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Editor's letter

Welcome to the 8th Issue of ExpatsWorld Magazine

We are happy and proud to welcome you to our eight edition of this magazine, the only monthly magazine for people who live or plan to move abroad. There are approximately 1200 new people connecting to ExpatsWorld every 24 hours, truly amazing. Reading this magazine online, reading our newsletters, following our daily updated newsblog, posting and commenting on our 112 Facebook groups and pages around the world, watching our webTV show, listening to our webRadio channel and contacting us with all kinds of questions and requests for assistance around the world. We see a high concentration of connected people in Europe, Asia and North America. We are now pro-actively starting to connect with people and companies to grow our crowd of followers in Latin & South America, Africa and China. Did you know that there are now over 500 metropolitan areas in the world with over 1 million population ? These are the cities we are aiming to grow and be stronger with our online presence, news flow and events. We are currently planning to launch a new fantastic feature both on our webpage and in our mobile app. As always we manage to give all of our followers super services for free, since we have many small and large companies supporting us as sponsors and advertisers. Welcome to another exciting issue of ExpatsWorld Magazine and don´ t forget to go to www.expatsworld.com and sign up as member for free!

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Credit: Unsplash/Osman Koycu

Featured city


Istanbul regularly tops lists of the world?s greatest city destinations, famed for its Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia ? impressive sites that have fallen victim to their own success and now serve as tourist traps thronging with shoving crowds. The truth is, that while Istanbul is

indubitably an incredible city to visit, tourists only ever get to scratch the surface of something truly exciting. While the same may be said of cities the world over, it feels particularly true of Istanbul; a city whose still beating heart lies buried beneath the clogged arteries of tourist hell.

Once you get over the wonder, and beyond the clichĂŠs, you discover a city that has its share of problems, but that offers a chance to live between two worlds. Get lost in its historically cosmopolitan backstreets, cross continents in minutes, dance until daybreak in Beyo?lu?s hipster clubs, feast on the 24 hour street food, then head to a rooftop to watch the sun rise over one of the world?s most distinctive skylines; one that has barely changed for centuries.

with a passport, work visa application form, passport size photographs (make sure you have multiple copies) and one copy of your employment contract. - After getting the permit, go back to the consulate and turn in your passport, work permit, work visa processing fee and work permit processing fee. - Go to the Aksaray Police Station and get your residence permit.

Challenging Stereotypes When you tell people you live in Istanbul, you?ll regularly come up against the following questions: Do you have to wear a scarf? Have you learned Arabic? Are you allowed to drink there? There?s an assumption that Turkey is in the Middle East and is an Islamic republic of some

kind. It isn?t, and it?s not. Look at a map ? the clue?s right there.

Turkey bridges the gap between Europe and Asia, and its culture sits somewhere in the middle, not as a mix of the two, but as a distinct Turkish identity. And while 97% of the population might identify themselves as Muslim, this is often a cultural distinction. You?ll meet people across the spectrum from religious conservative "It ?s t r uet hat women in Tur ks ar equit e heads carves nat ional ist in to short-skirt t heir f ood choices wearing, hard-drinking but t hat comes f r oma pr idein hedonists. And everyone t heir cul inar y in between. cul t ur e." How to get a per mit and visa in I stanbul - Apply for a work permit

Your residence permit is valid for one year and it is easily renewable. Those coming to Turkey without these documents can easily stay in the country for 90 days before making a decision to move permanently.

Tur ks Take Their Food Ser iously One of the greatest jobs of living in Istanbul has to be the incredible range of Turkish food on offer. And no, I?m not just talking about kebabs. Although they may be the country?s most famous export, they are just the tip of the iceberg. It?s true that Turks are quite nationalist in their food choices but that comes from a pride in their culinary culture. What?s more, it?s a country that?s still in touch with its seasons, and when the strawberries, watermelons, cucumbers, fresh chickpeas, green plums, or sour satsumas come into season, you can be sure that?s what everyone?s eating. A Turkish breakfast is a long and languorous thing of beauty with tables laden with tiny plates of cheese, olives, homemade jams, garlic sausage, and WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM


10 |

Featured city

pastries. Likewise, the best evening meals in Turkey are those at its many meyhane (taverna-style restaurants) with a plethora of meze dishes and rak?(the local aniseed spirit) to wash them down. Live music fills in the gaps between conversations, and tables regularly break out into song or stand up, click their fingers and let the mood take them. Street food is another joy to discover; mussels stuffed with spiced rice, simit (sesame-seed bagels) spread with goat?s cheese, grilled mackerel sandwiches, buttery rice and chickpeas topped with shredded chicken and spicy chargrilled intestines in a crunchy roll are some of the delights on offer. And if you?ve got a taste for offal, the traditional hangover preventative is a tripe soup, usually consumed in a 24-hour soup joint at 5am, heavily soused in garlic vinegar. Sounds of I stanbul Turkey is a country that has music at the heart of its culture, making Istanbul a music lovers? paradise. Whatever you?re into, you?re likely to find it here. From hip-hop to jazz, dubstep to classical, techno to reggae; it all coexists here with an endless range of Turkish musicians keeping traditions alive and pushing boundaries with fusion sounds.

"Lear ning Tur kish might seeman unachievabl edr eam when you f ir st ar r iv e, but it ?s r eal ly not as har d as it sounds."


Beside the local scenes, it gets an incredible range of world class acts on the international touring circuit who play at venues such as Babylon Bomonti, Salon ?KSV, Nardis Jazz Club, and Volkswagen Arena. There are also some great clubs such as ?ndigo, Pixie and MinimĂźzikhĂśl that stay open until the wee hours. During the warmer months, you?ll even find after-parties that begin at 5am and go through the morning. Turks love to party, and see no reason in stopping just because the sun comes up. Check Yabangeeor The Guide Istanbul websites for English music listings. Getting Around The ferries are probably the most romantic way of getting around this immensely choked city; Istanbul also tops the list of most congested cities in the world, and travelling anywhere by car is a frustrating exercise in patience, stamina and ability to withstand continual horn-blearing. Luckily Istanbul has a fairly reasonable public transport system consisting of a metro, tram, bus, funicular, train, and ferry system. They don?t always link in an interconnected way but it won?t take you long to figure out what goes where. Then, you simply buy an Istanbul kart (like an Oyster card in London), top up and off you go. Jobs-a-Plenty... I f You?re Not Fussy Craigslist can be a useful place to search for jobs too, if you can see past the numerous ?sugar daddy? adverts that is. Teaching English is really the only option available to foreigners here legally ? strict rules mean it?s nearly impossible to get a work permit to do anything else. That being said, most language schools won?t bother to get you a work permit because of the high turnover of staff and the costs involved. No teaching experience required, although an online TEFL won?t hurt. You can just walk into the many franchised language schools like English

Featured city

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Credit: Credit: Unsplash/Serkan Turk G Adventures


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Featured city

Time, Wall St Institute, British English and be guaranteed to find a job. These tend to be badly paid, but the hours are flexible and it?s a way to meet people ? fellow teachers and your students ? on first arrival. Tür kçe Biliyor musun? (Do you know Tur kish?) Learning Turkish might seem an unachievable dream when you first arrive, but it?s really not as hard as it sounds. Yes, it is completely different to English in terms of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure. But, unlike English, it?s a wholly logical language that plays by its own rules, without exceptions. So once you learn a rule, you can be sure it applies every time. There are a number of established Turkish language schools such as Dilmer, Tömer, and Concept Languages ? for those that want to get beyond the basics. Turkish Tea Time is also a useful app and podcast series that breaks down the language in an easy to digest way.

Credit: Pxhere

Credit: Unsplash/Gabriel Garcia Marengo


Credit: Unsplash/Ridwan Meah

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Culture differences


TRADITIONS f rom around the world


There?s a lot to love about Christmas ? food, family, friends, and all kinds of other words that don?t start with the letter F. What makes the holiday season even more charming is the fact that all around the world, countries have developed their own Christmas traditions. Here are a few particularly cool and cute ones ? feel free to adopt and adapt them for your own festivities. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

1. Chr istmas Chicken Christmas is all about food, and in Japan, this food is associated with three letters: KFC. People flock to the American fast-food chain KFC to eat ? get your drumsticks out ? ?Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!? aka ?Kentucky For Christmas!? The tradition of eating ?(Fried) Christmas chicken? goes back to a marketing campaign in 1974 ? and to this day, KFC records the highest sales volume each year on Christmas Eve.

2. L ucky Number s Since the late 19th century, the Spanish National Lottery has been giving out the biggest amount of money of the year: ?El Gordo? or ?The Fat One.? It has become a huge social event, usually on December 22, and people get together with dozens of lottery tickets each, in high hopes of being one of the lucky winners. The lottery numbers are traditionally sung by a choir of twenty-two school children, and the whole country basically stands still in hopes for the Christmas present of a lifetime. 3. Chr istmas L og In case you?re not a fan of Christmas trees, can we interest you in a Christmas log? In many parts of Spain, the gifts are brought by Ti贸 de Nadal or Christmas log ? a piece of wood that is often decorated with a face and little legs. However, the log doesn?t just bring the presents to the families: Ti贸 de Nadal also gets fed at night, and it can cozy up with its own little blanket. Cute, right? Well, the cuteness stops right there: On

Christmas Eve, the log is put in the fireplace where the families beat the poor little log with sticks until it? uhm? it poops presents and candies. Now would probably be a good time to mention that Ti贸 de Nadal has a nickname: Caga Ti贸, aka sh* t log. 4. Brooms and M ops In Norway, Christmas means hiding your mops and brooms ? not because people don?t want to clean, but because Norwegians are a little superstitious and want to prevent evil spirits, who return to Earth that night, from stealing the brooms and going on joyrides in the Christmas sky. 5. Chr istmas Spider s Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a Christmas spider. In the Ukraine, the Christmas trees are decorated with spider webs ? don?t freak out, they are ornaments that look like spider webs, which are said to bring good luck. The tale goes all the way back to a poor woman who couldn?t afford ornaments to decorate her tree with. The next morning, she woke up and her tree was covered with spider webs

that look all sparkly and beautiful in the sunlight. Other countries, like Poland or Germany, consider it good luck if they find a spider or spider web in the Christmas tree. 6. Santa?s M ailbox I bet we?ve all written a letter to Santa at some point ? but did you know that he actually has an address? His mailbox is in Canada, and if you write him by December 16 ? in over 30 languages, including Braille ? he will write back. Just send your letter to Santa Claus, North Pole H0H 0H0, Canada. It?s free and there are no stamps needed ? because Santa is awesome. And so is the zip code of the North Pole. 7. Chr istmas Pickle Pickles should be your favorite Christmas decoration because they mean that you get an extra present. In many countries, an ornament in the shape of a pickle is hidden somewhere in the Christmas tree and the person who finds it, will get an extra present or just a whole lot of good fortune. It?s unclear where the WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

| 15

Credit: Unsplash/Mira Bozhko

Culture differences

16 |

Culture differences

opening of the presents can commence. (In case it?s overcast, someone apparently just decides when the time is right.) 9. Chr istmas Pudding Pudding ? in all flavors and consistencies ? is a popular Christmas delight. In Slovakia and parts of the Ukraine, pudding does not only warm the heart, it can also predict the future: the oldest male member of the family takes a spoonful of loksa pudding and throws it at the ceiling. The more the pudding sticks, the more luck you?ll have. Simple as that. 10. Donald Duck

Credit: Unsplash/Mira Bozhko

An important Swedish tradition is the Christmas ?Donald Duck Special?. This hour-long TV show airs on Christmas Eve at 3 p.m., and all the festivities are planned around it, so that the families can watch the show together. 11. Chr istmas M onster s

tradition actually comes from, but I think we can live with that ? as long as we get that extra present. 8. Guiding Star s In some parts of the world, like the Ukraine and Poland, the right time to open presents is written in the stars. The youngest child has to watch the evening sky and wait for the first star to appear ? that?s the signal that the WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

Christmas, in all its festive and joyous glory, also seems to be the time for monsters that remind the kids to be nice and behave for at least one month of the year. One of the more surprising members of this ?Christmas Police? is Jรณlakรถtturinn, the Icelandic Christmas cat. Sounds cute, but just like a certain log, it?s not what it seems. Jรณlakรถtturinn eats children ? namely the children who didn?t do their chores, and therefore, didn?t get new clothes for Christmas. Meowry Christmas! 12. Roller Skating The award for Coolest Mode of Christmas Transportation goes to Venezuela?s capital, Caracas. There, people don?t just walk to Christmas mass, no, they roller-skate. Parts of the city are even blocked off, so everyone can safely skate to church.



oaming over France and nearby countries this summer, I have bumped into tourists of many nations and diverse characteristics. Germans, for instance, may be seen eating dinner at 5.30 pm which, for Spaniards, is just after breakfast. Finns are barely controllable. And Dutchmen look unconvincing in kilts, even in a Scottish bar in Amsterdam. I have observed much about the peoples of the world, not least how to differentiate them. This may be of use to others in their future travels.




at them in English and involve someone reliable whom they can tip. I asked an American for guidance. ?Canadians are people who can outrun a caribou,? he said confidently. So that?s ok. All you need is a caribou, a willing subject and a reasonable amount of race time. Alternatively, you may trust a Canadian I approached. ?Ask the person who the prime minister of Canada is. If he knows the PM?s name, he?s Canadian; if he doesn?t, he?s American,? he said. ?Americans don?t know a damned thing about Canada.?

