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By dronepicr (Mallorca schönste Strände Westküste Bucht) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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Editor's letter

Welcome to the 7th Issue of ExpatsWorld Magazine We are happy and excited to welcome you to our seventh edition of this magazine. A magazine for people who live, or plan to move abroad. This issue is concentrated on Spain. In the Featured City section you can learn more about life in three beautiful, sunny Spanish cities - Mallorca, Malaga and Marbella. Also, don't miss your chance to find out where you can get traditional Spanish tapas free of charge, and introduce yourself to places worth spending your retirement. In the Culture Differences section we concentrate on the diversity of education systems across the globe. Did you know that Dutch children start going to the school after their 4th birthday? There are many more interesting stories to read for any taste! According to the latest research, it was estimated that a total of over 244 million people are living in a country other than their country of birth. Most of these people are individual workers aged between 20 to 64 years old. In recent years, the number of students, retired expats, corporate transferees and other remaining expat groups, are rising constantly. It is clear that the EU net migration has fallen over the last few years, however, the non-EU net migration has increased. The numbers don't lie. Expatriates are a very important part of global community. We understand that, and for this reason we want to support them with our free services. It is not only the magazine! We would love to invite you to follow our daily updated newsblog, subscribe to our newsletters, check our international and local Facebook groups and pages, watch our webTV show, and contact us with all questions and requests for assistance around the world. As always, we manage to give all of our followers super services for free, since we have many small and large companies supporting us as sponsors and advertisers. Welcome to another exciting issue of ExpatsWorld Magazine and don´ t forget to visit www.expatsworld.com and have a great time there!

Best regards, Peter Redrin - Founder & CEO Clients & Clubs International SL



78 | Featured city

Mal l or c Best Ar e


Featured city

ca?s eas t

o Liv e


Mallorca, Spain is a true paradise island for living and many who reside here year-round feel fortunate to do so. However, if you are not familiar with this Balearic Island it can be difficult to decide on which area will be best for your day to day life. If you are looking to buy or rent a home in Mallorca, this guide to Mallorca?s best areas to live will be useful. Pal ma deMal l or ca

Sol l er & Por t deSol l er

Palma de Mallorca is the capital of Mallorca. This city has the benefits of a cosmopolitan city mixed with old world charm. Palma is easily reached from the airport and is located directly by the sea with the largest marina on the island.

Soller town is found at the base of the magnificent Tramuntana mountains. Saturday is market day here and it attracts people from around the island. The town square buzzes with life on Saturdays.

Credit: Unsplash/Daniel Frank

Palma de Mallorca was recently declared the best place to live in the world by the UK ?Sunday Times?. If you are looking for a home here, you will find a range of sea-view, historical and new-build properties to suit a range of budgets ? but prime locations do come at a premium. The Old Town and Calatrava districts are filled with old palaces and history. Santa Catalina is more of a bohemian neighbourhood with many great cafes, restaurants and bars. Portixol and Molinar are only 2 km from the centre and what used to be fishing villages have now turned into charming seaside neighbourhoods. Around Palma one can find most of the international schools on the island. Most larger companies also have their offices in the city or in the near vicinity.

In this area you have many living alternatives; town, mountains or sea and port areas. A tight-knit international community can be found in the Soller area, although living here can have a slightly more secluded feel as one is surrounded by the mountains. Soller town is active all year-round with a good range of amenities. The winding streets are charming and the buildings historical. Some of the island's prettiest villages (Fornalutx and Deia) can be found close by. Port de Soller is connected to the town both by road and historical tram. In the port, one can find a variety of seaside restaurants and smaller sandy beaches within a protected bay. Beautiful views of the bay can be seen from properties on the mountains.



10 | Featured city

Credit: Pixabay/Soller & Port de Soller


Pol l ensa & Por t dePol l ensa If you would like to live in an area with many English speakers, then the north will be appealing. There are many British people residing here, therefore facilities, services and social life will be easier to acclimatize to if one is an English speaker. The weather in the north of the island can be a bit harsher than the rest of the island with more wind and storms. Having said that, Mallorca in general sees about 300 days of sunshine per year. This area does have much natural beauty to discover. Pollensa has a historic old town with narrow winding pedestrian streets and a selection of nice shops and good amenities. Sunday is market day here and the old town centre is full with shoppers and cafĂŠ goers. Port de Pollensa enjoys sandy beaches, a seaside promenade and golf facilities. Many shops do close here for the winter season but all-year residents still remain.

Ar t a and Capdeper a


One can find these towns in the northeast of the island. Many German speakers have settled in these areas and one can find quite a few German-run businesses serving their various needs. If you prefer living in a small but well-served town then Arta is a good choice. It has a small theatre, a great Tuesday market and unspoiled countryside. Furthermore, there are a good selection of beaches here, from popular tourist beaches to secluded coves. The closest largest town is Manacor, where one can find everything including a hospital. Palma is also connected by a good road. Traditionally these towns are more quiet and affordable than some other parts of the island. However, this location is growing in popularity for overseas buyers as areas like Palma become more expensive. One can still enjoy authentic Mallorca here, with delicious local produce and a slower pace to life in the off-season. Ideal for those who don?t mind a slower pace of life off-season, it?s also a place to still enjoy authentic living.

By Frank Vincentz /Pollenca- Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8771686

Credit: Pixabay/Pollensa

Credit: Pixabay/Arta & Capdepera

Credit: Pixabay/Arta & Capdepera

50 | Featured city

Central Region credit: Abrget47j - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=30320041

WWW.MYEXPATSWORLD.COM Santanyí credit: By Otto Domes - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=59652027

Featured city |

By AndrĂŠs Nieto Porras from Port d'Andratx, EspaĂąa - 180 grados, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=24332587

Sant any i This attractive formerly walled town has a good market twice weekly (Wednesdays and Saturdays). Santanyi also has a large German population. There are several interesting shops, galleries and eateries which are quite appealing and make for an enjoyable social life. Just a short drive away are many lovely coves and beaches including Es Trenc beach and nature park. Some great golf courses can be found in this area. One can find a variety of property types here from apartments to large fincas. Home prices are quite a bit more affordable in the Santanyi area.

Andr at x & Por t d?Andr at x The Tramuntana mountain range begins here. The southwest of the island has a lovely countryside with mountains in the background. The port is small but offers many great restaurants, bars and shops. Despite some modernization, Port d?Andratx has maintained its fishing port charm. In the summer the port is bustling but in winter can be quite quiet. The town of Andratx feels much more authentically Mallorcan, and rather quiet ? except on Wednesdays (market day). If you love culture, CCA Andratx offers superb contemporary art, occasional summer concerts and other events. Road links to Palma and the airport are good. Port d?Andratx has been more popular with international residents but both locations have mixed communities. Both real estate rentals and sales are more affordable in

Andratx town than in Port d?Andratx.

Cent r al Region Living in a village or smaller town inland has its benefits. This is a good location for those who are not sea lovers, to consider. Local shops, markets and culture are the most authentic here. Some of the more popular inland municipalities include Santa Maria, Binissalem, and AlarĂł. There are more international residents here but still some of the best areas to integrate into the Mallorcan community. Originally this was the agricultural base of the island until the rise of tourism. In the centre one can find a varied landscape. Housing prices in the centre of the island are much more affordable which makes a good location for property buyers in search of a quieter, more authentic Mallorcan experience.

"Mallorca is more international than ever, with a year-round capital, infrastructure, safety, and climate, Mallorca is a wonderful place to call home."

The Central Region has many good facilities and is very well connected to Palma by road and (for some towns) by train also. Santa Maria has a popular Sunday market and Alaro has a stunning mountain backdrop which make these towns the most sought after. Consell, Sencelles and Binissalem are perfect for wine lovers and Bunyola, Randa and Montuiri are renowned for their charm.

APl acet o Cal l Home Overall, the high quality of life on the island is a magnet to many foreigners. And today, Mallorca is more international than ever. With a year-round capital, infrastructure, safety and climate, Mallorca is a wonderful place to call home. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM



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16 |

Culture differences


SOURCE: OXFORD ROYALE ACADEMY Setting aside the tragedy of the millions who are still denied any form of education, what schooling means and what it?s for depends a whole lot on a country?s history and culture. Some might say that the purpose of education is learning valuable facts. Others would argue it?s primarily about becoming an effective critical thinker. Others still see it as a process for creating the citizens and workers of the future. Most of us, of course, believe it to be some combination of the three ? but which country you live in is a significant factor in determining which of the three will take priority. There are less fundamental differences too ? in the shape of the school year, the number of hours students are expected to work for, and how much of their lives their school is expected to be involved in. We?ve taken a look at the school systems in some countries around the world ? here?s what you should know about them. Chinese education emphasises memorisation and learning by drill Of the different beliefs about what education is for, Chinese schools lean very strongly towards the memorisation and retention of facts. This is demonstrated in the gaokao, the university admissions exam, which depends on what a student can memorise and repeat; analysis and critical thinking are not tested. This is one of the reasons why China excels so much in producing scientists, engineers and mathematicians ? while these subjects do still require a good deal of critical thinking, rote learning is certainly more helpful here than in arts subjects. It?s also been suggested that China?s language, as well as its culture, has contributed to this style of education. To be literate in Chinese requires memorisation of thousands of characters, so while reading and writing in languages like English can be taught through other methods, some rote learning is essential for students of Chinese. While teachers in countries like Britain might argue that rote learning is antithetical to critical thinking, and encourage their students to question what they?re being taught as part of the learning process, teachers in China believe that memorisation is an aid to understanding, and that the two work in tandem.


Culture differences

| 17

Bangladeshi schools are sometimes on boats

The country is demographically unusual, too ? of Bangladesh?s population of 165 million, 32% are under the age of 15, so the school-age population is huge and places a significant financial burden on state finances. Conventional schools have to close during flooding, leaving millions of children with no access to education, so Bangladesh has had to come up with an innovative solution: flood-proof schools on boats. Non-profits working in Bangladesh have played a significant role in providing these floating schools, often powered by solar panels, that mean children can get an education even when the floods are at their worst. Japanese schools teach moral education Of the different approaches to education outlined above, Japan?s school system appears to prioritise producing good citizens. Moral education has been taught informally in Japan for decades, but it is gaining ever more prominence in the Japanese curriculum, being taught in some schools on a par with subjects such as Japanese or mathematics. The subject covers many topics that seem uncontroversial, such as compassion, persistence, and some life skills. In this way, it isn?t dissimilar to subjects such as Citizenship or Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) in British schools, except that much more classroom time is devoted to it. However, there is also an emphasis on diligence, endurance and generally working hard to an extent that might seem excessive in other cultures, as well as topics such as national heritage that could be seen to have nationalistic overtones when taught in the context of morality, rather than more neutrally in a subject such as history. The majority of South Africans pay for their children?s education While the cost of university varies around the world, there are very few developed nations in which primary and secondary school education is not provided for free for the majority of the population. South Africa is one of the rare exceptions, where the default is not a school funded wholly by the state, but a state-aided school, in which the state subsidises education, but parents who can afford to do so are still expected to contribute financially towards their children?s education. However, there are safeguards. A large minority ? about 43% of students ? are exempt from paying fees on the grounds that their parents earn less than 10 times the annual school fees, and there are reductions on a sliding scale. Schools can?t refuse admittance on the grounds that a child?s parents haven?t paid fees, though they can take legal action against parents who haven?t paid. German schools are strongly opposed to uniforms School uniforms are a popular choice across the globe. In some cases, it?s because of the belief that wearing the same thing makes the school population feel more unified, contributing to a positive sense of school spirit and belonging. But just as often, it?s for practical reasons, such as uniforms allowing students from different schools to be identified more easily, or that they provide a cheaper clothing option for poorer families, or they make it easier for parents to get their children ready for school in the mornings. There are plenty of countries where school children don?t usually wear uniforms, such as the USA or France, but few are so vociferous about it as Germany, where uniforms have uncomfortable militaristic associations. Where branded school clothing does exist, it is carefully designed to look as unlike a military uniform as possible ? branded hoodies and t-shirts in a range of bright colours are the usual choice ? and it is very seldom compulsory to wear it.


Free images by <a href="https://pngtree.com" >pngtree.com</a>

Students are able to attend classes even during floods. 70% of the total land area of Bangladesh is less than a metre above sea level. It?s hit by a triple whammy of bad luck being situated on the Ganges Delta prone to flooding during the monsoon season, and affected by rainfall from the Himalayas. All of this in combination means around a fifth of the country floods every year.

18 |

Culture differences

The South Korean school day is very long Most school days around the globe last for five or six hours. In Brazil, that involves starting school at 7am and going home for lunch; in France, it can involve starting at 8.30am and going home at 4.30pm, but enjoying a two-hour lunch break (often with a three-course meal) in the middle. British state schools usually start lessons at 9am and finish by 3.30pm. There may be after-school clubs or homework, but about six hours formally in the classroom is judged to be plenty, particularly for younger students. By contrast, South Korean students in secondary school can be at their desks for 14 to 16 hours. The standard school day is 8am until 4pm, which in its own right is long by international standards. But students in the last couple of years of school will then go home for some dinner, and head out again to a private school from 6pm to 9pm for intensive revision. There may well be another couple of hours of homework to do even after all of that. South Korean students are among the most successful on international league tables, but it requires a remarkable amount of work. Dutch students all start school on their 4th birthday There are different approaches to starting school, and the age at which it?s appropriate for students to do so. Often, the differences are more in terminology than reality, so German children might only start school at 7, but will have spent a few years in a school-like kindergarten, while British students start school between the ages of 4 and 5, but the first year doesn?t look too different from kindergarten activities. One difficulty that school systems do face is that if every student starts school on the same day ? say the start of September, as is the norm in Britain ? some will be nearly a year older than others, which represents a significant developmental difference. Students born in September in the UK consistently do better at school than those born in August. The solution to this in the Netherlands is that all students start school on their 4th birthday, whenever that may be, so throughout the year there are always new students joining. While this does mean that older students get more time to settle in and make friends, it does at least mean that students should be at a similar development level by the time their first day at school rolls around. Norway?s high school graduation involves a three- week party In Ireland, there are the Debs; in the USA, the Prom; in the UK, the Leavers?Ball. But the champion of high school graduation celebrations must be the Norwegian Russfeiring, which traditionally lasts from the 20th April to the 17th May, before school exams in late May and early June. The tradition is that Norwegian high school students club together to buy an old car, bus or van, which they then decorate. They wear red or blue overalls, which also get decorated. And then they spend the next three weeks in said car, bus or van having a wild party, driving between different impromptu or organised events, finally culminating in their graduation. In the early 2000s, for fear that the celebrations were getting out of hand, Norwegian authorities moved school exams to early May to discourage students from celebrating Russfeiring too enthusiastically. As could have been predicted, the students chose partying over exams, their grades suffered, and the government gave up and moved the exams back again. Free images by <a href="https://pngtree.com" >pngtree.com</a>



20 | Education




esearch provides physical evidence that stress can be passed between teachers and pupils in the classroom.

