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Evolve New Zealand Charm Inspirations

Exquisitely crafted charms inspired by New Zealand’s unique culture and natural beauty

Glass Charm Inspirations Glass Charms


The beautifully handmade flame work of our Murano glass charms represents the vibrant colours of New Zealand’s iconic vistas. The magic of Aotearoa’s magnificent scenery inspired this collection. Created from world-renowned Italian Murano glass, each glass charm is individually crafted by hand - no two will be exactly the same.



Bay of Islands

The Coromandel area is known for its breathtaking white and gold sand beaches, which blend into an interior cloaked in pristine native rainforest. The region is rustic, unspoilt and relaxed with rolling surf beaches, stunning coastal walkways with plenty of places for snorkelling, diving and fishing. The greeny blue swirl of this charm depicts the magnificent coastal scenery of the region, bathed in sparkling sunlight.




The pacific flower design floating on the clear blue base represents the islands that surround the enchanting towns of Russell and Paihia. Alluring visitors to this northern paradise, the beauty of the Bay of Islands is well renowned. With its abundance of offshore islands, the area is a marine adventure playground, with incredible wildlife including penguins, dolphins, marlin and whales.


The slopes of the Kaimanawa mountain range are cloaked with native bush and form part of the spectacular North Island volcanic plateau. Kaimanawa Forest Park is a large and precious area of ancient native forests, shrublands and tussock grasslands. The intense green colour, adorned with a subtle fern pattern, represents this beautiful area.

Reflections of New Zealand - Crafted from Murano glass


The zesty green of the Taranaki charm was chosen to depict the lush grass that surrounds the lowlands of Mount Taranaki’s volcanic peak. Famous as a fertile farming region, swathes of thriving produce and plush paddocks stretch as far as the eye can see. Guarded by its famous mountain, steeped in historic significance and pounded by the restless Tasman Sea, Taranaki is a place of great natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.


This sophisticated charm celebrates our nation’s capital. A picturesque and vibrant city, known for its lively arts and culture scene, Wellington is home to striking public sculpture, lush gardens, gourmet restaurants and chic bars. Clouds race by as whistling winds hug the steep bush-clad hills surrounding the city. At night the city lights reflect brightly across the harbour.



Located at the top of the South Island, Kahurangi National Park is a wonderfully diverse world of marble mountains and peaceful, palm-fringed beaches. In the Mãori language, Kahurangi means ‘treasured possession’. Within its boundaries are some of the oldest rocks, strangest plants and rarest birds in New Zealand. The soft gradients in our Kahurangi charm depict the complex landforms of this magical place.

East Cape


On the shores of the East Cape of New Zealand’s North Island, golden sands sparkle. This beautifully wild coastline catches the first rays of sunlight for each new day. Surf spray bubbles as it rolls effortlessly to the shore. The rich orange-red colour, dotted with flecks of steely blue, depicts the intense beauty of sunrise over the Pacific Ocean.

Glass Charm Inspirations Tekapo



At the foot of the Alps, the vibrant blue of Lake Tekapo reflects the endless sky. Bordered by ancient rocks and rustling tussock grass, the striking waters of this glacial lake mirror the mountain ranges of this stunning southern region. The intense milky turquoise colour, created by the fine rock-flour suspended in the water, is echoed in this unusual charm.




Nestled in the heart of an ancient volcano, Akaroa has a decidedly French flavour. The warm colonial culture of this quaint seaside settlement is celebrated by the rich burnt red base of this charm. The area’s diverse marine life and aqua blue waters complement its popular pebbled shores. Panoramic vistas across Akaroa Harbour make this a truly magical spot.



GK13 Lava seeps through rocks blasted from the spectacular crater of this live volcano. Mount Ruapehu’s name derives from the Mãori language: ‘rua’ meaning ‘pit’ and ‘pehu’ meaning ‘to explode’. The rich earthy red represents the intense heat of flowing lava, speckled with volcanic rock. Exploring this North Island wonderland is truly exhilarating.


The deep green colour of this charm depicts the local greenstone (pounamu). Carved by an incredible community of artists resident in the West Coast town of Hokitika, this treasured stone is a symbol of the rugged beauty of the West Coast. Hokitika is a gloriously isolated sanctuary, adored by those with a courageous spirit and love of Aotearoa’s wild West Coast.


The Waikato River was once Hamilton’s only transport and communication link with other towns in New Zealand. Aotearoa’s longest river, this glistening waterway meanders through the region, cutting a path through verdant farmland and native bush. The green of this fertile countryside is contrasted with the earthy tones of the riverbank, which channels the mighty Waikato River, depicted in blue.

