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Industry Pivots to Virtual & “New Normal” p. 22

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NATIONWIDE LABOR MANAGEMENT SERVICES Our Consultative Approach to Installation & Dismantle services makes running fast look easy. Please contact us today and allow Momentum to become an extension of your business.


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REDUCE YOUR LABOR EXPENSES EXPAND YOUR NATIONAL REACH From City to City, Employco USA has you covered. Whether you set up one booth or an entire show, anywhere in the country, we can reduce your labor expenses.

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Employco USA is the official payroll and HR service provider of the EACA and ESCA

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Making Every Floor Uniquely Yours


How may we help you with your next exhibition? Las Vegas , NV | Dalton, GA | Milford, MI

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Congrats on 25 years Exhibit City News… The best are yet to come! After 69 years we are still the foremost provider of all your exhibit flooring needs. D.E. McNabb Floooring proudly offers the most products, best service, and an experienced staff to help guide you into the best flooring solutions for all of your exhibits and events.

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Industry Pivots to Virtual & “New Normal” p. 22

July/August 2020 • VOL. 26 • ISSUE 4



Industry Pivots to Virtual & “New Normal”

Industry Finds Virtual Solutions


Pivoting to Survive in a Pandemic Li Jackson Speaks with Business Owners



On the Front Lines of COVID-19


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Excerpts featuring beMatrix, Derse, Sho-Link, Gilbane, Willwork, DS&L, Moss, ProExhibits, Studio Displays, CompuSystems, Elevation3D, Ad Rail USA, EDPA NE, Gilman Bros., T3 Expo, Dex Exhibit Systems, GCCC, JUICEWORKS Exhibits, PredictMedix, Orbus, Astound Group, CDS, Brookline Transportation, Tradeshow Network Marketing Group, AllSpace Group & the Pandemic Risk Insurance Program

7/1/20 8:41 AM

On Our Cover: Site inspection at OCCC for Together Again Expo, L-R: Alliance Nationwide Exposition staff: Ka’Vonna McCowen, nat’l. account mgr.; Nicole Unger, VP of sales; Desiree Massi, nat’l. sales mgr.; Jessica Pratti, dir. of account mgmt. & design, with OCCC’s Katarina Dos Santos, marketing & comm. asst. mgr.

Feature Story 26


Together Again Expo

International Focus: AIPC

Forum on New Industry Best Practices So Industry Can Safely Reopen

AIPC 2.0



International Focus

U.S. Trade Threatened by Hong Kong-China Relations


Convention Center Snapshot Orange County Convention Center


As the Saws Turn Restoration


Andy’s Apps Don’t Bury The Leads


The International Man The Six Most Surprising International Rules of Etiquette


Ask an Expert Caesars Entertainment Properties New F&B Procedures


The Don & Mike Show

I&D and Event Labor


Industry Bands Together for Global Exhibitions Day Event Goes Virtual Only in 2020


The Rigging World

Training, Strategic Planning & the Five Pillars of Simplicity


Aluvision: Let’s Get Social with a Distance

Aluvision launches a new product range of healthy and safe solutions.


Convention Center Spotlight

COVID-19 Recap

Orange County Convention Center

Airport Snapshot

Association News: EDPA


Orlando International Airport

Departments 8 48 53 57 65



Shop to Showfloor Section

Editor-in-Chief’s Corner The D.E.A.L. Regional Show Calendar Industry Service Guide Advertiser Index


EDPA Takes Action to Reopen the Exhibitions Industry


People on the Move


In Memoriam

Samanta Sabita Arjune (ECN) & Raul V. Mata (Freeman Las Vegas)

6 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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IN THE EVENTS INDUSTRY, ALMOST ANYTHING CAN GO WRONG. WE MAKE SURE EVERYTHING GOES RIGHT. Based in Las Vegas, Total Show Technology (TST) is the total show production solution for anyone who hosts, plans, manages, or produces events, meetings, live event experiences, and trade shows. We own the Pacific Southwest market and travel with our clients nationwide. Our services include total show production, video, audio, lighting, rigging, AV equipment rental and sales, trade show exhibitor support, LED/pixel repair, and AV/event staffing.

beMatrix LEDskin® is the technology of tomorrow for the exhibition stand of today, and Total Show

Technology (TST) has it for use at your next show. Learn more about how TST can make your next show stand out. Together, let’s make your next meeting, event, or trade show booth a showstopper!


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Total Show Technology Las Vegas, NV | 702-897-8508 sales@totalshowtech.com | totalshowtech.com

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PUBLISHER Donald V. Svehla Jr. (702) 309-8023 ext. 102 DonS@exhibitcitynews.com

Greetings to our readers!




8 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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but we hope you’ll head to our website to read the rest of each story about the companies that have stepped up in the COVID-19 battle. We did the same for Haley Wilson’s EDPA Chapter Roundup, so please head to our website to read each chapter’s recaps. And this month's city focus on Orlando, includes a Q&A interview with OCCC's Executive Director Mark Tester, which is online only. Be sure to go to our website to read his interview and other city focus stories (which go up every Friday under the features tab of our website). On the hopeful side, our venerable columnist Jim Obermeyer, reflects on how a controlled burn makes the forest healthier and hopes that the same happens to our industry. Don, Christy and I will all be attending the Together Again Expo in Orlando this month, as the OCCC and Alliance Nationwide Exposition invite everyone in our industry to come to Orlando on July 24 and demonstrate the new products and ideas they have for bringing live events back safely. See our cover story on it on p. 26. We look forward to finally getting to see everyone again—and not just by Zoom! See you on the show floor face to face (or, at least, mask to mask)!


MANAGING EDITOR/GAL FRIDAY Lisa Abrams (702) 309-8023 LisaA@exhibitcitynews.com ART DIRECTOR Thomas Speak Tom@Speak-Design.com FEATURES WRITER/EDITOR F. Andrew Taylor (702) 309-8023 FAndrewT@exhibitcitynews.com COLUMNISTS / WRITERS Calanit Atia Amadeus Finlay Andrew Fulton Larry Kulchawik Jim Obermeyer Cynthya Porter F. Andrew Taylor CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Vince Battaglia Sven Bossu Li Jackson Mike Morrison H.K. Wilson PROOFREADER Celestia Ward NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Christy DiGiambattista (702) 309-8023 ext. 111 ChristyD@exhibitcitynews.com CIRCULATION Manny Chico Mike Morrison Vol. 26, issue 4, copyright 2020 by EXHIBIT CITY NEWS, published six times a year by Mr. Tradeshow Communications, LLC, 1675 E. Desert Inn Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89169. Editorial views presented within this publication are not necessarily those of the publisher and no liability is inherent. To subscribe, go to ExhibitCityNews.com or call (702) 309-8023. Reproduction/reuse of this material may only be permitted with expressed permission of Exhibit City News. POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to location listed above.

Photo by Allison Earnest


t’s hard to believe that it’s July already in a year that has brought us face to face with our deepest fears— having our businesses, indeed our entire industry and country, decimated by politicians in the name of this year’s mutation of the coronavirus. Having lived through half a dozen pandemics, including H3N2 (Hong Kong flu) in 1968-69, avian/bird flu in 1997, SARS-CoV in 2003-2004, swine flu in 2009, MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in 2012 and now COVID-19 (bat flu) in 2020 (not to mention Legionnaires and AIDS), I find it mind-boggling how many people are willing to give up their Constitutional rights and liberties to these draconian measures to destabilize our government and way of life. But this issue is all about pivoting and surviving. We hope you’ll check out Cynthya Porter’s story on how big tradeshows are pivoting to virtual events in 2020—yet are still looking forward to 2021 and getting back to doing face-toface events again (p. 22) and how Global Exhibition Day successfully went virtual (p. 34) as well as Li Jackson’s interviews with Las Vegas business owners on what they’re doing to survive and their thoughts on if it’s sustainable for the future (p. 24). Due to space limitations, we just have excerpts from Amadeus’ “On the Front Lines of COVID-19” weekly online series

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jeanne Brei (702) 309-8023 ext. 103 JeanneB@exhibitcitynews.com

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Systems like the alphabet, mathematics or musical intervals excite us again and again. They help people to orient themselves in their environment, to communicate and they simplify things. All these systems have one thing in common, that they are comprised of a number of components, that interact to achieve a certain goal. What we at OCTANORM find exciting about systems is that individual parts keep reconnecting to create something new. This is why we want to invent systems for you again and again. Exhibition Systems I Interior Design I Presentation | Cleanroom | Project Solutions – with a system www.octanormna.com

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Orange County Convention Center Location: 9860 Universal Blvd., Orlando, FL 32819 Year built: Opened in 1983 Size: The second largest CC in the U.S., the OCCC is 7,000,000 sq.ft. of which 2,100,000 sq.ft. is exhibit space. There’s 479,190 sq.ft. of breakout space in 74 meeting rooms and 235 breakout rooms, two ballrooms with a combined 155,656 sq.ft., a 200-seat lecture hall, a 2,643 seat theater, three full-service restaurants, eight food courts & three business centers. Parking: 6,227 parking garage spaces Wi-Fi: Free high-speed internet is available in public spaces, restaurants, common areas and lobbies. The exhibition space is a separate network and must be arranged through the facility. Exhibitor Internet is broadcast as a 5GHz network. Hotels: There are more than 110 hotels within a three-mile radius of the OCCC Airport Info: It’s 13 miles from Orlando International Airport. Fun Fact #1: The Boston Pops Orchestra played at the grand opening on Feb. 26, 1983 for 14,000 people


Where to eat, sleep and play near OCCC on p. 42

Fun Fact #2: The OCCC consists of two huge buildings connected by a covered walkway. The north/south building alone took 130,000 cubic yards of concrete. If that concrete had been used to build a sidewalk, it would be 140 miles, the distance from the OCCC to Key West. Fun Fact #3: The largest ballroom has more square footage than the White House. Website: occc.net ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 11

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COLUMN As the Saws Turn



recently read an article in a conservapeople have begun returning to the work tion magazine about woodland prethey are so passionate about. Surely, scribed burns. These are intentionally though, fear and uncertainty have cast set and managed fires in a deep forest or long shadows in recent months, and woodland. The fire helps manage weeds there are scars left behind. and undesirable growth, helps reMany of us will come out of this duce the risk of wildfires, restores experience in a vastly different nutrients to the soil and leads place—both emotionally and to more desirable natural plant professionally. But what if this is growth. That all sounds good. the time to evaluate your priorHowever, when you are By Jim Obermeyer ities, your passions, what drives watching the woodland burn and motivates you? Perhaps this happen, it seems so destructive. Flames is the opportunity to make changes you creep across the forest floor, sometimes have been thinking about for a long time catching downed logs that blaze hot and but never had the time to explore? Somesound like a roaring storm. The earth times, in the face of seeming disaster, is scorched, scars are left at the base of there is significant opportunity. large trees. It all seems lost for a time. How we do come out of it will say a lot Not too much different than what our about who we are and where we will go world may have seemed like recently. from here. Will we join together to survive But then the restoration begins. Slowly and grow collectively? Will we be hurtful the forest begins to grow again. This time or helpful? Will we be selfish or selfless? with healthy, natural plant life. Birds and I certainly have to be concerned for small animals return, this time without the my own situation and my own family added burden of invasive shrubs and vines. and friends, but I am also concerned for Soon the forest is teeming with life again. the people in my company, and in the By the time you read this—at least a partner companies that I work with in month or more after I’ve written it—I this industry. And I am also concerned am hopeful that our restoration has for the industry as a whole. It will rebegun full force. That our industry has quire the combined efforts of all of us to begun to show signs of life, that our overcome this.

Like many of you, I am tired of overused words and phrases: “pivot,” “new normal,” “these times” and “stay safe.” I don’t need to hear them again! I just want to get back to work and get back to seeing all my industry friends and get back to walking the show floor. But the reality for us in this industry is that it will, in fact, be different…at least for the near future. Because of that, and in spite of that, I strongly believe that how we treat each other, how we re-engage and how we work together for the benefit of our companies and our industry will determine our success going forward. We will come through these dark times. And yes, there will be scars. But may they remind us to care less about the unimportant things and more about those that matter—faith, family, friends, coworkers, industry, community. Restoration will come. See you on the show floor— soon, I hope. Jim Obermeyer has been in the tradeshow industry 38 years, both as a corporate tradeshow manager and exhibit house owner. He is currently a vice president at Hamilton Exhibits and can be reached at jobermeyer@hamilton-exhibits.com.

12 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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7/1/20 9:21 AM

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COLUMN Andy’s Apps

Don’t Bury the Leads


f you’re serious about your of course, a more professional verleads, you know that there sion with more bells and whistles are many more efficient ways for those willing to put a little of gathering them than swapmore money towards the issue. ping little bits of paper or having Like the other two, you can By F. Andrew Taylor someone sign a mailing list. scan badges or business cards Although these tried and tru-ish into the system and have it spit methods still exist, most companies and out data on the other side, including conventions are making heavy use of lead real time stats during the event. It offers retrieval data from badge scans. multilingual business card transcription LeadPod Pro, by Expo Logic, is one and audit logs. Also, like the other two, it of the more widely used lead apps. It offers online training, webinars support is free to download but does require a during business hours and more to guide license key to access attendee data, and it you and your staff through the operation will only work at events where Expo Logof the system. ic is contracted to provide lead retrieval AtEvent is available for Android, iPhone services. Exhibitors just scan the attendand iPad and allows you to improve your ee’s badge using your device’s camera event marketing strategies with analytics. and it collects their contact. These are just three of scores of similar From there, you can take notes on your products and you may find that another interaction with the attendee, saving the app is more suited to your specific needs information as a contact on your phone. and interconnectivity issues. All of these You can also follow up with the contact, lead retrieval apps are locked in a race to via phone or email, directly from the app. provide more analytics, ease of use and It is not an inexpensive app but it is one interconnectivity with both devices and of the industry standards for a reason. other business software. This is a case ICapture is another lead retrieval where competition will inevitably lead to app. It’s less expensive but still an invest- better and more refined apps, so everyment rather than a whim. With prices one will benefit. Except the apps that starting at $79 per month, per user, you don’t adapt and improve. aren’t going to be budgeting it in the So far, Vegas isn’t offering odds on same category as the advanced levels of which one will come out on top and Angry Birds. It’s more along the lines which ones will spiral into the dust, so budget-wise of your business and word you may have to start an office pool if you processing software. want in on that action. It scans, logs and allows you to sort leads into categories. It can sync with F. Andrew Taylor has been in the journalism field many standard CRM (Customer Relafor 23 years working for alt-weeklies, tourism pubtionship Management) systems. It is lications, hyper-local papers and others. He is the initially survey software which includes illustrator for “Christmapus,” the tale of the Christbadge and business card scanning and mas Octopus. His first fiction prose story was data collection. It also allows lead qualifi- published in 2018 and was featured at the Vegas cation and nurturing. Valley Book Fair. He also works in film production, For the more cost-conscious event does local historical research and has been an planner, there is AtEvent, which offers a amateur stunt driver and rodeo participant. Confree version and a free trial, but there is, tact him at fandrewt@exhibitcitynews.com.

