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The feeling of pride one gets when reading local books. Noun

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01 - 31 MAY 2024
H B u R OM E

INTRODUCTION in-truh-duhk-shuhn

The feeling of pride one gets when reading local books.

Words matter. Whether they are spoken, written, or signed, words are powerful enough to shape society, inspire fresh thought, connect people, and even change lives.

Homebru 2024 is a celebration of unique and quintessentially South African words – the words we use to express ourselves, to capture our feelings and thoughts, and to share who we are and where we are right now. There is a flavour your home tongue has that can’t be matched. That warm feeling that washes over you when you hear an Afrikaans rrrrolll or an isiXhosa click.

The Homebru books are rich and varied, with something for everyone, from words that sing and dance off the page, to the literary spotlight on the various places and spaces so central to our narratives.

All of the writers featured in Homebru this year fall somewhere across the spectrum of writing styles and genres; celebrating every person’s individual story– for an insider look into the lives of some very different personalities. The Homebru selection contrasts the light with the not so light, the political with the personal, and all the words that bring us closer to home.

Check out the Homebru Word of the Day Calendar on social media and on the counter in store, grab your free Homebru badges, and of course, as a Fanatics member, receive future discounts on all Homebru books purchased in May! For the laaities, the children’s list for building a local bookshelf goes hand-in-hand with the Homebru laaities kid’s parties, happening in various Exclusive Books stores. The Homebru event line-up has returned to a festival feel with cocktail hours, coffee mornings, murder mystery events, and many more!

South Africans are gifted at finding the positive spin in almost anything, and the Homebru books on the shelves attest to this indomitable spirit of focusing on joy, entertainment, optimism, and hope. Because no matter what, There’s No Place Like Homebru.

-Exclusive Books GM, Books and Brand

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Womb City

Tlotlo Tsamaase

ISBN: 9781776413553

In a futuristic Southern Africa where bodies are a government-issued resource, Womb City explores motherhood, memory, and a woman’s right to her own body. Nelah is trapped in a loveless marriage. After a drug-fuelled night out ends in a car accident, a desperate crime, and a buried body; Nelah is trying to keep her secrets buried or risk losing everything.

The City is Mine

Niq Mhlongo

ISBN: 9780795710247

The city is the main character in the tale of Mangi and Aza. The couple are engaged and living in Johannesburg when Mangi discovers that the house he thought they had been renting belongs to Aza. This lie unravels their relationship, pushing Mangi to search for meaning on the streets of Joburg.

The Comrade’s Wife

Barbara Boswell

ISBN: 9781431434442

Explore power, politics, love, and betrayal through the eyes of a political wife navigating life as a new member of the Black elite. The Comrade’s Wife focuses on wealth and how consumption enmeshes itself with gender, race, and class. Everything is not as it seems, as we delve into the shadow world of politics and how institutions betray ordinary citizens.

The Finish Line

Gail Schimmel

ISBN: 9781770109247

Brenda has worked hard to build the life that she wants, and with athletics as the key to the world of the rich, she’s not ready to give it up. As Brenda starts to suspect that her friend and former rival, Denver, may be a threat to her and her family’s wellbeing – she needs to do whatever it takes to cross the finish line first.

I Do… Don’t I?

Zibu Sithole

ISBN: 9781770109148

The much-anticipated sequel to The Thing with Zola promises to deliver a tender love story with both familiar and new characters. Follow Zola and Mbali as they journey through the growing pains of changing relationships, friendships, and commitments. Set in the familiar Johannesburg and Kigali backdrops, personal desires collide with expectations in this emotional quest for a fairytale ending.

The Nigerian Mafia Johannesburg

Onyeka Nwelue

ISBN: 9781431434909

Johannesburg is a city plagued with crime, drugs, and violence, and ex-Nollywood actor Uche Mbadiegwu finds himself entangled in the web of corruption and conspiracy. After getting acquainted with the powerful and dangerous kingpins in the city, Uche is hired as a mercenary and realises that staying one step ahead of the criminals is no easy feat.

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R290 R350


Shafinaaz Hassim is an author and sociologist, with over a dozen publications in gender studies, fiction, and poetry. She enjoys writing both fiction and nonfiction, and her previous works have been shortlisted for various awards including the SALA k. Sello Duiker Memorial Literary Award, the UJ Prize for Creative Writing and the Minara Aziz Hassim Literary Award.

i don’t want to just look at the sky from my birdcage...


Shafinaaz Hassim

ISBN: 9780795710964

A heartfelt tale of friendship, love, and change follows four friends navigating their relationships with each other; and their complicated relationships with their partners. Natasha, Sofia, Farhana and Razia are tied together by the complexities of love and life, and the knowledge that they will always have each other.

It was late to call Sofia, but she needed to vent. Natasha scrolled through social media to distract herself. She opened the Darlings group.

Natasha: Hi sisters, who’s awake? What’s everyone doing?

Razia: Hi, Tasha. Not much . . . What’s happening with you? You’re up late . . .

Farhana: Slms. I’m awake. Wassup?

Natasha: Sizwe is ghosting. Can you believe?

Farhana: Men. What can I say?

Natasha: Yeah, eish. Tantrums, neh.

Farhana: It’s easier to handle ghosting if you don’t live with them. Imagine a man giving you silent treatment when he’s in your house. Ask me. I know all about it.

Razia: Yeah. It’s the pits when they do that. And then they come back to normal like nothing happened.

Natasha: I at least have my space. He must come grovel and explain when he gets his head right. I am so over it now.

Farhana: If you run after him, it sets a pattern. Then he knows he can pull away and you’ll fall apart. It’s a control thing with them.

Natasha: I guess so. Let him have his tantrum.

Razia: Hang in there, sis. And it will give you time to decide if this is what you really want.

Sofia: Slms, my lovelies. What did I miss?

Natasha: Sizwe is having a royal hernia. He hasn’t spoken to me or returned my calls.

