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DID YOU KNOW? The 2012-13 tuition cost of an MSW degree on the EWU Cheney campus (90 credit hours) is $29,103.30. Perhaps a bargain compared to other universities, but a major investment for our students.

FALL 2012

Social Work School of


Send checks to EWU Foundation, 102 Hargreaves Hall, Cheney, WA 99004. Make checks payable to EWU Foundation. On the memo line, write “Social Work Account”.

I’ve celebrated my first anniversary with the School of Social Work. With help from the school’s excellent faculty and staff, a supportive university administration and strong relationships with community agencies and organizations, we launched many new initiatives. This year we began publishing a semi-annual newsletter, hosted two alumni receptions, conducted focus groups with social work students regarding their educational experiences and partnered with the Washington State University College of Nursing to develop opportunities for nursing and social work students to study and train together. Additionally, we organized the first semi-annual seminar for adjunct faculty, established a framework to provide continuing education for social workers in eastern Washington and launched the Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence, an educational and training partnership with the University of Washington’s School of Social Work and the Children’s Administration. We welcome alumni and community-agency involvement and support for these initiatives, all of which are aimed at maintaining the highest standards of social work education and training. In these turbulent economic and political times, we need the best and brightest in our community to help meet the needs of the vulnerable and underserved populations we serve, as well as to draw attention to their plight. How can you help? Recruit students for social work careers. This fall we are taking applications for the Yakima part-time MSW program and the full-time MSW and BASW programs in Cheney/Spokane. Attend alumni events. Make room in your agencies for our field students. Contribute to the School of Social Work Foundation account to support student scholarships, enriched educational events and faculty outreach.

Donate online at advanced/default.aspx?wid=24667. Manually type in ‘Social Work Account’ when prompted.

Martha Raske, Director and Chair School of Social Work

CONTACT US Change of address? Good news to share? Tell us so we can update our records. Please send to: Carol Golden, School of Social Work 208 Senior Hall, Cheney, WA 99004 509.359.4244 •


MAKING AN IMPACT In 2008, the EWU School of Social Work and the Spokane Fire Department established the Community Assistance RESponse (CARES) Team to address the needs of elders and other vulnerable individuals and families who experience health and safety crises and turn to 911 for help. Because these callers lacked the information and supports needed to survive beyond the crisis a bridge to more appropriate services was needed. Patty Gregory, pictured with BASW and MSW practicum students, helped organize the innovative and award-winning CARES collaborative which partnered EWU BASW and MSW social work practicum students with Fire Department personnel responding to 911 calls. The student CARES Team works with callers, family members, friends, neighbors and community agencies to help clients find alternatives to calling 911. CARES is supported by the Spokane Fire Department Foundation.

new faculty Bipasha Biswas earned a MSW, as well as PhD in Interdisciplinary studies, in Social Science and Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. She held the position of Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at St. Louis University for four years. Her teaching interests include research, international studies, interdisciplinary studies, health and mental health, gender and development studies and HIV and sexual health. Dr. Biswas’ research focuses on international issues of care, support and prevention of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, and inequities and disparities in access and utilization of healthcare services. Peter Fawson earned a MSW and PhD from the College of Social Work at the University of Utah. His teaching interests include gender studies, relationship violence and research. Dr. Fawson developed a series of workshops titled “Men as Allies” at the University of Utah, focusing attention on raising men’s awareness of male privilege, men’s violence against women and ways to prevent and reduce violence in all forms. His research focuses on social service program evaluation and violence prevention programs. Deborah Svoboda earned a MSW from Rutgers in New Jersey and PhD in Social Work from the University of Maryland. Her teaching interests include research, women’s issues and leadership. Dr. Svoboda had held social work positions as outreach coordinator, case manager, executive director, project coordinator and administrative consultant. Her research focuses on gender issues, organizational structures and capacity, as well as community well-being.

ALUMNA IN THE NEWS Dr. Janet Finn is a 1982 MSW graduate and earned a PhD in Social Work and Anthropology from the University of Michigan. She launched a career in higher education that includes groundbreaking ethnographic, community-based scholarship on women’s issues and international development. Dr. Finn’s most recent (2012) book Mining Childhood, Growing up in Butte, 1900-1960, examines questions of labor, immigration, gender, class, ethnicity and community through the lens of childhood. Dr. Finn’s previous text, Tracing the Veins of Copper, Culture and Community from Butte to Chaquicamata, Chile (1998) traced the relationship of capitalism and community across two cultures. Dr. Finn returned to EWU in 1988-89 to serve as an adjunct faculty member. She worked closely with the EWU faculty, resulting in the publication of her first professional article. Dr. Finn stated that the MSW program at EWU provided the critical framework of political, community and social context that shaped her future work. Dr. Finn is currently a full professor, teaching at the University of Montana in Missoula.