Pupils taught by teachers who are close to burnout display high levels of stress themselves, a research study has revealed. Academics from the University of British Columbia, in Canada, examined the levels of cortisol ? known as the stress hormone ? in 406 primary aged pupils. They found that those children whose teachers reported feeling close to burnout had much higher levels of cortisol than those whose teachers were not stressed. The academics said: ?This is the first study to show that teachers' occupational stress is linked to students' physiological stress regulation.? STRESSED TEACHERS 'TAKE FRUSTRATION OUT ON STUDENTS'


Gail Kinman, professor of occupational health psychology at the University of Bedfordshire, believes that this demonstrates that teacher stress is a bigger problem than previously thought. ?Stress passes from person to person,? she said. ?It moves around the classroom like a contagion, which is very difficult to manage.? Studies have also shown that stress does not just lead to teacher burnout: it can turn teachers into autocratic, punitive workaholics. Lisa Matthewman, an organisational psychologist and principal lecturer at Westminster Business School, lists a range of symptoms she has seen in teachers. ?They?re using work as an escape ? as an addiction in itself,? she said. ?They become a workaholic, leading to emotional burnout.



Credit: Unsplash


| 21

22 | Education

Credit: Unsplash/NeONBRAND


They may be more prone to being autocratic and punitive in their approach.? TEACHER STRESS 'LEADS TO BULLYING' An ongoing study, conducted by Jonathan Glazzard, professor of education at the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools, at Leeds Beckett University, has also shown that teachers? poor mental health affects their classroom performance, limiting pupils? academic achievement and leading to low grades. Poor teacher mental health also influences pupils? behaviour towards one another, according to Chris Kyriacou, professor of educational psychology at


the University of York. Professor Kyriacou has studied the kinds of school environments that are conducive to bullying. He found that, when pupils are feeling stressed and frustrated, they are more likely to resort to bullying their classmates. ?If schools feel under pressure, then teachers feel under pressure. And then pupils feel under pressure, and more of them are engaged in bullying," he said. ?Then they?re more likely to end up truanting from school, and more of them will end up being excluded from school. If you start to scrape beneath the surface, there are all those links going on.?



By Derren at AdvancedAmericanTax.org

We are already 3 months into 2018 and for many parts of Asia, Europe and of course, the Americas, it?s the dreaded tax season already. For those expats in more senior positions and particularly business owners, tax compliance is a serious responsibility. Here are 5 things to consider in choosing your advisor -





Firstly, the advisor needs to be part of a team. It is highly unlikely that one person knows everything. Furthermore, everyone has heard horror stories of one person shows that disappear, get swamped with work, or fall ill with no one to cover for them. You need a team. Secondly, your team needs to be qualified in multiple jurisdictions. If for example, you?re an American in Scotland, you need a team with members that are US and UK qualified. It?s not enough that your consultant know US tax because so many provisions of UK tax law and the US/UK treaty modify how your situation may be treated. Thirdly, your team should be multilingual. There are too many nuances of tax law that gets lost in translation. So if you?re an expat in China and your international tax team includes no Mandarin speakers or you?re in Jakarta and no one on the team speaks Bahasa Indonesian, then it?s time to find another tax team. Fourthly, your team should be proactive in keeping up with changes in tax law. Question your prospective tax consultant carefully. If you need someone that is US qualified, she must speak expertly about radical changes to the way foreign owned businesses are now being taxed. If you need someone qualified from the Philippines, they must have an opinion on Train 1 vs Train 2, etc. If they are not keeping up with changes of the law, you may eventually get into trouble. Fifthly, please ask about fees. If the tax consultant does not have a clear and easy to understand schedule of fees, you may be in for a surprise bill at the end of the process.

Derren runs the US tax desk for the Moores Rowland group. Offices in 15 countries.

help@AdvancedAmericanTax.com www.AdvancedAmericanTax.org



TO BUILD A CAREER OVERSEAS Source: ExpatsWorld The effects of globalisation continue to evolve and talent becomes a truly international resource. As such, many executives, specialists and members of professions find it helpful to be able to point to a career overseas as a fundamental part of their work experience. Enterprises are increasingly searching outside their own struggling local markets to the growth markets of other regional economies. Moreover, they seek to acquire talent with the experience to relate to and understand these emerging markets. Dynamics Of Overseas Employment Simply sourcing an executive with a track record of operating effectively in diverse professional and cultural environments is rarely as straightforward as identifying a candidate with one or two years in an overseas role.

Candidates immersed in an international market sector over the past several years may be a more attractive choice than one just finishing a short-term expat assignment working within a European market. Factors such as these should all be considered by those looking to build a career overseas. Is this to be a short-term move? Is the move a longer-term shift, or is it a more permanent international relocation? Potential expats should understand the implication international careers carry in terms of their future attractiveness as candidates. Maintaining up-to-date industry knowledge of home market developments may be a wise precaution. However, if a returning candidate demonstrates success in understanding and operating in foreign cultures, this indicates adaptability to new working environments.

Working abroad

Here are 7 tips for discovering job opportunities overseas.

DON?T STRESS If you are interested in living and working abroad, commit fully to the concept. Don?t fret about opportunities you may be missing at home. Many people who move overseas say they would do it again. Even if they did not find their ideal career initially. Most value the experience gained and the insights into different cultures and work practices.

TAP INTO WORD OF MOUTH A surprising number of international job opportunities come from personal recommendations or contacts. Do your due diligence and research your preferred overseas destinations. When you decide on a location, tell your friends, family, co-workers, contacts, everyone in your network. Chances are they may know someone who in turn knows someone. Take that person out to coffee and explore their insights or experience. Don?t stop at the tourist guidebooks. Seek out contacts who may be able to assist and don?t be bashful, networking is all part of the process. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the information you can glean from people you already know.

DO A SKILLS INVENTORY One of the keys to understanding how you may fit into an international talent pool is to understand your skills and weaknesses. What attributes are in demand internationally and what areas could you improve on?

| 25


Languages are a good place to start. Not only are languages a highly desirable skill that will differentiate you from the herd when applying for jobs. Much more, they provide you with an introduction to peers with similar language interests. If working for an NGO in the developing world is of interest, language proficiency has the added benefit of helping direct where you may land. It can also give you a competitive edge. If you speak French, usually you could be spending a lot of time in West Africa. Similarly, Arabic language skills will make it easier to get jobs in the Middle East. Language skills can prove to be even more critical if you are pursuing a business-related field, as you may have to hold business meetings in a foreign language. If you are interested in working in emerging markets, study the language while at a university. You can learn specialized or local vocabulary in-country and progress your language skills to the next level when you are living in the region.


30 | Working abroad

Credit: Pixabay

"The salary and benefits for expats can be higher in expat roles than at home, and overseas experience provides a path to greater opportunities for career advancement."


in the home country.

Providing you enjoy the financial resources, taking a few months out to study a language by immersing yourself in a local environment can help you land a better job down the line. While homestays can provide a great immersion experience, it is always a risk that you will get along with the family. Always research any homestay program you are considering and if possible, the potential family.

However, while this strategy can prove effective in some locations in others it may be far too dangerous.

FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BOLD Depending on your aspirations, your financial resources, your point in your career path and your preferred destination, it may make sense to just try your luck at finding a job when you arrive. It is potentially riskier and more fraught but many people have found it easier to find jobs once they are physically in the country. For one, you can tap into your local expat community and surf their word of mouth to find your first job. This strategy can also be useful for aid workers as well. Someone is always more likely to recruit you if you are available in the country then and there and are ready and willing to work than if you are still


There are certain countries that you should never go to if you are not under the protection of an organization. As such, you don?t know what the local situation is and to travel there is too dangerous to go to without the benefit of a safety net.

SHORTLIST TARGET COMPANIES If you are interested in a thriving commercial hub such as Singapore, Shanghai or Dubai, it might be easier to apply for an international transfer with your current organization. Alternatively, develop a shortlist of companies in your target destinations and do your research on them. Get to understand their industry focus, look for new initiatives that may require a new round of hiring or track the jobs section on their websites. Look for organizations with international branch offices, overseas investments or major projects. These typically have a more diverse pool of employees to help them compete in these markets or sectors.



If y o u ?r e lo o k i n g t o s i m p li f y y o u r t r a n s i t i o n t o t h e N e t h e r la n d s , Ex p a t s b y Ex p a t s R e lo c a t i o n o f f e r a n a r r a y o f s e r v i c e s t o h e lp m a k e t h e t r a n s i t i o n a s s m o o t h a s p o s s i b le .J o - A n n v a n G e n d e r e n f o u n d e d t h e c o m p a n y a f t e r e x p e r i e n c i n g li f e a s a n e x p a t i n v a r i o u s c o u n t r i e s o v er t h e p a s t 2 0 y ea r s . ?W e k n o w o n ly t o o w e ll h o w d a u n t i n g t h i s p r o c e s s c a n b e f o r n e w c o m e r s , a n d w e p r i d e o u r s e lv e s o n p r o v i d i n g t o p q u a li t y s e r v i c e .? S a y s J o - A n n . O n c e y o u a r r iv e Y o u r f i r s t t r i p w i ll b e a v e r y i m p o r t a n t o n e a n d y o u w i ll p r o b a b ly h a v e a n u m b e r o f q u e s t i o n s a b o u t li f e i n a n e w c i t y . S i n c e e a c h c li e n t i s u n i q u e a n d h a s t h e i r o w n p r ef er en c es a n d s p ec if ic a t io n s , t h e c o m p a n y o f f er s p e c i a li s e d s o lu t i o n s s u i t e d i n d i v i d u a lly f o r e a c h p e r s o n . T h e s e i n c lu d e : c i t y g u i d e s a n d m a p s , h o u s i n g a n d s c h o o l v is it s , c it y o r ien t a t io n t o u r a n d a n o v er v iew o f t h e li f e s t y le , h e a lt h c a r e c u lt u r e , a n d m u c h m o r e . A s e x p a t s , w e c a n d e a l w i t h f e e li n g s o f u n f a m i li a r i t y w h e n w a lk i n g d o w n a n e w s t r e e t o r d r i v i n g a r o u n d a n e w c i t y . J o - A n n k n o w s t h e s e f e e li n g s o f u n c e r t a i n t y a n d f r u s t r a t i o n a ll t o o w e ll, a n d t h i s i s w h y s h e d e c i d e d t o s t a r t h e r o w n r e lo c a t i o n c o m p a n y t o a lle v i a t e t h e s t r e s s t h a t s h e en d u r ed d u r in g h er m a n y m o v es . In t e r n a t i o n a l e m p lo y e e s ?In t o d a y ?s b u s i n e s s w o r ld , c o m p a n i e s a r e i n c r e a s i n g ly s e a r c h i n g f o r t a le n t a c r o s s t h e g lo b e .? S a y s J o - A n n . ?A h u g e p a r t o f h i r i n g i n t e r n a t i o n a l e m p lo y e e s i s t h e r e lo c a t i o n p r o c e s s , a n d t h a t ?s w h e r e m y c o m p a n y c o m e s i n t o p la y . O u r v a r i o u s s e r v i c e s m a k e t r a n s i t i o n i n g e x p a t s a s e a m le s s e x p e r i e n c e .? R e lo c a t i n g w i t h e a s e T h e c o m p a n y is c o n f id en t t h a t n o o n e k n o w s t h e m a r k e t a n d t h e N e t h e r la n d s a s w e ll a s t h e y d o . T h e y w i ll h e lp y o u f i n d p e r s o n a l a n d e d u c a t i o n a l r es o u r c es , a s s is t w it h im m ig r a t io n s er v ic es a n d m o r e. T h e i r g o a l i s t o m a k e y o u r r e lo c a t i o n a s e a s y a n d s t r e s s - f r e e a s p o s s i b le , a n d t h e y r e a li s e t h e f a c t t h a t e v e r y c li e n t i s u n i q u e w i t h s p e c i f i c n e e d s , t h e r e f o r e p la c e e m p h a s i s o n o n e - t o - o n e s o lu t i o n s . ?A t Ex p a t s b y Ex p a t s R e lo c a t i o n , w e a r e c o m m i t t e d t o p r o v i d i n g y o u w i t h t h e b e s t s e r v i c e s p o s s i b le .O u r m i s s i o n i s t o d e li v e r p r o f e s s i o n a l s e r v i c e w i t h d e d i c a t i o n , e x c e lle n c e a n d c a r e , a n d w e ?ll m a k e s u r e t o b e t h e r e e v e r y s t e p o f t h e w a y a s y o u s e t t le i n t o y o u r n e w h o m e .?

