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> In Focus

WHERE to go NOW Ah, Ireland!

The call of the Celtic equals lush landscapes, ancient castles, a food scene on the rise, and of course bagpipes, Guinness, and kilts. Ireland may be small, yet its personality is anything but. A Member favorite of the ER Experience Collection, this eight-day, seven-night Celtic Holiday Adventure features a private, in-the-know guide who will reveal all the nooks and crannies of this vibrant hot spot. Highlights include visiting the abbeys of South Tipperary, strolling through Cork’s Old English Market for such local delicacies as stripes and pig’s feet, and a day spent at the step-back-




in-time Powerscourt estate and garden. The trip also includes a half-day walking tour in Dublin City Center, a sea cruise at the Cliffs of Moher, and a guided hike through Killarney National Park. “We had our two college age kids with us, and our daily schedules included a mixture of interesting sites, hiking, Star Wars movie sets and good meals,” says Member Heather Fahmy. A trip meticulously catered to families, couples, friends and multigenerational groups—Ireland and its many charms are reason to book a spontaneous getaway and live perfectly in the present.


With new non-stop flights, events, museum openings and restaurants, live like a local in Ireland.





38 Dubai is one of the latest additions to ER’s Vacation Collection.




A girls’ getaway to Tucson celebrates the power of now. By Erin Lentz

Three Member families reveal how Exclusive Resorts has transcended traditional travel—from hotels, villas, and second homes.





Why join now? Globetrotting with Exclusive Resorts equals access to an unrivaled portfolio of play. By Jen Murphy

With these Top 10 tips for Disney-ing in 2018, checking off your bucket list just got a whole lot easier.





With new non-stop flights, events, museum openings and restaurants, live like a local in Ireland.

As shown by four young ER Members, travel has the power to inform, connect, and expand worldviews.





Each year, Gina Bach, Vice President, Experiences, scours the globe to find 4

new destinations for the Club’s Vacation Collection. Here, she shares her favorite memories made around the world.




Vacation Ambassador Sarah O’Neil reveals her blueprint to bespoke travel. A snapshot of ER’s Vacation Collection and Service Factor stats and facts. 24 NOW + THEN

The well-traveled Luxbachers share how their ER Membership has evolved with their family. 48 BUCKET LIST

Just back from Peru, the Gundotra family navigates the Amazon, tackles Machu Picchu, and visits Cusco.

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< Letter from the CEO

(CLOCKWISE FROM TOP): Members pose in Antarctica on a Once-in-a-Lifetime Journey; Cathy Ross connecting with her family in Real del Mar, Mexico; a four-bedroom villa on Grand Cayman, a Member-favorite Club destination.

Vacation was once a simple concept. Yet over the last decade, the travel industry has been seriously disrupted. The onset of virtual travel agents has taken the personal touch out of trip planning. And travel apps have made booking as easy as a swipe and a click. With so many more options and cutting edge technologies, one would think it would be easier than ever to plan a trip. Yet, in 2016, more than half of all Americans didn’t use all of their vacation days. There are so many choices when it comes to luxury travel today—hotel stays, villa rentals, fractional ownership, whole ownership of a vacation home (or homes), or any combination of the above. While having more choices is usually a good thing, when it comes to planning a vacation, most consumers are finding themselves paralyzed by choice-overload. The solution? Better planning—a key reason why Exclusive Resorts is more relevant NOW than ever before. When you join Exclusive Resorts you are committing to vacation. Our Members joke the Club forces them to travel. But there is truth behind that statement. By renewing their days annually, they make a commitment to travel with friends and families. It’s no longer about finding time—it’s about enjoying time, which has become today’s most coveted luxury. Since the Club’s inception in 2002, we’ve delivered more than 260,000 vacations. Our 4,200 Members are not only a tribe of adventurous global citizens with shared values and passions. They’re also executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and business owners. Simply put, they’re busy. As a result, they turn to Exclusive Resorts to remove the stress of planning a vacation from their lengthy to-do lists so they can focus on what really matters—time with family.

Within these pages, you’ll learn why Exclusive Resorts is a decidedly unique—and better—way to vacation NOW. You’ll hear from Members and their families, and discover their top reasons for joining the Club. Delivered via multi-generational perspectives, their stories define how ER delivers life-changing experiences and milestone moments enriching our Members’ lives. In our “Estatements” piece (page 10), learn how the Club maximizes value while vacationing and removes uncertainty from travel. Most importantly, with this special edition we celebrate bringing families and friends closer together.

Travel well.












Goodbye, winter blues, and hello, sunshine! With ER’s growing portfolio of chic coastal retreats, sun and sand are just a Vacation Ambassador phone call away.

Island Hop

Get ahead of the mid-winter doldrums by securing a sojourn to off-the-grid beach escapes, where unplugging with family and friends is your only demand. Think Orlando, Los Cabos, Grand Cayman, and St. Barths—just a tease of ER’s passion for seaside living. Paddle boarding, sailing, fishing, kayaking,snorkeling, or simply lounging with a compelling read are all in a day’s play. Let the ocean be your travel guide...>





Member GPS

Estatements Three Member families reveal how Exclusive Resorts has transcended traditional travelâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;from hotels, villas, and second homesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and become their preferred way to globetrot.




“An Exclusive Resorts vacation is always reliable. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself.” — MEMBER CATHERINE GUTHRIE

MORE THAN A VILLA RENTAL THE GUTHRIE FAMILY Catherine and Warren Guthrie and two sons Tyler (26) and Sean (22) Members Since 2005

What has your previous villa rental experience been like? My husband and I had just joined Exclusive Resorts, but had already planned a holiday with another family. We had rented a villa in Cabo at Pedregal, and it was not inexpensive. All in all, we probably spent $20,000 on that Cabo Christmas vacation, and it was not a great experience. There were so many little things wrong with the place. The landlord had left food

in the refrigerator. They wouldn’t let us turn the hot water on in the hot tub without paying for it. It turned us off to the point that we said, ‘We’re never going to deal with this again. We’re going to the highest level of Membership at Exclusive Resorts.’ We’ve been very happy ever since. If you had to choose one word to describe an Exclusive Resorts vacation what would it be? Reliable. You know what products are going to be in the bathrooms. You know the concierge is going to call. You know everything’s going to be taken care of, and all you have to do is

(OPPOSITE): The colorful master suite at one of 13 Grand Cayman villas. (CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT): Indooroutdoor living in Nevis, West Indies; a top-of-the line kitchen at ER’s flagship destination in Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica; the Guthrie family, Members since 2005.

sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. We travel with Exclusive Resorts, because of the reliability and the upscale experience we get. A lot of people choose villa rentals for the space. How do ER homes compare? The homes are big and beautiful, so you can gather in the kitchen or around a jigsaw puzzle in the living room. We get to enjoy the comforts of home and all of the amenities of a resort are right at our fingertips.




(CLOCKWISE FROM TOP): Bath bliss in Kapalua Bay, Maui; pool with a view in Los Cabos, Mexico; dining in style on Grand Cayman; the Gray family, Members since 2012; the Kaufman family, Members since 2007; an island-inspired kitchen at The Abaco Club on Winding Bay.

vacations because we have three kids and wanted the resort amenities.

