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D E C E M B E R 2 0 0 9 – JUNE 2010

When you’ve got it — flaunt it! Written by Mel Brooks for the 1968 movie The Producers. Zero Mostel, playing the role of financially strapped Broadway producer Max Bialystock, sees from his office window someone arrive in the street below in a white Rolls Royce. In ironic desperation at his own plight, Bialystock shrieks at the unfortunate stranger: “That’s it baby — when you’ve got it flaunt it, flaunt it!” Extracted from Max Cryer’s Who Said That First? June2010_Catalogue.indd 1

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Clinton Anderson Lessons Well Learned Why my method works for any horse Clinton Anderson with Melinda Kaitcer

260 x 210 mm, cased with jacket, 184 pages, full colour throughout. $A 44.99, $NZ 49.99 978-1-921497-46-9 December 2009

Is your horse lazy, slow-to-learn, aggressive or disrespectful? You are not alone. Renowned international horse trainer Clinton Anderson has seen it all in his quest to train some of the world’s most difficult horses. In his new book, Lessons Well Learned, Clinton shares the inside details of some of his most fascinating cases and most valuable lessons, using them to illustrate how common behavioural problems develop and how they can be corrected. This one-of-a-kind book dishes out sensible solutions, as Clinton Anderson guides you through the best ways to become a more confident, efficient and proactive horseman. With over 100 exciting colour photos and loads of practical information, this engaging book is not only thoroughly entertaining, it also teaches you the secrets of one of this generation’s most influential horsemen. Key Points • Clinton Anderson is one of the world’s leading horse trainers. His methods get results. • An invaluable resource for both the novice and the experienced rider. About the Author Clinton Anderson’s goal is to inspire others with his unique training methods. He travels extensively, presenting his methods in a demonstration format, along with conducting clinics and appearing as a headline speaker at major equine events.

$A 90.00, $NZ 95.00 978-1-877437-06-9


$A 49.99, $NZ 49.99 978-0-908988-62-4

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Start Me Up! Over 100 great business ideas for the budding entrepreneur Sonia Williams Do you dream of becoming the next Richard Branson or Anita Roddick? Are you waiting for that lightningbolt moment of inspiration to strike? Becoming your own boss is easier than you think! Businesswoman and entrepreneur Sonia Williams has done all the research for you. In Sonia’s new book, Start Me Up!, you will find over 100 innovative and achievable business concepts that will have your business up and running in no time. Sonia also includes advice on how to spot a trend (and how to avoid fads!), how to identify niche markets, how to write a business plan, how to avoid common first-timer pitfalls and how to develop your online presence. Start Me Up! is a fantastic resource for the budding entrepreneur. Key Points • Includes over 100 effective ideas for starting up a business. • Includes information on worldwide trends and the opportunities provided by technology. • Explains the fundamentals of starting up a business and gives guidance on how to formulate a business plan that works. • Written by an author with a track record of success in small business.

C-format, 248 pages $A 29.99, $NZ 34.99 978-1-921497-30-8 January 2010

About the Author Sonia Williams is the author of three bestselling books on business and entrepreneurship. As a qualified CPA, she has worked in all areas of business. Sonia is also a small business owner, having started and operated several businesses over the past ten years. Currently, she is the founder of Show Mummy the Money, where mums can learn how to make money, and also heads up a bookkeeping service called Amounts that Count.

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Flory One woman’s account of surviving the Holocaust Flory A. Van Beek

C-format, 208 pages $A 32.99, $NZ 35.99 978-1-921497-39-1 February 2010

Flory Van Beek was just a young girl when the Germans began their march across Europe triggering World War II. As Jews, she and her family anxiously watched events unfold, but felt hopeful that their homeland of the Netherlands would be spared. However, as danger crept ever closer, Flory’s fiancé Felix offered her a chance of escape on the SS Simon Bolivar. Tragically, the ship hit German mines and sank. Seriously injured, the couple spent months in England recuperating before being returned to the Netherlands — just as Germany invaded. As relatives and friends began to ‘disappear’, Flory and Felix feared they would share the same fate and when a patriotic Dutch family offered to hide them they realised it might be their only chance of survival. But they also knew that if they were discovered it would mean death not only for them but also for their helpers. This incredible true story of survival poignantly illustrates how even in history’s darkest hour, good people are willing to risk their own safety to save the lives of others. Key Points • This book combines the horrors of the Holocaust with a touching love story, richly illustrating the strength of the human spirit. • Taps into the ongoing interest in World War II, epitomised by books and films such as The Diary of Anne Frank, Schindler’s Ark/List and The Reader.

