficiently, revealing gaps where volunteers are needed to accelerate initiatives for bettering life in underserved neighborhoods. Projects focus on constructing community buildings, safer homes and schools using sustainable building materials and methods. Depending on the time of your arrival, you might also tackle other ongoing projects, such as ensuring families have access to a clean water supply and safe cooking methods, and planting trees for reforestation.

indigenous, African and European—through music, dance and everyday community life.

Adventure Hundreds of miles of coastline define the DR—some of it white-sand beaches, other parts lined with dramatic cliffs. Ride a boat over clear, warm water and learn about delicate marine ecosystems while snorkeling. You’ll also visit a beautiful ecological park, Lago Dudu, where you can explore mystical blue cenotes and swim in a natural cave. In the lush, rural interior of the DR, hike Mt. Brisón to a remote village and learn about daily life on the mountain.

Hands-On Learning


Sustainable development is crucial for all civilizations in our changing world. Through your service work and nightly seminars, you’ll learn in depth about how communities come together to take collective action against shared issues: poverty, climate change, lack of quality healthcare and education, discrimination and more. You’ll discuss what makes solutions sustainable, and how to implement them for lasting success in developing countries. Participate in vibrant Dominican culture—a mix of

Ecolodge | Home Base is a rustic ecolodge built from local materials in the style of the Taíno people. The beach is just a short walk away, and students have access to a swimming pool onsite. Students will share rooms with roommates, and have Western-style bathrooms with cold-water showers. Food will be healthy and locally sourced, including meats, beans, rice, vegetables and fresh fruit.

 10-DAY PROGRAM June 11 - June 20 June 23 - July 2 July 5 - July 14 July 17 - July 26 July 29 - August 7

 Duration: 10 days  Tuition: $2,399  Service Hours: 20

 Link it to » HAITI Global Health Initiative (pg. 118) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Sports Service Adventure (pg. 110)

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Global Health Initiative™ Gain fieldwork experience that will introduce you to public health and medicine Work with public health professionals on addressing health access issues Discuss the intersection of global health with political, economic and environmental systems Work on ongoing water and sanitation projects Go for a boat ride and snorkel in crystal blue waters Swim in the natural caves and cenotes of Lago Dudu


Provide medical, educational and development support to rural Dominican communities—all crucial pieces of the public health puzzle.


A primer for studying medicine or public health, this university-level program is designed to give a progressive experience—you’ll challenge your preconceptions of health with new experiences, and receive guidance from attending medical and public health professionals. Learn about seven of the critical elements that create the spectrum in which healthcare is dramatically affected, and gain field experience in delivering health and medical support to Barahona, a region of the Dominican Republic where thousands of people live in poverty.

Community Service Health and poverty are strongly linked. The Dominican Republic’s poorest residents live in bateyes—marginalized settlements—in tin and cardboard shacks without potable water. Get your hands dirty as you work on WATSAN (Water and Sanitation) projects that slow the spread of infectious disease. Volunteer at health intervention programs, shadowing medical professionals as they provide pro-bono consultations to patients in at-risk communities. Ensure that mobile medical clinics operate smoothly by supporting setup and filing. Finally, knowledge is power, especially with staying healthy! Help educate youth and families on developing healthy habits.

Hands-On Learning This program is built around a curriculum designed by GLA’s local program partner, the 7 Elements foundation. You’ll learn through experiences in the field, and lectures and discussion at Home Base, that health doesn’t fall solely under the responsibility of doctors and nurses. Gain deep insight on how political, economic and environmental systems also intersect to create the vast global health spectrum. Shadow medical and public health

professionals and observe practices for providing health services on the ground in developing communities. Learn how community engagement is crucial to breaking the cycle of poverty and poor public health for good.

Adventure Hundreds of miles of coastline define the DR—some of it white-sand beaches, other parts lined with dramatic cliffs. Ride a boat over clear, warm water and learn about delicate marine ecosystems while snorkeling. You’ll also visit a beautiful ecological park, Lago Dudu, where you can explore mystical blue cenotes and swim in a natural cave. Spend a day at a local hangout spot, enjoying the fertile valleys and rivers near Home Base.

 14-DAY PROGRAM June 11 - June 24 June 27 - July 10 July 13 - July 26 July 29 - August 11

Lodging Ecolodge | Home Base is a rustic ecolodge built from local materials in the style of the Taíno people. The beach is just a short walk away, and students have access to a swimming pool onsite. Students will share rooms with roommates, and have Western-style bathrooms with cold-water showers. Food will be healthy and locally sourced, including meats, beans, rice, vegetables and fresh fruit.

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,799  Service Hours: 40

Link it to » HAITI Global Health Initiative (pg. 118) GALÁPAGOS Preserving Nature’s Wonders (pg. 62)

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Sports Service Adventure Try your hand at kiteboarding and surfing in Cabarete Refurbish community sports facilities in underserved neighborhoods Learn about the intersection of sports with health in developing countries Explore cenotes and swim in a natural cave Hike, slide, swim and jump your way down the 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua


Plunge into a mecca of action sports, from cliff diving to surfing to kiteboarding.