Reflections of New Zealand - Crafted from Murano glass


Kaikoura is renowned for its dramatic seascapes, dark siltstone beaches and abundant marine life, depicted perfectly by the intricate array of blues in this charm. In the Mãori language Kaikoura is loosely translated as ‘meal of crayfish’, a delicacy for which the town is famous, along with its incredible whale watching, surfing and fishing.



Electrifying beams from millions of tiny glowworms light up the caves of Waitomo, like a galaxy of twinkling stars. In the Mãori language ‘wai’ means water and ‘tomo’ means hole, a perfect name for this vast subterranean labyrinth. Adventure seekers crawl, swim and float through this twisting landscape of limestone caves, sinkholes and underground rivers – an experience known as ‘blackwater rafting’.



The fertile sheep and dairy farming district of Manawatu is centred around the provincial city of Palmerston North. Winding its way through the spectacular Manawatu Gorge, the Manawatu River is shaped by dramatic grey cliffs, which rise sharply from the water. The metallic brown swirl, interlaced with green depicts the river cutting through the lush countryside.

Hanmer Springs


The alpine village of Hanmer Springs is the perfect place to enjoy New Zealand’s clean, green outdoors. Set on a crystal clear base, dappled in a green to depict the fresh alpine environment, the bubbles represent the internationally renowned hot springs. In this thermal paradise, you can enjoy a soak in mineral and freshwater pools, all with a mountain view.

Evolve New Zealand Charm Inspirations

Exquisitely crafted charms inspired by New Zealand’s unique culture and natural beauty

Glass Charm Inspirations Rotorua


Mt Maunganui

Rotorua is a thermal wonderland represented by the red in this charm, while the green represents the stunning native bush surrounding Lake Rotorua. Mountain biking, tramping and kayaking are some of the adventurous activities that attract thousands of visitors to this unique location each year. Rotorua is an area steeped in New Zealand cultural history.

Abel Tasman


Mt Cook (Aoraki)

A National Park and protected marine reserve, Abel Tasman is renowned for both its stunning coastline and clear turquoise waters. Locals and visitors alike enjoy walking, kayaking and camping in the native bush fringed bays. The yellow celebrates the famously golden sands of the area, whilst the red is the warm climate, matched by the stunning sea blue.




Milford Sound

For decades New Zealanders have been holidaying at Mt Maunganui, affectionately nick-named ‘The Mount’. The ancient volcanic dome is linked to a Mãori legend of unrequited love, represented by the intense reds of this charm. From the base of the dormant volcano, also known as Mauao, a beautiful white sand surf beach stretches as far as the eye can see.



An iconic peak of the Southern Alps, the spectacular Mt Cook is part of a World Heritage Area. It is the highest peak in both New Zealand and Australia. Known to the Mãori as ‘Aoraki’, after a deity from Mãori mythology, the distinctive Mt Cook was named after Captain James Cook. The pretty glacial blue in this charm represents the icy climate, whilst the pale grey depicts the towering mountain ranges surrounding Aoraki.

Hawke’s Bay

Located right on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown is nestled in beside the spectacular Remarkables and Eyre Mountain ranges. Picturesque Queenstown attracts adventure seekers all year round, particularly skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. The white base depicts the snowy peaks and the delicate blue floral design represents the beauty of the lakeside setting.

Reflections of New Zealand - Crafted from Murano glass


Recognised on the world stage for award-winning wines, Hawke’s Bay is one of New Zealand’s premier wine-producing regions. The purple base of our Hawke’s Bay charm represents the subtleties of the region’s red wine, whilst the white in the design depicts the Chardonnay that the area is famous for. The floral motif celebrates the region’s glorious Mediterranean climate of long hot summers and crisp, clear winters.


This charm depicts the forest draped canyons, as they steeply descend into Milford Sound, creating the dark, deep waters which make up one of New Zealand’s most stunning tourist destinations. Wet or fine, Milford Sound is breathtaking. The fiord’s sides rise vertically from the still waters, mountain peaks scrape the sky and waterfalls cascade down precipitous cliffs.


The greens of this charm depict the lush landscape that frames New Zealand’s Otago Coast. The round discs echo the shape of the unusually large, spherical boulders that lay scattered at Moeraki. In Mãori tradition, these natural sculptures spread along the beach, are eel pots or baskets of kümara (sweet potato) washed ashore from the Ãrai-te-uru voyaging canoe.


GK37 The charming seaside town of Raglan draws worldclass surfers from all around the globe. The thrill of catching the perfect left hand break is what attracts surfers to this laidback beachside destination, also known for its growing arts and café culture. The deep blue base of our Raglan charm highlights the distinctive rolling shape of a perfect white peeling wave.