O UR CO NT A CT S: + 3 1 (0 )6 3 1 2 6 0 4 5 5 i n f o @e x p a t s b y e x p a t s .c o m e x p a t s b y e x p a t s .c o m


28| Quality of life

it Cr ed

ch ell / M it lash p s n :U

Ho lla

n d er


IT IS AN HONEST PUBLIC OPINION, MONDAYS ARE ALWAYS HARD. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE BEEN HAVING A RELAXING WEEKEND. FOR THIS REASON, THERE IS A THEORY STATING THAT IT AFFECTS WORK PERFORMANCE, MOTIVATION AND PRODUCTIVITY. PEOPLE TAKE THEIR TIME TO GET USED TO THEIR WORK ROUTINE AGAIN ON A WEEKLY BASIS, EACH MONDAY. AS IT TURNS OUT, THIS IS NOT THE WORST DAY OF THE WEEK. VICTORY DAY Recently Redbooth, the data collaboration software provider, had research made investigating which day of the week is the most productive. The study concentrates on task accomplishment percentage, which ensures that Monday is the day. The task accomplishment reaches 20.4%, whereby on Fridays it only reaches 16.7%. Tuesday is a second ?high? day with 20.2%.


The report claims that ?given the relatively low completion levels on the latter days of the week, it?s likely that Monday is the ?catch up?day at work.?

MONDAY ASSOCIATES W ITH A FRESH START In an ideal world, weekends help to relax and disconnect. For this reason, employees can come back to the work place more motivated and refreshed, compared with the sensations on Friday where everybody keeps thinking

Quality of life |

"Employeesprioritise their dutiesandthe most challenging assignmentsaresolved at thebeginningof theweek." about their plans and days off. People are used to planning their tasks on a weekly work plan. In addition, the end of the week might be more stressful since they are trying to finalise their end-of-week deadlines. So, pressure-free Mondays can increase creativity and efficiency. Mondays also contain the highest level of focus and concentration on a specific subject. Workers prioritise their duties and the most challenging assignments are solved at the beginning of the week. The break and rest give us a clearer perspective to take better, faster decisions.

IT IS ALL ABOUT THE ATTITUDE Find some time to prep yourself for Monday and your responsibilities. Some people organise their next

week?s plans on Friday before they go home. Others use their Sunday afternoon to arrange things. Devoting 30 minutes before the start of a work day each Monday can help make the day more enjoyable. Also, it is recommended to check emails several times during the weekend and prioritise what needs to be done first thing on Monday morning. It will help to avoid any unpleasant surprises and save time without drowning in your emails.

AN EXTREMELY BRIEF CONCLUSION Mondays rock! And this is an official confirmation.



30 | Relationships

Lif e Abr oad Hel p


Whether you value the best schools, an outdoor lifestyle or just want to make your money go a little further, expat life can help parents and children to achieve their goals.



hildren are like sponges, they absorb information and can adapt so easily to their environment."

Phrases like this are often bandied about but it isn't always smooth sailing for expat children and even their parents when it comes to moving and settling abroad. While there are certainly benefits to seeking a life abroad, the experience of disruption can feel painful for expat families.

By Dean Bl ackbur n Sour ce: Huf f ingt on Post WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

I am no stranger to the hurdles of growing up as an expat. As a child hopping from country to country and a parent of two children now, I know that expat life can pose a particular challenge for families. Relationships pose the most significant challenge, whether that's missing family, making new friends or understanding enough of the local language to communicate.


| 31

ps Ex pat Famil ies Gr ow Toget her

Settling into life abroad comes with special challenges for older children who find settling into a new school particularly difficult. Parents, meanwhile, have the added weight of responsibility and the overall cost of raising a family is often more expensive for expats. So what can parents do to help themselves and their children to settle in? Kate Berger, a child and adolescent psychologist believes that parents must instill a 'growth mindset', which will allow children to make their own mistakes, so they can learn how to react to adversity. It is also important to lead by example and show your children how you react when struggling to learn the local language or pick up new skills. Kate also emphasizes the importance of spending time together as a family. Growing up as an expat child myself,

this really resonates with my upbringing. Even though we have all lived in different parts of the world, I remain very close with my brother and sister, partly because of the experiences we shared moving around as children. This appears to be a common experience for other expats too. While expat life can be difficult, we shouldn't lose sight of how it can be beneficial for children. Many say that their children's health, wellbeing and quality of life has improved as a result of moving abroad. Even more importantly, there is a world of possible destinations out there for families. Whether you value the best schools, an outdoor lifestyle or just want to make your money go a little further, expat life can help parents and children to achieve their goals. Speaking from experience, expat life can shape the people you and your children become. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

26 | Expatriate nature

Expatriate's nature

| 33

SOURCE: WORK THE WORLD A 50-year study undertaken by the Institute for the International Education of Students garnered responses from 3,400 exchange students on how living and studying abroad had improved their lives. They discovered that 82% of the students and alumni developed a more sophisticated way of looking at the world as a result of living abroad. A similar study was conducted by William Maddux ? an associate professor of organisational behaviour at a global graduate business school. He found that there was a correlation between students enrolled in an international MBA program, which provided multicultural engagement, and how ?integratively complex? the students? thinking became. According to professor Maddux, students with an adaptive and open attitude toward other cultures became more able to integrate multiple perspectives into their thinking and make connections among contrasting ideas.

Confirming what Immanuel Kant said about travel in his Lectures on Pedagogy (1803), Maddux?s study showed that living abroad and engaging with foreign cultures improved students? critical thinking and their ability to make connections between disparate ideas. According to Maddux, this is because ?people who have international experience or identify with more than one nationality are better problem solvers and display more creativity [? ]. What?s more, we found that people with this international experience are more likely to create new businesses and products and to be promoted.? When we?re physically removed from our comfort zone we find that new possibilities and outcomes seem to appear miraculously. This is because our brain enters a state of ?relaxed attention?, enabling it to make cognitive leaps it would otherwise struggle with. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

34 | Expatriate's nature


INCREASE EARNING POTENTIAL Living abroad will help build foreign connections and develop your understanding of varying cultural needs - two crucial skills in the professional world. A 10-month study by INSEAD found that individuals who immersed themselves in a multicultural environment were offered more jobs than those who had never lived abroad.

BOOST SELF-AWARENESS Self-awareness is one of the most recognised traits linked to success, and it comes as no surprise to find that living abroad enhances your self-awareness. A recent review of psychological distance concept suggests that travel, or even planning travel and imagining yourself in an unfamiliar and distant location, improves self-awareness.

IMPROVE COMMUNICATION When you can't speak the language, you have no choice but to learn how to communicate non-verbally. Recognising that communication is multi-sensory forces you to develop alternative, WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

yet effective, models of communication. These skills are transferable to many other areas of life. A 2014 study, based on survey data from Chinese travellers, found that the majority of participants reported improved communication skills and social relationships after spending time abroad.

IMPROVING COGNITIVE SKILLS If you live in a country with a different language than your own for long enough, you will begin to learn the language, which in turn improves your cognitive skills. A 2012 Swedish MRI study found that learning a second language changes the size and shape of your brain by improving cortical thickness - a layered mass of neurons responsible for thought, memory and consciousness.

Although home is still much the same when we return, through travel something in our minds has been changed, and that has the power to transform everything within our lives. Open yourself to a new environment in your quest for a life abroad, and realise your true cognitive potential.


Lux ur y Tr av el


Tr ends In 2018

Traveling |



Going on vacation can be more exciting than just spending time relaxing by the hotel pool. Let?s take a look at six of the most popular luxury travel trends in 2018.

People are keen on having adventures and challenging themselves. Enough with taking those selfie photos and posing next to the pool area, while enjoying cocktails. Many glamorous lifestyle supporters want to try something exciting or even breathtaking that usually is not easily accessible to the masses. Not surprisingly, tailor-made vacations with extraordinary challenges involved, are more popular among the rich and famous.

GLAMOROUS CAMPING HOME SWEET HOME Note down this new word for your dictionary Glamping. Glamping is a trend which will change your thoughts about camping. It is a classy way to spend time in nature, for people with exclusive tastes and needs. Inspired by traditional tented houses in Africa, rugged log cabins in the Alps and beautiful cabins in Hoshinoya Fuji in Japan, it offers people luxury along with an adventure in nature. Moreover, there are some predictions that travelling in luxurious camper vans will be extremely popular in 2018. Seems it is about time to prepare the ground for summer adventures!

The sense of ownership gives a mental satisfaction and exceptional comfort. Airbnb presented and cultivated this need, so now even hoteliers feel obligated to participate in the competitive battle and provide ?domesticated? services to their VIP clientele. Moreover, now some specific businesses concentrate on private luxury home rentals in order to assure the best service and comfortable circumstances for both the leaseholder and its tenant.

CRUISING IS COOL AGAIN PRIVATE AIR EXPEDITIONS Some of us might be time-sensitive in most cases or feel frustrated with first-class services while taking our usual flights. For this reason, private jet trips may be the solution, with its impressive interior, excellent chefs and top class crew. It can create the necessary comfort for

New types of ships with current implemented technologies provide better sensations and remove any possible discomfort like sea sickness. There are exclusive meals made by world class chefs, and top class interior design and daily entertainments are planned carefully. Private yacht charters might find a decrease in orders this year!




YOUR LOCAL EXPERT IN BARCELONA If you?re looking to visit Barcelona to see the GaudĂ­ architecture, lay on the beach or enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine, BCN Travel is your perfect go-to. They will be your local travel expert making sure that you enjoy your stay and keep visiting, as millions of other fans of Barcelona have done before. Passion for travel BCN Travel was founded by Christian Petzold, an avid tourism enthusiast. ?Looking back to when my passion for travelling was developed, I think this must have been in my early childhood.? Says Christian. ?My parents always used to travel with me and my siblings by caravan into a neighbouring European country. Eventually this lead me to study tourism management in Germany and the UK. Implementing at least some elements of this experience in a mass tourist destination like Barcelona, is one of the aims of our activity.? BCN Travel services: Full service ground transportation in the whole of Spain (airport transfers, hosts, transport service at trade fairs, round trips through Spain) Accommodation in Hotels and Apartments, extensive corporate hotel portfolio Business event services (venues, catering, audio-visuals, entertainment) Tours & Activities (Daytours, Team-building, Exclusive visits,? ) Related services: Admissions, Restaurants, etc. Get insider tips Trust our experience like numerous clients before from multinational corporations to ambitious independent travellers. We will accompany you from the early planning stages until the successful completion of your programme ? always dedicated to supply your requirements in order to help you reach your targets and your return on investment From an executive meeting in a well-connected business hotel to an industry leading conference in a historic palace. From a private football match in Europe?s largest stadium, Camp Nou, to a tailored city tour in Toledo, the ancient capital of the Spanish empire during its golden age. From a luxury resort in Ibiza, the favourite summer destination of the jet set, to a mountain villa in a ski-resort in Andorra. From a traditional Andalucian flamenco show to an exclusive tapas tour in Madrid ? we?ll get you the best of Spain, without a doubt. Barcelona is full of culture and passion.Contact us for advice on your stay.

Contact BCN Travel: Phone: +34 934 12 15 97 Email: info@bcn.travel Web: www.bcn.travel

009714 3306611






Find your sense of beaut y! Dr Dany Kayle Plastic surgery specialist



24 | Famous expats

Famous expats |



Madonna Louise Ciccone is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. Referred to as the "Queen of Pop" since the 1980s, Madonna is known for pushing the boundaries of lyrical content in mainstream popular music, as well as visual imagery in music videos and on stage. She has also frequently reinvented both her music and image while maintaining autonomy within the recording industry. Besides sparking controversy, her works have been praised by music critics. Madonna is often cited as an influence by other artists. Born and raised in Michigan, Madonna moved to New York City in 1978 to pursue a career in modern dance. After performing as a drummer, guitarist and vocalist in the music groups Breakfast Club and Emmy, Madonna signed with Sire Records in 1982 and released her eponymous debut album the next year. She followed it with a series of successful albums, including the global bestsellers, Like a Virgin (1984) and True Blue (1986), as well as the Grammy Award winners, Ray of Light (1998) and Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005). Throughout her career, Madonna has written and produced most of her songs, with many of them reaching number one on the record charts, including "Like a

Virgin", "Papa Don't Preach", "Like a Prayer", "Vogue", "Take a Bow", "Frozen", "Music", "Hung Up", and "4 Minutes". Having sold more than 300 million records worldwide, Madonna is recognized as the best-selling female recording artist of all time by Guinness World Records. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) listed her as the second highest-certified female artist in the U.S., with 64.5 million album units. According to Billboard, Madonna is the most successful solo act on its Hot 100 singles chart and second overall behind the Beatles. She is also the highest-grossing solo touring artist of all time, earning U.S. $1.4 billion from her concert tickets. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in her first year of eligibility, Madonna topped VH1's countdown of 100 Greatest Women in Music. Additionally, Rolling Stone listed her among the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time and the 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time. (Wikipedia)

Big changes in 2017 The Michigan native had been living in New York, when in September 2017 the pop star publicly announced her relocation to Portugal.


Credit for Maddona's photography:Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17145012


42 | Famous expats

Famous expats | Madonna relocated to Lisbon with her family after her son David joined the Benfica soccer team youth academy. Portuguese weekly magazine Visão reported: ?Madonna is no longer a tourist, she now lives in Lisbon.? The publication revealed the singer has been staying in a Lisbon hotel as the £7 million 19th century house she has bought in Sintra could take up to six months to renovate. Another local newspaper Correio da Manhã revealed David had joined the Benfica training facility in Seixal after a test in the spring, and he will stay there until he starts at a French high school in Lisbon. The 59-year-old singer - who also has Lourdes, 20, Rocco, 16, Mercy, also 11, and four-year-old twins Stella and Esther has shared a number of Instagram posts from Portugal in recent months. It was revealed earlier this year that the Like a Virgin hit maker had been house hunting in Portugal since March. A source previously said: ?Madonna visited Portugal first in March 2017 and the fans went wild. One even sent her a message saying they were an estate agent on Instagram and she started following them back. It was then it became pretty apparent that she was looking to make the move permanent. ?Now the town in question is abuzz with the news that she?s going to be based in this particular property, with the estate agents confirming they?ve sold the property to a big name.