Get ready to work and play your heart out as you explore the Dominican Republic in two ways: through sports and service. Sports are a central part of Dominican culture, whether in the form of baseball, the most popular sport in the country today, or an action sport centered around the endless supply of palm-fringed beaches and warm, mild surf. Between volunteering with energetic local children and learning to harness the winds for a kiteboarding adventure, staying active this summer will be easy—and unforgettable.

Community Service Whether you’re a star athlete or simply a passionate hobbyist, a sports lover like you knows that the true power of the game lies in uniting communities, developing resilience, building confidence and inspiring healthy lifestyles. This is no truer in the Western world than it is in developing countries. In the Dominican Republic, you’ll work on physical projects to improve sports facilities for youth in at-risk communities—refurbish a local ballpark or basketball court, or help construct the new hangout for neighborhood youth. No matter your project, you’ll be building infrastructure that supports residents’ health and joy beyond their home and school lives. Take breaks during service to scrimmage and play pickup games with the local children. Try to keep up with their energy and passion!

Hands-On Learning How do sports, social conventions and community infrastructure all intersect to promote overall health in developing countries? Participate in workshops and discussions that answer this question and demonstrate how creating programs and structure for youth sports can truly strengthen communities everywhere. Take a day to hike Mt. Brisón to a remote village, and learn about the daily lives of families and children who reside on the mountain. This program takes an interdisciplinary approach to study-

ing communities, health and social issues through the lens of sports in the Dominican Republic.

Adventure For adrenaline junkies and outdoor adventurers, the north coast of the Dominican Republic is an endless playground. Swim in the blue cenotes of Lago Dudu and explore the 27 Waterfalls, taking a thrilling plunge into their crystal pools. And of course, visit Cabarete, known internationally as the Caribbean’s adventure-sports capital. Learn to paddle out on your surfboard, pop up and trim across gentle waves. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn introductory kiteboarding skills: This is an exhilarating sport that takes a lifetime to master, but with the help of a seasoned pro, you can try your luck on a real kite board.

Lodging Ecolodge | Home Base is a rustic ecolodge built from local materials in the style of the Taíno people. The beach is a short walk away, and students have access to a swimming pool onsite. Rooms accommodate up to six students, and have Western-style bathrooms and coldwater showers. Food will be healthy and locally sourced, including meats, beans, rice, vegetables and fresh fruit.

 14-DAY PROGRAM June 19 - July 2 July 5 - July 18 July 21 - August 3

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,599  Service Hours: 30

Link it to » COSTA RICA Surf & Sports Service Adventure (pg. 92) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Building a Sustainable World (pg. 102)

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Spring Break Service Adventure Choose to focus on one of two tracks: Global Health or Community Impact Implement sustainable development projects Explore freshwater lagoons and underwater caverns Snorkel over coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea Learn to dance merengue and bachata from Dominican locals


Meaningful service. Tropical countryside. This is Spring Break off the beaten path.


The Dominican Republic is home to the world’s most enchanting beaches and a dynamic local population. On this Spring Break program, you’ll have the opportunity to see beyond its well-known tourist destinations and work directly with rural communities. Learn the challenges Dominicans face to access daily necessities through a range of community service projects that promote healthier living and sustainable development. Participate in high-impact service while enjoying lively Caribbean culture and stunning natural surroundings, from coral reefs to palm-fringed beaches. When enrolling for this program, choose to focus on one of two tracks: Global Health, or Community Impact. The track you choose will determine the focus of your experience and your community service projects.

Community Service Global Health Track Visit a number of community projects that will expose you to healthcare implementation in developing countries. Gain field experience by helping set up a rural pop-up clinic, where community members can go to have various health checkups and assessments done. Shadow members of a medical brigade at a skills training session, and work on a water filter or sanitation project, which target some of the leading causes of poor health. Community Impact Track Work on constructing “bottle buildings,” part of an innovative, ongoing project that provides safer housing options for rural Dominican families. Bottle building construction turns used plastic bottles into a highly insulating, robust, affordable building material, which simultaneously tackles issues of unemployment, waste and lack of housing. You might work on building a family home, school, clinic or other community building.

Hands-On Learning The Dominican Republic has a rich culture that combines African, indigenous and European traditions. Learn about the vibrant Dominican culture through

interactions with its lively merengue and bachata music, and conversation with locals living in the mountain villages and coastal communities. In addition, through service and evening seminars, you’ll gain a deep understanding of sustainability and how development can happen in harmony with the environment.

Adventure This program takes you away from the typical tourist resorts of the Dominican Republic and exposes you to regular life in a rural part of the country. Glide over the Caribbean on a boat ride and dive into the sea for snorkeling over multicolored coral and fish. You’ll also visit a beautiful ecological park, where you can explore mystical blue cenotes and swim in a natural cave.

Lodging Ecolodge | Home Base is a rustic ecolodge built from local materials in the style of the Taíno people. The beach is just a short walk away, and students have access to a swimming pool onsite. Students will share rooms with roommates, and have Western-style bathrooms with cold-water showers. Food will be healthy and locally sourced, including meats, beans, rice, vegetables and fresh fruit.