THEIR ? Credit: Unsplash/Camila Cordeiro

AMERICANS First thing is to distinguish American from Canadian tourists. This is not always easy. Both favour crisp leisure wear ('yacht club casual?is a useful phrase here), both have a relaxed, ambling holiday manner and both appear confident in most circumstances, as long as those circumstances are coming

A further distinguishing feature is that US ladies have voices that split sheet metal. You?re in a tourist outlet with a platoon of US shoppers, one cries out ?You get the tableware, Mary-Lou??, the shop collapses. Other than that, and contrary to hideous clichés, the mainly senior Americans I?ve met have been witty, clever, knowledgeable and with a fine balance between naivety, humility and that sense of entitlement which comes from access to yacht club casual wear. And they?re interested in everything, lemon sorbets through medieval town gates, but especially what you thought of Houston, Texas last time you were there. CANADIANS In my recent experience, Canadians have been quieter and more softly-spoken than Americans. This may be

because the US makes enough noise for both, though I doubt it. Canadians have not only heard of, but actually understand Fawlty Towers. They are also gifted at dancing the twist. A twisting competition in which I had the privilege to compete earlier this month was carried off by two Canadian couples whose joint ages certainly topped 200. This suggests there must be a twist-dancing sub-culture, probably around Ottawa, with consequently decisive benefits for the suppleness of knees. Canadians are far too polite to point out that all the European forests, lakes and mountains we take them to see wouldn?t count as a back-garden back home. Americans may be in thrall to the bigness of their land. Canadians just assume it and get on with thanking the Lord they were born the right side of the border. They would, though, like to point out that, though Céline Dion is Canadian, so is Leonard Cohen. And the name of their prime minister. FRENCH As many travellers through France will know, legendary French elegance never survives a brush with the country?s rail network. Spend an hour waiting at the Gare-de-Lyon in Paris and you?re soon persuaded that the entire nation is scruffy, fat, drunk or mad. Certain heroic figures manage all four at once. They?re generally lurching right for you, cursing incoherently.

| 19

"If us women bring shops down, Chinese ones clean them Away from trains, though, French people look better, certainly in their own view. French tourists move through their own, or other peoples?, countries as if subjecting them to an examination. Watch them studying a menu. They aren?t so much using it to make meal choices, as marking it out of ten. Wherever they happen to be is tested against some undefined, but very high, French standard. You will find them laughing with happy surprise on discovering that Denmark has museums or that dumplings are edible - as they would at the unexpected prowess of slightly backward children. CHINESE Chinese holidaymakers are relatively easy to recognise: they are small, found in groups and they smile constantly. They don?t half cheer Europe up. Tour guides steer them towards things like the Loire châteaux, for which with enormous politeness they evince not the slightest interest. And why would they? Renaissance monarchs are as mysterious to them as the Shang dynasty is to us. Or as anything pre-1953 is to certain members of my family. The only Chinese people fascinated by French Renaissance architecture have already rebuilt it outside Chengdu. Or they?re tour guides themselves. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

20 | Identity Thus they know that the châteaux serve only as stepping stones to what the Chinese really like to do. And that?s shop. Boy, do they like to shop. If us women bring shops down, Chinese ones clean them out. One often encounters, around Avenue Montaigne in Paris, little pyramids of stiff, shiny shopping bags apparently proceeding along the pavement under their own volition. Closer inspection shows they conceal microscopic Chinese ladies singlehandedly saving France?s balance of payments. JAPANESE There is one sure sign of Japaneseness in women. It

is that, if ever there is the slightest threat of sunshine, they all carry parasols. This is terrifically elegant, and jolly good news for a southern French milliner I met. In common with most hat shops, his was going bust until he started stocking parasols, upon which Japanese visitors fell with delight. If only these ladies could persuade European women to affect parasols, that we fellows might wear boaters and blazers, we would, I think, be even more in their debt. GERMANS German tourists face two problems. The first is their language. The 25-yard-long words,

bristling with hard consonants, undoubtedly raise hackles outside of Germany. The second is that they win everything, as seen again in Brazil. German visitors I?ve met handle this with good humour , modesty and significant amounts of beer. Where I?ve been, they have a discreet presence on the beach. But they still win at volleyball. ITALIAN Undoubtedly, the best-looking tourists. There may be ugly Italians but, if so, they don?t let them out of the country. SPANISH Undoubtedly the noisiest of all holidaymakers. I?ve

heard them drown out Mass in St Peter?s. They also eat at times when no-one else is eating (3.45pm, 11.28pm, etc). RUSSIAN As a top Cote-d?Azur hotelier told me: ?They need handling firmly but diplomatically. But, if you get it right, Russians can behave very well.? BRITISH The politest and most appreciative of all visitors to foreign parts, until things go badly wrong. They will insist quite shirtily, for instance, that their draught beer is filled up to the line.

w w w.m yr et ir em en t r eh ab.m e




22 | Education Can you code?Speak a second language?How high is your IQ?

THE MOST There?s much debate on what IMPORTANT students need most to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. The challenges of SKILL FOR 21ST automation, globalization, and political upheaval leave out the CENTURY fact that we?re living an age of information overload. STUDENTS IS THE DISCIPLINE TO SAY

"N O "

Credit: Pixabay




According to CNN?s Fareed Zakaria, the one thing that children will need to learn is ?intellectual discipline.? The ability to recall facts (we have Google) and parrot popular arguments (the canon is dead) has become obsolete. Students need to wade through the noise, discern the facts, analyze perspectives, and develop their own expertise. In a panel on ?Education in the Post-Truth World? at WISE 2017?s summit for education, Zakaria contrasts how the barrage of media effect how young people take in and process information. Read her comments in the red box below: "I say this to my kids all of the time, ?you can graze all these headlines and tweets and blog posts you like at the end of the day the way you develop real knowledge about a subject still remains that you have to go deep; still remains that you have to actually read books; still remains that you have to talk to experts, travel to countries. All you do is put yourself at a competitive disadvantage if you don?t handle these things. I think this is one of the great challenges we face.

The majority of teens are accessing news from networks like Twitter and Snapchat where reports from individuals are unverified. A large Stanford study from 2016 found an overwhelming majority of young people, from middle school to high school to the undergraduate level could not: tell the difference between news and sponsored content, source evidence, or evaluate claims on social media. The report concludes: ?Overall, young people?s ability to reason about the information on the Internet can be summed up in one word: bleak.?

| 23

Our primary sources of information come from the internet and social media but this, in turn, becomes a minefield for sorting out fact from fiction. We?re at an inflection point where paring down and drilling deep into information is going to be a necessity. The future is always uncertain but what seems clear is that one of the most powerful tools anyone can harness is the single-minded pursuit of mastering how to seek the truth from information.

I don?t mean this to suggest it?s putting down young people. I grew up in India with no television. TV came to India in about 1975, I was 10 years old - One channel, black and white, they would show channels about Indian agriculture that nobody watched. There was one Bollywood movie on Sunday nights. I read voraciously because that?s what you could do. If I had a supercomputer in my pocket called an iPhone that could stream all the entertainment in the world all the TV shows, I don?t think I would?ve read that much but I don?t think I would?ve had the career that I have. I don?t know where that takes you. Children are going to have to learn something that I didn?t have to learn as much which is discipline, intellectual discipline - the ability to say no. There was no choice if I went to a store. The world my children are growing up in is exactly the opposite an explosion of choice, an explosion of options, an explosion of opportunity." This ability to focus isn?t simply about using fewer apps or reducing the number of screens kids access at once but applying rigor to the source of the information they take in.

In other words, students need to return to the fundamentals of education where you question the information and the source, which allows you to gain a greater understanding.

Credit: Kisspng


24 | Expatriate's nature


peopl eyou'r egua t o meet when you m


Expatriate's nature

| 25

By Lima Cur t is Sour ce: Mov eHub

ar ant eed mov eabr oad THETEACHER Arguably holding one of the world?s most important jobs in nurturing young minds, teachers are easy to find in foreign climes. Despite expats already being categorised into ?teacher?and ?all other expats?- the teachers will further sub-sector themselves into those who work at schools with PGCEs (real teachers) and those who work in language centres with a TEFL at max (English teachers). Thanks to their long holidays and often tax-free earnings they are begrudged by all other expats whose comfort in holding a ?real job?is short lived when the smug Facebook photos come out. Will certainly be able to tell you the best happy hours in town, the city grinds to a halt when it?s school holidays.

THEDIGITALNOMAD He has a beard, a beater, a battered Apple Mac and plays songs about his new hometown at local acoustic nights. Everyone?s an entrepreneur these days and the digital nomad is making a killing coding, marketing or writing all from the comfort of a coffee shop. Ask at your own peril how he made the step to go freelance and move abroad, he?ll direct you to his catchily named blog: ?I work one day a year and the rest of the time I?m on the beach, here?s how you can do it too.?

THENGO- ER All wise eyes and copper bracelets, the charity worker had big dreams. Always the most interesting person at the party, this guy's seen the parts of the world no one else gets to. If you can make friends with anyone, this is the one to get on lock down.

THEPILOT Recognisable by his cock-pit pics on Tinder, this guy swipes right in every port. You?ll find him holed up in a gated expat community with imported whiskeys decorating his executive pad. He may have physically been all over the world, but it?s unlikely he?s seen it.

THERETIREDCOUPLE The pair hit Thailand or Mexico as soon as their pensions kicked in to make the most of the hot weather, cheap massages and excellent golf facilities. Thanks to their new cool exotic location, they?ve never been more popular with the grandkids who love to visit (if in part for the relaxed drinking laws). Spot them in their matching khaki shorts, nursing a Bloody Mary over lunch saying: ?We should have done this years ago.? THECULTURALAPPROPRIATE- R If asked will say they are from their new location and will appropriate local style and dress no matter what the occasion. To be admired for their dedication to embracing new cultures (especially the language) it can perhaps get a bit too much when the accents and unusual bathroom habits make an appearance. THEYOGAINSTRUCTOR Has she found herself? She?s too bashful to say, but ask yourself this; ?When did you last truly feel something?? She?d like to think she can help you get there mentally, but in all honestly the first thing you?re probably going to feel is your back as you salute the sun from her rooftop bamboo studio. A slight thing who survives only on lentils and chakkras, she left a high flying job in PWC to give back to the world and only sometimes misses the lunchtime dash to Zara.


26 | InBusiness




The Top Travel Club is a member-based travel club that negotiates outlet prices, direct booking discounts and savings for members who are comfortable with handling their own travel arrangements, directly with the listed and linked travel operators on the website. Members get access to thousands of Direct Booking Discounts and Savings on travel and shopping selections in over 100 countries at 3 global clubs - TheTopTravelClub, WorldPrivilegeClub and Hotelsetc? ..all for JUST ONE family membership fee. Benefits of having a member ship with us: - Members may get the same deals for their family and friends with just one membership - Offers may be given as gifts or forwarded to friends around the world - Access to Hotelsetc.com and the multiple savings - New offers available each week - Easily recover the membership fee with the savings - Members go direct and save - 100% of savings go to members - The Club does not earn any fees or commissions for advertising, promotions, bookings, sales or clicks. We are not j ust another tr avel club and are NOT a tr avel agency We seek quality travel business operators all over the world who want to deal directly with our members and offer direct booking savings, net of commission prices or special member-only discounts. Over 1400 global independent travel and tour operators currently offerthese deals, and our members have free direct access to the many thousands of savings at Hotelsetc.com and WorldPrivilegePlus.com - no need to pay extra membership dues. Want to save 50% on a family member ship? One membership is all that is needed to save for all of your family and friends booking or travelling together. We have such an exceptional travel offer that we are making it available to your friends and connections around the world who may also want to save on their travel needs. Simply forward this offer to them for their own review? they won?t believe the price! Book one hotel night or day tour and you will recover this small membership fee. This is the greatest deal in online travel, so click this?special invitation?and save 50% on a family membership NOW!

Contact The Top Tr avel Club: Email: tony@thetoptravelclub.com Web: www.thetoptravelclub.com


28 | Language

Ar e chil dr en

r eAl l y bet t er At f or eign l AnguAge l eAr ning?


It might seem that children have an easier time picking up foreign languages, but there are ways that adults can be as strong, or stronger, than children. It?s the classic ?old dog, new tricks?excuse. Many adult learners, in fits of frustration, will claim that adults are simply poor at languages. They say children have more porous minds, better memories, and more adaptability. I?m sorry to report, it?s a myth. Linguistic researchers have found that, under controlled conditions, adults can be better at language learning. So why does it seem that children have an easier time with picking up foreign tongues? Below are four ways that adults are as strong (or stronger) than children at foreign language learning.

"Child r en t end t o be les s inhibit ed , s o t hey c an pr ac t ic e c ommunic at ing wit hout int imid at ion." Adults have pre-existing language knowledge While children are still learning the mechanics of their own first language, adults have a more developed understanding of how language works. Adults already know the more advanced elements of grammar, such as how conjugation works, or what an adverb does. They already know how to build a sentence, and have a good sense of punctuation and spelling. In children, those skills are still developing. Pronunciation is stronger in children It?s true, the younger the learner, the better they are at mimicking new sounds and adopting pronunciation. The brain is more open to new sounds and patterns in WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

pre-adolescence, so it is very difficult for older language learners to speak without an accent. What?s more, younger learners are more skilled at identifying subtle differences in sounds. This explains why adult learners of English have trouble with minimal pairs like pin and pen, or fries and flies. While an adult language learner with a strong accent may seem less proficient, pronunciation is not actually an indicator of fluency. Any confusion with minimal pairs can usually be figured out by looking at context. Adults and children are measured differently Because children use smaller vocabularies and simpler syntax than adults, the standard of fluency for children is lower. Adult communication is more complicated. We?re expected to be able to speak about a broader range of topics and go more in-depth than children do. Adults also need language for a broader range of settings, such as in the workplace or on holiday abroad. Therefore, adults require more vocabulary and language competence in order to be considered fluent. Due to these higher expectations, adults typically have more inhibitions about speaking a foreign language. We are more self-conscious, inclined to save face, and are more easily embarrassed. Children tend to be less inhibited, so they can practice communicating without intimidation.