Cr ed it: Fli ckr/L au ren Ho lley

?It?s a stunning building in the hilltops with a huge number of bedrooms and bathrooms all decorated in striking Islamic style, although there are huge plans for a redesign inside already.? (Eyewitness News)



Credit: Chris Weger - Madonna Rebel Heart Tour 2015 - Stockholm, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52196466


44 | Language




that are now in the


| 45


If you?re hip to linguistics, you already know English is full of foreign words. For example, ?hip? is from the 1920s slang ?hepcat,? derived from the West African language Wolof, and its word for ?one in the know,? a hipikat. To be in the know now - a postmodern hepcat, if you will - add 10 more foreign words to your lexicon. Merriam-Webster Dictionary editors devote two hours daily to finding words of interest, monitoring rising usage until finally choosing the foreign words popular enough to be included in the dictionary. The dictionary teamed up with the language-learning platform Babbel to explain the origins of these words, which will be integrated into English lessons this year to keep courses fresh and relevant. The new additions come from French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Nahuatl, Spanish, Tagalog, and Thai. ?The one constant vibrant living language is change, and English has never been more alive than in this age of fast communication, frequent travel, and curiosity about our world,? says Merriam-Webster editor Peter Sokolowski. ?As we encounter other cultures, we encounter other ways of describing the world around us - and the dictionary records these changes to our language.?

Ar ancini \ ä-rän-ch?-n? (n): Small balls of cooked rice with savory fillings, coated with bread crumbs and deep-fried. In Italian, arancini means ?little orange? (orange is arancia) and the English word derives from the shape and color of the dumplings. First use: 1948. Recent usage: Oct. 2017 New York Times. ?Snacky spuntini like arancini and prosciutto bomboloni have been added to a refined Italian menu.?

"Theoneconstant vibrant livinglanguageischange, andEnglishhasnever been morealivethaninthisage of fast communication, frequent travel, andcuriosity about our world."

Bibimbap \ b?-b?m-bäp (n): A rice dish with cooked vegetables, usually meat, and a raw or fried egg. From the Korean pibimpap, a mashup of pibim, meaning ?hash, chopped food? and pap, or ?cooked rice.? First use: 1977. Recent usage: Aug. 2017 Bon Appetit. ?At lunchtime, the stand serves bibimbap and rice cakes and bulgogi.? (Bonus word? bulgogi, Korean for ?fire meat,? is shredded, marinated beef or pork, barbecued). Bokeh \ ?b?-k?,-k? (n): The blurred effect in a photograph taken with a narrow depth of field. Derived from the Japanese word boke, meaning ?blur,? which also refers to unclear thinking. First use: 2000. Recent usage: March 2017. Bokeh is the title of a science fiction movie from New Zealand about the last two people on Earth


46 | Language

"Asweencounter other cultures, weencounter other waysof describing theworldaroundusandthedictionaryrecords thesechangestoour language."

Calamondin \ ?ka-l?-män-d?n (n): A small, ornamental hybrid citrus-kumquat tree cultivated in warm regions that yields small, tart, orange fruit with acidic juice used as a flavoring agent. In the original Tagalog, spoken in the Philippines, this tree is called the kalamunding. First use: 1928. Recent usage: Jan. 2017 Tallahassee Democrat. ?Originating from China, calamondin was introduced to the U.S. around 1900.? Cascabel \ kas-k?-bel (n): A small, rounded, moderately pungent chili pepper, usually dried when its skin is a translucent, dark red and loose seeds are rattling in the pod. In Spanish, cascabel means ?small bell,? an allusion to the sound of rattling seeds in the dried pods, and rattlesnakes are known as serpientes de cascabel. First use: 1639. Recent usage: Nov. 2017 Seattle Times. ?Piquant pickled vegetables and a vivid convergence of spicy-sweet cascabel salsa.?

an attitude, but in English it?s used only figuratively. First use: 1784. Recent usage: Sept. 2017 Conde Nast Traveler. ?There?s no hint of formal froideur from the smiling young staffers, dressed in breezy contemporary uniforms.? Santoku \ san-?t?-kü \ (n): A Japanese kitchen knife with a light blade, straight or slightly curved cutting edge, and curved spine. The knife is used for slicing, dicing, and mincing and its name originates in the Japanese phrase ? ? which describes the three (san) virtues (toku) in Buddhism: valor, wisdom and benevolence. First use: 1993. Recent usage: Nov. 2017 Men?s Health. ?So do something really nice for yourself and buy one of those neat-looking Japanese Santoku blades.?

Schneid \ shn?d (n): A losing streak in sports, from the term schneider in the card game gin, meaning to prevent an opponent from scoring any points. In German, schneider is ?tailor.? First use: Chia \?ch?-? (n): An annual herb in the 1969. Recent usage: Jan. 16, 2018 mint family, native to Mexico and Marshalltown Times Republic story, Guatemala, with blue, purple, or white titled ?Off the Schneid: Bohannon, spiked flowers, grown for its grayish, Hawkeyes rally from 20 down to beat mucilaginous seeds which are eaten Illinois in OT.? whole or used to make a beverage or Sr ir acha \ s?-?rä-ch?,s?- (n): A oil. The word comes from the Nahuatl pungent sauce of hot peppers pureed word chian, meaning ?oily? and has its with garlic, sugar, salt, and vinegar, roots in the Mayan chiháan, or typically used as a condiment. The ?strong.? First use: 1832. Recent usage: popular hot sauce is named after the Jan. 2018 Bon Appetit coconut chia town of its origin Si Racha in the tapioca pudding recipe. Chonburi Province of Thailand. First Froideur \ f(r)wä-?d?r,-?d?r (n): use: 1984. Recent usage: Jan. 16, 2018 Coolness or extreme reserve in manner. Esquire article titled ?Sriracha is for In French, froideur can refer to chilly Closers.? temperatures and figurative coldness, WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM



IMPORTANCE OF FILING TAXES IN THE U.S. ?U.S. citizens, mainly expat residents in Spain come to us for advice.? Says Antonio. ?They must file their Individual Income Tax Return in the U.S. because of their citizenship, and also in Spain because of their residency. Only 5% of the expats file their returns every year in the U.S. even if penalties are very high.?

U.S AND SPAIN TAX TREATY If an individual turns out to be tax resident in Spain, the taxpayer will be taxed in Spain on their worldwide income. There is a bilateral treaty for the avoidance of double taxation between Spain and the U.S. Due to FATCA, the IRS and the AEAT are in daily contact since January 1st, 2018. They exchange all detailed information on bank accounts, deposits, mutual funds, social security benefits, pensions, etc. They also plan to exchange Real Estate and Corporate information within the following year.

REPORTING ALL INCOME AND ASSETS As a U.S. Citizen or Green Card Holder resident in Spain, there are two different fiscal obligations you must submit in Spain and another two in the US. In each country you must report your worldwide income in your Individual Tax Return, due on June 15th for the USA and June 30th for Spain. You must also report all financial assets abroad to the IRS before June 15th, and all assets to the AEAT (Spanish Tax Authorities), including real estate abroad, by April 2nd.

CONTACT U.S. TAX CONSULTANTS: +34 915 196 566 info@ustaxconsultants.net ustaxconsultants.net


50 |


For eign l aw f ir ms not al l owed t o pr act ice in

India By Samanwaya Raut r ay Sour ce: TheEconomic Times Foreign lawyers cannot carry out any litigation or non-litigation work in India on a permanent basis, the Supreme Court held in a ruling, which also gives the Bar Council of India (BCI) regulatory control over overseas legal professionals even if they are in the country on temporary assignments.

should be dealt with in their home countries. The BCI will decide if any foreign lawyer or firm?s work in India was practising law in India despite being barred under the Advocates Act, 1961. It will also draw up rules governing their conduct.

Foreign lawyers or law firms can take up tasks here only on a purely temporary, casual basis, a bench comprising Justices Adarsh Kumar Goel and RF Nariman explained, clarifying a Madras High Court ruling that allowed them to fly in and out to advise clients. In such cases, they would also be governed by the BCI?s code of conduct for lawyers, the top court said, brushing off opposition from foreign lawyers and firms to regulatory control in India.

The court clarified that legal practice would include litigation and non-litigation work, such as giving of opinion, drafting of instruments, participation in conferences involving legal discussion as well. The top court said only advocates enrolled with BCI were entitled to practice law in India. All others can appear only with permission of court, authority or person before whom proceedings are pending.

Most of them argued that complaints, if any, against them


Legal |

e Cr

The BCI?s regulatory mechanism for conduct of advocates will apply to both litigation and non-litigation work. ?Visit of any foreign lawyer on a fly-in and fly-out basis may amount to practice of law if it is on regular basis. A casual visit for giving advice may not be covered by the expression ?practice?,? the court said. ?Whether a particular visit is casual or frequent so as to amount to practice is a question of fact to be determined from situation to situation,? it said, adding that BCI or the Centre were at liberty to make appropriate rules in this regard. The court rejected the contention that the BCI?s regulatory control only extended to a person practising Indian law. The court said the Advocates Act applied to individuals, groups of individuals, companies or firms. If a bar applies to one it applies to all, it said. Foreign lawyers do not have an absolute right to take part in international arbitrations. They can only do so if permitted under the rules.

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"For eign l aw f ir ms cannot set up of f ices in India but t heir l awy er s coul d giv el egal adv iceon f or eign l aws."

Regarding BPOs that provide a range of customised and integrated services, the court said, they would not violate the Advocates Act if their activities did not amount to the practice of law. The Madras HC had ruled that services such as word processing, secretarial support, transcription services, proof reading services, travel desk support services, etc., do not come amount to legal practice. The top court ruling, which came at the instance of the BCI which had challenged the fly-in, fly-out ruling, further narrows down their work areas to keep out anything that can be termed as legal practice. Reacting to the ruling which gives the BCI a greater role visa-vis foreign lawyer Nishit Dhruva, Managing Partner, law firm MDP & Partners, said it would be interesting to see if any such new rules are formulated as, on the face of it, the fly-in, fly-out policy violated the Advocates Act which mandate only advocates on the rolls of state bar councils, to practice law in India.




For many Obv ious r easons

Credit: Tommie Hansen, CC BY 3

3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=57273042

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SOURCE: EXPATSWOLRD You can call it a dream spot. Marbella is a well-known and extremely attractive destination for people all over the world. Pleasurable south weather, tasty Spanish-Andalusian food and its charming reputation attract many expats who want to relocate here (and some who have already done so). It is also worth noting that even the world?s famous faces and millionaires acknowledge Marbella as an engaging place. NO QUESTI ON WHY At least 320 sunny days per year, which means there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy one?s time at classy white sandy beaches that are the main addiction on the Costa del Sol. This location is extremely popular among overseas property buyers. According to the statistics, close to 130 nationalities live in the region. On the west side of the port, other beaches like La Fontanilla Beach, Cabopino, Las Chapas or El Faro are worth being discovered. Important note: the summer season starts from Holy week and finishes at the end of September. PUERTO BANĂ&#x161;S This glamorous berth and its overall entertainment hub with a great variety of shops, bars and restaurants, is one of Marbella?s highly common areas to spend some leisure time. Surrounded by luxury yachts and gorgeous expensive cars, Puerto Banus is a charismatic place where the elite and other VIPs can be noticed daily. WEL L -K NOWN FACES When it comes to the rich and famous, some well-known families and European aristocracy can be mentioned. Just for the better understanding about one?s life in Marbella let?s make it public. So, for instance, the Saudi Arabian Royal Family has built their residency here. Hollywood stars, American pop celebrities, WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM


54 | Featured city

Credit:Tommie Hansen, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=57273054


politicians and other famous people like Hugh Grant, Mel Gibson and Lenny Kravitz. And moreover, Michelle Obama, Eva Longoria, Ivana Trump, Lord Alan Sugar, Simon Cowell, Kate Moss, Kelly Osbourne, and many others. They couldn?t resist this magnificent place. L AND OR WATER? For its stunning landscapes and pleasurable weather conditions, Marbella is an attraction for water sports and yacht lovers. But more than water, the land captures a great deal of attention because of its perfect condition for golf enthusiasts. Marbella can suggest a huge diversity of golf clubs and its supplements. And the golf courses are truly something incredible and eye-catching. DO YOU NEED TO SPEAK SPANI SH BEFORE YOUR BI G M OVE? Some say yes, some say no. It depends on individual expectations and


circumstances. The knowledge of the Spanish language for sure will make one's life easier and helps to adapt to local culture faster. Local residents are warm and welcoming, they will always appreciate foreigners?efforts to speak their language. It is always good to make the extra effort and arrive with at least a small vocabulary or basics that could help you feel more comfortable when facing changes and diving into a totally new environment. Also, it is recommended to use each opportunity to communicate with people, watch local TV and listen to the radio, as well as trying to understand others. Immersing in Spanish culture is an important step of adaptation. L AST POI NT Marbella is a great spot for both short-term vacation or a long-term stay. And no matter if you are an upper class member or a simple mortal, everyone is able to find his or her happiness under Marbella?s sunshine.


