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Field notes with extended report for

19th May 2012 (UK)

CeRPER A behind the scene field notes for the Official European CE-5 contact training for 19th May 2012 (UK) followed by the extended report

A transparent CE-5 reporting initiative

CE-5 Introduction field notes: 19th May 2012 (UK) • Small bright light shooting towards the sky... • Pin points of light in the sky... • Sudden flash of light... • A glow in the south east... • White light rising... • Seeing pin pricks of lights... • Noticed time seeming to be slowing down at various points during the night... • Yellow light between hills... • Time elongation... • Seeing sparkles... • Release of blocked energy... • V-shaped upward light... • Pricks of light I’v never seen before... • Something amazing happened... • A white flash of light, approximately tennis ball size... • Orange lights, small but larger than a pin prick grouped together... • I had a high pitched sound in my left ear which seemed to fill my head... • Tingling sensation rising up from my feet until my whole body was filled with this energy...

Extended report

• A small bright light rising from NE bush level and shooting towards the sky (about 5 foot). • Throughout the event, lots of small white and orange pin points of light in the sky (corroborated by another CeRPER CE-5 participant). • Twice the sensation of having someone stood directly behind me, nothing threatening, just there. Flashes of light from between the hills to the south west. • Flash of light to the east. I’m sure sure (that) at least three others of the group also saw that one. • Various flashes - thin white lights (a line) in the sky. • While ____ was experiencing her lights and tingling, the atmosphere felt heavy as though there was a pressure in the air. __________ • Glow in the south east at ground level for quite a long duration (corroborated by everyone). • Green slightly blue light seen in the south east direction about 10 ft in the sky appeared then fall to the ground. • Green blue flash in the sky in south south east direction. • White light rising up from the ground in south east direction between hills. Well defined sharp sides arching outwards in shape. • General sensation of seeing pin pricks of lights like looking at a star but not really getting a definite fix/ sensation if it was there or not. • (I also) Noticed time seeming to be slowing down at various points during the night. • Most people spot yellow light between hills in south east fair length of time. __________ • As the time was approaching midnight it seemed as if time itself was being elongated insofar as the events that ensued, which only lasted for under ten minutes, seemed to last much longer. • I started to see my now familiar light flecks or sparkles with my eyes both opened and closed. • Martyn turned our attentions to one lady (L) in our group who started experiencing involuntary body movements. Martyn quickly and expertly realised that L was experiencing a release of blocked energy and aided her by placing his hand over her crown chakra and by talking her through (and the rest of the group) what was happening - allowing her to relinquish or regain control of the energy release at a level that was comfortable to her. With

a little bit of added humor, the situation was quickly accepted for what it was and we carried on with proceedings. • A few minutes later (a minute after midnight) two other members of the group pointed out a highly anomalous light to the South East which I also saw and can corroborate. The light was white in colour, V-shaped, with random gradients of brightness from edge to edge. This shaft or beam of light was emanating from behind a valley where we had previously seen an orange light (which may have been a vessel on the sea slowly disappearing over the horizon). This light seemed to have no source as upon checking it's location on Google was the sea. The luminance was fairly bright (given our distance from it) and although it's difficult to gauge how high into the air it reached, I would hazard a guess as to say that it stretched up about 200-500 feet from ground level. ______________ • During a meditation to connect with the ET’s I saw two bright flashes about 10 seconds apart. With eyes shut, I saw hundreds of tiny pin picks of light I’v never seen before, even after opening and closing my eyes again they were still there. • I had two strange body jerks. My sister _____, had the same experiences as above but then hers developed into something amazing which I have never seen before. Martyn explained it was a cathartic state. • I was very positive when walking to the place (contact site). Martyn explained everything so well, I was eager for it to start. I feel we all connected well as a group and had only good intentions towards the ETs. I did witness a few happenings but the most powerful thing for me was my sister going through a cathartic experience, which I will never forget. • I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening and although I did not see any ETs or craft, I still believe and will continue to send out loving thoughts to them. I just want more!! Thank you so much Martyn, your amazing, can’t wait for the book. _______________ • A white flash of light approximately tennis ball size (to the) north west. Sparkles seen with eyes closed which could still be seen on opening of eyes. (Corroborated by Martyn, Milan and Francis). • Orange lights, small but larger than a pin prick grouped together in front of the gorse bush north west (side of the circle), approximately 30 lights. • I had a high pitched sound in my left ear which seemed to fill my head. • Behind my left ear, I felt a circular disc approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter rotating. • I herd a horse and remarked that it sounded disturbed. • We were meditating and asking for connection when I felt a tingling sensation rising up from my feet until my whole body was filled with this energy stopping at my neck. I told Martyn and he suggested I open up to it. I remarked that my body jerked a couple of times and _____ said she also felt some jerking movements. I felt comfortable and not distressed in any way. My head started to wobble uncontrollably so I just went with it. Martyn stood behind me and asked if I was okay which I was. I could see white light and my solar plexus felt like it was being rung out. I felt as if I was convulsing and involuntary sounds were coming from me.

At no time did I feel afraid, I just felt curious as to what was happening. My torso arms and head became still and my legs started to shake uncontrollably it (energy) felt like it drained through my feet into the Earth. Martyn stood behind me the whole time placing his hand on my crown chakra which gave me a lot of comfort. I enjoyed the whole field exercise and it was wonderful to be in the company of like-minded people and to share this experience of oneness with the ET’s. Lets hope its not too long before the whole planet can welcome them with love. End.

Cerper ce 5 introduction  
Cerper ce 5 introduction