Credit: Unsplash/Pan Xiaozhen

Adults and children both succeed with the same resources This is a case of opportunity, not ability. Children who learn languages in school have the benefit of an organised curriculum, a trained and experienced teacher, and access to educational materials such as foreign language books, videos, and games. An adult language learner, in a similar environment, learns languages successfully. National defence

institutes and translator/interpreter schools train their students this way: with immersive and expertly developed language programs. Adults who can?t achieve success in language learning, are often the ones who study at home using educational software or apps. Without teacher support, or steady conversation partners, it?s easy for study to become unstructured. A benefit of child-oriented language classes is that they tend to allow more

play. Songs and chants are commonplace in children?s lessons, along with physical activities like Simon Says. Adult classes tend to be more analytical and conceptual, which could actually be a missed opportunity. Many linguists will argue the merits of movement and song as memory tools in language learning. It may sound childish, but a good language teacher will lead students of all ages in exercises like Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.


30 | Famous expats

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Famous expats |


AN EXPAT SINCE CHILDBIRTH: Nicole Kidman savoring her successes as never before


icole Mary Kidman was born 20 June 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii, while her Australian parents were temporarily in the United States on educational visas. The family returned to Australia when Kidman was four and as a result of being born to Australian parents in Hawaii, Kidman has dual citizenship in Australia and the United States. Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman has starred in a wide array of films. Her career spans over almost 30 years but far from marking a ruinous downward spiral, her fiftieth year may have been the most triumphant of all in her glowing career. 50 is a notoriously cruel milestone for Hollywood actresses. In fact, just a couple of years ago, you heard not-so-quiet whispers that Kidman had become passĂŠ. ?Probably I was,? she admits matter-of-factly. Yet ever since she hit America in the early nineties, skeptics have underestimated Kidman?s ability to reinvent herself - from Aussie ingenue to Mrs. Tom Cruise to mainstream movie star to serious actress. And so it was again. She earned an Oscar nomination as the hero?s adoptive mother in Lion. She received her best-ever reviews - and spawned giddy Emmy talk - for her powerfully layered

performance as the abused wife, Celeste Wright, in the HBO smash Big Little Lies. And that was just the beginning. Three years after an opening-night disaster with the widely panned biopic Grace of Monaco at Cannes, Kidman returned to the festival this May with four - yes, four - projects in the official selection, including Sofia Coppola?s The Beguiled and the second season of Jane Campion?s crime series Top of the Lake. Each shows a different aspect of her remarkable range. Flaunting four looks and four accents, it was as if she were trying to duplicate Meryl Streep?s whole career in a week. She became the queen of Cannes - much to her surprise and delight.

The family returned to Australia when Kidman was four and as a result of being born to Australian parents in Hawaii, Kidman has dual citizenship in Australia and the United States. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM


Credit: Pinterest

For most of her career, Kidman was thought wildly ambitious - people joked that her murderously climbing weather girl in To Die For was typecasting - and it?s clear that at times she?s had celebrity on her mind, leaping into star vehicles such as The Interpreter, The Stepford Wives, and Grace of Monaco, all of which crashed and burned. Yet for all her glamour, she?s too recklessly interesting an actress to fit comfortably into the straitjacket of the blandly conventional leading lady. Moulin Rouge!, yes; Bewitched, no. In fact, one big reason for her current renaissance is that she?s begun fully to embrace character roles that showcase her ability to play several levels at the same time. She loves nothing more than walking the emotional high-wire. The supreme example may be Big Little Lies, in which her character, Celeste, is caught in a marriage to a controlling husband, whom she knows she should leave but to whom she?s drawn by their thrillingly dark, passionate, and violent erotic chemistry. While many viewers found their damaged relationship upsetting and baffling, such murkiness is precisely what drew Kidman to the role. ?Sex is a huge part of who I am,? she says. ?Things collide in terms of my intellect meeting my sexuality, and it?s a really complicated collision. It?s what I?m drawn to. If WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

"Things collide in terms of my intellect meeting my sexuality, and it?s a really complicated collision. It?s what I?m drawn to." Celeste was just in the marriage trying to get out - without the sexual chemistry and desire to stay there - I wouldn?t know how to play her.? Of course, things are much more tender in her real-life marriage to Keith Urban. ?They say kindness isn?t sexy, but it is.? Famously proactive in seeking out daring new filmmakers from all over the world, Kidman says, ?I love strong points of view. I like artists, people who are extremely passionate and committed and, even if they get lost at times, find their way back. They stretch me, they move me.? Kidman attributes her fearlessness to her upbringing. ?You have to remember I?m the daughter of a very provocative mother,? she says of Janelle Kidman, nĂŠe Glenny, who taught nursing and edited her husband?s

Credit: Pinterest

34 | Famous expats books. ?She always challenged the system, challenged me, challenged everything she could,? Kidman continues. ?It?s been a wonderful benefit. There?ve been times when I?ve thought, Why can?t I have a mother who strokes me and tells me I?m wonderful? But I have a mother who?s very strong, who comes from that era of the conformity of getting married and having lots of children and not doing anything. She was determined to push us out of that.? And does K idman r aise her own daughter s in that same way? ?No, I?m probably the antithesis of her! I?m like, It doesn?t matter how you do it. My mother was brilliant and didn?t have the career she should have. I?ve had the opportunities. I?m of the generation that has been given an enormous amount as a woman by that generation of feminists. So I?m in a place with my daughters of ?Follow your bliss. Let?s find out what you?re passionate about, what you love.? I am more fired up now because I don?t want things that were fought for in the fifties and sixties to be taken away from the young girls of the future. It can happen very easily.? In her own domain, Kidman has been out-front in calling for more woman filmmakers, even publicly pledging to work with at least one female director every eighteen months. While Kidman has finally created an embracing family life like the one she grew up with, it has barely slowed her enormous appetite for work. She is in talks to co-star with Russell Crowe and Lucas Hedges in Boy Erased, Joel Edgerton?s film about a young man forced into gay-conversion therapy. She?s taking her first dip into playing a superhuman with Aquaman, in which she plays Queen Atlanna. (?I finally get to have that crown and that trident and that mother-of-pearl tail!? she says.) Ideally, she?d take her award-studded West End performance in Photograph 51 to Broadway, although family schedules may make it hard. And then there?s the whole question of bringing back Big Little Lies. ?I?d love to do a second WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

Credit: Pinterest

season,? she tells me, ?but only if it?s as compelling as the first. We?re working on it.? At 50, Kidman is savoring her successes as never before. ?Everything becomes more meaningful as you get older,? she says. ?It?s crazy. Big Little Lies means more. Lion?s success means more than Moulin Rouge!?s success. When you?re young you have that slightly laissez-faire approach to everything.?

"Everything becomes more meaningful as you get older. When you?re young you have that slightly laissez- faire approach to everything."


36 | Relationships


By Coset t eJar r et t Sour ce: Lif ehack

Oh man, the holiday season is upon us and so is yet another month filled with the constant reminder of who you do and do not have in your life at the moment. Something about this season makes people go nutty over the idea of being with others. It?s this obsession that drives many a single person into a state of sheer loneliness at least once or twice a day. But what if we changed all that? What if you could break the lonely trend and actually be happy to spend some one-on-one time with yourself this year? Let?s add to this the fact that you?ll come out a stronger person because of it. Sounds pretty fabulous, right? WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

Relationships |

not. In fact, this point extends even to those who choose the ?alternative lifestyle? of living with a dog. Your pet legitimately loves you and wants your attention! Don?t have one? Now?s the time to get one. There?s nothing more soothing than snuggling up with your furry friend when times get tough. They love you, give them some love back. Next thing you know, you?re not so lonely anymore. 2. Grocer ies are Cheaper for One

Credit: Unsplash/freestocks.org

Let?s start the process to being an amazing, fearless, single individual by taking care of that loneliness ? one positive affirmation at a time. Check out the following list of the 10 best things you can tell yourself when you get lonely this Christmas: 1. Your Cat L oves You This may seem like an attack on my fellow cat connoisseurs. Trust me, it?s

4. Romance M akes You Nauseous

Something about the holiday season makes everyone get all touchy feely. The last thing you need is your significant other of two weeks suggestively directing you toward the Zales window. Those cold, creepy, horse-drawn carriages? Nope. A burnt tongue from hot cocoa and blisters from that mediocre ice rink visit? Not this year! All that sappy, sap, sappiness can be left to those who don?t have a date "Ev en if your with Mad Men l onel iness is and a few glasses caused by l iv ing far of vino.

Sometimes, roommates make a pact to ?split the cost of groceries? or ?leave each other?s f r oml ov ed ones, food alone?. I think 5. Opting for a you? l l enj oy hav ing we all know what Night in with a good excusenot t o Netflix is Trendy really happens. You end up footing the bill These Days pl ay car pool wit h for their gluttony. Here your sibl ings and Speaking of Mad is where the beauty of Men, let?s give a par t akein family living alone comes into big thank you to cooking ev ent s." play. Your food is Netflix! Any actually yours. No more show you want to fighting over the last watch, season after season, is right yogurt? the yogurt that you bought, there when you need it. The best part? by the way. You?re welcome, self. It?s actually cool to make your dates 3. Your PTO is Your s This Year with Netflix now! Once you?ve completed the entire series, you can Ugh? It?s your day off and this choose to move onto the next show, person in your life insists that you or go out on the town for some parade around from house to house, real-person interaction. It really meeting different relatives and family doesn?t matter. The great thing here is friends whom you?ve been so that you aren?t forced either fortunately selected to impress. No way? sensing a theme here, eh? thanks! This year, your paid time off is all yours. No awkward moments in 6. Chr istmas Cheer is an Option, attempting to dodge angst-filled Not a Requirement glares from preteen cousins. Better Christmas is awesome. There?s no yet, no fending off the marriage denying that. The only question everyone is asking at this, not-so-awesome thing about it is the tender age of 35. Nope, you can when others try to convince you that do anything you want with your time it?s necessary to constantly listen to off. How about a trip to Vegas? Christmas music, watch Christmas Bocca? Hawaii? Doesn?t matter! You movies, engage in Christmas don?t have to answer to anyone this activities, basically fake a festive year. Congrats! spirit for the sake of ?the best Christmas ever?.



38 | Relationships

9. That One Star bucks Always Appreciates Your Business

" Possibly oneof t hebest t hings about being ?l onely?t his hol iday season is not hav ing t o head out t o a bunch of awkwar d hol iday Chr ist mas par t ies t hr oughout t hemont h of Sept ember ." Sure, you?ll have your moments of pure Christmas bliss, but they?ll be on your watch, allowing you to actually enjoy the spirit of the season ? not fake your way through it. 7. Your s is the Only Awkwar d Chr istmas Par ty Possibly one of the best things about being ?lonely? this holiday season is not having to head out to a bunch of awkward holiday Christmas parties throughout the month of September. You may have a few of your own, but you?ll more than likely know the people there, and better yet, you choose whether or not you go. Even if your loneliness is caused by living far from loved ones, you?ll enjoy having

a good excuse not to play carpool with your siblings and partake in family cooking events. Much easier to keep up that daily routine you?re adjusting to with fewer obligations. 8. There?s no Heat to be Caught When that festive smile turns to a blank face after three hours of holiday festivities, you?re bound to catch some heat from your date. Even worse, if you provide an unfavorable answer to questions asked by friends and family regarding your thoughts on marriage, politics, etc. You?re skipping the nagging in favor of a good time at holiday parties this year. That sounds like a smart idea, if you ask me.

Some Starbucks locations are friendlier than others. Chances are, you?ve identified the one with the nicest baristas (I sure have!). Go there. Something about their ?Have a great day!? seems so much more believable than when your grocery store clerk says it. You might even be a regular. This is awesome. Not only do the baristas know your order, but you can catch a quick convo before returning to your Netflix-athon. 10. L ife is What you M ake it Alright, time to get a little serious. Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be. If you constantly dwell on your single status, your life will become centered around finding ?the one? and being miserable until that happens. Forget about that quest and take time to enjoy your single self. Life should be about you and the amazing impact you can make during your time on this planet, not your ability to settle into a relationship with someone you?re not absolutely head over heels for.

Credit: Unsplash/Thomas Kelley


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40 | Statistics



Credit: Unsplash/Warren Wong

Statistics | At t it udes t o Mov ing We conducted a survey of 2,000 people using independent survey provider Vivatic to find out how the public feel about moving abroad. We were pleased to see that, despite today?s turbulent politics surrounding migration, people still recognise the vast array of benefits that a life abroad can bring. In fact, 88% of respondents thought that it was beneficial to have lived in another country, with 75% saying it gives a fresh perspective on life, 67% saying it encourages an understanding of different cultures and 58% saying it encourages you to learn new skills. When it comes t o t hemot ivat ions behind mov ing: -

Over 50% moved abroad for better jobs prospects 1/3 relocate in pursuit of a new challenge or adventure

Most impor t ant t hings t o consider bef or emov ing ov er seas: -

1st the cost of living 2nd new job opportunities 3rd the language of the destination country

We also asked people about the factors that would be most likely to stop them moving abroad. The majority said that not wanting to leave family would be the most influential reason to stay at home but the cost of moving was also 80% of respondents believe that moving abroad gives you better career prospects. 62% of people said that the political events in 2016 have not put them off wanting to live overseas.

88% of people think that it?s beneficial to have lived abroad.

MOST POPULAR CITIES OVERALL IN 2016 New York Amsterdam Sydney Dubai Melbourne

MOST POPULAR CITIES OVERALL IN 2017 New York London Sydney Dubai Dublin

X X X highlighted as an important factor; that 29% of people said they would worry about the most. The survey also revealed that the health care system of a country is a key issue when deciding whether to move there; 38% of respondents cited this as an extremely important factor, with 57% saying that they would be put off moving to a country where healthcare is not subsidised.

? ?