Sofia: Give him time, Tash.

Farhana: Sofi you too nice. The world is harsh out there.

Razia: I agree, and men will be nice when they want to woo you, and then when you in their house, they change their colours. Don’t run after him, Tasha.

Sofia: Okay, ladies. White flag. I get what you’re all saying. I still say, give it time.

Don’t jump to conclusions. Tasha must keep herself busy with her own stuff. And men are like elastic bands, they always bounce back eventually.

Natasha: Lol. I like that. Thanks, doll.

Farhana: Nice one, Sofi. Mike always returns when he’s hungry.

Sofia: Get some sleep, angels. No need to stress and lose sleep over guys.

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Shubnum Khan is a South African author and artist. Her first novel, Onion Tears, was shortlisted for the Penguin Prize for African Writing and the University of Johannesburg Debut Prize for Writing in English. She holds a Master’s degree in English and when she’s not travelling, Shubnum lives in Durban writing and drawing for a living.

Durban as the setting of the story is known for a lot of things, such as the beach, the friendly people, and uShaka Marine World. Gothic romance might not be on the list (yet). How did you navigate presenting the multiplicity of place, as well as people?

I think when you live long enough in Durban (and really in any place) you begin to understand the nuances and feelings of a place that people might not always talk about. You get a sense of the small things, such as how the city changes during the seasons, how people behave; what ticks them off, what brings them joy. Durban is also a city that doesn’t get as much attention as Cape Town and Johannesburg, so I really wanted to showcase the city and show its different layers. I think when you think hard enough about Durban, it just makes sense to have a Gothic romance – it has that rich, lush and dilapidated sort of feeling and the uneasiness mixes really well with the Gothic.

Speaking of place, multiple threads of place and space are sewn together throughout the novel. Contrasting colonial India with South Africa, the house itself and the Durban setting: how did place become such a defining feature in the novel?

I grew up reading books in the library about European winters and American landscapes and I really wanted to make it clear that this was a ‘global south’ book; it starts off with Christmas in summer and describes the humidity, making it very clear we are in the southern hemisphere. That could be part of the reason why place plays such a strong part and I think I’m just obsessed with trying to capture the sense of a place; whether it’s a creaking old house or a bustling city by the sea.

As a pioneer of the Durban Gothic genre, are there any other genres you would like to explore in future? Do you think it is important to be flexible as an author, adapting to the places your work takes you?

I think it’s important to be flexible and I would love to explore and write in other genres, but I do think time plays a big part in writing (at least, for me) and you need time to live and ‘feel’ a place out. While I think an author should be flexible, I think you do need to be able to live in a place for a bit, to be able to write about it with authenticity.

Discovery and mystery go hand in hand, and Sana is a young girl discovering herself, searching for a sense of belonging, while figuring out the mystery of the women who came to Akbar Manzil before her. How did it feel to explore girl/womanhood alongside themes of love, grief, forgiveness, and loneliness?

I think my books will always have girl/womanhood represented in some way. I’m always interested in telling and exploring those stories. The same goes for grief, love, and loneliness – I’m interested in how society functions through these emotions. So, to put the two beside each other was interesting; it allowed me access to open up womanhood in ways I hadn’t considered before.

Haunting and being haunted is another theme in the novel, both the place and the people are experiencing different levels of haunting. Does this tie into references to the past/history, particularly colonialism and trauma, and their ‘lingering’ nature?

Most certainly. Both counties referenced in the novel: India and South Africa have deeply traumatic pasts and these feelings pass on into the people and the landscape. We are haunted by ghosts from our history and much in a similar way the main character, Sana, is haunted by what seems almost inexplicable and even the house seems haunted by something. Colonized land lends itself to the ghosts and the gothic due to the deep unease. These countries especially, seems to carry rich cultural histories filled with folktales, myths and mythological creatures which, again lend themselves so well to the Gothic.


Shubnum Khan

ISBN: 9781770108707

The Lost Love of Akbar Manzil is a gothic romance set in a haunted Durban mansion. Sana is a 15-year-old looking for a sense of belonging. Moving into Akbar Manzil with her father, the mansion feels like a place where people come to forget. Or be forgotten. As she wanders the house, Sana discovers its mysteries and those of the women who came before her.



Sidney Gilroy

ISBN: 9780798184212

Petunia Moraleng, voormaglige stasiebevelvoerder op Parys, is haar rang kwyt en oorgeplaas Mooibaai toe. Een Vrydagoggend in Desember vang ’n vakansieganger met sy hommeltuig se kamera ’n afgryslike toneel vas. Tussen die voetstukke van ’n geroeste windpomp in ’n afgeleë stuk veld lê ’n bebloede bondetjies mens. Petunia bevind haarself oornag as een van die hoofondersoekers in ’n duistere moordsaak.


Lize Albertyn-du Toit

ISBN: 9780798184236

’n Aangrypende roman deur die skrywer van die hoog aangeskrewe debuut Die kinders van Spookwerwe. Hoe Sara Koordom op Rooiduin in die verre Noord-Kaap aangeland het, is ’n raaisel. Sy het gekom soos die woestynwind –een dag was sy daar, en niemand weet van waar nie. En hoekom sy op Rooiduin bly, is selfs ’n groter raasiel.

Al wat tel

Irma Venter

ISBN: 9780624094838

Al wat tel is die derde boek in Irma Venter se krimi-reeks met joernalis Ami Prinsloo as hoofkarakter. Toe Ami hoor dat ‘n man voor haar gim geskiet is, weet sy daar is moeilikheid. En die feit dat die Valke op die toneel is, sê vir haar nog iets: die man was belangrik.


Chanette Paul

ISBN: 9780637003018

Lula Prins wil oor begin op Hydendal. ’n Nuwe lewe, ’n nuwe dorp, ’n nuwe naam. Anoniem. Dan stap Kriek: ’n nuwe man ongenooid by haar lewe in en haar verlede begin haar inhaal. Terwyl Kriek na antwoorde soek en Lula van die spoke in haar verlede vlug, gooi die noodlot hulle saam in ’n opwindende, gevaarlike wentelbaan.

