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WONDER Hello, and welcome to Exodus! Since 1974, Exodus have been leading the way when it comes to adventure travel. Offering over 500 itineraries across 90 different countries, our adventures span all seven continents. To give you a taste of what we do best, we’ve created “Your Guide to the World”. In this curated collection of awe-inspiring adventures, we give you; your guide to natural highs, summiting Kilimanjaro; your guide to goose bumps, gliding past cobalt blue glaciers in Antarctica; your guide to good taste, savouring a glass of Vinho

Verde in Portugal’s famous Douro wine region and your guide to the perfect dinner party stories, swapping tales under Wadi Rum’s campfires in Jordan. Our trips are carefully composed for their sustainability and with a focus on making travel meaningful and leaving a positive impact on the places and the people we visit. Wherever you wander, our expert guides’ local knowledge and passion will take you a step closer to the adventure you seek. Come and experience the difference. We look forward to welcoming you on an Exodus adventure.

S A M S E WA R D Managing Director


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Guided Group

TRAVEL With Exodus, we offer Guided Group adventures with a small group of 8-16 people. Sharing the experience in the company of like-minded travellers creates a great group dynamic, while also allowing us to reduce our impact as we travel across the world. Boasting unrivalled local knowledge and expertise, our guides share the stories behind the sights and always go the extra mile, so you walk away with the most memorable travel experiences.


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Unlike other travel companies, we never impose single supplements. Our expert guides take the pressure off travelling solo, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the experience.

We vow to tread lightly as we travel across the world, which is why we cater to smaller group experiences that helps to reduce the impact in the places we visit.



Enjoy travelling with a small group of people who come from all different backgrounds, cultures and places, as you discover the world together.



Making sure you get the most out of your adventure, our actionpacked itineraries are designed to show you the best parts of the destination while organising your travel every step of the way.



Share your experience with a group of like-minded adventurers who have a passion for travel, whether that’s trekking through the Himalayas or watching lions prowl the Kruger plains.



Our expert leaders guide you to the heart of the action. With unrivalled expertise and keen local knowledge, you walk away with the most culture-enriching, immersive experiences.

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Nam Nguyen, Exodus Leader on our Vietnam Adventure, takes you straight to the heart of Vietnamese culture, so you can see through the eyes of a local. His unique knowledge, expertise and interesting childhood stories are bound to leave an indelible imprint on your journey. With Nam, whizz through Hue’s vibrant city streets by bike, see locals interact with each other oating along the Mekong Delta, and enjoy traditional homestays with local Vietnamese families.


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D I D YO U K N OW Working alongside her family and neighbours, Ut Trinh welcomes you into her home like an old friend. Her homestay is a great opportunity to really get to know another culture, and also ensures that money goes back into the community you are visiting.

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NAM NGUYEN Exodus Leader “I grew up on a farm working in the rice fields. Guests are shocked to find this out, but I love to share my knowledge of what it’s like to be an ordinary Vietnamese person. I can tell stories that relate back to the people living here. If anyone is feeling nervous, I make sure to include them in the group or spend extra time chatting to them. I love finding out about other cultures. Where we can, we travel like local people. In Hue — a small city that is my favourite part of Vietnam due to its history and traditions — we whizz through the streets on bikes. In the Mekong Delta we explore by boat to help passengers understand about life along the biggest river in Vietnam. We also stay overnight with a local family. They have an organic garden where they grow fruit and vegetables and guests can get involved by picking their own food and helping cook dinner. These interactions with local people helps us understand more about the real way of life here. Most of all, I enjoy taking people to eat at street vendors where they can eat like locals. I love seeing guests’ faces light up when they try something that they might not have been brave enough to order without me. Some of my favourite food includes Bun Cha, fragrant grilled pork with noodles; Search over 500 adventures online at

Cha Ca, a fish cake with a sticky sweet dipping sauce; and Banh Mi, a filled baguette which reflects our French heritage. Food here is flavourful and fresh with lots of herbs, lemongrass and chilli. There are many incredible things about Vietnam, but you can’t talk about our history without talking about the different wars we have experienced. As a people it has united us to be stronger and fight our enemy, and afterwards we worked hard to rebuild the country. We are very proud of this. A visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels is sad and uplifting. They were built by Viet Minh during 1946 as a store and hideaway from the French and later during the Vietnam War they were extended to three levels. During a boat trip to Halong Bay, guests sleep in the middle of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the window of the cabin are beautiful views of limestone karsts. Hoi An is another highlight. Life here is slower than in big cities, so guests have the opportunity to really soak it all in. And the people here are so friendly. The traffic isn’t so bad, so they have more time for friends and family!”

