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Sceneindgangen believes in training that is as intensive, and technically versatile as possible, to form the basis for as versatile a dance career as possible, to provide the best chance for personal growth in the future. We do not believe in limiting the students to a single genre, but aim to instill in them an open mind and provide a strong technique. With this one has the common ground for many different genres and styles. Versatility is the single most important factor in creating a strong and lasting career as a professional dancer.


2 COURSES - ONE BASIC TECHNIQUE Sceneindgangen’s dance education is divided in two courses to ensure the highest possible level of teaching towards the desired goal of the students. However both courses have combined training 15 classes a week in the basic technical subjects, which every week consists of the following classes: ​



Modern / Contemporary Jazz


Stretch & Placement Tap




Improvisation / Composition Musical / Jazz repertoire Pilates




Self study x4 ​ What creates the best dancer, regardless of what dancer you want to be, is versatility. This is why everyone has to undergo the same basic training. In addition to this comes specific training to the two courses and their directions which are tailored to the requirements of the individual students each year.

MODERN DANCE Contact improvisation, solo composition, additional training in modern techniques


MUSICAL THEATRE Musical staging (song & sance), drama, monologue for audition, staging of song for audition etc.

JENNY MAJOR Artistic Director for the modern dance line I am trained at the Ballet Academy of Gothenburg for 3 years (modern, ballet, pointe technique, jazz, musical, tap, flamenco, character dances, composition) and an additional at Dance Space Center in New York (ballet, contemporary, lyrical, contact improvisation). I also have an additional year of teacher training (ballet, jazz, modern and how to structure classes in those three subjects, for beginners, intermediate and advanced, anatomy, psychology, music). I knew early on that I wanted to work mainly in the field of choreography, but as my career took shape it became clear that I also wanted to perform myself, and teach. It has turned out so that all three branches inspire each other and I enjoy them equally, but in different ways. As dancer I have performed in modern dance pieces, collaborations over genres, music videos, musicals, fashion shows, and solo performances. In my choreography I have worked the same way, but the last 5-6 years I have felt that the niche “site-specific, interactive and crossover between art forms� has been the area where I have felt most inspired. A lot of the material I use in performances is born in my classes, and a lot of the inspiration comes from there. So, performing, teaching and choreographing are to me linked together.

Sceneindgangen is based on the ambition that we want to give our students a fundamental technical as well as artistic base from which they can move anywhere they want.

I think we might differ from other educations in Copenhagen in the way that our program focuses at preparing not just the body but also the mind and the soul. The combination of classes - ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, musical repertoire, tap, improvisation, composition, body conditioning, anatomy and dance history – might also be a lot broader than other educations that often focus on a specific genre. Even though we have the two lines – modern and musical - that provide the students a chance to deepen their knowledge within the field that interest them the most, we still want to produce versatile dancers, and we expect our students to value each subjects differently. We focus both on the group’s development and the individual development and follow our students closely throughout the year. We believe that it is important for them to have steady teachers throughout the year, but also guest teachers and workshops.

In the teaching process I focus a lot on finding freedom within discipline. To give strict rules and guidelines to work within, to improve and investigate within boundaries so that you can find your true self and not just the self you have met so far.

It is also important to me to teach classic modern technique and teach about the great masters in dance history. We need to know our history to be able to create something new. In my own style I focus on flow and grounding and expression. Strength and injury prevention is also a big part. I also want to make inspiring choreographies that the students love to interpret. As teacher many things are rewarding. That people keep coming to class even if they don’t make it a profession, but still keep it as a vital part of their lives. But also seeing someone who really wants it make a career for themselves in dance or/and musical. Or just to see someone really find themselves during a year with us, find confidence, self worth, make up with old habits. We have with success steered young people away from eating disorders, self harm, malnutrition and other destructive habits. To be able to help people grow and realize growth can go on for the rest of our lives – that is the most rewarding for me.

Sceneindgangen now has former students in professional schools and companies in more than 10 countries. There are dancers, musical performers, solo artist, teachers, circus performers, choreographers, people behind the scenes, producers, pilates teachers, yoga teachers. We are very happy, thankful and proud.

CLARA WĂ„RME OTTERSTRĂ˜M 1 year education student 2014/2015

I am 19 years old, and I graduated from high school last summer. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. I started out with ballet and I have continued my ballet training ever since, but as I grew older I started discovering other styles of dance. Besides ballet I have been training hip-hop, jazz, showdance, flamenco, african dance, salsa etc. But my biggest passion is for the style of modern/contemporary dance, and that is the style I have been training the most for the last 5 years. I started taking the evening classes at Sceneindgangen 2,5 years ago. I heard about it from a good friend, who is attending the education program now as well. I really liked the way the classes were build up: nice, strengthening warm-ups, good music, beautiful and fun choreographies. And then I saw that Sceneindgangen had an education program as well.