R360 R350 R340
FIK-SHUHN [ ] [ ] NTXHA Adjective

Dr Uhuru Portia Phalafala (PhD) is an author and senior lecturer of English at Stellenbosch University. Her research interests include transnationalism in the 20th century, life writing, African and diasporic poetry, world literatures, Black expressive cultures: spoken word, jazz, hip-hop, reggae; cultural studies, African and diasporic traditions, and the Black literary archive.


“In raising the value of home culture as first culture while not undervaluing or rejecting the English language and culture of his schooling system, Madikeledi seeded in young Kgositsile the confidence, adaptability, and dexterity to navigate two worlds and two knowledge systems from a young age. She eschewed their positioning as dichotomous and binary, thus flowering an interweaving practice that characterizes Kgositsile’s oeuvre. His work gathers and conjugates home culture with Black world culture, Southern African oral/aural traditions, and literary cultures with those of African America, and Southern African liberation politics with the radical traditions of the Black world.”



Uhuru Portia Phalafala

ISBN: 9781776148929

Keorapetse Kgositsile, or Bra Willie as he was affectionately known, was among the most influential South Arican poet laureates and a significant presence in the Black Arts Movement. With the first full length study of his work, Uhuru Portia Phalafala unveils the importance of Tswana oral and aural traditions, indigenous knowledge systems and cosmologies, and the influence of his mother and grandmother in his work.

Koleka Putuma is a multi-award-winning theatre practitioner, writer, and poet. Her work tackles a variety of themes, such as homophobia, womanhood, race, the dynamics of relationships, religion, and politics. Her poetry is sharp and thought provoking, and unique in its language, form, and structure. Koleka is also the founder and director of Manyano Media, a multidisciplinary company that empowers and produces stories by Black queer women.




ISBN: 9781471413322

A thought-provoking collection of poems exploring identity, sexuality, and mental health; with a positive outlook. Koleka Putuma is writing for all of us trying to figure out who we are and embracing the journey. This collection is sharp, beautifully illustrated, and thought-provoking: for anyone looking for a helping hand navigating adulthood.

I carry hauntings that belong to other people. Greedy and demanding, there is always a story that is unsatisfied. How many stories find their way home, find their time?

Some stories announce themselves, wild and boastful:

It’s my time! It’s my time! It’s my time! Others will always be waiting for their time to come.



The Brave Code

Musa Kalenga

ISBN: 9781776443222

Explore Africa’s rich potential and hub of innovation alongside the Brave Group, an advertising agency upending traditional models and challenging assumptions of equity. Encouraging young entrepreneurs, professionals, and trailblazers to play a critical part in unlocking the value that the continent has to offer, The Brave Code aims to harness modern leadership and management practice for a more developed Africa.

Servings of Self-Mastery

Alistair Mokoena

ISBN: 9781776443208

Alistair Mokoena offers bite-sized pep talks to unlock greatness, and insights into the ways you can make healthy choices in your personal and professional lives. The wisdom imparted through this book will remind you of your greatness and bring you one step closer to unlocking your full potential. Servings of Self-Mastery is perfect for the days when you need a pick-me-up or a little inspiration.

Small changes for big results

Warren Ingram & Marc Rogatschnig

ISBN: 9781776391493

Do you find yourself dipping into your savings a little bit too often? Or limiting yourself from what you really want because you think you’re saving? Small Changes for Big Results is packed with advice, case studies and tools for everyone to follow. This book will equip you with the tools and knowledge to make small changes and yield big results!

Finding Purpose

Thami Nkadimeng

ISBN: 9780795710940

Thami Nkadimeng, aka the Message Architect, works with presidents, executives, corporate leaders, and organisations across the globe to make a positive change in the world. She discovered her aim in life by overcoming her own self-doubt and celebrating her victories. Sharing her triumphs and tribulations, this heartfelt narrative is a reflection of the unvarnished experience of discovering yourself.


Judy Klipin

ISBN: 9781779950147

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we think about work, life, and balance. It also beckoned the question: What do we do when we hate our work but must stay with and in it to survive? Make Work Work for You asks you to look at your work environment and consider how implementing small changes can make your work, work for you.

R290 R290 R305 R300
R300 [DOH-LOH-LOH]Adjective

Judy Klipin has a BA and HDipED from Wits University, and a Master’s in Social Sciences from Leicester University. She is a certified Master Life Coach combining corporate, group and individual workshops with her knowledge and skill as a Transactional Analysis practitioner to teach her clients simple, practical tools to help them change their work and lives for the better.

In a post-pandemic world where people are more aware of their individual needs, do you think there is potential for employers to make the same kinds of changes to create a hospitable environment for employees that can still meet the needs of the business?

I think that there is not just potential – it is essential for employers to make the work environment more hospitable for their employees. As much as the book is aimed to equip employees to change how they are at work, it is equally helpful for managers and employers to identify what and how they can make changes to the workplace.

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically shifted the dynamics of work and life, allowing a lot of people to redefine their relationship with work. Personal wellbeing is often seen as expendable to achieve success at work. Do you think there has to be a sacrifice, even if you are working in a job that you like/love?

I think that the idea that we have to sacrifice personal wellbeing in order to succeed is deeply flawed and largely to blame for the scourge of burnout that is so prevalent. The pandemic created the space and opportunity for us to redefine what success looks and feels like. Some sacrifices are inevitable, but if we are giving up more than we are gaining then it is time to re-evaluate the work that we are doing and how we are doing it.


Gen Z are currently entering the workforce, and as a generation of disruptors, they are re-negotiating workplace conventions. How can corporate newbies learn to navigate the structure of the workplace independently without ruffling too many feathers?