HOTEL AMENITIES WITHOUT THE HASSLE THE KAUFMAN FAMILY Marjorie and David Kaufman, with children Michele (26), Grant (17), and Matthew (16) Members Since 2007

In the past, why would you choose a hotel over a vacation home or villa rental? Before we joined Exclusive Resorts, we liked to stay in resort areas for most of our 12



What were the drawbacks of staying at a hotel with family? Sometimes the kids would bring friends, so we would need a couple of hotel rooms to accommodate everyone, and it starts getting expensive. The experience is not fun when you’re staying in several hotel rooms. Plus, you don’t have a kitchen. How do ER residences make family vacations easier? The ER residences are set up so beautifully, and curated so well, with games for the kids and fully stocked kitchens. These spaces really enable us to spend time inside the residence with our kids, their friends, and now their significant others, as opposed to running around, trying to find a new place to accommodate all of

us. Exclusive Resorts solves all those very typical vacation problems we used to have before we joined. Bonding moments, like watching movies or playing Monopoly, wouldn’t happen if we were in a hotel room somewhere scrambling to get ready for breakfast. How does the ER service experience compare to the service you’d get at a hotel? One of the many terrific things about Exclusive Resorts is the concierge-level service that we get everywhere we travel. We can order groceries in advance. We can make restaurant reservations in advance. We can get recommendations on activities and what to do and what’s good and what’s not. We can order food and massages. We’re never worrying about where we’re going to have lunch and wondering what activity we’re going to do next, and fighting for chairs on a beach.

Show + Tell Is a luxury vacation club right for you? Given today’s plethora of travel choices, knowing what to ask is key. Here, a checklist for prospective Members to decide whether ER is right for their family. • How often do you like to travel?

money, but also a lot of maintenance, headaches, and time—with no flexibility. We were looking at northern Michigan and discovered we’re going to be spending lots of vacation in this one place, which is great, but asked ourselves, ‘Do we always want to be there?’ We would spend all of our time there to justify the cost of having the home. And then we would miss out on getting to travel to other places with the kids. Why did you feel ER was the ideal alternative to a second home? With Exclusive Resorts, there is total transparency and consistency. There’s an ease when you get away, knowing everything has been taken care of. The Club is an easy invitation to share an experience with family members, and at the same time, it allows us to vacation—we aren’t just hosting everyone. You can let the Concierge play host and have everything set up.

INVESTING IN TIME TOGETHER THE GRAY FAMILY Matt and Kimberley Gray, with their daughters Charlotte (9), Chloe (7) and Piper (3) Members Since 2012

What were some hesitations with buying a second home? We had been considering buying a vacation home. But we realized it’s not only a lot of

Do you find you travel differently with ER? ER is a gateway into more adventurous travel. You have all of these options and rather than go back to what you know, you might say, ‘Hey, let’s go to Jackson Hole last minute this summer.’ That’s not something we would have done without Exclusive Resorts.

• How long is your typical vacation? • Where do you like to travel? • Do you like to explore new destinations or repeatedly return to your favorites? • Is traveling during major holidays (ie. Spring Break, Christmas, Thanksgiving) important to you? • What types of services and amenities do you expect and require? • How many people normally travel with you? • How much do you spend on vacation?

WATCH OUR FULL INTERVIEWS with the Gray, Guthrie and Kaufman families on Exclusive Resorts’ YouTube channel. CURATED



> Fathom

The Lazy River at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World® Resort.

Fast Pass to Family Fun We’ve come up with our Top 10 tips for Disney-ing in 2018. Checking off your bucket is a whole lot easier. Visiting Walt Disney’s Most Magical Place on Earth is a rite of passage. For many kids and families, it’s a much-hyped bucket-list check. During this special Club Escape to Disney, reconnect with family while discovering Orlando’s luxurious side. The chic, 443-room Four Seasons Orlando® houses an exclusive adult-only pool and a complimentary Kids Camp. 10 Tips to Disney-ing in 2018: 1. HANG TIME. The Four Seasons Orlando is reason enough for an Orlando visit. The kids may hope you’re planning to hit theme parks every day, but allow at least one full day at the resort. With three pools (one adult-only), two waterslides, a lazy




river, and the aforementioned Kids Camp, there’s plenty to keep the little ones, and parents, busy. 2. TECH TALK. Visit any Disney park and there’s talk of the Fast Pass. Time is luxury these days, and with the Fast Pass you won’t have impatient tykes asking how many more minutes until hopping on their dream ride. 3. SPA SCENE. Mom and Dad, you’ve earned some R+R. At

The Spa at the Four Seasons Orlando, expect sleek modern design, 18 treatment rooms, private men and women’s relaxation lounges, and an extensive wellness menu (try the La Floridian body therapy or the Swift Lift Peptide Firming Facial). 4. TOP TABLES. Celebrity chefs are either staking their Orlando

claim, or visiting the city for special events, including starstudded James Beard dinners at the Four Seasons’ rooftop Capa restaurant. Other top tables include Morimoto Asia at Disney

(CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT): Daily fireworks are best seen from your private balcony; posh bedrooms at the Four Seasons Orlando; Minnie and Mickey at the Magic Kingdom.

Springs (excellent sushi, chicken bao and divine noodle dishes), and Winter Park’s Ravenous Pig (order the shrimp and grits and fried okra). 5. CHILD’S PLAY. Explorer Island, where kids ages 4-12 are

entertained and supervised (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) is a Four Seasons Orlando highlight. It has a five-acre water park with two water slides, a family pool, splash zone, lazy river winding around a “ruined” mansion, and climbing wall. Play beach volleyball and basketball, hit a video gaming center, and plan for outdoor movie nights on the Starstruck screen. 6. TEE TIME. In addition to three Har-Tru courts for the tennis

lover and the 24-hour fitness center, the Tranquilo Golf Club features an 18-hole Tom Fazio-designed golf course. If you’re a golfer, slate time for a day on the greens. 7. SHOP. Check out the Four Seasons’ Wardrobe boutique for

such custom design collaborations as Minnie ears by Missoni. The Italian designer features its custom zigzag weave on the iconic Minnie ears. Additional collaborations include shirts by James Perse and jewelry by Kimberly McDonald. 8. BESPOKE DISNEY. Two Disney Parks are included in the Escape, and complimentary transportation is provided to the

Play Ground

Your Hit List to Disney for Adults 1. Boogie to ‘80s dance nostalgia and current chart-toppers at the adults-only ATLANTIC DANCE HALL on Disney’s BoardWalk.

main Disney theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios) in plush motor coaches. On-site Disney Character Breakfasts, named “The Good Morning Breakfast with Goofy and Pals,” are featured twice weekly. Want breakfast with Anna and Elsa from Frozen? It can be arranged (for a fee) in one of the resort’s private event spaces. 9. DISNEY SPRINGS. Don’t miss this new Disney hot spot.