30% of those asked said the cost of living was the most important thing to think about before moving abroad. It was encouraging to see that, despite the controversial political events of 2016, 62% of people said they have not been put off moving abroad. Travelling is more popular than ever, especially with millennials, and is one of the most popular experiences to share on social media according to a recent study by Schofields Insurance. Overall, we?re delighted to see that the well travelled are held in very high esteem. The majority of survey respondents described those that have lived abroad as adventurous, confident, ambitious and successful which is a clear testament to the wealth of benefits that living abroad can have. Typically, the UK, Australia and the US are some of the most popular

places for Movehub customers to relocate to. In fact, last year?s report focused heavily on finding out exactly why these countries are such favourites and what people expect from their new lives there. We found that many of the people moving there were young professionals seeking better job opportunities and a better quality of life in countries with advanced economies. This year we compared Movehub data with moving data from 2016 to see if the UK, US and Australia have maintained their hotspot status and our analysis shows that their time in the limelight may be coming to Most Popular Countries and Cities an end. Out of the three, the UK has taken the biggest popularity hit with 22% less people moving there than last year. The US also suffered a dip of 10% which is the first decline since 2013. Australia fared the best with a 5% decrease in comparison to last year. It seems that even ?the big three?are not immune to burgeoning competition as other up-and-coming countries offer a more exciting and often cheaper lifestyle, perfect for increasingly world savvy expats who are hungry for adventure that doesn?t break the bank. In another dramatic turn of events, Indian Ocean Island Reunion raced up the ranks this year moving from 21st to 12th most popular country for Movehub customers to move to. Similarly, Guadeloupe, which failed to make the top 30 last year, this year sailed into the rankings as the 19th most popular destination location, up a phenomenal 153% from last year. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM


42 | Statistics

This year?s report also looked at the ways the most popular cities have changed since last year. Previously, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney, Dubai and Melbourne were the places to be, but this year Amsterdam and Melbourne have been knocked off the top spots by London and Dublin. In the face of Brexit London remains a microcosm of the world, with people from all over the globe sharing a city whose multiculturalism is central to its much celebrated vibrancy and global appeal. Dublin will remain part of the EU and is now lucratively positioned for businesses wanting to remain in Europe whilst staying close to the UK, which may go some way in explaining its surge in popularity. Concl usion There is no doubt that the past year has put considerable strain on international relations but this has not deterred appetite for international relocations, in fact in some cases it has even increased demand. Whether it?s as a direct result of popular culture, unpopular politics or extremely good PR, people will always want to explore new places and Movehub will be there to support them. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM


The majority of moves to these French island territories are from retirees from the French mainland.



Each year we track the countries that have fallen in and out of favour with movers and this year the stand-out favourites were Canada and New Zealand. Trudeau has been a hit worldwide and for the first time in history New Zealand has overtaken Conclusion Australia for moves across the Tasman. Scandinavian countries also enjoyed a swift rise in popularity this year as everyone wanted a comforting piece of the Hygge pie. Despite political upheaval in the UK and the US we are happy to see that people?s attitudes to moving remain unwaveringly positive. We?re already looking forward to what the world will have to offer next year and how our Movehub customers will respond to global events.


44 | Passport




Citizens of Singapore now hold onto the most powerful passport in the world, signaling the Asia-Pacific's desire to facilitate open trade, travel and policy as Western nations pull back. The tiny city-state of nearly 6 million is the first Asian nation to hold the premier spot on Arton Capital?s Global Passport Index, flanked by South Korea and Japan, in the third and fourth spots respectively. Singapore and Germany had been tied in first place with a score of 158 on the Index, which ranks nations by their citizens?ability to trot the globe without a visa or obtain a visa upon arrival. Now that Paraguay allowed Singaporean passport holders into their borders visa-free, Singapore reigns supreme with a score of 159.


"It is a testament of Singapore's inclusive diplomatic relations and effective foreign policy," said managing director of Arton Capital's Singapore office Philippe May. Arton Capital, the primary source of passport ranking index, rates citizens?freedom to travel based on the number of countries a passport holder can visit visa-free or with a visa on arrival. In the event of a tie, Arton uses UNDP?s Human Development Index, which ranks countries on their perception abroad.


| 45

Credit: Unsplash/Mike Enerio

Westerncountriesgrowcold The top ranks had traditionally been held by western European countries, including Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland. But nationalist sentiments in the region, as well as the United States, have pushed the nations out of the index?s peak. Germany responded to Chancellor Angela Merkel?s open borders policy byvoting enough right-wing, anti-immigration Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) politicians into parliament to cut Merkel?s Christian Democratic Union party majority. If Germany?s alt-right politicians succeed, the country risks falling below their noble second-place rank.

""Singaporeinparticular showsdiplomatic acumen,managingcomfortablebusiness relationshipswithChinawhilereaching out toTaiwan."" Last September, Singapore was tied in fourth place at 155 points with the U.S. and three other European countries. South Korea and Japan have maintained rankings in the top five since last year, while Malaysia homes into the top ranks at sixth place. Singapore in particular shows diplomatic acumen, managing comfortable business relationships with China while reaching out to Taiwan.


In an address to an Asia-Pacific global strategy forum on Wednesday, Singapore?s Senior Minister of State Dr. Mohamad Maliki bin Osman condemned the impact of nationalist feelings in the West, and warned the Asia-Pacific region not to dismantle free trade policies over territorial disputes and nationalism.

Though western countries have started to take a colder approach with sanctions and border policy, some Asian countries have embraced wider foreign policy efforts and moved higher into the rankings.

?Amid these strains of nationalist sentiments, a key challenge for governments of today and tomorrow will be to find ways to strengthen collaboration for win-win outcomes, and not widen the gulf between them,? he said.

The U.S.?s myriad sanctions and anti-immigrant agenda under the Trump administration caused the nation to fall from fourth place to sixth on the passport index.



| 47


accor ding t o expat s

By Suzy Strutner Source: HuffPost Credit: Pexels/belle Co/Taiwan

Expats say this is where work life, finances and personal happiness peak. Living abroad is a dream for many American travelers, especially given the current political climate. And if you need any ideas about where to pick up and go, a new report has you covered. It was surveyed more than 12,500 expats in 188 different countries to rate their new homes in five categories: quality of life, ease of settling in, work, family life and personal finance. Within each

category, respondents rated their new home countries on up to 43 specific factors, such as how safe they feel, to the ease of making friends. The overall rankings might surprise you: Respondents gave Bahrain the top spot for its welcoming attitude toward expats and the ease of navigating society if you only speak English. Runner-up Costa Rica made a big jump from previous years in the

personal finance category, and Mexico, in third place, continued to be an all-around favorite with those survey takers. Of course, other sources might offer different opinions about where one might want to live overseas, but this is a solid start. According to expats, the 10 best places to live abroad for 2017 are:


48 | Research

Credit: Unsplash/Willian Justen de Vasconcellos/Spain

10. 9.

Spain ranked highly for its breadth of leisure activities, and nine in ten survey respondents report feeling satisfied with life in general here.


Safety can be a concern in some regions, but overall Colombians ?are very welcoming,? as one expat put it. Respondents say it?s easy to settle down here.


Malta got high marks for work and job security, though expats say they tend to earn less in this island nation than they would in similar jobs back home.


New Zealand ranked highly for work-life balance, and expats here tend to work fewer hours per week than those in other countries.

5. 4.

Expats report feeling very welcome in Portugal, and 93 percent say they?re ?satisfied with their life abroad? here.


Great weather, friendly people and a low cost of living put Mexico in the overall top three, even though its safety and health care rankings are less than ideal.


Costa Rica ranked first in the finding friends subcategory, and 48 percent of expats said they could see themselves staying here forever.


Bahrain has received scrutiny lately for harsh treatment of locals who oppose the government?s political views. Nevertheless, expats say they feel very at home here, as the country?s ?melting pot? of cultures makes it a vibrant place to live and work.

Credit: UnsplashColeen Rivas/Singapore

Expats say they feel very safe in Singapore and that it?s especially easy to find quality education for kids.

Taiwan topped the charts in the health & well-being subcategory, as more expats feel satisfied with the quality of health care here than anywhere else in the survey.

Credit: Pexels/Ketan Kumawat/New Zealand Credit: Unsplash/Jorge Zapata/Mxico



Credit: Unsplash/Michael Baron/Colombia

Credit:Unsplash/Remi Yuan/Malta

Credit: Unsplash/Adam Smigielski/Portugal

Credit: Unsplash/Charles Adrien Fournier/Bahrain

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Life abroad |



Credit: Unsplash/Jakob Owens

SOURCE: THE LOCAL Whether you approach Christmas with all the fervour of Buddy the Elf or all the disdain of the Grinch, there?s no denying yuletide as an expat can be hard. Spending the festive season away from your home country can make you feel somewhat less festive. You can yearn for little things you didn?t realise you enjoyed about Christmas, even if they used to really grind your gears before you moved.

Fear not, there?s one thing that doesn?t have to change. You can still watch all your favourite sport, TV shows, and movies on-demand with streaming service Viaplay. So even if you find yourself abroad this December 25th, you can always watch something that reminds you of home. If you?re an expat spending Christmas in Sweden, these are some of the things you may find yourself (unexpectedly) longing for.



52 | Life abroad

Credit: PxHere

CHRISTMAS SONGS If you don?t involuntarily sing along every time you hear All I want for Christmas is you then you need an extra large shot of Christmas spirit. Of course, in Sweden you?ll probably still hear all your favourite Christmas songs. There are also several catchy Swedish tunes we have a feeling you may like just as much. Tänd ettljus, anyone? FESTIVE MOVIES Elf, Bridget Jones, Home Alone, it?s not quite the holiday season if you can?t curl up and watch some festive movies. Preferably in a Fair Isle onesie. Luckily, you can catch all these movies and more on Viaplay here in Sweden this Christmas. And this way there won?t be any arguments with your brother over who gets control of the remote control! FRIENDS However old you are, ?going home? for Christmas always means catching up with your local friends over a glass of (insert popular yuletide tipple here). On the bright side, spending the festive season in Sweden means glÜgg (mulled wine) in abundance, which can be enjoyed with a plate of delicious pepparkakor biscuits -- it?s a moreish treat that you may end up liking just as much as your traditional holiday snacks. Credit: Unsplash/Roberto Nickson


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Keeping up with your team over the holidays is a tradition, wherever you?re from in the world. And while the holidays may be a time for rest, it?s one of the busiest times of year for sport.

Who doesn?t love dressing Mittens up as Santa? Answer: Mittens.

Fortunately, you can still watch American football on Thanksgiving or catch the Boxing Day Premier League fixtures in Sweden. All you need is a Viaplay Sport or Total subscription for full access to all the games. Just a snapshot of other sporting highlights you can catch on-demand with Via play this season include the last two rounds of the Champions League group stage, Real Madrid and Barcelona facing off for El Classico, and Manchester United and Manchester City locking horns in the Manchester derby. Both NHL and NFL season are also in full swing throughout the holidays -and you can catch all games on Viaplay live or up to 48 hours after they?ve aired. FAMILY For those of you lucky enough to have family (you like) to spend Christmas with, it?s hard to get into the spirit without them.

"I t ?s t he one t ime of year you?r e of f icial l y al l owed t o st ay in your pyjamas and binge wat ch hour -l ong Chr ist mas special s of al l your f avour it e shows."

FOOD Wherever you?re from, nothing quite beats your home country?s traditional Christmas lunch. Even if you're South African and deep-fried caterpillars are on the menu! The good news is in Sweden you can have ajulbord, or ?Christmas table?, and the even better news is it?s packed full of delicious treats with a big ham centrepiece. The buffet includes Swedish favourites like herring, cured salmon, meatballs, pork ribs, and cabbage - it?s an elaborate affair that can last several hours, so make sure to wear comfy pants. CHRISTMAS TV It?s the one time of year you?re officially allowed to stay in your pyjamas and binge watch hour-long Christmas specials of all your favourite shows. With a Viaplay subscription you can catch all the classics - from Friends and Family Guy to Will & Grace and Grey?s Anatomy-- and find a Via play exclusive series to get hooked on, like Lethal Weapon, Empire, or Yes, No, Maybe. The only problem you might have is choosing what to watch first! If you?re spending Christmas in Sweden and want to go native, don?t miss Kalle Anka ochhansvänner önskar God Jul (the 1958 Walt Disney Presents Christmas special From All of Us to All of You) at 3pm on Christmas Eve - it?s a Swedish tradition to gather round the TV and watch it. Don?t ask us why...and don?t ask the Swedes, because none of them seem to know why they do it either. THE ADVERTS

Credit: Unsplash/Jay Wennington

about home are the things that we didn?t even realise we noticed. It?s funny how even hearing a familiar jingle can signal the start of the holiday season. It?s a magical place we?re on our way there... DECORATIONS You don?t realise until you?re away from home at Christmas how much you enjoy baubles and light-up reindeer yard decorations. Or perhaps you find yourself longing to see the cobweb tree decorations in your native Ukraine, or the Catalan caganerin its rather risqué pose. All's not lost, if there?s one thing Sweden does well it?s Christmas decorations. Dark winter nights call for glittering lights, and you won?t pass a window without an advent star twinkling away in it.