Gen Z challenge the unquestionable and unquestioned, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it is still the best way to do it. I think the best way to keep feathers unruffled is for managers to explain why things are the way they are (and in the process they may decide that things could be different) and for the newbies to try to be inquisitive rather than adversarial in their interactions and enquiries.

Within discussions about work, there is often chatter about there being different kinds of people: those who are striving towards a career and those who are just looking for a job. Do you agree? And if yes, what do you think is the difference between the two?

There is definitely a difference between a career and job. For some people, the meaning they get from their job is the money they make to pay the bills and look after their family. They may not have any ambitions to climb the corporate ladder or become the best in the business as people striving for a career might. Whether it is a career or a job you’re after, as long as you are clear about why you are doing your work you can find meaning and value in it and make it work for you.

Similarly, the mythos of the dream job is constantly being busted by modern job seekers. What advice would you give to someone entering the job market and consciously considering a more practical avenue of work that may not be their ‘dream’?

It can be very disheartening when you are eager and ready to get going with your chosen career but you can’t find the kind of position you are yearning for. It is important to realise that all experience is valuable in the world of work - and there are many paths to any destination.

If you are struggling to find your dream job, take any work that you are offered and get as much and as varied experience as you can in that role. Use the opportunity to get a sense of what your managers do and don’t value, to network, to impress people and spread the word of the kind of work you are aiming for. You never know who may be noticing you and recommending you to their colleagues and friends.



When love kills

Melinda Ferguson

ISBN: 9781990973871

Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes and Anele Tembe’s whirlwind relationship is one of loss, tragedy, and a devastating end. Follow an account of the relationship through research and details weaved together to understand the media frenzy that swept through the country after the loss of two bright, creative young people.

Power and faith

Pontsho Pilane

ISBN: 9780624093084

Pontsho Pilane’s life changed one day, at a powerful evangelical church and ever since, she has been compelled to be a responsible believer and contribute to a more just society. Investigating the cult-like nature of Pentecostal evangelical churches, Power and Faith considers the danger of uninterrogated belief and how these beliefs have the power to affect our everyday lives.

One Hundred Years of Dispossession

Lebogang Seale

ISBN: 9781431433551

Written through the voices of family and community members and interrogating the failing process of land reform in South Africa, this is the story of a family desperate to claim their ancestral land. Documenting the battle with bureaucracy and ever-changing policy, Lebogang Seale invokes an emotional tale of a family determined to claim their land.

Soul of a nation

Oyama Mabandla

ISBN: 9780624094487

There is lament about how and why the ANC have so quickly become preoccupied with material enrichment. Soul of a Nation is an elegant frolic through 40 years of turbulent history, excavating the values that created a steady flow of pioneering South Africans. Can these values be recaptured and set South Africa on its best trajectory?

Saving South Africa

Chris Pappas & Sandile Mnikathi

ISBN: 9781770109186

A story of incompetent officials, political spies, gun-wielding tenderpreneurs, petty theft and grand larceny. It is also a story of triumph, challenges, and the resilience of two leaders willing to do the work of uncovering corruption in local government. Chris Pappas and Sandile Mnikathi tell the story of how a sole DA run municipality in the KwaZuluNatal Midlands transformed under new administration.

Blame me on history

William ‘Bloke’ Modisane

ISBN: 9780868522524

Previously banned by the Apartheid government, this book is an account of passionate resistance, a picture of Black life during Aparthied, and a reminder not to forget our recent past. This serves as a portion of William ‘Bloke’ Modisane’s life and memory of his home in South Africa, specifically Sophiatown before it was bulldozed, before being exiled in 1959.

R330 R290 R330 R330 R350 R290

Durban’s Casbah

Ashwin Desai & Goolam Vahed

ISBN: 9781869145248

A comprehensive and evocative history of the non-white part of Durban, known as the Casbah. Surviving racist attempts to hem the land by the National Party, the story of the Casbah presents life beyond Apartheid. The clubs, the snooker saloons, the markets, and the politics that shaped the region.

Show me the place

Hedley Twidle

ISBN: 9781776193202

An essay collection searching through history, memory, and literature to find glimmers of utopia. Investigating the imaginative desire of human beings through exploring forgotten utopias, intentional communities, and islands of imagination. With curiosity, hope and humour, Hedley Twidle invites us all to find liveable places and spaces in a troubled world.



“This book has six E’s: Eskom, Education, Environment, Exports, Equality, and An Ethical and Effective State. Easy enough. This is not an exclusive list; it is a priority list.”


Roy Havemann

ISBN: 9781776193417

The South African system is down, but how do we reboot it? How do we uplift millions of South Africans out of poverty? How do we solve loadshedding? Roy Havemann explores the key issues plaguing South African society with insightful problem-solving using local and international case studies, and an easy framework to start actioning change, underwritten by an optimistic view of the future of South Africa.

Three countries lie on the south-eastern border of China –Bangladesh, Laos and Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) –and a fourth, Thailand, is close by. On paper, these four are reasonably similar. They are densely populated. As neighbours of China, they are as close to the engine of the world economy as can be. They all have coastlines and relatively young populations.

But they are vastly different. In 2022, the average annual income per person in Thailand was $21,000, and in Vietnam $13,500. But in Laos, it was $9,400; and in Myanmar, just over $5,000.

Malaysia, also nearby, has a gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of $33,500. What is it about these countries – all very close to one another, with similar geography and people – that makes one seven times richer than another?

It is undeniable that the countries I have mentioned adopted certain policies that made them successful. This book is about those policies. Without them the countries could not have hoped to be as rich today as they are.

R310 R320 R305

You have had a comprehensive, successful career as an investigative journalist thus far and continue to reach new heights. Are there any parts of researching or compiling a story that still excite/surprise you?

I specialise in crime stories and love the investigative process. Whether it’s meeting with a source, combing through leaked documents, or going undercover with a hidden camera; it’s the kind of work that excites me. I’d die stuck behind a computer in an office all day. It’s a challenge - you have someone doing something wrong, and they’re doing their best to cover it up. My job is to bring what’s happening in the dark to the light. Investigative journalism is an important vehicle for exposing corruption and has been a paragon for news in South Africa. What drives you to tell the stories that no one else is telling?