Located along a charming waterfront walkway, expect a festive mix of dining, shopping, and high-tech, Disney-themed entertainment. Look for such acts as Cirque de Soleil La Nouba, Exposition Park, and the DisneyQuest Interactive Theme Park. 10. AVATAR LAND. Located at Animal Kingdom, the new

“Pandora – The World of AVATAR!” features incredible floating mountains and an iconic nighttime jungle filled with bioluminescent flora. Look for interactive Avatar expeditions, in addition to themed dining and only-at-Disney shopping. GO

2. Dine at Epcot’s LA CAVA DEL TEQUILA, with signature margs, 100 tequilas, and tasty tapas.

AEROSMITH, which has plenty of twists and turns set to the band’s classic hits.

3. Channel Sweet Emotion at

4. Refuel with decadent sushi and


sake at MORIMOTO ASIA, located at Disney Springs. CURATED



> RememberWhen...Kids Edition


(INSET): Michele Kaufman at water’s edge on Abaco Island; one of the legendary cenotes snorkeling and diving hot spots in Mexico.

The Young and The Restless If travel is a global classroom, curious kids and young adults are anxious to learn. These four ER Members share how travel has informed, connected and expanded their worldviews.

MICHELE KAUFMAN AGE: 26 REMEMBER WHEN… During our recent trip to Mexico,

my boyfriend came along. We love to cook at home in Brooklyn, and we’re into sourcing locally. One afternoon there was a fisherman who pulled up in his boat with fish, shrimp, and lobster. We got to go right up and pick what we wanted. We cooked a lovely feast in our large kitchen. It was probably the best family meal we ate that year. TRAVEL AS TEACHER: A unique moment was snorkeling

the Cenotes in Riviera Maya. I didn’t even know that the Cenotes existed. Experiencing the incredible underground




caves, fish, and wildlife was really cool. FAMILY MATTERS: My brothers and I don’t often get

to spend five to 10 days at a time together doing really unique things. When we are on vacation we swim, go out to eat, play board games, and watch movies. It’s the little things that are most memorable. BIGGEST TRAVEL TAKEAWAY? Exclusive Resorts gives you a greater appreciation for the beautiful world that’s out there and the things we don’t get to experience every day.


(INSET): Alex Chang and family count an ER trip to the Galapagos as a bucket-list check.



AGE: 16 REMEMBER WHEN… The first time I went to Costa Rica with

AGE: 16 REMEMBER WHEN… We flew a helicopter over Victoria

my family was in the sixth grade. There was a ping-pong table in the Clubhouse. I challenged a few older teenagers to a game and beat them. Word got around that a scrawny 11-year-old was beating everyone, so the resort manager and head chef came out. I played both of them and won. Afterward, I said to my parents, “Mom, Dad, we’re going back.” I’ve been back three times now.

Falls. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I used to be very afraid of heights. So my adrenaline was rushing! But having my brother there was really reassuring. I was scared but also excited.

TRAVEL AS TEACHER: I was able to share a very important

subject—science—with my sister in the Galapagos Islands. We had a cool little nerd connection! Being able to learn the history of every living thing on this Earth was incomparable. NOW FACTOR: As we get older, we’re not going to have as much time together as a family. My sister is away at college and her vacation schedule doesn’t always match up with mine. So, I’m really starting to cherish the memories we’ve made on vacations with ER. Everywhere I’ve gone the last 16 years of my life, it’s been with my mom, dad, and sister. NEXT UP? I’ve been trying to convince my parents to go back to Costa Rica again. Eventually, I’d like to take my own children there to share an important part of my childhood. Thanks to ER, I’ve traveled a lot of the world, but there’s still so much to explore.

We flew a helicopter over Victoria Falls. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my life!

FAMILY FUN: With Exclusive Resorts, they don’t just drop us off at some kids’ club. ER has done a great job of providing all that’s necessary for us to have a great vacation—from the amenities (sporting equipment, board games, infinity pools) to the homes with plenty of room and privacy. Without our vacations, I don’t know if we would be as close as we are. In 2013 we went to Mexico. My brother, father and I went scuba diving. We saw crystal rock formations and swam through a secret underwater tunnel— it was just amazing. TRAVEL AS TEACHER: I’ve pushed my boundaries and

had to interact with people and cultures I might never have learned about in school. It gives me a broader perspective of the world. One time we visited an Aztec ruin in Mexico. I was studying The Aztecs in school the following week—so it was really fun to have learned about their culture firsthand. Best of all, I didn’t have to study for the test! BROTHERLY BONDS: Throughout our vacations, my brother Grant and I have really bonded. We’ve had our differences, but when we’re all relaxed—at a beach or skiing—we love to have fun with each other.





(INSET): Ella Bunz (far left) on ER’s recent College Study Abroad. (FROM LEFT): A vibrant main square in Barcelona; seeing the Mediterranean via catamaran.

ELLA BUNCE AGE: 18 GLOBAL CLASSROOM: The highlight from “Exploring

Europe: ER’s Spin on College Study Abroad” trip was the sunset catamaran cruise we got to take. It was stunning! We got to swim in the Mediterranean, and dinner was delicious. SERVICE FACTOR: My favorite thing about ER is that I always feel very comfortable and the locations are incredible. I know that when I get to travel with the Club it’s going to be an amazing vacation. TRAVEL AS TEACHER: I’m still learning about the culture

and people from the places I’m visiting. Tons of organized tours are great for learning the history of the countries. REMEMBER WHEN … My favorite family moment is our

trip to Maui, when we stayed in Kapalua. The whole family was playing in the waves together. We were laughing so hard we practically drowned! I feel so lucky to have experienced this trip with my whole family—I wouldn’t have had this opportunity without ER.

WATCH OUR FULL INTERVIEWS with our young travelers on Exclusive Resorts’ YouTube channel.




Travel as Teacher With these 2018 kid-friendly vacations, expanding horizons is unforgettable. COSTA RICA Kids can channel their inner adventurer with treetop zip line tours and surf lessons. Naturalist-led tours of nearby Palo Verde National Park will introduce them to local flora and fauna.

SOUTH AFRICA A safari through Kruger National Park won’t just wow kids with wildlife. It will also spark a conversation about conservation. Visits to nearby communities demonstrate how other cultures live.

GRAND CAYMAN The Ritz-Carlton’s Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ambassadors of the Environment program turns the island into a natural classroom and living laboratory. Eco-tours educate kids of all ages about ocean conservation and coral reefs and excursions include night snorkels and kayak trips through the mangroves.


Map Quest


Every year, Exclusive Resorts carefully vets the next “it” destinations, and then curates custom itineraries only available through the Club. So where to in 2018? Let our groundwork be your travel muse...

EXPERIENCE COLLECTION > NEW 2018 ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME JOURNEYS ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires and Patagonia . AUSTRALIA: Reef, Rainforest and City CANADIAN ROCKIES: Family Adventure . DANUBE RIVER CRUISE: Budapest to Vienna FRANCE: Champagne and Bordeaux . MEKONG RIVER: Vietnam and Cambodia TANZANIA: Serengeti and Zanzibar . YUCATAN: Swimming with Whale Sharks CURATED




Postcards From...

Freeze Frame






“Letting loose in the Shara Sand Dunes. How cool to be in a place with sand as far as the eye can see.”

Each year Gina Bach, Vice President, Experiences, scours the globe in search of new destinations and itineraries for the Club’s Experience Collection. Here, she shares her most unforgettable moments.