TAX SERVICES or exp at s f

Based in Bern, Switzerland, Taxbutler helps expats with various services such as tax returns, declaration, deductions, and other advice you may require. Taxbutler is competent, reliable and cost-efficient and their customers benefit from the company?s long-lasting collaboration with a reputable tax law firm in Switzerland. This background ensures that their team is always up-to-date with the most recent developments in Swiss taxes. Sim ple, on lin e an n u al t ax f ilin g ?Our team has long-term experience with the preparation of tax returns and giving tax planning and legal advice to taxpayers in Switzerland.? Says Alexandra ZuberbĂźhler, Tax Expert at Taxbutler. ?We noted that a growing number of taxpayers look for a simple way to comply with their annual tax filing duties without having to schedule a physical meeting with a tax accountant first. In particular, expats in Switzerland feel comfortable with sending tax information by e-mail or post, and communicating by phone or e-mail if necessary. Our idea was to create an online tool which generates offers and a checklist for taxpayers with standard situations, for example: a taxpayer with a salary and a couple of bank accounts and securities.? Aim in g t o m eet cu st om er ?s deadlin es Taxbutler works on your tax declaration as soon as possible and is considerate to deadlines. The team makes sure that you fill in and send the correct documents, as well as any additional information. All data is kept strictly confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of your tax return. Costs are calculated depending on the complexity of your tax situation and after all is submitted, a quote will be given, and you will then decide whether it?s right for you to go ahead with. ?Our mission is to have tax-compliant customers who pay the tax office just what they have to.? Says Alexandra. ?Our aim is to establish a long-term collaboration with our customers.?

Taxbu t ler con t act s: Em ail: office@taxbutler.ch Web: www.taxbutler.ch

Get m or e in f or m at ion


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As an accountant, one of the most difficult tasks that I usually encounter is telling a client how much tax to pay. We all must pay our fair share of taxes and by hiring an expert, one would hope to only pay the minimum amount, legally possible. However, this still does not make the tax payments any happier. We are living in a world where businesses face constant cash flow problems. The businesses that are usually running low on cash specifically find it hard to pay the taxes they owe, which would naturally result in them dreading taxes. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

Have you ever wondered why the employees who work for you do not go through this usual tax dread? Imagine paying an employee without deducting any tax or national insurance, who earns ÂŁ5000 gross per month and then ask them to pay ÂŁ1500 in taxes and NI after 19 days. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE REACTION WOULD BE? Chances are that they may have already spent the extra cash that they received and will be unable to pay the same tax that they have been paying each month in the past without any issues. Strange, isn't it? WHAT JUST HAPPENED? How can an employee, who has been fairly comfortable in paying taxes suddenly became unable to pay, while earning the same amount of salary? The answer is, planning...

Taxes |

Cred it : Pixab ay

It is human nature to believe what you see, which also goes with the funds that you see available in your bank account. When you believe it is yours than it comes with a course of planning otherwise you will start spending the amount you see available. However, when it comes to business, the answer is usually an unfortunate NO. The amount you see available, may have a portion of VAT that you have collected from your customers. If your business employs staff than that amount may have a P.A.Y.E liability which needs to be paid. Your business may also be profitable,

which would result in a corporation liability. If you are not organized, you may think that the entire amount available in your account is yours and may result in you spending that cash that did not belong to you, resulting in the all so common tax dread. Compare yourself to your employee, who was happy to pay the ÂŁ1500 at source, deducted by you but when the decision fell into their hands than they failed to plan resulting in the similar tax dread.



58 | Taxes


When they do not see that amount available to them then naturally they cannot spend it.

Compare yourself to your employee, who was happy to pay the ÂŁ1500 at source deducted by you, but when the decision fell into their hands then they failed to plan, resulting in the similar tax dread. I get that this does not solve the problem, does it? WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? The solution is proper organization and planning. I have learned this during my many years as an accountant, that clients who are organized and have a fair idea of their tax payment (whether it be VAT or Corporation Tax) regularly put aside their tax payment. When they do not see that amount available to them, then naturally they cannot spend it. During tax time they do not feel that the payment is going out of their pocket as by regularly putting it aside, they have never thought it was theirs in the first place, resulting in a client paying taxes happily.


Seriously? Can you ever be happy paying taxes? Now, I am not a psychic and cannot be sure on how you feel or will feel. However, I have seen an attitude shift (towards the more happier side) on a large number of clients following this same technique. IF IT IS THAT EASY, WHY ISN'T EVERY BUSINESS DOING THAT? From my experience, a majority of successful businesses are already doing that with the help of their advisers who are regularly maintaining their clients' records and informing them with the tax that will


become due. However, as a small business, you may not have enough resources to hire an expert, which is usually why it is mostly small businesses that fall into this trap due to either lack of knowledge or resources. As they say, ,you cannot avoid death and taxes then how could a small business avoid this issue? A small business can overcome this issue by being 'ORGANIZED' Depending upon the size of your business, you can spend between 30-60 minutes a day organizing your books that will give you a fair idea on the amount of taxes available. It may not be accurate but your accountant can handle the accuracy at the end of the quarter. The figure would be rather small, being based on a day in comparison to a full quarter. You may still find some dread but trust me that this will be relatively smaller than the one you so regularly encounter. You can than transfer that amount to your savings account and forget about it. IS IT THAT SIMPLE? It is not simple and you will require taking some time from your schedule to organize things and also some will power to ensure that those funds are not used. However, if you choose to stick to this technique, you will suddenly find yourself in a happier world where everyone is happy when paying their taxes. You will start to feel that someone else is paying your taxes when it has been you, maybe a newer, happier and a more organized you, who has finally escaped the ropes of that all so dreadful tax payment.

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A survey made by Best Places in the World to Retire

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For many people, moving to Mexico can be one of the best decisions they ever make. For others, it?s a big mistake. Which group are you in? In your search to find out, you may be skeptical of certain claims. You may be frustrated by the lack of credible, balanced, evidence-based information. You may also have a bit of anxiety or uncertainty about the move, which is healthy and normal. This survey will help you to find the answers you are looking for.

Almost half of the respondents reported that for the same quality of goods and services, for what they would pay

$100 for in their home country,


they could buy for

$50 IS or less in their expat home in Mexico.

EXPATS REDUCED THEIR COST OF LIVING IN MEXICO, BUT BOUGHT MORE GOODS AND SERVICES THAN THEY DID IN THEIR HOME COUNTRY. For those interested in moving to Mexico in order to achieve a lower overall cost of living, the data provided by our respondents is compelling, with almost half (48.4%) reporting that, for the same quality of goods and services, for what they would pay $100 for in their home country, they could buy for $50 or less in their expat home in Mexico. A whopping savings of more than $50 which they could put into their pockets or use to purchase more goods and services. 48.4% spends less than half 1.1% spends more 3.6% spends about the same amount of money

10.2% spends between the same and 25% less

36.7% spends between 25% to 50 % less







Statistics |

The places in Mexico where respondents reported a cost of living of 50% or less than in their home country: Baja California Norte Greater Mazatlรกn area State of Yucatan, including Merida Greater Puerto Vallarta area Greater Lake Chapala area Greater San Miguel de Allende State of Quintana Roo area Baja California Sur Greater Mexico City area

74.2% 63.1% 59.1% 49.4% 46.2% 45.8% 45.5% 33.2% 28.6%

?IT IS CRAZY HOW CHEAP YOU CAN LIVE HERE!!? - Noelia Matthews, 25 ? 44 year old female American living in Baja California Sur for less than 2 years.

?THE MONEY I SAVED, I AM SPENDING ON A NEW SAILBOAT AND ADVENTURES.? - 45 ? 64 year old male from the US living in Baja California Sur for 6 ? 10 years.



?I PAY $300 A MONTH AND THE OCEAN IS MY FRONT YARD. NEED I SAY MORE?? - Between 45 to 64-year-olds, fully retired, single Americans have been living in Baja California Norte for 2 ? 5 years.


but living




48.4% spends 13.1% says it is a little better in Mexico

4.5% says it would be about the same 1.5% says it is a little better in the country of origin 1% says it is a lot better in the country of origin 80% says it is much better in Mexico



Men and women had very similar responses, as did different age groups, those with different marital status, employment status, country of origin and how long the expat had lived in Mexico. There was, however, some variation in responses due to where in Mexico the expats lived.


iThis question is presented as the ultimate cost of living question, in that, all things being equal, for the same cash, a lower cost of living should purchase a better lifestyle. The lopsided results were very consistent with previous results, with only 2.5% reporting that their lifestyle would be better in their country of origin if they spent the same amount of money as they did in Mexico.




62 | Health

By Frances Bozsik and Brooke L. Bennett SOURCE: THE CONVERSATION

The ideal f emal e bo get t ing ev en har de D

ay after day, we?re bombarded with so many media messages that rarely do we stop to think about what they?re telling us to think, do or feel. Much has been written about the unrealistic beauty standards women have been held to. Female actresses, models and TV personalities are overwhelmingly thin, which has had a detrimental effect on the eating habits and self-esteem of countless women. But in recent years, we?ve noticed something else: Media targeting women have featured models who are not only exceedingly thin, but also muscular. As psychologists who study body image issues, we wanted to test whether women are aware of this trend ? and whether they?re aspiring for this look themselves. THE BODY GAP GROWS By now, most women are probably aware of the discrepancy between their bodies and the impossibly thin women who appear on TV and in magazines. This disparity was first identified in a 1980 study that compared the body WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

weights of regular American women to prominent media figures, Miss America contestants and Playboy centerfolds. The researchers found that between 1959 and 1978, average female weights in the general population increased, while the women appearing in the media were actually getting thinner.

THE BI RTH OF ?FI TSPI RATI ON? ? AND A NEW NORM ? While media messages continue to encourage women to change their bodies, the platforms being used to consume media are changing.

In recent years social media use has exploded. On many of these platforms, women are able to choose This matters because, particularly for what content to follow and ?like.? women, exposure to thinner bodies Social media sites, from Facebook to contributes to body dissatisfaction, Instagram, then take this information which can worsen your mood and lead and feed it into an algorithm, which to lower self-esteem. Those who then influences the content that?s aspire to this ideal figure advertised can end up engaging in and shown negative behaviors like "The r at ings to users on restrictive eating or purging. demonst r at ed their feeds. In a 2002 study, researchers t hat t hewinner s One trend exposed women on the island becamet hinner that has of Fiji to Western television. and mor e gained Before the study, island is inhabitants had preferred muscul ar ov er traction ?fitspiration.? larger female figures, seeing t he15- y ear These are them as a sign of health. But span." images and following the introduction of videos that Western television, the depict women researchers found that women were engaged in workouts or poses that much more likely to engage in highlight particular muscle groups disordered eating behaviors such as like the abdomen or buttocks. vomiting and restrictive dieting, all in a quest to appear thin.


ody t y pe is er t o at t ain

I S THI S THE NEW I DEAL ? Our studies sought to answer this question. In the first, we presented 78 undergraduate female participants with images of Miss USA winners between 1999 and 2013. Because winners are selected annually, they serve as a relevant representation of what is considered attractive. For the study, we depicted the pageant winners from the neck down wearing black two-piece swimsuits. Participants then rated each winner on her level of thinness, muscularity and


And it?s an appearance that?s not only muscular, but also thin.

e Pxh

In fact, one study has shown that an overwhelming percentage (72 percent) of these posts emphasize appearance, rather than health (22 percent).

attractiveness. The ratings demonstrated that the winners became thinner and more muscular over the 15-year span.

it : Cr d

In promoting muscularity, these images seem to be promoting healthy exercise. But analyses of the text accompanying the images have found that they often include guilt-inducing messages that focus on body image (e.g. ?Suck it up now, so you don?t have to suck it in later?).

In a second study, we wanted to examine whether women had begun to prefer this thin, toned body type. So we presented sixty four undergraduate female participants with two versions of seven different images. One version featured a thin, muscular model. In the other, the muscle tone and definition were digitally removed, leaving the model appearing to be only thin. Participants viewed these images one by one in random order and were asked to rate them on thinness, muscularity and attractiveness, and to identify how typical they were of images in the media.


| 59

64 |


Credit: Pixabay

Results showed that participants over the thin-only image. could detect the difference in BENI GN I M PL I CATI ONS, muscularity among the images and PERNI CI OUS EFFECTS rated all of them as typical of You might wonder: Isn?t it media images. healthy that women are However, they "It seems as increasingly preferring did not clearly t hough t hequest muscularity? identify one type of figure f or a t oned body Studies have examined the as being more adds j ust one impact of viewing thin and attractive than mor et hing t o toned bodies, and have the other. found that they have a

st r iv ef or ?

In a final portion anot her l ay er of negative impact on the image of female of this study, we pr essur ef or body viewers. Just like the showed participants women." previous studies on media the pair of images images that promote side by side and asked thinness, seeing thin, them to identify which muscular women can lead to a they preferred. When negative mood and decreased body presented with the images in this satisfaction. format, participants overwhelmingly chose the thin and muscular image


It is the addition of muscularity to thinness that has this impact; if women see other women who are fit but not thin, then we don?t see the same effect. It seems as though the quest for a toned body adds just one more thing to strive for ? another layer of pressure for women. Not only do they need to restrict caloric intake, but they also need to add a muscle-building exercise routine. Because there?s a deceitful aspect of rhetoric surrounding ?fitspiration? ? with benign implications that it?s simply all about being healthy ? we fear that our culture may be in the midst of a more toxic promotion of an ideal female body that only leads to more dissatisfaction.

+44 (0) 794 022 2263 | steve.hunter@hunter-associates.eu





In an ever changing world of finance, where stock markets can be volatile, Steve Hunter has an alternative view on investments. ?Having worked in finance for over forty years with a background in banking and insurance, I decided to move away from the stock market and look for more security with low risk and offering some guarantees. My aim is to offer investments which have a track record of delivering steady growth, which mitigates capital volatility for investors. People work hard for their money and understandably want the best returns with little risk.? Steve believes in offering good old fashioned quality service, ?More people are entrusting their financial care to me. My clients deal with the head of the company exclusively and this is the kind of service everyone should expect.? ?I recommend products which have a fixed income or growth option of 10% and 12% respectively. These products range from one to five year term.? Two Year Bi-Annual Income Product : property investment with a 10% income paid bi-annually or Two Year Deferred Income Product : property investment with 12% fixed per annum payable at maturity. Each have a minimum investment of ÂŁ5,000, secured with a first legal charge on the properties. One year invest ment : 12% fixed annual return, option to re-invest each year with a 100% capital guarantee and option for income. Two t o five year propert y invest ment : interest fixed at 10% per annum, with a bonus of up to 10% at maturity and a First legal charge over the property. Steve has visited these properties. ?It is very important to me that I offer investments which have track records and conduct research before making any recommendations.? If you would like more information or a chat, Steve can be contacted directly via phone or email.