When people approach us for help, it’s often as a last resort. They’ve been wronged, and the system has failed them. That’s when the media can be a powerful tool for good - putting a spotlight on issues and forcing the authorities to act. We don’t always get it right, but when we do it’s a very satisfying experience.

The mythos of the Hawks is one of efficiency, and a constant ear to the ground in monitoring the world of crime. Did you learn anything unexpected about the crime-fighting force while writing the book?

One of the most surprising aspects to me was realising just how much organised crime relies on corruption to succeed. It’s not a stretch to say that without corruption, organised crime can’t exist. Whether the syndicates have an insider at the cash depot they want to rob or are bribing government officials to smuggle drugs across our borders, organised crime and corruption go hand in hand.

Of the nine stories told in the book, which is the one you think readers will be shocked by the most?

I think each of the stories highlight some unique aspects of how the Hawks go about working cases, and many of them have some shocking details. To me, one of the worst is the absolute inhumanity displayed by the greedy individuals behind a human trafficking syndicate. I don’t know how people live with themselves knowing they’re making money off of a sixteen-year-old girl they’re forcing into sex work.

With policework in the country being littered with news of corruption, negligence and unprofessionalism, Hunting with the Hawks provides an optimistic look at those upholding the criminal justice system in the country. Do you share the same optimism, and do you think it’s worth being optimistic?

As a journalist who has covered some of those stories, it’s easy to be cynical about the police. But just like most things in life, it’s not that cut and dried. We have some incredible men and women in the SAPS. It’s a thankless job that exposes them to some of the worst that humanity has to offer. For those who get up each day and try to make the country a better place, I salute you.


Graham Coetzer is an award-winning investigative journalist and producer for Carte Blanche. He has produced stories exposing torture, fraud, scamming, and corruption. Graham prefers to focus on the criminal underbelly of society. He has worked as a producer/director across the African continent and was extensively involved in productions for the Carte Blanche Oscar Pistorius trial channel.


Graham Coetzer

ISBN: 9780624093565

A rare glimpse into South Africa’s top crime-fighting unit. Nine untold stories from the bust of the biggest cash heist in South African history, to the halting of a planned murder by one husband’s greedy wife. This book celebrates the tremendous work being done in a cunning underworld of crime. R330

[ ]


Anton Rupert

Ebbe Dommisse

ISBN: 9780624094753

This is the story of a Karoo boy who grew up during the Depression, struggled to find money to study science and then made good as a businessman, reaching the Forbes list of the 500 wealthiest people worldwide. This updated biography details the life of a South African icon, imparting invaluable business lessons and insight into job and wealth creation.

Guilty and proud

Marion Sparg

ISBN: 9780624094692

Activist, former journalist, and MK soldier. Growing up sheltered in the Eastern Cape, Marion’s activist spirit ignited after learning about the Soweto protests and subsequently the murder of Steve Biko while in school. As a journalist and one of few white women in uMkhonto weSizwe (MK), Marion remained steadfast, proudly serving a 15-year sentence in the name of justice. This is her story.

Portchie Portchie

ISBN: 9780624094715

Jan Hendrik Viljoen, bekend as Portchie, is een van Suid-Afrika se suksesvolste kunstenaars, maar wie is die man wat agter die kleurvolle skilderye skuil? Hoe het hy van die klein dorpie Tweeling in die Vrystaat, aangemeld om die wêreldbekende kunstenaar Portchie te word? Lees sy inspirende verhaal met fotos, staaltjies en selfs resepte!

Anton Rupert

Ebbe Dommisse

ISBN: 9780624094739

Anton Rupert, magnaat en weldoener, was ’n sakelegende wat een van Afrika se welvarendste maatskappye uit niks opgebou het. Hy betree die sakewêreld met ’n klein droogskoonmakery – en tree af as hoof van die wêreldwye sakeryk. In die opgedateerde uitgawe van sy hoogaangeskrewe biografie, Ebbe Dommisse vertel die Ruperts se volle verhaal vol kleur en anekdotes.

Love and Fury

Margie Orford

ISBN: 9781776190881

Margie Orford is an award-winning writer and journalist, penning her own experience as a writer, woman, wife, and mother. Love and Fury traces a life of passion and wrath, offering candid revelations, both personal and political, which have shaped her life and influenced her writing. This book is an offering of hope amidst the hurt and harm, exhibiting the power of love, self-belief and self-reflection.

Positively Me

Nozibele Mayaba with Sue Nyathi

ISBN: 9781776193387

Nozibele Mayaba tells a gut-wrenchingly honest true story of fear, triumph, and overcoming stigma. After testing positive for HIV, Nozi struggles with the pressure of shattering her ‘good girl’ image. Reckoning with her status, battling depression, and coming out the other side as a mother, a friend, and an HIV activist. Nozi takes you along on her journey of vulnerability and what it means to live and love beyond HIV.

R405 R340
R405 R310 R320

Prescription: Ice Cream

Alastair McAlpine

ISBN: 9781770108042

Alastair McAlpine is a palliative paediatrician sharing his inspiring story of resilience, finding meaning and defying the odds. Discovering what matters is never a linear journey, and here we follow McAlpine through the highs and lows of working as a medical doctor, the inspiring stories from the children in his care, and all the ice cream prescribed along the way.

The Near North

Ivan Vladislavić

ISBN: 9781770109025

Follow Ivan Vladislavić through the eclectic streets of Johannesburg. From the stony ridges of Langermann Kop in Kensington to the tree-lined avenues of Houghton, journey through time and space in under 300 pages! The Near North is intimate yet expansive, following domestic dramas and public spectacles; painting a vivid picture of Johannesburg for anyone willing to come along for the ride.