BORNEO: “Cuddling with orphaned baby orangutans at Camp Leaky in Borneo is something I’ll never forget.”



RUSSIA: “There’s

it when Eleanor Roosevelt visited here she said, 'Poor Niagara.’”

something meaningful about being in a place you never as a child imagined


you would visit.”


“We got private viewing privileges to the normally closed off Great Sphinx of Giza.”

LAOS: “The monks appeared at dawn

and we were there to participate in the morning alms ceremony.” GO

ANTARCTICA: “I was nervous because of the Drake

Passage crossing. I now daydream of penguins sliding on their bellies in their own winter wonderland.”


> Service Factor

Day in the Life Vacation Ambassador Sarah O’Neil Reveals Her Tools of the Trade


f there’s one game-changing service factor when joining Exclusive Resorts, it’s the team of dedicated Vacation Ambassadors who define the Club’s vacation vocabulary. ER employs more than 60 Vacation Ambassadors from its operations headquarters in Denver. Their roles are integral to Club culture, and more than 20 percent of them have been at ER since its launch in 2003. Herewith, a day-in the-life snapshot of how Ambassador Sarah O’Neil delivers only-at-ER experiences.

9 a.m. Confirm reservations made over the weekend. Notice the Taylor family made their first reservation in a two-bedroom residence in Laguna Beach, CA. I see a three-bedroom unit is also available over those same dates. I call them to see if they would like to change so each of the kids can have their own bedroom. 10 a.m. Attend a Vacation Ambassador bi-weekly department meeting to learn about our new 2018 Once-in-a-Lifetime Journeys, which include swimming with whale sharks in the Yucatan, a cruise down the Mekong 22

3 p.m. The Rogers family calls in a

river, and navigating Australia’s beach, outback, and city life. I love sharing notes with my Members to discuss which trips are right up their alley!

11 a.m. Email the Sullivan family and

schedule a time to talk through ideas for their annual summer vacation. I attach family vacation photos they’ve previously sent me to get them inspired. Since the kids are older now, it’s one of the only times the entire family will be together—so I want to make sure everything is planned and confirmed well in advance.

Noon. Lead an office tour of our Denver headquarters and then have lunch with the McNeil family, who are traveling to Vail and visiting our Arabelle property. We review their itinerary and I suggest a dinner reservation at Vail’s Campo De Fiori. I remind them to take the kids to the roof top pool, which has an incredible view of the mountains!


4 p.m. Pre-arrival call with Mr. Fryer, who is headed to San Francisco in two weeks for a long weekend in celebration of his wife’s 50th birthday. I confirm he’s been in touch with the on-site Concierge and his dinner reservations are finalized. Remind Mr. O’Neil his wife’s favorite play, Wicked, is showing and ask our on-site Concierge to help arrange a surprise evening for a special date night!

2 p.m. Quarterly call with the

Dennis Family to discuss future reservations and any new destinations or experiences joining the Club’s portfolio. Due to their son’s soccer schedule, we decide to change the timing of their fall weekend in New York City from the first to second week in October.


panic, as their plane was rerouted to LAX instead of Orange County due to weather. They are scheduled to arrive at Pelican Hill this evening and are concerned they won’t be able to depart LAX until late tomorrow, as rental cars are fully booked. I remind them of their VIP Benefit with Avis, which guarantees a Chairman’s Club Member a rental. I send them the Exclusive Resorts Members Only direct line to Avis and together we ensure their arrival to Pelican Hill as planned.


(CLOCKWISE FROM TOP): Pool with a view at The Arrabelle at Vail Square; stylish San Francisco interiors at Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square; Amsterdam’s famous canals.

< By The Numbers

THE SERVICE FACTOR Fun stats + facts from ER’s travel experts SINCE

2008 • 24 professional photographers have captured Once-in-aLifetime moments on Club Journeys.


TWO number of snow chains installed by the

Members fitted for skis in their ER residence

Deer Valley Concierge

with Ski Butlers.

team on Members’ rental cars in the middle of winter.


2 •0 •0

percent of ER

number of training

Ambassadors have

hours required to

been with the Club

become a Vacation

since its 2003 launch.

135 destinations scouted by the ER team for new Once-in-a-Lifetime


Ski Butlers visit ER residences to outfit aspiring athletes.


45 number of Member

bags of coffee purchased and stocked in

anniversaries ER

residence kitchens since 2003.

Ambassadors help organize per year.

Journeys. Estimated statistics based upon information available to the Club.





Now + Then

Snapshot of an ER Membership



MOTHER-DAUGHTER TRIP! We joined at the end of 2008. We lived in London for five years, so Rachel and I walked down memory lane—going to musicals, and exploring parts of London we hadn’t seen before.

An in-residence chef prepared a Caribbean dinner for Rachel and her friends. Aside from the amazing birthday celebration, I learned how much fun my sister is to travel with.



G rand Cayman






FAMILY SKI TRIP. We went to Yellowstone and explored Jackson and Grand Teton National Park. It’s especially amazing when your kids bond on these trips.

Jackson H ole

Our headquarters were Tuscany. After a day trip to Venice, a rail strike happened. No trains were running back to Florence except for one at 3 a.m. Our Concierge cancelled everything in Tuscany, except for the cooking class with our private chef. We learned to make pasta, and to this day still handmake pasta together.


2 011



SPIRITUAL RESET. Rachel’s former roommate, Jillian, had recently lost her father. We went to Miraval with Jillian and her mom, who took meditation walks. Cell phones were tucked away most of the trip. It was great to disconnect from the world and bring them somewhere to recharge.

My sister Laurie and I traveled together, and we discovered how much fun it is to travel with other ER Members in groups. We helped with a service project and planted trees for reforestation.

Galapagos 2012

G rand Cayman


This was our first trip with our now son-inlaw, Matthew. He was expecting to lounge on the beach. Rachel and Matthew were dating at the time, and she told him we attack our vacations. We wring everything out of it. It was a test to see if he could keep up. He passed!

Cayman Islands, Tuscany, and Turks & Caicos? Check! Since joining the Club in 2008 when their kids were teenagers, and now celebrating their 10-year milestone with the Club, Robbi Luxbacher shows how ER has evolved with her family, including husband, Steve, daughter, Rachel (29), and son, Nathan (23).




With 30 people in our ER group, the focus was to view mountain gorillas. They’re wild, but habituated, and let you approach them. It was incredible. And we dined on gorgeous meals in the middle of the Savannah, simply chatting and waiting for the sunset.

Diving is a huge passion of ours, and this was the first big dive trip for our kids. We had an unforgettable sighting of Caribbean reef sharks. Steve took a video of the experience and put it to the Jimmy Buffet song, “Fins.” Very appropriate!


Turks and Caicos

St. Petersburg has always been on my bucket list. We had the Hermitage Museum to ourselves, and a private experience at Catherine’s Palace during this Membersonly Seabourne cruise. Rachel describes it as “magical”— we watched live musicians in the ballroom. And we toured the local food market in Copenhagen. Matthew now looks for local food tours every time he’s in a new city.







INTO THE WILD. My sister and her husband traveled with Steve and me on this Once-in-a-Lifetime Journey. We saw whales in a bubble net hunt—extremely rare. We also viewed black bears, eagles, and whales. ER gave us a really personal view into Alaska.