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Foreign labor resource is a term for foreign workers. Foreign workers are the people who emigrate from one country to the other for employment purpose. The idea of a migrant is not limited to someone who shifts from one place to another outside the country. Migration, which takes place within the same country, can also come under immigrant labor. This immigration mainly occurs in search of the job opportunities that are better in other places than the home country. These labors reside for temporary period and usually deposit the salary back in their country. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

Working abroad | stage of the baby boomers, skilled labors have been a recurring issue for the employers all around the world. In addition, the demand for the skilled labors by the employers is another aspect that calls onto the foreign labor resource. The intensity of foreign labor resource has increased rapidly in the decade. More and more people migrate with the same motive. Countries like the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, etc. see a fair share of migrants every year. Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, etc. are not far behind in this case. These foreign labors come along with various advantages and disadvantages for the employer or for the country. The advantages may be to both the countries i.e. the country of the immigrant and the country where he works, are benefitted. There is a long list of advantages, which we will follow in this article. So let us have a keen look at the list of advantages of foreign labors first. THE ADVANTAGES L ABOR:




The following are the benefits that the employer as well as the host country gets on hiring a foreign talent as the company?s labor resource. 1. FOREI GN L ABOR I S CHEAPER THAN THE L OCAL (DOM ESTI C HEL P) I S Economically stronger countries have comparatively greater job opportunities. These opportunities attract the workers as if flowers lure the honeybees. Let me simplify through a simple example of the flowers. Flowers need pollination process through the bees to keep on growing and blooming. At the same time, the bees need the flowers? nectar for making honey. Similarly, the bees are the foreign labors that are in need of job (income) aka honey. The flowers are the industries that require skilled bees to keep the market going. Well, let me get to the point. No job opportunities and ones? country drives him or her to the other. The urgent need for income makes them start at any rate. As a result, the employer gets cheaper labor resource and it indirectly profits the country in developing its production or business in the international market. Credit: Unsplash/ChristopherBurns

I S THERE REAL LY A SHORTAGE OF SK I L L ED WORK ERS? A skilled worker is a person with a specific skill, which is a result of training and knowledge. Obtaining a specific skill is a tough task. However, it is not necessary that a skill is learned at a college institute or training sessions. Skill can be self-learned also. Skilled Labors and workers have a great demand in the market. Skilled workers are of great use in the market for most jobs. Due to the retiring

2. TRAI NED AND/OR EXPERI ENCED POTENTI AL WORK ERS TO CHOOSE FROM Baby boomer generation is gradually retiring. As a result, the previously handled position of the baby boomers stays vacant due to lack of experience in the present generation. This intensifies the demand of skilled labors in various fields. This demand has been getting higher with a huge rate in the decade. As a result, employers look forward to hiring skilled labors from various countries. People who are in search of jobs have a great invitation of opportunity here. These skilled labors are mostly trained within the WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM


56 | Working abroad

3. UNWANTED DOM ESTI C JOB VACANCI ES FI L L ED WI TH FOREI GN WORK ERS There is a huge requirement for the skillful labors. Cities or countries with abundance of job opportunities rarely have ?unemployed skilled labors?. As a result, there are several opportunities for the job seekers. Moreover, they have great options laid in front of them, from which they can choose the better option. Well, this choosing thing makes it impossible for odd job vacancies to fill. Jobs at odd hours or the anti-social hours are among them too. Working in remote regions is another thing from which the people try to stay away. This is due to lack of modern technology and facilities in the area. Thus, these enterprises opt for foreign talents to make their way in these jobs such as hotel staff, construction, etc. Let me sum up with one example. You reside in your country and you have three jobs options. One is at a huge enterprise with a 9-5 job, while another one is in a remote area (which might need you to travel all the way there or shift from the city), and last is a night shift at a call center. What would you choose? Of course, option one. That is because it is more convenient to you. Thus, the other two enterprises might have to look for people who can work willingly. That is where the foreign workers bless them with work done at cheaper cost. 4. HI GHER COUNTRY ECONOM Y (OF THE HI RI NG COUNTRY) ? GDP The benefit of the country lies within the development of its enterprises and organizations. This is impossible without the interference of foreign workers. Foreign workers work in the various sectors of the companies in order to earn their living. This makes them willing enough to work for the companies?benefit. That indirectly boosts the economy of the company and the country on a whole. Therefore, hiring of foreign labor is a boon in disguise for the country?s GDP. 5. CONNECTI ONS M ATTER A L OT I N THE BUSI NESS SECTOR; AND FOREI GN WORK ERS? ARE THE CONNECTI ON Employers who wish to expand their reach by expanding the company in other countries enjoy the benefits of contacts. They also come to know about the market and its WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

demand. Therefore, employing the foreign workers can give an inside idea of the industry and its developing stage. Moreover, it gives the essential contacts in the other country to begin any industry. In addition, they also aid in overseas business ventures. Moreover, this also helps in cultural understanding and better representation oneself in another market. After all, it always proves to be beneficial to have an extra internal help.


Foreign workers have diverse knowledge of things compared to the locals; as a result, employers get good talent at less expense.


country from where they migrated. On the other hand, they might know their skills well due to experience also. Due to the huge amount of people searching for job, the employers get abundance of choices to select the best from the lot. In addition, as the first point highlights, these employees are hired at a cheaper rate, which profits the employer in the overall turnover of the company. Thus, this is certainly one great profitable aspect for the employer of foreign workers.

6. EASES THE ?TRAI NI NG FACI L I TI ES? FOR THE L OCAL OR DOM ESTI C WORK ERS Training facilities are very important for the local worker. Skills are not always opted through colleges and institutions. Work experience cannot always polish the skills of workers and thus they need a little guidance in the form of correct training. These training facilities can cost a lot to the employers. As a result, they hire skilled workers. However, when it is impossible to obtain large number of skilled labors, they hire a few and ask those to train the others. Foreign workers have diverse knowledge of things compared to the locals; as a result, employers get good talent at less expense. 7. AVAI L ABI L I TY OF M ORE REM I TTANCE FOR THE WORK ERS? ORI GI N COUNTRY (FOREI GN COUNTRI ES) What do you mean by remittance? Remittance refers to the act of sending money from one place to another. The people, who work in different countries i.e. away from the homeland and / or the family, perform the task of sending money. Many countries like USA, UK, UAE, etc. have innumerable labor guests in their country. These legal or illegal labor guests send their salary back home. Therefore, most of the origin countries collect major foreign currency through the act of remittance. Therefore, it also benefits the origin country in the task. This helps the origin country to boost the economic status. As a result, there is a significant development in the origin country. Therefore, we can conclude that there is innumerable benefit to the companies, employers, economies, countries and the people.


58 | Taxes

f or "One popular destination for retirees is Belize, where three-bedroomed villas set on half an acre of land and with bayside views are billed $50 a year in property tax."


xpats moving overseas in order to enjoy a peaceful retirement with less financial strain than in their home countries are choosing destinations with amazingly low property taxes.

Sour ce: Emigr at e


For many would-be expats, retiring overseas isn?t just a chance to experience interesting new cultures and warm, sunny weather, it?s also about the best ways to stretch pension payments further than would be possible at home. For example, the burden of property taxes in first world countries can be a major concern when relying on a pension. Luckily, there are a good few destinations where property taxes are unbelievable low, thus leaving more money to be spent on the good things in life.


| 59

Best ex pat dest inat ions cheapest pr oper t y t ax es

Credit: Unsplash/Aaron Burden

US property taxes are amongst the highest on the planet, with an average of $3,296 annually across the country and double that in some states including New York, California, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia. The UK?s version, ?council tax?, is eye-wateringly high in London and other major cities, as are property taxes across the majority of other European countries. One popular destination for retirees is Belize, where three-bedroomed villas set on half an acre of land and with bayside views are billed $50 a year in property tax. The charge is based on very low property valuations and is set at 1.5 per cent. One overjoyed US expat who paid $8,400 annually in Arizona is now paying $5 per year for his home in a local village. Another advantage is that capital

gains tax doesn?t exist here. Mexico is also a favourite with would-be expats for its famously low property taxes, normally costing around $100 or less and almost never over $300, thus saving US expats thousands of dollars each year. Capital gains tax does exist, and is charged at 30 per cent of the net value subject to conditions such as improvements and time occupied. According to resident expats, Nicaragua has hardy any taxes, with property-related charges actually reducing every year as they?re linked to the age of the property. If your home is valued at less than $40,000 for town houses or is set on rural land of 2.4 acres or less, it isn?t taxed at all.


Credit: Unsplash/Osman Koycu


Fr omSaunas t o Sant a: Things t o Do in Finl and With 40 National Parks, intriguing nordic cuisine, and a Santa Claus Village, there is something here for every traveler. It might feel like the ends of Earth, but Finland is just the beginning of your Scandinavian travels. Start with Helsinki, a city as hot as the saunas that bubble throughout this classic European capital. Once you?ve warmed up, get outdoors and explore the country?s vast wilderness and national parks. Take a deep breath? the air is fresh and full of promise. That?s what adventure smells like, Finnish style.

GET THE M AXI M UM M OOM I N Opened in June, the Moomin Museum, in Tampere, celebrates the beloved hippo-like cartoon characters the Moomins, dreamed up by illustrator Tove Jansson during WWII. ENJOY A BL I NI BONANZA

This is land of the sauna. In Helsinki try it the traditional way at Kotiharjunor Hermanni. Steam in midair at Sky Sauna or with a Whopper at Burger King Sauna.

January means blini time in Helsinki, as locals go on restaurant crawls, sampling as many dinner-plate-size specialty blinis as they can. There?s the usual smoked? fish and roe topping, but other inventive fillings that speak to Finland?s unique Russian-influenced Nordic cuisine include slow-cooked Finnish lamb?s neck, cured reindeer, and condensed milk and honey.



For Finland?s centennial this year, the country inaugurated its 40th national park. Near the Russian border, Hossa National Park?s remote location is perfect for fresh-air adventures like canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, and bird-watching.

In Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland, visit year-round Santa Claus Village, an amusement park located on the Arctic Circle, where letters get postmarked with a special Santa Claus stamp. If you come in summer, head over to Rovaniemi Local History Museum to learn about rural life in the late 19th century.




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62 | Expat's personality


children, they saw it as different from and inferior to their own culture. I s M ultilingualism Really Necessar y?

A recent article in Harvard Business Review advised multi-national companies to hire people they call "Global Cosmopolitans", as they possess five characteristics that equip them to deal with complex challenges in a way their peers cannot. The article defines Global Cosmopolitans as "highly educated, multi-lingual professionals who have already lived, worked, and studied for extensive periods outside their home regions."

While I accept that someone who has invested time and effort into learning a foreign language has demonstrated tenacity, I'm not sure that someone who only speaks their home country language is at a disadvantage. Then again, I'm American, and we are known for expecting everyone to speak English. When I worked abroad, I learned Bahasa Indonesian and Thai. I did not arrive knowing the languages, but I understood the need to learn them in order to function in another culture.

Can Someone Without these Char acter istics Be a Successful Expat?

Can You L ear n Cultur al Agility?

This raises the question: is knowing more than one language from childhood a true marker of future success in international business, or should companies consider willingness to learn a language when needed equally valuable? After all, the French, Spanish, German and Latin I took at school would not have helped me in Indonesia or Thailand, nor would the Italian I spoke to my grandparents.

While the article has some merit, a company risks overlooking some equally qualified employees who may not have these characteristics. During my international tenure, I saw many children who were born and raised abroad who lived in "expat ghettos" and went to the International School or a school for their nationality. These children may have spent their formative years in a foreign country, they may even have learned a foreign language, but it is unlikely that they learned much about the foreign culture.

While I agree that previous experience can be a good predictor of future success, it is not foolproof. Someone can be extremely successful when working in Asia but not have the cultural skills necessary to work in the Middle East. The article states that Global Cosmopolitans, "don?t need training in cultural competence. They have already developed an awareness of their own cultural worldview, a positive attitude toward cultural differences, knowledge of different cultural practices and the ability to understand and communicate with people whose backgrounds differ from their own."

Likewise, I have known expats who only left their housing complex to go to the office and the airport for home leave. Their meals were the same as at home and they would never have considered trying a local restaurant. Although they had more exposure to the local culture than their

This is a major stumbling block for me. I think everyone can benefit from learning about the culture where they are moving and understanding why cultural traits have developed and what types of accommodations an expat must make to be successful in the culture.


Credit: Unsplash

"They have already developed an awareness of their own cultural worldview, a positive attitude toward cultural differences, knowledge of different cultural practices and the ability to understand and communicate with people whose backgrounds differ from their own."

64 | Expat's personality

I've worked in the international arena for nearly 40 years and have never met someone who could successfully navigate every culture without some learning. Admittedly, some people are better equipped to survive in a foreign location, but someone with innate curiosity who is eager to learn and understand can be equally successful, even on their first assignment, as someone with "international exposure". What M akes Someone Cultur ally Savvy? In the two weeks since I read the HBR article, I've thought a great deal about the expats I have known who were most and least successful as well as the team leaders on global projects to which I was assigned. They all seem to have the same characteristics: -


Interest in learning about cultures. This can be seen in travel, eagerness to try new cuisines, reading history and studying culture. The ability to look for similarities underpinning behavior. This means being able to look at a



cultural behavior such as hierarchy and understand that it is not better than egalitarianism; that it is simply a different way of structuring relationships. A willingness to suspend the belief that their own culture is superior. While it is easy to think of the way we learned to do things as natural or best, this does not mean that another country and culture do not have things to offer. The ability to adapt to what is required in a situation without changing their core beliefs. These are not the expats who "go native"; they are the ones who learn to finesse their way through situations while retaining their core beliefs.

The HBR article has many things right, including that, "a positive attitude toward cultural differences, knowledge of different cultural practices and the ability to understand and communicate with people whose backgrounds differ from their own" are crucial in the global arena. It is my opinion, however, that these skills can be learned, and even someone with vast travel experience can benefit from training in cultural competence.

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Going to a holiday party this season? Here are five tips to keep in mind for healthy eating and navigating the holiday season. These tips will help you walk into any party, gathering with friends or family with mindfulness and confidence ? most importantly, enjoy yourself!