Conraad was born and schooled in Gqerberha, then Port Elizabeth. He studied nature conservation before working at Windy Ridge Game Park in KwaZulu-Natal. Conraad has developed extensive experience in game reserve management, game capture, and counter poaching. He is a member of the Game Rangers Association with more than 20 years’ experience working with dogs in conservation.

Read an extract

Zingela didn’t come into my life by chance. He was no impulse buy.

On the contrary, I had researched every variety of sporting/ hunting dog I could find before making my choice. I had to know exactly what I was looking for, as any dog working with me would be doing so in a particularly unforgiving environment. I needed a highly intelligent, hardy animal with plenty of stamina, great tracking skills, huge courage and fiercely loyal to its owner.

Weimaraners fitted the bill in every way, as well as being conveniently short-haired and ideal for the hot climate I operated in. The pedigree, a blend of bloodhound and greyhound genes, goes back about three hundred years and was first bred by German aristocrats to hunt bear, boar and deer. With their bloodlines, Weimaraners have an acute sense of smell, as well as exceptional sight and speed. Due to their high energy levels, they are not ideal pets and far better suited as purpose-bred working dogs. Their loyalty is legendary, so much so that they often suffer from separation anxiety when their owners are away.

One needs permission to keep a dog on a game reserve and, after the debacle of my first dog Bamba being shot at Windy Ridge, I wanted to be sure everything was above board before Zingela arrived at Bongani. A ranger’s life is solitary and most of the time not easily shared, so Zingela would be a companion as well as my eyes and ears in the bush. The fact that I named him Zingela meant that his destiny was forged the moment I took him home after getting clearance from the authorities. He would be a hunter. But not of animals. He would target a ‘species’ far more deadly. Poachers.


Conraad de Rosner

ISBN: 9781776193349

Conraad de Rosner is a death-defying conservationist, working together with his dogs to fend off industrial-scale bushmeat poachers and other threats to wildlife in South Africa. Conraad and his pack are resilient in their work protecting endangered and critically engendered species. Called by the Wild is an epic tale of modern-day African wildlife conservation, spiced with adventure, courage and romance.

R360 R370 R350
[ [ ] ]


The Lion’s Historian

Sandra Swart

ISBN: 9781431433957

Sandra Swart embraces natural and social sciences to create an archival history of our more than human past. The Lion’s Historian is a brand new kind of history: revisiting animal tales we have told for millennia with inter-species history from a new perspective. This book makes animals the main character in the interrogation of our shared past and future.


Justin Fox

ISBN: 9781415211069

A moving love letter to South Africa, merging literature and landscape, and taking the reader on a breath-taking journey. Through the savannah of Herman Charles Bosman’s Marico, the forests of Dalene Matthee’s Garden Route, the dusty plains of JM Coetzee’s Moordenaars Karoo, and much more, Justin Fox brings to life the settings we’ve only seen through character’s eyes.


Draaie, swaaie en afdwaalpaaie

Corlia Fourie & Annelize van Rooyen

ISBN: 9780795802751

46 skrwyers vertel van onverwagse en ongewone gebeure tydens reise, wat snaakse of bittersoet of heuglike gevolge vir hulle ingehou het. Maar altyd is die ervaringe verrykend. Reis saam van Fraserburg tot Timboektoe. Doen aan in Amerika, Marokko, Duitsland, Frankryk, Namibië, Italië, en Spanje – on maar net ‘n paar van die plekke te noem!

Bullsh!t: 50 fibs that made South Africa

Jonathan Ancer

ISBN: 9781776193110

After consulting historians and barflies alike, Jonathan Ancer has compiled a comprehensive collection of all the lies we’ve been told about South Africa – and the lies we tell ourselves! From the “discovery” of the republic by European settlers, to the wavering icon status of Hansie Cronje; Ancer brings some levity to SA’s long and complicated history.

R330 R330 R330 R280
[ ] ]

There are hundreds of words a South African might use to express shock or surprise. Bathong is the real deal. Reserve use for major plot twists and the spiciest of tea.


bah-tohng [ ] Interjection H T


How was that book you read?

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Terms and Conditions: 1. Submit your reviews by the 31st of May 2024. 2. Multiple reviews may be submitted but individuals can only win once. 3. Winners will be selected randomly from all entries received.

SERVES 10 - 12


1½ cups freshly brewed hot strong coffee

3 cups (380 g) cake flour

2½ cups white sugar

4 t bicarbonate of soda

½ t salt

1 cup (110 g) Dutch cocoa powder

1 1/3 cups sunflower oil

1½ cups buttermilk

3 eggs

1 t vanilla extract

about 9 T crunchy peanut butter

about 3 T apricot jam



1. Get your coffee started. Make it lekker strong. Preheat a convection oven on the fan setting to 180 C. Grease two 20-cm cake tins and line the bottoms with baking paper.

2. Sift the flour, sugar, bicarbonate of soda, salt and cocoa into a large bowl and whisk thoroughly by hand or with an electric mixer. This mixes them together and lets in air.


½ T instant coffee granules

180 g dark baking chocolate, broken into pieces

¼ cup (60 g) butter

3 T milk


1t instant coffee granules, crushed to a fine powder peanut brittle and edible flowers for decorating.

3. Gently add the oil, followed by the buttermilk and then the eggs, one at a time, mixing thoroughly after each addition. Stir in the vanilla extract.

4. Put the hot coffee in a jug and add it to the mixture, pouring it down the side of the bowl.

5. Divide the batter between the two tins and bake for 20 minutes, then turn down the temperature to 160 C and bake for a further 25–35 minutes, or until a knife inserted into the centre of a cake comes out clean.

6. Allow to cool for at least 20 minutes before removing from the tins, then let the cakes cool completely on a wire rack. Once cool, if the tops of the cakes are bumpy and crusty, you can use a bread knife to cut them flat. (It is important for the cake that will form the bottom layer to be flat.)