14 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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showNets your next event

With fast, secure and reliable internet solutions showNets designs, deploys and supports custom Internet solutions for events and venues across the world. Cisco-certified professionals manage your network requirements every step of the way. showNets engineers the fastest, most secure, and most reliable networks and backs them up with responsive, professional, and client based services. The showNets stress free conference and trade show internet solution includes: Redundant, fault-tolerant designs High-density, reliable wireless service Network Operations Center monitor 24/7/365 Dedicated teams of certified professionals • Flexible service offering includes: • Web casting • Automated access portal • Secure VPN • RFID

• • • •

showNets is the premier provider of high-density wireless and Internet. Our technical experts design and implement a state of the art network for your trade show. Let us show you why clients trust us with their Internet needs.

“showNets Keeps the Unseen Heart of E3 Beating" -Trade Show Executive Magazine, October 2015 Issue

Call today 1-800-310-4454 or check us out online www.shownets.net

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COLUMN The International Man

The Six Most Surprising International Rules of Etiquette


ith a halt on Don’t Give a Thumbs Up tradeshow activin These Countries ities worldwide If you aren’t fluent in the for the past five months, language of the country you’re some countries are visiting, it’s easy to rely returning back to on body language and hosting shows hand gestures to get quicker than others. your message across. In many countries, But be careful when a “new normal” will you do this. While By Larry Kulchawik be established reyou may think a garding health precautions certain gesture is univerand new ways to replace the sal, it often isn’t—in fact, you handshake to greet guests might be communicating the at the exhibit stand. In opposite of what you meant. preparation to travel interTake the thumbs up—a sign nationally again soon, here in many places of agreement, are some interesting interna- happiness or satisfaction. But tional rules of etiquette. if you’re traveling in Russia, Australia, the Middle East, In Russia, Never West Africa or Greece, avoid Shake Someone’s Hand this gesture at all costs. It’s the in a Doorway equivalent of the middle finger Every country has its own and definitely won’t make you legends and superstitions, any friends. and Russia is no exception. Here, it is considered In India, Text—Don’t a faux pas to kiss, hug, or Call—To See if a shake someone’s hand while Business is Open standing in a doorway. This If you are one of the many rule has its origin in the people who feel anxious makstories of the Russian “house ing phone calls, this etiquette spirit,” which is supposed rule will probably come as to live in the threshold of a welcome relief. Although every home. Because of this, many western businesses rely it is viewed as incredibly heavily on phone calls for any unlucky to bridge the gap be- kind of professional commutween outdoors and indoors nication, this is not the case in by shaking hands across a India. Here, many businesses threshold. To avoid this bad don’t have landlines at all and luck, you should fully enter instead have switched entirethe house before greeting its ly over to cell phones. This occupants—or the occupants switch means that instead of, of the house should step out- for example, calling a business side before greeting you. to see if it is open or to make

an order, you would simply text them instead. Business owners may even react with surprise and confusion if you try to call them. Never Drink Milk After Noon in Italy They take their coffee seriously in Italy—and if you want to fit in, it’s important to learn the local customs around this beverage. One thing that will instantly make you stand out as a tourist is ordering the wrong drink at the wrong time. In Italy, it is incredibly rare for anyone to order a cappuccino after noon. While you might think this has to do with the caffeine content, that is not the case—rather, it has to do with the milk content of this drink. In Italy, many people put a great deal of emphasis on nutrition and digestion; milk is thought to ruin digestion and is never consumed after a meal (exception for breakfast). If you want to blend in (and avoid any raised eyebrows from your barista) avoid any milk-based drinks in the afternoon. Eye Contact Isn’t Always a Sign of Politeness Although many western cultures view eye contact as a sign that you are listening, engaged and polite, this is not true around the world. While avoiding eye contact—or making minimal eye contact—may seem rude to someone who grew up in North America or

Europe, certain cultures in Asia and Africa have the opposite opinion. In many Asian cultures, extended eye contact is seen as a rude challenge to authority. In China or Japan, it would be normal for children not to make eye contact with adults, or for younger people not to make eye contact with their bosses; rather than being seen as submissive, this indicates respect. Never Put a Fork in Your Mouth in Thailand Although forks are used during meals in Thailand, you should never use one to scoop up your food and put it in your mouth. Instead, meals in Thailand come with a fork and a spoon; the spoon is held in your left hand, and the fork is held in your right. While eating any sort of ricebased meal, you should only use your fork to push food onto your spoon, which is the primary utensil. The only time it is acceptable to put a fork in your mouth is when you’re eating food that isn’t served with rice—for example, slices of fruit. However, it’s best to err on the side of caution to make sure you don’t commit a faux pas; follow the lead of your fellow diners. Larry Kulchawik is the head of Larry Kulchwawik Consulting and author of “Trade Shows from One Country to the Next.” For more info, visit www. larrykulchawik.com

16 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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WHO WOULD LAUNCH A NEW PRODUCT NOW? This flooring innovation brings you such big cost savings we just couldn’t wait.

Contact us for a Zoom presentation or to request a sample. We’re ready when you are.

800-291-9606 | brumark.com

ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 17

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7/1/20 9:23 AM

COLUMN Ask an Expert

Caesars Entertainment Properties New F&B Procedures


hen Caesars Entertainment opened three of its Las Vegas properties on June 4, Don Ross, vice president of meeting operations, Las Vegas Region, oversaw new food and beverage procedures. Ross, with 40 years of expertise, supervises the catering, conference services, banquets and meeting services teams for nine Caesars Entertainment properties in Las Vegas and has also been instrumental in aligning the convention services of Caesars Entertainment properties outside of Las Vegas. Exhibit City News spoke with Ross about the changes: ECN: What are the new procedures for cleaning? DR: Our industry has been very focused on cleaning and sanitation protocols but have always hidden the work from our guests. We would do all our heavy cleaning late at night so as not to be in front of our guests. This work would be done starting at 2 a.m. with the entire place getting washed and cleaned and keeping everything behind the scenes. Now everything will be done so the guests can see it. Wherever people go, there will be people wiping down any touchpoints, attendants scrutinizing the bathroom and people cleaning handrails.

Don Ross

ECN: What changes will there be for food service? DR: Specifically, for food service, the new approach will be that nothing will be self-served. In other words, there will be no food service where the customer will touch utensils, serve himself or herself, and put utensils down, so the next guest grabs the same utensils and use it again. We can offer buffets but we are encouraging customers to have plated meal functions rather than buffets. If a customer prefers buffets we are prepared to provide it but we can only serve from a single side, and all food items have to be served by an attendant. Now, we will work with our customers to explain that if they have a large group, it might not be the best to do buffets because of the length of time it will take to serve their guests. Also, because of the social distancing aspect— keeping them six feet apart— we are recommending to our

clients to do plated functions. For the immediate future, having a buffet attendant is manageable for smaller groups but not for larger groups, it is just not feasible unless they are not concerned with timing. The amount of room it will take, because of the social distancing, will slow things down. A plated meal can be served and cleared in 45-60 minutes. We are trying to think of everything we can do to expedite service and not create long lines and interfere with the customers meeting schedule. We are changing the procedure in the dining room by rolling silver rather than setting the tables with forks, spoons and knives separated on the tables. Waiters will be wearing masks and gloves. In the past, when we served the entrée or salad, we would have the plate cover removed before serving, now we will serve the plate with the cover and remove it in front of the guest, so the customer will see that no one contaminated his food. There will be no more pre-setting bread, rolls, iced tea, water, salt and pepper. Everything will be served individually. Furthermore, for meeting refreshes, in order not to have cross-contamination during seating, we recommend our clients assign seats, so our cleaning time between breaks and meals will be faster, and we do not have to do a com-

By Calanit Atia

plete room sanitizing that can take hours. Coffee breaks will be different, as well. An attendant will now pour the coffee, and all break items will be individually wrapped. Evening receptions and parties are easier to provide food stations with our chefs preparing and serving to the guests’ individual plates and bartenders serving beverages because these events are longer and not as rushed as a breakfast or lunch. ECN: What about vendors who are needed to service the meeting rooms? DR: Our vendors, such as our in-house audio/visual company, are going through the same testing that we do and get their temperatures checked daily too. What has changed is if you use the same room for multiple sessions, we will have to leave a tech in the room to clean the area around the podium, computers, projectors and install a new microphone between speakers. Things are changing daily, and, as we learn more, we can modify our protocols. We are genuinely looking forward to welcoming our customers back to our properties. Calanit Atia is an award-winning event planner and entrepreneur, founder and president of A to Z Events, Las Vegas DMC and Entertainment Agency, 2020 MPI Women’s Advisory Board Member, Air Force Veteran and speaker. Contact her at Info@AtoZevents.com

18 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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7/1/20 9:24 AM


The Don & Mike Show COVID-19 Recap The Don and Mike Show podcast has seen a vast amount of its time and content being spent on COVID-19, economic impacts and current events of late that have never been seen in our lifetime. This time is not only challenging for our industry and its people, but for our country and the world as a whole. We’ve seen tradeshow, event and experiential marketing people lose their careers in a single swoop and colleagues we have known for decades leave with no warning and embark on different career paths while others have held on,

Orlando on July 24. They are also looking forward to the IAEE Expo Expo along with by Mike Morrison, National Sales EDPA Access conferences and, Director, WS Displays of course, The Randy Smith Memorial Golf Classic. All of kicking and screaming trying about everything from travelthese events, hopefully, will be to remain gainfully employed ing in the “new normal,” to in- here before we know it. and struggle to make a way dustry advocacy, to facing the The The Don and Mike to keep companies open and realities of the “new normal” Show did a brief two times per heads above water. and learning that Zoom, Go week stint when the lockAdd to that the non-ignorTo Meeting, Chat Hangouts downs started, but has recently able civil discourse that is and the like are the new way moved back to just doing the happening today with proto conduct meetings with the weekly Friday show with Don tests, riots and fighting law work-from-home format. and Mike packing the time enforcement at every turn, it Many of us, including Don with applicable content and is sometimes hard to conand Mike, are true road warworthy informative interviews. centrate on recovering and riors...and they do not meet Check out the poll each week getting back to the business this “new normal” with smiles for The Don & Mike Show at of live events. on their faces. But they are TheDonAndMikeShow.net and The latest podcast shows encouraged at what is seemgive us feedback. have centered the content on ingly coming down the pike. just that goal ... having guests The show will participate in Email TheDonAndMikeShow@gmail. come on the show to talk the Together Again Expo in com to let us know your thoughts.

Show. Better. Our revolutionary modular fabric booth system helps you perfectly execute your vision. The tool-less EXPOKNIT™ system assembles and disassembles in a breeze, and is perfectly scalable for everything from See the tool-less EXPOKNIT™ system in action at smtexpo.com

The nation’s leading scalable booth manufacturer. ®

732-395-4032 x121 @ExhibitCityNews

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info@smtexpo.com ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 19

7/1/20 9:24 AM


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Orlando International Airport IATA airport code: MCO Location: 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL Year Opened: Originally a military airfield, it became a limited joint military/civilian airport in 1962. The military ceded it to primarily civilian use in 1975. Size: The airport covers 12,600 acres with four runways, two terminals & 129 gates. Transportation: A bus connects the airport to Sunrail, a north/south local rail that goes from DeBary to Kissemmee. Local shuttles connect the airport to several communities an hour or more away, with a NE shuttle that goes to Daytona Beach and as far as Palm Coast, a SE shuttle that goes to Cape Canaveral and as far as West Palm Beach, a SW shuttle areas including Tampa and a NW shuttle to Sevareid bedroom communities ending at The Villages. LYNX buses go to downtown Orlando, the OCCC and more. Taxis, rideshares & limos are available. . Wi-Fi: Free WiFi is available by connecting to the “MCO Internet” network. Internet kiosks are available airside near the gates & a few landside on Level Three. Fun Facts: The airport was a designated Space Shuttle emergency landing site. It’s IATA code, MCO, references McCoy Air Force Base. Col. Michael Norman McCoy, commander of the 321st Bombardment Wing of Strategic Air Command, was killed in 1958 during the annual Bombing and Navigation Competition and the base was renamed in his honor. Website: www.orlandoairports.net ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 21

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Industry Pivots to Virtual & “New Normal” BY CYNTHYA PORTER