 8-DAY PROGRAM March 3 - March 10 March 10 - March 17 March 17 - March 24 March 24 - March 31 March 31 - April 7 April 7 - April 14

 Duration: 8 days  Tuition: $1,999  Service Hours: 20

+ 1 858 771 0645



French Caribbean Adventure Improve your French through language classes and local immersion Practice communicating in French daily with native speakers Volunteer on a marine biology project with the local Aquarium Teach English to children through a language exchange program Zipline through the tropical forest Shop for handicrafts at the local night market

Homestay Experience 8 days

Extend your stay while living with a local Guadeloupean family.

 Tuition:

Further improve your French skills with additional time with your native French teacher.

 Duration:

$1.399  Service Hrs: 15 Language Hrs: 20


Continue to work on service projects at the community garden and with local youth. Journey to the remote Îles des Saintes— Islands of the Saints—where you can swim and hike through unspoiled tropical beauty

Take your language skills to the next level on this French island, known as the “Pearl of the French Caribbean.”

Guadeloupe language PROGRAM

Part of the charm of Guadeloupe is that hardly anybody knows about it. Without a large international tourist presence, this French overseas territory sits pristinely in the Caribbean as home to diverse communities of European, Asian, African and indigenous descent. The atmosphere is heartfelt and colorful, with a French passion for cuisine and a Caribbean reverence for the surrounding natural environment. You’ll become a more confident French speaker—the official language here—through language courses and interaction with locals. Be prepared to dance to drum beats and enjoy Creole cooking, yet visit many a local pâtisserie. You are in France, after all!

Community Service With 77% of its territories classified as natural reserves, Guadeloupe is a prime destination for working on initiatives related to environmental sustainability. Work in a community garden that features over two hundred plant species and plays an important role in preserving the area’s natural heritage. This is an important site for community education on different farming methods and how we can sustainably produce food without causing harm to the environment. Help with an ecological project restoring mangroves in damaged areas, and finally, teach at an English camp for Guadeloupean children.

Hands-On Learning Studying French in Guadeloupe is the perfect way to jumpstart your language ability. Improve your French skills through classroom time and local immersion: In the classroom, dynamic instructors will lead you in a language course designed to develop independence and confidence while communicating in French. You’ll also get to practice speaking and comprehension while interacting with friendly locals during community service. While you’re here, experience a mix of French culture

with a Creole twist, and learn about Guadeloupe’s own unique respect for its flora and fauna.

Adventure Guadeloupe is dotted with old forts and colonial homes, while local markets burst with color and activity. Enjoy these cultural sites, and then explore the lush tropical forest: Hike to the Le Carbet waterfalls, snorkel off the island’s coast and go ziplining. Take a cooking class and traditional music workshop, experiencing the AfroCaribbean beats that give Guadeloupe its special character. On our 21-day Flagship Program, visit Habitation La Grivelière, a beautiful coffee plantation, hike the Le Soufrière volcano and spend a day at the beach.

Lodging Enclosed compound | Home Base is located in the town of Le Gosier at a cozy hostel. Students will share rooms with roommates and have access to Westernstyle bathrooms. Meals will be served in a common area and typically consist of meats, rice, vegetables and fruit prepared Creole style.


 15-DAY


July 7 - July 28

July 7 - July 21

 Duration: 22 days  Tuition: $5,499  Service Hours: 65

 Duration: 15 days  Tuition: $3,999  Service Hours: 45 Language Hours: 45

Language Hours: 65

+ 1 858 771 0645



Children of the MayaTM Teach English at a Maya school Journey across sacred Lake Atitlรกn Attend a ceremony with a Maya shaman Explore ancient archaeological ruins Shop at the largest indigenous craft market in the hemisphere Zipline through the mountains of Guatemala


With its volcano-studded landscape and ancient Maya culture, Guatemala promises adventure and the opportunity to make a mark on education.


Known for its indigenous culture, colorful Maya heritage and mountainous landscape, Guatemala promises adventure for any traveler. You’ll find incredibly warm local residents who are proud to share their ancient traditions and some of the world’s most beautiful natural and historic sites. This program is based in Xela (pronounced “shay-lah”)—a local nickname for the vibrant town of Quetzaltenango. With very little English spoken in the region, volunteers are welcome to take leadership roles in their classrooms, both through teaching and constructing school facilities. You’ll get to know the Xelaju people as you plant important seeds for the community’s future in education.

Community Service Spend your days in Xela becoming fully plugged into the local primary school and surrounding community, volunteering as an English teacher to the Maya children or helping construct a library, classrooms and other school facilities. You’ll have the opportunity to creatively develop and deliver lesson plans, play games with the children during recess, and work with organizations committed to improving school grounds and beautifying community facilities. As you spend time volunteering, you’ll also learn about social issues that affect Maya youth today.