GRADUATION CELEBRATION. Rachel and Matthew had just finished grad school at Duke, and Nathan had graduated from Southern Methodist University. Upon arrival in Abaco, our Concierge surprised us with rum punch and Caribbean appetizers, and congratulations signs for each of the graduates. And we got in some great scuba diving to top it off!


Baltic Cruise



©2014 Abercrombie & Kent, USA, LLC CST #2007274-20

Discover the World on an A&K Tailor Made Journey Abercrombie & Kent’s Tailor Made journeys take just you and your family on a privately guided adventure wherever you want to go — with support from 52 local offices in over 100 countries, the possibilities are endless. Contact your Exclusive Ambassador to create an A&K journey built exclusively around the things you want to see and do together.

after an introduction from our private guide, we were invited to join the locals on their way to market.



Fall IN THIS ISSUE > 28 72 Hours in Miraval 38 Club Culture: The ER Blueprint

(ABOVE): Painting an “Unforgettable Canvas” during Miraval’s equine therapy. CURATED



72 hours at

MIRAVAL A Girls’ Getaway to Tucson Celebrates the Power of Connection



“The key to growing is to make mistakes, and that’s the last thing anybody wants to do,” says Wyatt Webb. It’s 102 degrees on a cloudless June day in Tucson, and Miraval Resort’s famous “horse whisperer” sits solo on a stool, arms crossed, in the middle of a small arena. Eight women are in a semi-circle opposite him. He asks who would like to go first, and surprisingly my hand shoots toward the Arizona sky. I’m not a natural with horses. In fact, at age 15, the first horse I ever “rode” nearly stomped on a rattlesnake, spooked, and took off at full gallop. So I have serious reservations about this lauded equine therapy.

(OPPOSITE): Miraval’s Sacred Labyrinth at sunset. A cairn in the middle is sprinkled with hand-written intentions, and the circular walk is a reminder to be in the present moment.





Day 1

5:30 a.m. There’s something about rising with the Tucson sun which becomes my daily norm. Desert bunnies hop around our two-bedroom Exclusive Resorts villa while I sip coffee on the outdoor terrace. The sun winks over the Santa Catalina Mountains. Though hard-pressed to leave our private enclave, I’m anxious to walk the grounds.

6:30 a.m. Miraval’s Outdoor Adventure & Challenge program is staged near the resort’s hiking and jogging trails. Last night, the ER Concierge recommended a short three-mile loop, so I lace up my running shoes and hit the trail. As I circle the resort’s backyard, I spy mountain bikers, more bunnies, and by 7 a.m. two Miraval guests are already tackling their fear of heights at the “Quantam Leap.” As I work up a sweat, I pass the resort’s most visual marker—the Sacred Labyrinth. A guest walks the circle and places a note in the middle cairn. I make a mental note to return and do the same.

step into the ring and face the group. When Wyatt Webb asks you a question, you answer, truthfully. Webb has an uncanny ability to quickly cut through the superficial. After a primer on the power of fear and self-doubt, within five minutes my vulnerability is laid bare and I’m asked to walk toward Crackers—a gorgeous, 1,500-pound WelshArabian horse. All I have to do, as Webb has deftly demonstrated, is stand next to the horse’s shoulder, bend down, squeeze its leg right above 8 a.m. I refuel with a nutty banana smoothie the knee, and the horse should lift its leg so I and visit with my dedicated ER concierge. can clean its hoof. If only. He goes over the resort map and our itinerary, During my three days at Miraval while also explaining the day’s (OPPOSITE): Karrie on a girls’ getaway, this illuminating seminars, visiting speakers, and Sims paints her moment with Webb and Crackers restaurant hours. I sign up for the “story” during the is pivotal. As are several other new PiYo Live fitness class—“a “Unforgettable moments of connection—with my must,” he says. Canvas” equine two accompanying girlfriends, several 10 a.m. Time to learn “6 Tips to therapy; Noel Miraval guests, psychic Maggie Master Your Metabolism” with Patterson’s “All the Garbarini, beekeeper Noel Patterson, Miraval’s Registered Dietician Buzz” beekeeping and perhaps most notably, with myself. Angela Onsgard. The Cliff Notes? seminar; a girls Connection is Miraval’s currency, and Exercise, with high intensity interval getaway includes when it’s exchanged with authenticity training. Love breakfast, and include oh-so-sweet honey and intention—skillfully demonstrated fat, fiber, and protein. Sleep! 7-9 sampling. by Webb and his horse—the resort’s hours, with no electronics an hour transformative power is quickly before bed. Neutralize Stress. realized. And of top note, the essence Cortisol causes inflammation if not of Miraval is to quickly, and repeatedly, blink regulated, and inflammation is not our friend. back to the present moment. “I will live in the Eat real, whole foods. Plant-rich foods are your now” is Miraval’s collective mantra. As such, friends (as is apple cider vinegar, diluted in our three-day itinerary—a powerful health water to improve gut health). punch infused with seminars, spa, therapeutic classes, desert sunsets, and organic meals—is 11 a.m. “Feel the burn!” says our instructor. a mind-body recipe for what I consider soul Barefoot on yoga mats, my friend, Karrie, and I food. Herewith, a journal to unplug, recharge, have been in a lunge for what feels like forever. and reconnect. With these words of encouragement we move





AND WHEN IT’S EXCHANGED WITH AUTHENTICITY AND INTENTION—SKILLFULLY DEMONSTRATED BY WEBB AND HIS HORSE—THE RESORT’S TRANSFORMATIVE POWER IS QUICKLY REALIZED. into a long plank, and feel the burn indeed. A high-intensity, low-impact workout, we’re joined by 10 other guests of varying age and fitness levels. Our mission: moving to fun, loud music and building muscle mass. The new PiYo Live gets our strength, sweat, and stretch on.

4:30 p.m. Visiting specialist and renowned psychic Maggie Garbarini leads “The Journey of a Psychic.” She speaks about numerology 1 p.m. After a tough workout, the Bountiful and her storied life to a packed and curious Earth Body Ritual, staged in the outdoor room, and at the close of the session, I decide New Life Treatment rooms at the Life in if she has a cancellation for a private session Balance Spa, is a highlight of my (she typically books out in advance), I’m trip. The outdoor retreats are like (CLOCKWISE FROM snagging one. M.AS.H. tents on steroids, with air