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KINGDOMS The ancient kingdoms of our world may be history, but the magical monuments, splendid sites and their captivating stories keep them very much alive...


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hen you wander through a city, town or village, meeting people, hearing their language and engaging in their culture, you live in the moment. But it’s when an expert guide tells tales of that destination’s rich history as you explore that you connect to the all-important past. Temples, mosques, monuments and more illustrate stories of ancient kingdoms, hearkening back to times that, when you’re immersed in their ruins and remarkably well-preserved sites, suddenly don’t feel so ancient. These popular trips explore the realms of history, where knowledgeable leaders open you up to old worlds, gleaming with riches, royalty and resplendence...


Best for ancient monuments Humans have inhabited Jordan since the Paleolithic period, and its history is illustrious. The Nabataean Kingdom – the capital of which is said to be the carved rose-red city of Petra – gave way to the Romans and, later, the Ottoman Empire. We visit sites from these times today, from Petra to the temples of Jersah, which date back to the Umayyad period 661-759 AD. Through the years, nomadic Bedouin people have lived in the desert, and we camp with them in Wadi Rum, listening to their music, enjoying their food and connecting with their way of life. Hidden Treasures of Jordan


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Best for iconic treasures The pharaohs of ancient Egypt were considered to be not only the king, but the mediator between the realms of god and men. We visit the Egyptian Museum, as nothing sets the scene quite like coming face-to-face with the gleaming, golden mask of Tutankhamun, uncovered in the Valley of the Kings in 1925, some 3,250 years after being laid to rest. Nile Cruise



Best for shrines and temples Japan is renowned for being a land of contrasts, where ancient meets cutting-edge. While emperors were a symbol of sovereignty, reigning from their seat in Kyoto, the military shoguns really ruled. We visit their well-preserved residences, including the Golden Temple of Kinkakiji, built in 1397 as a summer villa for shogun Yoshimitsu Ashikaga. But it’s the architecture of Kyoto, unscathed in World War II, that truly evokes a magical past. Ancient & Modern Japan



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More to discover... Aside from exploring ancient civilisations, get a taste for South East Asia trying local delicacies in Halong Bay or unleash your inner wildlife explorer in Central America…

Experience life on the Mekong Delta…

With our Vietnam Adventure EXODUS.CO.UK/TRIP/AOV

Take a walk on the wild side…

When you Discover Costa Rica EXODUS.CO.UK/TRIP/WUC


Best for resplendent palaces

Find legendary temples and endless beaches… On our Discover Sri Lanka trip

It was during the Ming Dynasty that most of China’s famed Great Wall was built, fortification to protect the lands and the precious imperial tombs within. In Beijing, the Summer Palace served as an exclusive playground for emperors and their concubines, with lakes, gardens and palaces covering more than a stunning square mile. In Xi’an, still retained by huge city walls, we see where the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, is protected in the afterlife by his Terracotta Warriors, more than 8,000 meticulously crafted sculptures.


Imperial China & Yangtze River Cruise

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oasting a patchwork of 20 distinct regions, each part of Italy has its own unique cultural heritage, mouth-watering cuisine and luxuriant trails. So, which region is the best to visit? To make things easier, we’ve pitted some of the most iconic and undiscovered regions against each other, from north to south and coast to coast, so you choose the best cultural riches and spectacular landscapes you want to see. Our Exodus experts know Italy like the back of their hands. Here, Product Managers Marta Marinelli, Monica Princic and Claire Ouditt champion their fovourite spots in the country...