Hands-On Learning Living and volunteering daily in rural Guatemala will begin to shed light on key issues unique to this country, such as access to quality education, and the challenge of preserving indigenous culture in the modern world. Meet with grassroots leaders to hear directly about how they continue to celebrate their ancient heritage in the face of globalization. To truly immerse yourself in the culture here, meet a local shaman who will teach you about cosmology. Learn from master artisans about traditional

arts such as weaving, and visit a chocolate museum and organic coffee plantation—complete with samples!

Adventure Xela is located near many of Guatemala’s cultural and natural treasures. You’ll explore the famous archaeological ruins at Iximche, hike to Laguna Chicabal at the base of a volcano, and also zipline against the region’s lush, mountainous landscape. To get a taste of city life, you’ll venture to Antigua, a colonial masterpiece that boasts gorgeous architecture, pastel alleys and cobblestone streets. For a weekend excursion, you’ll spend a night at the sacred Lake Atitlán and visit the bustling Chichicastenango market, the largest Maya craft market in the world.

Lodging Enclosed compound | The GLA Home Base is a lodge in the heart of Xela offering students a peaceful escape. Students live in gender-segregated rooms with 2-4 bunk beds per room, depending on the size of the rooms. Bathrooms are shared and showers have hot water. The Home Base is quaint and provides groups with a strong sense of community.

 14-DAY PROGRAM June 19 - July 2 July 5 - July 18 July 21 - August 3 July 7 - July 20

 Duration: 14 days  Tuition: $3,499  Service Hours: 30

 Link it to » BELIZE Initiative for Children (pg. 76) COSTA RICA The Initiative for Children (pg. 80)

+ 1 858 771 0645



Global Health Initiative™ Assist local health and medical professionals Help upgrade a clean water system for the local community Meet NGO leaders working to address malnutrition Visit Citadelle Laferrière, an iconic fortress and UNESCO World Heritage Site Decompress with an ocean swim at one of Haiti’s beautiful Caribbean beaches


See the full spectrum of healthcare in the developing world, from addressing social challenges to shadowing medical practitioners.


A primer for studying public health or medicine, this university-level program is designed to give a progressive experience: You’ll challenge your preconceptions of how public health is implemented, work to help improve access to clean water in schools, assist local doctors and health professionals in the field, and think critically about how to solve crises of health insecurity in both rural and urban communities. Enjoy Haiti’s old soul, its vibrant art, music and culture, plus a stunning landscape of beaches and mountains easily rivaling the natural beauty found anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Community Service Haiti’s public health challenges stem largely from infrastructural weaknesses and other social issues. Therefore, we’ll spend some time assisting medical practitioners, but also work to address society’s larger, health-related concerns: unsafe housing, lack of educational infrastructure, food shortages, proliferation of waterborne diseases and more. You’ll spend 4-5 days helping construct a permanent shelter using innovative bottle-building techniques, upgrade clean water systems for a school, and have the special opportunity to shadow local doctors providing pro bono consultations to at-risk communities. Your efforts will help to increase the overall efficiency of the clinics and help provide healthcare services that otherwise might not be accessible.

come on board to help solve the issue through sustainable food production and business practices. We’ll also visit bustling markets and spiritual sites to experience Haiti’s culture and communities as the locals do.

Adventure The world’s only successful slave rebellion happened right here in Haiti, and the music, art and culture that came with it make daily life entirely unique. The mountaintop Citadelle Laferrière is a key landmark remaining from the rebellion, a symbolic fortress that commands the jungle and farmland below. Hike through villages and the Sans-Souci Palace ruins to arrive at this UNESCO World Heritage site and marvel at the view around you. On our program’s last day, we’ll visit one of Haiti’s many beautiful beaches for a day of sunshine and relaxation.

Hands-On Learning


When you’re not doing community service in the field, you’ll get to meet with local medical and health organizations, visit historic sites and learn about Haitian culture. Take a walking tour of a major NGO facility in Haiti, where teams are working to treat acute malnutrition. Learn from local farmers and companies that have also

Enclosed compound | Home Base is located on the north side of the island, at a gated, cozy hostel tucked away in a Haitian town. Students will sleep in bunks, share rooms with three to four roommates and have access to ensuite bathrooms with Western style toilets and cold-water showers. Meals will be served in a common area and consist of meats, beans, rice, vegetables and fruit. This Home Base is exclusively used by GLA students and staff.

 10-DAY PROGRAM June 12 - June 21 June 24 - July 3 July 10 - July 19 July 26 - August 4

 Duration: 10 days  Tuition: $ 3,199  Service Hours: 30

 Link it to » PERU Foundations of Global Health (pg. 66) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Global Health Initiative (pg. 108)

+ 1 858 771 0645



Featured in

my GLA trip completely

changed the course of my life

Sarah Stubbs Hometown: Decatur, GA Education: University of Georgia, Class of ‘18 Traveled with GLA to: Dominican Republic Interests and Passions: Majoring in Public Health, with a concentration in Global Health Making an Impact: Founded Filters for Families


