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Our Graduates Meet the World of Higher Learning

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Our 45th ary Annivers Planning Has Already Begun

Adrian Leece, Ana Carolina Lelo de Larrea, Charles Weiss, Erika Lastra, Felicia Lyons, Karla Ríos, Mónica Duarte Pedro Valenzuela Landín, Silvia Díaz, Virginia Elguea. Writers

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An Unusual Friday Trip to Meet Dr. Larriva

Learning Opportunities in Middle School


P a u la Zenizo at t o r n

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Letter from the General Director This edition of our JFK times has content related to our 45th Anniversary. Many plans are in place and more specifics will be announced as time goes by. We also are introducing our commemorative logo in this publication in celebration of this important occasion. We hope that many of our alumni, and of course current JFK families, will be able to join us in some of these celebrations. We particularly hope that many will find time to come to our school-wide picnic in March. This will be a very special event in which we hope to see alumni from all parts of the world in attendance.


Our Graduates Meet the World of Higher Learning

Mirtha Stappung M.Ed., MA general director

Our Community Supports JFK! a special thanks to

For their community spirit through donations to the school. 2

By Erika Lastra

First of all, we must define “best college”. Many There are many myths about the process of ap- people are focused on brands, everybody has plication for institutions of higherlearning: heard of Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, and MIT, so it must be that these are the “best College Myth # 1: colleges”, right? Well, only partially true. Of “Getting into the Best College is Impossible” course these colleges are extraordinarily presThere are many myths regarding Colleges. tigious, but that does not make them the “best One of the most widely spread myths is that colleges”. The “best college” is the college that getting into the best college is impossible. is the “best match” for you. Once you have

College Myth # 1: “Getting into the Best College is Impossible”


you choose the college, the college does not choose you We provide a lot of support to students as they begin their process of choosing a College. Students start early and approach this task in a very disciplined way. These efforts have paid off.

USA Baylor College Davidson College Drexel College Emerson College Goucher College Illinois Institute of Technology Loyola Marymount University NYU Northeastern University Oberlin College Occidental College Rochester Institute of Technology Stanford University Syracuse University Trinity University University of Chicago University of Texas at Austin University of Texas at San Antonio University of Washington Washington State University


By this time of the year many have been accepted into Universities and Colleges of their choice. Some are still in the application process. Below is a list, to date for of where they have been accepted:

MEXICO Anahuac Campus DF – DF Anahuac Campus Querétaro – Querétaro ITAM – DF ITESM Campus Querétaro – Querétaro ITESM Campus Monterrey – Monterrey ITESO – Guadalajara UDLA – Puebla Universidad de Monterrey – Monterrey Universidad Ibero Americana – DF Universidad Panamericana – DF UVM – Querétaro CANADA Queen’s University University of British Columbia University of Guelph EUROPE Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne

The “best college” is the college that is the “best match” for you.

found your “best match”, it will be far from impossible for you to get in. Your college search must be based on a series of variables, such as: degrees offered, majors/ minors offered, special interest classes or groups, geographic location, tuition, scholarship availability, admissions requirement, etc. So the trick is finding your best match and planning how to improve your chances of getting in. You must remember that you choose the College, the College does not choose you! You have to be smart about the choices you make to become a strong candidate for that particular college. It takes much planning, which starts as early as grade 9 and 10. Only you have control over the plan and the execution of the plan to get admitted to the college of your choosing. Here are a few highlights regarding what you need to be doing to increase your chances of getting admitted to the college of your choice and of bettering your chances of getting financial aid:

Commit yourself to social • Make sure that you are taking the required and / or courses for the degree you would like to community pursue. service. • Build relationships with teachers and school Start one administrators, these are the people who of your own will be writing the recommendation letters if possible. can showcase your special skills (model un, soccer, sculpture, student council, science clubs, etc).

for you. Make sure they know you well and think highly of you.

• Prepare and sign up for the sat or act and the toefl. Take the sat at the end of your junior year, that way you can re-take it in your senior year if you need to improve your scores. • Start thinking about good essay topics. Maybe even start writing a draft. • Start your college searches. Beware of deadlines and requirements.

• Meet with your College Counsellor (yes, that would be me!) The process and the requirements differ from College to College, and • Make sure that you are taking the most chalfrom country to country. lenging courses in which you can succeed. • Commit yourself to social and/or communi- And the most important point: ty service. Start one of your own if possible. • Do not wait until your senior year to start working on your college admission process! • Participate in extracurricular activities that 5




Anniversary of the JFK Parents Theater Group By: Karla R铆os

"Theater cannot disappear since it is the art where humanity faces itself." Arthur Miller (1915-2005) American Playwright

The JFK Parents Theater Group celebrated its fifth anniversary with the presentation of El Hombre de la Mancha. Margarita Adame and M贸nica Melchor shared with us the story of this beautiful and successful project. In your opinion, what is the main purpose of the JFK Parents Theater Group? To strengthen community bonds. This project has been very beautiful and has encouraged social interaction between parents of students from different grades. All the people involved really enjoyed it. We dedicated a lot of time to it and in a way, we gave great satisfaction to our children. Why do you think that this Theater Project is good for our students? It sets an example of team-work. This is very important for children and teenagers who, on top of feeling proud of seeing their parents on


stage, can see that there is great personal and group commitment and dedication from all of us in the Theater Company. We work intensely, professionally, and passionately with one common goal and purely out of love for theater. All the money that we have raised over the past five years has been invested in equipment and materials that have allowed us to consolidate the group. What can give a better example than seeing your mom or your dad working for the School? In the long run, future generations will be able to enjoy all the lighting and sound equipment that we manage to acquire. We also encourage community work by donating some of the money generated by some presentations to different institutions. This also sets a great example to our children. The School has received an award for this. What plays have been staged? 1. Pastorela 2. Grease 3. Peter Pan 4. El Diluvio que Viene 5. El Violinista en el Tejado 6. El Hombre de la Mancha How has the Group evolved? With all the projects we have faced challenges, and, with time, we have been more and more adventurous in choosing more complex and popular plays. El Violinista en el Tejado and El Hombre de la Mancha are examples of this. We want to bring something to the education

of our children through plays that, like El Hombre de la Mancha, deal with important works of world literature. Recently a group of musician parents and students have joined the Company. How many people are in the company? 22 parents, but in every play we have people helping us either selling food, tickets, or even acting. In total we have about 200 people involved. Who does what? M贸nica Melchor: I am in charge of coordination, administration and equipment. Margarita Adame: I am in charge of the artistic side, choosing the play, directing, designing costumes, stage, and publicity. Did you unveil a plaque celebrating the first five years of the Group? Yes, we did it to celebrate the first five years of the JFK Parent Theater Group and as a recognition to all the people that have been part of this beautiful project. What do you expect for the next five years? To have a proper stage, with the right dimensions and necessary equipment. We hope to contribute to this project and leave it as our legacy to future JFK generations. 7