With the entire exhibition industry upended by the COVID-19 pandemic, many show organizers have been thrust into the unfamiliar world of virtual tradeshows—a place many actively resisted visiting until they simply had no choice. For organizers who had already created hybrid virtual/live events, the digital offerings often merely consisted of recorded content, live-streamed presentations and links to exhibitor information. Few had developed a unique and engaging platform designed to make virtual attendees feel like they were part of the event. But today, with tradeshows being canceled by the thousands and sales funnels still needing buyers, the pressure is on organizers to create virtual events that replicate the show experience as closely as possible, right down to social hours and “manned” exhibits on the show floor. Exhibitors are being challenged to create a digital presence that will augment that pseudo-live experience as well as give attendees access to product information and company sales people, with exhibitors in some cases even setting up their display and interacting via a webcam during show hours. For some products, this is a challenging scenario. Food and beverage suppliers

like those who exhibit at the National Restaurant Show or the Nightlife and Bar Show are hobbled with no way to provide samples of their offerings, and very few have opted for a virtual event rather than a cancellation or postponement. One food-related show that went virtual was the United Fresh Produce Association, which launched United Fresh Live! as a free virtual event to connect those who would have otherwise met at the in-person event. “During these past few weeks, we’ve all learned something about connections,” says United Fresh President & CEO Tom Stenzel. “While we can’t wait to join with industry friends again in person, we’ve also realized that we’re connecting today in new ways. We’re all online, with video streaming, face-to-face chats, and group interactions that, just a month ago, we didn’t know how to do.” While it doesn’t have product sampling, the virtual offering provides many other experiences such as keynotes, roundtable discussions, networking events and a virtual tradeshow floor. Other products that struggle in a virtual tradeshow world are luxury items like watches and jewelry, sporting good items that buyers need to handle to truly appreciate and, ironically, digital or virtual

products that virtual attendees won’t have the opportunity to manipulate themselves. Even textiles vendors are having challenges attracting buyers who are conceivably put off by the inability to touch fabrics to evaluate them. Case in point, the twice-yearly Canton Trade Fair in Guangzhou, China, typically attracts 180,000 foreign buyers who spend just shy of $30 billion on deals at each show. But early feedback from exhibitors who participated in the virtual event is that they had little traffic to their virtual booth on the platform. Art Basel’s Hong Kong fine art trade show was fortunate to have already had a virtual platform in the works, so when COVID-19 came along, it hustled to finish the software and launch in time for this year’s show. The virtual product is designed to augment what is happening in the live event, but in a pinch, it had the tools in place to serve a remote audience with presentations as well as virtual tours through showrooms. The challenge when setting up a virtual event, says Frame—a media brand for interior designers—is understanding what attendees want from it. “When people talk about why they still value physical events,” Frame blog author Peter Maxwell writes, “what they often cite is the

way in which tradeshows help them build business-critical relationships. That’s why, rather than focusing on how to create digital proxies of their live formats, understanding the type of relationship attendees hope to cement is critical to any event’s virtualization strategy.” There is an assortment of virtual tradeshow software companies, with more springing up every day now that a pandemic has emptied show halls. But the reality is that such technology is expensive and beyond the capabilities of many small shows. In such cases, providing less sophisticated platforms such as livestreamed presentations, digital chatrooms or networking sessions and exhibitor product information carries with it little cost while still keeping buyers and sellers connected.

22 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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Virtual conferencing is an excellent temporary replacement for face-toface meetings ...but chemistry is important too... Art Basel Hong Kong had to shift viewing for its popular art galleries to a virtual trade show due to the coronavirus pandemic. Photo courtesy of Art Basel

In the case of United Fresh Live!, officials said 40 percent of the first 1,000 registrations were people who had not attended the show before, which suggests well-developed digital offerings might be a worthwhile investment for any show hoping to extend its attendee list. While everyone seems to agree that face-to-face marketing is the gold standard for a sales environment, some think that, as virtual events become the norm, it could signal the death knell for the exhibition industry as we knew it pre-pandemic. The tradeshow industry has bandied for the past decade about the prevalence of virtual events and whether they would surpass live events eventually. That debate rages on, especially now with marketers and buyers who need to @ExhibitCityNews

022_Pivot_0720.indd 2

do business forced to participate in virtual events when they would have typically attended one in person. With more time, it might become the norm, some speculate. Researchers of the exhibition and event industry don’t think so. “Tradeshows are very sensory in nature,” Cathy Breden, CEO of the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, told Crain’s New York Business. “You use all five senses to feel and experience them, whether that’s examining a new product or shaking someone’s hand to build a relationship.” In an article discussing the question of whether virtual tradeshows would replace in-person events, RetailWire enlisted the feedback of dozens of executives affiliated in some way with exhibiting. Some said yes they will, noting that once company executives

on both sides of the aisle see how much money is saved by a virtual event, many will put the kibosh on travel budgets. Others in the Retail Wire “brain trust” felt that, while virtual events in the future may take a bite out of in-person events, tradeshows will eventually be buzzing again with live attendees because a digital connection cannot replicate that experience. “Virtual conferencing is an excellent temporary replacement for face-to-face meetings,” says Ed Rosenbaum, CEO of Rainmaker Solutions. “After the dust settles we will continue to see more virtual meetings conducted during the sales process. The one thing that cannot be accomplished by these virtual meetings is chemistry. Chemistry is important to develop during the sales process. It is often the one

thing that will separate one company from another with all other factors being equal.” Others agree, noting “Zoom-fatigue” and the misery of sitting in front of a computer for hours on end. “I can see the continuation of virtual conferences or meetings. But a virtual tradeshow makes no sense to me,” says Gene Detroyer, an international business professor at Guizhou University of Finance and Economics. “I have been on both sides of tradeshows. As an exhibitor, I always had to take deep breaths because of how much they cost. But I could never see an alternative. The personal interaction it creates with the product and the people is priceless. Given a choice to spend less or more, I always chose more. “And the same goes for the other side. You spend days walking aisles to find the one thing that fits your needs. As awful as those days were, I can’t even imagine how awful being online for days doing the same thing would be.” ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 23

7/1/20 9:38 AM


Pivoting to Survive in a Pandemic BY LI JACKSON, VP OF MARKETING, PLUS STUDIOS

I have been in the events and exhibits industry for almost 20 years now. We survived 9/11 and the dot. com bubble recession in 2001, the 2008 global financial crisis with the banks, and now the 2020 economic crisis due to the pandemic, which according to BBC News is the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression in the 1930s. According to a study by Go LIVE Together, a new association that advocates for legislation to assist in the events industry recovery, our industry represents about 6.6 million jobs and approximately $885 billion of business sales. Due to the pandemic, many in the industry have had to pause their businesses and unfortunately some have had

I asked how the pandemic affected their business, what they did to sustain/ pivot & will it be sustainable going forward?

to close their doors. Some were able to move quickly and pivot their businesses to survive these last three months. At Plus Studios, we have had to focus our business on permanent builds. We worked with hotels on the strip to create hygiene and social distance barriers. Luckily, as an essential business, we were able to also provide interior build outs for major construction jobs on the strip. We are optimistic that tradeshows will be back by the fourth quarter, and we look forward to getting back to creating experiences and building exhibits. Moving forward we will continue to be nimble and provide build support to all industries. I asked three Las Vegas industry business owners how the pandemic has affected their business, what they did in the last 90 days to sustain their business, and will it be sustainable for their business moving forward. Here are their replies: Rethink Fabrics, a sustainable apparel company, creates branded and private label T-shirts made from 100 percent recycled plastic water bottles for exhibitors at tradeshows and events. “As tradeshows were being canceled, we were able to quickly repurpose our fabrics from producing shirts to masks very early in the pandemic stage and sold hundreds of custom masks in the first week,” says Terence

Jackson, principal. “Due to the fact that our fabric is already anti-microbial and water-wicking, it was a logical progression to make masks for our customers. Moving forward we will continue to sell masks and other travel accessories that will protect travelers, tourists and tradeshow attendees while diverting plastic from oceans and landfills.” Las Vegas Mannequins is the source for quality mannequins in Las Vegas since 2004, servicing tradeshow exhibitors, events and retailers. “Prior COVID about half of our sales were event related and the rest were retail,” says Alison Wainwright, CEO/ founder. “We saw a 100 percent drop in event-related sales. During the shutdown we pushed online sales. We did a large amount of rack rentals for retail remodels and provided them with labor services for removing and packing clothing. I personally did curbside deliveries and pick up, boxed and shipped mannequins nationwide, and weeded my parking lot weekly. That kept me very busy. To keep sales going I have been selling items from our “exclusive collection” which consists of museum figures that were never previously in the market for sale. There are a lot of new retail stores opening and current stores revamping, so hopefully we will continue to see this business.”

OS Photo Booths (the sister company to Orion Star Events) strives to provide a unique experience and an incredibly fun-filled addition to parties. “It has been tough on my business because I do events, and I provide photo booths at events,” says Bianca Cimino, owner. “All my events have been pushed back to the end of the year or early 2021. I am accommodating all my clients with any questions or concerns and updated my contracts to include a COVID clause. Fortunately, I have been in touch with all my clients throughout the entire COVID situation. To sustain my business, I offered additional time to their events, or up to two years to reschedule when we resume. In the future, we will provide sanitizer and wipes and ask clients to pick up their own photos and wipe everything down every 10 to 15 minutes. For now, we will do away with having the hats and masks but will give our clients options.” Li Jackson is an 18-year veteran of the events and exhibits industry and is currently the VP of marketing at Plus Studios, curators of unforgettable tradeshows, unique events, and modernistic interiors. She is also the editor of Tradeshowlife, an online educational and media outlet; & exec. dir. at Rethink Worldwide, a non-profit organization focused on ending single-use plastic.

24 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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“Would Not Recommend!”


Have your reviews of 2020 been?

Missing our TradeShow Brothers and Sisters Hope we can all be together soon. Until then, know we’ll be here for you when you return.

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L-R: OCCC’s Katarina Dos Santos, marketing & comm. asst. mgr. & Nadia Vanderhoof, marketing & comm. mgr. with Alliance Nationwide Exposition’s staff: Desiree Massi, nat’l. sales mgr.; Ka'Vonna McCowen, nat’l. account mgr.; Jessica Pratti, dir. of account mgmt. & design; and Nicole Unger, VP of sales


Alliance Nationwide Exposition, in collaboration with the Orange County Convention Center, will host the Together Again Expo on July 24. This industry event is designed to provide a forum on how live events can safely move forward and get back to business as Florida enters Phase 2 of the COVID-19 recovery. The Together Again Expo will offer attendees and suppliers the opportunity to learn about new industry best practices and will provide strategies and tools on how safely and responsibly to re-open live events, conventions and tradeshows. This event is open to all event professionals and suppliers. A live stream to include an educational

component will also be offered in conjunction with the Together Again Expo. Producers are expecting 5,000 virtual attendees and another 5,000 in-person attendees/exhibitors. “The OCCC is proud to host the Together Again Expo to help instill confidence throughout our industry as we begin to incrementally host modified events,” says OCCC Executive Director Mark Tester. The expo will include multiple 15-minute educational presentations, guest speakers and exhibitor video commercials on a centrally focused Main Stage that will be live streamed to virtual attendees. A product showcase will also be featured with select exhibitors to showcase new innovative

health and safety products and services for the industry. Attendees will also be able to explore a Restaurant Row Pavilion, Hotel Pavilion, Safety Services Pavilion and General Event Services Pavilion. “As leaders in the exposition industry, it is our responsibility to provide our customers and stakeholders a vision for the future,” says Alliance Nationwide Exposition CEO Mark Yuska. “Expositions are vital to the business community and the U.S. economy at large. Together Again Expo seeks to advance these interests while promoting hope and safety.” All 10×10 booths are available complimentary for exhibitors, and enhanced sponsorship opportunities are available

26 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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7/1/20 9:42 AM

for 20×20 booths and larger. Event industry professionals will receive complimentary registration and are encouraged to participate in any capacity. Says Nicole Unger, VP of sales at Alliance Nationwide Exposition, “Attendees at Together Again will be the first to meet in the industry in a very new and different environment. We expect to bring over 300 exhibitors and 5,000 attendees to experience their first live event in a post quarantine environment. Ten days after the launch, we have already signed up over 120 exhibitors, and over 1,000 attendees. Together Again Expo will essentially be a live demo where attendees and exhibitors will be the cast, and they will experience for themselves multiple new safety tools and practices including temperature monitoring, touchless registration, social distancing, as well as new F&B and sanitation practices throughout the entire facility and event. These tools will allow the attendee to implement these safety strategies into their own events."

She continues, "We also have many sponsors and exhibitors who have taken this 'down time' to lead the way for the industry to successfully hold live events moving forward. We will feature product showcases on the main stage from our Premier Sponsors—Sunbelt Rentals, United Service Companies and CORT Events—who will all showcase innovative health and safety products and services." They will be featuring a Live Opening General Session on Safety Protocols to include senior officials from the OCCC, Visit Orlando, Orlando International Airport, GBAC, IAPPA, Orlando Health and AAU, to discuss how conventions will be able to be held safely and responsibly. They will also feature a virtual panel with industry organizations (as of press time) to include IAEE, PCMA, ASAE, SISO, ESCA, CEIR, EIC and IAVM on the future of the event industry in the new normal with COVID-19. Both of these sessions will be led and facilitated by Carrie Ferenac of CNTV. The Together Again Expo will be

produced and live streamed by Technisch Creative. In addition to the production for the live event, Technisch Creative will give virtual attendees an opportunity to experience the event from start to finish, remotely. Attendees at home will be able to view and participate in all live and virtual presentations, and they will also explore the expo with personal exhibitor interviews, entertainment, and video highlights from select exhibitors and sponsors. "Our goal is to provide fast moving, engaging content that demonstrates the future of events," says Unger. Meeting and event professionals and suppliers can register at www.together againexpo.com. Alliance Nationwide Exposition is a General Service Contractor providing exposition production, logistics, labor and decor to more than 527 events annually throughout the U.S. Alliance operates in more than 60 U.S. cities with working experience in 560 hotels and convention centers. For more info, visit alliance-exposition.com

We don’t just FURNISH SHOWS.


So go ahead and call us what we are: your partner in executing unforgettable engaging trade shows. © 2020 CORT. A Berkshire Hathaway Company.

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On the Front Lines of COVID-19 BY AMADEUS FINLAY

On April 2, ECN debuted a new weekly column online and in our Thursday e-newsblasts called “On the Front Lines of COVID-19.” Here’s some excerpts from the last two months; to read “the rest of each story,” please visit our website. If your company is going above and beyond to assist in this crisis, please email us at newsdesk@exhibitcitynews.com for inclusion in future stories in this series. April 30: On the Front Lines of COVID-19: beMatrix, Derse, Gilbane & Sho-Link Derse announced that it had entered the fight against coronavirus by sourcing, fabricating and installing 530 temporary 10x10 patient rooms at the alternative care facility within the Exposition Center at Wisconsin State Fair Park. Working in

partnership with tradeshow service and labor cooperative, Sho-Link, and general contractor Gilbane Building Company, the temporary rooms were assembled and installed in eight days, with more than 100 workers leveraged across multiple shifts… May 7: On the Front Lines of COVID-19: DS&L, Moss, ProExhibits and Willwork Willwork, has answered the call by building temporary medical structures in Baltimore, Detroit and other cities to ease the burden on the nation’s overworked hospitals. Pam Sparks, director of exhibitor services, explains, “The events industry shut down almost overnight, which meant that the traditional demand for our time, talent and equipment quickly faded. As a result, our leadership team began brain-

storming about ways we could put those resources back to work in meaningful ways. The Army Corps of Engineers was pushing contractors hard to build quickly in hot spots across the county, with no time to spare. Building temporary structures under tight deadlines is in our DNA, so we knew this was our opportunity to help…” May 14: On the Front Lines of COVID-19: Studio Displays, CompuSystems & Elevation3D In North Carolina, Studio Displays of Pineville has refocused its business model to ensuring the health of their clients and their employees is afforded as much protection from the COVID-19 virus as possible. “We have been working to develop a number of tools, including infection prevention kiosks, screening stations and secure testing environments, to help our clients bring their employees back safely,” explains Lori Pope Rosso, president and COO… May 21: On The Front Lines of COVID-19: Ad Rail USA, EDPA NE, Gilman Bros. & T3 Expo Ad Rail USA, the exclusive U.S. provider of Ad Rail escalator handrail media, had been dealing in sanitary practices years before the world had even heard of the coronavirus. As Gianni Cotteta, founder and CEO of Ad Rail USA explains, by fitting existing handrails with a non-permanent, removable film that eliminates germs, users can travel safely without compromising their health. “Our escalator handrail sponsorship always included an antimicrobial property, however it is now a key benefit…”

AllSpace Group's sanitizing gateway that emanates dry, sanitized mists

May 28: On the Front Lines of COVID-19: Dex Exhibit Systems, GCCC, JUICEWORKS Exhibits & PredictMedix In Indiana, Dex Exhibit Systems is

28 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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7/1/20 10:06 AM

taking a mindful approach to the state of the industry by designing solutions that support the needs of today while anticipating the environment of the show floor of tomorrow. “The pause has provided an opportunity for us to reflect on how we do business,” says Tim Searle, sales and product design, “and how to develop solutions that work with that new landscape. A lot of companies have been buying beMatrix components to support medical demands or social distancing so we designed a modular deck system that works with beMatrix or Aluvision walls…” June 4: On the Front Lines of COVID-19: Orbus, Astound Group & the Pandemic Risk Insurance Program Natalie Whited, VP of marketing reveals that Orbus is shifting its entire focus to helping society back on its feet, both inside the tradeshow industry and


028_Covid_Frontlines_0720.indd 2

out. “Now that businesses are re-opening,” says Whited, “companies have a need to communicate their needs and offerings, as well as displays detailing new guidelines for hygiene, social distancing, etc. We have been introducing sanitizing stations and floor vinyls to outline social distancing parameters. We have also been rolling out facemasks and portable guards that can be easily disinfected…” June 18: On the Front Lines of COVID-19: CDS, Brookline Transportation, Tradeshow Network Marketing Group & AllSpace Group On June 4, Convention Data Services, an event registration, business intelligence and lead management firm, launched DigiBadge, an event check-in solution managed directly from a personal mobile device, and it is already creating waves. Considered a “fundamental part of CDS’ Touchless Toolkit,”

Studio Displaysdesigned infection prevention kiosk

DigiBadge provides a safe, touchless, and efficient self-check-in registration solution for all event types and sizes…

ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 29

7/1/20 10:06 AM


Sven Bossu

AIPC 2.0

by Sven Bossu, AIPC CEO


IPC, the global association of event venues, launched its change process during its Annual Congress of 2019. The current crisis will accelerate this process as the AIPC community is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. A six-pillar program—actively supported by the AIPC Board of Directors—will focus on creating maximal value for its members and the event industry. Created in 1958, AIPC has a longstanding tradition in providing value to its members across the world. The association is committed to encouraging and recognizing excellence in convention center management, while at the same time providing the tools to achieve such high standards through its research, educational and networking programs. The reality in which our members operate has fundamentally changed over the last months. Event venues have

demonstrated their community engagement by transforming themselves into health and care facilities to support overwhelmed health systems and at the same time were confronted with measures which implied to close for business. AIPC—in collaboration with UFI and ICCA—launched a series of guides providing best practices when confronting the challenges imposed and which provided tangible support during the first phase of the crises: survival. With exit strategies now being rolled out in different regions we enter a different phase. Thrust needs to be regained that organized events can take place in a safe and secure way and still achieve their core objective: connect people, exchange ideas and drive innovation. All of which is dearly needed to relaunch the world economies. This reality offers an opportunity to AIPC to accelerate the change process initiated by the Board of

Directors in 2019. A change program, focusing on six key areas, has been set up and will be implemented in the next six months. Each of those areas will be “patronaged” by a member of the Board of Directors. The outcome of this change program will provide a tangible toolkit allowing our members not only to adapt to, but to thrive in a new reality. This is indeed the ambition we should have as an event community: to come out of this crisis stronger together. This will require leadership, creativity and imagination. We will need to boldly go where no person has gone before in the space of events and chart these unknown territories in order to create value for our customers and for the ecosystem in which we function. Venues can indeed no longer see themselves in isolation: we are part of a larger ecosystem and can have a tremendous impact beyond the purely economical one. The recognition of this

impact has already started pre-COVID 19 and will now be accelerated. Organized, safe and secure events are a key element for achieving a wide range of society objectives— economical, health, sustainability and so much more. Achieving this will require even closer partnerships with key stakeholders such as local authorities and event organizers. AIPC will be there to support its members in creating those partnerships and to bring them to the level needed to support the goal of our association: make the community grow together. Sven Bossu was appointed as AIPC’s first CEO on May 1. In his previous role, Bossu was the managing director for innovation at ESTRO, the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology. He also has eight years of experience in the meetings industry from his time at SWIFT, where he was responsible for the organization of their world-renowned SIBOS conference. Contact him at sven.bossu@aipc.org. AIPC represents a global network of more than 190 leading centers in 64 countries with the active involvement of more than 1,000 management-level professionals worldwide. It is committed to encouraging and recognizing excellence in convention center management, based on the diverse experience and expertise of its international representation, and maintains a variety of educational, research, networking and standards programs to achieve this. AIPC also celebrates and promotes the essential role of the international meetings industry in supporting economic, academic and professional development and enhancing global relations amongst highly diverse business and cultural interests. For more info, visit aipc.org.

30 July/Augustl 2020 Exhibit City News

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7/1/20 9:47 AM



U.S. Trade Threatened by Hong Kong-China Relations by Cynthya Porter


s tensions between Hong Kong and China intensify, many around the world’s business sector wonder aloud what further Chinese control over the Special Administrative Region (SAR) could mean for the future of trade between Hong Kong and the rest of the world. Having operated autonomously for the most part since it was given back to China by Great Britain in 1997, Hong Kong has long been considered a dynamic financial hub with the freest economy in the world. To that point, the limited role of government in business, open market, rule of law and regulatory efficiency have made Hong Kong one of the globe’s premiere exhibition and event destinations—bringing more than $53 billion to the region’s economy. More than 100 annual events are estimated to bring nearly two million overseas visitors to Hong Kong each year, and free trade has brought thousands of overseas companies to show floors there. But a continued encroachment by China on Hong Kong’s autonomy could just be the beginning, analysts say, of a move to bring the SAR into the fold of China—a @ExhibitCityNews

030_AIPC+IntFocus_0720.indd 2

move many believe would halt the region’s ability to continue as a world trade center. While Hong Kong defers to China in some areas of authority—primarily military endeavors and international representation in places such as the United Nations, its free-enterprise system is a far cry from China’s communist structure, and it currently suffers none of the effects of the trade war that has been escalating between the U.S. and China. U.S. goods are taxed at zero percent in Hong Kong and the SAR has something called “special status” with the U.S., which allows it to have its own U.S. trade agreements despite technically being under China’s umbrella. But if China continues to draw Hong Kong under its rule, the U.S. could dissolve that status, upending the status of 1,300 American companies with business operations in Hong Kong and hindering the $67 billion in trade that currently exists between the U.S. and Hong Kong. Of that trade, more than $26 billion is surplus trade in favor of the U.S. Aside from the potential devastating effects on existing trade agreements, a

China power-grab could complicate the ease with which companies are able to exhibit at or attend events in Hong Kong. Firms wanting to exhibit at tradeshows in China have myriad hoops and red tape they must navigate to bring goods into the country, while Hong Kong has comparatively few customs barriers for tradeshow items. But more than being subject to China’s rules, regulations and limitations, companies wanting to do business in Hong Kong without the U.S.’s “special status” could become pawns in an escalating tit-for-tat between the super powers, as China has promised retaliation if the U.S. revokes Hong Kong’s preferential designation. Cynthya Porter is a 70-time award-winning journalist recognized by national and international associations for her journalistic expertise in tradeshow topics, travel writing, photography and news. She has covered the exhibition industry since 2011 and, though she makes her home in the Midwest, she travels the world in search of interesting stories and photographs. ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 31

7/1/20 9:47 AM

Willwork Global Event Services is proud to support COVID-19 recovery efforts with our resources and solutions

www.willwork.com | 508.230.3170

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SHOP TO SHOWFLOOR An In-Depth Look into Today’s World of I&D and Event Labor

The Rigging World: 80 foot audio tower for PRG for Univeristy of Arizona Wildcats graduation with 8,000 lbs of speakers

Industry Bands Together for Global Exhibitions Day Pg. 34-36

The Rigging World: Training, Strategic Planning & the Five Pillars of Simplicity Pg. 38

Aluvision: Let’s Get Social with a Distance Pg. 40-41

This section is dedicated to all exhibit house professionals, as well as all exhibit managers and tradeshow coordinators worldwide. For advertising information and rates, please call our offices at 702-309-8023 and ask for sales. @ExhibitCityNews

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SHOP to SHOWFLOOR I&D and Event Labor

Industry Bands Together For Global Exhibitions Day By Cynthya Porter


t would not be an exaggeration to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the exhibition and event industry to its knees, but if not for the activism of Global Exhibitions Day and its U.S.-based counterpart Exhibitions Mean Business, governments around the world might never understand how important to the economy the tradeshow, meetings and events industry actually is. For seven years, people representing the various aspects of the tradeshow, meetings and events sector have descended on government leaders for straight talk about what they can do to make the industry stronger and the lives of millions of people better as a result. This year, the event occurred virtually and the list of requests for government leaders was long, as meetings and events of every kind

are at a full stop around the world and the ramifications of that are almost too gargantuan to calculate. Globally, the exhibition industry alone employs an estimated 3.2 million people directly and indirectly—from coat check people to exhibit fabricators to the local flower shop and linen service that make their living providing services to the 32,000 or so exhibitions that happen annually. Also, 4.5 million exhibiting companies and more than 300 million visitors flood destinations with money, supporting restaurants, hotel maids, rental car business and on and on and on. However, for as devastating as the pandemic has been on the exhibition world in particular, that fact doesn’t even appear on the radar of many legislators because the exhibition and event world operates in something of a

bubble that you can only see when you work within it. For its part in advocacy, GED outfitted a microsite with an extensive volume of resources to help companies reach out to their regional or national officials to convey how important the industry is to the world’s economy as well as the economies of local communities. With a wide array of info graphs that anyone could download, GED depicted how exhibitions create a more sustainable world by reducing the number of business trips necessary, improve destinations by promoting tourism, facilitate networking relationships that spawn growth and innovation, enable world trade and more. To participate, companies around the world could use their imaginations for ways to

attract attention. Promotional videos, meetings with policy makers, webinars, hybrid events, bingo, virtual running parties—according to GED’s recap, people and organizations from at least 114 countries and regions joined in the initiative. In the U.S., Exhibitions Means Business, which coincides with Global Exhibition Day in early June, consists of more than 100 movers and shakers from all corners of the industry meeting in Washington, D.C., to hold meetings with lawmakers, testify in committees, and create visibility for the exhibitions industry. Other companies in the industry that did not attend the event might post something in support of the effort on social media or their website, but the gathering in Washington, D.C., has always been the main activity. This year’s circumstances meant there would be no march up the steps of the Capitol, so organizers went back to the drawing board to reimagine how they could take a stand. Undaunted by the fact that the activities would need to occur on a digital platform— which Exhibitions Means Business had never done—the group created a day-long digital session that included meetings with legislators, small group breakout rooms, presentations by exhibition industry leaders and even break rooms that featured live music, yoga, meditation and several other themes. The day was a resounding success, with 1,600 people registering to attend—far more than the number that could participate when the event was at the Capitol. Their enthusiasm was

34 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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7/9/20 2:04 PM

Exhibitions Mean Business

Did You Know? spurred on by All 50 states have exhibitions. an opening speech from Senator Chris Coons from 2,000+ 461+ Million NSF B2C Events in of Exhibiting space Delaware who U.S. annually encouraged them, “I know this is a difficult time, but contributed by I am optimisB2B Events to the 1.6 Million 81.3 Million tic that we U.S. GDP in 2019 Exhibiting B2B & B2C Attendees will recover Companies in U.S. annually and we will get through this together.” 9,400+ B2B Events in AdmittedU.S. annually ly, the U.S. www.exhibitionsmeanbusiness.org exhibition, meeting and event industry has a long way er, offered some good news to to go to recover to return to attendees during the virtual its pre-pandemic self. Before event. “I’m very pleased to the coronavirus came along, tell you that in the last couple Go Live Together, an advocacy of weeks, we’ve raised almost effort created by industry busi$500,000 through the Go nesses and associations, says Live Together Coalition,” Duthat as a whole it was supportBois told them. “That money ing 6.6 million jobs, providing is being used to hire a lobby$419 billion in direct spending ing firm that will help us dive in local economies and pumpinto very critical aspects of ing $130 billion into state, local additional legislation.” and federal taxes. The Center In advance of Global for Exhibition Industry ReExhibitions Day, the group search (CEIR) estimates that worked with lawmakers there are 11,400 events hapwho support the industry to pening annually, with 9,400 of generate several pieces of them serving business-to-busi- legislation aimed at helping ness audiences and 2,000 the exhibitions and events operating as business-to-conindustry plus the ancillary sumer shows. businesses that serve it surWith nearly every event vive until it reopens. canceled or postponed for The first bill generally months on end and well into addresses public health and the foreseeable future, the in- recovery including the followdustry is reeling and is going ing components: to need some specific support from the federal government Incentivize a safe restart to help it survive. David of the exhibitions, meetDuBois, president and CEO of ings, and events economy: the International Association »   Create a temporary travel tax credit of Exhibitions & Events and »   Allow businesses to fully deduct one of the cornerstones of the food and entertainment expenses effort behind Go Live Togeth- »   Provide tax breaks for personal

$ 101B

*U.S. numbers: Center for Exhibition Industry Research


034_STS_GED_0720.indd 2

protective equipment and sterilization of facilities »   Enact tax measures to help revitalize U.S. tradeshows and exhibitions

Development Administration grants for DMOs and small businesses to promote healthy travel practices and encourage travel where it is safe.

Extend and enhance CARES Act relief: »   Include Destination Marketing Organizations in the Paycheck Protection Program »   Increase borrowing limits so businesses can withstand an extended period of lost revenues and operational disruption »   Extend covered period for loan forgiveness »   Modify eligibility of the Coronavirus Relief Fund »   Provide additional support for airports and aviation businesses Support community-based economic recovery: »   Provide $10 billion in Economic

The second bill is targeted at relief for chambers, tourism organizations and other 501 (c) (6) organizations that are often supported exclusively by local taxes generated by travelers. The bill would expand the Paycheck Protection Program to encompass organizations with 300 or fewer employees that (1) operate under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code, or (2) are a destination marketing organization engaged in promoting communities and facilities to businesses travelers. “Both 501(c)(6) and DMOs play a critical role

ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 35

7/9/20 2:04 PM

SHOP to SHOWFLOOR I&D and Event Labor

in a phased reopening of the economy, which will be increasingly more difficult if they do not have Paycheck Protection Program funding to sustain their operations “ Exhibitions Mean Business says. “The lack of investment will cost the U.S. economy millions in revenue and jobs. DMOs provide critical economic development services for nearly every community across the U.S. DMOs are the engines of the travel economy and their collapse will slow the economic recovery of the entire travel industry. Many of these organizations may not survive until it is safe to meet again.” This bill was introduced to the House in early May and is currently being considered by the House Committee on Small Business. The last bill is the one that has made it the farthest through the legislative process, earning House approval on May 15 and currently being advanced to the Senate. It is called the HEROES Act—an acronym for the Health and Economic Recover Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act, and while it does not provide targeted relief for the tradeshowand event-related firms, its components would provide resources for many working within the industry. Specifically, the HEROES Act: »   Expands the Paycheck Protection Program implemented by the Small Business Administration to all associations and nonprofits. Many of these organizations will need

this source of financial protection to withstand the loss of revenue due to cancelled or postponed exhibitions and events. »   Includes a provision for another round of stimulus checks, or economic impact payments. It would provide $1,200 to every family member, including children, up to $6,000 per household. »   Extends the extra $600 weekly federal unemployment benefit through January 2021. Gig workers, independent contractors, part-time workers and the self-employed will also be able to take advantage of unemployment benefits through March 2021. »   Provide $500 billion in direct assistance to state governments to counter the fiscal impacts of the pandemic, $375 billion to assist local governments, $20 billion to tribal governments and $20 billion to U.S. territories. »   Provide an additional $75 billion for coronavirus testing, contact tracing and isolation measures. It also would ensure that all Americans could receive free coronavirus treatment. »   Allocates $3.6 billion in grants to states for planning and preparation of elections, as well as to bolster election security. »   Gives $25 billion in assistance to the Postal Service, which is expected to run out of money by late September without congressional assistance. “In these extraordinary financial times it is critical for the federal government to use whatever fiscal means it has at its disposal to prop up the economy,” Exhibitions Mean Business says. It also provides numerous resources to help people take direct action with their own lawmakers,

including helping them determine who those lawmakers are and what their position is on the subject. Email templates, contact information, a bill tracker to follow the legislative process, tutorials on how to get in front of legislators, an ambassador program and much more fill out the microsite in order to arm industry constituents with the tools they need to speak up. “Exhibitions Mean Business is focused on issues and legislation that impact our industry, our members and our communities,” officials say. “These issues will evolve and change over time, but it’s up to all of us as an industry to ensure that our voice is heard.”

Autumn Briggs, an attendee of the virtual Exhibitions Mean Business event, completely agrees. “It’s important for us to tell our story about how it’s directly impacting us, which I think it’s important for them to know— for everyone to know,” she says. “I don’t think that everyone realizes how much it affects other businesses.” The positive response to this year’s Global Exhibition Day activities was a step in the right direction towards banding as many industry professionals together as possible to amplify a voice on the issues impacting them all, industry leaders say. “This is really just the beginning,” Carrie Ferenac, president of CNTV, told attendees. “We want you to continue emailing, continue tweeting, continue posting on Instagram and Facebook so that not only do our elected officials know the importance of this industry, but so do all of our friends and family. This is a message that needs to go out to the world big picture.”

36 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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“People start to heal the moment they feel heard.”








shared information

stay calm


now what

― Cheryl Richardson


strength confused



try normal












looking forward facts together nervous lock down hope

guidance scared future




Your words are being heard. “So proud of all our Sho-Link Heroes”


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Training, Strategic Planning & the Five Pillars of Simplicity


e are now several months into you and your team were rigging educated dealing with an uncomfortand knew that only forged shouldered able and unprecedented eyebolts are the approved standard for job climate. And aren’t we feeling suspension and rigging, then you’d “enough is enough” and looking never have this scenario arise on forward to getting back to work— any of your projects. Putting it providing excellent services once simply: Rigging education imagain for our partners and cliproves the safety, time and profit ents? In the meantime, there’s the By Andrew Fulton on your jobs and supports what I exceptional online rigging courses call “strategic planning.” from Industrial Training International. Strategic planning is based on the Five ITI’s training helps you understand your Pillars of Simplicity. Here they are: managing riggers’ thought processes and PREPAREDNESS! You can get this their rigging needs. This is a big deal. Take a by pairing your rigging education with regularly occurring on-the-job scenario, for that of a professional rigging designer. example. It has to do with a very simple yet He can relieve any anxieties by heading very important piece of rigging hardware, off unnecessary problems and glitchthe eyebolt. Almost all tradeshow booths es. The rigging designer goes through incorporate suspended scenic pieces—susevery element to be rigged, ensures only pended by eyebolts. Competent riggers correct hardware is onsite, and oversees know these need to be forged shouldered how those elements are rigged. The preeyebolts (from reputable manufacturers paredness pillar guarantees the desired such as Chicago Hardware, Crosby, Camptimeline is maintained so your project is bell, Columbus McKinnon). And if that isn’t completed on time or ahead of schedule, what’s been provided, a project comes to a all suspended elements are rigged in standstill because the rigger knows not to the safest manner, and that the project use anything but the approved hardware. comes in on or under budget. This pillar What happens next? The job’s schedule of simplicity is the smartest way to operand work flow is compromised. But if ate and every client appreciates this.

SATISFYING! When you have specialists in place at each facet of your project, you can feel satisfied that business is being handled well—that whatever situation may arise, you have the expert to handle that scenario. COMFORTING! Tremendous comfort comes from having a meticulously-designed rigging plan and an accurate timeline for completion. Worries are minimized and a frenetic work environment is avoided. You and your client can be comfortable knowing the work flow is being properly and safely managed and that there’s positive energy on the job. UNDERSTANDABLE! It’s a truism: “We don’t know what we don’t know.” Your own rigging education can mitigate some of this, but bringing a rigging leader onto your team fills in the gaps. Back to the above-mentioned eyebolt example: You and your team would understand exactly what’s required for your project to be executed properly, safely and on time. No sub-standard hardware or gear on your watch. SUSTAINABLE! Sustainable processes, sustainable procedures, sustainable successes. And it all stems from sustainable relationships with clients. While you can contribute to this through your own ITI rigging education, your rigging leader is the one who guarantees this sustainability. Rigging leaders make us look good because they work from an asset protection perspective. They’re experts at protecting the production company, the client, the venue, the rigging team and the event attendees. This is sustainable. It’s the ultimate pillar of simplicity. When we finally get back to work, we can hit the ground running with increased rigging education. Andrew Fulton is a 23-year member of IATSE Local 720 and is currently the lead production rigger at UNLV’s Thomas & Mack Center. He manages projects for the Las Vegas PRG office and is also part owner of Rigging International Group, a rope access training and services company established in 2015. He offers rigging training & education through his entertainment rigging school RIG FOR SUCCESS. Contact him at andrew@rigforsuccess.com

38 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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Let’s Get Social with a Distance PICTURES BY ALUVISION

During this time of the COVID-19 crisis, the tradeshow and event sector is standing still. Companies within the industry are reinventing themselves. Aluvision shows the flexibility and modularity of their system by launching a new product range of healthy and safe solutions. Make everyday environments like offices, museums, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. safely accessible again with the Aluvision SAFE collection. The SAFE collection includes a wide range of space and desk dividers to create modular environments and 4 new collections of sanitizer dispenser displays. The Aluvision aesthetic frames are quick and easy to assemble and above all, offer a hygienic, maintenance-friendly solution for optimal well-being. Sanitizer dispenser displays You’re in good hands! Four collections of sanitizer dispenser displays offer a wide

variety of solutions. The Essential Collection, a quick and safe start, offers displays in different sizes with the possibility to attach sanitizer dispensers to the front or the side. This range also offers displays with a built-in dispenser for a clean and elegant look. All displays are available with black or white Aluvibond panels. This sleek collection is a creative advertising tool as logos, messages, or visuals can be printed on both sides of the display. The Motion Collection adds even more of a visual experience. Looking for a way to get your message out in a more lively and clear manner? That’s what the Motion Collection is about by adding

a monitor or tablet onto the dispenser display. All displays are available with black or white Aluvibond panels. Displays can also be outfitted with an infrared camera to scan body temperature. Boost your commercial message with the Bright Collection; a range of illuminated dispenser displays finished with fabric (single-sided or double-sided). All dispensers are attached to the side. Add some elegance and go for a display with rounded corners. Choose an eye-catching display by selecting one from the Hi-LED Collection, a series of displays with seamless integration of LED tiles for video content. Different sizes

of displays and LED screens are available. Space & Desk divider Create modular environments with the utmost attention to social distancing and safety of yourself and others. Aluvision provides a wide range of modular setups that can be easily introduced into work environments, hospitals, stores, restaurants, exhibition halls, and more. A range of partition walls and space dividers create healthy spaces. The displays can be finished with fabric, hard-panel, or glass depending on your specific needs. The aesthetic frames integrate nicely into a room or office.

40 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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7/1/20 10:02 AM

Let’s get back to business with a range of desk dividers These dividers that can be placed on desks, tables, counters, etc. They can be placed on top of a surface or attached to the bottom of a surface. Choose safety and combine fabric and panel or opt for glass depending on your specific needs. Choose elegance and go for a divider with round corners. Choose flexibility and integrate a steel panel to create a magnetic surface. Get more information: www.aluvision. com/us/products/safe-collection About Aluvision Our mission is imagineering. We inspire & connect partners on their creative journey to design and build modular environments. As innovative developer & worldwide supplier of high-quality modular systems for the exhibit and event industry, Aluvision combines bold imagination with unmatched engineering and manufacturing expertise. The Aluvision frame system offers solutions for straight and


040_Aluvision_0720.indd 2

curved walls, LED videowalls, Hi-LED 55 tiles, hanging signs, displays & retail environments. Durability, reusability, precision, flexibility and modularity are the core features. Each day, our team makes every effort to swiftly and adequately respond to our clients’ requests, to complete their orders to perfection, and to follow up on feedback – all within agreed deadlines! Not only do we work with you, you can simply RELY on us for the successful completion of your project thanks to the expertise, dynamics. and enthusiasm of our staff. The strength of our products lies in their simplicity, precision, and high quality. Thanks to a very sophisticated patented production process, we manufacture our frames with unprecedented precision. Especially in combination with integrated LED tiles, great precision is of utmost importance. Precision and quality have always been two core values of Aluvision. Let us help you discover true efficiency!

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The Orange County Convention Center


he Orange County Convention Center is on International Drive, far away from the center of the city of Orlando. The road was originally laid out in the late ’60s by Finley Hamilton to go to his Hilton Inn South; his plan was to draw in people on their way to Disneyworld which was set to open in 1971, but the road was so far out in the middle of nowhere that the hotel was nicknamed “Finley’s Folly.” The construction of the road turned out to be prescient and new businesses and tourist attractions flocked to set up on the 11 mile stretch of road. By 1978 it was so well established that a 2 percent tourist tax was enacted to raise funds to build the Orange County Convention and Civic Center at the south end of International Drive and by 1983 it had opened. There have been five major expansions over the years and the first four comprise the West Building. Phase V is the North/ South building. A covered walkway connects the two sections. In 1992 the facility dropped “Civic” from its name. Because of Florida’s average 237 sunny days a year, it’s a great candidate for solar power collection. In

The OCCC boasts eight food courts and 43 permanent retail locations as well as many mobile “quick eats” setups, so you won’t lack for convenience or variety on site. Choices range from Pita Hut Greek to the Cubans Cafe to Center Garden to Ezra’s Southern Style BBQ...and really, what’s better than Ezra’s? BB King’s Blues Club, 9101 I-Dr., offers comfort food and live music just about a half mile from the OCCC. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, 9150 I-Dr., has two floors with private dining rooms, two bars and a picturesque patio. They also have in-house sommeliers and a dress code, if you’re going upscale.

SLEEP By F. Andrew Taylor

2016 four solar trees were installed around the convention center. The trees are functional sculptures, designed to draw attention to solar power in addition to drawing power from the sun. They are 22-ft. tall and incorporate a bench and power outlets, allowing visitors to enjoy the fresh air and shade while charging their phones. They draw a relatively small amount of power compared with the facility’s needs, and produce enough power to charge 1.8 million phones per year. The real powerhouse, solar-wise, is a rooftop solar array with 6,000 panels on the North/South Building. The size of four football fields, it produces 1.5 gigawatt hours of renewable energy annually. The OCCC has hosted several significant conventions and events, including the AAU Jr. National Volleyball Championships, the annual Megacon, a comics and pop culture convention, the NAHB International Builders Show and more. Its events attract about 1.5 million people annually, bringing $3 billion into the Central Florida economy. For a Q&A interview with Exec. Dir. Mark Tester, visit ECN’s website.

Four hotels are connected to the OCCC by pedestrian bridges or skywalks, so they are the obvious choices for convenience. They are the Hyatt Regency Orlando, Rosen Centre Hotel, Rosen Plaza and Hilton Orlando. On the less business-y end of the scale is Avanti International Resort, 8378 I-Dr., which is essentially a giant pool with a waterfall with a hotel wrapped around it. it advertises itself as “kid-friendly,” so you’ve been warned. On the other end of the scale is Castle Hotel Autograph Collection by Marriott, which promises it’s guests will be “immersed in art, music, cuisine and culture within its Bavarian-inspired walls, providing an oasis to travelers with uncommon taste.”

PLAY This is Orlando. What can’t you do? Air Florida Helicopter, 8990 I-Dr., offers tours over local theme parks and other attractions. Another option for spectacular views is the Wheel at ICON Park, 8375 I-Dr., a 400-ft. observation wheel surrounded by bars and other nightspots. If you’re in a more educational mood, there are several museums nearby, including Ripley’s Believe it Or Not, 8201 I-Dr. There are also a few theme parks in the area if you’ve brought your family.

42 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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042_CC_Spotlight_0720.indd 2

ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 43

7/1/20 10:05 AM


EDPA Takes Action to Reopen the Exhibitions Industry By H. K. Wilson


mid the global pandemic, EDPA is leading the charge to reopen the industry and allying with partner organizations to achieve this common goal. EDPA president Amy Sondrup says, “Reopening the exhibitions industry is not a passive activity. I am so proud of the way our members have stepped up to be proactive in

many different areas, which will help to make reopening happen sooner rather than later.” She adds, “I think we were all excited and happy to see that CES plans to be a live show in January 2021.” On June 3, Global Exhibitions Day, EDPA members affirmed their commitment to advocacy for the exhibitions industry. For them, advocacy



means direct action, contacting legislators to bring the cause of the exhibitions industry to the forefront. EDPA supports these two bills before the House of Representatives: HR6697: The Local Chamber, Tourism and 501(C)(6) Protection Act, which modifies the Paycheck Protection Program implemented by the Small Business Administration in response to COVID-19. The bill expands the program to encompass organizations with 300 or fewer employees that (1) operate under section 501(c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code (other than a professional football league), or (2) are a destination marketing organization engaged in promoting communities and facilities to businesses and leisure travelers. HR6800: The Heroes Act, responds to the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on the economy, public health, state and local governments, individuals and businesses. EDPA also endorses GBAC STAR, the cleaning industry’s only outbreak prevention, response and recovery accreditation for facilities. GBAC is a division of ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association. Its 20-part GBAC STAR Accreditation Program helps facilities establish a comprehensive system of cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention. Most

major US convention centers enrolled in this program as soon as it was announced. EDPA and the EDPA Foundation have contributed $25,000 to the GoLIVETogether initiative, which has raised more than a half-million dollars to date. GoLIVETogether provides advocacy, statistics and tools, such as this infographic, to demonstrate the contributions the exhibitions industry makes to the economy.According to Chris Griffin, EDPA vice president, regarding the Industry Advocacy and Future Workforce Initiative, “There is nothing like ‘community’ to lift people up and remind us what we can do when we rally around common goals. The tradeshow and event industry is nothing if not a community. We deal with crisis, obstacles and challenges in our day jobs. And when the stakes are as high, as they are right now, there is no more impressive group of people to be working with.” Due to space limitations, to read the rest of the EDPA Chapter Recap Roundup, please visit our website and use EDPA in the search box.

44 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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People on the Move


ndustry leader Robert Laarhoven and current president of beMatrix, has shifted to a brand ambassador position and Tara Ericson (right) has been promoted to CEO of beMatrix USA. Laarhoven will continue to represent beMatrix at events and will communicate regularly with customers. “I’m passing the torch,” says Laarhoven. “Tara Ericson is a strong leader and the right person to guide beMatrix into the future.” Ericson has been VP of sales and marketing at beMatrix since February of 2019 and has driven record growth. GES, a global experiential marketing partner to many of the world’s leading brands, announced that GES Executive VP of Industry Development John “Jack” Patronski, retired effective June 30. Patronski began his events career in 1976 as dir. of operations for the Donald E. Stephens CC. In 1978, he joined Andrews Bartlett which GES acquired in 1993. During his career, he has been recognized by IAEE, CEIR, ESCA and the PCMA Foundation receiving their Visionary Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2016 he was inducted into the Exhibition Industry Council’s Hall of Leaders. Global experiential marketing agency Impact XM has welcomed Nick Borgdorff as senior VP operations. McNabb Exhibit Flooring sent Michigan natives Benjamin Williams and Andrew Dahlbacka to Las Vegas to expand the nearly 70-year-old company’s reach to the West Coast. Tradeshow Account Manager Williams has been with McNabb doing commercial sales for two years and Dahlbacka is the warehouse overseer for their new Vegas branch. Global Shop Solutions, a global developer of ERP software for manufacturers, proudly recognized Debbie Wright on her 25th anniversary with the company.

by Exhibit City News

She began her career as a programmer & worked her way up to VP of Core Programming. CompuSystems, a leading provider of registration, data management, data analytics and lead retrieval services, welcomed John Stuttard as head of global sales, Adam Forman as CTO and Mark LoGiurato as COO to its senior management team. Aventri, the leading event technology and services provider, has appointed Lisa Choi Owens to its Board of Directors. Owens is currently the chief revenue officer and head of global partnerships at TED. The Society for Experiential Graphic Design Board of Directors has selected Cybelle Jones (left) as the new CEO of the organization and The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, based in Schaumburg, Ill., promoted Amy Trygestad, P.E., F.ACI, to VP of engineering. In convention center news, the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority named Kate Vuturo Wik as their new chief marketing officer. Wik spent nearly a decade with MGM Resorts International, most recently serving as senior VP of marketing strategy. Greg Lee (right), chairman and CEO of the Eureka Casino Resort in Mesquite, retired from the LVCVA Board in June after eight years. At his retirement he was the Audit Committee Chair, on the Policy Committee, the Board of Directors Secretary and had previously served on the Marketing Committee. Meet AC, Atlantic City’s group sales and marketing organization, has named industry veteran Larry Sieg as its new president and CEO as of July 13 and VisitPITTSBURGH has named Jerad Bachar as president and CEO.

The Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau has appointed Gregg Caren to the position of president and CEO as of June 8. Caren most recently served as the executive VP, sales and strategic business development for ASM Global (formerly SMG). Visit Sarasota County promoted Amanda Walker to meeting sales manager and Freddie Peterson, general manager of the Miami Beach Convention Center, has joined the ESCA Board of Directors. Gov. John Bel Edwards has appointed Jerry Reyes (left), the GM of the Westin Canal Place Hotel, as president of the Ernest N. Morial New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority, the governing board of the MCCNO, and Don C. Hubbard, a civil rights leader and entrepreneur as commissioner. Larry Alexander, president and CEO of the Detroit Metro CVB, has announced his intention to retire after 22 years, effective Dec. 31. He was awarded the Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015 and in 2016, Michigan Meetings + Events magazine’s Lifetime Achievement award. In international news, the Finance and HR Committee of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH appointed Petra Cullmann and Bernd Jablonowski as heads of the operative business division beginning July 1. Reed Exhibitions named Jamie Harrison as VP of product development replacing Richard Remington, who joined sister company Elsevier. Paris-based UFI has named Mina El Fazazi as head of global marketing and communications. Jeanine Dupigny Nadir Aboutaleb join The Hague Convention Bureau as international sales managers and Melbourne CC named Helen Fairclough as director of business relaunch.

46 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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Raul Vicente Mata January 13, 1971–May 15, 2020


aul V. Mata, 49, passed away unexpectedly in his home on May 15. He worked for Freeman for more than 20 years as the Freeman labor trailer timekeeper at the LVCC. Co-worker Kevin Dugan remembers, “I think that his mostused quote was ‘I don’t have you on my list. Are you sure you’re supposed to be HERE?’ 99 percent of the time he’d find a spot for you, even if you weren’t ‘on the list’.” Former co-worker and current TLS Sr. Acct. Exec. Cameo Stancliff says, “Raul was a reliable and dependable employee who was always on time and helped keep the labor trailer running smooth and always had a smile on his face.” Denise Segarra shares that “Raul was a loving brother, dad, cousin and friend. He had a big heart, always funny outgoing friendly and a good person to work with. Raul, you will truly be missed by everyone.” He was born in Chicago and remained an avid Chicago fan— loving the White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks and da Bears. He loved to draw and loved music of almost every genre. He was always willing to help people in need, no questions asked. He loved to make people laugh and smile and was known as the Candy Man by the kids in the family with how much he loved it himself. He was predeceased by his father Vicente and his fiancée Heather Cantrell. He is survived by his grandmother Ramona Ybarra, his mother Sylvia, his siblings Jenny and Mel, his children: Raul, Emillio, Matteo Mata and Maia Cantrell, his grandchildren: Luis, Angie and Aaliyah Mata, and many aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. A service of remembrance open to the public will be held at 2 p.m. Sept. 19 at Affordable Cremation and Burial Services, 2127 W Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89102. To share a photo or memory in his online guest book, please visit www.affordablecbs.com/obituary/raul-mata. Raul with his sons Matteo and Emillio

Samanta Sabita Arjune

Sam with country singer Aaron Watson and with her parents and brothers

April 21, 1971–May 26, 2020


ormer Exhibit City News office administrator, Samanta Arjune, passed away on May 26 from complications related to the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting. She had been in and out of the hospital since she suffered a gunshot wound in the leg during the tragedy on October 1, 2017. Dalene Threeton, EDPA Las Vegas chapter executive board member, wrote on Facebook that “she and I bonded over country music, Don Svehla stories and elephants. A perfect friendship—we could go weeks and not speak and pick right back up where we left off.” Another friend, Lesa VandenHeuvel, wrote in Sam’s online guest book, “The world has lost a truly amazing person with a beautiful soul. RIP Sam Arjune, you touched so many lives and hearts and will truly be missed. Now you are holding hands with the other 59 we lost from 1 Oct. Not as a victim but as the fighter you were and the true meaning of #VegasStrong. Thank you for being such a good friend and special person in my son Kirk Engel’s life.”

Samanta's services were held May 31. To leave a memory in her online guestbook, visit www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/las-vegas-nv/ samanta-arjune-9200263 @ExhibitCityNews

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7/1/20 10:14 AM

THE D.E.A.L. By Jeanne Brei

Dining, Entertainment, Attractions & Lodging

Tu Tu Tango Café


Tu Tu Tango Café & Others Put the International in I-Drive Orlando is truly a magical city— and not just because it’s the home of Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and more. After all, if Las Vegas is a playground for grown-ups, then Orlando is a playground for kids of all ages—and both cities have impressive convention centers where the work gets done! And in addition to their half playground, half work reputations, they both have extraordinary restaurants, shows, architecture, museums and more. Starting with dining choices, my favorite restaurant in Orlando is Tu Tu Tango Café on International Drive, just a

short walk from the OCCC. In this charmingly picturesque restaurant with walls covered in eclectic art and filled with local artists painting and creating live masterpieces while you dine, you can enjoy some truly scrumptious tapas—small plates made for sharing—including smoked Thai spare ribs with tamarind BBQ sauce and marinated cucumbers; chargrilled jerk chicken skewers with roasted pineapple salsa; sesame steak skewers with chilled chili udon and ginger-soy aioli; Cuban sliders with capicola, genoa salami, pulled pork; artisan flatbread pizzas and spiced alligator bites to name just a few, with chocolate-dipped cheesecake lollipops for dessert. Mmmmm! And the sangria is available in flavors like mango and passionfruit. In addition to the visual artists, Tu Tu Tango features

spontaneous entertainment— everything from tango, flamenco, and tribal fusion belly dancers, to fire-breathers and live music out on the patio. Strolling down I-Drive, nearly every nationality’s food is featured as well as nearly every chain restaurant in America— so you can be as adventurous in your dining as you’d like to be. Exotic choices include World’s Magic Restaurant (Indonesian), Q’Kenan (Venezulan), Pio Pio (Latin), Vincenzo Cucina Italiana (Italian family-run fine dining), Cafe 34 Istanbul (24-hour Turkish with hookahs), Seito Sushi (authentic Japanese/Asian), The Nile Ethiopian Restaurant (with no utensils!), Taverna Opa (Greek) and Tapa Toro (European/Spanish) with live music and dancers, too. For the more familiar, there’s Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse, B.B. King’s Blues

Club (Southern homestyle food with live blues music), Señor Frogs, Bonefish Grill, Del Frisco’s, The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze, Yard House and Texas de Brazil Steakhouse, which was named Orlando magazine’s “Best Restaurant on I-Drive” three years in a row, with its all-you-can-eat at a fixed price, including bacon-wrapped filet mignon, lamb chops, flank steak, Brazilian sausage and an extensive salad bar with 50-60 fresh gourmet vegetable options, soups and appetizers. Finally, I-Drive boasts the largest McDonalds in the world, standing two stories tall and open 24 hours with kid-friendly entertainment like an arcade, tree house play area and concerts and gator shows. And it offers “bistro menu” options like paninis, shrimp tortellini, and Philly cheesesteak.

48 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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7/15/20 10:08 AM


A Dinner Theatre Show for Every Taste! Orlando is blessed with a multitude of dinner theatre shows that are immersive and interactive, including the Pirates Dinner Adventure where you can be kidnapped by pirates, Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows where you can become a detective and solve a mystery, Al Capone’s Dinner & Show where you can time-travel back to Gangland 1931 Chicago and the Titanic’s Gala Dinner where you can sit with Molly Brown at the Captain’s table on the Titanic in 1912 at Titanic-The Artifact Exhibition—to mention just a few! There’s also the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show at WonderWorks with unlimited hand-tossed pizza; The “#1 Dinner Show in L.A.,” the spectacular Teatro Martini Dinner Comedy Show, which features variety performers from around the world, including a comedy magician, clowns, acrobats, and performing puppies; and Orlan-


048_TheDeal_0720.indd 2

do’s hottest new dinner show featuring Vegas-level celebrity impersonator entertainment— the Kings of Rock & Pop—including Prince, Michael Jackson and Elvis, along with an all-star cast of legendary performers at the Orlando Forum on I-Drive. Time travelers can step into adventure and experience a taste of the pirate’s life when they set sail with the crew at Pirates Dinner Adventure—with a front-row seat to a swashbuckling adventure. Set aboard an 18th-century Spanish galleon with 40-foot masts, the show features action, romance, music and breathtaking aerial stunts as the evil pirate Captain Sebastian the Black leads his crew of renegades against our heroes, Benjamin Blue and the beautiful Princess Anita. Anchored in a 300,000-gallon indoor lagoon, the ship has been authentically replicated, with night sky lighting, mermaids and a Leviathan hidden in the deep. Pirates of all ages have a chance to come on stage and take part in the action. Everyone is invited to cheer and sing along as our pirates fight and swoop through the air, accompanied

by cannon blasts, pyrotechnics and plenty of laughs. This interactive dinner show includes a three-course meal and a souvenir pirate bandana or eye patch (subject to availability), looted from the pirates’ bounty. At Capone’s Dinner & Show your adventure begins in a turn-of-the-century ice cream parlor where your party will knock three times, say a secret password and enter Gangland Chicago 1931. Handsome “mobsters” and gorgeous dames shine in this unforgettable musical production and gangster giveaway (with a chance to win prizes). There’s comedy and audience interaction (if you’re the shy type, be sure to ask for a private table). At Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows, located in the Vue plaza beside Ripley’s Believe It or Not, you can enjoy your choice of Honey Glazed Cornish Hen, Cheese Lasagna or Prime Rib with unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks and step into a world of comedy and intrigue

where you become the detective. The Edison Each show offers improvisation and audience participation while you mingle with outrageous characters, interrogate the suspects and help solve the crime! There’s 13 different mysteries that alternate throughout the week presented in one of three climate-controlled theatres. And if you find yourself in Disney Springs, check out The Edison, an industrial gothic-themed hotspot for classic American cuisine and live entertainment. Designed to resemble an abandoned 1920s power plant, this cavernous, split-level space has seven distinct dining and bar areas, waterfront balcony views, steampunk-inspired décor and a lineup of unique acts—family-friendly by day and a little edgier by night. When the venue transitions into adults-only mode after 10 p.m., there’s an eclectic mix of aerialists, cabaret-style dancers, DJs, live bands and roaming stilt walkers.

ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 49

7/15/20 10:08 AM

THE D.E.A.L. By Jeanne Brei

Dining, Entertainment, Attractions & Lodging



International Drive’s Playground Orlando’s playgrounds seem limitless, and that’s not even counting Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and a multitude of miniature golf courses and escape rooms! So, if we limit ourselves to just the 35 Trolley stops on I-Drive, I’d start at ICON Park (Trolley Stop 14), a 20-acre, walkable entertainment destination with a diverse mix of more than 40 amazing restaurants, funky bars, boutique shops and can’t-miss attractions.

Anchored by The Wheel, an observation wheel that stands 400 feet (40 stories) in the air, ICON Park hosts The SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, Madame Tussauds Orlando (for selfies with the Justice League heroes) and Arcade City. Rides range from the toddler-sized Pearl Express train up to the 7D Dark Ride Adventure (a 3D motion ride that includes Zombie battles) and the Orlando StarFlyer, the world’s tallest swing ride. If you’re on a budget, the Orlando Sightseeing Flex Pass allows cash-free entry to more than 25 top Orlando attractions for 30 days and includes

an I-RIDE Trolley ticket with hop-on, hop-off privileges valid for seven days. Depending upon the attractions you choose—for instance, you can get a Helicopter Sightseeing Tour of Kissimmee Theme Park or Gatorland ($59) and the Pirates Dinner Adventure ($73) for just a $49 Two-Attractions Flex Pass. Instantly delivered mobile passes are available—and they have a free app that’s good for more than a dozen U.S. cities plus London, Puerto Rico and Malaga. Here’s just some of the Orlando attractions to choose from: Wonderworks All Access Ticket, Wild Florida (choices include a 30-minute

Airboat Tour & Wildlife Park; Animal Encounter; Drive-Thru Safari Park or Gator Feed), Coco Keys Water Park Day Pass, Escape Game Orlando, I-Drive NASCAR - The Race and Play Combo, GatorWorld, Madame Tussauds Orlando, Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park, Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, Titanic - The Artifact Exhibition, Señor Frog’s Orlando, Old Town Kissimmee, a Chocolate Kingdom Factory Tour + Customize Your Own Chocolate Bar and many, many more! The Flex Pass also gives you discounts at gift shops, car rentals, outlet malls and more. For more info, visit www.sightseeingpass.com

50 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

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7/15/20 10:08 AM


The Hyatt Regency Orlando’s History of Fowl Play: A Peabody Duck Tale The Hyatt Regency Orlando, directly connected to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando at the southern end of International Drive, was originally constructed in 1986 as The Peabody Orlando, a brand extension of the original Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tenn. When the Peabody Orlando opened in 1986, it cost $90 million and had 893 rooms in a 27-story tower. It was the second Peabody Hotel; the Memphis original dates back to 1869, has been in its current building since 1925, and continues to be one of America’s most famous hotels.

In late 2010, a $450 million renovation of the hotel added a 32-story wing that nearly doubled the number of rooms from 891 to 1,641 and added a resort pool complete with a water slide, waterfall, bridges, a kiddie area, a splash pad, an outdoor restaurant and cabanas. The 428-ft. expansion tower is the second tallest building in metropolitan Orlando, only surpassed by the 441-ft. SunTrust Center in downtown Orlando. And for almost 27 years, from 1986 to 2013, the Orlando Peabody had five celebrity ducks who lived in the hotel’s penthouse, splashed around

in the lobby fountain during the day and performed the traditional March of the Peabody Ducks twice daily. How did the tradition of the North American Mallard ducks in the lobby fountain begin? According to the hotel website, back in the 1930s, the Memphis hotel general manager Frank Schutt and a friend returned from a weekend hunting trip to Arkansas. The men had had a little too much Tennessee sippin’ whiskey, and thought it would be funny to place some of their live duck decoys into the black travertine fountain of the Peabody hotel. Three small English call ducks were selected, and the reaction was nothing short of enthusi-

astic. Thus began a Peabody tradition that Peabody Ducks was to become internationally famous. The original ducks have long since gone, but after 75 years, their progeny lived on in the graceful, marble fountain in “The South’s Grand Hotel,” The Peabody Memphis, and also at The Peabody Little Rock and The Peabody Orlando. Alas, in 2013 the Peabody Little Rock converted to a full-service Marriott and the Peabody Orlando was acquired by Hyatt for $717 million; the ducks lost their jobs at both former Peabody Hotels and retired to a farm to live out the rest of their lives. So, if you still want to see the March of the Peabody Ducks, you’ll have to head to Memphis.

Installing and Dismantling Exhibits Throughout California





Event Outfitters USA


Hwalin Design


MC 2

www.onsiteexhibitorservice.com | 707 258 8980 @ExhibitCityNews

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ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 51

7/15/20 10:08 AM

Champion Logistics Group has a transportation divison specializing in the coordination of trade shows and special events. Champion provides the most reliable and flexible trade show transportation in the industry.

52 July/August 2020 2019 Exhibit City News

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7/9/20 2:05 PM

*Disclaimer: All shows are subject to cancellation, check the official event website on the ECN Tradeshow Calendar for the latest information.

Tradeshow Calendar

Att = Attendance | CC=CC | Exh = Exhibitors | Nsf = Net Square Feet

U.S. CENTRAL Show Sunbelt Builders Show Texas High School Coaches Association - THSCA National Association of Scientific Materials Mgrs - NAOSMM National Lawn & Garden Show United Postmasters and Managers of America - UPMA Apartment Association of Greater Dallas - AAGD National Association of School Resource Officers - NASRO National Sales Network Energy Telecommunications & Electrical Assn - ENTELEC Missouri Academy of Family Physicians Annual Texas Restaurant Association - TRA Marketplace North American Handmade Bicycle Show - NAHBS World of Wipes - WOW International Conference

All Information Is Subject to Change*

Start 07/14 07/19 07/28 07/28 08/01 08/05 08/05 08/05 08/11 08/14 08/16 08/21 08/24

End 07/17 07/21 07/29 07/29 08/07 08/05 08/10 08/07 08/13 08/15 08/17 08/23 08/27

Venue Gaylord Texan Henry B. Gonzalez CC Cox CC DFW Sheraton Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel Dallas Market Hall Hilton Anatole Marriott Marquis George R. Brown CC Margaritaville Lake Resort Kay Bailey Hutchison CC Kay Bailey Hutchison CC Hyatt Regency

City Dallas San Antonio Oklahoma City Dallas St. Louis Dallas Dallas Houston Houston Osage Beach Dallas Dallas Minneapolis


Att Exh 2500 208 13.7K 383 61 180 65

You Built It!

Industry Building & Construction Education Science Landscape & Garden Government Safety

1707 2000 5041 7000

53 125

Electrical & Electronics Healthcare 505 83869 Food & Beverage 150 15000 Sporting Goods & Rec.

U.S. MIDWEST Show M-PACT - Midwest Petroleum and Convenience Trade Show Chicago Shoe Market Midwest Security & Police Conference/Expo HR Indiana Annual Conference - Human Resources Converters Expo Michigan Shoe Market Ohio Pharmacists Association Annual Conference Association for Iron & Steel Technology - AISTech Wisconsin Safety & Health Congress & Exposition Michigan Dental Association Great Lakes Logging & Heavy Equipment Expo Greater Chicago Design-2-Part Show The Battery Show & Battery Technology Expo

Nsf 31800 82100 6100 25000

All Information Is Subject to Change*

Start 07/22 08/12 08/18 08/24 08/24 08/27 08/28 08/31 09/01 09/02 09/10 09/15 09/15

End 07/24 08/13 08/19 08/26 08/25 08/28 08/30 09/03 09/02 09/04 09/12 09/16 09/17

Venue Indiana CC

City Indianapolis Lombard Tinley Park CC Tinley Park Indiana CC Indianapolis Lambeau Field Atrium Green Bay Embassy Suites Livonia Greater Columbus CC Columbus Huntington CC Cleveland Wisconsin Dells Kalahari Resort Grand Rapids DeVos Place UP State Fairgrounds Escanaba Schaumburg Schaumburg CC Novi


Att 3500

Exh Nsf 361 53K


175 28K



1200 8000 1500 5000

80 7000 413 63K 200 150 18K


270 28K

Industry Stores & Store Fittings Apparel Police Business Apparel Healthcare Metalworking Healthcare Healthcare Manufacturing Renewable Energy



052_Tradeshow_Calendar_0720.indd 2

ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 53

7/9/20 2:05 PM

Tradeshow Calendar U.S. NORTHEAST Show International Esthetics Cosmetics & Spa Conf. New York National Association of EMS Educators - NAEMSE Small Business Expo Healthcare Conv. & Exhibitors Association - HCEAConnect The Makeup Show NYC World Drug Safety Congress Americas Greater Long Island Dental Meeting New Jersey Association Of Osteopathic Physicians Surgeons - NJAOPS American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - AAFPRS Air Traffic Control Association - ATCA Annual Conference & Exhibition Air, Space & Cyber Conference & Technology Exposition M-Enabling Summit BuildingsNY

Start 08/01 08/03 08/13 08/16 08/23 09/01 09/01 09/09 09/10 09/13 09/14 09/14 09/15

End 08/03 08/08 08/13 08/18 08/24 09/02 09/02 09/12 09/12 09/16 09/16 09/16 09/16

*Disclaimer: All shows are subject to cancellation, check the official event website on the ECN Tradeshow Calendar for the latest information.

Att = Attendance | CC=CC | Exh = Exhibitors | Nsf = Net Square Feet

Venue Javits Center

City New York Pittsburgh George Sherman Union Building Boston Washington Hilton Hotel Washington Metropolitan Pavilion New York Seaport Hotel Boston Melville Hard Rock Hotel Atlantic City Boston Walter E. Washington CC Washington Washington Washington Javits Center New York

All Information Is Subject to Change*



Exh Nsf 200 81 8100

Industry Beauty & Healthcare Healthcare 5000 Business 350 34 4700 Healthcare Beauty & Healthcare 7000 80 250 20 Pharmaceutical Dental 1300 Healthcare Healthcare 3000 100 22000 Aerospace & Aviation 12K 149 13800 Aerospace & Aviation 600 Building & Construction 7000 300

U.S. NORTHWEST Show Automotive Training Expo - ATE The Money Show San Francisco PCB Design Conference West National Championship Air Races and Air Show Photomask Technology - SPIE NCIA Cannabis Business Summit SharePoint Fest Wild West Veterinary Conference Small Business Expo Federation of Analytical Chemistry & Spectroscopy - FACSS SciX IWLPC - Int’l Wafer-Level Packaging Conference DCD - Data Center Dynamics - San Francisco International Society of Plastic & Aesthetic Nurses - ISPAN

All Information Is Subject to Change*

Start 07/31 08/20 09/08 09/16 09/20 09/29 10/05 10/07 10/08 10/11 10/13 10/15 10/15

End 08/02 08/22 09/11 09/20 09/24 10/01 10/09 10/10 10/08 10/16 10/15 10/16 10/18

Venue DoubleTree Hotel Seatac Hilton San Francisco Union Sq. Santa Clara CC

City Seattle San Francisco Santa Clara Reno Monterey Conference Center Monterey San Francisco Moscone Center Seattle Reno San Francisco Reno San Jose Hilton San Francisco Union Sq. San Francisco San Mateo





Industry Financial & Legal Engineering

1200 7500 500

55 100 25 5000

Science Computers & Apps Veterinary Business Chemical Mat. Handl., Pkg & Logistics


40 21

Computers & Apps Nursing

54 July/August 2020 2019 Exhibit City News

052_Tradeshow_Calendar_0720.indd 3

7/9/20 2:05 PM

*Disclaimer: All shows are subject to cancellation, check the official event website on the ECN Tradeshow Calendar for the latest information.

See complete listing of shows online at ExhibitCityNews.com/tradeshow-calendar

Att = Attendance | CC=CC | Exh = Exhibitors | Nsf = Net Square Feet

U.S. SOUTHEAST Show Together Again Expo Florida Rural Water Association - FRWA Florida Buildings & Facilities Maintenance Show Florida Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists - FSHP Agri-Marketing Conference & Trade Show - NAMA Citrus Expo Southeast Design-2-Part Show Assoc.Builders and Contractors - ABC 21st Century Workforce Development Conf. New Orleans Gift & Jewelry Show - Summer Tennessee Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling The Louisville Gift Show Florida Chiropractic Association - FCA National Convention & Expo Florida Recreation and Park Association - FRPA

All Information Is Subject to Change*

Start 07/24 08/03 08/05 08/07 08/11 08/12 08/12 08/17 08/20 08/20 08/23 08/27 08/31

End 07/24 08/05 08/05 08/09 08/13 08/13 08/13 08/19 08/23 08/20 08/24 08/30 09/03

Venue Orange County CC Hilton Daytona Beach Florida State Fairgrounds Rosen Centre

City Orlando Daytona Beach Tampa Orlando Nashville Lee Civic Center Ft. Meyers Cobb Galleria Atlanta Music City Center Nashville New Orleans Morial CC Knoxville Expo Center Knoxville Paroquet Conf. Center Louisville Hyatt Regency Orlando Orlando


Att 5000


1100 1200

100 10000 Pharmaceutical 60 6000 Agriculture & Farming Agriculture & Farming 179 18700 Manufacturing Building & Construction 100 350 95000 Jewelry 85 8500 Building & Construction 100 20000 Gifts 420 43000 Healthcare 200 18000 Sporting Goods & Rec.

1173 1300 27K 2000 2100 3000 1000

U.S. SOUTHWEST Show The Money Show Las Vegas Roller Skating Association International Convention - RSA IDN Summit & Expo Mobile Tech Expo - MTE National Hardware Show JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show California Workers’ Compensation & Risk Conference Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Channel Partners Evolution Self Storage Convention & Exposition Fall - SSA THE EXPERIENCE Conference & Trade Show Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo Licensing International Expo


Industry Exhibition & Meeting Ind.

All Information Is Subject to Change*

Start 08/16 08/23 08/24 08/28 09/01 09/03 09/08 09/08 09/08 09/08 09/09 08/09 08/11

End 08/20 08/27 08/26 08/29 09/03 09/06 09/11 09/11 09/11 09/11 09/11 08/11 08/13

Venue Bally’s Las Vegas Tropicana Hotel

Las Vegas CC

Mandalay Bay MGM Grand Paris Las Vegas Anaheim CC Mandalay Bay

City Las Vegas Las Vegas Phoenix Las Vegas Las Vegas Tucson Dana Point Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Anaheim Las Vegas


Att 8000 500 700 2376 19K 37K 1200 1287 2500 2500 3300 8K 19K

Exh Nsf 85 100 10000 10000 120 91800 2.7K 559K 400 140 158 52K 100 15000 100 50K 190 29.6K 400 50K 420 205K

Industry Financial & Legal Sporting Goods & Rec. Healthcare Building & Construction Jewelry Insurance Beauty & Healthcare Communications Physical Distribution Building & Construction Food & Beverage Business

• Delivery in Las Vegas, FedEx/UPS to all cities • Be a HERO use Horizon Print Solutions and make it EZ • Everything for your show or event from a top quality 25 year supplier!

Color Printing • Rack cards • Brochures • Booklets • Everything else @ExhibitCityNews

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Meeting & Event Supplies • Lanyards & Credentials • Binders, Tabs and inserts • Tote Bags & Inserts • Tickets & Programs

Promotional Products • Giveaways • Table Drapes & Signage • Branded Apparel • Gifts & Awards ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 55

7/9/20 2:05 PM

Tradeshow Calendar CANADA Show Esthetic and Spa Trade Show Canadian Health Food Association - Expo East - CHFA Retail Council of Canada’s Store Conference Canada Sales Conference Security Canada Atlantic - CANASA Optical Summit by Vision Canada Truck World International Pipeline Exposition Big Data Toronto Conference & Expo SIAL Montreal - SET Canada Interior Design West - IDSWest Abilities Expo - Toronto The National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show

Start 08/23 09/10 09/14 09/15 09/16 09/20 09/24 09/28 09/29 09/29 10/01 10/02 10/03

End 08/24 09/13 09/15 09/15 09/16 09/20 09/26 09/30 09/30 10/01 10/08 10/04 10/04

*Disclaimer: All shows are subject to cancellation, check the official event web site on the ECN trade show calendar for the latest information.

Att = Attendance | CC=CC | Exh = Exhibitors | Nsf = Net Square Feet

Venue Metro Toronto Congress Ctr. Metro Toronto Congress Ctr. Toronto Congress Ctr. Beanfield Centre Casino New Brunswick Delta Burnaby International Centre Telus CC Metro Toronto Congress Ctr. Palais des Congres Vancouver CC International Centre Vancouver CC

All Information Is Subject to Change*

City Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto Moncton Burnaby Toronto Calgary Toronto Montreal Vancouver Toronto Vancouver


Att 7227 3800

Exh Nsf Industry 180 50000 Beauty & Healthcare 800 73000 Food & Beverage



20K 3000 4600 14K 20K 1500


Security Healthcare Automotive & Trucking 350 225 27000 Energy[Oil & Gas] 90 831 239K Food & Beverage Home Furn. & Int. Design 300 Medical Equipment 75 24000 Business

*DISCLAIMER: Please note that tradeshow information is provided as a resource only. All show information is subject to change. Please check show dates and venues with official show organizers and producers. For updated show and event listings, visit www.exhibitcitynews.com/tradeshow-calendar.

56 July/August 2020 2019 Exhibit City News

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7/9/20 2:05 PM

INDUSTRY SERVICE GUIDE Where to Find Professional Services, Products and Supplies—a Companion Directory to Our Online Guide: www.ExhibitCityNews.com/Service-Guide

Aadvantaged Displays ABCOMRENTS A Harmony Nail Spa AllSpace Group BWC Visual Technologies CDS (Corporate Display Specialties) CEP (Chicago Exhibit Productions, Inc.) Champion Logistics Clementine Creative Services Condit

61 59 61 60 58 62 60 62 58 60

Corey Johnson Photography Corporate Communications CorpEvents Equip, Inc. Exhibitrac Direct Marketing Horizon Print Solutions Jami as Marilyn Monroe Tribute Artist Las Vegas Power Professionals Lip Smacking Foodie Tours OnPoint Presenters

62 59 59 63 63 62 58 59 61 63

Prism Lighting Quality EFX Massage Roman Transportation & Logistics SISTEXPO (in Mexico) The End Result TSEMA.org TWI Group YOR Design Your Event Audio

61 59 63 61 60 60 62 58 58

For Service Guide information and rates, call sales at (702) 309-8023. Inclusive categories are available for all your company advertising needs. @ExhibitCityNews

057_ServiceGuide_0720.indd 1

ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 57

7/1/20 10:18 AM


YOR Design Group YOR Design Group’s mission is to create tradeshow exhibits and environments that convey your brands image cohesively, while creating a memorable experience for your clients. Established in 2005, we have more than 25 years’ experience in local and national markets. Customer testimonials include: “Excellent design and communication, easy to work with, flexible, reliable,” “We use YOR when we need highly polished creative design” and “ YOR is highly creative, professional & honest.” Exhibit Design. Virtual Booth Design. Graphic Design. Detailing. Got Design? We Got YORS! (708) 598-8100 www.yordesigngroup.com Like us on Facebook & Instagram.

Audio Visual Technology

Audio Visual Technology

Creative Design Services

Creative Entertainment Services

58 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

057_ServiceGuide_0720.indd 2

7/1/20 10:18 AM


Las Vegas Power Professionals Las Vegas Power Professionals represents skilled workers of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 357 (IBEW) and experienced electrical contractors of the Southern Nevada Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). They offer one of the best apprenticeship and training programs through their Electrical JATC of Southern Nevada. Labor and Management working together to provide results-driven quality services to clients. Committed to serving the Southern Nevada Community. For more info, visit www.LVPowerPro.org

Creative Entertainment Services

Digital Signage, AV Production & IT

NVMT 4993

Chair Massage Foot Massage Stress Release Massage and More...

Convention Chair Massage Services

ABCOMRENTS is your premier source for Digital Signage, AV Production and IT needs for events and tradeshows NATIONALLY!

We use massage techniques & tools that surpass services provided by the competition.

LED Tile | Interactive Kiosks | Transparent Displays | Digital Signage

Massage services range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Advanced massage services that engage the highest level of convention services.


Call or Text (702) 336-9362

Event Management

Event Production

Exhibit / Trade Show Displays | Event Planning | Sporting Event DĂŠcor Upstate NY

Montpelier, VT

Concord, NH

Boston, MA Worcester, MA SpringďŹ eld, MA

Hartford, CT


057_ServiceGuide_0720.indd 3

Providence, RI

(508) 366-8594 info@corp-eventsne.com

ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 59

7/1/20 10:18 AM


The End Result (Freight Brokers) The End Result is a logistics tradeshow service that stands out. We have 30 years of experience and specialize in tradeshows and show-to-show coordination. Based near Chicago, we’re available 24/7, 365 days a year. We have competitive rates without compromising quality and we’re familiar with the industry’s general contractors. For more info, email Erin at theendresultinc@gmail.com or call (847) 304-1113 for a quote.

• 30 years experience • Specialized in tradeshows • Show-to-show coordination • Available 24/7 - 365 days a year • Competitive rates without compromising quality • Familiar with the industry’s general contractors



Exhibit Design / Builders

Exhibitor Education




6 30.378.4 8 4 8 w w w.cepexhibits.com

60 July/August 2020 Exhibit City News

057_ServiceGuide_0720.indd 4

7/1/20 10:18 AM


Prism Lighting


Prism Lighting believes every exhibit and retail environment is an investment and that the value of that investment is increased through quality lighting. That’s why they focus on customized lighting solutions that fit their customers’ unique display needs. They invest in R&D to create a full line of innovative LED Lighting products that are beautifully designed and affordable with easy installation. For more info, visit www.prismlightinggroup.com.

•Perfect Lighting for Exhibits, Retail Environments & Special Projects •Full Line of Innovative LED Products; Flexible Strip Lighting, Recessed Lights, Arm Lights, LED DMX and so much more! •Fast Connect Cable System Saving Time and Labor •Eco-Friendly Battery Solutions •Easy to Install, Plug And Play Lighting Solutions



Facial / Massage / Wellness Spa

Food Tours


The Attention You Deserve Displays Starting at $69.95

941-758-8444 866-239-8056

Visit us online for more of our products & services

AadvantageDisplays.com @ExhibitCityNews

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ADVERTISE IN THE SERVICE GUIDE •Added value with your ad in print and on our website. •Engage a captive audience with 38,000 readers every month! •Increase revenue and gain marketshare! Print and Digital Distribution (Ads in print issues will run concurrently online.)

1 Issue: $500 per month 3 Issues: $400 per month 6 Issues: $300 per month 12 Issues: $200 per month Contact sales for details: 702-309-8023 or sales@exhibitcitynews.com ExhibitCityNews.com July/August 2020 61

7/1/20 10:18 AM


TWI Group TWI Group Inc. specializes in worldwide tradeshow shipping and exhibition logistics. The hallmark to our success is our dedication to personal attention and on-site support. Let us show you that we take “Delivering First-Class Service Every Time” seriously. Over 44 years of exceptional service, over 300 million pounds shipped and with over 500+ years of service, We Deliver.



Champion Logistics Group has a transportation division specializing in the coordination of trade shows and special events. Champion provides the most reliable and flexible trade show transportation in the industry.

exhibit and event experience photography

10% OFF



Las Vegas, Nevada 218 - 209 - 1466 corey@cjphotog.com


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Attention Exhibit and Event Companies Local Service for Trade Shows and Events In: Washington D.C. - Baltimore - Atlantic City Philly - NYC - Hartford - Boston All in same-day driving distance from us.

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r e v l i S Color Printing • Rack cards • Brochures • Booklets • Everything else

• Delivery in Las Vegas, FedEx/UPS to all cities • Be a HERO use Horizon Print Solutions and make it EZ • Everything for your show or event from a top quality 25 year supplier!

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OnPoint Presenters (Product Specialists) OnPoint Presenters represents some of the best talent when it comes to TV Hosts, Presenters, Emcees, and Brand Ambassadors in Las Vegas. Our professional talent brings a unique experience for your clients when interacting at your live event or tradeshow booth. We’re a one-stop shop in sourcing tradeshow, corporate, convention, and live event talent & staff. Meeting the needs of our clients is a priority for us. We make sure that their experience with our talent is of the highest caliber. For more info, visit www.onpointpresenters.com

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your furniture partners | ask about our new “powered up� collection

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As a unique Las Vegas based carrier, we are dedicated to one thing - trade shows. With over 30 years of experience we are highly trained, skilled and focused on providing you with flawless service handling your exhibit materials in and out of Las Vegas convention venues.

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24/7 nationwide service - year round Warehousing & exhibit crate repair Customized account management Show-to-show coordination On site show floor representation

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Over 100,000 sq. ft. of booth storage Certified weight tickets/on-site truck scale Pad wrapping & color-coded show labels More than 100 vans, tractors & trailers solely serving the Las Vegas market

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