Credit: Unsplash/Brooke Lark


The holiday season is known to be one of the most stressful times of the year, between work, school, travel, hosting, social gatherings, etc., it can be tempting to put your goals on the back burner. The holidays are also a wonderful time to focus on what really matters from spending time with loved ones, expressing gratitude, and being mindful of your actions. We?ve created an in-depth look at enjoying the holidays healthfully. Check out the tips.


| 67

Credit: Pexels/picjumbo.com

1. Pract ice Mindful Eat ing Mindful eating is a practice that connects us more with the mind-body connection while eating or making food choices. A great way to practice mindful eating during holiday parties is to ask yourself what you?re really hungry for? Do you want the cocktail to feel less social anxiety or are you celebrating a beautiful evening with friends? Do you want the cookies because they?re available or are you truly hungry for them? 2. Just Be The more you focus on living in the present moment, the more you can show up for yourself in order to care for loved ones. Here?s a holiday party challenge: when you?re at a holiday party, hang out with your friends

instead of hanging out at the dessert table. Holiday functions are not about the food, and once you can realize that, you?ll see a subtle shift in mindset that will give you the willpower to do what makes you feel good. 3. Ask Yourself, Am I Really Hungry? It?s important to check in with yourself and gauge how hungry you actually are. Ask yourself what you?re truly hungry for ? is it because you?re stressed? Anxious? Happy? Lonely? Excited? When you make the connection to your emotion and your food choice, you?ll be equipped with how to truly nourish your body.

4. Realize It ?s Just a Day I know it?s the holidays, but it?s really just a day or two of the actual holiday or holiday meal. If you want to treat yourself to your favorite casserole that your mom makes every year, enjoy it and be mindful of the context of the rest of your day. 5. Plan Ahead We practice batch cooking at NS for good reason! It?s something I do each weekend to plan for the week ahead by making meal components ? think baking sweet potatoes, making quinoa, hard boiled eggs, etc. Beyond batch cooking for your ?normal? meals throughout the week, it?s also great to have healthy snacks on hand to eat before you go to holiday parties or social engagements.


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20 18 T h i s p ast y ear h as been m ar ked w i th d i sr u p ti ve i n n ov ati on s th at p r om i se to u p en d al m ost ever y si n gl e i n d u str y. Fr om th e r i se of Bl ockch ai n an d V i r tu al Real i ty, to th e p r ol i f er ati on of voi ce- en abl ed assi stan ts, com p an i es acr oss th e boar d ar e ai m i n g to m ake d ai ly l i f e m or e ef f i ci en t, en ter tai n i n g an d i n f or m ati ve.


A l th ou gh 20 17 h as set th e i n n ovati on bar h i gh , I ?m al r ead y l ook i n g ah ead to w h at?s i n stor e f or 20 18. Sever al star tu p s h ave m ad e gr eat str i d es i n th e p ast y ear an d ar e n ow p oi sed to tu r n th ei r r esp ecti ve i n d u str i es on th ei r h ead s. H er e ar e 11 u p - an d - com er s to w atch ou t f or i n 20 18.



The inception of ecommerce changed shopping forever. But some retail niches were slower to jump aboard the internet shopping train, including the wedding industry. However, thanks to companies like Azazie, a digital bridal and bridesmaid gown retailer, the wedding industry has finally gone online. Azazie makes it easy for brides to outfit their entire parties because individual members can send in their custom sizes to Azazie?s designers and collaborate for an easier shopping experience. The streamlined process makes it easy for bridal parties located across the country to find their dream dresses.

Just as students?shopping and social habits have shifted dramatically over the course of the past decade, so too have their study habits. However, most schools and universities don?t deliver educational support programs that speak to students?online habits. EdTech startups like Studypool are dedicated to helping students learn via a crowd sourced tutoring platform.


Through Studypool, students can connect with tutors from across the country for immediate support. Furthermore, the platform is also a great way for students to earn extra cash by offering their subject matter

expertise to others in need of extra help. Select People love to share experiences and travel is the ultimate experience. As a result of all of this, people are discovering and making decisions based on social media more than ever before. The team at Select, a black card and concierge service that unlocks VIP perks and experiences across the globe, sees the social directly impact the types of travel experiences members request. When Select features a hotel partner on Instagram, the social content often drives more bookings than traditional communications, like newsletters.

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Credit: Unsplash/Brock Dupont

Dispatch L abs This past year ushered in a turning point for the blockchain community; in 2017 these decentralized ledgers finally went mainstream. While not everyone in the public fully understands the difference between blockchain and Bitcoin, consumers across the globe are now aware of growing potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize everything from ecommerce to health records. The rise of several blockchain players, including Dispatch Labs, a blockchain protocol set to launch in early 2018, are early indicators that next year will be the year that these systems are integrated into everyday life. L ead Cr unch Artificial Intelligence has been one of the biggest hot-button topics sweeping the tech industry and offering tangible solutions for both businesses and consumers, alike. From chatbots to machine-learning

systems, this industry is on the cusp of being completely revolutionary. Lead Crunch his an AI-enabled demand generation platform helping companies target and connect with relevant sales prospects by pinpointing audience behavioral patterns. Ulku L ogistics No company operating online can expect to survive without SEO proficiency. However, managing SEO campaigns is a time-consuming and complex process. Companies like Ulku Logistics are dedicated to helping organizations, big and small, optimize their organic reach on the web through a comprehensive mix of keyword targeting, on-site optimization, social campaigns, and even PPC ads. Notion While a lot of people think the Internet of Things is just a phase (and granted, startups like Juicero certainly don?t help this perception), this

T h r ou gh St u d y p ool , st u d en t s can con n ect w i t h t u t or s f r om acr oss t h e cou n t r y f or i m m ed i at e su p p or t or t o ear n ex t r a cash by of f er i n g t h ei r su bject m at t er ex p er t i se to ot h er s i n n eed of ex tr a h el p . industry is still on a pretty significant rise, as engineers scramble to make our lives more efficient. According to Gartner, 8.4 billion connected devices will be used in 2017, proving that this technology isn?t going anywhere anytime soon. Notion is making major waves in the IoT landscape with it?s single-sensor home monitoring technology. This easy-to-install device makes it easy for individuals to track activity, including smoke alarms, water leaks, and open doors all from their mobile devices. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM


70 | World Cur rency Capital We live in an age of entrepreneurism. Today, professionals from all backgrounds and across all verticals have more available resources to connect with potential audiences and bring their ideas to life. But more marketing and advertising opportunities does not mean it is easier to secure sufficient funds to launch a company. Entrepreneurs, especially first-time entrepreneurs, often see their dreams come to an end because they aren?t able to find the capital to launch their businesses. Companies like Currency Capital,

however, are dedicated to helping small businesses finance their companies through a comprehensive equipment financing marketplace. Leveraging Currency?s technology, business owners can expedite the traditionally months-long loan approval process in a matter of days. L os Defensores The United States is home to more than 41 million Spanish speakers. Despite the growing rate of this population, many industries are falling behind in delivering communication campaigns that resonate with this audience. Los Defensores is a legal advertising company that specializes in creating integrated digital campaigns that are easily accessible to Spanish speakers. With more organizations seeking to implement comprehensive initiatives that speak to every potential audience member, Los Defensores will likely define its status as a pioneer in 2018. SolidOpinion The business model of online publishing is badly broken. Especially newspapers and magazines are still beholden to pre-Internet cost structures,

Notion's app helps monitor our home, apartment or vacation home with a single sensor.


N ot i on 's easy - t o- i n st al l d ev i ce m akes i t easy f or i n d i v i d u al s t o t r ack act i v i t y, i n cl u d i n g sm oke al ar m s, w at er l eak s, an d op en d oor s al l f r om t h ei r m obi l e d ev i ces.

with millions in printing and staffing costs. These publishers, as well as many other content creators, forfeit their communities and creative works to advertising conglomerates. Advertising platforms stepped between longstanding relationships of publishers and their advertising partners. SolidOpinion?s engagement platform empowers publishers to re-engage with their user base by rewarding content generation by readers and allowing user influence over their contributions. The company is currently preparing for its initial coin offering (ICO) which will create a new crypto currency called ?Engagement Token?for publishers, advertisers and users. Visitors of publisher websites are rewarded with these tokens for subscribing to newsletters, commenting on articles and many other activities, as designated by the publisher. Advertisers use the token to purchase dedicated headlines in a pay-per-article model. As a result users stay engaged with publishers through notifications of their interactions with content and other users, advertisers are exposed next to relevant content and users do not leave for social media websites. Taft Taft clothing is a direct-to-consumer shoe company poised to transform how people find and buy high-quality apparel. Taft recognizes the consumers today are not interested in buying overpriced, mass-marketed items. Instead, they want unique, high quality pieces. Taft is committed to answering consumer?s demands with their handmade and hand painted models, which are sourced from southern Spain. Taft shoes assure the highest quality and value for the price. If you want your style to stand out in 2018, look no further than Taft.

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Who doesn?t dream of it? Moving to another country, one you?ve always loved, and starting a new life? Whether it?s Rome or Dubai or Shanghai that?s captured your heart, you can?t dream of living anywhere else. But before you make the big leap, there?s one thing to worry about: starting a business abroad. Review the legal requirements of star ting a company abroad Be careful! In some countries, you may not even be legally permitted to start a company at all. Some countries will even require you to have a local business partner. Review the infr astr ucture and business pr actices of your new countr y Once you?ve decided on a country that works for you, it?s important to review the infrastructure and business practices. In some countries, setting up a business may take weeks or months?whether it?s because of business laws, banking practices, and property purchasing. You can also decide first on what kind of business you want to run, and choose a country from there. For example, if you?re interested in eCommerce and how to make money at home, Panama is considered one of the best places to start an internet business. Research the financing you?ll need for your move Before you make the big move, it?s important to ensure that you?ll be able to get all the financing you need to get your business started. In addition to the usual business expenses, you?ll also want to ensure you know the costs of securing premises, legal costs, utility bills, and the relocation itself. Other finances to consider when starting a business abroad include banking and WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM


Tips f or a Busin Abr oad

international transfer rates, and currency restrictions as well. This is one of the most important aspects to consider before moving abroad?because if you don?t have the capital, then it makes sense to re-imagine your business plan and find some investors before you start. Get to know the culture?and make fr iends with locals too Even if you?ve reviewed all the legal, logistical, and financial challenges to starting a business abroad, if you haven?t taken the time to get to know the culture, then your business won?t have much of a chance. The people of the country

Credit: Unsplash/Samson Duborg Rankin

r St ar t ing ness d you?ve moved to are now your new customers?so you have to make sure you?re selling them services or products they want. Spending time with locals will also help you develop contacts in the industry, which is especially valuable if you don?t have a local business partner or you?re looking to build up your team. Study the local competitor s and business networ k In your local environment, you might have a good idea of who your competitors are and what sets your business apart from the rest.

But in a new country, you?ll have to do this research all over again. If there were competitors in the past, what can you learn from their failures and successes? You can "In somecount r ies, also consider reaching Set t ing up a business out to a broader may t akeweeks or business network to mont hs?whet her it ?s establish contacts?with becauseof business the expat community being smaller, it will be l aws, banking easier for you to pr act ices, and connect faster and with pr oper t y pur chasing." more people. Be patient Once you?ve finally followed all the first five steps, you have to be patient?a business takes a while to get off the ground, when you?re dealing with all the challenges of a new market and foreign business practices. Even once you?ve made the perfect plan for your new business in your new country, you?ll have to constantly reapply these tips and learn from your mistakes so that your business can grow and succeed. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

74 | Millennials

Thegener at ion t hat knows ev er yt hing & not hing WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

Millennials | Credit: Unsplash/Matheus Ferrero


Nestled firmly between old and new, millennials are the middle child of the technology industry. On one hand, we have our parents and grandparents, who grew up with landline phones, or no phones at all. On the other hand, we have Gen Z who were brought into the world basically knowing how to use an iPhone. Millennials have it differently ? we?re torn between two worlds. A real life example: a 23-year-old Anna Dennis struggles registering to vote on a new same-sex marriage law. She has no clue how to cast her vote through the post, and admits she?ll probably need help in the process. This shines a light on a huge issue, or more positively, opportunity, that millennials are facing at the moment: we?re responsible for providing the bridge between generations, and it?s vital that we learn how both function in order to succeed. Whether we want to accept it or not, the task of migrating from non-tech to full tech has been left to us. On the surface, we?re all just a bunch of 20-somethings trying to figure out what to do with our lives. We?re under unique pressures brought about by the modern age, such as automated processes, that are putting at risk everything that we learn.


But fear not: there?s a bright side to it all. The never-ending advances in tech coupled with growing up during a depression have given us wisdom beyond our years. For one, they?ve made us better consumers, with 57% of millennials comparing prices before purchasing, according to Goldman Sachs. We?re also clearly adaptable to new technologies, and have even learned to take much better care of our bodies in comparison to past generations, as shown by monitoring the future.org. So we?re not that bad, after all. While some of us struggle with the technology of the past, and many of us still don?t know how what Tesla is, we?re the ones who's responsible for taking lessons from the past ? which we?ve lived first-hand ? and turning them into a future that we?re shaping ourselves. What we?re creating isn?t obsolete, our advances will inspire the next generation to decide where to go from here ? as long as we don?t run out of avocado toast first.



Despite all the not so nice news you might have heard about Brussels in the past year, Brussels is a cute, dynamic and international city that will conquer your heart once you go beyond the Grand Place and the Manneken Pis. Brussels is the capital of Belgium, located at the center of the country, a melting pot of cultures and languages! As you know, Brussels is regarded by most as the capital of Europe. Here we have the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission: this is where everything is discussed and decided. But Brussels is also the city where Flemish and Walloon culture meet and coexist. Throughout your visit I suggest you to notice how all official signs and directions are in 2 languages, Dutch and French, how the metro stations are announced (first French then Dutch, and the next one will be first Dutch then French ? equality!) and the way sellers in shops welcome you (ex. ?Goede dag Bonjour?). Brussels in also a very green city, with parks, big and small, at every corner. And it?s the cradle of Art Nouveau, introduced by Victor Horta. Now, are you ready to explore my beloved city?