Glass Charm Inspirations Stewart Island



Insulated from the world by its remoteness, Stewart Island is a haven of tranquillity and adventure. The pristine deep blue waters that surround Stewart Island are a marine paradise, attracting divers seeking seafood treasures, such as pãua and crayfish. ‘Rakiura’ is the Mãori name for Stewart Island. It translates as ‘the Land of Glowing Skies’, probably referring to the night-time displays of Aurora Australis, the Southern Lights.



Marlborough Sounds

Punakaiki or ‘Pancake Rocks’ is one of nature’s great works of art. The incessant forces of wind, waves and rain have slowly eroded the softer rock of this coast, leaving dramatic natural sculptures, with hundreds of horizontal slices cut along their vertical faces, like huge stacks of pancakes. The subtle layers in our Punakaiki charm, reflect the merger of earthy and ocean tones.


GK40 Nelson is the sunniest region in New Zealand, known for its relaxed lifestyle, diverse creative community and stunning scenery. The vibrant orange spheres, outlined with white, represent the warmth that radiates from this inviting region. Nelson’s geography captures everything from long golden beaches to untouched forests and rugged mountains. It’s a place to sit in the sun, sip local wine and dine on fresh seafood.


The Marlborough Sounds is a network of ancient sunken river valleys, filled with the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Treasures from the sea, Green Shell Mussels cling to sea-swept rocks. Bush-clad hills rise steeply around an intricate coastline of sheltered inlets and sandy bays. The deep blue of this charm depicts these stunning waterways, beautifully offset by vibrant native bush.


The swirling greens in this charm represent Canterbury’s sweeping grasslands and patchwork pastures, complimented by endless skies, braided rivers and snow-capped mountains. The dominant red represents the stunning sunsets and sunrises over the Southern Alps. Red is also a colour of passion and reflects the determination, zeal and tenacity of Cantabrians.

Reflections of New Zealand - Crafted from Murano glass

Faceted Glass Charm Inspirations Faceted Glass Charms

Blue Topaz

Specially cut to reflect the light, our stunning faceted glass celebrates Aotearoa’s natural treasures, from starry skies to vibrant forests, geothermal wonders and awe-inspiring glaciers.

Wild Emerald


Diamond Ice

New Zealand is a spectacularly lush, green land. Most of our many native trees and shrubs are evergreen. The sun streams down through vibrant forest canopies, giving Aotearoa’s native bush an almost tropical feel. Huge kauri and tall trees tower over rushing streams, moss covered boulders and a multitude of ferns and creepers. Like many New Zealanders, those born under the earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - are practical, loyal and reliable, at one with nature and the physical world around them.

Rose Dawn Quartz



The intense blue of our pure New Zealand sky is captured in this stunning faceted glass charm. Aoteaora is renowned for its wide, sweeping horizons, enhancing the vibrant colours of our spectacular land and seascapes. Whether on a crisp winter’s morning or a sunny summer afternoon, expansive blue skies frame gentle hills, golden beaches and jagged peaks. Representing the element of air, this sparkling charm also celebrates the freedom, versatility and thoughtfulness of those born under the zodiac signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.


New Zealand is home to some of the most accessible and ruggedly beautiful glaciers in the world. Layer after layer of snow is compressed into hard ice to create spectacular ice formations, with plunging crevasses and towering pinnacles, in a beautiful array of blue tones. This sparkling blue colour is caused by the bending of light as it passes through the ice crystals – a natural work of art. This glittering charm also honours the sensitive, intuitive and adaptable souls born within the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Ruby Fire

The softly frosted colour of our Rose Dawn Quartz charm honours New Zealand’s stunning sunrises, an impossibly beautiful start to our day. The first rays of sun bathe New Zealand in a delicate pink predawn light, framing our majestic mountain ranges against rose coloured skies, dotted with wispy pink clouds. These glowing skies are perfectly reflected in the mirror-calm surface of our tranquil lakes. This gorgeous charm also celebrates the freedom, versatility and thoughtfulness of those born under the air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Reflections of New Zealand - Crafted from Murano glass


The rich, deep and intense red of this charm represents the powerful element of fire. New Zealand is a land which has been shaped and coloured by volcanic and geothermal forces for thousands of years. Boiling mud pools bubble amongst landscapes that hiss with steam. In turn, these rich volcanic soils give birth to smooth and warming red wines, perfectly reflected in the hue of this Ruby Fire charm, which also celebrates the sociable fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, admired for their action, spirit and vitality.