Olympics competitions, sponsored by the Government. I won first place in both our Zone and in Regional Championships. I won second place in the State Championships. This year though, I have chosen to be involved in other activities that will keep me from going to the National Championship in Tampico.



AC: What methods can be used to be a good student? TW: Is there a method? I’m not really sure. Concentration towards what you are doing is what matters most. If you do your homework while watching TV, it is not as effective as doing it looking at your notes to find the correct answer. Obviously, I recommend doing homework while looking at your notes. We are all given the same amount of time, which is 24 hours each day. The use of time is a very significant factor. It is better to study for 30 minutes while concentrating than to spend two hours talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend or something like that. I don’t watch TV or listen to music during school days. I make sure to get my assignments in on time so that late work does not harm my grades.


Outstanding Middle School Student Interviewed By Classmate


This interview was conducted by our talented seventh grade student, Ana Carolina Lelo de Larrea (AC). She interviewed TaeWan Shim (TW). Her classmate has achieved a lot during his short time here. His accomplishments and attitude are an example for us all. AC: Tell us about yourself Robin. TW: My name is TaeWan Shim. You can call me “Robin”. My parents gave my name to school officials in the U.S.A. as “Robin”. I continue to use that name since I like robins. I come from Seoul, Korea. I was born in Pusan which is my parents’ hometown. AC: What do you like about the John F. Kennedy School? TW: The awesome and intelligent teachers that know how to teach a variety of students. They can teach if a student is quiet, talkative, intelligent or having a hard time learning something. Students here are very nice, gentle, kind, friendly, and smart. They are just like the Korean friends I had in Korea.

AC: Why do you love math? TW: I enjoyed math since I was little. When I was about 4 years old I loved watching a clock. From that experience came my love of math. I like numbers.

AC: What is your favorite subject in school? TW: Math. It is very easy for me. Math is not really a subject to memorize like other subjects. It’s just a matter of understanding. I like how math always has an objective and a solution to each problem. In other subjects like English, Spanish or Biology, the examinations are not multiple choice tests. The tests are mostly presented in a sentence form. There are just too many different kinds of answers. In math it’s always 50:50, it’s either correct or wrong. I just love math.

AC: We know that you have entered math competitions in Mexico. Tell us about them. TW: I went to Mathcounts events last year in Mexico City. I won seventh place in the competition. In Puebla, which is a bigger competition, I won third place. This year I returned to Mexico City and won first place. I hope that I will win first place in Puebla as well. (editors note: He did enter in Puebla and won second place. He was actually in first place until the last thirty seconds!). This year I have started entering the Math

AC: Many students would like to have your grades. What are your recommendations to them? TW: I recommend that they do their best when doing something (Thomas Edison’s quote: “Genius equals 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”). Students should also pay attention in class and participate actively. That way they can get an easy 100 for their participation score. They also will not have to study as much for quizzes or examinations because they can remember most of what was taught. You have to always concentrate when you are studying or working in class and at home. If you feel tired you shouldn’t study at that time. AC: Where does your winning motivation come from? TW: I get motivation from my parents and my teachers. They support me in every possible way. I feel proud of myself. Robin, it is a pleasure to have you here. Thank you very much for sharing with us. 9

An Unusual Friday Trip to Meet Dr. Larriva By Pedro Valenzuela Landín Photos by Santiago Gutierrez

Pedro Valenzuela Landín is an eleventh grade student interested in becoming a journalist. Santiago Gutiérrez Arboleya is an eleventh grade student who is doing IB photography studies.

“Who is Dr. Larriva?” ...and why did GQ Magazine list him as one of the top ten men of Mexico for the year 2008? We had a special opportunity to interview the recent winner of the “Silver Neuron” award that is given to a scientist who has made significant advances in the area of Neuroscience. This special recognition is granted by the Cajal Institute that belongs to the “Consejo Superior de Ciencia y Tecnología” from the Government of Spain” and was recently awarded to a parent of our school, Dr. Jorge Larriva Sahd. Most of you will be asking yourselves, “Who is Dr. Larriva?” What extraordinary things did he accomplish to receive such a prestigious award and why did GQ Magazine list him as one of the top ten men of Mexico for the year 2008? Dr. Larriva is a recognized neurobiologist and also a great artist. In his lab we found not only microscopes, test tubes, samples, neurons, emotions and scientific assistants, but also 10

interesting drawings of brain specimens from different mammals. I’m sure that you could fill a huge art gallery anywhere in the world with these amazing drawings. Throughout our visit to the intriguing world of neurons and discoveries of this very kind scientist, we could observe what just a few people have been able to see for themselves. We had the chance to learn about the way that Dr. Larriva observes and draws neurons. We were able to see his tools, and now understand how this work has made him worthy of receiving world-wide recognition and acclaim. Dr. Larriva proceeded to show us through the microscope how he is able to document his discoveries. He explained that he is the only scientist in the world who is currently using his scientific approach to study nerve cells. There is a lens situated on a side of a tube which projects the microscopes image to a drawing paper. The projected image is outlined by the observer with a pen bringing about a replica from the

He explained that he is the only scientist in the world who is currently using his scientific approach to study nerve cells.