I chose Sceneindgangen because I have seen how much the students of the previous years had developed, and of course because I liked the classes on Sceneindgangen.

Also, I chose it because of their emphasis on technique and strength, which, for me, are two very important things if you want to become a good dancer. The education is tough and challenging, but at the same time fun and very rewarding. You are being pushed to your limit, but that is what it takes if you want to develop into a stronger and better dancer everyday.

The strongest focus during the education is definitely technique and strength, but also to show your own kind of movements and even do your own choreography. There is always room for you to interpret the different moves in the classes and really work on your expression. We have had a lot of different guest teachers giving us workshop, so we are used to work in different ways.

There is a lot of emphasis on ballet training, not because we have to look or dance like ballerinas – definitely not! But the ballet training is there to give us a very clean and strong foundation that we can build on layer upon layer. There is a lot of technique and body conditioning in the contemporary/ modern classes and the jazz classes as well, but the classes are always ending up with a choreography where you get the chance to “really dance�, express yourself through the movements and use all the technique you have been training on. There is also a lot of focus on health, and we receive stretch classes that help us avoid injuries and where you also get to work a lot on your flexibility. Another thing that I really like about the education is, that we are given lessons in dance history. Here you get an idea of how the different styles started and how they have developed through the years. Also, we receive training in the specific techniques that we have talked about in dance history, such as Graham, Limon, Cunningham etc., so that we get an understanding of the difference in the styles. We have some improvisation classes and a solo composition workshop where you have a chance to show your own kind of movements and even do your own choreography.

THE PERSONAL & CREATIVE PROCESS One of the best things about Sceneindgangen Dance Studio is that the teachers take time to give every student personal feedback. Not only there are there personal conversations being held, where you can evaluate your work in the classes with your teacher, but there is also time for you to talk to the teachers everyday if you have any questions about injuries, choreography or the life as a dancer in general.

The teachers are like mentors to you during the year, and their guidance help you develop, not only physically stronger, but mentally stronger as well. Every student is different, and therefore has to work in different ways, especially when it comes to the creative process in dance, where the expression really comes into play, and where you get to show who you really are. When you get to the creative process, then the technique is not the most important thing.

Here it is your own interpretation, your own emotions and your own personality that together with different tools from the teacher/choreographer can create magical things. You often get to experience these things in our improvisation classes or in the making of choreography with the teacher.

You surely get a lot out of the year at Sceneindgangen, and you end up being a strong, technical, focused, disciplined and open-minded dancer, when the year is over. Now I am auditioning for different dance schools around in Europe here in the spring and I really hope to get into some of them so I can continue my dance education and get even better. I want to be a professional dancer, so I plan to continue dancing as long as I live.


Each month dancers have the possibility to attend weekend workshops for example in hop-hop/street style, audition training, Laban movement analysis, drama etc.

Sceneindgangen Dance Studio offers not only education programme or evening classes. During the year dancers have the possibility to perform in various types of performances. Additionally each Education group finishes it’s education season with a show production.

Read more about projects here:!projects/c2t8


MADELEINE PRIPP 1 year education student 2008/2009

My year at Sceneindgangen Dance Studio was the best thing that could have happened to me. I got a solid foundation that made me strong and more aware about the movements of my body. I have not seen or experienced the soul and energy the teachers are putting into it anywhere else and I still feel that wherever I go, I have this energy with me. I developed as a dancer but also as a human. Thanks to Sceneindgangen I could continue to a 3-years dance education in Gothenburg, the Ballet Academic, and I could not have been more ready for it. Sceneindgangen will always have a special place in my heart.

PERNILLE VEDEL ERIKSEN 1 year education student 2011/2012

In 2011/2012 I attended 1 year Education at Sceneindgangen. Before I started there I did not know much about dance technique or dance composition, but in one year I was introduced to jazz, contemporary, ballet, tap, improvisation and much more. In one year I developed a technique and dance vocabulary that now allows me to travel and take danceclasses wherever I go. To be able to meet people and experience culture through dance is such a gift. The things I loved most about my year at Sceneindgangen was to practice every day, go into details with the technique, learn new things about my body, and push myself. And I got really strong. When I finished I was so proud. Since my education I have studied physical education and dance science, and I currently work as a high school teacher. I use my knowledge about dance, personal development, pushing boundaries and being present in my everyday life, as a teacher, as a dancer and as a human being.


Individual auditions for 1 Year Dance Education 2015/2016 are held for the rest of the season! More information:!daily-training/c1dkc +45 60 17 16 67 R책dmandsgade 53A 2200 Copenhagen N

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