CINQUE TERRE “Few walks in Italy are as iconic as those we take in the CinqueTerre, through centuries-old fishing villages,” says Monica. “We walk from one picturesque town to another, approaching them from above, so as you wander, the small seaside towns suddenly appear before you. There are not many places in Italy that inspire awe quite like it.” Walks of the Cinque Terre and Portofino



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OFF THE BEATEN TRACK V SARDINIA While Sardinia is no secret, the trails we take on the wild island are those less travelled. Monica explains: “With valleys, treelined coast, gorges, turquoise bays and more, walking here is iconic in its own way. We visit beautiful beaches like Cala Luna and Cala Orsala, relaxing in Mediterranean bliss after exploring natural and man-made monuments.” Walking in Sardinia


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THE DOLOMITES The limestone peaks of the Dolomites rise in stark contrast to Southern Italy’s enchanting coast. But it’s more than the terrain that’s different. Claire explains: “The people here, between highest peak Marmolada – the Queen of the Dolomites – and the fiery ridge of Catinaccio, speak the language of Ladin. We learn of their own unique culture.” Highlights of the Dolomites


SOUTH V THE AMALFI COAST Italy expert Marta says: “This trip includes some of the most iconic coastal walks, not just in Italy, but in Europe. The stunning views cannot be compared with anywhere else in the world, and nor can the unique heritage sites and colourful towns, or the food you enjoy. It’s everything you could wish for in a walking trip. The locals are particularly friendly in this part of Italy!” Walking the Amalfi Coast


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THE GLOBE MOUNTAIN HIGH MONT BLANC HIGHLIGHTS Dramatic snow-capped mountain peaks and stunning valley descents make the circuit of Mont Blanc one of the most spectacular walking routes in the Alps. Enjoy beautiful walks and the comfort of a fully catered chalet, complete with afternoon tea and a bubbling Jacuzzi. ” EXODUS.CO.UK/TRIP/TWN

ICONIC INCA TRAIL Home to some of the world’s most inexplicable natural wonders, Peru is bound to leave you speechless. Join us on an exhilarating trek along the ancient Inca Trail, where the Peruvian Andes meet the Amazon Basin, on your way to Machu Picchu. EXODUS.CO.UK/TRIP/TPT

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ANCIENT PATHS WALKING THE GREAT WALL Venture far away from the tourist crowds, to find true tranquillity walking through the oldest sections of the Great Wall. Afterwards, enjoy a guided tour around the capital city’s bustling hutongs, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, to uncover Beijing’s rich history. EXODUS.CO.UK/TRIP/TCW

THE ULTIMATE EVEREST BASE CAMP TREK Starting at the mountain airstrip of Lukla, we embark on the ultimate hiking adventure towards the Everest Base Camp. Walk through the heart of Sherpa country and pay homage to the incredible monastery at Thyangboche for a true taste of the Himalayas. EXODUS.CO.UK/TRIP/TNT



Follow one of the world’s oldest pilgrim routes along the Camino on your way to the spectacular Santiago de Compostela – the alleged burial site of St. James. Designed to take in the best Romanesque temples, medieval monasteries and unspoilt scenery, this trip will leave you inspired.

Follow one of the world’s oldest pilgrim routes along the Camino on your way to the spectacular Santiago de Compostela – the alleged burial site of St. James. Designed to take in the best Romanesque temples, medieval monasteries and unspoilt scenery, this trip will leave you inspired.



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With so many religions, languages, styles, cultures, landscapes and cuisines defining its regions, India is one of the world’s most diverse countries. For cyclists, from the curious casual to the perpetual pedaller, those looking for a challenge to adventurers in search of a relaxed ride, we’ve got an ideal itinerary…


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While the north of India is known for its bustle, the south offers tranquillity so heavenly that it’s often referred to as ‘God’s own country’. If you’re thinking of visiting India for the first time, or hoping to embark on your maiden cycling adventure, Kerala is for you. When we’re not cycling along picturesque coastline, stopping to sample southern Indian cuisine and exploring fascinating towns, we’re enjoying Keralan hospitality, cruising the backwaters in a traditional houseboat, or relaxing at the beach. Cycle the Coast of Kerala


LAND OF KINGS Best for cultural immersion ACTIVITY LEVEL: MODERATE

Kaleidoscopic colours pass by as we explore Rajasthan on two wheels. Moderate rides towards dramatic fortresses, rural towns and villages yield incredible rewards. As you’d expect from the Land of Kings, there are plenty of gems to discover, from the Mehrangarh Fort at Jodhpur to the ‘pink city’ of Jaipur, finishing at the inimitable Taj Mahal. A special November departure takes in the Pushkar Festival – a colourful and lively camel fair not to be missed! Cycling through Rajasthan