Sarah, like most high school students, didn’t start out with a master plan for her future. Instead, she started with something much more common: a Google search. She came across the page for Global Leadership Adventures and she was hooked. “I saw pictures of adorable Haitian children holding hands with American teens, and all of a sudden I wanted to be that teen. I wanted to help that Haitian child.” There was nothing that could stop her. She had that image of being the high school student saving the world in her head, and felt compelled to go. Then she actually went, and everything about her perspective changed. “Those kids and families ended up having a far greater impact on my life than I could have on theirs. The experience not only opened my eyes to the severity of issues around the world, but it also made me believe that I could make a difference.” The issue that stood out to her most? Access to clean drinking water, especially in refugee settlements. Sarah couldn’t even believe the true number of Haitian families who lacked clean water. While walking around Caraballo (a large Haitian refugee community within the DR) with Dr. Dave Addison, the country director for GLA’s programs there, Sarah and Dave ended up chatting with the mother of a family whose fifty-dollar water filter had “completely turned their health

and lives around.” When Sarah asked Dave how many people in the community had a water filter, his answer stunned her. “One.” Over a thousand people, and only one family owned a filter. Once she returned home, Sarah couldn’t get that out of her head. She had to do something. “These are human beings we’re talking about – human beings, just like me, who don’t have access to clean drinking water,” she said. “That is why I returned, and will continue to return, to the DR.” Sarah has now visited the Dominican Republic four times, including a six month period where she worked with Dr. Addison on a water filtration project, and has distributed 524 filters since beginning her initiative. She is also designing a study with the organization Filters for Families that will compare drinking water samples to the health status of community members. The data she collects on the impact of clean water can help to improve access to clean drinking water around the world. “My GLA trip completely changed the course of my life. I have not only found a major and career path thanks to my experiences in the DR, but I have found a passion.”

Read more stories from the field on GLA’s blog:


be part of

I want to

the change that introduces new systems

Kenneth Wah Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA Education: Diamond Bar High School Traveled with GLA to: Ghana Interests and Passions: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and building robots! MAKING AN IMPACT: Founded Robo Ghana

During the school year, Kenneth Wah is part of Walnut Valley Robotics, a competitive robotics team, which keeps him busy. As the end of his freshman year approached, he worried about having no summer plans. So, on a whim, he filled out an application for GLA’s Ghana: Children of Africa™ program. As Kenneth likes to tell it, “Even though I’ve been to many other countries, in 2014 I fell in love with Ghana.” When he returned, Kenneth had an idea: “What if I combined the two things I love—robotics and Ghana?” Kenneth returned to the country with GLA in 2015 to test out his idea, and then returned a second time in 2016 to dedicate his time to delivering a robotics education program in a local Ghanaian school. Using LEGO parts to design and construct robots, Kenneth designed his program to not just to teach how to build, but also to inspire creative thinking and complex problem-solv-

ing. “In Ghana, learning is centered around the textbook, and kids lack the hands-on.” Kenneth raised money to produce kits for the course, and focused on delivering hands-on education beyond the textbook. He saw instantly that the approach inspired curiosity and real learning. “The aha moment for the students was when they built [the robot] themselves, and programmed it on their own. My aha moment was when they got it, too… my real impact is to actually change lives, so generations after me can create.” Kenneth is now collaborating with school administrators who adopted his robotics curriculum, ensuring they carry the program onward even while he’s away. He says, “I would say traveling has totally altered my educational experience, as I had the ability to compare myself to those in Ghana, and think about what I could do to make a difference. The kids in the community changed my life.”

+ 1 858 771 0645


Our Global Team

Jessica Rose Miller

John Strand

Gustav Bernhardt

Executive Director A first-generation college graduate, Jessica has always had a passion for developing leaders and initiating personal change. Her love of international education and social entrepreneurship stems from studying and living abroad, and over a decade operating GLA programs.

Regional Director of International Programs, Asia With a BA in Psychology, an Master’s in International Relations and a TESOL Certificate, John’s passion for education is evident from his academic background. He also has over 15 years’ experience living and working abroad, the last 14 of these in Thailand.

Field Manager, ASIA Gustav left the corporate world to pursue his passion for traveling in the East and teaching in Thailand. He loves spending time getting to know the inhabitants of every country he visits and has run various youth groups, including Scout groups, for 20 years.

Carly Sullivan

Lisa Brancheau

Juan Carlos Soriano

Director of Program Operations Carly believes the world is our classroom and the most effective education is through experience. Since 2010, Carly has directed GLA programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. She is moved by the transformation that occurs when one extends beyond their borders.

Regional Director of International Programs, CENTRAL AMERICA Lisa is passionate about the transformative power of international service learning to foster crosscultural understanding. Lisa served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica and has been designing and implementing programs around the world for over a decade.

Field Manager, Peru Juan is a strong advocate for youth empowerment through experiential education. Born and raised in Peru, he attended the United World College in Canada and the College of the Atlantic. After living on four continents, he is back in Peru where he is happiest.