7. Spread a generous layer of peanut butter on the bottom cake and top it with a comfortable layer of apricot jam. Put the second cake on top.

8. To make the icing, melt the ingredients together in a double boiler. (You can also melt them in a mug inside a bowl of boiling water.) Use a fork to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

9. Allow to cool and thicken, then spread the icing on the top and sides of the cake.

10. Allow to cool some more (you can even pop the cake in the fridge for a while), then sprinkle over the teaspoon of coffee powder. Decorate with peanut brittle and edible flowers.


* Dutch (or Dutched or Dutch-processed) cocoa is more alkaline than plain (it has a pH of 8; normal cocoa has a pH of 5) and has a different texture and flavour. But if you use plain cocoa the cake is still delicious.

* Your dark chocolate should be about 40% cocoa; 70% will be too dry and bitter.

* If you like a neat cake, you can cut the upper crust off both layers, then turn the top layer upside down, so it has a very flat top. You can also bake in heart-shaped cake tins.

* For the best texture, it is important to let the cake layers cool completely before icing them. I know this is hard to do, because you will be impatient to gobble up this amazing cake.


Sally Andrew

ISBN: 9781485901556

Tannie Maria is back—and this time with a cookbook! Spiced with enjoyable favourites from Sally Andrew’s first four novels and some tantalising new additions, it’s as warm and witty as Tannie Maria herself! With everything from slow foods and traditional favourites to new fusion inventions: Recipes to Live For is full of delights for fans and newcomers alike!





1. Use a small amount of oil and roast the meat in a large pot on the stovetop until it becomes tender.

2. Add the onions to the meat.

3. Cut the cabbage into thin strips and add on top of the meat and onions.





1,8 kg beef stewing meat

2 large onions, roughly chopped

1 large cabbage

1½ litres water

½ t salt

8 medium potatoes, cut in halves

15 ml white pepper

5 ml salt

4. Add 500 ml of water. Do not mix or stir.

5. Cover the pot and steam on very low heat for 30 minutes.

6. Add 500 ml of water and the potatoes and cook for another 15 minutes.

7. Add 500 ml of water and mix well. Simmer slowly for another 30 minutes until soft.

8. Add the salt and white pepper.

9. Serve with rice.


Sylvia Strauss

ISBN: 9780796123220

Explore the dishes that define Mzansi in Sylvia Strauss’s collection of recipes, beckoning you to that place where fellowship and good food meet.

Celebrating the unique mix of ingredients that make up South Africa, whether you long for melkkos, crave some roosterkoek, or are whipping up a peppermint crisp tart; Trouvrou Mzansi is guaranteed to stir something up in you! R605


We asked our featured authors to help us define some popular Mzansi slang. Check out these search results:

HEY?[ ]

KIFF [ ]

Cool, excellent. Adjective

BOET [ ]

Endearing or threatening way to address a man. Noun

Usuallyusedattheendofa sentencetoenvokeagreement. Exclamation

CHOMI [ ] Friend. Noun ]



forFamousSpringboktermasWorldCupwinners reservesbroughtfromthebenchtofinishoff atoughgameofrugby.Adjective

Express sympathy, apologise. Expression


To tell on someone. Verb

SIES [ Used to express disgust. Interjection


insect. From the san word ‘xo-xo’, crawling thing. Noun



To gossip. Verb

South African greeting. Exclamation

DOP [ ]

An alcoholic beverage. Noun



Used to express something outstanding or highly impactful. Adjective

KAK[ ]

Rubbish,nonsense. Noun

JOL [ Aparty. Noun


Usedtodescribesomethinggood orenjoyable. Adjective


An expression of pain. Exclamation



Combination of Afrikaans and English for the end of an argument. Phrase ]

An expression used to show dismay or disbelief. Interjection

CHAILE[ Finishedortimeisup.Adjective



meaningItisawidelyusedword ‘just’or‘anyway’. Adverb ]

NJE[ ]

BAKKIE [ ] A pick-up truck. Noun

Toexpressapathyorempathy Exclamation ]

BRA [ ]

My brother/brother. Noun


Things or things. Noun

Expressionforagreementorconfirming anexpectedoutcome. Exclamation ]

CLIPA [ ] 100Rands.Noun


DOM [ ]

Stupid,foolish. Adjective


To jumpstart your laaities bookshelf!



Also available in Afrikaans

Mr Hare meets Mr Mandela

Chris van Wyk

ISBN: 9781431424382

Mr Hare finds a R200 note on his doorstep. When he turns the note over, he sees Mr Mandela’s face and decides to brave the big city of Johannesburg and return it. But Mr Hare can’t read, and many people want to get their hands on Mr Mandela’s money. Join him as he travels to find Mr Mandela and figure out why the note keeps changing colour!


Also available in Afrikaans


Fanie Viljoen

ISBN: 9780637006163

Springboks have a superpower, they play the best rugby and of course, they jump the highest! But what if they had another superpower? What if reading was a superpower? Springbookaroo discovers his superpower and wants to share it with all the other springboks, but can they be convinced that reading isn’t boring? Follow Springbookaroo on a journey of the magic of books and the power of friendship.

Shudu Finds her Magic

Shudufhadzo Musida

ISBN: 9781431431106

R125 R172 R187

Also available in isiXhosa

Disaster at gogo’s spaza

Salamina Mosese

ISBN: 9780798182850

Tumi and her twin cousins help Gogo with her spaza shop, Gogo’s Goodies, whenever she visits Soweto for the holidays. As the oldest spaza shop in Soweto, Gogo’s Goodies is Gogo’s pride and joy. One day, Tumi has a crazy idea to run the spaza shop without Gogo and make loads of money! Gogo’s Goodies is about to get more famous than ever…

The Forgotten Four

Roslynne Toerien

ISBN: 9780637006446

A spirited group of young explorers go on an African Safari adventure packed with excitement, curiosity, and their favourite game, ‘Let’s ask questions!’ Hoping to encounter the famed ‘Big Five’ and extend their awe to the lesser known ‘Forgotten Four’ they discover the magic of African wildlife and the vital importance of conservation. Come along on this enlightening odyssey celebrating the diverse tapestry of incredible fauna.