...the old fashion procedure he follows it does not only provides novel information but it requires artistic skills, and that is a unique, joyful combination.

image observed through the microscope. This procedure enables him to obtain drawings depicting the neuron types and their synaptic connections. This information further enables to determine the microscopic organization of the brain. This is how Dr. Larriva is able to draw such amazing works of scientific art. We wondered how he came to use this technique to make images of neurons. He told us that one day while he was drawing a neuron of a rodent brain, he discovered a series of neurons that until that moment nobody had ever seen in a single image. Previous observations made by other researchers failed to identify such cells utilizing other “modern” techniques. In one of his trips to Spain, he visited the Instituto Cajal and was allowed to study the original brain specimens made by Santiago Ramón y Cajal. Ramón y Cajal, together with the Italian histologist Camilo Golgi, won the Nobel Prize of Physiology and Medicine in 1906. Dr. Larriva continued explaining his discoveries and we were amazed. He explained the

modern use of technology in his experiments, but said that the old fashion procedure he follows it does not only provides novel information but it requires artistic skills, and that is a unique, joyful combination. Time was running out for our visit. We were enjoying his laboratory in his laboratory of neurocytology at the Instituto de Neurobiología de la UNAM in Juriquilla. But, our remaining time was short. We had a chance to ask him one last question. “What were your feelings when you received the “Silver Neuron” prize?” “Come on man, imagine” he said; “We were in the Cajal Institute over in Madrid and all of a sudden the Director of the Institute began talking about my achievements and my work and all of a sudden, he says they were granting me the award.” “I almost fell over!” he said as he laughed. We appreciated the way in which this kind and joyful Doctor shared his invaluable time enthusiasm and knowledge with us in such a generous way. 11




Martha Salinas del Valle Retires By Felicia Lyons & Silvia DĂ­az

We are pleased to inaugurate this section of the JFK Times with an interview with Mrs. Martha Salinas Cruz who will retire at the end of this school year. We wish her, and her husband, Mario, the very best in their future. When did you start your involvement with JFK? We left Mexico City in February of 1975. We knew that we wanted to live in Jurica because we loved the big open spaces. We moved with our two children, Martha, age 4 and Mario who was 1. We wanted them to enter into the best bicultural school in the area, and that was the JFK. My husband Mario was working in Tremec, company that was sponsoring the school. This was the year I started as a JFK parent. In those days there were almost 500 students.

I have experienced so many good things, so many friends, so many changes and had so many wonderful years.

What have been your professional experiences in the school? I started out as a substitute teacher in ElemenTell us a about your time as a school parent. tary School. A bit later, the General Director I was part of the school-wide Parents Associa- Javier Maldonado and he hired me to work in tion. Part of my responsibilities were helping to the area of public relations. I was responsible organize all the different festivals like the Book for interviewing and receiving new families, Fair, and the October Fest, which is now called helping them in their integration and organizing the re-enrollment of students for the the Kermesse. During the early 80’s we were a host family coming year. for international teachers who would live with Another responsibility I had was to oversee us until they got used to the area and moved to the Social Service Program for High School students and to keep a record of their progress. their own houses. 12



At the beginning it was a little community school. Everybody, from Preschool to When did you start working as the Secretary High in Pre-school? I started working around June of 2001 for Mr. School Weiss who was the Pre- school Principal. I have knew each been very happy here. I have beautiful friends other. and coworkers. I have also had the opportunity Many to see students that I met many years ago as children children coming back as parents with their own would walk children as our students. to school I was also responsible for editing the school newsletter. Later I worked in the library. I was there to assist the children. I was in charge of registering and keeping track of all the books. After few years Dr. Galicia, who became General Director and Jose Morgan, our Financial Director invited me to start a new project: the Jaguar Shop.

What changes have you seen over these many years of service to the school? At the beginning it was a little community school. Everybody, from Pre-school to High School knew each other. Many children would walk to school, and we did not even have a fence around it. Later it started growing, little by little. We had a big change when Javier Maldonado was here. Since then the school has been growing, not only in infrastructure, but also in school programs and curriculum which makes us such a great and special school today. What are some of your fondest memories? I have experienced so many good things, so many friends, so many changes and had so many wonderful years: I remember the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the school in which I was part of 14

Learning Opportunities in Middle School By Virginia Elguea

“Proud to be the Middle”

the Planning Committee. We had a closing ceremony at the Teatro de la República. We finished the social part of the event with a great party at a very popular Disco. We also had a car raffle at the school. For several years I also participated as a member of the Health and Security Committee. I have very good memories of organizing school events, such as: Teachers’ Day, Alumni Reunions, Christmas and Mother’s Day Celebrations. For the 30th Anniversary I worked on the yearbook, taking pictures and collecting information and highlights of the school history. That was a lot of fun! I’m proud to say that I am part of the JFK story of success. I belong to this great JFK community and I will always remember the school with love.

The sudden need for Middle School students and teachers to move to new classrooms caught everyone by surprise. This provided a learning opportunity for all. Many real questions arose about how to organize this change. A lot of important decisions needed to be made at the same time. Classrooms needed to be found to accommodate three-hundred students and their teachers. New spaces were found within a few days. Moving was a challenge but teachers and students had the right attitude to respond. People made the moves and all got aboard for the changes. We really got to see how unified we are and how all this was possible because of the strong teamwork on the part of both teachers and students. We see change as “Learning Opportunities”, because that is exactly what they are! This learning opportunity again reminded us of what a wonderful working team and learning environment surrounds us at JFK. But you may wonder: What exactly did we learn?

Some answers could be as simple as those found in the following list: • We were able to show a great solid and collaborative response to meet our needs. • Middle School Teachers showed that they really know how to make it happen through team work. • We know how to set common goals and achieve them. • We learned more about our ability to adapt to new situations.

We see change as “Learning Opportunities”, because that is exactly what they are!