Tamil Nadu sees fewer visitors than other Indian states, allowing for quiet backroads for a moderate to challenging adventure, where cyclists can focus on soaking in the fertile coastal plains and the remarkable hills of the Western Ghats. Push yourself and you’ll be rewarded with some of southern India’s finest sights, including the former French colony of Pondicherry and the magnificent Sri Meenakshi Temple at Madurai. In Kerala’s tranquil backwaters, a relaxing houseboat cruise offers the chance to reflect on your Indian adventure. Southern India Coast to Coast Ride

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Travel further than you can on foot with our two-wheel adventures. From gentle, leisurely cycles, to uphill, challenging routes, all of our Cycling Holidays are graded to cater for every kind of traveller with a love for the great outdoors. With Exodus, enjoy the freedom to stop whenever you want and explore hidden cultural gems inaccessible to cars and buses, from pedalling through Italy’s pearl wine vineyards to exploring the outskirts of Angkor’s main complex in Cambodia.

TAKE IT EASY The Baltics are perfect for a relaxed cycling adventure – quiet backroads with gentle gradients take you on a culturally immersive journey across three fascinating countries. Graded leisurely to moderate. CYCLE THE BALTICS EXODUS.CO.UK/TRIP/MVB


FEEL LIKE YOU EARNED IT For unsurpassable coastal views and island hopping on local boats, look no further than Croatia, where the Adriatic Sea shimmers in the sun. Graded moderate. CYCLE THE DALMATIAN COAST EXODUS.CO.UK/TRIP/MVJ MODERATE


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PUSH YOURSELF An awe-inspiring ride through three countries and thousands of years of history, where you’ll discover both Cambodia’s iconic Angkor Wat and rural communities of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. Graded moderate. CYCLE INDOCHINA AND ANGKOR EXODUS.CO.UK/TRIP/MOC


THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE Test yourself on the same routes as the professionals as you tackle the iconic Mont Ventoux of Tour de France fame. Graded challenging to tough. MONT VENTOUX EXODUS.CO.UK/TRIP/MSV

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ENCOUNTERS We share our planet with some truly special creatures. Here, Exodus experts recall magical moments with iconic animals...


Best for face-to-face encounters After game drives on the Masai Mara, there’s a different sense of anticipation as you trek through the dense Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. Ian Langford recalls: “On hearing rustling in the undergrowth, I held my breath and was confronted by the most amazing sight — a family of Mountain gorillas, the elders crunching on a bamboo stalk or having a scratch, while babies played mischievously around them, not giving us a second glance! The hour you get to spend in such privileged company flies by. It’s the trip of a lifetime.” Gorillas & Masai Mara



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Best for marine wildlife

Best for endangered animals

Sarah Ahern was learning about Whale sharks from a researcher on a boat in the Maldives when she heard of a nearby sighting. With no time to waste, the group jumped off the side of the vessel on the search for her ‘bucket list’ wildlife encounter. “I swam hard, but by the time I reached him, he was already diving. It was a brief but incredible moment. I returned to the boat exhausted and tearful. Later that day, we swam beside one for longer, but that moment in the morning, seeing one for the first time, was everything I hoped it would be.”

We meet precious primates in sanctuaries on this adventure, but if you’re lucky you may see them in their natural habitat. Tom Harari says: “Cruising the Kinabatangan River, we spotted a flash of red hair through the forest. Just a few metres above the water on a branch sat a female orang-utan, her young wrapped around her. We stopped the boat a short distance away. She gazed back before continuing to pick out the most succulent leaves for lunch.” Bird watching here, especially in the world’s oldest rainforest, is spectacular too.

Marine Wildlife of the Maldives

Borneo Wildlife Discoverer





Best for remote wilderness

Best for magical landscapes

Carl Jackson had been at sea for two days, crossing from the Falklands to South Georgia. Taking a zodiac from the ship over choppy waters, he found himself transported to another world. “The sound hits you first. Juvenile Elephant seals rear up on the beach, and just beyond, a King penguin colony of 30,000 breeding pairs. As far as the eye can see it’s a mass of birds, preening, squawking and jostling. The volume alone is a spectacle, but the hilarity of their behaviour and interactions is mesmerising.”