Credit: Unsplash/Valentin Lacoste

Featured city |

48hour s in

Br ussel s* *Likea Local

By Renat a Riva Sour ce: Spot t ed By Local s Day 1: 09:00 ? 14:00 Start your visit of Brussels at the Schuman Roundabout. This is one of the key places for the European Union. On one side you can notice the Berlaymont building you might have seen on TV various times, and right across the street you?ll see the Justus Lipsius, headquarter of the Council. If you visit at the weekend you will find this area very quiet and even a bit boring but if you happen to be there during the week you will find yourself amongst thousands of people rushing to their meeting whether in any of the buildings you see or to one of the many restaurants of the area. Beware that the roundabout is closed to public during summit days, so check it out! At your back, there?s the Cinquantenaire, a big park with sport grounds and museums, perfect for a picnic if the weather is nice. From Schuman walk down towards the cozy Leopold Park and from there walk uphill towards the European

Parliament in the famous Place du Luxembourg. Head there if you are in town on Thursday nights, that?s where Eurocrats meet for a beer and a chat. From here either take the metro at Maalbeek (sadly famous for being one of the locations of the Brussels attacks) towards De Brouckere station or walk along the Royal Park and the Museum quarter. Check the Musical Instruments museum if you have time. Once you reach the center, you can?t miss to take a lift up to the 10th floor of Parking 58 to enjoy the 360 degree view of the city. On your way you can stop for lunch at Arcadi, this cafĂŠ catering also for vegetarians has mouthwatering cakes you can?t miss. Day 1: 14:00 ? 19:00 With your full belly it?s now time to follow Spotter Ianthe?s steps and to head towards Place St Catherine and the Vismet. This is where, once upon a time, boats were docking to deliver fish to the city. If you walk a bit further, you will reach the Canal that

connects Brussels to Charleroi. Cross it and you will have reached Molenbeek, the infamous neighborhood: you will see it miles away from the area you come from, but there?s nothing to worry about, it?s just another one of the multiple faces of this city. Head to the town hall square (Place Communale) or visit the newest addition in the museum scene of Brussels, the MIMA. Heading back towards the center, walk along Rue Dansaert and Rue de Flanders, as Spotter Nettah says. This is the heart of the Flemish quarter, with many designer shops worth checking out. You can check out the Brussels Beer Project, the newest (and already very famous) brewery in town. If you feel in need for a break, head to L?Imaige Nostre-Dame, for another immersion in the Brussels? medieval charm. You are not far from the heart of the city, the Grand Place. It?s a jewel WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM


78 | Featured city

worth seeing while passing through For your evening you can continue on your way to the most famous boy your beer drinking in St Gery, or in town: the Manneken Pis. If you check out the nearby Bonnefooi for like the concept, you can check out some free concerts and dancing. the Jeanneke Pis (the little girl) and Another excellent choice for your the Zinneke (the dog). evening is heading to While you walk the Rotonde concert "Do as Bel gians do: around the area hall at Botaniqueto to called Ilot Sacre, listen to some or der your beer check out some upcoming bands for a wit h a por t ion of of the art galleries cheeseand sal ami, reasonable price. (like Galerie Day 2: 09:00 ? 14:00 and enj oy your Bortier), records aper it if mix ing t he Start your day right in (like the Collector front of Gare du Midi t ast eof t hebeer , Record Gallery) (the South station) and bookstores t hecheeseand t he where you can shout (like Het Ivoren must ar d al ways your love or thoughts Aapje) These stores ser v ed wit h your to the world at the are some of the pl at t er ." Pasionaria megaphone! favourite hang out Continue your day in Place Jeu de places of many of Balle, where you should definitely the Brussels spotters. For the stop at Bernard Gavilain vintage? the traditional postcard to send to your ?local pharaoh of style? according to loved ones, head to Avec Plaizieras, Spotter Davy. You are in the Marolles Yamina suggests. neighborhood and Rue Blaes is your Day 1: 19:00 ? ??? After such a long day, you surely deserve to check out the first of the many famous Belgian beers. St. Gery area is the best place to start your journey, with dozen of bars (like Cafe Gecko) to your liking. Do as Belgians do: order your beer with a portion of cheese and salami, and enjoy your aperitif mixing the taste of the beer, the cheese and the mustard always served with your platter. For dinner, La Fin de Siecle or the near by Greenwhich Taverne are the guarantee for great Belgian food. Try one of the many dishes cooked in beer sauce (Rabbit in Kriek sauce) or the Stoemp, a Belgian variance of mashed potatoes to which they add vegetables and a sausage.


best bet if you are in search of some antique gems. Walking around this area make sure you check out the walls of the houses for comic murals depicting all the most famous Belgians comics characters. To join the ?high town?, take the elevator from Rue Haute up to Place Poelaert. Enjoy the view of the city and of the Justice Palace which has been in restoration ever since I came to Brussels in 2003! You are now in the Louise area, where you can find shops of all the big brands. Moving quickly, unless you are on for shopping, head to St Gilles, the neighborhood of the Art Nouveau. Follow the advice of Spotter Nettah and head to Rue Vanderschrick for an open air gallery of architect Ernest Blerot. I would suggest as well to visit the Horta Museum: this is the masterpiece of the Art Nouveau architecture.

Featured city |

For your lunch you can head to Parvis de St Gilles. It has many bars and restaurants where you can have a big variety of cuisines but our favorite pick is Brasserie Verschueren. Not far there?s one of the many controversial graffiti pieces that have appeared on walls in Brussels in the last months (disclaimer? there are talks about removing them? so hurry up!) Day 3: 14:00 ? 19:00 It?s now time to change commune and head to Ixelles. It?s either a nice stroll across the Chatelain area (with nice shops, restaurants and art nouveau houses) or you can take tram 81, dropping you off after less than 10 minutes to Place Flagey, the very heart of the Ixelles movida. Here you have everything to entertain you for the entire afternoon and evening.

Day 3: 19:00 ? ??? After so much walking, you must be hungry and you are therefore ready for your truly Belgian experience: the frites (French fries). Some of the best fries in town are not far away: either Frit Flagey or Maison Antoine. The choice is yours? Get the fries cone, get the sauce, get some frikandel and sit around people watching. At this point you are ready to wash down your dinner with some more Belgian beers. Around Flagey you have lots of choices like L?Amere a Boire and Le Pantin. I?ll leave you with a tip for the lovers of arts and entertainment: every weekend there are plenty of events scattered all over the city. Especially when spring comes you will have a tough time choosing which one to attend. Check out agenda.be for an overview for what?s going in town. Credit: Unsplash/Yeo Khee


A pleasure for the eyes & for the stomach!

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Madrid: +34 91 722 52 93 | Barcelona: +34 93 475 44 03 | Valencia: +34 96 145 35 00


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The blend will take different forms depending on your preferences, how much you did indeed adapt, and what you find acceptable back home ? both for yourself and in the context where you work and socialize.


Credit: Unsplash/James Garcia


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or India, moves to the U.S. and struggles at first, but eventually learns to act in a more assertive, outwardly self-confident and perhaps even self-promotional style. But they then experience a massive shock upon returning home where these very behaviors aren?t valued ? and in some cases, are even penalized. Or, you can imagine the reverse: An American goes to China, learns to act in a face-saving way that is group and status conscious, and then returns home only to discover that colleagues mistakenly judge these behaviors and communication styles as unprofessional or incompetent.

Instead of slipping seamlessly back into the life you left behind, you may discover that you are now a proverbial square peg in a round hole. This can give rise to all kinds of unpleasant internal conflict, made worse by the fact that this time around, you aren?t expecting it and you don?t have support. After all, you?re going back home. How much help and support do you really need?

First and foremost, anticipate and prepare for your return home in a similar way that you prepared for your initial sojourn abroad. This means seriously considering how your home country might appear to someone from your host country ? and recognizing that in some ways, you will now be seeing it through these eyes. You should also be aware of how you might be wearing rose colored glasses, and temper that view with realistic expectations.

As it turns out, quite a bit, and we see this phenomenon time and again in our own work as cross-cultural specialists. Someone from, say China


In a way, you could call this the paradox of personal growth: Personal growth is essential to live, work, and thrive in a foreign setting, but this same growth can become a significant liability when returning home. You may be stunned to feel alienated in your own culture when you?re acting ?naturally? based on aspects of a new culture you?ve just learned. You may also be wounded to see that you are at odds with your family, friends, and colleagues who don?t necessarily like or appreciate this new version of you.

Second, start thinking about how you want to incorporate the new cultural

styles you?ve learned and come to appreciate into your repertoire back home. For example, perhaps you?ve learned to be more outspoken abroad, but come back to your native culture where such behavior is less acceptable. In this case, you have a couple options:

Take on a blended cultur al style: Cultivate a new cultural style which represents a hybrid of the two styles ? something that is a bit different from the way you originally behaved back home before going abroad, but not quite as different as you were when fully adapted to the new culture. There is no right or wrong way here. The blend will take different forms depending on your preferences, how much you did indeed adapt, and what you find acceptable back home ? both for yourself and in the context where you work and socialize.

Cr eate styles:


cultur al

Develop multiple and distinct cultural selves ? the one you had back home and a new style consistent with what you learned when you lived and worked abroad. Rather than apply these styles in places where they aren?t suitable (and possibly getting quite jumbled in the process), separate them just as you would clothes for different occasions. For example, in a meeting at work with people from your native culture, you might act with your typical, default cultural style. But when meeting new clients from the culture you just returned from, you might adopt an entirely different cultural persona. Credit: Unsplash/Priscilla Du Preez


Also work internally on finding a way to appreciate, honor, and make sense of the new ?you.? You have changed. It?s critical to own and accept that fact. Having a clear understanding of yourself and what these transitions mean to you is especially important when others in your life may not appreciate your transitions or the heavy lifting you?re doing beneath the surface to make sense of it all. For instance, let?s say that you mastered Japanese when working in Tokyo and started to appreciate a more subtle, indirect style of communication, but back at your Frankfurt office, others react badly to it.

Or, you might long to tell your friends so many stories about your travels abroad, but their eyes might start to glaze over whenever you tell them about life in Brazil. Rather than rely on others to provide you with the safe harbor of validation and connection that you seek, look for ways that you can create it for yourself. For example, join a club for people interested in Japanese culture or language, make time to visit a local Japanese garden for reflection, or seek out others in your organization with similar interests. Sprinkle your workspace with a few mementos from your time abroad ? a subtle reminder that although you may be back in your home country, your expat experiences are still with you. Or use social media to connect with others who share your enthusiasm and interests.


The key is to treat the process of adapting back to your own culture with the same thoughtful approach you hopefully took when learning to adapt to the new culture you just left.


You don?t necessarily have to decide on your approach immediately, but over time, it might benefit you to see the different options you have for addressing the change you?ve experienced and parlaying it into a new cultural and behavioral repertoire for yourself.

You will need some time to figure out how to use your new cultural mindset and skills to your advantage. In the long run, it can take time to find a productive way to integrate the multiple cultural styles you?re balancing. But the key is to treat the process of adapting back to your own culture with the same thoughtful approach you hopefully took when learning to adapt to the new culture you just left. No one said repatriation is easy, but with the tips we suggest ? along with a positive, proactive mindset ? you?ll be well positioned to reap the benefits of a life and career changing experience.


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84 | Insurance


Insurance is often low down on any expat?s list of priorities, but the cover is one of those things you are glad you have when the unexpected strikes. Expats need insurance even if the company they work for provides a comprehensive financial package that includes healthcare, accident and life cover. Companies insure the assets that impact on them and will not plug all the financial holes for families and staff, while expats living overseas under their own steam need to organise the right cover for their own protection. Many view the downside as cost, especially when they are juggling a budget that doesn?t leave a lot of spare cash at the end of the month. The upside is peace of mind, knowing that should anything happen to you, your loved ones are in a good financial state.


WHAT IS INSURANCE? Specialist brokers will insure just about anything for a price, but the two types of cover most important to expats are personal and general protection. Personal insurance does what it says ? pays out for claims against individuals. Private healthcare; life cover and protection against accident, sickness and redundancy are all personal insurances. General insurance provides cover for homes, cars and other inanimate objects. For both, the cost of cover depends on a risk assessment. The premium can rise or fall depending on where an expat has a home, so having the right cover in the right country is vital. UK life insurance will not pay out on a claim from overseas if the consumer is an expat rather than a tourist. Travel insurance will not do the job for the same reason, so arranging good private medical insurance is important ? and some countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, will not let expats in without it.

Insurance HOW TO BUY INSURANCE Insurance can get expensive if you do not have enough or too much. Too little cover means a claim might not be met, while too much means paying for cover that will never pay out. The rule of thumb for buying insurance is ignore the price and focus on the cover offered by the policy. Cheap insurance is usually a false economy because the features will only offer the basics. When deciding which policy to buy, think about these points: -



If you have a complaint, is the company regulated and can grumbles be passed to an independent ombudsman? If the country you are going to is liable to natural disasters or civil unrest, try buying insurance across the border so your provider is unaffected by events Check for gaps in cover and that the start and end dates match your time overseas


Make sure you know exactly what the policy covers if you need to make a claim

Insurers mix and match insurance features and offer special deals to try and blur the comparison with other policies. The best way to compare cover is to take the cost over a year or two, so any discounts are evened out and then directly match the features that meet your needs, such as a replacement car in the same comfort bracket as your own. PERSONAL PROTECTION ? TYPES OF COVER The main personal protection policies are: -


L ife ?A policy paying an agreed amount when you die with pricing taken from age and lifestyle. Cr itical illness ?Insurance paying if you are diagnosed with one of a set of specific illnesses. Pr ivate health ?Access to specialists and hospitals for treatment in an emergency or for life-threatening illnesses. I ncome protection ?Short term cover paying day to day bills if you are made redundant or are too ill to work.


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86 | Social media




Powerful social-media trends affecting both users and brands are strengthening and accelerating. In the past year, a number of significant stories involved social media: Facebook lured Snapchat users to Instagram, the president of the United States communicated official policy positions in 140 characters and Apple announced plans to alter the way we interact with our mobile devices. Next year, social media is poised to create even more disruption as a number of new technological advancements go mainstream, and as social norms related to social media change. Here are the top 10 social media trends to prepare for as 2018 draws near.