Korissa Zanrosso

Rudy Becker

Jose Pablo Ávila Arias

Director of Systems & Admissions Korissa uncovered a deep passion for education abroad while she studied in Mexico and Spain, leading her to work in tourism in Ecuador and the U.S. Korissa joined GLA in 2011 and enjoys leading a team of Enrollment Advisors who inspire teens around the world.

Regional Director of International Programs, SOUTH AMERICA Rudy is a proud Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. He has visited 37 countries and worked in fields of experiential program design, social justice and leadership development. He earned his M.A. in International Education from George Washington University.

FIELD MANAGER, COSTA RICA Jose Pablo has mentored GLA students in Costa Rica and Argentina and now oversees operations for programs in Costa Rica, as well as new program development. He believes traveling with GLA is a unique opportunity for students to build their personal journeys.

Ariel Moritz

Daniel Herrera

Megan McKinley

Regional Director of International Programs, Africa and Europe Ariel oversees the student experience and manages multinational staff in the Africa region and Spain. Originally from Philadelphia, Ariel earned her BA in Sociology and Politics from NYU. Her work has taken her to Turkey, India, Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina.

FIELD MANAGER, COSTA RICA Daniel grew up in San Carlos, Costa Rica. He studied Business and English in college, which led him to working with GLA as Field Manager for Costa Rica. He looks forward to meeting all the students who arrive for a life-changing experience each summer.

FIELD MANAGER, COSTA RICA Megan graduated with a degree in Global Studies and wrote her senior thesis about cross-cultural education as a form of empowerment for girls. As an alum of educational travel herself, Megan feels passionate about its transformative power.

Bridget McTaggart

Monica Vargas

Jackie Eash

Admissions Manager Bridget loves helping students find international experiences that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. During her five years with GLA, Bridget has worked on programs in Brazil, the D.R., Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ghana, Thailand and Tanzania.

Admissions Supervisor​ Monica is from Costa Rica and believes that learning by helping others is the most rewarding experience. That is why she loves being part of GLA. Monica loves to travel, experience new cultures and support programs that positively impact teens’ lives.

Regional Travel Specialist Jackie’s passion for travel began when she studied abroad in Madrid, Spain. A graduate from San Diego State University with a BA in Business Management, Jackie has spent several years visiting new countries and helping students plan trips around the world.

Hannah Shepherd

Sophie Rouhandeh

Brittany Raab

Admissions Manager A native Brit now living in San Diego, Hannah’s curiosity for exploring new cultures started at a young age. Having seen the passion GLA programs ignite in students, she is inspired to help the next generation grow into compassionate, innovative global citizens.

Assistant Admissions Manager Sophie strongly believes in opportunities for learning outside the classroom, and is excited to connect with students to encourage unique personal growth opportunities abroad. Sophie is graduate of Carleton College and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Regional Travel Coordinator Brittany earned her BA in Managerial and Organizational Communication at Point Loma Nazarene University, and studied abroad twice in college. Since then, Brittany has pursued work that allows her to lead, serve and inspire students around the world.

Jenica Pistone

Sarah Davidson

Nadine Hamilton

Admissions Manager Jenica graduated from the Univ. of Oregon and discovered her passion for travel while studying in Mexico. Having staffed programs in Peru, Thailand, China and Fiji, Jenica is in her fifth season with GLA and loves empowering students to travel with confidence.

REGIONAL TRAVEL SPECIALIST Sarah received her BA in Anthropology from UC Berkeley and has staffed GLA programs in Costa Rica, Ghana and the Galápagos. She has come to understand firsthand the value of experiences abroad, and is excited to help students prepare for their programs.

Regional Travel Coordinator Nadine works in GLA’s Costa Rica office and believes there is no better education than traveling. She studied Communication and Women’s & Gender Studies at The College of New Jersey. Nadine loves the outdoors, live music and learning about different cultures.

Jonathan Noe

Ros Galati

Sydney Baumeister

Admissions Supervisor Born in Costa Rica and raised in Orange County, California, Jonathan has served and volunteered with many diverse groups. He studied at California State University Fullerton, and is now back in Costa Rica, where he works as an Admissions Supervisor.

Regional Travel Specialist Ros has studied abroad in Japan and Italy, taught English in Costa Rica and traveled to 42 countries. Hailing from the land down under, Ros believes one should never pass up an opportunity to travel; they may just discover their calling along the way.

Regional Travel Coordinator Sydney experienced the transformative power of cross-cultural education when she studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain. This ignited her passion for empowering others to travel and grow. She currently works for GLA in Costa Rica and loves every minute of it!

+ 1 858 771 0645



Karen Drazba

Mary Gannon

Adrienne Theune

Enrollment Specialist & Events Strategist Karen has been jetsetting across the blue pebble and sharing her passion for adventure travel with students for years. Traveling with a purpose is a genuine passion of hers. Born in Chicago, Karen received her BS in Marketing in sunny California.

Enrollment SPECIALIST Mary is a native San Diegan. Growing up she loved to explore, and has now been to more than 20 countries (and counting!). Mary believes that educational travel gives people a unique confidence to achieve their dreams!