Miss South Africa 2020 Shudufhadzo Musida tells the story of her upbringing as a delightful and outgoing girl in HaVhangani, a small Venda village. She is moved from her loving extended family and goes to Mpumalanga to live with her mom. At her new school she is bullied, and Shudu must overcome her sadness to grow into the woman who has learned to love herself!


Also available in isiZulu, isiXhosa, Sesotho and Afrikaans

Zandi’s song

Zandile Ndhlovu

ISBN: 9781776252657

Zandi dreams of the big blue ocean and bright colourful fish even though she lives far away from the sea and doesn’t know how to swim. One day, the sea gives her a gift and Zandi’s whole life changes. Adventure and discovery lead Zandi down an exciting journey, but something is threatening the magical world and Zandi must do whatever she can to protect it.

[ ]



Refiloe is a children’s book author passionate about writing and animating stories that bring out the best in the human spirit– stories where children can identify and celebrate themselves.


Refiloe Moahloli

ISBN: 9781776250523

A lyrical story about accepting the things that make us unique. Athandwa’s heart is different. For as long as she can remember, her heart sings. She can’t understand it, why is she different from her family and friends? When she tries to silence her heart, she discovers a secret and a special song that changes everything… R167

We are One, Let’s Play and You are Loved are all part of a trilogy dedicated to “being in a relationship with self and others”. Why do you think this is an important lesson for children to learn while they are young?

Relationships (with self and others) permeate every aspect of existence. If we can introduce children to content that acknowledges that and presents ways to address it; we help build their capacity in navigating the world.

You’ve mentioned previously that you have learned some lessons from your nieces, and that the children in your life have inspired your books. Are there any lessons you think more adults could benefit from learning from children?

Being present is a big one. Being total in life. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing - being fully engaged in it. Squeezing the joy out of every nook and cranny. And being grateful for simple things like the feeling of raindrops on your skin and the accomplishment of conquering an obstacle.

A recurrent theme in your work is celebrating and embracing difference. You are Loved particularly deals with difference that is later revealed to be more common that Athandwa thinks. What do you hope children will learn through embracing their differences?

That they’re not alone - uniqueness is what makes us all interesting. When we can appreciate, respect and honour that; we create a community grounded in acceptance.

In You are Loved, music and singing is something that is used as a vehicle (and a metaphor) for love that has been passed down over three generations. Are there any traditions or expressions of love that are unique to your family?

My mom used to love baking scones. I have such clear memories from when I was younger of helping her shape the dough with the rim of a drinking glass. One of my books, A Friend for all Seasons, features baking adventures between a mother and child. After its launch I found out that my cousin has similar memories with his mother, my aunt.

An expression of love I feel my grandmother shared with her children is the ability to create with your own hands. They baked, they crocheted, they gardened, they played. She imparted the importance of self-reliance - your destiny being under your own influence. That sense of agency is something I too carry with me.

Language, heritage, and culture are themes in your books that you use to help children celebrate and identify themselves. Are there any books from your childhood that inspired you to celebrate yourself?

I really resonated with the story of Harry Potter. His history of experiencing loss at a young age, followed by his innate sense of adventure and exploration kept me enthralled. The magic was enchanting for me. Matilda was another book that brought that out - I was convinced that if I focused hard enough, I too could move things with my mind. Exposure to Harry Potter took it many steps further - believing in the heroine within.

Also available in isiZulu, Sepedi, Afrikaans and isiXhosa

How to stop a train

Stephanie Ebert, Kathryn Pillay

ISBN: 9781776253708

When Mohandas Gandi is thrown off a train one day, it marks the beginning of a journey. This journey begins with the word No and continues to teach everyone about the unfair treatment of Indian people in South Africa. As an introduction to Mahatma Gandhi, this is a journey to make the world a better place and to change the world without using violence.

Die Baie Baie

Snaakse Boek

Jaco Jacobs

ISBN: 9781776250820

Pumpkin finds her kindness

Bianca Flanders

ISBN: 9781776350223

Pumpkin has been having a bad day. She thought she would win a prize at school, but Megan won instead. As soon as she started to get grumpy, her anger rumbled, and sizzled and snaked until it grew into a big green monster that she couldn’t quite undo. Pumpkin remembers what Ouma says, ‘always do your best’ and tries to find her kindness.

Die kinders in juffrou Seekoei se klas is vanoggend baie besig! Hulle baljaar en speel, hulle teken prentjies en sing liedjies. Maar elke nou en dan loer juffrou Seekoei kwaai oor haar bril. Wat is so verskriklik snaaks? Kom vind self uit in hierdie baie, baie snaakse boek en lag dubbel so hard!

zoya and naru

Caroline Montague

ISBN: 9781431434190

Zoya and Naru is an African story of a boy and a baby elephant journeying to reunite Zoya with his herd. This tender tale is full of proverbs, and lessons of nature and humankind existing together in harmony. Published in partnership with Elephants Alive, Zoya and Naru is a tale for all ages about friendship, courage, and hope in the face of adversity.



All elephants in the herd make sure that each member is safe, and protect each other from predators.

5 lessons we can learn from elephants.



Elephants have over 60 different calls to communicate with each other. They can hear each other trumpeting from as far as 10km away!

Elephants have a very long lifespan, with the oldest known elephant being 86 years old. The bonds formed between herd members are made over decades.

FEED YOUR BRAIN! elephants need up to 150kg of food a day to be able to absorb the nutrients needed for survival.

CARE FOR YOUR COMMUNITY!Elephants are known to share concern for other injured animals, and even adopt lost elephants into their herd.

R192 R167 R157 R360
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
] Also available
Afrikaans Illustrated by Richie Ryall



[ ]
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