• We learned of our ability to show tolerance, understanding, flexibility, and openness to change. • We learned that we could, no matter what, maintain the right attitude to finish the task. 15

Our students have learned the same lessons as well. They have learned that we are not always in control of every situation, but that we are in control of how we approach such new challenges in life and come up with good solutions. We believe they learned more about tolerance, understanding, and how to remain flexible in order to move on in life. We are also very proud of them for their mature response to this situation. We are able to grow stronger because we are growing together. Plans are moving right along for the construction of the new Middle School building. THE NEW MIDDLE SCHOOL BUILDING To begin with, we are proud to say this will be a “Green Building”, which means some environmental characteristics have been taken into consideration, among them: • A ‘green wall’, at the front of the building, will help to keep air clean as well as shade some classrooms. • Solar cells to illuminate the building. • Used water will be recycled. This beautiful innovative building will be constructed in 3,300 sq. meters and will house: • 17 classrooms • 1 multipurpose room for +100 people • 1 art room • 1 music room • 1 room for drama • Technology lab • Ecology and Social Service room • Elevator for disabled people • All in a three story building 16


CONSTRUCTION PLANS Construction plans are well along. There are many ways in which you can help us move this project forward as a parent, alumni or member of our wider school community. It takes a community effort to ensure the very best for our students. We seek community support in terms of joining us when invited to serve on committees, offer advise and consultations when requested, provide material and/or financial assistance for specific needs of the project. Please contact us if you have access to any of the basic materials used to construct a building (ex. rebar, cement, florescent lights, electrical wire, etc.) that you might be willing to donate, purchase or provide at a discount to us to move our Middle School Building Project forward. More specific information about particular items is available from Efren Rosiles, erosiles@ or through our school telephone system. 442.218.0075 ext. 1913 Look for the architectural plans of this new facility! They will be exhibited on campus for all to appreciate and enjoy. And yes, we are “Proud to be the Middle”

To begin with, we are proud to say this will be a “Green Building”


The JFK Athletic Program is a very important element of our educational process. It contributes to the physical, social, emotional and academic well being of our students. It offers multiple opportunities to support character development, self control, teamwork and a healthy life-style. We proudly share the achievements of our student-athletes from the 2008-2009 school year.

ASOMEX Volleyball Tournament November 6-9, Puebla 2nd place/Juvenile B girls’ category 3rd place / Juvenile C girls’ category

ASOMEX Tennis And Golf Tournament November 1-5, in Puerto Vallarta 1st place Golf 1st place Tennis Singles 17


ASOMEX Track And Field Event November 21-23, Tampico 41 medals 2 Team Spirit (sportsmanship) awards

ASOMEX Soccer February 7-11, Puebla 1st place and Team Spirit (sportsmanship) award/boys 1st place (for the last three consecutive years)/ Juvenile C girls

ASOMEX Volleyball February 14 – 17, Querétaro 1st place – Juvenile A girls 1st place – Juvenile B girls 1st place – Intramural Infantile boys 2nd place – Infantile girls

ASOMEX Soccer March 5 to 9, Monterrey 2nd place - Infantile boys’ category 18

A special thanks to our 2008– 2009 sports team sponsors! 19

Our 45th Anniversary Planning Has Already Begun This next year finds us celebrating our 45th Anniversary. Our 2009-2010 school year will include special events, with a particular focus upon our academic program, as we remember our past and celebrate our future. This theme is a wonderful way to express our feelings about this coming year and our 45th Anniversary Celebrations. This special year will find us remembering so much from our past. We will see again the original main entrance to the school. (Just ask and we will show you where it is). We will walk around the large Aztec Calendar with the cardinal directions of N,S,E and W. They are still there in front of our Library/ Media Center. Our beautiful Library/Media Center now helps to build our future.


We will see how the many old trees have grown as we remember our past. We will visit new facilities constructed to help build our future. We will meet old and new families; weaving ourselves into events that will connect the ribbon of our lives as the Grand Kennedy Community in celebration. Past and future tied together in an endless cycle of learning and growing. We will share particular dates with everyone as time passes using our school web site and our alumni web site to keep everyone up to-date on events during this great year of celebration.

Remembering Our Past... Building Our Future

We will encourage active participation of alumni, students, teachers, parents and those who share a special place in their hearts for the JFK. The events listed below will include planning for our special guests and we hope that you can join us in our celebration. We continue to collect yearbooks, old photos and other memorabilia for our growing collection of historical memories. We encourage you to allow us to copy your old photos from the school and other materials that you think may be of interest to us, to share with others. Our Communications Office is open daily and we Communications encourage you to drop by or give us a call at: 218.0075 ex. 1006 or 1010. / email


Special '09 AUGUST • Our New Family Picnic AUGUST • Our New Family Picnic

OCTOBER • Jaguar’s Day • Middle School Spelling Bee OCTOBER • Annual Assembly Reunion • Jaguar’s Day • Day Of The Dead • Middle Schooleen Spelling Bee / Hallow Parade s • Annual Assembly Reunion



• Parents Association Leadership Reunion Party.

• Grandparents Reading Day

• 45th Anniversary JFK Reads Celebration • Special Book Fair SEPTEMBER • Parents Association Leadership Reunion Party. • Teams Of 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 DECEMBER • Grandparents Reading Day NOVEMBER • 45th Anniversary JFK Reads • Posada • Health Week Celebration • Ecology Week • Special Book Fair




• School-Wide Flag Ceremony

MARCH FEBRUARY APRIL • School-Wide Flag Ceremony • Art And Culture Week

• Community-Wide Picnic And Alumni Reunions MARCH • Community-Wide Picnic And Alumni Reunions JUNE • High School Graduation

• Day Of The Dead / Halloween Parades



Alumni Feature CLASS OF '96

An interview by our Editor in Chief M贸nica Duarte B.

The list of professions that our alumni join is quite long and diverse. Graduates have become successful in careers as varied as Doctor, Teacher, Artist, Investigator, Architect, Actuary and Athlete. Many also have become mothers and fathers along the way. We have such interesting life paths amongst our graduates that an edition with a cover story could be written about each of them! In this edition I have decided to share with you the story of Paula Zenizo, a successful Attorney who at present lives in Brazil and works for Guardian Industries.