Sitting in silence in a hide in the magical Carpathian Forest — where lynx and wolves roam — Alexandra Keefe had more than her fair share of Brown bear encounters. “After the first, they kept coming. Twelve overall! The best moment was when we saw the mother with her cubs, which was quite emotional. I’d never seen anything keep a group of adults so silent and in complete awe for two hours, it was so fascinating just to watch bears in their natural environment, playing right in front of us.”

South Georgia & Falklands Photographic Charter

Carpathian Walking & Bears



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LIGHTS The Northern Lights are one of nature’s amazing displays. But there are more shining secrets to uncover beneath... On trips to see the aurora, we can never guarantee that the sky will whirl in kaleidoscopic colour above. Experiences on the ground, however? You can be sure that we’ll make them just as illuminating.

WONDERFUL WILDLIFE Best for scenic fjords The aurora may frolic over the stunning fjord scenery on this trip, but in the water, humpbacks and orcas swirl in the waters. We visit them, and see other wonderful wildlife, in the Vesteralen Islands. On land, we connect with the Sami way of life, cooking dinner on an open fire in a traditional style lavvo. The Andoya Space Centre re-opens for 2020 too, two degrees north of the Arctic Circle. Arctic Lights and Whales



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ARCTIC ADVENTURES Best for stargazing On a very remote island at the border of Sweden and Finland, we embark on a short wilderness expedition along frozen lakes and swamps on forest skis. Here, we travel around pine-clad hills and valleys, carved out many years ago by inland ice. The area is important for reindeer husbandry, and moose roam here too. Back at our log cabin, we unwind in the sauna, which is heated by fire and uses water from melted Lapland snow. Lapland Wilderness Week



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Winter trips online

LUNAR LANDSCAPES Best for magical glaciers We visit Iceland’s Golden Triangle on this trip, seeing the mighty Gullfoss Waterfall, Geysir and Thingvellir National Park. The Glacial Lagoon out east is breathtaking, where icebergs break away and wash up on a contrasting black sand beach. Walking on a glacier is unforgettable, and we take an easy stroll with an ice axe, helmet and crampons to reveal unparalleled photo opportunities. Iceland Northern Lights


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Exodus began in 1974 with one goal: to discover the best adventures the world has to offer.

ENRICHED BY EXPERTISE Every Exodus adventure is enhanced by our experienced leaders. See the destination through their eyes as they share stories that allow you to experience it like a local. It’s these leaders — and their passion and knowledge — who reveal the real heart of a destination.

INFINITE POSSIBILITIES With over 500 expertly arranged trips to 90 countries, and a tailor made team who can create a bespoke adventure unique to you, there’s no limits to your adventure. It’s easy to add extensions, flight upgrades and more – but at the core of what we do is immersive, invigorating experiences.

TREADING CAREFULLY Exodus is committed to leaving a positive impact wherever we travel. Each trip is designed to maximise the benefit we bring to local communities, creating jobs and championing local businesses, and supporting charity projects around the world.

PAINLESS PLANNING Activities, transport, accommodation and your tour guide are all arranged for you, so you can forget the logistics and simply focus on enjoying your holiday. Extensive trip notes for each adventure tell you all you need to know before you go, from any vaccination information to the expected weather.


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Why go ? Whatever your reason for going bespoke, our tailor made team are on hand with honest advice and know how to design you an authentic tour.

S O M E T I M E S , E V E N T H E B E ST RECIPES NEED A LITTLE TWEAKING. From building a bespoke trip celebrating something special to ticking off a bucket list item or staying a little longer while exploring with your own private group. It’s your perfect adventure, tailor made.

O U R TA I LO R M A D E T R I P S O F F E R T H E P E R F E C T WAY TO … • Celebrate a special occasion or milestone birthday in your own way • Share an experience you’ve always wanted to do with family and friends • Create a once-in-a-lifetime trip


A SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY An anniversary with a difference: to celebrate on a summit in Slovenia.

We were lucky enough to be at the top when the Aljaz National monument was replaced, quite an experience that was!! Thanks again for your assistance with this trip, we will remember our 20th anniversary forever!