$A 34.99, $NZ 37.99 978-1-877437-10-6


$A 29.99, $NZ 35.00 978-0-908988-70-9

$A 32.99, $NZ 34.99 978-1-921497-21-6

$A 32.99, $NZ 37.99 978-1-921497-03-2

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You Sexy Mother – The Journal Jodie Hedley-Ward Jodie Hedley-Ward has helped thousands of overwhelmed mums find themselves and now it’s your turn! Focusing on insights from Jodie’s inspiring first book You Sexy Mother, You Sexy Mother – The Journal will support you on your quest to finding greater balance on your journey through motherhood. This beautifully presented journal will make a wonderful gift for any mum, whether her children are four or fourteen! Get inspired and sexy from the inside-out; Jodie Hedley-Ward will show you how. Featuring sensible, practical advice on: • self-perception • self-respect • fostering healthy relationships and a sense of community • simplifying your life • discovering your creativity.

229 x 178 mm, paperback, 160 pages $A 24.99, $NZ 29.99 978-1-921497-40-7 March 2010

Includes the fantastic Ten-Day Turnaround Plan! Key Points • A superb follow-up to the bestselling You Sexy Mother. • A great gift for Mother’s Day. • Gorgeous presentation. • A superb author with credentials — Jodie Hedley-Ward is currently engaged in a world-first research study into motherhood. • Full of incisive insights and practical advice. About the Author Jodie Hedley-Ward has several degrees in marketing and worked as a marketing executive; her experience listening to the needs of women through her research inspired the ‘You Sexy Mother’ franchise, which has snowballed into a world-first research study into motherhood and a book, You Sexy Mother, published by Exisle in 2008. She is married with two children and resides in Queensland, Australia.

$A 29.99, $NZ 34.99 978-1-921497-01-8

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Making A World of Difference Inspiring stories of unsung heroes Miles Roston Many of us feel helpless when faced with the seemingly endless pain and poverty in the world. We are paralysed by the immensity of the problem, thinking ‘What can I possibly do?’ Yet sometimes the smallest actions can have the biggest consequences. There are people among us who devote themselves to improving the lives of others, and in Making A World of Difference, filmmaker and author Miles Roston tells their stories.

C-format, 192 pages $A 34.99, $NZ 39.99 978-1-921497-41-4 March 2010

Miles has collected stories from around the globe, from Darfur to China, Cambodia to outback Australia. Each story is unique, yet common themes emerge — these are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Making A World of Difference is an insightful look at the motivation of these saints and heroes, a motivation that, more often than not, is simply that helping others gives their own lives richness and meaning. This is a powerful book whose positive message is a beacon of hope, shining light into the darkness. A must-read. Key Points • Compelling true stories of inspiring individuals. • A subject of interest to everyone concerned about inequality in the world. • Truly international in scope. • A passionate author who knows his subject well. About the Author Miles Roston is a writer and director of films, including the documentaries Make It Real (to me) and 14 Million Dreams, both of which deal with the AIDS epidemic in Africa and its effects on children. His first book, Kevin’s Questions, was published by Exisle in 2006.

$A 34.99, $NZ 39.99 978-1-921497-06-3


$A 24.99, $NZ 29.99 978-1-921497-20-9

$A 34.99, $NZ 37.99 978-1-877437-02-1

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1918 Year of Victory The end of the Great War and the shaping of history Ashley Ekins World War I, ‘The Great War’ involved the mobilisation of some 70 million soldiers worldwide. It produced images of such pervasive horror on the Western Front that it defined warfare in human memory long into the twentieth century. The war also left a grim legacy; 13 million people died, 9 million of them combatants. Over one-third of those who died were ‘missing’, having no known graves. The chapters in this book had their origins in an international conference, 1918 Year of Victory, convened by the Australian War Memorial in Canberra in November 2008 to mark the ninetieth anniversary of the end of the Great War. World War I scholars from a number of nations, many of them renowned specialists in their field, gathered to present their research findings and to share their insights into issues surrounding the ending of the Great War, its memory and continuing impact. This highly readable book is a collection of these presentations.

C-format, 288 pages $A 49.99, $NZ 54.99 978-1-921497-42-1 April 2010

Key Points • A superb collection of authors from around the world, all first-class military historians. • The book provides a unique overview of the last year of the war, giving perspectives from Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Canada, and from the army, navy and air force. • Includes accounts of some of the Allies’ most positive actions of World War I. • Lead title for Anzac Day 2010. About the Author Ashley Ekins (volume editor) is head of the Military History Section at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. He specialises in the history of World War I and the Vietnam War and has written widely on these conflicts and on the role of Australian soldiers in the Great War.