Enrollment Advisor Born in Thailand and raised in Colorado, Adrienne has always had an interest in traveling and the great outdoors. As an AmeriCorps alum and graduate with a Global Tourism degree, Adrienne is excited to combine her passions at GLA this year.

Ali Zimmerman

Sydney Miller

Ali Berman

Enrollment SPECIALIST Ali received her BS in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration from Cal Poly University. During college, she studied abroad in Costa Rica and fell in love with travel. Ali is excited to help teens find their own life-changing experiences abroad.

Enrollment SPECIALIST Sydney believes the future depends upon people being thoughtful global citizens, and that traveling abroad is one of the best ways to achieve this. She earned her BA from Oregon State University and has traveled throughout Europe, Latin America, and Tanzania.

Enrollment Advisor Ali has degrees in Biology, Biotechnology and Chinese from Tufts University. She fell in love with traveling after studying abroad in Beijing, and has since explored 40 countries. Ali is excited to share her passion for cultural immersion with students.

Chenoa King

Vinny Zanrosso

Ashley Wallace

Enrollment SPECIALIST Chenoa began traveling when she was 5, which fed her desire to see more of the world. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Anthropology and Dance. She is passionate about GLA’s mission and has staffed programs in Tanzania and Thailand.

Enrollment SPECIALIST Vinny firmy believes that international experiences have the power to transform lives. His passion for travel has led him on journeys in 17 countries. He is enthusiastic about inspiring the next generation to be the change and grow into caring global citizens.

Enrollment Advisor Ashley has a degree in Sociology from the University of Washington. She has a strong passion for travel and education, and believes that we learn the most about ourselves through travel. She fell in love with travel on a GLA program as a high school junior.

Joseph Jezak

Aaron Nichols

Bridget Markham

Enrollment SPECIALIST Joseph earned his BA in Psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University, and fell in love with travel while studying in Thailand. Now in his second season with GLA, Joseph is excited to continue seeing students grow and become the next generation of leaders.

Enrollment Advisor

Enrollment Advisor Originally from New Jersey, Bridget graduated from Pennsylvania State University with degrees in Journalism and Spanish, and minors in Art History and International Studies. She studied abroad in Spain and is excited to inspire the next generation of leaders.

Aaron Nichols graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Kinesiology. He has worked in various fields, including 9 months as an Au Pair in Spain! He is beyond excited to help inspire teens to make this world a better place.

Daphne Cottrell

Jenny Hamilton

Miguel Santa Maria

Enrollment Advisor Daphne is a San Diego-born, selfproclaimed burrito connoisseur. With a BA in film production, she sees the world through the rule of thirds and loves natural lighting. She thinks traveling is the best thing you can do, and never goes anywhere without a swimsuit.

Enrollment Advisor Jenny earned her BA in Spanish Language & Literature from Grand Valley State University, with minors in International Business and Latin American Studies. She studied abroad in Spain, Costa Rica and Brazil, and encourages others to learn through adventure.

Enrollment Advisor

Fehintola Abioye

Jess Bolton

Shannon Conway

Enrollment Advisor Fehintola has always had a passion for travel and even attended a GLA program to Guatemala back in high school. She has a degree in International Relations & Anthropology from Tufts University, and is eager to inspire teens to see all that the world has to offer.

Enrollment Advisor

Enrollment Advisor

Jess graduated from Miami University with a BS in Kinesiology & Health. She realized her passion for globally conscious citizenship while studying Social Justice in Fiji. Jess participated in GLA programs in Costa Rica and the D.R. in high school.

Shannon is from Boston, MA, and graduated from High Point University with a BA in Human Relations. She studied abroad in South Africa, and is passionate about empowering students to travel and realize their leadership potential.

Hannah Stump

Libby Edgar

Tucker Gino

Enrollment Advisor Originally from San Diego, Hannah graduated from Sonoma State University with a BA in Global Studies, with a concentration in Global Environmental Policy. Traveling internationally since age 15, Hannah has incredible passion for learning about new cultures.

Enrollment Advisor Libby graduated from Miami University with degrees in Public Administration and Spanish. She studied abroad in Spain and Thailand, which sparked her love of travel and interest in the global community. She looks forward to helping students experience the world.

Enrollment Advisor

Jamie Javelona

Mary Beattie

Tyler Folsom

Enrollment Advisor

Enrollment Advisor

Enrollment Advisor

Jamie was born in the Philippines, grew up in Hong Kong and moved to San Diego at 18 years old. With a passion for both business and travel, he’s a perfect combination of the two at GLA and hopes to inspire his love of adventure in others.

Mary is a coffee-loving Chicago native with passion for adventure, service, and travel. She is excited to be working in Costa Rica and helping students have life-changing experiences like she did as a student on GLA’s Guatemala and Tanzania programs.

Tyler was born and raised in Southern California and graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a double major in Environmental and Global Studies. He is excited to help others discover and develop their love for travel, as well as their love for the world!

Miguel grew up in Los Angeles, California, and graduated with a degree in Economics from Fordham University in New York City. He went on a GLA program to Costa Rica in high school, and is very excited to return as a staff member.