ADDICTION STUDIES Addiction Studies faculty member Hayley Lake and EWU Online Learning Instructional Designer Patrick Lordan have been selected “Best in Track: Learning Effectiveness” by the Sloan Consortium for the 81th Annual Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online Learning in Orlando, Fla., October 2012. The Sloan Consortium Conference is a premier global gathering focused on online learning. Hayley and Patrick will present findings from an end-of-course discussion board audit, entitled, How Will I Know What I Think Until I See What I Say? The audit is a reflective writing assignment where students collect and analyze all their contributions to online discussions throughout the quarter. This presentation will be streamed live at Addiction Studies now offers online graduate and undergraduate certificates. For more information visit http://

DONOR HIGHLIGHT Dru Powers became a foster parent in the 1970s when her daughter Diane brought home a high school friend who was threatening to run away from home to escape intolerable conditions. Thus began a 30-year commitment to child welfare work. During her career, Dru served as a volunteer guardian ad litem for the juvenile courts, was a foster parent for youth needing out-of-home care, served as a volunteer in a group home for teens and maintained a supportive relationship with foster children long after they left her home. At the age of 75, Dru continues her commitment to foster families by serving as advisor and consultant to the Foster Parent Association of Washington State. In 2012 the Dru Powers MSW Child Welfare Scholarship was established to honor Dru’s contribution to foster children in eastern Washington and her steadfast belief in the transformative power of education. To learn more about Dru Powers or to make a contribution to the MSW Child Welfare Scholarship, visit csbssw/programs/social-work/giving-opportunities. xml.

INTRODUCING THE FACULTY OF THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK Beecher, Blake, Assistant Professor, MSW Program Director. MSW University of Nevada, PhD University of Utah. Scholarly interests include behavioral health and clinical practice in mental health. Biswas, Bipasha, Assistant Professor. MSW Bombay University, PhD Washington University. Scholarly interests include epidemiology and etiology of risky sexual behaviors, HIV/ AIDS prevention, and international social work. Brown, Lu, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Director of Field Education. MSW Eastern Washington University. Scholarly interests include policy advocacy and social justice. Byrnes, Ed, Associate Professor, BASW Program Director. MSW and PhD University of Utah. Scholarly interests include juvenile and criminal justice, social justice, and program evaluation. Clute, Mary Ann, Assistant Professor. MSW Eastern Washington University, PhD Mandel School of Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. Scholarly interests include hospice care and grief and loss. Creasman, Grace, Lecturer, Director of the Addiction Studies Program. MSW Eastern Washington University, MA Adult Education. Scholarly interests include addiction studies and online learning. Crofoot, Tom, Associate Professor. MSW Portland State University, PhD University of Washington. Scholarly interests include mental health and substance abuse, American Indian and Alaskan Native children and families. Duman, Carl, Lecturer. MSW Portland State University. Scholarly interests include child welfare and clinical social work practice. Eastep, Lori, Lecturer, Spokane Parttime MSW Program Director. MSW University of Washington. Scholarly interests include child welfare and clinical social work practice.

Fawson, Peter, Assistant Professor. MSW and PhD University of Utah. Scholary interests include domestic violence and juvenile justice. Hernandez-Peck, Maria, Associate Professor, Center for Aging Studies Program Director. MSSW University of Louisville, PhD University of Denver. Scholarly interests include aging studies, community engagement, and cultural diversity. HudnalL, Carolyn, Lecturer, Everett Part-time MSW Program Director. MSW University of British Columbia. Scholarly interests include advanced generalist social work practice, work with families and at risk youth, and women and gender studies. Kenney, Rick, Lecturer, Yakima Parttime MSW Program Director. MSW San Diego State University. Scholarly interests include clinical supervision and leadership in social work practice. Kerbs, Jodi, Lecturer, Vancouver Parttime MSW & BASW Program Director. MSW and PhD Portland State University. Scholarly interests include juvenile justice, children and family services, mental health and disabilities. Kobayashi, Rie, Assistant Professor. MSW and PhD Michigan State University. Scholarly interests include interdisciplinary collaborations and social work in healthcare settings. Lake, Haley, Lecturer, Addiction Studies. BS and MS Eastern Washington University. Scholarly interests include coexisting behavioral & mental health disorders and addictions. She holds a Certificate in online course development from the University of Wisconsin. Loke, Vernon, Assistant Professor. MSS National University of Singapore, PhD at Washington University. Scholarly interests include asset management and economic empowerment of disadvantaged populations.

Mackelprang, Romel, Professor, Disability Studies Program Director. MSW and DSW University of Utah. Scholarly interests include disability studies and international social work. Parise, Lisa, Senior lecturer, Director of Field Education. MSW University of Washington. Scholarly interests include child welfare. Patterson, Diana, Director, Child Welfare Training and Advancement Partnership (CWTAP). MSW University of Washington. Scholarly interests include child welfare. Raske, Martha, Professor, Director & Chair. MSW and PhD University of Illinois at Chicago. Scholarly interests include social welfare and mental health policy, consumer perspective of social work services, and leadership. Reedy, Amanda, Assistant Professor. MSW and PhD The University of Iowa. Scholarly interests include co-existing disorders and veterans and their families. Sculley, Cyndi, Lecturer. MSW Eastern Washington University. Scholarly interests include clinical social work practice. Stansbury, Kim, Associate Professor, Hartford Scholar. MSW Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, PhD University of Kentucky. Scholarly interests include gerontology, gambling addictions and cultural diversity. Stirling, Robert, Senior Lecturer. MSW Eastern Washington University. Scholarly interests include child welfare and engaging fathers in care. Svoboda, Deborah, Assistant Professor. MSW Rutgers University, PhD University of Maryland. Scholarly interests include domestic violence and organizations with a social justice focus.

EWU School of Social Work Newsletter - Fall 2012  

The School of Social Work embraces the mission of Eastern Washington University to expand opportunities for personal transformation through...

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