"I really remember lots and lots of good things about my time at the school." Paula, in what grades did you at JFK and when did you graduate? I studied at the Kennedy from 2nd up to 12th grade. I graduated in 1996. I dearly remember all of my teachers from Elementary to High School; Miss Margaret, Miss Carol, Miss Corzo, Mr. Walker, Miss Ema, Liliana Boyain, Chava, Miss Rosita, Miss Cari帽o, Paty Betancourt, Georgina, Maureen, Mrs. Stransky and Peter Kelly; amongst others. Will you share some of your memories of the school? There are a lot of stories that bring back good memories. I especially remember the times in Junior High when they would get us all together for mid-term exams. More than being just stressful, it was actually a lot of fun. I also remember the rehearsals for the 20th of November parade downtown, 24

Paula Zenizo attorney 25

and Career Fair that was held at the school was a good opportunity to meet and talk to people with experiences in different fields. Attending the fair meant not only getting in touch with universities or colleges, but also meeting professionals that shared their knowledge about the real world activities of each field. I also remember talking with my parents and to several parents of my friends; asking for advice. That was possible because this felling of closeness that I experienced as a student. I remember Miss Georgina, my Law teacher at the Kennedy. She also encouraged me to study law when she learned that I was thinking about it. Hard work is the key to success. That has been true in my experience and with my current accomplishments.

the College and Career Fair, and the Halloween important; as opposed to the traditional system Parade. of just memorizing and repeating what you are High School sports activities also bring back taught. good memories. The basketball tournaments were a lot of fun! I had a great time playing on the basketball team and participating in the Students’ Day Competitions. I really remember lots and lots of good things about my time at JFK. Are you still in touch with friends or any teachers from the Kennedy? Yes. My best friends are the ones I made in Elementary School and we are still very close. I sometimes run into former teachers and it is really nice. I have a lot of appreciation for all of them and they all bring back good memories. In your opinion, what makes JFK special or different? What makes JFK different is that they teach you to think for yourself, to have your own opinion, and to learn how to defend it. The fact that they teach you to get results without making you stress over the mechanism is 26

"Hard work is the key to success." How did you choose your profession? For me it was very clear. One day I just thought that what I wanted to do was to help people and I realized that studying law would give me that opportunity. When a lawyer is involved in a situation it is because someone needs help. Even though the course of my career has changed into Legal and Human Resources work, I continue to deal with the same type of situations. Law and Human Resources are similar in the way that you need to think strategically. Sharing my own experience about my process of choosing a career, I would say that the College

"...what I wanted to do was to help people and I realized that studying law would give me that opportunity." Where did you study Law? I earned my BA at La Universidad AutĂłnoma de QuerĂŠtaro (UAQ). I later received an MA degree in Law, Economy and Public Politics from the Ortega y Gasset University Institute, of the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain. I also have a degree in Business. How do you think that JFK prepared you to choose your profession? What I realize today is that going to JFK was the best tool my parents gave me. What I learned there shaped the person that I am today. It taught me to be understanding of cultural differences and to communicate at all levels, upwards and downwards. 27

One of the controversies of JFK when I was there was that it was considered too liberal. If we had a problem we would go and defend our point of view with the Principal or with whoever would listen. This has helped me a lot because, since then, I have never been afraid of expressing my points of view. I lost that fear at JFK.

them after I earned my Master’s Degree. While working at the firm I started dealing with Guardian Industries as a client and I was attracted to them from the beginning for the fresh, open, and vital attitude that I saw in their staff. They possessed a long term business plan. It was with them that the opportunity to enter a completely new area came up. I entered their Legal and Human Resources What has your career been like? Department. Guardian invested a lot in my My first job was with the Canseco-Saldaña-Estraining and they gave me all the tools necescobedo-Tirado law firm. Until this day it is the sary for the position and I was able to grow a best training I have had. I learned a lot both lot as a lawyer.

learned that there are very few truly committed can’t control, most of the time we set our own boundaries. It was then when I decided to not people, and that it is the committed people have any. who succeed.

"Happiness is loving what you do and who you are."

"I love nature, adventure, and being outdoors."

personally and professionally by working with that firm (coincidentally they are also Kennedy families). They always gave me the freedom, support and opportunities to grow. I worked for them for seven years. Four of those years of work were while I was studying for my degree. I came back and worked three more years with

Chevy and with that money I paid most of my Master’s Degree in Europe. More that the money itself, what gave me great satisfaction was the fact that I accomplished something that no one, not even myself, thought I could accomplish. That experienced changed my life because it made me realize that, while there are things that you


My first position was Legal and Human Resources Manager for Mexico and after almost two years I was given the opportunity to be in charge of all Latin America in these fields. Guardian is a company that gives a lot of opportunities to its employees, very much like JFK does. They allow you to achieve everything that you want to do. In my career I have

Which has been a meaningful professional achievement for you? When I was working at CBS we received a case and my boss asked me to take care of it telling me that if I solved it, he would give me half the fees. I won the case; my boss honored his word and payed me. I was still a student and had never made so much money at once. I bought a Chevy to make my life easier, I later sold that

What has been your biggest professional challenge so far? Being part of the project for building a new factory in Brazil. The factory is now built and operating and looking back and realizing that before this big working factory there was nothing but dirt and sugar cane is very rewarding. Now we have to implement systems, meet quality standards and that also demands a

lot of effort. I am still working on hiring the HR team for the factory. Do you have any advice for the future JFK graduate? Always put 110% into everything you do. There is no way to fail if you work like this. Success should be a consequence, not a goal.


Alumni CONNECTING WITH ALUMNI The virtual JFK alumni community is growing. With your help and participation we reinforce our connections; forming a web of relationships that will bring big benefits to all of us. You now have the ability on this site to both change your user name and password. BLUE LEVEL Alumni that have created their personal page. GREEN LEVEL Alumni that have validated their personal information. YELLOW LEVEL Indicates that a third party has given information about them. UNKNOWN GENERATION Helps us to find out! RED LEVEL Over 700 names but their personal information needs to be completed. Lets get it done!


BLUE LEVEL Gen. Name 1973 Kathryn Kosloski Montag 1977 Scott Dewald 1982 Ma. Fernanda Alfaro Repetto 1983 Guillermo Haza Vanderpeereboom 1984 Adriana Correa Granados 1984 José Antonio Mariné Vanderpereboom 1994 Juan Manuel Fraga Sastrias 1996 Fernanda Zenizo López 1996 Pilar Regalado González De Cossío 1996 Ricardo Vázquez Barrera 1997 Antonio Guerrero Miramontes 1997 Emmanuel Vázquez Barrera 1997 Federico Borrego Escamilla 1997 Gustavo Arriola Chapiro 1997 Juan Alberto Salazar Rocha 1997 Maricarmen Chávez Galas 1998 Alfonso Díaz Mijares 1998 Ana Luisa Torres Visoso 1998 Ana María Flores Castro 1998 Anaietzin Rodríguez Scalise 1998 Lisa Guadalupe Vega Torres 1998 Melissa Menéndez Vallejo 1998 Michelle Ducloux De Landa 1998 Valeria Fagiolani De La Madrid 1999 Catalina De La Cerda Martínez 1999 Dante Victor Sepulveda Mendoza 2000 Alejandra Ríos Fernández 2000 Marisol Fernández Cobela 2000 Roxana Arriola Chapiro 2001 Denisse Lorena Sepúlveda Mendoza 2003 Alberto Braulio Lara Pompa 2005 Antonio Herrera Nieves 2005 Montserrat Fernández Chicharro 2005 Priscilla Guerrero Sánchez


2006 Fernando Vallejo Hagstotz 2006 Juan Francisco Maqueda Arredondo 2006 Kristy Cano Najera 2007 Aidé Martínez Villarreal 2007 Alberto Padilla Rivera 2007 Alejandra Zenizo López 2007 Alejandro Moreno Figueroa 2007 María Inés Miselem Martínez Del Río 2008 Antonio Villarreal Larrauri 2008 Lourdes Lorena Zamanillo Tamborrel 2008 Mylene Cano De La Fuente

GREEN LEVEL Gen. 1972 1975 1977 1978 1979 1980 1980 1980 1980 1980 1980 1980 1981 1981 1982 1982 1982 1983 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1985 1985 1985 1985 1986 1986 1987 1987 1987 1987


Name Ana Maria Eberstadt Tina Sherman-peel Sherman Tammy Sherman Juan Antonio Esponda Morales Jaime Antonio López Urquiaga Armando Alejandro Rivera Castillejos Beatriz De La Cuadra Coulón Cristina González Barajas Ma. Eugenia De La Isla Herrera María Elena Guerra Villagomez Mónica Barrera Villagomez Verónica Weinstein Landa Marc Oliver Rau Hartmann Robert Jones Antje Groppe Elda Nora Esponda Morales Rocío Presa Ampudia Carlos Alfonso Bonilla Haro Cecilia Araiza Gabriela Castellanos Lizarraga Horacio Temelo Ledesma Ingmar Groppe José Guillermo Del Hoyo Huidobro José Luis Gallegos Juan Gabriel Ballesteros Martínez Mariana Vilanova De Allende Ricardo Badilla Robledo Sandra Zavala Ayala Beatriz Eugenia González Garciancira César Fandiño Blaisten Ma. Teresa Chacón Herrera Pol Mariné Van Den Pereboom Gustavo Olvera Girón Ignacio Alfredo González Fausto Gabriela Prigmore Farías Jessica Suárez Lucy Huber Herrera Luis Alberto Vega Ricoy

1987 1988 1989 1992 1992 1992 1992 1994 1994 1994 1995 1995 1995 1995 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1997 1997 1997 1997 1997 1997 1997 1997 1997 1997 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999

Mónica Estela López Amador Mariana Novoa Barrios Fernando Correa Granados Gabriela Lecuna Maltes Gabriela Cortes Arriola Ivonne Sánchez Torres Martha Georgina Salinas Del Valle Juan Francisco Hernández Duran Ricardo Antonio Rodríguez Miranda Rodrigo Casas Fernández Alejandro Martín López Cecilia Torres Visoso Jorge Viesca Lebrija Mario Ducloux De Landa Alejandro Dávila Sainz Alexandra De Juambelz Urias Bernardo Lastra Fallas Emmanuel Solis Gracia Jillian Stoltzfus Beck Jorge Vega Torres Karime Pureco Oseguera Miguel Alejandro Booth Parra Paula Zenizo López Sandra Piña Cota Xavier Balestra Ordaz Bessie Briseño Franks Gizella Preciado Martínez Hector David Preciado Martínez Italia Prado Farías |Juan Pablo Mtz. Fernández De La Vega Julien Vanden Bossche Liliana Avilés Rodríguez Luis Javier Maldonado Fuentes María Fernanda Peñafiel Ochoa Paola Lucía Karime Parra Herrera Alfredo Ávila Zenteno Alonso Jorge Medina Ávalos Cesar Rodolfo Martínez Garza Cordera Ceyrine Pellikaan Camon Erika Balestra Ordaz Issa Eugenia Plancarte Mujica Karla Fernanda Lloréns Beltrán María Urquiza Corredor Mariloli González Reynoso Oscar Rodríguez Lara Sergio Humberto Mejía Cosenza Thalia Gissel Jáurequi Martínez Aurora Flores Gómez Barbara Morales Casas Francisco Javier Loizaga Melhado Giovanna Patricia Salazar Rocha Hugo Alberto Herrera Heras Luis Hoyos González

1999 Luis Enrique Bustamante Zertuche 1999 María Fernanda De Juambelz Urías 1999 Marta Hoyo Gerard 1999 Roberto Flores Gómez 2000 Juan Manuel Cardoso Biard 2000 Luis Guerrero Miramontes 2000 Mayra Selene Hernández M 2000 Sandra Martínez Garza Cordera 2001 Jazmín Valdez Herrera 2001 Oly Soto Garduño 2002 Guillermo Astorga Peralta 2003 Bernardo García Soto 2003 Carlos Maycotte Yamín 2003 Daniela Arias Vargas 2003 Diego Morones Betancourt 2003 Diego Rodríguez Billerbeck 2003 Eduardo Quintero Díaz 2003 Federico Orozco Mouret 2003 Luis Alberto Olvera Park 2003 Manuel Mañas Bolaños 2003 Mariana César Fernández 2003 Marisol González De Cossío Hdz. 2004 Alfonso Monroy Mendoza 2004 Ana Silvia Cuarón Sánchez 2004 Andrea Ledesma De Anda 2004 Juan Pablo Chávez Merino 2004 Mariana Fernández Cobela 2004 Mariana Garza Amorós 2004 Ximena Martínez Palafox 2005 Alejandro Villalpando Arenzana 2005 Andrea Lobato Meeser 2005 Andrea Iñurria González 2005 Daniel Álvarez Gorozpe 2005 Dulce Andrea Arias Vargas 2005 Francisco Guillaume Minero Charpentier 2005 Jaime Mansur Monroy 2005 José Luis Becerra Villaseñor 2005 Kurt Vicente Kulander Sánchez 2005 Loretta Rodríguez Pizarro 2005 Mariana Larrea Delgado 2005 Paulina María Barrios 2005 Ricardo Torres Pérez-sandi 2005 Roberto García Medina 2005 Rodrigo Astorga Peralta 2005 Rodrigo Fortunato Maycotte Yamin 2005 Sofía Condes-diez Martínez 2005 Yara Georgina Paz Partida Pizzini 2005 Zamir Maauad Llorente 2006 Alejandra Felgueres Ortega 2006 Alejandro Martin Berger Saunderson 2006 Alfredo Uribe Pacheco 2006 Andrea García Lascurain Villar 2006 Andrés De Miguel Camarena

2006 Andrés Antón Díaz 2006 Christoph Gabriel Schmidt Délano 2006 Daniel Balsa Lizárraga 2006 Fernando Hugo Martínez-rubio Aburto 2006 Jorge Antonio Cuarón Sánchez 2006 José Rogelio Bringas Jaime 2006 Julián Alejandre Gerez 2006 Luis Francisco Marín Tijerina 2006 Manuel Hernández Gómez 2006 Mariana Ojeda Vega 2006 Mauricio Andrés Fdz. Buendía 2006 Mónica Tirado Posada 2006 Paola Pederzini Ramírez 2006 Rafael Mouret Abadiano 2006 Servando José López Morales 2006 Susana Mendoza Trillo 2006 Triana Romina Higuera Petersen 2006 Xalli Cristina Zuñiga Carloz 2007 Adriana Lobato Meeser 2007 Bruno Stump Ugarte 2007 Diego Fernando Villalpando Arenzana 2007 Gabriel Sosa Morfin 2007 Gabriela Gracia Duarte 2007 Hanna Billerbeck Acuña 2007 Ilian Dorantes Bollain Y Goytia 2007 Jeannete Millan Harfuch 2007 Jimena Chávez Merino 2007 Lisa Marie Schenkel 2007 Luis Miguel Suárez Tovar 2007 María Del Mar Lajud Sobrino 2007 Marimar Bravo Cadena 2007 Octavio Retamoza Iriarte 2007 Paulina Morones Betancourt 2007 Rodolfo Cruz López 2007 Sara Beth Briseño Franks 2008 Ana Sofía Tamborrel Signoret 2008 Andrés Antonio Terrazas Arnaldo 2008 Carola Isabel Pirez Gómez 2008 Fernando Sánchez Morales 2008 Gabriela Mesta Kim 2008 Gloria Karina Piña Cota 2008 Javier Canseco Saldaña 2008 José Daniel Sayavedra Sahagun 2008 Lilia Elizabeth Rabling Garza 2008 Lucia Martinez De La Escalera Clapp 2008 Manolo Vidal Basagoitia 2008 María Rivadeneyra Madero 2008 María Fernanda Bringas Jaime 2008 Martha Eli Pacheco Mijares 2008 Mauricio Iñurria González 2008 Natasha Kaufmann Gómez 2008 Paola Simental Campos 2008 Rafael Moreno Terminel 2008 Renata Villarreal Tommasi

2008 Valeria Ruiz Castañeda 2008 Victoria Andrea Álvarez Barajas 2008 Ximena Vargas Pillado


Gen. Name 1981 Alfredo Moussier Malo 1982 Leticia Marroquín Gómez 1984 Amada Hernández Ramos 1984 Hildegard Yolanda Frei Nieto 1984 Norma Angélica Pérez Landín Martin 1984 Raúl Vicente Araiza Torres 1987 Franz Elizondo 1993 Luisa Lillian Mccullough Durán 1996 Anibal Alejandro Alcocer Ochoa 1996 Berenice Rodríguez Aguayo 1996 Eduardo Jacobo Córdova Lucas 1996 María Del Pilar González Fausto 1996 Olga Burillo Almada 1998 Carlos Alberto Domingo Cano Nájera 1998 Javier García Lascurain Villar 1998 Lydia Díaz Vivanco 2000 Carla Verónica Rivera Luna 2000 Susana Larrea Delgado 2003 Raúl Vicente Araiza Torres 2003 Citlalli Ayala Muñoz 2003 Daniela Fernanda Ramos Aguilar 2003 Federico Alatriste Harrsch 2003 Gabriela Peñafiel Ochoa 2003 Haydée Montserrat Gallardo Martínez 2003 Jimena Huerta Azuara 2003 José Manuel García Cándano 2003 María Del Carmen Aguilar Parada 2003 Mariana Montaño Isita 2003 Mónica Ruth Manero Hennessey 2003 Octavio Ramos Lazcano 2003 Paola Torres Barrera 2004 José Miguel Ortiz Portas 2004 Judith Rodríguez Garza 2005 Andrés Huerta Azuara 2005 Bernardo Salinas Del Valle 2006 Gustavo Aguilar Parada 2006 Jorge Torres Barrera 2006 José Pablo César Fernández 2008 Christian Salvador Solís 2008 Patsy Gabariela Arteaga De Anda


Gen. Name ? Adriana Luque Pastor ? Adriana Sánchez Lara ? Alejandro Murguía Sánchez Lara ? Alex Hoflack Basauri ? Carlos Gerardo Garza Adame ? Carolina Novoa Barrios ? Cristina Franco ? Edith Arechiga Flores ? Fedreica Pratellesi Bedini ? Fernanda Rosas Borja ? Gabriela Lozano Fuentes ? Gabriela María Del Consuelo Ruíz Ruíz ? Heinrich Hermann Loose Greiser ? Isabel Gonzalez Torreslanda ? Luis Eduardo González Ruíz ? Manuel Gonzalez Valle ? Manuel Alejandro Ruíz López ? María Concepción Malagón De León ? María Teresa Urquiza Estrada ? Martha Alejandra Malagón De León ? Martha Dinorah Cuanalo Santos ? Mónica Vázquez Mellado Zolezzi ? Patricia Tovar ? Patricia Lozano De Phillips ? Pedro Suárez Martínez ? Rafael Gómez Del Valle ? Rodolfo Fernández Argüelles ? Stephen Sauder Bolan ? Stewart Mckenzy