$A 79.00, $NZ 79.00 978-0-908988-85-3

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I Just Want to be ... Me! Timothy Bowden, Postgrad Dip Psych. & Sandra Bowden, M.Ed (Couns Psych)

125 x 170 mm (landscape), paperback 64 pages, full-colour throughout $A 19.99, $NZ 24.99 978-1-921497-47-6 May 2010

Finally, the resource parents and counsellors have been looking for! Today’s children struggle with a range of issues, from depression and anxiety to poor body image and low self-esteem. In fact, research suggests that at any given time around 10 per cent of students will be suffering from a mental health issue that directly impacts on their education and health. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (or ACT — the subject of Dr Russ Harris’s bestselling The Happiness Trap — see below) has been proven to be effective in teaching young people flexible strategies for dealing with the stressors in their life. These principles have been brought to life in this exciting graphic novel. By following the main character, Holly, through her encounters with ‘monsters’ (symbolising her inner doubts and unpleasant thoughts), children will learn how to similarly deal with their own issues in order to develop a more resilient mental attitude and achieve better emotional balance. Key Points • A wonderful resource for parents, teachers, carers and counsellors. • Accessible format for young people, with easy-torelate-to characters and universal themes. • Exciting new therapy growing in popularity thanks to its commonsense approach and effectiveness. About the Author Timothy Bowden taught English and History in high schools for fourteen years before retraining as a school counsellor. Since learning about ACT, he now uses its principles when counselling young people in both primary and secondary schools. Sandra Bowden taught in primary schools for thirteen years before retraining as a school counsellor, her vocation for the past nine years. She is also a registered psychologist who has embraced the principles of ACT. A self-taught artist, Sandra has created the artwork for this book. Tim and Sandra live on the Central Coast of New South Wales

$A 29.99, $NZ 35.00 978-0-908988-90-7


w w w. e x i s l e p u b l i s h i n g . c o m

June2010_Catalogue.indd 8

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Enjoy Emotional Freedom Simple techniques for living life to the full Steve Wells, M.Psych & Dr David Lake Emotional Freedom Techniques (or EFT) alleviate emotional distress simply and effectively by working with the body’s energy meridians. By teaching an easily adopted system of tapping on the body’s meridian points, this book enables you to ‘tune’ and ‘tone’ your body’s energy system for immediate relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety. This book is full of deceptively simple yet highly effective tips and strategies that guide you into ways of being better balanced and more emotionally ‘fit’, regardless of any negative thinking you might be saddled with at present. Key Points • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and specifically Simple Energy Techniques (SET) enable ordinary people to help themselves overcome emotional problems. • EFT is attracting an ever-growing following due to the effectiveness and simplicity of its method. • The authors are leaders in the field; this book draws on over a decade of their research and innovation.

C-format, 224 pages $A 34.99, $NZ 39.99 978-1-921497-48-3 April 2010

About the Author Steve Wells is a psychologist, professional speaker and performance expert from Perth, Western Australia. He has been using and teaching EFT for the past twelve years and regularly consults and presents worldwide with elite athletes and corporate personnel to improve their performance. David Lake is a medical doctor practising on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. With a lifelong interest in therapeutic techniques that actually work and promote healing, David has specialised in using Energy Therapies to treat anxiety, phobias, post-traumatic stress and relationship problems.

$A 34.99, $NZ 35.99 978-0-908988-30-3

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Fun Start 260 weekly developmental activities from birth to age 5 June R. Oberlander

C-format, paperback 352 pages, 230 drawings throughout $A 32.99, $NZ 34.99 978-0-908988-76-1 December 2009

Experts agree that the first five years of a child’s life are the most formative. This is the time when children are most receptive to learning — and they are capable of learning a huge amount in a very short time. This internationally bestselling book has been used by hundreds of thousands of parents to help maximise the intellectual growth and motor skills of their young children. It is your answer to early childhood education. Written by a retired kindergarten teacher, it shows you when, how and what skills to develop. Fun Start is carefully structured so that there is one activity for every week of every year of a pre-schooler’s life, including a helpful and inexpensive phonetic approach to reading and spelling. The activities are easy to understand, take only about ten minutes each, and use common household items. Fun Start also includes measurable parameters to profile your child’s early development, tips for solving behavioural problems, and easy-to-use illustrations. Key Points • Activities are easy for parents, fun for children and educational. • Comprehensive and varied — a godsend for those difficult early years. • Illustrated with lively and eye-catching drawings. • Excellent value. About the Author June R. Oberlander, mother of two and grandmother of seven, is a retired kindergarten teacher with 22 years’ experience in public and private education. She frequently shares her knowledge and experience by speaking to teachers and parenting organisations throughout the United States.