A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Celebrate a birthday in Italy, with a specially crafted itinerary for the day. a couple of the girls’ 50th’s and we wanted “to Itdowassomething to celebrate, Exodus did everything for us. We were even invited into the hotel kitchen and shown how make pasta and pizzas. It was fantastic to see and even better when we got to taste them!


Call our tailor made team on 02031 316 249 to start planning.

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GREAT For 45 years we’ve been travelling the world, not only enjoying its natural and man-made sites, but more importantly, connecting with the people we share it all with.

OUR PLAN THE FOUNDATION Set up in 2019, the Exodus Travels Foundation was born from our charitable work. The foundation creates positive social change around the world, whether it’s supporting a local community project or working with travellers to ensure their impact is always a positive one.

OUR MISSION Our mission is simple: harness the power of travel to create meaningful, sustainable change across the world.



rom the warm welcomes of our colleagues up in the Himalaya to those who so generously take us on wild adventures on Africa’s plains, fostering special relationships around the world has allowed us to introduce countless clients to the wonders of our planet while gaining a unique insight into the cultures and traditions that make each location so special. One in ten people on earth are employed in the travel and tourism sector, so we know that there’s power in our industry to directly benefit those communities. We seek to harness that, using it as a force for good to create meaningful, sustainable change in the world. That forms the basis of Exodus Travels Foundation. Our Foundation is an amalgamation of all of the important projects and


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initiatives that we work on to educate individuals, empowering them while protecting the environment. We’re committed to raising £500,000 by 2022, half of which will be funded directly by us. The Foundation’s support can take the form of providing medical support to a remote village that large aid organisations can’t reach, backing small local charities that support people out of poverty or fundraising to build a life-changing water supply. We learn about their needs from a network of connections we’ve made over the past four decades, and our extensive local knowledge means we can reach the causes that really need our support. We’re so proud to see that we’ve been able to make a real difference so far.

Each of our projects clearly aligns with at least one of our three pillars of education, empowerment and environment. We support schools and training initiatives while helping our travellers to understand how their behaviour can have a positive impact. We empower communities to take control of their own destinies after our initial involvement is over. And we are dedicated to conservation, taking a long-term approach to protect our planet’s fragile and complex ecosystems.

THE TRUSTEES The Foundation’s chairman is Former Exodus MD Pete Burrell, who is passionate about sustainable travel. Keen conservationist and Olympic athlete Crista Cullen and treasurer Richard Isaacs are his fellow trustees.

HOW TO HELP We couldn’t undertake our important projects without you. From prioritising the welfare of our hard-working trekking porters in our Porter Project, helping isolated communities in our Mountain Community Project and working with the Maa Trust to help provide clean, healthy drinking water in Kenya, your support is crucial. Find out more about our projects, and how you can help, at

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HOW TO BOOK As full of holiday inspiration as this brochure is, it only scratches the surface of the trips Exodus offer. On our website you’ll find many more, each with a detailed itinerary, extensive trip notes and activity level guidance. You can also delve into the finer details such as what to pack, what’s included and what you need to know before you book. And if you do wish to book, then here’s how…

ENQUIRIES & RESERVATIONS If you’d like to book a guided group adventure, or have any questions for the team, you can contact us in the following ways:

GOING TAILOR MADE Our Tailor Made Team has spent decades using their expertise to arrange trips for our travellers. Connect with them here:

Call: 0203 9934 006 Email: Live chat online: Book online:

Call: 0203 993 4937 Email: Request a call back:

If for any reason you change your mind or are unable to travel, you can cancel your booking up to eight weeks prior to departure and put your deposit towards any new booking made within twelve months of your original departure date.

You’ll find all dates and pricing information online, as well as maps and trip notes. Simply follow the individual trip URL at the bottom of each trip listing to find out more.

TO FIND OUT MORE We have a range of specialist brochures for every type of adventurer. Our Cycling Adventures, Discovery & Wildlife, Walking & Trekking, Family Adventures and Winter brochures delve a little deeper. You can request or download one here:


ADVENTURE Perrorep elibus. Ariorempor rem ut por aut quasper cimus, seque pa as solupta temolum laborpor anissit everchi caecabor alite pre por rectore ratemol oriorestia disitatium labo.

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