Do you wond er which ma jor ind ustria lized countries will b e richer or poorer 33 yea rs from now? Accounta ncy firm PwC ha s relea sed a report outlining g rowth foreca sts in 2050 for 32 of the la rg est economies in the world . We count d own where it sa ys these countries will b e in 2050 from the 20th to 1st pla ce b a sed on GDP a t Purcha sing Power Pa rity (PPP), which a llows for a more a ccura te mea sure of wha t countries will b e prod ucing . These countries will rule the world in 2050. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM


World | 20. VIETNAM


Vietnam is expected to be the highest mover of all countries analysed. By 2050, it?s expected to have among the top 20 largest economies in the world. It will move a massive 12 places from 2016. Educational and economic reforms will be relied upon for this explosive growth to occur.

Pakistan is among the two countries where the fastest population growth is expected. Egypt is the other where we should see similar population growth of approximately 1.4% annually. Pakistan is expected to shift 6 places due to the change in demographics.


A rise in eight places is expected by Nigeria, Africa?s fastest growing economy. However, in order to achieve this Nigeria will have to tackle corruption, diversify economy and support its infrastructure.

(2016 ranking: 28) Philippines is in 2nd place to Vietnam as the second highest mover. It?s expected to have the world?s 19th largest economy in 2050. A strong population growth will be the main driver. 18. SOUTH KOREA Although South Korea is expected to remain among the top 20 of the largest economies it will have dropped 5 places since 2016.

15. EGYPT In addition to a speedy population growth, Egypt?s annual average GDP growth rate of 6.6% is expected to significantly boost the country?s economy. Egypt is projected to be the 15th largest economy on the planet by 2050. 14. NIGERIA

13. SAUDI ARABIA The Saudi Government is planning to diversify its economy which should help the country rise two places by 2050. Annual growth is expected at approximately 5.1%. 12. FRANCE Although it will still be in the top 20 of the leading world?s economies, France is projected to drop two places. The modest drop is projected due to little or no change in the working age population. 11. TURKEY Turkey is still an emerging economy, but a particularly powerful E7 nation.

in 2050 This large decline is expected due to a drop in the working age population.

Population and GDP growth will help Turkey achieve the 11th place.

17. IRAN


Iran?s average annual GDP is expected to grow 5.5% along with it?s population (by 0.4% annually). It?s ranking will be pushed up one place.

Brexit is not expected to have any long term effects on the UK?s economy. Not much change is expected by 2050 as the working age population is growing



68 | World

Credit: Pxhere/China

and economic growth is steady.



Indonesia is expected to be among the top 5 of the largest economies by 2050, moving up 4 places.

Germany is expected to drop 4 places in the next 32 years. Economic growth is a little slow with an average of only 1.7% a year. Despite the recent influx of migrants, the working age population is on the decline.

3. UNITED STATES The USA is expected to drop one place due to a slower population and GDP growth. It is still expected to be in the top 3 of the largest economies of the world.



Japan is facing the same issues as Germany and is expected to drop 4 places. This former powerhouse country is expected to have the slowest economic growth of all 32 countries that were surveyed. Population is expected to fall the most rapidly by an average of 0.5% per year.

India is expected to change places with the USA by 2050. In dollar terms, of all the 32 countries analysed, India is expected to have the highest GDP growth of 7.7% annual growth. India will step into America?s spot by 2050, up from the third to the second largest economy in the world. At 7.7% a year, the country is projected to have the highest GDP growth rate in dollar terms of all 32 countries covered in the report.

7. MEXICO Steady population and GDP growth will push Mexico up by 4 spots to the 7th largest economy. Regardless of whether President Trump builds his wall or not. 6. RUSSIA A declining population and slower than expected GDP performance are likely to hold back the economy of this E7 nation. It?s expected to stay in the same place as it is today. 5. BRAZIL Steady economical growth is happening in Brazil however it?s not growing at the same speed as other E7 countries like Mexico and Indonesia. Therefore, this country is expected to gain only 2 places.


1. CHINA China is expected to hold on to the number one spot but it is not expected to have the same economic growth as it did during the 2000s. The average annual GDP growth is expected to be at 4.4%. The world?s economy is expected to grow at an average of just over 3% per year. The majority of the growth is expected in the period between 2014 ? 2050. However, a slowdown of overall global growth is expected after 2020 as China and other emerging economies adapt to more sustainable long-term growth.


AIRPORT PICKUP & DROPOFF After arriving at Palma International Airport let Balearic Helicopters fly you straight to your villa or hotel. ?980.00 APPROX. TRIAL LESSONS It is a unique and fantastic experience but explanations come nowhere close to the experience itself - it is simply something ?199.00 (30 MINS) HELLI DINNING Balearic Helicopters in Mallorca has teamed up with several of the islands most exclusive Country Hotels and Restaurants to offer a fantastic island helicopter tour FROM ?549.00

Tel: +34 971 794 132 info@balearic-helicopters.com w w w.balear ic-h elicopt er s.com

"Thedifferenceis that millennialsin theworkplaceare lesswillingtoaccept workthat doesn? t feel likeit matters." BY MICHELLE KISS SOURCE: CLICKTIME These days, you can?t scan the interwebs without seeing an article telling you how different these darn millennials are. Lazy. Demanding. Requiring instant gratification. Hand-holding. Trophies for everyone. Soooo hard to manage. Soooooo unlike everyone who?s ever worked before them. Well, we?re not here to weigh in on that debate. Because you know what? Too bad. Love ?em or leave ?em, if WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

Mil l ennial s in t Why You Shoul d you need a workforce (and we?re guessing you do), you know who?s in your candidate pool? Millennials. You know what else? Millennials are now old enough to be starting ? even running! ? their own companies. So we say: instead of bemoaning their quirks, why not use what millennials bring? Why not take all of those millennials? supposed difficulties and flip them on their heads? Why not ? gasp ? embrace these peculiarities, using them to improve your business? Here are some suggestions for how.

Mil l ennial s in t heWor kpl ace Cr av eFl ex ibl eWor k Schedul es Above all, it seems millennials like their flexibility. They?re happy to do the work, but they don?t like to be constrained to a 9 to 5 schedule. So why make them? In fact, why make anybody? Unless your business is one that involves inherent time restrictions (like you have foreign clients with whom you need to communicate in person), why not simply evaluate your employees on the quality of their work? Studies do show that when people work from

Millennials |

Credit:Flickr/State Farm

better than letting employees blunder through the darkness, not knowing if they?re working as well as they can be? Performance reviews can get finicky, but effective feedback leads to actionable and valuable insights. So make regular feedback a part of every manager?s job description. Make sure they keep track of how their employees are doing, and that they give those employees helpful advice. Don?t think of it as hand-holding; think of it as widening your current channels of communication.

he Wor k pl ace: d Lov e Them home, they get more productive. If you set clear goals, then you can give your employees the autonomy to do their jobs.

Pr ov ide Regul ar Feedback Unlike older workers, millennials like to know how they?re doing. All the time. Most millennials say they?d prefer way more check-ins with their bosses than they get now. How whiny! Except ? what?s actually wrong with making sure employees know how they?re doing? Doesn?t being on the same page benefit everybody? Isn?t that way

Make Peopl e?s Job s Mat t er Most of us want our jobs to feel purposeful. The difference is that millennials in the workplace are less willing to accept work that doesn?t feel like it matters. What coddled naivetĂŠ! Except ? don?t you want your organization to be an ethical place? Don?t you want your business to make a difference in the world? Here?s an idea: let employees know how their jobs fit into your business? wider mission. If you don?t have a mission statement, draft one! Figure

out how your organization does good in the world, and emphasize that. Make sure everyone feels like they?re a part of something bigger.

Ut il ize Social Media If there?s anything millennials in the workplace know about, it?s social media. It?s been a part of their lives for as long as they can remember, and they?re expert users. How shallow! Except ? if the millennials who work for you are social media experts, that means their friends are social media experts, and that means that the consumers of your company?s services ? or, more likely, the future consumers of your company?s services ? are themselves likely social media experts. What are we saying? Use your millennials?expertise to build a future client base. Learn what those youngsters pay attention to, and what they don?t. Figure out ? before it?s too late! ? how to generate a real social media presence. Your future business will thank you.

Change Things Up Distracted, inveterate multi-taskers, unable to focus: we?ve all heard these descriptions. It may be true: millennials are less interested in simply working on one thing. How fickle! Except ? as it turns out, change is good for all sorts of reasons. It keeps you engaged. It helps your brain. It makes you more excited about coming in to work. So why not change things up? Make sure people aren?t stuck doing the same thing, over and over. Let your employees stretch: force them to learn new skills, or to tackle new kinds of projects, or to practice doing slightly different jobs. This keeps your workplace exciting, and, ultimately, gives you more coverage for any one task.



72 |


ESSENTI A TI PS FOR TRAVELI N WI TH ANI MALS SOURCE: EXPATSWORLD For some committed pet parents, a trip just isn?t the same if their pet companions can?t come too. However, traveling with animals can be highly stressful, both for you and your pets. If you?re planning to take your pets with you on a trip, we have some tips to make the experience safe, comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. QUI CK CHECK L I ST FOR AN ANI M AL M OVE 1. CHECK YOUR DESTI NATI ON?S PET I M PORT REGUL ATI ONS - Do you need to have an import permit? - Does your pet have to be micro-chipped? - What vaccinations are mandatory? - Is a Blood Titer Test (RNATT) mandatory? Cr ed it: pn gt re




- Take your pet for drives in their crate or carrier. 3. SCHEDUL E A VI SI T TO YOUR VET Check your pet?s over all health. - If you haven?t already, have your pet micro-chipped. - Verify your pet?s rabies vaccination is valid. - Discuss any titer and other testing required prior to travel. Check Your Air line Or Road Route

S - Do you need to have them checked for internal parasites? - Does your pet need to go into quarantine upon arrivals? - Must your pet arrive as cargo? 2. GET YOUR PET USED TO THEI R TRAVEL CRATE -All pet carriers must have a waterproof base, sufficient ventilation and be securely fastened. Your pet must be able to stand and comfortably turn around in its carrier. - Pet crates for larger animals traveling as cargo must have a waterproof base, spring lock, sufficient ventilation and meet all IATA requirements. - Include familiar toys or objects in the crate or carrier including an item with your scent. - Leave the door open so your pet can enter and exit the crate or carrier before you leave on your flight.

- Check for traffic holdups if traveling by road. - If you are flying, try to avoid airports that - have challenging transfers (London, Australia, China) arrangements. - Keep stopovers to 2 hours or less where possible. - Do not change airlines as this can cause delays and imposes additional stress on your animal.

- Medication. - Pet harness for cars, make sure they buckle up for their safety. - An old sheet for covering hotel furniture your pet likes too much. - Plastic bags and gloves for picking up after your pet. Schedule A Grooming Session A clean pet is a happy and relaxed pet. 4. PRE-DEPARTURE Always ensure, your pet has a micro-chip for easy identification and has a collar and tag. It is important that the tag contains your name and contact information engraved on it regardless of your end destination or method of travel. For international pet travel, it?s also sensible to include a travel tag listing your cell phone and destination contact details.

Find Pet-Fr iendly Hotels And Recreation - Look for pet-friendly hotels and confirm their pet policy. - Locate a nearby animal hospital in case of emergencies. - Identify nearby pet-friendly parks and restaurants. Prepare A Pet Go-Bag Pack the following in a pet go-bag: - Harness, collar and leash. - Name tag with your contact details. - Picture of you and your pet if you are separated. - Bottled water and a water dish. - Supply of their favorite pet food, dish, and spoon. - Pet treats. -Brush and shampoo. - Toys.

Free images by <a href="https://pngtree.com" >pngtree.com</a>


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74 | Tips


should also carry a photo of your pet.

Pet air travel can be stressful for both you and your pets. Delays, bad weather, and faulty planes can all pose problems for your pet?s happiness and welfare. However, if you want to travel with your pet on your flight, here are five easy tips to ensure your precious pet is happy and safe during their flight.

If your plane is delayed, or you are concerned about your pet?s welfare, insist airline personnel check the animal when possible.

Always book direct flights where possible. This dramatically reduces the chances of your pet being stranded on the baggage trolley during severe weather events or manhandled by baggage staff during a stopover. Have your pet checked by a veterinarian before you fly: Ensure your pet?s vaccinations are all current and ask your vet for a health certificate dated within 10 days of your flight. Check with your vet for ideas to relax your pet if you are concerned they may be scared or anxious during the flight Purchase an IATA compliant pet transport crate. Your pet should be able to stand and turn around easily in the crate. Line your crate with bedding, to absorb mishaps. Tape a bag of dry food to the crate so airline personnel can feed your pet if necessary. Freeze a dish of water the night before you fly. It won?t overturn during loading and will melt by the time your pet is thirsty.


Avoid flying with your pet during extremely hot or cold weather. The danger time for your pet is greatest during check-in, loading and taxiing. 7. PET ROAD TRI P

Many of us prefer to travel with our pet, be it for a holiday, business, or relocation. While we would all like to have our pet accompany us in the cabin, this is not always physically possible. The only option then is for your pet to fly in the cargo hold.

Traveling with your pet on a road trip involves more simply remembering to load your pet in the car, particularly if you intend traveling long distances. Here are four simple car travel ideas for helping your pet enjoy a serene and safe road trip.

There are many steps you can take to help ensure your pet?s safety when traveling in the airline?s cargo hold. Begin by understanding your airline?s pet travel policy. Bring a copy of it with you should you experience any problems at the check-in desk or cargo area.