conditioning and high-end finishes. 7:30 p.m. I return to the Sacred conversation in The treatment takes me around the Labyrinth for sunset meditation. As the sun one of ER’s private globe. We begin in North Africa delivers a brilliant curtsy over the Catalinas, villas; Executive Chef with a loofah cleanse and Moroccan Brandon Cathey’s I silently walk the maze and reflect on Rose Body Wash. Next, we’re off tomorrow’s appointment with Wyatt Webb. source-to-fork to Asia with an exfoliation of After just one day here, Miraval’s minimal inspiration; Wyatt bamboo, ginger grass, and mineralcell-phone policy, slow food philosophy, and Webb, founder and rich salt. Then it’s to the Pacific, mindful clientele are all constant reminders leader of the Equine with a Yucatan coco-mole clay wrap Experience at Miraval. to be in the moment. that smells good enough to eat. As 8 p.m. We dine under a desert full moon the wrap works its wonders, my on the patio of Miraval’s Cactus Flower therapist delivers a face and scalp restaurant. Multiple courses are suggested, as massage. I remove the mud with a cedar wood key to healthy Miraval eating is small portions. and juniper body wash in my private outdoor I opt for local greens with blue cheese, apple, shower. The finale? A full body massage and walnuts; wild salmon with a fennel and infused with lime silk oil and cedar woodolive salad; and a guilt-free lemon chevre poppy juniper body butter. seed cheesecake. We return to the villa under 3 p.m. Karrie and I float lazily on rafts posta bright evening sky, and I sleep better than I treatment while sipping Spicy Sonoran cocktails have in weeks. and comparing spa sessions. Her all-organic “farm-to-treatment-table” Abundance Body Day 2 Ritual included a grapefruit Kombucha body 6 a.m. Miraval is used to early risers (East wash, Hawaiian lime sugar scrub, Spirulina body Coasters are up especially early), and coffee is clay, argan avocado oil, and grapeseed butter. served in the lobby by 5:30 a.m. I ease into the day with a morning swim in the outdoor lap pool. TOP): Coffee and










8 a.m. Today, we paint a horse. “An

Unforgettable Canvas” equine experience begins with a short ride to the stables. Our group gathers near four gorgeous horses, and our instructor, Melissa, explains the Native American tradition of painting horses pre-battle as a symbol of strength. “This is an opportunity to express yourself, then clear the canvas—clean the horse—to let go of your stories,” Melissa explains. “Just because it’s your story today, doesn’t mean it’s your story moving forward.”

eight women, my stomach is in knots. Within just minutes, if the participant is willing, Webb quickly taps into childhood trauma, relationship challenges, health issues, or substance abuse. Bottom line, we’re all carrying something around, and the horse is simply a vehicle to illuminate fear and self doubt.

Webb hands me a simple tool to clean the horse’s The gist: let go of self-judgment about what or hoof. “Alright then,” he says softly. “Go.” I walk how you paint. Then free-flow paint for an hour. to the horse hesitantly, and Crackers can instantly Afterward, each participant explains his or her read my energy, which is clouded with fear. I try visual “story” to the group. So while Karrie and I my best to emulate Webb’s example in picking up each paint one side of Oliver, she channels the film the horse’s hoof. I pinch above his knee with all my Braveheart and paints big, bold strokes all along his strength. Nothing. I battle my anxiety, and finally ask body. Shedding my fear of painting (stick figures are Webb for help. “Come back over to me,” he says. a challenge for me) I manage a sun, a spiral akin to “What are you thinking and what are you feeling?” the Miraval Labyrinth, and an owl in honor of my he asks me again. I answer honestly. late Mom. One guest explains her homage “I’m feeling vulnerable,” I answer. “You (CLOCKWISE to a dying friend—a moving story in which are 100 percent responsible for 50 percent FROM TOP): ER she urges us to “cherish and celebrate” of the relationship,” Webb reinforces. residences bring our girlfriends—a perfect message for our “Walk right back over there as if you the outdoors in weekend. As I wash off Oliver, and, in turn, are leading a parade. Go.” I do exactly with private plunge my “story,” I think about what’s later on the as I’m told. I walk with confidence, pools and decadent itinerary—meeting the famous Wyatt Webb. stand shoulder to shoulder with the bathrooms; daily 9:30 a.m. Executive Chef Brandon horse, and squeeze, hard, on his knee. adventure includes Cathey invites us to walk Miraval’s organic This time my mind is empty. I’m simply desert hikes; living garden. While pulling edible pea, cucumber, focusing on the task at hand—no self rooms frame the and onion flowers (dee-lish), Cathey explains, judgment or worry that others are inspiring Catalina “The soil is the star. If you have healthy soil watching. Crackers quickly picks up his Mountains. you’ll have healthy plants.” He’s recently hoof. My sense of relief and peace is planted zucchini blossoms, cucumber, overwhelming. I could fill this entire squash, collard greens, and kale. “We’re piece with what happens next with each guest, but more than organic. We’re biodynamic,” he adds. He in a nutshell, if you’re willing to be broken open, sources proteins from a 300-mile radius, and the 20 the resulting perspective and revelation are gamechickens living on the ranch hatch tasty organic eggs. changers. Intention, it turns out, is key. And the peaches? “Tucson’s peaches rival any in the 2 p.m. It’s time to move. We’ve booked a private world,” Cathey adds. yoga class in the comfort of our villa—perfect 10:30 a.m. “It’s not about the horse,” says Wyatt timing considering the emotionally charged morning. Webb. That’s no surprise, given it’s the name of his Our instructor guides us through a mellow flow, acclaimed program. We’ve returned to the stables adjusting our poses as we practice our Warrior II with a new group of eight guests—all women, with the incredible Catalinas as our backdrop. though plenty of men travel to Miraval for Webb’s 4:30 p.m. Back to the spa. I’ve booked the new no-nonsense perspective. As previously mentioned, Desert Rose Radiance Facial, and after meeting I have some knowledge of what to expect: We’re my esthetician, it’s quickly apparent Miraval culls supposed to pick up the horse’s hoof. Simple, right? from Tucson’s most talented practitioners. The Not quite. When I stand in the ring, facing these




Now Power With these mindful seminars and classes, living in the moment is redefined.

age-defying treatment is anchored in cool rose quartz crystals, which help tone and lift, while advanced ESPA products brighten, firm, boost collagen, and combat hyperpigmentation. Afterward, my skin reflects the Miraval “glow.”

7 p.m. As we walk to dinner, we spy

MIRAVAL EQUINE EXPERIENCE™. Practice life in the moment while working with trained horses and expert facilitators.

MINDFUL ENERGY MOVEMENT. A lowimpact, gentle combo of movement patterns that focus on breath, energy, balance, and

a family of not-so-pretty and stubborn javalinas, which sets a festive tone for the eve. We dine under the stars, and serendipitously meet a group of 10 Exclusive Resorts Members—another girls’ getaway group from San Francisco. The full moon and Basil in Balance cocktails fuel conversations of family, travel, food, and not-to-miss Miraval highlights.

Day 3

8 a.m. Noel Patterson’s “All the Buzz”

hands-on bee experience is a welcome surprise. After getting outfitted in a headto-toe beekeeper suit (think gloves, gaiters, hood), we follow Patterson—Miraval’s resident beekeeper and Rob Lowe’s doppelganger—to the site of a colony. Amidst the nearby swarm of thousands of bees, Patterson’s knowledge is mindboggling. We learn if a baby bee is fed “royal jelly” it becomes a queen. Queens seek each other out, fight to the death, and the strongest one survives. And this rouses a chuckle: The queen goes on a “bender” of mating with six to 30 bees in two hours, and mates only once in her life. Patterson explains that the average life of a honeybee is 6-8 weeks and the colony doubles every two weeks. Ultimately, the messaging in his class celebrates connection and community. “Honey is like fine wine. It has a sense of place,” adds Patterson, a former sommelier. We finish the class by tasting the bees’ nectar—local honey that makes our taste buds dance.

strength, designed to keep you in the here and now.