Hidden memories on campus By Adrian Leece

If you belonged to a generation who buried your treasures at graduation please contact us. Since the article about our new ‘Time Capsules’ appeared, we have been approached by several alumni reminding us that other generations of students have had similar schemes in passed years. In fact, it seems, that there must be hidden collections of memories all over the campus! As a result of this continued fascination, we would like to call on any other alumni that may remember where they left ‘memories’ hidden or buried around the school. Here is the information that we have uncovered so far: On the main patio, between rooms 4 and 5, there is a glass panel covering an inset with 34

a clear message from the Class of 04, open in 2014. Right in the middle of the High School patio rapidly losing definition, but still readable, we can see a message from the graduating class of ‘02 and some hand imprints in the concrete. Does anyone remember if anything is buried here? Between the cafeteria and the High School stage, inset into the wall, is a small plaque that nowadays is usually hidden by the trash cans! This reads: “Class of 2005”. On the path going away from the cafeteria toward the car park are some unusual painted stones. Although there is no pattern to these, there seems to be quite a few there, and someone commented that they too were left by a graduating generation…but we don’t know which year. Is anything buried here too? Another rumor is of a much earlier generation burying their treasures and memories under a tree. Which tree? We don’t even know if it was a tree on the patio or elsewhere! Can anyone help with more information? If you belonged to a generation who buried your treasures at graduation please contact us ( We would like to identify actual sites and determine a suitable date to call those alumni back and relive their last days at JFK! 35

Some of our Graduates Return to JFK to Continue Their Career By: Karla Ríos

The educational system of our school prepares graduates to work in bilingual and multicultural environments. The school itself is such a place and we have managed to attract some alumni to return to work on the other side of the desk in important positions at JFK. They came back well prepared from their University studies and bring a unique perspective to their work. They have managed to share some of their impressions as alumni that are still living and working inside the institution.

Ana Luisa Torres Visoso

Ricardo Vázquez Barrera

Class '98 I entered the Early Childhood Education Program at JFK in 1984 as a K2 student. I was a member of the graduating class of ‘98.

Class '96 I was a member of the graduating class of ‘96

Current Position Coordinator, John F. Kennedy School Office of Admissions and Student Records When did you return to work at JFK? I started my work here in September of 2006. What has been your experience working at your alma mater? It is nice to come back to JFK after so many years and to see how it has changed, grown, and improved. It also brings me a great deal of satisfaction to work here because I believe in its philosophy. I know from personal experience that it is one of the best schools in Queretaro (the best in my personal opinion) and I like to be part of it. What do you think you contribute, in a special way, to the school as both an alumni and a member of the school staff? As an alumnus I know the school and I think that I can transmit my pride for it and my own experiences here to support the presentation of a positive image of the JFK.


Current Position: Admissions Clerk, John F. Kennedy School Office of Admissions and Student Records

Valeria Fagiolani de la Madrid Class '98 I graduated with the class of ‘98 Current Position: I am an Web master administrator.

When did you return to work at JFK? I joined the staff in September of 2007.

When did you return to work at JFK? I came back in January of 2009.

What has been your experience working at your alma mater? When I started working here, I felt a lot of nostalgia because one of my major memories in entering was my own admission process. Now I am part of this same process but on the other side of the table. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to often be the first contact of the student and his family with the school.

What has been your experience working at your alma mater? My experience has been very good! I like to be back sharing with people that I had known from before. I also like being able to meet so many new people. The school environment is nice and positive. I like being here more-andmore each day.

What do you think you contribute, in a special way, to the school as both an alumni and a member of the school staff? I continue to feel the same joy and satisfaction that I felt as a student as I continue being a part of the John F. Kennedy School, working on the professional side. I want to add that I am proud to know that I am not the only one who came back; also old friends have come back; but now to enroll their children and to work here. I have a special love and appreciation for the Kennedy.

What do you think you contribute, in a special way, to the school as both an alumni and a member of the school staff? In my particular case I think I can contribute by being an important link between the school and the alumni


I met my husband here in seventh grade. We graduated in the same class. We met again after about six years and married.


Our thanks go to Antonio Herrera for sharing Pictures from the reunion that friends from the class of ’05 had last December. Good times and thanks!

María del Pilar González Fausto Class '96 I finished ninth grade here in ’93 and left to study in another high school. I am listed on the alumni web site with the graduation class of '96. Current Position: I am currently teaching High School classes. I teach grade nine Chemistry.

warm smiles of those who were still here since that time. It was strange to feel “new” and at the same time feel so familiar with everything….like coming back home. I returned as young new teacher to the school. I had many mixed emotions and feelings as I came back. I regained my balance as I identified with those things from my past that I remembered. It was also reassuring to remember that things actually do not change, but what happens is that the change comes in how we see things.

What do you think you contribute, in a special way, to the school as both an alumni and a member of the school staff? When did you return to work at JFK? After three years of been happy here, I am sure that the way This is my third year giving classes here at that I experience my situation is a bit different than that of the school. other teachers. I share a special bond with students as I explore conflicts and agreements with them. I am able to share the joys What has been your experience working and achievements with them knowing that I have walked the at your alma mater? same halls, listening the same teachers, supporting the same I returned to JFK three years ago with an Jaguars and felt the same pride of being a Kennedy student. invitation to teach Science classes in Middle I am convinced that my past experiences create certain definiSchool. It was a strange sensation for me to tions on our relationships and obliges me to be a certain kind find the school so changed and at the same of example for them. I teach Science and I would like to inspire time so much the same as when I left it. I students to follow this me into this interesting career. I have returned to find double the number of students always said that it was my JFK Science Fair work that made and buildings, a bigger library, an auditorium me fall in love with the field of Science. and so many new things. Nevertheless I found that there also were Do you have other connections to the school? some of the same Elementary classrooms, Yes, I met my husband here in seventh grade. We graduated the old eucalyptus trees next to the General in the same class. We met again after about six years and marDirectors Office and the stones of the old ried. My little boy, Anibal is five years old and is also a JFK flag ceremony area and most of all the same student. 38





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