$A 29.99, $NZ 34.99 978-1-921497-18-6


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Who Said That First? Words and phrases in common use Max Cryer Many bright minds have come up with expressions we now take for granted as part of the English language, and which we use freely in vernacular speech. But the originators of many of our most useful second-hand remarks go uncredited. So who said it first? This collection sets out to credit — as far as it’s possible to do so — the people who actually created many familiar terms in common use. For example, poor Ernest Dowson is all but forgotten, but author Margaret Mitchell read his 1891 poem ‘Non Sum Qualis’ and brought one phrase from that poem to the attention of millions. The phrase that caught her eye was ‘gone with the wind’. Written in Max Cryer’s delightfully witty style, Who Said That First? is a wonderful book to dip into or settle a friendly dispute. Key Points • This is the first book to attempt to identify the original sources of common expressions. • Max Cryer is an established and reliable authority on the English language. His books have sold thousands of copies around the world. • A fascinating selection of entries, with often surprising answers. • Witty, accessible and easy to read.

$A 34.99, $NZ 29.99 978-0-908988-74-7

195 x 135 mm, cased with jacket, 176 pages $A 39.99, $NZ 44.99 978-0-908988-91-4 June 2010

$A 24.99, $NZ 34.99 978-1-921497-04-9

w w w. e x i s l e p u b l i s h i n g . c o m June2010_Catalogue.indd 11


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Under a Bomber’s Moon The true story of two airmen at war over Germany Stephen Harris Australian and New Zealand pilots made a major contribution to the Allied Forces’ Bomber Command operating out of the United Kingdom in the Second World War. Danger, adventure, adrenalin and death were daily facts of life. This is the true story of just one of them, which reveals just what it was like to be on the raids and in the danger zones. Accompanying this pilot’s story is the story of a man who may very well have shot him down — a German fighter pilot in the Luftwaffe.

C-format, 224 pages 16 pages photographs $A 32.99, $NZ 34.99 978-0-908988-23-5

Meticulously researched and grippingly written with lots of eyewitness accounts, this is a most exciting, informative and downright gripping tale of two warriors of the air.


A Brush with Horses Alister Simpson Foreword by Gai Waterhouse This exquisitely produced art book celebrates the work of acclaimed equine artist Alister Simpson. ‘The book spills with arresting illustrations. Delicate watercolour scenes from the racetrack and solid oilscapes, not one of them like the one before it.’ RACINGLIFE.

285 x 320 mm, cased with jacket, 96 pages, full colour throughout $A 89.99, $NZ 99.99 978-1-921497-24-7


A Brush with Horses also includes artworks of mares and foals, horses galloping through streams and across fields and on the polo field. This is a collection that will appeal to all who love this most noble of animals.

w w w. e x i s l e p u b l i s h i n g . c o m

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Fishing Season Philip Weigall ‘Weigall’s style has a conversational feel, like listening to a fishing mate relate a recent day out ... Fishing Season captures the challenge, fun, friendships, detours and distractions that make flyfishing what it is, while also offering advice and information for anglers of all levels ... this book will make an excellent addition to angling libraries, helping to pass the winters before the season ahead.’ Nick Taransky, Flyfisher magazine ‘Philip Weigall’s fishing stories are the gifts that keep on giving through the off season, the cold nights, the times you feel more like a read and blob out rather than just about anything else. But dammit they make me long for the water. ‘This new one comes wrapped in a cover of thick parchment which gives the pleasing thought it is hiding many secrets inside. I open it and snuggle down in the bed to read stories of places I’d rather be – from Tasmania to Cape York, to New Zealand rivers or Snowy lakes.’ Susan Brown, Journalist

195 x 135 mm, cased with jacket, 196 pages, full colour throughout $A 34.99, $NZ 39.99 978-1-921497-23-0

H E A LT H & D I E T

Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight The Harcombe Diet Zoe Harcombe This book is already a bestseller in the UK; it explains why traditional diets are the cause of the current obesity epidemic not the cure. It shows that eating less leads to three extremely common medical conditions which cause overeating. Count calories and end up a food addict. Stop counting calories and start losing weight.

187 x 127 mm, 352 pages $A 19.99, $NZ 22.99 978-1-921497-52-0 May 2010

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$A 36.99, $NZ 39.99

$A 19.99, $NZ 22.99

$A 19.99, $NZ 22.99

$A 25.00, $NZ 30.00





$A 39.99, $NZ 39.99

$A 27.99, $NZ 32.99

$A 22.99, $NZ 24.99

$A 30.00, $NZ 30.00





$A 24.99, $NZ 25.00

$A 49.99, $NZ 49.99

$A 49.99, $49.99

$A 49.99, $NZ 49.99

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$A 39.99, $NZ 39.99

$A 34.99, $NZ 36.99



$A 29.99, $NZ 34.99

$A 24.99, $NZ 29.99



$A 19.99, $NZ 24.99

$A 34.99, $NZ 34.99

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Note: All titles, specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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