MINDFUL PARENTING. Expert Lisa Frank fuses lecture, discussion, and mindfulnessbased exercises to help keep moms and dads present while parenting.

ART MEDITATION. A guided meditation to relax the mind and set an intention while choosing a variety of media to paint or draw with.

10 a.m. Cardio Drumming is a guest favorite at Miraval. By now we’ve sunk into 36



the rhythm of the resort. But during this group fitness class, the beat is amplified via a high-energy cardio workout fusing traditional aerobics with the rhythm of drums. It’s fun, and once again, connects you to everyone in the room.

12 p.m. During Cocktails in the

Kitchen we’re treated to a behind-thescenes tour of Miraval’s culinary operations. While sampling chef-made appetizers and handcrafted cocktails, we receive healthy cooking tips and tricks.

2 p.m. Psychic Maggie Garbarini has

an opening! My hour-long private session with her is a rollercoaster of powerful information. Garbarini’s talent is delivered via numerology, tarot cards, and practical advice. She touches on career, health, relationships, and family. I leave with my session saved on my iPhone and wonder if I’ll play it for my seven-year-old son some day.

8 p.m. As our visit comes to a close, we celebrate three perfect days in the comfort of our gorgeous villa with a private chef dinner. We splurge on a nice bottle of wine, toast one last desert sunset, and dine on decadent salads and fresh fish. Our only regret is that we don’t have more time.

Departure. I awake the following dawn for

our 5 a.m. shuttle. We’re whisked away in a van that softly plays Miraval’s spa music. At the airport, when (CLOCKWISE FROM the van door shuts TOP): Vitamin C and the music stops, Facial at the Life real world re-entry in Balance Spa; mornings are sets in. But I think kickstarted with about Webb’s words. avocado toast and I know they’ll stay organic eggs; topwith me. I envision of-the-line kitchens the handwritten are ideal for private intention I’ve left in chef dinners in residence; Executive the labyrinth—and I Chef Brandon know I’ll return. Cathey; in-residence yoga with a private instructor; two- and three-bedroom residences feature desert views from every room.

GLOBAL Vacation was once a simple concept. But over the last decade, the travel industry has been seriously disrupted. The launch of Airbnb in 2008 forced the biggest evolution in tourism since Priceline and Expedia. Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s crowded marketplace demands a unique travel blueprint. So just what sets Exclusive Resorts in a class of its own? With these Top 7 of-the-moment differentiators, let us count the waysâ&#x20AC;Ś STORY BY JEN MURPHY

Service with a serious view at Singita Sabi Sand in Kruger National Park, South Africa.








(CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT): A playful plunge during a trip to the Galapagos; Members Jason and Dr. Helen Shim-Chang experience the Galapagos islands; Members visit Solvang, California for an exclusive wine tasting event.



Community is the hallmark of Exclusive Resorts—a differentiator from big villa rental companies.


hen you join the Club, become part of a tribe of 4200+ like-minded travelers who share similar passions and values. “Our Members value belonging to ER,” emphasizes Exclusive Resorts CEO Cathy Ross. “Community is a cornerstone of the Club. Time and again our Members tell us they make more than just memories when they travel with Exclusive Resorts; rather, they create lifelong friendships. Exclusive Resorts isn’t merely the world’s leading destination club, but a discerning and sophisticated community.” Jason Chang, a Member since 2012, took his family to the Galapagos with ER. “We were on a small ship sharing this incredible experience with other Members we’d never met,” he says. “To this day we’re still friends with many of the Members, and my son is still in contact with one of the children he met there.”

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD The Club recently launched its new ER Member Community, an online platform for like-minded Members who want to interact with each other. As a further connection to the Club, highlights include: • Privately shared Member photos and videos from trips around the world. • Travel reviews from Members they trust.






Our itineraries are created exclusively for Members and aren’t available on the open market.



xclusive Resorts introduced Once-in-a-Lifetime Journeys long before “experiential travel” was a buzzword, and now offers more than 50+ personalized itineraries. Adding to the Club’s signature Once-in-aLifetime Journeys and VIP Member Events is a collection of new custom Adventures and short weekend Escapes providing insider experiences and activities around the globe. “We have 100-percent trust in Exclusive Resorts, so we’re willing to travel with them to places we would’ve never dreamed of going on our own,” says Catherine Guthrie, a Member since 2005. Each year, the Club scouts more the latest global hotspots for consideration to be added to the portfolio, and then features itineraries showcasing the selected destinations in truly unique ways. Some of the Club’s newest vacations to join the Experience Collection include exploring both old and new Dubai, trekking the cliffs of Mallorca, and horseback riding through the countryside and along the coast of Uruguay. “Our research is your reward,” says Gina Bach, ER’s Vice President, Experiences, who oversees a team of experts who consistently scour the globe in search of the next “it” destinations.

“Vacation is no longer just about the hotel or the residence or even the destination,” says Bach. “Today, the focus is on collecting life-changing experiences, immersive excursions, and authentic journeys that enrich lives exponentially.” COMING SOON! 2018 VIP MEMBER EVENT SERIES The 2018 VIP Member Event roster will be packed with experiences that duck the velvet rope, accesses prestigious sporting events, celebrate the best in culinary excursions, and ensure kid-friendly trips.


(ABOVE): Glamping in the Arabian desert ensures memories in the making.

CONSISTENCY is our CALLING No unwanted surprises, just guaranteed, Club-worthy peace of mind.

VILLA CHECKLIST All too often, what you see isn’t always what you get. With ER, consistency is king. 1. LAYOUT. Plenty of gathering spaces are paramount—living room, kitchen, dining room, patio—for entertaining and reconnecting. 2. KITCHEN. Fully stocked with tools and appliances, kitchens have the same high-end functions as Members’ own homes. 3. LOCATION. The home is easily accessible to key activities in each destination, such as ski in/ski out access, or beachside. And top local restaurants are often within close proximity. 4. AMENITIES. Most homes feature private pools, hot tubs, and media rooms. And Members have access to resort amenities, including fitness centers, spas and kids clubs. 5. VIEWS. What do Members see when they look out the window? The interior of a home is equally important as the exterior. 6. AIRLIFT. Homes should be easily accessed by direct flights or flights with less than two connections. 7. FLEXIBLE BEDDING OPTIONS. When traveling with multiple generations, enough bedrooms, or rooms with bunk beds can hold the entire family while still providing privacy.



All’s an ocean hue at ER’s six vibrant seaside homes at the Abaco Club on Winding Bay, located in the Bahamas. CURATED

(CLOCKWISE FROM TOP): ER’s on-site Costa Rica team includes in-the-know locals; authentic kitchen design in Sun Valley, Idaho; guest suites at ER’s Sea Island, Georgia property; nature is the main entreé while dining in Costa Rica.


e don’t just guarantee great vacations; we guarantee peace of mind. And you’ll never have anxiety about being misled by photos or be surprised upon arrival. Only the best residences have made the cut to be called Club-worthy, tucked away in some of the world’s most exclusive communities, and often featuring private infinity pools, star-chef restaurants, and award-winning spas. ER owns 70 percent of its core portfolio, which translates to consistency in every detail, from how kitchens are stocked with wine glasses and spices, to the same highend beds found in each residence. Plus, ER utilizes on-site teams in most destinations dedicated solely to ER Members. The Club’s overall value embraces annual predictability, in that you pay up front for your membership and all vacations versus ball-parking varying villa and hotel rates. With 100-percent predictable pricing, Members never have to worry about hidden fees, chasing down security deposits, or scrolling through an endless selection of online villa rentals. And ER’s emotional value means priceless, consistent, and authentic connection with family and friends. You’ll be traveling to tried-and-trending hot spots that are being consistently vetted by ER’s experts.