Acclimatize your pet to riding in your car before your road trip. Take your pet on short drives, gradually lengthening the time your pet spends in your car. Remember to bring along your pet?s vaccination record just in case

Transferring to another plane adds to your pet?s stress. Where possible, opt for a carrier with a non-stop flight to your destination. Remember airlines do not " I F YOUR LI FE interline pets. So, I NCLUDES if you TREASURED PETS, are THEN YOU changing UNDERSTAND THAT from one to MAKI NG PLANS TO airline another TRAVEL I NCLUDES during a DECI DI NG WHETHER stopover, TO TAKE YOUR PETS you must WI TH YOU OR LEAVE remember THEM AT HOME I N to pick up and THE CARE OF A SI TTER recheck-in OR OPT FOR A your pet.

BOARDI NG FACI LI TY." Where Ensure your pet?s crate is properly identified. Label possible, the crate ?Live Animal,? buy a pet crate with metal fastenings and include your name, contact joining its halves. Increasingly, details, a photograph of your pet, and airlines are mandating metal fittings your destination phone number. You WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

when it comes to connecting both halves of your crate.

Secure your pet in a well-ventilated shipping crate. As with air travel, your pet?s crate should be generously sized to ensure your pet?s comfort. Always use your seatbelt to fasten your pet?s crate so it won?t slide around or become airborne if you have to stop suddenly. If you skip the crate, always keep your pet on the back seat in a harness attached to their seat buckle and don?t let your pet hang their head out the window Don?t leave your pet unattended in a car. On hot days, a parked car can quickly becomes an oven bringing the risk of heatstroke. Similarly, in cold weather, your car can turn into a fridge, trapping the cold.

Let u s t ak e car e of you r best f u r r y f r ien d!


WWW.HIGH- PAW.DK contact@high-paw.dk +45 50 25 36 39

76 |


by Dan Capl inger Sour ce: TheMot l ey Fool

Immigrants, expatriates, and those who work internationally need to understand how Social Security coordinates with foreign governments. Social Security helps tens of millions of Americans, but the U.S. isn't the only country in the world with a system to provide similar benefits to workers. Dozens of countries around the world offer the same sort of coverage that Social Security does. With the workplace growing increasingly global, there's a greater amount of migration between different countries, and it's important to coordinate benefits to ensure fair and equitable treatment for workers who spend all or part of their careers in different jurisdictions. For years, the federal government has worked with foreign nations toward the goal of establishing agreements that allow their respective programs to support those with ties to more than one country. Despite rising tensions about nationalism and immigration policy, the Trump administration announced earlier this week that it would continue that effort, adding another country to the list of bilateral agreements that the U.S. has established over the past 40 years.

URUGUAYJOINSTHEGROUP President Trump sent a message to Congress last week that transmitted a Social Security Totalization Agreement with the South American nation of Uruguay. Those agreements had been signed in Uruguay in early January 2017, just days before the president took office. According to the transmission message, the agreement with Uruguay closely resembles similar totalization agreements that the U.S. has entered into with a host of other partners. Within South America, the U.S. has such agreements only with Chile, but more than two dozen other countries have had bilateral agreements that in the case of Italy date back to 1978. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

Credit: Unsplash/Guilherme Cunha

Wil l Social S t he Next Hot Immigr at ion I WHYBILATERALAGREEMENTSARE IMPORTANT Social Security totalization agreements are intended to achieve two valuable policy objectives. During a worker's career, these agreements seek to eliminate any potential for double taxation. Without such rules, a worker from another country who works within the U.S. might be forced not only to pay Social Security payroll taxes but also further taxes to the worker's home nation. Later, when it comes time for Social Security and similar programs to provide benefits to workers, the agreements will ensure that there aren't any gaps in coverage that stem from a person having worked in both countries over the course of a career.

Secur it y Be - But t on Issue? HOWTOTALIZATIONAGREEMENTSFIX POTENTIALPROBLEMS Totalization agreements ensure that such cases are handled fairly. For instance, with respect to work coverage, an agreement will typically count work in a foreign treaty country for purposes of determining eligibility and complying with the 40-credit rule. Conversely, the foreign country can also choose under the agreement to honor the work that someone has done in the U.S. toward their eligibility. In general, Social Security uses a territoriality rule in determining coverage. Under the basic rule, Social Security will apply to those working in the U.S., while the coverage laws of the foreign country will apply to those who work there. That determination is made irrespective of citizenship -

again as long as the foreign country has an agreement with the U.S. that so provides. Exceptions apply in most countries to those sent on temporary assignment for periods of five years or less.

ASYSTEMTHATWORKSWELL- FORTHOSEIN THEIN- CROWD Social Security totalization agreements aren't particularly controversial, and the reason why is simple: They tend to make situations clearer for residents of all countries involved in them. Yet to date, "Wit h t hewor kpl acegr owing the vast majority of agreements incr easingly gl obal , t her e's a gr eat er amount of migr at ion are with nations in Europe, with bet ween dif f er ent count r ies, and only Canada, South Korea, it 's impor t ant t o coor dinat e Australia, and Japan having benef it s t o ensur efair and joined the two South American equit abl et r eat ment f or wor ker s nations beyond Europe's borders. who spend al l or par t of t heir The lack of agreements with car eer s in dif f er ent j ur isdict ions." Mexico as well as nations in Africa, Central America, the Caribbean, and large stretches of Asia could pose unnecessary obstacles to workers seeking to be part of the labor markets of multiple countries. As globalization takes further hold, finding ways to reach similar agreements will be a crucial part of building trust and a healthy flow of labor across the globe. A failure to reach accords over time could add even more complexity to the immigration debate. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM




The Top Travel Club is a member-based travel club that negotiates outlet prices, direct booking discounts and savings for members who are comfortable with handling their own travel arrangements, directly with the listed and linked travel operators on the website. Members get access to thousands of Direct Booking Discounts and Savings on travel and shopping selections in over 100 countries at 3 global clubs - TheTopTravelClub, WorldPrivilegeClub and Hotelsetc? ..all for JUST ONE family membership fee. Benefits of having a member ship with us: - Members may get the same deals for their family and friends with just one membership - Offers may be given as gifts or forwarded to friends around the world - Access to Hotelsetc.com and the multiple savings - New offers available each week - Easily recover the membership fee with the savings - Members go direct and save - 100% of savings go to members - The Club does not earn any fees or commissions for advertising, promotions, bookings, sales or clicks. We are not j ust another tr avel club and are NOT a tr avel agency We seek quality travel business operators all over the world who want to deal directly with our members and offer direct booking savings, net of commission prices or special member-only discounts. Over 1400 global independent travel and tour operators currently offer these deals, and our members have free direct access to the many thousands of savings at Hotelsetc.com and WorldPrivilegePlus.com - no need to pay extra membership dues. Want to save 50% on a family member ship? One membership is all that is needed to save for all of your family and friends booking or travelling together. We have such an exceptional travel offer that we are making it available to your friends and connections around the world who may also want to save on their travel needs. Simply forward this offer to them for their own review? they won?t believe the price! Book one hotel night or day tour and you will recover this small membership fee. This is the greatest deal in online travel, so click on the bottom above to get your deal!

Contact The Top Tr avel Club: Email: tony@thetoptravelclub.com Web: www.thetoptravelclub.com

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Credit: Unsplash/Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

80 | Featured city


M a la g a c a n t r a c e it s o r ig in s b ack to the Ro m a n s , w h o p a s s ed the torch of c i v i li z a t i o n to the c o n q u er in g A rab s w ho d o m in a t ed t h e lo c a l c u lt u r e f o r 8 0 0 y ea r s .


Credit: Pxhere

SOURCE: EXPATSWORLD el l o Sunny Days and Low- Cost Lif est y l e in MAl aga, Spain


Spain?s Malaga is deservedly popular as a chic and unashamedly cosmopolitan destination for expats and holidaymakers alike. Many expats and their families are choosing to settle in Malaga, lured by its fabulous year-round weather, its economical lifestyle, divine fresh cuisine and vibrant Andalucian culture. Moreover, living and vacationing in Malaga remains more affordable than in comparable parts of Northern Europe, thanks to its comparatively low property prices and the equally low cost of living in Spain?s sunny southern city. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

Mal aga Today MĂĄlaga is about halfway along the Costa del Sol. Six decades ago, this idyllic stretch of beautiful Mediterranean coastline was home to quaint little fishing villages. Today it?s one of Europe?s most popular and thriving beach destinations where luxury beach resorts offer a sophisticated and indulgent lifestyle. MĂĄlaga itself is home to just under 600,000 residents with a broader metropolitan catchment of around one million. Naturally, it comes complete with all the trappings you would expect from a vibrant metropolis. It has great healthcare, reliable public transport, a major international airport and sublime restaurants and bars, complemented by a host of shopping and cultural options.

After all, this is the city that bequeathed Picasso to the world and has transformed itself spectacularly recently, with a flood of brilliant art galleries, a radically re-imagined port district and an emerging art district called Soho. Farther west is the enticing Puerto BanĂşs with its massive marina, surrounded by shopping malls, fine restaurants and magnetic Marbella, long the playground for the glamorous jet-set pack. Throughout its history, Malaga has demonstrated its formidable ability to effortlessly reinvent itself without jettisoning its laid-back vibe and remains stubbornly affordable. Ex pat s In Spain Expats in Spain rave about their stress-free, sun-drenched lifestyle. However, if you are considering a

Featured city |

move to sunny Spain there is always the challenge of how to fit in seamlessly with the local community. If you find yourself confused, simply follow these five basic tips to feel more at home in Malaga. Lear n To Lov eBur eaucr acy When you go to finalize what seems to be a never-ending stream of paperwork to get through, always remember to bring many, many copies of pretty much everything. Consider it a step on the path to developing patience and forbearing. Thou Shal t Not Sur r ender To Fr ust r at ion Never assume a meeting-free morning is a perfect time to pop into your bank, schedule a doctor appointment or visit a museum. Everything takes more time than it needs and everything takes forever.

Particularly the preliminary exchanges of information about aches and pains, marital disharmony, and ungrateful relatives. Whenever you visit anywhere official, there is always another unanticipated bill or charge you hadn?t anticipated. Thou Shal t Nev er Schedul e Anyt hing In August Never attempt to get anything at all done in August. Spain is closed. Malaga shuts up shop for the season and goes on holiday. However, if you do need anyone, you can probably track them down at the beach. Br aceYour sel f For Impact Forget being polite. ?Please? and ?Thank You? counts for nothing. Try shouting louder, harder, stronger. This may require extensive practice, sorry.

Thou Shal t Remain Sel f - Sat isf ied Embrace your new laid-back sun-drenched lifestyle. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety. Cultivate a fatalistic approach until something bad actually happens, rather than anticipating it beforehand. Nurture a fanatical passion for football and local fiestas. Welcome your neighbour?s generous gifts of fruit, vegetables and preferably wine and you?ll soon find your feet in your new home in Malaga. Malaga can trace its origins back to the Romans, who passed the torch of civilization to the conquering Arabs who dominated the local culture for 800 years. These cultural roots still dominate Malaga and Andalusia today, making it a special place, culturally with its fabulous old architecture and with a sensation of cosmopolitan community.



82 | Food

Cit ies Wher e You Wil l St il l Find Fr ee SP ANISH



Tapas at one time was a tradition and a religion; here you?ll find recommendations for places where free snacks still reign. ?Tapa? ? comes from the word ?tapar?meant to cover. The origins of this tradition are steeped in myth. Some stories claim they were created to fuel the bravado of the troops, as the Christian reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula needed a boost, and others say it was to avoid fist fights in the taverns between the soldiers. Tapas at one time was a tradition and a religion; here you?ll find recommendations for places where free snacks still reign.


TheTapas In These5 Cit ies ar eWor t h Packing Your Bags For

The origins of Spanish tapas likely came from Andalucian grocery stores at the end of the 19th century. As people migrated, the trend was later exported to Madrid. Food shortages in post-war Spain produced a need for cheap and functional nourishment that could sustain the population. There was also a social element that increased the popularity of tapas and of course then came the tourists who loved this uniquely Spanish tradition. Each region has it?s specific type of tapas but in general it is a mouthful of something simple, practical and cheap.

LEON In the Húmedo and Romántico districts of the city, go to Flechazo for spicy chips, La Comptetencia for pizza and the Rebote for croquetas. Close to the gothic Cathedral, savor salmorejo (a purée consisting of tomato and bread) at the Camarote Madrid when the weather is hot, and trout soup in the Pajarín when it?s cold. At the end of the day, take a stroll to the Plaza del Grano square and visit La Piconera.

GRANADA Granada has the Alhambra, the Albaicín district, and the most generous tapas in the world. Even those on the tightest budgets could live on the tapas here. At El Tablón only a couple of euros will buy you a beer with bacon and eggs. There?s also El Arenal where you?ll find pork loin and chips (lomo con patatas fritas) with your first drink, fried squid with cabbage (calamares con col) with your second and hamburger with your third ? you?ll have to visit to find out what you get with your fourth. If you have a sophisticated palette, head over to Aliatar ? Los Caracoles for some snails If you?d like to recreate Andalusia?s glorious past, head over to Omka for Moroccan delights such as couscous, saluka, brewat and delicious tagines. Though a little far from the sea, Los Diamantes do fabulous fried fish and mussels.

LACORUNA When in La Coruña try La Bombilla. In Lugo, the list is inexhaustible. There are two bars in particular: Las Cinco Vigas and the Paprica. The tapas scene here is similar to Granada, just in the north.

SANTIAGO In Galicia, this is particularly true. In Santiago, O Cabalo Branco is a must. The best tapas here is tray of potatoes with mayonnaise, prawns, croquettes and bacon. You have two options for tortilla ? La Tita and the Moha. You must try El Avión on a Friday ? miraculously ? you will be served crab!

SEVILLE In Seville, the tapas are great. La Grande, for example, offers prawns, making it worthy of review.

Concl usion There you can sample a small beer, a Prieto Picudo wine or the oddly named El Butano ? the gas.

