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Canadian owned & operated since 1996

2018-19 Executive Mat invested over $1 million in R&D activities. The economic impact to the Canadian economy was $9.8 million. Economic Impact Report – University of Calgary

Technologies Developed Designed and manufactured system to wash floor matting using 85% less water, 100% less natural gas and 50% less electricity. Patented system has been exported to the USA and European markets.

Organic wastes to clean energy systems. Rapid dehydration technology quickly converts raw organic waste into dry usable biomass energy.

Executive Mat heats its process water using green biomass energy derived from organic wastes.

All of our technologies are manufactured here in Canada!


Made with 100% recycled plastic bottles & 30% recycled tires

Safe Floors = Clean & Dry Zero Reported Incidents of Slip & Fall in 4 years with Waterhog Plus matting systems!

❑ Reduced incidence of Slip, Trip & Fall. ❑ More soils and moisture trapped at the entrance equals less money spent on cleaning. ❑ Less coverage required saves money. ❑ Every-4-week Service Plans equal less cost

WCB – Slip, Trip and Falls Financial Sector 31% of all WCB claims are Slip & Falls WCB British Columbia

Average cost for slip & fall lost day claim: $59,000 WSIB (Ontario) Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

CIBC – 2017 125 Disabling injuries CIBC 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Estimated Slip and Fall lost day claims 125 x 31% = 39

Estimated annual cost 39 x $59,000 = $2.3 million

Personal Injury Claims Personal Injury Payouts in Canada $3.7 billion annually Insurance Bureau of Canada

Estimated Payout for Slip, Trip & Falls 31%= $1.15 billion WCB British Columbia

Estimated CIBC payout = .5% x $1.15 billion = $6.3 million 1,100 branches out of total 202,000 retail stores in Canada

Total estimated payouts per annum for Slip, Trip & Falls CIBC $8.6 million Number of reported Slips, Trips & Falls reported after Executive Mat bi-level matting has been installed =





Executive Mat Service has partnered with Common Good Linen Service to bring about real change!

Working within the same environmentally friendly production facilities, Common Good processes 100% of the linens distributed by Executive Mat.

Over 30% of Executive Mat’s Employees are New Canadians

India, Liberia, Sudan, Nigeria, Syria, South Sudan, Somalia, Palestine, Philippines, Cuba, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Iraq, Lebanon

DIVERSITY Askiy Mat – 100% Aboriginal Business Executive Mat BC – Women Owned New Canadian Work Integration Program

Sandy Sanderson Askiy Mat Service Ft. McMurray, AB

Healthy Indoor Air Quality Starts at the Front Door!

❑Standard single-level floor matting does not affectively control moisture and soils tracked in on people’s feet. ❑Rigid construction prevents matting from being regularly cleaned and sanitized beneath the mat.

Climate Change Solutions Start at the Front Door!


STAND UP FOR Become Canada’s 1st CANADA Canadian Owned & Operated National Floor Mat Service!



❑ 624 CIBC locations can start immediately ❑ B.C. , Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario ❑ 110,000 ft2 of Waterhog Matting required ❑ Investment required by Executive Mat in new inventory ~ $800,000 ❑ Invoicing to CIBC based on current mat placements ~ $600,000 per annum – estimated invoicing based on recommended placements ~ $390,000 per annum ❑ Strategically placed Executive Mat CDF Cleaning Centres will support all 624 locations. ❑ Expansion to Maritimes, Quebec, Ottawa Valley within 24 months if awarded Service Contract. 1-877-720-6287

Soon to be in every major city in Canada!

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Executive Mat Service - Value Proposition  

Executive Mat Service - Value Proposition