There’s no time like the present. Our homes are custom designed for bonding.


hese days, families stay connected online rather than around the dinner table. Exclusive Resorts provides the perfect opportunity to bring families together under one roof so they can unplug and reconnect. Even the most palatial hotel suites don’t compare to an Exclusive Resorts luxury residence, especially when you travel with family. Our Members use vacation to bond, which is hard to do if everyone is spread across a resort or battling for the breakfast buffet. Averaging 3,500 square feet, ER’s luxury homes allow families to come together in family-friendly destinations including Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, and Kiawah Island. Members get the best of both worlds: the perks of a five-star resort, including access to kids’ clubs and award-winning spas, as well as the comforts of a private home, like gourmet kitchens, expansive great rooms equipped with Apple TV, private pools, and outdoor patios. The Exclusive Resorts team takes care of the household




(CLOCKWISE FROM TOP); Chef Santoria Axson prepares a family Sea Island feast with grandchildren of the Henry family; coastal living on Grand Cayman; the Henry family enjoys a multi-generational lowcountry boil in Sea Island.

chores—groceries, dishes, and housekeeping—so Members can spend more time with friends and family. “We don’t have the time to play games at home, but we make the time to do it on vacation,” says Member Marjorie Kaufman. Her husband, David Kaufman, says Exclusive Resorts has pulled their family together. “ER vacations are a great carrot to get my older daughter to spend time with her younger brothers,” he says.


aving more choices is usually a good thing, but when it comes to planning a vacation, people find themselves paralyzed by decision fatigue. As a result, many people choose to stay home rather than deal with the stress of trying to book a vacation. When you join Exclusive Resorts, you are committing to vacation. Our Members joke the Club forces them to travel. To date, Exclusive Resorts has delivered more than 250,000 vacations for our 4,200-plus Members and their families. We make travel effortless. Every Member is assigned a dedicated Vacation Ambassador, who has completed 200 hours of training prior to working with a single Member. They get to know you and your family so intimately that time and again they go above and beyond to make special occasions extra special—whether arranging your favorite bottle of vintage Burgundy for an anniversary meal or ordering an ice cream cake to your villa on your son’s 10th birthday. ER has helped plan an average of 45 Member anniversaries per year, including a celebration for Members Marjorie and David Kaufman, who celebrated their wedding anniversary with Exclusive Resorts on Fiji. “One of the workers came in on his day off with a guitar, and we sat on the sand as he played Fijian folk songs, then John Denver tunes for us,” he recalls. “It was an amazing experience.”


Hello, ER Ambassadors! Bespoke planning and milestone family moments are our call to action.

Fresh tuna tataki, courtesy of Peninsula Papagayo Executive Chef Nicolas Devenelle. CURATED



UNRIVALED ACCESS You are the company you keep.


xclusive Resorts was one of the first. As a pioneer and innovator of the luxury vacation club, we ensure stability and strength in the industry. Longstanding relationships with the finest global hospitality brands means unrivaled access to top international resorts. When staying in our residences, Members enjoy exclusive access to such resort partners as Montage, The RitzCarlton®, Rosewood, Miraval Resort & Spa, 1 Hotels & Homes, The Abaco Club on Winding

Bay, and more. The Club’s exclusive partner network will make you feel like a VIP even when you’re not traveling with Exclusive Resorts. You’ll enjoy unique benefits and status with major luxury and lifestyle brands bringing added value to your Membership and would otherwise take years of loyalty to achieve. Think premium upgrades on car rentals and commercial airlines and discounts ranging from luggage delivery to travel insurance.

(ABOVE): Hitting Miami? The 1 Hotel South Beach features a rooftop pool with views for days and a decedant handcrafted cocktail menu. GO





Expanding horizons is what we do best.


(CLOCKWISE FROM TOP): Member Lucian Colmeneras takes in Tuscany’s slower pace of life; surf’s up on the coast of Cabo; learning the historical and cultural language of the Grand Canyon; discovering the ocean’s playground in the Galapagos.

ravel is often said to be the best form of education. Exclusive Resorts believes every trip is a chance not just to unplug and reconnect, but to also expand worldviews and step out of your comfort zone. We don’t just take our Members to spectacular destinations, we also connect them with experts on the ground including National Geographic explorers, top chefs, jazz legends and Leica Akademie photography instructors. Exclusive Resorts Members Lisa and Angel Colmenares took their son Lucian to Los Cabos with the Club when he was just one-year-old. “Even if a child is too young to remember a trip, I think elements of a place—the sounds, the weather, the smells—stay with them,” says Lisa. As Lucian has gotten older, the Colmenares family has started choosing destinations that would introduce him to new foods as well as history. Of a recent trip to Tuscany, Lucian says, “I learned that most of the towns in Tuscany were built in the period of the Etruscans…I also learned I love all of the different flavors of gelato.” When you travel with ER, you’ll go home with new skills and knowledge in addition to lasting memories. CURATED



> Bucket List

Elevated Moments During the Clubâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Journey to Peru, ER Members Vic, Claudia, Samantha, and Noah Gundotra navigate the Amazon, tackle Machu Picchu, and visit the tiny village of Cusco.

TOP MEMORY FROM TRIP: Traveling the tributaries of the Amazon at night looking for wildlife. And, of course, seeing Machu Picchu was breathtaking. MOST PHOTO-WORTHY MOMENT: Taking a close-up picture of the teeth of the piranha my daughter caught while fishing in the Amazon. BEST MEAL: We are whole food, plant-based eaters. ER accommodated us at every meal with amazing vegan food. NOW FACTOR: Sadly, the Amazon is disappearing as the population grows. See it while you can in its remote state. IF YOU GO: We almost missed the trip to the remote Indian village in Cusco as we were tired from the previous day. Go anyway! It was a trip highlight. The people were warm and amazingly hospitable! WHAT WE MOST LIKED: Meeting other families on the trip. The ER community is really special and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a joy to travel with them. Watching all the kids and teenagers bond and enjoy dinners together was special.












Change your body in a 4 day version of our immersive fitness

Shed inches, lose unwanted pounds & clear the mind in just one week at our health retreat.

Maximize your results by combining both programs for a truly

and wellness program.

transformational experience.








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CURATED Magazine by Exclusive Resorts • Fall/Winter 2017  

CURATED Magazine celebrates the ultimate in wanderlust. Written by globetrotting experts, athletes, foodies, style icons and Exclusive Resor...

CURATED Magazine by Exclusive Resorts • Fall/Winter 2017  

CURATED Magazine celebrates the ultimate in wanderlust. Written by globetrotting experts, athletes, foodies, style icons and Exclusive Resor...