Tucker grew up on the coast of Massachusetts, and has a passion for educating others on different cultures around the world. His hobbies include skateboarding, skiing and music. He has played the upright bass, electric bass and ukulele for over ten years.

+ 1 858 771 0645


Meet with a GLA representative in your area. Meeting GLA staff and alumni in person and chatting face to face is one of the best ways to learn more about our programs. This winter and spring, we’ll be attending and hosting events all across the country. Come meet us in: Andover, MA

Los Angeles, CA

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Visit for the most complete and up-to-date list. We’re constantly adding events, Open Houses and webinar dates to our lineup! Don’t see your location, or can’t make it to an event?

Visit to register for an interactive webinar or call +1 858-771-0645 to arrange a virtual meeting with a GLA staffer.


Our Expectations Be present

Our mission at GLA is “to inspire the next generation to realize their potential to transform the world and their role in it.” To that end, we expect GLA students to maintain high standards of personal behavior and to be open-minded. The culture will be different, sometimes shockingly so. GLA will challenge students as they are expected to work hard and be present physically and mentally for all activities. They will get hot, dirty and bug-bitten along the way, but their contribution will transform the community. The goal is for each student to return home with a life-changing experience.

Zero tolerance

GLA has a zero-tolerance policy towards drugs, alcohol, tobacco and disruptive behavior. Those who violate or are suspected of violating this policy will be immediately dismissed from the program at the sole discretion of GLA staff.

Community-led experiences

GLA makes every effort to offer well-thought-out programs crafted for high school students. Detailed planning and exhaustive communication with partners are indispensable parts of our program development process. Occasionally, however, service and activities are adjusted from session to session, due to weather, changing needs of our local community partners and various cultural celebrations and customs. GLA makes every effort to communicate adjustments to students and families with advance notice.


GLA is not a therapy program. Our staff are highly skilled, professional, caring and fun, but they are not licensed therapists. GLA programs can be physically and emotionally demanding, and applicants should be in good physical and mental health.

Need more information to enroll?

How to Apply


Here are several ways for you to learn more about our programs.

Visit our online application portal.



Hold your space in the program of your choice. Make your program selection and complete the Contact Information section. Submitting the deposit and application fee using our secure online system (Visa or MasterCard) holds your spot on the program as you complete the remaining steps of the application. You may also mail a check to Global Leadership Adventures or call +1 858-771-0645 during office hours to pay by phone.

Complete the online application. Part of the application process is for you to reflect on yourself as an applicant. Complete a brief series of short answer essay questions and a self-evaluation, which help us get to know your motivation for going on a service-learning program abroad. This also ensures that your interests are aligned with what the program offers. Finally, complete a medical questionnaire, which helps us prepare to accommodate for pre-existing conditions, food allergies and other safety- and health-related considerations.

Refund Policy

A completed application includes:

- Application fee

- Deposit

- Short answer essay questions

- Self-evaluation

- Signed agreement forms

- Medical Questionnaire

We review completed applications in two business days, and notify students of final decisions by email. If you do not have access to a computer, please contact us for an application to be mailed or faxed to you.

Up to five months prior to program start date: all but the application fee is refundable. Four months prior: 75% of total program fee is refundable. Three month prior: 50% of total program fee is refundable. Two months prior: 25% of total program fee is refundable. Less than two months prior: none of the program fee is refundable. Prior to April 1, students can change sessions (dates, program, countries) at no additional fee. Beginning April 1, there is a $50 fee to change your session (dates, program, countries).

Call OR TEXT +1 858-771-0645 Our year-round office staff and Enrollment Specialists have been on all our programs, and are always available to answer your questions and help find the perfect program.

CHAT WITH US Live Chat is available outside normal office hours. Visit our homepage on a laptop or desktop computer to chat.

Attend an EVENT or Webinar At any event, open house, summer opportunity fair or webinar, you can talk directly with GLA staff or alumni who will share their experiences and answer questions.

CONNECT WITH GLA‘S SOCIAL COMMUNITY Join our country-specific Facebook Groups to connect with former and future GLA students. View photos and videos, and seek peer advice on your program of interest: facebook

REQUEST AN ITINERARY Call us or email info@ to request a day-by-day itinerary and have specific questions answered.

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PHOTO CREDITS: Kit Oates, Xiao Li Tan, Mike Francis, Joris Skudra, Amy Montalvo, Evan Mihalakakos, Jourdyn Tamaray, Emily Bates, Ke’ala Barnard, Livy Wood, Will Nadan, Selin Dogan, Walker Voichick, James Mac and a collection of other GLA students, local partners and staff members. CATALOG DESIGN AND GRAPHICS: Carol della Croce CATALOG PRODUCTION TEAM: Margaret Chiu, Amanda Figueroa, Ashley Welter, Meghan Sullivan, Brett Scuiletti

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Global Leadership Adventures 2018 Catalog  

Explore 48 immersive service-learning programs for high school students, taking place in 20 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin...

Global Leadership Adventures 2018 Catalog  

Explore 48 immersive service-learning programs for high school students, taking place in 20 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin...