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issue eight

editor’s word Incredible but true I would say… We have indeed come a long way and this publication marks the 8th edition of the Executive Traveller Magazine. This issue also marks the Executive Traveller’s third year since inception and, as founder and editor, I am very proud to say, that, thanks to the feedback from our regular readers and contributors, we have been able to develop this publication into something quite unique.

As many who know me personally know, I am very much involved in the local Business Aviation scene and I see the production of this magazine as a personal challenge inspired by the passion I have for the business aviation industry. The idea of this production came up when I wanted to express more awareness and knowledge about my passion for the industry and the luxury service industries that go hand in hand with it. Many people I still encounter regularly in Malta are not quite aware of or have not enough knowledge about the industry and many do not even know that, in Malta, we do have quite a number of business jet visits on a daily basis. Nothing when compared with bigger countries and locations like France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or the United States. Coming from a business jet enthusiast from a relatively tiny Country in the middle of the Mediterranean, I have always dared to dream bigger and bigger. This publication has so far given me the potential and has been that extra means for me to reach out for hiGher grounds and dream even bigger. It has kept me in touch with local and international players within the industry and related industries connecting people through business aviation and business jet travel. Nothing of the above would have been possible without the support of local and international contributors who believe in this niche and who see this publication as another valuable means to deliver their message to their customer. Like all the previous issues, this one would have not been possible without the assistance of all the team at Executive Traveller Magazine. Let’s hope you enjoy reading through this issue, and, as always, would appreciate your kind feedback. Wishing you all the best!

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Disclaimer: Particular attention has been given to ensure that all the content of this magazine is correct and up to date as on date of issue. The views expressed in the articles and technical papers are those of the authors and are not necessarily endorsed by the publisher. While eve,y care has been taken during production, the publisher does not accept any liability for errors that may have occurred. Copyright© 2015.


“Executive Aviation Malta is the only fully dedicated business jet handler in Malta boasting unique airside facilities, complimented by a fleet of in-house executive vehicles.“

Driven with pride, aiming for excellence.

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MEDITERRANEAN ‘A tall ship and a star to steer her by’ was all poet John Masefield asked for. If he were alive today, he probably would have exchanged the tall ship for shared ownership of a luxury Sunseeker yacht…

‘…a super-efficient, less time-consuming & ultimately more costeffective alternative to owning a luxury vessel’ Business or leisure, visiting Malta is now even more of a pleasure. Within minutes of arriving at an airport voted the World’s Most Scenic in 2016, you can be standing beside the clear blue Mediterranean Sea at Birgu marina in the Grand Harbour, admiring the sleek lines of your luxurious, handcrafted Sunseeker yacht. PURE GRANDEUR ON TAP Captain and crew welcome you on board and a few seconds later, you’re underway, stretching out on the flydeck with a cold drink in your hand and heading for one of hundreds of glorious, pre-selected destinations in Malta, Gozo or southern Sicily. It’s pure grandeur on tap, flowing harmoniously from an endless source designed to offer the connoisseur of luxury an entire world of magnificence, without the time-demanding and often tiresome bonds of proprietorship. A new world order of prosperous, perceptive seekers of splendour has led to the advent of the Mediterrannean’s fastest-rising provider of epic land-to-sea luxury, Azure Ultra.

MILITARY PRECISION Azure Ultra’s clients often comment on the organisation’s signature attribute of military precision. Led by a former Commandotrained artilleryman, Perry Newton, it should come as no real surprise. Having spent a good chunk of his life in the 29th Commando Regiment Royal Artillery in Her Royal Majesty’s Armed Forces, the Azure Ultra managing director Newton knows all about efficiency, integrity, vision and the value of time. HAND-PICKED SPECIALISTS ‘Yacht sharing saves you a huge amount of time and energy. That’s the main attraction and it’s a massive one. One of the reasons why I joined the army is that I don’t do well on boats, so the navy was definitely out. But working closely with my team of hand-picked specialists, I was able to clearly see a big gap in the luxury yacht market for a super-efficient, less time-consuming and ultimately more cost-effective alternative to owning a luxury vessel,’ said Newton. As many Azure Ultra clients are fond of saying, there’s only one thing better than owning a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean. And that’s owning part of a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean.

LIGHTNESS OF SPIRIT Most high-end yacht owners will reel off a list of disadvantages about ownership, from cost of maintenance and crewing to berthing in suitable and convenient marinas. What Azure Ultra’s fractional ownership programme offers is truly liberating. To arrive in Malta, get driven to the marina and cruise off into the sunset with your Mediterranean itinerary already pre-planned is what freedom is all about. What’s more, once your charter is over, you just step off the yacht with a lightness of spirit, a feel-good buoyancy which comes from not being burdened with the responsibilities of berthing, crew or general maintenance. TROPICAL COCKTAILS & EXOTIC ISLANDS While the perception of yacht owners is one of intrepid adventurers out on their boats enjoying tropical cocktails and exotic islands 365 days of the year, the reality is that most yachts spend the majority of their time in the marina. A reality that is unavoidable and astronomically costly; a proverbial albatross around the neck that doesn’t make a whole lot of business sense.



Malta (LMML) VIP Terminal – Advantages for Business Aviation and the Executive Traveller Situated just off the main aircraft parking area, the VIP Terminal provides travellers with privacy and efficiency. It is situated not far from the main terminal and caters for VIPs, business jet travellers and passengers wishing to travel in style. It has been specifically designed to make ones travel experience as stress-free and exclusive as possible. Complete with own immigration and security to guarantee a swift transition from aircraft to land side and vice-versa. All standard travelling procedures can be processed through the comfort of the VIP Terminal, without the need to queue or wait, allowing passengers to relax at the VIP lounge until aircraft is ready for departure. Average transition time from drop off to plane or vice-versa – 5 to 15 minutes Contact us for more details on ops@executivefbo.com or +356 999 00 747

With all the advantages of yacht ownership and none of the drawbacks, it’s no wonder Azure Ultra’s yacht ownership programme has been hailed as innovative and revolutionary. Piers Brown of Fractional Life (International Hospitality Media Limited) named Azure Ultra ‘Europe’s leading fractional yacht ownership programme’. INCOMPARABLE LUXURY Azure Ultra’s winning formula is its flawless, meticulous VIP service that delivers incomparable luxury. Led by Newton and a top-class yacht management team, including captains, stewards and stewardesses, the attention to detail is on a higher plane. ‘To get a clear picture of how you want to spend your time on board, Azure Ultra will have a quick chat with you or your PA, over the phone, on Skype, in person, whatever’s more convenient for you,’ said Azure Ultra’s lead captain Roger Jacobsen.

GLOBAL ALLIANCE Another ace in the Azure Ultra deck is the ability to match the level of quality of the on-board experience, with the Azure range of member-exclusive lifestyle products.

Relaxing with family beside the flydeck barbecue, jumping into the jet rib to get up close to coastal attractions, enjoying a whiteknuckle week of watersports, dining and partying with a select group of friends, or a combination of all of these, Azure Ultra’s clients can cherry-pick every last aspect of the experience. Where to go. What to eat. Which brand of water, whisky or wine you prefer drinking. Whatever your vision, the Azure Ultra management team will help you bring it to life. FRESHEST SEAFOOD ‘Based on your objectives, we’ll provide you with a choice of beaches, attractions, marinas, cities and villages. It doesn’t end there, because we can also arrange the freshest seafood and seasonal produce from local Mediterranean markets, including specialist chefs who will recommend complementary wines,’ Jacobsen concluded. The multi-skilled crews are also rotated depending on the needs of the client, with Azure Ultra able to bring in massage experts, water-sports whizzes or simply people who are great with kids. Friendly and relaxed or discreet and silent, even the crew’s level of involvement can be tailored. What’s more, with a high level of privacy guaranteed, Azure Ultra’s Sunseeker yachts are conducive to good business. GENUINE WOW FACTOR FOR BUSINESS MEETINGS Finding a venue with a genuine wow factor for business meetings or small corporate events can be challenging, but Azure Ultra’s Sunseekers are a perfect fit for the role. With fully equipped bars, spacious on-deck meeting facilities, including full-width staterooms, VIP double cabins, overhead flybridges, split-level saloons, ice-making machines and outside grills, plus exclusive catering from award-winning gourmet

Members can unwind in 5-star resorts from Tenerife to Thailand, or go on gastronomic journeys from Devon to Dubai, as Azure Ultra is linked to a global alliance of luxury fractional ownership products (including a soon-to-be-launched exotic car club) and has forged working partnerships with Michelinstar restaurants, world-renowned health spas, cutting-edge experiential organisations and many more.

restaurants, Sunseekers represent the perfect environment for impressing key clients or stakeholders. EXPERTLY HAND-BUILT The word yacht comes from the early modern Dutch word jaghte, from jaghtschip, which means ‘hunting ship’, or ‘fast pirate ship’ in colloquial Dutch. Expertly handbuilt and hand-crafted in Dorset, UK, by master artisans, Sunseeker yachts live up to their buccaneering origin, possessing a poised, sleek look that exudes predatory power and exhilarating speed.

CONNOISSEURS OF LUXURY Azure Ultra’s star is rising alongside that of Malta’s, as the island’s reputation and international profile grows exponentially, attracting even more affluent visitors year on year. Azure Ultra’s own targeted marketing campaigns have already attracted Europeans of different nationalities, including exacting connoisseurs of luxury from the Middle East. ‘It is a source of great satisfaction that each new buyer is now a long-term visitor to Malta, as well as a very satisfied part-owner of a luxury yacht berthed at the prestigious Grand Harbour Marina,’ concluded Newton. Azure Ultra. An uncommonly brilliant way in which to explore a world of luxury.


FINDING TRUE LUXURY IN MALTA "Luxury is, in fact, all about the experience of having something done, the way you want it, within a timeframe that suits you, utilising the very best materials, techniques or knowledge." Schlossberg linen, available at Boris Arcidiacono

The dictionary definition of luxury is one I have come across time and again: “a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.” On the surface of it, that definition is laden with superficiality and pomposity. However, my view of luxury is something far more sophisticated, refined and virtuous. When tappintomalta.com co-founders, Isabel Tapp and George Turns set out to create a platform to promote luxury lifestyle in Malta, they too set the same standard to the definition of luxury. Luxury is, in fact, all about the

experience of having something done exactly the way you want it, within a timeframe that suits you, utilising the very best materials, services, techniques and knowledge. It is true that this may involve a great expense, but very often, what goes into creating a luxury product or service justifies a higher price tag. Today, Malta is fortunate to have access to some true luxury brands and highend service providers catering to the exacting standards of discerning locals and expats alike. Whether it is home, work, leisure or service, the island is

flourishing with local and international names and brands that live up to our definition of luxury. The Maltese are renowned for being exceptionally house proud; It is no coincidence, therefore, that Malta now boasts its fair share of home furnishing and home decoration stores. From multi-story showrooms to more boutique affairs, from custom made to prefabricated, the range available in home décor is truly astounding. There are some names that stand out in their own field of specialisation.

If you are in the market for anything sleep-related, the place to go is Boris Arcidiacono. For generations, synonymous with quality, style and excellence, Boris Arcidiacono is the leading catalyst for “The Sleep Culture” in the Maltese islands. From the best bed and mattress manufacturers offering the ultimate in comfort, to ergomatic pillows and breathable quilts, they offer everything one could possibly need to ensure a good night’s sleep. All this bed expertise is complemented by some of the most prestigious brands in bed linen offering the finest materials, creative design and endless possibilities for customisation. For great furniture, there are some equally prestigious names that are intrinsically linked to a culture of service entrenched in family legacies that go back generations. FORM is one of the names in Malta that represents a culture of service tied in with tradition and

Wardrobe by Jesse, available at FORM

reputation. Starting out in bedding and sofa manufacturing, their product ranges now represent some of the best European brands. The wardrobe solutions, glassfronted furniture, sumptuous fabric collections and selection of classic furniture pieces are all complemented by FORM’s undisputed reputation for great, personal service. If its cutting edge design you are after, Brands International are a clear contender. As representatives for Danish design house BoConcept, their collections offer fresh contemporary living solutions permeated with Scandinavian cool. Brands International also represent some of the most innovative flooring solutions from Germany and a collection of uniquely customisable Italian kitchens. No interior can be complete without the right lighting; indeed, the right lighting is what creates the perfect atmosphere whether at home or in the office. For

real expertise in lighting design, Elektra offers over 30 years’ experience in the sector. Working with high-end lighting brands, they not only light up homes, but have also been entrusted with some of the most prestigious commercial and public lighting projects throughout the Maltese Islands. Their lighting design services help you to get it right from the first step of planning a home or office environment. Design has now permeated every aspect of our lives, with office space no exception. Dex Workspaces together with their partner brands, are dedicated to creating modern, comfortable and innovative work environments. Through their design and project management services they have delivered some of the most cutting edge workplace projects in Malta to date. Malta also boasts its own home grown brands that have evolved from pure artisanal crafts into real contenders

Yours to Experience

Designed to make your travel experience a unique one, the VIP Terminal gives you exclusive and direct access to your flight within just a few minutes. A private lounge area is exclusively reserved for you or your party, while travel documents and baggage are processed for you right within the comfort of the terminal.

The VIP Terminal - making the beginning or end of your journey an enjoyable and luxurious experience.

For more information contact La Valette Club on moira.fenech@lavaletteclub.com or www.lavaletteclub.com/VIPterminal

in the creation of beautiful decorative items. Mdina Glass have demonstrated continuous innovation in their techniques and the range of products available. Their handcrafted glassware marries design and functionality. Every piece is handmade and therefore, unique. Some of their bespoke commissions have made it beyond our shores to adorn homes around the world. Luxury also lies in the professionalism shown by service providers. When it comes to stellar service, discretion and professionalism are paramount and this is especially true for Dacoby, a leader in private, chauffeur-driven transportation in Malta. The use of a superior fleet of vehicles and the careful selection of the most professional chauffeurs, ensures that Dacoby’s customers always receive outstanding service and the best comfort. With one of the most advantageous taxation systems in Europe and a stable

Luxury charters, by Azure Ultra

business environment, Malta is booming as a hub for business and investment opportunities. WDM International is a full-service firm, offering a multidisciplinary service ranging from tax and legal advice to audit and business advisory. Through WDM Lex Advisory and Dr. Jonathan De Giovanni, Private Clients Partner at the Firm, WDM International has been accredited as Approved Agents by Identity Malta, the Agency responsible for administering the various citizenship and residence programmes in Malta. Any stay in Malta, whether short term or with a view to relocation, must include time for relaxation. Malta has its fair share of entertainment venues, eateries and night spots to guarantee a fun and relaxing time. For a true flavour of Malta, the best place to wind down is on the water; and to do this in total luxury, the answer is Azure Ultra. As

Malta’s premier luxury yacht charter provider, they are acclaimed for their exciting range of tailor-made bespoke offerings aboard sumptuous Sunseeker yachts. Assisted by knowledgeable yacht concierges, guests can craft unique experiences to suit their personal tastes. Travel connections to and from Malta are excellent, with most European cities no more than 3 hours away. Bianchi Travel offer advice and consultancy on the best routes and options available. They pride themselves on being reliable and flexible partners, catering to the travel needs of business and leisure travellers alike. Their service minded staff are always prepared to go that extra mile to ensure a smooth journey, whatever the destination. These are just some of the names that fit our definition of true luxury in Malta.

Nero Lattice Lanterns, by Mdina Glass

Tappintomalta.com is Malta’s only luxury digital platform and provides the latest information on Malta’s high-end brands, services, lifestyle, culture, events, food and drink, design, fashion and travel. For more information visit: www.tappintomalta.com



The more we know about the marine environment the more likely we are to protect it Watercolours Dive Centre is a registered PADI 5 STAR Dive Centre (S-21956) and is run by Jason Fabri, a qualified PADI IDC Staff Instructor. Jason has over 25 years experience scuba diving around the Maltese archipelago. “We welcome all travelers wishing to experience the wonderful world of Scuba Diving around our home”. Watercolours Dive Centre is situated by the water’s edge at the Sliema Aquatic Sports Club along the Sliema Tower Road seafront. We are open 7 days a week all throughout the year. We offer all types of PADI certified courses and accompanied dives for beginners and/or certified divers up to professional PADI Instructor levels. We specialize in organizing diving holiday packages for groups of any size, diving clubs or the individual diver and we’ll take care of EVERYTHING including airport transfers and transport, accommodation, car hire & also evening transport to typical restaurants. We also offer 24 hour assistance to the clients, transport to other Islands, diving in Gozo and more. Our dive centre is fully equipped with the latest diving equipment. Malta’s reputation for outstanding diving has made it one of the best locations in the world to dive and is increasingly popular with all levels of divers, from those wishing to learn the sport, to those practicing technical diving down to the deeper depths found here. It is an ideal location for many Europeans as its year round sunshine and clear warm waters offer some truly magical diving experiences, often difficult to be found so close to home. The Maltese archipelago consists of 3 main islands, which are dived year round by both local divers and those visiting the islands. Surrounding the islands you can find various dive sites ranging from shallower undulating topographies and reefs to deep drop-offs and wall dives. Being a strategic stronghold during the war, Malta is littered with many wartime shipwrecks and relics and has since seen many additional wrecks scuttled specifically for divers. It has always been known for its impressive wreck diving but the islands also offer the opportunity to see and dive with a host of varying marine life with hundreds of different species found beneath its waters. The Maltese Islands are renowned for the numerous caves and wrecks available for divers, both recreational and technical. Wrecks include submarines, aeroplanes, oil tankers and other vessles from World War I and II. Here you will also find spectacular underwater topography and interesting marine life. The sea temp varies from approx. 15 C in the winter season (January to March) to 28 C during the summer (June to October). The visibility is amazing sometimes surpassing 50m. For further info call Jason on +356 99821829 or +356 99589639 or visit www.maltadiving.com



“Executive Aviation Malta is the only fully dedicated business jet handler in Malta boasting unique airside facilities, complimented by a fleet of in-house executive vehicles.“

Driven with pride, aiming for excellence.

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The Three Cities is a collective description of the three fortified cities of Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua in Malta. The oldest of the Three Cities is Birgu, which has existed since the Middle Ages. The other two cities, Senglea and Cospicua, were both founded by the Order of Saint John in the 16th and 17th centuries. The Three Cities are enclosed by the Cottonera Lines, along with several other fortifications. The term Cottonera is synonymous with the Three Cities, although it is sometimes taken to also include the nearby town of Kalkara. The Three Cities have a total population of 10,808 people as of March 2014.


The three cities, Malta .

‘‘ imagery that captures the spirit of a place ‘‘ Ron Kerr Imagery

Ron kerr imagery’s philsophy is to capture what truly matters, encompassing the essence, character and spirit of the place.

Ron Kerr Imagery Tel : +356 7972 8870 Email : ronkerrimagery@gmail.com Facebook : ronkerrimagery Instagram : Ronkerrimagery





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issue eight

Malta and the EU Presidency Interview with Hon. George Vella Minister for Foreign Affairs, Malta 20

executive traveller

This is the first time that Malta has its six-month term at the helm of the EU Council. How has Malta, a small island state, prepared for this role? The work on the preparations for the Presidency by the Maltese Government are in full swing and geared up to host the first Presidency of the Council of the EU for Malta in 2017. Under the coordination of the Presidency team within the Parliamentary Secretariat for the EU Presidency 2017 and EU Funds. The EU Presidency Unit is split into three pillars: Programming and Training; Media and Marketing; and Logistics. The five main tasks of the Presidency are as follows: 1. Planning and chairing meetings in the Council and its preparatory bodies. 2. Representation and coordination outside Brussels. 3. Representing the Council in relations with the other EU institutions. 4. Defining the 18-month trio programme and national priorities. 5. Organising the Informal Ministerial Meetings and other high level events.

issue eight

at the BOZAR in Brussels with the participation of Maltese Tenor Joseph Calleja and the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. What are the main priorities for the duration of Malta’s Presidency of the EU Council? The key priorities for Malta during its Presidency will be the following: Migration: Our twin objectives here are to push for swift implementation of measures that have already been agreed upon, and to ensure that the issue remains at the top of the political agenda. The Single Market: This is the Union’s greatest asset. If we, collectively, manage to fully exploit the Single Market and develop the Digital Single Market as well as completing the Internal Energy Market, we will bring tangible benefits to our economies, our businesses and our families by removing barriers to trade, and improving protection and access to services for consumers.

There will be around 60 Ministerial Council Meetings during the six-month presidency including several Ministerial visits to the European Parliament. Malta will chair all Ministerial meetings in Brussels and in Luxembourg, with the exception of the Meetings of the Foreign Affairs Council which is chaired by the High Representative. There will be around 60 Ministerial Council Meetings during the six-month presidency including several Ministerial visits to the European Parliament. The Minister for Foreign Affairs is tasked with a presentation to the EP’s Foreign Affairs Committee (AFET) and the Development Committee (DEVE). During the Presidency, the Hon. FM will also be assigned to represent the HRVP (High Representative/Vice President) in a number of external relations meetings around the globe and in Brussels. Besides the formal meetings in Brussels, 16 Informal Ministerial Meetings will take place in Malta. 10 high level conferences and 180 technical meetings will also be organised in Malta during the Presidency. All Informal Meetings of Ministers will be held at the Grandmasters Palace in Valletta. The former Chamber of the House of Representatives will accommodate the plenary sessions. The formal opening ceremony for the Presidency will take place in Malta on 12 January 2017 coinciding with the visit of the College of Commissioners to Malta. A separate opening event is planned to be held on 16 January 2017

Security: Against the backdrop of an international landscape that is increasingly volatile, the Maltese Presidency will contribute towards concrete proposals that address regional and global challenges while upholding the values that underpin the very existence of the Union. The EU’s first line of work in this area remains effective diplomacy, and in this respect we will work closely with the European External Action Service under the umbrella of the EU’s Global Strategy. Social Inclusion: Social policy is something that the Maltese Government holds dear. Work here will be guided by close consultation with social partners, civil society and citizens in order to advance gender equality and rights of minorities and vulnerable groups. Europe’s Neighbourhood: Europe’s security and prosperity are interlinked with those of our neighbourhood. Countries bordering the Southern Mediterranean are facing serious challenges, including armed conflict, terrorism, political instability and radicalisation. Aware of the potential ripple effects of instability beyond Europe’s borders, the Maltese Presidency will focus EU engagement on the stabilisation of our neighbourhood. The EU Global Strategy will be an important reference to guide the 21

Union’s action and determine its role as a relevant and effective player. Maritime: The EU will be increasingly dependent on the seas and oceans; the sustainability and continuing development of the maritime sector, under the EU Integrated Maritime Policy, fits naturally with the legislative priorities of an outward-looking island nation in the southern Mediterranean. In addition, the sector provides a diverse spectrum of innovative research and commercial activities that could be developed into high value-added job opportunities in line with the Blue Growth Initiative towards growth and competitiveness. This magazine will be distributed in the UAE. Minister Vella, may we have your comments to UAE readers in connection with Malta’s Presidency? How will Malta’s Presidency enhance relations with EU’s Neighbourhood and Arab States? The Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU will spare no effort to ensure that issues of regional importance are put under the spotlight and given the importance they deserve. Hence, it is no surprise that “Europe’s neighbourhood” is one of the key priority areas of our Presidency. Malta will seek to focus the EU’s efforts on the issues emanating from its Southern neighbourhood, in view of the multitude of challenges that need to be addressed. Malta will also ensure that the democratic transitions in North Africa and the Mashreq remain on track. Our EU Presidency will also seek to strengthen the EU’s relations with Arab states and institutions, in particular with the League of Arab States, including through the European Commission-League of Arab States Liaison Office (ECLASLO) which is hosted in Malta, and the Gulf Cooperation Council. One of the most important events of our Presidency will be the holding of an EU-South Dialogue Ministerial Meeting in Malta. This event will be the first of its kind, as it will bring together the Foreign Ministers of the European Union, the Southern Neighbourhood and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries for a constructive and informal discussion on issues of mutual interest such as culture, education, youth and interfaith dialogue. To this end, it is important that we actively engage in confidence-building measures to dismantle unfounded perceptions that seem to have developed and that hinder progress and stability. We strongly believe that our diversity should be a catalyst for more people-to-people contacts and dialogue and not for divisions, and that diplomacy holds the key to peace, progress and prosperity. I wish to underline that the inclusion of the six Gulf countries with the other ten Southern neighbourhood countries was deemed essential, since Malta and the European Union value the aspirations and the views of the Gulf countries in such deliberations. Besides, both the European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council are major political, economic and regional actors and such discussions can only serve to elevate existing cooperation to new levels.

Europe’s most attractive jurisdiction for international business FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.NOELMUSCAT.COM ACCOUNTANCY | AUDIT | TAX ADVISORY | COMPANY FORMATION | REMOTE GAMING For more information do not hesitate to contact us on beppe@noelmuscat.com Triq l-Imghazel, Swieqi SWQ 3141, Malta T: 21 372 462 • 21 384 712/3 F: 21 374 869


Soaring above expectations‌ Flight Operations and Dispatch Our team has been entrusted with high profile operations, handling of top officials, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Diplomats, renowned celebrities, pop stars, film stars and popular DJs. We have a track record and have successfully supported worldwide operations for high government officials at the most remote regions globally. Aircraft Management We have management experience within the business aviation industry and can provide our customers with an attractive and cost efficient management solution. Aircraft Charter From any business aircraft to heavy cargo jets or ambulance aircraft, we are able to assist our customers with providing the right aircraft at the right location whenever required. Aircraft Handling & Worldwide Logistics Years of experience in business and general aviation International handling logistics and worldwide supervision Company Formation & AOC With decades of experience in various commercial and business aviation departments locally and internationally, our team has the ability to assist in the setting up and development of new aviation business. We have ample experience and have successfully assisted operators with setting up of a local AOC and local operations from A to Z in Malta.

www.aviapros.com Tel +356 99 44 14 32 / 99 90 07 47

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Every year for more than 30 years, two cities from the thousands within the 28-member European Union takes up the mantle of Capital of Culture. The idea of the rotating title was developed in 1985 by Melina Mercouri and Jack Lang, the ministers for culture in Greece and France respectively, with the aim of highlighting how rich and diverse European culture and history is, while bringing nations together by emphasising shared values. The selection of the city happens years in advance to allow each of the chosen cities time to prepare - as a European Capital of Culture, each city has to organise a series of cultural events which are not only inclusive for citizens of all stripes, but also go beyond its national borders. In 2018, Valletta, the capital city of Malta, will be one of the cities holding the title of European Capital of Culture. As a city, it has already undergone an incredible re-awakening in recent years. Streets which used to be no-go zones past sunset are now refreshed, vibrant and thrumming with life at all hours of the day. The city hums with activity, from open-air concerts to theatre performances, lively outdoor markets to upscale boutiques. The main objective of Valletta 2018 is to stimulate cultural, social and economic regeneration in Malta’s villages, towns and cities, through dialogue and innovative practice. To do so, a programme of engaging and varied cultural projects and events has been developed for schools, communities, and people from different backgrounds. Many of these events will be taking place between January and December 2018, but many others are already underway and will continue in 2017. Preparing a European Capital of Culture can be an opportunity for the city to generate considerable cultural, social and economic benefits. It can help foster urban regeneration, change the city’s image and raise its visibility and profile on an international scale. For this reason, many of the picks for Capital of Culture aren’t the typical cities that spring to mind when one thinks of European culture – London, Paris, Vienna. More often, they’re cities with unrealised potential that’s just waiting to be unlocked, given the right opportunity.

Many of the picks for Capital of Culture aren’t the typical cities that spring to mind when one thinks of European culture In order for Malta to grow as a cultural and artistic hub in the Mediterranean, it requires the development of more advanced infrastructure and networks. For this purpose, a number of Valletta’s treasured but underused spaces are being restored and brought back to life in a new capacity. The most obvious example of this is the renaissance of Strait Street (Strada Stretta) – a nightlife area which fell into disuse after British and American servicemen left Malta in the 70s, it is now a trendy hangout for young and old, Maltese and foreign alike, and a programme of cultural events and artistic activities centered on the street under the artistic direction of Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci is currently being developed. Activities include exhibitions, theatre productions, seminars, symposia, talks, street theatre, jamming sessions, outdoor concerts, fashion shows, networking meetings with artists and poetry and literature evenings. However, the regeneration is taking place all around the city. The national museum of art MUŻA (which in a happy coincidence means muse in Maltese) will relocate to the Auberge d’Italie, a historic building dating back to the late sixteenth century and used as the seat and residence of the Italian knights of the Order of St John, which will allow the collection to be more accessible. One of Valletta’s iconic structures, Is-Suq (The Market) located in Merchants Street, was underused for many years. Restoration is currently underway, which will see it not only reopening as its original purpose of trade and retail, but also as a locus for several cultural activities. Furthermore, the Valletta Design Cluster, located at the Old Abattoir site, will address the need for consultation services in this field, including business development, legal support, international collaboration and capacity building as from 2018. Valletta 2018 has presented Malta with the opportunity to bring people together and form connections, no matter who they are and where they come from. The success of the city as a Capital of Culture depends wholly on the participation and collaboration from all. Through dialogue, creative confrontation, curiosity and play, it’s an open invitation to those who come across it to engage with the culture of Malta and the Mediterranean, bringing their own identities and perspectives to the table for an experience that will leave both sides mutually enriched.


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UPCOMING EVENTS IN 2017 Curatorial School The Curatorial School, now in its third edition, is intended for practitioners and students in a variety of related areas like the fine arts, art education, arts administration, curation and history of art. Participants are offered a programme of lectures and workshops and will also be able to present their curatorial ideas or their own artwork and receive feedback from invited speakers. This intensive one-week curatorial programme features international guest speakers from various institutions. Strada Stretta This narrow street, populated with happening venues, has an impressive roster of events lined up for 2017. These include Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci’s translation of Dario Fo’s Mistero Buffo with Maltese folk singers and Mario Pirovano; a concert, film and symposium dedicated to Clockwork Orange author Anthony Burgess; an Ethiopian-themed evening; a theatrical performance titled ‘Star of Strait Street’ about Christina Ratcliffe, a singer and dancer at The Morning Star in Valletta, featuring Polly March; as well as an adaptation of Puccini’s Turandot. Valletta Green Festival The Valletta Green Festival is a weekend-long event which transforms one of the largest open spaces in Valletta, Pjazza San Gorg with a huge floral carpet of some 80,000 potted plants. The infioriata is created from seasonal flowers, packed tightly together, resulting in a colourful mixture of whites, pinks, purples, yellows and reds. Apart from beautifying the city, it aims to inspire residents to start developing green areas in their own towns and villages – whether it’s by decking out their balconies with flowers and plants or by setting up a picturesque and eco-friendly roofgarden. For more details, check out http://valletta2018.org/



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of their own The careful selection of a high-level fleet of vehicles and hiring the most professional chauffeurs in Malta ensures that our customers always get outstanding service and the best comfort. Testimony to our track record is our ever-growing number of repeat customers both corporate and individual. Our fleet is solely made up of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, a brand that reflects excellence and luxury. These are the pillars that make up the philosophy behind Dacoby Chauffeur Service. Launched in 2007 by Darren Zarb, Dacoby Chauffeur Service is a familyrun business that has proven to be a leader in private transportation in Malta. The services on offer include airport and hotel transfers, pointto-point transportation, private chauffeur service for individuals and groups. With our wide range of vehicle types available in our fleet, we can also accommodate large groups with our luxury mini vans and coaches, perfect for conferences, team-building transfers and corporate events. Our flexibility and experience helps us take on complex requests by our clients who may request a specific or tailor-made service.

A Dacoby Cassarino Street, St. Paul’s Bay M +356 9923 5347 E info@dacoby-transport.com dacoby-transport.com

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a word with Captain Joe Agius Tell us a little about your career and your roots as an aviator? I started my work career in aviation in 1975 when I was fortunate enough to be selected by our National Airline as one of the first twelve Maltese pilot-cadets. I always felt that I owed this to just being in the right time in the right place. The initial pilot theory course was held in Malta. The practical training was done in Pakistan under the guidance of Pakistan International Airlines. We made our first flight as First Officers on the Air Malta B720B in 1978. It was 5 years later when we all moved to the new B737-200 fleet. My first flight as Captain in 1986 was a memorable experience as my wife Maria and my twin daughters Sarah and Myra came to greet me on my arrival at the airport with flowers in their hands. Two years later, in 1998, I received my first appointment as Instructor and Examiner from the Maltese Civil Aviation Authority. 1990 was the year in which I attended the Airbus A320 type rating course in Toulouse. After 4 years on the A320 fleet I was appointed as Chief Pilot to manage the AVRO RJ fleet. This was a restless but exciting period of my life well supported by 24 sets of other pilots. Later, in 1998 I was seconded to AzzuraAir in Italy to support the management team of the new company. I operated as Captain initially the AVRO RJ and thereafter the B737NG. In Italy I occupied several flight operations managerial positions including that of Head of Training. This was another very exciting period in my life spanning over 6 years. I made many good friends from whom I have learned a lot. On my return to Air Malta I once again attended to A320 type course in Toulouse. In 2004 I was appointed as General Manager Flight Operations. This was a very proud moment in my career as this was the first appointment as Flight Operations Post Holder given to a Maltese pilot in the National Airline. Eight years later, in 2012 I joined the Maltese Civil Aviation Directorate as Deputy Head of Flight Operations Inspectorate. This was a tremendous unforgettable experience. I have learned a lot from both the team members of the Directorate and the officers of the Business Aviation community with whom I interacted. From October 2013 to October 2015 I gave my services as Safety and Compliance Monitoring Manager to JetMagic Ltd in Malta, and later, In October 2015, I joined AirX Charter Ltd as Nominated Person for Flight Operations. It is a position I still hold today.

What made you move from commercial to business aviation? What main differences and challenges have you encountered with such a transition? My transition from Airline to Business Aviation was aided by my significant learning experience that I have had as Inspector in the Civil Aviation Authority. In my change over from Airline to Business Aviation as a Nominated Person for Flight Operations nothing has real changed. It is always about keeping an oversight on safety and ensure compliance with regulations. Challenges exist in both operating environments. It is necessary to keep in focus that a business concern cannot exist without safety and safety cannot exist without a viable business. You have been recently awarded a prestigious award as an aviator at the BOV Aviation Outlook as leader of the year. How did you greet such news? Was it something you anticipated? The award was certainly not something I expected. I keep in mind how many other men and women in the Maltese aviation industry deserve the same honour. However, having been so awarded, I feel indebted to my wife Maria for her encouragement and relentless support. I am grateful to my past and present working colleagues and superiors with whom I have shared many happy and gratifying moments. As you described, your flying experience, the hours in the air and extensive aviation background is remarkable and I’m sure this is something that makes you feel proud of your accomplishments. Having said that, what are your dreams and targets for the future? Today, I work for a dynamic company AirX Charter Ltd Malta whose team members, in all grades, exhibit so much energy, enthusiasm and determination to succeed. It is my desire to continue to share the dreams and goals of my work colleagues and employer. Even after 41 years in aviation, I still desire to continue to contribute to the wellbeing of the Maltese aviation industry. To all Maltese aviation companies and their employees I wish the very best for their future.

My first flight as Captain in 1986 was a memorable experience as my wife Maria and my twin daughters Sarah and Myra came to greet me on my arrival at the airport with flowers in their hands. 29

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For me, interior architecture is an engine of dreams, it is a demanding job, both surprising and challenging, incorporating imagination, feelings, senses and ideas to concrete and physical elements.

Forkani: Form Function 32

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Executive Travel Magazine talks to Architectural designer Kenza el Forkani about her process Please tell us about your passion for architecture and what inspired you to take this line of business ? What’s your experience to date? It all started with drawing. A simple line on a piece of paper made me dream and imagine many things. Slowly and naturally, this projection carried me into the space that surrounds me and made me realize that I had the power and ability to transform it with a simple sketch.


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OFFER FOR EXECUTIVE T R AV E L L E R R E A D E R S Apply code TRAVELLER1 when registering to receive a 20% discount to attend the MEBAA Show 2016*

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For me, interior architecture is an engine of dreams, it is a demanding job, both surprising and challenging, incorporating imagination, feelings, senses and ideas to concrete and physical elements. It is an incredible tool that is creative and expressive, that is more than just a job for me, but an actual way of life. It is rewarding and exciting all at once. With every completed project, I find entry into a new world, and the discovery of a new challenge. Since 2003 I worked in various architecture studios in Tunis and beyond until I finally opened by own practice in 2011 in Tunis. Since then, K&K Interiors has endeavored on many projects, both administrative and retail spaces, private villas, residential areas and exhibitions. I love the diversity of the projects we have underwritten, because it is in this diversity that an architect can reinvent him/herself. With each project comes a new challenge and a journey that takes me to new and unchartered shores that inspires and nurtures my creativity. What can you tell us about the difference in styles and design when compared to different culture and lifestyle? Born to a Moroccan father and a Tunisian mother and having lived a long time in Egypt and now living in Tunisia, which is very open to Europe, I feel that one of the most import-

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ant things I learned first-hand is that the wealth of each culture and heritage lies in the expression of its architecture. Having experienced and lived in these different cultures has made me adept to mixing and integrating different styles in ways that can speak volumes. The art of integration and interpretation is very much a way of keeping cultures alive. Explain to us what is it that you provide to your customer which differs from many other architectural designers I do not want to compare myself to other architects, our philosophy, first and foremost, is sharing a passion for our work and interior architecture in general. After that it is about a personalized approach and follow up with clients, listening to their needs, respecting and complying with their objectives and paying attention to each and every detail they require, no matter how minute. Not to forget forging a healthy and friendly relationship which guides the journey that we take together. Which is the favorite part and what you enjoy best of your job? The birth of a project, the conceptualization and research phase, is by far my favorite part. It is that time where everything is still possible. It is not uncommon for me to wake up during


the night thinking about a project. Travel is also one of the indescribable pleasures that we are fortunate to have in this line of work. A walk down the street in Paris or Cairo can inspire me as much as an architecture book or magazine. What are your future prospects and dreams you want to make happen? I am always looking for new opportunities and the discovery of new cultures. We hope to extend our work to new horizons. I am personally very impressed by the changing economic and infrastructural landscape of Malta in recent years. The promising developments are impressive and our close geographical proximity is very much an asset. I believe that Malta’s position at the crossroads of Europe and North Africa is full of potential and opportunity and i look forward to learning more about the country, its people, its culture, its heritage and its architecture. Kenza el Forkani K & K Interiors Tel:(00216) 71-753275 / E-mail : kenzaforkani@gmail.com

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Aviapages.com, energetic and fresh

Aviapages.com today is a B2B website dedicated for business aviation industry members


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Executive Traveller Magazine hosts today Yuri Dzun and Evgeny Chuprov, Brand Development and Managing Partners of Aviapages.com

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What is Aviapages.com today? Y.D. Well, first of all, we would like to thank the Executive Traveller Magazine for the opportunity to participate in this interview and elaborate further on our product. Aviapages.com today is a B2B website dedicated for business aviation industry members. Any operator, broker, FBO and other market player can make good use of our tools and catalogues on a daily basis, saving on valuable time and in turn benefit from an advantage on the market. Depending on the tool functionality you opt for, you can rest assured of advantageous and unique data which will help better in your exposure. What about the markets you aim to work on? Where are you located? Y.D. Our market essentially is wherever business aviation is. Today we have strong presence and good positions, in particular, in regions such as the Baltic States, Russia, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey. Our most common visitors are from the U.S., UK, Hong Kong and other regions. Of course we do not stick with just one region but this of course requires time and meanwhile, we are always improving the quality of our services as we go along. As for our office, we do have dedicated office facilities for our IT team and we are about to expand it. As for the rest and many of our staff, our business model requires constant dialog and meeting with customers and most of the staff work remotely and are always on the move with no real fixed location except for our IT and content management team. You must be used to travelling around the world then and probably gained a lot airlines miles? Y.D. Well, not really. We are a modest company and very often, we opt for low cost airlines, affordable hotels and coach services. This tends to keep our expenses low and allows us to make our model a more profitable one. In the past year, we clocked around more or less 60 flights around the globe for business meetings.

I would like to highlight our unique Flight Route Calculator. This is absolutely a self-developed tool which allows you to pre-estimate your flight, get accurate flight time estimations and thus provide a customer with a more attractive price quotation Coming back to the Aviapages tools, please specify what is so unique about it? E.C. Well, I would like to highlight our unique Flight Route Calculator. This is absolutely a self-developed tool which allows you to pre-estimate your flight, get accurate flight time estimations and thus provide a customer with a more attractive price quotation. The feature is based on in-house developed mathematical model incorporating thousands of flight hours. It is also adjusted by real world airway routing and wind impact. Another, effective and simple tool is Charter Quotation. It is very simple and quick. Our subscribers like this tool, because it provides privacy and confidentiality between operator and broker since we do not track any communication between them. We have no access to pricing or other sensitive information. There are many other interesting features but I am afraid it is not possible to mention them all during an interview and would recommend your readers to have a browse through our website or get in touch with us. You have mentioned you have customers from Switzerland, Austria and other regions. Can you mention a few and let us know what impressed them most about AviaPages? E.C. Yes, we are glad to say that companies like Lauda Motion, Skyline Aviation (Austria) Premium Jet AG, Swiss Global Jet Management, Emperor Aviation (Maltese Registry Company) and others use us as Premium Subscribers. For some of them their focus is on monitoring website traffic whilst for others, they like our range of tools, our platform’s capabilities and catalogues.


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The team at the Executive Traveller Magazine has been invited to your B2B workshop last September. Unfortunately, we could not make it to the event. Could you please elaborate on what we have missed on? Y.D. First of all, we would like to invite you and all the readers to visit our next B2B workshop. The aim of this workshop reflects our website’s DNA; to share the knowledge and expertise with and of business aviation members in a fast, energetic and positive mood (Of course we will not share any trade secrets). This is the reason why we dedicate only 10 minutes for each case study as a presentation. During the event last September, we were very pleased to see and meet personally our guests from Moscow, London, Munich, Malta, Riga, Warsaw and other regions and locations.

From the perspective of a final consumer, more online services will certainly offer more variety of tools and services. From the standpoint of operator or broker, more online services and support tools will be required by the main market players

How do you see the business aviation market in next 5 years’ time? E.C. Well, from our perspective, we see a lot of potential for growth. From the perspective of a final consumer, more online services will certainly offer more variety of tools and services. From the standpoint of operator or broker, more online services and support tools will be required by the main market players. Having said this, the personal relations between client and customer will still play a crucial role in the industry. When it comes to volume, the industry will grow and other business models will emerge in the near future. How do you see your development in next 3 years? Y.D. We have a 3 year and a 5 year development plan but our first and most important goal is to improve in the quality, further develop our product and expand our dialog with the customers and stakeholders. We are confident that this formula will allow us to become a significant market player in the business aviation industry. Aviapages.com was founded in 2013. Today, the company is made up of 12 employees and is represented by sales, IT and content departments based in Dubai, Kishinev, Milan and Moscow. Avipages.com mission is to be a valuable and reliable source of information, as well as a provider of advanced tools and solutions that will serve the business aviation community worldwide. For more info, please visit: http://aviapages.com/


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What To Pack For A Lengthy Trip Are you going overseas for a semester of college study? Are you going to visit a friend for a month, or several weeks even? This guide might prove helpful when packing. They’re tips that I’ve learned from my globetrotting over the years, ones which I wish someone had passed them on to me before I went off on the biggest adventures of my life.


TIP #6

Unless it’s really an absolute necessity, leave large bottles of soaps and styling products at home. Buy what you need when you get there. I found that trying to pack large bottles of shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, mousse and other products wasted extremely valuable space. Also, when I flew from Shanghai to Tokyo, I just bought what I needed when I got there since I wasn’t sure what size and types of personal products would be approved by customs.

If you’re doing a semester or year abroad, get a copy of your school records before you leave to head back to your home country, or to leave to enter another country before returning home. Believe me when I tell you that it can take more time and money to get additional records sent at a later time. Although some educational institutions will want an original from the school or university, many schools will take the school records for temporary or emergency purposes until the other documents can be verified.

TIP #2

Pack clothes – especially pants and shorts – that you can wear with different things, so you don’t have to pack as much. Also, pack clothes that are lighter, if possible, and that are easier to wash. When I lived in China, I sometimes found it more convenient to wash clothes that would air dry quickly by hand, and so I didn’t have to machine launder as much.

TIP #7

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to purchase travel health insurance, or insurance that you can use abroad. Before leaving to live in China, I purchased global health insurance. I’m glad I did because I ended up getting a cold when I was there and had to go to hospital for medication. If you keep the records and receipts from your medical visits abroad, a lot of travel health insurance companies will reimburse you when you turn in the documents.

TIP #3

When packing your suitcase, roll your clothing pieces up instead of folding them into squares; they actually take up less space. For example, if you’re packing a cotton shirt, fold it long ways in half, then roll it up, beginning with the neck of the shirt.

TIP #8

You can also mail your souvenirs and other items that you really want to keep, but aren’t sure if you have room for in your bags or not. Instead of trying to cram and over pack those keepsakes and gifts for family and friends into your suitcase, it really might be easier just to ship them. Before deciding, check the local postal or shipping centre to see how cheap you could send those gifts and souvenirs, then figure out your best option.

TIP #4

Be sure to make copies of your passport, ID card, birth certificate, driver’s licence and any other government or school-issued identifying documents. When you enter some countries, they may keep some of your original documents for a short time for verification purposes, so be sure you’ve got copies at hand in case you need them for any reason.

TIP #5

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Carrying waterproof sandals was the best and most useful item in my suitcase! I can’t stress this point enough. They’re easy to keep clean since they’re easily washable. If waterproof sandals don’t suit the season, go for some other form of waterproof shoes such as wellies or rubber trainers.


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The Maltese Mahi 40

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The Lampuka, also known as or referred to dolphin fish, Mahi Mahi or Dorado, migrates through the Maltese coastal waters during the months of August to December. The fish has placed itself on one of the Maltese coins prior to the introduction of the euro and ended up as part of the Maltese traditional cuisine dishes. Lampuki (plural) are either shallow-fried or oven baked and presented with a sauce made up with tomato, capers, onions and fresh herbs. However, another popular way how to cook them is by making a pie with spinach, olives and other ingredients. Pies often include various choices of ingredients as every family has grown to experiment and nurture it’s preferred recipe. Characteristics of the fish when in its natural habitat are a bluegreen sheen and golden belly, hence the name “Dorado”. The males can be distinguished by their prominent forehead. There is not much knowledge as yet in regards to the breeding and migrating habits of the Lampuka. Throughout the years, Maltese fishermen have been noticing that the lampuki had the tendency of taking shelter under floating objects. It is not known if they would be sheltering from the sun or hiding from predators so fishermen used this sheltering tendency to their advantage when fishing for the lampuka by placing large palm leaves, cork and polystyrene. The fish will shelter beneath the palm aleaves and the fishermen would be able to catch good numbers at one go. This fishing method is called “kannizzata” (plural: kannizzati). The method has been used by the Maltese fishermen for a years and it is believed that it actually dates back to the times when Malta was ruled by the Romans. It is envisaged that the lampuki season more or less constitutes 40% of a Maltese fisherman’s annual income. Fish is popular in Malta and there is a good demand for it, however, it is also available for export.

Torta tal-Lampuki (Lampuki Pie) - Recipe Ingredients • 500g shortcrust pastry • 1½kg fresh lampuki • A bit of flour, for coating the fish • 2 onions, sliced • ½ Cup cooked peas • 2 tomatoes, peeled and chopped • 1 small cauliflower parboiled • 1kg fresh spinach, cleaned, cooked and drained • 2 carrots, peeled and boiled till tender 41

• 2 tbsp tomato puree (kunserva) • 2 tbsp capers • 2 tbsp sultanas • 6 black olives, pitted and chopped • 1 tbsp parsley • 1 tbsp mint • 1 tbsp basil • 1 lemon, zest only • 1 tsp mixed spice • Olive oil • Salt and pepper






5TH ANNUAL BBA BALTIC BUSINESS AVIATION 29th June 2017 - Tallinn, Estonia



It is envisaged that the lampuki season more or less constitutes 40% of a Maltese fisherman’s annual income Method



B O O K ING S & R E S E RVATI ON S ME SSAG E US | FAC E BO O K . CO M / CH A LI CEB A R LO U N G E C AL L | + 3 5 6 2 1 3 7 5 0 2 0 E M AI L | H E L LO @ CH A LI CEB A R . CO M . M T

1. Make sure to clean the fish and cut to portions, around 1inch wide. Discard head, tail and fins. Dip fish in flour and cover well. Heat oil in a frying pan, and shallow fry the fish until cooked through. 2. Give some time to the fish to cool before you will be able to handle it. Remove skin and bones carefully and cut into bite-sized pieces and set aside. 3. In a pan, fry the sliced onions in olive oil until they become soft and transparent. Once done, add the tomatoes, the cooked chopped cauliflower, the cooked chopped carrots, cooked chopped spinach and the peas. Add a very small amount of water and simmer until all the vegetables are tender and mix well. 4. Add lemon zest, tomato puree, the herbs, spice, the capers and sultanas. 5. Season with salt and pepper. Keep in mind that capers already contain a lot of salt. Allow the mix to simmer 5 mins. Remove from heat and put in a colander so that excessive liquids will be drained and allow mix to cool. 6. Grease well the dish you will be using with butter. Roll out half of the pastry and cover your shallow round, square or rectangular oven dish. Use the other half to cover the top of the pie. 7. Take half of the vegetable mixture and spread out with a spoon on top of the base, then place the fried lampuki pieces evenly over all the vegetables. Then on top of the fried lampuki spread the reaming vegetables. 8. Roll out the remaining pastry and cover the pie all over. Seal the edges. Prick all over the pastry cover with a fork. 9. Brush with a slightly beaten egg yolk. 10. Pre-heat oven to 200°C and back for 15 mins, then lower to moderate 180°C and cook further until the pastry is golden brown. 11. Allow the pie to settle for at least 10 to 15 minutes and serve warm.

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a sky high vision with feet planted firmly on the ground.

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