Deep Sapphire


With deep tranquil lakes, rushing rivers and rolling surf, it’s little wonder that New Zealanders love the water, a life force which has sculpted both our landscapes and culture. Many favourite Kiwi pastimes take advantage of our abundant waterways, from diving, fishing, swimming and surfing to sailing, rowing and kayaking. Nothing beats exploring the deep blue – whether underwater or above the waves. This charm also honours the sensitive, intuitive and adaptable souls born within the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Twilight Quartz


This beautiful charm evokes the romantic shades of twilight, that magical time in the early evening between daylight and absolute darkness, when the sun is below the horizon, shadows disappear and a diffused light bathes New Zealand in delicate shades of violet. As the sun sinks deeper, pristine skies display a celestial treasure trove of twinkling stars, glittering constellations, shooting stars and glowing purple aurora. This stunning charm also celebrates the freedom, versatility and thoughtfulness of those born under the air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Amethyst Frost


The frosted lilac glow of this pretty charm captures the beauty and tranquillity of Aotearoa’s morning light. There’s something very special about the start of each day, before most of the world is awake and New Zealand is draped in a glistening blanket of dew, or adorned with a billion tiny crystals of sparkling frost. For just a few precious moments, the sky takes on a luminescent radiance, reflecting back the pastel tones of our crisp, cool morning landscape.This lovely charm also honours the sensitive,intuitive and adaptable souls born within the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Evolve New Zealand Charm Inspirations

Exquisitely crafted charms inspired by New Zealand’s unique culture and natural beauty

Glass Charm Inspirations Shotover River



The spectacular water-sculpted schist rock walls of the Shotover Canyon tower high above the exhilarating and fast-flowing Shotover River. Sourced from the Southern Alps, the river cuts through Skippers Canyon. The charm’s white base depicts the rushing rapids of the Shotover River, whilst the metallic strip represents the glistening canyon walls.

Rakaia River



Pristine, crystal blue waters, fed by melted snowfall from the Southern Alps, meander through wide banks of stone and sand, as the Rakaia River winds its way through the Canterbury Plains to the Pacific Ocean. One of New Zealand’s largest braided rivers and famous for its salmon and trout fishing. The blue stripe epitomises the purity of this turquoisecoloured river.




Whanganui River

An iconic landmark of the Hauraki Gulf, the long extinct Rangitoto volcano inspires colours that reflect its sand and molten rock landforms and newly emerged native forest. The island also boasts the largest Pohutukawa forest in the world. Rangitoto’s iconic shape is depicted by the earthy coloured curves which contrast beautifully with the white base of this charm.


Hokianga is a historic harbour steeped in New Zealand history and encompassed by golden sandbars, which protect the harbour from the waters of the Tasman Sea. Stunning sunsets, reflected on the sweeping sands, slip effortlessly into the tranquil waters of the harbour. This beautiful sight is represented by the sandy colour combination with a fleck of blue.


The stunning blues and greens of the scenic Mahurangi region are depicted in this charm. The sheltered bays and tidal estuary makes this seaside paradise a popular holiday destination, with its sandy beaches and pristine marine blue waters. Native bush amply covers the surrounding rolling green lowlands, giving shelter to the many ‘boaties’ that visit the area.

Reflections of New Zealand - Crafted from Murano glass


A colourful city, Dunedin is renowned for its vibrant student lifestyle, as well as its arts, fashion and culture. The city’s distinguished architecture, moody weather and stunning surfing beaches makes for a dramatic and buzzing place to live. The vivid colour combination of the Dunedin charm reflects the spirits of this lively city.


Mystical mists rise from the dark water and merge with the river’s sandy shores, as the river winds majestically through the countryside. The winding ribbon represents the mighty Whanganui River, flanked by the gold of its sands and the white of its rapids, it was an historic trading route for early New Zealand communities.


E07 Kapiti Island, with its native bush and protected wildlife, sits amidst some of the wildest seas and most ruggedly beautiful coastline of the North Island. Climatic extremes create wildly varying colours in the sea surrounding the island, from bright aqua to deep blue, whilst walks along the beach at sunset or during a storm are a stunning palette of pink and grey.



The Wairarapa is a renowned farming region characterised by its wide valleys, native bush and rolling green pastures. The region is home to a beautiful rugged coastline and the glistening waters of lake Wairarapa, surrounded by lush low-lying swampland. A popular wine and food region, the various shades of green represent the fertile land of this stunning area.

Glass Charm Inspirations Great Barrier


Aroha (To Love)

Great Barrier Island is a remote and tranquil paradise, lush with the vibrant greens of New Zealand’s native flora and fauna. Surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Hauraki Gulf, Great Barrier Island is one of the most scenic places you will ever find.The green ferns scattered across the white base depict this enchanting paradise.