Social media | Credit: Unsplash/Nordwood Themes

1. RI SE OF AUGM ENTED REAL I TY At the first-ever event hosted in the Steve Jobs Theater, Apple announced the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. Both devices incorporate a new chip that allows the phones to provide users with extraordinary augmented reality experiences. While augmented reality will have its initial impact on mobile gaming, it is likely that social media platforms will find ways to incorporate the new technology as well. For example, it?s conceivable that Snapchat or Instagram will soon support filters that allow users to take a selfie with a friend or celebrity projected via augmented reality. Similarly, brands could soon project their products into the homes of social media users through special filters. 2. I NCREASI NG POPUL ARI TY OF I NSTAGRAM STORI ES Over 200 million people use Instagram Stories each month, which is over 50 million more than those who use Snapchat - and Instagram Stories is just one year old! At this rate, nearly half of all Instagram users will be using Stories by the end of 2018. This means that brands interested in connecting with Instagram users must take the time to master Instagram Stories. 3. CONTI NUED I NVESTM ENT I N I NFL UENCER M ARK ETI NG Over 90 percent of marketers who employ an influencer marketing strategy believe it is successful. Companies like North Face, Hubspot and Rolex use social media?based influencer marketing strategies to connect with new audiences and improve engagement with existing audiences. This year we saw that brands that opted for traditional advertising strategies struggled to connect to social media users. Next year, it is likely that more brands will embrace influencer marketing as a way to connect with audiences who tend to ignore traditional strategies. 4. FOCUS ON GENERATI ON Z A recent study conducted by Goldman Sachs concluded that Generation Z was more valuable to most organizations than millennials. Today, the oldest Gen Zers are 22 years old. They are just beginning to enter the labor force, and will have increased buying power for some time. Brands will begin to recognize this, and will shift their social media strategies accordingly. Expect great investment in platforms loved by Gen Zers like Snapchat and Instagram. 5. I NCREASI NG BRAND PARTI CI PATI ON I N M ESSAGI NG PL ATFORM S Over 2.5 billion people use messaging platforms globally, and yet brands are still primarily focused on connecting with consumers on pure social networks. In 2018, expect brands to invest more time and money connecting with consumers on messaging platforms. Artificial intelligence, voice assistants and chatbots will enable brands offer personalized shopping experiences on messaging platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp and Kik. 6. EXPANSI ON OF L I VE STREAM I NG What was once a novel gimmick has become a mainstream part of social media. Today, brands big and small have started using live streaming to capture the attention of followers.



88 | Social media O v er 20 0 m i l l i o n " p eo p l e u se I n st agr am St o r i es each m o n t h , w h i ch i s ov er 50 m i l l i o n m o r e t h an t h o se w h o u se Sn ap ch at - an d I n st agr am St o r i es i s j u st o n e y ear o l d .


Credit: Unsplash/Chad Madden

GORUCK, a backpack manufacturer and the organizer of extreme endurance events, is one example of a medium-sized brand that has grown its reach by live streaming compelling content on Facebook. Thousands of followers tuned in to watch 48-hour coverage of are cent endurance race.

We have already seen video become increasingly important on social media, and live video group hangouts are a natural next iteration of this trend. It is conceivable that in 2018, Facebook will announce a similar product to House party that will win over users, just as Instagram?s introduction of Stories did.

In 2018, more brands will begin to realize the power of live streaming, and will incorporate it into their monthly content plans.


7. DI GI TAL HANGOUTS GO M AI NSTREAM Houseparty is a video hangout platform used by overone million people each day. It is primarily used by Gen Zers as a way to hang out with friends digitally. The platform is so successful that Facebook is reportedly investigating ways to create a similar functionality within their platform.


After a series of controversial decisions during the 2016 presidential election, social media platforms have embraced a more hands-on approach to governing conduct on their platforms. Facebook recently turned over thousands of ads that seem to be connected to Russian meddling, and has invested in new AI and human forms of monitoring. Given the wide criticism that Facebook and Twitter received during

2017, it is likely that these platforms will embrace codes of conduct and governance policies that protect the brands from future criticism. CONCL USI ON A number of new social media trends that will impact users and brands alike are strengthening and accelerating. It is likely that video streaming and virtual reality will go mainstream. Additionally, brands will turn to newer social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat as Gen Zers increasingly spend their time there. With the announcement of the new iPhones, augmented reality has a chance to become a part of social media in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago. Lastly, Twitter and Facebook will most likely adjust their policies to protect their brands from political criticism and to provide users with better online experiences.


How t o Find Wor k in Mar bel l a in 2018 SOURCE: SPAIN MADE SIMPLE Jobs in Marbella can also be found by the usual means of internet, radio, newspaper, word of mouth, classified jobs section in expat newspapers and recruitment agencies. L iving and wor king in M ar bella When you are looking for jobs in Marbella you should also need to consider other factors apart from things such as working conditions and rates of pay, such as: - Is Marbella one of the best areas to WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

move to in Spain? - What is the quality-of-life like living and working in Marbella? - What is the cost of living like in Marbella? - How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Marbella? Beautiful Marbella has gained a reputation as Spain?s answer to Saint-Tropez. The rich and famous jet-set come here to be seen and to party.

A great area for recreation due to the fabulous climate and weather, Marbellas has world-class sailing, golf courses and tennis. Because of the many golf courses such as the Marbella Golf Resort you may be able to find golf jobs such as teaching people how to play golf (golf pro) or being a caddie or helping out in the clubhouse. Similarly the Marina in Marbella gives scope to find many casual sailing jobs helping out such as

Featured city |

Credit: Unsplash/Victor Grabarczyk

crewing on the yachts or cleaning and maintaining the boats. Consider also looking for jobs in Puerto Banus to the west of Marbella. It has a famous marina and is more commercial and modern with plenty of shops and a casino. Marbella is very spread out along the coast. Heading west towards Puerto Banus you come across Guadalpin La Venta, Golf La Dama de Noche and then Nueva Andalucia. Heading east you come across Hacienda Cortes, Albarizas, Lomas de Pozuelo, Incosol, Marbella Golf, Los Monteros, Las Chapas, Costabella and then Elviria. Marbella has many businesses and companies providing services to the many expatriates who now live in Marbella ? good news if you?re looking for a job in the area because these expatriates or expats as they

are commonly known prefer to deal with people in their native language. So if you are an English-speaker in Marbella Spain, you will find job opportunities in Spain despite your limited Spanish. Summer j obs in M ar bella 2018 One of the best locations for summer jobs in Spain is definitely Marbella. As Marbella is a popular tourist destination on the Costa del Sol in Spain you will find many job openings and vacancies in many tourism sectors. The most obvious and easiest is finding bar work but there are plenty of other situations vacant in the summer. If you are considering working for the summer in Marbella you should start looking immediately well before the season starts in April. A summer job in Marbella is ideal

for students looking to seasonal work and

"If you ar ean Engl ish- speaker in Mar bel l a Spain, you wil l f ind j ob oppor t unit ies in Spain despit eyour l imit ed Spanish." to enjoy the experience of living and working in Spain. It is definitely not for the money or wages which often are just five euros an hour although if you?re are working as a waiter or waitress in Marbella you get tips on top as well as usually some free food and drink. The tourist season in Marbella starts from late April through to the end of September.



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Istanbul might be a goldmine of culinary variety, but it?s no secret that dining at the city?s most fashionable restaurants can leave a hole in your wallet. Whether you?re in a hurry to fill your stomach or your funds are running a bit low, this list of the best street food is sure to come in handy the next time you?re looking around the corner to find a meal. 1. Simit It?s a well-known fact that even the most elite of Istanbulites have a hard time resisting the tantalising scent of this freshly baked, molasses-dipped and sesame-crusted dough. Turkey?s answer to the American bagel, simit is a staple of breakfasts on-the-go. Even day-old simit has its use as seagull feed. 2. Bal?k-Ekmek


The number two most popular street food in the city is indisputably bal?k-ekmek, better known as the fish sandwiches that are impossible to ignore anytime you?re near the Karaköy or Eminönü shore. You might be tempted to sit down at any one of the restaurants below the Galata Bridge to feast on these tasty sandwiches, but take it from the locals: the bal?k-ekmek you?re served at a table is just not the same as the one you enjoy on your feet. 3. L ahmacun



Often referred to by tourists as ?Turkish pizza?, lahmacun is a very uncomplicated meal of thin dough topped with a minced meat-onion-red pepper mixture, slid in the oven for a few minutes and served piping hot. It?s customary to top it with a handful of parsley and a squirt of lemon juice, then roll it into a wrap and enjoy with a glass of cold ayran. Although just about every neighbourhood has its favourite local lahmacun joint, some of the best we?ve tasted are from Halil Lahmacun and Borsam Ta? F?r?n in Kad?köy and F?st?k Kebap in Arnavutköy. WWW.EXPATSWORLD.COM

94 | Food 4. Dür üm Dürüm is one of the most democratic Turkish culinary inventions. Why? You?re just as likely to encounter it on a street corner as you are at the fanciest of restaurants. Whether it?s the chicken, beef, cheese or veggie variety you prefer, this meal in wrap form is sure to set you free from your hunger pangs. For crowd-pleasing dürüm, stop by Bambi or K?z?lkayalar in Taksim Square at any hour of the day. 5. M idye dolma More of a snack than a meal, midye dolma is none other than mussels on the half shell, mixed with spicy rice and served with a squeeze of lemon juice, served right out of a tray on every other street corner in Taksim at night. The trick with midye dolma is to keep eating as many as the seller gives you until you feel half-full and then stop. Otherwise, by the time the rice expands in your stomach and your brain receives the message that you?re full, you might look down to find that you?ve spent upwards of 20 TL ? and worse, you just might start to feel too full.



5. 6. K okoreç One of the most controversial street eats out there, kokoreçis actually spiced and skewered sheep?s intestines, served in either half or quarter of a bread loaf with plenty of grease and salt to go with. No wonder it?s everyone?s favourite post-drunk food ? after all, it takes a real lack of inhibition to feast on guts. What sets most people off about kokoreç is that, given the part of the animal used in the meat, it?s of utmost importance to clean it thoroughly. Thankfully, one of the most popular kokoreç chains, ?ampiy on Kokoreç, is sure never to disappoint. 7. K umpir


The ultimate baked potato goes by the name kumpir in Turkey, with Ortaköy being the most popular area in the city to eat it. As soon as you see the row of kumpir sellers, each trying to beckon you to their particular display, you?ll know you found the right place. With a myriad of toppings like ka?ar cheese, sosis, corn, mayonnaise salad, peas and carrots, the possibilities are endless and the combinations infinite when it comes to kumpir.


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8. Tavuk Pilav Ever thought you?d eat chicken and rice on a street corner? Probably not, but in Istanbul, that counts as lunch for a greater number of people than you?d imagine. It?s fast, hot and filling. It?s easy to spot the men selling it in glass-covered carts around town, but locals swear that there?s something special about the cart located right in front of ?stanbul Manifaturac?lar Çar??s?in Unkapan?.


9. Börek


Thought all börek was served at home or in bakeries? Think again. Particularly popular with plaza workers seeking an alternative to tost for breakfast in the morning, street börek usually comes with cheese between layers of dough. Unfortunately, most börek you?ll find on the street is rather bland in comparison to the homemade variety, but when you?re in a pinch, it definitely will do.


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HOW TO KEEP EMPLOYEES DURING AN OFFICE RELOCATION BY KEARA MEHLERT SOURCE: WASHINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL The deal has been signed, lease terms negotiated and finalized, perhaps incentives have been offered and agreed upon ? sounds like a win for a business moving to a new office location, right? The headlines often announce new lease signings to tout the economic development of an area, highlight a landlord or property, or showcase the activity in a sub-market; however, rarely is attention paid to what happens after the deal is made. What are businesses doing to retain their most important asset ? human capital? For many employees, a new commute can be a stressful and inconvenient change in their lives, and can ultimately impact their work productivity and satisfaction at the office. In the Washington, D.C., region, the average time spent traveling to work one way is 40 minutes, while the average commuting distance is over 17 miles one way. That?s a significant amount of time that impacts an employee?s work-life balance. How can a business make that time better for their employees, especially during a relocation? While an employee?s commute time may not change or be shorter, the way an employee spends that time (e.g. reading, checking email vs driving), can make a difference in employee performance. In Arlington, several new companies moving into the county have made transportation and employees?commutes a top priority within its relocation strategies. Nestle?s deal with Monday Properties to move into 1812 North Moore has garnered significant attention in the D.C. region, with over 600 employees moving into Rosslyn. Credit: Pxhere


98 | Relocation In choosing its new location, Nestle knew that access to public transportation would be a major factor in attracting new talent in the region. The company has also gone to great lengths to retain several hundred employees as they move from California to the East Coast, and has hosted numerous tours and events for relocating employees. These include transportation sessions that explain how to use sustainable transportation options. Employees have also been informed of Nestle?s transit benefit and the advantages of financial savings.

Radiation Oncology put in place several programs for employees during its move to Crystal City. The organization conducted preand post-relocation surveys to track employee commuting habits and to find opportunities for improvement.

Even smaller companies have made transportation a priority when moving staff to new offices. The American Society for

It also implemented a subsidized transit benefit for employees to further incentivize utilizing public transportation options in the area.

"While an employee?s commute time may not change or be shorter, the way an employee spends that time, can make a difference in employee performance."

This benefit program has been an important tool in encouraging employees to learn more about their individual access to commuting options and to try out a new way to get to work. Relocations can be a crucial make or break time for businesses in regard to retaining quality employees. Putting in the effort to make an employee?s new commute less stressful can be a valuable strategy with a positive impact on the bottom line.

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