The point of real connection among Spaniards is the desire to eat cheaply and well. While this list has failed to cover all the best tapas bars, it?s a great place to start for your next visit to Spain. Buen provecho!


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84 | Relocation

Thebest placetor SOURCE:EXPATSWORLD Spainhas longbeenafavouriteretirement destinationandlittlewonder. Withsomany beautiful locations tochoosefrom, thebiggest challengefor would-beretireesishowtosettleonwhat isthebest placetoretireinSpain. Afabulous climate, avibrant andengagingculture, awe-inspiringnatural beauty, heavenly cuisine, festivals, andmileafter mileof brilliant coastline dottedwithdivinebeachesareattractingexpatsinSpaintoretirepermanently. Add to its extensive benefits, the low cost of living in Spain plus a well-developed national health system and Spain is an attractive option. Here, are our Top 10 fabulous suggestions on where to live in Spain.

MAGICALMADRID Madrid is Spain?s capital, a cosmopolitan city combining old-world charm, oodles of historical heritage with a modern infrastructure and its status as an economic and financial centre. Spain takes its arts and culture seriously, and today the city has more than 60 museums, headlined by the sublime Prado Museum of Art. Culture vultures, who live and work in Spain will also adore the Reina Sofía National Art Centre, dedicated to late 19th-century contemporary Spanish works and home to Picasso?s Guernica together with the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Madrid is where the bounty of Spain arrives at your table. Whether it's seafood from Galicia, cider straight from the Asturian Highlands, or flamenco music from the south, Spain?s capital is a mixing pot of cultural traditions and delicious cuisine. It?s the place to enjoy a taste of the very best this vibrantly diverse country offers.

BEAUTIFULBARCELONA Europe?s largest Mediterranean city and Spain?s second largest city, Barcelona is a serious contender for those considering emigrating to Spain. Barcelona boasts a host of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Antoni Gaudi?s magnificent Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family and the Palace of Catalan Music. One of the legacies of playing host to the 1992 Olympic


Games is Barcelona?s modern infrastructure and amenities. The city offers prospective retirees brilliant outdoor recreation and beautiful beaches; sensational cuisine and divine wine, fabulous arts and culture, the world-class Barcelona Football team, an epic sweep of history, sublime architecture and a thriving nightlife. Barcelona is stylish, vibrant, and simply oozes colourful Catalan culture. Barcelona offers a heady mix of old and new. Its highlights include Gaudí?s eye-popping architecture, the Ramblas pedestrian mall, and the atmospheric Barri Gòtic medieval maze.

GRACIOUSGRANADA Nestling at the foot of the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains in Spain?s southern Andalusia region, Granada is famous for being home to the exquisite Alhambra also known as the Red Fortress. A lavish Moorish fortress complex of palaces, battlements, thrusting towers and glorious gardens and the Albayzín, a historical residential barrio featuring a mix of prominent Moorish and Andalusian influences. Both are acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you are looking for the right places to live in Spain, Granada has to be on your list. Expats enjoy snow sports in the winter atop the lofty Sierra Nevada, gleaming sandy beaches throughout the summer, and dramatic flamenco shows, exciting museums, colourful festivals, theatre and Arab baths all year round.

ALLURINGALICANTE Alicante located on Spain?s eastern Mediterranean coast is a bustling contemporary city home to around 334,000 residents. One of Spain?s most modern cities, Alicante?s international airport has made it a gateway for those


| 85

retireinSpain emigrating to Spain, while it has established a reputation for having some of the most sought-after properties in the country. A trendy Spanish tourist destination, Alicante?s Mediterranean setting attracts sun lovers and beach fanatics from the world over. Despite this fluctuating flow of tourists, Alicante very much remains a Spanish city, with its inviting small-town vibe. Thanks to its warm climate, visitors can take a stroll along Alicante?s beach from March through to October, while the sun shines most days during the winter meaning you only need a jacket to stay warm. Potential retirees looking at houses in Spain need search no further than Alicante. Despite Alicante?s reputation as a tourist hotspot, house prices here remain affordable.

MAGNIFICENTMÁLAGA Spain?s sixth largest city, Málaga lays claim to being one of the world's oldest cities. Set on the evocative Costa Del Sol, Málaga is an immensely popular destination on Spain?s southern Mediterranean coast and a strong

contender for the best place to retire in Spain. This vibrant and dynamic city offers would-be retirees a host of museums, great shopping, superb restaurants and cultural events, which bring the city alive including the annual Málaga Film Festival and the Holy Week celebrations. Supporting its place on the list of good places to live in Spain is Málaga?s very mild winters and wonderfully sunny summers. Málaga as a city is sparkling clean, boasting a pedestrian-only city centre and a revitalised harbour precinct that is a wonderful spot for a leisurely stroll. The city is brimming with museums, offers plenty of great dining, and heaps of shopping to suit all budgets and tastes. Above all else, Málaga is a welcoming, spirited city, exuding its trademark Andalusian luster. Best of all, even in its major tourist areas, it remains at its heart, a very Spanish city. To top it all off, Málaga remains very affordable, living up to the reputation of the low cost of living in Spain.

WWW.MYEXPATSWORLD.COM Credit: Unsplash/Matteo Bordi/Granada

Credit: Unsplash/Cale Weaver/Alicante


Mediterranean-style tranquility.

The medieval city of Valencia sits on Spain?s eastern Mediterranean coast along the evocatively named Orange Blossom Coast. Spain?s third-largest city, Valencia is renowned for its serried orange groves, dazzling beaches, mild climate, and its la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias or City of Arts and Sciences, an architecturally daring futuristic complex that is host to an interactive science museum, an IMAX theatre, Europe?s largest aquarium and an opera house.

Tranquility is found on these warm, sun-kissed islands. Over the years, the Balearic Islands have proven to be a popular choice for expats in Spain. Palma de Mallorca is a city renowned for its welcoming climate, quality of life and beautiful Mediterranean environment.

As Spain?s third-largest city, Valencia has all the attractions anyone could expect from a major metropolis. The town enjoys efficient air and rail connections with the rest of Europe and beyond, plenty of green spaces, sound healthcare infrastructure, and long-established universities.

A balmy climate featuring mild, all year round temperatures, brilliant blue skies, clean air and warm sunshine, make the Canary Islands one of the most special places to live in Spain. Perfect for those looking to restore their health, the Canary Islands are a unique and exclusive destination for prospective expats in Spain.

While Valencia enjoys an expansive set of contemporary amenities and resources for residents, the cost of living and property prices in Valencia remain lower than for comparable property in Barcelona and Madrid, making it indeed one of the most enjoyable and affordable places to live and work in Spain.

THEBALEARICISLANDS In compiling a short list of the best place to retire in Spain, the Balearic Islands are rarely top of mind. Known more for their hedonistic lifestyle and wild nightlife, hot spots such as the island of Ibiza is famous more for its vibrant party atmosphere and pulsing club scene than its WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

If you are looking at houses in Spain, don?t forget to include the Balearic Islands in your Google search.


If you suffer from rheumatism, asthma, arthritis or experience pulmonary problems, one of the Canary Islands enchanting locations may be for you. Peace and tranquility coupled with a natural environment make Lanzarote an exciting choice. If you are in search of seclusion and solitude head for La Palma, Gomera, and El Hierro. Alternatively, if you prefer a more city emphasis in your city and nature divide, Tenerife or Gran Canaria could provide a more hospitable home base for you. Once you begin exploring your options in the Canary Islands, your hardest question will be where to live in Spain?


| 87

ExpatsinSpain Expats in Spain will enjoy a lazy stroll through Valencia?s beautifully designed parks, under the dappled shade of leafy trees, while music seems to fill the very air. Valencia abounds in culture for all tastes, spanning art and science museums, bewitching concert halls and one of Europe?s largest sprawling historical centres. Valencia is also a beach town thanks to its setting right on the Mediterranean. Moreover, central Valencia?s population of only around 800,000 lends it a small town atmosphere.

COSTOFLIVINGINSPAIN One of the most influential features attracting expats is the low cost of living in Spain. Spain has never been more affordable for expats than it is right now. Day-to-day living expenses can be meager by international standards, while modern amenities are in abundance, whether you prefer cinemas or museums, music or the live theatre scene, Spain has it in abundance.

SPAIN?SHEALTHCAREOPTIONS Spain has a well-developed national health system supported by an extensive Healthcare infrastructure. The system is accessible to everyone, even expats, although there are some limitations in service provision. Many retirees in Spain opt for private healthcare cover to avoid waiting lists for treatment and operations. Explore and Find Your Dream Location. There's little wonder why so many international expats find a happy post-career lifestyle in sunny Spain. Here expats can discover low-cost homes by the sea and fabulous cuisine where the mild weather makes al fresco dining a true joy. Also, wherever you opt to settle, you are bound to find ready friends amongst your fellow seniors. Happily, the Spanish people are warm and welcoming, and the Spanish government makes it comparatively easy for expatriates to readjust to their new life in glorious Spain. Credit: Pixabay/Valencia


88 |

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AM STERDAM REM OVAL Izaäk Enschedéweg 50, Haarlem, North Holland, 2031 CS, Netherlands T. +31 (0)23 8200218 info@amsterdamremoval.nl www.amsterdamremoval.nl If you move in, or to Amsterdam we are glad to be your moving company. We know our way to apply for permits, hoist to higher floors with a moving lift and know which trucks to use in different neighborhoods.

TOURS & TI CK ETS Damrak 26, Amsterdam, North Holland, 1012, Netherlands T. +31 20 420 4000 customer.service@toursandtickets.nl www.tours-tickets.com As a tour operator, we specialize in providing excursions in The Netherlands and Belgium, offering various tickets for museums, attractions and all kinds of canal cruises.

DAYARAJA Hessische Str. 12, Berlin, Berlin, 10115, Germany T. +49 0163 98 95 370 post@dayaraja.de www.dayaraja.de People are never too old to take up meditation or yoga. Even if you may feel stiff and heavy now, you will soon notice the beneficial effects of this practice.

K ANGA SERVI CES Virginias Benaki 15-17, Athens, Attica, 104 36, Greece T. +30 210 64 66 400 kanga@otenet.gr www.kangaservices.gr Door to door, around the corner, across the nation or oversees. Our services: express courier, freight forwarding transport services and, biocourier.

HOUSESI T M ATCH Hessische Str. 12, Berlin, Berlin, 10115, Germany T. +34 671 45 04 34 lamia@housesitmatch.com www.housesitmatch.com Leaving the house in the care of a stranger is something that naturally can make you nervous and should not be taken lightly. We offer a range of guidelines and legally approved template contracts and documents for registrants that will help to make this a smooth process

CENTERDENT Giesshübelstrasse 15, Zurich, 8045, Switzerland T. +41 44-342 44 44 info@centerdent.ch www.centerdent.ch Quality, 365 days a year, online diaries, all disciplines of modern dentistry under one roof, top modern, unique practice setting, and more, awaits you on a visit to the attractive new practice CenterDent.

DAYARAJA 438 Retaheim Way, San Diego, California, 92037, USA T. (888) 750 1070 - toll free arno@healthisinternational.com www.healthisinternational.com International Travel Insurance is more affordable than you think. We can help you navigate the confusing terms and jargon, giving you an education about the products that are available to get you the insurance you need.

ORANGE TAX SERVI CES Arnold Waal, P.O. Box 75524, 1070 AM Amsterdam,The Netherlands T. +31 (0)20 520 7991 info@orangetax.nl www.orangetax.com Dutch tax services for international clients seeking local Dutch assistance. We helped many expats and foreign companies in Holland with their Dutch tax services and other fiscal challenges.

NEVADO REALTY M ARBEL L A Camilo José Cela 18, Marbella, Málaga, 29602, Spain T. +34 952 82 55 17 info@nevadomarbella.com www.nevadomarbella.com Specialists in selling and renting luxury villas, penthouses, apartments and plots in Marbella center and Marbella?s Golden Mile. We have a large portfolio of exquisite properties in Marbella centre beachfront, golf and mountain.

COACH EL SPETH Palma de mallorca, Balearic Islands,07001, Spain T. +44 797 151 3497 www.coachelspeth.com A personal trainer who focuses on strength and conditioning. 1-1 personal training and group training for up to 4 people from Megasport.


Business Directory | VI VI FI NEART Boulder, Colorado, 80302, USA T. +1 303 875 0661 cindi@vivifineart.com www.vivifineart.com Art is about learning. Learning to be quiet and learning to be loud. Learning to explore and to accept, to sit and observe, feel and touch.

WHI ZWORDZ 151 Chin Swee Rd, #13-04 Manhattan House, Singapore 169876 T. +65 6600 3798 sales@whizwordz.com www.whizwordz.com.sg A translation services agency in Singapore dedicated to providing an outstanding level of service.

ACE OF BRUSSEL S Drève du Prieuré 19, Auderghem, Brussels, 1160, Belgium T. +32 2 420 02 04 info@aceofbrussels.com www.aceofbrussels.com A family-centred, international, English speaking school community in Brussels, Belgium. We develop character as well as academics.

AUPAI RWORL D Wolfsschlucht 9, Kassel, Hessen, 34117, Germany T. +49 561 310 561 17 support@aupairworld.com www.aupairworld.com AuPairWorld is the greatest resource for au pairs and host families to find each other and live the utter au pair experience.

OTC GL OBAL GM BH Helmholtzstraße 2-9, Berlin, Berlin, 10587, Germany T. +49 30 639 686 44 anfrage@otc-global.com www.otc-global.com We specialize on niche markets, yet offers a great expertise globally and therefore positions itself as your global removal and transportation specialist.

SARRI À QUI ROPRÀCTI CA Carrer Caponata 3,Spain T. +34 646684402 info@sarriaquiropractica.com www.sarriaquiropractica.es For lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches and general health issues.



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Expats World Magazine - Issue 7 - July 2018