Spring Blossom

This historic region is overflowing with variety, scattered with pretty coastal villages and peaceful inland towns. Naturally appealing, the region is awash with stunning scenery, with a captivating wild and rugged coastline. The rich red base illustrates Southland’s traditional colours and the gilded inlay evokes memories of those that travelled to the area to pan for gold.

Central Otago



Aroha is the Mãori word for love, the most powerful of human feelings, represented by the vibrant red heart. This charm depicts the magic of true love, celebrating the deep affection, commitment and devotion inspired in us by the one we love. To love deeply and without condition is the sentiment at the heart of our aroha charm.


The soft pinks of early spring blossom herald the arrival of warmer weather and an end to winter’s monochrome tones. As the first spring blossom bursts into flower, signalling an abundance of new life across Aotearoa, the growing warmth in the sun puts a smile on our faces and paints our islands in a soft spring palette.

Cook Straight

Vast open spaces, wind-whipped landscapes and dramatic treeless vistas characterise the scale and grandeur of Central Otago. Framed against a royal blue summer’s sky, historic gold fields nestle amongst the golden tussocks of the region’s grasslands. The prominent gold leaf sprinkled amidst the blue illustrates what this spectacular piece of New Zealand is all about.

Reflections of New Zealand - Crafted from Murano glass


One of the most dangerous and unpredictable waters in the world, the Cook Strait forms both a valued sea link and a physical barrier between the North and South Islands of New Zealand.The sharp silvery stripe encircling the black represents this treacherous yet beautiful and vital stretch of water, traversed year-round by visitors and locals alike.

Aroha Nui (Deep Affection)


Meaning ‘much love’ or ‘with deep affection’ in the Mãori language, our arohanui charm celebrates the gifts of friendship, support and love. The white heart at the centre of this design, celebrates the strength and purity of the special relationships we have with those closest to us.

Poor Knights


Washed by warm currents swept south from the Coral Sea, the pristine blue waters of the Poor Knights Islands are home to a myriad of brightly coloured fish. The bright blues of the shallows reflect the light above, while the inky depths of the marine reserve shelter a treasure trove of caves and corals for divers to explore. This divers’ paradise is showcased by our spectrum of deep sea blues.



Auckland is also known as ‘the city of sails’ due to the many yachts dotted across its stunning harbour. On a bright, clear day these boats make a truly beautiful site as they enjoy the sparkling blue waters and warm summer breezes. The crisp blues and white of our Auckland charm, tell the stories of the boats as their full sails guide them across the Hauraki Gulf.

Evolve New Zealand Charm Inspirations

Exquisitely crafted charms inspired by New Zealand’s unique culture and natural beauty

Glass Charm Inspirations Southern Alps


Aotearoa’s Autumn

The spectacular Southern Alps are the spine of the South Island, spanning 450 kilometres north to south. Carved amongst glacial valleys and lakes, the jewel of this dramatic mountain range is Aoraki, or Mount Cook, the highest point in New Zealand, which majestically commands the southern skies. Snow-capped mountain peaks and silvery slopes are depicted in this charm, rising over the sun-drenched plains of the South Island.




Built on a long tradition of gold mining, this quaint and tranquil town is at the heart of New Zealand’s Southern Lakes district. Arrowtown is worldrenowned for its rich autumn foliage, which makes a spectacular sight each year. Vibrant gold and amber shades clothe the rolling hills and a carpet of crunchy autumn leaves graces the historic streets.

The Remarkables




A kaleidoscope of colour embraces New Zealand in autumn. From March to May alluring golds and warm reds are generously splashed across our landscape. Rust-coloured leaves adorn the trees, then drift to the ground and crunch underfoot. Autumn in Aotearoa is a time to enjoy orchard fruits, watch vineyards being harvested or simply enjoy exploring the outdoors.


Ninety Mile Beach

This subtropical Northland township is known as New Zealand’s citrus capital, a place where many small orchards grow a myriad of subtropical fruit. Rich in vivid oranges, luminous yellows and deep reds, Kerikeri is surrounded by colour. The popular weekly farmers’ market is another delight for the senses, along with the town’s buzzing café and gallery scene.

Aotearoa’s Summer

This dramatic mountain range rises up directly from the ice cold waters of Queenstown’s Lake Wakatipu, forming steep, silvery-grey peaks that tower high above the lake’s south-eastern shores. Winter’s snowfall creates a magical effect, blanketing the peaks with a pure white powdery snow, which attracts skiers and snowboarders from around the globe.

Reflections of New Zealand - Crafted from Murano glass


Summertime in New Zealand brings with it an abundance of delicious, freshly picked, seasonal orchard fruit such as plums, strawberries, cherries and raspberries. The juicy freshness of this homegrown fruit is enjoyed across Aotearoa, introducing a rich palate of cerise and ruby tones to the fruit bowl with plenty left over to bubble away in the jam pot!


One of New Zealand’s hottest summertime locations, this small township is renowned for its copper-coloured landscape. The metallic tones of parched hillsides contrast with the soft white spring blossom of the many fruit orchards which thrive in this picturesque location. A town born in the goldrush era, the colours of this charm also celebrate Alexandra’s rich history.


Located on the western coast of New Zealand’s far north, Ninety Mile Beach is Aotearoa’s longest beach. Renowned for its enormous sand dunes, adventure seekers from around the globe are attracted to these silver swept and gold dappled sands. The spectacular red sunsets reward those who stay to watch the sun sink to the horizon.


E30 New Zealand’s oyster capital is home to the famous Bluff oyster. Grey and blushing pink tones adorn the Bluff oyster shell, whilst the flecks of purple and green represent pãua, another delicacy harvested from the rugged Southland shoreline. White wraps around these treasures like the blustering winds, which whip the southernmost point of New Zealand’s South Island.

Glass Charm Inspirations Fiordland



Fiordland was carved by ancient glaciers and is surrounded by towering cliffs adorned with countless waterfalls. From sandy beaches to lush green forest and snow-capped mountain peaks, this is an area rich in colour. It is a place where lively colours reflect the diversity of flora and fauna, home to many unique species of birds, animals and insects.

West Coast


Aotearoa’s Spring

Glistening black seams of coal weave through the deep earth of the South Island’s West Coast, alongside equally desired seams of gold, clues to the region’s long history of mining and prospecting. These colours reflect not only the landscape and wild beauty of this area but also a heritage rich in tenacity, resilience and determination.




Queen Charlotte Track

Vibrant blues represent the pristine waters surrounding the historic town of Russell. This azure sea is scattered with secluded islands and beaches, dotted gold and green. Russell, the heart of the Bay of Islands, is a favoured holiday destination, made popular by its rich history, stunning sea views and island lifestyle. This coastal paradise has an air of romance and tranquillity.


Spring is heralded by the arrival of a range of blossoms, rich in hues of cherry, pink and white. With the approach of spring emerges a fresh outlook and a renewed excitement. We anticipate the fruit that follows the blossom, the beginning of warmer weather and long summer days with family and friends.


The Avon River follows a meandering course into the heart of Christchurch and is a familiar symbol for this, the Garden City. Depicted in this charm by its steely blue weave, the Avon River holds a special place in the hearts of Cantabrians. A staunch red with a whisper of black represents the region’s sporting colours, honouring Cantabrians’ strength and courage.

Reflections of New Zealand - Crafted from Murano glass


Historically the ‘Gateway to Canterbury’, this historic township remains a functional port town, located on the lower slopes of Canterbury’s aptly named Port Hills. Grey rocky outcrops isolate Lyttelton from Christchurch but, as part of the Canterbury region, red is the colour that defines this scenic township and represents the strength of those who live within it.


Vivid greens depict the lush native forest of the coastal Queen Charlotte Track. Beams of sunlight shine through the forest canopy, highlighting the way for walkers and warming the sandy shores nearby. Whitewashed shells, crushed by the turquoise waters of the Marlborough Sounds, wash up on the beaches and speckle the golden sands with white.


E36 The alpine village of Twizel is made spectacular by the mass of seasonal purple toned lupins, which grow wild along the road’s edge. Providing a stunning backdrop for many an amateur photographer, whilst road-tripping into the picturesque Mackenzie Country, this riot of colour frames the clear mountain views, rivers and lakes of this beautiful region.

New Plymouth


Mount Taranaki’s iconic triangular outline is a constant source of pride for those from the city of New Plymouth. With its white peak extending directly upwards, towering over the blue sea, this legendary mountain keeps watch over the city and its people. The deep red represents the rich cultural heritage of this region, bounded by epic surf and fertile soils.

Glass Charm Inspirations Aotearoa’s Winter


Fox Glacier

New Zealand goes into overdrive during winter as crisp blue skies, steaming geothermal pools, snowcapped mountains and vibrant festivals enliven the country from north to south. Both the North and South Islands feature world class ski fields depicted by the pearlescent white of this charm. The deep blue swirls represent our winter’s crisp seas and clear skies.




Steeped in history, Greymouth is home to New Zealand’s pioneering mining population. A community of hardy miners survived this spectacular yet unforgivingly harsh environment to seek their fortune. Greymouth is a true pioneer’s town, built on the riches of gold found in the West Coast’s ice-cold rivers and glistening seams of black coal discovered deep underground.




Franz Josef

At 13kms, Fox Glacier is the longest of the aweinspiring New Zealand West Coast glaciers. Fresh white snow is compacted by some of nature’s most powerful forces, to become pure blue ice. Within the glacier, such extreme forces create spectacular ice caves and sweeping arches. This majestic ice flow, with its vibrant glacial blues, is a truly enchanting sight.



The striking blue of this charm represents the crystal clear waters of Lake Taupo. The mysteriously deep waters of this great lake feed the foaming flows of the mighty Waikato River, then make an impressive departure down Huka Falls. ‘Huka’, Mãori for foam, is depicted by the silvery droplets, suspended within the brilliant blue. The Taupo charm captures the unique beauty of the region, from still waters to thundering torrents.


Our striking Courage charm celebrates determination, strength of character and bravery. The traditional Mãori decorative colours of red, white and black often adorn the rafters of Mãori meeting houses, in honour of great ancestors. This design reminds us of the courage of those that have gone before us and inspires us to emulate this strength when faced with life’s challenges.

Reflections of New Zealand - Crafted from Murano glass


The intense reds of this beautiful charm symbolise the deep commitment we have to all that we care about most. The flowing hearts celebrate our dedication to our families, our work, our sports and our country. The warmth and intensity of this charm honours the strength of those enduring relationships in life, reminding us of the power of togetherness.


One of the steepest and fastest moving glaciers in the world, this white peaked ice glacier originates from high in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. It’s breathtaking body of ice and snow descends deep into the lush rainforest of Westland’s National Park. So special is this mountain environment, that it forms part of the South Westland World Heritage Area.

E45 Few nations are as fiercely loyal and vocally proud about their home as the Kiwis. Maybe it’s because we’re a small nation, but loyalty, pride, dedication and teamwork are particularly important in these isles. The celebrated outline of our New Zealand fern embodies these values. Particularly when contrasted against a rich black background, this icon symbolises deep love and loyalty towards New Zealand.


E48 Our pretty Passion charm celebrates those who have an infectious enthusiasm for life. Vibrant pink hearts framed with the legendary black and white colours of New Zealand, represent the inspirational spirit of these special individuals. Whether or not you call Aotearoa home, this charm celebrates the virtue of passionate belief in those you love and what is important to you. When shared, this passion creates an unbreakable bond.

Evolve New Zealand Charm Inspirations

Exquisitely crafted charms inspired by New Zealand’s unique culture and natural beauty

Glass Charm Inspirations Adventure



Those with an adventurous spirit are at home in New Zealand. Kiwis and visitors alike love to explore the wonders of Aotearoa’s great outdoors. Unspoilt golden beaches, lush green native bush, powerful oceans, turquoise lakes and crystal clear rivers form a majestic natural playground. Our Adventure charm challenges us to get out there and seize life with both hands.




Whangamata is a New Zealand surfing mecca, where the smell of suntan lotion and salt air envelops you. During the summer months this town really hums, as wicked waves combine with a holiday party atmosphere. Whether relaxing on the beach, lazing in the sun or riding a long peeling break off the Whangamata Bar sandbank, life is good here on the Coromandel’s East Coast!

Southern Lights




Our Desire charm celebrates the zeal and energy of those brave enough to chase their dreams. Our deepest desires, whether towards a loved one or for a long-held ambition, inspire us to be the best we can be. The meeting of the colours of sea and sky symbolise our horizons. If we are true to ourselves and all we believe in, the sky is the limit.


Coast to Coast

Our unique Napier charm captures the soft creams and muted pastels of New Zealand’s artdeco capital. Rays of golden Hawkes Bay sunlight kiss the sweeping curves of Napier’s famous artdeco architecture. The town’s bounty of fresh farm produce, crisp wines and juicy stone fruit is celebrated too. A gentle stroll on tree-lined Marine Parade captures the magic of this special place.


If you are very lucky, the clear skies of New Zealand, particularly the far south, are the perfect place to witness the spectacular natural light display of Aurora Australis, the Southern Lights. The vivid splendour of glowing green, red, pink and occasionally blue streaks shimmering in the night sky is a truly special sight, which can transform within seconds or glow unchanging for hours.

Reflections of New Zealand - Crafted from Murano glass


Nestled below towering mountains is the picturesque lakeside town of Wanaka. The sweeping outlines of the region’s awe-inspiring landscape are perfectly reflected in the mirror surface of Lake Wanaka. The soft alpine blues and crisp whites of this charm are inspired by Wanaka’s pure beauty, a spectacular natural playground for all those who love the great outdoors.


In Northland you get a feeling you belong, as part of the land and the sea. The vibrant green of our Northland charm celebrates the area’s unique subtropical climate, which nurtures fertile farmland and ancient kauri forests. Dramatic cliffs, rolling waves and the sweeping branches of Tane Mahuta, ‘Lord of the Forest’ complete the unspoilt paradise depicted in this charm.


This beautiful charm celebrates the magnificent adventure of traversing New Zealand’s South Island, exploring silvery riverbeds and dramatic mountain passes, from the Tasman Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Whether as a competitor in the adventurous ‘Speights Coast to Coast’ race, or travelling scenic trails with family and friends, this journey is a magical experience amidst spectacular scenery.


E57 Showcasing the iconic colours of New Zealand, black and white droplets flow together, representing the symmetry of life’s complementary forces. This elegant charm brings the wearer the inner strength and optimism to successfully negotiate life’s journey. It realigns our spirit and restores balance, giving us clarity and perspective, ultimately making us feel calm, energised and alive.

Glass Charm Inspirations Tranquility



Our beautiful Tranquility charm brings its wearer calm amidst the chaos of everyday life. The soothing greens represent those rare moments of true peace, relaxation and contentment. The emerald hearts symbolise inner peace and wellbeing, reminding us of the importance of taking time out for ourselves. This special charm also celebrates the peaceful sanctuary of our stunning natural landscape and its powers to clear our minds and cleanse our souls.




True inspiration is gained by taking time to appreciate the world. Staring out over a tranquil turquoise lake, looking up into an endlessly blue sky or listening to the thoughts of someone we respect, we feel infused with a fresh zest for life. As we visit new places, meet new people and try new things, we are enriched with ideas and challenged by different perspectives, inspiring us to continually grow and learn. This charm celebrates the special people and places that inspire us.

Ladybird Wishes


The striking blue and vibrant yellow flowers of our Happiness charm represent the treasures and opportunities life brings us, reminding us what true happiness is about. The first spring blooms symbolise life’s simple pleasures, celebrating growth, new beginnings, family and the natural wonders of our world. When we appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, whether jokes shared with friends, time spent with family, sun on the water or the grass beneath our feet, we can’t help but feel blessed and alive.


Inspired by the stunning natural beauty of New Zealand, this striking charm represents the freedom to be ourselves and explore without boundaries. The flowing golden swirls signify our deepest hopes, ambitions and dreams, whilst the delicate blue-white symbolises our horizons. This beautiful charm empowers us to live life to the full, embrace opportunities and express our true character, granting us ultimate freedom.



The deep blue of our Romance charm celebrates the strong and intimate emotional connection we have with the one we love. This beautiful charm honours the art of romance. It expresses our love, devotion and desire. The soft blue flowers are a token of our deep appreciation and passion for that special someone.The giving or wearing of this charm, promises eternal romance, love and happiness.

Ladybird Luck


A happy messenger of good times, good luck and good fortune, ladybirds capture our imagination. In New Zealand, we know spring is on her way when they appear. With vibrant red wings and striking black spots, these friendly creatures stand out against the lush greens of Aotearoa’s landscape. Our cute Ladybird Luck charm grants its wearer lots of luck and evokes just a little bit of that childhood magic.


The treasured stories and rhymes we grew up with tell of the ladybird’s power to grant wishes. As we gently pick up our ladybird friend, we share our secret hopes before releasing it again. Some believe this fairytale creature is a teller of fortunes, can carry away bad luck or guide us to the one we love. Our Ladybird Wishes charm symbolises our hopes and dreams for the future, may they all come true.

Reflections of New Zealand - Crafted from Murano Glass

Evolve New Zealand Charm Inspirations

Exquisitely crafted charms inspired by New Zealand’s unique culture and natural beauty

Pounamu Charm Inspiration

Pounamu (NZ Greenstone)


The Mãori word for greenstone is pounamu. Greenstone is highly valued by the Mãori and it plays an important role in their culture. It is considered a treasure. This piece of genuine New Zealand greenstone has come from Big Bay in South Westland, New Zealand. It has a special, high quality finish referred to as a ‘tumble’ finish, a fitting reminder of how the greenstone has tumbled from its origins in the mountains and stone-filled rivers of New Zealand, to its final resting place. Over time greenstone absorbs the body’s natural oils, taking on qualities unique to its wearer. Our Evolve New Zealand greenstone is specially blessed to bring good luck.

Crafted from genuine New Zealand greenstone

Evolve New Zealand Charm Inspirations

Exquisitely crafted charms inspired by New Zealand’s unique culture and natural beauty

Evolve Inspired Jewellery NZ Murano Glass Charms Inspiration  
Evolve Inspired Jewellery NZ Murano Glass Charms Inspiration  

Evolve Inspired Jewellery NZ Murano Glass Charms Inspiration